China Moon (1994) Movie Script

I missed you.
Door shut.
Fix your collar.
- What do we got here?
- Looks like a shooting.
- Inside?
- Yeah.
- Is this clear all up through here?
- Yeah, it's clean.
- Who is the first officer?
- Pinola, sir. He's inside.
Central took a call from a neighbour,
wouldn't give a name... 8:23, that there was a rape
and a robbery going on here.
- What time is it, Dickey?
- 9:01.
Get this gentleman's name, would you?
How are you doing?
- Pinola, how are you doing?
- Good.
Who's smoking in here?
Come on.
Tom, you done with the photos?
Yes, sir.
Did you get close on the blood
and the butts in the ashtray?
- Yes, sir.
- Great. Thanks.
Give me some gloves, please.
Here you go, sir.
No lividity.
She hasn't been gone long.
Go on, Dickey. Take a look at her.
You may forget the woman you were with
last night, but you won't forget her.
Pinola, she was dead when you came in?
Yes, sir. I couldn't find a pulse in her, sir.
What time was that?
About 8:40.
- 8:42 exactly.
- We got any witnesses?
- No.
- No defence cuts. Fingernails are clean.
Why don't you check the windows
and the doors?
Boy, whoever did this
fucked up all over the place.
This is the Gong Show of murder.
What's her name?
- Felicity Turner.
- Married?
Yes, has a daughter, too.
She doesn't know. She's out with friends.
Lamar says maybe rape and robbery.
Is that what you say, Dickey-boy?
That's right.
She's wearing a gold watch, Lamar.
Robbers don't leave gold watches behind,
do they?
See that hole in the head?
You know what that is?
A hard contact wound.
You must be angry enough to press
the gun smack against the head to do that.
His Unhappiness shot her in the bathroom.
First in the head, then in the chest.
He left her lying in there,
and left the bullet in the bathroom wall.
Then he sat around a bit thinking about
what he had done, sweating up his socks.
Maybe he had a cigarette or two.
He started getting the idea
his life was over.
So he drags her out the bathroom into the
kitchen trying to make it look like a rape.
Then he calls the police.
He hadn't fucked up enough... he goes back in the bathroom,
begins to clean the blood off the wall.
Never heard of a rapist or robber
who does your apartment afterwards.
You won't find any signs of forced entry
because it wasn't a rape or robbery.
It was her old man.
You find him... find the gun that put the bullet
in the bathroom wall.
There's no reason
he would have thrown it away.
He's done everything else wrong.
Are you ready for me to take her?
She's all yours.
Deceased is black female...
...approximately 35 years of age.
You don't much like it here,
do you, Lamar?
I'm fine.
He likes it. He just doesn't know why.
What do you mean?
It makes you feel alive
to see somebody dead.
Lamar here.
What's up?
Her husband was just picked up
at the bus station...
...with a.32 calibre in his BVD's,
and they're taking him to the office.
- Looks like a.32 to me.
- Yep.
Kill someone in Brayton,
Kyle Bodine is going to get you.
I don't think it takes any brains.
Murderers are dumb shits.
They always screw it up sooner or later.
Lamar, you shouldn't be doing this.
This is nothing that a man like you
should be spending his life at.
- I don't see her.
- Who?
My dancing lady.
Maybe she's here, maybe not,
but if I see her, I'm going to fall in love.
I can just feel it.
- What did you forget?
- My wallet. I left it in the car.
I'll be back in a minute.
Mind some company?
Am I safe talking to you?
I don't know. We live in dangerous times.
And we meet in dangerous places.
I've had too much to drink in this one.
I know another one.
No. There is something about tonight
that wants a place like this.
It's where you end a holiday.
- You've been on a holiday?
- Sort of.
I don't much like holidays.
Poor baby.
Are you an orphan?
Yeah. I'm an orphan of destiny.
I see life in all its dirty details.
- You know how it is.
- Sure I know how it is.
- You had a hard day.
- You could say that.
And you'd like to relieve the stress.
Sounds like a good idea to me.
Only maybe you are confusing me
with another kind of woman.
No, I'm not confusing anything.
Maybe it's just me.
- I have to go.
- Wait. I thought we were doing good here.
- We were. Now I have to leave.
- Don't go, please.
- Let me start all over again.
- You started just fine.
In fact, you just about
swept me off my feet.
- I did?
- I said "just about."
