China Salesman (2017) Movie Script

Two years ago, three people from the
company were stationed in Africa.
Because of the war between North and
South, they never closed an agreement.
Ruan Lee's superior said
one by one, or... stuck.
Soon she managed it all herself.
The war suddenly stopped quite unexpectedly
at the beginning of this year.
The most chaotic country in Africa
entered a development phase.
The development of mobile communications has
become an important project for the government.
The company encouraged their
employees to work with marketing.
So after getting tired
of working with IT, -
I registered and got the chance
to travel to work with Ruan Ling.
Unfortunately, I had to put the
program I worked on aside.
But take it easy!
A Chinese seller?
It is well. Show me the weapons.
I have an extra car that you can borrow.
Thanks, Michael.
But... There are certain
limits, we should not exceed.
Okay... I will withdraw the offer.
Why do not we get the company to
open the satellite connection?
-We do if we win the assignment.
-We'll get the mobile network.
-What are we going to do with this?
-You have something to do with you too.
-What decade are we in?
-Let us share the tasks.
You stand for documents,
settings and demonstration.
I stand for declaration and
communication with officials.
I have looked at it and
it is harmful to us.
-My friend! Mr. Carlos.
This is what I found about Menthulu-
the kingdom of the world's largest libraries.
Even though your ancestors lost
their land and were almost extinct,
-red Menthulu warriors all
over Africa 2,000 years ago, -
-and left a glorious page
in the history books.
Our people are not extinct.
We are spread all over Africa.
I can rebuild our nation.
But I need your help.
I have been here for two years now in
the attempt to close an agreement.
Think that the biggest telecom operators
who have so far ignored the country,
make their entry now.
-It's not the first time it happens.
The government had to send
the job in the tender-
-and appointed Susanna as director.
This French woman never
took our company seriously.
She believes that advanced technology
can only come from the US and the EU, -
and our efforts are foolish.
Is she Frenchman?
It is a little unfair.
She was appointed as an Expert of
the International Telecom Union.
-Welcome back to my country.
The light, the sand, the sun... all of it.
Live Menthulu. If the dream
lives, there is a future.
-Hello michael. All is well?
-This is Kabbah.
-It's on the house, gentlemen.
-I do not drink.
In the past, the Menthulu men
did not spit in the glass.
You have been forced by the
alcohol ban of the country here.
I do not drink.
-The one who does not drink here dies.
He is afraid that you
report him to sell alcohol.
I do not report him.
I follow my faith.
No alcohol
Then you have to drink this.
I appreciate the offer,
but rules are rules.
I do not drink.
What was it? What happens?
Carlos... Forgive me. Do you understand now?
What so, taxes?
Is everything as it should be? Okay?
You are a bunch of assholes the whole bunch.
Scratch with you. All the same.
The one who serves a piss for me dies!
Kabbah... We're kidding.
You bastard! Drink yourself your piss.
You must sign here. There.
-Director Omar.
-Miss Ruan.
-My new colleague, Yan Jian.
-No hao, Yan Jian.
Salaam, Director Omar.
We have convened this meeting to
respond to the terms of the offer.
We want an open discussion.
As long as your wishes are reasonable...
... we will make changes according
to international practice.
As you know, CDMA and JSM are standard
in wireless telecommunications, -
- according to the procurement
rules, you only accept CDMA.
It is not fair.
All business principles are
based on free competition.
Even though my company is
European, we accept to use CDMA.
The rapid development in wireless
telecommunications, makes, -
-that comes new products
every 18 months.
-The competition is careless...
Are you determined to make
it harder for DH Telecom?
You want to get rid of our master.
I've seen your investments.
I totally agree with Miss Susanna
when it comes to choice of standard.
Susanna is ITU's expert, but
she has not heard lately.
Adieu published a report ten days ago.
They predict that 3G takes over the world.
3G is an enhanced system
that combines CDMA and GSM.
Assuming that,
-would the wireless communication
be upgraded to 4G, 5G, 6G or...
- Do you recommend 3G by default?
Yesterday, LK Telecom Group opened
a bid of three billion euros.
With 3G as default.
