Chocolat (1988) Movie Script

I saw you walking...
Can I drop you off somewhere?
No thanks, I'm strolling.
Hey! We're talking Africa here.
It's too hot to stroll... Hop in,
I'll drive you. Hop in!
It's my son.
Where are you heading?
To Limb.
You a tourist?
Sort of.
Where do I drop you off?
The bus station, please.
Are you broke?
No... but I didn't feel
like taking a cab.
Going native, huh?
You from Limb?
Thanks again.
Are you going to Douala?
The next bus leaves in an hour.
It's a bummer, c'mon,
I'm going to Douala too.
What's your name?
"Vive la France!"
Next year, I'll broaden this road.
France, stay close by.
- Here's my riddle.
- Yes.
"At the edge of the track,
a black thread."
"Sprightly ant."
The best is, the brakes on this
crate have been dead for ages!
You're going to kill us!
Darling, it's merely a question
of safety.
Slowing down definitely
means accident!
Look, no feet, isn't it...
- Marc! Please...
- Well, that's the way it is!
We're going.
- I made you a coffee.
- No, thank you, it's too late.
- Everything's ready, Gov'ner.
- Alright.
See you in ten days.
Don't forget to write Grandma.
Marc, should I order
these books from Paris?
- Etienne, secure the donkey's girth.
- Done!
Last time we lost half
the coffee rations!
- You were saying ?
- Never mind.
No kiss?
You'll do just fine without me,
M'am Gov'ner.
Don't forget to visit
the Norwegians.
Thanks, Prote. I entrust them
to you. Take good care of them.
You can serve coffee now,
and then it's nap time.
You're not in bed?
You'll see, you're going
to turn black
and your father is going to shout!
"Kur Wess"
Kurt Weiss!
Kurt Weiss.
Did the Germans lose the war
in France too?
Oh yes, everywhere.
Do you think we'll be buried here?
Would you like a citronella, Madam?
No... no thank you Prote,
not tonight.
I'm turning in,
switch off the lights...
Good night.
Good night, Madam.
Listen, Dieudonn.
"If the King had given me",
no, wait...
"If the King had..."
"If the King had given me
Paris his great city"
"But without my love with me"
"I would say to King Henri
Take back Paris your city"
"My 'half' is far greater to me.
Oh yea..."
- Oh! What's "my half"?
- My half is...
My half.
"...and the money for Aunt Minni,"
"without forgetting to send you 3000
francs soon for Citabella's wedding."
"I'm expecting a letter from you, but
as one says: no news is good news."
"Dear Parents, I leave you wishing
you a long and healthy life."
"God bless you. Your devoted son".
Quickly Prote, we must go now!
Prote, must go now!
Must go now!
Must go now!
As you wish, M'am Gov'ner.
Who's that letter for?
For my fiance.
It's hot.
...did you spice it?
Come, quickly.
Is it the hyena?
...I think so...
Don't move,
don't be afraid.
Stay here, I'll be back.
I'm here, Madam.
Where the hell were you?
I've been calling you for an hour.
Didn't you hear the hyena?
Come in!
Come on in!
It should be here...
I'm sure Marc keeps it here...
What about the bullets, Madam?
Where are you going?
To check around the house,
Stay with me.
Settle down here.
The bloody animal
can come in at any time.
Go to sleep now.
Good night, Madam.
Thank you, Prote.
What's he saying?
For two months,
lions have been attacking herds.
Tell him I'll organize beats.
He says white men's beats
are no good,
man must hunt the lion
with a knife
and with arrows, Freeboy.
Thank you for coming.
After the panthers, the hyenas...
you really have a knack
for troubles, Nansen.
Seems they really have
a soft spot for you...
But it's God's will, isn't it?
Maybe, but I brought you food.
Thank you very much.
Come and have a cup of tea.
Hello Martha, are you well?
Honestly, Nansen, I don't know
what keeps you here.
Look at your wife, she's at her
wits end. You must leave!
But I must evangelize the natives,
I'm a Soldier of God!
Everything's fine, everything's fine!
You are totally zany, Nansen.
France! Prote! We're leaving.
Enoch, it's over!
Yorkshire pudding, custard cream,
boiled meat, stop!
Explain to him, Prote...
Madam says not took cook again
Yorkshire pudding for this house again.
Enough! Understand?
And this book, there must
be hundreds of recipes in there!
