Chori Chori Chupke Chupke (2001) Movie Script

We warmly welcome you
all to our favorite show
"Rich and Famous"
The program in which we interview
people who are, well, rich and famous!
Today we meet the
owner of a big business.
The Malhotra Group of Industries, Mr.
Kailash Nath Malhotra.
Join me to his magnificent
villa on the outskirts of Delhi!
May I introduce: Mr.
Kailash Nath Malhotra!
But you certainly trust
us here on some secrets?
If I right for holding that,
I am very happy to do.
First of all we want
to know about your family.
I have a big family.
A son, a daughter and a grandson.
Several other relatives
here still live with us.
I'll introduce them to you.
Yes, me too!
Sit down quietly.
This is my son, Ranjit.
- Hello.
My daughter, Asha.
- Hello.
This is Ranjit brother Pankaj...
...and his wife, Kanchan.
- Okay.
The others are Staff.
Is... in large families
is coming too often disputes.
What is the secret of the
great Harmony in here family?
This is easy to explain.
My son runs the business.
And his brother-in-law helps him out.
My daughter-in-law
manages the house...
...with Kanchan's help.
- And I manage all of them.
I'll do anything important
simply by telephone.
I possess great influence.
Many of the government
ministers among my friends.
He's right.
If any of our TV should break,
Technicians not he call,
but he directly calls up the minister
for information and broadcasting.
He is Pappu.
Son of our old accountant.
He lived with us as a
child and like a son to me.
Trouble with the Ministry?
I kill a jiffy that!
Do not worry, this is just a tick.
All right!
He's right.
What's going on?
Here is a television series filmed?
Only we have the villain missing!
Come and sit you!
This is Dr. Balraj.
We are old friends,
he is actually hardly
better than an enemy.
Sweets, fat, salt...
He rationed everything!
And Pappu,
his detective, to passthrough.
Otherwise you'd still
long been in heaven,
with all thy diseases...
Shut up, the camera is running!
- Oh, I'm sorry.
All right.
- Yes, is my pose okay?
One last question I would have.
They have a happy family,
run a successful life.
Is there a wish that
you have not met yet?
Yes, I'm looking for a partner.
You do not want that
approximately marry again?
Married? Oh, no.
I'm waiting for my grandson.
I would like to see him play.
He will give me support
like this walking stick
and the name of the family
continue after my death.
Oh, how sweet!
When will wait to be her end?
When my grandson finally
agree to a marriage is.
He's just on the wedding a friend.
You look good.
Come let's dance.
Please do not...
Now go on...
Buzzes off!
Come on...
"In love Punjabi is the number one!"
"In matters of the heart
Punjabi is the number one!"
"He bhangra dance on Baisakhi
Punjabi is the happy!"
"He revels in love
Punjabi is the happy!"
That's it! Enough.
You can not go now!
What is this?
"He sees a beautiful girl
rotates the Punjabi like a top."
"Eyes he sees, the enchant him,
unit of Punjabi beside himself"
"He sees a beautiful girl, unit
of Punjabi completely out of control"
"Eyes he sees, the enchant him, unit
of Punjabi completely out of control"
"For a look of volatile
I'll whole sale Patiala"
"You have my poor captivate small"
"The whole world admired my beauty"
"I could enchant any, I want to!"
"Such trivialities"
"Such trivialities Punjabi
to make a real do not worry!"
"A Punjabi makes no empty promises"
"On the path of love
proceeds of Punjabi,"
"he enchants all
beautiful with his eyes"
"What give eyes read in your eyes,
Punjabi to be get out of hand"
"He looks into such expressive face,
unit of Punjabi completely out of control"
"I wear a long Ghagra
Blouse and a silk"
"If you really want me,
get me off with a gentle"
"The sparkle of your
bracelets robs me of my sleep"
"I could kidnap you,
me only if you are allowing is"
"If you show you stubborn,"
"If you show you stubborn,
can never loose the Punjabi!"
"The feelings of his beloved
knows very well the Punjabi!"
"It is, Punjabi is the generous"
"and spend his time with pleasure"
"He is provoked, unit of
Punjabi completely out of control"
"In love Punjabi is the number one"
"In matters of the heart
Punjabi is the number one!"
"He bhangra dance on Baisakhi
Punjabi is the happy!"
"He revels in love
Punjabi is the happy!"
Thank you!
The guys have you is but given really!
- Really?
Excuse me.
- Yes.
You danced very well
at the function today.
Did not you say something?
- You have a sweet child.
He has taken after you.
Thank you.
They all say that.
No baby.
Well then, bye!
- Bye!
Sister-in-law, take your son.
What did he say?
The? He said...
"Sweet you have a child.
It looks as is."
He probably thought this is my child.
Chotu, since no water is coming out!
What are you saying?
- Yes.
You're not working you lazy bums!
You're gossiping!
We do not talk.
No water comes out here!
Go and mow the lawn! No water?
- Raj!
Who are you calling?
- The Ministry of Irrigation.
- In the water hose is not!
Why do not you call the plumber?
- The plumber?
What is the ministry doing?
To irrigate!
That's right!
He is the only one in the family,
who really understands me.
And now for the water ...
You see, the water also is going on.
This is true power!
Gone again ...?
Pappu! The water does not run again!
I am your servant about?
Why are you constantly calling me?
Take that!
Mother ...
- Raj ...?
My son, how are you?
- Good.
How was the wedding your friend?
They changed his life.
- Yours would also change,
if you agree to a marriage would!
- She's right.
Let finally marry you!
I do not drop it in there!
- Heard that!
Welcome home, Raj!
How are you, my son?
- Live long.
How was your trip?
- Good ...
Listen, you have to immediately
find out and to Singapore,
why our ship is still in the harbor.
Our dealers are slowly nervous!
- Hey, businessman,
you're just what a father?
Your son comes home straight
you send it already and gone?
Again and abroad he is!
I have to send someone!
- Send another person yet!
Pankaj, you are moving then!
- Then who'll handle the work here?
Did you bring it?
- Of course!
Come on.
- And if we get caught?
Do not worry.
The one who gets caught is the thief.
The old man and his grandson
redemption behind closed doors?
That seems suspicious!
Come on, give me the stuff.
Only one, grandfather.
- Well, just one thing.
Just as your sweet
love soft and so my heart!
Saving you eat and poetry.
This is risky!
Helps you not locking up!
I got the master key!
What's the?
- He secretly eating sweets!
You have high diabetes.
Of 320!
Dad, it's a sin for
you to have sweets!
You take the medicines
and then the sweets too!
And I get scolded for eating
all the sweets. - Yes.
Dad, at least think about
us if not about yourself.
Do you want an old, weaken man abuse?
Why not ask, sweet why he brings me!
Because Raj has agreed.
Agreed ...?
And ... what?
To marry!
What are you doing?
Leave him alone, he is tired.
I talk to him and tell
you then the details.
Take these sweets
and celebrate. Go on!
What kind of a grandpa are you?
- Why?
You sacrifice me to save your head!
And what about you?
Grandchildren is a life to
be for the dignity of his grandfather.
And you can't even
agree to get married.
If you do not marry,
How will the Malhotra family grow?
We love this family
each other so much.
The girl wrong would ruin everything!
Do you really think I would
suggest you pick the wrong one?
Still, I don't want to get married.
I'm sorry!
I'm your grandfather!
I'm curious how you
oppose your marriage like!
Do not forget I'm your grandson!
Leave it.
Open your mouth.
This doesn't mean I've
agreed to get married.
The laddoos are sugar-free.
Good morning!
- Good morning!
Please sit. Good morning.
- Good morning sir.
Miss Barucha!
- Hi handsome!
You look very wonderful today.
How many times have I told you?
Yes, if I had been married,
I'd be having two kids.
But I'm still unmarried.
That's okay. Even I'm single.
And listen! Until I find
a good and handsome boy like you,
I won't get married!
And you shouldn't. Okay?
- Okay!
What are you looking? Do your work.
Raj, Dr. Balraj talks here.
Yes, what is it?
Come to my nursing home immediately.
Your grandfather does not feel well.
Not very well! I'm seriously sick!
He is sick hard!
But he was fine this morning.
One can't guarantee
health at this age.
It can deteriorate at any time.
All right I'm coming.
- Okay.
He's coming!
Did the doctor called, Mom?
- He was here earlier.
He made a routine check
and went away with Grandpa.
Why do you ask?
Oh, nothing special, all right.
Your acting should be realistic.
Do not worry, Kailash.
You know, in college
the theater group I was best.
Grandfather! Raj is here!
Fast, lie down!