Susanna wants this bid to work
with the latest technology -
- I suggest we change
the default to 3G.
But I'm unsure of the product's
stability, and how complete it is.
So... What do you say to others?
That is not a problem.
It suits us perfectly.
Then it is decided.
The default for the offer is 3G.
The deadline for the tender is fixed.
Kl. 08:00 on 31 July.
Good job, Yan Jian.
You may not be aware that the
company has made some specimens.
The headquarters now prepare
the 3G bid for LK Telecom.
Let's turn it to our
advantage and negotiate.
MTM Telecom is the
only remaining.
Director Omar is also on our side.
How can you make such a decision
without consulting us first?
Without consulting you?
I just played with.
-I can not make such a decision
-this asshole! You're a liar.
You made us laugh in there!
If you have not noticed, you are
chancellor against the Chinese.
We just got the prototype
on our 3G product.
It will be in production next month.
It may not be ready next week.
Manager Zhao, what about...
Listen to what the headquarters say.
That's the way it is.
The useless people in the
office can only give orders.
We are a technology company, but they
only want to sell inventory for profit.
They should be ashamed!
Yan Jian, you're just so good!
Because of your speech, three
EU companies were eliminated.
The next day, it's us.
I got the information
from the headquarters.
We simply do not have the equipment.
-Hello Beautiful.
Ruan Ling, I tell Omar and
Susanna that I was lying
-and ask them to change the standard.
Even though CDMA becomes CDMA.
Are you looking for mr. Omar, sir?
He has traveled south with the president.
He's only back in a few days.
The Chinese is overloading too much.
Do not be angry with him.
-He is not worth it.
-I am not angry at him.
I just can not figure him out.
Get up with your paw.
Considering where you are...
-Manager Zheng, it is now.
-I have to run.
Listen now...
I can shorten the connection time
of the 3G network by 1.5 seconds.
What do you think?
-Say it again?
-I have developed a program.
With the program-
We remain at least 1
second faster than MTM.
- But I need 3G equipment.
Send me the encrypted program.
-Hei, Ruan Ling. How are you?
-Leave me alone.
-Good idea.
How does it look?
Who has written that program?
It's brilliant!
-Yan Jian.
The test results are amazing.
It is shortened by 1.51 seconds.
I have notified the group.
They will promote you to the Director
of the Technology Department.
Or to European Technology Director.
What now?
-Strategically speaking, give up.
-Give up? I disagree.
Call back from another phone.
Hello? Did anyone listen?
I'm not sure.
It was a stomach feeling.
We are talking about the company's
most important secrets.
It's best to be sure.
We must not throw it on the floor.
What did you not agree with?
I stay here and you have to
live up to our agreement.
I can not.
Hello michael.
This is the pity you would have.
It is impossible to track.
Well done.
Their package has arrived.
Sen Ming is a reasonable man.
Honestly, the 3G product...
Only three mainframes have been produced.
One in the EU, one in China and one in the
laboratory of the Ministry of Communications.
Production starts next month.
Send me the set you have.
-You are joking.
-No, I need the equipment.
-When is the report ready?
-In three days.
It will be tested 10,000 times.
Then we run an installation.
We need the equipment here.
-How do I send it to you?
-It's not my problem.
-I want to close the deal.
-I have the test equipment here.
What was used in the standard test.
I want that.
Do you want to do that? Okay.
- But it's not certified.
-I will have it.
-How are you honey?
-I've been busy right now.
-DH has a new and improved program.
They hit MGM by one second when
it comes to the switch-on time.
-What are you using me for?
Name your price.
Obtain the program.
Okay. Consider it done.
The one who wants to start the system...
... need my fingerprints
for access.
-We are done for today.
Yes. I'll see you tomorrow.
Do you know why DH grew so fast?
Because everybody works hard.
-They have nothing against working over.
-Listen up...
If I were you, I would
focus on the offer.
Moreover, not everyone
likes to work over.
Just go ahead.
Susanna, your fingerprints.
Susanna? Do you hear me? Where are you?
Stop! Let go of me!
-Susanna! What's going on?
-Let go of me!
-Red the girl! They will sacrifice her.
-Do not Cry.
What are you doing?
