Chithha (2023) Movie Script

The treasured ocean is yours.
The unrelenting rain is yours.
The never deserting shadow is yours.
My dearest girl, you are mine.
My shoulders are your palanquin.
My lap is your swing.
I will always watch over you.
You are all I see.
Ever so quietly,
we'll float away in the sky.
I hear...
The winds blow..
I will hold you against my chest.
Come, you sweet girl!
The flower I never found is yours.
Sweet talk is yours.
My thoughtless moments are yours.
The smiling river is yours.
As your drool drips down,
My wounds will heal because of my precious.
How much? Five Rupees.
Get the change later.
Come here please!
Take a look inside!
Well, don't just stare at it. Clean it up.
Go on!
Sprinkle it down there.
Ganesan, stick it.
Um... the sticker?
I left it in my bike. I'll go get it.
I'll get it, sir! No. I'll get it myself.
What took you so long?
Move your bags over there.
Sorry, brother. I forgot it's Friday. Sir!
She left already.
She went home.
You were late. So, I sent her in a
rickshaw with your neighbourhood kids.
How dare you do that?
You know I always come to pick her up!
She's hiding inside, sir.
Huh? She is inside!
I'm really sorry.
I freaked out.
It's alright, sir.
Brother, do you know how to play this game?
Oh no! He has two guns!
How do I kill him?
Uncle, to your left! Get him!
Shoot him down! You!
Up to your old tricks?
Where's your bag?
One Ultra Wings.
Yeah, I got it. What else? What next?
Food colouring powder.
Yellow colour.
You want to go buy chicken? No way!
I'll get it on the way back.
How much? 850 Rupees.
Hey Naughty!
Uncle, buy me a coloured chick!
Get the money out.
Is that all?
Bye Anni (sister-in-law)! Uncle!
The chick!
It will die in two days
and you'll end up crying.
Get a lollipop instead.
I'll take good care of it, uncle.
Pretty please!
No one's in sight. Tell her.
It will lose its colour in two days.
Don't buy it.
Let's at least go take a look at it.
How about a deal?
I paid Rs.1000 for this Rs. 850 receipt.
Tell me how much the difference is.
Then, I'll buy you a chick.
Otherwise you get a lollipop. Okay?
When you're late,
I get bored waiting for you.
Shall I go in a rickshaw like other kids?
I can make new friends.
Don't you need me? Of course!
You're all I need!
What if you go in a rickshaw
and end up getting lost?
I'd get a heart attack!
Where does my heart lie?
That's right.
Why would I get lost, uncle?
Don't I know the way
home? Oh really? Which way now?
Left or right?
Just great!
Enough. Don't rinse it to death.
Uncle! Uncle! She's done.
Where are you? I'm coming! Hurry! I'm cold.
Hold on. I'll get your towel.
Uncle, you know what Selvi and I did today?
This morning, we decided to prank Pooja.
We asked her to come to our classroom for
lunch. So that we all could eat together.
But when she came, we both went and hid
in another classroom. She- Hands up!
Stinky hub!
And then, we hid in another classroom.
And then uncle...
She came to our class during lunch break.
She kept looking for us
everywhere! But she couldn't find us.
You know what she did after?
Are you listening to me?
What was I talking about? Tell me.
Yeah, you and Selvi
What happened after that?
There's a girl in the next street.
An only daughter. Her father works in the
Electricity Board. They have a marriage
proposal for you. What do you say?
No Anni (sister-in-law)!
Why not?
I mean...
Not now.
You were saying?
I'm late for the muster roll.
Put it back.
You won't eat your meal otherwise.
The snack is almost ready.
Bye, uncle! Muster? So late in the day?
Come, I won't ask you anything.
I'll eat when come back, Anni!
Her house is near the mosque.
Looks like her parents and
grandma arrived two days back.
My informer says your girl
and her brother came just this
morning. Reduce the volume!
Looks like she got a job here.
But, I only saw her?
Oh you did?
Then, why didn't you talk to her?
Stop being so uptight.
She is here with her brother.
My information is right.
His informer?
Right on!
I'll kill you if you make her cry! Hey!
I made this fried rice! Give me some.
You just wait. Serves you right!
You keep pulling her leg.
You don't think she's in
a relationship, right?
No way!
She might be married though.
There was no nuptial chain in sight.
Or vermilion.
I don't think she's married.
There was no nuptial toe ring either.
Nope. No way.
Your sister's here. Get going!
I'm starting.
- Is he asleep? - Yeah.
Hello! Stay there.
Shut the door behind you. He's coming.
Stay right there.
- See you! - Bye! Had your fill? Yeah!
Ask her to hurry up, uncle!
Mom always scolds me thinking I'm...
...the one loitering around town.
Don't worry. I'll talk to her.
Hey, put her down.
She isn't a little kid anymore.
When is your exam? It's going on, uncle.
Are you going alone?
Go with them. Bye uncle! Bye uncle!
- Hey! Hey! - Be careful!
We'll learn more about your girl tomorrow.
I've posted someone near her house.
I'm abusing my authority.
Only for you.
What is it?
Yeah yeah. Go now.
I really don't know what to do.
Hey everybody, get up.
Good Morning, sir!
Whose bicycle is that?
Who parked it in my spot?
Greetings sir!
Is everyone here? Yes sir.
We got complaints about a dog that
pulled out litter from a wedding
venue's trash. Clean the area and
sprinkle bleaching powder. Okay sir.
Get going, everybody!
You go on. You allocate...
...duties to everyone.
Okay sir. Ladies, lets go.
Go on! Hello! - Where are you? - Why are
you calling me at this unearthly hour? Sir!
A new girl has joined us.
Can you see her before
she meets with the EO?
What's your name?
Sakthi. Hello?
Okay, sir?
He said okay. You can start now.
Who parks their bicycle here?
The EO will be here by 9 am.
You come back at that time.
Shall we leave? Come.
Do you think all of us
are at work this early?
Get here now!
But what about the informer?
You come here.
What to do with the informer?
You get here first.
Okay. I'll ask him to stay put.
I'm coming.
Over here?
If I talk to her for you,
wouldn't she ask why you can't...
...get off your high horse
and talk to her yourself?
Go on now!
What if she doesn't recognise me?
What's that for?
Hold on, I'm going!
Everyone's looking!
If the police station gets wind of
this, I'm done for!
Behave yourself.
Take right! Yeah, okay!
Walk on!
- Keep walking. - Easy. I'm going.
Keep walking!
Vadivelu! How are you? I'm good, Sakthi.
He told me you're back. So
What do you do?
Sub Inspector - special branch!
I don't have to be in uniform. - Sir, here
you go. - It's like the intelligence wing.
I report directly to the SP.
Are you married? Not yet.
Still looking.
He isn't married either.
See you around, Sakthi.
Bye! Don't sit around all day!
Let's leave.
Go convince her. Apologise for that day.
Give it to me! Go on.
Just go!
I want to talk to you.
Yes sir?
Don't chit-chat at work.
Sorry sir!
You! Hey you!
Come here.
Get Mr. Eswaran's sign on this form.
And get the E.O.'s sign too.
He's upstairs.
Have a seat.
I want to talk to you.
I am...
I'm very sorry.
How did you end up here?
You were so studious back then!
I didn't... mean to demean your job.
I just asked.
How are you, Sakthi?
I looked for you everywhere.
Where were you all these years?
Where were you that day?
My niece's school dismisses at 3 pm.
I'm the one who picks her up everyday.
I didn't realise it was time.
And you- Do you know how
long I waited for you?
Gosh Sakthi! She'd be worried sick
even if I'm late by a few minutes!
- So, I had to rush- - I meant
the day of our 12th grade results!
Sakthi! Hold on!
What happened, Naughty?
Come! Don't worry. I'm here now.
