Christmas Cupcakes (2018) Movie Script

( film projector spooling up )
WOMAN: Uncle Mario, it's pretty dark in here.
GINA: Look at this place, Kim.
It's like we just walke into a Christmas museum.
KIM: Look at all the decorations, they're the same
from when we were little.
Dad really loved Christmas.
GINA: Yeah.
I can't believe he's gone.
Just two more weeks, and everything will be
back to normal.
KIM: Hey Gina,
what is it with you and Christmas?
Why do you hate it so much?
GINA: I don't hate Christmas.
I just don't have any use for it.
Hey, how about that coffee I was promised, Uncle Mario?
MARIO: I make you the best coffee you ever had.
I just gotta start the machine.
GINA: Wowzer, that's new.
What happened to the old one?
MARIO: Don't look for gifts in the mouth of the horse.
This is the Ferrari of espresso machines.
This make the best coffee in the world.
GINA: Anyone else hungry?
MARIO: I make you something.
KIM: (gasps) Gina, look.
GINA: Mmm, wow.
This is...this is so good.
MARIO: You know what they say.
Omelette in the hand is worth two birds.
KIM: Uh, and you know what, Uncle Mario,
this coffee is amazing.
MARIO: I told you!
KIM: Oh, that scared me.
GINA: What is she doing here?
What time is it?
MARIO: What do you want?
WOMAN: I see the lights are on.
You make egg bread?
MARIO: We don't have any fresh bread.
We not even open.
WOMAN: Where am I supposed to go?
It's Christmas.
Nobody make egg bread like Luciano.
MARIO: Wait here.
MARIO: This is Luciano's last one.
I try and make more tomorrow.
WOMAN: Bless you, Mario.
I'm so sorry about your brother, Luciano.
(door closes)
MARIO: Luciano made the bread...
KIM: You know,
she brings up an interesting point.
GINA: Oh yeah?
What's that?
KIM: The bakery.
When are we going to reopen?
KIM: Well, yeah, who else is going to do it?
GINA: You know nothing about running a bakery.
You're a corporate financial thingy person.
KIM: Financial asset manager.
GINA: Exactly!
And you worked hard for your career.
You sacrificed everything for it.
KIM: Yeah, I know.
That's why I can't stand it any more.
GINA: Okay, I know it sounds romantic to leave everything
behind to make bread and muffins, but this isn't us.
We haven't worked here in 20 years.
KIM: Gina,
I'm not disagreeing with you, Gina, I'm saying
you're right, I don't think you're cut out for this.
GINA: I bet you don't remember how to run the cash register!
I'm going home so I can get some sleep before I have to go to
my actual job.
KIM: Wait a minute, she didn't give any time off?
GINA: I got the afternoon for the funeral.
KIM: Wow, you're right,
you should really get going,
it'd be terrible to lose a sweet gig like that.
GINA: I'll call you tomorrow.
Thanks for the food, Momo, I love you both.
MARIO: Caio, bella.
GINA: Bye.
KIM: Don't mess up her coffee!
GINA: Hey!
That's mine.
NICK: Excuse me?
GINA: The sugar.
It's mine.
NICK: Okay, it's yours...
As long as you promise to share.
GINA: I'll think about it.
NICK: C'mon, it's Christmas.
What, you don't like Christmas?
GINA: It's overrated.
NICK: Oh, I don't know.
The music's pretty good.
Life's better with a little Bing Crosby, isnt it?
GINA: I'm more of a Dean Martin man, myself.
NICK: I'm Nick.
GINA: Gina.
See you around.
NICK: I hope so...
MS MEDAK: You're late.
GINA: Yeah, I know, I'm sorry.
It went a little bit than expected last night.
MS MEDAK: Clearly.
Do I have any appointments?
GINA: Yep, You have a meeting with the hotel for the Christmas Ball
at 10:30, and the Santas are interviewing at 2 PM.
MS MEDAK: Do we really need a Santa?
GINA: Well it is a children's benefit for Christmas
for underprivileged kids.
MS MEDAK: Oh, I know.
It's exhausting to care as much as I do.
GINA: Yeah.
And the rest of the day you are free.
So is there anything else, other than the coffee?
My head hurts.
Oh, actually, Gina, there was one more thing.
GINA: Mmhmm?
MS MEDAK: I trust this is the last time you will let your
personal life interfere with your work.
GINA: You mean the untimely passing of my father?
MS MEDAK: Yes, your personal life.
That's what I said.
This company is like a family.
We don't want to be distracted by your problems.
GINA: I promise that won't be an issue.
MS MEDAK: Music to my ears.
WOMAN: You make me egg bread?
KIM: Hey!
GINA: Hey!
KIM: What are you doing here?
GINA: Just wanted to check in.
KIM: Really, I thought you had to work.
GINA: Well...
Maybe I don't want to work there anymore.
KIM: Really, really!?
GINA: Okay, okay, stop!
This is still crazy.
KIM: Hey, listen to me.
I still bake and I know you do too.
And anything we can't do, we've got Momo, and dad's recipes.
C'mon Scrooge...little hug.
GINA: (groans)
MARIO: When the curse come to our village--
GINA: (groans)
Not the curse again.
I am so tired of hearing about the curse.
MARIO: When the curse came to our village we were forced to flee.
The only thing that made it across the sea was this...
The recipe for egg bread.
MARIO: Be careful!
KIM: Oh...okay...
My Italian's a little rusty.
Does that say "knead dough until it's calm"?
GINA: No, it says "Knead dough over time".
MARIO: No, it say "add lemon".
KIM: No, I don't think so.
MARIO: It's a test.
We make bread.
Whoever make the best will be the new king.
KIM: Or the queen.
MARIO: (chuckles)
KIM: Well, clearly mine's the best.
MARIO: I lost this game once, never again.
GINA: So who's gonna decide which one is the best bread?
MARIO: I do.
KIM: We need someone who is
WOMAN: Who make this bread?
KIM: I did.
WOMAN: I'm not surprised.
This bread is garbage.
Dry and too salty.
Not enough egg.
This is like Christmas without the presents.
KIM: Ok, okay, I get it, not a fan, thank you.
WOMAN: Who make this?
MARIO: I make.
You like?
WOMAN: This bread make me cry.
Because it remind me of the bread your brother
used to make.
But then I cry because I taste lemon and it make it
taste like soap and I hate it.
This is like liver for Christmas dinner.
GINA: Ugh.
WOMAN: Who make?
GINA: I did.
WOMAN: You make this bread?
You make it yourself?
GINA: Yep.
I made it myself?
WOMAN: You have the gift.
MARIO: I still think you need a little lemon in the batter.
WOMAN There's no lemon in egg bread!
KIM: Um, excuse me, why are you taking my bread?
