Chitralahari (2019) Movie Script

Vijayakrishna's viral case will have the judgment in few minutes.
Itll be out whether judgment will be in
favor of Vijayakrishna or not in some time.
We will come back to you with the latest news.
Sidhu with cameraman Ashok.
Sir, will the case be in my friends favor?
I don't know.
Vijayakrishnas accident is a hot topic and viral,
whats your opinion on this?
I didnt expect this, it was quiet daring
That means... you will takeover the project?
Since the case is filed, its not legal
We will, if the judgment is in favor of Vijay
For others not to repeat the same
taking this incident as an inspiration
I request the court to punish him stringently.
You want to say anything to the court?
I, having known answers to all the questions
from my childhood till my Engineering
do not know answer to one question.
What is success?
I still remember my first attempt.
Super dear,
All the best
Wow... very good, Vikram.
Though I am running every side..
life keep saying to move aside?
World is going away from me, though Im increasing the pace
Like a bicycle without wheels and a flight with no wings
Like a rifle without bullet and kite without a thread
I too am left behind
Though I am running every side..
life keep saying to move aside?
World is going away from me, though Im increasing the pace
It's a good concept, Sir.
Think about a crazy idea like PubG
These kind of ideas don't workout.
Is tomorrow just in the dreams, wont it come in reality?
Should I remain in yesterday only and no way to cross that?
Like the full moon behind clouds and tune without orchestra
I too am left behind
Though I am running every side..
life keep saying to move aside?
World is going away from me, though Im increasing the pace
Smart TVs have become too many
and is very tough to handle
If its you...
Should I work?
Its better to do something than to be idle
TV service center for my range?
Brother in law, I said about my friend, right?
Hello Sir...
Is he talented like me?
- Yes
Take good care
- Ok
Yeah, you got to run, you got to run, you got to run
You got to do what you have to
do to get to where you want to be
Life isnt a bunch of roses man
You got to that in your mind, ok?
Lets go
Is tomorrow just in the dreams, wont it come in reality?
Should I remain in yesterday only and no way to cross that?
Like the never ending waiting and exam without a result
I too am left behind
Though I am running every side..
life keep saying to move aside?
I designed an App sir,
Ambulance Notification Service
The route which Ambulance travels can be intimated in advance
to the vehicles on that route through this App Sir.
So, with that Ambulance can reach hospital...
Why are you taking aside?
Ambulance is coming behind Sir
He'll be in his urgency and we have our own urgency,
go on
Ok sir.
World is going away from me, though Im increasing the pace
You open an hour or half an hour late in the morning
and whys this punctuality in closing?
We too should live bro, what do we getting selling on time?
Hey, Babji...
Whoever is in my position, the tag given
to him by this society is loser
Im a loser
My name is Vijay
Waiting when would the victory in my name come to me
Lets see when it comes bro, start now
You look to talk till morning if left free
Dont worry dude, youll get good days
Ask that to come on Sunday dude, Ill be free at home
Srinu, from America?
Hey, call from America...
- From Mr. Srinu it seems
Hey, its call from America and why
do you ask to take it light?
Hello Sir.
Vijji, brother
Vijji bro!
Whos it Sir?
Im Srinu
From where?
From America bar and restaurant
Please tell me.
Tomorrow is October 2nd and shop is closed
Ask if brother wants anything and inform.
Ok, see you
Thank you
Dad, that is...
Therell be fathers who lift and talk when friends call
Therell be fathers who lift and talk when girlfriends call
But when theres a call from bar
and told to find out what is needed uncle,
I think maybe I am that one and only father who spoke
That credit goes to you, only
Dad, nothing as such.
He has a special interest on me that's why he called.
Anyways, do I drink regularly...
just only when my mood isnt good
What if your mood is bad every day?
Dont you have the faith on me?
Should I give up drinking?
I clearly see in your eyes how difficult that is
Why would I do so much risk when
theres a call from the bar now?
Drink as much you want,
drink whenever you want to,
but dont drink with your money.
Whats that?
Hey, there isnt anyone for you than me
You should drink only with your money
Let me see what you do when there is no option
stop that
I bought I phone with one lakh and is not opening up
Its asking for something, please check it once.
Need E-mail Id
Hey brother in law,
go home urgently ask your sister and...
What did you ask for?
- E-mail Id
Yes, get that,
- ok?
How come he is asking to get the E-mail Id from home?
Like wheel chairs are given for the physically handicapped,
God gives life for few brainless people like this without brain.
You cool down, dude
Theres a function at home this evening
And you should take care of that channel matter
- What function?
Its 100 days since my sister
got a son and its hundred days function
Bro, program is starting in 10 minutes
- What program, bro?
(Plying song in Background)
Cut it! Extreme close
Extreme close?
- Yes Sir
Cut it! Cut! Extraordinary!
Sir, theres yet another close
- One more close?
You had it here first and then here,
then here and then out here
Further close means should the
face be kept in the camera and sung?
We even ordered dinner Sir?
Who did you ask and order?
But, I have so many formalities before eating
He looks like my type.
Do I look like someone eating
at 8:30 and sleep drinking milk at 9?
Sir, what happened?
Sir, work is worship for me till 7.
After that my world is different
Youve already eaten up two hours from that
If you still want to, here go on and
encourage new talent
There wont be so many shots even in Bahubali
Who is he..? He is looking towards me only...
Hello, excuse me...
If you dont mind and if you mind also...
- What?
I expected
I got a doubt when you were following
How much?
- Half
Oh no, high even in begging?
Very nice decent shirt, pant and got a good bike too
Will anyone kill if you dont drink now?
- Hello,
say what you want
youre asking me for what you need
and why do you again ask for what I need?
Ill buy what you need and you buy what I need
Why not buy what you need, yourself?
Drink whenever you want to,
but dont drink with your money
- Oh
I shouldnt drink with my money as per the word given to dad
- Yes
You can drink
Similarly I can drink with your money
Logic is good
How much?
Half even for me
- Ok
This is yours
- This is yours
No change of five
This is given by you yesterday,
give ten
- Cheers.
dude,darling, brother,
not like this crushed words...
- Glassmate
Its trendy.
Cheers Glassmate
- Cheers
Was that your job or in
only trials, doing that as part time?
You mean goal, ambition, awards and so on?
- Yes
Basically Im lyric writer cum singer
- Hey
Do they let me reach to that or what?
Since one year, there isnt any office lift I got into
with bag full of poetry and throat filled with tunes
Table is my instrument
(My name has no rest without seeing you...)
Your voice is good and theres stuff in you,
lets meet again
Hey, your voice is great and youve got good talent
- Thank you Sir
Hey, well catch up again
Not even a step ahead other than just these words
One fine night
this fellow changed my life
I got clarity just with a quarter
Those going into public are 2%
and those remaining in public are 98%
Weve been humming just those few
names from many years saying theyve achieved great feats.