I'm here, right?
Everything's okay.
The principal asked for you, sir.
Everything is just fine. Come on. Write
all this down before I'm back. Am I clear?
She stole Sunitha's magic pencil
and asked another girl to hide it.
She not only stole it. But planned to
hide it. That's not typical of a child!
I didn't steal it, uncle.
She's lying straight to your face!
She was caught in the act, madam.
Didn't she just say she didn't steal it?
But sir, we have proof!
So you'd make her kneel down?
Her pencils get lost often.
Ever noticed that?
What's this, Kavitha? Why didn't you
get to the bottom of this? No madam...
Find the kid who did it
and get them arrested!
Making kids kneel down...
Say Bye to madam. Let's go to class. Sir?
Write us an apology letter.
Never mind.
Didn't I explain everything to them?
Why the long face?
Never mind. Which way is your class?
Left or right?
Uncle? I did take her magic pencil.
My friend asked for it in
exchange for playing...
...with me. That's why I
took it and gave it to her.
It's okay.
But never take someone's things
without their permission. Got it?
Don't cry.
Why are you crying?
Just don't repeat it, that's all!
Stay here. I'll be back.
They made such a big fuss out of nothing.
They'd blame Naughty for
everything from now on.
That's why! How do we find a new
school in the middle of school year?
I talked to Vadivelu, Anni.
He can get her into Ponni's school.
Did they beat her?
Would I have let them get away with it?
But they made her kneel down.
So, I brought her home.
What are you eating?
Did you ask before taking?
The same habit follows you everywhere!
- Anni!
The same habit!
Who did you ask before taking?
Anni! Anni! Anni, why? Who should
she ask? What has gotten into you?
Why are you...
...beating her? - Who did you ask?
Come here! Eesu, move! It's alright.
Don't hit her, Anni!
I've raised a spoiled child!
See, I told you! You'll only end up
hurting yourself. - Come here! - Anni!
- What is it, anni? - You sleep.
Shall I move her to the bed?
No, you sleep.
The power is out.
I'm sorry!
It's okay!
My brother died that day, Sakthi!
He was working right here.
He collapsed suddenly.
All gone.
It all happened the day
of our 12th grade results.
I went back there everyday looking for you.
You never came.
Also, I...
found your uncle's house and asked around.
You weren't... there either.
- Sakthi, I
- I don't want to talk about it!
We don't have to!
Thank goodness!
I thought you were going
to beat me up again!
Did I really hit you that day?
If I had, you would have
screamed out in pain!
(Screams out in pain)
What happened, sir?
The duster struck me. Get some water!
Come here, sir. Don't rub your eyes!
Hurry! Quick!
What happned, sir? Don't rub your eyes!
Wash it with water.
I'm alright. Go back to work!
My eyes look around to steal...
My heart wants to sing and soar high!
Every day and every night,
I adore you!
Your thoughts kill me softly, my darling!
I see a million rainbows in your eyes!
If you shut them...
What am I to do, darling?
My eyes look around to steal...
My heart wants to sing and soar high!
When you playfully taunt me,
you make me addicted to you.
When you glance casually,
it lands a lightning bolt!
Your lovely face stabs my heart!
Your sweet talk bowls me over.
I want to tell you anything and everything
But this shy love silences me
Your scent mesmerizes me
You fill me with boundless
joy What am I to do, dearest?
My eyes look around to steal...
My heart wants to sing and soar high!
Every day and every night, I adore you!
Your thoughts kill me softly, my darling!
I see a million rainbows in your eyes
If you shut them,
What am I to do, darling?
Hey! How long would you
take to get a fish tank?
I'm coming!
Why don't you help her?
She's writing everything by herself.
Our teacher will recognise my
handwriting, mom. Sundari, eat up.
Okay aunty.
Have you made any progress? Show me.
You have an entire term's syllabus to
write. So, take it slow. Eat first.
Our teacher wouldn't mind.
I'm on a break, right?
Shall we go look at the goldfish?
Let's wait for my dad to leave. You eat up.
Why don't you get them yourself?
You're constantly bugging
me to bring you things! Mom!
Shall I tell dad?
What's taking so long?
Wait! I'm getting it!
Have you ever seen a deer?
Yes, have you seen one up close?
Shall we go see one?
Oh yes!
But, how?
Last night, I eavesdropped on my
sister talking to a boy on the phone.
How could I know she was there?
I cut the video call...
I hung up and there she was, near the door.
Did she hear everything?
She wouldn't have got any of it.
I made up a story.
She won't rat us out, right?
I don't want to go there again.
I'm scared. Are you crazy?
Are you crazy? I'll be there, right? I'm
telling you I'm terrified of that place!
Don't you get it?
Don't you ever watch the news?
Hey I'm sorry! I'm done for
if my uncle gets wind of it.
We have to be there by 5 pm to see
the deer. We should do it somehow!
But, how do we go without my uncle knowing?
We'll figure something out.
But, I don't even know how to get there!
I don't either.
We'll ask someone along the way.
You don't even know the name of the place!
How will you take us there?
Ayyanar Temple!
Wasn't she around 16 or 17 years, sir?
13 years, sir.
Multiple rapes.
Not sure if it's a single
perpetrator or many.
She is not even able to
recount what happened.
I hear she was a smart kid before this.
Sir, the inspector is here.
Come on.
Those young couples never listen to us.
They wait for us to leave and then go in.
They are all school and college going kids.
As the highway is nearby, we can't
keep track of everyone who goes in.
Apart from this one,
there are five other unofficial reports.
They use the dense shrubbery
there to their advantage.
Doesn't seem like a local guy.
We're only concerned
about their safety. Wasn't
there an unofficial
complaint from the SP?
Thrash anyone you find.
Take a couple more guys with you.
Inform their parents as well.
The dam is surrounded by five
acres of dense forest, sir.
It's impossible to find them.
So? Are you waiting for
more rapes and murders to
happen? Understand the
gravity of the situation.
Don't give me lame reasons.
Palani town inspector from control room.
The Alpha Team is on the line, sir.
This is
Inspector of Palani reporting.
Please connect.
Sir, four of us including Alpha Team are at
the location. Over. You stay right there.
The SBSI and constable are on their way.
Search the entire area.
Over. Message received, sir. Over.
Alpha, re-confirm your location. Over.
Ayyannar Temple, sir. Over.
Naughty! Naughty!
She's not done yet, Eesu.
She's still writing.
120 Rupees.
Let her keep at it.
I'm free anyway.
Naughty! Uncle! If it's too much,
let me know. I'll talk to your teacher.
No need for that! Sis,
Vadivelu got the tempered glass changed.
He'll drop it here on his way back home.
Are you still pretending to write?
Come here!
- Who is it? - Eesu is here.
The toilet stinks! Get someone to clean it.
It's disgusting!
I've called for someone.
Hey you! Garbage man!
Come here.
I'll give you some tea.
Come clean our toilet.
Make some tea. I found someone.
Ask him to come in.
Come on now, I'll give you 50 Rupees.
Do a good job of it.
Refuse him, bro. No, sir.
I have work to do.
How arrogant!
It'll only take five minutes. Come on,
trash! Hey look! Show some respect!
Do they pay us to clean your toilet?
You're the one who took the dump.
You clean it up.
Let's go.
How dare you? Hey trash!
Wait. Don't make a scene.
Come inside. Hold on. Trash?
I'll beat you to a pulp.
I'll talk to him.
- Hold on! Wait! - Why are
you holding me back?
Move. You, sewer rat!
Oh no! Give me your hand. Let go of me.
Ponni, get some water!
Let go of me. Try to get up.
Hey! Get some water!
Did you reach?
I'll let you know when I start.
You get the CDR checked
in the meantime. Okay?
Okay. Let me know.
I'll call you back.
What is it?
