Christmas at the Chalet (2023) Movie Script

It's that time of year
When Santa comes
to bring that cheer
He ain't comin'
by boat or plane
He's loaded down
with candy canes
I only hope he keeps
one open seat
Oh yeah
Come on, Santa
Bring those toys
Bring all the presents
for the girls and boys
The only thing I need
Is my baby on Christmas Eve
I wrote him a letter
and tried to explain
I sent Santa mail
on the North Pole train
It wasn't a list
The only thing it said was
She's about this tall
And her lips are ruby red
She doesn't take much room
It's just one seat
Come on, Santa
Come on, Santa
Bring those toys
The only thing I need
- "Look away now, Lex."
Is my baby on Christmas Eve
- Hey, Mom.
- I gave you a key.
You should use it.
- S... sorry.
You busy?
- Always.
- Have you got anything
you wanna say, Mom?
- Me?
Don't believe everything
you see online.
My sad face here is because
I had just ran six miles
with my son George
and I was starving!
- Training for
the half marathon.
- Woot, woot, woot!
- So, how does that make you
feel to see that?
- It makes me feel like people
are not getting
the real story about me.
I'm happy and I have a lot of
interesting things happening.
- Well, what do you have
going on?
- Wouldn't you like to know.
- Guess we'll just have
to tune in later then.
- Guess you will.
- Is that what I think it is?
- Well, it's December,
isn't it?
- Did you make these?
- Hmm!
I'm not gonna buy them when
I know how to make them myself,
- Look at the comments already,
People remember you.
You should share more.
- Wouldn't you like to know.
Why are you pushing this?
- You could tell your story.
Set the narrative.
Not to mention make money.
women might be inspired by
someone like you crushing life.
- I'm crushing life, huh?
- How many recognizable women
over 50 are on socials?
Like, really sharing,
not their PR team?
You could.
- Be an influencer.
Like you.
Oh, I don't know.
I've been out of the game
for so long.
And everybody's so judgmental.
- I'll help you!
- Ah!
- Come to Aspen with me?
- What?
No. No.
I can't anyway.
Your father and I agreed,
it's his year.
- I'm inviting you. And the only
reason we're going is 'cause
I have that snowboard collab and
Dad's meeting people for work.
We could do some dual content
together. You could turn to ski.
- Oh, or I could sit by a fire
with a book and some wine.
- I promise you won't have
to see Dad.
- Oh...
I wouldn't mind seeing him
stuck on a chairlift.
- Liese will be there.
- Oh, even better.
- When was the last time
you and Dad talked?
- Mm... we talk.
Mostly about you.
- Well, I just thought this was
a way I could spend
the holidays with both of you.
- Honey, I'm sorry.
I know.
It's hard for you
to go back and forth.
We did spend some great
Christmas times together,
didn't we?
- Dad always to buy
the biggest tree on the lot.
- Oh, it took two days
to decorate that thing.
- But it was magical.
Every night by the fire.
The best part was
the unlimited cocoa.
- That was the best part!
- So come,
drink cocoa with me.
I mean, what else
do you have planned?
- I have plans.
Actually, I have a date tonight.
- Wait... what?
- Yeah. I'm seeing someone.
- You didn't tell me!
- It's not a big deal.
- It's a huge deal, Mom!
What's his name?
When do I get to suss him out?
- Okay, well, he...
also is recently divorced.
And we were just planning on
spending some...
low-key Christmas time together.
He's early.
- You won't even know I'm here.
I'm just gonna ask him
a few questions about--
- No, no, no, no!
No, no.
You're gonna go
out the back door.
Leaving. You're leaving.
Hello, handsome!
- Delivery for L. Riley?
- Uh... yeah.
Thank you.
- Hey, uh, have I
delivered here before?
- No, I don't think so.
- Oh, yeah! I know!
You're the wife of
that sportscaster!
Ooh, lemme get a selfie.
Hey, thanks!
- Ex-wife.
Hmm, hmm.
"Sorry to cancel.
I have loved meeting you,
but I think I'm going to give
things another shot with my ex.
You're great."
I'm great.
Great at cookie making.
Why not?
Aspen, here I come.
40 minutes...
- Tremblay
for Chalet des Neiges?
- You're going
to the Chalet des Neiges?
- I am.
- So am I!
- Oh, well. Nice. Hopefully,
you got yourself a ride-share.
- Oh, they're so backed up.
- Yeah, well, there's a big
ski event at Big White.
- Maybe we could split the fare?
Or you know what?
I'll cover the whole thing.
How's that sound?
- Um, there's no space.
- There's only you.
- Me and, uh... six boxes.
- Wow!
You like your wine.
- They're for the hotel.
I hand-selected them
and pre-booked a cab.
- Well, I don't mind
holding them on my lap.
- I actually do.
- Oh, come on.
You're not gonna leave
a damsel in distress
stranded at the airport
at Christmas, are you?
- I'm not sure you can still
call yourself a damsel.
But have no fear.
- I...
- I'm sure a cab
will come along soon.
There's flights landing all day.
- Oh!
You don't socialize much.
Do you?
- Wait.
Are you a guest
of Chalet des Neiges?
- No. I just like taking rides
to random hotels.
Yes, I'm a guest!
- Please... take my cab.
- Are you sure?
- Yes.
- I mean... thank you!
We can still share!
- No, no. I insist.
- Okay!
Well, I'm confident
that another cab
will come along shortly,
you know.
There's flights landing all day.
- Just...
...pardon me while I...
grab my bag.
O Christmas tree,
O Christmas tree
Your leaves are
so unchanging
O Christmas tree,
O Christmas tree
: Thank you so much.
I'll get the suitcase.
Not only green
when summer's here
Wow! Look at all that snow.
O Christmas tree,
O Christmas tree
Your leaves are
so unchanging
O Christmas tree
O Christmas tree
Your candle shines
so brightly
O Christmas tree,
O Christmas tree
Your candle shines
so brightly
From base to summit
gay and bright
- Bonjour!
- Oh!
- Do you have a reservation?
- Do you work here?
- Sort of.
Do you have a reservation?
- Well, yes, I do.
Lex Riley.
- Okay.
- I don't see you.
- Do you think that there's
an adult member of the staff
I could speak with?
- I'm sorry,
but there is no reservation
for Lex Riley.
Is it under a different name,
- l-e-x r-i-l-e-y.
- May I see the credit card
you made the reservation under?
- Um, are you sure there isn't
someone else I can speak with?
- There's my uncle.
Dsole, tes-vous ici?
J'ai une dame devant moi
qui n'a pas de rsa,
mais qui veut parler quelqu'un
qui n'est pas un enfant.
- Are you French?
- My grandma is.
- Oh.
Is someone coming?
- What a pleasure.
- Aw, the gentleman.
I assume another cab showed up?
- Dining room needs to be set.
She was delivered.
- Oui, merci.
I got delayed.
I leave for a few days
and it all falls apart.
Can I see your confirmation
e-mail, please?
- Oh, actually,
I didn't get one, um,
but I did definitely make
the reservation
last night about 6 p.m.