At the most, one name adds up once in five years
Not much change than that
Not every guy dreaming will become Kalam
And the guy knowing this fact is clever like me
And the who continues to just dream, is a fool
Blessing of God to me is that Deevena (Blessing) channel
So, be practical and be happy
- sir
youre the singer from Deevena channel right Sir?
Your voice is great Sir.
You know, I wont sleep without listening to your song
Oh God,
Please dont say this to anyone.
Please leave from here
Youll make me get out even from that 98%, leave from here
Please go, a quarter will go waste
I understood seeing glow in that sad face
Only positive thing from my life is just her, Glassmate
Like a new flower just blossomed in the
garden of colorful flowers
Like a new color landing on the
earth when the seven colors got along happily as one
Like the cute lightening in between the clouds,
Like the raindrop painted in colors
Dont fill sweet tunes in the lonely heart and leave, my dear
I, who doesn't watch any other language film
Hey Moonlight love, come to me Urmila
Hey Moonlight love, come to me Urmila
Like a new flower just blossomed in the garden of colorful flowers
Like a new color landing on the earth
when the seven colors got along happily as one
When kajal is put on your eyes, wont the day turn into midnight?
When you smile slowly, heart gets disturbed with a feel
Like a single star comes down on
earth as a combination of millions of stars spread in sky
Looking at you the poet said Billions of stones are
waste for just one diamond.
Hey Moonlight love, come to me Urmila
Hey Moonlight love, come to me Urmila
Hey Conjuring
I will not come
Itll be super, Im saying right?
We all are with you right...!
Why are you getting scared..?
I will not come.
-I am getting scared
I wont come
(Watching movie in Theatre...)
It's me.
Lahari... your friends have booked tickets to book you.
Don't get scared... I am with you.
Dont scream
Basically, horror films are...
Then, why did you come?
Youre always seen with friends and finding you alone...
To express whats in my heart...
I didnt find a better place and better option than this
Did you watch Tholiprema film?
Which film did you come and which film are you asking about?
Please Lahari,
I came with great preparation
I saw four times
I saw 24 times
I just felt one thing every time I saw.
Why couldnt Pawan Kalyan say his feelings till the end
when he fell in love at first sight?
Why couldnt he say immediately after seeing her?
I didnt understand till I experienced it
Love isnt to say but being unable to say
Normally almost six to seven guys are
behind just an average girl
And you are above average
Im average and thus youre an angel for me
Im saying from bottom of my heart, Lahari
In this four months long travel,
maybe youre tired running in my heart,
but I never got tired for any second, any day
To live isnt to be alive till the end
to be with the girl whom we love more than the life
If you feel what I said is true and believe me,
Ill be with you till the end with the same love
Ill live with you and die
Hey beauty, dont walk so in the dreams
Hey beauty, dont walk so in the dreams
My heart cant bear if your foot is hurt
Dont talk so in a flow, my heart weeps if your lips are hurt.
Dont end the infinite space by hiding the blues in your looks
Come and step into my heart once
Like my life screams in joy
Hey Moonlight love, come to me Urmila
Is it her?
- Yes
Talk Glassmate.
Any Problem?
Love birds! Love birds!
no common sense too when drunk
I dont like drunkards at all
I never asked, do you drink?
No, I dont even like the smell
You know, I didnt speak for three
months when dad came home drunk once
Thats common,
they say so in the beginning. Later
theyd prepare an omelet and bring
Lift it Glassmate.
- Yes
Normal Sir..
-Move.. move.
can I blow?
Go, man
We drank heavily and not knowing how much
If you say the points, well leave with an idea
Go man, come on leave... coming on bicycle
Check that other vehicle.
The most burning problem is drunk
and drive and for that, this is the only solution
No license, no papers and no checking
And this is healthy and sound proof
None will know when we reach home
- Come on Glassmate.
Hi friends, Im Navaneetha
and am going to die in some time
Stop sister, listen to me
Not that Neethu
I cant Satya.
Ive already decided, please dont try stopping me
Then, why did you call us here?
I felt like seeing for one last time, is it wrong?
Usually someone else would call saying
some person is committing suicide like this
and if you call and say that I am committing
suicide and asking us to come, how does it feel?
its all over.
My life is ruined in between before and after relationship
Earlier he was around me pampering and now,
hes deciding about what I should wear at home too
Leave all that
He said Ill have my space forever and has occupied it all.
When I ask for my space, that idiot
cracks filthy jokes telling me to go to the space
No, I dont have patience and have decided
To die, right?
- Yes
How did you plan?
This! Youll just sleep 4 hours more, thats all
Just one cut!
This will be better, hold that hand tight
All the nerves should be come out.
Why are you crying..? You have decided to die, right!
If you really want to die, just die immediately darling
Dont call all like this and put up a show
-Not that darling.
Just shut up.
Is it written to dedicate your life just to him?
Isnt he letting you live as you like?
Hold his collar and question
Slap him saying he was
different from what he was before committing
But whats this thought like a helpless person ?
Im having to think to say that you are my friend
K. Swecha... 7 A, Rosary convent
Yeah - Hey, Im Lahari.
Did you recognize?
Lahari! Oh, hi
- You look the same
How are you?
- Im good
how are you?
-Im good.
How do you know each other?
In French class
Its like I wished to die so, for you to meet
Message to sisters phone
- Read it
Hi dear, heard you broke up. Dont worry
Im here... Suresh Akula
His friend
99 percent, these are almost the same.
Maybe the paths and vehicles are
different but the place they wish to reach is the same
They act different till they reach us.
But once they reach all of them behave the same.
There isnt any guy in this world
worthy enough for us to die, darling
Thats it
-Thank you!
What, should I remember you whenever I see this?
Came in the morning and you meet now?
I wished to meet as and when I came
I got late to finish a drama in between and come
Which drama?
- Leave it
How was sisters engagement?
- Superb
Love marriage,
but she converted perfectly like an arranged marriage
My brother in laws family are from
another community but none at home cared at all
So, there wont be any issue in our matter too.
My cutie pie
Good morning Sir
Come on say
Hello Sir, my name is...
This is not a temple to do Archana for us
to know your names.
This is a Corporate Office
If we like your idea whether we should sponsor your idea
or make the Company invest or we should ask you to leave
as quickly as you came,
is what we will decide.
Ok, go ahead
Moving restaurant! Major business in India is food business
We can have many profits through moving restaurant
Sir, moving restaurant is the best idea in
the recent business plans.