I want French cuisine! Varied!
Pasta, salads, do you understand?
Madame say to cook French food.
Madam, Enoch can't read.
You're kidding, he's always
got his nose in his book!
Oh, inspiration!
I call the great spirit of cooking to make
me think and cook good dinner.
He's going to drive me crazy.
Madame, wait! Everyday you shout.
I am a good cook.
This time it done too much.
Me, I'm not gonna work
for this house again.
What's the matter with him?
He says he doesn't
want to cook anymore.
You say he's a bad chef.
And you never stop yelling at him,
like his first wife.
As soon as the Massa turns his back,
you all take advantage!
I'll talk with Massa about this mess
when he's back. Understand?
Fed up! I'm fed up!
Pull all this out,
alright Robespierre?
But not the tomatoes, Madam?
No, not the tomatoes, the weeds.
We have visitors!
Ma'm Gov'ner! Ma'm Gov'ner!
Ma'm Gov'ner! There's people
arriving, many of them...
come, come, come there!
They're there!
Jonathan Boothby!
It's tonight or never!
Very english!
- E cook english food?
- Yes.
Like Yorkshire pudding?
Perfect! Or... or...
Madame, we don't have enough meat.
- Enough meat...
- Yes, for cook job for this man.
Listen Enoch, I don't understand
what you're talking about...
Come along.
I'm thirsty!
Yes, Massa. But maybe you can have
your bath first sir. The water is ready.
- Nevermind all that. I want my tea.
- Yes, sir.
Hurry up!
Don't forget the port,
I'll take care of the wine...
What else?
Oh yes! Red sash, and take
your shower at the last minute.
Madam, the Englishman
is wearing his tuxedo!
Oh no!
Here, give this to Marie-Jeanne.
A quick press will do.
Madam, shall I serve the drinks?
Wait... come in!
Come closer.
Help me Prote, would you?
Help me.
You're crazy, Jonathan!
You're a born dancer. Really!
I didn't know it.
Occasions are rare here, you know.
Don't you like to be on your own?
Solitude, Aime.
Me? To be alone I have
to be in the shower.
I'm so glad to be here.
Look Jonathan...
What does it say?
"This house is
the last house on earth."
The German administrator who
inscribed this phrase is buried here.
Very romantic.
Marc is a dreamer, you know...
He loves this land. The people,
insects, everything...
Does he still keep
his bloody bororo diaries?
Marc and his notebook.
They say this administrator
was killed by one of his Boys...
Last time I came here,
you were away.
Mark and I, we talked...
God, we did drink...
In the morning, we were so close,
do you understand? close we slept together.
Tonight I feel bizarre.
Because I have that same feeling
with you Aime...
I think... there's a...
spell on this house.
You're tipsy, Jonathan.
It's a lovely word.
You're right. I gotta sleep now.
I'm leaving at dawn...
- Good night!
- Good night, Jonathan!
- Jarek!
- Yes, sir!
Lend my your arm,
I'm a little bit tipsy.
- What's that?
- Your fruit sort, sir.
The Queen of England is ugly.
If he has a hairy back,
he has a hairy bottom!
Things running off as you pass.
Things jumping off in the grass.
Your Englishman is better
looking when he's dressed!
Hey, he's not my Englishman!
Did you see his legs, honey?
They look like twigs!
I'm sleepy.
Is that you Prote?
I'm waiting to turn
the generator off, Madam.
The ticks are going
to eat your feet!
- Here's my riddle.
- Yes.
"A charming young girl,"
"weaves children
'round her neck."
"The papaya tree."
- Where are they going?
- Towards the Benou.
Did you see other herds?
Many and coming from the north.
They're certainly heading
for the Benou.
Any sick livestock?
No, Gov'ner, none.
Do your work!
What are you doing here, Prote?
I just made the bed,
I'm tidying up, Madam.
I forbid you to fiddle
with my belongings.
I don't want anybody nosing
around my bedroom.
Get out.
Bring me some water please,
I feel like taking a shower...
Mom! Let's go.
Why do you go to the cemetery?
Because I like it,
it's a quiet place.
Hurry up.
I'm coming, Etienne, forgive me.
Aime?.. France?
Good morning Sir.
Everything all right, Prote?
Madam is in her bedroom, Sir.
Aime, are you ill?
Not disappointed to see
your Freeboy, honey?
Silly... frightened me, I was only
expecting you tomorrow.
