Chithram (1988) Movie Script

Are you done?
Bloody hell!
Alarm, my foot!
You're out, Uncle.
One day, I'll throw them away!
Can't you let an old man
be in peace, dear?
Who told you that you're old?
You're still young.
I'm staying up all night
setting these alarms
waking you up early in the morning
making you freshen up
making you wear workout clothes
and taking you jogging
to preserve your youth.
Aren't you ashamed to sleep
in your workout clothes?
Get up!
Let's go..
It's six a.m.
Why isn't dad calling?
He's a lucky man.
Do you know what the time is
in the USA now?
It'll be midnight.
He'll be asleep after
having a few drinks.
Doesn't he call at 6 a.m.
every day without fail?
To know whether I'm all right,
if I need something
and everything else.
- Yes.
That's about it.
I'm the one suffering
under your rule.
Dear child!
Lazy man! Slob!
Why isn't he calling?
Either we run
or I go back to sleep.
I can't sit in this suit
like a scarecrow.
See. Though it's a dog
it's lucky.
Sleep away.
Sleep peacefully.
We'll read it later.
Shall we go?
- Okay..
Hello? Yes..
Your Kalyani, Dad.
How am I?
My dear sleepy guardian
who takes care of me
is being forced to exercise by me.
Six.. eight.. ten..
11.. 14.. 15!
Why'd you stop?
- It's 15..
No. You did only ten!
I'll do the rest tomorrow.
- No. Do it now.
Let the fat melt.
Okay. It's just another month.
What happens after that?
- Won't you be leaving?
No. I won't.
Who told you that?
- Your father.
What did he say? - He'll be taking
you to Mangalyappuzha
after coming from the USA.
- Yes.
His hometown.
That tuppenny-ha'penny place!
What about my job?
Why does Kalyani, the daughter
of billionaire Ramendra Menon
need a job?
Why does Advocate Kaimal,
an unmarried millionaire
without any family or kin
still go to court
to take up petty cases?
Don't I need a hobby?
I do the same.
Living on hard-earned money
gives a certain pleasure.
Your dad will take you
to Mangalyappuzha at any cost.
Isn't he the lord
of the tribals there?
He'll marry you off to
a tribal dimwit and make you
settle there.
That's the punishment
for my suffering.
I won't go.
- Why can't you?
What do I do over there?
What is there?
There? You have Mangalam Temple
the forest
the Goddess
Mangalya river
- My uncle Baskaran Nambiar.
Greet the lord.
- Greetings, sir.
Greet the lord, man. Do it.
- Greetings, sir.
Oh, no!
Oh, no!
- Help me up!
How many times have I told you
not to dress up
in your uncle's clothes?
You always do silly things.
If he knows about all this..
How can he know it,
sitting in the USA?
Isn't Kalyani knowing it
more than enough?
No one will know.
Please don't inform anyone.
These dimwits respect me
because of this attire.
Don't ruin it, Mom.
They've waiting for a long time.
- Broker Krishnan Kutty Nair.
The man from Mangat is there, too.
They were brought here
after rejecting another proposal.
Finalise it.
They are brothers.
Let's conduct both marriages
at the same time.
Tell them all of this is ours,
okay? - Okay.
Greetings. When I heard
the name Baskaran Nambiar
I never expected a young man.
Please sit.
They liked the girls.
Aren't they gorgeous..
Now.. We shall conduct
the engagement ceremony.
Yes. - Okay?
- But.. Shouldn't we discuss it?
How much do you offer?
What's there? All of this is ours!
Don't you know that
the Mampurath family rules here?
The forest and tribals here
are under our rule.
I've heard.
Any astrologer will say
that Mampurath family
will always be prosperous.
We're an elite family.
If a member
of the king's family dies
they'll wait until
the lord of the manor
that is me, arrives.
I heard that current lord
is in the USA..
My uncle Ramendra Menon.
He won't return.
- Why's that?
- That's because
his family was quite attached.
He had plans to return.
It was then when his wife
had an unfortunate death.
Her burial was conducted there,
He wishes to be buried
next to her when he dies
which is why he doesn't
plan to return.
I see.
There's nothing more to say.
We're leaving.
Govindan, pass this to Mr. Ravi.
'Don't forget our evening plans.'
Don't you need to inform
your father?
I had always wanted to.
However, I'm not brave enough.
How is that enough?
I can't extend it any longer.
My mother keeps bugging
me all the time.
If possible, she'd want
to get me married tomorrow.
I always dream
if I could select my
groom like a princess.
If I could adorn
you with a garland.
Quit playing, Kalyani.
I can't make excuses any more.
Oh, yes.
Now you're telling me.
Of course, I'll talk to her
in detail once she's back.
Why don't you call after a while?
Oh, no.
That was your father on the phone.
That's okay.
He'll call you back.
I've got a happy news for you.
Your dad isn't going
to marry you to a local.
Instead, your father has found
you a groom from the U.S.A.
Who is it? - I believe he's known
by the name Bush.
He serves
as the president of the U.S.A.
I was being serious.
I didn't enquire much.
Hearing his excitement on having
found a groom from the U.S.A
it sounded like
he owns the country.
Also, he expects
your return at the earliest.
Bring me your passport.
Let's start the formalities.
I'm not going anywhere.
Quit playing, dear.
He's made all the arrangements.
But this is against my decision.
I'm not going anywhere!
- Wait.
Dear, I understand
that it'd be difficult for you.
To be honest,
it was only now
that I realised that I'd be alone
once you leave.
You're my family, right?
this is mandatory, right?
Dad has more rights over you,
He never experienced loneliness
when your mother was there.
Now that he is by himself
he'd want you to be there for him,
Don't I have wishes of my own?
What do you mean, dear?
What wishes are you talking about?
Please forgive me for the delay.
I like someone.
I mean, I love someone.
I want to marry him.
Let me explain.
Let me..
Damn. He hung up.
It was your dad.
Since I was asked to let you know,
here it is.
Ever since my daughter was born,
I've always fulfilled her dreams.
For the first and last time,
I'm requesting something of her.
If she rejects it
I shall console myself
that my daughter is no more.
Your father wanted
me to convey this to you.
Also, he hung up before
I could say anything.
Are you saying that uncle
isn't returning from the U.S.A?
Not only that
he has denied her rights
over his property as well.
He's known for his
adamant nature, right?
So, his entire property
would be in my hands.
I mean, will I be in charge
of maintaining his property?
What's so funny?
Did I laugh?
- Yes.
Yes, I did.
How can I not?
I shall try to advise Kalyani.
The father-daughter
bond must remain, right?
I shall see you soon.
I'm here since I wanted
to meet you in person.
I can be considered
as her uncle, too.
I'm glad that we've met.
I'm thrilled.
Shall I leave?
He's smart!
The two of you are a perfect match!
Also, I'm aware of the facts.
I don't believe
that you require
your family's consent
regarding marriage.
You have the right
to decide your groom.
Your father has no rights over it.
Your father's money cannot
purchase your love.
You must prove that.
You have my entire support.
I shall see you soon.
You've instructed us
to cut the trees down.
However, these men must not
prove to be a disturbance.
Murugan! - Yes?
- Explain it to him.
He'll be the lord from now on.
The chieftain won't object
no matter what you do
in the forest.
So I shall arrange
the fellers for next week.
Please do.
- I will.
Go ahead.
- Please take this.
What about the money
to cut my hair?
Why are you silent, Ravi?
What do I say?
Well, now that you've decided
everything by yourselves
my task is only
to help you get married.
Now that we don't have
to convince anyone
a marriage by registration
would be enough.
Tomorrow, we have an opportunity
between 10 a.m. and 10.30 a.m.
We'll be present
at the registration office.
You can come there tomorrow.
What do you say?
- I'll be there.
We're past the hour.
Where is the groom?
