Christmas as Usual (2023) Movie Script

[instrumental Christmas music playing]
[car engine rumbling]
[jazzy instrumental version
of "Jingle Bells" playing]
[horns blaring]
[siren wailing]
[woman 1 in Norwegian]
I know it's Christmas,
but you don't get
into the holiday spirit when it's sunny.
- I need to get home to Norway.
- [woman 2 on phone] Yeah.
- I'm so excited.
- [woman 2] There's so much to do.
- It's okay, Mom. You've got time.
- [mom] Yes, but still
Has it been snowing a lot?
[mom] Sure,
but tell me about your boyfriend!
Well, you can meet him
if you come to visit us.
We're settling in nicely.
We're doing very well.
We've almost unpacked everything.
Hold on, Mom. Hello?
[man in English] Wait, wait.
[in Norwegian] Oh my God!
[mom] What is it?
Mom, I'll call you back.
[in English] Is that a good thing?
I know you love Christmas, so I wanted to
do something Christmas-themed for the
[man inhales deeply]
[man grunts]
- [woman] Oh.
- [man exhales]
- [clears throat] Thea Evjen.
- Oh!
I love you.
And I know this might be early
for Norwegian standards,
but, in India,
we would have had two kids already
and they would be in college.
[both chuckling]
So, if you're not, like, doing anything
for the next couple of decades
would you mind marrying me?
Are you crazy right now? [chuckles]
- [chuckles]
- [Thea] Uh
You don't even know
my middle name. [laughs]
And did you actually also know
that I have diabetes running in my family
and that's
Diabetes is not contagious.
You haven't even met my family yet.
Okay, I'm gonna get up.
- No.
- [man] Okay.
Okay, I'm coming down.
Look, I know it's early.
But when you know, you know.
You know?
- I know.
- [sighs]
[man laughs softly]
[both chuckle]
Look, the rules say
you have to say yes or no.
[both laughing]
Okay. Yeah. Okay, fine.
"Yeah, okay, fine."
[both laughing]
[Thea] Oh
[phone ringing]
[man] Hmm.
- Sorry.
- It's fine.
[phone continues ringing]
[ringing stops]
[man] Uh
What would you say
joining me and my family
for Christmas in Norway this year?
[sighs] I would love to, but it's like you
don't know my middle name.
- [laughs]
- You're such a jerk. [laughs]
- [man] Yes. Of course. I would love to.
- Yeah?
Oh, you have so much to look forward to.
- Christmas in Norway is is the best.
- Mm-hmm.
[Thea chuckles] Mmm
[announcement on plane loudspeaker]
You know, I'm so excited
to meet your mom, Anne-Lise,
and the rest of the family.
They're so excited too.
I'm gonna tell them to have a god jul.
- So my family doesn't really know that...
- Is it jool or jul?
- Uh, jul. Yeah, it's jul. Yeah.
- Jul? Okay, jul.
- But what I was saying...
- Yeah.
Uh, my family doesn't really know
[man in Norwegian] Ladies and gentlemen,
we're landing at Oslo Airport.
Please fasten your seat belt
and make sure the trays
[in English] Sorry. What were you saying?
Just that my family
is super excited to see you.
[poignant music playing]
[sighs] Fresh air.
You think this is fresh air? [laughs]
Are you gonna be like this the whole time?
[music swells, fades]
[car engine roars]
I'm sorry. What's up?
Oh. [chuckles]
It's just a family sweater tradition thing
that we've been doing forever.
I'm sure my mom has
knitted one for you too.
Oh, I should have got them something.
Oh, like the Indian equivalent
of a family sweater.
You know what I was
trying to tell you earlier.
- Um, I haven't...
- [driver] So, you're from India?
Uh, yeah, dude. Have you ever been?
No, I've never been to India.
But I've been to Turkey.
[in Norwegian] A boys' trip.
[wondrous music playing]
[tires crunching on snow]
[inhales deeply]
Mm. Now that's fresh air.
- Can you feel it, Jash?
- [inhales deeply]
Ah. [breathes heavily]
I think my nostril hair
froze to each other.
[in Norwegian] Hello.
- Oh, Mom!
- [Anne-Lise] Hello, hello.
[murmuring in Norwegian]
Oh, hello.
- Oh!
- Hi.
[Anne-Lise] So good to see you, Thea.
- My little girl.
- [Thea chuckles]
[Thea] Oh! I've missed you.
[Anne-Lise] Welcome home.
- You've decorated so nicely.
- [Anne-Lise] Thank you.
- But you have to meet...
- Yes!
[in English] Hello, Josh,
and welcome to Norway.
- Oh.
- [in Norwegian] Thank you.
- [Thea speaks indistinctly]
- What?
It's not him. It is
[Anne-Lise] Huh?
[in English] Hello.
[in Norwegian] Jash, as in Jashan.
[in English] Uh, Jashan or Jash.
Yes. Hello.
- [Jashan] Hello.
- [Anne-Lise] And welcome
[both chuckle]
to Norway, Sh Shazam.
[Jashan chuckles]
He's from, uh, India.
- Yes, I can see that. Yes.
- [Jashan laughs]
[Anne-Lise exhales]
Oh, this is so nice
to finally meet you, Shazam.
Jashan. [mumbles]
Ta-da! [sighs]
Oh, wow. Your home is beautiful.
Thank you, Shazam.
- [in Norwegian] Mom, it's Jashan.
- Yes.
- [Jashan in English] Oh, look at this.
- Yes, yes.
[gentle music playing]
[fire crackling]
Okay, now, this, this is Christmas.
[Anne-Lise] Yes.
"Same procedure as every year, James."
Oh, sorry. It's, uh It's, uh, Jashan.
- It's fine. You'll get it.
- Yeah, but it was...
No, it's just a...
[Jashan gasps] What is this?
Yeah. So that's like this tradition
that we had,
making all these Christmas
decorations every year.
It's so cute.
And when did you make this? [laughs]
It's all wonky and messed up.
It's so sweet.
My husband made this
the last year before he died.
["Silent Night" playing]
He was very sick.
Sleep in heavenly peace
Yeah, he he really loved Christmas.
- Mm. Yeah.
- Yeah. It's very good.
[dog whines]
- [in Norwegian] Balder!
- [Balder panting]
Hey, Balder.
[in English] Hi!
Who's a good boy? Who's a...
[Balder growls]
[barks, growls]
- [in Norwegian] What's up with Balder?
- Well, sometimes he reacts to
- To?
- [Jashan] Balder
[hesitatingly] To
people who are so unfamiliar.
[Jashan sighs]
[in English] Are you hungry?
I I made some rmmegrt
[in Norwegian] It's very nice
that you made some, but I think
- We're tired and ate on the plane.
- [Anne-Lise] Yeah.
I think we're gonna go to bed.
- [in English] Good night. No.
- [Jashan chuckles]
- Yeah.
