Chilling Visions: 5 Senses of Fear (2013) Movie Script

I used to feel
like something was missing.
Like there was
a hole in my life.
Now the hole is
the only thing I have left.
This is me a week ago.
If I'd known then
what I know now...
I never would have let
that bitch in my house.
Yeah, okay!
Hello, how can I help you?
Good morning, Mr. Kyle.
Did I wake you?
Yeah, uh, how do
you know my name?
It's 8:30, you're supposed to be
at work at 9:00, aren't you?
Yeah, I'm... I'm sick, so...
Sick or sick of trying?
What are you doing here?
What is all this trash?
I can see you have no wife.
thanks for bringing it up.
No girlfriend, no pets?
I have a plant.
You need a woman
in your life, Mr. Kyle,
not a sad little sprout!
Wait, wait, wait, hold it.
What are you doing here?
Why are you in my house?
I'm here to change
your life, Mr. Kyle.
It's not your fault
you're unlucky in love.
- It's your pheromones.
- My pheromones?
Success has a certain scent.
And so does failure.
Your pheromones lack
the ability to attract.
You smell... undesirable.
You want me to change my soap?
I do wish you would take this
more seriously, Mr. Kyle.
I'm on a tight schedule.
This will do for you what your
pheromones will never be able to.
You want to sell me cologne.
Consider it a free sample.
Trust me.
It's a scent to die for.
Ah, ah, ah!
Not around others.
It's a very powerful tool.
I suggest you use it
sparingly at first
to see how you react.
If you notice anything
out of the ordinary,
stop using it immediately
and call me.
What do you mean,
"out of the ordinary?"
Huh? Oh, that's just something
we're supposed to say.
Good day, Mr. Kyle!
Wait, that's it?
You have my card.
All right.
Gutenberg, man.
I've been saying for weeks,
right, hmm, haven't I?
Hmm, tell me,
I've been saying it for weeks.
We're next, man.
I'm telling you,
the Gute got the boot!
The Gute got the boot, but were just
further down the alphabet.
Okay, today it's Gutenberg.
Tomorrow it's Masters...
and whatever your last name is.
You don't even know
my last name?
I'm bad with names, you know.
You know Gutenberg's last name.
Gute's been here forever.
Hey, Gute! Gute!
I trained Gutenberg.
There's a wall between us, Seth.
Not just a physical one.
Gotta let somebody in.
Wanna hug?
What... Hi, what...
what are you doing here?
I know I shouldn't bother
you here.
Or ever, but, uh...
Seth, I...
I don't know what to say.
They're beautiful.
I've been goin' crazy
thinking about you.
Thinking about us
and everything that happened.
And I wish...
I wish I could fix things.
I just miss you.
I miss you too.
I know we said we wouldn't...
do this, but...
I've... I gotta see you.
What are you...
What are you doing Friday?
Wanna get a drink,
something to eat?
I don't care.
- Okay.
- Okay.
Um, let's... let's do, uh...
Eight PM.
My favorite.
I know.
Okay, um, I'll leave now.
But, uh...
see you Friday.
Eight PM.
- Hey, where you been, man?
- Lunch.
I already told you.
Look, two...
Two more got canned
while you were gone...
Harmon and Johnson.
They were asking for Kyle,
but you were already gone
so they skipped to Lewis.
Dude, I walked past there earlier,
heard him crying.
Lewis doesn't cry.
He's not a crier.
Yeah, I heard what I heard.
Mr. Kyle, I see you're back
from lunch.
Would you mind stepping
in here, please?
Uh, uh, yes.
Just give me... give me...
give me two minutes.
I'll be... restroom.
Gotta use the restroom.
We just wanted to...
to take a moment and...
We no longer feel that...
that you're right for your position.
I mean...
After sitting with you for a moment,
I think it's clear.
You're not being utilized
properly at all.
Absolutely not.
It's obvious.
Seth has been unable to succeed
because we have failed him as leaders.
Seth, you know,
you just possess
a natural charisma and confidence
that just says manager to me.
Absolutely, I just can't believe
we didn't see this sooner.