That's all right.
The marriage will take place.
Would he be stuck on the road?
- Stuck where?
Who is Mr. Purushotham Kaimal?
- I am. Yes?
Mr. Ravi asked me
to give this to you.
'I don't need a girl
with no wealth.'
'I'm sorry.'
What's that?
Your father is returning.
- What?
I've finally decided to return.
When I put aside my feelings
and thought it through
I now realise that
my daughter was right.
I was wrong.
I need to apologise
for having hurt her.
A two-week vacation.
My last holiday in my life.
I'm coming home to spend
14 beautiful days
with my daughter
and my son-in-law.
Next Sunday.
I panicked when I got the mail.
Didn't he have
a severe heart attack recently?
Anyway, I'm glad he's coming.
What are you saying, Uncle?
What do I tell him when
he tries to apologise?
Apologise back to him.
Do you think he'll take it lightly?
Maybe, he might go
into depression or shock.
He may also die.
- Uncle!
You're cruel.
I can't face him.
I would rather commit suicide.
- I will.
I don't have any other option.
I can't face him.
I can understand
what you're going through.
How do you give him an explanation
when he eagerly comes
to see his son-in-law?
Do you think
he'll be able to bear the shock?
My dear
these 14 beautiful days
are going to be your father's
best days of his life.
I'm aware that father
doesn't expect anything.
There seems to be only one way.
To act.
We'll have to arrange
you a fake husband.
What stupidity are you suggesting?
Weren't your acts stupid as well?
It's my need that your father
goes from here in peace.
We are like brothers.
I owe him a lot.
If he questions me about you
I'd have no answer, because
he left me in charge of you.
You know that your father is a very
sensitive and sentimental man.
He wants to pass away in the U.S.A.
He wishes to be buried
next to his wife.
That's why he hasn't
left America, right?
Do we really need to hurt him?
That is why I'm saying this.
Let him return in peace in the
belief that everything's well here.
There's nothing wrong
in playing an act
for his happiness.
You only have two
options in front of you.
Either you must be ready
for another marriage.
No. I won't.
I hate men.
- In that case
you'll have to adjust
with a fake husband for 14 days.
You must comply
with one of these choices.
Oh, no!
Help us!
My brother is drowning!
I'm unable to swim!
Oh, no!
Mr. Foreigner! Stop!
Mr. Foreigner!
My brother! - What happened?
- There!
Mr. Foreigner..
My brother. Drinking water.
I no swimming.
- Oh, my God.
Oh, God.
Mr. Foreigner.
Mr. Foreigner, jump.
Mr. Foreigner, my brother dying.
What are you doing?
- What?
Won't you let me take a bath?
Hey, stop there!
Where's the son of a bitch?
He stole all my clothes.
My God.
What's the big deal?
Mr. Foreigner! What happened
actually? - I lost everything.
What happened?
- Thieves!
I'll report it to the police.
Oh, God. There are beggars
among foreigners, too.
Stop there!
Don't run!
What is it?
- Come to the police station!
Come to the police station!
What for?
- For robbery.
- Yes!
What are you talking about?
Didn't you steal
the foreigner's belongings?
His belongings?
- Yes?
Don't you dare speak nonsense!
A bloody foreigner.
Didn't you steal?
I'm asking out of curiosity.
What's your problem?
Is he your relative?
I had to bear the consequences
behind your dastardly act.
Why did you bother
helping the foreigner?
You can expect more
if you interfere more.
If you feel so sorry for him,
you might as well return it to him.
You there..
Where did he go?
Not so fast.
Let me see if I can leave.
Stop there, you thief!
What did you call me?
- A thief.
What? - Yes.
- Yes.
Yes, I'm a thief.
I'm here to steal.
Do you have any money?
- If I do?
If you do,
I'll steal it from you right away.
We'll see about that.
- There's nothing to see.
I'm in need of Rs. 10,000.
Give me if you have it.
Else, let me know where
I might find it.
Else, let me know
if I'll have to murder someone.
If you can't help me out,
it's best that you shut up.
- Excuse me?
You there!
Wait there!
Didn't I ask you to stop?
What if I don't?
- I'll report it to the police!
Are you stupid?
Will any thief reveal
his motive to steal money?
The police would
think that you're insane.
Are you saying
that you're not a thief?
That's up to me to decide.
I'm in need of Rs. 10,000.
What do you want?
Are you ready to do anything
for Rs. 10,000?
Anything decent would be fine.
Is stealing a decent job?
Well? - Leave..
Quit wasting my time.
Let me explain.
This is starting
to turn into a disturbance.
I'm warning you.
There's a limit to everything.
The money..
I'm ready to give you the money.
- Will you?
Why would you do that?
- Because I am insane!
Oh, I see.
So you already know it.
I thought..
- I have a job for you.
What job?
- Can you act? - What?
From tomorrow,
I'll need you to act as a husband
for a stretch of 15 days.
In a play?
- No. For real.
Have you lost your senses?
I'm serious.
You'll be paid Rs. 1,000 per day.
For 15 days.
Where would you find
such a job elsewhere?
It's cheap to act as a husband.
I don't think it's
a straight-forward deal, either.
Will you get me in trouble later?
I'll explain everything in detail.
Agree to it only
if you're interested.
What do you say?
- Move aside.
- Move aside.
Stand straight.
Here's the nuptial chain.
Is it him?
I can't do this!
I'm warning you.
I'm not your servant to address
me without respect.
Are you here for the
bride-seeing ceremony?
Not in your case!
It's more like
a groom-seeing ceremony!
You don't look anything
like a woman!
Ask him to leave at once!
I don't need your
instructions to leave!
I'm warning you.
You'd better raise her well.
It's no wonder that
he abandoned you!
Shut up!
- You shut up!
This is awful!
Move aside!
I'm leaving.
- Wait there.
Didn't I warn you earlier
that this was bound to happen?
But.. - That explains why you're
being paid Rs. 1,000.
Take a seat. Let me explain.
- I'll sit.
Be seated.
Just sit down, dear.
- What? - Sit. - Okay.
I'll be right back.
Come here.
Just come here, will you?
I found someone like him
after a lot of effort.
Please don't spoil it.
Your father will be here
in few hours.
Please adjust, dear.
It's just a matter of two weeks.
Will father be convinced
by his looks?
I'll ensure that he appears fine.
Please. Okay?
- Okay.
- Sorry.
Come here.
Sit here.
Sit there.
Didn't I ask you to sit down?
He's here.
Let's go.
- Hello!
How are you, my girl?
This is Vishnu.
- Oh.
Nice to meet you.
Shall we leave?
- Let's wait for the luggage.
Oh, yes.
I have to tell you something.
We're leaving for Mangalyappuzha
right away.
- Let's spend our vacation there.
Come on.
Which is why I was saying
until now..
- Sir!
He's here.
- Who?
Mr. Ramendra Menon is here.
- My uncle?
Yes. Mr. Menon, his daughter
and her husband is here.
Her husband?
- Yes.
In that case, let's decide
the rest with him.
Don't tell him anything.
I shall make a wise decision
and get back to you.
- Okay.
Let's go, Murugan.
- Why did he have to come?
Where's the husband?
- Whose husband?
Where is Kalyani's husband?
Here he is.
- That's her husband?
What's so funny?
Stop it!
What's your business here?
Get out!
- As you say.
As you say.
I knew something was fishy.
I'm know who she wanted to marry.
That's not him
and he's not him.
They're not married!
What are you saying?
- If you're not convinced..
He's saying that
he's more aware of their marriage
than us!
- How can you lie so easily?
Didn't you introduce
me to that other guy?
Whom are you talking about?
- Shut up. Let her speak!
Let her explain then. Did you
ever introduce him to anyone? - No.
He's crazy.
What do you want?
- I'll prove this.
I'll ensure that it's brought
to light. - Shut up, you fool!
