Chocolate City: Vegas (2017) Movie Script

[crowd murmuring]
[Michael] It was little over a year ago,
when I first started working
at Chocolate City Nightclub.
And it was happening.
[crowd cheering]
And a year later, yes.
The club was suffering.
As you know, it's no big secret
that business has been down.
And we're not pulling them in
like we used to.
Thats an understatement.
And on top of that,
looks like I'm gonna have to take a break
from the club for a while.
From this point on,
Ill be running Chocolate City.
Now what Princeton hasn't told you yet,
well, we're in the foreclosure.
So, the dancers came up with a plan
that we could save the club.
[locker bangs]
Sorry, sorry.
But first, wed have to find the money.
We decided to go to Vegas
and risk everything
in the National Male Exotic Championship
to win 500,000 dollars.
Welcome to the Fifth Annual
Male Exotic Competition
here at the Legendary.
[crowd cheering]
[Michael] The dancers at the competition
were amazing,
but no match for Chocolate City.
The crowd loved us
and we were favored to win.
We have the votes right here, ladies.
[Michael] But then something...
[crowd gasps]
went horribly wrong.
But let's go back to the beginning.
On why it's important
to always play by the rules.
["Singles Out" by Candice playing]
Walked up in the club
And what did I see, oho
A whole bunch of flavors staring at me
Cookies and cream, oho
I got options from the floor
Up to the ceiling, yeah
But I'm a choosy girl
so I know what I need, yeah
From wall to wall, I love them all
I think I might leave with one tonight
And I'm not that tied
But it feels right
I think I might leave with you tonight
I told my girl it's raining men
Oh, yeah, oh, yeah
It's raining men
Oh, yeah, oh, yeah
I got my singles out, yeah
I got my singles out, yeah
I got my singles out, yeah
I got my singles out, yeah, yeah
'Cause it's raining men
And they all wanna buy me a drink
I'm turned up with my girls
Do we look like we worry? No, no
'Cause we do this every week
But tonight it feels different
I feel your energy
From wall to wall, I love them all
I think I might leave with one tonight
And I'm not that tied
But it feels right
I think I might leave with you tonight
I told my girl it's raining men
Oh, yeah, oh, yeah
It's raining men
You're doing well.
I got something for you for them dollars.
Give it up for my man, Bolo!
["Piata" by Willie Taylor
and Guitar Boy Hayes playing]
I'll help you bust it
Bust it open like a
I'm gonna take the best you fell in
And let me fill them in
First give me up
I'm gettin' up
I'm standin' up, yeah
You thought you have tried everything
Now it's time for me to show you
Some motions, some motions
Some motions
-Got my stick
-Got my stick
About to beat up
-About to beat up
-Steady, girl
And do the treat up now
I know
Going in there busting up
Going there, going there
Busting up, going there, going there
[ladies screaming]
Going in there busting up
Going there, going there
[women moaning]
[women screaming]
Swing and a miss
Swing and a miss
I'm gonna do it down the middle
-Down the middle, down the middle
One screwdriver.
Keyana, you know
today's my birthday, right?
Hey, Michael! Michael!
You weren't gonna leave without letting me
wish you a happy birthday?
Uh, um...
Yeah, I was just heading home.
Not much of a birthday celebrator.
So I heard through the grapevine
that you and your girlfriend
were splitsville.
And I was kinda wondering if maybe, we...
Yeah, I'm just gonna hang out
with myself for now.
I'm just doing my own thing.
But, um, thanks anyway.
Good night.
Mwah! Don't hurt nobody.
Good night.
Sexy Chocolate.
Bust it open, wide up
[ladies screaming]
[upbeat music]
[indistinct chattering]
Dee-dee, Dee-dee, Dee-dee! He's here.
Oh, okay.
He's here! The car's pulling up right now.
Okay. Here's here, y'all. He's here!
-When he gets here, look at him.
[keys clinking]
[all] Surprise!
[Michael] Hey, everybody!
-Happy birthday, Sexy Chocolate!
-You got me. Thank you.
Can I borrow a little birthday kiss?
I promise I'll pay you back.
Uh, Mom! Mom!
Save them kisses, all right?
Keepin' my hands retired.
-Happy birthday, son!
-Aww, I love you, Mom.
Your friends wanted to surprise you
and I think we got him.
[cheering and clapping]
[Michael] It was great!
-Hey, Michael, Michael!
-[Michael] Yeah.
I wanted to introduce you
to my son, Carlton.
-Nice to meet you.
-All right.
Future pastor.
That's right.
-That's good work, man. Stay in school.
Yes, by the way, excuse me, Carlton.
-Can I get a word with you for a second?
-No, sure.
Um, I wanted to ask you
how's everything going with the dance?
Oh, I heard your Japan trip
didn't go exactly as planned.
Yeah, about that, uh...
Not so fast, mister birthday man!
Excuse me, Pastor.
-Happy Born Day!
Thanks, Dee-dee!
[Dee-dee laughing]
Um, is she coming?
No, sorry. She wasn't up to it.
But I heard Chris got a job in New York.
Good for him.
Yeah, he's working at a high school.
He's a classroom monitor.
Oh, so that's what they mean
by he went from ashy to classy!
You know what I'm saying. You get it?
[both chuckle]
[Michael] Yeah.
[Katherine] Okay, everybody.
In the kitchen. Time for cake!
[Beatrice] I hope it's chocolate.
[Katherine] Yes, Beatrice.
I got some chocolate for you.
[school bell rings]
[paper rustling]
[approaching footsteps]
[in French]
You wanted to see me, Professor?
[in French]
Have a seat.
You're probably wondering
why I called you here.
Should be no surprise to you
as you've missed almost a week of classes.
Yeah, about that... I was in Japan.
And what exactly was going on in Japan?
Uh, job offer.
Do you know what this is?
A blank test.
Yes. Where a grade should be.
Your grade.
You missed a very important test
last Friday while you were in Japan.
[Michael grunts]
A state-mandated test for this course.
[in French]
I'm really sorry, sir.
Can I make it up?
The state allows you one make up test
for certain circumstances.
If you miss that, you cannot graduate.
[speaking French]
Merci, Professor. I'll be ready for it.
I know you will.
[in French]
Yes, sir.
[indistinct hip hop playing]
It starts coming out from the sky
You need to be ready
We're going in for a fight
Spotlight, spotlight
Spotlight, spotlight
Get it right
Sorry, Dad.
I was getting ready for Bible study.
Sure, um...
Just keep the music down
a little bit, please.
Yeah, no problem. I'll, um, turn it off.
[door squeaks]
["911" by Willie Taylor playing]
Girl you know what I'm on
Show me what you're made of
I don't give zero fucks
Tonight I need you, 911
So can I get it? 911
Girl, I need you, 911
Get your ass over here
Tonight I need you, 911
You can take my money
My house and my car
For one hit of you
You say, "Fuck it, babe"
You gon' take it off
Cause you be tasting like
The sweetest of the sweetest
Make a nigga wanna eat it
Wanna eat it
And I be fiending like, fiending
Wanna get it...
