Chris Brown: Welcome to My Life (2017) Movie Script

You ever get nervous
before the shows?
Nervous before the shows?
I don't think it's nervous,
it's just like
anxiety, so to speak,
but not in a stressful way.
It's like me getting
ready, prepared,
so it's just like, I'm
thinking about every moment,
every step, and every
second, so it's just like,
okay, cool, let's go out
there and do our thing.
Some nights are stronger
than other nights,
some nights I'm just confident
and just having fun,
but some nights, it's like,
I got a point to prove,
show them why I need
to be doing this.
You know, it's disappointing
for me in certain ways,
because I feel like, you know,
certain aspects of
my career sometimes
are overshadowed by
the negative stuff.
So, it's like, it kind of like,
fucks with my head a lot.
Now, how I transition
my creativity,
it's basically all I wanna
kind of show, you know,
'cause I'm tired
of giving people
something to talk
about, you know.
They should be talking about how
I'm the baddest motherfucker
on the stage instead of--
You know, I'm the baddest
motherfucker in the courtroom.
You know what I'm saying?
I just try to keep a level head,
whether whatever
problems going on,
like, everybody goes
through their shit,
I go through my shit
most of the time.
You know, I got a problem
everyday, but it's like,
I try to just keep
my head on straight,
and I kind of channel
some of that energy,
if I'm angry, if I'm
upset about something,
I take it out on the stage.
Standing here with
a guy right now
that knows everyone
on the red carpet,
and everybody wants
to work with him.
It's been a blessing, I just,
I just can't do nothing
but thank all of my fans,
I just appreciate all the
support, it's been incredible.
I I ain't goin' back no more,
I ain't goin' back no more
I I ain't goin' back no more
And the winner is, Chris Brown.
I just wanna say,
thank all the fans,
I love you with all my heart.
You're 23 years old, I
mentioned you came out
with your first music
when you were 16,
you were discovered at 13.
Chris Brown riding high,
brand new CD out,
F.A.M.E., it's out today,
already has three
number one hits,
a fourth one
climbing the charts.
He's been labeled
hip hop's bad boy.
Chris Brown is
accused of assault and battery.
The alleged fight broke out
inside a Lamborghini
that was located...
I'm gonna tell you something,
let me be honest.
I was disappointed,
almost felt let down,
because I said,
this kid could be
the great superstar.
He was sentenced to five
years of probation,
and 180 days of community labor.
I lost my best friend,
everything I knew switched.
Brown reportedly
used a chair to smash a window
-in his dressing room.
- I guess he's not
a morning person.
are you different?
I've been humbled
by the whole experience,
from me losing everything,
most importantly, knowing that
what I did was totally wrong.
It's also been said
people like comeback stories.
For me, it's about proving
myself to my fans.
I You put me on layaway
J" You just like to heart shop
r I think that it's over
r I think that it's over
I I swear to God I'm moving on
I come from a small town,
Tappahannock, Virginia.
As you see me
throughout my journey,
I was about 15 when I started.
A' Oh, tell me fellas
have you seen her
It was a good start for me as a,
as a kid, to be able to kind
of start off green, in a way.
Chris was very, very active
at a very early age, probably
one, before he was walking.
He started out in child care,
'cause I run a
child care center,
and he was probably one
of the most active
child in the facility itself.
Since he was, like, two,
he wanted to look at
Michael Jackson videos
and dance, I mean, he
could come to my house
and get in between the
doorways and actually
climb them and do
backflips, you know, so,
he was always full of
energy, all the time.
He would go over to
relatives' houses,
and when that happened nobody
wanted him to spend the night,
'cause Chris was jumping
from bed to bed.
I was a fan of Michael Jackson's
all my life, of course,
so he would sit in
front of the TV,
he would try to mimic his moves.
Being able to see stuff on TV,
whether it be my idol,
Michael Jackson,
or anybody that I looked up
to at the time, you know,
I'd be able to try to put
myself in that world.
I just tried to always
look at it like,
"okay, I could do
that," you know,
being from a small town
where there's not too many
opportunities, but have
that mentality to try
to push forward and be
something bigger and greater.
In school, he liked to be
the center of attraction.
You know, it was a
cool upbringing,
real country, high school
of about maybe 500 kids,
my graduating class was
probably about 30.
Chris was a haPPY go
lucky type of kid,
was always smiling, always
moving around, dancing.
Every now and then, you might
catch him over there singing,
even on the basketball
court he was somewhat,
I guess you could say creative,
and always moving and
had different moves
than the other kids.
I used to go to
all of his games,
he used to show off a lot.
He's like, doing his
moves on the court,
and I'm like, are we
playing ball here or what?
He was really artistic,
he loved to draw.
They were mostly
drawing assignments,
and he was very good with
the drawing, shading,
and detail, and also
with the coloring.
He missed some time
basically because his,
I guess the routines
he was going through.
With my mom, she was a
supporter from day one
with my music, and my dad,
you know, he was there too,
he actually first taught
me how to moonwalk.
He used to just do it on gravel
one day, and I was like,
man, how did he do that.
He was a kid, just
acting out what he saw.
But he actually sung on
church choirs at a early age.
He was good at everything,
whether he played
basketball or football.
He had his own style.
He might not have always
had the means to have,
like, the best of
everything, because,
you know, times are hard.
But he would take older
clothes, rip them up,
tie them back a certain way,
adjust them and
make his own style.
He would dye his hair red.
And then he would go to
school, then he'd sing,
like at basketball games
or football games,
and all the girls would
crowd around him,
so, he really enjoyed that.
I hate performing when
there ain't no girls!
When there ain't no girls
it just takes the life
out the performance,
'cause you can't just--
Well, my success, I would
have to give it all
to my family, you know,
I think our values
as family members,
and whether it be your mom or
your dad, cousins, uncles,
aunts, grandma and grandpa,
I think everybody had a
real warm and humble
approach at life.
See, see, how she, you know she,
you know she's really
feeling what you're saying
when she laugh like that.
Listen, listen, listen, look at her!
Caught her!
Chris's mom, she's very
supportive of his career.
From the beginning she
always believed in him.
She's actually the one
that said, you can sing!
We, his father worked
at the gas station,
there was a guy came by
and he said he was
looking for some talent,
and his father said
well, you know, my son sings.
It was something that I knew
that he was just interested in,
so I just went with the flow.
She pretty much dropped it and
went to New York to be with him.
From there, they did
a little video,
and the video got into
the hands of L.A. Reid,
and L.A. Reid saw it and
fell in love with him.
When I heard about Chris,
L.A. Reid wanted my influence,
and he said, you know, I
really wish that you could
have a conversation with Chris.
I mean, you tell him
what you wanna tell him,
as long as you tell
him to come with me.
Tell me about the phone
call from Usher,
that was a little crazy.
Yeah, I mean, it was exciting,
because, like, I never talked
to a celebrity before.
But, like, it was my first time,
he called me, and he
was like, what's up?
And I was like, who is this?
He's like, oh, Usher,
I was like, oh, word?
I told him to make his
decision where he goes
based off of what's real
more than anything.
You gotta rock with family.
So he was like, "Yeah, man, I
hear you about to get signed
with a different label.
I was just asking him, like,
who should I go with?
And he was like, just make sure
it's the best decision for you,
whatever decision you pick,
and whatever decision you make
is the best for you.
That was our first conversation,
across the board.
It started from there.
His fame came instant, you
know, it came all at once.
He was discovered at the
age of 13 at a gas station
where his father worked,
now he is a platinum
recording artist.
Ladies and gentlemen,
Chris Brown.
Being able to maneuver at
15 and try to, you know,
and having the success that
I did have at the time,
I was like, man, this is crazy.
When "Run It" came out, I heard
him screaming all the way out,
Mom, Mom, my song
is on the radio!
I remember meeting Chris
Brown for the first time
in Miami, we just got
done recording "Run It,"
and as soon as it got
done out the studio,
it got in my hands and
I went on the radio
and broke it, helped
break that record,
it was a record I believed in,
I knew he was gonna
be the next superstar
the day I met him.
