Christmas Catch (2018) Movie Script


(indistinct laughing
and talking)
(bell ringing)
And that's when I told my
mother that I didn't know yet
if I would be bringing
someone to Christmas dinner.
Well, our bad guy is kinda cute.
Maybe you should ask him
out to Christmas dinner.
Ha! Yeah, she'd love that.
The first time I bring a date
to Christmas and he's a
two-bit counterfeiter.
Hey, at least he has the money
for a nice bottle of wine.
We've been here over an hour.
Any longer and I
might buy a tree.
Don't you already have two in
that tiny apartment of yours?
Right, maybe I'll get you one.
Do you prefer the White
Pine or the White Spruce?
Which one's which?
It's easy, pine trees bear
needles in groups of two to five
and they tend to be longer.
So they're harder to decorate
but gives you fuller
look in the end.
Why do you know so much
about Christmas trees?
Ah, because Christmas is
the best time of year
and the tree is the
best part of Christmas.
You're almost as
bad as your mom.
(big sigh)I just want
our buyer to show up
so we can arrest these clowns.
I'm freezing my jingle
bells off out here.
Give it a few more minutes,
then I'll take another shift.
(Man in background) I've been
waiting here for over an hour.
We might not have
a few more minutes.
Our guy's about to bail.
What do you want
to do here Reid?
Stall him, Mack.
We need him to stick around
until the buyer shows up.
Okay, any ideas genius?
Tell her to flirt with him.
Ah, that's not a good idea.
What did you say?
Oh, nothing. Brian
had a terrible idea.
Yeah, well come up
with something better.
Our guy's about to leave.
I'm telling you, have her
flirt with the guy until
the buyer gets here.
(Mack) We need to hurry guys.
Okay, Mack - flirt with him.
That's right, we think
you should flirt with him
until the buyer shows up.
Seriously, that's your plan?
Well actually it's Brian's idea.
I think it's a horrible plan.
Because it is a horrible plan.
I know you can do this, Bennett.
There's no way that
she can do this.
Why is it such a terrible plan?
Because you have never
seen Mackenzie Bennett
try to flirt.
Come on. Is it
that bad?
You ever seen the video
of the Hindenburg
going down in flames?
Hey, I'm not Hindenburg bad.
Really, what happened to Peter?
Again, bringing up
Peter? (big sigh)
Watch this.
Stop doing your sexy walk, Mack.
Can I help you find a tree?
Do you work here?
No, but I do know a lot
about Christmas trees.
Because Christmas is awesome
and so are Christmas trees.
Tell her to lick her lips.
I'm not telling her
to lick her lips.
(Man) Are you licking your lips?
(Reid) Top lip Mack,
top lip, top lip!
Maybe wink at him.
Ma'am do you need help?
Oh, no he didn't.
Excuse me? Did you
just call me ma'am?
- No.
- Yeah, ya did.
Listen buddy, I'm 32. That's
only two years older than...
- I mean...
- Wait, wait.
Why do you know how old I am?
- You're a cop!
- No.
We've been made,
he's on the run.
(Mack) Meet me at the
back of the alley.
(car brakes screeching)
(car stops suddenly)
(Man) Ahh!
My arm!
Ahh, my arm!
(grunting and groaning)
Reid, did you see that tackle?
Gotta be one of my best yet.
Yeah Bennett, nice tackle.
Ahh, my arm! You
broke my arm!
Settle down. I didn't
break your arm.
Detective Charles, if you
don't have your report
on my desk in an hour, I
swear I'll make you work
Christmas morning.
And I don't care how
cute your twins are.
(Det. Charles) Yes Captain.
Right away. Right away.
And you two. I'm
actually mad at you.
Get in here.
You broke his arm.
What, neither one of you
chatter boxes has anything to say?
-We were... -Not
you, arm-breaker.
What the heck happened
out there Parks?
Well, a, ah, situation
arose where the entire
mission, ah, hinged on, ah...
I'm dying of anticipation here.
Detective Bennett's
ability to flirt.
Yes, in order to keep the
suspect around for the drop,
Mack suddenly had
to flirt with him.
Good grief, she had to flirt?
That sounds like a plan that
idiot Brian would come up with.
We're lucky he only ended
up with a broken arm.
Okay that's enough.
Mistakes were made, I
apologized, but we got them.
Correction, we got one of them,
and we're lucky he had the
counterfeit money on him.
How bad was the flirting?
It was pretty bad ma'am,
a man's arm was broken.
Hahaha, guys.
Very funny.
(Captain Bennett) It's not funny.
Do you know how many of my
friends have grandchildren
and you can't even get a
date to Christmas dinner?
My dog, Bunchy, has
more dates than you.
I don't care that
I am your Mother.
In this office it is Captain.
Yes ma'am.
Is it the shoes? It's
the shoes, isn't it?
The shoes aren't helping
the situation Captain.
I'm right here.
There must be
something we can do.
I've tried.
But what?
She's going to an event tonight.
A Christmas singles' mixer
her friend is having
at the coffee shop. Give
the woman some hope.
A Christmas singles' mixer.
I like the sound of that.
You like it because the
word Christmas is in there.
I'll keep the
paramedics on standby.
You two are jerks.
I have work to do.
- Ah, Mackenzie.
- What?
All kidding aside, tonight...
Yes, "Captain"?
Wear a different pair of shoes.(chuckles)
(big sigh)
groovy music
(indistinct chattering)
Well, look who
finally showed up.
- And wearing heels?
- Wow!
Who are you and what have
you done with our friend?
Hahaha guys.
Very funny.
-I'm sorry I'm
late. -That's okay.
-Great turnout
Ken. -Thanks.
Well, I'm just glad you
got here before all
the cute guys left or
got hit on by Jess.
I swear it's like
shooting fish in a barrel.
Well, don't look too excited.
Just thinking about work.
Oh hey. How is that cute
partner of yours, Reid?
Still like a brother to me.
And you can't date him either.
I'll let you know
if that changes.
All right. Stop being
such a hopeless romantic.
Okay, look, we have a coffee
shop full of single men here.
Uh huh. That's all I
want for Christmas.