- 6 p.m.
Ah, yes, we had a cancellation,
but another party reserved it.
- So... my reservation
didn't go through?
- Shall I call you a cab?
- Don't you have
any other rooms?
- The week before Christmas.
- Do you have a sister hotel?
- We're a family-run
not a motel chain.
- Anything at all?
I could stay at your house
in a guest room.
- Well, we do live here
and uh, no, thank you.
Well, unless you want to pay me
to build a new room
while you wait for it
to be finished,
I'm afraid your money's
no good here.
Now, if you'll excuse me,
I do need to take care
of some tasks
since we're a little
Good luck to you, Damsel.
- You can ask her.
- Ask me what?
- There is one room.
- Which is wholly inappropriate.
- I'll take it.
- It's for a chalet girl.
- A chalet girl?
- Chalet person.
It doesn't have to be a girl.
They help run everything.
Cleaning, cooking,
manning the front desk.
- So you're in need
of a chalet person.
- We had two until
Helen quit yesterday.
- She didn't quit, she just had
to finish her contract early.
- So you need another one now.
- We'll manage.
- We're not managing.
- Until the temp agency
finds us someone.
- The week before Christmas,
Rent me the room.
- We need it for staff only.
- Fine. I'll do it!
- Chalet girl...
...person's not for you.
- You need help.
I need a room.
Let's make this happen.
- No.
- We could help each other.
- You'd have to scrub toilets.
- Do I look too good
to scrub toilets?
- How do I answer that?
- Darling,
I was the head of every one
of my son's PTAs
from pre-K 'til senior year.
I ran the bake sales,
the cake walks,
the birthday parties,
the Halloween parties,
and don't get me started
on the Christmas festivities.
Do you know those hotels,
where they change
the entire decor
four times a year
just to fit the season?
- We are one of those hotels.
- That was my house.
- Your home must be nice.
- Thank you, honey.
Now you are obviously
resorting to child labour.
So tell me what you need
and let me do it.
- If you want to be a chalet
person, who am I to stop you?
May I show you to your room?
- Aren't you going to offer
to help me with my bags?
- May I take your bags?
- No, you may not.
It's part of my job.
- This way.
- I knew that.
Oh! This place is so lovely.
- Well, I'm afraid your place
isn't quite as grand.
Anyway, here we are.
- I crushed that run.
: Charles...
Oh, no.
Oh, not yet.
- You alright? You okay?
- Oh, yeah.
I just, uh, I found this
on the ground here
and I wanted to
put it back 'cause,
you know, someone could trip
on that, hurt themselves.
Look at me!
Helping out already.
It's perfect.
- Really?
- Yeah.
Oh, it's even more lovely than
the suite I thought I booked.
- Oh, glad to hear it.
Well, your first day
has officially started.
- Okay.
Well, that doesn't seem like
it's gonna take too long.
- And this is for you.
- For what?
- To wear.
- Uh... I'm going to jump
into this full throttle
like I do everything,
and I'm going to do
such a good job,
you're not even gonna notice
that I'm not wearing that.
- I really hope
you take this seriously.
I mean, this is the most
important time
of the year for us.
It cements the chalet situation,
keeps us a member of
our luxury hotel association.
I mean, without that, we...
well, we just can't compete.
- I won't let you down.
- Thank you.
Okay, so we need to prioritize
setting up the dining room,
then you can start
at the top of the list.
I'll meet you
in the kitchen in 30.
- Where is it?
- Follow the Christmas smell.
- Hi, everybody.
So, I thought you might be
up for some truth.
And the truth is,
I followed my son George
to this boutique hotel
in Aspen.
I messed up my reservation.
Note to self.
Always follow through with
your confirmation code.
So, as a woman who makes
lemonade from lemons
and has worn a lot of hats,
it seems that the only way
that I get to stay
in this establishment
is by wearing the hat of
a chalet girl. Oh, person.
So stay tuned.
I seem to be able to make
an adventure out of anything.
- Oh! Okay, you must have
read my mind.
Thank you.
You are the sweetest.
- I know.
- And modest, too.
- Duh.
- Mm. Good coffee.
Where should I start?
- With her.
- Are you lost?
I can show you to your room.
- She's the new Helen.
- Her?
- Me.
- You.
- Me.
- Why are you a chalet girl?
Aren't you Lex Riley?
- In the flesh.
- Is this some kind of
hidden camera reality show?
Oh, I've always wanted
to be on one of those.
- Well, no, it's not,
but now that you mention it,
that's kind of a good idea.
- So are we really gonna be
cleaning together,
like the floor and everything?
- The floor and everything.
Like I told your boss,
I was head of the PTA,
I ran the parties
and catered the luncheons,
so you don't have
to worry about me.
I have the skills.
So, are we gonna chit-chat
or should we get to work?
- It's nice to meet you.
I'm Nicola.
- Lex.
- Let's go.
- Get to work, ladies.
- Yes, ma'am.
- That's the best
I've seen those look.
What's your trick?
- I sing a little song
in my head.
When my son George was little,
his dad would put on
Christmas music
and then George would
start dancing around.
And I started putting the lights
in to the beat of the music.
And George thought it was funny,
so it sort of
became a tradition.
Musical tree lighting.
Yeah, I sort of
can't remember a tree
that didn't get lit
to some song.
- Hm, really?
- Yeah. Let me show you.
Alright, like this.
Merry Christmas, baby
- This is genius.
Can I record and send to my mom?
She'd love it.
- Oh, of course! I'd love
to make your mom happy.
- Ready? Three, two, one.
- Hi, everyone! So,
I am at the beautiful
Chalet des Neiges in Aspen,
and I am reporting to you
live from my life now.
So we all know that putting
the lights on the tree
is the most difficult part
of decorating,
but I'm gonna let you in
on a little secret
that I've been using
on my tree forever,
and this one is
for Nicola's mom.
So, you're gonna use
the beats of the music,
the two and the four,
and you just end up
placing them randomly,
and it's fun, and
it comes out really pretty!
- Oh, look at you two
having fun.
Huh. Glad to see
you two are getting on.
Here, can you take these
to room 7?
- Sir, yes, sir!
- Hm.
- Hmm.
- Do you think this will uphold
your luxury hotel rating?
I finished everything
on my list.
- Uh-huh.
Oh, great. All you have to do
is the other side of the list.
- You used both sides.
Don't waste paper.
- Eric. Est-ce que le djeuner--
- Maman. Que fais-tu ici?
Everything is under control,
the pipe leak in room 5 is
fixed, breakfast is finished,
and I hired a new chalet
individual, Lex.
This is my mother, Cline.
Cline, this is Lex.
- Hello.
- Ah, bonjour.
- Hello.
- Ooh my, did you do this?
- Oh, well, I... I've thrown
a lot of parties.
- You're more...
experienced than
our usual lot.
- I needed a room.
Nice to meet you.
- Hmm... trs bien.
- Mm-hmm.
- Oh, we all know that
changing bedsheets alone
is the worst.
But I have this hack.
And so you have to let me know
if this is a commonly
known thing
or if I am a bed-changing
- Don't forget
to empty the trash.