I remember the first time Chris
Brown came on 106 & Park.
I saw people lined up all
the way down the block,
and I didn't know, I thought
some kind of fire drill
was taking place
or something like that,
and as I got closer,
I just, you know,
and I saw all those kids,
and then I looked,
and I saw they had spray
paint on the t-shirts and,
you know, the signs that
said marry me, Breezy,
I love you, Breezy,
Chris Brown for life,
and I was like,
what is going on!
It was fun, but also I'm
sure it was very stressful,
because he couldn't just
walk into the store
and go shopping and just go
play basketball at the gym
like he used to.
It wasn't the same anymore.
He didn't understand that,
because he figured he could
just go, and he'd be fine.
I'm a normal kid,
I'm just Chris,
I'm like, no, it doesn't
work that way anymore.
Well, you know, being 14
and 15 with a record deal,
you know, it's the best
feeling in the world,
but it also comes with
complications, you know.
I think it's tough for anybody
to start out at 14, 15,
'cause you ain't
went to high school,
you ain't had a chance to like,
just live a regular life,
you've already been a star, so
a lot of that's overwhelming.
Being that, most of your family
have dealt with poverty,
and under minimum wage kind
of living most of your life,
$10,000 to me was like,
dang, I'm rich, you know?
My son calls me, I'm at work,
and he goes, Mom,
like, you know,
there's people outside
our door recording
and taking pictures,
from paparazzi to,
even people you knew just made
it different and difficult
having a normal life.
I just was more overwhelmed by--
but just not letting
it shape me like,
not letting the
money kind of shape
what I wanna do as an artist,
like with every family
you had problems
and complications, you know.
Sometimes jealousy and
envy plays a big role.
It's kind of new to them,
it's not really something
that even myself
really could comprehend
at the time.
His mom and dad, they had
a great relationship,
and one day I guess they
were all together home
as a family and then it,
you know, it fell apart.
Chris not having a
father in the house
made him to grow up faster
than what he actually had to.
It was a lot, it was more than
I knew that he could handle.
What I always called it
is, is I'd tell Chris,
it's God's balance,
God is gonna give you
that great opportunity
to be something fantastic,
and then at the same time,
he's gonna level
darkness around you
that's gonna keep you balanced.
So, with a person that's 14, 15,
hopefully they have someone
there to recognize
the dark patches, and say,
"okay, yeah, we can do this,
but you just gotta be
mindful of that. "
Yeah, it was a challenge,
and this growing up
thinking that he was
in this adult world,
and thinking that he could
deal with the adults, too,
but no, just because
it's there for you,
you're not gonna do that,
that is not what you do.
For me, having my mother
there created a balance,
and I think it was a bit
difficult, period, for him.
You sound very driven.
- Yeah, definitely.
- Yeah.
- You live with your mom, right?
- Yeah.
I think he felt that he
had to take care of me.
I gotta take care of my mom
because my dad is not there,
I'm the dad of the house,
or he felt that he was
the man of the house,
that's how he thought, and
that's actually what he said.
Your family you expect
to be your family.
So, even family sometimes,
you know, change, and.
At that point, it
was kind of hard,
'cause Chris was back and
forth with me and his father.
Um... and it was hard for his
father because I had left.
He grew up so fast he
didn't really get to have
a childhood or a teenage
life of a normal person.
I actually wanted him
to actually speak
to a psychiatrist
to just prepare him
for what was about to happen,
because he blew up so fast,
knowing that he would not
know how to handle it,
so that he could talk about
it, and how it made him feel,
but we never could
get him to do that.
I wanna be at the
pinnacle, like,
the highest point to
where I'm known as like,
a legend, almost.
Two years ago, this artist
was just another kid
in high school.
Now, two years later,
he's one of the biggest
stars in the world.
Tonight, performing at the
VMAs for the very first time,
Chris Brown.
I was backstage and my,
my dancer, he ran in,
Moody, he was like,
"yo, you gotta see him,
he's on stage right now,
he's crazy," and I was like,
"I'm coming, I'm coming."
And out of nowhere, I heard
this groundswell of, like,
hysteria, you know what
I'm saying, like, these,
it was just loud, it was loud
as it was when I was on stage.
So I ran out there, and
there he was, killing it.
Then I realized, "oh my God,
he is truly gifted,
he's talented, man,"
in a way that we haven't seen
in a long, long time, you know.
He has a gift of, a gift
like Michael Jackson had,
that makes you scratch
your head and say,
what else is he doing, because
I've seen these steps before,
I've seen these moves before,
but what else is
Chris Brown doing?
When I got in the game,
I kind of was like,
I wouldn't say alone,
but I was, like,
to myself I had to prove myself.
People wanted to be like,
"okay, well, cool,
what is this kid about,
or what can he do?"
Chris Brown is in the building.
I remember Chris's first
BET Awards performance.
I remember he came out
with that white jacket,
I think I was backstage
at the time,
I had to present shortly after,
and I just remembered
hearing the rumbling,
and so we went, we're
looking at the monitor,
and we're just
watching this kid,
we're watching him kill it.
This dude is really,
really special.
I knew he was special,
but I didn't realize how
incredible the dancing
was until that day.
And I feel blessed to have him.
Really showed the best
of Chris's ability
to sing and dance and
win over a crowd.
Only person having
star power like that
is Michael Jackson.
There's Michael Jackson,
and there's Chris Brown.
And that's just facts.
Just like Michael Jackson
opened the door for Usher,
I believe that Usher
opened the door for Chris.
For any person, African-American
artists period,
to have come up in that
time and be successful,
and have that very delicate
mixture of being a singer,
dancer, performer, entertainer,
man, it was hard.
He was a trailblazer,
he was setting a tone.
You know, there was a shift
in how things were sounding,
and there was this shift
that was happening from,
you know, the grungey street
sound to how rap was just
so hard, to how hip-hop and
R&B and everything was like,
turning into more
dance, and more fun.
When I first heard
Chris's sound,
I was definitely, I just
remember, it was like,
kids just getting always
down, like on the streets,
and doing all these beatbox
dances, and, like,
I'm not a dancer, but I
definitely was dancing,
and I think what Chris
started was kind of like
that confidence boost
in, not only males,
but I think in females too,
and I think he paid
a lot of respect
to the dancer community.
I just remember seeing
this young, fresh face,
a kid, like he was about
to take over the world
in so many ways.
'Cause it seems like
this whole thing
just happened so quickly, like,
how does it seem for you?
It just, it's just a blessing,
it's been going real, real fast,
everything's happening
just so fast.
I was excited for him,
he was so excited.
But after that, I guess
he blew up instantly,
we was on a tour, we went
here, we went there,
everything was-- and he was
so excited and so happy
in the music industry
at that time.
Chris Brown? - What's up?
Chris Brown? - Yeah.
- Hi.
- Hey!
It's your boy Chris Brown, man,
you gotta run a siren on it,
man, you gonna have to drop it,
you gonna have to do the
dang thing on it, man,
you ought to know how you do it,
on Power 106, where
hip-hop lives.
R I gotta give her game proper
I Spit it so she get it
I Or what about her style?
Once I got an opportunity
to continuously make music,
and be creative, and dance,
and show people my talents,
I think that
overpowered everything
as a whole, I think,
people kind of saw it,
and kind of took it for
what it was worth,
and it was like, "oh you
know what, this guy is,
is really talented, I
think he has potential,
I think he can do his thing."
What he was able to
do as a performer was
kind of effortless in the
way that he performed.
I don't know if it was
just his passion for it,
or the fact that he
was well-studied,
or just the simple fact
that he just knew where
to put every move, it was
just perfectly placed,
he knew his choreography,
he was well prepared, man.
But greater than just
understanding choreography,
he understood the magic
of singing and dancing,
and that right there is
a technique that not
every artist understands,
it takes a lot of
hard work and focus,
and as a teenager, for him
to be able to do that,
I just knew that
this kid definitely
is headed for major success.