My God, your pulse
has still not calmed down!
And after two injections!
What is bothering you so much?
You did to live another year.
All wishes of men
are fulfilled in a year.
What's the matter? Tell me.
I will fulfill your wish.
I have only one wish.
Before I die,
I would like to see
my great-grandchildren!
But Raj loves his freedom. He loves
her more as his poor grandfather.
Kailash, look, Your grandson has come.
Raj, where are you?
- I'm here.
Oh, great!
You lie in a suit in a hospital bed!
It was an emergency,
I had to lie down immediately!
And you also had to act
badly in emergency. Isn't it?
And doctor, you too are a part of it?
What would I have done?
He made me do it!
Grandpa, why do you all this?
You know how valuable you are to me.
So you what I mean? Then listen to me!
When we go look at your bride?
Tell me!
- Whenever you want!
Priya, I think they are here!
Welcome, Mr. Malhotra!
Salute you, Mr. Kapoor!
This is my grandson Raj.
Hello. Pappu you already know this.
- Live long.
He's the same guy I
had met at Suman's wedding.
A look at both of you,
I knew and already know!
That's why we've
asked for this alliance.
I have already seen and
chosen your daughter. - Yes.
Now they want to know Raj.
Priya, dear, come on ...
- Hello.
Live long. Sit down.
What do you think?
Is she not a little old?
What a nonsense!
I had studied her horoscope!
It is exactly the right age for you!
It seems grandpa has seen
the horoscope without his glasses.
Her cheeks are so plump.
Actually, the a sign of beauty.
Just look at her spring
finery: It's wonderful!
The girl next to
her but I like better.
She's a mother of a baby.
Then she looks like a mother of 4.
Doesn't she?
Really ...?
But it has but maintained well.
Son, ask her anything if you want to.
Oh yes, they question everything,
what do you know.
How long you were in college?
I ...? I am gone off in the seventh.
But she has two degrees.
And she is a good housewife!
It has all give treats prepared here!
It means she doesn't know anything.
She knows so much.
What else do you want?
Why, he asks me?
He looks at only you.
Now comes a new question.
What are your hobbies?
cricket, tennis, Swimming, music ...
All their hobbies!
You like to praise others,
while she herself A
gold medal in wrestling.
In the rings?
I want to ask you something yourself.
Tell me what's most important
to keep the family happy?
It is love
Let the number of
members be more or less
But if everyone loves each other
then the household becomes heaven.
Very good. What noble thoughts!
Why bother about her noble thoughts?
Ask her noble thought
Why do you want to know the
noble thoughts of her sister-in-law?
- Yes
Don't cry child.
Madam your son was crying?
Come, Come, my son.
Why are you crying?
Congratulations Mr.
Kapoor. Raj has liked the girl.
From our side the
alliance is confirmed.
Now you fix the marriage date
- Sure, have sweets
Why not?
They are here!
"The bride is here at home"
"The bride is here at home"
"All dance with abandon"
"In a procession your
bridegroom comes to your door"
"In a gentle he brings you home"
"The bride is here at home"
- Raj!
Find it!
- Priya!
No, let her go. I'll beat you.
Search it, darling. Find the ring.
"Beautiful all at what
the has to offer the world,"
"I bet no one ever
has a beauty as seen your"
"I've longed for you so"
"probably as never before
someone has longed for you"
"Beautiful all at what
the has to offer the world,"
"I bet no one ever
has a beauty as seen your"
"I've longed for you so"
"probably as never before
someone has longed for you"
"I bet no one ever
has a beauty as seen your"
"Be is day or night,"
"we always stay together"
"On my lips"
"should come only your name"
"I just want to love you,
affectionately call you"
"If I lose control,
I should hold you."
"I'll be your image save in my eyes"
"I'll be your image save in my eyes"
"because there is only
space nice for your face"
"Beautiful all at what
the has to offer the world,"
"I've been gripped by ecstasy!"
"Even this heart is restless."
"I'm just still dreaming
fragrance of your flowers same"
"The way I have asked
for you in my prayers."
"The way I have asked
for you in my prayers."
"No one else might have
asked you from god like this."
"Beautiful all at what
the has to offer the world,"
"I bet no one ever
has a beauty as seen your"
"I've longed for you so"
"I've longed for you so"
"probably as never before
someone has longed for you"
"Beautiful all at what
the has to offer the world,"
"I bet no one ever
has a beauty as seen your"
Doctor Uncle, There's no difference
between love and photograph
How's it?
Both are developed in Darkness!
Shameless fellow!
Hey! look at Raj's photograph!
Who had taken it?
Look...Look at this!
Mother, I had taken this photo!
Raj was unaware,
when I took this photograph!
I feel you both have
liked Switzerland very much!
If that's true, why don't you
and Raj settle there for few years!
Absolutely no,
they both are not going anywhere!
Till now, I was worrying
for son after sending him abroad!
Now, even Daughter-in-law no way!
When I sent you to
Oxford for Higher Studies!
You cried mad!
You too father!
Grandpa, You could've told me!
I would've talked with foreign Minister
and opened a Oxford's Branch we!
You donkey!
You were not even born at that time!
This is our country's ill fortune!
Raj, phone.
Okay! One second!
I'll call you later, okay!
Whose phone was it,
that you had to move away from me!
Look Raj,
you are hiding something from me.
Come on tell, what's the matter?
You're correct!
First, I thought
I'll hide this from you!
But these things never remain secret!
If you come to know...
That there's someone else
to share my love with you!
What will you do then?
I'll kill myself!
Raj, do you love anyone else?
I haven't done it,
I think I'll start now...
Doctor had called!
Report's are positive!
Priya, you're pregnant!
What? Am I going to
become a Great Grandfather?
Long live happily! Long live...
God Bless you...god bless you...
- What's it?
Take this and distribute
it among poor!
Okay sir!
Daughter-in-law, Asha
- Yes father!
You're going to become a Grandmother!
And I am going to became
a Great grandfather!
Today I am very happy!
Oh! the god has fulfiled my wish!
Longlive my child, Longlive!
What happened, father?
Ranjit, you're going
to get my position!
You're going to become a grandfather
and I, great grandfather!
Pappu, I am going
to become Grand Uncle!
I'll become Grand Pappu!
I'll become Grand Uncle!
Grandpa, congratulations!
For the first time I've seen
so much of happiness in this house!
It's all because of you!
Thank you.
- Thanks to you.
Love you.
Kailash, congratulations!
Today, I'll make your day!
Look I've brought sweets for you!
I'll eat to my heart's content
and I'll make you also eat...
From today it's no to sweets!
Now, I want to live longer!
Hereafter I don't
have any need for this!
Now that my walking partner is coming!
Hereafter I'll follow
all your instructions!
Cricket, tennis, jogging.
Hey! Chotu, look, after years
Big Boss is going for a walk!
That too without a walking stick!
All this is the Magic
of the daughter-in-law
Grandpa, when talks were
on for my marriage in this family!
I was scared!
- Why?
I had once seen your
photograph in the Newspaper!
I thought,
one who had such menacing Moustache!
He'll definitely be strict
and will be like Hitler!
I've to be scared and put the veil!
But after coming here, I came
to know that you're very Modern!
Now, I feel that you're
not Raj but my grandfather!
Madam, this time,
we had a great crop this reason!
Each branch bearing 100's of Mangoes!
Hey! were you plucking
mangoes or counting it?
Hey! Stop this fight
and carry on with your work!
This will go to Sharma's,
keep this in that basket!
And sister-in-law, this is for Kumar's!
- Please give!
Put into that basket!
Madam, please take this!
Oh! My child, how many times I had
warned you not to lift heavy articles?
Take away those unripe mangoes!
Where did you go early in the morning?
I went out for shopping!
What for?
For Maharana Pratap!
I mean for the photo
of Maharana Pratap!
Because if a six months pregnant
woman whatever she watches more!
he child will imbibe those qualities!
If we keep this photograph
in Priya's bed room!
Then the coming child will also
be courageous like Maharana Pratap!
Have you gone mad?
If he becomes like Rana Pratap!
He'll be fighting with
a sword all his life in Jungles!
We must make the child
a great cricketer only
What will he do becoming a cricketer!
Unnecessarily he will
get trapped into match fixing!
Our child should
become a great leader!
One who'll march this
nation towards progress!
So, In the bedroom of Priya...
What happened? Have you slept?
I am thinking about which leader's
photograph should I hang there?
Can this humble man suggest a thing?
Come on tell?
It can solve the problem
of all the three!
Keep some film Actor's
photograph in her room!