[Michael sighs]
And couldn't get it
Girl you know what I'm on
-What up, Ray?
-Hey, what's up, Michael?
How you doing, man?
You're working tonight?
I thought it was your day off.
Yeah, I just stopped by to see Princeton.
Is he around?
Yeah, he's in the office.
Girl, I need you, 911
Looking good, young blood!
All right ladies, let's go ahead
and pull those wallets out.
And make it rain for the one and only,
the sexy, Pretty Boy!
Yeah, Phil, like I said,
all we need is just a little more time.
Look, Princeton,
this is not what we discussed.
Yeah, sure.
Yeah, no. I understand.
All right. I'll figure something out.
All right. Bye.
What did he say, babe?
That bank's only willing to give us
30 more days.
That's it?
How are we gonna raise that amount
of money in just a short space of time?
You know, my personal money is wrapped up
behind my father's medical bills.
[knocks on door]
Come in!
[door squeaks]
-Hey! Come on in.
-[Michael] Hey.
Hey, aren't you off today?
Yeah, well, uh,
I wanted to talk to you about something.
Yeah, sure. Come on in.
I don't believe you've met my lady.
Brandy, this is Michael,
aka, Sexy Chocolate.
Oh, nice to meet you.
You, too. Princeton talks a lot about you.
He's a good man.
Well, he's one of the best.
And speaking of that,
man, uh, you want on tonight?
Yeah, that's what I wanted
to talk to you about.
Um, I wanted to ask you
about getting some time off.
I gotta hit these books, man.
Uh, come on, Michael. Come on.
You know you're our feature.
Ever since we lost Pharaoh, man,
you've been holding this place up.
Yeah, I know.
That's why I wanted to ask you first.
I don't want to get in between anybody
and their schooling.
All right?
So, how you doing money-wise?
Yeah, I'm holding up.
I'm just hoping tonight be my last night
before I take a break.
Okay then, are you ready
to make this money?
-All right. Let's do it.
[Slayer] Yeah, Bolo,
you're leaving already?
It's only nine o'clock.
Yeah, man.
I got a private party tonight, man.
Man, that lady in the front row
is cheap as hell!
Tell me about it, man.
I gave everything I had.
Ain't that your momma?
[all chuckle]
Fuck off, Bolo.
And she takin' up like five seats.
And she killin' the vibe.
Is she fat?
-'Cause you know I like 'em fat.
-We know what you like.
You need to clean that grease off
the front of the stage that she left, too.
Yeah, okay.
[all chuckle]
Hey, hey! Guess who came to work
on his day off!
[all] Hey!
Yo! Stay away
from that table in front, bro.
Oh, good lookin'. Thanks, Bolo.
For real, man.
She has absolutely no respect for talent.
All right, listen up, fellows.
Right now we gotta get our star
back up on stage.
And you all know my lady, Brandy.
Well, she's going to be a little bit
more involved around here.
Help me keep you guys in order.
-All right?
-All right.
Let's go, baby.
[male dancer #1]
All right keep us in order.
All right, come on, y'all.
Lady in the locker room, behave.
[all groan]
Hey, shut up man.
She is fine though.
[all chuckle]
Oh, yeah!
I got a little surprise for y'all tonight.
He's back in the lineup,
ready to bring the sexiness.
Ladies, get your tips out!
Make some noise.
Sexy Chocolate!
["Leave That Pole Alone"
by Elliot Trent playing]
I bet she leave that pole alone
And dance for me only
She gonna shake it for me
She under the spotlight
My deep, deep in the club
She see bottles popping
She know that it's us
Twerking where she working
I got all these bandz on me
My ray bandz on me
She start to dance on me
She don't want my money
She just trying to fuck
Body language says
She won't ever beat it up
Trying to make it probably
But it's extra if you touch
She gonna let me get it
For the freaks here, freaks here
And she's gonna get it to the crib
And I'mma pin her down
Top her out
I let her when she acting out.
I'mma make her scream it out
Shawty go around when I bring you down
He trying to be my man
But I say she can
If I say, girl, let me get you home
She gonna leave that pole alone
Alone, alone
She gonna leave that pole alone
Alone, alone
And she'll leave that pole alone
Sexy Chocolate!
He's the bomb, y'all!
All right, Ray!
[zipper rasps]
[Q chuckles]
You did your thing tonight, Michael.
-[Q] Yeah.
-Thanks, Q.
Hey, let Princeton know
I'm gonna tip him out tomorrow.
[Q] All right, I'll let him know.
Hey, Michael!
What up, Magnus?
Hey, man, how'd you do tonight?
Oh, I did all right.
For another slow night.
I hear you.
Look, um, he's not talking about it much,
but Princeton's having some
real problems, man.
Like what?
Money, mostly.
His dad's been sick
and he's been spending a grip
on hospital bills.
Rumor has it that, uh...
He might be losing Chocolate City.
He hasn't paid a note on this building.
[car honking]
My ride's here. I'll catch you later, man.
-All right.
-Thanks, Magnus.
[car engine starts]
What's up!
What do you mean?
Go ahead.
Kevin, you wanna go ahead,
you should tell her.
Oh, in one second. Michael!
What's up, Dee-dee?
Hey, Michael!
[Michael] Hey, Dee-dee.
Hey, so I'm about to go see Carmen
in a minute.
And I really want y'all
to get back together.
I'm gonna make it happen.
[Michael sighs]
But don't worry 'cause I'm like Oprah.
And I got a master plan.
Thanks, Dee-dee.
Yeah, wait, wait. Hold on. Hold on.
Now I don't know if I should be doing this
because I feel like such a traitor.
But read this.
What's this?
There's a big old Vegas show
coming up for strippers.
All these stripper teams.
It's like a bid ol' naked...
Bring It On for men.
Where'd you get this?
Online. It was an advertisement
on a porn site I was on.
So, I'll talk to you later?
Hey, thanks, Dee-dee!
[Carmen] No, Dee-dee.
I told him if he keeps dancing,
I can't be with him.
I know, Carmen, but it's clean dancing.
It's not even like he's showing
any of his you know, male parts.
It's still stripping.
Okay, well, what about you managing him?
Since you don't wanna date him,
it's the next best thing.
You always organized. You so serious.
And you got a bank account.
At least, until Chris gets back
from New York.
It'll be strictly professional.
-Did you talk to him about this?
You're the one who suggested it.
Anyone of y'all seen my guitar picks?
No, but I got an afro pick if you need it.
Come on, man.
Every week I lose one in here.
Y'all need to stop stealin' shit, man.
For real.
Hey, Pretty Boy,
ain't nobody stealin' your guitar picks.
Well, somebody.
Anybody lose a pick?
My bad.
All right, everybody, gather around.