There's gotta be
one here for you.
- I just...
- What?
I don't think I'm going to
meet the man of my dreams
at some cheesy Christmas
singles' night.
No offense, Ken.
None taken. But Mack, you
gotta open yourself up
to meeting guys no matter
how it happens, right?
Like Jess does and look at her.
And look, no matter how much
you want it, you're not going to
meet Mr. Right the same
way they do in the movies.
That's right.
But even my parents, with
my mother as tough as she is
they have a great
story of how they met.
Um hmm.
Look, how about I go over
there and ask those guys
to come join us? The one in the
reindeer antlers looks nice.
I don't want my friends
to have to find
some reindeer guy for me.
I want the way I meet a guy
to be magical, I want it to be...
(Ken and Jess together)
(Ken) Oh oh oh...
It looks like Santa dropped
off my gift early this year.
(cell phone rings)
It's work. I
gotta take this.
Hurry back. The young
one here works fast.
(Mack) Yes, the force is
strong with this one.
(Jess) Are you Christmas?
'Cause I want to marry you.
(cell phone ringing)
Hey Reid.
(Reid) So how's it going
at the coffee shop?
(laughs) Great, it's a sea of
hair gel and cologne in there.
Just give me a second.
(chuckles) Are you
drooling over a guy?
(Mack) Not a guy. A Christmas
tree at the station.
(Reid) You talk to anyone yet?
I gotta let you go.
Whoa, Whoa!
Are you okay?
Are you hurt?
No, I'm okay. Only
because you caught me.
Ha, lucky timing. I'm
sure there's a joke in there
about you being a great catch.
(Mack giggles)
I'm Carson.
Hey Carson, I'm Mackenzie.
- Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
You know, I'm on my way to
this Christmas singles' night
to hopefully pick someone
up, but I'm not sure
this is what I had in mind.
(they both laugh)
So you're into the
singles' night?
Ah yeah, it was my buddy's idea.
Um, are you here for
the singles' night?
Yeah. No.
Well kinda.
My friend Ken owns
the coffee shop,
so just going to support him.
Oh, so you're not single.
No. I'm very single.
Just ask my mother.
Is your ankle okay?
I'm sure it's fine.
'Cause you look great
in those heels,
but they seem rather dangerous.
Don't blame the heels. If
you think I look good in them
then they're doing their job.
You're beautiful.
It's not the heels.
(cell phone rings)
Looks like someone's trying
to get a hold of you.
I don't care.
Can I tell you something?
You ah, you have
glitter in your hair.
Of course I do.
It's so typical
of my dating life.
Is this a date?
No, no. I just meant...
(cell phone rings)
Look, I was just kidding. Um...
You know, running into
you tonight was more...
Serendipitous than anything.
What did you just say?
Serendipity, it means...
(both together)
A happy accident.
(text notification)
Is everything okay?
It's work. I'm sorry.
Thanks for catching me.
(door slams)
I hope this is important, Reid.
- Counterfeit man.
- What?
The other perp we
were waiting for
at the tree lot, we found him.
Ugh. Just my stupid luck.
Oh, no. You look so
nice. How'd it go?
Well, it was going
amazingly well until I got
a thousand texts
messages from, hm,
let me see here... You!
Counterfeit man!
This is so ticking
me off right now.
You wore heels!
Yeah well, a lot of
good they did me.
(Reid) That's him?
(Mack) He messed up my
chances with the perfect guy?
I got this.
(door slams)
Just don't beak his arm.
(Carson V.O.) Running into
you tonight was more...
Serendipitous than anything.
(Mack V.O.) What
did you just say?
(Carson V.O.)Serendipity, it means...
(both together V.O.)A happy accident.
(alarms goes off)
Hi, I'm Mackenzie.
Hey, I'm Mackenzie.
They're not even
that comfortable.
It's actually kind of like,
easier to walk in them.
Take you down to the station.
Good job last night guys,
especially you Mack.
You really showed some progress.
Thanks Captain. I'm kind
of proud of myself too.
I went out on a limb, wore
heels, talked to a cute guy...
Detective, what are
you talking about?
The coffee shop guy
I met last night.
Well congratulations, but I
was talking about the perp
you managed to apprehend
without breaking an arm.
Oh. Thanks.
But I'm glad you met a
cute guy. Way to multi-task.
In my office, now.
Ah, this is Ms. Robertson.
It's Special Agent Robertson,
Captain. Thank you.
Of course. This is
Special Agent Robertson.
She's with the FBI.
This is Detectives
Bennett and Parks...
It's a pleasure
to meet you both.
Special Agent, would
you like to sit?
That's a lot of
Christmas trinkets.
I prefer to stand.
Agent Robertson,
what is the FBI doing
in our little police station?
Oh, the FBI would
like our assistance.
Captain, doesn't your
precinct have rules against
such displays of holiday
expression? Religion and all.
The Captain views those
regulations more as
suggestions than hard rules.
How can we help
you, Special Agent?
Well, the FBI has been
keeping a watch on a
person of interest for
almost a year now. Mr. Mills.
He recently moved to your city.
A criminal moved to our city
and you didn't inform us?
Holly Christmas pound cake!
We're informing
you now, Detective.
Last year during
the holiday season,
Mr. Mills and his now ex-wife,
known only as Bethany,
lead a diamond heist
that went sideways.
They made off with a
diamond encrusted reindeer.
The ex-wife fled the country.
A diamond encrusted
reindeer? That sounds beautiful.
Actually, it's horribly tacky.
But it's worth just north
of three million dollars.
And this Mr. Mills, why didn't
he leave the country too?
The FBI could never
prove his involvement.
But we're hoping that a
stakeout might lead us to
some new information and
possibly the reindeer.
-A stakeout! -
Detective Bennett.
If we find that reindeer, we
can prove his involvement.
So why does the FBI need us?
You guys don't have your
own cameras and binoculars?
The FBI is spread a little thin,
Detective, terrorists and all.
Besides we feel that a local law
enforcement with local knowledge
would help us out greatly.
And why now at Christmas time?
Well like most retailers,
jewelry stores sell a much
higher volume of product,
including diamonds,
during the holiday season.
