Christian Brothers (2011) Movie Script

See who is coming?
Good Morning Sir
Come here!
Don't you guys know him?
He is the revenue officer..
-Mr. Balgopal Menon
And he is Rajan Thampi,
My elder son..
He is looking after my
hotels and bars in Cochin
He is my son-in-law..
Manoj Varma
Husband of my daughter Radha
He oversees our Estate at Peerumed
So your youngest son is in police?
Yes. Third man.. Hariharan Thampy.
He has recently taken over
as the city police commissioner
We are looking for a girl for him.
May finalize one soon.
I say this not because he is my son..
He has no bad habits.
Neither smokes nor drinks!
And he nevertakes kickbacks.
Being honest, if I had a daughter
I would marry her off to him.
Sir, you'd better finish that drink.
Let's go to see the place
without wasting time.
I was saying about this 450 acres land.
We have been holding this land
since the time of ourforefathers.
He says that there is a good chance
of a tourist resort in this area.
A collaboration with a Canadian firm.
We plan a big project with
paragliding, helipad etc
But for bank loan..
-Papers of the property should be correct.
-Yes. You said it.
There is no document to prove
the ownership of this land now.
-We have to make title
deeds for the property. -Yes.
Since there is no other claimant for
the land, it can be done.
If it happens, an apartment right
in the city will be gifted to you.
Why not?
But I can't do it alone.
You need to manage the minister too.
The village officer should forward
a certificate to me stating that
there are no other claimants
to this land which remains
Unregistered and there is no
objection to grant title deed.
I'll speak to the village officer.
No sir. This land is handed down during
the King's rule, as it is heard.
Here we have details of deeds
which are some 100 years old.
I need time to check them all.
You don't dig out the past
Just forward a certificate to me that
there is no other claimant to the land
Let me see sir..
Come my boy
The younger one has come.
Hariharan Thampy.
And he is Mr. Balagopal from Munnar.
I was somewhere near to this Guest House.
It was for a raid.
Then came dad's call that he is here.
-Please sit down.
-Thank you
I have some money in the jeep.
That's extracted from the raid.
Give that money to dad.
Ok. I am just coming.
Village officer is calling.
I am Thomas Palamattom speaking.
-So you did it.
-No sir.
I found some title deeds and
documents pertaining to this land
while checking some old files.
I told you not to search all those crap.
Are you getting dumb, man?
Sir, there is some problem in
granting title deed to that 450 acres
What problem?
As per records the land you referred
is part of the 750 acres allotted by the
Then king to Christian Missionaries for
building church, school, orphanage etc.
That 450 acres beside the big
church belongs to them only.
Why are you digging out
things past 100 years?
Even the church doesn't know the fact.
Kumaran Thampy possess documents to
substantiate his claim for the title deed
as perthe Land assignment law.
Those are fake documents made by them.
We have the original documents to prove.
You burn it off.
Problems will be over then.
Tell him what we would offer
If you just overlook this,
they would place millions in your hands.
No Sir. I cannot facilitate corruption.
Sir, the village officer
intends to confront us.
The documents with him
could put us in difficulty.
If such a document is with him,
It's life is of only one day.
No evidence will remain further
to unearth the history.
Take my words!
This is Kunnel Kumaran Thampy saying.
Brother, I am giving the documents to you
because it is not safe
to keep this in office.
This will be taken out of the
locker only when you demand it.
-Let no one know about it.
-Yes, I understand.
The place meant forthe
school should come to it
I'll start. I've to reach Munnar
before it gets dark
You take care.
If they fail to influence,
they would harm you.
They are people without conscience.
But they will not get me.
I will be off work for 2 months.
I am going to Velankanni
shrine next morning.
A lot of offerings to make!
I want to join one month
meditation too. See you!
Where are you going in haste?
Don't be afraid!
Get down
We won't do anything
I am unable to sleep..
Thinking how to reciprocate
to the favour you do me!
He says me to give you Rs. 2 Lacs.
But I feel it is not enough.
Take this. 4 Lacs.
No. I don't take this.
Oh God!
I am first time meeting a man
who is allergenic to money.
If you don't want..
That's fine
Dad, here is the bag
-You open and see it.
-Don't take it.
-Don't take it!
-You come here man.
-My bag!
-Come here
The documents and title needs which l
need are no more in the village office
That may be in the bag
I am eager to know
What is there in it
Its just Photostat
We want original document
Not the Photostat
-Where is it?
-It's not with me
Not with you?
Thomas, do you see this?
Since my petty job at the country
liquor shop, I am used to all this
I will not threaten you that I stab you.
I will threaten you
only after stabbing.
Like this!
You will be saved
if rushed to hospital.
Tell me if you want to live.
You will not get it
even if I am dead.
The property of the Church
would go to Church only.
My brotherwill be
there to fight for justice.
-Take his body in his carto our estate.
-Ok, dad
You call the crane guy Murugan
Dump his body into
the marshy field in our estate
The outside world should
find no trace of him
Capt. Varghese Mopila
-Don't you know me?
-You don't know him?
He is Kumaran Thampy.
Oh.. Kunnel Kumaran Thampy.
I heard a lot.
The clever man who kills his
opponents and raise the sycophants!
It's not true just stories
cooked by the jealous
-Why did you come to me?
-Oh No..
I came not for you but to
meet your brother Thomas
He is not here
Where did he go?
-He has gone on a long journey.
-When is he expected back?
It may take one or two months
As he is like a free bird,
there is no timeline for his return
Oh.. It's so sad!
What is the matter?
Thomas said that he has given
some papers of his office here
No such paper is here
The honest, strict and
patriotic Varghese Mopila..
Started telling lies in this old age..?
We know it is here
Give it to us!
Those papers are related with our business
-Mopila, don't create problems..
-Don't want
In any business, middlemen
should also get benefitted.
You can ask whatever you want.
I have never done business
with the assets of almighty.
That I will never do.
He speaks as if he
owns the reserve bank.
Mr. Kumaran Thampi..
Look at that Bungalow.
My son bought my neighbour's land
for a high price and built
that for some 15 millions.
It is still locked up because
I feel that his money smells blood.
The income which I had generated
from 30 years of my military service
couldn't even match a three year
revenue from my ancestral property.
I served the nation overlooking my family.
Yet it was for my satisfaction.
My eyes won't blink in
sight of your paper currency.
To hell with his status
and family history!
You go inside and check..
-No sir, please don't do.
-Move aside. -You..!
I'll hack you
You go and check guys..
Even if you scour the entire house,
you won't get any document.
That's not here.
It's true that Uncle gave
some papers to dad.
But he instantly put them
in the bank's locker.
Oh.. your daughter is very clever!
If I roam here a nuisance,
your spinster daughter
would lose her peace.
Varghese Mopila..
You have fear thinking of daughter!
And you fluttered a bit.. Isn't it?
I remained unwavered even at the
enemy bullets fired from the borders
You are nothing in
front of such a man!
Get out
Leave it..
He will come my way.
Otherwise I would make him!
My daughter did it smart..
It was good to say that the docs
were kept in bank locker
They are relentless people
They would come back soon..
Why don't we call our elder
son back from Mumbai?
Shut your mouth..
Don't even say his
name in this house..
I care hoots for him
I would rather die by Kumaran Thampy
than seeking help from him
Bishop wished to see you.
What is the matter?
I think it's about your younger son Joji
Varghese, I sent Joji to ltaly
for higher studies at your request
with the financial support of Church.
I hoped we would get an educated priest.
He has now decided to
give up the priesthood.
He has abandoned the holy
attire and joined some company.
Don't you have any answer?
He may not have the divine call, Bishop.
But you need to enquire
what caused him to leave the priesthood.
I have come to Rome to become a Priest.
Then why God, you sent that..
doe-eyed angel before me.
Meenakshi's tinkling smile dragged
me to London where she lives.
Why did you show her beautiful figure
in my mind where you alone dwelt..?
Jesus, then it's you yourself who lured
me to jump the parish fence
as high as the Great Chinese Wall.
Now what shall this servant of God do?
Let it be, if that is yourwish!
She must come right at this moment.
Then only shall I go to her life.
Jesus, let her come at the usual time.
Jesus! Make it happen
Thank you.. Thank you so much..
Go man..
See Jeesus..
She has been ignoring me for long.
What.. What..?
To go and woo her?
Then I won't spare her, Jesus!
Then I won't spare.
Spare thee not, gal
Spare thee not, dear,
Spare thee not, gal
I will not spare thee
Spare thee not, gal
Spare thee not, dear,
Spare thee not, gal
I will not spare thee
I will not spare thee
Spare thee not, gal
Spare thee not, dear,
Spare thee not, gal
I will not spare thee
Gal, I will not.
When you commanded, my god
In my dedicated mind,
I gave room for a gracious girl!
You commanded, my god
To share my heart,
And give the due to my sweetheart!
Alighted she then, as an angel
Lit the candle of love
In the altar of my heart!
Then showered on me her sweet smiles!