We must go away from here. Get into the car!
-Here! Jump in!
-No! My daughter!
-Drive! Do not think of me!
-My child! Do not take my child!
Give me her!
Left! Turn left! Drive!
They took my daughter!
They took Baris!
Man there!
Why did you hurt the child?
-Kill him!
Why did you hurt the child?
Let me come down!
-Kill him!
-I did not want to hurt the child!
I need a doctor!
I have a child here.
-Come here!
-Hurry up!
She bleeds!
Do not worry.
The damage is caused by a cut.
She's doing it.
What? A cut?
Are you okay, Dede? Dad is here.
Let the Chinese go.
If you want to punish someone, punish me.
Dede is okay, Shukban.
Do not start a war.
Is the woman there? Give her the phone.
My name is Asaid,
Vudunstammens sheik.
We have different
religions and customs.
We misunderstood each other, but I would
like to thank you for your kindness.
How has mr. Yan Jian that?
The Chinese man?
He's fine.
He returns home tomorrow.
Do not worry.
You live.
When I got to the office,
called Asaid and asked
me to pick you up.
How does Susanna have that?
-And the girl?
The girl went home.
Susanna is worried about you.
And you are worried about her.
Be serious.
I have to figure out
what happened yesterday.
The Youtan wars are notorious for
their courage and combat skills.
-and for their ability to drink
For them, it expresses drinking-
immortality and anger.
If you drink a jar of alcohol,
you will not be punished.
-What is it?
A gift from Asaid.
It's palm vinegar. Your specialty.
Mr. Deschau... Do not worry.
The police have got their money.
What DH does is unethical -
- and violates basic
business principles.
Data limits follow the standard,
but nothing has been written down.
Regardless, it does not seem
that you favor the Chinese.
They should be disqualified.
I do not favor anyone when
national interests are at stake.
But this is business.
Without competition, we do not get
the best product at the best price.
Let's forget these pictures.
-How, I'll buy some goat's milk.
That five world-renowned telecommunications
companies are here today, -
is not just a sign of recognition.
It gives hope to the future of a country, -
- have recently suffered suffering
and trials. But it is also an honor.
No matter who wins today, I
thank you for all my heart-
on behalf of the country and its people.
However, only two companies have moved
on to the final and crucial phase.
The last two companies
are MTM Telecom...
... and DH Telecom.
Please start your server
and your machine.
Change the frequency from
1880 to 1920 megahertz-
-and write the number 88669977.
But let's see what the Chinese
seller offers to the main course.
Miss Susanna... I'm sure
a Chinese salesman, -
But why do not you appeal to me?
Yan or Yan Jian?
My name is written right in front of you.
That's the least you can
do to show respect.
This is a global command war.
Only technology is important here.
Do not think this is a
school for good manners.
Those who win the
assignment win respect.
Why are you so sure
we can not win?
I'll probably make you call me mr.
DH, begin the test.
Mr. Elephant, does your nose cleanse?
Miss Cobra, I'm just kidding.
There must be disturbances nearby.
Mr. Elephant, does your nose cleanse?
Miss Cobra, I'm just kidding.
Do not worry, my friend.
-I will immediately send the medicine.
I already have better.
Miss Susanna...
In addition to the specified frequencies,
we also have a backup frequency.
Nobody can sabotage this.
We apologize for the interruption.
Random testing. Who is Yan Jian?
Yan Jian, you have broken
our country's laws.
You are arrested for
drinking and hiding alcohol.
It's not alcohol!
-It's goat milk!
-Read him up!
-I have been fooled!
-Believe me! It's not mine.
I have been fooled. Believe me!
Chaos is in the capital.
A civil war is now inevitable.
This is Andy Nelson,
live from the capital.
The new leader in the south,
President Toga, has been killed.
Yes, Balor's government murdered him.
We must avenge him. Blood for blood.
Do you have proof of that?
- shut up, your idiot!
-It's you to shut up.
Do you want to die?
Mr. Deschau...
Is the information credible?
Yesterday afternoon, Toga flew
from Uganda by helicopter.
The helicopter crashed over Mount Abletogu.
Toga died in the crash.