The FBI believes that
Mr. Mills will either try
and sell the stolen
reindeer, or even worse,
get together his old team
and rob another store
while there's
inflated inventory.
If the FBI would
like our assistance,
we would be proud to help.
So, you want my partner
and I to spend the days
leading up to Christmas sitting
in a dark room with binoculars?
You are not to engage
with Mr. Mills in any way.
If you or your partner
find any evidence of the
diamonds, please,
call me immediately.
It's our pleasure to assist
the FBI in any way that we can.
- Isn't it?
- Of course.
Carson Mills, 32.
All his information is
inside of these files.
The house across from
Mr. Mills is for sale,
but we have rented it for you.
- Mack, you okay?
- Mm, hmm.
(big sigh)
You have the worst
luck, Bennett.
I know.
And stop looking at his photo.
-Ah, he is cute
though. -Right?
Alright, we've got a job to do.
Great. We're professionals.
Exactly, law enforcement
Right. Now
what do we do?
Well, Brian just confirmed
the subject is at work,
so you help me unload the gear.
So that's his place, huh?
And this is us.
Home sweet home.
Oh! We should
decorate inside too!
It would help with our cover.
No it won't.
It's already decorated!
Great. This seems to be
the best vantage point.
We've got a clear view to
his front door, kitchen
and what seems to
be his bedroom.
Let me see.
Bennett! Hey!
How are we going to handle this?
Handle what?
Well you obviously
like this guy. A lot.
And now you want
to look through a
telephoto lens into his bedroom.
Usually we arrest
people for this.
We're not stalkers, Reid.
We're law enforcement
officers doing our job.
Too bad your dream
man is a suspect.
This would be a great way
to learn all about him
and help you date the guy.
Well, after last night
I just figured he was a
funny, smart guy who loves
Christmas and is a great cook.
Oh, he cooked for you, did he?
No, I just figure
he's great at it.
But now we know Mr.
Right's a diamond thief.
Well the FBI said they could
never prove his involvement.
I appreciate it partner,
but the only thing worse
than my inability to
flirt with a cute guy
is my inability to
find a good one.
Let's be real here.
I'm never going to go
on a date with this man.
(phone rings)
(Carson) Hi. Is
this Mackenzie?
Speaking. Who
is this please?
This is Carson. We met
outside the coffee shop last night.
You fell, I caught you.
Hello Mackenzie.
Are you still there?
Yes, yes I am still here.
So nice of you to call.
I hope you don't mind, but
after you left I asked around
and your friend who owns the
coffee shop gave me your number.
He did! Great.
I hope that was cool?
Sure Carson, that's
totally cool.
What else did my friend
tell you about me?
Oh, not much else. He had
to grab another friend of yours
who was hitting on
one of the baristas.
Seems about right.
I swear, I'm not some stalker.
It's not like I know where
you live or anything.
Listen, Mackenzie.
I know it's weird, me
calling you like this.
But I really thought we had
a connection last night.
Me too.
It was, ah...
It was. I'm sorry I
had to jet like that.
I know this is going to sound
out of left field, but...
is there any chance
you'd go out with me?
(phone disconnects)
(recording device turned off)
(Carson V.O.) I know
this is going to sound out of
left field but...
is there any chance
you'd go out with me?
And that's when I hung up.
I didn't know what
the protocol was here.
So how long have you
known the subject?
I met him last night.
Last night?
At a singles' mixer her friend
was throwing at a coffee shop.
So you're single
then, Detective.
You could say that.
Look, I'm sorry. I
should have come to you
as soon as I realized
who this guy was.
Yes, you should have.
But we only talked for
like a minute, not even.
And Bennett realizes
that she can't pursue
anything with this person.
I wouldn't be too
sure about that.
Detective Bennett, as
flawed as her decision was
not to tell us, has
actually put herself in
the unique position to
help the investigation.
Detective, I'm ordering you
to go on a date with this man.
Aw man.
This is crazy!
Yeah, it is.
-I mean, can she even
do this? -Yes she can.
Think of it like date
boot camp, Bennett.
I'll be guiding you every
step of the way and by the
time we put him in jail,
just in time for Christmas,
you'll have a
black-belt in dating.
You're loving this, aren't you?
I always love a challenge.
Alright, so how does this work?
Well, when a man and a woman
like each other very much...
I'm serious!
Think about it.
You're going to have a
team of people helping you,
watching your every move.
You can even wear an earpiece
and I will talk you
through everything.
I'm not that bad
at dating, am I?
I'm a grown woman.
Yeah, what about Myles, huh?
Why do you always
gotta bring up Myles?
Did his eyebrows ever grow back?
I think they did.
(door opening and closing)
We've got a lot of work to do.
Hello! You need festive
Christmas mugs.
Oh! Okay. Let's see.
What can we do?
Mom, Mom! This
is so bizarre.
I don't need your
help to date a guy.
Really? How is that
young man's mustache?
Has it grown back yet?
Eyebrows. It was
his eyebrows.
Really? I'm going to
need therapy after this.
Pumpkin, I know I'm your
mother, but I'm also your Captain.
And I'm sorry if I gave
you the impression that
this was a choice for you.
Fine. But no more of this "Pumpkin" stuff
while we're working, Captain.
-Good. Let's get to
work. - What's the plan?
Well I have a gift
from our FBI friend.
A warrant for
interior surveillance.
Cameras inside
his house, really?
Listen, you've been ordered to
date this guy, he's dangerous.
I'd feel better if
we had eyes on him.
This guy?
I want eyes on you
if you manage to get
inside the house with him.
That's crazy. Why would I
ever be in there with him?
Ah, well, when a man and a
woman like each other very much...
Listen, nobody expects you to
get that far with this guy,
especially anybody who
knows your dating history.
But just in case he invites
you into his place for dinner,
or to watch a movie.
Anything else?
Eyes and ears apparently.
This warrant includes a wire
tap for his home and cell.
This should be fun.
(phone ringing)
Hi, Carson?
Hey, it's Bennett, ah I
mean Mack, um Mackenzie.
Ugh, sorry, it's ah,
Mackenzie Bennett calling,
my friends call me Mack.