Never, my gal, shall I leave
Never shall I dear
Never shall I leave you
My girl. Never, my gal, shall I leave,
Never, my dear, unto death
Shall I leave your hand.
When you commanded, my god
In my dedicated mind,
I gave room for a gracious girl!
You commanded, my god
To share my heart,
And give the due to my sweetheart!
Alighted she then, as an angel
Lit the candle of love
In the altar of my heart!
Then showered on me her sweet smiles!
Never, my gal, shall I leave
Never shall I dear
Never shall I leave you
My girl. Never, my gal, shall I leave,
Never, my dear, unto death
Shall I leave your hand.
My girl..
Don't do..
Don't do..
Don't do..
Don't do..
Don't do..
That day, at the Church,
When we happened to meet,
Bewildered me, girl, thou
With your playful eyes.
Never, ever, we meant to meet in life,
But there you, standing afar,
grabbed my life!
I can't bear it
Unable, though, to meet as customary,
The Gracious Lord has
harmonized with my will
Having filled up with the rain clouds,
Never, my gal, shall I leave
Never shall I dear
Never shall I leave you
My girl. Never, my gal, shall I leave,
Never, my dear, unto death
Shall I leave your hand.
Oh my god! It's become a nuisance
The brilliant bridal cloth of
moonlight kept ready,
Along we go the countryside singing aloud,
And invite one and all for the nuptials
Once our parents venture reprimand,
I will show them the figure
of our Lord!
Now, let anybody say, as they wish!
Never, my gal, shall I leave
Never shall I dear
Never shall I leave you
My girl. Never, my gal, shall I leave,
Never, my dear, unto death
Shall I leave your hand.
When you commanded, my god
In my dedicated mind,
I gave room for a gracious girl!
Alighted she then, as an angel
Lit the candle of love
In the altar of my heart!
Then showered on me her sweet smiles!
Never, my gal, shall I leave
Never shall I dear
Never shall I leave you
My girl. Never, my gal, shall I leave,
Never, my dear, unto death
Shall I leave your hand.
Never, my gal, shall I leave
Never shall I dear
Never shall I leave you
My girl. Never, my gal, shall I leave,
Never, my dear, unto death
Shall I leave your hand.
He is a Malayali..
Joji Varghese.
My god! Is he a Christian?
If somebody comes to know
about this back home..
I can't think of it.
She is the daughter of a minister..
I wonder if the media know about this?
Don't waste your time discussing this.
Dad, you call Uncle and tell him.
They have sent Meenakshi here for studies
trusting that we would take care.
Call him
-I am Shekaran Kutty..
-Yes.. I give to him.
-Who is it?
-Your brother from London..
-Are you busy now?
I am to leave for Trivandrum.
What's up there?
-That is..
-Dad.. give to me.
Uncle, I am Vinod.
Yes.. Vinod. Meenakshi has not called
up fortwo three days.
She has exams..
Oh.. I forgot about her exams!
She has an affair with a guy.
We came to know that
he is a Christian.
I will finish her off.
Don't be panic!
Let's not make a fuss about it.
I will take care of him!
You do one thing, Vinod.
Try to send her back
by playing some tactics..
What is the matter?
What happened?
Why are you crying?
Joji, I am going back in
tomorrow morning flight.
Why at such short notice?
My father is hospitalized
His condition is said to be not serious.
But I am nervous.
Keep your cool.
Nothing will happen to him.
Don't worry..
I'll also accompany you.
Wait for me at airport.
I'll reach there
My friends want to be familiar with you.
You are going to the airport, isn't it?
How dare you think of loving Meenakshi?
Meenakshi won't return here
It was our plan
to make her go there
Your damn passport!
My passport..
You want to make love with
Home Minister's daughter, isn't it?
Oh my God!
Uncle, what happened to Dad?
Nothing to fear, you get in
Yes.. Viji
What are you saying?
It is Achuyuthan
went to the airport
Don't disclose this to anyone now
Sir, what is the matter?
Let all programmes be cancelled..
You turn the car back to Ernakulam
Where is lG Chandradas?
IG and the Home Secretary
are in Cochin only, sir
-What happened?
Flight landed at 10.45
As perthe Driver, Meenakshi
was kidnapped at the airport
when she was entering the car
They throw him out of the car
He says he can identify them
Tell me.
I will..
Do you think I would
swallow what you say?
Sir, I am telling the truth
Tell the truth..
Don't shout!
Start the vehicle
-Tell me
-Oh God!
-Tell me. -What's happening?
What is this man?
He is my chauffeurfor the last 30 years
I trust him
Achuta, you go inside
Sir, a call came some 10 minutes before
It was attended by ma'm
Oh.. Our daughter..
What did they say?
They said she is safe at their end
Phone then got disconnected
-Have you traced the call?
-Already directed..
All calls to this number
should be traced
The call madam attended was from Calcutta
From Calcutta?
No. I shall attend
Just to enquire that you reached..
Where is my daughter?
She is safe at my end
What do you want?
I'll inform you
But don't put her life in danger
by discussing with police
Sir, shall we take it to Calcutta police
No need for that
The media is waiting to get something
Sirthe call which came
now was from Mumbai
These groups are very
common in Nortern lndia
They demand ransom
We may have to give it
If they come to know about the moves
of police, that cause danger
You don't want the
police to investigate?
Not that. But investigation only after
she reaches our hands safely.
Now we want ten m illion in cash.
I would intimate how, when
and where to hand it over
How can I arrange
this much money?
Do you think we pay a dime?
That is the problem with police.
The efficiency of police should not be
proved at the cost of the life of a girl.
Sir, you need not bother about money.
I'll manage that.
This is an opportunity provided by God.
You know Home Minister
Sudharkaran sirwill not fall for money.
Your title deed issue
can be easily solved if he
recommends to the Revenue Minister.
Your father doesn't mind spending some
20 to 30 millions for the title deed.
You don't create problems
at this moment.
Let me call Thampi Sir..
Sir, I am Purushothaman.
Just to remind you of that title deed.
30 million..
-I haven't asked forthat much.
-lf needed..
Let it remain.
We can give it back,
if it is not needed.
Sir, you don't know Mr. Thampi.
He is a nice man.
A 'poor' millionaire always
around to help others.
-I take leave of you
I see him off..
What about my property title deed?
Don't worry. I'll manage that.
But now the priority is to save the girl
But how can you go like this?
What about my commission 3%
I have not got anything..
In fact I gave money..
But we get commission when
minister takes money
-I don't mind giving you the share.
-That's enough
You take a frontal role with minister
This relation is very important
for us in future..
Do you understand?
Take the vehicle
Is there any surety that we get
herfree by paying ransom?
What if they ask for more?
We can't be sure
It depends upon the capacity of
the person who deals with it
A person who has thorough understanding
of such groups in Mumbai and Calcutta..
I know of a person who dealt with
a similar situation when it happened
to the Defense Minister in Delhi
That operation was
with the knowledge of police.
I was secretary to defense minister then.
He is not a local goon.
Neither a criminal nor an underworld don!
But he can solve things above them.
As per police
he is a highly paid informer.
I have connections with him.
Also, I trust him.
-What do you say?
-I agree with Home secretary.
But I doubt if there was any such
operation in south lndia in the past.
Whom do you confide in?
He got a nick name in Mumbai underworld.
'Sher son'
Son of a lion.
His original name is Christy.
Christy Varghese Mopila.
Among North lndian friends
he is called madrasi mopila.
Who is there?
Tell me who you are?
Asking who am l..?
Every Minister, every police officer
in Kerala knows me..
Still you don't me sir?
Sir, he is the cook here.
Why did you hide and look there?
I couldn't stop looking when
I heard that a cub is coming.
Sir, I have only heard about
"underworld king".
I am longing to see him.
When can I see him sir..
Stupid.. go inside..
-What did he say?
-He is not interested in Kerala.
Don't worry sir..
I will make them speak to him from Delhi.
He will oblige once the
Defense Minister talks to him.
Anyway, let's arrange for three business
class airtickets, Mumbai-Cochin.
A Merc should wait
for them at the airport..
Minister Devlal patel is very close to me.
I came only because of him.
Home Minister Sudhakaran.
Asst. Commissioner Hariharan Thampy.
-Achu brother, please hold this.
Oh my lord Ayyappa!
Shall I take a bite from you?
-Bless me. -What is this?
-I am a unique kind of guy. -Get up!
Inspired by underworld films, I left
home to become an underworld king.
Now I am the 'king of the kitchen' here.
-Kindly bless me sir.
-Stupid,.. go inside.
Don't pull me away
Sorry. Come in
Is he gone?
What are their demands?
10 million..
-Do you have the money?
-I have it.
-How much?
-Same 10 million
That's not enough!
It should me 21 million rather
10 to them.. 11 to me!
My fees is more that the ransom
Remember you are bargaining
with a minister..
No..No.. I mean a bridge between us.
No bridging.. I am not in the habit of
keeping such emotions in this profession.
Sir, life of our girl is
most important now.
Can't you save herwithout paying ransom?