Let me just..
- He asked you to shut up.
Is that understood?
- Please take rest. - Go on.
I shall be back after a shower.
Get back inside.
Tell the truth, Kaimal.
Something is fishy, right?
Isn't he a fake husband?
Aren't you trying to trick
Mr. Menon and lose my rights?
Aren't you trying to fool us?
Tell the truth!
- Should I?
Yes, you must.
- Should I? - Yes.
It's all a lie.
Can you prove it?
Go ahead.
I'll prove this for sure.
I need to become the lord.
A lamp!
It's delicious, right?
Do you want some?
Let me honest, Kaimal.
I'm satisfied.
How do I
make up for the mistake
I've done to you?
There's nothing to be done.
Being your last vacation
we want you to have
a wonderful time here.
That's our plan.
I think he's sleepy.
Aren't you?
- Then go to bed.
I shall leave
for the night as well.
Let's continue in the morning.
- Goodnight.
I liked your choice, dear.
I'm happy.
You've given me a well-mannered
smart son-in-law.
I hurt you a lot, dear.
Please forgive me.
Oh, dear.
Even after being a wife
you're still my little princess.
Isn't that right?
Here's Rs. 1,000.
Let me check.
- Go ahead.
It's only Rs. 900.
Why don't you learn to count?
I don't want this one.
This note is torn.
I don't mint money here.
It may be a torn note.
Get going now.
May I ask you something?
Just ask.
- Instead of this
if you could give
the money in whole
I wouldn't have to disturb you
in the name of money.
I can handle the disturbance.
Why don't you leave for now?
I shall leave.
I was saying
if you give me 5,000 or 10,000..
- That'd be easier for you to flee!
No. Did you get me?
- I did.
If you can give it in whole
I won't have to come behind you.
- Get out.
That's the way out.
I was saying..
Don't you want milk, dear?
- I don't need anything.
Please go to bed.
- What?
This isn't for your comfort!
Get up!
You don't deserve
comfort as well!
Get lost!
- Get lost!
You bullock!
- You pig!
Get lost, you nincompoop!
- Monkey!
- That's your grandmom!
- Bitch!
- Beggar!
Let's go!
- You!
This is not an elephant.
- No.
This is not a coconut.
- No.
This isn't a stick.
- No!
Are you crazy?
I'm doing this to in order
to convince others
that I'm not crazy.
I'm fully capable
of what is what.
They're trying to fool Mr. Menon.
She has made a stranger
her husband.
What's your loss?
Who else is the loser?
Will those idiotic tribals
respect me again?
Didn't we arrange
an alliance with that family
under the impression that Mr. Menon
won't be returning?
How would we explain this to them?
What are we supposed to do?
Mr. Menon had only left
us the house to look after, right?
Am I his dog to look
after his house?
Mom, they're not married.
- They're fighting!
While he sleeps on the bed,
Kalyani sleeps on the floor.
Didn't I warn you earlier
that they're just faking it?
I'll prove this!
If Vishnu ends up being
the next heir! Oh, God!
What's wrong?
- I can't imagine it!
Don't keep imagining.
Let me check it out.
Who is that?
I'm going to thrash you!
Oh, no!
It's me!
What is it?
Are you thirsty?
- Go to hell!
- Who's there?
This is not me!
Yes, sir?
- I'm going insane.
How do we convince others
that Vishnu is fake?
Will you give me
money to cut my hair
if I give you a solution?
If it's a favourable solution
I'm willing to pay you
as much as you want.
You swear upon God?
- Yes.
Sir, do you have the engine
that takes photos?
A camera?
- Yes.
While they sleep at night..
They do.
- Then..
Take a photograph of them..
- And?
...and show it to her father.
What do you say?
You idiot!
The idea is not so bad.
My Lord!
The chieftain is here.
Please come inside.
Vishnu, do you see this amulet?
This was given to me when
I attained my lordship.
In other words, it's a practice
preached and passed onto
ever since the reign
of his forefathers.
Hence, in light of a marriage,
as per tradition
there are certain
rituals to be conducted.
Please carry on.
- Kindly start the ritual.
King of snakes.
Oh, Lord of snakes,
wash away her sins.
Now, you must softly
beat your wife's palm
using this stick.
- Softly.
Oh, no..
a soft blow won't
wash away her sins.
Show out your arm.
- Give them some space..
Show out your arm, dear.
A bit more.
- Oh, yes.
Show out your arm.
That's enough.
- Is it? - Yes.
Are there be any other
entertaining rituals?
Don't untie it..
Only after the evening ritual
can you untie it.
We'll see you in the evening.
See you soon, sir.
Well, I was wondering..
Oh, crap!
- What time is the evening ritual?
At 6 p.m.
What's the time now?
- 3 p.m.
So there's enough time to rest.
- Yes.
it won't be right if we are late..
Oh, no!
- Ouch! - Damn!
Uncle, I want to untie it!
- Didn't they tell us not to?
No untying it!
Go now!
Where are you running off to?
What the hell?
- Well..
Which is the idol of the temple?
- The idol..
Also, I wanted to enquire about..
- Ouch!
Yes, that's it..
Hold it.
There's something else, too..
I wanted to enquire
about something. You see..
Is it a powerful idol?
- If it is?
What do you want?
- Nothing at all.
Get going now.
- I only enquired out of holiness.
Oh, crap.
I'll see you in the evening.
- Well..
Such lovely rituals.
I wonder they have rituals
like this in the evening as well.
You'll have to burn
this camphor on your palm.
After she rises after
bowing down at your feet
would the two of be pronounced
as married.
Won't it burn my palm?
You can get rid
of it once she rises.
I can't do this!
That's enough, dear. Rise now.
- Don't force her.
Throw it away only
after she gets up.
Ask her to get up.
Get up!
- Enough!
Get up..
Such lovely rituals.
- Your bloody rituals!
Get down, you idiot!
I didn't expect that
you were such a dirty fellow!
Isn't that
your own daughter's bedroom?
You need not interfere
in this matter.
The thing is..
Don't utter another word.
Get out at once!
Get out of here!
Don't you dare
come back to this house!
Get lost!
We used to have
coffee plantations here.
What's that?
She won't sin again.
Forgive her, God!
It a ritual
followed by the tribals.
Whoever commits a sin
is supposed
to ring the bell
ten times with their head.
It's believed that on listening
to the ringing bell
the snake lord would
come and forgive the sinner.
Why do you look so gloomy?
I have to go to my hometown.
- Why?
It's my uncle's daughter's wedding.
I see. - I had received
a letter from home.
They require
an amount of Rs. 15,000.
Once I've returned, I can give
them the money from the bank.
Is this the issue?
You need not go home
for Rs. 15,000.
I can help you with that.
- But, Dad..
Don't be silly, dear.
Come on.
Oh, God.
Why not Rs. 20,000?
There would be other necessities.
It's a marriage, after all.
There will be expenses.
Rs. 15,000 would
be enough is what they said.
We shall send Rs. 20,000.
I shall return the..
- Vishnu.
It's your money, too.
Well, I..
Why should there be any
formalities between us? - Yes.
Has Kaimal returned?
- Didn't he go to the post office?
What's the matter?
- It's nothing.
Here's Rs. 20,000.
I shall wire the money
and return. - Wait.
Let's wait for Kaimal.
What if the bank closes by then?
What about the marriage?
- Vishnu! Send the money!
I shall leave then.
Kaimal. - Where is he
off to with this money?
A letter came from Vishnu's
uncle asking for some money.
I have given him the money.
- I'll return after sending it.
What's the matter?
What's wrong?
What is it, Kaimal?
This proves that Vishnu
doesn't know me well enough.
Even I had read the letter, right?
I had already sent
the money for your convenience.
But what about the address?
That was mentioned
in the letter, right? - Yes.
