Christmas Bounty (2013) Movie Script

Jason, Stephanie.
Inside voice and
walking feet, please.
Yes, Miss Bell.
This is great.
Popcorn on a string?
Looking for someone?
- I'm so happy you made it.
- Of course I made it.
Next time, use that
app I showed you...
then you'll see...
if I'm not with you...
I'm always on my way.
So how was the big holiday pageant?
Terrific, if you ignore the fact that two of
the shepherds were picking their noses...
and Mary twisted her
ankle on the dreidel.
- Oh. A Judeo-Christian mishap.
- Heh.
I'm so happy we're spending
Christmas together.
So are you ready for tonight?
The Ballantine Capital Holiday Party
is the social event of the season.
At least to the Ballantines.
I'm still debating on what to wear.
Well, I'm sure whatever you wear,
you will look beautiful.
And my mother will scrutinize your
dress and find it distasteful.
Oh. Sounds like fun. Heh.
It will be, as long
as we're together.
- Come on, I'll show you my classroom.
- Oh.
Good job today. Merry Christmas.
- Bye.
- Bye, everyone. Merry Christmas.
- Miss Bell?
- Oh, Mrs. Low. Wasn't Bobby just darling...?
- I can't find him. I've looked everywhere.
- I'm sure he's here.
Okay, why don't you
check the cubby room?
- I'll look in the classroom.
- Okay.
- I'm sure he's hiding under one of the desks.
- Oh, yeah.
Come on, in the car.
Honey? Heh, you know what?
I think I left my scarf by the manger.
- Will you run and get it?
- Scarf retrieval. Can do.
Thank you, sweetie.
I'll go check on Bobby.
Miss Bell?
Miss Bell, that's my dad.
He is? You are?
Oh. Oh.
Well, unfortunately, the faculty was informed
your visitation rights have been suspended.
- It's Christmas.
- Bobby, say goodbye to your dad...
- ... and then go find your mom.
- Okay. I love you, Dad.
- Bye, Bobby.
- Bye.
- Do you have a phone?
- Yeah.
You're lucky I'm in the
holiday mood, Mr. Low.
You see, if I call this into the police,
you would be in big trouble.
But if you did,
they'll probably give you a break.
Merry Christmas.
Was he under the desk?
Yep, I know my Bobby.
So you ready to face my parents?
I think I can handle it.
Yes. Wait out front.
Before my mother gets the
chance to berate you...
I have to say you look amazing.
- Flattery will get you everywhere.
- Oh. Heh.
Honey, why is everything so quiet?
This is a party, isn't it?
Don't tell them.
They might actually smile.
Oh, got it.
Incoming Ballantines at 10 o'clock.
Remember, my parents are old money.
- Establishment. Upper crust.
- Aloof. Arrogant.
- This is gonna be fun. Hi.
- Hi.
- Dad.
- James.
- Oh, darling.
- Mom.
I'd like you to meet Tory Bell.
- Told you.
- Well, I'm glad you could join us, Tara.
It's Tory.
Happy holidays.
Not half as happy as yours is going to be.
The south of France sounds so exciting.
Oh, you've never been?
Sorry. Heh.
Will you just excuse me for a moment?
Dad, I know you have your reservations,
but I really have feelings for Tory.
- How much do you know about this girl?
- I care about her.
I know I wanna be with her.
And I know for me, that's enough.
Guess who.
Sorry, drawing a blank.
I'm hurt, Tornado.
Spending six years on the inside
kept your memory very fresh for me.
I didn't know they
allowed calls this late.
Read the morning papers, Bell.
I'm out. And I'm coming for you.
All of you.
- Fresh glass?
- I have to go.
- Go where?
- I have to leave.
- I get it. You've had enough.
- No, I have to leave New York right now.
- No, what...?
- I can't get into it right now.
It's just... It's too much.
But I love you.
I'm about to give my toast.
Where should we all stand?
Unfortunately, I have to go...
but I'm sure it will
be a great toast.
- You okay?
- I'm fine.
- You sure?
- I'm sure.
I have to go help my parents...
with stuff.
- Tory.