160 Crores periodic film Sir
We can start the set work if some
Corporate Company is setup
Without Bluetooth, if a chip is put here
we can cut the call and directly talk inside Sir
Good morning Sir
There isnt anything precious than life in this world Sir
There wont be a human not trying to save that
Irrespective of any trials, nothing
can be done in some situations
In those few situations, what I focused is... accidents
If someone meets an accident and though are in a condition
to call for Ambulance
or if someone calls up and informs, no problem
They can be saved to maximum level
When someone meets an accident and not conscious
and when none can see and inform about that,
I mean city outskirts...
While travelling from one place to other, especially late nights
many are losing lives with no
chance to say about the situation
Whos responsible for their lives Sir?
I worked out a device to send message to 108, 100
and nearby contacts without depending on any one, Sir
The App design...
Let him finish
- Whats in this to finish?
After getting into the car, as a beep comes up
when seat belt isnt fastened
and since the shirt shouldnt get folded,
I put seat belt from behind
Some dont even do that.
What do you say Bharat?
Helmet is just worn as theyd fine us,
but none has a tension about what would happen to us?
There are so many trying like you with similar ideas
But why were they not implemented? Because they are useless
So, instead of thinking about
public safety, think of something crazy for us to be safe,
I never gave so much explanation even
to my wife when I go home late.
that Vijays project is likely to work out, ok?
Handle with proper care, Okay!
Sure, Sir.
They haven't listened to the whole thing.
There wasnt any discussion at all, Glassmate.
He just finalized saying this wont work out
What do you want, brother?
I need nothing, go
Give some order, bro.
I need a plate of success.
Get it
Thats why Im saying Glassmate, become
a member in our practical club
Life will go peaceful. Dont waste time like that
Hows the watch Glassmate?
- How much does it cost?
Maybe around 12 to 13 thousand
- It would be good if so costly
Its good Glassmate.
- Lahari gifted it.
Forget, just be happy
Youre the bridge connecting my past
with no happiness to my future with full of happiness.
I love you
Ill beat up if you touch the phone again
Good, your guy seems to be a good feeler.
I too got a guy
Looks like he had four pegs and feel isnt being controlled
No way. He doesnt drink at all
You think such messages
are sent after meditation than after drinking?
No, he wont lie to me. I even asked him
One more, Glassmate
Did he send such messages before?
At what time?
Almost the same time
When a guy is awake at this time and sends messages
getting emotional about us means, he definitely drinks
Hes an alcoholic and hes also a liar
Oh, todays special! Whats this??
Mr. Ajay
- One minute Mr. Vijay
We have never tasted any item from this
They think that drunkards eat anything that put up.
- Mr. Ajay,
whatre you doing?
Today is our Waiter Srinivass birthday, Mr. Vijay.
Oh, its an occasion
Let's enjoy.
Happy birthday to you... Happy birthday Srinivas...
Hey, stop it!
Anyone would get a cake,
but none gets a gift and just come empty handed
Hey Srinivas,
I thought to buy I phone XS for you on this occasion
But, I didnt as you do not know how to use that
- Oh...!
I wished to buy Nike shoes for you, Srinivas
- Oh..!
But you arent Ussain Bolt, Srinivas
- Oh...!
I wished to buy Srimanthudu bicycle for you, Srinivas
- Oh...!
But, didnt buy as you cant pedal it here in Banjara Hills
and Jubilee Hills, Srinivas - Oh...!
Hey Srinivas, we brought something
more precious than all these
Happy birthday to you...
Happy birthday to you...
Happy birthday dear Srinivas
Wait a minute
What Swecha said is true,
Someone by name Micheal tagged in Facebook
Mike celebrating Srinus birthday at American
bar and restaurant with Vijay Krishna and others
Your boy friend.
Not even one guy is good.
you... wait.
One minute...wait
Hey... Lorry..
Youre unable to even take my name correctly
Srinivass birthday
- Whos Srinivas?
He works here, nice fellow
Oh, is this such a close place for you
that you are celebrating birthday of the guy working here?
Not that...
Not just saying you dont drink,
when asked few times about some smell coming from you,
he told me have drunk chickoo juice.
That is...
Did you put those messages after getting drunk?
Such a feel wont come if not drunk, right?
You are right... he is a liar.
all of a sudden knowing you dont like anyone drinking
and when you asked whether I drink...
I lied not to cause a problem for you
not knowing what exactly to say...
But not to hurt you
Hey, one minute
I was thinking to say someday and now...
Dont you know nothing is important to me than you?
This isnt any issue at all
Ok, I wont call you Lorry from now
Ill stop drinking
I wont stop at wines shop, even for a shelter when it rains
You may think this is not at all issue
But for me, it makes a lot difference
Because Im not so smart like all.
I dont know to think whether this is good, bad, right or wrong
I believe whatever is said easily
and this is my basic nature
So, and how much confidence will I have on you, whom I love?
far someone who depends on all for almost everything
without depending on any one and not asking anyone at all,
the only decision I took myself is that
you are the one and only one for me.
To prove that wrong dont let any
situation now to come in between us.
I won't let them come... trust me.
Give those bags first. I feel very uncomfortable to see
Ive reached the office. Where are you?
Alcohol consumption is injurious to health
Dont get run out, be good
Stay away from smoking
Rahul Dravid
Are you watching a film?
How long would it take?
I wont be coming to office from now.
I quit drinking. Im totally changed.
Ok, bye
Ive seen so many
What are these pipes, son?
Good morning officer.
-Good morning.
Drip irrigation system
- Drip?
Nothing dad, thered be a small device
and when soil dries out, water...
To make you understand in your language,
you dont need to carry the bucket upstairs now
Looks like it is a good thing.
It seems my brother in law is asking
my sister to get ready for going to Bangkok in car
No idea what he is...
This is Bharat here...
Sir, please tell me.
you approached before for a project, right?
Yes, sir.
I spoke to Boss and convinced him.
Can we catch up like on... Friday
Sure sir
Thank you Sir.
Catch you then.
-Ok sir, see you sir
- What son?
I am very lucky, right?
In which matter?
You won't object to whatever I do, right?
What son, it's looks like you are likely
to give some shock?
My, father... temple supervisor.
Hello, Uncle.
Dad, Lahari! I informed you, right?
Hello, dear.
What are those..?
Wedding cards.
Without saying a word to me, whats wedding?
- Uncle... My sister's wedding
Its confirmed, right?
We dont need to do anything, right?
-100% uncle
Come on dear, let's go to pray to god.
Son, in the past when two people like each other,
parents, money, caste,
religion and all these stood as reasons for separation.
Now, none of those are needed.
Just you, yourselves are enough
Either happiness or sorrow is in your hands
You should support each other and go ahead
Only then, Life is beautiful
How is it?
- Are you buying?
Just for selfie
Hes a good guy, Swecha.