I really do have to go. I'm expected.
So why are you here?
I thought I'd meet somebody interesting.
And I have.
- So there's no sweeping you off your feet?
- No.
- Are you sure?
- Yeah, I'm sure.
But I can't help admiring real effort.
Here she is.
Thanks a lot.
Rachel, what are you doing out here?
Just getting some fresh air.
You're out here drinking.
It don't look good, you being out here
drinking so the damn neighbours can see.
They're all asleep.
Where were you?
Playing cards. I told you.
I forgot.
You always forget.
I don't want you out here
drinking anymore.
That's your name, isn't it? Rachel Munro.
- Do I know you?
- We met last night.
Last night?
I'm sorry. I didn't recognise you.
I don't have my contacts.
Kyle Bodine.
You already know.
How'd you find me?
It wasn't hard.
I wanted to apologise
if I said anything stupid.
No, you didn't.
I just had to leave early.
I had a little too much to drink is all.
I don't do that very much.
It was a holiday you told me.
- Did I?
- Yeah.
- What else did I tell you?
- Not a lot.
You're lying, aren't you?
I'd like to see you sometime.
That's not possible.
- Anything is possible.
- Not that. I'm sorry.
Maybe I'll call you anyway.
I'll call the police.
Call me.
How much is that one?
This one?
What do you want
with a big nine millimetre?
How much is it?
And I'll throw in a couple of clips.
What did you do today?
Put in some new flowers.
The azaleas are coming in.
I saw them. They look real nice.
You guys hungry?
You sure as hell look hungry.
Here you go.
Did she forget to feed you again?
- Something wrong, honey?
- What do you mean?
Well, you're acting like
you're keeping something from me.
Well, how am I acting?
Like I'm having a wild sexual affair?
Are you?
Are you?
Why do you say that?
Excuse me.
Sit down, goddamn it. I'm talking to you.
Homicide. Dickey.
Mr. Kyle Bodine.
Who should I say is calling?
Hold on.
It's for you. She's got no name.
How are you doing?
Sure. Where?
Yeah, what time?
All right. I'll see you then.
You're not married, right?
How come?
I don't know.
Married to your work?
You don't look like a real detective.
You're supposed to wear white socks,
aren't you?
What colour are your socks?
...and black.
- You're very colourful.
- It's what detectives wear.
- Do you carry a gun?
- Yes, I do.
May I see it?
What are you going to do, shoot the chef?
- What kind is it?
- It's a.38, two-inch, snub-nose...
...because of the short barrel.
You never shot anyone, have you?
Not really.
I bet you wouldn't tell me if you had.
Thank you.
- 'Bye, honey.
- 'Bye.
- You take care, now.
- You, too.
I'll call you.
Watch your dress.
You want to go out?
Look at that moon.
My grandmother used to call that
a "china moon"... a big old plate of china.
She said people would get affected
by that...
...that they'd do strange things.
Do you believe that?
I don't know.
Are you going to do something strange?
I do feel like it sometimes.
You're so beautiful.
What do you do out here?
Drink beer, row around the lake,
just get kind of stupid.
Go skinny-dipping.
The water is so nice and warm.
You ought to jump in.
It's okay?
Yeah, sure.
Go ahead.
It's wonderful.
Are you coming in?
Put your arms around me.
Kiss me.
Why did you cry?
Tell me.
It's your tenderness.
I haven't had much of that.
How bad is it?
I don't want to talk about him,
not when I'm with you.
Wait a minute.
What's going on?
Talk to me.
- Just talk to me.
- I can't.
All right. You don't have to.
It's all right. Come on.
Mr. Bodine.
Speak, Dickey-boy.
So, what do you do for boredom?
I never had the problem.
Bullshit. You've got the most boring life
a man ever lived.
You'll grow into it. Trust me.
See that?
Call the Pistons.
- Sign the kid for $5 million.
- It could happen.
Yeah, and I'll still be pulling down
$26,500 a year.
And worth every goddamn cent, right?
What colour was his T-shirt?
- Who?
- The kid who made the basket.
- How the hell would I know?
- You wouldn't, you've got no eye for detail.
Well, I think I do when it's important.
It's always important. Everything you see.
Everything minute of the day.
But you don't see nothing
because you're bored.
Lamar, the kid wasn't wearing a shirt.
You're an okay cop, but these
are keeping you from being a good cop.
Then why did you partner with me?