- James, please.
Tory, I just need to know that
you're okay. That we're okay.
We're totally okay.
Look, I promise, I will explain
everything to you at New Year's.
- New Year's? What about...?
- I will so make this up to you.
It will be a whole different
kind of celebration.
Something like...
You can do that?
I'm willing to try.
Okay. I'm completely baffled,
but my New Year's countdown starts now.
New Year's.
You are a mysterious
woman, Tory Bell.
- Ma'am.
- Thank you.
10th and 1st for a quick stop.
Then Trenton, New Jersey.
In a hurry, please.
- Baby.
- Daddy.
- Sweetheart.
- Mommy.
- Did you flip your daddy again?
- Yeah.
Ma, clothes.
Oh. How'd I raise such a prude?
She's so cute.
Look at you. You look like
a real New Yorker now.
I didn't hardly...
I'm gonna get you something
for your shoulder.
She took you down pretty hard.
That's my girl.
What were you thinking, Dad?
That move has never worked on me.
You're home for the holidays?
- Kind of for the holidays.
- Not spending it with that new guy?
I Googled him. I gotta know
what my little girl is up to.
Guys, guys, guys, look,
I'm so happy to see you...
but I'm actually not just
here for the holidays.
- I got a call.
- Monte's Motorcycles?
- I put your name in the raffle.
- I got a call from Manucci.
He's still got 20 years
on his sentence.
He's out, and he's coming for us.
- For me.
- He threatened you?
I was always afraid of this.
You took him out when you were
a teenager. Drove him crazy.
We gotta take him down again.
Put him away for good.
I'll get cousin Bones to put
a tail on Manucci's sister.
I wanna know where
Big Donna's heading.
Nobody threatens the Bells.
Welcome home, Tornado.
Let's get to work.
Our tail said Big
Donna should be here.
Yep. Big Donna's definitely here.
You and me will suit up so Donna and
her bodyguards don't pick us out.
Ma? What's up?
You never could get
your hair right yourself.
Still gorgeous.
That does not look like me.
It used to.
I can't believe I got
my baby girl back.
You sure you're up for this?
Yeah, I'm cool.
- Ma?
- Yeah, hon?
What if someone sees
me in these pants?
Let's go catch a bad guy.
- You sure I look okay?
- I think you look gorgeous.
He's your tail?
Just because you two broke up
doesn't mean we fired him.
Hey, come here.
Be careful out there.
I love sounding official.
Electric blue pumps look good on you.
Very funny, but I have work to do.
- Tweaking on seeing me?
- I'm not tweaking.
I just... I wanna get this done
and I don't want any distractions.
And I'm a distraction now?
I used to be your partner.
I have a new boyfriend now,
and a new life.
I heard. In fact, most of Trenton has heard.
An investment banker. Pretty fancy.
As much as I'm enjoying the small talk,
this is what we're going to do.
As soon as we see Big Donna,
you guys take the bodyguards out.
I'll get close enough to drop the
tracking device, then we're out.
Dad, Tory. You copy?
Sweetie, code names, remember?
Right. Tornado to Banshee-1.
Any sighting of the target?
No target present. Black Hawk?
No visual.
I've got her.
She's definitely covered.
Did she spot you?
No. She's looking at shoes.
Hideous shoes, but shoes.
And the bodyguards?
Too close. We can't move yet.
She's at the salon. There's no
way they'll let the bodyguards...
into the treatment rooms.
Now is the time to take them out.
Here you go.
- I just need someone to touch up my gels.
- Sure. Let me see what I can do.
Whenever you have an opening.
Move. Now.
It's true what they say.
The right undergarment makes
a woman feel like a woman.
You coming?
She'll be in there a while.
Ain't that the truth.
- I'm going to hit the head.
- All right.
One down. He'll be out for a while.
You want a closer look?
Come on, don't be shy.
Come closer.
Two down. And out.
Come on, Mike.
Come on.
Thank you, Santa.
- Is he okay?
- Yeah, he slipped.
- Slipped?
- Yeah.
Three down. It's all you, Tor.
Tory "Wild Woman" Bell?