Hey! He wants to apologise to you.
Okay, apologise.
Fool! I have work to do.
I'm really sorry, mate.
I'm going to beat him up.
Buzz off! You're apologising
as if you hit him.
Mate, scolding him is no big deal.
My sister gives him an earful.
You should've seen that.
What is it?
He did hit him.
Sorry, it wasn't intentional.
They only told me it was a quarrel.
Did you really hit him?
Wow! Mate, really?
How did you do it?
Tell me!
It should've been me!
Did my sister see it happen?
How did you hit him? Tell me.
Hey! Show your moves on him.
How did you hit him? Hey!
Hey mate, no! No!
Come on, hit him and show me.
I didn't bend him over.
My hand struck him like this
and he fell in the gutter.
You should've landed
a few more blows.
It hurts, man!
Where to? Come here!
Show me how my
brother-in-law fell in the
gutter. Sakthi was there.
Don't run! Come here!
- Hello, sir! - Hello!
- Hi! - Hi!
- Bye dear! - Bye uncle!
Did you tell him?
I'm at Naughty's school.
Did you tell him? A little bit.
Uncle! I'm on my way. Uncle!
We have a yoga class this evening.
You can come later at 5:30 pm.
Yeah tell me.
I'm on my way there.
My uncle should never get to know of this.
If we get caught, he'd...
...pull me out of this school too.
I'll said I'll take care of it!
Do you promise?
I promise.
How will we get there? We'll take
an auto rickshaw. Do you have money?
Let's go!
Auroville is an
experimental township in...
the district of Vizhupuram.
Near Puducherry.
Okay children, don't forget to bring
your colour pencils tomorrow! Okay ma'am!
Excited? I am! Will there be deer,
for sure? Why would my sister lie about it?
What now?
My uncle!
We're done for!
I asked him to come at 5:30 pm.
He agreed too!
Looks like he's here for work.
What are we going to do now?
Get in fast!
- Phew! That was close! - Where to?
Ayyanar Temple.
Are you going by yourselves?
My uncle is waiting for us there. Okay.
Stop the rickshaw!
What is it?
I'm sorry! Hey wait! Hey!
Don't go!
Don't go!
How could they cancel a class suddenly?
Thankfully, I was working right there.
What if I wasn't?
She didn't even wait inside.
She came out on her own!
Is this how a school should be run?
I checked.
The watchman wasn't there. Ponni left too.
She was all alone!
I'll go check how the sweets
are coming along. Okay.
She said she came out because she saw you.
Why didn't the school inform
us about canceling the class?
Please don't create a scene at this
school too. I'll talk to her teacher.
You better!
Or I'll do the talking.
Hey! Who is it? How would I know?
Hey Naughty,
get your uncle's phone.
- Why? - Hurry up!
Anni, let me go. I have to take the call.
- You wait.
Not this way. Go around!
- Where are you going?
Anni, let me go get my phone.
You stay here.
You're always on your phone.
Let me see now.
Mom, it says 'Sakthi calling'.
I thought so! Naughty,
don't take the call!
Naughty, bring me the phone!
Seeds go through various stages of growth
as they sprout and become young plants.
The process by
which seeds sprout.
I'm really sorry.
What's going on?
What were you looking at?
Okay, don't cry. Sit down.
What happened? Go to the restroom. Hurry!
Sundari, why don't you go help your friend?
Ponni... I'm really sorry. I'll do
anything you ask me to. Please talk to me!
I'm really sorry!
I swear I'll never do it again.
What's the matter, Naughty?
Ponni isn't talking to me.
You're crying because of that?
Ponni, wait up!
Stay on the side.
I'll get her talking to you in no time.
What's the matter, Ponni?
Why are you upset?
Not feeling well?
Where's your sister?
In after-school class?
Come, I'll drop you.
What's wrong?
You're burning up!
Shall I call your mom?
No, I'll go with you.
Let's go.
Okay, you wait right here.
Uncle, I'll come along with you!
No, dear.
I'll take her aside,
spook her and make her fall in line.
Come. Watchman?
Stay right here till I'm back. The watchman
will be back soon. Stay with him. Okay?
But spook her just a little bit.
Sit down! I'll be back in a jiffy.
Don't go anywhere!
Do you want an ice cream?
Looks like your dad is home.
Get down.
Ponni, wait!
What's wrong, dear?
Did you and Naughty get in a fight?
Did any of the teachers beat you?
Tell me. I'll talk to them.
Only if you something, I can-
It's alright. I won't come near you.
Shall I call your Uncle Vadivelu?
Yeah, mate? Where are you? Not this one.
I'm still in Bangalore.
Call me back when you're free.
Yeah, open that folder.
Yeah tell me!
No, call me back for sure when
you are free. Okay, mate. Bye!
Eesu? What is it, Anni?
Vadivelu is on the phone.
What? Ponni isn't well.
Vadivelu is on the call.
What happened?
What is it, mate? Mate!
Hey! What's wrong?
They say Ponni is unconscious!
I'm freaking out!
Okay, you calm down. I'm leaving now.
Go to my house! Hurry! Stop crying.
I'll leave right away!
I'm going! You hang up!
Yeah, I keep trying but
his mobile is turned off.
He should've been back to take
her to school. That's why...
Mom when will uncle be back?
Yeah, the street next to the temple.
Just ask for the house that sells pet fish.
Anybody home?
Is this Eswaran's house?
I'm Kathiresan's brother.
I'm Ponni's uncle.
What happened? Eesu left long back.
I keep calling Vadivelu
He wouldn't have answered.
He is on his way.
My brother asked me to fetch you. Let's go!
Hail an auto rickshaw.
Okay. You stay. I'll go.
I'll wait for Eesu.
He's at my brother's house. Get ready fast.
Have a seat. No, I'm good.
What happened?
I don't know what he did
to my little girl! Oh God!
What happened to Ponni?
Vadivelu called this morning.
I've been trying
to find out but Eesu's
phone is switched off.
He is the reason for everything!
Do you know what he has done to our child?
Step outside for a while, dear.
What did he do?
Ask your daughter to wait outside.
Take her outside.
Who is in the hospital? Bro?
Her mother and a cousin.
Vadivelu is on his way, too.
Okay. Look after her.
Okay bro.
What are you talking about?
How could he?
He considers Sundari and Ponni the same!
He is not that kind of guy. Where is it?
Show it to her.
Take a look for yourself.
Is that all? Do you wish there was more?
No! We need to get to the bottom of this.
Where's Eesu? I'll ask him myself.
Did you enquire Ponni about this?
You want to interrogate my daughter
when she's in such a state?
I want to kill him with my bare hands!
Stop him! No, brother!
Eesu! My child!
- Leave, Anni! - Please!
Go home Anni.
What have you done to him?
It will be sorted once Vadivelu is
here, Anni. Shut
your trap!
You're going to get beaten to death!
- Anni, please go!
- That's for certain!
He wouldn't have done it!
- Open the door.
Why don't you enquire him?
- Let go of me. - Why
have you locked him up?
- Bring your girl.
- Eesu! I'll talk to them.
You want to enquire?
Bring your girl, let's ask her.
Oh my God! Eesu, hold on.
Sundari, come!
Uncle's sandals are here. Is he inside?
Come here, little girl.
Did your uncle pick Ponni up after school?
Why did he leave you behind?
Why didn't he take you along with her?
Did you say you didn't
want to go with them?
Why didn't he take you along?
I asked him to take me along.
But he said if I come,
he can't make her fall in line.
So, he left me at the school's entrance.
Has he ever left your daughter alone?
Dear God! He has ruined my girl!
He is dead meat! - Please don't do
anything to him, sir! - Brother, no.
Anni, please get away from here.
Anni, listen to me!
Let me go! Oh no! Eesu!
What have they done to you?
