Christmas Casanova (2023) Movie Script

Remember, you have to flip
the action and reaction.
- Okay.
- Hup!
Beautiful. Ha!
Keep it up!
Ha! It's a dance!
Communicate with your opponent
through eye contact.
Not bad for a podcast creator.
Not bad at all!
There you go.
- Okay.
- So, any last thoughts
on sword choreography?
Where it's led you?
How it's shaped your life?
Well, I suppose it's like
I said before.
It's a dance, even with an opponent.
Well, thank you, Jaclyn.
I'm gonna miss this.
Are you gonna put these training sessions
- in the podcast?
- No, no, no,
that was just for fun.
I keep myself out of the narrative.
I believe that makes
for a messy storytelling.
I like keeping my focus on my subjects.
Merry Christmas,
- and thank you again.
- Merry Christmas.
Hi! Ooh, are those
the special Christmas flavor?
Yep. Helena's Bakery
started making them yesterday.
And I just finished up
with Jaclyn Snyder.
Well, have you decided
what angle you wanna take?
I think I'm going with sword choreography
as a metaphor for conflict
and communication.
You're like a Michelangelo
with a slab of marble.
Yeah, exactly.
Oh, by the way, Max and I
are going to a Christmas
pub crawl on Friday.
You should come.
Help wake up the Christmas spirit?
You know I have plenty
of Christmas spirit.
I'm just...
going cozier these days.
Tonight, I'm taking another stab
at my mom's mulled cider recipe.
I know you miss your mom.
Especially this time of year,
but I'm worried you're missing out.
We live in New York.
You should let the city
help you celebrate.
Um, by the way,
Janice was looking for you.
She wanted to set up a meeting.
Yeah, I heard she was making rounds
about how to...
optimize listenership.
I'm worried "Life and the Like"
is on the chopping block.
She set up a meeting with me yesterday.
- It was fine.
- Of course it was!
"Live Life Winning" is one of the most
popular podcasts out there right now.
Uh... Janice.
Six o'clock.
I think I'm gonna work from home today.
Yeah, yeah.
Hey, how's it going?
Now, an ongoing misconception
is that apps and our phones
create distance between people.
But the Sous Vide app
is the perfect example
of the exact opposite.
It's like a book club, but with recipes.
Real-time cooking parties
over long distances.
Um, our market research indicates
that this new generation
of consumers is review driven.
For a Christmas theme,
we thought it'd be a fun idea
to incorporate cartoon
characters like elves,
reindeer, or even Santa Claus himself,
if that's not too hackneyed.
Hmm. Maybe.
Um, or maybe something classic?
Like Ugg boots? So many studies.
All this market research.
I guess I was just looking
for something a little more...
Alive. Raw.
- Yeah, yeah.
- Yeah.
We can do that.
Either way, really looking forward
to your pitch presentation on the 23rd.
- Thank you for coming in.
- Mm-hmm.
Great. Yeah.
I'm sorry, guys.
Alive. Raw.
Yeah, you should probably
just give this account to Nadia.
Don't you think? I mean,
we all know Christmas content,
it's... it's not your forte anyway.
Beth Barca should know that
the creative director is on it.
We need to win this account
for the agency.
It'll keep us tapped in and relevant.
And speaking of Christmas content,
I'm feeling rather inspired.
I'm gearing up to go see
the Schultzes for the holidays.
Tanya and I are actually
meeting in a few hours
to discuss travel plans.
Tanya Schultz, your bestie from childhood!
Maybe, on your drive to Vermont,
you two can discuss why
you're not a couple already.
- Maybe.
- You know, the latest
"Live Life Winning" podcast
made me think of you two.
It talked about how people
ignore good things
that are right in front of them
because they think
that everything worthwhile
must be a challenge.
That's not a revolutionary
philosophy, Bryan,
it's a clich.
Tanya is my friend.
Her family is like my family.
End of story. Get outta here.
Go do some work.
Think about it.
- Okay!
- Yay!
- Okay, there you go.
- Thank you.
: Cheers.
It's good, but it's still off.
Better than last time.
You know, I think the cardamom
was a good addition.
You know, if this meeting
- does happen with Janice--
- If you're unable to hide
from her until 2036?
Do you think I should come up
with pitches for new podcasts?
No! I think you should
stand by "Life and the Like".
She comes from a true crime background.
I mean, she wants things
that have a big hook, you know?
To be sensational.
Maybe I could do a series
on a spy. Or a tightrope walker.
What makes your podcast
so much fun is that
you find everyday people
who do everyday things,
but you end up wanting
to keep hanging out with them.
You're authentic! So be it!
So, no spy?
Maybe not.
They only had one raspberry left.
But I thought
I'd let you have it.
- Yes!
- To repay me,
you can do the driving
to your parents' house.
About that.
Okay, you know that huge
pine tree outside
my parents' kitchen window?
- Yeah, the squirrel hotel.
- It fell over onto the roof
and now they have to repair it,
so they've decided
that they won't be hosting
Christmas this year.
Are they sure? You know,
maybe we can help them.
They are pretty decided.
In fact, they're coming here,
to spend Christmas in New York.
I'm a bit worried
it's gonna be tight at my place.
But the silver lining
is now they get to meet Cliff.
Wait, um, Cliff?
I thought you weren't that into him?
I forgot to update you.
Okay, we had this great weekend.
He took me upstate to this festival
and we went ice skating. And...
...something clicked into place.
And it turns out,
he's really a Christmas guy,
so I think Mom and Dad are gonna love him.
I'm a Christmas guy.
Of course. It's not a contest.
- No.
- 'Kay. Anyway,
Cliff's outta town, but he'll be
back on Christmas Eve.
You know, of course,
you're welcome to join us,
but I also know you may have
your own traditions here, so...
Oh, do you not want me to join you guys?
No, no, you-you can, you know, I just...
I know it's not Vermont, so...
No, that's okay. I wouldn't
wanna get in the way of Cliff.
No, you... you wouldn't be.
Uh, oh, you just got a...
I think I was wrong
when I used the term "clich"
to describe your assessment
of me and Tanya's relationship.
You know how we always say
there's a fine line
between clich and classic?
Classic being universal, undeniable.
Maybe this is classic.
Maybe you're right about me and Tanya.
You know how we always
talk about that ah-ha moment?
Last night there was some
raspberry jam on her chin
and it was just this... ah-ha!
- It was a moment!
- Can I just point out that
you are talking about all this
in advertising terms.
Of course, she has this
new boyfriend named Cliff,
who's a real Christmas guy.
What? I thought you wanted
the two of us to get together?
But now she's not available.
You know, today, "Live Life Winning,"
they are doing call-ins
for a special Christmas episode.
You could call them.
Eh, you know, get some neutral advice.
Plus, you love a good focus group.
I like that.
Ginnie, can I see you for a minute?
We're gonna need the numbers
on every show we have
in broadcast right now.
Especially "Life and the Like".
Now, where is Elise anyway?
Just like here.
Hey. Hi.
You're hiding from Janice, aren't you?
Just a little.
What are you recording?
The big Christmas call-in.
Though Charlotte Noel just cancelled,
so I have to go at it all alo--
- Actually...
- No, no, no.
- This is perfect.
- No, no.
You can co-host with me.
No. No, no, no, no,
that's not really my skill set.