I can't believe you're back.
- Hi.
- Hi.
We're gonna have to catch up later.
Tony? Mario?
Cover's blown. She's running.
Excuse me.
Excuse me. Pardon me.
Watch it!
Excuse me.
What's wrong, Manhattan?
Jersey too rough for you now?
Out for a day of beauty, Donna?
A girl's gotta look her best.
Now, back off me, Bell.
All of you.
I know my rights.
You can't hassle me like this.
I'm a classy lady in these parts.
You're right, Donna. I'm sorry.
We just get ahead of
ourselves sometimes.
That's more like it.
It's like you never left, Tor.
Oh, cousin Bones is texting.
According to Bones,
she's heading east on Ashmore.
Oh, no, you're not going anywhere.
Mikey Muscles. How's it hanging?
Lizzie the Legs.
- Shaved, moisturized and ready for action.
- I'd love to catch up, but this really isn't the...
First of all, you never told
me you were coming back.
What the front door
is that all about?
- I miss you, girl.
- I...
Second, I thought you got out of the
bounty business. That's why you left.
She thought she did too.
But we pulled her back in.
Well, I'm glad.
Liz, I got a great
teaching job there.
So what, you move to
Manhattan and that's it?
It's only through the Holland Tunnel.
But I guess it's also kind
of a different world.
It is to some people.
Liz, I'm sorry I didn't call.
I meant to. It's just that I...
You got all caught up in your new guy.
Been there, done that.
- But you can't forget your girlfriends.
- I know.
So how does it all work, Tory?
I mean, a big banker
and a bounty hunter?
Yeah, how does that work?
It works fine.
I'm not a bounty hunter anymore.
This is kind of a one-off.
Oh, okay.
Well, I hope this whole
visit isn't just a one-off.
- It'd be nice to hang out with you again.
- For sure.
Later, Mikey Boy.
Over and out, Legs.
Smile. Got it.
I get why you don't wanna
hang out with me...
- ... since I'm you're smoking-hot ex-boyfriend.
- Ha, ha, very funny.
Thank you. There's a lot of people on this
side of the bridge who still care about you.
You might wanna think about that while
you're so busy planning your new life.
Worked like a charm.
What do you think?
If he's in there, that service
door is his access point.
No fugitive wants to be
far away from his vehicle.
Gale, watch the front, I'm gonna take
the east exit. Two of you stay together.
It could be a trap.
Okay, that works too.
They're here.
The girl is mine.
You got it, boss.
You hungry?
I know you're here.
I used that app I showed you.
Mike, 12 o'clock.
All right.
Did the bear just explode?
Who's this guy?
Dad, James.
James, Dad.
All right. Here we go.
How is he?
Delicious and fine.
- It's just a bump.
- Thanks for the house call, Liz.
- Nice having a nurse in your contacts, isn't it?
- Yeah.
Liz, I'm sorry. I let so much
time pass between us.
You were always a really good friend.
I still am.
- You should give me a test-drive sometime.
- You got it.
So aside from Mr. Delicious,
what's so great in Manhattan?
Well, in Manhattan, I can be Tory.
In Trenton, everyone
sees me as "Tornado. "
It's like this role I fell
into that never ends.
- I thought you loved being a bounty hunter?
- No, I do.
I did. But...
You know, I like the
other parts of me.
You know, when I met James,
that's all he saw.
It's the other parts of
me and it felt great.
The guys here, they just
see me as one of the guys.
One guy didn't.
Oh, I guess I wanted an option
other than Mikey Muscles.
I understand.
All right. House call's over.
- I've gotta get back to work.
- All right.
Thanks again.
Okay, I just need to make
a few little adjustments.
What's she doing with Redneck Santa?
I just want the place to look nice.
- Honey, I worked for hours getting it just right.
- Okay.
Okay. This stuff cannot
be in the house.
What are you so worried about?
He doesn't know about the...
family business.
- You didn't tell him we're bounty hunters?
- It never came up.
I know, I know. It's just...
James is not just another boyfriend.
He's from a whole different world.
Mom, you know. You Googled him.