He likes me a lot
You know, he even quit drinking for me
Yeah, perfect
If it is regarding dress you don't have to think,
but...we shall think a bit about what you just said
When he says he likes you so much,
he should have quit drinking immediately
upon knowing you dont like the same
But not after getting caught directly in bar
and is left with no other options
Simple logic, Lahari.
Hey, you too would get a good opinion
if you meet him once Swecha
Hey please dear,
I invited him for sisters reception to introduce
to my family members
We shall meet there
- let see.
Where are we going, Glassmate?
Will you go in this getup for girlfriends sisters reception?
Leave your look to me and Ill take care
- Yes
You know how much does each cost?
Its 25 to 30 thousand and our budget... is 2000
2000, oh... its very huge
What are you saying?
- Suit per song! I take from here
Just a thousand for 10 hours
- Rent?
Oh, shall we go to Raymonds then?
Not so Glassmate... no, please...
-See Glassmate...
Amitabh had to come and give an Ad for just
5 rupees Reynolds pen..Why?
Its marketing. Marketing is more important
Yes, Glassmate!
Looks like this is stitched just for you.
All would look at you, when you wear this
Hey Mike
A friend Aziz bro, reduce it a bit please
Hey Mike, what can I reduce in this rent?
Please bro
-Ok, give 800
Thank you bro
Hey Mike, careful about the suit
Im here
- Ok
Indu, your friends are here
-Thank you.
Madam, move aside. Side please
Whats this?
- Marketing.
No... buildup
- Both are the same
I dont need
- Dont need, cool
Thank you
Yes, Mike
Hello uncle
- What?
I have to stop eating rice!
Shall we move?
- Yes.
Nice dress
She asked ten times for you, where are you?
Function wont stop without me, right?
I am in some urgent work.
Her boyfriend came wearing a suit
Hed have lifted it from somewhere
Ok, cut the call
Dad, Vijay
Hello uncle
- Hello
Sister and mom
- Hello
- Hello
Let the coat be straight, whats this man?
Youre spoiling it. Whatre these hairs, come on put it stiff
You had to wear this for marriage and wearing it now?
Didnt you iron this?
Iron it see, it looks great
Let's move.
If you are caught you are finished.
Hi, hello - Hello
Come on...
Hey Mike!
Hey Mike! Oh no, you ruined the suit completely
You got your friend and asked to rent the suit.
I gave you for 800 instead of 1000. Its completely ruined now
You come to the shop in the morning.
Come to the shop and pay the total suit cost
You pay it all and go
Happy wedding!
Hey Mike, stop
All saw as you said.
You made all see
I said no.
Why didnt you listen?
Why did I listen?
What do I know that all problems in the world come into your
life for a picnic and settle permanently?
Why is it so bad, Glassmate?
Not bad but worst.
You took decision by yourself.
Now you know how it has turned out to be, right?
Lets decide whats right for you
Without even meeting him,
I got a clarity about him.
Still, why did you get such a guy?
They talked more about him and his coat at
the marriage than about your sister and brother in law
Whats his profession?
Hes working on a project
where and whats that project?
Dont know
Except that you know he loves you, dont you exactly
know about what he does ?
Shall I ask?
Like this with the same confidence and
without caring about anyone,
One person..saying no to all and believing
the beloved totally, married him
Both were very happy without any problems
They had a baby girl after two years
The same happiness
When it continued...
after few years suddenly one day...
what all husband said were lies
Wife came to know that he
was covering up saying business and cheating her
She questioned.
He argued as there wasnt an answer
Fights started in between them as they couldnt adjust
One fine day, they decided that they
dont need each other, applied for divorce and broke up
But their baby unable to say that
she needs both of them, just stood silently
She was twelve years then
Her name is K. Swecha, 7A
Taking TC from Rosary high school
she left with her mom
Small mistake and its effect
Basically you arent smart Lahari,
believe others easily
Taking advantage, he is behaving like this
Im sure, hes not the right choice for you
I hope you understand Lahari
Its better be clear in advance than to be troubled going ahead
Better, leave him Lahari
He? In yesterday's match when we won the toss
he was making a nuisance about choosing fielding or bowling
He doesn't listen when said both are the same.
I don't understand his tension
Show him fast to some Doctor guys
Excuse me ma'am...
Ill come by 4:30
Vijay, a small change
Sir is leaving to Mumbai this evening.
Shall we meet by 11?
Sir, in 10 minutes?
- Is it not possible?
Ill be there Sir
My son just bought yesterday Narayana, I phone XS
All these are common when
son is successful
What, is your son still on trials?
You should tell him strongly, Narayana
- Aaa
All the best
- Thanks dad.
Did I say strongly?
- Yes
I told you... Vijay, right?
Hello Sir
- Hello
Sir, that day my presentation just started...
- No, no
No need of all that
its alright
Im very thankful for sponsoring my project.
Vijay, one second
Take out the thought of sponsorship from your mind
Janardhan Sir just gave us single option
You're not proved.
So, if you handover the total project to us
along with patent rights,
we'll take it into the market
If that works out, we'll definitely consider your next idea
You can meet Sir, if you feel it is okay with you.
Whats this..? he came dress like we all are
going for a Pattaya package trip?
No manners at all?
Your thought process of living by stealing ideas of others...
You... don't have a right to talk about manners
Hey, what do you say now?
Now Ill play my own game.
Either a victory or defeat should be mine
You dont need to play on my behalf
Did I come so hurriedly to meet this guy?
- What?
Do you know what would happen if you oppose me..?
I have confidence on myself
Ill surely prove what I am
If there are any such idiotic proposals, ask in phone itself.
Waste of my time
Should meet once
Shall we meet tomorrow?
No, will meet now only.
I thought well.
How much ever I think,
I feel you arent correct for me
Taking another step ahead again saying no to all
I dont have the courage to face another situation
to prove my initial decision as wrong in your case
You told me you are doing project work with me
and when I saw you working in the TV service center,
I was almost done
You lying to me, I asking you
and then you convincing me
Once I come to know this is wrong
I fear that may get adjusted lifelong for a mistake
In future, we both shouldnt get a feeling to have gone wrong
by adjusting and getting locked up emotionally
lets stop this
lets make this relationship healthy.
And just support each other like good friends.
Have you said it all or did you forget anything still?
Healthy relationship
4 Days back after you texted saying to call me,
At least I texted you...?
I dont know to trouble you, Lahari.
I just know to like you
In my opinion our relationship is healthy.
I dont need to send it again to a gym
and make it stronger.
Saying friends before being in love is Ok.
After falling in love, being in a relationship
and imagining a whole life,
how if you say lets be good friends?
How does it make sense Lahari?
Seeing me at service center,
if youd questioned holding my collar...
like how you questioned that day coming to the bar...
That is you
When you took a decision by yourself without
asking even a word.. that isnt you.
Im doing project work and that is true.