I'm glad you called, Mack.
Ah yeah. Sorry about
the phone call earlier,
my, my cell's been acting up.
No worries. We've all
had bad cell days.
Um, earlier you
were mentioning a..
A date?
Yup, that's the word
I'm looking for.
Um, I would very much like
to date, I, I mean go on a date
if the offer's still open, I
mean I would if you want to
if not I don't...
Would you like to have
dinner with me tonight?
Great, should I pick you up,
or I can give you my address
and you can stop by my place?
Oh, it's okay, I know where...
Where a good restaurant
is. We could meet there?
Sounds great.
What's it called?
What's it called?
Oh, it's ah, the restaurant
yeah, it's, um... Marco's.
Hey I like Marco's.
Well I hope you would
if you're suggesting it.
Yeah, it's ah, it's Italian,
and they do this crazy
Christmas-inspired menu
every December. It's great.
Love Italian. And cheesy
holiday-themed menus. (laughs)
Me too. And it's
not far from you.
How do you know where I live?
I don't, I meant it's not
far from where I met you,
at Ken's coffee shop. I guess
you live nearby? Maybe not?
Anyway, Marco's is right
down the street from there.
I gotta go now. Gotta
let you go, I mean.
Okay, I'll see you at
Marco's down the street
from Ken's tonight at 7?
Okay, sure, yup,
gotta go. Bye.
(call is disconnected)
This might actually be
harder than I thought.
That was like a master
class on how not to ask
someone on a date.
Don't worry Mack, we'll
destroy these files
as soon as the
operation's over with.
Don't be silly Detective Parks,
you know we can't burn evidence.
We'll have to keep them...
And offer them up
for scientific study.
(big exhale and sigh)
Everything looks clear. Carson
should still be at work.
(lock clicks open)
What in Santa's
workshop is this?
(laughs) Joy to the world!
What? What do you guys see?
You'll have to see this
for yourself Captain.
I want cameras in the
living room, the hallway,
the kitchen and the bedroom.
Isn't this the most incredible
thing you've ever seen?
Kind of weird, for a
single guy, isn't it?
No, it's sweet. I
mean, how could a guy
with this much Christmas
spirit be a criminal?
I'm not sure the two
are mutually exclusive.
But I vote that it's weird
and doesn't work in his favor.
Oh, you're just a killjoy.
You know, you're worse than
that Special Agent lady.
(Captain on radio) Why don't
you two geniuses get to work?
There, it should be on.
Huh! Holly
Christmas kitchen!
(tiny bells ringing)
Okay. All powered up.
We use to have these exact same
ornaments when I was a kid.
You good Bennett?
Be careful. Don't
fall for this guy.
What? No? What are
you talking about?
He's the bad guy. I can't
wait to throw the cuffs on him.
Uh huh.
I'm good Reid.
Just watching your back.
(door opens and closes)
This is so not a good idea.
Don't worry, Bennett.
We'll figure this out.
Are those overalls?
Over 25 years in law enforcement
and this may be my
greatest challenge.
When I came to work today
I didn't know I'd be
ordered out on a date.
Well, you'd better shake
your reindeer tail,
because it's less than
two hours until your date.
Shoot. Where did the time go?
(phone buzzes)
I don't know. But you
gotta figure out another outfit
otherwise this operation's
over before it gets started.
It's not that bad, is it?
(hangs up phone)
Jessica's outside.
You. In that car. Now.
- Jessica's here? -
She has her orders.
And I need you at the restaurant
before the subject arrives.
Make sure you keep eyes on her.
You got it, Captain.
Hustle people! This date
is going to need extra effort.
Oh, for Santa's sake!
No! Uh, uh, back, please.
Hey, this is... nice.
Yeah. Do a little turn.
No. Honey, your
entire butt is out.
Really? Okay, let's try
again. Let's start over.
High energy music
Okay. Nothing's working.
- Yo.
- Help!
Ken. Fast. Which one?
Which what?
Which one? Oh, which top?
For my date. Now.
Oh, ah... White shirt -
classic, clean lines. Love it.
But it's not a court
appearance, Detective.
So... No.
Oh! Where do you wear
that one? Sunday school?
What are you, twelve?
So that's a 'no?'
That is a 'no'
seven days a week.
Oh oh oh oh! Please! Leave
something to the imagination.
Oh, it shrunk.
But it stretches.
That's another 'no.'
Really? I've
always liked it.
'Always?' What?
Since the late '90s?
Whoa! Finally. Tell
me that fits you.
Hands up, lady.
No. That's the
head opening.
Keep your hand
there, don't move.
It fits!
It fits!
Okay! Yes!
Yay! We have a winner.
Now go get your
jacket, the black one
that I gave you
for your birthday.
Oh, I love that jacket.
(Ken) Oh thank you!
Come on Mack.
(text notification ringing)
He just entered the restaurant.
You got your shoes on?
Maybe if I didn't have
to check my phone
I'd be able to get
dressed quicker.
Excuse me. You dropped this.
Nice. Nice!
Okay, and... ready.
Okay, okay, okay. Purse.
Wallet. Lipstick.
Okay, break a leg. I need coffee. Bye bye.
Oh hey, can I get you anything?
- I'm good. Thank you.
- Okay just let me know.
-It's about time! -Enough
with the texts already.
You think I just roll out
of bed looking like this?
How do I look?
Better than expected.
But you should get the
approval of the Captain first.
How do I look?
(Captain Bennett) Mackenzie,
you look beautiful.
Thanks Mom.
Ah, right.
Would you do me a favor
and wear this tonight.
It would mean a lot to me.
Mom, it's beautiful.
Is it a family heirloom?
It's department issue.
There's a camera in the locket.
Parks and I need to have
eyes on you all night.
And one more thing.
It's Captain.
Let's go get this guy.
Copy that, Captain.
Look, Carson's in there, he's
been waiting for a while.
- You ready?
- Ready.
Wait! Wait.
Put this in. We'll
both be in your ear.
Okay, you really need to hurry.
You got this!
(indistinct chatter)
How's your connection,
Captain? Can you see clearly?