You said it tasted like garbage, and you said that his
tasted like soap.
WOMAN: I use it for my birds.
WOMAN: You open tomorrow, I tell everyone.
(door opens)
(traffic passing)
(door shuts)
KIM: It's okay, everything's going to be great.
Gina, you're gonna bake the bread.
And Momo, you can make the rest.
And I will do the financing.
And the register.
It's gonna be perfect.
Just need a little... sprucing up.
Like a lot, a lot of sprucing up.
MARIO: Okay.
Start right now.
KIM: Hey Mario, what's in here?
Uncle Mario, can you come here?
MARIO: (speaks Italian)
Stay out of my room.
KIM: Your room?
You live here?
MARIO: Where do you think I live?
KIM: I don't know...
Where do you bathe?
MARIO: I climb in the sink.
KIM: That's disgusting!
GINA: How long have you been sleeping here?
MARIO: I don't know...
25 years?
KIM: I mean, it can't be comfortable.
MARIO: It's not a problem.
I just curl up like this.
GINA: That can't be good for you.
KIM: Not to mention illegal.
You can't sleep where you make food.
MARIO: Then why do they put a kitchen in a house, smart guy?
KIM: (sighs)
MARIO: You kicking me out at Christmas?
KIM: No, no no no, of course not.
Look, let's finish cleaning up, and we can get a fresh start
in the morning and we'll figure it out.
GINA: I guess...
KIM: Trust me, Gina,
you won't regret this.
(alarm beeping)
GINA: I immediately regret this.
NICK: Oh, sorry, I--
GINA: I'm sorry--
NICK: Hey.
GINA: Hey.
NICK: We have to stop running into eachother like this.
GINA: Do we?
NICK: You have time for a coffee?
GINA: That's why I'm here.
NICK: Let's sit.
GINA: Okay.
GINA: Okay...
Thank you.
GINA: That's nice.
NICK: So you do have some Christmas spirit.
GINA: I just like peppermint mocha.
You know this used to be my favorite time of year.
NICK: What happened?
My dad.
He always made it magical.
You know, it was the little things?
Trimming the tree.
Setting up that little village.
Making popcorn and watching Jimmy Stewart.
Baking cookies.
And skating in the park.
That was my favorite...
You know I haven't done it since I was a kid.
NICK: I'm sorry.
He sounds like a great dad.
GINA: He was...
What about you?
Do you have any family in town?
NICK: Uh, no, just me.
But I really miss them at this time of year.
GINA: Yeah.
NICK: Even my weird cousin who was probably too old for
his blankie.
GINA: (laughs)
You know what's weird
is my uncle sleeps in the basement of our family business.
NICK: Oh! (laughs)
Yeah, my boss is probably the older brother I wish I
never had.
I shouldn't say that.
He's gonna help me realize my dream.
GINA: What's your dream?
NICK: I'm gonna open a food truck
that only serves dessert.
And homestyle desserts, you know?
That make you think of grandma's cooking or
mom's cooking, but with a comtemporary twist to it.
GINA: What!? That is amazing!
NICK: Thanks.
Pretty proud.
GINA: Yeah!
You should be.
KIM: Hi, how are you?
Thank you so much.
Say "Hi" to Scott for me.
Hi, how are you?
Thank you.
GINA: Hey Kim, we're gonna need more bags.
KIM: Alright, I know, I ordered them this morning.
Thanks so much,
love you too.
GINA: Merry Christmas!
KIM: Woah.
Wow, really got quiet.
MARIO: I go take a nap.
KIM: What if there's another rush?
MARIO: I doubt it.
KIM: Hey, Momo, where did dad keep all his business records?
Who are you texting, huh?
GINA: Wouldn't you like to know?
KIM: (sighs)
Okay, so which of the boxes is it in?
MARIO: All of them.
Can't break eggs without bird in the bush.
KIM: All of them?
KIM: I think I know why mom is so
against us taking this place over.
It's a second mortgage on their house.
KIM: It's for $100,000.
According to this, dad hasn't made a payment in months.
GINA: She wants to pay it off
because she's worried the bank will take house, right.
KIM: Why doesn't she tell us these things, doesn't she
think that we'd help her?
GINA: How are we going to help her?
Do the math.
I don't think we'll be able to pay our bills let alone dad's.
KIM: We're gonna be okay, alright?
I wouldn't have considered this if I didn't have enough
savings to get us off the ground.
GINA: You have $100,000 in savings?
KIM: Well, no...
But I have enough to make some payments.
At least for this month...
And you know what, it's going to pick up.
These things, they just go in waves.
GINA: You know what, maybe mom was right.
Maybe it's time to admit this place is finished.
KIM: No no no, Gina, Gina, listen, hey.
Look, we just need to earn enough money for the banks
to trust us, because they're understanding.
GINA: Kim...
KIM: You just want to give up before we even start?
This community needs us.
Momo, he needs us.
And I don't want to go back to that office.
This is my last chance to finally do what I want to do.
GINA: You really think I wanna go back to working for the sea witch?
KIM: No, no, of course not.
We're gonna figure this out.
GINA: Okay.
KIM: (sighs)
Community service?
NICK: Not exactly.
GINA: Peppermint mocha.
You remembered.
NICK: I did.
GINA: So what are we doing here, exactly?
Hmm, okay.
Let's do it.
GINA: This is delicious.
NICK: Good, I'm glad.
GINA: Thank you.
GINA: Oh, oh!
NICK: I got you.
GINA: I haven't done this in forever.
NICK: You're fine, you're doing good.
GINA: Yeah, I'm a regular pro.
How'd you get so good?
NICK: Every Christmas season, my grampa would clear the
pond behind his house.
I can't even tell you how many hours I spent back there.
GINA: A pond?
Where was that?
NICK: A small town you've never heard of.
GINA: Oh, a country boy.
Who'd of thunk it?
NICK: Only at Christmas time.
Imagine a lot more denim and a trucker hat,
and you're half-way there.
GINA: Mmm...Do you miss it?
NICK: Yeah, of course!
Now Christmas feels like it comes from a catalog.
Back then, it was fun and bold and in your face,
and people cared more about how it made them feel rather
than how it made them look.
GINA: You would have loved my dad.
He went all out at Christmas.
NICK: Tell me about him.
KIM: Oh, dad...
MARIO: Customer lady wanna talk to you.
KIM: What customer lady?
KIM: Oh, hi there, can I help you?
SALLY: I'm Sally Durst.
KIM: Okay, do you have an order?
I'm from the Great National Trust Bank.
KIM: Oh.
SALLY: Is there somewhere we could talk?
KIM: Uh, of course.
MARIO: Dio mio.
KIM: Two weeks?