Tornado Renee Bell...
you can't hide yourself.
She's not hiding herself.
She's hiding us.
I'm not hiding you.
I love you guys.
I do. It's just... Well...
This would be a bit
of a shock for James.
I just need to ease him into it.
Please, help me. Just play along.
Okay, honey, okay. How?
Just act normal.
Can do.
We got your back, Tor.
Consider it done.
What do you mean by "normal"?
- Let's start by putting the girls away.
- Well, I'll try, but the girls aren't exactly shy.
Okay, Ma, normal people
don't say things like that.
Got it.
Do you have any sleeves?
- Ain't doing it.
- Do it.
- Done.
- Use mine.
- Anything else, sweetie?
- Just act fancy.
- Oh.
Act fancy.
- Cracker?
- Cheese?
Foot rub?
- Sweetie.
- Oh, thank God.
I thought I was...
Did that cheese come out of a can?
Honey, I am so glad
you're feeling better.
You really hit your head hard.
- I did?
- Yeah.
Mom, Dad...
cousin Bones...
this is my boyfriend,
James Ballantine.
Nice to meet you all.
Ha, ha. Oh, very festive tree.
- And crossbow.
- I know, right?
That was a wedding gift.
My dear?
Don't mind if I do.
You know, I think James
should rest some more.
No, no, no. Really, I'm fine.
So I've never been to this part
of New Jersey. It's very...
Is that a weapon?
It's just a stun gun.
For a little peace of mind, you know.
Criminals always come to the
nice side of town to steal.
Right. Of course.
Got one in sight...
Not to worry,
that's just my police scanner.
Computer game, that I play nonstop.
That's why it's always on.
Oh, you're a gamer?
At work, I have "ExcelTetra. "
No way. Which version?
Wow, that's impressive.
See? We're all getting
along so well. Ha-ha-ha.
Yes, we are, Mrs. Bell.
And I am so happy about that...
because I actually came
here to speak to Mr. Bell.
- Me?
- Yes.
I know you don't know
much about me...
and that I haven't been
dating Tory for very long.
So your mind must be
filled with questions.
Who is this man?
What does he stand for?
Where is he from?
My names is James
Oswald Ballantine III.
- Fancy.
- Mom.
I come from the Upper
East Side of Manhattan.
And I stand for whatever
makes Tory happy.
Oh! my.
I know you feel protective.
Protective? You obviously haven't
seen my girl choke someone out.
Up. Choke someone up.
With emotion.
- Tory's got a lot of heart.
- A crazy amount.
- Yeah.
- I know.
And that's why the real reason
I came here today, Mr. Bell...
was to ask your permission...
to propose to your daughter.
- What did I miss?
- Tory's getting married!
- That's some ring you got her.
- Well, she's worth it.
Well, I didn't unscrew the
good stuff for nothing.
Let's celebrate.
- I say we take this party to Bochino's.
- Oh, you were banned from there.
Oh, yeah.
- Bochino's sounds good.
- But don't we have work to do?
Serious work?
Tory, you gotta celebrate tonight.
This is everything you've ever wanted.
- But I don't have clothes for Bochino's.
- Of course she does.
But, honey...
- Bochino's is kind of a dive.
- Oh.
- Oh, your favorite bar is suddenly "a dive"?
- A dive bar? Really?
Good, because I can't tell you
how sick I am of Crystal.
I know, I know.
You and me both, right?
- What is that?
- Ma, help me get dressed.
So you like the ring?
Hello, Jersey.
I know, right?
I picked out all of your faves.
So many choices.
And so little time.
- Help with your hair?
- Oh.
Not tonight, Ma.
I know it's not quite your style.
Me, I'd say it needs more gold.
But it's nice.
Thanks, Mom. For trying
so hard with James.
You got what you wanted, Tory.
A new life in Manhattan.
You're always gonna
be my little girl.
And I'm gonna miss you.
But I'm so happy for you.
Thanks, Ma.
Tory, if you wanna go back to
New York with James, we get it.
Between us and Mike,
we can handle Manucci.
No. I put Manucci
away the first time.
He's back because of me.