Performing a fun new
anthem, Chris Brown!
I think he definitely helped
take kind of R&B and hip-hop
and make it more
popular, for sure,
make it more pop, and more
radio, and just more Top 40.
He definitely has his kind
of finger on the pulse
of the sound of the streets.
There's lots of great singers,
there's amazing, great
artists out there,
but not everybody sings
and dances and performs
on a level like a
Chris Brown does.
Team Breezy, they go hard.
You know, they were crazy.
Any time we had like a,
any time you had a video,
it was always voted number
one, any time there was like,
any type of competition between
him and other artists,
he would kind of always blow
people out of the water.
I just try to put 100%
into everything I do,
my music, you know, what I'm
doing as an everyday person,
so, you know, I just wanna
influence and inspire
the world just to be
better, you know.
Hopefully be better
with my music.
He had this energy about
him that was unreal.
Like, he was nonstop,
every song he played,
he had a different idea for
it, he had the video for it.
What I loved the most about
Chris is his presence.
His presence really stands out.
You know, I mean, you know that
thing when people are like,
they're just superstars?
Chris is just a superstar.
Standing here with a guy right
now that knows everyone
on the red carpet and everybody
wants to work with him.
He's got three
nominations tonight,
of course, Chris Brown,
how you doing, buddy?
I'm good, man, how about
yourself, you good?
Are you kidding me, hanging
out with you guys?
A great year for you.
Yeah, it's been a blessing,
I just can't do nothing
but thank all my fans,
I just appreciate all the
support, it's been incredible.
And the winner is Chris Brown.
I'm gonna try to keep it short,
they got the countdown
on the prompter, so,
I'm kind of, totally, I would
have given it to Coldplay,
but, I'm really, I'm
lost for words,
I just wanna say,
thank all the fans,
'cause I love you with
all my heart, I just--
Thank you.
You know, I went from being
on top of the world,
number one songs, and, you know,
being kind of like America's
sweetheart, you know,
to being public
enemy number one.
Prosecutors have charged
singer Chris Brown
with two felonies,
including assault...
Allegations of
domestic violence.
Has damaged his
squeaky clean image.
Allegations turned more serious,
much more violent.
Grammy Award nominee
has just posted bail
on criminal threat charges.
I think I was about 15
the first time we actually met.
It was a at show, I
think a Z100 show,
in New York, and we were,
I'd been hearing her,
like, her music and stuff,
from, you know, the radio,
it was a big number one hit.
And I was just sitting there,
I was like, man,
okay, cool, I wanna see
what she look like,
I wanna meet her,
I seen her videos,
I know she cute.
So, you know, I saw
her at the showing,
and she was like, hey, what's
up, how are you doing?
She had an accent, I was like,
never heard that before,
that kind of sound good,
you know what I'm saying,
so I said, you know what,
let me talk to her,
and see what she talking about,
just to be cool with her,
we exchanged information
and stuff like that,
and through passing we would
be on the same shows.
She would always,
like, would perform,
and then would go
sit in the crowd.
She watched my show, so
I was, like, nervous,
I was like, did she like me,
I didn't know if she'd like me
or not, but I was just like,
she really watching the shows,
so she actually
must like my music.
So, from then on we
just became friends,
and friends kick it
more, we'll kick it,
nothing too serious, but
we just had, you know,
a good understanding
of each other.
What's all these dating
rumors, Chris, yes, no?
I would just keep it as just,
we just doing our
thing, just having fun.
And just one day I
remember, it was like,
right before our
VMA performance,
me and her did the VMA
performance, my first ever one,
and it was a couple
months before that,
and I remember staying
over at her house,
and I was just looking, like,
"Man, what are we doing?"
She was just like,
"What you mean?"
I was like, "I'm always
over here, like,
we like each other, obviously.
Let's just, let's
just do it," I said,
"Let's be boyfriend
and girlfriend."
She's talking like,
"You ain't serious.
I don't think you
wanna do that."
I was like, "Why?"
She said, "No, no,
you ain't ready."
And I was like, "No, I am, I
think I'm ready, for real."
And so then I was like,
I remember, I was like,
I think I love you.
She was like,
she was looking at
me like, "What?"
Like, did I say the word?
You know, so.
You know, at that time
when we did the VMAs,
it was more like we kept
our relationship secret,
so we had been together
for maybe like,
I wanna say eight months prior.
So, we just kept
it to ourselves.
We didn't want
everybody to know,
we just wanted to, you
know, just to be like,
if they guess it, they
guess it, but right now,
we love each other, so,
I really don't care
about everybody else.
So, we did the show,
and it was like that moment
when you got a chance
to say, okay, yeah, they're
dating, they're talking.
At that moment, she had, like,
the biggest records out,
like, was going crazy,
and me, I still was going
strong with all my records
and new stuff, and we got
a chance to do that show,
it was kind of like both of us
being able to show the world
like, heY:
we both are dual
talented artists,
and we both are gonna make
a mark in this world.
It was like a fairytale.
To see Rihanna and Chris
when they first started dating,
it was magical, you
know, and those two,
they were kind of
inseparable, you know,
you would hear about them
being in the studio,
you would hear them coming
into the club together,
and it was just, it
was just an energy.
At that time in our
career, being that young,
being naive, gullible,
but also just happy,
just wanting to be
everywhere, I mean,
there was no other
feeling like it.
But what hurt with my
Rih, it was just like,
our power that we had at
that age, it was just,
it's dangerous, man, like
you couldn't go anywhere,
like, we couldn't go to a hotel
and not have 100,000
fans outside waiting.
You know what I'm saying,
we couldn't go to any
restaurant and just eat.
Like real life rock stars
at 16 and 17 years old,
that's dangerous, because you
could do whatever you want.
I just think we were
like the perfect,
like, and bad combination, like,
it was just good and bad
together, just, ah!
I wanna say maybe a year and
a half into the relationship
with Rihanna I just, I really
was serious about it, like,
you know, I was always goofy
about everything else
being a young kid, but,
the maturity level I had,
and my beliefs of what I
wanted and my girlfriend,
you know, I wanna marry
you, but I want,
before we go any further,
I just want to be able to
be honest and be completely
real with you about everything
you've ever had a question
about or a doubt about.
She had asked me, like, when
we first started dating,
"Have you ever messed
with this person?"
And this person, she
worked for me at the time,
and I said, "Nah, nah, nah,
man, you know how it is,
they just..." I brushed
it to the side.
One, I didn't want her
knowing my business,
two, I just didn't know
who she would tell
if I tell her what I'm doing,
you know what I'm saying, so,
around the eighth month or
maybe like a little bit
after that VMA performance,
I just broke it to her,
I said, "Hey, I wanna marry you,
but I wanna be real with you,
I wanna be honest with you
and tell you, you know,
everything, this is what it is.
Before we were together,
me and this other
girl did have sex."
My trust totally
was lost with her,
you know what I'm saying,
she hated me after that,
I tried everything,
like, she didn't care.
She just didn't trust
me after that.
From there, it just went
downhill, because, you know,
there would be fights, there
would be verbal fights,
physical fights as
well, mutual sides,
and this is the first time
I get to say anything,
and, like I said, I still
love Rihanna, but it's,
I'm just gonna be honest.
We would fight each other,
she would hit me,
I would hit her.
And it never was okay,
it was always a point to
where we'd talk about it,
like, "Yo, what the
fuck are we doing?
Like, I don't like that, I
don't like you slapping me."
If I go onstage, I got
a scratch on my face,
and I gotta explain it,
like, "oh no, I fell,"
or, like, "Or you, if you
got a scar or a bruise,
you gotta put makeup on
it, I feel like shit."
I'm not, like, I'm
not ever trying
to put my hands on any female.
Anger or whatever, you have to
walk away from the situation.
Never, ever, put your
hands on anyone.
Yeah, that was his girl, you
know what I'm saying, so,
I feel like, you know,
what he went through,
it was like a test,
and it wasn't so much
of the situation,
I think it was just
a test in life.