He can do, Leader's role cricketer's
Role, and even Rana Pratap's Role!
Very simple!
How good had it been
if you were quiet?
Politician's photograph!
- Maharana Pratap!
Sachin Tendulkar!
- Maharana Pratap!
- Sachin Tendulkar!
Why are you unnecessarily
fighting among yourselves?
Ask Priya whose picture
she wants to hang.
Yes, my child, come on tell!
Why are you getting tensed up for me?
I've already hanged the
photograph which I like the most!
Come on, Pappu. Come on!
Ball please.
Come on, Pappu!
- Pappu, well done!
Come on!
Buck-up Pappu!
Come on, Pappu. Very good! Come on!
My god!
Catch it!
Catch it!
- Catch it!
Oh! I've broken my back!
- Oh no!
What's this Bansi?
You are out!
How can it be out, Grandpa!
this was a six!
Out means ...out!
What's this?
Mother, Grandfather's cheating!
It's not fair.
- Not fair!
My dear, It's our family Rule, one who
crosses beyond the boundary is out!
Now, give me the bat!
Oh! Tell me that,
you want to do the bating!
Yes...Yes...I want to bat!
You go and bat, I'll do the umpiring!
Anyhow, you'll be out at the
first ball why are wearing a cap?
I've seen many who
had dared to bowl me out!
Come on!
- Come on dad! Hurry up!
All the best, dad!
- Come on, bowl.
How fast you're bowling?
Before I could lift my bat the
ball whizzed part me, I am not out!
Hey! come on give him out!
Not out!
No...No! it's out!
Hey! What are you saying?
It's definitely out!
What an umpire you are?
Father's certainly out!
Dad is out!
- Okay! Okay! Out!
Hey! You're not my friend!
you're a Traitor...Traitor!
What did we fix earlier between us?
What could I do? when all of them
joined together, I had to give out!
What do you mean by saying
that you had to give out?
Fixing matches even in family!
Very bad. I'll telephone and
inform sports minister! Right now!
Let it go my friend, I'll not bat!
Now, it's my chance to bat!
Okay...Okay...give me the ball!
Welcome...Welcome to bat!
Thank you, dad!
Don't know to play cricket, still
wanting to keep Tendulkar's photo!
Watch, how I am going
to hit a six next ball?
Hit a six!?!
Come on, catch it!
- Catch it!
Not able to understand anything!
It's already 2 hours,
why doesn't anyone tell me anything?
This Balraj also went inside,
and still hasn't come out!
What happened, uncle?
Everything's alright isn't it?
She had miscarriage!
The still born died in the womb only!
And Priya!
- She is alright
Out of Danger!
God's great! Thanks!
That our daughter-in-law is safe!
Can me meet Priya now?
No, we have drugged Priya to sleep.
It isn't good to disturb
her for 7-8 hours!
I feel, we all go home!
Since the accident no body's peaceful!
Come on, let's go.
You all go home I'll stay here only.
No, Aunty!
you go home, we both will stay here!
Mother, I'll stay here!
But, son!
As soon as Priya gets
conscious I'll give you a call!
Come on...Come...come...Come!
Kailash, you too come.
A mother losing her
child is a great Disaster!
Take care of Priya.
- Yes, grandpa.
Mr. Malhotra...'s calling you!
I'll come back soon!
Come Raj! come...Sit down!
I have hidden something from you all.
- What?
In the accident Priya's womb
got ruptured and became sceptic!
To prevent further
infection the doctor...
...had to remove
her uterus and ovaries.
Because of which, Priya can
never become a mother in future!
Even the Modern Technology
can't be of any help to her!
Son, you've to keep this
as a secret form your family!
If your Grandfather
comes to know about this!
He already had two Heart attacks
He'll not be able to bear a third one!
But can I tell this to Priya...
There's only one way
to lend courage to the family.
That we'll keep away
the tears from us!
Shall we go?
Children have come!
I don't want any cries and Cadoleaves!
Everyone will behave
as if nothing has happened?
- Yes!
Go...Go back to your normal work!
Welcome...Welcome my children!
What a long life my daughter-in-law
has been blessed with?
Think of her, and she's here!
Long live my child!
Watch out in a year own house
will reverberate with a child's cries!
Be happy with family and kids!
No...My child! Please don't cry!
Why this sorrow for a still born?
Cool on down!
Oh! My child miscarriage
is an ordinary matter!
My friend too had a miscarriage.
But now she's mother to 4 kids!
What? In this time of
family plannings 4 children?
Pappu, register a complaint
against her friend with the police!
Why police, I can now call family
planning Minister and put her in jail
Hey! Her husband himself
is the family planning minister!
You can't touch him!
Call the Prime Minister!
Where will he be?
Why are you laughing?
I can call even Bill Clinton
What's happening here?
Why are you talking own problems?
No body's concerned about daughter-in-law
she has just come out of Hospital!
Yes my child, go and take rest!
Today, I'll prepare all your
favourite dishes! Come, sister-in-law!
Pappu, make a provisions list
- Certainly!
Don't you want to go to office?
- Come...come...
you go to your room and take rest!
Raj, take her!
What happened?
Did you see the eyes
of your family members?
There's an expectation in every eye!
That in the near future, I'll present
them with a heir to this family!
One day they'll definitely
come to know that...
We have deceived them!
What will happen at that time?
You don't worry about
that I've a plan...
Come on tell,
how do you feel if we adopt a child?
Look! Father always tells me
to go abroad to look after business!
If you agree,
we'll go abroad for a year or two!
We'll adopt a child there! Okay?
And, I'll explain
everything to Doctor uncle!
We've been left with no choice!
Grandpa! child...come!
My respects to you grandpa!
Bless you my child!
Come sit, my child!
Were you crying?
No, these are tears of happiness,
my child!
While reading the
newspaper I fell asleep!
And in that sleep
I had a very nice dream!
That I've become great grandfather!
A small child was playing in my lap!
And was laughing! Exactly like Raj!
Similar eyes...similar smile!
As I bent my head to fondle the child!
That rogue caught my moustache!
In that happiness tears
rolled out of my eyes!
Do you know my child, the
morning dreams will always come true!
Hail the lord!
Thank you, my love.
Look will you give if
I ask you anything today?
Why do you ask? Everything is yours!
If I wish to give it to
some one else which is mine!
Give it what's the problem in it?
You marry again!
Today, grandfather dreamt of a Raj
a replica of you! Playing in his lap!
He doesn't want anyone,
he wants your progeny only!
Now you only tell!
How can we play on their sentiments
by calling an adopted as your son!
I am at the disadvantage!
I can't become a mother!
But you can become a father, isn't it?
Agree to it, please!
The accident which you had,
If it had happened to me!
Would you've married again?
Everything is going to
be perfectly okay. I love you.
Yes, Priya.
Raj, I want to meet you immediately!
What's the matter?
I can't tell it on phone!
Do one thing come to India
Gate I'll also come there!
Alright, I'll come!
What is it? Why did you call me here?
Read this news!
Surrogate mother!
How lucky that woman would've been
who was like me, but now has a child!
The only difference is that
the womb was of a different woman!
You mean test tube Baby?!
No, our family is so famous that this
test tube matter will never be a secret!
That's means you want me to...
Yes Raj, if we get a girl
who could give birth to our child!
Look, If I wanted to beget
a child from some other woman!
Why would I have refused
for the marriage?
Why would I have talked
about adopting a child?
Because, I love you so much!
And I don't want
to share it with anyone
Raj! We'll get difficulties freely!
But you have to pay a price for joy.
For your child I am ready to
share your love with other woman also!
Priya, even if I accept,
where would we get such a woman?
If It's written in
my fate to become a mother!
We'll definitely find a woman!
The contract which you
entered with your friend...
Will she help me?
This is your Air Ticket to Mumbai
What happened?
You seem to be very disturbed!
Nothing Ms. Barucha!
Please sit down! A small problem!
You tell me your problem,
I'll solve it, just like that!
Ms. Barucha, this problem
can't be solved just like that
It'll take minimum 9 months!
- Yes!
One of my friend needs a girl
Is it? Is he handsome like you?
Yes he's handsome,
Rich and ready to give everything!
A house, a car, everything!
But, all he needs is just a child!
First let them get marry,
I'll have a cricket team ready
Problem is that he's already married!
And he doesn't want a second marriage!
A child without marriage!
Any problem?
What nonsense!
You've mistaken me! Am I so cheap?
Barucha. You've mistaken me!
I am not that sort of a guy
I was just discussing about
my friends problem that's all!
Let your friend and
his problem go to hell!
I'll give myself entirely
to my husband only!