- It's fine.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
[Jashan laughs]
- [Thea] Yeah. I know.
- Look at your earrings.
And this is just a year after.
- But this is like a different person.
- Yeah, but it's a posh period.
Oh, and, uh, who's this dude?
[Thea] Uh
- Yeah, that's just a f
- [door opens]
- Uh
- [door closes]
The towels.
[in Norwegian] Thank you.
- Hndkle. Takk.
- [Anne-Lise] Yeah.
You're welcome.
[in English] Well, uh
[inhales, smacks lips]
Uh, good night, mamma.
Sorry. Isn't that what you say
in, uh, Norwegian? Mamma?
You You don't have to call me that.
Oh, no. In India,
your in-laws are like your parents.
So that's why I'm actually
very happy to call you mamma.
Yes, but but we are in in Telemark.
Okay. Uh, what what would you prefer
that I called you?
What about Anne-Lise?
But that's so, uh It's so impersonal.
But that's my name. [chuckles]
- [Jashan] Okay. How about auntie?
- No.
No? Well, then, mamma it is.
Goodnight, mamma.
[Anne-Lise chuckles]
So, your mom seems nice.
Do you think, uh, she likes me?
[lamp humming]
- [whispers] Hey, are you awake?
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- Sorry. I'm sorry.
I was asking,
do you think your mom likes me?
[Jashan sighs]
You didn't tell her I was Indian.
Well, that shouldn't really matter.
Yeah. So then, why not tell her?
You know, my dad, he was like
the one who would reason with her.
[Jashan] Hmm.
So if I told her, like, three weeks ago
that we were engaged, she would
Make me a sweater?
- Photoshop me in a family card?
- [Thea scoffs]
She would sit alone in her room
and Google everything.
Old Indian traditions and stuff.
[Jashan] And so?
She would blow it
totally out of proportion.
[Balder panting]
[female presenter] In India,
we are often told
that a daughter's place is
with her in-laws.
Contrary to the popular belief,
this practice is just as common
in Indian cities as in the villages.
- In today's day
- [sighs]
[Balder snuffling]
[melancholy string music playing]
- [music continues]
- [bird hooting]
[Jashan snoring]
[music fades]
[clock ticking]
[scraping continues]
[poignant music playing]
[in Norwegian] Good morning.
[music stops]
You're up early.
Yeah, I'm really jet-lagged. [sniffles]
- I've put on some coffee if you want.
- [cup thuds on table]
Have you talked to Jrgen since
No, I haven't.
No, I just mean
[whispers] I know that
it hasn't been easy for him either.
The breakup.
No, I'm sure it hasn't,
but it was a long time ago, Mom.
No, it's just a shame
that it had to end like that.
- You and the boy next door.
- [scoffs]
All that stuff just got too complicated.
- [slurping]
- [Anne-Lise] Yeah, but you know that
Dad and I always thought
it was going to be the two of you.
- You're up early as well.
- Mm-hmm.
I'm going to get started
on the rice pudding now
Dad always used to make it
two days in advance.
So I better get started.
So is Shazam asleep?
Jashan is asleep.
You could have told me a little earlier
that he is
That he is?
[sighs] Uh
[Thea] Indian?
Is that okay to say, though?
"Indian"? Is that allowed?
Yes, Mom. You can say Indian.
[Anne-Lise] Fine. But do I have to make
two Christmas dinners now?
I don't know.
I know that Norwegian and Indian cultures
are incredibly different.
- What have you been googling now?
- [Anne-Lise] I haven't been googling.
There's just so much to do
before Christmas.
I have to prepare the medister meatballs,
and then we have to get firewood.
Your brother gets stressed out
if we don't have firewood.
And now I might have to make
two Christmas dinners.
I don't know your boyfriend, and I don't
know what they eat in India for Christmas.
- [whimsical music playing]
- [in English] Good morning.
[Jashan inhales deeply]
How is this morning? [exhales]
Yeah, the sun doesn't rise until ten.
Good night. [exhales]
[music fades]
- Jash.
- [Jashan] Huh?
- Um
- [Jashan] Hmm.
- I was thinking.
- [Jashan] Hmm?
[inhales deeply]
Maybe we should give my mom
a a bit more time.
You don't wanna tell her
about the engagement?
No. Yeah.
Of course I want to tell her. It's just...
Do I need to ask for her permission
or something?
No. No, no, no. That's not a thing here.
We're very modern.
[Jashan] Okay, well,
then we should just tell her.
No need to keep it a secret, right?
- Yeah.
- [Jashan] Yeah.
I just want the timing to be right.
[Jashan] Okay.
When will the timing be right?
[inhales sharply]
I just want her to get to know you.
see the side of you
that I fell in love with.
- You want me to have sex with your mom?
- [Thea laughs]
Fine. I just wasn't ready for this,
but, you know, if that's local tradition
- [whispers] No. [laughs]
- I'm happy to
What's up?
- She will love you.
- [Jashan] Mm.
And then we can tell her.
- Yeah.
- Mm.
It's going to be a perfect Christmas.
[gentle music playing]
[birds chirping]
[Jashan] Hey, I know you told me
to be myself,
but is there anything more I can do
to connect with your brother?
Like what does he like? Sports? Snow?
I don't know.
[Thea] He's a good guy.
You're gonna be fine. He's gonna like you.
[Jashan sighs] Okay.
And his wife is the fun one, right?
- Yeah.
- [Jashan] Yeah.
- No.
- [Jashan] No?
But, yeah, but it's
Yeah, she would, but
More More like no during Christmas.
Not at Christmas?
[Thea] No.
Because she's on edge with my mom.
So it's
It's a no.
- Yeah. It's gonna be fine.
- [Jashan] It's gonna be fine.
- Okay. Let's go.
- Let's go.
- [in Norwegian] Yes, I'm coming.
- [mumbling]
What is it?
Merry Christmas!
- Hey.
- Hey.
[Thea chuckles]
- [brother] Nice to see you.
- Hello, you!
- [Thea] Hi.
- Hi. Merry Christmas.
[Thea] Merry Christmas! And look at you!
- Yes, look at me!
- [all chuckling]
[Jashan] Merry Christmas!
Who is that?
Is that Josh?
- [in English] Hi.
- This is my brother.
Hi, I'm Simen.
- Nice to meet you.
- [Simen] Nice to meet you.
Uh, Jashan.
Jashan, okay. Uh
This must be Ronja. God jul, Ronja.
[in Norwegian] Hello. [groans]
- Hello.
- [chuckles]
- [woman] Okay.
- [Simen] Yeah.
[in English] Having some trouble
with the chair?
[Simen] Yeah, it's, uh
- [Jashan] Stuck? Okay. Can I try?
- Stuck, yeah. Sure.
- I have a black belt in car seats.
- Okay.
[both chuckle]
- [Jashan] Jashan.