Big announcement.
As you know, it's no big secret
that business has been down.
And we're not pulling 'em in
like we used to.
That's an understatement.
Well, on top of that,
looks like I'm gonna have to take a break
from the club for a while.
What's going on?
Well, you know my dad's been sick.
But now he's taking a turn for the worse.
-And I need to be there.
-Oh, man.
I'm sorry to hear that, man.
And while I'm gone,
Brandy's gonna take over for me.
From this point on,
I'll be running Chocolate City.
Now, what Princeton hasn't told you yet,
is that, well, we're in the foreclosure.
Yep, the bank's looking to foreclose
if we don't come up with 88,000 dollars
by the end of the month.
Which brings up this business opportunity
that Michael shared with me.
All right, listen up, fellas!
We got a chance to go to Las Vegas
and compete and possibly win
the National Male Exotic competition.
Male exotic competition?
-That exists?
-Yeah. It exists and it's in Vegas.
I'm not interested in that.
That sounds corny.
-Well, me either.
-Whack. Count me out.
Look, Princeton.
I know it's a bad time
to be telling you this, bro.
I've been working
on this new song, man.
[all mumbling]
First prize is a half a million dollars!
Yes, a half a million dollars!
[Bolo] Wow.
-Hey, man, I could buy me a new guitar.
Exactly, that would get us
out of foreclosure
and give every dancer a nice paycheck.
Look, I think we can win this thing.
All right.
We're better dancers, we're sexier.
All we need is a kick ass routine,
some costumes,
some great choreography,
and we could take this thing home.
Yeah, well for half a million dollars,
I'll choreograph our routine
and your church's praise and worship.
[all laugh]
Not so fast, Alvin Ailey.
I think we need to stick
with the routines we already have.
So, we're going to Vegas?
Well, here's the catch.
All right, you need 5,000 dollars
to throw your hat.
-Oh, man.
And I can't sponsor you
'cause I just don't have it right now.
You know what.
I think, I know someone
who can get us that entry fee.
Aha! So, let me get this straight.
Y'all fools looking for donations
to go strip in Vegas
for a half a million dollar stripperfest?
It's a respectable tournament.
And besides,
we were told that you are the only one
that could afford to sponsor us.
-Who told you that?
Michael, who?
The guy that used to work here.
Light skin, blue eyes.
Oh, well, still can't help you.
Wait, before you say no.
it's a way of giving back.
You could help some brothers
fulfill their dreams.
You could start off where King left off.
Come see me back here in three months.
-Come on.
-Oh, come on.
Why isn't Michael here?
He really doesn't like you.
[speaking in Spanish]
Makes it easy.
Wait. Now, we've been supporting you
by eating here for years.
Throw it up.
We'll give you 30 percent
of the half a million.
And you buy the airplane tickets?
First class, baby.
[motor revving]
Mr. Williams got you on the short bus?
Are you sure about this?
All right look, I'm sure, Mom.
We need the money.
Like I told you earlier,
this is a great opportunity.
And we could save the club.
Well, you just make sure
you don't do nothing in Vegas,
that needs to stay in Vegas.
-All right?
-Okay, Mom.
[Mr. Williams] I'm burning fuel, baby!
And Vegas is calling.
-Give me some sugar.
-And this gas ain't cheap.
-Love you.
-Love you back.
-Be careful.
[Katherine sighs]
Round the route to Vegas.
-Y'all be good.
-We're on the road to Vegas
[Bolo] Let's go, Vegas!
All aboard, make him come
Now, why are we gonna take a school bus
to Vegas?
Ah, it's cheaper, my man.
And back in the day,
Frank and I used this bus
for the special kids.
And trust me, y'all real special!
All right, Vegas!
-Here we come!
-Let's go!
[all cheering]
[Mr. Williams] Yeah!
[Pretty Boy] Yo!
Let's turn this mother out!
[all chuckle]
Hey! Hey! Lenny Kravitz!
This ain't a world tour!
Put that goddamn reefer out!
[all laugh]
Come on, man. It's for my glaucoma.
I gotta see my music.
Yeah, I'll see your ass off this bus!
[all laugh]
Hey, Mr. William, can we pull over?
I gotta piss.
Me, too, now that I think about it.
Damn. I haven't pissed in three years.
Come on, guys.
We only been on the road for 15 minutes.
-Yeah, what are you like five years old?
-What gives, man?
My name's Bennet and I ain't in it, man.
Forget my bladder.
Look, papa, I can wait 'til we get gas.
I'm just layin' on y'all, I gotta piss.
You need to see a doctor about that.
-I gotta piss!
-I'm just saying.
[Magnus] All right, you be good, man.
[phone beeping]
-[Pharaoh] Hey, Bo!
-Pharaoh, what's up?
-Yo! Congrats!
Thanks, man. Thanks
-Y'all excited?
-Yeah man, we're excited.
[Pharaoh] You gotta come to the show.
Well, look, I'll make sure
when I get out there.
All right, Bolo. I'll see you in a minute.
All right.
Yo! I thought I let y'all know
that the Hippz are entering
the competition.
[Pretty Boy scoffs]
and, uh, they're favored to win.
[MR. William] Says who?
Man, forget them corny dudes.
They ain't got no rhythm.
That's right!
Chocolate City is in the building!
[all] Hey!
Chocolate City!
I would really like your approval, Dad.
Plus, there's an opening
at Chocolate City Night Club.
A stripper, Carlton?
It's a male exotic.
That call themselves male exotics.
Not strippers, Dad.
Boy, the devil...
What am I going to tell the congregation?
They don't have to know.
Carlton, I run a black church,
in case you haven't noticed.
The women's group will know
about this conversation
we're having right now before lunch time.
This is supposed to happen
to other people's kids.
Not mine!
I mean, I've always been a good dancer.
I've got a good body.
And you always told me
to pursue my dreams.
Lord, I know
this is just one more test of fire
that I must walk through.
I welcome your guidance.
Your mercy.
I want you to think
long and hard, Carlton.
About what it is you're asking me to do.
You sleep on it.
'Cause the devil don't walk up
and crapped up in my home.
[Pastor Jones] Now, you go up to your room
without supper.
We can do that at our new place
We should do a city like Vegas
Come and take a trip with me
Maybe we can do the X-rated
I got everything you need
All you got to do is shade me
Let's shade in and fade in, baby
Let's shade in and fade in, baby
All right, listen fellas!
We gotta get ready to serve
for the competition.
Check in to the hotel,
then we got four days to tear down Vegas
before our game starts.
[all cheering]
[all] Chocolate! Chocolate! Chocolate!
[all] Chocolate! Chocolate! Chocolate!
[all] Chocolate! Chocolate! Chocolate!
[all screaming]
[all] Wohoo!
[tires screeching]
Come and take a trip with me
Maybe we can do the X-rated
I got everything you need
All you got to do is shade me
Let's shade in and fade in, baby
Shade in and fade in, baby
We can do whatever you please
We should do a city like Vegas
Hi, welcome.