I can prove in half an hour that the job is just temporary
But it wont stop there.
After a week, looking at my bike
you would question how do we go on this after marriage
For that I cant bring neighbors kids,
make one sit in my lap and the other in your lap
and give you a demo, Lahari
Because Im tired
Im anyways facing the same
situations in job
When I thought can be peaceful at least in love,
the same is repeating here and I dont have the patience
For me love means the confidence
Without that there is no love
In future if I get Taj Mahal built like Shajahan,
youd say labor built that and how
does your love be seen in that
So, no!
Lets stop
The fear to be convinced lifelong isnt just for you,
I too have the fear that I may have to
live lifelong convincing you.
Dont think and just fix to that
Im leaving
Its been very long since youre gone
What is it suddenly...
Mom, sent me with Sister
Are you ok?
Yes, Im alright
New place... new life.
Better to be the same.
Dont complicate life again with calls and messages
Ok, Ill call you later.
Why dream for people like you without a dedication?
I unnecessarily spoke directly with CEO
Not knowing youre so careless
Just the Facebook and WhatsApp?
Dont you have a habit to check mails?
You approached saying project and is it done when said no?
I checked mail
will come with bag and files and meet you
What will happen?
Its almost like coming out as usual with a no, right?
Then you...
- No please
Thank you for talking to CEO for me
Im sorry as I dont have the
patience to answer your questions
I never want to see your face again
- No problem.
She always goes with her head bent and
I felt its enough she lifts her head just for once.
She lifted her head and felt that
it would be enough if she smiles.
She smiled,
spoke and when I said Love you,
she said love you too.
And when I thought my whole life is with her,
she bent her head down again.
When she likes to bend her head for someone, she shouldnt
have lifted her head for me, Glassmate.
Love is like the hair on head
If it wants to be remain, itll be strong
even when sample soap is used
Once it decides to go,
no use even if shampoo worth a Lakh is used
So, hair and love arent in our hands
When she said beard looks good on me,
I felt something good.
Now, I understood she gave hint that
Ill need it in the future.
My darling is calling..
Hello darling...
came out. Hello, hello
Hello darling...
What happened...?
Mr. Ajay,
what happened?
I called 20 times from morning,
she didnt lift
She called once and hung up before I spoke
What do you think happened?
- Come here
Come, come Mr. Ajay.
Welcome to the hot seat.
-Thank you.
You know the difference between
their love and ours?
They finish all works and love us
when theyre free
But we put aside all works and
make it our job to love them
My baby is different, Mr. Vijay
Ill take care
Now, you are you
Think Im your baby
My baby wont drink
She may have not informed you
Call your baby and ask whether she ate?
Babys phone is ringing
- Oh
Hello Baby
- Say dear
Baby, did you eat?
- No dear
No, why?
Im don't feel like eating.
Why you don't feel like eating, dear?
Im not hungry
Why are you not hungry, Baby?
How do I tell you?
Its a problem if you are like this.
I mean, you wont get sleep without eating
Then you come and sing a song.
I'll sleep.
What did I Say, Baby?
Shall I order country chicken
and other dishes from Rayalaseema Ruchulu?
You first cut the phone, please
Now for a change,
your Baby will call and ask whether you ate..?
Phone is ringing
Hey no!
- Hey
Hey, Mr. Ajay... cute boy.
Did you eat?
- Yes, I ate Baby
Say the truth
I didnt eat
Then why did you say lie that you ate.
I mean, they may feel bad and hence.
That means, we are understanding their pain and their love too
They neither understand our pain nor our love
Hey, well said... well said...
well said...
I feel like singing.
About the girl?
No way
About love?
Why would I sing about non existing love, Glassmate?
Then about what?
About us
Come on boys!
Classmates only till school age
Roommates only till rent is paid
Classmates only till school age
Roommates only till rent is paid
Officemates only till the weekend
Soul mates only till the life ends
Real relationship is the one that never ends and bends...
Glassmates... We are Galssmates...
Sweet sounding Glassmates
Glassmates... We are Galssmates...
Sweet sounding Glassmates
Let the rate of cereals go up.. go up..
Let salt rate go up.. go up..
Let Petrol rate come down.. come down...
Let any party lose or win... win..
Let the snacks be fresh
Let our ice be chilled
Let our munching be good
Let our glass be full
Lets drown our heart in that
Glassmates... We are Galssmates...
Sweet sounding Glassmates
Glassmates... We are Galssmates...
Sweet sounding Glassmates
Sweet sound of Glassmates, great when a sip is had
Let Trump give us VISAs or not
Let pump water come daily or not
Let them sell buy one, get one or not
Let new model come or not for I Phone
Let our Beer be overflowing
Let our bar be in full rush
Let this sip continue
Let this kick be shaking
What more do we need from the
world when we have this?
Glassmates... We are Galssmates...
Sweet sounding Glassmates
Glassmates... We are Galssmates...
Sweet sounding Glassmates
Were all Glassmates
Dad, didnt you still sleep
Wash your hands and eat
Enough dad
Eat slowly, Ill get you an omelet
There should be confidence
and why when it isnt there?
Thus, I let her go
Met her just an year back.
To the person who left in the middle...
To her only... in phone and messages, every time
I met, I have said I love you so many times, dad
Though mom died,
not letting the thought that it would have
been good if she was alive,
supporting me every time Im losing,
finally when I come home drunk instead of scolding,
for serving food and making omelet,
I should be telling you I love you, right dad?
I love you dad,
I love you peaks,
I love you more than Himalayas
Shall I serve some more rice?
Im getting to cry..
You said not to cry when I was a child.
No love and no project from now
My WhatsApp status from tomorrow is, My dad is my hero
Thats it
Good night.
Im not saying to point finger at you by saying
that my son is settled well and is earning a Lakh, Narayana
Colony people are talking bad about your son.
It seems all are saying, love failure
and comes home drunk every day,
Viswa informed me
If you leave him like this, hell be fit for nothing
Ok, Ill ask my son to put him in some job
Ask him to do.
- This too is for you
What happened, whys he crying?
- Hes watching Cartoon channel.
Power is gone now.
Ive been asking you to arrange for an inverter since long.
You never listen to me and said power
never goes in our area
See what happened now.
Go and make him stop crying.
Whatre you talking with an Electrical Engineer at home?
No, no!
When Im using electrical appliances,
I have to use rubber chappals
Dad, you know what?
Rubber chappals are the bad conductors of electricity
Your son is also an Engineer, right?
Dear, wait a minute
phase on
Phase one is on.
Voltage, ok
Come on, wait dear
Hey, wait a minute..the power will come.
What happened, dad?
I switched on AC and I think it tripped
What are you doing here?
Where is the main board?