I'm filthy.
I'm hungry.
You make me sick.
Dirty nigger.
It's too late, the meat
is overcooked now.
It fell behind the mountain.
Okay, that's enough "Baby-ant",
planes don't fall.
They cross the horizon line.
What's the horizon line?
Go to sleep now,
I'll explain tomorrow.
The plane fell into the mountain!
Dear compatriot,
please forgive
this fanfarish arrival.
But we swept up
everything we found on the way.
Allow me to introduce myself,
Captaine Vdrine, pilot...
Last night I had to land somewhere
in the mountain...
...mechanical troubles. Absurd!
A bearing propeller broke.
I must confess that without
the intrepid assistance
of these young boys,
my passengers and I would still be
lost somewhere in the bush.
Marc Dalens, District Officer.
Bad occasion to meet.
Did you fly over our house
last night?
My navigator and associate.
Glad to meet you. Anyone hurt?
No, no one.
Please allow me to present
my unfortunate passengers.
Machinard, a colleague of yours
I believe, his wife.
How do you do?
What's your mission here?
I'm replacing Bonaventure
in M'Banga.
We're coming from Fort Lamy.
Wanted to make a small detour!
It's Mireille's first trip,
she's discovering Africa...
We just married.
We're on our honeymoon.
Congratulations, and welcome
to North Cameroon.
Make yourselves at home. Don't
worry, we'll arrange everything.
You'll see, M'Banga is different,
Here comes Delpich,
our charming planter...
Delpich, we thought we lost
you on the way!
Gimme a break, Vdrine!
Time flies buddy,
and I'm losing dough!
Your place is in a hospital,
not behind the controls of a bird!
Delpich, coffee producer.
Marc Dalens.
Let's cut the ceremonials...
just get me outta here.
I'll radio Douala and Yaound
immediately... we'll find a way.
My wife will settle you in our house.
You fell in good hands.
Where did I fall anyway?
Mindif, 30 km south-east of Maroua,
in the Diamar region.
I'm dreaming, Vdrine!
Getting spare parts could
take weeks, you know.
I'm afraid so.
I'm starving!
Wait Dalens, that's Thrse,
my house-keeper, she's a bit shy...
Did you turn the mattresses over
before making the beds?
Yes, Madam.
They're stuck for a month,
a runway must be built.
France, stay out of the way!
Hello, Djatao. I'm well.
Your husband said there's not one
crate in the whole district!
accept this gift for your guests...
Hey, this taxi yours?
Delpich, let me introduce you
to our dear friend Wadjiri Djatao...
Mr. Delpich is a coffee planter
in the south, correct?
How much to take me to Yaound?
Would you like to join
us for lunch, Djatao?
No, thank you Aime, it's Ramadan.
So! Quote your price.
Goodbye, Aime.
Thank you for your kindness,
Djatao, it's superb.
Thank you.
Got it...
And it's my last offer.
How much?
How much? Fuck!
They run things 'round here?
put the goat away.
Yes Madam.
You'll be at your post
in 10 days Machinard.
- You think so?
- Yes, Marc received a cable.
Prote, you can serve coffee.
Lucky you!
See Mireille, what did I tell you!
Nice little spot, M'Banga.
A little humid, it seems.
It's as if you had cotton balls
stuffed in your lungs
and nostrils all day.
Actually, I like the forest.
The smell of rot is so strong,
it's like a drug.
The worst are the "crawlies".
They hide out under the bed,
they swarm in the wash-basin,
they, they even stick inside
your shoes.
Just the idea of lifting
the mosquito-net makes you nauseous.
Gentlemen, please, you're making
it dimmer than it seems.
And that's not all...
mosquitos, we can deal with...
Not a month ago, an entire family of
settlers was found cut in slices.
Delpich, please!
You're exaggerating.
Their heads were found in
geranium pots on the veranda.
All this just 10 k's from M'Banga.
A festering center of revolt.
And whose fault, I ask you...
I never sleep without
my piece under the pillow.
take these men to the kitchen,
they've been on the road all day.
I have good news for you,
our friend Randall is coming to help
with 20 men.
Mind your own business.
That's nice...
Still not in bed, doll?
Isn't she cute!
Well, I'm turning in, g'night.
Here's your seed,
my little chick-a-dee.
What's wrong with you, Vdrine ?
Don't worry, Dalens, a minor
paludism attack... I'm used to it.