Ah, there you go.
You look great!
Are we recording now?
Hello and Happy Holidays, everyone.
- I guess we are.
- This is Bonnie Medley,
host of "Live Life Winning".
And today is our epic
Christmas special,
where we answer
any of your holiday questions,
whether it be hosting anxiety,
or what cookies Santa really loves.
And joining me today is our special guest,
Miss Yuletide!
A brilliant expert
on all things Christmas.
So, let's get started
with our first caller here.
We've got a "Kris Kringle".
I'm guessing that's an alias.
Talk to us. What is your
Christmas conundrum?
Hello. Uh...
my conundrum is that
I think I may be in love
with my long-time friend,
but I'm not sure.
But also, time is of the essence
because she has just gotten
a new boyfriend.
That's a classic one.
Classic. See?
That's what I thought.
I've known her since we were kids.
Christmas was a big deal for her family.
My family was always busy with work.
And because we're Pakistani,
we didn't really celebrate it.
So, they always adopted me
for the holiday.
I was actually supposed to spend
Christmas in Vermont with them,
but plans changed, and now, they're coming
to New York instead. And...
I don't know if I'm even invited.
She says this guy is a real Christmas guy,
and I thought maybe I could
be a better Christmas guy.
What I need is a strategy
to win her heart,
and her family's, and secure my spot.
I'm gonna let my co-host,
Miss Yuletide,
take this one.
Why don't you go ahead?
So, you wanna secure your spot.
Sounds like a going out of business crush.
You have known her for a long time,
she now has a boyfriend,
and suddenly, you're interested.
I recommend you leave her be.
You'll get over it. Hmm.
You talk about being
a better Christmas guy.
Is Christmas spirit something
you can really compete at?
Why not?
Christmas is a commodity
often used by companies
to sell you something.
Why can't I use it to win over
the potential love of my life?
Because the spirit in Christmas spirit
hearkens the ephemeral,
the magical, not the strategic.
That's cute and all,
but I have less than a week.
I need an airtight playbook.
Oh yeah, I mean,
if you're looking for a book--
Cute? No need to condescend,
Kris Kringle.
Oh, there's plenty of need, Miss Yuletide.
Didn't this start
with you not even knowing
if you loved this woman?
Yet you're more concerned about winning
than sorting out your feelings.
Isn't this podcast
called "Live Life Winning"?
Oh, well, yeah but--
And-and don't they say,
he who hesitates uh...
He who hesitates, what?
- I don't remember the rest.
- Well, I know how the rest
of this call goes. Bye!
- That was crazy!
- I know.
I'm sorry.
No! I knew you had it in you! Whoa!
Life and the Like.
Life and the Like.
Life and the Li--
I don't know.
It trips you up.
There's too many Ls.
Why so many Ls?
I think there's only two.
I will admit that long form,
thoughtful podcast storytelling
is not my specialty.
I like to think of things
like what makes the listener
have a heated debate
with their friends over dinner?
What propels the listener
from one episode to the next?
Getting to know someone?
Learning about their life philosophy.
Taking away a little inspiration?
Yeah, I'm gonna need you to pivot.
I'm gonna let you hold on to
"Life and the Like"
but I want you to think
of things like cliffhangers.
Something juicy!
Like an episode of the Housewives.
I like to look to reality TV
for inspiration.
Oh! I want you to unearth
that sassiness I heard
in that Kris Kringle call
the other day. The sassiness
that got social media talking.
I-I don't even know
why everyone's all aflutter.
You have this typical situation
where an indecisive man wants something
because suddenly, he can't have it.
I mean, he talks about
using Christmas as a strategy
to help him win.
Like it's some sort of game.
Christmas is supposed to be
the season of love.
Not the season of winning.
There it is.
The season of winning!
If he wants to get the girl,
let him try.
In fact, maybe you even instruct him.
Wait, wait, I-I'm sorry.
I was just venting.
This wasn't supposed to be a pitch.
Ooh! It'll be a like, a holiday special.
On the surface, you can teach him to be
a better Christmas guy, or whatever,
but really, it's all a tool
to win this woman's love.
The deadline, boyfriend's arrival.
That's it!
Ah, Christmas is love.
Or... maybe it's heartbreak.
Find out the next episode.
You can fast-track, edit as you go.
We'll release the whole series
on Christmas Eve.
I love a good brainstorming session.
Wouldn't this be dishonest?
No! It will be a reveal.
Okay, and um,
what will motivate this family
to go along with this?
On the surface, as far as
everyone else is concerned,
he'll be their guide for the ultimate
Christmas in New York.
Also, perks. We'll set 'em up
in some swoon-worthy luxury rental.
That's it!
Off you go.
Okay, yeah, sure. Okay.
Send in Patrick.
No, Christine.
Did I fire Christine?
Never mind.
Just send somebody in.
Okay, Christmas in the park.
Christmas in the mall.
Found it. He's a higher-up
at this ad agency,
here in the city.
Of course.
Commodity, et cetera.
So, are you gonna move forward with it?
I have to if I want Here-N-Now
to keep producing my work.
Either way, first obstacle
is getting him to agree
to this in the first place.
You know what you could do?
I dare you to go into his office
and yell, "Kris Kringle?!"
"Is there a Kris Kringle here?"
I just might.
Oh. You seem serious.
Hey, Dad. It's me.
How's it goin' over there?
Have you guys got the neighbor kid
to put up the Christmas tree yet?
Are you guys actually gonna do
anything to celebrate this year?
Anyways, um...
I'm here.
Give my love to Mom.
He is lost.
Who? My father?
No, he who hesitates is lost.
- That's how the saying goes.
- Oh. It's you.
It's me. Miss Yuletide.
My actual name is Elise.
Daniyal Khan.
Wow, that's your name on the door.
- My father's.
- I wanted to apologize.
I was abrupt. I'm sorry.
So, you came here to apologize?
Also, I think I realized
there might be something to your mission.
And what better combined with
a love story than Christmas?
So, you came here to encourage me?
No, I uh...
May I?
To make it up to you,
I want to help you by featuring
your journey on my podcast,
"Life and the Like".
I surmise from our curt conversation
that organizing
Christmas festivities
doesn't come naturally to you.
That being the better Christmas
guy would be a mission.
A feat.
Well, it comes naturally to me.
Especially Christmas
in this great city we live in.
You asked about a playbook.
Well, your playbook,
with my behind-the-scenes help
is to show your friend and her family
the best possible
Christmas in New York,
becoming the better
Christmas guy.
But the real mission
is to make this um, woman--
- Tanya.
- Tanya,
realize what's already in front of her.
Real, lasting love.
Before this boyfriend even gets a chance.
You just have to record the whole thing?
But doesn't that make your love story
even... better?
Something worth sharing with the world?
Oh, also, my podcast production company
can offer Tanya's family
a stunning holiday rental.
I can send you the link.
It's within walking distance
to some of New York's
best Christmassy things.
As tempting as it all sounds,
I feel like I'd be luring
people I care about
into a ruse, and for that reason,
I'm gonna have to say no.
That's disappointing.
But understandable.
Well, thank you for your time.
One more thing, you said you were worried
about not being included
in the festivities.
Well, this podcast would mean
spending a lot of time
with Tanya and her family.
Would necessitate it.
I'm sorry again for the other day.