What is this..sir?
Those who work should get
compensation, shouldn't they?
Do you know where the kidnappers are?
How well do you plan?
First call to this landline
is from Calcutta;
second from Mumbai;
And the third call from Delhi.
That too in just four hrs.
It is not possible for them to shuttle
between these places within such time.
So they haven't left Kerala.
Leave the rest to me
We should wait for them at
2nd No. crane of the shipyard.
His agent would come there.
Now it is easy!
Any fool can reach his hideout
by following the agent.
What's your name brother?
Hariharan Thumpy
No. I am Thampy.
You policemen are the real fools
who think that criminals are fools.
We don't have an lPS but in this game
we are lCS- lndian Criminal Service.
It's not awarded by the Academy
of Administration Mussourie
but by the Underworld.
So don't be a fool..Okay!
If you play the police tactics to
follow or to take control of me,
then I'll stab you in the chest.
Then there is no benefit other
than to enquire whether the
knife is 'S' shaped or 'T' shaped.
Ranjith, take that land-phone.
Give the cash.
See his show in front of the
home Minister of the state..
Now ball is in his court
But the moment I get my daughter
freed I'll show him who is a
minister and what is police
That Scorpio which you see
belongs to my team
But they are just there to watch you
My agent would come via the sea route
You handover the cash to him
I will make a call one hour after
Till such time you should not
make a move from there
Near Vypin!
You told me there is no
money with your dad?
See now what happened!
This is 10 million!
You got the money..
Now you make me reach home
How can I leave you like that?
When Jesus showed us a way,
we should not reject that..
Got the money
-What about the girl?
-My demands are not yet over
This is cheating..
George.. George Kutty!
Let me also see!
-Please come..
He is the guy
A stylish guy, isn't brother?
-What is your name, son?
-George Kutty
He is into spare parts business
Living in Mumbai for the last 7-8 years
He has own flat and car there
He has very few relatives here
I am his uncle. She is my wife
-My father died 25 years back
-I know
I decided on this proposal,
when I heard that you are son
of an army man who laid down
his life for the country
How many children you have?
Varghese Mopila has four children
Two sons and two daughters..
-He is elder son Christy
Working in South lndian Bank
Where is Joji?
I am here only
We got him after prayers and offerings
He is enrolled in seminary
ordained to the priesthood.
A priest in a family!
It's matter of pride.
Easier said than done..
Christy.. call her.
Don't go alone
I'll also come with you
Looks very stylish!
-You tell.
-You tell, brother
-You tell.
-You tell, brother
You are wearing enough makeup.
If you look more beautiful,
this proposal may not work.
There would be a mismatch.
You see him?
Yeah. You tell about him..
You tell about him..
One eye is squint..
Blackened but reddened lips..
He is lame- legged too.
Brother, is it by polio or accident?
He lost an ear in that accident.
-ls it?
Anyway he is immensely rich.
That is why dad agreed him.
You don't worry, dear!
Fate will have its course
-You come.
-Brother, don't be like a child
He is my brother, Kochu Thoma.
Village Officer..
He brought up my four motherless
children while I was in Military.
He even forgot to marry.
Go and bring the tea
Come on..
-Go there
Look at the groom carefully
Whilst in love
Let any girl be
She is cat like
And empties the milk pot
Slowly and slowly!
Whilst in love
Let any girl be
She is cat like
And empties the milk pot
Slowly and slowly!
Shyness in her eyes,
Shyness in voice
And shyness altogether
Shy be in her strides
shy be in her stance
And shy be altogether.
In the fragrant moonlight
There is shower of flowers
And the night so flicking
and love-laden.
And this the moment of blissfulness
Whilst in love
Let any girl be
She is cat like
And empties the milk pot
Slowly and slowly!
Shyness in her eyes,
Shyness in voice
And shyness altogether
Shy be in her strides
shy be in her stance
And shy be altogether.
And now, it's not me, not me, not me
Feigns an air of hesitation,
Then you come with me
You come with me..
Then can you attach my love.
Thou my dream,
Thou my naughty
Thus fondle the whole lot.
And will take her
And make her walk my side!
This sweetness is not enough
Not sweet enough
for the honeymoon
And so let me sing a song now..
The song that fills in heart.
Whilst in love..
Let any girl be
She is cat like
And empties the milk pot
Slowly and slowly!
Shyness in her eyes,
Shyness in voice
And shyness altogether
Shy be in her strides
shy be in her stance
And shy be altogether.
I saw everybody Ei
And now on to feel that
I am everything
And then will light up
The feel that I am to go with her
Further shall I flirt with her
That you are mine, you are gracious!
He will then melt down in her
And will be her moonlight of love
Whither.. whither art thou sweet heart
Tell me whither, art thou sweet song
Would you sing the song you penned
Your song-the song that fills my heart.
Whilst in love
Let any girl be
She is cat like
And empties the milk pot
Slowly and slowly!
In the fragrant moonlight
There is shower of flowers
And the night so flicking
and love-laden.
And this the moment of blissfulness
Whilst in love
Let any girl be
She is cat like
And empties the milk pot
Slowly and slowly!
Whilst in love..
Let any girl be
She is cat like
And empties the milk pot
Slowly and slowly!
Whilst in love
Let any girl be
She is cat like
And empties the milk pot
Slowly and slowly!
I was very glad that you are prom oted.
But this journey to Mum bai could
have been avoided had you
declined the promotion. Isn't it Thomas?
He is unable to be separated from you.
That's the reason.
An army man should not be
disappointed over silly matters.
I can come back here as a
Branch Manager in two years.
See brother, she has packed up all
the utensils and stuff for Mumbai.
These are necessary things only.
What is this for?
I am going to stay in Jessy's flat
till I get my accommodation.
Brother, these are for Jessy only.
You get in.
Otherwise you would miss train.
-See you, dear
Brother, there is enough time
for you to meet Sophie.
-No.. Dad did not hear..
-I heard!
I wish you be the sacristan
at theirwedding.
It is your wishes and offerings..
..that made me a votive cock.
Brother, Mumbai is the place of
red street and discotheques
Control Yourself..
Be a man, ok.
But how come you know about red street.
In seminary, we were taught
not to go the evil ways..
What is it?
Go away
Will you come to Chembur?
You came earliertoday.
Today is Saturday.
I forgot it
I have arranged a flat for you in Andheri.
Will get its key on Monday.
That's good.
It's easy to go back and forth.
Train journey is very difficult.
Mumbai got me bored
in just two weeks.
Once you get used to,
you would not leave Mumbai.
Why are you looking dull?
Are you not well?
No. Nothing
I am observing you from
the day I am here.
You have changed a lot.
Your smart, lively and
jovial mood is lost.
No. You just feel like that only.
Christy is right.
She is like this from the
very first day itself.
Being away from home changes people.
I asked her to bring Stella here.
That's not required.
Hey don't be upset.
Tomorrow is Sunday.
We can go for an outing.
The kitchen is shut for tomorrow.
You need to take her out like this.
These are the only
funny moments in life.
You don't know.
There is no place left here for us to go.
Start guys, the bird has come
He's escaping
Catch him
Stop there
-Stop you, idiot!
You go back to the apartment.
How farwill he go?
Khan Bhai.. Don't shoot..
You idiot!
Do you think you can live in..
..Mumbai cheating Karim Lala.?
Lalaji has ordered to bring you alive.
You will not sell off any
innocent girl after today.
Catch that scoundrel..
You are destined to die for him.
Don't do
Let's escape..
-George Kutty, what is this?
-Now there is no time to speak..
We have done it for self protection.
We may tell police the facts.
Then you tell them..
I'll come back with an attorney.
-Don't move.
-Surrender to us
No. I did not.
Yes, your brother is in jail
for the crime I committed.
Your brother should not remain
in Mumbai for my business.
You are a cheat..
I couldn't tell the truth to even
my brother, in fear of you.
-I will now tell the world
that you are a dirty pimp..
You even pimp your wife!
Let my father know about it.
Jessy.. I told you.
It is his bad company that
made Christy go astray.
I advised him quite a few times.
It was a skirmish with some drug mafia.
They came in revenge.
At last I am the loser!
I lost my Jessy.
Why don't we arrange a
good lawyerfor brother?
For what..?
-Let him pay for his sins.
-Brother, don't say like that.
What should I say then?
I lost my daughter because of him.
I don't want to see him..
I was remanded in
Mumbai Arthur Road Jail..
Nobody from home turned up
for my legal support.
But one man came to see me in jail.
Karim Lala who was enemy
to George bailed me out.
Come in..
-Give it to me
-Where is Joji?
Joji is in ltaly now.
He was sent by seminary.
-Why did you come?
We are yet to come
out of Jessy's demise.
Do you want to torture us more?
I am an accused in front of the court.
But do you thinkyour
son can become a killer?
He is the reason for everything.
-Leave him
-Don't believe him.
I make him speak the truth!
Leave him.. You leave him..
Don't show your
Mumbai hooliganism here.