Look over there,
where I'm pointing my finger,
see that dust?
It's Randall.
- Glad to see you, old man!
- I'll bet you are!
Monique !
Here's the loveliest!
How are you?
And little Paul?
Oh, he's wearing me out...
Go over there!
Wait Segalen,
I'll make the introductions.
Marc Dalens.
Courbassol, co-pilot.
My wife, Aime.
Excuse me,
I'm going to join the others.
He's a little odd...
Tell me how it happened.
At the moment, road work
is slow, it's Ramadan.
I'll do my best to find
a car to take you back.
Where did you find this Segalen?
He's an ex-seminarist...
I don't know much about him.
One day he showed up at the house.
What's he doing in Africa?
Don't know, he says he's crossing
the Continent on foot.
Monique thinks he's a saint.
This isn't your place, Segalen...
Come to my house in Mindif.
You're more than welcome.
Tony adores him...
Luc is wonderful with Paul.
He's set his mind
on starting him on Latin.
Really, Paul is talented.
He's handsome.
Your Boy.
Nowadays people don't know
how to drink coffee anymore!
They just don't!
I always add a few chips
of bitter chocolate,
two or three grains of salt
and to top it all,
a touch of cinnamon...
Your coffee is disgusting.
Disgusting-makes me wanna
quit the job.
Shall I "fix" it?
Go ahead. It'll taste better.
"I know a church at the back
of a hamlet,
where fine steeples
in water reflect,
in the pure water of a river."
It's a joke Luc,
you left everything behind.
I have what I need, Monique.
- And your books?
- Keep them.
Luc, come home with us!
Kiss little Paul for me.
Here's your seed,
my little chick-a-dee.
I had a premonition...
I told Thrse:
"Chick-a-dee, pack the bag,
tonight we'll be miles away!"
- What time is it?
- Early.
Luc, we have plenty of room...
You could have your own space.
No thanks Marc,
I'm perfectly fine here.
Try these, they're for you.
Thank you Prote,
please bring another cup.
I'm going to see if
the runway is progressing,
then I have an inheritance matter
to settle in Japat. Want to come?
Not today, thank you... May I?
If you like. It's just notes
I take when I travel.
Did you see Mr. Luc this morning?
He's bathing outside, Madam.
What do you mean, outside?
In the Boy's area, Madam.
I'll do it, Madam.
No, never mind...
The sheets and pillow-cases
need to be changed.
All done?
Look, move over!
There! We need two more meters.
Rip all this out and flatten it!
But they're M'am's flowers!
Wanna play?
No arguing, okay?
It's the only spot where we can play
in the shade, right Aime?
"Against black African faces,"
"the white's skin evokes something
similar to death".
"In 1891,"
"When I, having only seen
colored people for months..."
What is it, Prote?
I'm bringing lemon-squash, Madam.
"In 1891, when I,
having only seen..."
Put the tray down, Prote.
"In 1891, when I"
"having only seen colored people,"
"once again saw Europeans near
the Benou,"
"I found white's skin unnatural
compared to the fullness
of the black's".
"Can one then blame the natives for
considering the white man"
"as something contrary to nature,"
"as a supernatural
or fiendish creature?"
Aim or shoot!
It's very bad!
It's good.
It's "bird head"!
go and get the pick-up please.
What are you doing here?
Still not in bed?
- She's swallowing her tongue!
- Put a spoon in her mouth.
Let's get Prosper from the village.
With a spoon, honey.
He's at the school with
the teacher,
his wife gave me his case.
What the hell are they doing
there at night?
They're talking, Sir.
Yes, I know.
Prosper, come quickly!
I need you, I have your case.
Where's my wife?
At Mrs. Machinard's bedside.
It's the room on the right,
Prosper, thank you.
Let's start the generator.
Prosper treated us all.
So we're saved Dalens!
We're saved!
It's not possible.
Dalens, don't you have someone
else to treat her?
Seriously, Machinard?
- I'm leaving Sir.
- Wait Prosper, I'll walk you.
I wouldn't mind, but my
wife needs a real doctor.
I feel sorry for you!
The car'll be here early tomorrow.
You'll be in Yaound soon.
Dirty nigger!
You a doctor?
You're not even good enough
to wipe a white man's ass!
Well, I understand Mireille.
That's how you have to speak
to them!
Alright, alright...
Leave him alone, Segalen.