I was just like Chris,
I was very successful
at a young age,
and when you're
really successful,
I was taught that can't should
be a foreign language to you.
A no should be a foreign
language to you,
you shouldn't be able to
understand the language
of "No," or "You can't."
Like, me, I felt like
a fucking monster.
20 year old pop star
Rihanna is the woman
involved in the alleged
domestic violence assault case.
I lost my best friend,
like, everything
I knew switched,
and I couldn't control that.
So, I had to deal with
that, and that's not,
that's not easy for
me to understand.
Several years ago when
I was about 17, 18,
you know, the whole Rihanna
incident happened,
and a lot of that,
that changed my life.
That night at that
Clive Davis party,
and 1 made sure the person that
I was involved with before,
I said, "Hey, you can't come
around to these places,"
and the person comes in.
Comes right to the table,
say, hey, what's up y'all,
and I already knew it's
an issue, so I say,
"Hey, cool, and they keep
it moving and leave,"
I look over to Rihanna,
and she's bawling,
she's just crying in the middle,
the ceremony's about to start
and she's just crying,
and I'm like, "Yo,
v0, v0, v0, v0, v0,
please, please babe,
don't do this,
like, don't do this
in here, like,
I didn't know what
her problem is,
I swear to God, I didn't know."
So, she got over it, she
started drinking a little bit,
we both were drinking
a little bit.
We was tipsy, laughing,
joking, you know,
and then we left.
And while just a few hours ago,
we saw Chris Brown drive off.
According to sources, the
alleged fight broke out
inside a Lamborghini that was
located at Hancock Park.
As you know, young
any relationships,
it's based on trust,
but because I told her that,
she didn't trust me
with any of that.
So, I would give her
the option that,
"Oh, you can look at my phone."
So I gave her the phone,
she looks at the phone,
and there's a
message, and it says,
"Kill the Grammys,
do your thing,"
and I didn't read the rest of
the message, I didn't open it.
So she opened the message, and
the rest of the message said,
"I'll see you at
the Clive party."
So, all the time she
thought I was lying.
She starts going off,
she throws the phone,
"I hate you,
whatever, whatever,"
starts hitting me, we're
in a little Lamborghini.
You know, she's fighting
me, and I'm like, "Look,
I'm telling you the
truth, I swear to God,
you know, I'm telling you
the truth, stop it."
So then she hits me a
couple more times,
and I just, kind of just, it
doesn't go from translation to,
"Let's sit down, I'm
telling you the truth,"
it goes to now I'm fixing
to be mean, and be evil,
arguing and arguing and arguing.
So then, like, I remember
she tried to kick me,
'cause like, just her
just being upset,
but then, I really hit her.
Like, with a closed fist,
like, I punched her.
You know, and it busted her
lip, and when I saw it,
I was in shock, I
was like, "Fuck,
why the hell did I hit her?"
So, from there, she just
spit in my face, like,
spit the blood on my face,
and I'm like, "Yo,"
so it enraged me
even more, like,
it's a real on fight in a car,
we driving in the street.
So I'm like, "Yo, hey, we
tripping, what the fuck,
like, what are we doing?"
She's trying to
grab for my phone,
and I'm not giving her my phone
to throw it out of the window.
So, she grabs my nuts,
and when she do that,
I actually, I bite her arm,
I think, as I'm driving,
'cause I'm still
trying to drive.
It's just like a petty,
stupid fight going on,
like, and I'm just realizing it,
I'm like, "What the
hell am I doing, bro?
Like, are you honestly doing
this in a car right now?
Like, what are we doing?"
So I pull over in Hancock Park,
maybe less than two, three
miles from her house,
and I'm just trying to
resolve the situation,
I'm not trying to
fight any further,
I don't wanna, like, I love her,
I don't wanna hurt
my girlfriend.
And so, I pull over, and
I said, "Look, like,
I'm telling you the truth,"
like, I'm crying, she's crying.
I'm like, "I'm telling you
the truth, I swear to God,
I didn't do it, I didn't
know she was fucking coming,
I didn't know, I promise."
She just didn't believe
me, like, she,
I just know you lying
to me, lying to me.
So she takes the keys out
of the car, I'm in park,
she takes the keys out
of the car and fakes
like she throws them
out the window.
I'm like, "What are you doing?"
And I get out the car.
When I got out the car,
I'm looking for the keys,
in somebody's yard,
and she yells out, out her door,
"Help, he's trying to kill me."
I said "Stop, like, we're
gonna get in trouble."
So, I'm looking for the keys,
she's sitting on the keys.
So I'm like, "You know what, I
can't play this game with you."
I'm getting my bags out of
the car, she takes my CDs,
this is back when I
would record on CDs,
you couldn't put on your phone
when you're in the studio.
So I had new music, and she
was just scratching it up,
I just seen her scratching
it up with the keys.
So, I saw her, I just
snatched the bag,
and I was like, "You know what,
you got the keys, you
can drive home."
By this time her lip was busted,
she had a knot 'cause
I pushed her head
up against the window.
And, and...
you know, a lot of
the times, like,
I look back at the picture,
and I'm just like,
"Yo, bro, like,
that's not me, bro, that's
not, that's not me," like...
I just, I hate it to this day,
you know what I'm saying,
that's gonna haunt me forever.
I was hurt the most.
Nobody felt what I felt, it
happened, it happened to me.
And it happened to me
in front of the world,
it was embarrassing, it was
humiliating, it was hurtful,
you know, it's not easy.
Chris Brown is accused
of assault and battery.
Larry King] You're a great
dancer, a great singer,
you're popular and known
all over the world,
do you ever say to yourself,
"I screwed up"?
Can remember the night when
he called me and was in L.A.,
the incident had happened,
and he said, Mom, please come,
I just did something really bad.
Like, oh my God, what is it?
And this was the Grammys,
the Clive Davis party
we had just left,
with him and Rihanna at
the table, and I'm like,
my heart just dropped,
but I had no idea
what he was going to tell me,
and I get to the hotel, and
he's laying in the bed
crying and crying,
and he was hiding, of course,
crying, like, "Mom, Mom,"
I was like, "What did you
do?" and then he told me,
I was like... that was the
worst day of my life,
and probably of his
life, because he,
I just saw that he was
just a broken person.
There are these moments, right,
in every artist's
career that they say,
"What the fuck was I thinking?"
He was laying in
bed, he was crying,
and he was devastated
about what happened,
but his main concern was how
was she and was she okay.
Of course, legal went
down and he was arrested,
or, well, he turned himself in.
So he was just devastated,
and just seeing him in that
state was the worst ever,
and I felt like I was
gonna lose my child.
I hated myself, you know,
I was thinking about suicide
and everything else.
So, it was just like, fuck.
But, from there, I
said, "You know what,
I'm just gonna take
everything that could come,
my consequences for my actions
have to be dealt with."
I turned myself in the next day.
When I first met him, he was 18.
The male's brain
doesn't fully form
in impulse control
until you're 25.
About six years ago
last month I got a call
from a buddy in New
York who said,
was the morning of the
Grammys, it was a Sunday,
it was about 6:30, and my
buddy says there's this guy,
there's an arrest
warrant for him,
L.A. P.D.'s looking for him,
his name is Chris Brown,
and the complaining
witness's name is Rihanna.
He called me, I think it
was maybe an hour or two
after it happened,
and he was, he was scared,
um, like in disbelief,
like he couldn't even believe
this was even going on.
I couldn't believe that.
But he was, you know,
he was scared.
I have been through
a lot in my life,
but that was the most
devastating thing
I've ever had to experience,
to see the hurt and
the pain on his face,
and not knowing what was
gonna happen to him.
I look at it in this,
in this really, like,
how could I be that person?
Well, the case, originally, was,
an assault with a deadly
weapon, criminal threats,
various charges like that
involving strike offenses
for the serious felonies.
He wanted to, immediately,
take responsibility,
wanted to plead guilty.