Can I get the name of your group, please?
Uh, Chocolate City.
Okay, here you are.
Mr. Princeton Matthews called
and added you to the list.
Chocolate City Male Revue.
Oh, sorry.
Uh, I need that money, sir.
I swear, if you chumps
don't win this thing,
y'all gonna be washing dishes
at the restaurant for a year, baby.
Can you dig it?
And there you're gonna find
the manual for the competition.
The competition is Thursday.
There's also the stage map,
along with eight wrist bands
for you and your teammates.
So you guys can have access
to the backstage before the competition.
Uh, thank you.
We can do whatever you please
We should do a city like Vegas
Come and take a trip with me
Maybe we can do the X-rated
I got everything you need
It's getting ghetto up in here.
All right, we need to find a hood emcee.
That's what we need.
'Sup, fam?
Do we know y'all?
No, no. But I know you.
Pharaoh's shown me pictures.
You're Chocolate City, huh?
Y'all can't win this contest
with no ghetto routine.
Yeah, but you see,
what you don't realize is,
everybody loves chocolate.
And we know what the ladies like,
that's why we'll be winning
the competition.
Oh, you hear that, fellas?
They coming for this half a million.
Obama, really got y'all believing
anything is possible, huh?
Oh, hold it. Let it go, Magnus.
They ain't even worth it.
Excuse me, fellas.
Move out of my way, Justin Timberlake.
Y'all should come check out
our show tonight.
Hmm, get this shit outta here.
I'm sure Pharaoh would love
to see you guys.
Hold on. Coming!
[plates clanking]
[door knob clicks]
Oh! Hey, Pastor!
I'm sorry to bother you, Sister Katherine.
-Is everything all right?
-Oh, yes. Everything is fine.
Um, do... do you mind if I come in?
-Sure, come on in.
Pastor, um,
if this is about last week's offering,
things have been a little too tight.
No, no, no. It's nothing like that,
Sister Katherine.
Do you mind if we sit down?
Sure, come on have a seat.
How can I help you?
First, uh, let me apologize,
for, uh, popping in so unexpectedly
at your home.
This is just deeply personal.
Yes, um...
It's my son.
Is everything all right?
I'm not sure.
Well, you see, my son, Carlton,
approached me about something
the other day.
How is your son doing? Michael?
He dances at the Chocolate City Nightclub.
Yes, he does.
And, Pastor, I'm gonna thank you
for being so supportive.
You know, having an open mind.
Telling him to follow his heart.
I said that?
Yes, I believe so.
And how is he doing?
He's, um, at a big event in Vegas
as we speak.
Is it nude?
Nude? No, Lord!
Pastor, is everything okay?
I was moved to come here,
Sister Katherine, and, um...
I think you've provided me
with the answers I've been looking for.
Well, I'm glad I could help.
-Yeah, thank you.
-I'm glad that I could help out.
Yes, and, sister,
again I apologize for intruding.
Oh, it's fine.
-God bless you.
-You too.
All right,
I'll see you at church on Sunday.
And, uh, don't forget those tigers.
I know, I'm gonna get some more hours.
God bless you.
[wheels screech]
Damn, this is nice!
Oh, finally!
[Slayer chuckling]
All right, fellas, we'll split the rooms,
threes and twos.
Slayer's your room.
-Where, pa?
-With Jamaika and Pretty Boy.
[Slayer speaks in Spanish]
That means, I gotta listen
to this fool sing all night?
-[Michael] Where'd Pretty Boy go?
-He's in the bathroom sitting pretty.
Yeah, he in there working on a new song.
[all chuckle]
All right, Seduktion,
you and Bolo share a room.
And then, uh, me and Magnus
will take the third room.
-[Michael] Cool.
Yo! This dude is everywhere!
[Michael] What's that?
[upbeat music]
Flyers in the hotel room?
Your boy, Pharaoh,
is a superstar here, bro.
[Bolo] What's that?
Man, I bet they paying him a grip.
Let me see that.
Pharaoh and gold jackets in Las Vegas.
Fits him perfectly.
Long way from Chocolate City.
Hey, we should go see his show tonight.
Yeah, why not?
Let's go see what the show's all about.
I'm down.
Yeah, me too.
Why not? It couldn't hurt.
[knocks on door]
[clicks tongue]
Oh, Lord.
-Uh, are you Mrs. McCoy?
I am Professor Lyons.
Michael's French teacher.
-Can I come in?
-Yes, please do.
[door closes]
So, what you're telling me is that
the test has been moved up by a week?
Yes, Madame.
This is not a college test.
So we have no discretion in this area.
It's a State board call.
-Is there a problem?
It falls on the date
of Michael's dance competition.
He's in Vegas.
Professor, is there another solution?
Oh, Lord.
Ladies, I'm here
Pharaoh is here to stay
You know you like what you see
Let's dance the night away
Uh, ladies, you know
We're all you need and more
When luck dies, there's no surprise
Walkin' right through the door
Now it's Pharaoh, Pharaoh
Pharaoh, Pharaoh, let me hear
[Hippz] Pharaoh, Pharaoh
[Hippz] Pharaoh, Pharaoh
[Pharaoh] Now, it's Pharaoh...
-Yo, what's Pharaoh doing here, man?
-Butchering this song.
Pharaoh, Pharaoh, let me here
[Hippz] Pharaoh, Pharaoh
[Hippz] Pharaoh, Pharaoh
[Pharaoh] Now it's Pharaoh
[crowd cheering]
[Pharaoh] Thank you.
Thank you.
Pharaoh loves you.
I want you to enjoy the rest of the show.
[crowd cheering]
["Kill It" by Durty so Clean playing]
Ay, ay, ay, ay
Ay, girl you're new
You get
You're getting hotter
Yo! Those are our moves!
[hip-hop music continues]
Yo, he stole our choreography, bro.
That's the shit he used to do
at Chocolate City.
'Cause you know she roll with it
Roll with
[crowd cheering]
Those are definitely Chocolate City moves.
We should go kick his ass!
[crowd cheering]
I can't stay here
and watch this shit, man!
I'm out.
[Michael] Magnus.
Yeah, man, come on. Let's go.
[hip-hop and cheering continue]
I told you to don't trust that dude!
Could you believe this dude?
Yo, Pharaoh gave those white boys
our moves, y'all.
Man, he a fucking traitor, man.
I never like Pharaoh anyway
with his genuine-looking ass.
We need a whole new routine.
-You think we got enough time?
I don't know.
[Jamaika] Told you, man!
We should have beat his ass!
[phone ringing]
This is Princeton.
Princeton, yeah, it's Michael, man.
We got a little bit of a problem.
-Is everybody okay?
-[Michael] Yeah, everyone's fine.
It's just that, uh,
we saw Pharaoh's Vegas show.