Hey look, TV is on
Wherever it trips in the house,
it trips even in the main board
Its a waste to correct wherever,
without correcting in the main board
This is basic
- Yes, mom
Son, one minute
Uncle is feeling a lot about you
As youre becoming unfit, it seems
he would ask his son to get you a right job
What it means...?
That means..
A guy knowing the basic that problem wont be solved
unless corrected there,
cant he correct his own life, Krishna Rao?
Son, where do you regularly drink?
No problem, tell my son. Uncle is feeling very bad
America Bar
- And restaurant
That guy had called once, right?
Krishna Rao, my son drinks there
Son, if they close that bar where will you go?
Going ahead, theres Madhusala...
A guy knowing where to go ahead
if just incase drink is not available here...
You mean to say he doesnt know
that life shouldnt stop because of a girl and go ahead?
Yes, my sons love also failed, thats correct
Instead to just sit thinking, investing
the time he thinks about girl over the chances...
Doesn't he know that he should overtake all those
who left him by saying no..and make a come back?
Nothing is important than career,
when required importance is given to that,
it automatically gives us the importance we need
You mean, he doesnt know this?
Is it an order that given on Swiggy that has to reach
in an hour sitting at home, Krishna Rao?
Success, it takes time
What son, dont you know this?
Looks like you just got up, go and get fresh
Hello Madam, I need to discuss with you about
the project and if you give two minutes time
Please, please.
I am very... very sorry, madam
If you give me two minute of time I'll explain myself.
No problem, be seated
By the time you eat the sandwich and leave,
Ill say what I should say and leave
Whats his name,
the guy who moves around in clean shave like he may die
if not cleanly shaved everyday in the morning?
Yes, Janardhan!
Saying a beep comes up if seat belt isnt worn and thus keeps it
from his back and that this project is useless
And finally telling me to handover the same
project to another company and we will take it into the market,
is what they proposed.
Nine out of every ten members everywhere are like that
Not responding when I mailed,
you come up suddenly now and are talking all this
Still, whats the confidence that
youre serious about your project?
First time when I gave you the presentation,
I felt you would definitely encourage even
if there was a bit of chance
I could visualize
Thats called confidence in my view.
(Song Humming...)
Hello sister,
How are you?
Very bad, what can you do?
Sorry sister
I spoke to Sir.. and am coming to Mumbai on a project work
Ill email you the details, ok?
Coming to Mumbai! Ok sister.
Talaivar(Leader)! Whys she coming to Mumbai?
Why you throwing me into troubled water
Hey, miser... shut up
Tell me, Mom.
Did you eat?
No other work,
dont I know?
Its very late
Ill call you again.
Why are you talking like that to your Mom...?
My mom and not yours, right?
Core point is safety of life, right..?
Yes sir
What more is more valuable than life?
I think you guys have to work on it
Kind of a demo...
Yes, thats possible
Yes, we can do that, Sir.
We will arrange a demo, Sir.
If rest of the board of Directors feels this positive,
then well be able to take a call
- Sure Sir
Yes, Sir.
Lets see
You may have to stay here for a week
Week! Sir
Can you speed it up like in one day..
they are far from South India...
Thats ok Sir,
we can stay back for a week
One week!
Thank you so much... without your help...
Sister...One week stay in Mumbai,
You guys can book room in Oyo
Your house is ok.
My house, no it's very congested. you both won't comfortably...
Hello, were not here for a honeymoon
to open the window and enjoy nature
Why to open window for honeymoon...
we should be strong.
Janardan is one of the Board of Directors
we need his approval also.
Definitely, he tries to stop the project.
We have to be focused.
Dont worry, Im clear.
Nice painting.
We didnt have lunch too and am very hungry
Sorry sister, morning gas cylinder over.
Forgot to order new one
You guys wash face and eat outside
Im on diet, only hot water
I dont have energy
- It is nearby
Just beside...
Better, just order in Zomato
Zomato! Sister, you didnt see the video?
Delivery guy eating on the way
Damn! Its so...
Eat outside and safe
Just order
I want one butter chicken, one Naan,
one large fries and one big Mac, ok?
Coming to Bombay and eating no sea food...not correct ?
One fish fry and one crab masala
Why so serious?
Wont you eat?
- Ill eat a bit late
Why youre not eating
Im dieting
What a moment!
Full moon, in the middle of sea, in the boat like that
It feels awesome just seeing in painting.
And if thats experienced...
This is...
This isnt the placement for painting...
Oh, no...
Do you know how much the room rent is?
10000 Bucks
Not even steps will come for 10000.
Its 40000 bucks
This is Mumbai.
You know, Europe is cheaper than Mumbai
You guys ate food now
It is 7400 bill
That money is my food for 20 days. 20 days!
Then tell her directly, dude
I cant
Like GST,
its HS HST..?
Help service tax
- Oh
She helped and I got job dude
If I say anything, shell say
because of me, you are eating, because of me,
you are sleeping, because of me you are go to toilet
And now you forgot everything
Then, why are you calling sister, dude?
Hah, if I dont call her sister shell think Im
also trying for her, dude
Basically shes very cynic dude, extremely negative
One day her mom called, ok.
Basic question, did you eat and she shouted, dont you know
I said its your mother and she said...
She said its my mom and not yours
Yes, you are also affected
Shes very serious, dude
In Robo 2, shes like the bird king
Negative Aura
She went to Mumbai along with that Vijay
Is it..! then what's our plan?
Let's see what they will do first...
For the project to be finally okayed,
our approval too is required.
We wont do it, right?
- Why so much of sadism Sir?
Basic nature Bharat, howll it go?
- Yes
You dont trust anyone including you.
I mean, why this person particular?
My confidence isnt on the person, its his idea
Because I personally connected to it
Ok, your wifi.. your connection...
Tomorrow you go and get the information...
Why you dull, dude?
My love story ended in Hyderabad Metro, dude
Hey, my new love story will start in Mumbai Metro dude
One girl is looking at me only
Hey, country fellow!
Dont turn back immediately, dude
Turn slow, turn slowly
Hes my friend
Why is she looking at you also, dude?
Shes my girlfriend, dude.
What the... What are you talking dude?
Should I go talk to her dude?
Huh! No dude
Breakup no!
In Dalapathi, Rajinikanth...
Then why this fellow asking me, dude?
Hey bro, whom are you talking to?
- Hey idiot, get out
How are you?
- You said its long that I am gone.
Why did you come now?
I came till Mumbai as TV in his house is under repair
Youll anyways not believe if I say I came for the project
Hey, station is here. Come on, dude
What dude?
Poor girl will go alone dude
- Hey over action,
Ill go alone dude
Hey, hey...
You super good film lovers wont change.
Sister wouldve come for pickup.
instead of seeing you when you want to,
when Im seeing you when you dont want me,
Im understanding more about what love is.