- Oh! Sounds like I've got
another job to do.
Okay, so this is what
we're going for,
for our final look, alright?
So, we folded it over to here.
So we're gonna do this corner
and this corner,
folding it here
and fold here.
Then we go underneath
and we pull that up
a little bit.
And now, we've almost got it.
And we're gonna do this one.
Isn't that pretty?
- Yeah!
- That's how you make
special napkins!
Hi, everyone! So I believe
it is never too late
to learn something new.
So I just picked up
all of my skis
because I'm gonna learn to ski!
And you might ask why
and I would say, "Why not?"
So if you're going to
come along for the ride,
this is a run through of
everything you're going to need.
Um, so first, you're gonna
need a helmet and some...
Oh! Oh, there goes my ski!
Ah! I gotta get it!
- Are you okay?
- I'm fine! Thank you!
- Oh, yeah, you keep doing that,
you're gonna twist a leg
or something.
- Oh, okay, Drama Queen.
- Got a ski lesson scheduled?
- No, it's the week
before Christmas.
They're all booked up,
but I have been watching
videos online.
- Oh, uh...
Yeah, no, no, no, no,
that's not gonna work.
- Oh, ye of little faith.
- Let me give you a ski lesson.
- Well, don't you have, like,
tea to pour, and stringing
lights, and fluffing pillows?
- You know, normally I would,
but somebody already
did it for me.
- Oh! Who could that have been?
- I don't know. But maybe
I could give them a ski lesson.
On the house, of course.
Have some time out.
- Ah, that's an enticing offer.
- Oh, good.
Shall we go?
- Well, actually,
my break is over.
Sheets won't change themselves.
But if you could make yourself
available at my lunch hour...
What can I say?
I love my job!
- Mom!
- Hey!
I thought you were
hitting the slopes.
- I was, but I've been
seeing some of the videos
you've been posting.
- And?
- I love them!
People are loving them.
And you're racking up
the new followers.
Keep it up.
Which room are you in?
- Um, well, uh, it's...
not exactly the suite
that I booked, but...
- Mom, you know what?
You can just stay in our suite.
- With your dad and Liese?
Uh, no, thank you.
- There's lots of room.
I can sleep on the couch.
- I would rather stay here
than come face-to-face
with your father's
midlife crisis.
- Why are there cleaning
products in your room?
- Because I'm a chalet person.
- You really like chalets now,
- Did you not watch my videos?
I thought you...
Okay. You know what?
Just film me
and I will explain it
to you.
Hey, everyone,
Lex Riley here
coming to you from my room
and board situation
in Aspen, Colorado.
Now, even though
you are used to seeing me
reporting from the red carpet
and now I am vacuuming them...
- Wait, you're really vacuuming?
- Yeah!
I have fully embraced
my chalet duties
and I will be bringing you
the secrets on cleaning
and cooking
and fluffing and buffing
and... at last,
I am going to spend time
with my son George!
Oh, look at how handsome he is!
Because he's the reason
I'm here in the first place.
Grab your bag of popcorn
because the behind-the-scenes
of this amazing chalet
are going to be worth watching.
- Mom, when I said sharing,
I meant, like, Christmas
how-tos and foodie tips,
not brushing toilets
and God knows what. I...
- But I'm reporting again
and I'm connecting with people.
And did you see the comments?
You told me to crush it.
Am I not crushing it?
- Mom, people are expecting
celebrity-level glamour.
How are they gonna
perceive this?
- Well, this is my story,
I... I don't know.
It's honest. It feels right.
If I was 20 years old and doing
this, nobody would bat an eye.
So what's wrong with being
a chalet person?
- What if this goes poorly?
What if they post
misleading photos of you
vacuuming lobbies?
- Then I'll be the butt
of everyone's jokes,
including your father's.
But it's okay, because
my truth will be out there
and I am having fun.
- Ow.
- Aw, I love you. You go have
a good time with your dad.
Wish me luck!
- Good luck, Mom.
- Hmm.
Why are all men the same?
Oh, Lex,
you're such a moron!
You did not think this
- Whoa!
- Hey, Charles!
- Lex? I...
Are you...?
Are you, uh...
you trying to come on to me?
- What?
- Well...
- No! No, I...
I work here. Uh,
temporarily. I'm...
Uh, it's a sort of a...
work for room and board
Um, I'm a chalet girl...
person now.
- Ch... chalet girl?
- Housekeeping, Charles.
Uh, as you know,
George invited me
and when I got here,
there were no rooms,
so you know,
I just figured it out
like I always do.
- Huh.
- So... how do you like Aspen?
- Oh, well, uh, it's uh...
it's pretty nice so far.
And I hope it's okay
that I came.
I know that we agreed that this
year was your turn with George.
- No, no, it's fine.
You shouldn't miss out
on seeing him at Christmas.
Neither of us should.
- Well.
- Are you okay, Lex?
- I'm fine.
- 'Cause if you're not...
- Really.
- So are you just...
cleaning now?
Or I mean,
there's a spa in town?
- Oh, I'm... I'm actually
focusing on making content.
- Like social media?
- Yeah, behind-the-scenes of
the hotel, and me doing this.
I'm actually having
a great time.
- Are you just trying
to get back at me for the...
- What? Charles,
not everything is about you.
No, I'm having an adventure.
- What will people think?
- Who cares what people think?
I mean, I think
people might actually
enjoy the transparency
and the honesty.
And speaking of honesty,
how's Liese?
- Mm. I... She--
- You know what?
It's alright. Just...
you don't have to answer that.
I... It's none of my business.
Look, I'm not here
to make trouble for you.
I will just do my own thing
and I will make sure that
you have another chalet girl
to take care of your room
'cause this is awkward.
- Would you like
to join us Friday
for a pre-Christmas brunch?
George would like it.
- Well, yeah,
that would be nice.
- Great. A group of us
are gonna ski
at the Queen's Gulch
in the morning.
I assume you'll skip the run and
just join us for brunch after?
- No, no, no, I'll...
I'll join you and George.
- Really?
There's no pressure, Lex.
- No, no, I'll be there.
- Great!
I will text you the details.
Uh, this is my room.
- Right.
- Yeah.
- Just, uh...
- Oh boy.
: Thank you.
- You're welcome.
- Oh, hey.
Can Nicola clean room 12
from now on?
- Of course.
- Thank you.
Oh! How difficult is
Queen's Gulch?
- How strong is your skiing?
- What's slightly steeper
than a bunny hill?
- Pretty much every run.
- Oh, I haven't done it
since I was a kid.
- Well, Queen's Gulch is one
of the most difficult slopes.
- No.
- Yes.
- Charles invited me to ski
with him and George.
- You want to go?
- Mm...
It wasn't that long ago
that all three of us
spent Christmas together.
It might be nice
if it was possible.
Anyway, I'll manage.
I'll just get out there
on the bunny slope
and take a couple runs.
It's probably like
riding a bike, right?
- No.
It's my favourite time
My favourite time
My favourite time
of the year
: Tell me, if this is
a commonly known thing,
or if I am
a bed-changing genius.