What idiot friends he
has who have such problems.
Thank you. Congratulations, Raj.
Till now our relationship
was restricted to friendship!
But from today,
it has entered even in our business!
Thank you.
Mrs. Kapoor.
- Thank you, sir.
First of all let me congratulate Mr.
Raj Malhotra and Mr. Ajay Sharma.
I am very happy to announce
that all products of Raj's companies!
Will be exclusively marketed
in Europe by Mr. Ajay Sharma!
The first product to be launched
will be discussed with Raj
Will she help me?
Mr. Raj, I know about your problem?
I am ready to help you!
Thank you.
You're very nice!
It's my honour.
Priya will be very happy to hear this!
Raj! Mrs. Kapoor is asking
about your opinion in the product!
Yes sir, I was asking, which
product should be launched first?
I'm sorry.
I was thinking something else!
Can we discuss it in next meeting?
Sure. Why not?
The actual thing is that I'm
missing my wife a bit too much today.
Excuse me, sorry. Bye.
See you later, brother.
- Yes.
Where do you want to go?
Take a left from here!
Please, Stop here!
Is your house here?
I don't find anything here!
Why do you need a house?
Switch of the light in the
vehicle and start here itself!
It's an Ac car It'll be most exciting
I generally take as Rs.1000 a night
But, If you wish,
you can pay Rs.100-200 less also!
You've mistaken me...Seeing you...
I just gave you a lift
I was escorting you to home!
You mean?
Mean...I problem
is something different!
I've friend who needs
a girl to stay with for a year!
For a year?
Outwardly saint,
but from inside a Demon!?!
This story is not of your
friend's its yours, isn't it?
Look sir, I've two children,
no father to look after them!
Then, I can't come!
But, there's a girl,
who dances at Deepa Bar!
Go and meet her!
her name is Madhubala!
Your work will be done!
I'll phone and inform her!
Thank you.
One second!
Keep this!
Didn't even touch me,
but still paying money?
This is not for you,
but for your children!
I'll pray to God, that whatever
be your wish, may it be fulfilled!
Thank you.
Madhubala! Come here to me!
"Every party I walk into."
"Now I light my magic"
"Every party I walk into."
"Now I light my magic"
"and everyone says:"
"Come here to me!"
"Crazy, crazy. All are crazy about me"
"Crazy, crazy. All are crazy about me"
"Every party I walk into."
"Now I light my magic"
"and everyone says,"
"Come here to me!"
"Crazy, crazy All are crazy about me"
"Crazy, crazy All are crazy about me"
Hey! Hook that smart kid!
Hey! Hero, will you come with me?
No...No...I'll not come!
- Hey! You stop!
"Do not be afraid, my dear friend,"
"and closing off trade"
"I do not return from the body,"
"my life is yours"
"Beautiful moments"
"a good heart"
"and this beautiful body"
"I no longer let you
free from my embrace"
"Why everyone says:"
"Come here to me!"
"Crazy, crazy All are crazy about me"
"Crazy, crazy All are crazy about me"
"Come on, dance for us"
"Madhubala, come here to me!"
"Secretly you came, my favorite"
"I would like to know,
what did you bring me"
"Where do you want to just go?"
"With me you'll find
it all what you need"
"My charm,"
"and passion"
"With my beauty I
do all in love with me!"
"And all say: Come here to me!"
"Crazy, crazy All are crazy about me"
"Crazy, crazy All are crazy about me"
"Crazy, crazy All are crazy about me"
"Crazy, crazy All are crazy about me"
"Crazy, crazy All are crazy about me"
"Crazy, crazy All are crazy about me"
Come on, give me all the money
So much was thrown
on you where's rest of it?
What money?
Will you give it by yourself
or shall I take it out?
Hey! Don't touch me!
Come on take it out!
Take this!
Take it, this is your commission!
Hey! Meena get away from him!
I'll go...I'll go...Any
how he is useless!
Case, Powder Rani, don't know
from where all these people come?
Vijayanthi told me over
phone that you'll be coming here!
Come on tell, what do you want?
Did she tell you anything?
Madhubala, are you coming with me?
Hey! Prawn, get lost man!
Hey! Today you're acting too smart!
Get lost man!
Come on tell, Sir!
I can't talk here,
can we go out and talk somewhere else?
Okay, but it'll cost you more!
Let's go!
Sir, why did you bring me here?
We'll go to Chandni!
There's a Bounty for customers!
There, you'll get with room towel,
soap, beer free of cost!
My room's here!
I think I've hit a Jackpot!
You go to the lift, I'll get the keys!
Good evening.
Oh! why this sandal always opens up?
Hey! Pigeon! Why are you laughing?
Are they new ones? Fatso!
Shall we go?
Good evening, sir.
- Good evening.
Hey! Don't tip him?
Madam! is a very large hearted woman!
Is it? He's very clever tip him, Sir?
Take it!
Thank you sir.
Hey! Fatso, half of it is mine!
Come...Come...please come sir.
Wow! What a spacious room?
I've heard that Hotels
have very large rooms!
But sir, this is very large!
You have a TV also?!
Is it your's sir?!
No, it's Hotel's!
Do you want to watch it?
Sir, is it mobile phone?
No, it's Remote control!
Oh sir, I totally forgot!
There's no necessity for that!
Are you not in mood?
No, I want to have
a small talk with you!
It'll cost you double!
Sir, I was just joking!
Sit down...Hey! come and sit!
How can I refuse you sir?
If I go out I'll take more money!
I'll take Rs.700-800!!
But, you've brought
me to a nice place!
Behaved nicely with me!
You're handsome too!
I'll ruin you!
I'll take Rs.1000 from you!
Okay, now tell me,
how much you'll take for a week!
Rs. 3000!
For a Month!
Do you like me so much?
You have impressed me a lot!
Okay, make it Rs. 15000 a month!
One year!
One year?! I'll cost you dearly!
I'm not that good in math.
30, 25, 35...It'll be
rupees one lakh lakh!
How much is that?
Two lakhs!
Two lakhs!
I've never seen so much of,
money in my life!
Sir, I'll not do any Wrongful jobs!
You're not going to make
any blue film, isn't it?
Don't worry!
I am a married man!
And I love my wife very much!
It's seen!
We have everything!
Except a heir!
I want a child from you!
Child? Why?
Is your wife a barren woman?
I can't stop my laugh!
Then, why did you come to me?
Because, I want a child from you!
I am ready to pay any amount for that!
Tell me, how much can you pay!
Rs. 5 lakhs...10 Lakhs!
Hey! What Happened?
- 10 Lakhs!
Are you alright?
- 10 Lakhs!
10lakhs...10 Lakhs!
- What happened?
I'll give you just a child
and you'll pay me Rs.10 Lakhs!!
Sir, you'll not cheat and leave me
on streets after making me pregnant?
l can pay you full now itself!'ve confidence in you!
A child of street girl like
me if you give it to your wife?
What will the society talk about it?
The society will talk only
if it comes to know about it!
So! everything secretly!
Oh! My hard earned money!
It's wonderful, sir!
Till today I was
earning for my stomach.
But now my stomach
is going to earn for me!
But, sir, remember one thing!
I too have only one
principle in my life!
I'll never give anyone
a lip to lip kiss.
- Okay.
Ten lakhs.
- Hi.
I was waiting for
your phone call only!
I've found out the girl
who's going to give you the child!
She must be an angel.
How nice girl she would
be who has come to help us?
10 lakhs...10 lakhs...10 lakhs
She's innocent.
But Priya...
I've understood! She's from
a poor family! That's all, isn't it?
If she has good culture
that's more than enough for us!
10 lakhs...My hard earned money!
I love you, Priya.
- I love you too.
Listen, tomorrow,
buy yourself some good clothes!
Take this Rs. 50000!
Buy such clothes that cover your body
Why? Don't you like my figure?
It's very nice, but keep it covered!
And inform your family
that you're with me for a year!
I don't have anyone
in this world except you.
Okay! Go and sleep!
Then, come!...I am
ready since long time!
Oh! No! You sleep here!
I'll sleep there!
You sleep here! I'll sleep there! want my
10 lakhs very quickly!
You'll get it...You'll get it! Sleep!
Don't know, when will I get my Rs.
10 lakhs?
Excuse me.
Hey! What's the cost of this dress?
It's not meant for you.
Speak in Hindi.
These me not meant for you
- Why?
Is the cloth of bad quality
or the colour will fade?
It's costly, you can't buy them!
What are you speaking?
Look I've money!
Come on, get out!
Why should I go out,
I've money I've come to buy clothes!