He stole our entire routine.
Damn it.
Yeah, so we need something that's...
-Best Valentine.
-[Michael] What?
Yeah, he's a friend of mine
who lives in Vegas.
I'll give him a call
and let him know you're on your way.
He'll set you guys up.
-Is he good?
-He's the best!
[Michael] I knew I could count on you,
Princeton. Thank you.
[indistinct PA announcement]
All right, guys, I got a remedy.
Tomorrow we'll get
an entirely new choreography.
Tonight, we're in Vegas, baby!
[all laugh]
-[Magnus] Let's go gamble!
-[Slayer] Oh, yeah.
Hey, man,
let's hit some of these Vegas clubs.
And get into some trouble.
-Lots of trouble. Lots of them.
-Lots of trouble. Lots of trouble.
Where's Bolo?
[upbeat music]
[cheering from a distance]
[upbeat music]
[knocks on door]
-Come in.
-Hey, Pharaoh. What's up, baby?
What's up, Bolo?
What's happening with you?
-Good to see you, man.
-What you doing out here?
Man, you know I had to check you out, man.
All right, have a seat.
[Pharaoh chuckles]
Yeah, so where are other dudes at, man?
Oh, man, they're back at the hotel.
-You know, long trip.
Those dudes are out
of their element, anyway.
Well, how do you like the show?
-Man, you killing them out there, bro.
-Yeah, I know.
Like this whole thing
is revolved around you.
Like, literally,
you're like a star out there, man.
And plus, you getting
that white money now, man.
Yeah, white women love themselves
some Pharaoh, baby.
You know that.
[knocks on door]
Five-minute warning, Mr. Percy.
I got it.
They even call you
by your government name?
Oh, yeah.
Now that's respect.
Yeah, respect.
Some shit I never got at Chocolate City.
Hey, Pharaoh, can I ask you a question?
Yeah, man, what's up?
You think you can hook me up
with something like this out here?
You mean with the Hippz?
Yeah, I think I can make that happen.
Look, look, Bolo. You're a star.
You don't need those dudes, man.
They just riding your coattails, baby.
What you need is a solo gig.
Like me. Pharaoh. Solo.
You really think so?
Yeah, but, Bolo.
You gotta get rid
of those Chocolate City guys, man.
Get rid of them?
Dump them. Leave them.
Don't show up.
Go home.
Let me push a few buttons out here,
all right?
And I'll make sure to it
that you got your own feature spot
out here with us.
-Look, man.
-What's up?
I gotta go.
-You out?
-Good seeing you, man.
-All right, all right.
Look, Bolo, think about it.
You're a star, baby.
Shine bright like a diamond
[hip-hop music playing]
[hip-hop continues]
You know I love you, right?
All of you.
I want you to show me tonight, baby.
[hip-hop music playing]
[marble rattles]
[rattling continues]
-Winner, seventeen!
My lord!
You sure are luck tonight.
-Wanna know the secret?
-Oh, please share.
Always bet on black, baby.
Exactly, that's my man.
No, he's not.
That's what I'm talking about.
[white prostitute screams]
[glasses clatter]
Wheel six.
Five, six, seven, eight.
Five, six, seven, okay.
Spin. Huh!
Wait. It's...
How does he do that move?
[cell phone rings]
Hi, Mom!
Sorry I didn't call earlier.
It's okay, baby.
You staying away from 'em thots?
Mom, you really gotta stay
off social media.
Look, I got a visit today
from your French teacher.
-Professor Lyons?
Your French state exam
has been pushed up to the 18th.
Wait, the 18th?
Mom, it's the same day as the competition.
I can't make it back right now.
I know. I know.
Professor Lyons,
he's trying to find a solution for you.
Mom, I can't graduate without it.
[Katherine] Exactly.
I don't know what to say.
We'll figure something out.
You just try to get some rest, okay?
All right.
Night, Mom. I love you.
[Katherine] I love you, son.
[upbeat music]
[car honks]
Hurry up, slow poke!
[Carmen] Okay, okay.
[Kevin] Hurry up and sit your ass down.
Vegas, we're about to turn up!
[all cheer]
Here's some fiasco!
[door slams]
I'll have some chocolate man.
[all cheering]
Wait, why are you wearing that?
'Cause I'm a manager now.
Oh, she a manager now!
Let's go!
[upbeat music]
Hello, gentlemen.
Now there's no need
for any lengthy introduction.
You already know who I am
or you wouldn't be here.
And I don't need to know any of your names
because quite frankly,
I just don't give a damn.
Why don't you give me my drink, baby?
I'm doing a salute for your boss,
Mr. Princeton.
Who asked me to see if I could
point you cats in the right direction.
So that you can actually be contenders
in this competition.
He seems to be under the impression
that you may be in over your heads.
That you think,
that you can just come down here,
and do that same old, H Town,
knocking boots bullshit
you do at Chocolate City.
I'm here to tell you that you can't.
You see, this isn't about you
just shaking your asses
in front of a bunch of fat chicks
named Big Sherl, TT, and Shamrica.
This is the Academy Awards, gentlemen.
The stage of stages.
And if you think
it's anything less, well...
You might as well take your raggedy asses
back to Atlanta.
And eke out a living for another dollar.
We're a little hungover.
-Are you a dancer?
-Hell no.
I'm the player
who shows the player how it's done.
You need to run your Google.
All right, ladies, have a seat.
Have a seat. Sit down.
Time is money.
Let's see what you got.
What right here, right now?
Yeah, right now.
Let's go!
[upbeat music]
All right, all right, that's it.
Stop, stop, stop.
That's it, that's it, that's it.
Sandra, what's your thing?
But no.
[Best chuckles]
Needs a lot of work, fellas.
Lot of work.
So when do we get started?
Right now.
Here. You call this number, immediately.
He's the best.
Off you go.
Good luck.
Chocolate City.
They ain't got a chance in hell.
[drill whirrs]
You've been sent here to me
by Mr. Valentine
to whip y'all into shape.
And that's exactly what I plan on doing!
Now onto the rules!
There'll be ten finalists chosen
from hundreds of applicants,
and I mean hundreds.
So don't get your hopes up.
To compete in two days of competition
at the Legendary Hotel.
You'll be judged on performance.
Sexuality, if you have any.
And audience reaction.
If you're lucky,
that's only if you're lucky,
Mr. Best Valentine might acknowledge you.
Serious male exotics know
their money is their body.
So we take care of that.
The gym?
That's our friend.
The muscle has to be defined.
The women.
They associate your sexual prowess!
With bulge and definition.
We never cheat on our bodies!
We serve it
so it severs us.
The harder we push it
the further it takes us.
And when they touch it...
Oh, when they touch it...
All right.
They are rewarded.
Come on!
One hundred.
[all groan]
It's raining men
Oh, yeah, oh, yeah
I got my singles out, yeah
I got my singles out, yeah
I got my singles out, yeah
I got my singles out, yeah, yeah
'Cause it's raining men
[Kevin] Pull over, pull over.