I mean, where have
you been hiding, Seth Kyle?
I... I... I've been right there.
The whole time.
How long you been with us?
- I... I've been here for eight years.
- Eight years?
How come I didn't know that?
I think he's due
for this manager's job.
It's time to take a break
and close my eyes and really see #
It's time to wander far away
and be and really be. #
I got a ticket to happiness #
And you know I'm gonna stay #
I got a ticket to happiness #
Let the trip take me away. #
Seth passing the office...
oh, boom, boom!
Yeah, sugar in the house.
Woo! Yo, hit me, whoa!
Yo... Boom! Boom!
You got a ticket to happiness#
You know you're gonna stay#
Get a ticket to happiness#
Let the trip take you away.#
No! No!
This message is for Miss Margaret.
- This is Seth...
- Seth Kyle.
I'm having serious problems
with your product.
I need you to call
me back, please.
Call me back!
Please call me back.
Hi, love.
Hey, pretty lady,
you all right?
It's me.
It's me, what...
What is it?
It's me, Seth Kyle!
Do you remember me?
Eight years.
Eight years...
I spent at this desk!
On this keyboard!
Just typing!
W, w, w, w, dot, dot, dot...
And for what?
For what?
Seth, come on, man.
Oh, Spencer!
Oh, Spencer, my best friend.
He doesn't even know
my last name.
Why not?
Call security.
Seth, you're sick.
I think you need to go home.
And I think you should shut up!
'Cause gentlemen,
I just wanna thank you
for this glorious promotion.
I can't say enough
awful things about this
Godforsaken hellhole!
- Who you calling, sweetheart?
- Oh, Seth!
Oh, Seth... Seth, please, oh!
Oh boy.
[Gasping and coughing
- Sarah.
- Seth?
Seth, w...
Where are you?
Sarah, I'm sorry.
What are you...
what are you talking about?
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry I missed our date.
Seth, are you okay?
I loved you.
I love you.
Seth, where are you?
I love you.
Seth, tell me where you are.
Hello, Seth?
Um... yeah...
I'm sorry, I can't...
Can you tell me
what hotel this is?
9- 1-1, please hold.
It's interesting to think
about what happens after we die.
I don't mean spiritually.
I mean the remains
of our physical selves.
I've met a lot of people who say
they want to be cremated.
It always seemed like
such a waste to me.
I've always like the idea
that I'll just fade into the Earth,
feeding the worms
and the grass.
In some small way,
my body will perpetuate
the circle of life.
Even if I never accomplish
anything in life,
it's nice to think
I'll be significant
in death.
Which is better...
number one... or...
number two?
Number two.
Ahh, okay.
Just one little adjustment here.
Here we are.
Very good job.
Dr. Tom,
Amy Kellerher's here for her 11:30.
Dr. Tom... hello?
- Hello.
- Yeah.
Yes, sorry, uh, send her
to exam room three.
Okay, let's see what
we can see, shall we?
Oh, my.
Little bump
on your cheek there.
Mind if I ask what happened?
Just clumsy.
Aren't we all.
But you know,
with eyes like yours
you need to be extra careful
with injuries like that.
Your glaucoma
isn't getting any worse,
but your keratoconjunctivitis
is aggravated.
Well, I have
my mother's bad eyes.
Oh, I think your eyes are fine,
just fine.
Besides, if you didn't have
a few ocular issues,
I wouldn't get to see you
so much.
So, when am I gonna meet
this new boyfriend of yours?
Uh, Tucker, isn't it?
Uh, Travis.
Ah, Travis, right.
He's still having trouble
with, uh, reading close up?
Yeah, you know,
but he won't admit it.
He's got this germ thing.
And he thinks he's gonna catch
something from the eye machine.
You know, Amy...
I think I better check
that farsightedness again.
Leave a message.
Hi there, Amy.
Listen, I was just thinking
about Travis' vision problem
and I completely forgot
to mention
that we have a first visit special
going right now.
Guess what?
It's free.
Yep, free.
So, just call up and we'll make
an appointment for him.
I think the patient lacks insight.