Hey. Can you airdrop me
the link to that luxury rental?
Just out of curiosity.
Here, gimme those.
Thank you for your chivalry.
Hmm. What do we always say?
Chivalry is dead.
Chivalry, schmivalry.
Maybe it's not.
Maybe it's not dead.
Okay, why are you being weird?
Now you got a pitch
presentation coming up?
- Actually, yes.
- That explains it.
I'm so worried that the guest bed
is gonna hurt my dad's back.
You know, I got the weirdest offer today.
Talk to me.
Have you heard of that podcast,
- "Life and the Like?"
- Yeah, I've heard it,
but you know, I don't really
listen to podcasts.
Well, the host is a friend of a friend
and she and I got into a heated debate
about the Christmas spirit.
She and I? Heated?
- No, not... no.
- Okay.
What I'm saying is she heard
about my holiday plans
and approached me about doing a podcast
where I'm assigned the challenge
of showing you and your family
the best New York
Christmas ever.
I said no, of course.
Wait! What? Why?
Well, all that recording,
this annoying woman
just following us around,
wiring us up with mics,
pulling us aside
for little interviews? Ugh!
Yeah, I guess.
But I don't know, I mean,
it sounds kinda neat, right?
I know both Mom and Dad
wouldn't mind talking
about their love of Christmas.
Especially now, right, since they can't do
their usual extravaganza.
Well, she did offer us
this really nice luxury rental.
- It seems too good to be true.
- Let me see that.
We're doing this!
- Can I have my phone back?
- No!
What I learned from Jaclyn
is that the trick
to sword-fighting is trust.
A balance of committing to moves
while keeping the other person safe.
- Hello?
- Hi, Elise. It's Daniyal.
- Who?
- Kris Kringle?
Oh, hi. How can I help you?
I wanna do it.
I wanna do the podcast.
Oh, really. Um, great!
What made you change your mind?
Maybe I do have a thing
or two to learn about Christmas.
Also, the luxury rental
was a huge draw for Tanya.
- Great! I'm excited.
- Me too.
Okay. Bye.
Well, all right then.
Oh, Broadway show.
That's a good one.
Ah, yes.
What else, what else, what else?
Now, you have to be an expert
on New York Christmas.
As much as you've been trying to avoid it.
I'm just gonna read up on it
like I do everything else.
Fake it 'til you make it.
Oh, I'm not good at faking it.
I'll take any advice you have.
What makes Christmas
in New York so amazing?
It's like I've been
telling you, just step outside.
No, I need something more solid,
more activity driven.
I need a strategy.
That's not your usual uh...
I need a place to start.
Hey, you got this.
Keep goin'.
- As I build this--
- Okay.
Well, there you have it, dear listeners,
despite being mostly a homebody,
it was now up to me to become an expert
on all things Christmas in New York.
So, with the help
of some trusty guidebooks,
I started drawing up a playbook.
In the hopes of helping
Kris Kringle get the girl.
So, the thing about
Christmas in New York
is that it's almost impossible
not to find a Christmas
that speaks to your heart.
Feels like home.
Speaking of home, what do you think?
Wow! You really outdid
yourself on the decoration.
But I'm not really hearing a strategy.
Oh! No need.
If we focus on the Christmas experience,
the intended result
of winning Tanya's heart
will come naturally.
So, just relax
and let the Christmas
spirit wash over you.
Still doesn't seem like a plan.
Patience, Kris Kringle.
Now, our first task is to prepare
for the family's arrival in one hour,
and I am gonna start recording now.
Hello, world.
Oh! I picked these up.
I thought they may be of some guidance.
No, no, no, we don't need those.
You're gonna have to trust me,
We have to make our moves from the heart,
from the gut.
Not-not from a guide!
You know, I think the best
thing to make them feel the most at home
is making sure they have
personalized stockings.
Why are we making five stockings?
Oh, well, Tanya,
her parents, you, and Cliff.
Why does Cliff get a stocking?!
He's invited.
You're a child.
Hey, so, I thought it'd be really fun
if the drink of the night
could be Manhattans,
with a Christmas twist.
So, the way we infuse
these New York drinks
with Christmas spirit
is by adding a little a bit
of nutmeg-flavored simple syrup.
It was my mom's recipe.
Which will be posted on
the "Life and the Like" blog.
So, let me get this straight.
The way we're constructing
this fabulous New York Christmas
is by making a drink called a Manhattan?
So far, this feels vague and aimless.
So far, as in, the first
hour and a half of our process?
Doesn't look like patience
is one of your virtues.
I just avoid procrastination.
Okay. Look at it this way.
Sure, we could go straight
to Rockefeller Center
- for ice skating.
- See, now that sounds perfect.
But, why do the first thing you think of?
It's so impersonal.
You know, regardless,
we're on the same team,
so let's work together.
We have what, 15 minutes
before the family arrives?
Do you wanna spend
- all this time arguing?
- No.
So, shake.
Keep going.
- Still?
- Mm-hmm.
Oh, my goodness, look at this.
Let's go!
Oh, my God!
Dad, look at this!
- Wow!
- This place is amazing!
Oh, it's so beautiful!
As Tanya's family arrives,
I've instructed Daniyal
to ever-so-stealthily--
- Honey.
- Love it?
... try to tease out if there was one
Christmassy thing
that always makes them think
of New York City.
Maybe something they've
always dreamt of doing.
- Wow!
- That may seem like cheating,
but it's just a way to make
the journey more personal.
- Wow.
- Let me take your jacket.
- Why?
- 'Cause we're inside.
I watch as Daniyal takes Tanya's coat.
Just let me...
I'll just take it for ya.
- Okay.
- But she seems more confused
- than appreciative.
- But my...
- my arm's stuck. I just...
- I got, I got this.
Her arm's stuck.
It's not charming.
It's more of an awkward struggle.
- All right.
- High-five.
- Hi, Patty.
- Hi. We just speak right in--
Yeah, just speak as you normally would.
So, how are you feeling
- about being here?
- Well, I'll certainly miss
not spending Christmas
at my home in Vermont,
but why not take the opportunity
and make an adventure out of it, right?
And this podcast, well,
we're just thrilled to be doing it.
Patty works so hard to make
everyone's Christmas special.
I'm... happy that this
can be a break for her.
She can just relax and enjoy the holiday
without having to coordinate everything.
And I'm looking forward
to capturing the festivities
with my new hobby.
Actually, Patty calls it a hobby.
I call it my new artistic pursuit.
That's it. Smile.
Hold it!
Having to live up to my parents' level
of Christmas celebration,
here in New York,
was intimidating.
But now Daniyal is doing the podcast
and being our Christmas guide, he...
he's a great friend.
And I understand there's
someone else in the picture?
Cliff, yeah.
You know, usually it takes
a long time for me
to wanna introduce someone
to my parents, but when I saw
the stocking over there,
with his name on it,
I can't explain it.
Something, it just felt right. Fit.
I think it's going great.
They like your stockings
and I'll admit it,
those weird, little nutmeg Manhattans.
What? Do you disagree?
No, um I just wonder
if maybe there's a different angle.
I don't know.
Um, what if it's less
get the girl and more,
she loves me, she loves me not?
Less of a competition
and more of a rumination.
You don't think
I stand a chance, do you?
No, I just don't want
to record hours upon hours
of your heart getting rejected.