I mean, you had a choice.
I keep hoping
you might surprise me some day.
Well, one day I might.
Don't strain yourself.
I might be incapable of surprise.
It could be in this lifetime
I'm all surprised out.
I waited for you all day.
- Did you miss me?
- Yes.
- So, how is she?
- Who?
Your Cinderella.
Come on. I tell you everything
and what do you tell me?
Who's dead and who's done it.
You don't want to tell me about it, do you?
How come?
You think I'm going to
take her away from you?
All right. Good shot.
- Is she putting out for you?
- I got nothing going on.
Fuck you.
- Are you going to get upset?
- Perhaps.
Please don't, Lamar.
We have to talk.
Listen, I want to forget this.
What do you mean?
Take me for a ride?
In this?
How well can you swim?
How soon they forget.
I will never forget.
You want to go inside?
I envy you, Kyle.
You're so comfortable in yourself.
I wish I could be you.
What's wrong?
I'm in a trap. I can't get out of it.
Divorce him.
I love you.
I know I can't give you what he can.
- That's not it.
- Whatever I got, it's yours.
Whatever you want, I'll get.
- Whatever you need, I'll do.
- Kyle, stop, please.
You got to decide.
You either stand up to him and leave him...
...or you stay with him
and you try to work it out.
Rachel, my God.
- Hi.
- What are you doing here?
I wanted to surprise you.
Mr. Munro, you have a call, sir.
He won't give his name, says it's personal.
Rupert Munro.
Who the fuck is this?
What don't make much sense to me
is why two smart guys like us...
...chose this poor-ass police life.
I had a reason for doing it.
It'll come to me.
Any unit that is 10-8, can you take an 877,
domestic in progress, 201 Cypress.
CID 159. We're close.
We'll respond to 201 Cypress.
Roger 159.
Since when are we doing
domestic violence?
CID 159. We're 1097, code 4.
We'll handle it.
C/D 159. 10-4.
- Everything's fine.
- Sir, you live here?
Nothing happened really.
- Do you live here?
- Yes, I do.
What's your name?
My name is Rupert Munro.
I'm with the Munro American Bank.
- Yes, I know who you are.
- Where's your wife?
She's inside.
She's fine.
This is nothing. It's embarrassing, is all.
We'll speak with one of you inside
and the other outside.
- What's going on?
- We're going to look inside.
Nothing happened. This is stupid.
Mr. Munro, why don't you
come over here and have a seat?
Sit down.
Mrs. Munro?
Oh, baby.
- Kyle?
- Are you all right?
He got a call. He's been seeing someone.
Are you all right, ma'am?
Do you want us to arrest your husband?
Lamar, I'll take care of this.
Get back outside with Munro.
You want us to take him in?
What good would it do?
He'd be out tomorrow, wouldn't he?
Nice house, Mr. Munro.
How much you pay for a place like this?
None of your goddamn business.
Your wife doesn't want
to have you arrested.
It was just a little spat.
You don't get arrested for a spat.
Don't touch her again.
- Who are you talking to?
- You, fuck.
Got a smart mouth, little man.
- Are you all right?
- Yes.
Why didn't you tell me?
Rachel, you don't have to put up with him.
Divorce the son of a bitch.
Get rid of him.
Yes, you're right. I want to get rid of him.
I've dreamed it hundred times.
Every night. All night long.
I bought a gun.
Where is it?
I want it. Where is it?
- I could fly to Miami.
- What are you talking about?
- I wait a day, drive back at night, and do it.
- What's happening to you?
- Just sit down for a second.
- No, I'm okay.
Come on, just sit down.
- No.
- What?
Let me go.
Come here. Open the door.
Mrs. Munro, you're in 330
and you have a letter.
- Your bags'll be right up. Enjoy your stay.
- Thank you.
Kyle, where were you?
- What do you mean?
- We were to be in court this morning.
Nobody can get a hold of you
and the lawyer is screaming for dismissal.
What's going on with you?
I'll be right out.
Hello, Kyle.
- How are you?
- Not too bad. How about yourself?
Good to see you.
- I need you to make a call for me.
- Sure. Anything you want.
- I want you to call the police.
- I thought you was the police.
Pack of smokes.
BPD 197, 877, domestic in progress.
201 Cypress. BPD 184, 1099.
- 201 Cypress. That's Munro's place.
- Yeah.