Pled guilty, didn't,
didn't argue,
didn't say, "Hey, let me
fight this case and take it
to trial," and just say
"Hey, she fought me back,"
no, I'm not, that's not
where my head was at,
and that's not where it is now,
you know, I loved her,
I wanted to protect her because
I did too much stuff to her.
Like, I did what I
did, so, it was wrong.
Explain quickly, Mark,
what he pled guilty to.
Assault, basically,
is what it is,
a felony assault charge.
The hardest person to see,
or talk about it to would be...
I would say probably my father,
you know what I'm saying,
my father and my,
my real father.
I don't want to
disappoint my father,
because he actually
was there for me.
For my mom, it was a little
bit more closer to heart,
because I seen my
mom deal with that,
you know, firsthand,
not from my father,
my biological father Clinton
Maurice Brown is a great man.
But her significant
other at the time,
my mother's significant
other, he was a monster,
animal, pure hatred, evil,
I've never hated somebody
in my life like,
if I could kill him, I would.
So, I promised my mom one day,
I said, "Look, Ma, you know,
I know you tell me not
to do like crazy shit
and hang with these niggas
and do what I do," I said,
"but when I get 15,
I'm gonna kill him.
Like, I'm not playing, I'm
not not joking, I'm serious.
I wanna take his life."
So, that's the kind of hatred
this guy brings from me,
and fear, and stuff like that.
So, I'm terrified of this man.
I would be at home, you know,
he blew his brains out when I
was six, but he didn't die,
he shot himself in the head,
and then he went blind and shit.
I was six years old, bro, like,
fuck, how does a kid
deal with that shit?
And then, being that he's
physically impaired now,
it frustrates him more,
so he's in a depression,
so, but he takes it
out on his girl.
His girl happens to be my mom.
This is what I had
to deal with, like,
I had to hear my mom get
beat up every night.
I had to pee on myself,
like, I'm scared,
scared to even get up and
walk in the hallway,
'cause I didn't
wanna see nothing.
You know what I'm saying,
so nobody knows the fear
that they had to deal with,
and then it
transcends sometimes,
it's learned behavior.
So, me having to see my mom
look at me through that light,
I just saw him, that's
what I saw, I saw him,
I didn't see Chris, I
seen that motherfucker.
And so, that's what
ate at me, and like,
that's what killed my soul,
because I was the one
thing I was running from.
Sometimes you try to run
away from the one thing
that you don't wanna
become, and you become it.
The only person I hate
right now is him.
The only thing Chris
Brown is guilty of,
- a felony.
We don't know everything
that went down,
this is a tough one.
You know, he is
in huge trouble.
We're not gonna put up with
domestic violence as
business as usual,
and I think we should
just take this
and keep moving with it.
We're not saying I
think he should be
thrown in jail, we're saying
he should get treatment.
It was a weird, confusing
space to be in,
'cause as angry as I was,
angry and hurt and betrayed,
I just felt like...
he made that mistake
because he needed help.
The label, the
name woman-beater,
is something I would
say to somebody.
You know what I'm saying,
it scares me because that,
I would place that
judgment on somebody.
So, when people say it,
I don't get mad at them,
I'm more mad at myself,
because I feel like
I am the reflection
of what they're saying.
To have that type of
success that music brings,
people really look at
you and look to you
for inspiration, for
hope, for light,
for all of these things,
and that pressure can
sometimes be so tremendous.
You are a rock star, you
live in a world where
they want every piece of you,
because they need
to sell a story.
He has said that he
feels really bad
about what transpired,
that he's gonna
meet with his pastor,
and hope to become
a better person, there
are reports he's gone
to anger management classes.
Beside that incident, you know,
it's like a domino effect,
it brings other
things that happened,
it brings up rage and anger,
and we don't understand
why we angry,
because we're angry
because we think people
think about us in a certain way.
I'm gonna tell you
something, let me be honest.
I was disappointed,
almost felt let down,
because I said, this kid could
be the great superstar.
You say how could I be
the best in the world
and people still talk about me?
And that's just
what life is about,
overcoming emotional
quagmires, adversity,
becoming stronger
in life, you know.
If you didn't
experience any kind of
emotional conflict with
yourself or with anyone else,
under the light of this
struggle, you just crumble.
Sentenced to five years
of probation as you said,
180 days of what Judge Schnegg
calls community labor,
and he has to undergo a
domestic violence program
for one year.
The first time I
walked in the courtroom,
I was super nervous, you know.
I never even did jury
duty, so I was like,
"Man, I don't know what's
gonna happen here,
I'm not used to
this environment."
This is a guy who's gotten
kind of everything he wanted
since he was 16 years old.
But once you step into a
courtroom, you lose all control.
They wanted me to do jail time,
there was a lot of
women's rights groups
that were calling in and
demanding that I had jail time.
You know, I was terrified, man,
I was only 17, I think,
about to turn 18,
and I was like, man, like,
I'm about to go to jail, and
just have my life turned out,
I got out of my
situation in Virginia,
and made something of my life,
and I'm going right back?
- Like, that's how I felt.
- This is where the
process begins.
And there has been
speculation already by some
that this really will end
Chris Brown's career.
His drive, his enthusiasm,
his excitement about
everything was gone.
It's hard to go from that
admiration from the world,
to all of a sudden that
judgment from the world,
and being able to balance that,
and understand how to
maneuver through that,
that shit is not easy.
Being on probation
is like the hardest thing ever.
I know that was a tough time.
Any little thing can
be a violation.
I did go into a deep
depression, like I said,
for almost, like, three months.
Stayed in my room,
didn't come out,
they would bring my
food to the door,
my homies would be like,
"Come on man, what's up?"
And I'd just sleep in
bed, stay in bed all day.
Some of the greatest
artists in the world fell,
you know, from that,
and they fall to
substances and things
that just really cloud
their judgment,
cloud their ability to kind
of see their way through it.
I wasn't
sleeping, I barely ate,
I just was getting high, I
would pop a couple Xanaxes,
drink some lean, then
just be like, "I'm good,"
and be a zombie for
the rest of the day.
I remember being on video
sets and falling asleep,
cussing people out, not
knowing where I'm at, like,
and then I'd wake up
the next day, like,
"Hey, we gotta shoot the video."
They'd be like, "Dude,
we shot it yesterday. "
I'm like, "dang." So, that's
when I knew it went bad.
And I said, "Hey,
man,I'm not telling you
nothing that ain't
nobody told me,
I'm not telling you nothing
that Quincey Jones
didn't tell me or Oprah
Winfrey didn't tell me,
I'm just telling you
gotta fly away,
like, you know, do
your thing, have fun,
but just always remember
that if the people
that are around you don't
have a risk like you do,
it's probably not,
it's probably,
probably not cool."
The more light we get,
the more we have to
hide our demons.
That's pretty much a deterrent
to see who we truly are,
the light, the light
is the demon,
it's blinding you
from seeing him.
The elephant in the room
is the fact that there's
been some very tumultuous
things that Chris
has experienced in
his career, right?
Well, I'll talk about it.
Everybody has shit
that they go through,
but not everybody has to deal
with it in front of the world.
A loss in fans, or
a loss in revenue.
Chris Brown doesn't see either,
so likely he'll
continue on this path.
One day I just started
thinking about it.
Well, if they all hate me,
I want them to hate me
'cause they can't beat me.
A" All that bullshit...
That next week I went
into the studio,
and I said, "I don't care even
if I don't know how to write,
if they don't like my song,
I'm just gonna say
whatever I feel."
Let me just talk about
what I'm rocking with.
Then you got songs like
"Deuces" that will come out.
I Girl, yeah
I That knows just what I need
I She knows just what I mean
No bullshit.
And even throughout
that process,
I tried to get Rihanna back.
I would try to call,
and try to, like,
"Hey, what's up,
man," just like...
One time she's like,
"Hey, I got a boyfriend,
stop talking to me."
I was like, "Woah."
So I said, you know what,
"Cool, let me just be me then."