- [in Norwegian] Hello.
[Jashan speaking indistinctly]
[in Norwegian] Am I a horrible human being
if I say that I'm a little surprised?
He's Indian. So what?
That's really exciting!
It's not exciting.
Yes, it's very exciting.
There are a billion Indians,
so the odds of meeting one are pretty big.
I think he's very handsome.
- [Ronja] Mkkastol!
- [in English] What is mkkastol?
[in Norwegian] Shit chair.
- [Jashan] Okay, shit chair.
- He's very handsome.
[chuckles, snorts]
What was that?
What was that grunt?
I didn't grunt.
That smile?
What's going on?
- I wasn't supposed to tell you yet.
- What?
[Jashan continues speaking indistinctly]
[Thea sighs]
- [gasps]
- What? Fucking hell.
Huh? Are you kidding?
Are you kidding? You just met.
What did Anne-Lise say?
- I haven't told her yet.
- You haven't. [sighs]
I'm waiting for the perfect timing.
Right. And you thought
that might be Christmas?
That's a really bad idea.
Yeah, it's a bad idea.
This is going to be great!
- [Jashan in English] And we're good.
- [Ronja] Mkkastol.
- [in Norwegian] Shit chair.
- Shit chair.
[all laughing]
[in English] You have to taste this.
[indistinct chatter]
This is also Norwegian.
[Jashan] Okay, that's pretty cool.
[Thea] Brown cheese on Christmas cake
is the best.
For real.
- This? This?
- Mm-hmm.
- Come on.
- Cheers.
[indistinct conversation in Norwegian]
[Jashan laughs]
[in English] No. That bad?
- No.
- No!
It's very interesting.
- It's very goaty, mamma.
- [chuckles]
[ambient music playing]
- Are you ready? [laughs]
- [Jashan] Yes. No! [yells]
[Jashan sneezes]
[Jashan whispering] Sorry, mamma.
I think I might be allergic to snow.
[in Norwegian] This is so exciting.
[Jashan in English] Okay.
Ready? Three, two, one.
[music fades]
Indian snowman.
[Anne-Lise singing in Norwegian]
Silent night
- Holy night
- [exclaims]
All is calm, all is bright
[continues singing]
[in English] You hang Norwegian flags
on Christmas?
- [Thea] Yes.
- [Anne-Lise] Yes, we do.
[Anne-Lise resumes singing]
Uh, how come?
[Anne-Lise sighs]
Because everybody does.
[in Norwegian] Don't eat
the decorations, Hildegunn.
- Is it decorations?
- It is decorations.
[in English] I didn't know.
[in Norwegian] Help me in the kitchen,
will you?
Yes, of course.
Ronja, don't eat these.
Simen, we are not supposed to eat these.
Oh, I know, Hildegunn.
[Hildegunn] Sorry, Anne-Lise.
I didn't know
[In English] You know, even Americans
don't do this. They're pretty patriotic.
[Thea chuckles]
[women murmuring in Norwegian]
[in English] Uh, is she okay?
Yeah. She's just Christmas stressed.
- Christmas stressed?
- Mm.
- That's a thing?
- It's a thing in Norway.
[chuckles softly]
["We Wish You a Merry Christmas"
instrumental playing]
What if we make dinner
something special tonight?
And tell them about the engagement?
- Are you sure?
- Mm-hmm.
- [Jashan] Okay.
- Yeah?
- [Ronja in Norwegian] Aunt Thea?
- Oh!
[whispering in English]
Does she understand English?
I don't I don't know.
Do you want candy?
- [whispers in Norwegian] What did he say?
- [chuckles]
[in English] Okay. High-five.
["Silent Night" playing]
Round yon Virgin Mother
And Child
Holy infant
- [faint clinking, clattering]
- [sniffing]
[Indian instrumental music playing]
[grunts gently]
[Thea] Jashan?
God jul!
[Thea] What are you doing?
You and your family have been
sharing your culture with me,
and I thought I would share the best
of Indian culture with you. Food.
Wow. Where did you get all the spices?
I bring them with me, bro. Duh.
- Duh.
- [laughs]
But it's Christmas.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
You said let's make dinner
something special.
Jashan, I said let's make dinner
something special,
like Not make something special
for dinner.
[sighs] I thought everyone would be busy
with Christmas stuff,
and I would make dinner
and surprise everyone.
- It's great. It's good.
- Yeah.
- I love your cooking.
- I know.
- It smells great.
- Thank you.
- It's just that
- [Jashan] Just
- That?
- It's December 22nd.
Yes, it is.
It's It's bitte lille julaften.
It's, um It's Teeny Tiny Christmas.
What is Teeny Tiny Christmas?
It's the day before the day
before the big day,
and it's sort of like a big deal
in our family.
I thought the big day was December 25th.
I told you. In Norway, it's 24th.
So there's a teeny day
before a tiny day before the big day,
which is before December 25th?
[slaps thighs]
- [door opens]
- [Anne-Lise sighs]
- [in Norwegian] Hello.
- Hi, Mom.
- Uh
- [door closes]
[Anne-Lise] What is that smell?
It smells so good!
[Simen breathes deeply]
- Hmm.
- [Anne-Lise] Do you think so?
No. Maybe I exaggerated a little.
[Simen] Is something burning?
- [in English] What?
- Okay [panting]
- What are you doing?
- I don't know what I'm doing.
[in Norwegian] Thea? What in the
- [in English] Surprise!
- Surprise!
[in Norwegian] What the f...
It might not be exactly
the dinner we're used to
for Teeny Tiny Christmas.
[in English] We always have medister cakes
on Little Little Christmas.
[exhales sharply] I actually
just found out about Teeny Tiny Christmas.
- Yeah. But now we have curry, so
- [chuckles]
[in Norwegian] It was a tradition, though.
Dad always used to make
meatballs on Teeny Tiny Christmas,
and you all really liked it.
Really, really liked it.
But maybe we can just give this a try?
Did you hear that? Did you hear that?
- No one heard that?
- [Anne-Lise] What?
- [Simen] Can you hear it?
- No, what?
- It was just Dad turning in his grave.
- [Hildegunn] Stop it.
Ronja, Dad is joking. Grandpa is dead.
[chuckling] He hasn't risen from the dead.
He is not moving at all.
[breathes shakily] May God be with him.
Thank you for keeping an open mind.
For God's sake.
We've been eating meatballs every year.
[in English] Norwegians are
a very accepting people.
Just not at Christmas.
I understand this is different from
your normal traditions.
You've probably never had
Indian food before. So...
[Simen and Hildegunn in Norwegian]
Yes, yes.
We eat Indian food.
We love Indian food.
[in English] Yeah. Maybe you can take it
in English so that Jashan understands.
[both] Yes, yes, yes.
- We eat Indian food.
- Yeah. We love Indian food.
Oh, nice. Yeah.