There's not much of an arc there.
Not much of an arc.
You lack competitive spirit.
Did I just hear someone say,
"Chestnuts roasting on an open fire"?
I've got a great idea!
: Oh! Let's hear it!
- Are you guys excited?
- Absolutely!
- Yes!
- This chestnut guy
is the best kept secret
in all of New York City.
He's always moving around
from location to location.
Which is what makes him
so special. Or should I say,
Christmas magical.
Let's go get some. Come on!
Oh, these smell so good.
What do you think?
Wow! I mean, this is really extraordinary.
I... I had no idea
you had this in your repertoire.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
I was skeptical at first,
but Tanya did give him a look.
How can I describe it?
Like a romantic reassessment.
No, a... a double take spanning decades.
Could there be a twinge of hope
for Daniyal after all?
Ugh, no, Elise. You
have no idea what you're doing.
And he can probably tell.
What's next?
What's next, you might ask?
A New York Christmas classic, of course.
One that's beautiful, and fun,
at once extravagant and free of charge.
Strolling down Fifth Avenue
and taking in the stunning
window displays.
In fact, you wouldn't have
a proper New York Christmas
without this requisite tradition.
Oh, sorry.
Hi. Peppermint hot chocolate.
There's a shop right over there
that makes the best.
Is this your spectacular
New York activity?
What do you call these,
New York hot chocolate?
Your spectacular New York
activity seems to be sarcasm.
No, this is a treat that goes
along with our next activity.
Chestnuts on an open fire was amazing.
You saw the way she looked at me.
- Yes, I did.
- Ha.
Which is why I'm trying
to roll with that momentum.
- You're recording?
- I'm always recording.
Some of the best material
comes from the in between,
unexpected moments.
Besides, remember, this is half guide
to New York Christmas, half your journey.
I don't think my journey's
that interesting.
Everyone's journey is interesting.
Okay, uh...
follow me! I'm really
excited about this one.
Okay, so this is one of the best things
about Christmas in New York,
the stunning window displays.
I thought we could do a dry run
and then, come back with Tanya
and her family after dark,
when there's more atmosphere.
- Sounds great.
- Really?
I want to give credit where credit's due.
This display is impressive
but what do you think is going on here?
He's going to a Christmas party?
Yes, a deer version
of an ugly sweater party.
Or... maybe the deer
is masquerading as a reindeer
because he's a spy.
Has worker health and safety
checked out these conditions?
I am concerned they're not wearing gloves.
Well, this one's simple.
That's you and Tanya on Christmas Eve.
Your longstanding love realized,
and you're mid-dance. Mid spin.
- Here you are.
- Thanks, Elise.
This is a big part of New York Christmas,
taking in the magnificent window
displays down Fifth Avenue.
Our first stop, this whimsical
winter wonderland.
- Oh, Daniyal, it's so magical!
- Oh, wow!
- Agreed!
- Oh, it's just wonderful!
Oh, thanks.
So, whadda ya think?
Such a classic
New York activity.
It's one of those things
I always mean to do,
but never do. You know?
I do.
I realize there are more and more things
like that in my life.
Like CrossFit?
Or reading through that pile
of "New Yorkers"?
No, I...
what do you think is going on in there?
they're trying to get us
to buy a $400 sweater?
Oh, sorry.
Cliff and I are in a debate
on whether he should fly
into JFK or LaGuardia.
What were you saying?
What's happening in there?
Why is that elf climbing that ladder?
They're not even wearing gloves.
Aren't they afraid of getting frostbite?
What's up with that?
Yeah, I... well, I'm not sure.
I mean, is it supposed to make sense?
You're the one in advertising.
Dear listeners,
sometimes all you have to do
is step outside and let
the city help you celebrate.
But back to our number one topic,
the romance.
Daniyal seems to have had a little setback
as far as interest from Tanya,
but he is determined to keep trying.
Which is good, right?
You don't just give up.
Though I... I still can't help
but feel that maybe...
maybe they're not right for one another.
Note to self,
if this is the case
and it all ends in defeat,
is that our story?
Seems kinda somber.
maybe flip-flop love story with Christmas.
B story to A story.
I am feeling inspired.
What if we do an elaborate window display
in our front window next year?
I can get some mannequins.
Mom, do you really
want the whole town standing
- in front of our window?
- I do!
Okay, why did you even have to ask?
The thing about Sous Vide
is that you're not actually
alone when you're cooking.
- It's interactive.
- Okay,
but should we avoid
anything romance related,
like we normally do
for these holiday campaigns?
Since it narrows the field
of receptive viewers?
I think a single viewer
might see the ad as hopeful,
full of possibility.
Maybe we should just do away
with the whole idea
of reviewing altogether.
Think of this, a split screen.
Two people, two different kitchens,
but they're looking
at each other... affectionately.
What did you think of the excerpts I sent?
The family, the Schultzes, is it?
- Yeah.
- They're so... nice.
Aren't they?
Hanging out with them
is like dipping a cookie
into a warm glass of milk.
That's a great way to put it. Cookies.
Yeah. Then there's just mush.
Where's the danger?
You need the family to argue,
get in each other's way.
Maybe one of them disapproves of Daniyal.
Tries to sabotage the whole thing!
I'm sorry um...
wasn't this supposed to be
a journey where I guide him?
Help him win Christmas and the girl?
I'm gonna roll that back.
Things are way too easy
for Daniyal right now.
We need more drama.
Things going wrong.
We are really not doing justice
to this whole love triangle thing.
I mean, this Cliff guy,
he's not even around.
Just like a line.
Flat... line.
I'm gonna go.
Hey, Dad! I was just trying to catch you
in between meetings.
I wanted to give you an update
on the Sous Vide pitch.
It's... going great.
I've actually managed
to effectively convey
the Christmas spirit.
It's exciting, actually.
Uh, anyways, uh...
Fred and Patty Schultz say hi.
Okay, bye.
- Hey!
- Hi!
I wanted to pitch a bold,
new tactic to you.
Sure! I mean, we're a team.
Your input is welcome.
Okay, so I'm thinking
why not just be direct?
Tell her how I feel?
You know, why all the spectacle?
- Just fast track it.
- Well...
what's romantic about fast tracking?
Where would the great story be, hmm?
As of now, it'd be
one and a half episodes' worth.
One and a half episodes' worth.
May I remind you that we are talking
about my actual life here?
Um, well, it's worth mentioning
that for our upcoming strategy,
I was actually uh...
inspired by your point of view.
I know you're trying to appeal
to my ego, but go on.
By showing Tanya and her family
all New York has to offer,
what are we missing?
So, how do we bring home to New York?
Do you have any favorite
activities you miss?
Yes, snowshoeing.
Snowshoeing? Great.
- In New York?
- Doesn't New York
have everything? Huh.
You know, I didn't wanna say anything,
but I was really gonna miss
snowshoeing this year.
- Yeah.
- Who would've known,
snowshoeing in New York?
Well, they do say
that New York has everything.
- Including hot chocolate!
- Oh, Dad! Wait up!
- Wait for me!
- Come on, Daniyal!
Oh, I... just a second.
- Oh, you're recording.
- Uh, yeah,
I don't mean to be sneaky,
it's just, you never know
what you're gonna miss.
It's for those in between,
unexpected moments, right?