I'm putting all my records out,
the pain records, the ones that,
when I'm at my lowest
point, and it's like,
back against the wall,
nobody thinks I'm gonna come
out the underdog status.
And, you know, I got a
Grammy off of those records.
I don't know, man, I'm nervous,
I don't know what to say.
Team Breezy, man, it's
all for you, man,
all my fans back home,
I love y'all, so.
We got one. Thank you.
About that time, I was able
to meet somebody else.
Her name's Karrueche, I met her,
you know, and she kind of
got me through the times.
I was like, "You
know what, cool,"
I'm really cool with not
turning up as much.
I still, I mean, I
still did, you know,
I would only do that only
because I didn't know
how to cope with dealing
with being in love with her
and Rihanna at the same time.
What would the Chris Brown
sitting next to me right now
tell the Chris Brown
one year ago?
Make some wise
decisions, brother.
I would definitely look
at myself a year ago
and be like, "Man, like,
really, really, like,
don't take this for granted.
Don't take anything for granted,
and don't think you
untouchable, you're invincible,
because you're not."
He has to make that decision
to choose who he is,
we have to look in the
mirror sometimes of life,
and decide, do we like
who we looking at?
And I sometimes don't like
who I'm still looking at,
but I like him more than
I used to like him.
At that time, I just was trying
to mask my real feelings.
My life was just slowly going
downhill because of my fear,
you know what I'm saying,
and my insecurities,
and me not being, me
not really manning up.
So it's 2010, we've decided
that we're going to have
Chris Brown do...
the year after, the year
anniversary, Jackson tribute.
But there's one
tribute, one tribute
performance we've yet to see.
And the crowd knew
exactly who it was,
and there was this
murmur that built,
and the lights drop out, and,
Chris hit the stage.
It was so surreal, man.
I was hosting BET,
that for everyone was
just a moment in time
where it was just, Chris
was going through a thing.
And so, therefore,
it really hurt him.
It was lot of things happening,
first of all, we were giving
Michael Jackson a real,
great sendoff, a passing
of the torch, if you will.
And then he poured his
heart into it, man.
a' I'm starting with
the man in the mirror
a' If you wanna make the
world a better place
a' Take a look at yourself
and then make that
Chris Brown was there
to prove something
that night, that he
belonged on this planet,
that he belonged on stages.
No matter what you think
about Chris Brown,
when he starts to
dance and sing,
he has that light, he
has that fire that,
that lightning
rod-ness of a career.
So, I think that sobered
a lot of people up,
like, you know, you
can only do so much,
you can only give so much,
sometimes you gotta
step back a little bit
and just decompress.
Everybody's human, and
everybody makes mistakes,
and if God can give us mercy,
why can't we have
mercy on each other?
You may have heard about Chris
Brown's appearance here
on GMA on Tuesday, he and
I had a brief interview,
and then he performed a single
from his hit new album,
and it's what happened after
that performance that
unfortunately made headlines.
Chris Brown did become
very angry backstage
here in our studios,
talking about his past
clearly touched a nerve,
and his behavior now
has everyone talking.
The Good Morning
America incident, man.
Chris Brown, riding high,
brand new CD out, F.A.M.E.,
it's out today, already has
three number one hits,
a fourth one
climbing the charts,
and the album is number
one on iTunes today.
It's a far cry from the last
time the two of us sat down,
just months after he pled
guilty to felony assault.
He took responsibility for
hitting his then girlfriend,
Rihanna, and has spent the
last two years rebuilding
his life, Chris
Brown, how are you?
I'm pretty good, yeah,
everything's good, yeah.
That morning, I remember
my album had just came out
that day, was supposed to
be a big promotion 'cause,
you know, all of the songs
were doing great, "Deuces,"
"Look At Me Now," all these
big records, "Yeah 3x,"
it was so many records that,
that were kind of just
elevating and transcending
life instead of the negative
that was in my life.
So, that morning I remember,
and I always do this on
prep before any interview,
I would say, "Hey, look,
these are the terms and
conditions of the interview,
you cannot ask this question,
you cannot ask this question,
and we need you to sign
off just so we can take
legal action if you do."
And thank you for sitting
down for just a moment
for, it's all about the
music, your fans are here,
but you have been very
good about talking with me
a little bit about this because
we've gone through it
and talked about it
when I went to your home.
What's going on now is that
recently the restraining order
against you that Rihanna had
issued has been relaxed.
I always danced
around the topic,
I always would dance around
it, and I didn't know
how to deal with it,
my self esteem was a big
insecurity within myself.
Have you all seen each other,
been around each other?
I mean, not really, I mean,
it's not really a
big deal to me now,
as far as that situation,
I think I'm past
that in my life,
and I think today's
the album day,
so that's what I'm focused on,
so everybody go get that album.
That was so intense to me,
and I felt like it was a
slap in the face, like,
you want me to be
this person on TV,
you want me to be that person,
you still want me
to be the monster.
- F.A.M.E., F-A-M-E.
- Yeah.
What does that stand for?
forgiving all my enemies,
and definitely, fans
are my everything,
and that meaning,
like, you know,
being able to go through
everything I went through
and show my fans that I
love them, you know,
that's what it is, and
fans are my everything.
You could see me
getting agitated.
You could see me in there
kind of getting frustrated.
Well, you said forgive
all my enemies,
who do you consider
your enemies?
Just anybody, naysayers, haters,
I just think, you know, being
positive and promoting that
is what I'm about now, and
that's what I wanna do.
I was like, clenching
my jaws, and,
trying to play it off.
Yeah, but you could
understand how some people
you know, that was very serious,
what you went through.
It just was killing me because
she was depicting the monster
that I thought I was.
Have you been able to, how
have you been able to,
-put that--
- I've been focusing
on this album, you know, I
think this album is what,
you know, I want people to hear,
and I want people to
really get into, so,
definitely this album is what
I want them to talk about,
and not that stuff that
happened two years ago.
I understand that,
I understand that.
So I lash out, and it's
like an unconscious,
like, impulsive, like, demon.
I just walked off stage, and
when I walked off stage,
in the back room, I broke down.
I took my shirt
off, I was crying
in the middle of the floor,
like, I was mad,
punching the wall,
like, so enraged.
I remember one of the security
guards that worked there
ran up, I said, "Bro,
if you come in,
it's gonna go bad for you."
Shattered window which
Chris allegedly
destroyed after he stormed
off the GMA stage.
And they think I threw a
chair through the window.
I punched the window.
Through my anger, I didn't know
how hard I hit the window,
and it actually shattered,
and I was like, fuck.
I just remember just leaving
the building, I said,
I gotta leave the building
before I do something else.
And I just remember
running outside.
Me hopping in a van,
you got pictures of
me with my shirt off
in the middle of the street,
and, like, I was crazy, man,
that's like psycho behavior.
I think Chris has gone to
the bottom at some point
in his career, or at least
he's felt that way.
When you're Chris Brown
and you're that big,
-you know, it's the biggest
camera on you at all times.
- Fuck $10,
- give me my key.
- Let's go, let's go,
You gonna turn this
whole spot up.
- Promise you.
- We got it right here,
we got it right here.
with singer Frank Ocean,
reportedly over a parking spot.
According to reports,
both Chris and Drake were
hanging out in the V.I.P.
section one minute, the next,
fists and bottles were flying,
leaving the club completely
trashed, several people hurt.
I definitely think it's
extremely important
to walk away from a
situation before anger
gets the best of you because
everything after that
is a consequence.
You have to focus on
the choices you make,
and me, I was a fuck
it kind of dude.
So it was like, I
didn't give a fuck,
so I'm like, "Fuck it, I don't care.
Fuck it."
That mentality though
only lasts for so long,
then you go to jail.
Chris Brown, he's in a
Washington, D.C. jail
this morning,
charged with assaulting a
man early Sunday morning
outside his hotel.
Paula, this is a serious charge,
and Brown already on probation
on domestic violence charge.
Karrueche broke up with
me, and I was like--
and I didn't know how to
deal with it at the time.