CID 159, we were there before, 201
BPD 197 and 184, 1022.
C/D 159, / show you hand/ing.
What do you want?
A neighbour reported
a woman here calling out for help.
Not here.
Maybe I could speak with your wife.
She's in Miami.
Thank you, sir.
I was looking all over for you.
I had to get away.
I was crazed that night.
I just needed some time.
I called you and called you,
but you didn't answer.
I rented a car so I could come back tonight.
I don't care about him anymore.
I have to be with you, Kyle.
Don't ever leave me like that again.
I'm sorry.
Can we go away?
You mean it?
Let's go today.
I love you.
- You want me to come in with you?
- No, if he comes in you can't be there.
- How much time do you need?
- Fifteen minutes.
All right. I'll wait in the street.
Are you coming or going?
Now, just hold on there a minute.
I'm leaving.
Now, give me the bag,
and we'll talk about this.
Give me the bag.
What we got in here?
Everything but the kitchen sink, my God.
I'm calling the police.
Don't you touch me.
We'll talk about it in the morning.
I just want my conjugal rights.
- Let me go!
- You're not going anywhere.
- Where did you get that?
- Get away.
Rachel, give me the gun.
Get away.
- Rachel.
- Get away!
Oh, Jesus.
What happened?
He threw me against the wall.
He wouldn't let me go.
I thought he was going to kill me.
I've got to call the police.
It's justifiable homicide.
- You can't.
- Lf I don't call the police, it's a murder.
It's an unregistered gun.
I didn't check out of the hotel.
They'll say I came back here to kill him.
Did you?
You've got to help me, Kyle, please.
If you ever loved me, trust me now.
Put down the phone, please.
I'll go to prison. Help me.
You said you'd protect me. Do it now.
Don't call them.
Put down the phone.
A nine millimetre.
- How many times did you shoot him?
- Twice.
- Where were you, and where was he?
- I was here. He was over there.
Give me a change of clothes,
and I need some rope.
Some rope and some sacks.
Go back to the car.
Get the sacks and the rope.
Be right back.
If they begin to suspect us,
they're going to say all kinds of things... try to turn us against each other.
They'll try to make us betray each other,
and you can't believe them.
- Just tell me what to do.
- You go straight to the hotel.
Don't let anybody see you go in,
and don't call me.
- Here you are, ma'am.
- Thank you.
- Hello.
- Ky/e, / know you said not to ca//.
Hold on.
- Are you all right?
- I can't go back there.
You have to.
Call his office.
Wait a day. Then call the police.
Rache/, you can't ca// me here again.
You understand?
/'// ca// you when / can.
- How come you're so quiet about this girl?
- What do you want to know?
- She's got long fingernails?
- Not particularly, no.
How come you're all cut up?
Hi, June, I'd like to speak to Rupert, please.
He hasn't come in yet, Mrs. Munro.
We're trying to locate him right now.
- Would you have him call me when you do?
- Yes, / wi//.
Thank you.
Kyle, remember the bank, Munro?
- We're out at his house?
- Yeah.
His little wife just reported him
missing in action.
When was the last time
you saw your husband?
The day after you were here.
Thursday last?
Yes, it's the day I went to Miami.
And you came back yesterday?
Did you call your husband
while you were in Miami?
Do you know if he was in any danger,
if there was anyone...
...that might wish to harm him?
- No.
- Has he done this before?
- Has he done what?
- Travelled unexpectedly?
- No.
You mind if we take a look
around the house?
Go ahead.
Thank you.
Was your husband here alone
while you were away?
Did you notice anything funny
about the house when you came back?
No open doors or windows?
- How long has that been broken?
- A couple of weeks.
They're easy enough to fix, you know.
How'd it break?
Closing it, I think.
What kind of car was your husband driving,
Black Buick.
- You want to canvas?
- Yeah.
Let's take a look at the rest
of the house first.
- Did you see how nervous she was?
- Was she?
She was so tight you could have bounced
a golf ball off of her.
The window was jammed. It didn't move.
Yeah, so?
She was lying.
You think she was lying
about the rest of it?
I don't know.
- What's up?
- It's his car.
It's clean.
- How long's it been here?
- We don't know.
Light bulb here is busted.
Someone knew what they were doing.
They'll want to see you again.
- Why?
- They found his car.
- They're going to ask you some questions.
- I'm scared.
It's going to be okay.