But what about the account number?
- That was mentioned as well.
So, it will reach them, right?
- Of course, it would.
Kaimal is full of surprises,
isn't he?
That won't suffice.
Vishnu will be relieved.
- Of course I am.
If you ever try
to act smart again
I'll whip
the life out of you.
You haven't seen my ugly side.
- Get lost.
Please don't misunderstand us.
My son is innocent.
His actions can't be forgiven.
I'm saying this out of loyalty.
Kalyani and her husband
are always fighting.
He was just trying
to inform you why.
Don't make stories up.
Don't create stories just
because you hate my daughter.
Oh, no! Kalyani is like
a daughter to me.
Just like her.
- You are unaware of all this.
We hear them fight every night.
All you need to do is
stand beside their bedroom
once they've gone to bed.
You can witness it yourself.
What? - You may believe us once
you've witnessed it yourself.
Let's go!
Can you hurry up?
Have you gone insane?
I'm so unfortunate to end up
with such an insane ogler!
That's your father!
Don't you dare insult my father.
Bloody fool. Good for nothing
monkey! - What's happening there?
He's here..
What's wrong?
- You see
she was calling
your names out loud.
Idiot, fool, monkey.
What were the rest?
- You're right.
Else, I wouldn't have
done something so stupid.
Can you do me a favour?
- If there's anything more
to be done, I need extra payment.
- Of course.
How about Rs. 1,00,000?
Don't try to trick me.
- I'm not.
You're serious?
- I'm serious.
Don't get my hopes high.
- No!
Okay, go on.
- Show me your arms.
Strangle me!
Strangle me to death!
- That'd be the best favour!
I am not taking this trouble for
your well-being. - Listen to him.
It's because of the affection
I've for that person.
Yes. - It's because I don't have
the strength to see his tears.
What happened here for you
to conduct this lecture?
You don't know? He came to
know about your fighting.
Uncle! That nincompoop and her
mother told him everything.
Luckily, I was there
at that moment.
He'll be checking tonight.
There is only one way to escape.
- What?
My dear dearest..
- Yes?
How lucky I am.
A wife like you is a
dream come true for me.
Even my dad likes you a lot.
My dear..
I haven't seen a better
dad than him in my life.
I am so lucky.
Can I kiss you?
No, not now.
What good deeds have
I done in my last birth
so that I could
embrace you like this?
It's all my luck.
It's very late.
Shall we sleep? - Okay.
What are you saying? - They don't
have any problems between them.
There would be small issues
in every relationship.
That's nothing serious.
I've a doubt that
they are doing some
adjustments in front of me.
Do you doubt his character?
That's not the matter, Kaimal.
Problems would only rise
where there is love.
It's true that
they are doing
some adjustments
in front of you.
Why? - Can they embrace and dance
with each other in front of you?
If you still have a doubt,
I'll prove it to you.
We just need to follow them
when they go outside.
It's like what we see
in movies.
Dancing, music and flirting.
Even we would be embarrassed.
Do you want to see it?
Come with me. I'll show you.
"A miracle will rise
in the distant east."
"I'll kept it inside my betel box."
"A miracle will rise
in the distant east."
"I'll kept it inside my betel box."
"A miracle will rise
in the distant east."
"I've some fresh betel leaves
sprinkled with water."
"Let me smear it
with sliced lime."
"When will you come, dear?"
"I'll come when the birds chirp
and the breeze freezes."
"What else
have you got for me?"
"I'll prepare a special betel."
"I'll open my doors for you."
"A miracle will rise
in the distant east."
"Keep waiting for me the whole
night without sleeping."
"Recognise the sounds of my
footsteps while I enter inside."
"You welcomed me inside."
"I've arranged everything
for your comfort."
"What will you give me in return?"
"I'll return everything
to you with a sweet kiss."
"Also, I'll place a beautiful
flower in your hair."
"A miracle will rise
in the distant east."
"I'll kept it inside my betel box."
"A miracle will rise
in the distant east."
Seeing them,
I started day-dreaming.
Check if he is gone.
Uncle, the food is ready.
Please come.
Call that donkey, too.
Do you prefer to take a drink
before your meal?
Just as an appetizer. We don't need
to have any formalities between us.
No, we will have
it some other day.
So less?
- You are already fat.
Didn't the doctor tell you
that you might have
cholesterol problems?
Which doctor?
- No excuses.
You need to be careful about
your diet for at least a month.
If something happens to Vishnu..
- Don't address him by his name.
Okay, if something happens to you..
I can't even think about it.
How will he survive
with so little food?
You shouldn't
interfere in this.
You are pampering him a lot.
I need to be careful
about my husband's health.
He will feel hungry.
I've prepared a juice for him,
filled with vitamins.
Then bring that.
She loves you a lot.
Your food gets more tastier
if someone prepares it
with love.
She is my daughter.
Yes, I like juice more than rice.
It's excellent vitamin juice.
I've prepared it using
ten bitter melons. - What?
The doctor
had specially advised this.
Don't you remember it, Uncle?
- Yes.
- That day.
I don't need it.
- You should drink.
This is food as well as medicine.
- Yes.
Daddy, ask him to drink it.
- Have it, Vishnu.
It's not poison.
Yes, have it.
- I'll drink.
It's bitter, isn't it?
- No.
Take a glass of milk before
sleeping. You will feel good.
Take a pinch of sugar, too.
You wanted me to starve.
I saw this coming long before.
I am in need of money.
If I had any other way
I'd have troubled you
and that Kaimal like crazy.
I've told you many times
to address me with respect.
I've also told you not to
point your fingers upon me. - Milk.
My dear dearest, my honey,
go and get me my milk.
Here, take your milk.
Are you still awake?
- I am going to sleep.
Then please go.
- Okay.
Bring it.
Please make it fast.
I hope they've
added sugar to it.
Let me check.
- Okay.
Yes, they've added sugar.
Now go to sleep. If you are
hungry, you'll sleep well.
Now listen to this.
If I don't take my
revenge for this
my name won't
be Vishnu anymore.
Do you want to play?
What's the matter, Vishnu?
Shall I tell him?
- What do you mean?
Anyway, I'm going to tell him.
Well, I..
I'm the fourth child in my family.
- Oh.
The earlier children
were stillborn.
I see.
So when we got an astrologer
to look into the matter.. - Yes?
...we realised that my mother
was possessed by a spirit. - Oh.
Hence, to get of it
well, as a remedy to it
every morning, my mother
expiated her sins
by circumbulating a temple
in a lying posture. - Oh.
That's how I was born.
I see.
- Kaimal is aware of it.
Yes. However,
what's the need to say that here?
It's important.
That's why.
The matter is
my mother had warned
me before her death
that my wife
would suffer the same fate.
Which is why I must ensure that
she performs the rituals as well.
Else, the child would
turn out to be stillborn.
- Yes.
But what do I do?
I can't afford to see her in pain.
How can we neglect it?
What if the baby
is stillborn?
However, she'll have
to rise early in the morning.
That'd be harsh on her.
It won't be necessary, right?
It doesn't matter what
happens to the child. - Exactly.
No way.
I need a grandchild before I die.
I'll make her understand.
These are old superstitions.
Superstitions never die, do they?
I'm a very superstitious person.
Please talk to Kalyani for me.
Of course I will.
Can the two of you poison me?
She's very naughty.
Do you want to play?
How about right away?
What are you saying, Dad?
He's just playing..
- No, he's not.
This is important.
I won't let my grandson
or granddaughter
to end up being stillborn.
- Just obey. That's all.
She's agreed.
- Okay.
Vishnu is doing it on purpose!
- That's just great.
You're not so bad, either.
The two of you
are always quarrelling!
How could I've been so stupid?
Uncle, please help me out.
It's impossible.
Even if this place falls apart,
it's impossible.
It's all for a good thing, right?