And I just was angry,
so when I got to D.C.,
that's when I caught that case,
I broke one of the guy's nose.
Chris Brown in
jail this morning,
and could face the
reality of prison time
after this latest incident,
his third run-in of the year.
The victim says in the
police incident report
he attempted to get into
a photo with Brown,
and the rapper said, quote,
"I'm not down with that
"gay expletive, I
feel like boxing. "
Brown then punched
Parker in the face.
That caused me to check
myself into rehab,
you know, I checked myself into
rehab for anger management.
Hopefully rehab
will be a new start
for the singer, he seemed
to be hinting at that
in this recent tweet.
In order to go where
you have never gone,
you have to be willing to go
where you have never been.
I tried to figure out
what makes me tick,
what makes me this aggressive,
why do I have to be this
impulsive, why am I this person?
I think that this
being his third violation,
the judge is probably gonna
throw the book at him.
Everybody has some
tumultuous thing
that happens in their career.
The way you rebound from that
is what makes you who you are.
If you didn't have
something to go through,
it wouldn't be worth
it when you got to it.
Chris Brown has
checked into rehab.
The singer's rep
announced Tuesday night
he's chosen to enter a facility.
His goal is to gain
focus and insight
into his past and
recent behavior,
enabling him to continue
the pursuit of his life
and his career from a
healthier vantage point.
During that time, I
had to do community service,
and go to the rehab.
Rehab helped me, to a degree.
Not to discredit anybody
or everybody, you know,
I think because of my
lifestyle and who I was,
I was envied a lot by
even some of the staff
and some of the people
that worked there.
Chris was thrown out today
for breaking internal rules,
and sources are telling us
that Chris had an inappropriate,
is how we're being
told, a relationship
with a worker there.
So, I get a call
up to the office,
they said, somebody
wants to speak to you,
so I walk up to the
office like, okay, cool.
Seven cops just come out,
drawing guns, drawing,
get down, get on the ground.
I'm like, "What the
fuck did I do?"
So, the woman, I guess,
she lied and said
that I talk about,
I talked about threatening
with knives and guns,
and I like to hurt people
for fun, or whatever it is.
If you look at any of the
reports in the whole time
I've been there, there's
never been no incident
of me saying anything like that.
I said, "Why would I even
randomly joke about that?"
You know what I'm saying, so,
I could see that it was,
somebody set me up,
so, automatically, they called my P.O.
and said,
we kicked him out of rehab.
And then the judge said,
"Well, go pick him up."
County jail, here I come.
I don't think that
there's any doubt
that Chris Brown is not guilty,
and we want him to
be found not guilty.
He'd been there for 90 days,
he was making
tremendous progress,
you know, do you have a bad day?
I have bad days sometimes.
Do you say things you'd
like to take back?
I certainly do, so,
I don't know that
being in a therapeutic session,
and you're talking about
your reflections,
and you say one sentence,
means you go to jail?
Seems to me to be
counterproductive to therapy.
Jail was like an
eye opener, man,
once you get in there
with real killers,
once you get in there
with real murderers
and real rapists, child
molesters, and, you know,
all of the worst,
you get a chance to
understand what it is,
and how blessed you are.
It feels like
you're hopeless,
although when he was in jail,
I was there every other day.
The judge gave me permission
to go in with his attorneys,
and that was uplifting for me,
'cause everyday I'm
calling the attorney,
could you please
go with me today,
could you please go with
me, I just wanna see him,
because I said, just to
get him out of the cell.
You get out on, like, the end
of the week for an hour,
you go to the roof and they
will put you in a cage,
like, you wouldn't be out
with the regular people
and playing ball,
you would be in a cage with
a dip bar and a phone.
You understand, I mean,
couldn't sit down,
there was piss, shit, like,
people would shit
right on the floor.
It wasn't sanitary, you
know, it was jail,
at the end of the day. But
you had to either adapt,
and kind of learn how to
mentally be content with being
in a stationary one spot,
that was horrible.
But, seeing him chained
to the table was one
of the most devastating things,
to chain his arms up to
the table, and, you know,
I just, like, it broke my
heart, but I couldn't cry.
I was like, "He can't
see me crying,"
because I see him, he
come in there like,
"I'm so happy to see you,
glad to get out of the cell."
Even with them extraditing me,
I had to go to court in D.C.
and get on Con Air.
I mean, they shackle you
from your hands to your feet
around your waist and you walk,
and you walk right in a line,
and you know, marshals with
real pistols and tasers.
The idea that somebody
would be bused by the feds
cross country for a
misdemeanor case,
was probably unparalleled,
I mean, it wouldn't be done
absent being Chris Brown.
For me, certain jails that
I went in didn't have
isolation for, you know, high
class or whatever it is,
so you go into solitary,
you go in the hole.
So, I would be in the
hole most of the time.
So, people don't understand
what the hole is.
You're in a room with a
metal door and no windows,
like, metal door, and
you is in the room.
You can touch both
sides of the wall,
and the bed's metal.
You get a cot, but it's
like, it's nothing,
it's like, thinner
than your sock.
They'll bring you your food,
slide it through the
door, and that's it.
I would draw mirrors
on the wall,
just anything, that I
was being creative,
just keeping my mind going.
I got a chance to really
read the Bible at that time,
I never read the
Bible in my life.
I was amazed at the way
he dealt with the custody
time, going to jail.
For me, that was a real big
learning experience for me.
What I respect about him,
that he weathered the storm.
Just calling all my fans,
y'all know I love y'all,
I thank y'all for
all the support.
Thank you for
everything, you know,
the video just came out, so
I hope y'all enjoy that.
And most importantly, Kae,
Karrueche, I love you.
I've looked at that
experience again,
but it goes to that old adage,
if it doesn't kill you,
it makes you stronger.
Throughout that time, it just,
it just was an eye opener,
and I just looked at myself
like, this ain't my life,
this is not what I do.
I think pain is our strength,
struggle is our victory.
Even me being a young black man,
or anybody that's oppressed or,
or been looked less
of, or kind of like,
you know, thrown
out to the wolves,
I just think our pain makes
us fearless, you know?
Because it's not, you
don't have a choice.
Well, when they say you
at the bottom, right,
there's nowhere to
go but up, always.
A' Thought it was
over Let me see
The controversial singer was
released early Monday
in Los Angeles,
according to authorities.
As a refresher, he's been
in lockup since March,
when he was arrested for
violating the rules
of a court order
to rehab center.
I was released from jail
I think July 6th,
and it was a Sunday, I just
remembered, I was like, "Woah,
they came and got me," I
kissed the ground when
I got out and everything,
went to Burger King, went, I
like, I got every, I was like,
eating every burger
you could name,
and then I went to my girlfriend
at the time's house, Kae,
'cause my house was actually, I
just didn't want to go to it,
so I was staying at
Karrueche's house.
While Chris Brown was locked up,
them fans was fighting.
And when he came home, he
came home with a celebration,
and that's what it's
about when you in jail,
you have a number one record,
and the people got love,
they love Chris Brown.
I These girls ain't loyal
I Whoa
I These girls ain't loyal
He did his jail time,
came home like nothing.
Went straight in the studio,
and he come home and put
massive hit records,
you gotta be strong to do that.
I You can tell by the way
I walk that I got 'em
You know, Chris is a one
in a million type artist,
you know what I mean,
you don't meet a lot of people
with that type of blessing
and that type of gift.
He's like, really, he's
figured out how to, like,
really explain what he's
goin' through in life,
and not just like
write a catchy song,
but make something that really
is what he's going through.
Chris Brown is
climbing the charts
with his newest album.
X was delayed through
court dates and rehab
following Brown's arrest from
beating ex-girlfriend Rihanna.
He spent three months in
jail and says he learned
from the experience.
For me and my spirit,
I just wanted to be
able to kind of like,
you know, have some peace,
and be able to chill
and do what I love,
because I was blessed with this
opportunity and this talent.
So, I don't want to waste it.
Once I really changed
my life and mentally
started making
cognitive decisions,
that would better my living
and better my standards,
you know, a lot of things
started opening up for me,
you know what I'm saying,
even with just me being
just happy, you know?