You just got to stick with your story.
She's a cuckoo bird.
She's had psychiatric care
for four years off and on.
She tried to commit suicide
with a mouth full of valiums...
...and she's filed for divorce two times.
Munro's car was wiped clean.
No fingerprints.
If this was murder,
someone knew what they were doing.
It wasn't no cuckoo bird.
Good work.
Will you please state your name
and present address?
Mrs. Rachel Munro.
I live at 201 Cypress Avenue.
The evening we were called
to your residence, July 17...
...did your husband strike you?
I guess he did.
I don't know.
We have arguments sometimes.
- What was the argument on that night?
- You don't have to answer that.
My husband was accusing me
of having an extramarital affair.
Had you?
Mr. Dickey, my client is here
to make a statement...
...regarding where she was at the time,
not her sexual druthers.
- How many times did he strike you?
- It wasn't much of anything.
In Detective Bodine's report,
it states there are clear signs...
...of physical abuse.
A slap.
What happened after Detective Dickey
and I left your home?
I slept on the side porch,
and in the morning I called a taxi.
It took me to the airport,
and I took a 10:00 flight to Miami.
You were there Thursday through Sunday,
returning Monday morning.
Did you call your husband from the hotel?
I wanted to be alone.
- Did you call anyone else?
- No.
- You returned Monday the 22nd, right?
- Right.
- What time did you arrive?
- About 11:00.
- Did you call anyone when you got home?
- Yes.
Who did you call?
- The first person?
- Yeah.
I phoned my husband's office.
I spoke to his secretary.
Who else did you call?
No one.
I thought if your husband was the first,
there would have been someone else.
There was no one else.
Saturday night before your husband
was first missed...
...a neighbour noticed your houselights
were on until 3:00 in the morning.
- Could someone have been there?
- I don't know.
Mrs. Munro, we're going to want
to take another look at the house.
- Are they inside?
- Yeah.
Maybe they'll find him under the bed.
- Where was she?
- She was in Miami at the Registry Hotel.
Checked in Thursday last,
checked out Monday morning.
Now, Saturday night at 9:37,
she called her husband here...
...and got him just before he went out.
At 11:41 p.m., she called him again
at the Brayton Country Club.
She said she didn't call anyone
from the hotel.
Yeah, that's what she said.
Sunday... 10:00 a.m., she had brunch poolside.
Stayed there all day.
They got her signature and everything.
What do you think?
I don't know.
She was in Miami.
Maybe she got one of her lover-boys
to kill him.
Maybe. Maybe you're guessing.
No, I'm not.
Hell, everybody knows.
She's going to get a load of dough.
Don't it bother you
how come she's so nervous?
You think she's nervous?
Who do you think she is?
She's got a reputation all over town
for having her way with men.
- Is that so?
- I've heard stories here.
What kind of stories?
She used to entertain men
when her husband was away.
- Who told you that?
- Come on, Kyle.
What do you think is going on here?
There was nothing in the car,
not a fingerprint.
Rupert Munro was a big guy.
So wherever he went,
somebody carried him.
You know she got one of her lover-boys
to come over here and kill him.
- Where would they put the body?
- You tell me.
It was raining so hard that night.
No one is going to dig a hole
in the mud and rain.
- Hello, sugar.
- Hi.
- Thanks a lot. How's it going inside?
- We haven't found anything yet.
All right.
Here she comes.
I brought you some lemonade.
It's fresh. I made it this morning.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
- Who was in your hotel room in Miami?
- What?
- Who called Munro from your room?
- / don't know what you're ta/king about.
You know.
You put someone there.
You came to kill him.
/ didn't.
- Tell me the truth, goddamn it.
- P/ease, / am.
Nobody was there.
Somebody's lying.
This doesn't make any sense.
Just got a call.
Someone saw a car last week
parked out by Camelia Lake at night.
Shiny black car.
- Who made the call?
- Anonymous.
Find anything?
Can't see anything.
We got nothing. We're coming in.
Maybe we'll have to come back.
- Do you think it's here?
- I don't know.
I need a hand.
So that's it.
Wait. / think we got something.
Oh, Jesus, / think we got him.
I think it's him.
You got yourself a big old murder, Kyle.
From the patent decomposition of the body
and water temperature of 72 degrees... is estimated the deceased has been
in the water for a period of seven days.
Last Saturday.
Body evidence is two gunshot wounds,
medium thoracic perforating...