If only he could see
the error of his ways.
Hmm, several doses
of medicine very like his own
should do the trick.
Well, you got
a little early onset myopia.
Means the, uh,
nearsightedness we all get with age
is coming on a little early with you.
No worries, we'll get you fixed up
with some bifocals.
Relax, you only have
to wear them when you want to.
Now let's get you checked
for glaucoma.
Over here.
Now, this is the one
that blows in the eye.
Don't worry.
Big, tough guy like you
can surely handle it.
Now, there's gonna be
a little puff.
But first, tell me, though, Travis,
do you love her?
What the hell business
is it of your...
Please, stop!
I'll be good, I'll...
I'll be a good boy, I promise!
You're a dirty piece of crap!
You won't hurt me again!
Never, never again!
What the hell is happening?
What's happening?
If he's gonna be with you,
he shouldn't hurt you like that.
He just needed
to be scared straight.
But enough of him.
This is our time.
What the hell did you do to me?
I said, what the hell did
you do to me?
Nope, no.
"Amy Kellerher...
Reflections and mirrors."
- I can explain.
- No, no, never mind.
I don't know how exactly, but...
I think I got a pretty good idea
what you done to me.
No, don't...
Wh... what's that for?
Well, it ain't goin' in your ass
cheeks, that's for sure.
Please, please don't,
I'm sorry.
- I... I shouldn't have...
- Shouldn't have what?
Messed with other people's
Peeping Tommed
where you don't belong?
I only wanted to see...
really see.
- See what?
- Everything.
You wanna know what I see, Doc?
I know it's not
really there anymore, but...
I still see her blood.
You were supposed to stop.
You... you... you were supposed
to understand.
You think heapin' a pile
of murderous images and abuse
on my brain was gonna
make me think, "Oh, God...
Oh, God, what a bad man I am.
I repent."
You know, you may be
an okay eye doctor
and you're sure as hell some kind
of mad scientist freak.
But you're a crap psychologist, Doc.
You don't know a thing about me...
my life, what I've seen.
Look, I know I may not be
the nicest guy I know.
- But guess what?
- What?
At least I'm out there
trying to live a real life.
While you sit here
alone in the dark
mentally masturbating
to the memories of others.
You thought this would help me.
You turbocharged me.
Who knows,
maybe if you had loaded
my head full of images
of cute, cuddly kittens,
I would have straightened
out right as rain, you know?
But you messed up.
You killed her, Doc.
Oh, no,
I didn't mean for this to happen.
Shh, don't cry, Doc...
not... not yet, at least.
Come on, seriously?
God, no... no, please no...
- No, no, no, no!
- Hold still, damn it.
God, God make it stop!
Make it stop!
I get it now, I see now.
Make it stop, make it stop.
It stopped.
- It stopped.
- See now?
That wasn't so bad, huh?
Who's there?
Is someone there?
I need help.
No, no, no!
No, no...
No, it goes like this...
- # Da-da-da-da da-da-da#
- Are you sure?
Yeah, Henry and I used to sing it
on the radio.
How many miles, Henry?
I don't know how he does it.
It's unreal.
Wh... what happened?
D... D... Dad?
Wh... what's wrong?
Wh... what happened to the car?
Wait for police.
The phone is broken.
We gotta get
your mother outta here.
Can you help me?
Lift up... okay.
- Dad.
- You know where the car is, right?
Wave for help.
Gotta go find help.
Henry, no.
There's a creek.
It's not far from here.
I'll find you.
No, stay here.
Stay... stay here.
Can anyone hear me?
Clearing, log,
east, path, sign,
southeast, road, car, sm...
Help, please, please help.
Please help me.
Help. Help.
Help me.
I didn't mean to just
walk in, but...
I... I was in an accident.
I... I need help.
My family...
Our car ran off the road.
I'm blind, but I can...
I can show you where it is.
He left to find the accident.
He's hunting, using traps.
Doesn't like to be touched.
Nine fingers.
- Ooh.
- Whoa there.
Please, I need help.
Do you have a phone?
Are you all right.
Our car ran off the road.