I mean, you always have to be prepared.
That's exactly my philosophy.
I have to admit that I listened
to a couple of your podcasts.
You are so wonderful, Elise.
You're so reflective, and warm.
You really pulled me in.
Thank you. That means a lot.
: Snowball fight?
- It's on!
- Don't you do it!
That's their thing.
They're so competitive.
Yeah, I... definitely noticed
Daniyal's competitive.
Hey, hey, hey.
- Thank you.
- I wanted to ask you,
how did you meet Daniyal?
Oh, I um...
I met him through this podcast thing.
A little bit ago.
And then, I approached him
for this project.
I would've thought you've known each other
for a much longer time.
No, no. But that feeling
is great for the podcast.
Hey, dear!
Have some chocolate for you.
- Hi.
- Hey!
Tell Mom...
tell Mom to come over.
I'm gonna go check on your dad.
- Okay.
- Thanks, see ya later.
I just wanted to thank you for everything.
I mean, my parents are having
such a wonderful time.
And that luxury apartment
that you got us is unbelievable.
It's been fun for me too, so...
Oh, good! Good. Listen, um...
There you go, darling.
Can I pick your brain for a minute,
- just woman to woman?
- Sure.
As you know, my boyfriend,
Cliff, is coming back
- on Christmas Eve and...
- Right.
...really excited to see him, I just...
I'm a little conflicted, too.
These past few days,
I've been having a strange
twinge of feelings for Daniyal.
I mean, we've known each other 30 years.
Why now, out of the blue?
I mean, it's understandable.
Daniyal's a great guy.
Despite always having to be right.
No, but if I'm being honest,
today, you two looked like
you were in a rom-com.
Right? That's exactly what I'm saying. I...
Is it possible that
I've overlooked true love
for all this time?
I mean, isn't this like,
a classic love story?
You know, but then
I think of Cliff, and I...
I get that rollercoaster
feeling in my stomach,
you know, and he's only
been gone a few days
and I... already miss him.
Geez, that-that sounds
like a real love triangle.
What do I do?
Oh... well,
it must be hard for you to judge,
having one of these men here
and not the other,
and you know, all this warm,
holiday celebration
kind of makes it uneven.
- Right.
- How about seeing if Cliff
can come back early?
I mean, it's a shame he should
miss all of this, right?
Yeah! Yeah, it's worth a try.
Gosh, okay. Oh, this is
off the record, right?
Of course! I-I don't even have
my recording equipment set up.
I... um...
And even if I did, I...
I wouldn't put anything on the podcast
you asked me not to.
Thank you, Elise.
Seriously, thank you.
Of course.
Girls, here's your hot chocolate!
Wait up! I'm coming!
Oh, uh... here I come.
Let's get these snowshoes
off and go shopping!
Okay, folks.
See ya later tonight!
Thank you.
I still think this is madness.
You think ice cream
is exclusively a summer thing.
I disagree.
Can't we just go and eat it inside?
- Where it's warm?
- That would defeat the purpose.
At 22 degrees outside,
it's colder than the ice cream.
We don't have to worry about it
melting all over our hands.
We can take our time
and enjoy it. No panic.
Mm! This is good!
That's beside the point.
Today went well, don't you think?
Yeah! Although, I feel like
we're losing momentum.
We should really be doing
something right now
to get you and Tanya together.
I also feel like we should be
ratcheting up tension.
You know?
Like, if Cliff were here,
we'd do something like
an arm wrestling contest.
Arm wrestling contest?
That doesn't sound like your style.
I think we're thinking
about this too hard.
We should take a break.
But that doesn't sound like your style.
Sometimes it helps to not
focus on the end result so hard.
Distance equals perspective.
Let your mind drift.
What, is that from,
some kind of self-care blog?
I actually came up
with it for a cruise campaign.
It still applies, though.
You don't seem very eager.
Are you having second thoughts?
No. It's just sometimes
clearing your mind leaves room
for a solution.
Ibuprofen ad.
Oh, you got some...
Oh, no. See?
That's user error.
Don't blame the temperature.
So, how'd you get into advertising?
My parents are in advertising.
They're the Khan in Khan and Clark.
- Right.
- Do you wanna know a secret?
There's no Clark.
It's just a name they added
to sound more formidable.
Oh, okay.
I actually got the firm a Sous Vide pitch.
- It's in three days.
- Wait, is that the cooking app?
Wow, impressive!
- Thank you.
- Good luck!
My parents are running the London office
and I'm in New York trying
to keep the company revived
and relevant.
They're a little stuck in their ways.
Is that why you never
spend Christmas together?
I mean, with all the year-end work,
it's practical. It's a given.
I guess in my family,
our tradition is not
spending Christmas together.
And you're okay with that?
I mean, since you have the Schultzes.
Not really.
But I don't know how
I would turn that around.
Aren't you the one who works in the field
about making people want things
they didn't even know they wanted?
Oh, I have a pitch for you.
How about you just invite them?
Hmm? After all, you're developing
all these New York
Christmas skills.
Well, what about you?
What are you doing
after the podcast is done?
Are you heading home for the holidays? Let
me guess, California.
No... Arizona?
Can we just put a pin in that,
just for now?
How 'bout this?
You show me your favorite
New York Christmas tradition.
It doesn't have to be in a guide book
or even part of the podcast.
Just... yours.
All right. Let's go.
- Okay!
- Okay.
I hope she's still there.
Lola! Am I too late?
Oh, we sold out. But
I set a box aside for you.
And was actually going to drop it by.
Thank you so much, Lola.
I-I've been busy with a work project.
Actually, Lola, this is Daniyal.
- Hi.
- My current podcast subject.
We're doing a podcast
on love and Christmas.
That seems worthwhile.
- Well, nice to meet you, Daniyal.
- It's nice to meet you, too.
I've been coming here
for these Christmas cookies
for uh... for a long time.
Let me guess, she did a podcast about you?
Oh, no. My sister.
A champion barrel racer.
- Wow!
- One of my favorites.
Well, you probably say that to everyone.
I'm hoping to be a favorite, too.
We'll see.
Okay, thank you, Lola.
- You're welcome.
- Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Where are we going now?
It's a surprise!
Surprise, surprise.
My mom and I used to live
up north and every year,
sometime around Christmas,
we'd drive down and go to Helena's Bakery
to get these special
Christmas cookies.
And let me guess, you both would come
to this bench and eat these cookies.
Um... no, actually.
We walked down this main street
so many times,
and somehow never saw this park.
Then, two years ago,
I was already living in the city and um...
it was-was the year my mom passed away.
I came down to get the cookies
around our usual time and uh...
I came across this park.
Clear as day.
It's been here since the 1800s but...
sometimes I feel like she left it for me.
If... if that make sense.
It does.
- These are delicious!
- I know, right?
To me, they taste like
being a child at Christmas.
So, now every year,
I sit here and eat our favorite cookies,
listen to my mom's favorite music, and...
stare at the stars.
That's so poetic.
You should put it in a podcast.
Oh, no, I... try to keep
myself out of the podcast.
Anyway, that's...
that's not really interesting.
Didn't you recently tell me
that everyone's journey is interesting?
We're getting off track.
Off track, off what?
The mission.
The-the podcast. You and Tanya.
Right, okay.