SALLY: As I said, your father incurred significant debt
over the last few years.
KIM: I understand, but--
SALLY: It's not just the two mortgages.
He took out several small loans, using smaller equity,
such as his car, for collateral.
KIM: How much?
SALLY: $248,000.
With the amount owing, I'm afraid we'll be forced to
I was supposed to start proceedings immediately,
I liked Mr. Remo.
He always brought in fresh-baked chocolate chunk
The kind with the fudge center?
KIM: Yeah.
SALLY: My favorite.
Two weeks is the best I can do.
That gives you untll the 24th.
KIM: But...
that's Christmas Eve.
SALLY: Is there a problem?
KIM: No, no no, you'll have it.
SALLY: Just so we're clear.
That's four months' payments, plus interest owing.
Everything okay?
MARIO: Scary bank lady
came in to bring back village curse.
KIM: It's fine.
GINA: Really?
Are you sure?
KIM: Yeah, no no, it's all good, I got it all figured out.
GINA: Finally, some good news.
GOLDIE: I know that look.
I've seen it before.
KIM: Mom, it's fine, it's fine.
You worry.
(hisses) Momo.
KIM: I thought mom was against this whole thing.
GINA: I think she's keeping an eye on us.
KIM: Wel from here on, everything is gonna be great.
GINA: Oh, speaking of great!
Here comes your ex.
KIM: Richard, hi,
what are you guys doing here?
Hi, honey.
RICHARD: Look, your daughter has something to tell you.
LEE: I told you I was sorry.
KIM: Lee, what happened?
LEE: Mom, it's not a big deal.
You can barely see it.
KIM: See what?
RICHARD: She almost wrecked my car.
KIM: What!?!
LEE: It's not a big deal,
Tony's dad says he can buff it out.
KIM: Are you ok?
What happened?
RICHARD: Apparently, Lee and her friends thought it would
be fun to celebrate the start of Christmas break by going
on a little joy ride.
LEE: It's not my fault they put fire hydrants so close to the curb.
RICHARD: The body shop says it's at least $1000.
I had to walk out on a client to come get her.
I know I'm supposed to have her over Christmas,
but I need a break okay, she can't come with us.
KIM: I'll take her!
And I'm gonna put you to work, though so you can your dad back.
GINA: We could use an extra set of hands.
LEE: Sounds fun.
KIM: It's gonna be great!
RICHARD: Perfect.
HEATHER: Richard, can we go?
GINA: Yeah, you should hurry,
because there is a huge Christmas sale at Bloomington's
right now.
HEATHER: What Christmas sale, Richard?
RICHARD: Come on.
HEATHER: Richard, you never told me about a Christmas sale.
RICHARD: Let's go.
GINA: We'll miss you.
Bye bye.
KIM: Hey, kiddo.
Are you hungry?
Do you want me to make you a PB&J sandwich.
LEE: Really?
That's like, so simple.
KIM: Oh.
LEE: I'm trying to check in, but you guys have no presence.
GINA: Hey, don't look at me, I just make the bread.
LEE: Presence, online presence.
Web pages, social media?
Here's a listing, you guys are under
Tobacco and Firearms and your description is
"egg bread".
KIM: But, I mean, can you fix that?
LEE: Easy.
KIM: Okay, great, we just found a job for you.
You are gonna be our new techie.
It's gonna be fun.
LEE: Yay.
KIM: Yay, we get to have Christmas together.
NICK: I don't get it, Gina.
GINA: What's that?
NICK: How someone like you is still single.
GINA: (laughs)
If only you knew.
I don't know what's worse, my poor decision-making skills,
or my lousy taste in the wrong guys.
NICK: Oh, is that what I am?
GINA: Oh no.
You are completely different than anyone I have ever dated.
NICK: Really?
GINA: Yeah.
And, that's a good thing.
Trust me.
NICK: I do.
GINA: Um, I got you something.
NICK: Okay.
You made me a Christmas mix tape?
GINA: Yeah, I'm kinda old school.
NICK: I love it.
I mean look, you even put Bing Crosby.
GINA: And Dean Martin.
NICK: This is amazing.
Thank you.
GINA: You're welcome.
KIM: Hey, Lee, honey.
Why don't you come and help?
KIM: We could use your help.
Come on.
LEE: And voila!
KIM: Oh great, let me have a look.
Lee, this is amazing.
GINA: Wow, you did this by yourself?
LEE: Yeah.
KIM: This is going to work.
I just, I have a good feeling.
GINA: What do you think, Lee?
You're obviously the brains of the operation.
I don't know.
This stuff will help, but there's, like,
a hundred bakeries in this city.
KIM: There's that many?
LEE: Yeah, what you guys need is a promotion to get the word out.
GINA: Sure, but that requires money which we don't have.
LEE: Well, have you thought about entering the Grand-Prix?
KIM: The what?
LEE: The Dessert Grand-Prix.
MARIO: I love that show.
GINA: Okay, what is it?
LEE: It's like a contest.
On TV.
Started by this celebrity-chef dude a few years back.
It's like a huge show now.
Three days of cooking awesomeness,
and the final's always on Christmas Eve.
KIM: It says here first prize is $100,000.
Is that right?
MARIO: Holy Canole!
LEE: These are the guys who won last year.
GINA: He looks familiar.
LEE: Their bakery is always packed.
KIM: You've been there?
LEE: Yeah, a bunch of times.
KIM: We should go check it out.
GINA: No chance.
LEE: It's not that far from here.
KIM: C'mon, it'll be fun.
GINA: You know, you keep saying the word 'fun', but
I'm starting to think you don't know what that word
KIM: We can go undercover, okay, that's fun.
I want to see what makes them so popular.
Gina, we got to try something, right?
GINA: Fine.
KIM: Awesome, okay, great.
I'll meet you over there in an hour.
Bye, Momo.
MARIO: Ciao, Bella.
KIM: (clears throat)
(whispers) Gina! Gina!
Over here.
(clears throat)
GINA: Excuse me.
You look like a crazy person.
KIM: I said we were going undercover.
Where's your disguise?
GINA: There's nobody on this Earth who would have thought you
were serious.
Nobody here knows us.
KIM: At least let's get our backstory straight, okay?
My name is Claudette Vansteenberger, attorney at law.
I have two children from my first marriagem one
from my second.
You see, my first husband died in a tragic mission
to the West Indies...
GINA: Well hello, Claudette.
I'm Crazy Liz and I was released early from jail.
Let's get this over with.
KIM: I can work with that.
GINA: Wow, this place is really fancy.
KIM: Even the music.
GINA: Oh no, no no no no no.
KIM: Gentlemen, hello.
My name is Claudette Vansteenberger and this is my
sister, Crazy Liz.
NICK: Wait.