You'll have to roll a little.
May your sins be washed away.
Let's all hail..
- Lord Ayyappa!
Let's all hail..
- Lord Ayyappa!
Let's all hail..
- Lord Ayyappa!
Lord Ayyappa!
Let's all hail..
Lord Ayyappa! - Let's all hail..
- Lord Ayyappa!
If you drink milk..
- Excuse me?
While drinking milk..
- Lord Ayyappa! - Lord Ayyappa!
Lord Ayyappa! - What happens
if we drink milk?
W-Well, Lord Ayyappan sits
on the tiger to get milk
while travelling through
the forest.. - Kaimal!
Lord Ayyappa!
- Hail, Lord Ayyappa!
If we go hungry..
- Lord Ayyappa!
Go hungry? - The stories
of Lord Ayyappan have changed.
Since you were in the U.S.A
it'd be hard
for you to comprehend.
Lord Ayyappa!
- Let's all hail..
Lord Ayyappa!
- Let's all hail..
Lord Ayyappa! - Let's all hail..
- Lord Ayyappa!
Let's all hail..
- Lord Ayyappa!
Save this innocent soul!
Lord Ayyappa!
- Teach this sinner a lesson!
Lord Ayyappa!
- Well..
Lord Ayyappa!
- Lord Ayyappa!
Lord Ayyappa!
How did you reach here?
I had to spend a lot
on cab fare looking for you!
I'd leave only after
I get my money with interest.
Don't be such a cheat.
We had a deal, which is why I had
decided to trick the foreigner.
And you just ran off with
the entire money, didn't you?
I want my share of what
you got from the foreigner.
I didn't get anything from him.
Yeah, right!
I won't leave unless
I get my money.
I asked you to leave.
- Where's my money?
Won't you leave until then?
- No.
Guess what? I got Rs. 1 lakh
and 25 gold biscuits from him.
I'm not going to give you
Get it if you can!
Vishnu, come with me.
Come on now.
You must be starving, right?
Please don't be cross with her.
She's just like her mother.
Don't let her know.
I've got a surprise for you.
Here you go!
Let's bring back our memories,
Do you remember Vijayalakshmi
who had studied
with us in law college?
I had never come across with
such a beauty in my life.
She fell for my music.
Are you still thinking about girls?
I had forgotten all about it.
Forget Vijayalakshmi?
Don't you remember being
threatened by her brother
for having ogled at her?
You would've been dead
by now if it wasn't for me.
Quiet down, Kaimal.
The kids will hear.
So it would it have been amusing
if the kids weren't here.
Why don't you tune the Mridangam?
How long has it been?
We'll see about that.
It's so dusty here.
You have all the bad traits such as
jealousy, arrogance
and gossiping, don't you?
You must learn
to appreciate others.
That's called being generous!
There's no point in devoting
your time at the temple!
You must have a good heart.
Why are you so silent?
- I'm not kind-hearted.
I shall suffer the consequences.
You're not a good person.
How would you have a kind heart?
A leopard cannot change its spots.
I happened to need some money.
Else, I would've ended it for you!
You liar! God will find out
your true colours!
A bloody devotee!
A devotee!
My foot!
Oh, Vishnu.
You're back.
Your relative is here to see you.
A relative?
- Yes, your uncle's son.
Which son?
- Ramakrishnan.
Where is he?
- He's right there.
How about some more steam cakes?
Some Poppadoms, too.
Oh, it was you.
How did you come here?
Get up now..
Probably he wants to spend
a vacation with his cousin,
right? - He's not here for that.
Get up now..
He's just an innocent child, right?
- No, he isn't!
He must be sent away. - Let him
stay here for a day or two.
That's not possible.
- Why not, Vishnu?
The foreigner..
- Don't you dare speak of it!
Shut it now..
- What's he talking about?
Due to low marks in English,
uncle had arranged
English tuitions by a foreigner.
He has fled from there..
- That's not the case!
Don't speak a word!
Uncle had written to me.
Let me get him back home.
Let's go..
Let's go. I'm going to..
What's the matter?
- Nothing.
He's really smart.
You idiot, I'm going to..
How's our cattle?
Let me give you a kiss.
Let's get inside..
I'll give you a kiss,
you idiot!
What's your intention?
I need half of what you
had robbed from the foreigner.
Didn't I tell you earlier
that he was a penniless
and that he had nothing with him?
Foreigners can never be penniless.
I would've believed
you if he was a local.
He was no foreigner!
He was just fair!
Don't pull your tricks on me.
You would've got
a minimum of Rs. 5,000.
I didn't get a thing!
- Now, get out of here.
Leave now..
- How did you end up here?
Living a luxurious life,
aren't you?
You're lucky, aren't you?
- Watch it..
I'm warning you.
I'm asking you to leave.
Get going now.
- I won't leave without my money!
I'll give..
- Vishnu!
Quiet down. There are people here!
- All right!
Here. Keep this.
Rs. 200. That's it?
- I'll give you a.. - Wait.
Here's the money.
Unless I get my share
from the foreigner
I'm not leaving this place.
- Cut it out, Vishnu.
Don't try to scare me.
I'm aware of what's happening here.
Why don't we just kill him?
Let's kill him.
Don't play your tricks on me.
I'm warning you.
Then kill him.
How can I just kill him?
Stand right there. Come.
I'll take care of him.
Don't I have a greater
burden on our head?
- Which is that?
In general.
Let me talk to him.
Go down, Vishnu.
Get going now.
I was saying..
- Just get lost!
Just walk!
Get back inside.
If he is ever spotted here again
finish him.
- Yes, sir.
Why have you brought me
to these tribal men
after having promised me money?
You want half
of what he got from the foreigner,
right? - Yes.
And you want it at any cost?
- Yes.
It was not Vishnu, but me who
got it from the foreigner.
Then I need half of it.
- Why not the whole?
- Get lost!
I had no other option.
I've got a few ideas in mind.
In no time
I'll put them into practice.
And I'll get rid of Vishnu!
Keep quiet and eat.
Don't let him find out.
Didn't you get kicked out
because of your efforts?
This is just temporary.
One day, I will get
authority over this place.
- Kalyani has no nuptial chain!
- Mr. Menon must be informed!
Where's uncle?
Victory is mine this time.
You bloody thief!
Where's uncle?
- He's gone for a walk.
- My Lord!
We've found it out, Murugan.
It's brought to light!
She has no nuptial chain!
This must be informed
to Menon at the earliest!
Go and tell the lord then!
He's gone out for a walk.
Why don't you take this route?
I'll take the other way.
Tell that moron everything
if you see him first.
- Then I'll be the lord!
And I can get tonsured at Palani.
That comes later.
Go and find the old man first.
Lord! - Did you see the lord?
- No.
Dimwit. Lord!
I caught your daughter's
fake husband
His secret is out.
He's exposed..
Speak clearly. - The evidence
that exposes their fake marriage.
She doesn't wear
a nuptial chain.
- Yes. She doesn't.
Go and see for yourself.
Pack your bags!
We all know that she
doesn't wear a nuptial chain.
I'll inform her dad.
Fool us not..
Hey! What is this?
Leave my hand!
What are you doing?
That lion jumped over me
because I ducked and rolled.
Then we took the vehicle
to the hotel..
I was telling her an old joke.
Why are you wearing it like this?
Can't you pin on a chain?
We've ordered for one.
I was just checking on you.
What happened, Uncle?
Didn't you throw him out?
I hope you've realised that I
am eternally faithful to you.
Send him to a mental asylum
What would've happened there?
It backfired. That's all!
I won't give up. I won't
until I'm the lord.
Isn't that punishment enough?
You can do it again.
I just showed some loyalty
to my employer.
Forgive me.
I searched everywhere.
Why sit out here in the cold?
Here! Have some milk.
No! Don't! Enough!