But by running through
the park in snowshoes,
it doesn't give you and Tanya a chance to...
take a step closer.
Look into each other's eyes.
What are some...
quieter, indoor activities you could do?
Uh, they like game nights.
Great! All cozy on the couch.
You know, we should do that
tomorrow night.
- We're running outta time.
- Well, wait.
Thank you for sharing this with me.
- It's nothing.
- No, that's not true.
Thank you.
- You can't see!
- Mine are done, mine are done.
Thank you. Oh.
Oh, Daniyal, pose.
- Sure.
- Oh, uh, yeah.
Oh, look at...
Oh! Look at that. So cute.
- It is.
- Hey, Fred,
when you upload those pictures,
would you mind
sending me your favorites?
They'll be great for the podcast blog.
Could you send them to me, too?
Oh, of course.
See that, Patty? High demand.
Yes, I heard that Fred.
Oh, I love celebrity Guess Who?
Oh wait, don't we need
an even number for that?
What happens when Tanya gets here?
Yeah, I can sit this one out.
I probably should anyway.
Oh, absolutely not!
We'll have three on one team,
and then, Daniyal and Elise,
you'll be on a team together.
That's fair.
So, Elise,
what are you doing on the actual holiday?
Well, after I post the podcast,
I'm gonna make
my mom's cornbread stuffing.
If... I can figure it out.
And then, curl up on my couch and watch
A Christmas Carol, and Rudolph, and--
Well, you can join us.
Christmas Eve, Christmas Day,
the whole shebang.
Thank you so much for the invite
but I wouldn't want to be
in the way of anything.
What on earth
would you be in the way of?
Hi, everyone.
I have a surprise...
Everyone, meet Cliff!
He came early!
What a great surprise.
Hi, darling.
Hi, Mom.
- Hi.
- This is my mom, Patty.
- I'm Fred.
- Good to meet you.
Cliff, this is my dad, Fred.
- Cliff, great to meet you.
- Hi, Cliff.
So nice to meet you.
This is Daniyal.
- So nice to meet you, Cliff.
- Yeah, you as well.
I've heard a lot of good things about you.
Still not as much conflict as I'd like.
But my main question is,
how do we bring the big
love triangle to the surface?
Actually, that's very much in the works.
Last night, Cliff arrived early.
Everyone was surprised.
Big twist.
He seems like a worthy opponent.
Tensions will surely rise.
I know it definitely threw Daniyal back
into competition mode.
What are you talking about?
What are you talking about?
I'm talking about the love triangle
between Daniyal, Tanya, and you.
It is delightfully clear
in all of the footage
I listened to.
All your little protestations
about how they're not
right for each other.
Those are some good breadcrumbs.
I don't really...
I don't... I don't know
what you're talking about.
Denial. Oh, it's brilliant.
Use it. Uh, by the way,
given the rushed nature of all of this,
I am not gonna have time to go over this
before you have to send it into Kevin.
So, I am trusting you.
Do not let me down.
Yes, ma'am.
These white lies are piling up.
This family is wonderful
and this podcast is a whole trick on them.
And top of that,
I'm the one who encouraged
Tanya to invite Cliff out early.
Which was a complete betrayal to Daniyal.
The last thing I want.
Yeah, that's a lot to keep track of.
Ball, please.
You know, before that,
at least we were in it together.
We were on the same team.
Well, does this other love triangle exist?
I have noticed a different
energy about you lately.
I mean, there might...
have been a moment
where it could've existed,
but things went another way.
Okay. So, what are you gonna do?
The best thing to do is take a step back
and go back to Janice's plan A.
I'm gonna help Daniyal get the girl and...
that'll be better for everyone.
Except maybe Cliff.
Who seems like a great guy, honestly.
And what about you?
I get to keep my podcast.
You know how much that means to me.
I actually have our next activity planned.
Like a grand finale.
- Well, tell me!
- Carriage rides
through Central Park.
- Hey, guys. Guys!
- Yeah!
How about a picture of you?
You and the horse.
Why didn't I think of this?
Quintessential New York.
Patty and Fred are gonna love this.
Okay, I am gonna do everything I can
to get you and Tanya
in one of those carriages alone.
And then, I think it's finally
time to speak from the heart.
Let her know how you feel, huh?
Let's secure your spot.
Why are you acting so weird?
Huh? No, um,
I-I am just focused.
Our deadline is fast approaching.
Don't you wanna get the girl?
I guess. Yes, of course.
All right, everyone.
Today I am taking the reins.
Pun intended.
To make everything more streamlined,
I have created carriage assignments.
So, carriage number one,
Patty, Fred, and Cliff.
Great chance to get to know each other.
So, carriage number two
is Tanya and Daniyal. Great!
Um, what about you, Elise?
Oh, uh, no,
I-I'm gonna stay here.
More room overall. It's better.
But the carriages seat up to four.
- Yes. But...
- Yeah.
...everyone should be able
to stretch out. Enjoy.
Well, either way, wouldn't Cliff and Tanya
like to sit together?
Since he just got in yesterday.
I mean, I certainly don't mind riding
- with you lovely folks.
- Nor do I!
I can do it.
Oh, why don't we do rock, paper, scissors?
- I'm in.
- Oh, great.
- Yeah, see.
- Ah-ha-ha.
Guess I got it.
- Hey!
- Hey!
Come on.
- Elise, you can come with us.
- Okay.
- Okay.
- Okay.
- Okay.
- Bye.
- Bye!
- Mwah! Mwah!
Your carriage is right behind.
Take pictures!
So um, you two
have known each other since first grade?
Yeah. We grew up around
the corner from each other.
Christmas has always been
a big deal with the family.
And me too.
Oh, I meant to say,
it was so nice of your family
to make me a stocking.
No, that was us.
Me and Elise.
We did it for the podcast.
Um, not that they
wouldn't make one for you.
Yeah, I'm sure if we were at home,
my mom would've made you one.
Oh yeah, I'm sure, too.
I mean, I have one.
So um, you and Elise are together, right?
- Together?
- I uh... saw her
fix your lapel.
Uh, looked a little intimate.
Just assumed.
Elise is just here recording the podcast.
Yeah, they're...
they're not an item.
- No.
- Right.
Well, either way,
I look forward to listening
to the podcast.
Well, I did tell everyone
you were a Christmas guy. Hmm?
Yeah. It's true.
Such a gentleman.
- Good sir.
- Uh, you go first.
No, I insist.
: Come on.
I know, I feel like
we're finally doing this.
After all these years. Yeah.
Oh, my God. It's red!
I know!
Was that a cardinal?
It's so beautiful.
Oh yeah, there's beauty all around us
if you're looking close enough.
This is amazing.
- My pleasure, man.
- Really?
So, here we are in beautiful Central Park,
having just done the classic
Christmas carriage ride.
I get a feeling
Patty and Fred enjoyed it.
They are nodding emphatically.
Now, since I have
Patty and Fred to myself
for a minute,
what are your thoughts on Cliff?
Well, I think we like him.
Oh, I think so, too.
He seems considerate, and-and genuine.
Oh, and they seem to adore each other.
What do you think, Elise?
I suppose I'm curious to see
how Daniyal fits into all of this?
I can't help but notice
how Tanya and Daniyal seem so close.
We've gone through our phases
of hope for those two.
Daniyal is one of our
favorite people.