Oh yeah. This oughta
be interesting.
You look beautiful.
Thank you. You look
quite spiffy yourself.
-Sorry I'm late. -No,
no need to apologize.
I love this place.
Yeah, lots of Christmas spirit.
Like I said, I come
here every year.
Well, I hope you don't
mind, but I took the liberty
of ordering some Cabernet
and some cheesy bread sticks.
Moi, they are so good!
You're doing great, Mack.
Get him to talk about his ex-wife.
Maybe it will lead
us to the diamonds.
Good call.
So Carson, tell me a
little about yourself.
Ever been married? Kids?
You're not still married, are you?
Okay good, but in the future
let's go one question at a time.
No kids and no current wife.
No "current" one?
Ah, ex.
(Captain) Good. Keep him
talking. Ask him what happened.
What happened? I mean, if
you don't mind me asking?
I never could figure that
one out fully but I have
an idea, a theory,
nothing concrete, though.
(Mack) Was she cheating?
Have you tried the
cookies, Detective Parks?
Oh yeah. Hmmm.
(electronic blip sound)
So fresh! Captain, you
have outdone yourself.
Do you have any
napkins, Captain?
Yeah, of course, I'll have the
SWAT team just fly some in.
Do you think the
ex-wife was cheating?
Was she cheating?
(Captain) Why did she
ask about cheating?
The cookies are on the button.
Ah, we didn't mean to ask that.
We didn't mean to ask that.
Sorry, I mean me. I
didn't mean to ask that.
(Captain) The cookies were
on the button. Sorry.
- Sorry.
- What?
Sorry, I shouldn't be asking
such personal questions,
especially on a first date.
No, it's, it's, Mack. It's
okay. Look, I'm a big boy.
Um. Was she cheating on me?
I don't know. It's possible.
To be honest, I wouldn't
put anything past her, so.
What happened then?
She lied to me.
I'm sorry.
It's okay. Better I
found out when I did.
We were only married for a
short period of time anyway.
My friends really helped
me get through that time.
Actually it was my friends
who encouraged me to go to
the singles' night
at the coffee shop.
Well now I really
like your buddies.
Yeah, honestly, they're
a great bunch of guys.
You have friends like that?
Yeah, um, Jessica and
Ken from the coffee shop.
And two others in particular.
Good buddies, huh?
They've always got my back.
You know, my friends reminded
me that life's short.
You got to make the most
of it, take chances.
It's amazing how
fast time can fly.
Life moves pretty fast.
If you don't stop
and look around once in
a while, you could miss it.
Did you just quote
Ferris Bueller to me?
- Wow, I'm impressed.
- You should be.
What's going on here Parks?
He just quoted an 80's movie
and your daughter picked up on it.
I thought it was my connection.
(Reid) No ma'am.
Good Christmas, they're
meant for each other.
I can't wait to tell Bunchy.
Thanks again for dinner,
and, um, lunch tomorrow.
My pleasure. I'm just glad we
had a chance to talk, you know.
It's not everyday you find
someone as weird as you are.
Wow, look at that.
I have the same figures at home.
I used to have the
whole set as a kid.
Actually, I still have them.
Well, all except for Mrs.
Claus, but I lost that one.
Really? Mrs. Claus is
really hard to find.
(loud banging from van)
-Did you hear
something? -No.
Really, something made a
noise from inside this van.
It's a work van. I'm sure
we just knocked a wrench or
something off a shelf back there
when you leaned in for a kiss.
Speaking of that kiss.
(intake of breath)
I'm moving a little too fast.
I get it.
Thank you.
Well I'm up here, but where's
your car? I'll walk you to it.
Ah, that's okay. I... I'm
going to go say hi to Ken.
You sure?
Yeah, maybe grab a free coffee
and talk about you
behind your back.
Smart, beautiful,
you like 80's movies,
and you have a hook
up for free coffee.
I like where this is heading.
Well, say hi to Ken for me, and
uh, try to make me sound good.
You know like,
charismatic and stuff.
You got it.
Good night Mackenzie.
I'll call you tomorrow?
Can't wait.
(door opens)
(Captain Bennett)Parks did it.
(door slams shut)
Oh! Hello!
(Mack) Coffee,
yes. Good man.
Cream or milk? Cream.
And sugar! Hmm.
(Mack) Everything
bagel? Really?
We can work around it.
Crunchy peanut butter. My man!
Morning sleepy head.
Anything to report?
You snore like a freight train.
Anything on our boy?
He got up half hour
ago, took a shower.
Probably leave for work soon.
Anything else?
-I made coffee. -Ah,
you are the best.
But I drank it all.
I hate you.
- Blah!
- Blah!
You've been up for a
while, I can take over
if you want to get
some shut eye.
No, it's okay.
Why don't, ah, go make some
more coffee, or go grab some?
- You sure?
- Yup.
You seem pretty
focused on that window.
Just doing my job.
So what exactly
is our boy doing?
Don't worry about it.
Let me see.
Oh Mack.
Just checking out his
Christmas decorations, huh?
Yeah. They're really pretty.
(computer notification sound)
That's your computer.
Are you gonna get it?
(computer notification sound)
Good morning Detectives.
Morning Captain,
Agent Robertson.
Anything to report?
Carson's just getting ready
to leave his place now.
Looks like he's going to work.
You mean the "subject,"
Detective Bennett.
Yes ma'am.
I filled Special Agent Robertson
in on the date last night.
(Robertson) Oh, yes, thrilling stuff.
Christmas wine and bread sticks.
They were delicious.
I go to that restaurant
every year for that meal.
Do I look like I
care, detective?
Actually, I can't tell.
Regardless, our warrant
won't allow us access
to his workplace. I need
more information on the ex-wife,
and anything you can
get on those diamonds.
Yes, ma'am.
Ask him out on
another date. Soon.
Today if possible and get me
something I can work with.
I'll try my best.
If you can't Miss Bennett,
I will pull you two
from the case and find
detectives who can.
Do I make myself clear?
Yes ma'am.
(off beep)
She's pleasant.
She doesn't have to be.
She's in charge of the operation.
- I know, it's just...