[Dee-Dee] What? What?
Girl, why don't we just take the shortcut?
Shortcut? No,
we're going to take the long cut.
I'm going with what I'm already doing.
No, I think Kevin is right.
If we can get to the airport faster,
how much shorter?
[Kevin] About 25 minutes.
[Carmen] Twenty-five minutes?
All right, let's go, Dee-dee.
I'm not gonna be roasting in this heat.
Girl, you better take that shortcut.
I'm gonna need you to stop
with this black on black hate crime.
-You know that ain't cute right?
-What are you Puerto Rican?
Okay, I'm the manager now.
No one over rules the manager.
-Okay? Let's go.
-That hurt.
Fine, which way?
That way.
You tonight
I told my girl it's raining men
The first routine I choreographed
after my second show
was called "The Mask Does Old School."
Man, hold on. Who's the mask?
I am The Mask.
Now, you can never go wrong
with old school hip-hop.
So let me see what you got, fellas.
Let me see your best up rock.
Michael, you're gonna lead us in
when the entrance says, "energy."
Okay, come on.
Let me see it.
Okay, then Pretty boy, you second.
Let's go! Up rock!
That's right.
That's right.
-Bolo, burn.
Man, hold up. Hold up.
What's going on, Bolo?
Man I'm a feature.
I don't go third or nothing.
[frustrated grunt]
Okay, fine, you go second.
Seduktion, four.
Slayer, let me see your best up rock.
Let's go!
Okay, keep it going.
Jamaika, let me see it.
Let me see it!
Okay, Magnus. Keep it going. Okay, good.
Slayer, Jamaika,
turn to your group of ladies.
Satisfy the ladies.
Bolo, Seduktion, Magnus,
turn to your group of ladies.
Let me see it.
On eight, we're gonna glide in
and join hands.
And pop and lock in unison.
Five, six, seven, eight!
-Man, hell no.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Yo, what gives, man?
Man, that slide to the up rock, man.
For me, personally, I think it's wack.
Plus, why are we so far away
from the women on stage?
Literally, we need to be out there
getting money.
Honestly, I agree with him man.
'Cause these ladies like to feel us up
when they throw their money.
And, frankly,
I'm trying to get back to my guitar.
Look, guys.
I know this feels different
than anything you guys are used to.
But in a Vegas show,
that's what they're gonna be looking for.
I don't like it.
-Then maybe you leave, bro.
-Hey, hey, hey.
Say what?
Look, man, I don't know
what's been going on with you.
But you been on some shit lately,
and I don't really like it.
[Pretty Boy] Boy, y'all chill, man.
-What you going to do about it?
-Hey, hey, man, you all chill.
[all screaming]
-Let go of me!
-Let go, man!
Come on!
-Chill, chill, chill
-Hey, come on!
[Michael] What the hell is going on?
We have a half a million dollars
on the line.
And y'all wanna screw that up?
Come on, y'all! Bolo, Magnus,
get your head in the game. Focus!
Come on, y'all, let's go!
Y'all ready?
Shake hands.
-I said, shake hands!
-Come on, man, shake his hand.
-Okay, let's take it from the top.
-Okay from the top.
[hip-hop music]
Five, six, seven, eight.
Go! Okay.
All right.
Old school. Hey, bring them back.
Bring them back.
Yeah, get 'em, Bolo.
Man, I've never worked out
that hard in my life.
Yeah, man, we can tell.
[all chuckle]
But seriously, I don't know
what I'm gonna do with 500,000 dollars.
Tell me about it.
-That's if we win.
-Come on man, stop being negative.
-No, it's when we win, Bolo.
Look, we didn't come all the way
across America and not kick butt in Vegas.
All right, Mr. Priceton, his dad.
Chocolate City.
-Let's go, Chocolate City!
-Chocolate City!
That's right, Chocolate City!
[dramatic music]
Hey, has anybody seen Bolo or Seduktion?
No, he didn't spend the night
in his room last night.
Yeah and I haven't seen Seduktion
in a minute.
-Hey, maybe they went in and got married.
-It's Vegas, baby!
[all laugh]
All right, look,
well, we can't wait for them.
We got an hour to check in.
So, uh, Mr. Williams,
can we fire this up, let's go?
[car horn honks]
-All right, ladies, go and hit me up.
-No wait, Seduction.
I'm glad I bet on black.
[all laughing]
What happens in Vegas, life goes on!
[all laughing]
Triple A really needs
to be called Triple B
because this is some bubble bowl bullshit.
Y'all now we're gonna miss this flight,
if y'all move any slower, right?
You know, Carmen,
you're really taking this
whole manager thing to your head.
Well, you know what, Dee-dee?
Managers are hired to think now work.
Girl, you know
I never done this before, right?
You know I never took your shortcut
before either, right?
And I'm pretty sure
we're going to miss the show.
Damn it! Oh, my God!
[ominous music]
Do you think something happened to him?
I mean, he might have went home
with a chick last night and passed out.
Well, that don't make no sense.
Okay, so we can talk about this all night.
What are we gonna do?
We're gonna have to go on without him.
-We can do that?
-We don't have a choice.
It's in God's hands now.
Damn it!
That's right! It is in God's hands!
Sometimes things don't go as planned.
Sometimes a car gets re-pulled.
Sometimes that rent is due
and you ain't got the money.
[churchgoer #1] Tell him now!
Or you not listening to me this morning?
-When life throws me a funny pitch,
I back up from the plate
and I look over at that funny picture...
-[churchgoer #2] Look out!
-And I say, "You don't know makes my bat."
Say that!
-Naked? Who makes my bat naked?
-[churchgoer #3] God makes your bat!
God, makes my bat!
And the next time you try
to willy nilly me,
the next time you try to deceive me,
the next time you try
to send me a curve ball,
I'm gonna hit that ball
right into next doomsday.
[Pastor Jones] Hallelujah!
God id so good.
Yes, God is good.
[cell phone vibrates]
[Pastor Jones] Hallelujah!
That's the power that God gives you.
Hey, son. Did y'all win?
Uh, no, looks like we lost
one of our dancers.
-[Pastor Jones] Sometimes things don't...
-How the hell do you lose a bromance man?
Oh, Lord. Forgive me.
[Katherine] What are you gonna do?
I don't know, but looks like
we're gonna go without him.
Hopefully, no one notices.
[Katherine] It'll be fine, baby.
Son, when the world
throws you a curve ball,
you just pick up that bat
that God gave you,
and you swing it.
[Katherine] You hear me?
-Thanks, Mom!
-Good luck, son.
[relieved sigh]
My son's gonna swing his bat.
[applause continues]
Yo, we're supposed to be ending
with this routine.
Why are we starting with it?
Cause this is the only routine we have
where Bolo doesn't have a solo freestyle.