Eesu! My child!
The police is here! Step aside!
Who is Ponni?
Ponni is my daughter.
There's nothing going on here. You can go!
Nothing? We got a call from the hospital.
Where is he?
Madam, this is a personal matter.
I'll take care of it. You leave. Sir!
It's a POCSO complaint!
I have to investigate
it even if you don't
file a complaint.
Where is he now? Madam, ask them to open
the door. They've beaten him mercilessly.
Is this your daughter? How would you feel
if it had happened to her? Open the door!
Here you go.
Drink it.
I feel like throwing up.
She'll drink only if you do. Here.
What do you want?
You shouldn't be here. Leave!
The Inspector will give me an
earful if she sees you. Go!
Get out!
Listen to me. Just go!
Look at how they're treating him.
Mate! Sit down! He's my friend, madam.
I asked you to sit.
Come in.
Why doesn't your family
want us to have the video?
Madam, they don't want
to file a legal case.
These guys are emboldened
because of people like you.
The DSP is on the call for you.
That aside, why don't you
want to file a complaint?
No, madam.
She is a little girl. We don't
want her to have a bad reputation.
Whose? Hers?
You want to save her reputation?
A man has done something
awful to your child.
Instead of having him rot in jail...
you talk about honour, purity! Damn it!
There's hardly any difference
between you and him!
I didn't know it was you, sir!
Why didn't you tell me it's the DSP?
Sir! Okay, sir.
Okay, sir.
Yeah, we are all here.
They are talking inside.
Okay. I'll let you know for sure.
Hold on.
I'll call you right back.
Hey mate! Vadivelu!
- Uncle? - Eesu?
Mate, what did Ponni say?
Hey Vadivelu!
Not you too!
How could I have done it?
Hey, Vadivelu!
Let go of him!
Let go!
Why did you do it?
How could you, of all people?
At the hospital...
we took Ponni for a medical examination...
Her haunting screams while there
I couldn't bear to look at her.
I swear it wasn't me!
Why did you stop on the way home?
Why did you take Ponni
and leave Sundari behind?
Why are you quiet? Say something!
How could I have done it? Enough with
your act! Let him talk! Speak up, now!
I went to pick Naughty from
school like I usually do.
There I found Ponni in a disturbed state.
- I asked her-- - When did you see her?
Naughty told me Ponni
wasn't talking to her.
- That's when I-- - Who came first?
I saw Ponni...
I wondered...
Why are you giving me that look?
Go on.
Keep talking.
On the bike ride...
I tried talking to her on the
way, but she didn't talk much.
So, I stopped near her house. To talk.
She didn't talk then either.
Why didn't you take Sundari along?
I didn't know what was up with Ponni.
I left Naughty safely behind the gates.
Why didn't you... take Sundari along?
I don't know.
Vadivelu, listen to me.
Vadivelu, let him go!
Let him go! Stop it, sir!
I'm going to kill you! Let go of me!
Step back! Vadivelu, stop it!
Stop it!
Baby, come here.
Give him some time. Come on.
The food is getting cold. Come.
Did you watch that video? How is Ponni
doing? Not sure if Vadivelu saw it though.
I don't understand how they misread it..
We are out of curry.
No idea.
They don't take my calls.
Or let anyone see her.
As if we're all in the wrong!
Put yourself in their shoes and think.
Eat up!
Come in, Sakthi.
Where's your phone?
You guys talk.
Why did you have to leave Sundari behind?
So what if I did?
I mean...
They're making it out to be a big issue.
So what if I left her behind?
I just asked you. Let it go.
So what if I left her behind?
Forget it.
Mate! What's wrong? Take her away.
No, Eesu, listen to me- Go away!
Come on.
I can see myself out.
It's okay.
Isn't uncle coming?
Why am I dressed up then?
Are we taking a rickshaw?
Look at me.
Look at me!
Don't let anyone touch you
anywhere except your hands. Okay?
Say yes. Yes, okay.
Here.. Over here...
If anyone touches you, scream no!.
Tell your teacher right away.
Or tell me.
Or your uncle.
Whoever it may be! What if it's uncle?
He wouldn't
touch you that way.
If he does?
Even if it's your uncle,
you have to tell mom. Okay?
Say yes. Yes, okay.
No, Eesu I
Eesu, listen to me!
- Uncle - Eesu!
Uncle, don't go!
Mom, where's uncle?
- Get back inside! Don't come out! - Uncle!
How is Ponni doing?
They didn't let me see her.
Did you talk to Ponni?
It's okay.
It's alright.
Don't cry.
Let it go.
It's not your fault.
What really happened?
What did she say?
Who is it?
Uncle, come!
Little girl! Uncle!
Hey little girl!
Little girl! Uncle...
Why are you crying?
Uncle, come.
Oh no, my chicks!
Please grab the chicks!
Give them to me.
They all flew away.
She isn't well enough
to identify the culprit.
Who did it...
Yeah, thank you!
Little girl...
Would you like a chick?
I want to find my uncle.
Search all around Ayyanar Temple!
We already did.
These wretched phones!
That's how he tricked her.
Oh dear! I don't know
how to play this game!
I lost all the points I had!
It's him! He's coming! Like this?
No! That side! Not the button! Over here.
- Are you looking for your aunt? - No!
My uncle.
I know where he is. Shall I take you there?
Shall we ask Sundari?
Let's go.
I had a talk with him, sir.
Eesu! Our girl is missing!
Easy! Anni!
Eesu! I can't find our little girl!
- She is gone! - Anni!
Anni! What happenned?
Get over here!
Anni, it's okay. - Go find out
what's going on. - What's wrong?
Anni! Careful! Yeah, lift her.
Hold on to her.
It's alright, anni!
Start the bike!
We'll go home, Anni.
It's okay!
Are we there yet?
Almost there.
Keep playing.
Come on up. There's space inside.
Don't hang on to the steps!
Here you go.
Got your tickets?
Can't you draw a straight line?
If I hand this
over, I would get an
earful from the prosecutor.
Do it right. Do you remember the landmark?
- Yes. - Include it too.
Listen! Madam?
Did you get a written statement
from the woman who saw him?
She said he was selling chicks but
she couldn't make out his face, madam.
Get all that in writing. Ok ma'am.
Come here.
Where do you get
the chicks coloured?
Look at this.
Where do you supply the chicks to?
No one saw the man matching your
description, ma'am. Answer my question.
Palani, Ottanchathiram
and Dharapuram, ma'am.
She's getting a call.
Get a statement from him.
Okay, madam.
Come on. Madam...
I'm coming.
Mommy will be home soon.
Has the bus conductor
been questioned?
I just got the footage. Since it's
Diwali, they are all ignoring my calls.
I've asked them to. Let's see.
She seemed to go willingly with him.
She was being casual.
Seems like she knew him
We'll question her school
friends and neighbors. What?
Why do you always blame the close ones?
Can't you think differently for once?
She went willingly?
Have a good Diwali! Mate?
It's amusing when men
talk like saints. Madam!
It's his frustration talking.
Not you too.
If only you had filed a case
when it happened to your niece!
We could've had him in custody.
And this wouldn't have happened.
How will I find this girl now? Be well!
She is an eight year old in school uniform.
Have you seen her?
She was last seen
at the bus stand.
No sir, I haven't.
Excuse me, sir?
(Calling out to her cow)
Oh my!
Near Big Ridge in Arasur, sir.
A woman looking for her cow found it.
No, sir. I'll record it
as a rickshaw driver.
To be on the safer side.
Yes sir, I've arranged for it.
I informed them. They're on their way.
There were only two cops here this morning.
Now this place is swarming with them.
Shall I record it
was you who found it?
Ok sir.
Mr. VAO, take care of it.
On 4/11/2021, the day of Diwali, rickshaw
driver Mani came to Big Ridge around 6 am.