Go away
What do you want Christy?
If you want to frame me,
Then go ahead..
-I'll take responsibility.
-Dad, he is..
You hear what he said?
Now onward he will be in
the status of my eldest son.
Henceforth you
should not come here.
My only dream left
now is her marriage.
But many a proposal did not work
because of you criminal.
I have never pleaded in
front of anyone in life.
But now I am doing that..
Please don't come to our place.
You be careful of him, my sister.
I am leaving you for now.
But Karim Lala is waiting foryou!
The boat is nearVypin lsland.
So she is being hidden
in some building there.
Leave me
Don't come near me..
-Come on
-Leave me
Christy you hear what I say.
His fatherwould give whatever
money we want, for her release.
We can bargain also.
You can also join me in this.
We can share the booty.
Both the girl and the money!
Kill me if you can..
Kill me..
No you cannot..
If you kill me, you will have to answer
your fatherthroughout the life.
Even if I kill you, one day my
fatherwill understand me
But I offered your life to Karim Lala..
Karim Lala would not even
get a glimpse of me.
Don't be afraid..
I have been sent by yourfather.
Rocky, you guys go to airport and
book tickets on the last flight.
I'll reach airport after
dropping her home.
-Viji, our daughter has come
-Thanks for everything.
-Sir, I am going back now.
My team is waiting in the airport.
Please ask someone to drop me there.
Achuta, you drop sir at the airport.
Ok, sir
Come, dear!
-May I come with you sir..
To the underworld..
I know how to stab and hack.
This knife has seen lot of blood!
But of fish and chicken only..
You just make me an underworld
king like Dawood or Chota Rajan.
I would live by that.
Now the underworld is far
behind these real world kings.
Don't you see the minister
making millions in no time?
So you go better to him.
Is it?
Sir, don't go
-What for?
-Sir, I'll come tomorrow.
-What for?
-Let me start studying from you..
Go you stupid..
You brought the minister's
daughter safe, aren't you?
-But a small problem..
That kidnapper George Kutty was killed.
Somebody from George's
team has informed the police.
He has tendered evidence that you
were the last one to meet him.
There is no issue since this
is a case involving minister.
You may come with me for legal
formalities and also just to
convince the media persons.
Come by this car..
The body should be handed over
to relatives after the postmortem.
-ls there any relative?
-Yes. An old man came.
He is saying that he is the
father of the dead man.
At last you killed our George Kutty.
-You will stab me also in the chest
as there is no loathing in you
towards killing and bloodshed.
You are right.
The duel between Christy and the
killed George started out in Mumbai.
Even a life sentence on that..
When Christy came out of jail,
George left Mumbai.
You waited for the right opportunity
and now finished him off.
Don't talk rubbish!
What for you came from Mumbai then?
Whetherto kill this old man..
Here you walk man!
In my first sight itself, I saw a
glare of deceit in your eyes!
If you show me bastardly attitude..
Throw him into the vehicle.
Let's take him to police camp.
Questioning can be done there.
We can produce him in court afterthat.
Our search is still on
for his two accomplices
They may have just escaped.
Take the vehicle..
Stop it
Stop jangar there.
You hold him at gunpoint.
What did you think of me?
A few policeman and a stupid lPS
officer like you hardly can stop me.
My playing ground is Mumbai
where blood smelt on breeze.
I have seen several officers
like you there.
And I played the police and
thief games with them.
Give it
Don't bother to send your
police to the other end.
My route is different.
See this..
It's for my journey.
Now I will teach you
how to play game.
That too without taking
the fees of a coach.
I would leave Kochi only afterthat.
I was shocked to hearthat he is son
of Palamattom Capt. Varghese Mopila.
That's why I framed him in the murder
case and told minister that the kidnapping
was a drama stage managed by
Christy and George together.
Now Christy is a lifelong foe
of the Minister.
Even if it is not shown openly every
father has a soft corner
about his children.
If Christy was in your custody,
Varghese Mopila would have
definitely come pleading before us.
Yes.. Yes.. With that documents of title
deeds given by Thomas.
How do we get him again?
He might have escaped..
He is boorish in nature.
He would not go without hitting us.
If he is not arrested, you'll in trouble.
What are you thinking?
It's about removing thorn by a thorn.
A goon to take on another!
Who are you?
I am Mathai..
Friend of your son-in-law George Kutty.
Not just a friend: a big friend.
I want to see your son
who killed George Kutty.
Wherever he is,
I'll hunt him down.
You get out..
See this knife, Mopila.
This is for piercing your son's heart.
Give him the sacrament of the dying..
I will be here only.
I'll go to Mumbai only
afterfinishing him off.
I don't know if he had any
friend named Mathai?
Anyway, I want to find out him
who have challenged my father.
I want to meet him.
-Already he has..
-Match box please..
-You are George Kutty's friend..
Am I right? -Yes
Shall we settle our accounts?
Who are you to settle the accounts?
Where is Christy?
I am Christy.
I am sure you are not
George Kutty's friend.
If you are born male, hit me!
Give it to me
He has got a nick name 'goon'
in the department.
Yes.. he is a goon but a police goon!
If asked to bring someone alive,
he brings him dead!
We were batch-mates in Mussoorie.
He is not like the fragile lPS
officers you saw in Mumbai.
In Kerala Police we have some
highly venomous types also!
What to do sir?
The boys who could beat these venomous
types to death, were hitherto in Mumbai.
You dirty..
What would you do if you were here?
You don't frighten me with that
fifteen year old service revolver.
With these hands, I use special
weapons shipped from lsrael!
Don't beat drum in front of fireworks.
-I have no fear..
-I will make you fear!
I told you that Varghese Mopila would
come to try his hands on son's bail out.
Then let me talk to him.
Varghese Mopila..
Please don't misunderstand me.
If we don't help each other what
is the point in saying that we
belong to the same village.
I'll help you get your son out of jail.
My son is the city police commissioner.
You steer clear of my way.
-Why are saying like this?
-Move away..
Congrats for locking up a killer!
But that's not enough..
You kept me at knifepoint in
my shop the other day.
I want you to show the same
vigor to get him the punishment.
Maximum punishment permitted by law..
I came here to say this.
Bring him inside..
Bharathan, you may go..
Did you hearwhat Capt. Mopila said?
Seeking maximum punishment for his son!
But Varghese Mopila doesn't
know about his son's innocence.
Anyway sir, law insists that an
arrested person should be produced
before court in 24 hours.
Will the court come to me
for serving punishment?
You mean to say that
you will get easy bail.
You need not expect the court
which considers your FlR to grant
you bail or release you unconditionally.
If police decide to go after you,
there is no use even getting the
best lawyerto appear foryou.
A life imprisonment is sure.
Oh.. sir I have an offering that
I will surrender only before a court
which serves me capital punishment.
Vadakkan may not have the vim
and vigor to take me inside court.
I'll jump your custody.
I'll jump while on the
way to the court itself.
For that, Vadakkan should go wayward.
Anywhere you go, I'll jump.
Ifyou are courteous,
I am also ok.
Otherwise I am a different person.
I'll jump.
Are you challenging me?
I'll jump.
I'll definitely jump your custody.
DlG lssac John spoke
to me from Mumbai.
He is inside the cell.
DlG told me about the gang wars
between Andrews and Christy.
This is not your Mumbai but Cochin.
Even a scratch on Christy's body is
unthinkable inside the station.
Sherson, you escaped from my
gunpoint not once but thrice.
Now I came pointing in,
the lion is trapped inside the cage.
That too inside a safe cage
with police security.
You cannot do anything to me here, sir.
Kerala police will have to answer.
Harihar, your job will be lost.
Andrews, you can settle our
scores there in Mumbai.
I will bury you in Cochin
where you had born.
Within no time..
How much money is needed
for you to get him outside?
Joseph Vadakkan is handling this case.
Not me..
You can demand anything.
But tomorrow's newspaper
headlines should be this.
"Christy Varghese who tried to break
jail was shot dead by Joseph Vadakkan."
When I heard that some Andrews is
coming I thought he would bring
some evidence to nail Christy.
That's why I came here.
You might have seen such police officers
in Mumbai who wash your dirty linen
for a bag full of money.
But this is Joseph Vadakkan.
Whoever you are it is not wise
to antagonize Andrews.
You don't know about Andrews.
Don't talk rubbish!
I can put you behind the
bars fortrying to bribe me.
So better you leave for Mumbai.
Otherwise tomorrow's newspaper
headlines will have photo of a
Mumbai don shot dead by police.
You cannot produce Christy
in court tomorrow.
On the way to court, I will..
Andrew Bandra, infamous Underworld don..
He cannot even sleep without making
at least ten new criminal cases a day.
Christy says he will jump custody.
Other hand Andrews says
he will kill Christy.
If he is here to finish off
Christy he will do it.
Better let him do it.
Who cares?
If I were in your position,
I would have taken the money
and helped in the execution.
But I am not you.
Christy's protection is my responsibility.
I brought this van from Tamil Nadu.
It is bullet-proof.