Hey, whatre you talking dude?
Same girl!
Hey, tell the truth.
You came for Mumbai project or love
Project, I know dude. But love, I dont know
To whom are you telling stories...
This project wont work sister, time waste .
What do you know about this Project..?
Have some common sense man
My one week meal... finished in one minute.
Why... all this to me...?
Multiplex is money waste... single screen is better.
Baba's count starts now....
At least there is not single rupee in your wallet... why?
-Cute boy.
Yes, Dad..
Work will finish with in 4 days
How was the response..?
Everything is positive
and the rest is final demo
Back to Hyderabad once thats done
Hey, youve to shave the beard dude.
Tomorrow there is a Presentation...
No dude, my girl likes my beard
But, you said breakup
Hah, my situation is...
- Speak in Telugu dude, Ill manage
Your English is worst than mine.
Door can be closed knowing that shes completely gone
It can be kept open, if theres a hope that she would come.
My situation is like, door open for breeze
Close, open... Close, open, keep on
hitting making sounds, dude
Will you stop that?
All boys love is fake.
All acting
We dont need to think much to judge you
Come sir...
What are you doing?
I am asking you...
-Trust me please...
One minute.
Whats all these?
You said its great, seeing in painting right?
How if you dont experience it?
Its right
Come on, lets go back.
- Arent you excited?
Lets go back
Well get a good view going a bit ahead
Lets go back
What felt great seeing in the painting
you got frightened seeing the same from close, right?
Very simple!
It isnt correct to judge something right or wrong not
watching from close but just seeing from far.
Our love is acting, huh!
Love is like a war tactic.
All the boys are like soldiers.
They just know how to enter in, but once
they enter none know how to get out of that
That's why, whether shes there or not, as and
when I remember her I keep saying whatever I feel
Theres a positivity even in you and
thus have brought me so far
It would be good if you are like this in everything
Do you smile?
Hey, come on...
Whats this sudden change?
I got a guy
No way, he doesnt have that much of a scene
Good guy
Still, who would love me?
Even if loved, maximum for two days
and will run away then
How are you?
Talking about love I suddenly remembered.
In your boyfriends matter, without knowing complete
facts I said he was a wrong choice...
Did I judge so?
Whyre you asking so?
Nothing, you know him better than me right?
If I did wrong
guilty feel would remain
Just rethink it once...
Are you here..?
Shall we meet once?
Share the location
Okay, Bye.
Hey, you stay here and smile
Ill go postpone the interview for tomorrow.
Hey, move
Go ahead...
Accident alert system.
An App design to save lives.
Let's get into the details.
When any vehicle we travel meets with accident and
those travelling in that are in unconscious state,
this device connected to car OBA port identifies engine speed
suddenly dropping and passes information to..
Accident alert App in our mobile
through Engine control unit.
Through GPRS along with already configured contacts
message is passed to the nearby hospital,
Police station and blood banks immediately and thus this device is useful
to save lives of many in helpless state without anyones help.
Any doubts, any questions?
But the purpose of airbags is also the same
Correct Sir,
there are so many cases of death
even when airbags are deployed
As per statistics, main reason for 90% cases to fail is late
communication and Solution for that problem is this device
Sir, his concept is that communication goes through
device without depending on anyone
that device completely depends on mobile
Whats the situation if mobile is switched off by chance?
No, I dont see it as an issue at all
Power banks and chargers,
we...all carry these with us right?
More than Its become
more important that mobile is always on.
I dont see it an issue,
why would they switch off?
No need to be off,
what if mobile falls down in accident and gets crushed?
Chances are there, right?
- But, but Sir
Sir, actually not that
You carry on
-There are very less chances Sir
Whyre you trying to highlight that?
It can help majority of the cases Sir
Would we let go others as we cant save a few?
Sir, we are living in a society, where people are
fasting on roads..when feelings are hurt
If a life is gone because of his device,
well have to go around courts for lifelong
Even our Companys reputation would be gone
Sir, please give us some time. We can sort it out
It wont get sorted even if lifetime is taken, Sir
Were all talking here,
but he is calm.
Why Sir?
Hes an expert in accepting failures, Sir
When he met me in Hyderabad, I said there were loop holes
and will talk to Sir and get a sponsorship if corrected, Sir
What he said was...
What do I know and that he has
confidence on himself and left insulting me, Sir
What Bharat?
- Yes Sir
His track record is superb Sir
All failures and destruction when he touches
Losing is a well-known art for him
Actually, its better he joins as a
mechanic in TV shop putting aside these devices
Rejected piece
Vijay, leave him Vijay
Leave him
- Sir
Frustrated fellow
If youve an answer, then answer
Whats this?
When you wanted your thoughts to reach all
It isnt just the talent Vijay.
You need character,
and above all, patience is very important
If you dont possess any of these qualities,
However talented you are, I dont care
Get out from here
Come... come...
Why dont you atleast tell.
I tried sister
Why are you here?
Vijays girlfriend
Vijay, Im really sorry.
This distance between both of you is due to me
bacause I told her you arent correct.
It's not her mistake.
All this is because of me and I...
she left when you told her too
and came back when you told her again
Will she be gone if Murugan says tomorrow again?
Not that Jay
I wouldnt have felt so bad if youd gone leaving me by yourself
Youve killed me
- Please
Not just you!
Even if Sun rises from all four sides,
my life doesnt get even a small light
Because, Im the care of address for darkness
Im a rejected piece
What happened..?
Alekhya... Alekhya baby, just turn around
Alekhya, listen to me
Where are you looking...?
Alekhya look here
Why dont you listen to me?
whyre you forcing?
Turn if you wish to turn
Smile if you want to and cry if you wish to
Do whatever you wish to do
Do what you wish to do
Youll become like me by listening to all Tom dick and harry.
Your life isnt more important to anyone else than you
Enough, stop it now Glassmate.
Why unnecessarily?
Come son... lets go.
Son, come on
- where to dad...?
How much more long?
When Im always at the starting line
even when I run so much,why should I run dad?
When Im at the bottom even after repeated
trials to develop, why should I think to develop dad?
My confidence is dead
I dont have the patience now to take even one step ahead, dad
That TV service job is correct for me
A thirsty guy like me should drink
whatever I get, but how if I wish for Elixir?
Leave it
Leave it, means?
You dont understand even if I say, dad
It is you who is not understanding, son
In my generation, that is the dads
when we were like you sons,
when something gets spoilt,
would somehow set it right and go ahead with the same
But in your generation, that is you
When a thing, a person, or a dream isnt good, you leave it
and go in search of something else
If you keep letting go everything like this,
whatre you finally left with other than empty hands?
How will letting something go
when theres a problem... be the solution?
How is that a solution?