Look at that!
Hey, I'm here!
- I can't believe so many people
are excited about beds.
- Oh, don't pretend
you're not impressed.
Nice ski suit.
- Thank you.
- Would it kill ya to wear
a little colour?
- Oh, well, see, I think
you failed to notice
my Christmas pin.
- Oh, wow!
Oh, that's just glaring.
Wow, you are pushing
the boundaries.
- Well, colour's
not really my thing.
No offence.
- Come on.
With your love of food and wine
and every little detail,
I don't believe that.
- Well, maybe black just gives
me a blank canvas to work from
without getting distracted.
- Hmm. I can appreciate that.
Where's the car?
- We walk.
Everything's close in Aspen.
- Oh, okay.
- Always look forward,
not down at your skis.
- Never look down.
Okay, I think I'm ready.
- Wait, wait, wait. That stance
isn't quite... Hop up and down.
- Hop up and down?
- Like a bunny.
- Are you joking?
- Well, it doesn't have
to be high.
Your feet actually have
to lift off the ground.
- My feet have two big sticks
strapped to them.
- Trust me.
Hop up, land, and don't move.
Ah! There!
Exactly the right stance.
- Is that why they call it
"the bunny slope"?
- I have no idea.
- Well,
I think we should try
to get moving.
- Yeah, just flex your ankles,
keep the weight centred
over your feet.
- Okay, you're gonna have
to shush 'cause I have it
in control.
Pizza! French fries! Pizza!
I think that's going to take
a little longer than I thought.
- Yeah, maybe next time...
don't shush me.
- Shh!
Thank you so much
for helping me today.
- You were making some really
good progress at the end.
- You want to say that
on camera?
- Are you kidding?
- No, I am not.
Hi, guys! Um, I have been
having a ski lesson
with the lovely Eric,
and he's gonna tell you
an update on my progress.
- Oh, uh...
We still got
a long way to go.
- Eric!
He just said
I did a good job.
- I'm not gonna lie on camera.
- Well, I wouldn't want you to.
Okay, but it doesn't matter.
I am not giving up.
I am gonna get this
one bunny hop at a time!
- I have you all checked in.
Thank you for choosing
Chalet des Neiges.
Enjoy your stay. Bye.
Hmm. Hm.
- So, who's the silver fox?
- A ski instructor.
- Is there an aprs-aprs-ski?
- George, what do you want?
- You look like you're
having fun, that's all.
- I am.
- Good.
I'm happy you came to Aspen.
- Me too.
- And this hotel BTS stuff
might actually work,
especially with
Mr. Salt and Pepper.
What's his name?
- Eric. And thanks to him,
I now have two hours
of turndown service.
- Turndown for what?
- Hotel turndown service.
For the guests.
Those little chocolate mints
don't just magically appear
on your pillow, George.
I'll see you later, honey.
I have finished everything on
my list, front and back sides.
- Oop. Except for
the afternoon tea.
- What? The afternoon tea?
- Mm-hmm.
- Christmas tea.
We serve our guests
tea and cake.
- Bonjour, maman.
- Bonjour, petit.
Why don't you get a lunch
together for us
while we set up tea?
Unless, of course,
you've already eaten.
- No. Uh... Do chalet girls
get to eat?
- Sure. Strict 30 minutes.
- Ah, why don't you fold
some napkins?
- Okay.
So, how long have you, uh...
had the chalet open?
- Almost a century.
- Wow!
- Yeah.
Mom really put it on the map
after moving here in the 1960s,
after she left Paris.
- What made you move
from Paris?
- Uh, a boy.
- Oh.
- Ah, the chalet had been
in the Tremblay family for...
well, since it opened.
It made sense to come back here
with Eric's papa.
- Yeah, I remember
hiding behind a desk,
just like Aurlie
does right now,
watching everybody
come in from skiing.
I think that's where I first
developed my love of wine.
You know, just watching
everybody laughing and smiling,
drinking their Beaujolais,
Burgundy, Bordeaux,
so many good memories.
But ever since then,
all I've wanted to do is
travel to those regions.
- Oh! He covered his walls
with maps of wine regions
from all around the globe.
- Really?
I would have guessed
race car wallpaper.
- Oh, don't get me wrong.
I love race cars too and cars,
but Mom really did
put this place on the map.
Excuse me.
- It was a great place
to raise Eric and his sister.
It became my passion.
Sometimes I think it's a...
And I wonder if it's
Eric's passion too.
Ah... He's been such
a great help to me.
His sister passed
in an accident,
and there was no one here
to look after Aurlie, so...
- Wow.
- He worked so hard to keep
this beautiful place
to respite from reality
that it is. Hm.
But enough about us.
What brought you to Aspen?
- Oh, that's a long story.
- Hmm... The best stories are.
- I was supposed to spend
the holidays with a man,
but that didn't work out.
- Oh, I'm sorry.
- Oh, don't be.
No, I'm just testing the waters.
I only got divorced a year ago.
- Were you together long?
- 21 years.
- Oh... May I ask
what happened?
- Yeah... Charles and I,
uh, met at work.
We were young, ambitious,
in journalism.
That's something we shared.
And we got married,
we had our son,
and I stopped working.
We thought that was best.
I love being a mom.
But Charles, he just didn't
wanna give up that big life
and... I just wanted to be
in bed with a book
and the baby monitor.
Yeah, so he didn't want
to curb his own desires
and he didn't.
- Hmm.
- So now, I'm an empty nester
and single again and, uh...
trying to figure out
my next move.
You seem like you have done it
all so gracefully.
What's your secret?
- Move.
- Move?
- Really. Moving, oh,
opened up my heart and mind.
Replant your strength.
Find your value.
- Well, I used to think
my value was my career.
But I might have
aged out of that.
- Hmm. I think our value
is tied to what we love.
- Hmm. I love people.
I love hosting them and meeting
them and connecting with them.
Actually, my son,
he's really into this whole
social media thing,
and he thinks
that's what I should do.
Pivoting on my recognizability,
I guess.
- It's your second act.
I'd listen.
- Lunch is served.
- Merci, mon petit.
- 30 minutes,
you're on the clock.
- I know, I'm going to eat fast.
Ooh, hey! Beautiful lady!
- Whoa, what's going on here?
- Age.
- Well, that's enough of that.
Let's get a shot of coffee
in your bloodstream.
- Oh, no, no, no. I've got
a bed with my name on it.
- Come on.
What's the point
of being a chalet girl
if we can't have a little fun?
We earned this.
Ladies' night!
- Okay, I guess... I guess
a little fun can't hurt.
Plus, I think
you need a wingman.
- I do. See you soon!
- I was hoping
she wouldn't be here.
- Why?
- She'll never let me in.
She's mean to everyone.
- Oh, it's gonna be fine.
Just smile. You'll see. Hi!
- No.
No, no, no, no.
Absolutely not.
You know the policy.
- Policy?
- No chalet girls.
- Oh, chalet people.
That's the policy?
- That's her policy.
She doesn't think
that chalet people
should mingle with tourists.