There's great Indian food
at the Chinese restaurant in town.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
I'm sorry, did you say
there was a Chinese restaurant
that serves Indian food?
- Yeah. It's not really Indian food. It's
- [Simen] Yeah.
[Simen] Yes. It's, uh
It's Indian and and Chinese,
and and they have a lot
of Norwegian dishes.
- Yes.
- Uh, like pizza and hamburgers.
- [Hildegunn] Hamburgers, yeah.
- [Simen] It's very good.
- And the chef Oh!
- Oh, the chef is so good.
- He is good.
- He is good.
Yeah. You should go.
[in Norwegian] Ronja, don't you agree?
They serve good food at the Chinese place.
- [in English] Jashan is a good cook too.
- [both chuckle]
- [Simen] Yeah.
- It It smells really good.
It's like [inhales] yeah.
- Mmm. Yes.
- [Simen in Norwegian] It does smell.
- [in English] So please dig in.
- [Hildegunn munching]
[Anne-Lise] Yes.
[in Norwegian] What is that?
- Hmm?
- What is that?
That is called "pantipum."
And this is naan.
[Hildegunn murmurs indistinctly]
[in English] Oh.
Oh, I see. Yes.
- [Anne-Lise chuckles]
- [Simen sniffing]
[in Norwegian] Maybe use your hands
[in English] It's almost like a taco.
["Jingle Bells" playing in Norwegian]
[in English] So
[clears throat]
Shazam, since this is
your, hmm, first Christmas...
Oh, we have Christmas in India.
- You Oh, really?
- [Jashan] Yeah.
I didn't know that.
Oh, but I knew, but
[chuckles] Sorry.
How do you usually celebrate?
Well, uh, my family is not Christian,
so we do this funny thing of, like,
we'll do a countdown to midnight,
and then we say Merry Christmas,
and we get smashed and we have
a lot of food, set off fireworks.
That sounds like New Year's
here in Norway.
[Simen in Norwegian]
"Sounds like"? It literally is.
[Hildegunn in English] Yeah.
And, you know, this year,
I'm so happy to be here with all of you
and to get to share
this part of my culture with you.
I think that's really special.
- Mm.
- [Jashan] Do you like it, mamma?
Mm. [clears throat repeatedly]
[Simen clears throat
and murmurs in Norwegian]
- Okay, guys, um
- [Simen coughs, clears throat]
[in English] Jashan and I, we
[both chuckle]
[in Norwegian] Are you okay, Mom?
[coughs and chokes]
[panting] Dad.
Was it a little spicy?
What is it? Are you okay?
[Simen coughs]
- [in English] Is it that spicy?
- No, it's really
[coughing] I'm so sorry.
It's very good. I just have to
[Simen coughing]
- [in Norwegian] I'll go with Mom.
- If you have to spit it out, use this.
Anne-Lise doesn't want it on her rug.
[in English] Yeah, just Yeah, just
I just need to check.
[Anne-Lise and Simen coughing]
[faucet running]
[in Norwegian] You guys are being
very dramatic.
We're being dramatic?
- [in English] Mamma, water will not help.
- [Anne-Lise] Excuse me?
It's You need some dairy.
Uh, if you have yogurt?
I don't know. I don't know.
I really don't know.
Oh, what about this?
- No, Jashan.
- [in Norwegian] Yes.
- No?
- Yes!
[Anne-Lise] No, no, no.
- Don't take the pudding. We need it for...
- Mom, come on! We don't have a choice.
But Dad said it needs to stay
[Anne-Lise exhales]
- Longer. Are you sure?
- [Simen] Eat, eat.
- Mmm. Oh!
- [Thea whispering] Okay, I think we just...
- [Simen in Norwegian] Oh, it burns.
- Just go.
- [exhales, sniffles]
- [Anne-Lise exhales]
I think it needs more time to set.
[Anne-Lise and Simen moan]
[in English] How many chilies did you use?
Spice is about more than just chilies.
This is super mild.
[Simen coughs]
There's a difference between
Norwegian spicy and Indian spicy.
[exhales] Yeah.
[in Norwegian] I don't know
if Simen told you,
but I lived in India
for a couple of months after high school.
- [Thea laughing] What?
- Yes.
[in English] Okay. Hildegunn, she she
she lived in India for several months.
- Oh! Oh, cool. That is cool.
- [Hildegunn chuckles]
Yeah. Okay. Yeah. [chuckles]
I actually
[chuckles] I wanted to show you this.
- Ta-da!
- Wow.
- [chuckles]
- It says, uh, "inner peace."
Wow. Yeah. Wow.
What is it? Don't you like it?
It's very nice.
- Yeah? [chuckles]
- [Jashan] Yeah.
No. What is it?
It might not say "inner peace."
[Simen speaking indistinctly]
[Anne-Lise panting]
[in Norwegian] It doesn't matter
what it means, does it?
Thea, it is important
because it's a tattoo.
It's cut into my body until I die.
I want to know what it says.
[in English] Hypothetically speaking,
it might say gori.
That doesn't sound so bad.
[chuckles] What What does that mean?
White girl.
[whispers indistinctly]
White girl, that's [inhales shakily]
exactly what I am.
So So that's very accurate.
- [Jashan] Yes. Yes, it is.
- Right?
[Hildegunn breathes shakily]
I'm just gonna go help the others. Yeah.
I think your "poopadoonk"
was a little bit dry, by the way.
[indistinct murmuring in Norwegian]
[Jashan sighs]
[chuckles softly]
- [in English] So that didn't work.
- Yeah.
[mellow music playing]
Maybe tomorrow we can try to do Christmas
the Norwegian way?
Okay. What way is that?
You know
[Norwegian folk music plays]
[Simen in Norwegian] Coming down!
[Anne-Lise] "Out on a hike,
what's not to like?"
[Jashan huffing, grunting]
[Simen] Out on a hike, what's not to
[in English] Are you okay?
[Ronja in Norwegian] Hello.
[Jashan in English] Wow.
How's she doing that?
In Norway we say that Norwegians are born
with skis on their feet.
Yeah? Sounds like a painful childbirth.
- [Jashan panting]
- You wanna go back, Jash?
[in Norwegian] Out on a hike,
what's not to like?
- [Thea in English] Sure?
- Yeah.
- Okay. Come on. I can help you.
- [Jashan panting]
[Jashan] Yeah.
- [Thea] Okay.
- Okay.
- So
- Yeah.
We have this lunch place
just on the other side of the hill.
There's a lunch place?
- Sounds nice?
- Oh, yeah. Lunch place.
[in Norwegian] Come on! Go, go, go!
[Jashan in English] Okay. So
So, what kind of food do they serve?
[wind whistling]
- [Jashan sniffles]
- Here you go.
[indistinct chatter]
So this is what we would call
koselig in Norway.