I thought you looked familiar.
ANDREW: It's Andrew.
So you recognized me?
I knew you'd come crawling back one day.
KIM: So, you two know each other?
GINA: Kind of.
ANDREW: Our souls intertwined on a celestial plane.
KIM: Gross?
GINA: We went on one date.
NICK: You guys went on a date.
KIM: Okay, great!
We were wondering if we could purchase some of your famous
chai tea micro cakes?
ANDREW: (laughs)
You're not serious, right?
GINA: Is that the last one you have left?
ANDREW: This, no, that is a paraffin wax rendering of one of our micro
cakes made by Fabricio Sangrita.
You can't eat this.
It'll hurt your tummy.
KIM: So, you're saying you have none left?
ANDREW: We make a limited number of these every day.
These artisan cakes, available only through
GINA: Wow, you have not changed at all.
ANDREW: Thank you.
Now is there anything else or are you just here to waste
my time?
GINA: (scoffs)
Same old Gina.
Just drifting through life.
No idea what she wants.
GINA: Really?
NICK: Don't talk to her--
ANDREW: I'm sorry, do you like your job there?
Food trucker?
NICK: Wait, Gina, Gina, wait!
KIM: Crazy Liz?
GINA: Thanks for standing up for me back there.
NICK: I'm sorry, I need my job, I don't want to live in a basement
like your uncle Mario.
GINA: Leave my uncle out of this.
NICK: You're right, I'm sorry, I didn't mean it that way.
Can we talk about this somewhere else, please?
I'll tell you where I won't be.
Anywhere nere you.
Come on, Claudette, let's go.
KIM: Is that...?
NICK: Gina.
KIM: Thank you.
KIM: Okay, here goes nothing.
KIM: Bumbum!
Wow, fancy pantsy.
Don't really know what to do with this.
For you.
GINA: Thank you.
KIM: Cheers.
GINA: Cheers.
GINA: Hmm.
It's good.
KIM: I mean, yeah, it's fine.
GINA: Like, I don't really see what the fuss is about.
KIM: Right?
I bet you could make something way better.
GINA: Why do people go there?
I mean those guys are pretentious and rude.
KIM: Well that one guy seemed kinda nice...
GINA: He wasn't!
KIM: He did give us this cake.
GINA: Yeah, he's a real gentleman.
KIM: Well they were very busy.
I mean it had to be the Grand-Prix, right?
They had signs up all over bragging about it,
I bet you get a ton of new customers if you win.
Gina, this, this is what we've been waiting for, okay?!
We can save the bakery, we can save mom's house!
Gina, as much as it pains me to admit it,
you obviously have dad's gift.
GINA: Don't do this, Kim.
You always set your mind on one thing and you think it's going
to fix everything.
KIM: Yeah but this will fix everything.
Gina, this is our Christmas miracle.
GINA: Just give me a second to think about it, okay?
KIM: Yeah, sure, yeah, take a couple days.
GINA: Thank you.
And you have to promise me
that no matter what we decide,
that you won't take this too seriously.
KIM: (scoffs) Totally.
KIM: (clears throat)
It'd be a shame to waste these.
GINA: Totally.
GINA: Hey, what are you doing here so early?
LEE: After what happened to Richard's car,
mom won't let me out of her sight.
GINA: Well, you can help me with the bread.
KIM: Oh, I love that smell.
LEE: We made it into the Grand-Prix.
You guys are totally going to win.
GINA: What?!
KIM: Ha, we got in!
You entered us into the rand-Prix without talking to me?
KIM: Well, I knew that you would say yes.
GINA: But I told you I needed time to think about it.
KIM: I know, but I had to
get the entry in on time and it's not really a big deal.
GINA: You just know everything, don't you?
KIM: At least I'm trying to do something to save this place.
Gina, Gina!
Gina, wait wait wait, Gina Gina Gina.
Please please please, stop stop stop.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry, listen.
You have absolutely every right to be mad, but I had to do it.
GINA: Typical Kim.
Always knows better than her irrisponsible little sister.
KIM: No, no that's not it at all, honest.
We need the money.
GINA: What do you mean?
KIM: We're really, really in the hole.
I thought we could turn things around, I honestly did.
With your cooking and my accounting...
But it's not enough.
We could do it we had more time.
Two weeks...
GINA: What're you talking about?
You told me everything was cool with the bank.
KIM: I know, I didn't know what else to say.
I'm sorry.
I was so scared you'd leave--.
GINA: Why do you care so much?
At least you have a job to go back to.
KIM: You know what, I've spent my entire life making
other people's dreams come true.
I'm sick of it.
I'm sick of flying around everywhere and I'm sick of the
80 hour work weeks.
This is a chance for me to do what I want to do.
And most importantly for me to be here with Lee.
And I can't do it without you.
GINA: Fine, I'll do it for Lee.
But only because Richard wears pants really high
and I just can't have my niece around that...
KIM: Thank you.
I'm sorry.
GINA: Just don't expect a gift from a horse's mouth, or whatever.
I'll see you tomorrow.
KIM: Okay, I love you.
Yes, ah!
(door closes)
KIM: Brrrr!
Hey, kiddo.
Everything is fine.
LEE: That was awesome.
I want to help you guys.
KIM: Really?
LEE: You kind of need it.
KIM: Yes, yes we do.
Okay, so... Hypothetical question:
If I wanted information on the Grand-Prix judges, you know,
their likes and dislikes, is that something you could
track down?
LEE: Consider it done.
KIM: Hmm.
Interesting, and how long would something like that
take, hypothetically?
LEE: Way ahead of you, mom.
I did it while you were outside.
KIM: What?!
You are amazing.
You don't get it from your dad.
BRYAN: Welcome to Day One of Chef Paolo's Dessert
Grand-Prix Christmas Special!
I'm your host, Bryan Ocean, and we've got an amazing show
lined up for you today!
LEE: Good luck, mom!
GINA: Confident.
NICK: Gina.
What are you doing here?
GINA: Oh now you have something to say to me?
NICK: Look, about the other day-.
GINA: You better not talk to me, look who's coming.
ANDREW: This is my space.
Oh, well well well, if it isn't
Claudette Vansteenberger, and Crazy Liz, was it?
Right, should have known you guys were just spying.
GINA: We weren't spying.
NICK: I didn't think you were spying.
ANDREW: Doesn't matter.
The most they can do is steal some of the things we've
already made.
Consider this a warning, ladies.
GINA: Steal what, exactly?
ANDREW: Some of our baked goods, our creations,
our award-winning pieces of edible art.
GINA: Wow.
ANDREW: Yeah, you are entering
a world of hurt you know nothing about.
This isn't just some game
for bored housewives.
KIM: Ha!