...the lower third of the sternum.
Evidence of slight powder flaking.
No evidence of exit wound.
Second wound is above the right eye.
Patent evidence
of powder and gas scorching.
Exit wound lateral to second vertebra.
You're going to get a bullet.
A bit smashed up, but a bullet.
May I?
Let me see.
Looks like a.38.
Yeah, maybe nine millimetre.
Practically the same.
Let's measure it.
Lee, can I have the calliper?
Something wrong?
What's wrong?
Nothing. It's a.38.
- Here's a surprise for you.
- What?
- There's water in the lungs.
- So?
Two gunshots wounds in him,
and he was alive at the bottom the lake.
Cause of death: Asphyxiation by drowning.
Look what's stuck in the heel of his shoe.
- What is it?
- Glass.
I can't be sure yet, but this looks like
the original Victorian glass.
I think it's the same kind
you found on Munro's shoe.
- This is where it happened.
- Maybe.
Her lover-boy or someone came in.
There was a struggle.
The victim was hit in the head
and shot twice.
Thinking he killed him,
he took him to the lake...
...and dropped the car.
We have no fingerprints in the whole place.
He knew what he was doing.
He wiped the place clean.
I think he ran the damn humidifier
to melt down the prints.
We'll find a print somewhere.
We should. We know he was here.
Kyle, we found something.
My, my. Look what we got here.
Dig it out.
Well, Kyle, you were right.
Sooner or later, they all fuck up.
Look at that.
A perfect.38. Look at them riflings.
It will be easy to match this to a gun.
All we need now is the gun.
Who was with you in Miami?
I was alone.
You been sleeping with anyone
other than me?
Why are you asking me this?
I have been hearing things about you.
Don't let them do this, Kyle.
You said that they would try to change
your mind, and now they're doing it.
Where's the gun?
- What gun?
- The gun you shot him with.
- You threw it away at the truck stop.
- That was a nine millimetre.
I know.
What are you saying?
The bullet they took out of your husband's
body was shot from a.38.
The bullet they took out of the wall today
was a.38.
But I shot him with a nine millimetre.
You saw it.
This is the bullet that was taken out
of the wall at Munro's house.
This is the bullet that was taken out
of Munro's body.
The riflings match perfectly.
They were both fired from the same gun.
What are the pits on the bullets
that came out of Munro?
I don't know.
Sand will pit a bullet like that, won't it?
The human body, as wonderful as it is,
contains one and half percent calcium... percent potassium,
65 percent water, and after 5:00...
...somewhat all percentage of alcohol.
But no sand.
- Thank you very much for your help.
- Anytime.
The captain wants to talk to you.
- What about?
- Something about the Munro case.
Kyle, now were you seeing her?
You never went to see her alone
in her house?
No, sir.
You all were called out there, weren't you?
- Yes, sir.
- Yeah, a couple of times.
Her husband filed a complaint with us.
He said you used abusive language.
Did you say that?
He didn't say nothing, Captain.
The guy was a jerk.
This is a lie.
- What was this, domestic violence call?
- Yes, sir.
You took a special interest in this one,
didn't you?
No, not really.
Where were you a week ago
Saturday night, Kyle?
I was at home.
- Munro was shot with a.38, wasn't he?
- According to the autopsy report, yeah.
- You carry a.38 special, don't you, Kyle?
- You know I do.
May I see it?
- You fire this recently?
- Yes, I have.
We recovered a bullet
from that bedroom wall.
The rifling marks are clean.
It won't be too hard to tell
if it came from your gun.
I'm putting you on administrative leave
until such time as we know that.
Sorry, Kyle.
You're going to have to come with us.
- What's going on?
- You tell me.
You're the one who gave him
the wrong gun.
- What are you talking about?
- Wrong serial number.
You didn't give him your gun.
The captain wants to see you again.
I'll be right with you.
I got to tell you, Kyle.
A lot of people are upset and can't believe
you've done something like this.
- Did you see her socially at any time?
- No.
The night you met her, the bartender
showed you a credit card receipt...
...with her name on it.
- Did you call her or contact her in any way?
- No.
She wasn't calling you here at the office?
Who was?
I don't know what calls
you're talking about.
What are you protecting her for, Kyle?
Where's this service revolver signed out
by you, serial number 0876B?
I told you. I don't know.
- Someone took yours, Kyle?