And I'm gonna put him
away the second time too.
Like it or not, you're a Bell.
Welcome back.
Oh, my God.
Tory, that's like the
Taj Mahal of rocks!
Heh. James, this is Nurse Sembrook.
But I've known her my entire
life as Lizzie the Legs.
- You can use Elizabeth if it feels better to you.
- No way. I much prefer Lizzie the Legs.
Oh, he's so cute, I could just spazz.
Mikey Muscles, what brings you by?
I just missed the big moment.
I couldn't miss the celebration.
- Mike.
- Yeah, Tory.
Don't take it personally.
Exes are like that.
And by exes I just meant...
I'm gonna stop now.
- Do you need to use the bathroom?
- No.
Yes, you do.
You dated him?
Young and dumb.
Well, how long did you guys go out?
Oh, I wouldn't even call it going out.
It was over before it began.
He used to work for my
dad and... You know.
- Right. Right.
- Yeah.
Tory, what kind of
business is your dad in?
When you mentioned that your father
was a businessman, I pictured...
James, I want to explain
it all to you. And I will.
But it's a little complicated. And I
just want to do it at the right time.
Honey, can we please
just celebrate tonight?
- Aw.
- Oop.
Sorry, Tor. I figured
you told him about Mike.
I was going to,
but this thing came up.
Plus, Mike and I are done. It's over.
If you say so.
Come on, lose the coat, girl.
Oh, no, no. It's fine.
I think I'll keep it on.
Come on, Tor, you gotta move.
Come on, Bell, dance!
You look gorge!
Now you're talking!
How long have you known Tory?
Since junior high. You?
Ten months.
Ten months.
Dude doesn't waste any time.
Well, when it's meant
to be, it's meant to be.
What are you drinking?
Well, I think champagne
is appropriate.
Can I get a champagne
for my friend and a...?
A shot and beer chaser?
How'd you guess?
Actually, forget the champagne.
I'll have what he's having.
A shot and a beer chaser.
Aw. Looks like your ex and
your man are getting along.
Oh, shoot.
Help me.
So, what do you do?
Well, we look for companies that are
in trouble and we acquire them.
Sounds like we're in the same business,
except we find people in trouble and we...
Stop it! Stop being such guys and
get your butts on the dance floor.
I'm waiting on a shot.
And a beer chaser.
I'll go easy on you because
it's your first night tonight.
Muscles, don't make me play hard.
You win, Legs.
Here you go.
Thank you.
Pookie! Hi!
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Whoo.
- Heh.
- Nice work today.
- You too.
Okay, should we talk?
- About what?
- Well...
Three years later, you're engaged,
and now you wanna talk?
You know when I wanted to talk?
Before you ditched me and left town.
I know I didn't handle it well.
But, Mike, it wasn't anything
you did. It was me.
Wow, that's what it
feels like to hear that.
"It's not you, it's me. " I've used
that line a few times myself.
Have a nice night.
- Hey.
- Hey, I haven't danced in quite a while.
Oh, you're pretty good.
- No, Tor, I'm inspired.
- Aw.
You know tonight is the night
You got me feeling good
Hey, Tory!
You up for a shot and a beer chaser?
It's pretty good.
Come on, future
Mrs. Delicious, let's toast.
- You snagged a good one.
- Yeah, I know. James is amazing.
It's hard to celebrate
with Mike here.
Oh, come on, you can't expect
Mikey to be happy tonight.
He's been hung up on you for years.
- But he'll get over it.
- Years?
He hasn't had a girlfriend
since you left.
A guy who looks like that?
You do the math.
But he'll get over you.
If you let him.
Now come here
Tell me whatcha think, girl
You know tonight is the night
You got me feeling good
We must be doing it right
Got me feeling good
Whoo! Party.
- I know you think I didn't care about you.
- Don't tell me what I think.
- You don't understand why I...
- Don't tell me what I don't understand.
Let's not make this any more
difficult than it already is.
Difficult? For you or the
guy you left behind?
Tory, what you don't understand is...
I love you.
Past tense, right?
Past, present...
I'm engaged.