I'm blind,
but I can take you there.
Can... can you call the police?
Don't worry.
Where are your parents?
They were in the accident too.
They're hurt.
What's your name?
There are other people
that need help too.
- Just...
- No one lives up there, Henry.
It's abandoned.
But there's a house.
It... it has people in it.
- I... I don't know how many.
- Okay, okay.
Take me to your parents.
What's wrong?
I ha... have to pick up my cane.
You need to be careful
out here, Henry.
There's a lot of things to trip on
if you're not careful.
What about your parents?
How long are you going
to hide, Henry?
I know I heard
somethin' out there.
Are you out there, kid?
I found your parents
up the road.
I saw your house,
you sick bastard.
I already called the cops.
I know you can't see.
But I have a gun.
What are you counting?
You don't like germs, do you?
You don't like to touch things.
I don't need to.
Maybe you should.
Maybe it'll help
you keep track of things.
Are you okay?
Your ten o'clock
should be here shortly.
This is it?
This is it.
How much do I owe you?
No payment necessary.
It's all been taken care of.
Is this where we are?
They'll tell you everything inside.
Is there a call button
or somethin'?
Hey, hello!
Hi, um, I'm Aaron.
Ah, yes, we've been
expecting you.
You'll be meeting
with Lacey today.
I'll let her know
you've arrived.
Can you tell me
what I'm doin' here?
I'm sorry, that's not my job.
What is your job?
To make sure that you see Lacey.
And what's her job?
To evaluate you to make sure
that you can do your job.
And what is my job?
She'll tell you that.
Now, please, have a seat over there
and fill out these forms.
Excuse me.
Hey... have either of you guys
been in to see Lacey yet?
Of course not.
I already know what
I'm doing, though.
They've got me teaching
seventh grade.
What about you?
I guess someone's gotta keep things
nice and tight for them, huh?
Have I seen you before?
I don't think so.
Mm, it's your first time here?
Is it obvious?
I, um... remember my first time.
I was nervous too.
Right off the bat
I was a cable guy.
Yeah, I didn't think much
of it at the time, but...
yeah, you'd be surprised at how much
you can influence people
when you're controlling
what they watch.
Can you tell me
what I'm doing here?
They haven't told you yet?
So far, all I've gotten is a free limo
ride here and "it's not my job."
Well, it's certainly
not mine either.
This is your job?
That's right, bub.
This... and that.
And that.
Anything else they need.
They're hungry
for guys like you.
Young, fresh.
You know, if they haven't told
you what it is yet,
it's probably a big one.
Even if it isn't, you take it.
Lacey's a shark.
Trust me.
I'm sorry.
Don't worry about it.
I gotta get back on duty.
Oh, and don't worry
about fillin' those out.
Seems like they've got
their sights on you.
Well, you take care, bub.
You too.
Aaron Whit worth.
Miss Sharp should be
with you shortly.
Please, make yourself at home.
Where the hell are you
and how the hell did you get here?
Already hard at work, I see.
I'm sorry.
No, you're not.
You were doing exactly
what you wanted.
They were right about you.
I'm sorry,
but who are you again?
I'm Lacey, Lacey Sharp.
And it's your job to tell me
what I'm doing here?
Mmm, my job is to find people.
And I've had my eye on you
for quite some time.
- Really?
I need someone,
such as yourself to...
do a job for me.
Hmm, which of my many talents
are you referring to?
We have a project.
It requires someone
who can take charge.
Someone with the balls
to get the job done.
What kind of project?
I don't even know
what you guys do here.
Wherever I am.
- Watershed.
- I'm sorry.
Where you are...
and uh...
we do things
that need to be done,
wherever they need to be done.
In every city, every state,
every country.
What makes you think
I'm the man for the job?
Mmm, your rsum says
you're more than qualified.
My rsum?
Aaron Whit worth,
born September 26, 1985.
By the time you were 16
you had breached
every secure network
within 200 miles of your home.
I get it.
I have an eye for talent.
And when I find it, I pounce.
This offer is non-negotiable.
Should you refuse,
you will be considered
a direct competition and, well...
we don't have any competition.