- This is an exclusive
With standards.
- Mm.
- Who are you?
Her mom?
- Um, uh, no,
I'm not her mom. Although,
I would be lucky to be her mom.
No, I am...
Lex Riley, and we are
live from a club
where she won't let us in
because we clean for a living.
Or was it my age?
Yeah, she asked me
if I was a mom.
She must have something
against mothers.
- Um... I didn't realize.
- Oh, she didn't realize. Oh.
: I think
we're gonna get in.
- Oh, yeah. I'm sure
we can work something out.
- Aw, thank you, dear.
Go ahead in.
- Thanks.
- Here, this is for you.
Merry Christmas.
We'll just step right over this.
- If you...
- Hmm, thank you.
- Thanks.
- Ooh! Pretty.
: Cheers!
- Mm!
- We did it.
- It was right.
You are amazing.
- Aw.
- Thanks for getting me in here.
- I'm just glad it worked.
What do we think?
Does it live up to the hype?
- It kind of does.
So, what's the deal
with room 12?
- Mmm...
My ex-husband is
staying in there
with his 30-year-old
- Well, if it's any consolation,
you're much nicer
than his girlfriend.
- You met her?
- She demanded
a total change of scent
for the suite
when they first arrived,
and didn't understand why
I couldn't immediately go
and buy her new candles.
- Oh, well, empathy is not
her strong suit.
- So, why are you here then,
if they're here?
- My son is here too.
And I guess I kind of thought
that maybe there'd be
some way for us to have
some little family
Christmas time together.
- Mom! Hey!
- Oh! Hi!
Sweetheart! Um...
George, this is Nicola.
Nicola, this is George, my son.
- How's it going?
- Uh, it's, uh...
it's going, uh, so good.
- So, Nicola recommended
this place.
Isn't it cute?
- Yeah, it's great.
- I was saying to your mom that
this is my third season,
and I've never made it past
the hostess's
angry stares before.
- Well, that's probably just
'cause she's jealous of you.
- Jealous?
- You know, 'cause, I mean...
- Oh, um, someone tell me,
how long do you think it will
take me to learn how to ski?
- You? No time at all.
You'll have it cracked
in 24 hours.
- Nicola, that is
the correct answer.
Why didn't you say that?
- Mom, I...
Give me a break.
: Hey, everyone!
So I promised you
some behind-the-scenes
at this luxury
Chalet des Neiges,
so let's do it.
Here are some insights of how
you can bring
a little bit of this Aspen magic
right into your own homes.
Let me know what you wanna
see in the comments.
It's rolling.
Now you may not know this
about me,
but I am a passionate cook.
But George here...
- Is not.
- Until today.
This is George's festive
little showstopper.
- I did have a little help
from our glamorous assistant.
- This is Aurlie,
and she is gonna help you
learn how to make it.
- Hi, guys! You're gonna
need these ingredients.
Some holly and a yogurt pot.
- Baby, if I can do it,
so can you!
So, essential oils are good.
But if you don't have that,
you can use cut up apples
and oranges, I've got
some cinnamon sticks here,
and we're gonna dump cloves
right into the pot.
Oh, it's like
I could eat the air.
So, for storage management,
you are going to need
to invest in one of these.
I just used this label maker
to organize
this entire ski room.
I had one of these when
my son George was growing up,
but I lost it.
Mom brain!
So I'm gonna put this one
in my suitcase.
: Ho, ho, ho!
- Are you being Santa now?
- Well, aren't we all?
What's the matter?
Am I embarrassing you?
- Always.
Do you want us
to add your name marks?
- Add my name to what?
- Secret Santa.
- Oh.
- It's a Chalet des Neiges
- Just don't tell Uncle Eric.
He hates it.
- I don't hate it.
- You just think it's a massive
waste of time and money.
- Well, I just think there's
enough pressure on everybody
at Christmas to buy gifts.
They don't need
more pressure at work.
- Well, I think
you're forgetting
that people like
little surprises.
And it's one way
to show affection.
- I know how to show affection.
- I didn't say you didn't.
- Are you playing or not?
- Fine, I'm playing.
But $20 max for everybody.
I don't want anyone
to feel pressured.
- I love a challenge.
- Of course you do.
But whoever I pick is getting
a $20 gift card.
- Wow, Eric!
Way to bring
your Christmas spirit.
- And no big public
gift exchanges, young lady.
- Oh, fine.
It's Secret Santa.
People can do it secretly.
- You wanna pick first?
: Sure.
Uh... got one.
- Alright,
let's make our rounds.
Jingle Bells
Jingle Bells
Jingle all the way
- Oh, it's so beautiful.
You must love living here.
- Could be worse,
that's for sure.
Can I make a...
slight suggestion?
- Yeah, what is it?
- Try putting the phone down.
I always say you could
photograph something
or you can experience it.
Very difficult to do both.
- No, no, you're right.
I'm just trying this new thing
where I'm reconnecting
with people on social media.
Trying to reinvent my career.
- How so?
- Uh, well...
I mean, 25 years ago,
I was a reporter.
And then I had my son,
and so I stopped working
and basically took care of him
and my ex-husband.
And now that there's room
for me again, I...
I don't know who I am.
I don't know what to do.
I don't know what's next.
- I actually understand that
more than you might think.
- Really?
- Mm-hmm.
- Yeah, it's like...
it's just not as easy
as I thought it would be
to jump back in.
It's like a ship sailed
and I'm not on it.
But I mean, I'm not sorry.
I wouldn't do anything
- I guess we're not always
in control of our journey.
I mean, life offers up
and sometimes,
it just doesn't turn out
the way you think it will.
- Mm-hmm.
But the sun's coming out.
- It really is.
- And that's a perfect time
for a picture. Smile!
- It's relentless.
- Is that it?
- Yes, this is the company
that gave me the board.
I gotta get some action shots.
- Nice, congrats.
- Yeah.
- And hey, uh, what's with
this new girl you're seeing?
- Wouldn't you like it to know?
- Here you go.
- Oh, Lex!
- Hey!
: Hey!
- Thank you for another
great lesson today.
- Oh, you are so welcome.
And I'm so sorry if
I was a little hard
on you up there.
It's only because
I see so much potential.
- No, I appreciate it.
- Eric? Can I please borrow you
for a second?
- Absolutely.
I'm so sorry. Would you just
excuse me for one second?
Hey, Lex. I know you're not
scheduled this evening,
but would you mind helping us
out in the kitchen tonight?
- Oh! No, sure.
- I promise
I'll make it up to you.
- No need.
- Lex!
- How do you keep doing that?
- Practise?
I have a surprise for you
in the living room later.
- You do?
Well, I can't wait.
You wanna help me pass out
these candy canes?
- Sure.
: Do you like
my surprise?
: I sure do.
O'er the fields we go
Laughing all the way
Bells on bobtail ring
Making spirits bright
What fun it is...
- It's really pretty, isn't it?
- Don't you wanna film it?
- This is for us.
Jingle bells
jingle all the way
Oh what fun...
- Okay!
What are we doing?