We've been doing it right
You've got me feeling good
Hands up
I wanna see your hands right now
You've been holding out on me.
You're an incredible dancer.
Come on, I wanna see some more moves.
- What are you doing with those?
- Oh, just reminiscing.
Gosh, our lives are
really crazy, but fun.
- Remember that Christmas in Key West?
- That was the best Christmas ever.
- We nabbed Tommy Franklin.
- Yeah.
Dewey Beach.
When Hawk and Gale
collared Cole Harper.
Wasn't that the first
time you used a stun gun?
Do you think I can be a normal
wife with a normal family?
I think you can be anything
you wanna be, Tor.
We all do.
Mike called. He got a tip.
- Manucci will be at the Cliff Street lot tonight.
- Where they sell Christmas trees?
- Yep.
- Let's roll.
Come on, let's stake it out.
Maybe someday, honey.
- Where is everyone?
- They went out.
Out? Where?
To the Christmas tree lot.
In case Auntie got sick of hers.
Oh. Well, shouldn't we
have gone with them?
I mean, shouldn't we
help pick out the tree?
I prefer to stay here,
in case the phone rings.
- You're the desk guy.
- Exactly.
Besides Mike is with them and
he can help them with the tree.
- Mike is with them?
- Yeah.
He's a pretty strong guy.
You know, I'm a desk guy too.
And, heh, sometimes I
get really sick of it.
Tell me about it.
Don't you ever wish you can just say
"screw the rules" and follow your passion?
- You have no idea.
- Let's go.
- Let's go chop down a tree.
- Yes!
Come on!
James. Honey,
what are you doing here?
- Yeah, what are you doing here?
- James and I aren't desk guys.
Have you lost your mind?
A little, I'm sorry.
We both wanted to help pick out the tree.
I mean, I...
Honey, I wanted to surprise you with
what will be our first Christmas tree...
to hang my crystal angel on.
Oh, well, a family should
pick out their tree together.
Where do we start?
Daddy, where do we start?
Well, Gale's gonna wait by the car...
- ... to make sure that it keeps running.
- Yeah.
And, Tory and Mike, why don't
you check around that trailer...
see if you find anyone.
Bones and James...
take the far, far,
far east end of the lot.
- Far.
- Great trees there.
Wow, sir, you take your
tree shopping seriously.
I do.
Deadly serious.
Now go!
Be careful!
It's a tree lot in Trenton, Tory.
Not the Black Forest.
I love you.
Mike, if anything goes wrong,
I've got to watch out for James.
Will you help me?
You're really asking if I'll
help protect your fiance?
Sure. I'm just your partner.
Manucci is here for sure.
Okay, you get him,
I'll look for Manucci.
Now, I'm almost sad
to see this end, Bell.
- What was that?
- Sounded like a.38.
Yeah, right.
Get off of me, you little
spider monkey. Come on!
Are you kidding me?
Yeah, I got this boss. I got this.
- I didn't know Manhattan socialites can fight.
- I'm not a Manhattan socialite.
Let's go! Let's go!
- Tory?
- James, get down!
- Why are you holding a gun?
- Because I'm...
a bounty hunter! Get down!
A what? A what?
- No, Tory!
- James!
- Daddy? Daddy, are you okay?
- Oh. I'm okay.
Go with Mike.
- I can't believe I got James into this.
- It's not your fault.
He poked his head out
from behind the tree.
Seriously, who hears gunshots...
- ... and pokes their head out?
- Mike.
- Don't most people hit the deck?
- He's not one of us, okay?
Okay. I didn't mean anything by it.
"Hey, bad guy with a gun.
I'm over here, shoot me. "
Psh-psh. Ouch!
Damn it!
This is my fault.
He shouldn't even be here.
Listen to me.
We're gonna get him
back for you, okay?
You're gonna get married and
it's all gonna be good. Okay?
They're not gonna hurt him.
It's you they want.
Wow, thanks.
- I didn't mean it like that.
- No, really...
thanks. You're right. I'm good now.
Manucci is gonna lay down
low like the rat that he is.
But with a hostage,
he's gonna need a solid base.