How do you manage that?
Because we don't allow
there to be any.
On this project,
you will be working
with two teams to find
the origins of a treatment.
What kind of treatment?
A song...
split amongst several devices.
It must be recovered
and restored.
- I need you...
- What's in it for me?
A full-time position.
I'll take care of you.
Keep you busy.
Long hours.
That's nice and all,
but you see...
I like my freedom.
Not really a tied down
kinda guy.
Oh, I think you'd like
being tied down here.
I work by myself.
I don't know what it is
you guys do here,
but I'm not interested.
Thanks for the offer.
But at the same time,
no thanks.
really isn't my taste.
So, I guess that means
you're refusing my offer?
No, I'm... I'm sorry,
I'm sorry, I'll take the job.
I'm sorry!
I'll take the job.
No, no.
Pl... please help.
Please help me, pl...
Why doesn't anyone help me?
Please help.
Why doesn't anyone help me?
Grace Englehart is on her way.
She'll be here shortly.
This is a warning.
This is a warning.
So, you're making a movie
about a song that kills you?
Um... well, yeah.
But it's based on a real life story
about an actual song.
It's Russian.
What would happen then,
I mean, how do you die?
Does your face melt?
Do you go crazy?
Are you filming this?
Isn't that what
we want her to do?
No, that's what the network
wants her to do.
Can I make
a fake office person too?
I'm... I'm sorry,
fake office people?
The... the office people,
your, um, the pirate cook.
- Um, you know she's...
Not a pirate,
she had a cooking accident.
So, just be a little sensitive because
she can hear everything you're saying.
I mean, not proofs, but...
Supposedly there's
a performance of it.
They got... The performance took place
in the 1970s supposedly,
depending on the conflicting
primary sources.
Do you think it's worth
trying to find the real one?
Listen, My Children in Russian.
Can't believe
we just stole this.
Anyway, don't just...
We didn't actually steal it,
it was actually, uh,
given to us
by a really, really nice older man.
Let's cut this.
Check out this honker.
Oh, my.
And we are ready.
You look a little...
Are you scared?
Hit play.
Out of order.
Was that downstairs?
We wanna go non-fiction
on this.
Uh, yeah, we got more tapes.
Uh, and someone we...
Well, someone,
we think from the institute,
who's cool
and maybe on our side
is like, feeding
us more material.
So, I mean,
I don't know if it's a hoax,
but I feel like
we should pursue it
and maybe treat it more
like it's non-fiction.
Are you good?
Think so.
What we think we found
is some kind of test.
Uh, and if it's real,
and holy, I think it is,
uh, that's awesome.
The tapes don't really make
any linear sense right now.
But, uh, I think
if we put it together...
Yeah, we're just gonna try
to cut it together
into a, you know, full thing and see
what we got, dude... we got dude...
- This is D-3-9-3-2-G-A-I-3-9.
- That's my.
Now, this... we're running
on the record of these events.
If you duplicate or divulge
to any other party
without the consent...
Seventy percent of all fibers that wire
the brain to the ear are outgoing.
We cannot hear what
we think we hear.
All sound is subject
to neurological processing.
In our recent aural experiments,
we have found a number
of compound frequencies
that turn this processor
against itself,
leading to distraction, nausea,
and synthetic constri...
Although the circuit erroneously
translated as The Listening Child,
the title of the song is in fact
Listen, My Child...
Listen my... Listen...
Mikkola Losif, who for the first
30 years of his life, com...
nearly 200 songs before being
committed to an asylum,
where he composed
only one song.
This song.
Within one unifying note,
it's almost paradoxical conversions
of consonance and dissonance.
Phase one is finding a pianist capable
of playing this music.
No easy... No easy task.
You'll find the music
on the piano.
Once more please, clearer.
Vick Handley.
Just whenever?
Thank you, Mr. Handley.
There's a small stipend
and a few papers
for you to sign
on your way out.
With repetition,
he'll be ready... be ready.
I don't know.
You all right?
Who is this?
Guys, it's... it's Grace.