Was Toga not killed by Balor?
The war between north and south is
inevitable. Now you have the chance.
Now you can both gather your
tribe and rebuild the country.
People are tired of war.
They would rather go into dialogue.
When communication in the country
collapses, one can not talk together, -
-and then the door of
success is on my mind.
It is okay.
You can not do this.
You know how much money is at stake.
Why do you do this?
You think short-sighted, Philip.
How much do you earn on the contract?
The country here has large
oil and mineral reserves, -
But the Chinese have already gotten
us out and already recovering.
In addition... money can
be earned on arms trade.
A single missile is as much worth
as all the equipment here.
Regardless, do not
start a new war.
This is not my decision,
but we need to renegotiate
-how the country's resources are distributed
Who are you working for? In addition to MTM?
I have many identities
and I have a mission.
You are downright.
MTM does not need
a war agitator.
I'll reveal you.
I tell everyone the truth.
President Balor has just received an
emergency call from the Ugandan president.
Uganda lost contact with Vice
President Togas helicopter-
-KL. 18.30 on 30 July.
It is currently investigating the
area where the helicopter crashed.
Local UN staff helps.
Kabbah... The rug has fallen.
In 50 minutes all mobiles will
be shut down. Except ours.
This is the new frequency.
Only you and I know it.
And remember, I'll call you.
You never call me.
We can now confirm...
Destroy them all!
Let us show respect
for our new leader.
We must revenge Toga!
It is over!
This is Issam. He is the captain
of the president's guard.
The leaders in the south are holding a crisis meeting in Uset.
Kl. 9 tomorrow they will announce
President Balor by telephone.
The conversation will be recorded
and broadcast worldwide.
But the telecommunications system is down right now.
No lines work.
Even the satellite connections are down.
The president has given Issam the
task of restoring the connection.
Director Omar!
Why do not they send a telegram?
No, the people will hear
the votes of the leaders.
Director Omar, let's look at the server.
Are you okay?
They killed Philip!
This is Balor.
How is the situation?
Bad. All servers are broken.
The cables are broken and
the phone lines are down.
Do what you can to restore the
network before noon. 9 tomorrow.
-Get all experts, Director Omar.
-You're right here.
Those who will help please stay.
The rest will be taken in security.
It is an emergency.
Then find a solution.
How many soldiers do you have?
Can you stop shooting, otherwise...
Maybe... Maybe we can solve
this in spite of the shooting.
-Who are you?
-A Chinese seller
A Chinese seller?
Why does he have handcuffs on?
We can connect the wireless network with
the landline using switch technology.
It may even work with
broken equipment.
It's all down.
Hold it here
It does not work.
It's an emergency.
Destroy all three towers on the
border between north and south.
First of all, it's in the bay.
Now you can call.
-Hallo, Fatima?
Inform the president that
everything is going well thanks.
-We do not come to the south.
"Do not we get to the south?"
We do not have to call.
Let's fight them down.
Sir. general...
This must be Balor's work.
We must figure out what
caused General Togas death.
This must be due to the three towers
on the border between north and south.
We do not receive any signals from there.
Perhaps the recipients have broken.
Can you make them, sir?
-And whose person must take with me
I can not activate the recipients
without her fingerprints.
I am going aswell. I would like
to help the country if I can.
Regardless of what you have done, I
get the president to avenge you.
I promise.
There was milk in the bottle.
I do not need a pardon.
I have only one request.
Under the circumstances, I ask
you to postpone the offer-
-for one month.
I give the President a message.
During today's test,
DH made mistakes.
You're out. MTM wins.
You will not get the contract
even if you make the phone lines.
What are you talking about?
Bidding has not been completed,
but you have already decided.
It's unfair!
How will DH compete with MTM?
Your technology is far behind.
You're just an opportunist!
I would like to give DH a chance.
I can solve the problem by the
tower myself. I do not need help.
I only need you because
of your fingerprints.
Susanna and Yan Jian.
The people need your help.
More will die for every second that goes.
Hear the shots and screams.
Can you forget your disagreements?
We confirm that a helicopter has
been crashed due to bad weather.