And Pretty Boy, you gotta close the gap
between you and Addiction.
And hopefully no one's going to notice.
Okay, cool y'all,
you want me to bring my guitar?
[all] No, man!
Come on, man. Hey, Budge it.
Wow. It's real out there.
Man, fuck Bolo!
All right, we're after Heaven's Boys.
Which means we're sixth.
We're sixth, fellas.
[crowd screaming]
It started.
[cell phone ringing]
Michael, this is Professor Lyons.
I have found a solution
so you can still graduate.
That's great, Professor Lyons! What is it?
[Lyons] You'll have to take the test
before the deadline.
Okay, great! When?
Right now!
Welcome to the world renowned,
Legendary Hotel.
I'm Miss Daisy,
and I'd like to welcome,
you beautiful ladies,
to the Fifth Annual
Male Exotic Competition.
We're about to give you something
you've never had before.
This show is gonna be good.
It's gonna be sexy.
And it's gonna blow your mind.
Are you ready
for some mixed flavors, ladies?
We've got some chocolate.
And some vanilla.
And some assorted flavors.
Our judges tonight are Sarah Fuller
from Strip Enterprises.
We also have Rachel Pharno
from Cypress Magazine.
And we have our very own Beverly Ousbon
from the Andy morning show
here at Las Vegas.
Now, I'm not gonna keep you up anymore.
Let's introduce
our first male exotic group,
Black Magic Live!
[crowd cheering]
["Whip" by Durty so Clean playing]
[hip-hop music continues]
[crowd screaming]
Ladies, let's move this along.
I'd like to introduce to you
one of the sponsors of tonight's event,
no introduction needed, Mr. Valentine.
Hey, baby!
[crowd screaming]
Thank you, Leigh.
Hello, beautiful people!
You havin' a good time tonight?
Yeah, I know that's right!
I wanna welcome you
to the biggest male revue competition
in the world!
And I wanna remind you ladies
that we do this every year just for you.
So make sure you go out,
support your male exotics
as I know you do.
And as always, I want you to remember
Love is love.
[cheering continues]
Let's give a warm welcome to the stage
for LA's Nudes!
[hip-hop ballad playing]
[hip-hop music and cheering continue]
[crowd cheering]
Let's introduce to the stage, Mr. Vegas!
From all over Latin America,
like Columbia, Mexico, Brazil,
please put your hands together
and make some noise for Los Sexos!
["Suelto" by Felix Escobar
and Eduardo Escobar playing]
[hip-hop music and cheering continue]
[tires screech]
Now you didn't think
I was gonna miss this show, did you?
Sexy Chocolate!
[hip-hop music and cheering continue]
Man, those guys are good.
[muted music playing]
Come on.
-Here we go, baby!
-Man, we got this!
We got this!
Here he comes.
Look who's here.
Sucka Coockoo for coco puff city.
-Chill, chill, chill!
-Yo! Relax!
Release it all, bro. Take it easy.
I'm good, I'm good.
What's up Pharaoh?
You see what's up.
My name in lights.
[scoffs] Look.
I think y'all have to take
that baseball shit down the street.
Yeah, at least we don't look like
a bunch of disco balls
with vest spray tinted, pimp.
Hey, what you sayin'?
Chill! Chill, man!
Why are you mad? Why you mad?
This is us, that money's ours.
Come on, fellas.
Oh, oh, oh!
Sorry to hear about your boy
had to go home early.
Better luck next time.
Good luck with our old soups.
Don't get gel all over my jacket.
That's messed up, man.
I can't believe Bolo pulled this shit.
[crowd cheering]
All right, ladies,
let's keep this show moving.
That was Los Sexos,
and next is a resident group
here in Las Vegas.
So let's give a warm welcome to Hippz!
[crowd cheering]
["Get Down" by Durty so Clean playing]
I heard there's a party
On the Milky Way
I still need a star
About to get me away
The mirror from Mars
So I thought I would stay
[crowd cheering]
So as we can't see the sun
Turn the music up loud
I just won't let it burn...
Oh, we miss you.
[speaking in French]
[speaking in French]
[speaking in French]
[crowd screaming]
[hip-hop music and cheering continue]
Did we miss them already?
No, I don't think so.
See they turn up the bass
Sister Beatrice?
Uh-oh, I was just in the neighborhood.
[hip-hop music continues]
Where's my client?
I think they're up next.
[hip-hop music continues]
[cab driver #1] See this guy.
He's a famous star here now.
He's everywhere.
Lucky guy.
Yeah. Lucky.
You know what?
Take me back to the hotel, please.
No more airport?
[car revving]
[crowd screaming]
[screaming continues]
That's how you bring it!
That was Hippz, ladies.
Coming up next to the stage
is another wonderfully sexy
and dynamic group,
and they call themselves Heaven's Boys!
[crowd screaming]
We're up next, guys.
Let's swing these bats.
Where's Sexy Chocolate?
Hey, I'm back!
Sorry, I had to take care of something.
All right! Let's do this, fellas.
["Going Down" by Elliot Trent playing]
[crowd cheering]
[Sister Beatrice] Over here!
[screams] Ah, over here, baby!
Take it down
Take it down
Take it down
[crowd cheering]
[Bolo] Slayer!
-Hey, yo!
-Bolo, what's up, baby!
-You know I can't leave my boys hanging.
Let's go!
What's up, man?
-What's up with you?
-What's going on, bro?
[Michael] That's right.
-[Slayer] Always.
-[Magnus] All right.
Check this out.
[hip-hop music and cheering continue]
[crowd cheering]
Man, they good.
Yeah, but we're better.
Way better.
All right, Chocolate City,
let's get in quick prayer.
Bow your heads.
God, we want to thank you
for this opportunity
you've blessed us with.
We've worked hard for this moment,
but we humbly submit to your plan.
Win or lose tonight, we know
you brought us together for a reason,
as brothers.
[all] Amen!
Let's do it!
Ladies, let's spice some things up
with some chocolate,
melts in your mouth and not in your hands.
This time, it's double the fun
and double the flavor.
Let's show them some Vegas love.
Out of the city of Atlanta,
here is Chocolate City!
Yes! Let's bring some chocolate!
["Knock it out the Park"
by Willie Taylor playing]
Hey, baby
I'm ready to take the field
I hope you got your game face on
We about to make history
Hey, baby, welcome to my home
Tonight It's you and me we all alone
And you know exactly just what I'm on
Don't need no clothes
Leave them heels on
Tonight I'm gonna break a world record
I see the signs, baby
I'm not striking out
And can't nobody read your body better
I'mma show you exactly what I'm about
I'mma knock it out the park
Oh, oh, uh, uh, yeah
Tonight I'm hitting home runs
In the dark
I'mma knock it out the park
After we done girl you gonna be
Calling me your all-star
I'mma knock it out the park, oh, yeah
After we done girl you gonna be
Calling me your all-star
I'mma knock it out the park
Oh, oh, uh, uh, yeah
I'mma knock it out the park
Oh, oh, uh, uh, yeah
Tonight I'm gonna be your all-star
Knock it, knock it
Knock it, knock it out the park
Knock it, knock it, knock it
Knock it out the park
Knock it, knock it, knock it
[crowd cheering]
Wow! That was Chocolate City!