No. It's just that when you said
there was a lunch place,
you know, in my head,
I thought there was gonna be
A restaurant?
[everyone chuckles]
Yeah. No, that would be crazy
if there was a restaurant.
- [skiers in Norwegian] Hi.
- [all] Hi.
[Anne-Lise] So, what do you guys think?
Should we get going?
Maybe you should go in advance?
So we can ski at our tempo,
so he doesn't feel
- Go ahead?
- We always ski together.
I know, but it's a bit different.
But we're supposed to make
gingerbread cookies together.
Can't we make gingerbread cookies
some other time?
Of course! We can move
the gingerbread cookie making to Easter.
[chuckles] Totally.
[Simen grunting]
All right
- I need to pack the rucksack.
- [Hildegunn] Take this
[Jashan in English] What's happening?
Uh We The two of us can go together.
[sniffles] Yeah.
[Jashan grunting]
[grunts, pants]
You okay?
Ah. I'm great!
- [skiers in Norwegian] Hi.
- [Thea] Hi.
[in English] I am terrific.
- Yeah. It's called koselig, right?
- [Thea] We're home soon. I promise.
We just need to go down to Oksetjnn
and take a left to Skjerdalen.
Those names mean nothing.
You're making them up.
I won't do it.
- [sighs]
- [Jashan] I won't do it. Leave me here.
Leave me to die.
I have an idea.
[both breathe heavily]
Are you ready?
No. Are you ready?
Uh [sighs]
Not really.
Have you ever done this before?
Yeah. Uh...
No. Uh...
My dad used to do it with me.
[breathes deeply]
- Okay, let's go.
- Okay. [chuckles]
[delightful music playing]
- [Thea] Yes!
- [Jashan] Whoo!
- [Thea whoops]
- [Jashan laughs nervously]
- Hi.
- Yes!
Yes. Okay. Okay.
Whoo! Whoo!
- This is It's actually working.
- It's working.
[Thea whoops]
[Jashan] I'm skiing!
[in Norwegian] Where are they?
It's getting dark.
Do you want me to ask Simen
to look for them?
- [Anne-Lise] No.
- No.
No, let him relax.
He's put on his comfy joggers
with a glass of Christmas soda
in his hand,
getting into the spirit with Die Hard.
[engine rumbles]
[birds chirping]
[in English] I'm really sorry.
- For what?
- [Thea sighs]
For my family acting weird.
[sighs] I love weird.
Christmas is just a lot. [scoffs]
Yeah. [scoffs]
I got the feeling. [chuckles]
[Thea] It's just difficult without my dad.
He was like [laughs]
Father Christmas.
And every year
is just a reminder of what we lost.
[Jashan sighs]
[poignant music playing]
And I really want them to like you
because I love you.
You know, in Norway, we call this koselig.
[music fades]
[engine rumbles]
[turns off engine]
[in Norwegian] Hi.
[Jashan] Hi.
Hey, Thea.
Hey, Jrgen.
[in English] You guys know each other?
That's crazy. What a small country.
[in Norwegian] Are you going somewhere?
What are you doing here?
Anne-Lise called.
She was worried that
Worried you were lost.
No, I'm not lost.
- [Jashan in English] Hey.
- I'm just telling him that we're not lost.
We're not lost. We're just going to
"Oksischen" and "Shellbraider."
- Yeah.
- Yes. All right. Yeah.
[Jrgen] Okay.
You sure you don't want a ride?
- Dude, we would love a ride.
- Yes. We're fine.
- [Jrgen] Yeah?
- What are you saying?
I'm not gonna ski back.
Yes, we would love a ride.
- [Jrgen] Okay.
- Thank you so much. That's amazing.
[gasps] Oh, dude,
can I sit in the carriage?
[Jrgen] Let me take the skis.
[inquisitive music playing]
- [engine turns off]
- [Jrgen sniffles]
[music fades]
[Thea grunts, exhales]
[Jrgen sighs]
[in Norwegian] Thanks for the ride.
[in English] Oh, God bless you, Jrgen.
Dude, we're making something called
"pepper cakes." You wanna come inside?
I probably shouldn't.
What do you mean, dude? You saved my life.
Come on. Come inside.
We'll have a drink or something.
It might be a bit weird.
Why would it be weird? What?
You guys used to hook up or something?
[Jashan and Jrgen chuckle]
- Yeah.
- Yeah. Together for five years.
[Jashan and Jrgen chuckle]
[soft, dramatic music playing]
- [Jashan sighs]
- She didn't tell you?
[Thea] Uh
Didn't really get to that part.
No, we just live together.
We don't talk about stuff. [chuckles]
Hmm. [chuckles awkwardly]
Guess I'll see you around.
Oh, hey, see you around, dude.
[in Norwegian] Merry Christmas.
- [Jrgen sighs]
- [engine starts]
[in English] So that's the guy
from the picture in the stairway.
Yes. That's the guy.
[music fades]
Cool. [sighs]
- Yeah.
- Forgot his helmets.
[door creaks open, closes]
[instrumental "Silent Night" playing]
[in Norwegian] Don't you think
you should get a new apron?
- This?
- Soon? Yeah?
Are you joking?
I've always had it.
Lasse gave it to me when we were
So you thought it was a good idea
to call my ex?
I was worried about you two. I got scared.
Mom, that is a very weird thing to do.
- [chuckling] No.
- Yes.
It's not that weird.
Remember that before he was your ex,
he was the kid next door.
So if you think it's weird,
it's because you're making it weird.
- Okay.
- Mm-hmm.
- [Simen speaking indistinctly]
- [Thea exhales deeply]
[in English] Hey. Are you okay?
Yeah. I just can't figure out this house.
But I'm happy to be inside.
Also Um
It would have been nice to get some
heads-up that your ex lives next door.
[inhales deeply] Yeah...
[in Norwegian] I almost forgot. When are
we doing our Christmas dip tomorrow?
Can't we just do it when we wake up?
[Anne-Lise] Yes.
Are you bringing
- [in English] Are you going to the
- Ah, you bet, Simen.
I am here for
the full Norwegian Christmas experience.
No, Jashan,
you don't really need to do that.
- I want to.
- Jashan, it's fine.
Oh, that's nice
that you're joining us for isbading.
I am very happy to join you for what?
[whispers] What is isbading?
It's exactly what you think.
- No.
- Yes.
- No.
- Yes.
[Simen chuckles]
[in Norwegian] He could die, Simen.
[Jashan in English] This is insane.
- It's healthy.
- How can this be healthy?
[Anne-Lise humming]
You said you wanted
the full Norwegian Christmas experience.
Yeah, but that was before I knew
you guys were crazy.
[whispers] Yes.
[Jrgen in Norwegian] Hi.
- [in English] Hi.
- Of course he's here.
- Yeah. So we all do this?
- Hi.
- Yeah. Sure. Yeah.
- God jul.