In some bushes to the east,
he found the burnt corpse...
...of a child around 10 years
of age and informed the VAO.
The VAO informed the police station.
As the inspector, I arrived at the
crime scene and began my investigation.
Here are the details of
the inquest conducted
in the presence of the
VAO and local leaders.
Hello sir!
Sir, first things
first Start gathering
samples 10 feet out from the spot.
Okay sir.
Don't leave out any foreign
blood samples. Okay.
Come on.
Since it's in the prone position,
the gender cannot be determined.
The body looks to be... 80 to 90% burnt.
As all the weeds along the way are burnt,
I can confirm the child was burnt alive.
The child struggled and ran 10 feet
before falling to death. Then...
The back of the skull... is mostly gone.
Turn it over.
After turning the corpse over,
I can confirm it's a girl.
Her genitalia has been destroyed by acid
No, strike that.
They'd ask me how I knew what it was.
Destroyed by an acid like
substance poured over it.
The face is burnt to such an extent
that identity cannot be established.
Not yet, sir. Code 174. We'll wait for
two days since it is an unidentified body.
Where's the doctor?
It's Diwali.
He's at home.
Burnt alive. Do you know it?
- Number 14. Right, sir? - Yes!
I'm letting him in only because the SP
asked me to. But only him. Make it quick.
I'll go.
Let him go, Anni. I need to see for myself.
If Mr. Vadivelu wants, we can get the
postmortem done by another doctor.
Only then can you get the body today.
If not, the doctor returns tomorrow and
you are in for additional formalities.
Guys, hurry!
Go find our girl and bring her home.
She'd be hungry.
Somebody's poor child!
Are you sure?
Naughty is...
only this tall, right?
I lay down... beside the body inside.
She was this tall.
It isn't... our Naughty.
Come on! Come. - Not Naughty -
That's not our girl. Let's go!
Not Naughty!
Ask your friend to check again.
Or they have to go through
the hassle of DNA matching.
I knew for sure, mate...
It couldn't have been Naughty.
But my heart stopped for a second there.
I'm coming to get you, Naughty! I'm coming.
I'm sure, sir.
They got down at Madathukulam. They
didn't go on to Udumalpet. At what time?
Around 6:30 - 6:45.
Their ticket was for Udumalpet.
But they got down at Madathukulam.
- But, why- - What did he look like?
Sir, it was the Diwali rush.
I only remember him because
he stopped the bus a
little further from the
actual stop and got down.
I even yelled asking who it was.
There's only one life left. Come, dad.
You play, dear.
Your aunt's inside.
- Have you eaten yet? - Yes.
Did she scream or...
Sir, I too have a daughter.
We'd have skinned him alive if something
was amiss. But no one doubted him.
Mate, let's go.
Don't worry. You'll find your girl.
Please don't let your kid use your phone.
If they never made it to Udumalpet...
she must be in Madathukulam.
We'll find her.
- Why don't you use tiles? - For sure.
- Oh I wish- - Sir! Start. Okay sir.
Start the bike!
Let's go.
We'll bring her home.
My endless breath Over here, sir!
Eternal scent
I treasured you like the apple of my eye.
Lest tears near you
But once I opened my eyes,
My eyes were nowhere to be seen.
Before these tears run dry, Won't you
come to me? Won't you end my suffering?
These cheeks can't bear my tears.
Come to me! Run to me, Sundari!
What's going on, Vadivelu? Looks like
they never went to Udumalpet, sir.
So, the dead kid can't be Sundari.
They are two unrelated cases, sir!
A girl in uniform and a man in
orange dhoti hiked a ride...
...from a mini truck driver
who dropped them in Udumalpet.
What can we make of this?
How far is Udumalpet from here? 15 kms?
Guessing he'd get caught here,
he took her there and burnt her.
Okay, when did they get off the bus?
The conductor said around 6:30 - 6:45.
They got on the Tata ACE at 7:30.
He had been looking for the perfect
spot, with the girl.
Once he found the spot,
he got the job done and left.
But sir! He saw the body and
is very sure it isn't her.
Vadivelu! Did you take a look?
I couldn't even perform the inquest!
It was completely burnt.
It's hard enough to identify as it is.
What's with laying down beside it?
She was in uniform.
She's eight.
I haven't seen her, sir.
It's a hard pill to swallow. I get it.
But what can we do?
We'll only wait for two days.
Then, we'll go ahead with the formalities.
They will lose their chance.
Go, make them understand.
Did your niece say anything useful?
No, sir. I'm scared of talking to her.
She isn't there yet.
It was a narrow escape.
What could've happened to her!
Thank God, it didn't.
Tell him.
We'll find him.
We'll make him pay for what he did.
Okay sir.
What is it?
A girl in uniform and a
man in orange dhoti got...
...on a mini truck here
and got down at Udumalpet.
I'm telling you, it isn't Naughty!
The timeline seems to fit.
It's Naughty...
It isn't Naughty! Come.
Come on!
I hoped it wasn't her. I'm telling you
it isn't her. Don't you believe me?
If we delay any further,
the police will cremate the body.
What do you want? Okay,
we'll go talk to the mini truck driver.
Come on!
It isn't Naughty!
Trust me, it isn't. Come!
Dad, shall we light the flower pots?
It's for the nighttime, bud. I'll get
it for you later. Go light these now.
No! I want to light them now!
Go give it to your granny.
- Murugesan? - Yeah, it's me.
Did you drop a uniform clad
girl in Udumalpet yesterday?
Yes sir.
Can you identify her?
Sure, sir.
Take a good look at this.
Do you have a different photo?
- Her in uniform? - Just a minute.
- Sir, it's her. - Kid!
Hey kid!
Whose bottle is this?
Ours, of course!
Kid, I'll get you a new one.
Where did you find this? It was
lying on the ground. Did he ask you?
We found it and got it cleaned.
And now you claim it?
Where was it, dear?
On the way to
our aunt's house.
Where they found that girl's body.
Bro, hold on a second.
Now what?
My girl...
My Naughty!
My girl!
Oh no! My baby!
Come here!
Does it hurt here?
- This finger? - No - This one?
- Yes Sir, we informed the station last
night. Who did you talk to? The S.S.I, sir.
Is that the 174? Yes sir!
Do you know the autopsy... has already
been sent to your station?
Turn it around.
There's no coordination
among you police folks.
You never read our reports.
Why do you put us through all this trouble?
You're causing me a lot of stress.
How old is your girl, sir?
Eight years.
The corpse of an 11 year old
girl, was found to be burnt alive.
This is the first line of the
autopsy report. What does it mean?
I asked you to turn your finger.
Not yourself.
What does it mean?
The dead child isn't yours.
The parents identified her and we performed
the autopsy. You're wasting my time now!
Go on. Go look for your child.
Get the ball, quick!
What's taking you so long? Throw it!
Pick it up! Wait!
Hold my bat. Why?
Come here!
You bat now.
Third ball!
No, I got my sister a new one.
Why did you... wash the bottle with soap?
- I don't want it. - Kid.
Why did you wash it with soap?
It smelled of petrol.
How could I use it to drink water?
Sir, he pretended to be a chick seller
in the cases of Ponni and Sundari.
In the dead girl's case, he posed as a
cotton candy seller to scope out the town.
Whenever he found them alone, he tricked
them using mobile games and kidnapped them.
He locked her up and raped her.
Then, took her to an isolated place and
burnt her alive. This seems to be his M. O.
I don't think he used acid to destroy
semen traces, it seems more like a fetish.
If he is that clever,
why would he travel in a government bus?
Or use this water bottle to buy petrol?
His only blunder was
using the water bottle.
Locard's Principle.
Yes sir.
Weren't you at the crime scene?
How did you miss the water bottle?
Eat up.
It's my wife's birthday.