Moreoverwe have NSG Chief
Commando Rashid Rahman
with a team of five commandos.
Rahid Rahman?
Vadakkan, you are fully geared!
Son of Sher who shook Mumbai
underworld in just two years.
The cub is now in the cage.
How did you become a cub?
Whether it was your mother
who went to forest or the
Lion strayed into your village?
Whether in forest or in village,
what born is a lion cub!
-But not like him who is
born to domestic dog.. -You..
Don't thinkthat an earthworm
that come out in rain can seek
-marriage proposal from a snake family..
-Go man!
There should not be any injury
marks on the body of the accused
while producing in court.
Just shift aside a bit.. sir
Otherwise Hariharwould suffer
injuries at the hands of the accused!
Rashid, lock him up.
Very nice van..
I have not seen such a setup
even with Mumbai police.
Escort both at the front
and backside of the van.
Only you will be in the front.
Lock the door and keep the key.
Sir, my both legs are free.
Do you want to lock?
Is it a bullet proof van?
Nobody can shoot from inside
or outside into this vehicle.
But if somebody plants
a bomb underneath..
I mean bomb.. bomb..
Neither I'll allow anybody to kill
you nor will I allow you to escape.
Ifwe die that would also be together.
What can you do with a pistol?
You cannot shoot from inside.
That is what our forefathers say,
"over-smartness is danger".
If I shoot now, the bullet proof
van would be engulfed in flames.
You get Christy out of the van.
I would spare Vadakkan.
Otherwise I will burn this van.
No sir.. Don't leave me!
The protection of the accused
is in the hands of police.
Lock him
We have a small relationship.
What did you say?
Christy cannot escape..
Now sit there and enjoy.
You are a sincere police officer.
I salute you sir.
There is no male person here now.
-Aren't you male?
Varghese Mopila has gone to
Trivandrum to meet the Chief Minister.
-For what?
-His brother Thomas is missing for
the last one and a half month.
There is no development
in the police investigation.
He has gone there to submit a
memorandum to the Chief Minister..
..against the police inaction.
Hey.. what is happening here?
We want to search this room.
What search is this?
That too when ladies are alone!
Police makes entry and exit in families
of wanted criminals as per their will.
My brother is not a coward
to hide inside a cellar.
He must have left the country
a long time ago.
Its better you put
the search to lnterpol.
This house will be under
police surveillance from today.
Johson and Damodar..
You are on duty here
day and night.
Inform me if there
is any clue on Christy.
Where are you going without
bell and brake?
This is not an inn for the
police to roam around.
You need to seek permission in advance
from the Personal Assistant, that's me.
I don't need your permission for I have
not come to your mother-in-law's house.
Get lost..
Why are you here?
Sir, it is on your special interest that I am
directed to enquire George Kutty murder case.
Sir, I need some vital information
from you regarding the case.
I have already instructed you not to drag
me or my daughter into that case.
I wish to keep you out of all these.
That's why I am seeking the facts.
You did not say anything.
Whether you a teacher and the minister
a student to reply whenever you ask?
He will ask you and you should reply.
-That's democracy here.
Do you understand? -No..
You may go now.
I'll speak to the DGP.
The rulers imagine as if police were
a gooseberry in their hand.
People tend to believe that the
integrity and honesty of police
can be bought by money and power.
-At least you should not think like that!
-What do you want now?
I want details about the person
who was imported from Mumbai
to rescue your daughter.
It was Christy.
Whetheryou lost confidence in police
that you hired the services of a goon..
He is not a goon.
An old friend of mine..
Do you think the real accused in
the case is that friend of yours?
That is to be proved by police.
For that I need to speak to your daughter.
-She is not well. Taking rest..
-No issues..
-I will go there and see.
-No. I'll call her.
What is the ransom paid to George
Kutty for setting free Meenakshi?
Only my dad knows about the money.
Did you see Christy killing the
kidnapper and escaping with the money?
He did not kill anyone.
I saw the kidnapper
fleeing with the money.
Whether it is the admiration for
your savior makes you tell this lie?
I doubt your fatherwould
have taught you this..
-I told you the truth.
-Okay... you can go.
How much ransom was paid
to save your daughter?
-That is..
-Did you forget that sir?
-One and One ten!
-How much did you say?
10 million to the kidnapper;
10 million and above for the savior..
He is very costly!
I take leave then.
-Joseph, don't put me in trouble.
-I will try sir.
-What trouble could he cause?
-Sir, one more thing..
Where did you get this money from?
Whether it is black or white?
How come he knows that?
You better ask Kumaran Thampy.
It is not a secret that Kumaran
Thampy paid you the money.
But I just asked.
I am going sir.
You just come..
Is there any problem?
We can manage by carrots!
I have the power to do it.
-What is this?
-This is lPS power.
You filthy people spoil honest
ministers like him by coaching
that law is to break and
corruption is their birthright.
You should recall this
when we meet next time.
A transfer smells..
Why are you here?
Came to lodge a complaint..
Is it about Kochu Thoma's case?
But there is no special order from
Chief Minister's office on the enquiry..
-Sir, this is not that case.
Oh.. Loafer nuisance..
But why does underworld king Christy's
sister need police to tackle this problem?
You just call him here and tell him.
If my brother comes to know this,
police would lose two of its sub lnspectors.
Sir, she was talking about the two police
men posted at Palamattom house.
It's enough?
There will be a problem if
Varghese Mopila see this.
Whether he asks for share?
-But where is he? -He is in
Trivandrum. Coming back tomorrow..
-Do you drink?
-Once in a while..
-Then give the glass to him.
-Drink man..
No. Stella is alone!
-You have it.
-I don't want.
No! -Drink it!
The water is exhausted.
-Let me go and bring it.
-I'll get it.
You sit here and finish it.
Water is finished.
Like to get some water..
You go out.. Get out!
We have the permission to
inspect here any time.
-She is calling me.
-I'll go..
-You sit here.
It may be for water.
Sir would get it.
I came to take water..
-I told them in advance.
-Shift aside and stand.
The police uniform is not the
license for doing raunchiness.
The first thing police should do is the
cleansing of its department.
-Sir, I am..
-Throw them inside..
I expected thanks.
But SP Joseph Vadakkan should
say sorry for this mistake.
I do expect that.
There is news about Christy in paper.
The prime accused Christy escaped
with the help of Minister.
-You keep the files in the office.
-Ok sir.
Come on, ice
If some drink is left out,
it would be nice
I'll drink it by licking
This is for whom?
See! How the tiger is swaying
Why are you here?
Is this the way to
behave to a guest?
We need to have
some manners..
What do you want for dinner?
North lndian or south lndian dish..
I asked you..
What business have you got here?
You have invited me here.
Your police is searching every
nook and cornerfor me.
If there is any place where I can be safe.. is the Home Minister's house.
How smart he is?
Let me kiss you.
You call the police from outside.
Call police if you are bold enough.
By the time, I'll call the media.
I have a real feast for those
who lookfor hot news.
Feast! Oh.. I haven't made anything.
Here I have only rice and onion curry..
These hide and shoot candid
cameras are easily available
in the market for 50 dollars.
I was brought here by you
through your home secretary to
do the job which your police could not.
Ill show the world these
stories of home minister..
TV Channels can
telecast these visuals.
-What do you want?
-That's what I am asking..
-What do you need for dinner?
-You stupid.. Go away.
I want to know about the
conspiracy in framing me in
the George Kutty murder case.
It is the police not me who
found out who the culprit is.
The same police should bring the
actual killer in front of me here.
I will remain here till such time.
I cannot allow an
accused to stay here.
You only know those local police and
quotation gangs who come at yourwill.
But I am above your three
wheeled intelligence. Mind it..
They are not under house arrest.
Absolutely free..
But my guys will have
their eyes on them.
Vadakkan sir..
Sir, any chance for a shoot out?
If so give me an old pistol.
I love to shoot.
-Promise. I didn't shoot.
-Go man.
Why are you guys here?
There is lntelligence report
that Christy is still in town.
-His target is you.
The force is for your protection.
You use this force to
trap Christy first.
I don't need any protection.
If he doesn't want protection, that's fine.
Anyway I am taking off for two days.
Going to home in Kannur.
-My mom is calling me continuously
-But Christy?
You track him..
Isn't there any otherwork for you?
From the talk of minister,
it is understood that
Christy reached Mumbai.
Even if late, I'll be there today.
She is not fair.
For fairness just need to
apply fair and lovely cream.
See my case. I was black.
But look at me now..
Let him say yes..
I'll do the rest.
Sir, you were here.
Heard that he was in Cochin.
Now got transferred here..?
God, he would kill me
if he sees my face here!
-What a cheat you have done to me, mom!
-No need to fear.
I'll tell him.
I told you several times
not to come here.
-I asked him to come over.
-For what?
She is looking for a house maid.
That's why I came.
Why you need these
photographs for that?
She can select a good girl
You also select one.
Is it a beauty contest
or selection of maid?
It is her culinary skills and
cleanliness that matters.