But at some point,
we realized how awful
it would be if they dated
and it didn't work out,
and then, he wasn't in our life at all.
Yeah, we've realized at some point
that if they were gonna end up together,
they would have to figure it out.
But isn't that
the most classic of stories?
An epic love story spanning decades?
Well, I think Tanya and Cliff
seem to be a great match.
I think there is a perfect match
out there for Daniyal.
Tomorrow's Christmas Eve eve.
Obviously you couldn't make
your move in the carriage
with Cliff there, so tomorrow
will have to be your day.
You know, maybe we can even
find a better grand gesture.
Something to do with
the Empire State Building.
Right now, all I need
is an easygoing interview
before we wrap up. We can...
talk about the anticipation.
Speculate about how things might go down.
Ooh, um...
I... I... I need to check something.
All good?
Yeah. Sorry,
I have this project.
There's a few of my mom's
recipes she didn't write down,
so I'm trying to figure them out
before I forget.
The cider's one of them.
And tonight is spice cake.
Smells amazing. It'll be nice
while we're recording.
Right. Um... okay, you can just pull
this chair up and...
we'll get started.
Oh, I already saw.
Are you not an expert
on all things Christmas in New York?
No. I uh...
I mostly stay in and...
and do things like this.
Though, the cookies and park
in Little Italy, that's...
that's real.
That was my favorite part.
You know, a wise woman once asked me,
is the Christmas spirit really something
someone can be good at?
I think she called it ephemeral?
Sounds wise.
- So, you're not upset?
- No.
I mean, I'm not surprised.
We did come up with most of it together.
And I think we succeeded
with Christmas in New York.
The Schultzes have had a magical time.
You know, whatever happens
with the podcast,
whatever happens between you and Tanya,
it's clear this family really loves you.
That you'll always have
a place in their lives.
I don't think you'll ever lose your spot.
Just in case that's the spot
you were really afraid of losing.
Let's figure out
your big move for tomorrow.
My big move.
The culmination of yours
and Tanya's love story.
Right. Uh, well...
we have all this audio recording.
The family, Tanya, me.
Maybe it's like you said that first night.
there's a different angle.
A different story in all of this.
I've been building it up
on you getting the girl. I...
Things can shift during editing,
but there's only...
there's only so much I can do.
Maybe the B love story
becomes the A story.
Hang on. I...
You know,
I didn't wanna say anything,
but I was really gonna
miss snowshoeing this year.
Daniyal's a great guy,
despite always having to be right.
You know, all this warm,
holiday celebration
kind of makes it uneven.
How 'bout seeing if Cliff
can come back early?
I mean it's a shame he should
miss all of this, right?
Yeah. It's worth a try.
Oh, um, this is off the record, right?
Of course. I-I don't even
have my recording equipment set up.
don't even have your
recording equipment set up?
I... I... I didn't.
And then, I realized my phone
was recording.
And I just downloaded everything.
I meant what I said. I wasn't
gonna use that recording.
on the same team? Huh?
We are! Look, I can explain.
You encouraged her
to invite Cliff back early
just to make things harder for me.
Look, it was a temporary
lapse in judgment. Okay?
My producer kept talking
about a love triangle,
and creating drama, and I was confused.
No, wait a sec!
I forgot I had even told her that.
And then, he showed up and...
Either way, I knew
I had made a mistake
and I immediately went back
to our original plan.
The one we agreed on.
Where we were on the same team.
I didn't wanna lie to you.
Besides, didn't we just
agree the story changed?
If I did make it harder
for you to get the girl,
that girl...
does that even matter now?
I don't trust you.
I'm not recording any more
of this podcast. I'm done.
And by extension, so are the Schultzes.
I know we signed releases.
I can't do anything about that.
But if you do put this out
in the world, please...
don't make fools out of this family.
I would never do that.
I don't know, he's right.
How could he trust me?
Well, did you tell him how you feel?
No, I'm... almost.
We were talking about the B love story,
before it all got obliterated.
And now the podcast is ruined.
Well, I suppose Janice
finally got some of that drama
she always wanted.
I can't decide
whether to drop it and cut my losses,
or try to salvage something.
I don't know what's worse
for the Schultzes?
I mean, having that all
have been for nothing,
or airing a podcast
where they're being fooled?
Either way, I-I don't even
know how I'd structure it.
There's no conclusion and all
the characters dropped out.
Ah-ah-ah, not all.
Oh, not you, too.
Listen, like it or not,
you're in the story, my friend.
And it's worth looking into.
Isn't it?
Might this be the way
into telling the kind of story
you wanted to tell anyway?
If this is about
the Christmas spirit flowing
from your heart and your gut,
then I guess my question is,
why do I need your help?
I'm like your coach,
or tour guide. Concierge?
You know, regardless,
we're on the same team.
Thanks for meeting me.
Oh. Oh, you look serious.
Okay. Is it the pitch presentation?
No. I wanted to let you know
that the podcast has been cancelled.
Or it might still be produced
but we're no longer
doing anymore recording.
Oh, that's too bad. I...
I really liked Elise.
Also, I have a confession to make.
There was a secret angle to the podcast.
On the surface, it was about
me showing you and your family
an amazing New York Christmas.
But it was really about me...
winning your heart.
I agreed to it because
when Christmas plans changed
and Cliff came in the picture,
and then, you got raspberry
on your chin, I-I panicked
that I had overlooked this unrealized
romantic love between us.
And then, I became
thoughtlessly competitive
and I was terrified of being replaced.
Then... it wasn't the case.
There are no unrealized feelings.
We're friends.
We always have been.
It's okay.
Because the same questions
came up for me for a moment.
It would've been
a classic love story, I guess.
Yeah. But not ours.
Is that why there's no more podcast?
No, Elise and I had a disagreement.
Oh. That's too bad.
I feel really badly
for deceiving your parents.
I understand if they're angry at--
I mean, is it that terrible of a lie?
They both had a wonderful time, right?
- I know I did. Hmm. Cheers.
- Cheers, buddy.
This chestnut guy
is the best kept secret in New York City.
He's always moving from location to--
Hey, hey!
How's it goin'?
I am not sure
if I'm tearing down the rom-com
or celebrating it.
Not sure if this is the best
or worst idea I've ever had.
Well, I bought some Thai.
Enough for lunch and dinner.
Thank you.
So, I'm heading out this afternoon.
What do you have planned
for after you turn it in tomorrow?
Probably cook.
Watch some movies.
Definitely staying off
the internet and social media
'cause I won't wanna know.
Do you hope he will listen?
I don't know yet.
Okay, well good luck,
Merry Christmas, and I love you.
I love you.
Oh, okay. You're the best.
Take care of yourself, okay?
I'll see ya in a bit.
Now that I see this executed,
I don't like it.
This-this line down the middle.
Feels like a barrier.
I'm just finishing up
some meetings at the caf,
but when I get back to the office,
let's go with the other version,
the elf and reindeer reviews.
Plan A. Quirky connections.
Thank you so much for joining us
on this Christmas Eve eve.
Do we have a fun idea for you.
Let's imagine that this elf
is sneaking away
from the workshop to go
to a gingerbread cook-off
with his best friend, Blitzen.
And of course, these characters
are interchangeable and flexible.
And as far as commercials go,
we were thinking there's always
a bit of fun to be had
when we license a Christmas classic
and add our own lyrics to it.