- Maybe.
- Who would that have been?
- I don't know.
- You never went to her house to see her?
- No.
Smarten up, Kyle.
You're going to fry for this
and she is going to walk.
That must've been what she had in mind
all along. Don't you think?
We find your gun or any evidence
that puts you there and you're gone.
Unless of course, you want to help us.
She's going to walk.
She'll be real rich.
She's going to get $12 million.
The state attorney will cut a deal with you.
You could be out in a couple of years.
Is that you?
- You got my money, Lamar?
- You got the ticket?
Let me see it.
You'll get the rest when I get mine.
How much did you pay Dickey
to follow your husband?
What is he to you?
Rachel, start talking.
Rupert was going to leave me
with nothing.
Lamar told me how to do it all.
How to do what?
Set up Rupert's death...
...where to meet you, the gun, Miami.
- So we were just a lie?
- No.
It changed, Kyle.
It changed after I met you.
I came back from Miami to be with you.
You didn't even check out of the hotel.
You came back to kill him.
No. We were going away.
- Who made the phone calls from the room?
- Lamar put somebody there.
- Who made the phone calls?
- I don't know.
I just want to know the truth. Tell me!
I am.
Don't look at me like that, Kyle, please.
- I'm not a stranger to you.
- Yes, you are.
Don't say that.
- I love you.
- I don't want to hear it.
- My life was over till I met you.
- Stop it!
- I love you.
- Stop it!
I love you!
Then why didn't you tell me?
If you love me, why didn't you tell me?
- I would've lost you for good.
- I don't want to hear more lies.
No more lying.
You were just fucking me, weren't you?
I was loving you, and you were fucking me.
You should have told me
from the beginning.
Why didn't you just tell me?
I tried to get out of it.
Please believe me.
Call Lamar.
Tell him you want to see him
at JJ's tonight.
Hello, Dickey-boy.
- You're a big disappointment to me.
- There was nothing I could do for you.
Maybe not.
You know, you figured this one
like you knew it all along.
Yeah. I went to school on you, Kyle.
You sure did.
I listened to everything you told me.
I knew you did it.
You made too many mistakes, Lamar.
What are you talking about?
You took this, didn't you?
I don't see my name on it.
You see the compass on your dash?
How did you know
about the $12 million trust?
- Did she tell you?
- Why would she do that?
Maybe you were going to help her
kill her husband.
I didn't. You did.
Well, you're going to jail with me anyway
because of this.
You see...'s all pitted from sand...
...just like the bullet
they took out of Munro.
- I don't know what you're talking about.
- You switched my gun, didn't you? My.38.
You shot it in the sand,
and then you got the bullet... the autopsy room
when nobody was looking.
You switched it with the nine millimetre
slug they pulled out of Munro's chest.
No one is going to believe that.
You fired my.38 into the wall at Munro's
house, so the slug from the wall...
...and the slug from the body match.
And they're both from my gun.
You got a desperate imagination, my man.
How did you know where the body was?
Did she tell you?
- What do you think?
- I don't know.
All you got to do is get the mileage
from the car...
...and you know how far away the lake is.
- Get up, you son of a bitch.
- Don't fuck yourself up worse, Kyle.
Let's go.
Sit down.
I told him everything, Lamar.
Where's my gun?
I don't have it, Kyle.
Give me the goddamn gun.
It's in my car.
If you've cooked up something, Lamar,
I'll blow your fucking head off.
Let's go outside. Get up. Let's go.
Wait for me, Rachel.
- Are you going to shoot me?
- Lf I have to.
Well, you won't have to.
- How much were you in for?
- A lot.
The lady was desperate.
Then she wanted to call it off,
but the money smelled too good.
Why me?
Why not some fucking bozo off the street?
- Why'd you set up your own partner?
- It had to be you.
You would've cracked the case
and busted me.
You got that right.
But you know what?
You were never the fall guy.
You were my insurance.
Fuck you, Dickey-boy. You screwed up.
First the pictures, then my.38.
You kept it too long. Open it up.
Come on.
Where is it?
Under the driver's seat.
- It's not too late, Kyle.
- Shut up.
Toss the gun in the lake.
You can forget it ever happened.
Shut up.
- Police! Stop right there!
- He's got a gun!
Stay with me.
Stay with me.
I was never...
...going to leave you.
Kyle was right.
Sooner or later, they all fuck up.