- It's a Chalet des Neiges
pice de rsistance.
Which you know nothing about
because we haven't told you.
The eight-course
Christmas tasting menu.
It's why everybody
books to stay here.
Once you've tried Celine's food,
you'll beg for 10 courses.
- Taste this for me.
- What is it?
- Chestnut stuffing.
An old family recipe.
- Hmm!
Like I ate a Christmas village.
- Oh, bon,
I'll take that.
Ah, you know your way
around the kitchen. Assist me.
Uh, batonnet those carrots.
So... Aurlie showed me
the videos.
- Oh, what do you think?
- Hmm... it's cute.
Young people will love it.
- Why does that not sound
like a compliment?
- You have more to offer, Lex.
Emotional wisdom.
Not just the journey.
- We could really use
an extra pair of hands serving.
- Ugh... Do you mind?
- Wow.
: Lex Riley!
Charles told me you were here.
- You remember Liese
from my management team.
- Oh, we never really met.
Lovely to connect.
Isn't this place spectacular?
- Yes, it is.
- Good evening, everybody.
Hope you're having
a nice evening.
Our next course will be
a wild-caught
pepper-crusted salmon,
with chestnut stuffing,
herb emulsion,
and Parmesan foam.
Hope you enjoy.
You know Liese and I
aren't serious, right?
- You do realize she's sitting
right beside you?
- Yeah.
I just wanted to let you know
that... we aren't.
- Why would I want to know that?
- Looks good.
Thank you.
- Help!
- You got this, Mom.
- Do you wanna
grab a drink later?
- Oh!
- Ooh, that's...
- Oh! Pardon me.
I hope it didn't burn.
- No worries.
Not the first time. It's...
: That is warm.
- Take care, guys.
Good night.
: Good night.
- Great to meet you, Lex.
What a treat.
- You too.
- We should grab a family drink
or meal later.
Wouldn't that be nice?
- Oh, that'd be sweet.
- Uh, well...
goodnight, Lex.
- Everything okay?
- Why wouldn't it be?
- Well, I'm not blind,
that couldn't have been easy
having to, you know,
with your ex.
- Yeah...
- Maybe I could make it up
to you.
Meet me by the fireplace
tomorrow after Christmas tea.
- This is uncharacteristic
of you.
- Mm. I have my moments.
Have fun cleaning up.
- Hey, everyone.
So, I am having a wonderful time
sharing with you my newfound
grab-life-by-the-skis approach,
but something happened tonight.
I know that most of you know
that I'm divorced
and empty nesting,
looking forward to whatever's
next in life,
but things, um...
they haven't been
always easy lately.
And I know that's meant
to be and...
I'm happy.
But tonight, I found myself
at a holiday dinner
with my ex-husband
and his new girlfriend.
Guess what?
It wasn't that bad.
I survived.
Well, my feet didn't survive,
'cause they were in these
all night long.
I mean, obviously, it was...
it was a little awkward,
but it just...
it made me think about how
we're all really going
through something.
And so, I don't wanna be here
just to give you
cooking and cleaning tips.
I want to talk about
something that's real.
So tonight,
let's talk about
interacting with your ex.
It's that time of year
When Santa comes
to bring that cheer
He ain't comin'
by boat or plane
He's loaded down
with candy canes
Hey, guys!
So, I've had a great day today,
mostly spent cleaning,
did a little bit of skiing,
and now I'm getting
my first real break.
So what does a girl wear
for her downtime?
This is too formal, right?
Yeah, too formal.
And this...
probably... too skimpy.
I think too skimpy.
I'm down to blue and cream,
blue and cream.
So let me know
which one you like best.
And just for context,
I am a single woman in her 50s
and I like to keep it classy...
which, all of that is
a subject for another day.
Here I am
Hanging up the silver lights
Dreaming you out here
Sitting right here
by my side
I'm glad to see someone else
did a costume change.
- Whoa. I thought blue won.
- Are you spying on me?
- Well, for what it's worth,
I voted for cream.
- Ah!
- I thought maybe
I could show you
some bottles of wine
that we have.
- Ooh, I love that idea.
Hanging up these
Christmas lights
Under the mistletoe
all alone
I love this one.
- It's criminally underrated.
- All this knowledge
about wine,
is this a hobby or...?
- Well, like my mom said,
as a kid, I was
absolutely obsessed.
So the moment I turned 18,
I moved to Europe.
Every varietal, every note,
every region a wine could have
or come from.
It's pretty much my first love.
So I became a sommelier.
I had some big plans for wine.
- Oh...
Where did you do that?
- Mm.
I settled in Bordeaux.
- Oh. I've never been.
- Oh, it's a magical place.
Dream job, winemaking.
You'd love it.
- And you gave that all up
to come back and care
for your family.
- That was the right thing
to do.
- Sorry about your sister.
That must have been so hard.
You know, most people
wouldn't be able
to manage that kind of
sacrifice and loss.
You really think you have to
give up your dreams completely?
I mean, maybe
there's a way back.
- Not everybody gets that.
- What about when Aurlie
gets a little older?
Maybe you could start again.
It's never too late.
- Until it is.
- Well, I for one am not
giving up.
I know that youth has
the opportunity,
but age has wisdom.
And I am wise enough to know
a good heart when I see one.
And I am looking
at one right now.
- Sorry to interrupt, but I have
a huge group of guests
that just arrived
and need some help.
- I... it's my cue.
- It's my cue.
You're taking the night off.
- No, no, no, I--
- I insist.
- Okay, well, I'll just...
drink all of these, then.
- Please do.
- You're very sweet.
- Well, not that sweet.
Tomorrow's your last chance
for a ski lesson.
I want you to get some rest
because I am not
taking it easy on you.
- Mm-hmm.
Wine! Why?
Um... oh...
Okay, yes. Okay.
You two are both here.
: We just arrived here
at the same time.
- And you're both wearing
Cool. I gotta go.
- Uh...
So... purple.
- Yeah.
- George?
- Wow.
- Just ask her out.
- It's a nice day, isn't it?
- Are you ever gonna ask me out?
- I'm trying.
Want to go to dinner tonight?
- I would love to.
- Thank you.
- I don't know how you get
anything done
with all of this
right outside your front door.
- Oh, responsibilities.
But sometimes, I forget
how much I love this.
- Really?
- Well, with our
discriminating guests,
there's always some urgent need
that's the most pressing thing
in the world.
- Am I one of those guests?
- You're one of us.
- Ah! Okay, not to be
insultingly obvious,
but maybe you need
to hire more help.
- Well, my mom can do it.
So can I.
- Well, Celine has had you.
- We manage. You're seeing us
at our peak season
of guests and stress.
But the preview
Christmas dinner tomorrow,
that's the most important
thing for us.
- Yeah?
- Travel bloggers,
luxury hotel association,
they're all there making
their yearly judgments,
you know, making sure
we're keeping up
with the excellence
that we're known for.
- Am I pulling you away
from the chalet?
'Cause we can go back.
- Making time for this lesson,
that's important,
especially with
Queen's Gulch tomorrow.