If the tracking device is in Big Donna's
pocket, I could try to reactivate it.
Good thinking.
Hey, guys!
Look who snagged the end
of the shift doughnuts.
Any takers?
Everyone okay?
Manucci got James.
Oh, snap.
Could you imagine how much that boy
must be freaking out? That dude's scary.
I'm shutting up now.
I don't know what to do, Dad.
If James gets hurt...
The Tory I know...
knows exactly what to do.
She knows how to catch a criminal.
And probably save a fianc too.
You got him once, Tory. You can
do it again. Come on, Bells, think.
Oh, my...
What is it, Tory?
White rhinestone heels...
facial wax, extensions, spray tan.
White glittery gazebo.
- Oh, my God. A Jersey wedding.
- A Jersey wedding.
- Big Donna's getting married.
- Probably gonna be a big wedding.
Because Big Donna's...
- What we have to figure out is...
- Where.
- That's where we'll get Manucci and James.
- I know the location. It's at the warehouse.
I saw the gazebo. Nobody moves
a gazebo once it's built.
But when is the wedding?
When did she get a spray tan?
Two days ago.
Spray tan goes streaky in...
- Seventy two hours. It's tomorrow.
- It's tomorrow.
Bones, find plans on the warehouse.
I need points of entry, passageways,
underground, everything.
What is it, Tory?
Our invitation.
I need a doughnut.
You look beautiful, Donna.
- That makes two of us.
- Huh?
It means a lot that you came
back to Jersey for this.
I wanted at least one family member
at my wedding and everyone else is...
- ... dead.
- Dead.
- Or in prison.
- Or in prison. Heh.
Look, I wouldn't have
missed this for anything.
I mean, it's not every day you
see your little sister get married.
No, it's not.
You know, but...
I know this isn't exactly how you
pictured your wedding day...
- but I can't risk being seen...
- I know, being seen in public.
I know.
Do you think we would have been
happier if we'd have gone straight?
- No. Absolutely not.
- No way.
Now, remember...
this is my day, okay?
No funny stuff...
no guns, no business.
You think I'm dumb enough to
mess with a girl's wedding? Heh.
Even I'm afraid of that.
- That's exactly what happened.
- Yeah, right here.
- Yeah.
- I don't know, she got...
- Oh, really?
- Come on.
- Is the perimeter secure?
- East end secure.
- South, secure.
- Bones, any building plans?
- Working on it.
- Work faster.
You're sexy when you're bossy.
- Good to see you.
- Great to see you. So glad you could make it.
Oh, it is my honor, my friend.
It is my honor?
Look at you. Who let you in?
Two beautiful women.
- What does he got that I don't got?
- Yeah.
Share the wealth.
Good to see you. Good to see you.
They're here.
Good. Glad they could make it.
- Try the shrimp.
- Definitely.
Where is the shrimp?
How am I supposed to rescue
him if I don't know where he is?
Wait a sec.
You're gonna call him?
I'm gonna track where he was.
Obviously, Manucci took his phone.
But if we can find it,
James will be nearby.
This does it for you?
He's close. Black Hawk...
- ... I see where James is.
- Great.
Northwest corner.
I can't tell which room.
Hold up.
Hold up.
Check out the crowd.
What is it?
Ho, ho, ho, and a Merry
Christmas to the Bell family.
All of these guys have
outstanding bounties on them.
Oh! my.
- Yeah, I'm a happy guy.
- Yeah.
Bobby Waves, $20,000.
Sticks Kaczmareck, 30,000.
Oh, if we play our cards right, this is going
to be a very bountiful Christmas for the Bells.
Okay, fine, but stay focused here.
James first, Manucci second.
Then you guys can have
your holiday shopping spree.
Roger that. Banshee-1,
I'll see you at the east exit.
Not if I see you first.
Should have been in here.
They had him here.
There's got to be another
concealed space close by.
You actually thought I'd be dumb
enough to let him keep his phone?
I'm insulted.
Get down! Get down! Get down!
Are you freaking kidding me?
Pardon me. It's just a small caliber.
Sorry about that.
Oh, boy.