Sorry sir.
Please convey my wishes, sir.
It's delicious, sir.
Show it to him.
This is the girl who died.
He made her buy the petrol
which he used to kill her.
Isn't that your girl's water bottle?
Where's this, sir? The Pollachi
- Palani bypass.
What are they talking about, sir?
The attendant initially refused
to fill the bottle with petrol.
But she begged him to
do it and then he did.
We don't know what was in the sack.
Look at how she's holding it.
That's what he used to threaten her.
Please sit.
He has evaded every CCTV except this one.
And you claim he is not clever.
Look at the child walk
We have to find him fast, sir!
The search has already begun.
We can hone in on his location
if we figure out how...
...long after killing this
girl, he kidnapped your child.
Once we figure out the area,
we can find him in no time.
This is an extremely sensitive case.
We can't deal with it in the open.
Her safety is assured only as long as
he doesn't figure out we are on to him.
It's been three days, right? Yes, sir.
He killed the other girl 14 days after
he kidnapped her. Why 14 days, sir?
That's his M. O.
Yeah, but why 14 days exactly?
Sir, if he observes the kids everyday
and kidnaps them when they are alone, could have Sundari been his target?
I pick her up from school everyday!
His actions wouldn't have been apparent.
You might not have noticed him.
No sir, I never leave my child alone!
That day was an exception.
I myself didn't know she would go
on her own. How could he? Tell him.
Yes sir.
Did you check the call records? It's going
on, sir. Nothing there? Nothing yet sir.
If he wanted to find a place to kill
this girl, shouldn't he have gone alone?
Why did he roam around with my child?
Isn't that risky?
Why take such a big risk...
to kill the girl? What's the hurry?
He killed that girl after he found Naughty!
It's not about 14 days!
My child will be alive only
till he finds the next victim.
Please find my child fast, sir.
Don't worry. We'll bring your child home.
These guys get children their favourite
things to keep them compliant. Yes sir.
How long will he stay hidden?
He will have to come out.
Tell us her favourite things.
Think of everything.
- Even a-- - She likes Cerelac, honey
candy, horse carriages, deer, lollipop,
coloured chicks, Ponds Powder, clips,
The clothespins,
she likes to play with them.
Yes sir. CCTV footage of which day, sir?
Of the last 3 days. Check if anyone
bought the honey flavoured one. Okay sir.
She likes magic pencils sir.
I asked for magic pencils. We only
have these. No sir. It is fish shaped.
But has sweet coconut filling.
She can eat it any time of the day.
Which shops do you supply fish buns to?
Meenakshi's shop and a
shop near the bus stand.
Take a good look.
No sir.
She loves going on motorbike rides with me.
She likes carousel rides.
She can't bear hunger.
She'd pass out if she doesn't eat on time.
- Did you write down magic pencil? - Yes.
Are you sure?
Let me take a look, sir!
This girl?
She bought fish buns from me yesterday.
What's the matter, sir?
Was this man with her?
He did have the same beard, sir.
But he didn't look like this.
He looked different, sir.
When did you see them? Yesterday.
We weren't open yesterday. It was Diwali.
The day before yesterday.
Where? On the Riverrun bridge.
He brought the little girl along.
He said he'll be back to buy them everyday.
Mr. Ilaiyaraja!
Behind you.
Yeah, I spotted him.
Stay in position, Alex. I'll handle it.
What is it?
- Who is it? - Okay sir.
Not this guy?
It's clear on my end, sir.
Didn't he come on foot to buy the buns?
We'll look for him inside town.
Just lying in wait for him
the entire night won't work.
But didn't he say he'd be back everyday?
Not sure where it went wrong.
Here, drink this.
Naughty is out here somewhere.
You better drink this
tea or you'd pass out.
Come, let's go see the chick seller.
See you, sir!
Let's go.
They won't listen to me.
You drink up. We'll go enquire inside town.
Do you have Cerelac?
Which flavour?
Anything is fine.
What else?
A lollipop.
A packet of milk.
What else?
That's all.
Give me a packet of rusk and
half litre milk. How much?
Dear girl!
Look at me.
Will you be a good girl and listen to me?
I want to go to my uncle.
Don't cry. I asked around again.
Your uncle has gone out of town.
We'll go meet him tomorrow.
Come on.
Listen to me.
Won't you?
I want to go to my uncle.
I want to go to my uncle. Don't cry.
What did I tell you?
If you shout What's inside the sack?
Snakes. How many?
They will wake up if you make any noise.
Then, you've done for!
What will they do to little kids?
They will?
Bite and devour little kids.
Listen to me.
Okay then.
Shall I wake them up? Shall I?
No, no, no! Don't! Hush!
Please uncle!
Please uncle!
You should do as I say.
Look, I even bought you Cerelac
because you asked for it.
Do you want to play a game?
I want to take a bath!
Even better!
Let's go!
- Come!
- No, I'll go by myself. But you
can't reach the soap.
- I'll get it for you.
Then you bathe. - No, uncle. - Come - No,
uncle. Come. - No, uncle! - Come with me!
Come on.
Look! The snakes will bite you.
- Shall I wake the snakes up? - No, no, no!
Please, uncle! Don't! I'll take care of it.
Come. Don't be scared. - No uncle! - Go on.
Let's go take a bath.
It's just me.
Don't be scared.
You all, quiet down.
Don't bite her.
She is a good girl. She'll obey me.
Won't you?
If you do as I say,
I'll get you fish buns today.
Hey! Keep standing.
He'll be back today for sure.
Don't mess it up.
Do you have fish buns?
I'm not sure. I'll check. Yes, please!
Let me take a look. Please do.
I only have coconut buns. Would you
like them? Oh no! I only want fish buns!
For your child? Yes sir!
She eats only those.
Never mind. Give me what you have.
Hold on.
Anything is fine. I'll take them. My nephew
is nearby. I'll ask him if he has them.
Sir? Sir?
I'm not going anywhere, sir.
No sir, I won't hang up.
I'll stay on the line. Okay sir.
I can't reach him.
Give me what you have.
I'll get the money later.
Hurry! Yeah yeah.
Sir! Here you go, sir.
- Here, take it. - No, I don't want it.
I don't want it. Here, sir!
Let go of me. Police! Sir! Let go!
- Hey, stay! - Let go of me!
Bloody scoundrel!
Let's go.
No, no!
- No, uncle! - Come! I said come with me!
Come on.
Did he have a beard? Yes, sir.
Why couldn't you hold on to him?
Sir, he bit my hand,
pushed me down and ran into this grove.
Come on! Why are you standing here?
Where to?
Okay, go.
Can you describe him more?
He was my height.
He came this way.
Milk and? A bathroom cleaning brush.
A bottle of acid.
Do you remember what I told you?
You want to see your uncle, right?
Take this.
I'll be watching you.
Don't talk to anyone.
Go on.
Little girl!
Don't be scared. Who did you come with?
Did you come alone? - Don't be scared.
It's alright.
- What happened? Baby, why did
you let go of my hand?
- Is she yours? - Yes.
How could you leave her alone?
Hold her hand.
Sorry sir! Come.
Can't you walk properly?
Walk straight.
Go sign at the check post and leave.
Pull over to the side.
Oh no! Here too?
They have checking stops everywhere!
Wait here till I call for you.
Oh no bro!
Oh gosh! My bro!
I'll come there right away, bro.
Right away!
Could you please help me, ma'am?
Can you drop my daughter after
you get past the check post?
Her mom will pick her up from there.
My brother met with an accident.
He is fighting for his life!
Please help me, ma'am.
She hasn't eaten since morning.
Please help me! Would your wife be there
for sure? I'm running late for work.
Definitely! I'll call and let her know.
Please drop her, ma'am.
Thanks ma'am.
Listen, get down where she tells you to.