These girls have all those qualities.
You just need to tie the knot.
-They would do all house chores,
that too without salary. -What?
Wives are meant to be
those salary less home maids.
-My hand..
-Leave him..
Every motherwants to see their
children leading a good family life.
You wanted me to become an lPS Officer.
That wish was realized.
Such a police officer should
have an unbending spine
to keep his head high..
But wife, kids et al would seep
out the valor of a policeman.
That's why all the policemen
in the world remain unmarried.
If I have become a liability..
send me to some old age home.
Got angry with me, mom?
Every week I drive all the
way from Cochin to Kannur.
For what..?
-To see my dear mother!
-I don't want to hear anything.
Sir, don't think I am advising you.
Who is there to look after
you during old age?
Do you like her?
Her name is Stella.
She is in Cochi
Character is very good.
She would hide inside if she
sees any other men at home.
My brother is not a coward
to hide inside a cellar.
SP Joseph Vadakkan should
say sorry for this mistake.
Very traditional family..
Her father Vargese Mopila
is a retired captain.
Two sons and two daughters.
Eldest son is Christy.
He is General Manager of a
company which makes guns.
A high post..
His conduct is very good.
The younger one is trying
to become a priest.
Eldest daughter's husband died recently
but not because of his fault.
A natural death..
So by all means they are
a good match for us.
-A family with the blessings
of peace and calm. -Neat family..
You know.. I came to Cochin
as the in charge of the investigation
-of the death in her family.
-ls it?
-Her eldest brother Christy is
the accused in this murder. -ls it?
The dead man is her sister's husband.
That's means, this will not work.
Give the photograph.
Then, keep the photo with you
It would help the investigation.
Even though the marriage broker
concealed certain facts, no doubt,
they are a high family
based on tradition.
People wish to have a father like him.
Capt. Varghese Mopila is
my role model now.
She is the younger daughter, Stella.
At times even I was stunned..
..before her attitude
I need a girl like this at home.
What did you say, mom?
I wish to see this girl
who is capable of keeping
a control over you.
No need to say anything.
If she comes to my home,
you will never be bending
your spine in front of any.
There is no police to guard here?
But minister has ordered
not to keep guards.
I think he is losing interest
in police and governance.
He spends most of
the time with family.
If things go like this,
I would find problem.
I told to contact me on
phone if there is any urgency.
He had insisted to
meet you in person.
Why you are spending more time at
-home keeping off from governance..?
-I am under an Ayurvedic treatment.
It may take one week more.
-What is the matter?
-Nothing sir..
I came with water.
Not to you man..
Christy will be arrested soon.
SP Vadakkan is planning
some intelligent moves.
Tell secret in low voice.
Otherwise it will be public.
I would not divulge this to anyone.
What is in your mind?
He is marrying Capt. Varghese
Mopila's daughter Stella.
The engagement is already held.
But this is cheating.
Just a ploy to catch Christy..
He makes use of all
wickedness to catch the culprit.
Christy would come for
his sister's wedding.
Otherwise SP Vadakkan
will make him come.
And Christy will be
taken into custody.
The wedding would be
cancelled on the issue.
I know Vadakkan right
from the training camp.
He takes vengeance
like a rogue elephant.
A third person should
not know about all this.
-But a fourth person heard it all.
-Who? You..
-Sir, I'll tell
-Then you tell..
-The person above has heard it.
I meant God!
-You go inside..
-So you don't want water?
Keep it and go
You go
Tell the other matter
I'll tell you. Wait.
Whether the wicked commissioner's
head remains there while tying the knot?
IfVadakkan is rogue, then the
person above is a rutting elephant.
-Go away!
-You are still here?
The commissioner's father
wanted me to convey their
interest in an alliance with us.
That Commissioner guy is
very fond of Meenakshi.
They are willing to write off the money
which we owe them, if this proposal works.
If you close your eyes a few things,
money will flow to us.
I need to think about it.
-You may go.
Dad, I am Christy..
What do you want?
Stella's engagement is held?
Marrying his daughter is
the responsibility of a father.
Dad, this is cheating..
It is ploy by Vadakkan to trap me.
We should withdraw from this marriage.
Stella's life cannot be a
playing ground of the police.
No. I believe that my elder son
is taken back by the almighty.
In his place God
has now gifted this lPS man.
-I have fixed my daughter's marriage.
The bridegroom is Joseph Vadakkan.
The wedding is at the Cathedral
Church on 11th January.
You are wanted by the police.
You attend the wedding of
your sister with a policeman.
Let Capt. Varghese Mopila see that!
Man missing case No. 3509
Get me the file.
Mr. Radhakrishnan from Crime Branch.
Orderfrom Chief Minister's office..
The reinvestigation of Kochu Thoma man
missing case goes to Crime Branch
at the request of Capt. Varghese Mopila.
You call the crane guy Murugan
Dump his body into
the marshy field in our estate
This is not that big case.
Kochu Thoma used to go for
divine tours and he might have
..gone some long distance.
He would come back
after some time.
But this case is different.
Kochu Thoma was missing from 12.05.10.
There is no trace of his car KBE 2110 since
In my opinion, Kochu Thoma
must have been killed.
The killers would have destroyed
the evidences including the car.
If you need anything more,
please collect from the office.
Yet another case into the
list of 300 unsolved cases.
Let it find its way out..
I came to congratulate you.
You are getting married?
Whether the church would turn
against police because of this fraud?
Joseph, I know your crooked ways.
Now the way you have selected
to trap Christy is good.
He would fall in this trap.
His sister is a figure to watch.
I also had a feel for her.
But when you get her,
don't forget to share.
You scoundrel.. what did we share?
A bloody fellow who doesn't even
recognize his mother and sister.
Joseph Vadakkan's marriage is not
for cheating ortrapping anybody.
If you come for the marriage,
you can eat up and go..
Don't think that I didn't
invite my dearest friend
May God bless you!
Come, dear!
The girl is unlucky as both her brothers
failed to show up and offer blessings!
Father, sometimes god
decides against ourwishes.
Both my sons are not competent to
stand here holding their heads high.
But I really wanted one person to be here,
my brother Kochu Thoma..
There is a call from Trivandrum.
He may be Kochu Thoma!
God, let it be Kochu Thoma!
Hello.. Thoma brother!
This is from Chief Minister's office.
You come to Trivandrum to
discuss Kochu Thoma's case.
I am friend of Christy.
Christy wishes to see you.
Hey.. stop the vehicle.
Varghese sir did not enter!
I want to see you in a bridal outfit
than anybody else.
But you have fallen prey to the tricks
of an lPS officer who can do any bad
things for position and recognition.
You please pay heed to what I say!
Brother, please don't ask me to
withdraw from the marriage.
I have several failed marriage
proposals all due to the
hearsays about a criminal brother.
I trust this marriage.
If this does not work, I'm sure
this is the last time I stand
before someone in a bridal wear.
If you trust him that much, I am also
coming to attend the ceremony.
But if I am convinced that
he is cheating you,
don't stop me then! Come!
Do you want to attend the function?
The church area is full of police.
Commissioner Thampy is there
waiting to arrest you.
I want to see my
sister tying the knot.
I want to see the marriage
standing in front of my dad.
You take the car..
Varghese, where is the bride?
The bride's car started
off to the church first.
Kunjacha, you just check..
It is coming!
Let's not make it late. Come fast.
You go. I will follow you.
Let's go.
Get down
Where is Christy?
I am asking you..
Where is Christy?
Harihar, there is no point
running around in search of me.
I am here in church attending
S P Vadakkan's marriage.
Don't rush here.
I am leaving.
I am just about to
get a glimpse of
Capt. Varghese Mopila.
I leave after that..
Christy will attend even the
marriage of American President,
let alone the case of lPs officer.
At least, I am son of a
proud army man.
I'll be at your close distance.
Let's play the game of police
and thief till next time we meet.
Damn it..
I cannot guard here leaving
my official works anymore.
-Who asked you to?
-My daughter's marriage is fixed.
For God sake, you please leave this place.
The engagement is on next Monday.
We would have lot of guests
here including ministers,
police officials and relatives.
If outside world knows about the
presence of a person wanted by police
in the house of home minister..
You said it. That is why I am
saying you to go back.
I will arrange for money,
flight tickets or anything.
I'll also make you safely reach Mumbai
without police noticing you.
I don't want your money or other
favours to go back to Mumbai.
If I want, chartered flight would
land at cochin airport.
And I will fly before the eyes of police.
I will not go back unless I get the
killer of George Kutty before me.
It is not to prove my innocence before
police but to convince my dad.
My hand- gunner doesn't
remember that the man
standing before is a minister.
Can you give me that phone?
I want to call someone.
I don't have the freedom
to make a call even.
My father can only
hold my engagement.
But he will not be able to do
my marriage as per his wish.
I am in love with a guy
Can you give me that phone?
I don't use my phone for unwanted things.
I also don't give it to others.
Girl.. Don't you have any other job?