On board the president
of Uganda's helicopter-
-var dr. Goga, as well as six of his
colleagues and seven from the inner circle.
All died in the accident.
The Freedom Movement in the South
holds a crisis meeting in Uset.
You should not talk about morality
-that you took advantage of
the gap in the legislation.
And you and your company want
to win the industry's respect?
Keep dreaming.
When, as a responsible person, you
start a relationship with a client,
Who is it that should not
talk about morality?
Beware! You'll be shot!
We order all vessels to stop.
Drive towards the tower.
Captain, you seem to have been in battle.
Do you know who the enemy is?
I have no clue.
We must repair the tower there.
You must stay here and protect the tower.
-Yes sir.
-Director Omar, -
-the first tower is activated
We are driving to the other now.
Sir. General, we have not yet
reached the president's office.
Be aware.
We cross the border to the south.
Should anything happen?
Do not answer the fire.
I can hear something, sir.
Another trolley!
Take your positions!
Watch out for the guards!
Do not shoot!
Do not shoot without my order.
-Yes, sir.
-What should we do?
Time is running out.
Even if we win here, we will
meet their reinforcements.
Wait! Maybe...
Do we have anything with the UN symbol on?
Or a Red Cross flag?
Then we may be allowed to
pass the border control.
Yes, it may work.
Hello boys!
Find something with the UN symbol
or something with a red cross.
-We can not find anything.
-We found nothing, sir.
I have this!
A Chinese flag.
-A Chinese flag?
Do you think we need it?
I do not think it goes.
It is impossible.
What are you doing? Stop!
Hello! Stop!
Do not shoot!
Captain! Get the pickup! The pickup!
Off! Hurry up!
Take off the barettes! Hide your ties!
Do nothing before I say to.
-Yes, sir.
Yan Jian! Came!
Do not be afraid. Drive slowly.
Come on!
China! Ni hao!
-No hao!
-Salaam! Sadiki!
-We are driving towards the third tower now.
Yan Jian. Thanks.
We can see the third tower.
The connection will be
restored in an hour.
-Susanna! What happened?
The tower was blown up in the air.
How bad is it?
The tower is totally damaged!
This is the only tower
between north and south.
There are no other options.
Out, everyone! Led!
-Okay. Continue!
Sorry, ladies.
Can I talk to you?
Did you see what happened?
Is that your goat?
Madam... Sorry for me.
Forward! Eject them. Now!
Come on, Susanna! Jump in!
Come on!
Hurry up!
Out! Hurry up!
Run, Susanna!
Drop me your asshole!
Leave me alone! Let go of me!
Yan Jian, Susanna! Where are you?
Yan Jian, Susanna, where are you?
Damn. It's hopeless.
It is impossible.
-I know you're doing it, Yan Jian.
You are our only hope.
Captain... It's impossible.
It is over! The end!
It is over! The end!
Come on, Yan Jian.
You will have to arrive.
Hope lives as long
as you keep trying.
Yan Jian!
Yan Jian!
Yan Jian!
Drive! Run them over!
-Om, have you heard from Issam?
-No, Mr President.
We can not get hold of him.
We have to stop, sir.
There is a sandstorm on the way.
Sir. Generally, the sandstorm
will last for a while.
The fixed connection can not
be restored in this weather.
Prepare for battle.
-Yes sir!
Reports of raids, rapes and murders
are reported throughout the country.
Many have been killed.
A civil war seems inevitable.
Thank you for saving my life.
Do not blame yourself for Issam's death.
We must stay focused.
We need to have
refurbished phone lines.
The tower is broken. It is impossible.
You have to find something.
I know you can.
It is impossible to connect. We already
have three divisions at the front.
We can continue when they
have been stopped on land.
There is a tower in Udenchoy. How
far is there? Can it be used?
80 kilometers.
The maximum distance is 60.
It is 20 km too far. It is impossible.
How long will the storm last?
- It's probably over before sunrise.
There is the possibility that
the sandstorm can cause-
an unusual disorder
of the ionosphere.
It can increase the range of signals
and compensate for the 20 kilometers.
But they can also end an entirely wrong
place. It is in God's hands now.
You're really right in that.