When some guy questioned about
a mistake in what you did, answer if you know it
If you dont know, get to know that.
There isnt any bigger achievement
than to know about your own mistake.
I carried that Lord so many times on my shoulders thinking
he would take my burden in my heart at least for once
But I didnt know that my pain is
heavier than the burden even that God can take up
What son ? you want to work in tv services center?
However thirsty we are, we cant wet
throat with tears, right son?
I know you have a habit to let go anything
and letting go my word isnt that difficult for you
Leave it
To lose isnt to stop
It means getting a chance to fight back strongly.
Can the space be touched without taking steps one by one?
Can an infant run without falling down and standing up again?
Will a great sea bow down unless we drown and float back again?
Can a candle drive out the darkness unless it melts down?
Victory is simple, never leave your practice in between
Trial is the first success
Trial is our weapon.
Trial is the first success
Trial is our weapon.
Though stones block your way ahead
We should make that as a step and climb up.
Though blood sheds in the fight on
You should feel it writes your history as the ink
When you step ahead, your practice should go on
Trial is the first success
Trial is our weapon.
To lose isnt to stop
It means getting a chance to fight back strongly.
I thought to share one matter with you so many times,
but I couldnt
Im saying now as it may remain
forever just in me, if I dont say at least now
You are the inspiration behind this device
In the days when I was in the burden
of thinking why I was failing in everything,
one year back when I was returning from Science seminar,
I saw a car that met with accident on the roadside.
It was you when I went close and looked.
You were unconscious.
I felt frightened.
I looked around and there was none.
I could get you out and take to hospital in half an hour.
I still remember pace of my heart beat till the
Doctor came and said you were out of danger.
I felt that second, what if you hadnt seen
and not taken to hospital
what would have been your situation
At the place where I approached for
the project which I designed because of you,
when I saw you again,
I felt like telling you about what happened.
the thought something may go wrong
if I say about my help with no expectations,
didnt let me say it to you.
You should save the thought I got by saving you.
What are you talking? Where are you Vijay?
I connected the sim directly with the device
and no need of mobile.
Vijay, one second! Listen to me
Better to put all these devices aside
and join as mechanic in a TV shop.
Rejected piece!
I feel you arent correct for me
How will letting something go
when theres a problem... be the solution?
How is that a solution?
Hello control room
What is all these..?
You know about who am I talking this morning.
Vijay Krishna, the latest sensation of the city
Some say what he did is correct,
some say wrong and some said is it necessary.
Many versions as such are being heard.
But whats correct and whats wrong? Only time will tell.
Lets wait and see.
All the multinational automobile
manufacturers are interested in Vijays idea.
And the patent rights belong to Vijay
and its reach will be in an unexpected range.
Breaking News...
To prove that his project would help saving
many lives if project goes into the public,
though theres a strong reason behind what Vijaya Krishna did,
court is treating that as a crime.
Will he get the result for what he did by risking his life?
Or will the court punish him by denying his actions?
Your honor! Government property damage,
car theft, rash driving and negligence,
electric pole collision and the biggest crime
than all these is 309 suicide attempt...
Filed case reports on your desk your honor
Vijay Krishna,
you wish to say anything to the court?
I didnt know till Sir said that so many
cases will be filed on me, madam
I should have studied even Law along with Engineering
I won over death too, what more now?
Victory in my name came into my life
I felt I would be on a stage amidst praises
and claps after I recover
I didnt expect this at all, your honor
My intention is very genuine
I did all this just to prove my project works out
What to prove?
Didnt a bus conductor become Superstar?
Didnt a Tea shop man become Prime Minister?
Didnt a guy start KFC after hes 60 years old?
Patience, one needs patience
Youre just another reckless and
impatient youngster. Thats it!
After these facebook and Twitter came up,
we dont understand why and how
someone is becoming a hero, your honor
He already is feeling like a hero and
he is treating his act as heroism
Whats the guarantee that few more
do the same crazy thing and die?
We should stop him right here, your honor
Unless he is punished for not knowing value of his life
and his project banned,
we cant stop such stupid acts your honor
Whatre you saying sir...?
whats this justice?
When he did so much risking his life...
-whats this Sir?
He didnt murder your honor, he wished to do some good
How can he say so, Sir? Whats his mistake?
We wont agree with this
What is this your honour... Is this court or any Assembly?
The court is adjourned
Only you can save the thought that
came to you by saving me
Be strong
Don't worry... nothing will happen
If you are arrested also it is okay.
If you do not succeed also, it's okay.
Whatever it maybe, I will be with you.
Im Vijays father
You said what if he dies, right Sir?
No problem Sir.
What more can be pride for a father
if a hundred people will live even if he dies, Sir?
Anything else?
I wasnt so afraid even when I saw death
from so close, your honor
I was more frightened than that,
when Sir just told me to stop.
We dont rest till we say what we wish
to when our team loses just a Cricket match.
And my dad who encouraged and
supported me every time as and when I failed.. will stop.
Many fathers having sons like me would stop
People like Swecha who wish none should be in a condition
she faced and supported me in this project will stop
Studies means Job, salary.. to think only that is not life..
Students like me who feel that the trials we make from the
education we learn will be useful for a few,
lot of students like me will stop.
What will you do Sir?
Youll arrest and push me in jail, right?
Jail isnt new to me, Sir
My first failure was a jail,
second failure was a jail
Every time I failed was a jail for me
When I tried to get out of the jail,
I learnt only one thing.. your honor
To fail is a luck
Failure is the best teacher
Only failure shows us what we are
Just the failure gives courage to risk anything
When a guy winning forever wins, its headlines
But when a guy always losing wins, it is history
If the Wright brothers who invented the flight, had feared
that cases will be filed, made to stand in the court
if something had happened when
they went into the air to prove themselves
Would there have been any the flights today?
We cant be patient always Sir, at times theres no way out
Dont I know the value of life?
My project is to say that nothing is more
valuable than life, your honor
My journey, starting with a question,what success is...
now came and stopped
at the same question
Im expecting a right answer your honor, a right answer
Mr. Purushotham
Your honor
You want to...
Nothing to say your honor
The path you chose to prove yourself isnt correct
But your intention is genuine
Court doesnt have any objection on your project
Asking to repay the loss caused to the public properties,
forgiving Vijaya Krishna with
a last and final warning, the court is releasing him
Please... please...
Excuse me...
First time in life when climbing down each step,
I feel like Im going up
I think this is called success
Court gave a judgment saying no objections
for Vijay Krishna's project
Oberoi group of companies is sponsoring Vijay Krishna's
project and is launching the product into market
Thank you, Sir.
Action, Sir.
Not everyone who dreams will be Kalam
If Kalam thought so, he too may
have remained a common man like me.
Sorry, Sir.
My goal is different.
I am quitting this job.