ANDREW: This is baking, and you're rolling with the big boys now.
GINA: Get out of our face, we've got a competition to win.
KIM: (clears throat) Gina.
That was awesome.
GINA: Yeah.
BRYAN: As you know, the contest breaks down into
three rounds.
Each with it's own main theme or ingredient,
which must be tied to this year's mystery dessert.
Four teams start but only three move on to Day Two.
BRYAN: Let's meet our celebrity judges.
The first is a celebrated chef known as much
for his fantastic dishes as for his fiery temper.
The one, the only, Eliot Rosewater.
Hello, sir.
MARIO: I love his show!
Think Gina can get me his autograph?
BRYAN: Our next judge has done it all.
Cooking shows, books, clothing lines,
and accessories of all kinds.
The queen of style, Aurora Merryweather.
Nice to have you.
MARIO: I have her spatula collection!
BRYAN: And finally, the brain trust of the Dessert
Once dubbed most interesting chef in the world!
A man who needs no introduction, all hail Chef Paolo!
CHEF PAOLO: Merry Christmas, my friends.
In the past we have seen some grand spectacles in the forms
of tortes and cakes and creams and pies.
Impressive creations, as much feasts for the eye as for
the stomach.
But this year, I decided to go small.
What is it?
The special and underrated dessert we all know as...
the cupcake.
BRYAN: Well, there you have it!
I can't wait to see what our contestants come up with!
Chef Paolo, will you reveal today's key ingredient?
BRYAN: Nuts!
A traditional Christmas favorite!
Our contestants will be able to choose from the multiple
kinds of nuts we have on set today.
Peanuts, macadamia nuts, almost, I think I see some
cashews there.
The possibilities seem endless!
In fact with so many and such a limited amount of time,
even the most discerning chef could go a little squirrely.
CHEF PAOLO: You have two hours for your creations.
KIM: Um, what are we gonna?
GINA: I don't know.
ANDREW: I'm thinking Roasted almond with salted caramel buttercream
NICK: Yes, chef.
And a bit of Dominican rum for the vanilla?
ANDREW: Perfect.
GINA: But I don't know what we're gonna make.
KIM: We'll be fine.
ANDREW: Almonds, I don't need these mixed nuts.
What is this, a bar?
GINA: Okay Kim, let's go!
KIM: Okay!
BRYAN: Team Remo seems a bit scattered.
CHEF PAOLO: There's no time for hesitation.
I hesitated once on a moving train in Budapest.
GINA: Wait, let's sift it.
CHEF PAOLO: Flour needs to be sifted but not quite in that manner.
ANDREW: I need a fresh bowl.
Fresh bowl.
NICK: Yes, chef.
CHEF PAOLO: This is where the drama of pastry cheffing comes in.
ELIOT: Sometimes you need a little bit of fire.
GINA: Well this is looking good.
That's great, good job, Kim.
CHEF PAULO: That's why we won't be seeing...
ELIOT: I didn't say anything.
AURORA: Interesting.
ELIOT: I've never seen anybody crush nuts like that.
CHEF PAULO: Actually...
BRYAN: Two minutes.
This is your two minute warning, chefs.
ELIOT: Tick-toc, tic-toc.
CHEF PAULO: Finishing touches are so on point.
They finish the creation.
ANDREW: Boom, boom, boom.
Little bit of sprinkle.
Like it's snowing.
BRYAN: And that's time.
Step away, bakers, from your stations.
Well, it's been an exciting competition so far.
We've seen some fantastic baked goods,
and culinary competition at its fiercest.
Our reigning champions, Team Sanderson, are first up.
ANDREW: Pressure?
When you're the best you don't feel pressure.
Know what I'm saying?
Roasted Almond, with salted caramel buttercream frosting.
That's a fantastical cupcake.
LEE: No, Uncle Mario, those are the guys we're cheering against.
MARIO: Oh, right.
Terrible cupcake.
BRYAN: Though all these creations look amazing,
our expert panel of judges goes far beyond the aesthetics,
looking into multiple factors
to determine today's cupcake winner.
AURORA: Marvelous.
Just the right balance of roast almond and salted caramel.
ELIOT: The buttercream frosting is inspired.
Great work, gentlemen.
CHEF PAOLO: Success and failure live next door to one another.
When you knock, you don't always know who will answer.
You, my friends, did not knock.
You kicked in the door and screamed,
"We will triumph," and so you have.
BRYAN: Triple nines!
Well, looks like we have an early favorite.
Let's see how the competition stacks up.
AURORA: Ah, Ms. Remo.
These look interesting.
What are they?
KIM: We have for you a all-natural peanut butter
with a hint of elderberry honey
whipped into a light frosting
on top of a wild strawberry jam center.
ELIOT: A PB and J cupcake?
What is this, recess?
AURORA: A touch pedestrian, don't you think?
KIM: Sometimes, simple things work best.
AURORA: Very well.
AURORA: I had my doubts about the rather plain ingredients,
but there's no doubt this amazing cupcake.
Eight points!
KIM: Hmm!
CHEF PAOLO: You know, when our champions presented their last creation
I did not think anyone was equal to the task.
I am happy to say I was wrong.
Success has roommates today.
This is the best of today,
I can not wait to see what you have for us next time.
MARIO: This is a sign, this is a sign!
ELIOT: People say my tastes are too complex sometimes.
But very few know that I have a secret love for PB and J.
And this, without a doubt, is the best I've ever had.
BRYAN: A ten!
MARIO: He loves the peanutbutter, he loves the peanutbutter!
Are you kidding me?
KIM: Ten.
That many.
BRYAN: For the first time ever,
Chef Rosewater gives a perfect ten here in Cupcape Stadium.
Talk about an early Christmas present!
We thought Team Sanderson Day One locked down,
but out of nowhere,
Team Remo comes from behind to tie it all up!
However, can they continue this momentum into day two.
Join us tomorrow for the next installment of Chef Paulo's
Dessert Chrismas Grand Prix.
And remember, sports fans,
to clench that all important win,
just like a baseball team,
our team of bakers relies on one thing, the batter.
See you tomorrow!
LEE: That was awesome.
GINA: A ten, can you believe it?
LEE: I told you mom knew.
GINA: You knew Eliot liked PB and J?
KIM: I might have read it on the internet.
Thanks to my favorite daughter.
GINA: One down, two to more to go.
I wonder what tomorrow's ingredient will be?
MARIO: Don't worry.
We burn that bridge when we hear it.
GOLDIE: Wish I could have been there.
GINA: I'm sorry, we're closed.
SAM: Merry Christmas.
May I speak with the manager, please?
KIM: Yeah, can I help you?
SAM: My name is Sam Arnold.
I'm the County Health Inspector.
KIM: Oh.
Is there a problem?