I've told you once,
isn't it Please get out!
Telling me to get out! you filthy man!
Do you think, am I beggar?
I can buy your entire shop!
Neither I want to sell
my shop nor any clothes to you!
Only decent people come here. Get out!
Hey! Oldie! does decent people's
money have anything distinct?
Yes sir!
Don't touch me!
Do you consider me so cheap?
Hey! Oldie! I'll not spare you!
I'll not spare you!
You've such a large shop, but
still don't have even basic courtesy!
Showing faces to me... move!
I won't spare the rascal!
Threw me out of the shop
can't even recognize Humans?
But can reckonings Dress?
Excuse me, madam.
What's it?
Where are you going
- Upstairs!
Who are you to ask me?
Look Madam,
I am the general manager here!
Whom do you want to meet?
My boss is there!
- Who?
The handsome one with big eyes!
Yesterday night only he brought
me here! His room is also up there!
Room number?
I don't know all that?
The room from which,
the sea is also seen.
Look Madam! there are many
rooms here from where sea is seen.
Hey! come with me, I'll show you!
- You can't go
Hey! Baldy! don't act smart!
If my boss comes to know!
Madam, you'll have to
get out of the hotel please.
Ladies like you can't
enter our hotel. Get out!
Hey! Leave my hand... leave my hand!
Hey! fatso! Come here,
come here you know me, isn't it?
Tell this white moon that you know me!
Do you know her?
- Yes, sir.
How can he forget he only took me up!
Sir, she was with Raj Malhotra!
Raj Malhotra!
The thing is that,
I wasn't at duty last night!
I made a small mistake!
That you'll forgive this small mistake.
That you'll not tell this to Mr. Raj!
Who's this Mr. Raj?
- With whom you've come here!
So, my handsome's
name is Raj Malhotra!
Now, are you also going to come with me?
- No...No
Come on move. What are you looking at?
- Yes...yes madam!
Where's my handsome?
The first product to be
launched internationally will be.
My business
partner Ajay Sharma!
Will be promoting it through
his American Companies!
Whatever technical details
needed I'll come there and give it!
Mr. Sinha.
- Yes sir!
According to market survey, our
products have good scope in Europe!
Hey sir!
Come here!
Excuse me.
The money which you gave
me that shop owner told me.
He refused to sell the
clothes for girls like me!
You go to the room? I'll came back!
No, I'll eat with you!
Go to the room and order the food!
Idiot, you can eat with these people!
But can't offer me.
Who is she?
I am sorry. Please forgive me. Sorry.
It's okay. Please, Mr. Sinha.
Yes, sir.
In the market survey report...
Raj, Who's she?
- She's a friend!
She's a friend,
but is she a time pass?
She's a good girl!
She's a good girl!
But she's a street girl, isn't it?
Who's not a street smart man here?
Are you not a street smart man?
I too...
- You're right.
What was the necessity
for you to come down?
What was that urgent work
for you come and disturb the meeting?
If you're ashamed of me,
why didn't you warn me to come down?
You could've locked
me up in the bathroom?
That shop owner also
called me a cheap!
He refused to sell, saying
that he'll not sell to girls like me.
Why are you staring at me?
I don't show my anger on food!
If you want go and get it!
No, I don't want!
Which shop man?
The shop on the other side
of the street, that big shop
What did he say?
He misbehaved and called me cheap!
Now...even you too!
I am sorry.
I had forgotten that you've
come from a different world!
I didn't come, you brought me here!
Leave that and take this!
Keep this!
Come with me!
- Where?
To the same shop to buy the clothes!
I'll not come there!
Miss Madhubala.
What happened?
Only today someone has
talked with me so respectfully!
Come let's go!
- Come let's go!
Mr. Bhatia's bill...
You've come here again!
She's with me!
- You?
Raj Malhotra.
- Raj Malhotra?
Oh, Mr. Malhotra! I can't believe it!
You've come to our shop,
It's a great honour for us!
I haven't come here
for shopping she has come!
She has come with you...
Sure! Jessy! Rita! Seema!
Attend to this madam!
No, sir, you'll attend to her!
Come...Madam... please come!
Madam...please take this!
- No...No...
Please have soft drinks madam
I've brought soft drinks for you!
Till then, you see these dresses! I'll
arrange for same shoes and sandals!
Hey! Get them quickly!
Come on. Hurry up.
- Yes!
Let's try this!
Look at this do you like this?
I had come here decided that...
...I'll buy your entire shop!
But, your shop doesn't
have anything like that!
Which will look beautiful on her!
And you like anything?
Shall we go to some
other big shop?! Come.
You're too hot! Have this cold drunk!
Oldie, don't do anything
like this next time!
What are you doing?
Smoking is injurious to health.
This too!
This is small bottle!
This small bottle will
make a big hole in the liver!
Give it to me!
Look, Madhu, my wife should
never know about your past!
- Okay!
Hey! what are you doing?
Are you going to make me skin head?
It's okay. Don't worry.
Hey Madhu! Hey Priya! Madhu!
How am I going to
repay your gratitude?
Oh! come, leave it!
Only a woman can understand
the sorrow of a woman!
I was right isn't it?
Very nice but with a little love!
That's alright when
will I meet Priya madam?
Tomorrow, we are going to Switzerland!
I'll introduce you
to her at Delhi Airport!
Till then rehearse
it 25-30 times, okay!
With love?
Only a woman can understand
a woman's sorrow.
Brother Bansi! come quickly!
otherwise plane will fly away!
Long live my son!
Keep phoning and take
good care of yourself!
All the best, son. Have a good flight.
I've intimated Zunch office.
They'll come to receive you!
If driver doesn't come,
telephone me I'll get the pilot
Dear, come here.
Take this!
As soon as you get pregnant wear it!
It'll safe guard the child
- Yes!
Live long.
Long live, take care!
Don't worry 'I'll take
care of everything here!
Thank you doctor.
- God bless you.
Okay I'll go!
Take care! give me a call!
Longlive my child! Take care!
- Take good care of her!
Best of luck.
- Thank you.
- Bye-bye!
'Last and final call for passengers...'
- Bye. - Bye.
Raj where is she?
I told her to meet me here only!
Priya! Madhu.
Madhu, This is Priya!
- Hi.
I am totally speechless!
The gratitude is such big
that I can't even say a thanks!
It's all right.
Only a woman can understand
a woman's sorrows!
Hi, Priya!
- Hi!
Hi! Oh my god!
My cousin and his wife are coming
Welcome to Switzerland, sister!
- Hi, brother Vicky. How are you?
Hello Raj, how are you?
Welcome to Switzerland.
Nice to meet you.
- Hello. - Hello.
She's Madhu, she was in the
same flight, she stays here only!
Oh I see!
I just phoned your Daddy yesterday
He said that you people're
coming to Switzerland
So I've come to pick you all up.
And you guys have to stay in my house.
Last time you came on Honeymoon
and I didn't disturb you
But this time you'll
have to stay with us
This time also we'll
have to stay separately
Because office is
very close to Bungalow!
And there is plenty of
work in the office this time
Okay but...
My son's head shaving
ceremony is there
And both of you will have
to stay with us for a week
Come, I'll drop you
No my car has come
Okay, I'll take you
upto your car...come
Madhu this is our house,
we're going to stay here
Wonderful, house between the hills
I'm thrilled to see the hills
Seeing the snow I've melted
And how's that?
Come on. Let's get out.
Mr. Teacher
You've taught all this?
I tried a bit
Doesn't matter,
I'll teach her the rest
Come Madhu
How did you like the house
- It is fantastic
This is my room
And this is yours
Madam, this coat has got stuck
Okay, I'll take it out
Don't call me Madam, call me Priya
Oh God! how can I utter your name?
The way I utter your name
There is no sir and Madam here, okay
Oh God! you've such a
big swimming pool in your room
We can swim whenever we want
If you like it then you
stay here I'll go to your room
- Okay.
I'll bring my things
Madhu liked this room, so I gave
it to her I'll stay in the guest room
That's right
We've already seen this room
Let's see the guest room also
- Let's go
Not like this
The way I brought you to this room
Same way I'll take
you to the guest room
This is my room,
not yours that's your room
I know it, but my wife is here
You're mine, isn't it
- Then?
Oh God! Fruits, Vegetable,
Groceries slippers all in 1 shop-yes!
Madhu you take whatever you want. Okay.
- Yes
Wine shop!
Attention please.
Since there's a weather forecast
of heavy snow fall this evening,
we'll be closing the
shop in half an hour.