- Okay, since
it's almost Christmas,
and I know you don't like
the Secret Santa thing,
and it's not a gift card,
but I couldn't resist.
George helped me.
I thought you could do
with an upgrade.
- Oh, wow, I love them.
Thank you!
Oh. And they change colours!
- Okay, if you don't like them--
- They're perfect.
If I would've known that
we were exchanging gifts...
- You...
I didn't expect you to...
We picked each other's names?
- I actually picked Aurlie,
but she and I saw these
and thought
you should have them.
Yeah. Yeah!
They may come in
useful tomorrow.
You just... fit them
in your gloves.
- Okay, well, I'm gonna...
I'm gonna use them right now.
- Alright.
Yeah, sorry about the shape,
but they are effective
and rechargeable.
- Help me with this one.
- You got it.
There you go. Slip it in.
How's that feel?
- I feel like someone's
holding my hand.
- Oh, love it.
- Merry almost Christmas, Eric.
- Merry almost Christmas, Lex.
Want some help with that?
- Nope, I got it, boss.
- Wow, you don't need me
- Oh, I wouldn't go that far.
- Alright.
- Race you to the bottom?
- What? Alright.
With the lights all bright
in the shopping mall
Everything around me
glitters like a disco ball
But my heart's not into it
The gifts are wrapped
beneath the tree
Everyone is laughing
feeling free
But my heart's not into it
You're actually
incredible today.
- You are complimenting
my skiing.
- You should be proud. I mean,
the progress you have made.
You'd never know that
you hadn't skied in 50 years.
- You have a way with words,
Eric Tremblay.
- I am being serious, though.
Queens Gulch is a tricky one.
I want you to remember
everything I said.
- Yes, coach.
- Stick to the group.
- I will.
- Nothing crazy.
- Yes, sir.
- You're gonna be golden.
- You sure?
- I'm sure.
What? You want me to say it
on camera?
- Would you?
- Yeah, I would.
- Actually...
I think I'm gonna keep this
little victory just between us.
At least I won't be embarrassed
in front of Charles tomorrow.
- Yeah...
- What?
- I... I just don't think
you should go.
- Well, you just said
you thought I--
- It's not about your scheme.
- No, I promise
I'll make it back to help you
with the big dinner.
- I just think it's beneath you.
Standing there watching him
fawn all over another woman.
- Oh!
I don't think there's
gonna be fawning. I...
And I'm a grown woman.
- Forget I said anything.
- No, I...
I think it's sweet that
you wanna protect me.
- I think you need to be treated
with more respect.
- Well, I don't disagree.
- You have plans tonight?
- Other than turndown service.
- Got a little surprise for ya.
- Okay.
I like surprises.
- Hey.
- Hey!
What are these for?
- They put you
in staff quarters?
- Well, I am staff.
- Huh.
- Thank you.
- I want to apologize
for the way that
I dealt with the whole
Liese situation.
I should have called
and given you a heads up.
- A heads up?
- I owe you that.
- You don't.
- I respect you, so yes, I do.
And I won't make
that mistake again.
I miss you.
- Charles, I don't know
what you want me to say.
- I don't want you
to say anything.
But seeing you this week...
I don't know. I don't know
what it is I'm asking,
but I do know that I wanna try
to say sorry to you
for everything.
- You don't have to say
you're sorry.
- I've messed up,
over and over again.
I took you for granted, Lex,
and I realized it too late.
And I miss holidays together.
Just the three of us.
- Yeah, um...
That's what makes
divorce so hard.
Things change.
- I remember Christmas morning
pancakes and champagne.
And how George would make us
guess the gift
before opening them.
- Why are you doing this?
- Can I take you
to dinner tonight?
Maybe we can just talk.
It would be nice to catch up...
- Yeah, I could...
do dinner, I guess.
Oh, wait, no.
No, I can't.
No, I have plans.
: Wait,
wait, wait. Wait.
They're not with
that receptionist, are they?
- Eric? Yeah, actually,
they are.
- Figures.
- What does that mean?
- I see the way
he fawns over you,
like a goldfish interested
in the new shiny thing that
traipses through his chalet.
- Am I the shiny thing?
- Of course not,
that's not what I meant.
- Listen, he has
helped me a lot,
and that's been nice
for a change.
- Lex, I'm pretty sure
it's his job to be nice.
Everyone here works for tips.
This whole town runs on tips.
It's transactional.
You're just the latest guest
to come through.
And wait...
the two of you don't have plans
that are gonna get
in the way of our date
tomorrow, do you?
- No. And if George wants me
there, I'm gonna be there.
- Great.
And for the record,
it's not just George
who wants you there.
- It won't be a very good date
if you spend all night
getting ready.
- What are you talking about?
What? We're friends.
There's no pressure.
- Uh-huh. You go for candlelit
dinners with all your friends?
- Aurlie, don't tease
your uncle.
Everything is perfect.
- Merci, maman.
What do you think?
Should I lose the tie?
- Eh, too stuffy.
- I thought so.
- Aurlie, come on.
Let's get things started
in the kitchen.
- How about... now?
- You look great.
- Are you sure?
- You got this.
- Aw, thank you.
See you later.
- Thank you.
- Everything okay?
You seem a little reserved.
- Oh, yeah, um, I'm fine.
I ran into Charles earlier
I guess he just got me
stirred up.
You know, I think the holidays
always bring up feelings.
- What kind of feelings?
- Mm...
Melancholy, confusion,
the desire to eat an entire
box of chocolate.
- That's understandable.
What if he's showing you
his true colours?
- What do you mean?
- Well, personally,
I see a narcissist.
An arrogant, selfish person.
- Yeah, I get that.
He wasn't always like that.
That's the confusion.
I'm just being real.
- Hmm.
- Mm. You know your wine.
So... what do you want?
- What do you mean?
- Uh, out of life...
This... this candlelight
dinner with me.
What is it that we're doing?
- Truthfully,
I haven't wanted to date
or even put any effort into it
in a very long time,
but I have to admit that...
you've changed that for me.
- Hmm, hmm.
- The last time I was in love,
I lost that
because I chose to come home.
She just couldn't handle
the long-distance relationship.
Not that I blame her.
- It's hard to open your heart
again, I get that.
- Mm. Maybe.
I'd like to think that I'm open
to doing that for
the right person.
- Well, if you wanna find
the right person,
you have to be willing
to let someone in.
And let go of some control
and compromise.
- Uh, I think you might be
- Oh.
Uh, I'm... I'm sorry.
Eric, I...
I have really enjoyed
meeting you
and well, everybody here
has been so helpful
in me finding myself and getting
my head in a better place.
I don't know if I'm
the right person for you.
- Well, I don't know if
you're the right person
for me either yet.
- Oh!
- Yeah, I just thought we'd have
a beautiful dinner
and have a little fun.
- Dinner and fun. Okay, yeah.
We should have dinner and fun.
- It's not what I meant.
- This Malbec is perfect.
- What about you?
What are you looking for?
- Well, I was looking
to find myself
and I figure if I find myself,
I'll find the right person
for me.
- Well, is that why you're
looking into the past?