- Can't you eat some more?
I'm stuffed.
Give him bitter melon juice then.
- Oh, no! - Yes..
That's not necessary.
- Why?
The doctor said it's
only needed for a few days.
I see. - The doctor..
- He said so...
Kaimal was standing outside
at the time, wasn't he?
who rules the forest and this land"
"we'll respect you forever."
who rules the forest and this land"
"we'll respect you forever."
"Oh, the Lord's wife"
"the safety of this land
depends on your faithfulness."
"Oh, the Lord's wife"
"the safety of this land
depends on your faithfulness."
"I'll guard you people"
"from the wild animals
that come to attack."
"I'll be your protector
and provider"
"through tough times."
"I'll take good care of my wife"
"and rule this land properly."
"I'll be the stream of water"
"during the intense summer."
"I'll be your protection"
"that will always be certain."
who rules the forest and this land"
"we'll respect you forever."
"You should always be united."
"This forest will cease to exist
if your marriage fails."
"This forest will cease to exist
if your marriage fails."
From now on, you are our lord.
"We dug three ponds."
"Two were dry and one
didn't have water."
"Three people dug dirt
from the dry pond."
"Two were handicapped
and one was legless."
'Smoking and drinking
are injurious to health'
You upheld our family's pride,
You upheld my dignity.
I am more than happy to die
at this very moment.
I'm the happiest man
in the whole world.
Kaimal, where can you find
a dad who's as lucky as I am?
Kaimal, can you find a decent
son-in-law like me
in the whole world?
Oops! Mr. Kaimal!
Mock me and I'll slap you.
See this.. Ew!
Who kisses the head, Vishnu?
I don't discriminate.
I have a doubt.
- What?
A doubt...
Shall I ask him?
Were you born this way?
I'll kill you..
- Kill you.. - Don't.
I'm a bad man.
Shall I pour another one?
Shall I?
Hey! Stop..
I want to talk to him.
I want to talk to you.
Since things have come this far
I am about to
tell you a truth.
Kaimal shouldn't say anything.
- What?
What truth?
He is such a good person.
It's a betrayal
if we don't let him know the truth.
What are you guys hiding from me?
What is the matter, Kaimal?
- He is like this.
He can only handle two drinks.
By the time he takes his third,
he loses control.
I am not drunk.
I need to tell the truth.
It's the truth. - He is
talking about the universal truth.
It's not the case.
He becomes philosophical
once he is drunk.
He keeps on blabbering
the whole night.
I'd warned you before.
He had taken me on rent.
We are all living here giving
rent to Mother Earth.
No, I am being paid
on a daily basis.
You will be paid daily
by God based on your deeds.
No, I don't belong here.
- Nobody belongs to anyone.
He found me near the bridge..
- Shut up!
She is sitting there.
Behave decently.
I am already decent. Do you
want me to act more decently?
Shall I tell them the truth?
- Shut up.
I'll thrash you.
- I am feeling itchy.
Go to your room
and start scratching.
Shall I tell them the truth?
- Stop.
- Goodnight.
You are looking beautiful.
You're beautiful, charming
elegant and alluring.
Where are you going?
What is this?
Are you not sleeping?
My dear Kalyani.
The floor isn't meant for you.
You should sleep on the bed.
I am the one who should
sleep on the floor.
You've plucked all the
alluring flowers from my heart.
I am sacrificing my bed for you.
- Hey!
You are the light of my loneliness.
Love of my heart.
Dew of my desert, tune of my song,
queen of my kingdom
and I love you, Kalyani.
I haven't seen her
since I woke up.
Vishnu, where is Kalyani?
Is she still asleep?
She is not upstairs.
- Where did she go?
She never goes outside
without informing us.
What happened?
- Did you see Kalyani?
No. She used to give me tea.
I didn't get it today.
Dear Kalyani.
Please go and search for her.
Go that way.
Why did you do this?
She did it because she married him
without your permission.
You haven't done any wrong.
If there is an issue,
we can always talk it out.
There is no need to break her head
in front of a tribal God like this.
There is only one God, Kaimal.
- Yes.
Silly girl.
What have you done?
I've hurt Vishnu a lot.
I had to punish myself.
I didn't find any other way.
Food is ready.
Call him, too.
Uncle, food is ready.
Call that donkey, too.
Uncle, food is ready.
Call that guy, too.
Uncle, food is ready.
Call the other guy, too.
Uncle, food is ready.
Call Vishnu, too.
Uncle, food is ready.
Bring him, too.
I've told you
to send them a telegram
asking them not
to come here.
I'd paid Murugan
and told him to do that.
I think he ran away with the money.
Now they have
send a telegram
saying that they will
be coming tomorrow.
Now what will we do?
If he comes to know about it,
he will surely throw us out.
We can do one thing.
- What?
We can stop them on the way
and give them some excuses.
What are you going to tell them?
- Uncle passed away.
- Uncle is no more, so we won't
be able to conduct any
auspicious ceremonies soon.
Do whatever you feel like.
They shouldn't come here.
Lord, tomorrow a vehicle
is going to Palani.
If you pay me, I can..
- I am waiting for..
Is that Krishnankutty Nair?
- Krishnankutty Nair.
Stop the car!
- If you pay me..
If you pay me..
- Stop the car!
Please, stop.
It's danger.
- Please stop.
Who are you?
We are coming from the
Nilambur royal family. - Is it?
Aren't you the lord?
- Yes.
We are here with a proposal
for your sister. - I see.
Who is the guy?
- This is my son.
My sister has three
kids of his age.
Krishnankutty Nair, did you
call us here to get insulted?
Didn't you said that
the lord's sister is the bride?
Yes, he is a lord here.
But where is the other one?
Tell me, do you
want to get married again?
They are here
with a proposal for you.
She is the girl.
There he is,
the other lord!
How did he become a lord?
My foot!
What is happening here?
This is not made up.
He told me
that he is the lord
and he wanted a proposal from the
Nilambur family for his sister.
That is the reason
I brought them here.
When did you become the lord?
- In your absence, I'm the lord.
Get lost!
- Brother.
Never enter this place hereafter.
All of you get out.
It means everyone should clear off.
My Lord?
Brother, please forgive us.
You should leave
this place right now.
- I don't want to hear anything.
Uncle, don't do that.
Where else can they go?
- I don't need to know that.
They did a mistake.
It was just to see her married.
It's your duty
to conduct her marriage.
We don't need all this wealth.
You should give them
a small share from it
and allow me to
conduct their marriage.
Vishnu has a point.
Sir, please.
I'll comply for Vishnu's sake.
No. You should agree
of your own volition.
Haven't things come this far?
- I like him.
I like him,
no matter who he is.
Is that enough?
What about him?
- I don't know.
But I must.
And I need to know now.
You can dream after that.
Why regret later?
- Okay.
Where's Dad?
- He went to meet the chieftain.
Your aunt and everyone else
have gone with him.
I forgot to ask
the money yesterday.
Give the due amount now.
Are you deaf? Pay up!
I'm a little short of money now.
I don't care. Pay up!
You're asking as if it's yours!
I don't grow money here!
Then start doing it!
She'll help you.
If we count your food expenses,
you'll have to do that, too.
Don't laugh.
It's not that good a joke!
Ask him to pay me.
Or I'm leaving.
I'm leaving!
Don't mock me.
I know what that burp means.
Oh, do you?
- Yes.
That's what I said.
I don't have Rs. 2,000 now.
Then how much do you have?
Maybe Rs. 500 and change.
That won't do!
If you don't pay me Rs. 2,000
the consecration..
- The word is consequence.
With a 'Q'.
- Don't patronise me!
The consequences will be severe!
I am ready to face anything.
Don't act like a bastard.
For now, I'm a bastard.
- Drat!
I agreed to do this dirty work
because you promised me that you
would pay me on a daily basis.