[in Norwegian] Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas! [chuckles]
Of course you're here.
Yeah. It's tradition.
Isn't it a bit too cold for him?
[Jashan sniffles]
- Uh
- [in English] It's a bit too cold for you.
Oh, no, no. I was just actually
warming up before I went in.
- Yeah. Yeah.
- Fair.
- [in Norwegian] Hi!
- [Anne-Lise] Hello.
- [Jrgen] You must be cold. [laughs]
- [Anne-Lise] Not at all.
It's so nice that you came.
Merry Christmas, Anne-Lise!
Merry Christmas.
This is so nice. [chuckles]
[in English] I have to admit,
I hated it when these two little birds
forced me into ice bathing
for the first time. [laughs]
Well, actually, you know,
no one's forcing me, so
- Oh. No, no, no. Of course.
- [Jashan] Yeah. Yeah.
It's just, you know
It's not for everyone. Yeah.
[sighs] Yeah. Well, actually, I'm here
for the full
Norwegian Christmas experience.
Jash, you really don't have to do it.
It's fine.
To Valhalla!
[in Hindi] Oh fuck!
Ah! Very refreshing!
[pipe organ playing]
[church bell rings]
[in Norwegian] Ages shall come
Ages shall pass
[whispers in English] I didn't know
you were Christian.
[whispers] We're not.
[congregation continues singing]
Why are we in a church?
Because it's Christmas.
And because Ronja is in the choir,
and she is looking forward to her solo.
[in Norwegian] The heavenly tones
In the soul's joyful pilgrim song
[Jashan singing loudly in bad accent]
Angels first sang it
- To the shepherds
- [nudges]
[in English] What?
[whispers] It's too loud.
From soul to soul
[in English] I'm just singing.
[Jashan singing loudly in bad accent]
In joy it passed
[in English] Yeah, but it's too loud.
- But you guys are whispering it.
- Okay.
[singing quietly in bad Norwegian accent]
Peace over Earth
Humans rejoice
[whispers in bad accent]
A savior for all time is born
[Jashan in English] Was that better?
[hymn ends]
[congregation member coughing]
[in Norwegian] Dear everyone.
Before we go out into
this beautiful Christmas Day,
us in Telemark Soul Children
wish you a Merry Christmas with this...
[Jashan sneezes loudly]
- [whispers in English] Sorry.
- Too loud.
[smacks lips]
[in Norwegian] With this
delightful Christmas classic.
- [whispers] Are you ready? Good.
- Yes.
["Silent Night" begins playing]
[singing in Norwegian] Silent night
- [sneezes]
- [in English] Seriously?
Holy night
You're the one who said
ice bathing was a good idea.
All is calm
[sighs] Okay.
All is bright
[Thea] No. Jashan.
- [Jashan sneezes, sniffles]
- Round yon Virgin Mother and Child
Maybe you should go out.
Holy infant so tender and mild
Fine. I'll go out in the cold.
- Jashan.
- Sh, sh, sh.
[Jashan] I'm sure
freezing temperature will help.
- Jash. Jashan.
- [in Norwegian] Sh. Not now.
[kids continue singing]
- Sleep in heavenly peace
- [door closes]
[whispers] Are you ready, Ronja?
[Ronja singing solo]
[in Hindi] Hi, ma.
[Jashan yelling outside] Hi.
Can you hear me? Hello. Hi.
We're at church right now.
[speaking loudly] No,
they're not Christian. [sniffles]
They just come to church for Christmas.
Oh, I don't know.
[continues singing]
That's just it.
They do weird things,
and when I ask why, it's just tradition.
[in Norwegian] Thea,
can you please stop your boyfriend?
Yes, I will.
- This is not okay.
- Yes, shush.
[Jashan in Hindi] They do weird things
all the time.
If you ask why, "That's just how it is"
[in English] Jashan!
[hymn ends]
Ma, I'll call you back.
[in Norwegian] Hi.
[melancholy music playing]
- [sniffling]
- [wrapper rustling]
[whispering in English] How do you say,
"I'm sorry, Ronja"?
"Jeg beklager, Ronja."
"Je begaber," Ronja.
[Jashan sighs]
[Jashan sniffles]
[Jashan sighs]
I really regret my choices.
Yeah. You didn't know.
I'm not talking about the church.
[music fades]
I thought it'd be fun to bring
my loudest kurta to a Christmas party but
Should have got a suit.
- Uh, can you help me with this?
- [Jashan] Sure.
[Jashan exhales]
- Okay. So you just want it to kind of go
- [Jashan sniffles]
- There, and then you
- Yeah.
And sort of Yeah. Stop.
Sorry. I just It's Yeah, just try again.
Like I needed more proof
I didn't fit in here. [sniffles]
Jash, you fit in. Okay?
[Jashan] Hey.
Where's your ring?
[gentle music playing]
Uh, I
It's like, you can't really wear jewelry
with the bunad. It's, um
Something called bunad police.
It's like a traditional thing.
Yeah. Sure. [inhales deeply]
[Thea inhales deeply]
You know what?
I'll just go and ask my mom.
Yeah. Cool.
[somber music playing]
[Jashan sighs]
[somber music continues]
["Silent Night" playing on the piano]
[Balder whines]
[in Norwegian] How are you, Ronja?
Are you excited about tonight?
Jashan is sorry for
ruining your moment in church.
There's not much left for him to ruin now.
It's Christmas Eve.
[whimsical music playing]
That's true.
It's just Christmas.
- [in English] Okay.
- Hmm.
We've been through all the crazy stuff
leading up to Christmas.
Like skiing.
Hot dog on the grill, um, church,
not to mention Christmas bathing.
Don't call it Christmas bathing.
It makes it sound fun.
[Thea] Okay, Jash.
The point is
[inhales and exhales]
it's only Christmas dinner.
We eat some cookies.
We, uh, open presents.
And by the end of the night,
I think we should tell them. We should
break the news about our engagement.
Are you sure?
[Indian instrumental
Christmas music playing]
- All right. Yeah. We're telling them.
- [Thea] Okay.
[Indian instrumental
Christmas music continues]
[music abruptly switches from Indian
to traditional Christmas music]
[cutlery clinking]
[cutlery scraping]
And what is this delicacy?
- It's
- [Hildegunn] It's, um
It's It's fat.
[chuckles nervously]
- [Anne-Lise in Norwegian] Do you like it?
- Great crispy pork crackling, Mom.
Thank you, my boy.
[indistinct chatter]
[in English] It looks so good.
[whispers] Exactly what is this?
It's, um
It's pig.
Oh no. Maybe you you can't eat pig.
Uh, I'm Hindu. Muslims don't eat pork.
- [in Norwegian] Yes, of course.
- Yes. I remember now.
[in English] I forgot. [laughs]
[in Norwegian] Ronja, you have to eat
your food, not just move it around.
I don't like it.
Grandma has spent so much time making it.