I know you've liked that.
Let's move round one right along
'cause I know our judges
have their hands full.
They'll be back to give you more.
That's what I'm talking about!
I know we killed it!
Well, fuck yeah!
Let's go, puneta!
["Wine Pondi Buddy"
by QMillion Riddim playing]
[hip-hop music and cheering continue]
[hip-hop music and cheering continue]
[hip-hop music continues]
All right, ladies!
It seems to be down
to the hometown favorites.
The Hippz
and the melt in your mouth
but not in your hand Chocolate City!
Good luck out there, man!
What and learn how to win
a half a million dollars.
Sucker Chocolate.
Okay, ladies, these judges are ready.
So let's get this final clash
of beef cakes started.
I know who he was when I first met you.
Let's welcome down to the stage again,
The Hippz!
[crowd cheering]
["Touch" by Lemarvin playing]
Wishing upon a falling star
I wanna be where you are
There's only so much words can say
And I had to make your body way
I know you're in some need
Of assistance
We both agree I've got what you
Wanted good love
Want it right now
Girl, close your eyes
I know when you're all alone
And you think of me
You can help yourself
That's why you touch yourself
Want me on top of you
This is gonna be a close one.
That audience
are really feeling that set, man.
What do you think?
Honestly, if this is a move,
it's about the time
one of us would break our ankle
and the other team wins.
But that's not us, right?
-Hey, Pretty Boy!
The song you've been working on,
is it done?
I've got an idea.
Come on, let's go.
I know you're in some need
Of assistance
We both agree I've got what you
Wanted good love
Want it right now
Girl, close your eyes
Let's go
I know when you're all alone
And you think of me
You can help yourself
That's why you touch yourself
Want me on top of you
And you on top of me
You can help yourself
That's why you touch yourself
[song continues]
What the hell?
Oh, Lord Jesus.
Let's go
I know when you're all alone
And you think of me
You can help yourself
That's why you touch yourself
Want me on top of you
And you on top of me
You can help yourself
That's why you touch yourself
Do you hear that?
I'll give you care flare
with my half a million.
Hey, Pretty Boy, you ready?
Chocolate City is going to keep it tight,
right, and buckled.
Ladies, if you like chocolate,
let me hear you scream for Chocolate City!
["Music" by Willie Taylor playing]
'Cause I belong to music
Release me
And music belongs to me
I get high out of music
So high
The music high on me
Oh, no
Shall we go smoke a little bit
Drink a little bit, girl
Talk a little bit, get back to music
Smoke a little bit
Drink a little bit, baby
Fuck a little bit, get back to music
That's why I
Sometimes I feel like
Maybe music ain't for me
Turn the track up
And then I'll begin to sing
It's just some shit
You can't get out of me
And I've been through some shit
I've been through
And I've been through some shit
I've been through
Could have let it be my end
But I got through all this
I belong to music
Release me
And music belongs to me
I get high out of music
So high
The music high on me
Oh, no
Smoke a little bit
Drink a little bit, girl
Talk a little bit, get back to music
Smoke a little bit
Drink a little bit, baby
Fuck a little bit, get back to music
Nothing else matters
-That's why I get lost.
-Nothing else matters
The music
[crowd screaming]
The music
The music
The music
[crowd screaming]
We have the votes right here, ladies!
[dramatic music]
Well, ladies,
we have an unusual situation tonight.
The judges have ruled
that there is no wardrobe malfunction,
and the Hippz have been disqualified
due to the violation
of our competition's decency rules.
So, I am proud to announce
this year's winner
of the Exotic Male competition
goes to Chocolate City!
Yes! Wohoo!
Yes! Yeah!
Yes, Chocolate City! Yes!
That's so... Thank you, Jesus!
Oh, thank you, Jesus!
Thank you!
Yes! Yes!
Thank you so much!
Thank you. Thanks.
Yo, Mike.
You always play by the rules, man.
You were the better man.
If y'all been thinking about
bringing Chocolate City on the road,
come holla at you boy, man.
You got a good operation, thanks, bro!
Impressive fellas!
Very, very impressive.
You guys are hell of a group.
I've never seen anything like that.
You deserve it.
Listen up, I'm opening up a couple
of new revues out in the Euro,
Dubai, South of France,
You ready for primetime,
you give me a holla.
Hell, yeah!
Thank you very much, Mr. Valentine.
Call me Best.
Yeah, boy!
Congratulations, man!
Thank you guys!
Carmen, you came!
Didn't you invite me?
So, Vegas is really nice!
You guys look so cute together.
See, it wasn't so bad.
Actually, it wasn't so bad at all.
So, can we talk about it when we get home?
Oh, love you!
[plane whirrs]
Hey, Mom.
Just cutting my weekly coupons.
You want something to eat?
What's this?
The money came in,
they gave me my portion.
Fifty thousand dollars.
Of which I'm giving you 30,000 of it
for all the bills around here.
Oh, my God!
Son, are you serious?
-Enjoy it!
I've never seen this!
Much lumps sum of money went...
it went down!
Lord, I gave it all!
Well, I gotta go. I'm late to work, okay.
Oh, oh, wait son.
This came for you.
-What's this?
-It was from your school.
"On behalf of Georgia's State University,
I have the pleasure to inform you
that you have passed."
I passed! I passed my French state test!
-Whoa! Give me some!
[both laugh]
Oh, I love you so much, Mom!
I love you more.
Okay, don't wait up for me tonight!
I won't.
You don't have to worry about that.
All right!
[deep breaths]
Thirty thousand dollars.
Oh, yes!
On top!
Don't forget we got amateur night here,
every Tuesday night,
going down at Chocolate City!
["Henny" by Bounc3 of the Rej3ctz
and Blast playing]
Hey, Brandy!
Look at you classy lassy!
I got shade of rocks.
Wow, it is crazy in here.
Yup! We are hometown heroes!
[hip-hop music playing]
You know that Vegas gig,
really got some heat with the ladies.
Yeah, I can see that.
And now we're all caught up
with our mortgage, the bank's off my back.
Things are looking up.
Thanks to you.
Oh, come on don't mention it.
We're on the same team, right?
I'm just glad that we're back!
So, uh, when do I go on?
After this amateur act,
I think there's two more.
Don't forget every Tuesday night!
It's going down, Amateur Night
here at Chocolate City!
["Spotlight" by Durty So Clean playing]
Right now, give it up
for the Black Stallion!
Who's this guy?
[hip-hop playing and cheering]
[music stops]
[music continues]
What the...
[hip-hop music playing]
[hip-hop music playing]