: Sous Vide night.
That's gonna be stuck in everyone's head.
- Uh, pleasantly stuck.
- Bryan is a fan.
- He's a huge fan.
- I'm sorry,
weren't we talking about
connection last time?
Oh-oh, yeah.
These two are connecting
through their phones,
which is the promise of the app.
Yeah, I-I suppose what I'm saying is...
I don't feel connected to them.
Yeah. I can see that.
And no offense, but you don't
really feel connected to it.
I suppose that when you think
of connection and Christmas,
the first thing that comes
to mind is family.
Which seems obvious enough.
But the definition of family is so broad,
that when I try to think
of visuals for family, I...
I'm stumped.
Um... like, hold on a sec.
Like, do we compose a picture
of a standard nuclear family over dinner?
My Christmas family
growing up was my neighbors.
Some people's families are their friends,
their co-workers.
Some people's families live far away.
I recently met someone
who was using cooking
as a means to celebrate
and connect with her mother,
who's no longer with us.
Who she misses so much.
How could we even begin
to capture that connection?
It really is the ephemeral,
the unexpected moments in between,
that hold all the magic.
And it's hard for someone
in advertising to admit that...
it's difficult to construct those.
I wish I had put something
better together for you.
Better luck next time.
See this...
is what I'm talking about
when I saw alive and raw.
Let's touch base after the new year?
Let's get going, boys!
Thank you!
Merry Christmas.
What was that?
Let's get started!
And that's how this narrator,
despite her best efforts,
fell into the narrative,
and also into love.
Hey, Dad!
Took a little quick thinking on my part,
but I think I really nailed
that Christmas inspiration.
Speaking of which,
I have a proposal.
We never spend
Christmas together,
and I think we should.
You guys should fly out next year.
You know, I recently became an expert
on the New York
Christmas experience.
And I could be your guide.
It would mean a lot to me.
So... let me know.
And Merry Christmas Eve.
Here we go.
Hmm. Elise.
Hi! Janice.
You texted in all caps.
Yes, I did.
I was very excited.
Podcast is already
trending on social media.
Seems to be getting a lot of listeners.
It was so clever of you to bring in that,
"Live Life Winning" call.
I just finished listening to it.
Oh, all of it? Already?
Yeah, I listen to most things
at 2.5 speed.
It is very invigorating.
And-and what did you think?
It's kinda like when restaurants put bacon
in ice cream,
or rosemary in whiskey drinks.
At first, you're like, "Ooh, what?"
And then, you're like, "Oh, okay.
I guess some people like
this kinda thing."
Okay, look, it's clear
that this kind of storytelling
is not my thing,
but I still felt
compelled to listen to it.
Especially since I made a cameo.
I see you took my love triangle note.
Good work.
I don't know if it's me
or if it's all this Christmas spirit,
but I think you should keep
"Life and the Like" going.
And in the new year,
we should look at you heading
your own department.
Seeing as you're so good
at this sort of thing.
We should maintain some variety,
I suppose.
It's Christmas, after all.
That would be great!
Excellent! Merry Christmas!
Oh... Merry Christmas.
Oh my gosh.
- And what do you contribute?
- I did the shopping.
- Oh, there it is.
- Ho, ho, ho!
- Oh, hi!
- Hey!
- Good morning.
- Hey, Daniyal!
You're here!
Oh, let me take your coat.
Thank you.
And I've got your place right here.
Good morning, Cliff.
Merry Christmas Eve, Daniyal.
Merry Christmas Eve.
Sorry about...
It's okay. I mean,
can't exactly blame you.
So, how'd the pitch go yesterday?
- We got the account!
- Yes!
- Oh, that's great.
- And-and actually, Fred,
I ended up using your photos,
which were essential
for the success of the pitch.
Did you hear that, guys?
Yes, we heard, Fred.
I have to say, it just feels strange
not having Elise here
recording everything.
Have you guys listened to the podcast yet?
I-I saw that it was posted online.
We decided we'd listen
to it on our drive home.
In case it's upsetting.
It's Elise.
Would you guys really think
it's gonna be upsetting?
Yeah, I probably
won't listen to it at all.
- Let's eat!
- Yeah, okay.
- Here, Fred.
- Oh, looks wonderful.
- Have some berries, Daniyal.
- Ooh, my favorite!
- Oh, yeah!
- Thanks, Mom.
This looks unbelievable.
Hi, it's Bonnie.
Leave a message.
Hi, Bonnie.
You're-you're probably out
of range, or with your family,
but uh...
I just wanted to tell you,
I figured out the cider.
Rosemary. Just tiny spring.
Anyway, I just...
I just wanted to share that with someone.
So, there you go.
Cheers, Mom.
I suppose I'll let
the city help me celebrate.
You look really happy.
I am! And surprised.
My mom and dad are coming in
for Christmas next year.
Well, they'll have
a wonderful guide.
Thank you.
I have a confession.
I know Fred said that we hadn't
listened to the podcast.
Well, I may have listened
to bits and pieces
when I could sneak away.
It's really good.
I skipped to the last episode
because I had to know how it ends.
You might wanna listen to it.
I don't think I'm up to it.
Also, where would
I find the time?
Daniyal, it's six 40-minute episodes.
You skip the ads, sorry,
it's under three and a half hours.
It's trending on social media.
Kris Kringle.
It all started with a man
who called himself Kris Kringle.
I'm going to stick with that moniker
to protect all involved.
Actually... wait.
I-I need to go further back.
As many of you know,
for years I've been doing
this podcast in my own,
I'll admit it, safe, storytelling style.
Frankly, he drove me nuts.
He asked for my help
and then rejected it,
being constantly competitive.
He insulted my Christmas Manhattans,
argued with every little thing
like arguing was a reflex.
But I should remind you, it was only fair
since I actually had
no idea what I was doing.
But when they were snowshoeing,
I saw such closeness between them.
Perhaps it wasn't even
a storytelling strategy for me
to have Tanya invite
Cliff back early.
Maybe I was the person
who subconsciously
didn't want him to succeed
at getting the girl.
I'm not sure I can identify
when I first caught feelings.
But when we arrived at that
window with the couple dancing,
the thought that popped in my head was,
"That should be us."
Editing this podcast
is like going back in time
and shaping events.
It made me wish I could alter
so many actual things.
Lying to Kris Kringle.
I wish I had leaned my head in
and kissed him in that park
in Little Italy.
If there's a lesson here, at least for me,
it's let yourself into the narrative
because that's how this narrator,
despite her best efforts...
Merry Christmas Eve.
how'd you know to find me here?
Well, it was either here
or Rockefeller Center.
My parents are coming in
for Christmas next year.
They already bought their tickets.
Daniyal, that's great news.
I took your advice.
Thank you.
So, how'd it go with the Schultzes?
Well, everybody knows everything...
but it's okay.
And Tanya?
We're still friends,
as we've always been.
What were you listening to?
really compelling podcast.
Everyone's been raving about it.
So, it's not a boring podcast?
It's hard to be bored
when you're in the story.
And there's a certain way
you want it to end.
The end is still uncertain.
Ambiguous, I mean.
No... it's not.
Uh... are you gonna get that?
It's Patty.
She says, "If you two lovebirds are free,
they still haven't had dessert yet."
We should go.