You have to taste it. [chuckles]
[food crunches loudly]
[indistinct conversation in Norwegian]
[in English] Have some sauce.
Sauce. Yes. What sauce is this?
It's nice. It's a nice...
Fat sauce.
Fat sauce?
- You have to have it.
- It's very good.
[Simen in Norwegian] Otherwise,
it'll be too dry.
[Hildegunn] Mm-hmm, yeah.
[indistinct conversation in Norwegian]
[in English] Here.
And what kind of fat is this?
Oh, no, no. It's not fat.
Aquavit, the water of life.
You know, it's the potato booze
I was telling you about?
- Yeah.
- [Jashan] Yeah.
[indistinct conversation
in Norwegian continues]
[in English] It helps.
[slurps, gulps]
[glass thuds on table]
- This does help.
- [Thea] Mm-hmm.
- Can I have some more?
- [Thea] Yeah.
[indistinct conversation continues]
- [Jashan slurps]
- [glass thuds on table]
Yeah. But you don't need to do
the whole shot.
I think I do.
I don't think that's so smart, but
[indistinct conversation
and laughter continues]
[in Norwegian] Um, cheers!
- Yes.
- Oh!
[all] Cheers!
[Indian classical music playing]
- [indistinct conversation in Norwegian]
- [groans]
Merry Christmas!
- [Hildegunn] Merry Christmas.
- Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas.
Mm. [slurps]
- [gulps, hiccups]
- [in English] Can you stop?
- Stop. You're drunk.
- [Jashan burps]
You're drunk.
[inhales deeply] Uh
- Uh, do you want
- No. No. I'm not drinking.
I'm Really. It's It's Christmas.
- [sighs] Of course.
- [bottle thuds on table]
[speaking indistinctly]
[whispers] How am I
supposed to finish this?
[Jashan exhales]
[whimsical music playing]
[indistinct conversation in Norwegian]
[in Hindi] Now this is more like it!
[inhales deeply]
[in English] I'm so glad you liked it.
- Liked it? I love it.
- [Anne-Lise] Oh.
Yeah, it's so, uh
- What the hell?
- Stop.
[Jashan] Hindu is a Norwegian spice brand?
[whispers] Please, just
- Black Boy?
- [whispers] Yeah. It's fine. Stop.
[Jashan] I'm sorry, it's just [chuckles]
as an Indian person, I never thought
I would be offended by spices.
- Yeah.
- But these are pretty racist condiments...
[in Norwegian] Has he been seasoning
my pork with garlic powder and piri-piri?
[in English] I mean, come on.
No disrespect,
but I use an entire garlic to fry an egg.
- You understand it's challenging to eat
- Jashan.
unseasoned pork with crunchy fat
and chewy fat and fat sauce.
Why do you have Black Boy
and Hindu spices in your house?
Well, if he doesn't like it, then I'm sure
we have a lot of curries that Shazam...
[Jashan] It's Jashan.
Okay? Not Shazam. Not Sasham. It's Jashan.
[whispers] Jashan.
[in Norwegian] I'll go and get
some more sausages.
- Are you done?
- Yes.
Have the rest.
[whispering in English] Can you please
just try to fit in?
[loudly] Fit in?
[whispering] Sh. Like Hildegunn does.
[softly] Like Hildegunn
who pretends like she has no personality
so she can fit into
your Norwegian Christmas cult.
Christmas cult?
Yeah. Christmas cult, with your
crazy uniforms and your weird rituals.
I'm not asking you to dye your hair blond
or to speak Norwegian.
That's easier.
- [doorbell rings]
- I just want my family to be happy for us.
Why would they be happy for us
if you force me to eat pork fat?
It's traditions.
So is baby tossing
and human sacrifice and stoning.
Just because it's tradition
doesn't mean it's good.
- [Anne-Lise in Norwegian] Thea?
- Yeah?
[in English]
Can we please talk about this later?
No, I am upset now.
It's Christmas Eve.
And is that the answer for everything?
Why do atheists go to church?
It's Christmas.
Why do we swim in ice water?
It's Christmas.
Why do we hide our feelings?
It's Christmas.
[Anne-Lise in Norwegian] Thea,
Santa is here!
[in English] Santa is here.
Santa is here?
[Jrgen in Norwegian] One last present.
What does it say on this one?
- To Aunt Thea.
- [in English] Of course.
- [in Norwegian] Come on, Aunt Thea.
- You must come and get your present.
Maybe you want to sit on Santa's lap?
I think I'll stand.
- You have to sit.
- Yes, you have to sit.
["O Holy Night" playing in Norwegian]
[Jrgen] There we go. This is cozy.
Have you been a good girl this year,
Aunt Thea?
[in English] I'm sorry.
Am I the only one who finds this weird?
Jashan, not in front of
[cracking knuckles]
[in Norwegian] Maybe someone is upset
he's not getting a present
from Santa this year?
[Jrgen laughs]
[in English] What?
[in Norwegian] Well,
it's getting late, little Ronja.
Rudolph is outside waiting,
and the night is still young.
Merry Christmas to you all.
[Hildegunn] Merry Christmas.
[Jrgen whispering]
- [in English] Yeah.
- What the fuck, man? Don't push me.
- [Jashan] Oh yeah? One more time?
- Jashan!
[Jashan] Stop it.
I said don't
- [Thea] Jashan!
- [men grunting]
- [in Norwegian] Jr Santa!
- [object clatters]
[music gets louder]
[inaudible speech]
[song continues loudly]
[ornaments crunching]
- [men grunting]
- [music fades out]
[both men groan]
[Jashan exhales]
[breathes deeply]
I think you should leave.
I think Santa should get going. [sighs]
Goodbye and Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas.
[Jashan sniffles]
[smacks lips]
[in English] I should go too.
Because you don't fit in
to this Christmas cult?
[Anne-Lise speaking indistinctly]
- [in Norwegian] Let's bring the candy to
- [Jashan sighs]
- [Simen] I'm gonna chop some wood.
- [Anne-Lise] I'll start the dishes.
[Jashan sniffles]
[in English] Do you think
that's what it's about?
It's you.
I knew it would be difficult
to fit in with your family,
and I knew it would be difficult
to fit in with your traditions.
And if you came to India,
you would have a hard time fitting in too.
[inhales deeply]
The difference is,
I would have had your back. [exhales]
I have your back.
- [Jashan] Do you?
- Yeah.
Or are you someone so obsessed
with making Christmas perfect
that you lost sight of me?
[Thea] That's not true.
Then why won't you tell your family
we're engaged?
[melancholy music playing]
[Jashan sighs]
I was just waiting for the right moment.
For who?
For you?
[exhales deeply]
[inhales deeply]
[melancholy music continues]
[ornaments jingling]
[grunts in frustration]
[melancholy music continues]
[breathes deeply]
[car door opens]
[music swells]
So it didn't work out?