Hello? Can anyone hear me?
This is Yan Jian.
We have a solution.
Let's do a new attempt.
I want to ask you
something, Susanna.
Do you give us the contract if
we release the source code?
What do you mean? Source code is
the core of all telecom systems.
They would never agree.
What if I can do that?
Wait until the war is over.
I will do all I can to
persuade DH to release it.
I'm sure it's gonna go.
It's an annoying idea,
but it's also amazing.
Sir. General, this is a satellite
image of the accident site.
One can clearly see that
it was hit by a missile.
Only Western countries have such missiles.
It was not the army in the north.
Sheikh Asaid!
We must protect the tower. Otherwise,
the civil war might break out again.
-It's our only hope.
-I have heard of President Toga.
My satellite phone does not work.
There is someone who does not want peace.
-Get what you're gonna do. I'll fix the rest.
Take it here. It brings luck.
No! Do not shoot!
-You must not die!
-A shot to and we kill you.
We had nothing to do with Toga's death.
Time is coming from us.
Let's send our troops.
Sir, the helicopter is flying against us.
We are peacekeeping forces from the UN.
We must not interfere with the war.
Is there anything else we can do?
Sir... Fly 20 kilometers south.
Believe me. Our helicopter will
soon be the tower you need.
Sir. President, reconsider it.
Many innocents will die.
Connect north and south. Now!
Sir. President, give the order now.
Time is running out.
We are connected!
Sir. President, call from the south.
President Balor, we know the
truth about the accident.
We will follow the peace agreement.
Let's cooperate, act with
reason and restraint.
We will stop all
attacks against peace.
We must protect what we
have and save the land.
Once again your decision
has saved our country.
-We did it!
-It is fantastic!
-We did it!
We will follow the peace agreement.
Let's cooperate with
reason and restraint.
We will stop all
attacks against peace.
Stop! Who are you?
Sheikh Asaid, we caught him
blasting the tower in the air.
Stop! Drop him!
He has killed so many innocents.
Why let him go?
The war is over.
We must stop killing and
letting go of hatred.
My son, someone calls our valley a
beautiful scare on Africa's face.
Others call her Africa's most
sensitive pulmonary artery.
Release it.
You will find peace in yourself.
Less than 24 hours after the
resumption of the peace process, -
Has the brave Chinese
salesman shown?
-How superior DH's technology
and their products are.
He conducted the dignity
process under great pressure.
Therefore, I appoint as winners:
China DH Telecom.
Good afternoon. My name is Tony
Howell and is MTM Telecom's lawyer.
My client has hunted DH
Telecom for breach of rights-
and dishonest business practices.
My friends from the press.
The proof is right in front of you.
-Follow, thanks.
-Michael! You liar!
Director Omar and
Susanna, do I win or not?
MTM can not prove anything.
What are you doing, Michael?
MTM. Facts speak for themselves.
DH does not have the 3G technology
or capacity needed. Thanks.
DH appears as a company in crisis.
The atmosphere is worldwide
and can cause major problems.
It is MTM's strategy.
We will continue the work, but
they will sign the contract today.
-We are in a difficult position.
-LK has notified us.
-We have to shut down.
-You go too far.
Michael... Do you have
the program as promised?
Not yet.
Get it as fast as you can.
Be sure to shorten the
firing time by a second.
I'll fix it, Mr. General.
I promise you will get it.
Sir. president...
Yan is the hero who saved the country.
They have the power to
halt MTM's application.
I can not.
Politics has taken place.
We are not afraid of pressure
from Western powers, -
But we do not want to give them a
reason to attack the government.
and thus create instability.
I regret.
-Sen Ming, I've been cheated.
-Because of you-
-LK has suspended us.
The trial is extremely complicated.
It can pull out for up to a year.
By the time-
-exists the company-
-May no longer.
Listen now.
I proposed to publish the source code.
Accepts the Board, -
- Can we win the trial and
enter into new agreements.
Yan Jian, drop it.
You're fired.
Joe, Michael.
I pull and pay you back.
Lauder, looking at your entire
career, it's a pretty small job.
You should finish what you started.
-This is what you do.
I know everything about you.