Okay, you keep your mobile with you
There is no one to love
you or wait foryou.
If you had, you wouldn't have
become a professional killer like this.
You don't understand the value of love.
Beholding each other,
the eyes build the
dream home of love,
in the bosoms,
Even the silence, so slowly
exchange love,
The sun glimmering on the
feathery dewdrops,
And together we mount
the chariot of love!
In lives innumerable,
In dreams umpteen,
And days overlong,
cherished I 'this moment'
Beholding each other,
the eyes build the
dream home of love,
in the bosoms,
Even the silence, so slowly
exchange love,
Of yore, in a faraway land,
lived a princess
who fell in love
with the minister's heir!
Not though the permission even to see,
Awaited she, with admiration.
All along the love-laden nights,
did she sit in meditation,
Praying for the loving
hearts to meet in unison.
Beholding each other,
the eyes build the
dream home of love,
in the bosoms,
Even the silence, so slowly
exchange love,
Inside the enchanting lake
of their first love
Together they roamed
as if a cool breeze.
And in the tempting
twilight of their love
Remained, with the loving
vermilion embellished.
In the night so passionate,
In the moments, so delightful,
In the nights so mellifluous,
They united in heart at their will!
Beholding each other,
the eyes build the
dream home of love,
in the bosoms,
Even the silence, so slowly
exchange love,
In lives innumerable,
In dreams umpteen,
And days overlong,
cherished I 'this moment'
I would n't have disbelieved you
even if people say you are wrong.
But if your brother-in-law said the same
I understood it as serious.
Any girl can understand such
mistakes arising out of situations.
But this is not..
My ailing parents are forcing
me for a marriage.
Probably they don't want me
to become a liability in their life.
Coming 27th is my engagement day.
Who are you?
What do you want?
I am Joji.
I am Home Minister's would be..
No.. Home Minister's wife's
Oh.. no.. I mean, his daughter's would be.
Minister's future son-in-law!
Hey.. please sit down!
No.. May I come in sir?
I am a matured bachelor.
I am in love with a matured girl!
Whether she is a spinster?
Now she is!
If police would not
intervene, she will marry.
And now she is in jail.
That's the highlight!
-ln jail?
-I mean house arrest.
They are mentally torturing her.
They are forcing herto
marry against her wish.
-What is name?
-You are Meenakshi?
..I am Joji
Joji Varghese Mopila..
That's the highlight.
This is Joji.
My immediate elder brother..
He was studying for priesthood..
Now he has left the priest's cloak.
We are in love beyond separation.
Please don't separate us sir.
-What sir?
If you find who the girl is,
then you will not be able
to laugh at me like this.
You will tremble..
You please don't disclose this
till our register marriage.
Will you disclose?
She is the only daughter
of the home minister.
No, I was checking whether
your knees started shivering!
Don't fear, sir
If you stand by me now,
you would be benefited...
Anyway, I will marry her..
Before first night, that evening itself
We both will do the..
-Don't you understand?
Make her pregnant!
As he is going to be grand pa,
his objections will be off.
He would accept me.
Then I can do a lot of things for
you as the son-in-law of Minister.
Promotions.. transfers..
dismissal.. anything!
But that doesn't mean that I am
not going to give backhanderto you.
I should throw you in jail
for offering me bribe.
-That is the highlight.
-That's not highlight sir.
That will lose the
full light of my life.
I just said it on an excitement.
Please don't spoil the future
of the 'future' son-in-law
of the home minister.
In that case, let me ask the..
home minister about your protection.
If they come to know about
the arrival of this cursed lover,
they will finish me off.
I have an offering that my
third son would be made..
a priest if our marriage happens.
You please make my offering happen.
Please help me out!
Consider me as a brother.
Protect me..
God bless you..
Why are you laughing, sir?
Are you deceiving me?
Please save me by stopping
dad from throwing me out.
Why are you here?
I don't know that Kerala police
is this much efficient.
I never thought my protection
would be taken care this fast.
That too directly by you!
You could have put
two local policemen.
Local police protection for future
son-in-law of home minister?
That equals dishonoring
our home minister.
Sir, don't say loudly.
But sir, there is no need of
protection inside the house.
We have ladies here.
Joji, where were you these days?
There was no information of yours.
Even you did not botherto call.
Nothing to say..
I was into some problems.
I heard you came here
a few days ago
-Why are you late?
-That is..
How can I come before dad
without the priest cloak?
That is a secret between us.
No need for police to interfere.
This is a problem when we
allow police in house.
They look through
all unwanted things.
You go inside.
Sir you go out please.
What are you doing?
No body touching..
No relation with family..
I told you..
I will go after meeting Dad.
So he is not here..
In spite of that you got in..
I complain this to the Minister.
-He is the minister of my home.
He is my husband.
Look there.
-When did it happen?
-One and a half month before.
I would be the first brother
in the world who have no
idea of sister's marriage.
Sorry brother-in-law.
-lt is funny to see his situation.
-Do you know that?
He who went to become priest
is now father of children.
Dad has come
Don't scare me.
Oh God! Dad!
Please ensure that dad
never knows about my affair.
Dad.. come this side
God bless you!
Don't torture me dad..
I am grown without mother.
-You please not scold him.
-Actually dad, the reason is..
-I don't want any explanation.
I lately could understand that you
cannot force someone to become
a priest like doctor or an engineer.
-Forthat one needs the divine call.
-You are true.
That call was missing.
God cheated me.
If he were a priest, I would have
sympathized with the believers.
-Please read not bible in Pakistan.
-Kunjacha.. -What?
Before he gets us in more trouble,
-We have to arrange his marriage.
-I was about to tell that.
Chalissery Jacob's daughter is a nice girl.
She is getting good offers too
Yes, she is good.
Also a God fearing family..
-You inform them that we
are coming for an alliance. -Ok.
I am getting into more trouble.
Don't take revenge on me
as I jumped seminary.
If you want to get out of
this mess, tell dad the facts.
I thought it was you, Mother Mary
How can I say?
He is keeping the displeasure
on me for leaving seminary.
Moreover if he comes to know
about my relation with hindu girl!
Is that relation serious?
Jesus made that relation grow high.
Let dad know this after
my register marriage.
But this will happen only if
Meenakshi manages to
flee from her home.
Hey priest..
If she comes out on your call,
we will take her along
fighting them.
Jesus.. Are you in my
brother-in-law's shape?
-To see Minister..
Inside betrothal of his
daughter is taking place.
It is a happy moment
It is time up for the
Auspicious moment
-We can now exchange horoscopes.
We are in the middle of a function.
Official things only after that.
I came to discuss an issue
related to this function.
This is Joji.
He has lodged a complaint.
The complaint says that he is
in love with your daughter.
Many scoundrels like him have
liking towards my daughter.
What is your interest in this?
If she also has that liking
towards him then your
betrothal would go waste.
My daughter has no such affair.
-That is to be stated by your daughter.
-You wicked..
You don't wish to have
the cap on your head?
Stay aside, rascal..
You sm ugglers and illicit liquor
marketers should keep at least
two foot distance from an lPs officer.
Wheneveryou find time,
tell your brothers who Vadakkan is!
Joseph, this is the betrothal
of the Minister's daughter.
-Don't create an issue!
-I am very sorry sir.
I need to enquire on the complaint.
Habeas corpus is issued by court.
Come. Call her..
You cannot do this at my home.
Beat him out of the house..
Beat him out of the house..
-Leave me!
Come, Meenakshi!
Get out!
I said to come.
Who has the guts to hit my brother Joji?
-Do you like him?
-Are you willing to live with him?
Her engagement with Joji is hereby done.
Take her in the vehicle.
Let me see who dares to stop?
Vadakkan.. beware..
You will pay a heavy price for this
drama you played with the accused.
You see this.
Anticipatory bail issued by supreme court.
Number one advocate of supreme court
Mr. Krishna Dev lyer has appeared for me.
I e-mailed this to
the investigating officer Joseph
Vadakkan the moment I received it.
I have grip not only here
but at Delhi too.
Harihar.. I am reminding you
one more time
I will not go back unless I get to
see the killer of George Kutty.
I would follow you
like your shadow.
Brother in law, come and
get into the vehicle.
Joji is coming here
with the Minister's daughter
I would not allow them
to touch feet here.
-You go and close the door.
A son supposed to be a priest!
Now he has abducted a girl..
Supporting him is the Mumbai goon.
Jesus.. What would I be facing
in the name of this?
I never expected this kind
of support from you to him.
I did not consider you as a
son-in-law but a real son!
Do you think it's fair to keep
son in law in place of your sons?
That's my fate.
Before you blame your fate,
let me ask you one thing..
What wrong did Joji do?
Loving a girl?
It is manliness that
makes him do so.
Come to Christy..
He is being framed in those murder cases.
As the investigating officer of
George Kutty murder case,
I can say he is innocent.
These are the records of Mumbai
police about George Kutty.
George Kutty who came to Mumbai in 1990
has thirty odd cases registered on him.
These records refer to sex racketing,
narcotics, hooliganism etc..