SAM: I'm afraid so.
We've received a formal complaint about your business,
and the Health Code requires an investigation
immediately following such action.
KIM: From who?
SAM: I'm sorry, but Health Services protects the anonymity
of all complainants.
GINA: I think I have an idea of who this is.
KIM: This is crazy.
SAM: May I?
KIM: Yes, of course.
SAM: I'd like to see the basement.
KIM: Gina.
GINA: Wait!
You don't want to open that.
There's a lot of dirty mops back there and things.
SAM: Sorry.
I have to look everywhere.
That's not so bad.
MARIO: What?
I stay at Ramada, like all the big TV stars.
SAM: You know, other than a few minor points,
I don't see any code violations.
I see what's happening here.
You know, anyone can file a complain against any bakery.
All reports are taken very seriously,
and investigated thoroughly.
GINA: Hmm, you don't say.
ANDREW: I'd love to see their faces right now.
As if peanuts hold a candle to roasted almonds.
Talk about low-class.
NICK: You shouldn't have done it, Andrew.
We're better than that.
ANDREW: Speak for yourself.
You want to win this thing, don't you?
SAM: Merry Christmas.
ANDREW: We're closed.
SAM: Not for me.
BRYAN: Welcome back to Day Two!
Just before the break,
our remaining contestants were given
today's secret ingredient.
It goes hand in hand with Christmas,
and is loved by the cocoa masses.
It's chocolate!
GINA: So this is what I'm thinking.
Dark fudge with a caramel frosting,
or chocolate chip cookie dough with milk chocolate frosting?
KIM: Ok, but look at what everybody else is getting.
I mean all the ingredients are the exact same right?
We need something that's gonna be like completely different.
GINA: I know, why don't we make an all-white cupcake?
White cake, white frosting, white cup.
KIM: I love it!
Except the key ingredient is chocolate, so...
That's brilliant!
ANDREW: Go get the white.
NICK: White chocolate?
Do we need that?
ANDREW: Just it all.
NICK: What're we using that for?
ANDREW: Just all of it, you understand?
All of it.
NICK: Yes chef.
ANDREW: These ladies think they can come in here
and take this championship from me.
Well I'm about to tell them what's up,
and that's not gonna happen.
You hear me, are they listening?
This isn't live, ok.
GINA: Excuse me, rude.
ANDREW: Sorry, I'm trying to get my workspace in order.
NICK: Gina, hey, can we talk for a second?
What are you looking for?
GINA: White chocolate.
NICK: White chocolate, of course.
GINA: Thanks.
NICK: Look, I need you to know that I had absolutely nothing
to do with what happened yesterday.
I would never do that to you.
GINA: I know.
NICK: Good revenge though.
I didn't know Andrew had that many shades of red in his face.
Ok, messy work.
GINA: But it's fun, though.
NICK: Definitely.
ANDREW: Nick, get over here,
stop fraternizing with the enemy!
KIM: Gina!
ANDREW: You pull anything like that again
and you can say goodbye to your dessert truck.
You got that?
NICK: Yes, chef.
ANDREW: Melt some chocolate.
GINA: I think Nick is a really great guy,
and I really enjoy his company, and he's a great competitor,
and I look forward to seeing what he makes next.
NICK: I think she smiled at me.
Did you see that?
GINA: Team Remo all the way.
Go Team Remo!
BRYAN: One minute remaining.
ANDREW: I want coils in this one.
BRYAN: And that's time.
NICK: Did you see what Gina was making?
Looked amazing.
ELIOT: How did you get them to be so brilliantly white
both inside and out?
GINA: We removed the yolks from the eggs in the batter.
and I think they turned out pretty well,
if I do say so myself.
AURORA: White Christmas.
But where is the key ingredient?
CHEF PAOLO: White chocolate!
ELIOT: It's so light and airy.
The chocolate enhances the fluffiness.
AURORA: Yes, and there is something that just makes it pop.
I can't put my finger on it...
KIM: I can't believe it, it worked.
GINA: What are you talking about?
What worked?
KIM: Uncle Mario, you never use enough lemon.
GINA: I didn't put any lemon in these!
KIM: I know.
While you were making googly eyes with the competition,
I squeezed a lemon in the batter.
GINA: Really?
MARIO: Yes, really!
And now you see that Mario is the smartest!
I told you!
BRYAN: Another solid round for Team Remo.
But will it be enough to propel them
into the finals against Team Sanderson,
whose chocolate peppermint cupcakes
were such a hit today?
Let's find out!
LEE: Boo, get out!
MARIO: Peppermint, nah!
CHEF PAOLO: Mervelous, this is what it's about.
My grandfather used to say "Courage tempered with
innovation removes all risk."
You have surprised us again, my friends!
BRYAN: Another ten!
I don't believe it!
Team Sanderson is still up front with a set of straight nines,
but Team Remo is
chocolate chip, chip, chipping away at their lead.
Our two finalists are set.
Who will take home the grand prize on Christmas Eve?
Is it our defending champions, Team Sanderson?
Or our plucky underdogs, Team Remo?
Tune in tomorrow and find out!
KIM: I can't believe we made it to the finals!
LEE: You guys are going to be famous.
KIM: What're you thinking?
GINA: I just had a thought that Dad would've won if he knew.
MARIO: He knew.
KIM: What?
MARIO: Luciano didn't want to enter.
He was scared he's no good enough.
GINA: Oh, dad.
MARIO: He was good enough.
KIM: He was the best...
Just like you, Gina.
LEE: So how are we gonna win this?
KIM: Good question.
Ok, we need something that is really gonna impress Chef Paulo,
and it's just gonna knock his socks off.
GINA: Alright, everybody out of my kitchen, let's go, let's go,
gotta get some cupcakes, out of here, out of here!
KIM: Oh?
GINA: So I'm kind of running out of ideas,
but I decided to try something a little bit out there,
these are minced meat and rosemary cupcakes.
I just thought with the Christmas season
why not try a little something different.
KIM: Definitely different.
GINA: What do you think, Lee?
LEE: Actually it's the first thing I've ever eaten
that I didn't like.
And once I even had a piece of toast
with just ketchup and parmesan cheese on it.
MARIO: I told you to put the lemon.
GINA: Wow, everyone's a critic, aren't they?
KIM: We're not saying that they're bad.
LEE: I am, kind of.
GINA: Well I hope you all have brilliant ideas
because I'm done.
KIM: Gina, wait, wait.
GINA: This was your idea, why don't you do it?
KIM: Don't you think I would if I could?
I mean come on.
I've wanted to do this ever since I was a little kid,
and now that I've had the chance you breeze in here
and bread lady's like "oh you have the gift."
I mean what do you want me to say, that I'm jealous?