- It's just what?
Does he really seem
like a criminal?
Listen, if we don't get you on
another date with him ASAP
that FBI agent is going to
find him a new girlfriend.
I know!
Should I do lunch?
Nah, lunch dates
are for friends.
Good call.
(Reid) And we know
the perfect place.
Now wait, is he like a
murderer or something?
No! It was
stolen diamonds.
So he stole a whack of diamonds?
Or his ex-wife did. A
diamond encrusted reindeer
and then she skipped town.
And we still don't know
if he's involved yet.
- Wow. That's crazy.
- I know, right?
(Reid on earpiece)
Alright Mack, he's coming.
Okay, he's here.
Remember, you cannot
let him know I'm a cop.
Don't worry about me,
remember that summer I did
Shakespeare in the
park? I got this.
- Wait, what?
- What?
- No!
- No what?
- Hey Ken!
- Hey! Hi hi hi!
Nice to see you again.
Mack, you as well.
Yes, lovely to see you
too. Again. (laughs)
Carson, can Ken here
get you something?
Just a coffee, please. Black.
Okay! Coffee for the lovely
man. (they both laugh)
That's a hint of an
accent, isn't it?
No, he's just coming
down with a cold.
(Ken clears his throat)
He really should be at
home resting, but since
he's here maybe he can
get that cup of coffee?
Uh huh.
He seems pretty fun.
Did you tell him all
about our date last night?
Remember Mack, you told
him you were going to the
coffee shop last
night after the date.
Yes, last night I came
here after our date
and told my friends all
about you. That's right.
Wish I could have been a fly
on the wall for that conversation.
Well you came out looking great.
I told them you were
charming, sweet and funny.
So basically you just
lied through your teeth.
(they both laugh)
Here you go.
That looks interesting.
Si Senor. (coughs)
This is our famous
Iced Christmas Snowflake
Peppermint Mochaccino.
Thanks. This looks
and smells amazing.
What do I owe you?
Don't worry, he'll
put it on my tab.
There you go.
So how long have you known Mack?
Ah... we met, ah, at
self defense class.
Right? That's right.
Sounds fun.
Yeah, it was fun for me
and you know, Mack was
brushing up on her
skills from the academy.
Academy, what academy?
- Ah space...
- Space academy!
Ah yeah. I wanted to go to space
academy but I ended up spending
the summer working at my
Uncle's T-shirt printing company.
Space academy!
What? You wanted to
be an astronaut?
Yup, astronaut.
An astronaut? That is a
believable cover Mack.
But remember Ken, I never
ended going to the academy.
Yeah, I remember.
No academy. Yeah.
I got to go.
Hey, can I ask you something?
Am I crazy, or did last
night just go really well?
You're not crazy. Last
night was a great date.
Detective, remember you're
on a stakeout, not a date.
Right. So last night my friends
were asking more about why
your wife left you.
Because you seem like...
such a great guy.
Well, thanks for the
vote of confidence.
But... I wasn't
always that good.
Really? Bad boy?
No nothing serious.
Just a few things as a juvenile.
I had friends who stole things.
Radios, jewelry.
I didn't steal anything
myself personally, but I
knew guys who did, and I
knew guys who wanted to
buy stolen things.
So you fenced
stolen property for
high school buddies
to make a few bucks.
Long, long time ago.
Did your ex-wife
like that about you?
Maybe a little too much.
Now it's your turn.
Ever married?
I find that incredible. I mean
someone as amazing as you
has never been married.
Well my friends would say
I'm horrible at dating.
I'm always telling
people how I feel
about them and putting
my foot in my mouth.
I get it from my mother.
Anything you want to
say, Detective Parks?
(pretend cough)
No ma'am.
Didn't think so.
Oh no.
What is it?
He a friend of yours?
Okay. Then why is he trying
to get your attention?
He was a, he was an
acquaintance of my ex-wife's.
Get a shot of that man's face.
Do you want me to run
it through our database?
No need.
(Captain) On your toes Mack.
That guy is David Sommers,
a well known safe-cracker
in the business.
Dave. Nice to see you.
I doubt that.
You're not Bethany.
No, I'm Mackenzie.
What brings you here, Dave?
Ah, I was just here
to see an old friend.
I mean what brings you here
to this neck of the woods.
Oh. Work. I'm here for work.
Maybe you should get
back to that then.
Is that any way to
talk to an old friend?
David, we were never friends.
Yeah. You're right.
I was always better
friends with your ex-wife.
Hey, is she in town, by chance?
I wouldn't know.
Now if you wouldn't mind, I'm
in the middle of something.
Yeah, I see that.
Look, I don't know this
Bethany, but she's the ex.
We're on a date. Maybe
it's time you left.
(Captain Bennett)Get in there Parks!
You heard the lady. She
asked you to politely leave.
Now do I have to ask you
to leave, not-so-politely?
Because I don't remember
that working out
so well for you the last time.
I'm kinda liking this
not-so-polite option.
Can I get in on that?
Like I said, just here to
say hi to an old friend.
See you soon.
So sorry about that.
Oh, it's totally okay.
You were kind of
tough back there.
So were you.
Listen Mackenzie, I gotta go.
Are you sure?
Yeah, uh, I should
get back to work.
Just say thanks
and goodbye to Ken.
I'll call you...
What was that all about?
I don't know.
He wasn't big time by
any means, but he was a
safe-cracker, that
part I remember.
Which would explain
why Carson knows him.
Okay, we don't know
anything for sure.
It could all still
be his ex-wife.
It's possible, but this
definitely does not make
him look good.
Also, he said he was going
back to work but we tailed
him back to his house,
in the middle of the day.
Mack, I know you like him,
and maybe in another time
and another place
something could happen.
But I think Special
Agent Robertson's right.
I think you need to separate
yourself on a personal level.
(computer pings)
Great job team. This
David Sommers character
is exactly the type of
information we're looking for.
Thank you Special
Agent Robertson.
Any other news to report?
We followed the subject
back to his house.
And we picked up a call from
the wire tap where Carson...
I mean the subject called
into work sick for the
rest of the day.
Good stuff, we have
him scrambling.