You were mercenary in Africa for many
years. You've been a weapon smuggler.
I do not care about you and your threats.
I say no, I mean no.
Who are you?
Are you awake, mr. Yan Jian?
What am I doing here?
What happened?
So you're awake, mr. Yan Jian.
-Thank you because you saved my life.
Do not take me. Lauder came with you.
You're not so crazy to
come here, Michael.
You broke your own rules, Lauder.
You'd better cough up with
the program that you took.
Fuck you!
Mr. Yan Jian, I have heard that
DH has been contested by MTM, -
-and is close to bankruptcy
I like you, young man.
Do you want to work for me?
Mr. Carlos...
... DH is not bankrupt and I
do not leave the company.
It is okay.
Call if you change your mind.
I'm sorry, sheik Asaid,
I just could not do it.
Mr. Carlos is the director of AK.
It is Europe's largest
telecom operator.
Not many know who he is, and
even fewer will ever meet him.
Do you drink now?
Keep up.
Name your price, Lauder.
Listen up...
We have been friends for many years.
I trust you.
Write the amount yourself.
I have to consult with
a business partner.
What are you doing? Hello!
Fight against!
Sheikh Asaid!
Sheikh Asaid... You must not die.
They are after you, Yan Jian.
You must be away from here.
You must not die.
Sheikh Asaid...
MTM is now suing us in Europe.
We have a large inventory.
Some customers have requested compensation.
It does not matter if DH shows
their source code in court.
They go bankrupt before
they win the trial.
But if they publish
the code, we lose
and it could mean the end of the
west's telecommunications industry.
President Yan Jian asked me to inform
you and the Board of Directors, -
that we can solve the situation-
-We publish the source code.
DH does not know how
to solve the dilemma.
And we can do nothing because
of government control.
They do not allow us to let go of us.
We have a chance to make comeback
if we have the source code.
Being published, we will go bankrupt.
There is no one here.
DH's headquarters has of course not
seen Yan Jian's proposal yet, -
and therefore we must find
Yan Jian and kill him.
Do not forget that we also have
to get hold of his program.
-Is it really you, Yan Jian?
I can not believe it's you.
I have to do everything
in my power.
I have to ask you to publish
DH's 3G source code.
We must show transparency.
You can do it!
I know you do.
I need your help!
What are you doing, your idiot?
Will you kill me?
Hello! Shut up and work!
You're lucky to be alive, Kabbah, -
but if you stay here you
will die - sooner or later.
Come on, let's get out of here.
Mr. Deshau, I will no longer
regain the land of my tribe.
I do not want it.
Do not you want the battle
of your tribe to be known?
It is understandable,-
But do you want your people
to be homeless like you?
I can give you a lot of money.
Rich enough that you can
buy a large land area.
You can collect them.
You can give them a home.
A good life.
The encrypted mail you
sent to Sen Ming.
There is a logical
bomb in the program.
You can open it.
And if I refuse?
I do not want to kill you.
I just want the money.
Get started.
This is not a competition.
This is theft.
Africa belonged to the West.
We gave them the modern civilization.
Africa's present and future belongs to us.
You are not welcome
here, Chinese seller.
Is slave trade a part
of civilization?
Is it spreading war
and famine democracy?
Our fleet reached the coast of
Africa hundreds of years ago.
It only brought friendship and peace.
They did not kill anyone and did not take any slaves!
Great speech.
Kabbah, he needs some fresh air.
You're gonna get your punishment, Michael!
You help Michael and destroy
it for your own people.
Do you do it for the money?
-I do it for my tribe. Spring!
Your tribe! The murdered sheik Asaid.
Is sheiken dead? Who did it?
-Michael. He shot him.
Your damn idiot!
I have the proof right here.
Here. This is his button.
-Kabbah! Where is the Chinese?
-He ran.
And now he's gone.
Murder Yan Jian?
I have thousands of reasons
to murder Yan Jian!
How about speaking English?
They will kill Yan Jian.
Is he okay? - Where is Yan Jian?
I know where he is heading.
You can help him.
-Do you pick up DH's source code?
I regret.
You are not authorized by the board.
The authorization is on its way.