I told him no funny
stuff at my wedding.
My brother's a dead man.
- He's heading that way.
- Find James. I got this.
What's your name?
Sorry. Exit's closed.
Stick around. It's almost cake time.
How's the shrimp? Yummy?
It's been fun.
It's over, Manucci.
Yeah, Bell.
It finally is over.
Let him go.
Let's make a deal, Bell.
I mean, after all,
Prince Charming over here...
he's not the one who caught me...
and sent me away for six years.
What are you proposing?
I let him go.
And you...
you come with me.
Tory, or whoever you actually are...
Yeah, that's a good Bell?
Chin up.
It's going to be okay.
Just try and stay calm.
Please, calm is my middle name.
Or sort of calm.
Three fingers, duck.
Tory, baby.
Tory, are you okay?
- Okay, James, stay right here. Don't move.
- No, no, no. Tory!
Open the door. Open the door.
Do it!
Hey! Watch out!
- Come on.
- Go. I'm right behind you.
- She's good.
- She's really good.
She's a Bell.
Hey, watch your head.
Escaped convict with a new
attempted-murder charge.
He's not gonna see the light
of day for a long time.
You're amazing, Tory.
But you probably already know that.
I do.
But you can tell me anyway.
I could tell you.
I could stand here and tell you all day
that every time I see you or talk to you...
it's as exciting as the
first time I saw you.
How I love watching you fight...
but I also love watching you
walk and talk and just be.
But there's another guy
who wants to do that.
A great guy who can
give you a good life.
The new life you wanted so much.
Lizzie keeps telling
me how you've changed.
She's right.
There is something
different about you now.
I'm even more handsome?
What changed, Tory, is you.
You left and I realized you needed more than
just Mike Muscles, although he was fine.
In your eyes.
So I took some courses at college.
I'm pre-law now.
Get out!
Word of honor. Losing you changed me.
So maybe the next beautiful, smart, motivated
butt-kicker that walks into my life...
will have a reason...
to stay.
Your guy's waiting.
My hero.
You okay?
So crazy, but I thought you meeting
my family was the big hurdle.
- I should have never lied to you.
- No, you shouldn't have.
Because I can't help but wonder
what else wasn't true, Tory.
Your name is Tory, right?
I'm sorry.
If I was just honest with you,
none of this would have happened.
You wouldn't have been knocked out...
Well, that's actually happened
before on the slopes of Chamonix.
- You would have never been zapped.
- That was a first.
- Kidnapped.
- Ditto.
But it was kind of a rush.
I just wish you'd give me a
chance to love the real you...
the woman I met in New York
and the woman I met here...
they're both pretty amazing.
So now that all three
of us have met...
can we try again?
A big part of me wants to say yes...
but in these last few
days I've learned...
an even bigger part of me realized...
I'm still a bounty-hunting,
occasional animal-print-wearing
Jersey girl.
Well, I'm gonna
miss you, Jersey girl.
Bell. What the-J?
Welcome back to Jersey.
Okay. Attention, attention.
I just wanna say
"welcome home" to my girl.
We love you and we missed you...
and we are so happy that
you are home, I can't tell you.
And because you and Mikey
work so well together...
I was thinking me and my Banshee
could take some time off...
and go on that honeymoon
we've been talking about.
What are you saying?
Follow me.
- What are you doing?
- Aw.
- Crazy man.
- Wait for it. Wait for it.
- Huh?
- Oh!
Whoa! Whoo!
- Yeah.
- Daddy, you are so romantic.
Oh, it's the best Christmas
present I ever got.
Another ride with my guy.
Look at you two. You must be
working some kind of magic.
I know a trick or two.
- I wanted to drop off my famous...
- Cookies? Liz's Christmas cookies?
Hot, sweet and straight
from the oven.
- Whoa. Save some.
- Yeah, right.
So, what's this I hear about
you staying in Jersey?
There's nowhere I'd rather be.
Aw. Merry Christmas, you guys.
- Oh, please.
- What did you do?
Maybe we should finish up with that.
Merry Christmas!
That's a wrap for Christmas Bounty.