Daddy will go check on
your uncle and come back.
Don't talk to anyone.
I'll be right behind you.
I'm running late.
Handle everything
till I get there.
Lean on her.
Thanks again, ma'am!
Yeah, okay.
I can't help you. That's the way it is.
Go sign and leave. Go on.
Stop, please!
Move. Have you seen this man?
No sir. Are you taking passengers?
Yes sir. Are there any kids?
I want my uncle...
I want to go to my uncle...
My goodness!
I want to go to my uncle...
What is it, dear?
Where are you coming from?
Where do you think you're going? Sorry sir.
Where are you headed?
To the Mariyamman Temple, sir.
What's the hurry? Pull over to the side.
- Go sign and leave. - Okay sir.
Your hand is all bruised up.
These look very recent!
Whatever it is, you can tell me.
I want my uncle...
I want to go to my uncle...
Listen! I think this
girl is in trouble.
- I'll go inform the police.
Mind her. - Okay. Why the unnecessary
hassle? I'm late for work.
Get down and walk if you're late. She
isn't well at all. She's bruised all over.
I doubt if he is even her father.
He pretended like he got a call.
Don't you dare take off!
Come on.
Please hurry, I'm running late.
Isn't that your rickshaw?
Yes sir.
How many times will you call me?
I told you I'll buy it on my way back.
I'll buy it on my way back.
- Pull over to the side! - Hear me out!
Listen to me!
Little girl!
Hey little girl!
Little girl!
Little girl!
You are Sundari, aren't you?
Let's go. Hang up!
I'm on my way! Please hang up!
What is in the sack, dear? Snakes!
Snakes! You're okay. Look at me.
Don't be scared! What is it, dear?
- Snakes... - I didn't get you.
Little girl!
Little girl!
Oh no! Dear girl!
Sir, look at her!
Sir! Baby girl!
You're okay. It's alright.
Bring the car! Hurry!
It is parked down the road, sir.
To heck with it!
In Palani, sir? You're okay.
She's eight years old. She was in uniform.
Let me know asap
if you spot her.
Okay sir. Forward this picture
to everyone who works this route.
Inform me if you learn anything.
It's my kid! My baby!
My baby!
Oh dear! Naughty!
Naughty, my precious!
I'm here.
Naughty, I'm here.
It's me, your uncle.
Oh God!
- Take care of them.
- Okay sir. - Get to
know everything when
she is ready to talk.
- Okay sir.
Call for someone from Child Welfare.
Though she isn't talking to us,
their counseling might help her.
We have to nab him asap.
Okay, sir.
And, ask for a complete
Call Records dump from the
area. Check all the calls
from the past 10 days.
Did the share auto driver help
with the sketch? Wait a minute.
If you find him, hand him to me.
I want to kill him with my bare hands.
She's bleeding over there.
What's taking you so long?
Promise me!
Don't worry.
She will be alright soon.
We found the place where he held her
captive. We'll nab him within 24 hours!
You try to be supportive
I had a word with the Udumalpet DSP.
Get their assistance if necessary,
and send me the reports soon.
Yes Anni.
I'm here.
Is she asleep? I'm coming.
We have to change her diaper.
We have to buy more.
Hold her.
It's almost done.
Anni, make it fast.
It's me. Your uncle.
Hold her hand, Eesu!
Hold her hand! I'm coming.
Why are you letting her hit you? Hold her
hand Step back, Eesu. Step back! Come.
Hold her legs. She might rip her stitches!
It's okay, dear. Everything's alright.
Don't move your hands. Mommy's here.
Why are you looking at her? Turn
away, Eesu! Shall we ask him to leave?
"You go, Eesu. We don't want
you here." I told him to go.
It's alright, dear. Don't try to
talk, dear. You won't be able to.
Your uncle is gone.
Mommy is right here.
It's alright. It's okay.
It's okay.
Hello! Ma'am!
It hasn't been 24 hours yet, right?
Do you know what this is for?
He'd be merrily wining and
dining right now. Won't he?
I have to give this to them. I'm late.
How are you, dear? Good. You?
How is Sundari doing?
They said visiting hours are after 4 pm.
No, I'll talk to them.
You wait here. I'll inform them.
Fourth floor, please.
Hold mommy's hand!
I almost forgot! Do you remember the big
goldfish? It hatched 10 little fishies!
I put them all in a separate tank.
When you come back...
I am so sorry.
Yes, Vadivelu?
Where are you? I'm here at the hospital.
Over here, behind the parking.
Did Eesu come there?
No, he didn't.
Wait, I'll come there.
Where is Eesu?
What's the matter?
We caught the guy!
What! When?
Ponni identified him.
She saw him on her way
home from the hospital.
Make sure he pays, Vadivelu.
Where is Eesu?
Somehow, Eswaran got to know of
this and went to the police station.
He created a ruckus asking Vadivelu
to hand the guy over to him.
- It could've ended in a- - Somehow?
You were the one who told him.
Listen, if you both get up to
something, I'll have you locked up.
I don't care that you're my friends.
Even you couldn't change his mind?
Is he the only one hurting?
Would I let that guy off easily,
after what he did to our girls?
Wait till the court hearing is done.
You rest assured.
I'll make sure he can
never pee or poop again!
Try to make him understand.
He might listen to you.
Eesu! Open the gate.
Eesu, open the gate.
What are you doing?
Look at your eyes.
Why don't you get some sleep?
I know you're up to something.
You'll get caught! Don't yell!
You go now.
I'll come.
He'll be hanged.
What more do you want? Let it go.
I want to...kill him with my own hands...
I'll tell Anni.
Eesu, open the gate!
I'll scream!
I'll tell Vadivelu!
Open the gate!
Think of your family!
How much longer?
- The passover is going on.
It'll take more than an hour.
- I'm waiting sir.
Please wait. The judge will be here soon.
You can take her to eat, in the meantime.
Special S/C/11/19 Sukumar. Palani AWPS.
Sukumar! Sukumar! Sukumar! Palani police!
- There is
no pass over?
- The witness is present, your honour.
Victim Ponni is present.
We presented
Sundari's video testimony
to the magistrate.
She is still hospitalised, your honour.
In camera proceeding.
Everybody, please step out.
Bring them in.
Palani AWPS Inspector, your honour. There
are 3 victims in this case, your honour.
Ponni and Sundari are eight years
old, your honour.
Anjali was 11 years old.
You both go in. You wait there.
Sit here.
Tell them what happened without any
hesitation, okay? I'll be right here.
Moderately built female
individual with well
developed sexual
organs and normal gait.
One finger admits.Serious vaginal infection
and traces of multiple rapes, your honour.
Bite marks on the neck and thigh.
And on the chest too.
The girl is unable to talk yet
because of severe shock and choking.
No traces of semen found. - And no foreign
hair was found anywhere on the body. - Sir!
External injuries seem to be severe and
abnormal. A POCSO case is going on inside.
Don't stand there. Move!
Where are you?
I just saw him.
Is everything ready?
I keep calling. He isn't taking my calls.
Yes, that's the plan.
I had a good look at him.
I'll call you back, Anni.
She was held captive in the lodgings
behind the E.S.I. Hospital in Pollachi.
We presented evidence of Sukumar being
in his fireworks shop from the 1st.
The CCTV -- This is a POCSO case!
He has to take
the stand even if there's
the slightest doubt.
The court will the take the child at
her word. The burden of proof is on him.
Turn on the TV.
What's your name, dear?
- She can hear you. Answer her. - Tell me.
Can you tell me what happened
when you went to see those deer?
I As I was waiting to see the
deer, a man approached me.
Yeah... He gave me his
mobile to play Candy Crush.
He told me to play.
As I was playing, he held my hand.
I didn't notice it as I was playing.
Then, he pulled my skirt like this.