Me being internally happy.
And everything was
good, you know,
and I didn't even know
about my daughter.
During me and
Karrueche's break up,
like August or September is
when my child was conceived.
As the time goes on,
I'm on this tour,
this big tour we doing,
I get a phone call
from a girl crying,
and I'm like, "What's up?"
And I'm like, "What's
wrong with you?"
And she's like, "Yo,
he's not the father,
you the father of the baby."
At this time, I'm
in a relationship,
trying to get my girl
pregnant at the time,
I'm trying to do the right
thing as a boyfriend
and not cheat, not mess with
no girls, none of that stuff.
So, I'm like, "Woah."
She came, I looked at the
baby, as soon as I saw her,
I was like,
"She looks just like
me, that's my kid."
Say, what's up?
So, once I found out, I
guess somebody leaked,
like, the story to TMZ, or
whoever they leaked it to,
and say, "Hey, boom, Chris
has got a secret baby,"
and my lawyers called me 30
minutes before the story,
the story dropped, like, "Yo,
they're about to run this
story, they already caught us,
told us they're running it, you
got anything you wanna say?"
I'm like, "What, no, I ain't
even around my girlfriend,"
like, I'm trying to, I need her
here so I can sit her down
and have a real face
to face conversation,
and really be honest with
her and let her know.
30 minutes, boom,
it's on everything.
So, reports have been swirling
that Chris Brown is
secretly the father
of a nine month baby girl.
I'm calling her, I'm
like, "Look, listen..."
She's looking at it
as I'm calling her.
She's screaming at me, "What
the hell is this shit,
boy, you ain't shit, I'm
tired, it's over with..."
Karrueche Tran has
confirmed this whole thing
on Twitter and dumped
Chris Brown in one swoop.
One can only take so much,
the best of luck to
Chris and his family.
No baby mama drama for me.
Ended that relationship,
you know what I'm saying?
And, like, I love my daughter
unconditionally, like,
nobody come before her,
you know what I'm saying,
God made her, you know,
for me, I think.
What you see?
It's a top. Don't eat the top!
Nobody coming in
between me and her.
I love her with all my heart,
I wouldn't trade
her for nothing.
Chris is just a
really caring guy.
He's always been that person,
and he looks after everyone,
and before he had a baby,
before Royalty was Royalty,
it's about time people see
that Chris is who Chris is,
which is a loving,
caring, gorgeous person.
Being a father now has
caused-- even made me grow up,
it made me grow up way more now.
Life is,
it's a special
thing, man, 'cause,
you know, it's going hurricane,
somebody else would
have gave up,
you know, he ain't allowed that.
My daughter, she shaped me
to be like a real... man.
That's what it's all about,
'cause we can only be
entertainers, fighters,
for a short duration of time,
and after that's over,
we're still human beings.
We have to improve on
being better human beings
in order to succeed in life.
You know, this is the
hardest game we, you know,
and hardest goal that we're
trying to accomplish, is life.
Whatever that is he
wants, that's up to him.
It's a life lesson,
for all of us,
because it's affected all of us.
If you truly do
love Chris Brown,
then you felt everything
that has gone on with him.
The end of the day, it is what
it is, it was a, you know,
an 18 year old guy who
made a horrible decision,
and was struggling
to learn from it.
But, you know, at
the end of the day,
the amount of scrutiny
that he's been under,
the amount of haters out there,
I think is dwarfed by
the number of people
that really are
supportive of him.
Today, I am nervous, but,
a little bit happier
than sad, you know,
'cause usually when
I come in and do
the whole lawyer
thing, go to court,
it's always, well, you know,
we gonna have some trouble,
and Mark always gives
me a speech like,
I cannot keep saving your ass.
So, you know, it's
really a better day,
now that the probation
report isn't horrible,
it's actually good,
you know, so I'm...
nervous but trying
to keep it together.
You know, I'm gonna get in
there and be respectful,
polite, and if I get
off probation today,
it will be a miracle,
it would be amazing.
Well, today I'm
hopeful, we'll see.
We've got a good report,
he just finished his tour,
he has completed his
community service,
all of the things that
the judge had asked
the probation department
to investigate,
the law enforcement has given
a clean bill of health,
he's tested repeatedly clean,
his psychiatrist gives
him kind of great marks,
and I can echo that
with the psychiatrist.
The breadth and depth of
his understanding and
self-awareness is light years
from where it was six years ago.
Right now, this is
always nerves, man,
'cause you just never know.
Especially in my case
and my situation.
It's always something,
I'm just waiting,
hopefully that day is today
when all that ceases.
Okay, wish me luck.
On the matter of People
versus Christopher Brown,
case number VA353571,
the defendant is present.
At this time the
court does not find
any willful violation
of probation.
Probation is ordered
terminated at this point.
Anything further?
Nothing further,
thank you very much.
Thank you, council,
we're in recess.
Thank you, Your Honor.
You're welcome.
Anything to say, Chris?
I'm off fucking probation!
They terminated my probation,
I'm a free man,
no more problems, no issues,
I feel great, I don't even
know what to say right now.
Probably just gonna
go to the house,
play with my daughter, and,
figure it out from there.
He is in a spot right now
and in a place right now
that I couldn't be
prouder of him.
The court terminated
his probation today,
which is a monumental
feat for him.
He's completed everything
that he was ordered to do.
I think he learned quite a bit
while being on probation,
I think it was
instructive for him,
and I think helpful for
him, I couldn't be happier,
and I'm delighted for him,
and we're gonna go
celebrate right now.
I think my music is
gonna be my legacy.
But what I want the people
to remember me for is my...
and I think when my
daughter gets older,
you know, she'll look
at this, and be like,
"Man, my daddy CFBZY: you know?"
But, she'll be proud of
the man I've become.
You've experienced the
travesty and the,
and this traumatic journey
back to just being
a conversation about music, a
conversation about artistry.
You know, the fact
that he's chosen art
as another expressive
tool I think is great.
There's so many
opinions in this world,
and he is one strong guy to
kind of carry it through,
and like, take that
weight on his shoulders,
and still roll with it.
This generation, I don't
see nobody coming out
like him for the next 10 years.
Of this century, he's the
Michael Jackson, you know?
We thank you for this
opportunity to be here,
to allow us to
bless these people
with amazing talents and
fun, and happy spirits,
and all that, thank
everybody that's here,
I'm glad to see each and
everybody in good health,
everybody in one piece,
now let's do what
we came here to do,
and give them one hell of a
night, without the hell,
but you know what
I'm talking about.
In Your name I pray, amen!
When you're on stage with him,
or you're in the crowd
with him, and he smiles,
to see that kid in him,
man, it's, it's amazing.
Chris, right now, is,
and probably for the
past couple of years,
has been so prominent,
as far as his influence,
and what music is right now.
I mean, as it is, he's
already one of the
greatest of all time.
The smile that he
lost in those middle years
is back in earnest now.
And what I love and respect
the most about him
is that he didn't let it
mess up his creativity.
He didn't let it
affect his music.
And no matter what people say,
he keeps giving us them bangers.
That's an icon, I promise you.
Chris Brown is a special person,
when you're that special, your
trials are gonna be great.
Time is the greatest
teacher of them all.
When you see him now, he's just,
he's just more of a man.
I hope he becomes the
biggest superstar
in the world, I really do.
My legacy is based on...
my choice, you know.
I choose to be a great father.
I choose to be a great artist.
I choose to never get
in trouble, you know.
I'm trying, but I'm still human.
And for all my love that
I get from my fans,
and the love that I get
from my daughter alone,
it's shaping me to
become legendary.
If there was ever a
doubt in your mind,
Chris Brown was done,
he was finished...
I wouldn't bet on it.
I And when I get to the edge
I I turn around and put
that dream behind me
a' And it never feels
the way I want
I Have you been there
S Have you done this once before
I And all these lights
S Now you're lying on the floor
I Welcome to my life