Oh yes, I forgot,
the King of Looping!
You make me sick!
Andr, I don't feel well...
One can't open his mouth without
being accused of the worst things.
You form a nice trio, Dalens,
you, your wife and the parasite.
I'm just discussing..!
Okay, that's enough.
"Prosper, yop-la-boom,
he's the man all the ladies seek!"
"Prosper, yop-la-boom,
he's the king of the street..."
One day they're going
to kick us out of here.
Good luck!
It's the Boys' shower...
you're a pain in the ass.
Aime! It's the most beautiful
bathroom in the world!
The majority of words ending
in "e"...
are feminine.
However, there are also masculine
words ending in "e"...
France, are you paying attention?
She couldn't...
care less!
Go ahead, Prote,
no Ramadan for me.
What's the matter?
The boss sent me to tell you
the truck from Douala arrived.
It's the propeller!
Let's go!
Dear Dalens can't wait
to see us go!
Well, the runway is almost finished,
but, let me point out that if the
rains are ahead of schedule,
we're all back to square one,
for at least four months...
Prote, please bring the fruit.
Listen to the sounds of the night,
listen carefully...
It's deadly.
Don't exaggerate.
You don't like my stew, Master Lucas?
Yes, your stew is proper.
Let's say I like it too much.
I've decided not to eat
with your guests anymore.
If you think it amuses me to eat
with Enoch who rambles on,
and Prote who pouts..!
Right, Prote?
C'mon, say it bothers you I'm here.
I think he's mute.
Basically, Aime,
you'd like to be in my place,
rubbing against Prote.
C'mon, I'll make
a little room for you.
Thank you Prote,
I don't need anything.
C'mon, beat it, leave me alone.
Do I have to repeat it,
you son of a bitch?
Got something to say
for yourself?
Get the hell outta here.
Go lick your boss's boots.
You're even worse than the priests
who raised you.
Still want to know
what the horizon line is?
Are you asleep?
When you look towards the hills,
where there are no more
huts and trees,
when the earth and the sky touch,
it's the horizon.
Tomorrow, at daybreak,
I'll have to show you something.
The closer you get to the line,
the further it gets,
if you walk towards it,
it moves further away,
it escapes you.
I'll have to explain
this to you too.
You see the line,
you see it, but it doesn't exist.
Do you want some chocolate?
No, too early.
Thank you Prote.
Here you are...
Luc left?
Yes, he left.
Without saying anything?
Why didn't you wake me up?
You always get taken
advantage of, Marc.
I'd rather Prote didn't take
care of the house.
Put him wherever you want...
Prote is very good.
Please, Marc.
He can work in the garage.
Does it burn?
Safe trip.
Thank you.
Goodbye, Dalens.
C'mon you, in you go!
No, no, no, it'll never fit,
can't you see the size of my door?
Let's go! All aboard!
Forget the organ!
Hey, you two! Get rid of this thing,
it's in the way!
Let's go!
I'll return!
My son's name is Sawa,
his mother's a Sawa,
I'm Mungo.
Mungo is a nickname
they've given me here.
My real name is William J. Park.
I'm an American Negro.
You're not disappointed?
Were you looking for a real native?
Your son's asleep... he'd be more
comfortable in the back.
Do you mind?
I want a Fanta!
Ok man, we'll stop for one!
I remember the day
I arrived in Africa...
I was totally drunk.
In... in customs I felt like kissing
the officers, my brothers...
I told myself:
"That's it man, you're home."
I had kept my sweater on,
I wasn't even aware
I was dripping in sweat.
I got ripped-off at the airport
by the first cabby.
He didn't give a damn
whether I was black...
He was probably right...
"Bro" here, "bro" there...
I really stayed American.
They don't give a shit
about guys like me here.
I'm nothing here.
I'm dreaming.
If I died now,
I'd completely disappear.
You're not saying much.
I've been hanging around Douala
for two weeks...
I'm supposed to leave for the north.
I have my ticket.
You know people there?
I'd like to go back there
to see a house.
But, I don't know...
Shall I come back around ten?
As you like.
That's my wife. I live alone now.
I was a big pain.
Where to?
The Novotel, please.
Thank you.
Give me your hand!
I'll tell you if you should go
and see that house.
Your palm is strange.
Can't see anything.
Want to have a drink?
I don't think so, babe.
Leave quickly, before
they eat you up... Bye.