Why are you ignoring my calls?
Give me the keys.
I'm asking you nicely. Give me the keys.
Where are you going?
Are you crazy?
Give me the keys!
Listen to me.
You would understand
if she were your child.
But, it happened to mine.
If my brother were alive
he'd have died over this.
That's exactly what I'm saying!
It's different if he were alive.
Whatever happened to Sundari,
don't make it her identity!
The man who did this to my
child is alive and well...
...and should I just let him be?
What are you talking about?
Would killing him solve anything?
How can I look her in the eye if I leave
him alive? Have you lost your mind?
If a woman manages to go
on a bus without being...
...harassed by a man,
she is blessed indeed!
Do you know how many ogled my breasts
just as I got down those stairs?
But if anything like this
happens to their family women,
they become blood thirsty, just like you.
Go on, ask any woman here.
Each one would have a story like this.
But, ask any man.
He'd call himself a saint.
Is there a problem? What does he want?
Tell me sir, aren't you a saint?
The man who misbehaved with you is here.
I'll turn the camera towards him.
Can you confirm his identity?
Turn the camera.
Ask him to stand
in the centre.
Sukumar! Come here.
I did not do anything, madam!
You are not allowed to talk.
Come here.
Come stand in the centre.
Look up.
Look at the camera.
It isn't him, ma'am.
Did she take a good look?
You're doing this now?
I told you to get... verified long ago!
Earlier, the girl
didn't cooperate much, ma'am.
Ma'am, tell her.
How is that of any use?
The DSP is going to question me.
Who will answer him then? Let's go.
Where is Suresh?
His mobile is switched off. Where is he?
Hello! - Hello! - What?
- Where are you?
- Why do you keep calling me?
I told you to call only
if it's urgent. Listen,
Sakthi is here.
Did you make the call... front of her? What's going on? She
is telling me things. Don't mind all that.
What did you tell her?
Here, talk to her yourself. Hey wait!
Hello Suresh! Tell me, Sakthi.
Is Eswaran with you?
- No Sakthi, I'm in Dindigul
on business.
- Eesu is nowhere to be found.
Suresh, you know everything. - Stop
lying. Where are you? - Where are you?
Wait, I'll tell your mom!
Tell me, where are you?
Gosh no, Sakthi!
I don't know where Eswaran is, I swear!
But, know this.
You're going to kill the wrong man.
Sundari said it isn't him.
You're lying.
There's no way! Hey!
Sundari has never seen him before!
Call Anni if you don't believe me.
How long has he been gone?
I saw him last at the court.
He is on the same bus as the convict.
Suresh said so. What else?
He doesn't know which bus exactly.
I'm scared, Vadivelu.
Stop this somehow. Please!
Is Eesu's phone switched off?
Why did Suresh go there? He's asked Suresh
to wait there with a bike ready to go.
When the bus enters the bus stand...
Hold on.
The bus stand?
He plans to stab the
guy when the bus enters
the bus stand,
using the crowd as distraction.
The bike -- Is it their plan
to flee on the bike afterward?
They will get caught, for sure!
If only he knew it's the
wrong guy on the bus.
Don't worry. I'll handle it.
Who is escorting the convict to Madurai?
I think Murugan and our constable, sir.
Give me Murugan's number.
Hello! This is S. I. Vadivelu. Yes sir!
Good evening! Have you reached Madurai?
Yes sir, we're about to enter
the bus stand. The accused?
He is with us, sir.
What's the matter, sir?
I'll send you a photo on
WhatsApp. Sir,
my WhatsApp number is different.
Hey, why are you getting up?
He wants to get down. Just scoot over.
What happened? Nothing sir.
The bus just entered the bus stand.
People are getting down. Stay on the line.
Sir, from that number... Can you hear me,
sir? Hello! We're about to get down, sir.
Yeah, ok... okay sir.
What coloured shirt was he wearing?
Red. It's a checked shirt.
Yes sir, he is in the back.
Can you put him on? He is about to get
down, sir. Stop him and give him the phone!
Hold on, sir.
What is it? Nothing. Get down. Hello!
What's your name? Why? Wait up.
Sir, I have to go.
your friend wants to talk to you.
Get up.
Hey mate!
Come on.
Hey mate! Faster.
- It's the wrong guy. Come.
- What are you doing here?
Let go! Listen to me.
It's the wrong guy. Come.
Let go. Mate, it isn't
him. He didn't do it.
Let's get out of here.
He's leaving!
Let go!
Are you sure?
Yes, Sundari said so. It isn't him!
Are you lying?
Why are they taking him away then?
The man who...
...abducted Sundari is not
the one who molested Ponni.
They are two different cases.
The police mistook them for one.
He's an auto rickshaw driver.
I don't get it.
Ponni went to Ayyanar
temple in his rickshaw.
That's where he... did...
They still don't know who abducted Sundari.
But this is the guy who
only molested Ponni. Come!
Hey! Come.
Sir! Sir!
I can't believe he is still roaming freely.
He also has plans to kill the other guy.
I don't think so, Vadivelu.
Suresh told us everything!
Find out and tell me what his plans are.
They are up to something tonight.
Because of the bus incident...
the two policemen will be fired.
What am I to do? Do something Vadivelu.
You are my only hope.
- What can I do, Anni? - It's okay, Anni.
Okay... I'll try my best.
But ask him to stand
down at least now. Got
it? He shouldn't leave
the hospital tonight.
I can appease the police somehow.
I will be the death of Sundar's kidnapper.
I can't be of any help if he keeps
doing this. He'll end up behind bars.
To be fair, you should stand by my side.
You are talking to me as a policeman.
Have you gone crazy?
Suresh will also end up
paying for what you did.
Listen to me at least now.
I will kill him tonight!
What's with this kind of talk?
For someone who used to
call me uncle constantly,
Are you here? I'm on my way out sir.
she can't even talk now.
It's all my fault.
I should have aborted her, come what may!
She wouldn't have been born.
I trusted you would be
with us -- What Anni!
I'll be with you.
I'll always be with you.
Are you mad?
How can you be with them 24/7?
You said the same thing to me...
but left me alone anyway!
What's wrong, dear?
Eesu, get some water!
No, I'll go get it.
After checking our 12th grade results,
I waited for you at our usual spot.
You never came.
But my uncle did.
I didn't want him to see me.
I hid from him.
But the monster saw me anyway.
He realized I was waiting for a boy.
He took me into the bushes and
No uncle!
Please uncle! I begged and begged.
I even fell at his feet.
After that, he always
visited my house with his...
...head held high as if
nothing had happened.
I would cower and hide whenever I
saw him,... as if I was in the wrong.
Tell me where he is now.
Not a word...asking me
how I recovered from it.
Is killing him more important to you?
He's been dead for six years!
Go on.
Go, kill him.
You can't bear to look
at her in such a state.
Isn't that why you want to kill him?
Did she ask for you... to avenge her?
Even now, you're not doing what she needs.
You're doing...what you want.
Get your hand off me!
Uncle, the door is open.
I opened the door, uncle.
I got out!
Oh no! I don't know the way home!
I'll stay right here. Come get me, uncle.
Please God!
Please God!
Send my uncle to me somehow.
Shall I pack her lunch, ma'am?
No, pack just mine. Not hers.
She's going on a school trip for two days.
Okay ma'am.
Call your uncle.
He wanted to know when you're ready.
What are you doing? Your class got
over so long ago! Put these away.
Yes sir, looks like him.
Looks like he was around 45 - 55 years old.
Write down.
The corpse of a male around 48
years of age, was found in...
...a burnt state in some bushes
to the east of Big Ridge.
The police station was informed. As the
inspector, I arived at the crime scene...
...and began my investigation.
Keep writing!
Sir, who do you think killed him?
It could have been anyone.
He deserved this end. You write.