We still don't know if he
was in on the diamond heist.
Detective Bennett.
He just ran into a person his
ex-wife used to work with.
If this Dave guy used to
help her break into safes,
it would only make sense
that Carson would've met him
at some point.
You're getting attached
to this Carson, I get it.
But you need to be careful.
I just want to make sure
we keep an open mind.
Well like I said, he's
scrambling and if we keep
the pressure on, he'll crack.
-But... -But nothing
Detective Bennett.
I'm ordering you to
go on another date
with him as soon as possible.
Ah, but Special Agent
Robertson. What's the rush?
This Carson could
actually be dangerous.
Detective Bennett, do you wish to step away
from this operation?
No ma'am.
I didn't think so.
Now go on another
date with him. Fast.
(beep as computer is turned off)
Okay, well I'm going
back to the station.
Call me if this
guy does anything.
- Yes ma'am.
- Yes ma'am.
Be honest Reid.
Am I crazy here or does he
just not seem like a criminal?
I don't know partner, they
come in all shapes and sizes.
Usually not this
good looking but...
Ahhhhh. There's gotta be
something here we're missing.
(computer keys clicking)
Looks like your boy's
up to something.
He's about to make a phone call.
This late at
night? To who?
(phone ringing)
(Carson) Oh, hey
Mackenzie, it's Carson.
Sorry to call so late. I
thought I'd get your voicemail.
That's okay.
What's up?
I just wanted to apologize again
for leaving so abruptly today.
Don't sweat it.
No, it was rude of me.
It's just seeing
that guy David...
It just brought up a lot
of bad memories, you know.
Yeah, I can imagine. But
like I said we're cool.
Unless you feel like
making it up to me.
I would love to.
Would you go out with me?
Meh, I'll think about it.
Of course, I thought
you'd never ask.
Okay. Tomorrow
night. My place.
Um, your place?
I'll cook you dinner.
Uh - sure, that sounds nice.
Let me give you the
address. It's 118 North Street.
It's right by the old post
office, you know where that is?
I think I'll be able to find it.
Great, tomorrow at eight.
(beep as call is disconnected)
Well, this should be fun.
Aw man.
So you really are pretty crazy
about Christmas, aren't you?
It's nice to find another adult
who loves Christmas
as much as I do.
Actually, I went to my
storage unit once you accepted
my dinner invitation so I could
grab a few more decorations.
I always save these
ones for last.
Wow, you have a storage
unit for your decorations.
I'm impressed.
Well I needed one for the
move, and yeah, a lot of it is filled
with Santa Clauses, Christmas
trees, Snow Men, Reindeer.
- Really?
- Yeah.
Yeah, Christmas just
brings back such great
memories from when I was a kid.
I love it. And these really
are beautiful ornaments.
Actually, this one right here
is pretty important to me.
Why is that?
When I was about nine or
ten my mom, she bought me
this "paint your own
Christmas ornament kit".
And she helped me
paint this one.
It's beautiful.
No, it's not. But I put it up
every year to remember her.
Your mother passed away?
Yeah, in my junior year.
It was a car accident.
I'm sorry.
That's when I started
to get into trouble.
But that's behind me now.
Here's to moving forward.
To moving forward.
(kitchen timer goes off)
-I should take a look
at that. -Uh huh.
Wait here.
Mack. I hate to
break up this party,
but you've got to
speed things along.
How did your ex-wife
ever let you go?
Maybe I'm a horrible cook.
That's not it.
I can tell by your empty plate.
No no no no. Don't let him
avoid the conversation.
Keep pressing.
But seriously, I want to know.
Bethany was a firecracker.
A firecracker?
She was exciting to be around
and she liked to be
around me, at first.
But I was trying to move
away from a certain life,
and she was running toward
that life as fast as she could.
The criminal stuff.
That guy from the
coffee shop yesterday.
He and other people use to
hang around with Bethany a lot.
She was smart, too
smart sometimes.
She'd tell them how
to steal things.
At first just here and
there, for the fun of it.
She'd tell them how to do things
without getting caught.
Did she get in trouble?
She convinced the guys
that they should try for
one big score, you know
the kind you can retire on.
They robbed a diamond
buyer last Christmas.
They stole this diamond
encrusted reindeer.
One or two of the
guys got caught.
David obviously didn't.
And your ex-wife?
She just left.
When things got hot, she
didn't call or write.
She just walked away from
me without even saying goodbye.
I'm so sorry Carson.
You know I ah, I never really
realized how deep she had
gotten into that life.
I really didn't know her at all.
Thanks for sharing that with me.
Well, you're the
first woman I've told.
Actually you're the
first person I've gone
out on a date with
since she left me.
The first?
Well at the risk of sounding
cheesy, I, I just didn't think
I'd be able to trust anyone
else until I met you.
Oh, stop it.
No, seriously.
A woman as beautiful as you, who
loves Christmas and my cooking.
(phone ringing)
I should answer
that. Excuse me.
It's kind of late for a
phone call, guys. Who is it?
We're not sure
Mack. Hang on.
What's going on?
(Captain Bennett) The
wire tap's not picking up
the call for some reason.
Is the gear malfunctioning?
(Reid) No, the gear is fine.
We need to hear what's
happening on that call.
(door closes)
Sorry, didn't mean to scare you.
Oh, that's okay.
It's a little late for a phone
call. Is everything okay?
It was Bethany.
What did she want?
Oh, you know the usual, hey
how are you, happy holidays,
how's the family, your
girlfriend's a cop.
Brian! Have backup on standby
to go in and hold for my signal.
That's crazy, Carson.
Don't! Because Bethany
is a lot of things,
but she's always right on
the money about this stuff.
Ah, no, Carson, she's
messing with you. I'm not a cop...
Please don't, don't
lie to me Mackenzie!
Okay, um...
I'm a cop. A
detective actually.
We've been watching
you for a few days.
Why? This doesn't
make any sense.
The FBI asked us
to do a stakeout.
They think that you
helped your ex-wife steal
the diamond reindeer and
that you still have it.
What? The diamonds?
The diamonds?
But Bethany took the
diamonds when she left me.