I haven't signed an agreement,
have I?
I mistook you for a decent man.
Nothing changes the fact
that I'm broke.
Then give me the Rs. 500.
Pay the rest later.
Which Rs. 500?
The one you spoke about earlier.
Who said that? Did I?
I'm losing my patience.
Didn't you say
you had Rs. 500 and change?
Oh, no! I never did.
- What? He..
Okay, leave all that.
How much can you pay me?
To be honest
I have Rs. 250 with me.
Then give it.
- But I have other expenses.
I'm leaving..
Tone it down. I'm not deaf.
Then why aren't you shocked?
I don't get shocked
for silly reasons.
- Yes.
You'll learn your lesson.
Are you messing with me?
I've seen worse.
I've never seen a fraud like you
in my whole life.
He's not human.
Kaimal, my foot!
Don't think I'll just go away.
I'll leave after telling
the truth to her father.
I'm speaking to the both of you.
Your last chance!
I'll settle for Rs. 250.
Deal? I'm asking both of you.
Aren't you ashamed of yourself?
- Exactly.
I'll show you. - Okay. - Okay.
- Okay. - Okay.
Where's my shirt?
Where's my umbrella?
- You didn't bring one.
Don't show your true colours.
Take only what is yours.
There might be
expensive things there.
- Okay.
I have nothing to say to him.
I'm not leaving
because I'm disloyal.
Ask him to keep his tricks
to himself.
One should be a man of his word.
No wonder he's a brief-less lawyer!
Do you have an exam tomorrow?
A slap and he'll.. Hey!
Let me see your face
for the last time.
I understand why you
can't advise a raging bull.
Thief! Fraud!
You rascal!
You've been troubling me
for a while.
Keep this act to yourself.
Look at me. Why'd you return?
Go. You rogue!
Stop here. Yes. Here.
Let's go!
Do you know who he is?
He's your wife's husband!
My trump card to end your game!
Today's the day I reveal
your true identity to my uncle.
That amulet will suit me better.
Don't go!
Step aside.
- Don't bother that poor man.
Take this route and skip town.
That'll be good
for you. Come.
Don't go!
Oh, no!
I will..
Oh, no! God!
Keep him occupied.
I'll be right back!
So you were supposed to marry
my daughter, weren't you?
Yes, Uncle!
He replaced this man..
- I didn't ask you.
Were you in love with him?
Didn't you hear me?
So you were acting this whole time,
weren't you?
Kaimal, do you believe what
you two have done to me
is right?
To avoid you pain..
- I asked you
is whether it's right or wrong!
It's wrong.
- No. It's right.
I wouldn't have a son-in-law
like him, if it wasn't for that.
My daughter wouldn't
have found a good husband.
Well done, Kaimal. By giving us
Vishnu, you did a big favour
for my daughter and me.
Thank you for telling me the truth.
Now get out!
"You came to sing with me"
"on a harvest season."
"You came to sing with me"
"on a harvest season."
"You came with many a sweet word"
"from a land across the lake."
"You came to sing with me"
"on a harvest season."
"Oh, bird! You sang a festive song"
"while swinging on a palm leaf."
"Oh, parrot! Won't you tag along
to sing"
"while we reap the paddy fields?"
"We shall enjoy by the riverside"
"under the shade of a tree."
"You came to sing with me"
"on a harvest season."
'Forever peace
to the kind-hearted.'
"While the sun sets at a distance"
"and the village falls asleep."
"Oh, the one who came in my dreams"
"singing an unfinished song."
"Oh, sweet one! Talk to me now"
"and hear my heart's tale."
"You came to sing with me"
"on a harvest season."
"You came with many a sweet word"
"from a land across the lake."
"You came to sing with me"
"on a harvest season."
Don't say that God isn't there.
It is God who gave you to me
when I thought I'd lost
all that's good in my life.
Pray. We will be happy.
Come. We'll circle the temple once.
Bloody rascal!
You thought you could escape,
didn't you?
Very nice to meet you.
Vishnu always speaks
about his uncle.
Your son was here.
- Son..
Ramakrishnan had visited us.
- I see.
He ran away from English tuitions..
- Yes..
He was a nice boy!
He resembles his father.
Isn't it, Kaimal?
Why do you have a gun?
- For hunting.
It's a hobby of his.
Using the gun and his jeep
is now like his daily routine.
Okay, take rest.
- I'll come now.
You have brought
another thief, haven't you?
Who is this new guy?
There is always
something or the other.
You're a murderer sentenced
to capital punishment.
You've only five more
days left to live.
You will be executed at
5:40 in the morning on the 15th.
It's not because
of my wish to live
and not because I don't want
to leave all these comforts.
It's only a matter of four days.
He will go back on the 14th.
Only until then..
I am suspended because of you!
How can I support you in this?
During my entire career
as a jail superintendent
not even a single criminal
has escaped.
Nor would you have.
I gave you more freedom
than you could've asked for.
That was my mistake.
I've already told you.
I wouldn't
have been here
if I could've arranged the
money by killing someone.
He showered me with love,
something no one ever did.
If he comes to know about this
he wouldn't be
able to handle it.
Before my death,
you should help me in doing this.
You can believe me.
I'll surely come.
I have trust in you.
As a jail superintendent,
it's my duty
to fulfil
your last wish.
I am allowing this
as it's for a good cause.
You won't be allowed to go outside
this house without my permission.
I should be aware
of all your movements.
Sure, sir.
I accept your conditions.
Is that true?
Is that true?
Vishnu, please tell me.
- Yes.
I was a freelance photographer.
I went there
to take cover photos
of one of my friend's
dad's dance school.
I met Revathy there
for the first time.
It was not in my camera
where her pictures were captured.
It was in my eyes.
My heart.
I kept her photos hidden
deep inside my heart.
Get lost!
I cannot do all these things.
There is an easy one.
Look at this.
Very good.
You said that you wanted to take
dance classes. - I'll kick you!
Mr. Brahmin, while drinking
my whisky last night, you said that
you would speak to your father
and let me dance with the girls.
Don't try to change the topic.
I'll finish you.
I asked my father about it.
He told me that
he could teach you separately.
I'll send my dog for that.
- Okay then, do that.
I should be blamed
for trusting you.
Return my money!
- Leave me.
What kind of a wish is this?
Can I say the truth?
- What?
I don't want to learn dancing.
Just do me a favour.
- Yes, now tell me.
Have you heard about the swan?
- Who?
The swan! The swan
which carries messages.
You should become a swan.
You should fly like a swan
to your dance class with this
and pass it to her.
I'll buy you a full bottle
of liquor.
In short..
- Yes.
How is it?
Isn't it good?
This resembles my dream girl.
Please say something.
Why are you so serious?
Please don't hurt me like this.
I am not playing around.
Tell me if you love me or not.
I am ready to marry you.
Okay, tell me whether you
are okay with it or not.
What do you mean by that?
I don't understand.
Are you trying to mock me?
Okay, tell me that you hate me.
I'll go right away.
What is this?
I need to know.
Stop there.
Tell me. I've been following you
for a long time.
Are you bothering girls
walking on the road?
Let's go to the station.
- I didn't do anything.
Then why were you ogling her?
Come to the police station.
How can you say that?
What is your problem
if I walk with my fiancee?
Can you decide
the marriage all by yourself?
Then who else will
decide my marriage?
What interest does the police
have in my marriage?
I have an interest in it.
- What?
I am her father.
- What?
Is Mr. Verma telling the truth?
Are you deaf?
- Y-Yes.
You should understand
how much respect I have for him
when I address him as mister.
We policemen have a lot
of respect for this person
but today, he is not in
such a good condition.
It's better not to
talk about his son.
His daughter is a simple soul
who cannot talk.
He has only a month
left for retirement.
His only savings are
that girl and his pride.