No, dude.
[driver] It happens.
- So, listen to some music, or do you
- [Jashan] I'm okay.
[driver] Yes. But we can be silent.
That's all. No problem.
[music swells]
Five, four, three, two, one.
[music ends]
Merry Christmas.
["O Holy Night" playing faintly
in the background]
[gulps drink]
- [sniffles]
- [glass thud on tables]
[cork pops]
[Thea in Norwegian]
Look at the nice colors.
[Simen] Don't you want one?
Christmas as usual.
Christmas as usual.
[slurps, gulps]
[Ronja] Aunt Thea?
Are you sad?
No. You can't be sad on Christmas Eve.
Where is Shazam?
Well, he
He had to go home.
Is he coming back?
There are many presents left, Ronja.
Why don't you go get one more?
[Ronja] Sure.
[reading slowly] Merry Christmas, Thea.
Merry Christmas, Thea.
[all] Oh!
[paper rustling]
Shazam is cool.
[voice breaks] He is actually really cool.
Jesus Christ! [sniffles]
But he beat up Santa.
Aunt Thea.
[whispers] It wasn't Santa.
It was just Jrgen who was pretending
because he is in love with you.
I don't think
he's actually in love. [sniffles]
[whispers] Yes, he is.
He's in love.
But Jashan ruined your song in church,
and you were so excited about it.
Not really. I just sang because
Mom says that Grandma wants me to.
[Hildegunn] No, Ronja.
[chuckling] It wasn't quite like that.
Kids say the darnedest things.
I like it when the children sing.
I was thinking.
Your bunad is so beautiful.
I think it's exquisite.
I have to go.
But it's Christmas Eve.
- I don't give a shit.
- You can't say "shit."
I don't give a shit.
- Where are you going?
- The airport.
Sweetheart, are you sure
No, I'm not sure, Mom. I'm not.
I just can't listen to you right now.
[breathes deeply]
And I know you think that my relationship
with Jashan is just a phase
because I've messed around so much.
But it isn't.
[whispers] Maybe you should go and play
with your Christmas gifts.
[Ronja] Okay.
[Thea sobs]
I've just tried to make
everything right this Christmas
because I know it's important to you
and because
I wanted to do it
like we always did it with Dad
to help Jashan fit in and [sobs]
And to make you like him.
[sobs and laughs] But I've failed
I have failed miserably.
But it's not mine or Jashan's job
to make you like him.
[breathes deeply]
[sniffles] This was supposed
to be happy news,
but I might as well say it now
since everyone is in such great spirits.
I'm getting married.
[Simen] Yes.
Pretty stupid
to throw him out on Christmas Eve, then.
- Simen!
- But it is.
[frantic music playing]
[door closes]
[keys jingling]
[engine starts]
- [crashing]
- [music ends]
[car engine rumbles]
[poignant music playing]
[engine switches off]
[screams in frustration]
[sniffles, screams]
[breathes deeply]
[Thea sighs]
[Anne-Lise grunts]
[breathes deeply]
I'm sorry.
When you dated Jrgen,
I thought my life was perfect.
You were supposed to live
in the house next door,
and your kids were supposed to come
to our house to do homework
and eat cinnamon buns.
But then, Dad died.
And you left.
I'm the one who should say sorry.
I'm just afraid to lose you.
I'm not going anywhere.
[Anne-Lise] Yes, you are.
There is a reason
you don't drink alcohol on Christmas Eve.
[tires screech]
[exhilarating music playing]
It's gonna be fine.
You didn't all have to come with me.
Of course we had to come.
We all have to apologize.
Can we please slow down a bit?
We are on our way to the airport
on Christmas Eve.
We're getting her fianc. This is the most
romantic thing I've ever experienced.
- Shut up, please.
- Saying shut up is not allowed.
Your mom is allowed to say shut up.
Shut up. [chuckles]
- [engine revving]
- [tires screeching]
[Thea sighs]
We're not going to make it.
Of course we're going to make it.
- [engine revving]
- [gasps]
[Simen laughs]
[all laugh]
I feel so alive. [laughs]
[music ends]
[airplane engine roaring]
["Hjemme For Meg"
by Emma Steinbakken playing]
[in English] Wait!
[Thea panting]
Don't go.
- I'm so sorry, Jashan.
- [sighs]
[breathes deeply]
- It's just Christmas
- [Jashan] Just
Look, I I have
- I really, really screwed up.
- [Jashan sighs]
And you were totally right
about everything you said
about me not having your back.
I'm sorry I didn't tell them
about the engagement.
I just I don't know.
I thought it would be easier that way.
I guess.
[Jashan sighs]
But I don't want easy.
I want complicated.
- [chuckles]
- Jashan Joshi
Will you still marry me?
[music fades]
How How did you get inside the airport?
Well, that's actually a... [grunts]
- [body thuds]
- [grunts]
["Hjemme For Meg" continues playing]
[Anne-Lise] Do you think
Santa will come tonight?
[Jashan] I don't think Santa's gonna come
after last year.
- [Anne-Lise chuckles]
- [Jashan] Yeah.
[in Norwegian]
"To Jashan, from Anne-Lise."
- [in English] Yay.
- Thank you, Ronja.
[in Norwegian] You're welcome.
[in English] Oh, I wonder what it is.
You know what, Jashan, I, uh
I just have to say I loved
the tikka ma-pinnekjtt.
Thank you very much, man,
but it was all her idea.
No. We did it together.
Do you like it?
[in Norwegian] Thank you so much,
[in English] You're welcome.
[Anne-Lise chuckles]
[in Norwegian] Guys.
[in English] It's time.
[all] Five, four, three, two, one,
Merry Christmas!
["Punjabi Wedding Song" playing]
I like dandiya, I like garba
But if you really wanna party
Throw your hands up
And twist them around
Do the bhangra, everybody
Come on and do the bhangra, everybody
I like dandiya, I like garba
But if you really wanna party
Throw your hands up
And twist them around
Come on and do the bhangra everybody
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey
Hey, hey, hey
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey
Hey, hey, hey
[song warps and stops]
[Jashan grunts]
[both sigh]
I love this.
If you like this,
you're going to love the wedding in India.
[Indian classic music plays]
I was going to tell you.
["Punjabi Wedding Song" continues]
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey
Hey, hey, hey
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey
Hey, hey, hey,
Nothing like my Jatt mahiya
Nothing like my mutiyaara
Nothing like some kangna-shangna
And loung da lashkara
Buggi te wuggi main gidda gholna
I, toh go crazy ke jab vajde
Punjabi wedding song
I, toh go crazy ke jab vajde
Punjabi wedding song
Punjabi wedding song
Punjabi wedding song
[song ends]
["Hjemme For Meg"
by Emma Steinbakken playing]
Subtitle translation by:
Ekaterina Pliassova
[song ends]