Ok fine, because I am alright?
I am, I'm jealous of you.
I am jealous of your eyebrows
and I'm jealous of how cool you've always been,
and yes I am jealous of your stupid egg bread, ok?
GINA: You're jealous of me?
Everyone in this family thinks I'm a failure!
KIM: That's not true.
GINA: You're always saying how much better you are,
and then you wonder why I didn't want to do this with you.
Well you know what,
I'm sorry my egg bread was better than yours, Kim.
I really am, but don't worry,
because I won't be making it anymore.
KIM: Gina.
Really guys?
WOMAN: Why you cry?
Why you cry?
GINA: I'm not crying...
WOMAN: My leg hurts.
It's cold.
You drive me home.
It's Christmas.
Let's go.
WOMAN: Tears are just your body telling you that you need food.
But first you need good cup of coffee.
GINA: Thank you.
WOMAN: Next, you prepare the bread.
WOMAN: You sprinkle a little bit cinnamon...
Little bit sugar.
GINA: Thank you.
GINA: Wow, that is so good.
WOMAN: I told you.
GINA: You know I make this every day, and I never even eat it.
WOMAN: Sometimes the best things in life
are right under your nose.
But you never realize it.
I used to make this every morning for my husband.
Now He's gone.
GINA: I'm so sorry.
WOMAN: But your bread, keep him alive here.
What I'm talking, you have to go.
GINA: No, no.
WOMAN: Your family needs you.
GINA: Thank you.
This has been perfect.
I would like to come see you again some time.
WOMAN: Oh yes please, thank you very much.
GINA: Merry Christmas.
WOMAN: Merry Christmas!
I watch you on TV!
KIM: Wow, your aunt really made a mess.
LEE: Coming through.
Beep boop!
KIM: Thanks honey.
GOLDIE: Lee, honey, Can you give us a minute?
Hi hon.
I just wanted to say good luck tomorrow.
And to make a little confession.
KIM: What's that?
GOLDIE: After the first day with you guys,
I was ready to give up and sell this place.
I didn't think you had a clue as to what you were doing.
Until I had a chat with Lee, that is.
She filled me in on this contest and what it meant for you,
for all of us.
At first I thought it was nuts.
A shot-in-the-dark Christmas contest
is no way to make a business plan.
But then she gave me one of the cupcakes to try.
Kim, those things are amazing.
KIM: Right, right?
It's Gina!
GOLDIE: I'm sorry I was such a skeptic.
You have something special here.
So go out and show the world so they can see it too.
I am so proud of you, hon.
KIM: Thank you mom, that means the world to me.
I love you.
GOLDIE: I love you too, sweetheart.
And that is one awesome kid you've got.
KIM: I know.
GOLDIE: Well, got any extra cupcakes?
KIM: No shortage of cupcakes.
I think we have ten different kinds.
GOLDIE: Sounds good.
KIM: Here let me grab them.
BRYAN: Merry Christmas everyone, and welcome back.
Now forget everything you've seen in the previous rounds.
They were good enough to get our contestants this far,
but the real contest starts now,
in this, our final round, when anything goes.
Unique-itude and eccentricity are rewarded.
Cowardice will leave you lying in the dust.
It's no place for the meek,
and champions will prevail in what some have dubbed
"The Dessert Thunderdome."
GINA: Wow.
Melodramatic much?
KIM: Gina, I'm so happy you're here, and I'm so sorry.
GINA: Let's just get ready, ok?
We got a contest to win.
KIM: Yeah we do.
BRYAN: As always, the key vote lies with Chef Paulo himself.
His palate changes with the season,
so just because something performed well in previous years
does not mean it will do well again.
Originality is key.
So let's find out what today's secret ingredient is for this,
our championship round.
CHEF PAOLO: At this special time of year,
when people gather to celebrate their beliefs,
their hopes, their wellwishes to one another,
a sense of community permeates the festivities.
But one thing remains true, the importance of family.
And so for this year's championship round,
I have decided that the key ingredient should be just that.
BRYAN: There you have it.
Not an ingredient, but a theme.
And an important one at that, especially at Christmas time.
Now let's got and see what our finalists can come up with!
GINA: What kind of theme is that?
we could literally make anything.
KIM: I kind of think that's the idea.
GINA: I'll be back.
KIM: Hurry!
CHEF PAOLO: No time to waste, no time to waste.
ELIOT: This could be disastrous.
KIM: Umm...
(clears throat)
Is there any water around?
Is it hot in here?
KIM: What was that about?
GINA: You'll find out.
KIM: Ok so what're we gonna make?
GINA: What our family makes best.
WOMAN: (groaning)
BRYAN: We're down to the final 15 minutes.
GINA: Come on, Kim.
KIM: Ok, oh they look amazing.
KIM: What about the frosting?
We don't even have time to whip it up.
Here add some more.
GINA: Oh I'll be right back.
KIM: Gina, frost--!
WOMAN: Oh yes, yes, yes.
Oh Gina.
GOLDIE: What, this is no time for a coffee break!
BRYAN: Team Sanderson is already into their finishing touches,
but Team Remo has fallen way behind.
It looks like there's some confusion on their side.
They have no frosting prepared
and time's almost up!
KIM: Tic-tock, yo.
GINA: Coming!
LEE: C'mon, guys, hurry!
KIM: Ok you start over here.
GINA: I got it, I got it.
Look at this, smell that.
BRYAN: I don't believe it!
Team Remo is using espresso glaze
as the icing for their cupcakes!
I have never seen that before!
ANDREW: That's it, that's it.
GINA: Wipe some of this, wipe some of that.
ANDREW: That's it.
BRYAN: And that's time!
KIM: And it's just like...
I don't know the time,
it went so fast, and it was over.
And we did it!
I think we did it.
BRYAN: Let's go to our panel judges.
Our defending champions have the honor of going first.
CHEF PAOLO: This year's contest is one of the finest we've ever seen.
You make us proud, but here, only the best survive.
For this championship,
I have decided on a more personal approach.
With each dessert must come its muse, its inspiration.
Teams, are you ready to impress us?
ANDREW: Our creation, Chef.
ANDREW: Our creation, Chef.
GINA: Umm, where did they get those lights
is what I'd like to know.
ANDREW: Enjoy our creations.
CHEF PAOLO: Spectacular.
ANDREW: It's sort of like It's a Wonderful Life
and Miracle of 34th Street had a baby.
But that baby was a cupcake.
That's what it's like.
NICK: Just don't eat the lights.
ANDREW: (laughs)
Good one.
Don't eat the lights.
For our cupcake, we decided to embrace the challenge
by creating something totally ground-breaking.
We call it a Christmas Crupcake.
Part cupcake, part croissant, all Christmas tree.