Have you decided to spoil that?
No, sir.
- Do you really like her?
- Tell me.
I don't know.
- Don't know?
She says that she loves you.
"When dark clouds"
"visit the temple
with flowers"
"the breeze sings
the holy song."
"Oh dear, I saw you there."
"When dark clouds"
"visit the temple
with flowers"
"the breeze sings
the holy song."
"Oh dear, I saw you there."
"A heart desperately waiting
for the rain."
"It fell in love with the clouds."
"When you go to the temple
to pray"
"I'll help you put on
your jewellery."
"You are the girl of my dreams."
"I will make you mine."
"Early morning, carrying flowers."
"When you go to the temple
to pray."
"When the winds sing along
with you."
"I saw you, girl."
"The sky is coloured deep yellow."
"Such is the colour
of the evening."
"When you come to me
with colours"
"I'll put a nice Bindi
on you."
"When you wanted to put flowers
on your hair"
"flowers bloomed in the vicinity
for you."
"Early morning, carrying flowers."
"When you go to the temple
to pray."
"When the winds sing along
with you."
"I saw you, girl."
When I came home one night
Inside the house, I saw a shadow
of another man
through her window.
Even though I asked her many times
who he was
she never answered.
Many people told me
that they saw a youngster
in my house
in my absence.
When I came home another day
I saw that man with her.
He tried to run and escape
when he saw me.
I killed my Revathy.
I got to know that
the police was after her brother
who was a Naxalite.
He used to come over many times
to take some money from her.
She might have thought
that I would get angry.
That's why she didn't tell me
about him.
I broke down, Kalyani.
When I stood guilty at the court
I didn't deny anything.
I knew that any punishment I got
wouldn't be enough.
I am a criminal.
Later one day..
You know about my difficulties.
I didn't have any other choice
that to drop your child
at the orphanage.
I came to talk to you
about something.
I met the doctor at the orphanage
He told that with an operation,
your son would be able to speak.
- But what?
It would cost around Rs. 10,000.
Would you have..
I paid off all my debts
with the money I had.
You know about my situation.
I can only help you a little.
I'll try and arrange the money
for the operation.
Go now.
Even though he is an orphan
I escaped from jail so that my son
doesn't stay dumb.
I agreed to do all this
for the money.
I didn't do anything on purpose.
Please forgive me, Kalyani.
Where is that murderer?
Has he been taken away
for his execution?
I know everything.
The situation is such that
I won't say anything.
But when we help somebody,
we expect something in return.
So, you have to sign
these documents.
What are these?
I'll think about what I can make
out of it.
If you are hesitant to sign,
let me know.
I'll discuss this with uncle
and after that scoundrel is dead
I'll think about what I should do.
- No.
I'll sign.
What an obedient girl.
The Kaimals have not grown enough
to beat us Nambiars.
You asked me
to prove it if I could.
I've already proven a few things.
What was that?
What was the meaning
of all that he said?
Nobody will dare touch me now,
Do you know, Mother
that he is a murderer
who broke free from jail?
That other guy has come to take
him away to be executed.
Just a small adjustment
until uncle leaves.
I got her to sign this,
stating that I'd tell uncle all.
No, Son.
I don't want to gain anything
by hurting him.
Yes, we do.
Let me see if I can succeed
this time.
Give me those papers.
I am standing here
with shocking news.
Do you know that?
Do you really want to spoil
everything you've worked for?
My every..
- Hey.
What will you do?
I'll tell uncle that you
are a convicted criminal.
No, you won't tell him.
The most grave punishment given
to any murderer in this country
is death.
Even if I commit another murder,
the sentence remains the same.
What does that mean?
If he gets to know about this
before he leaves
no matter who tells him,
I'll kill you.
Only then will I leave.
You know that I don't have
anything to lose.
Tear those papers.
Tear them.
Vishnu.. Vishnu didn't tell me
anything about himself.
We needed an actor to play
as Kalyani's husband.
More than that
I didn't think anything else.
Your crime is purely personal.
It's not right for me
to talk about that.
But why did you tempt her,
knowing everything
all along?
Why did you ruin her life?
I have no answers.
I don't have the right
to hope for a life.
I know that.
Then again, my subconscious mind
hoped for it.
I shouldn't have. It was wrong.
I know. I didn't mean to.
A vacation before I die.
You gave me that.
I'm grateful for that.
I apologise to you before I go.
Forgive me.
You shouldn't apologise to me.
Don't. Say no more, Vishnu.
I've decided. Once you leave
I'll live as your widow.
I'm even ready to die with you.
I blame no one.
Not even my fate.
I have one final wish.
Her father must never know this.
Let him return
with the sweet memories
of his last vacation.
You must forget.
You must forget everything.
Can I do that? Do you think so?
I'm even ready
to live separately
without hope.
But you don't even
have the time to live that long..
Mr. Kaimal.
It's been a while
since you've been making me walk
after telling me that we have
to discuss something.
Can't you say it?
It's not a discussion
but a necessary action.
- It's yours. I stole it.
To kill you. To keep Vishnu alive.
Only you know where he is.
He's a criminal. Murderer!
He was sentenced to death.
I can't protect him.
Kill me if you want to.
But that doesn't mean
that he's safe.
But, sir.. He..
For an accidental mistake
- That's not my duty.
In court, all he said
was that he'd killed her.
He didn't even want a lawyer.
Now.. Any chance..
- Sorry.
It is too late.
Aren't you a lawyer?
Don't you know?
His sentence is two days away.
No. I won't let him go.
I'll take him.
I am waiting for him to fulfil
his final wish.
While leaving the jail
with a suspension order
I'd asked them to ready the noose
to hang him.
I have to take him.
Kill me if you want to.
But remember,
no criminal escapes forever.
Hey. Come.
Come, dear.
I remember a fairy tale.
That the deceased
become stars in the sky.
That if the ones who wish
to see them look up
they will wink.
When my son is able to talk
and he asks about his dad
you must make him believe
this fake story
and show him his dad.
He's not just your son. He's ours.
I've transferred everything
to Mr. and Mrs. Vishnu's name
as instructed.
Your sister's share is separate.
Vishnu. Never leave this place.
Resign your job
and live happily here.
Kaimal, what should I give you?
I need nothing. I just want
to see you go back
with a satisfied and happy mind.
- But you must do
one final favour for me.
What is it?
- We must party.
We must enjoy ourselves tonight.
I feel a strong desire to live.
Hence, I ask you..
Can I not be executed?
I can't, can I?
That's okay.
Why are you not coming?
I'm unwell. I have a headache.
Aren't they coming with you?
Go happily.
When will I see you again?
Call me when you feel
like seeing me.
I'll board the next flight.
I'm not saying goodbye to you.
Goodbye, Subhadra.
I'm leaving.
I can't stop you, Vishnu.
I can't even wish you luck..
Don't depress me anymore.
Don't make me cry.
I can't say goodbye or that I
will see you again.
I'm leaving.
Goodbye, Lord.
Dear, I'm leaving
with an overflowing heart.
Vishnu, my daughter and I
are very lucky to have you.
I haven't asked you for anything.
Shall I ask you something?
I have a wish.
Shall I tell you that?
Do tell.
- If you are blessed with a son
give him my name.
If it's a girl, call her Bhavani.
That's her mother's name.
That's my remaining wish.
Bye. Goodbye, dear.
Kalyani, I have a request.
Name my.. No.. Your son..
as Ramendra.
You must raise our Ramendra
with love.
Don't cry. I am not leaving you.
From tomorrow,
I will be a new star
in the sky.
I will see you
from up there every day.
- It's time.
Shall I leave? Kalyani,
I thank you
for giving me many sweet memories
to remember until the next dawn.
Is this a formality?
- No.
I still don't know how to say
goodbye to you, Kalyani.
Me, neither.
- Vishnu!