Just now, they've announced
that heavy snow fall is likely
And all roads'll be closed
Raj is coming to pick us up shortly
You do one thing
You understood what you've to do,
isn't it?
You bought things
for the whole year, Oh!
Where is Priya, still shopping?
No, she went away home
What! doesn't she know there
is going to be snow storm here
She knows
She had to buy certain
things from near the house
That's why she went away,
by now she must've reached home
Keep the trolley, come I'll do it!
From there, that side
Do you speak English?
- Yes, sir.
Could you tell me if there is an Indian
girl in your store? Her name is Priya.
Sorry sir. The shop is closed.
There is no customer.
All right thank you.
- Welcome.
Madhu phone is ringing
Yes Priya
Where are you?
In the church
Stay there I am coming to pick you up
How can you come? All roads
are closed because of snow fall
But you don't worry about
me I've many people here with me
As soon as the roads
are clear I'll come
You've closed the paths
Take it that way
But if you two are not alone
How'll we get rid of our loneliness
I love you.
I love you too.
I am sorry, I had mixed
a little Vodka in coca cola
It is very cold outside that's why...
I love my wife immensely
Good news! She is expecting.
You've become mother
She has become mother
Ten lakhs
- Ten lakhs!
Congratulations Raj
Bless daughter-in-law on my behalf
Listen you take the
1st flight and come here
No no grandpa, that is not possible
Because according to doctor, Priya
is not allowed to take a long flight
Alright don't come!
Don't bring the daughter-in-law at all
But look after
daughter-in-law over there
What's happening grandpa?
Here talk to your mother
Son Raj
- Yes mother!
Raj, congratulations may
God give my life also to you
Give phone to daughter-in-law
I won't give, one second!
Wish you a long happy
life don't lift heavy things
Yes yes
And the Charan that I had
given you tie it on the wrist
Tie it on your hand
Okay, mom.
Talk to dad.
- Congratulations!
No, do as the doctor says.
- All right.
And take care of daughter-in-law
Okay. Bye-bye.
- Okay, son bye. God bless you.
- Give me the phone!
Congratulations, kept the phone down
What's this?
- It has sacred flowers in it
Mother-in-law has given
me for the protection of the child
Always keep it on your hand
It'll protect the child
"Why my heart is going crazy?"
"Why it beats so fast?"
"Why I'm in love?"
"Why is the weather so beautiful?"
"Why does that sound anklet?"
"What has enchanted me so?"
"Can anyone tell me?"
"No one knows it!"
"I know it,"
"you know,"
"Otherwise nobody knows"
"In your heart, deep in your heart,"
"you know, how much I love you"
"In your heart, deep in your heart,"
"you know, how much I love you"
"Deep in my heart"
"I forbid the story of our love"
"My precious life, Oh beloved,"
"I have put in your hands"
"Why do your eyes smile?"
"Why are you beating
her demurely down?"
"What has providence brought me?"
"Can anyone tell me?"
"Nobody knows"
"I know it"
"you know,"
"Otherwise nobody knows"
"In your heart, deep in your heart,"
"you know, how much I love you"
"Oh, good God,"
"I thank you,"
"because you my prayers have heard"
"My love finally bears fruit,"
"our dream is finally coming true"
"What you welded together like that?"
"Your relationship is so strong!"
"What a beautiful message
has brought about the weather?"
"Can anyone tell"
"I know it,"
"you know,"
"Otherwise nobody knows"
"In your heart, deep in your heart,"
"you know, how much I love you"
- Yes.
See it's months,
there is no bulge on the stomach
It won't come in 3 months
only after 5 months it'll show
When I was expecting last
time I was also worried like you
Mother-in-law had told me
She's a dangerous creature!
No, my mother-in-law is not like that
She is very nice, she loves me a lot
And grandpa of Raj...
He doesn't consider me as daughter-in-law
I am the grand daughter to him
Who else is there in your family?
Grandpa's friend, Doctor Uncle!
Uncle, Auntie and one Pappu brother
He has very high contacts
If any phone goes
out of order in the house
He won't phone the mechanic
He'll phone the telecom
minister directly!
And his winking habit puts
every new person in a quandary
Your in-laws place would
be very interesting, isn't it?
Day must be passing off very quickly
It was like that earlier,
but since that happened with me
But those days'll return again
Thanks to you.
Congratulations Raj!
Our company has crossed
the sales of 10 millions
It's nothing, It'll cross
more than 10 millions, 100 millions
- Hi Ajay.
Hello sister-in-law, how are you?
I am fine
She's my friend, Madhu
And he is Ajay,
friend of Raj and a businessman
Thank you.
Ladies and gentlemen.
Today I stand here in front of you... launch a new product
of my company, our company.
It's called Cosmetics of India.
And the person who's going
to launch this product for us today... a very important
part of my life.
Come Madhu
Yes Madhu, you are our VIP
Please come.
Thanks. Thank you.
Hey son, come here!
Thanks a lot.
- Are you guys having a good time?
Raj, Vicky brother has come
Excuse me.
Congratulations Priya!
- Hi brother, how are you?
Congratulations Raj!
- Thank you.
Brother, sister-in-law hasn't come
Day after tomorrow, my son's head
shaving ceremony is there, isn't it?
That's why she is busy
there but I've come, isn't it?
And I've come to remind you people
That both of you must come
for the ceremony day after tomorrow
- Hi.
I was thinking for a long
time as to where I had seen you
What a great change has come over
After seeing you nobody
can say that you're a prostitute
Who told you?
There is no secret between me and Raj
I also appreciate good things
If the commodity is good
I don't bother about money
As soon as you're free from Raj,
come over!
Whatever Raj is paying you
I'll give you double than that
- Okay?
Excuse me, I'll catch you later.
Why did you come away from the party?
I don't want to stay
here I'm going back
What happened?
did any one say something?
All rich people like you are alike
You play so many games
for your selfish ends
First you gave me so much
respect elevated me to the sky
And with one jerk you
pulled me back to earth
You wanted only a child isn't it?
That I would have
produced on the road also
What was the need to
mature me for your society
When you had to tell your
friends that I'm a prostitute
I never felt so cheap,
when I was in the profession
The way I am feeling today
Did Ajay say anything to you?
Madhu, I haven't
said anything to anybody
When you came to the Mumbai
conference that day... Madhu!
Madhu, where are you going?
I am going back,
he told his friend that I...
That I am pregnant I can't dance
Madhu Raj and I are your
friends your well wishers
We'll never say anything
that'll hurt you
You want to dance, come...
I don't want to dance
A person who thinks someone as his own
He get's hurt by trifles
Priya, I didn't tell
you one thing about Madhu
I know, I have heard everything
You did the right thing
by not telling me this earlier
May be after knowing the truth
I might not have accepted Madhu
But today, I can say
To give birth to our child
There couldn't have been
a better girl than Madhu
Isn't it?
How is Madhu?
I'm just coming from
her room she's still angry
If we both go for the head
shaving ceremony without her
Then she'll feel very bad
Then we'll also not go
No...No...Vicky brother
will be offended
We'll do one thing, I'll
go for the function, you stay here
I'll give the excuse that you couldn't
come because of business compulsions
Okay, pack your things,
I'll drop you at the station, come
Drink this juice
Cigarette is healthy
to your and child's health
Madhu I know you're upset
But, when you came
to the Bombay conference
The way you had dressed
up the way you had behaved that...
Ajay was also present there
When I didn't tell
this to my wife Priya
Then why would I tell it to Ajay?
Even then if you
feel I've made a mistake
I'm sorry.
Smoke the cigarette
You were bathing?
Raj is not at home,
he has gone to the office
Yes I know Raj has gone to the office
And, he'll come back late
And Priya is also not at
home she has gone to her cousin
That's why I've come!
From the time, I saw you at the party
I couldn't control myself
That's why I came here
at the very 1st opportunity
I've enjoyed with every type of Girl
But, the attraction that
you have nobody else has it
You please go away from here
Yes, I have understood
You're in contract with
Raj that's why you're in tension
There is no problem between me and him
He is not only my business
partner but my childhood friend also
He'll have no objection
Let's not waste time now.
You cheap prostitute you slapped me!
Come on, get up...get up over here...
You're pretending to be very decent,
isn't it?
I'll smash your decency
Raj I had thought, that...
What did you think?
That, you'll rape her?
you'll rape her?
Raj, what are you doing?
- You'll rape her?
Raj listen to me
You'll rape her?
Raj, listen to me
Raj, listen to me
Raj, what are you doing for
a cheap prostitute you're beating me
Does she look a cheap
prostitute to you?
I don't find her that way
How did she look like that to you...?