We think it's the finest thing we have ever created.
For what is family, if not two things coming together
to create something new.
Something beautiful.
I'm sorry.
Christmas gets me really misty.
Enjoy, please.
Bon appetit.
AURORA: Gentlemen, as you know I am a woman of few words,
so I'll keep this short and sweet.
To win the Dessert GrandPrix two years in a row is unprecedented.
We had all hoped you would be equal to this task,
and you did not disappoint.
Another masterpiece.
Ten points.
Yes sir.
CHEF PAULO: As a boy I used to collect shells
and I would sell them to tourists.
I would look at their bellies and I would dream of this land.
Of the succulent foods that must exist here.
So full of flavour,
so packed with the taste of freedom.
This is the food I dreamt of.
Nine points.
ANDREW: (laughing)
Thank you, Chef.
ELIOT: This cupcake...
has it all.
Ten points!
BRYAN: Two tens!
For the second time,
Chef Rosewater has given a perfect ten
here at Cupcake Stadium,
which leaves the Sandersons with a nearly flawless score!
ANDREW: (laughing)
AURORA: Team Remo, you have consistently impressed us in this contest.
What do you have for us today?
KIM: This is it.
KIM: These cupcakes survived a curse.
That's right.
When our grandmother was
chased out of her village by a terrible curse,
the only thing that made it to this country was a recipe.
A recipe for a very special bread.
A bread that built a family.
A tradition that was passed on
from mother, to son, to daughter...
And it is that very special recipe that made these cupcakes.
So on this Christmas Eve,
we share our family history with you.
AURORA: Really?
That's it?
After such a heartfelt speech, I expected more.
GINA: Just try it!
AURORA: This is...
ELIOT: It really is.
GOLDIE: Those are my girls!
LEE: I knew they could do it!
AURORA: What is it, why do they taste different, they so good!
GINA: It's egg bread!
I put it in the cupcake tins and I made an espresso glaze
instead of the icing.
ELIOT: Marvelous.
GINA: I'm really happy that you're enjoying them.
AURORA: Enjoying it, love them!
Are there any more?
I want another one.
ELIOT: If heaven had a bakery and it only made one cupcake,
this would be it.
Your father would be proud.
And I'm proud to give it ten points.
GINA: Thank you, thank you.
AURORA: You know, some people think I'm a cold person.
I don't blame them.
When it comes to my craft, I can be demanding.
But it is because I love what I do that I take this approach.
We are here today to find the best cupcake.
is the best cupcake of the year.
Ten points.
MARIO: Another ten, another ten!
That's two, that's two ten!
That's two tens!
CHEF PAOLO: Alright, settle down everyone.
I swam six miles through crocodile infested waters
to escape the rebels from my country,
but you have shown more perseverance and commitment
to one another and to the cupcakes
to move me deeply.
Before me stands a team with more determination
than we've seen here in years.
I think I speak for the rest of the panel when I say,
well done, my friends.
It has been a pleasure to taste your creations.
You have outdone yourselves with each and every round,
and you had exceeded our expectations.
Nothing would give me more joy
than to award you the championship.
CHEF PAOLO: Please, if I may.
Nothing would give me more joy,
but my task here is to judge the cupcakes, and judge them I must.
As amazing as these cupcakes taste,
this is a glaze.
This is not icing.
Icing is not only what makes a cupcake a cupcake,
but it is also my favorite part.
I'm sorry, my friends.
BRYAN: Oh, eight points!
I don't believe it!
That close.
BRYAN: The championship goes to Team Sanderson!
BRYAN: What a Christmas shocker!
CHEF PAOLO: Congratulations my friends!
You are the Dessert Grand-Prix Champions again!
GOLDIE: Get your jackets on.
LEE: Where are we going?
GOLDIE: Our girls need us.
MARIO: Just a minuto.
ANDREW: Thank you, Chef Paulo!
Better luck next year.
But thank you for the...
NICK: Gina.
ANDREW: Check it out, we got it!
KIM: Well, we tried our best.
I'm proud of you.
GINA: I'm proud of us.
ANDREW: Number one, and number two.
Two years in a row.
He's getting champaign, everybody.
BONNY: Ladies, that was amazing.
KIM: Well...
BONNY: Name's Bonny, Bonny Brillo.
I work for Chef Paolo at Yummy Tummy TV.
Has anyone approached you about doing a show yet?
KIM: No.
BONNY: Great, listen, we are going to
want to get you started right away.
I'll draft up the papers, call you in about 24 hours.
And whatever you do, do not sign anything with anyone else.
KIM: Ok, sounds good.
GINA: Wait, wait, I'm not agreeing to anything.
For all we know we might not even have a bakery in a month.
BONNY: It doesn't matter,
we'll build you a fake bakery in the studio.
All that matters is that the two of you do the show together.
KIM: I'm just realizing, thank you very much,
but Gina's right, the bakery is our first priority.
GINA: And I don't have any interest in being on television.
BONNY: I understand, but here's what we can offer you.
$150,000 each for a season.
We shoot three weeks, 30 episodes.
You'd have plenty of time for your bakery.
GINA: We look forward to doing business with you, Ms. Brillo.
BONNY: Excellent.
I'll call you, ladies.
GINA: Uh-huh!
KIM: Great, thank you.
GINA: I never thought that I would get my own baking show,
but I'm so excited to do that with my sister,
and I know that my dad is looking down on us,
and is so proud,
and the fact that we're able to save our bakery,
and keep the Remo dream alive,
and share that dream with everybody on TV is so exciting,
and stay tuned!
'Cause the Remos got more for you out there,
so let's get baking.
KIM: So yeah, we're gonna give it a go-see.
And you know we can bake obviously,
so they're lucky to have us.
GINA: Thank you for being here.
LEE: You guys were amazing.
GOLDIE: Your dad would be so proud of you.
MARIO: I become big star like that guy who say Bam!
NICK: Gina?
GINA: Um, just one minute.
Shouldn't you be celebrating with your boss?
NICK: He's not my boss anymore.
GINA: What do you mean?
NICK: I can't go back, Gina.
GINA: What about your dessert truck?
NICK: Not if it means losing you.
GINA: Well I'm sure we could figure something out.
GINA: Mhmm.
NICK: I like the sound of that.
GINA: I know it's not your traditional family Christmas,
but do you want to join us?
NICK: I'd love to.
GINA: (clears throat)
MARIO: Who's this?
GINA: Guys this is Nick.
Nick, this is my crazy wonderful family.
MARIO: You like egg bread?
NICK: I haven't had the honour yet.
MARIO: Let me tell you where egg bread come from.
Once upon a time there was this curse...
KIM AND GINA: Not the curse again!
MARIO: Once upon a time there was this curse and a small village--.