This file has proof that
Christy was a victim to George's deceit
No doubt..
He is behind Jessy murder too.
Dad you made the mistake.
You blindly believed George Kutty.
If Christy was given a chance to
tell the truth and prove..
he would have been here with you.
You told me at least a hundred
times that the new house built by
Christy has the smell of blood.
But I see that money a reward
for doing things forthe
Government and political bigwigs
in real life threatening situations.
That house is his savings.
Dad.. we have only one life before us.
You need to love.
Love your children.
They long forthat..
Christy will bring Joji and
Meenakshi here tomorrow..
..aftertheir marriage registration
If you like you can accept them.
Otherwise they would go to
Mumbai with Christy.
As an army man, he is stubborn.
Meenakshi, don't expect an
early reception from him.
I am not allowed to come further.
I'll wait for the results here.
Why are you laughing?
I see the priest coming
with an abducted girl!
See his imagination
Dad, I should have become a priest.
But this happened.
We need your blessings.
Please bless us
Look, she is waiting
She is a nice girl
It's all God's wish.
May God bless you
Stop there you..
Where are you going?
You come here.
You come here
I wanted my son in law's
help to understand you.
You forgive me for
all that happened..
It is the auspiciousness of
the new girl at home.
The priest has used the
opportunity to praise his wife..
Now you can go back.
They stood my left and right
forthe last three four years.
Then why did you ask them to leave?
Now I want to be your left
and right for some time.
Hello brother..
I am in Cochin now.
My work in Kerala is over.
I am leaving in tomorrow
morning flight.
Before you go, find time
to come to my home.
-Where? Home..
That one in 'wonders of world' happened.
My father could finally recognize me.
Another thing.
My brother Joji married
home minister's daughter.
I would definitely come then.
Tonight we meet.
-Who is that?
I met Andrews first at Mumbai Jail.
He was Karim Lala then.
Actually it can be
said as my rebirth.
I am Karim Lala.
My original name is Andrews.
My close friends
call me by that name.
Why did you come to see me?
I just wanted to meet you.
Also I wish you to join my team.
Enemy's enemy is friend.
I am George Kutty's enemy.
I have done the job to
set you out from here.
But one condition..
I want George Kutty.
I suffered big losses due to him.
His death will be at my hands.
You mean to say Andrews
killed George Kutty?
He was killed before Andrews arrived.
Do we need CBl to prove this case?
No case under me has
so far gone above..
I will find his killer.
That's you.
Anyway, don't forget to
make your third son a priest.
Let's stop with 2 children
You just say 'Go ahead'.
My children will bring Meenakshi
here without the knowledge of
police even, devastating their family.
No.. that's not clever.
If he or she shed tears in front of media,
then the opposition parties will
not sit back quietly.
Even my party would not
support me in such a situation.
Why should we create
a situation for me to resign?
No. That's not needed.
If your minister's berth is gone,
then our projects would collapse.
You shut up..
Let me speak.
You call a press meet and announce
that you have no issues with
either religion or caste and hence
accept the marriage of your daughter.
Meantime, we would take care
of Joji without any hue and cry.
What about my daughterthen?
We don't have any problem
that she married once.
My soon Harihar likes her very much.
You leave the things to me..
I'll take care of
rest of the things
When minister goes there to invite
his daughter and son in law..
Joji should not be in this world!
You understand?
-Dad.. -What is it?
-Our lawyer has conveyed that..
Varghese Mopila may hand over
the original docs before the
commission in Munnar land case.
That will create problem for us..
-I picked up their manager Kunjachan.
A case of possession of drugs
has also been charged on him.
Where is he?
Tell me in which locker did
they keep the title deeds?
Tell the truth otherwise Damodar
would handle you his way.
-Please don't torture me..
Don't file any case against me
I'll tell you.
The title deeds are not in bank locker.
It is kept in the iron safe
in Palamattom house.
We need to rinse out
Palamattom house then..
Why this is all dragged out?
Everything of this is belongs to Joji.
I am taking this to his
room in the new house.
-Sorry.. I'll just clear it off.
-No.. No.. Let me also help.
See his passport.
He is handling things very silly.
Oh. It's a duplicate copy.
It is 5 months and 14 days since
he reached, as in the passport.
Where was he all these days?
Oh.. you started the
police man's exercise!
Okay, I'll go to the kitchen
We've to call the priest and
do house warming for he new house
I am shifting into that house
It is enough for me till my life ends
I have a serious matter to discuss.
I am in your new house.
You just come here.
Don't let dad know..
You come alone.
What is the matter?
I have identified George Kutty's killer.
Look at this!
Joji's passport!
Joji arrived on 2.09.2010,
the same
day of George Kutty's death.
See this..
I got it from Joji's bag.
This is the money handed over
to George Kutty by Christy.
The serial number of the currency
is noted in police records.
This is also found from Joji's bag.
Yes. It is Joji who killed George Kutty.
What are you saying?
-lt was a planned murder.
-No.. he could not be.
-I will ask him.
I was questioning him.
He is here only.
Why did you kill George Kutty?
You wanted this money?
Or else anything did he do to Meenakshi?
No I did not.
I did not kill.
You.. telling lie.
You should not trouble
him without knowing facts.
-I would not allow that.
-Police know how to prove guilty.
I will..
You should not on my issue.
I'll tell you everything
I'll tell you what happened.
Where are you?
I am in cochin.
I need your help.
-I told you earlier about Meenakshi.
Our home minister's daughter!
They came to know
about our relation.
They packed herfrom here.
Their people burned off my passport.
It would take at least one
week for the new passport
as informed by high Commission.
Meeenakshi should not
reach home from airport.
If she reaches, they
will make us apart.
If you tell herthe details,
she will understand.
Make use of Martin's
old building for her stay.
George Kutty had cheated me.
I mistook him as a good man.
I never thought
he would bargain with her.
I reached there that day..
The same day Christy reached there
to rescue her
Listen to me
Her dad can give any ransom
we want. Join me.
You can too share
this girl and money
Oh.. you came this early.
I looked upon you in the position
of my brother Christy.
But you chose to bargain with Meenakshi!
But that was..
We should not fight an issue over a girl.
If one goes the other comes.
That is my policy.
For me women are not an issue.
I could have made a lot of money
with that minister's daughter.
But your brother Christy
spoiled everything.
-She was my key to fortune.
-You damn!
You don't know me..
See this.. 10 million
I made money from the
business of flesh trade.
So what my brother told
about you were correct?
You were behind all our troubles..
You are right.
When I offered your sister to a
Marwari business man,
good money came to my hands.
You bloody..
You killed my sister..
Yes.. I killed Jessy.
If you turn against me,
I'll kill you also.
You devastated our family!
You distanced our brother from ourfamily.
You killed my sister!
The minimum punishment
foryou would be death.
We lost Jessy because of him.
How could I control myself?
Things went out of my control
I would have done the
same thing in his position.
What would we say
Meenakshi about this?
How can dad withstand
this if we tell him?
I know you are a
honest police officer.
I was the culprit before
police in this case so far.
Let it remain.
-I can accept the
charge in any court. -Brother!
You please leave Joji.
We need to save him for our
family and also for the girl
who came out trusting him.
Who is that?
Catch him.
Break it fast
Open it.
Open it.
My Kochu Thoma gave me these docs.
I will not give even if I die.
Since he has seen us,
Let us send him near Kochu Thoma.
- Dad, somebody is coming
-Get lost.
Christy my son..
Dad.. Oh God!
Dad, come.
-Start the vehicle.
-Get into the vehicle, fast.
-Our dad..
Don't punish my dad for my mistakes.
-How is dad now?
-We did whatever we can do.
He is put on ventilator.
They did this.
Thampy and Children..
They killed our Kochu Thoma.
Don't stop me.
-Police would be with you.
-I don't want police support.
Then I'll come along.
He considered me as a
son not a son-in-law.
I'll come with you
-You are Chrity's..
-Brother.. Joji.
-Now I feel relieved.
Keep it safe..
If Mopila recovers..
..and testifies,
won't we get caught?
Are you sure that Mopila
is going to die?
He is yet to open his mouth.
He is in coma!
If there is no ventilator support,
he'll die instantly.
To dupe some land we
had to chop off two
men from this world.
That's all..
-Murugan's team has come..
-Call them here.
Ask him to come inside.
Dad.. Christy..
-You fired at my beloved dad..
-Oh God!
Please don't do anything
to hurt my dad.
I will do anything.
Take your title deeds..
I would withdraw all cases
charged against you.
Don't do anything.
You made all wealth foryour
sons robbing and killing.
You punishment is to
see their dead faces!
It is dangerous now to
stay back here.
You need to surrender
before the police.
Betteryou come with me.
You'll be safe there in Mumbai.
No I don't mind getting
punished for what I did.
You can arrest me.
-But Christy, you did not do it alone..
Joseph, you should be there in
my position at Palamattom family.
-As the big brother to my siblings
Some old men are like this.
They yearn and get
what they deserve..