Well they think
you still have it.
But when we met, outside that
coffee shop, how did you...
It wasn't planned.
We actually met that night.
And it really was serendipitous.
Oh man.
And when they found out that
we met the night before...
Oh please. Please!
They ordered me to go
on a date with you.
But I wanted to.
I really liked you. And
I still really like you.
They ordered you?
I'm so sorry.
Can you please just
give me a chance.
Mackenzie, I want you
to get out of my house.
Carson please.
And I never want
to see you again!
(door opens and closes)
Stand down Brian. She's
out of the house, safe.
(door closes)
I'm sorry.
(Mack is sobbing)
Was that really that
difficult? Was it? Really?
A police officer! You
went and told the man
you were a police officer!
There goes all our dates!
There goes all our information.
Do you guys have nothing
to say for yourselves?
Sad piano music
(sounds of electronic
equipment being shut down)
(suitcase closes)
sad guitar music
sad guitar music
Still nothing from him, huh?
Can you blame him?
Not really.
What I did was horrible.
And even worse,
I did it to a really nice
guy who didn't deserve it.
How's the FBI lady?
Oh, she's super ticked.
And your partner?
My mother put Reid and I
on administrative leave.
(Ken) Oh. Do you
still get paid?
Oh, it's like a paid vacation?
Sure doesn't feel
like a vacation.
I haven't slept in days.
Well you do look like crap.
(they both laugh)
(Ken) Why don't you
go get some rest?
It's Christmas Eve,
I almost got fired,
I hurt a guy I was falling for,
and now I'll never find anybody.
I don't think I can sleep.
Don't worry, I'll set
you up with someone.
I appreciate it, but
it's a little too soon.
So, you're closed Christmas Ken?
Thank goodness, yeah.
But I'll come back anytime
to make you coffee.
-Thanks for the ice
cream. -Sure. Mowah!
(Reid) Don't worry,
we'll be back on the job
in the new year. Your
mom just had to put us
on leave for the optics.
Yeah, I get it.
I know it's hard. Carson
seemed like a nice guy but,
try to forget about him.
Easier said than done.
Administrative leave isn't that
bad. It's like a paid vacation.
So I've heard.
(dogs barking outside)
No way.
Is everything alright?
Mack, what's going on?
(fingers snapping)
Well done, coffee girl.
Isn't that sweet? Running to
rescue your new boyfriend?
We're just dating.
It's kinda casual.
Ahhh. Actually, to hear
Carson's point of view,
it isn't even that right now.
Typical new relationship bumps.
He said you were feisty.
He actually likes you a lot.
Well and he hates you too.
Listen, I'm a cop. You
don't want to do this.
Just let me call an ambulance.
Why would I do that?
(footsteps approaching)
Because Special Agent
Robertson from the FBI
just walked in behind you.
That special agent?
That's my partner.
Agent Robertson?
She's not an FBI
agent, that's Bethany.
Oh don't look so
shocked detective.
David here is a great safe
cracker, but he's also
one of the best document
forgers I have ever met.
Mack, run, try to
get out of here.
Your mom, all it took was
a phone call from the "FBI".
A few forged documents and
that woman was so eager
to work with me. I swear she
would have fetched my coffee
if I'd asked.
Watch what you're saying lady.
Oh, don't worry. I'm only
here for my diamond reindeer.
Then I'll leave you,
your mom and pretty boy
here alone forever.
I don't have your diamond
reindeer Bethany. I never did.
You've had it all along
darling. You just didn't know it.
You see, when the heist
went south, I knew I had
to lay low for a while,
and I didn't want it on
me, just in case I got caught.
So you hid it somewhere
until things cooled down.
But Carson just moved here.
Imagine my surprise when
I went to our old house
and found a lovely Korean
couple living there.
You weren't very
hard to track down.
But I still couldn't find
that one special object
that I hid the
reindeer inside of.
For a minute, I actually
thought he might have found it.
So you figured you'd get
us to do your dirty work.
She does catch on quick.
So where is it then?
Inside the one thing I
knew he'd never throw away.
Little Carson made this for
his mommy before she died.
(smashing sound)
So Carson never had anything
to do with the robbery?
Carson? Involved in
the diamond heist?
Ha ha ha. He's an idiot.
The minute he found out,
he made an anonymous
call to the authorities.
That's what spoiled our getaway.
Merry Christmas to us.
(Carson) What are
you doing Bethany?
Just finishing some
unfinished business.
What's your plan?
Well, I was thinking of...
Killing the three of you,
making it look like you
all killed each other.
And find a beach somewhere
and no one would be the wiser.
Well, thank you for finding
my reindeer for me.
I appreciate it, but
they're playing my song,
so I've gotta run.
(Captain) I wouldn't
do that if I were you.
We have a real good
view of this house,
so trust me when I say,
you're surrounded.
(gun clatters to the floor)
(Officer) Hands up!
Behind your back! Let's go.
Let's go.
How did you know I was here?
A mother always knows.
The back is clear.
Well that, and your
partner called me.
(sirens in distance)
Is he okay?
I will be.
(Captain) It sounds like the
ambulance is almost here.
(sirens in distance)
I'm sorry Carson.
It's broken.
Not this.
(sirens stop)
It's for you.
Here's the reindeer. Carson
had nothing to do with it.
(Reid) Would you look at that!
I believe you Mackenzie.
Well, I guess administrative
leave is over.
So would you put this
beautiful reindeer into evidence?
Yes Captain.
(Paramedic) Ready?
Let's get him on the gurney.
Okay, let's go.
Well, are you going
to open it or what?
(Carson V.O.) Mrs. Claus
is really hard to find.
Go be with him.
Yeah, we got this.
-Good taste. -Oh yeah.
I'd hang that up.
- Hey!
- Hey.
I can't believe you
found it for me.
Well I knew it would
mean a lot to you.
You mean a lot to me.
(Captain) Bennett!
Mom! What?
Don't forget Christmas
dinner's tomorrow night.
You have to bring a
present for Bunchy.
He likes liver treats.
And hats.
And maybe you could
bring a date for once?
Carson, would you
like to go on a...
(ambulance door closes)