I'm sorry, I'm sick.
I'm really, really sick.
Like, I'm turning the phone off
and I'm... I'm turning off everything
in the house that makes noise.
Say... all right,
just tell us your name.
Uh, I'm Dan.
I'm gonna be doing sound
for this project eventually.
And, uh, I'm here tonight
because, um...
He's worried about us.
I'm a little worried
about these guys.
Dan, thank you for coming
and being the... the eyes.
So, we might die tonight.
But it's gonna
be worth it 'cause it's... this is art.
What do you want to do?
Let's go for it.
This is crazy.
This is crazy.
It's not crazy,
it's like a source.
Like... like journalists...
you know, they have sources.
- Just keep lookin'.
- See anything?
Go around the corner.
Come here.
This has gotta be for us.
Just so weird.
Oh, my God.
I just searched all the way up there
and there's nobody in there.
Okay, well, if they left these
out in the open,
then they wouldn't
have gone far.
Take it right now.
Well, just look around
because they might...
Just run.
Stan, there is nine bars
from completion.
Seems unable to continue.
Notes must remain unbroken.
It's my responsibility
to determine your...
Run out of time!
I can't keep you.
Don't take...
That's all that makes
linear sense.
Uh, the rest is, uh, broken up
into, uh, three frame fragments.
Oh, my God.
They can't stand it
when it's real.
So, I think I can just...
transfer those over to...
- to make it into a group of stills
- Cool.
- And then a group of slides...
- Awesome, great.
Hey, the clips or the frames are...
Like a piano is a sequence
and a... a...
- You take it from a...
- I'm... I'm sorry, I don't get it.
- And then.
- Okay.
It's fine, it's fine.
Yeah, it's timecode.
Uh, probably listed in the order
of the fragments coming.
You guys really didn't see this?
Go, go, go, go, go.
Guys, I think someone's
giving you the option.
I... I mean...
do you want to see this?
I mean...
I mean, really.
- Do you want to see thi...
- Get your foot off, toad!
Guys, what's the problem,
why haven't you sent this?
Look, you know... I'm sorry,
we... we have to make cuts
out of the soundtrack.
We're getting
really behind here.
Have you finished editing?
Well, not really, no.
We had to... we had to edit
with the sound off.
And then we had to watch
something else next to it
like... like movies we loved
as little kids.
Make the audio cuts,
it'll be scarier.
Then both of you sit down and watch
the whole thing front to back.
We probably should be stopping
we probably should be... #
Are you singing?
Go ahead, we're watching.
...Mr. Handley's consent
we have found a solution
that will allow him
to play the entire song
He comes in and he finds a...
a blood bath.
And then he can't bear
to destroy it.
So... so... so... he codes...
Or else someone else comes in
and then they watch it
and they can't understand
They... they wanted us to code it
and we did
we did just what they.
I said I can't do it anymore!
We have to destroy it!
Right now.
This is Grace's camera.
It's on?
What's that sound?
- He's still playing it.
- Go. Go.
She uploaded it.
It's... oh, my God...
it's already got 18 views.
- Check the...
- Now, 19.
Check the audio time frame,
see which version it is.
Oh, okay, uh...
It's um... it's... uncut.
- Oh, the audio to...
- No, no, no, no.
Trying to move my hand
and the other hand's moving.
Just take your hand
down and we can... we can start.
- We have to start.
- All right, hold on.
There's t... do you wanna st...
do you wanna...
Who wants to start it off?
Um, I do.
Uh, ooh, I'm sorry,
what were we...
This is... this is a warning.
This is a warning.
A warning for everybody
out there...
- Please...
- Important that it be seen.
Pass this along to your friends
and your family
and everyone
you want to be safe.
You sent it everywhere?
There's a link still out there.
We did what we could,
we tried, I'm really sorry.
If you get an email with the subject
line, "Listen, My Children"
Don't open, don't click on it.
If you see a picture of this guy,
don't watch it.
If this is the opening line of this
piece of music...
...this music, if you hear the music,
yeah, if you hear it...
If you hearth beginning
of the song, just, just...
Don't listen.