And coming here for Charles?
- I came here for George.
- Is that why you're going
skiing with Charles tomorrow?
- Now I think
you are overstepping.
- I just don't understand how
a wonderful woman like you
with so many great qualities,
would even consider putting up
with a guy like that.
- Well, I don't think
that you know what I do
or do not put up with.
And I don't think you,
a man who has basically buried
his heart and his passion
behind some big wall
of family duty
is in any position to tell me
how to have a relationship.
- Hmm.
Well, if that's what
relationships are these days...
that's not what I'm looking for.
- Uh...
I think I should go.
- What? No, no, no.
- Do you... want
to talk about it?
: Oh...
I don't know.
I don't know, maman.
You know, people come and go
through here, but...
I stay.
- You've been part of something
the world appreciates.
The chalet, Aurlie...
I'm so grateful for you.
It's never bothered you before.
- I've never met someone
like her before.
- Hm.
Then she's the right one.
- What could I possibly
offer her?
- An honest heart.
- Hm. Ce n'est pas assez, maman.
- Ugh...
Of course it is enough.
the chalet was my passion.
I'm sorry if you thought
it had to be yours.
An honest heart is...
also patient.
- Peut-tre.
Je ne sais pas.
- Oh!
More than maybe.
- What I do know is that we need
to start focusing
on Christmas as a family.
- Did somebody say Christmas?
- Yeah!
- Because I've been having
some thoughts about presents.
- What a surprise!
- You come here because
I want to tell you something.
I think you are so special.
We're going to get you
whatever you want to have.
What do you think about that?
Is that the best?
- Tell you what, last one
to the kitchen
gets to make the hot chocolate!
- Okay, let's get this show
on the road, shall we?
- Where's George?
- Oh, didn't you get the text?
He's gonna meet us
at the bottom.
- No, no, I didn't...
I didn't get any text.
- Oh, well,
that's what he's doing.
Oh, and the brunch,
it's more of an early dinner
thing now, but don't worry.
We'll have plenty
to hold us over until then.
- Okay, well, I have to be at
the Christmas preview dinner.
- Hey! Guys, good to see you!
: Oh, shoot!
: Let's go!
: Wait up!
Uh, come on, hey!
Hold the door!
No, wait, Charles!
You're kidding me!
Can I come with you guys?
Thanks for waiting.
- Sorry, Lex, but I'll be
right behind you.
- Okay...
- Okay?
Oh, come on, guys,
it's not a race!
- Okay...
- Okay, fine.
- Just remember
what he taught you:
stay with the group.
You gotta be kidding.
Oh boy...
You got this.
Okay. Here we go.
- First time?
- Oh!
Is it that obvious?
- You should probably stick
with the group
while you're in the trees just
for safety if you're a beginner.
- Yeah, I wasn't supposed
to be alone. Thanks.
I came, I skied,
I am still walking.
- Okay, so, there we are,
all of us trapped in this room,
nowhere to get out.
I swear, that's exactly
how it happened.
- You're right.
- Right? Couldn't go anywhere.
- Charles!
- Hey, Lex! You made it!
- Barely! What happened
to being right behind me?
- Oh, now, don't get mad.
- Did you even wonder
where I was?
I mean, I could have been hurt.
- But you're not,
so what's the big deal?
- Well, the big deal is
that you...
you don't stick to your word.
You say things,
and you don't mean them.
- Come on.
I knew you could do it.
I mean, you can do everything.
- I can't do everything,
and I can't do everything alone,
and I don't want to.
- Lex, I... I don't know
what you expected.
I can't be there holding
your hand every single moment.
- Yeah, I know, Charles.
I know.
You're right.
I knew that about you.
You can't be there holding
my hand every single moment.
Oh, come on. I do.
I mean, I came here today
because I hoped
you could be different.
And even though we're not
married, I thought...
maybe we could still be
a family,
for old time's sake,
for George.
Where... where is George,
by the way?
- He stayed behind
for some girl.
- Yeah. I think
that was her name.
- I have to go.
- But... wait!
Lex, it's Christmas! It--
- You know, Charles...
We're always gonna be
George's parents.
And I'm always going
to wish you well,
but we're not a family.
I know where my family is,
and I'm gonna go to them.
- Lex!
- But Merry Christmas!
You too, ladies!
Merry Christmas!
- Honey, tell us about that time
that you were in the group
with the explosion.
- Well, right. That uh...
that was crazy.
So we're in the airplane...
- Hey, guys! Okay.
So, I just realized that
family can be anything.
Family can be what you make it,
and when you find your family,
you don't ever let them go.
I got a preview dinner
to get ready for!
- Looks like my snowboard
company sponsored me
for the rest of the season.
- So does this mean
you're gonna be spending
more time in Aspen?
- Oh, I'm definitely gonna be
spending a lot more time
in Aspen.
A lot.
- This is my third season
in Aspen and it's been
by far the best.
And I can't wait...
to school you on the slopes.
- Bring it.
- Oh, you two!
I can't stand it,
you're such a cute couple!
- We missed you!
- Oh, I'm sorry I'm late.
How can I help?
- Ah. Soup. Stir soup.
- Where's Eric?
I need to speak to him.
- Um... he was pretty broken up
after your dinner.
I'd never seen him like this.
I'm not sure what's going on
but he promoted me
to assistant manager
and said something about
Bordeaux, and he left.
- For France?
- I overheard him
calling the taxi.
- Oh? Oh, oh...
Eric! Eric!
- Oh!
- Oh!
- What are you doing?
- I was trying to stop you!
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
- You don't have to apologize.
- I was rude.
I was pushy.
And you don't deserve that.
You've done nothing but help me.
- And put you to work.
- Well, yes, that too.
The other night, I...
I think I was just scared.
Meeting you, I think
I felt right away
like we could be something
- I felt that too.
- It's been a long time
since I fell...
- Fell?
- I think you know
what I'm trying to say.
- I think I do.
- Please.
Please don't go to France.
I mean, yes.
Go back to Bordeaux
at some point,
but just not now.
- What?
Oh, no, I'm not going
to Bordeaux.
I'm going to pick up
a case of Bordeaux.
- Really?
- Yeah!
- You're not leaving?
- Leaving?
No, I... I'm not leaving here.
I'm not leaving you.
Oh, wow...
I think maybe, um...
From now on,
I'm just gonna stay
wherever you're at,
at Christmas.
- Well, if everything goes well,
maybe we can spend
one Christmas in Bordeaux.
- Maybe we could share a cab.
- Or we could just
keep sharing this.
Here I am
Hanging up the silver lights
Dreaming you out here
Sitting right here
by my side
Next Christmas
You'll be here with me
Putting up
that Christmas tree
Just have to wait and see
'Til next Christmas
I miss you by my side
Hanging up these
Christmas lights
Under the mistletoe
all alone
And I'm waiting for you
to come home
Here I am
Hanging up the silver lights
Dreaming you out here
Sitting right here
by my side
Maybe next Christmas
You're gonna be here
with me
Putting up
that Christmas tree
Just have to wait and see
'Til next Christmas