Raj for such a girl you're
beating your childhood friend
Childhood friend!
Even if you were my brother
I would have killed you
Raj for her you're endangering
partnership worth 500 crores
Why 500 crores for her
For her, I'll forsake
the entire wealth of the world
Do you know, why?
Because she is priceless for me
You're my friend, isn't it?
That's why you leave from here
Otherwise I'll kill you, understood
Come, come
I'll bring medicines
If you need anything call me
"My innermost being"
"have you beguiled"
"I feel"
"as you would rob my interests"
"My innermost being have you beguiled"
"My innermost being have you beguiled"
"I feel as you would rob my interests"
"You have stolen my heart,"
"My innermost being have you beguiled"
"My innermost being have you beguiled"
"I feel as you would rob my interests"
"You have stolen my heart,"
"You have my heart come to life"
"you showed me, what true love is"
"You have my heart come to life"
"you showed me, what true love is"
"I'm for you break
with all traditions,"
"if you want, I leave this world even"
"Be nice to me and never leave me"
This is for you!
"For our love I have
given up everything,"
"any more than God
I entrust myself to you"
"For our love I have
given up everything,"
"any more than God
I entrust myself to you"
"I keep your picture in my eyes,"
"your eyes star I hide in me"
"Whatever happens,
I remain loyal to you forever"
Madhu, take this
What were you thinking?
I was remembering my childhood
When I was a kid
My mother always
used to tell me a story
That, there was a poor girl
One day a prince came
to her on a white horse
And took away his bride
And then, all her dreams came true
Even I used to see this
same dream all the time
When I grew
Instead of white horses
many white cars came
Many princess got down from them
But nobody came to take me with him
All came to purchase me
Then I realized
That it was a fairy tale
for children in their childhood
It doesn't happen like that in reality
Thank you very much.
Raj and Priya will
be shocked to see us
Chotu, take down the luggage quickly
How can I take down so much?
Come with me
Priya, grandpa has
come with the entire family
Is that your family?
Priya, it'll be a catastrophy,
they think that you're pregnant
Oh god.
- One second
No no, it'll be too big!
Yes, this is alright
Wear this charm also
But there are sacred flowers in it...
Yes yes, I know, give her
the flowers and you wear the charm
Daughter-in-law, we have come
Where are you?
- You'll be overwhelmed
Oh Grandpa, Mother
- Raj
May you live long
How are you, son? Good to see you.
- We surprised you, isn't it?
God bless you, my son
This is not fair.
- Why?
You came without informing
Surprise! Surprise!
We couldn't wait to see Priya,
so we have come. - Where is Priya?
She is tying the pillow
Tying the pillow!
Tying the pillow!
What did you all hear?
What did you say?
She is changing her dress
Come my child, come...
My child...
Blessings mother
God bless you, you have given
us the entire happiness of the world child don't bend down,
God bless you
Let me stop the evil
eye falling on you
Oh! Grandpa...
How are you my child?
I am fine
How are you, Pappu brother
Hey! Uncle
How are you Priya child?
Didn't I tell you that you'll
be pregnant within a year, isn't it?
What mother, why did you
all give us such a surprise?
What happened?
- What happened?
She is the wife of my friend, Madhu
Her husband generally
stays away for business
There is no one else in the
house that's why she stays with us
I see...
You did the correct thing my child
At this time you shouldn't live alone
Come...come here
Always be happy
I'm Priya's mother-in-law
I know
Priya daily tells me about you all
You are auntie, you are
uncle and you are Pappu brother
And you're grandpa
Don't bend down blessings
And you are the father
Grandpa won't you take
away the evil eye from me?
Why not, may you live long and married
It's not surprising why
our dark hero Mithun stays in Ooty
So that, he looks fair
among the people who stay there
Thank you.
Madhu my child,
what is your Husband's business?
He is into Import and Export
Yes grandpa, that's why he
is sometimes in UK, Australia!...
He's always out of station
I see...
Whatever it may be
business will anyways go on
But in such times, a husband
should necessarily be with his wife
Daughter-in-law, no problem
Like the way,
we'll take care of our Priya
In the same way,
we'll take care of her too
After listening to this God Vishnu
started crying after becoming a child
And after seeing that
beautiful face of him
Tears of affection and happiness
rolled out from mother Kausalia's eyes
They say, if the description
of God Rama's birth
Is heard by a pregnant woman
Even her child likes it
You just feel and watch
There definitely would
be some movement going on inside
Madhu child, why are you
standing there, come here and sit
Listen, at the time
of God Rama's birth
The condition of his father Dashrath
Because, the amount of happiness which
the mother undergoes
in delivering it's child
The father feels twice of her
Child, what are you thinking?
That your husband is not with you,
isn't it?
He definitely would
be helpless about this
But he always would be
thinking about you and your child
Poet Tulsidas said...
Priya, my child
- Yes mother
Child, this is that spicy sweet
Do you remember?
I have brought it for you from Delhi
Come on eat it. Good girl.
Madhu come...
Mother has brought for
me spicy sweets from Delhi
You'll really be benefitted
if you eat
It's spicy, isn't it?
Last year, when I was expecting
even I found them very spicy
That's why mother forcibly made
me eat, making me sit in front of her
Will you have one more?
Mother is coming,
don't say that I had it
Yes mother
Oh, you are here,
I was searching you in your room
I was sitting with Grandpa
What's the matter, you are crying?
No...I was watching a
melodramatic film, that's why
Come with me
Sit down, carefully...
Madhu child, these are spicy sweets
After eating it, both the mother
and the child are benefitted a lot
Come on eat it...
Mother, no I'll eat it later
No...not later, you'll have to eat
it before me, otherwise, you'll not
- I know it's a little spicy that's why
Come on, open your mouth open...good.
- No...
Madhu, there's a lot
of swelling on your feet
I had told the Doctor about
it but he said, it's quite normal
It definitely happens,
but a lot of swelling is not good
I'll apply oil on
your feet made of 7 herbs
It reduces the swelling
Yes madam
Bring that oil made of 7 herbs
I'll get it
Keep it
Show me my child
No...No mother,
I'll not like you touching my feet
But, I'll like it
Once, that I have addressed
you as my daughter
I also mean it from my heart
You are my daughter isn't it?
Who all are there in your family?
Mother, I have no one
There must be someone in India,
isn't it?
I have no one in the world
Hereafter, don't ever say,
that I have no one in the world
From now, this entire family is yours
Greetings Mr. Priest how are you?
Yes one minute's Mr.
Priest's phone from Delhi
Yes Mr. Priest...greetings
Whose phone is this?
What was he saying?
- I don't know
Alright we'll do exactly as you say
You make the arrangements
yes... okay...
Grandpa, what arrangements?
Raj, Mr. Priest has chosen 18th as
the date for Priya's lap filling ceremony.
We'll go to Delhi
tomorrow itself, okay
Ranjit, daughter-in-law
Raj, how can we go back to India?
Even Madhu has to be with us, isn't it
Because, 18th has been fixed
as Priya's lap filling ceremony
You go along with Raj to the office,
call for a board meeting
And make everyone
understand -Yes father
Grandpa, is it not possible,
if you call Mr. Priest here itself?
And accomplish the
ceremony here itself.
Because, Priya's delivery
date is also of this month
And ..., the medical facilities
over here are also very good
What are you talking about facilities?
I'll make one phone and get all
the facilities transferred to Delhi
What's the phone number
of the facility minister here?
There is no facility
of a minister itself over here
I see...,
Bihar is a better place than this
Raj my son. We'll get all
the medical facilities in Delhi
And such a ceremony
is done at that place
Where there are friends,
relatives etc.
Mother, you are right.
We'll all go to India.
Madhu, I had promised your husband.
That I'll take care of you.
Because, your's of Priya's
delivery date, fall on the same day.
But, we are all going to
India for the lap filling ceremony
And I can never go against Grandpa.
But, I'll do all your
hospital bookings etc
And whenever you get the labour pain,
you yourself go.
Have you gone out of your brains?
How will this poor go alone
to the hospital in such a condition?
Grandpa, she doesn't have
any other alternative also, isn't it?
Who is with her, and she
also can't come to India with us.
Why can't she come?
You had promised her husband isn't it?
Yes, I had
Everybody listen, this is my decision,
That, Madhu will come
to Delhi along with us
So dear? Do you have any objections?
He is my father, and they
are my brother and sister-in-law
What have they brought?
An auspicious offering
In the lap filling ceremony,
the pregnant woman.
Wears clothes brought
only from her parent's house
Great..., Is this such a big ceremony?