Can I sign for him?
-It's against the rules, Susanna.
Authorization from the Board.
And the certificate with the file
number from our European office.
Check it out
How did you do it?
She is not the worst.
Well. Here it is.
He said you are unemployed.
He is in South America now.
Okay. Sign here.
I have changed the IP addresses.
They never find the computers.
Voice transfer
terminal is enabled.
This is not a secret.
I am personally responsible for
all consequences and errors.
-Yan Jian.
-I have decided.
I am writing a letter...
As I send along with
the source code.
Dear Mr. Carlos and more. The
lifeblood of mobile communication, -
- Depends on network security
that excludes monitoring.
This applies to all countries.
DH has decided to publish
our 3G source code.
We leave no back doors, just
as we do not monitor anyone.
You can inspect our
hardware and software.
Please pass the inspection
report to the court.
The story will prove
that DH is innocent.
If you support DH's action, -
Would you also like to change
-The future of digital
communication and writing history.
The International Telecommunications
Union has sent us an email.
They ask us to confirm
that our source code, -
have been taken by our employees.
They reported it to the police
investigating the case.
It must be Yan Jian. I did not
expect you to be brave than me.
-How can I help?
Do not worry. You will probably be paid.
Do you want to shoot the
explosions as insurance?
I want to save the movie as
a souvenir, mr. Deschau.
I had a dream last night.
I dreamed about the place where my tribe
should live. It is very beautiful.
It sounds like a nice dream.
It will probably be fulfilled.
Ladies and gentlemen,
welcome to this reception.
I'm no longer used to
speaking at big events.
But I'm standing here today thanks to
an intelligent and brave young man.
I think this young man is the next
leader of the telecoms revolution.
-What young man?
-Who can It Be?
I have invited him
to come today.
I hope he misses this
historic moment.
Could it be Yan Jian?
Ladies and gentlemen,
if you buy a house,
someone else has the keys and
the power to change them
-so, the house will feel more
like a hotel than a home.
But so, reality looks like
today's mobile telecom world.
We are building the networks.
Suppliers have source code.
We have neither privacy nor freedom.
Now... On screen you will see
DH Telecom's 3G source code.
It is the result of the hard
work of numerous engineers.
Here we have the lock and
the key to our house.
Thanks to this young
man's leadership,
Has DH Telecom handed
them over to us?
- and made us the real
owners of the home here.
Carlos, your betrayer.
Let's remember this decision.
Let's remember this great day.
And now...
... I want to publish the winner of
the EURO LK Groups billion project.
China and DH Telecom.
President, yet another three
companies accept our right to bid.
There is hope for DH.
-Top, mr. Marcus.
I understand your surprise. Thank
you for believing in the young man.
Yan Jian. It's Yan Jian.
Excuse me. Ladies and gentlemen,
today's hero has arrived.
He did not let me down.
He did not let us down.
Let us welcome Mr. Yan Jian...
... the amazing chinese seller.
Kabbah! Kill them! The asshole
does not play the rules.
Traitors. Blow them into pieces.
Right away.
-I knew you would come, Yan Jian.
Yan Jian. Thank you very much.
It was you who saved DH.
-I stopped drinking.
-I'll take it.
Let's bowl for Yan Jian!
Do not touch! The room is filled with
bombs. Keep calm and I'll survive.
Kabbah! Now it is enough!
Do you still let Michael manipulate
with you? Do you want more to die?
Someone will die!
So take my life. You saved me.
Take it if you want.
-You will soon see who dies.
Is that how you repay?
Look at me! You are a disgrace!
Do not forget what you're fighting for.
Never forget that.
If you kill me, you will not get anything.
You get nothing!
Get out of here!
Do you really want all
these people to die?
I have sinned. I am a sinner.
I have sinned against the Adon tribe.
I have sinned against Africa.
I have sinned against the
ancient Menthulu kingdom.
Brothers and sisters, let go of the
dream of recreating the Kingdom.
Let go of your hatred.
Yes, let go.
Then you will find peace in yourself.
Just let go
Put the gun, Kabbah.
Requesting an ambulance.
He is shot.
I repeat he's shot.
They are arrested, sir.