Come... come... Greetings... come
Pappu, Just listen, Mr.
Priest is asking for rice
Please make the arrangement
should I call the food minister
Tell me, how many bags you want?
Oh god, for a handful of rice,
will you call up the minister
Handful... Bring it from the kitchen
All right
Excuse me!
- Yes.
Have you seen Bhati uncle somewhere?
I haven't, but, what's the matter?
Are you imitating me?
No, this is my childhood habit.
Did your mother ever come
and go at Fathehpur's red bungalow?
Fathepur's Red bungalow,
No, my mother never went
My father frequently visited there
Father always used to say that son,
you have one sister
Priya, your auspicious dress has come,
now soon get ready
Mother, you go down,
I'll make Priya get ready
No Daughter, you can't come down
Look, I wanted both of yours
ceremonies to be performed together
But Mr. Priest said,
that two pregnant women together
Can't participate in this function
All right mother
And Priya my child, today get ready
exactly like a bride, fully decked up.
All right
This ceremony is a very important
event in any woman's life
Because a woman doesn't have
one birth, but she has 3 births
The first when she becomes someone's
daughter and comes into this world
The second,
When she becomes someone's wife.
And the third,
when she becomes a mother
And why this ceremony is performed
before a woman becomes mother is because
That the forthcoming child
gets so many blessings and prayers
that its birth is not with pains
But it's with happiness
Now, soon get ready and come down
the time for the ritual is nearing.
All right
Raj, you here,
now don't involve Priya in your talks
She has to get ready
and come down all right
Raj, I can't come in this function
Mother said,
that this is not any ordinary ritual
All these prayers etc are
for the well-being of our child
Madhu should sit in
this ritual instead of me
But, how is this possible?
If Madhu wears my Bridal dress
The veil would be there isn't it?
And nobody will come
to know that she is Madhu
Please Raj!
Madhu, will you wear
the auspicious dress?
All right
Thank you.
Sister-in-law, just see
if Priya has got ready or not?
Bring her at once
All right sister
Aunty, I'll go and see mother, I'll go
Saw, all right, you itself get her
Who's it?
It's me
Has Madhu got ready?
The auspicious thread... I forgot
Listen... I'll make her wear you go
Alright, I'll go that side
Make it fast...
The one who is going to furnish
my clan with a heir, I salute you
May God let your child live forever
And the way,
how sun shines the entire world
In the same way, your child
should shine my entire generation
May god,
my age should add to your child
And he brings so much
happiness in your life
That no happiness of
the world can match against it
Priya, Great, the color of heena
has blended so thick on your hands
This means, Raj loves you a lot
"I have hidden my
heart in a closed fist."
"It's an excuse that
I have applied henna."
"Henna, Henna"
"Torn from the bush,
to color our palms"
"Henna, Henna"
"Torn from the bush,
to color our palms"
"Torn from the bush,
to color our palms"
"The fate of henna
is to give us colors"
"Torn from the bush,
to color our palms"
"Henna, Henna"
"From his garden rescues
the harvest the henna,"
"it is ground on stones"
"Henna, Henna"
"From his garden rescues
the harvest the henna,"
"it is ground on stones"
"it is ground on stones"
"About their lips"
"Yes, come over her lips however,
no cry of pain"
"Yes, come over her lips however,
no cry of pain"
"Yes, come over her lips however,
no cry of pain"
"The fate of henna
is to give us colors"
"Henna, Henna"
"We have to take a family photograph,
come everyone come"
"Yes, take the photograph"
"With its colors,
its fragrance and its juice"
"it makes our world just beautiful"
"Henna, Henna"
"Henna, Henna"
"With its colors,
its fragrance and its juice"
"it makes our world just beautiful"
"Henna is intended to serve others"
"Henna is intended to serve others"
"Yes, fragrance gives
henna the bridal bouquet"
"Yes, fragrance gives
henna the bridal bouquet"
"Torn from the bush,
to color our palms"
"Torn from the bush,
to color our palms"
"Henna, Henna"
Mr. Priest, you start the prayers
All right
What is the name of the
child's great grandfather?
Lala Kailash Nath Malhotra
May this great grandchild receive
all the happiness of the world
What is the child's
grandfather's name?
Ranjit Kumar Malhotra
May this child receive all the fame
What is the child's
grandmother's name?
Asha Malhotra
May god bless this child
What is the child's father's name?
Raj Malhotra
May god make this child live forever
What is the child's mother's name?
"Henna, Henna"
"Henna, Henna"
"Henna, Henna"
Priya Malhotra.
"Henna, Henna"
Today's function was great isn't it?
Excellent, what was the best among it?
Great grandfather's Dance,
what do you say?
What stormy winds are blowing
I'll get these windows closed
Look, it's too late, you go and sleep
God bless you
Did you see Madhu anywhere?
Yes, she has just
left for the station.
Madhu, where are you going?
This child's mother is
not Priya Malothra, it's me
This is my child, I'll not give my child
forgive me, I can't give this child
Madhu, don't say like this
For the last 9 months I have
undergone penance for its birth
Everyday I have weaved
one new dream for this child
At this time, not only me or Raj.
But our entire family is
counting days for the child birth
Madhu, all our happiness
is linked with it
I'll kill myself,
but I'll not part with my child
Madhu, you don't lack anything
unlike me, you can get married
You can again experience motherhood
But I... I am incomplete,
I can never become a mother
Madhu, I beg of you,
please give me this child
In return of it,
I'll give you whatever you want
Money, property!
Tell me what do you need?
All right,
I am prepared to give you my child
Can you give me your husband?
After all, you showed your true colour
I thought even a
prostitute was a woman
But you've proved that a prostitute
can never do good to anyone
She can only destroy houses
I asked you your husband from you
You made me remember my status
You are asking form a mother,
her progeny
Mother, whether she is a prostitute
Or a daughter-in-law of a house
Mother is only a mother
I'll not... I'll not
give you my child, I'll not...
Raj, she is refusing
to give us our child
Priya, but first look at her condition
Immediately call up doctor uncle
Don't worry
Everything will get all right
Madhu's scanning is in progress
In a very short while,
we'll come to know the complications
It's mother's phone...
Yes mother
You, Priya, Madhu all the
three of you are not in house?
Where are you all?
Mother, we're all at the hospital
Madhu and Priya had
developed labour pains.
So, I've brought them here
What? I'll give this
good news to everyone.
We all are reaching the hospital
No mother no, you come at ease okay,
doctor uncle is with us
Oh god! I am just coming.
Doctor has called you in.
The child in the stomach
has turned around.
That's why the child is
not at its s normal position.
We have to operate her immediately.
All right, go ahead.
But, the condition is serious.
I can either save the mother
or child in this operation
We'll have to take the
decision at the earliest
Doctor, you save the mother.
Make arrangements to take
her to the operation theatre.
Nurse, take Raj's signature.
- Okay.
Take her in, careful...
Good news
This happens very rare,
the operation was successful.
Both Madhu and child are safe.
Congratulations, its a boy baby.
How sweet child it is.
You wanted to save
the mother Isn't it.
Even the mother got saved.
And your child too.
I got carried away for
a while and became selfish.
You are this child's mother.
He is only yours.
Give me my Grandson...
Look...Look I am
your Great Grandfather.
Oh yes, what about our
Madhu a boy baby or a girl baby?
That poor girl's child at its birth...
No child, don't get disheartened.
Think that it was not yours.
The same thing happened
even with our Priya
But did you see, in 1 year's time
god blessed her with another child.
Yes daughter
Madhu, don't go I'll disclose
the truth to my family members.
When two Brother's can stay together,
under one roof.
Then why can't two sister's stay?
I have got my complete family here.
I only lacked a sister.
Today, I even got that
Let this sister remain as sister.
Don't make her a co-wife.
Otherwise, no woman would
ever have belief on another woman.
Only you have rights on this family,
and on Raj.
My rights are only on those
remembrances, which I got here.
I became a daughter here,
...a bride...
...and a mother.
What more do I want?
Madhu, you have been checked-in.
This is your boarding pass.
Your bags have been
sent into the luggage.
In this,
there are keys of your new house.
And some blank cheques on your name.
The deed which you have
done for me and for Priya.
For that,
even if I give you my entire wealth.
Even then, its less.
Just consider this to be
a small gift from me and Priya.
I have taken my gift, look at this
I am taking my entire
family along with me
Other than this, If I take
anything else, it'll look as though
A mother has taken
a price for her child.
But Madhu, you...
I'll not return back to that
world from where you had brought me.
You had touched me once,
here after no one else can touch me!
Thank you.