Christmas Harmony (2018) Movie Script

Won't be long till
gifts are open
Bags are packed,
all headed home and
Everybody's had a good time
Still there's one
thing on my mind
You're the gift
that keeps on giving
The brightest star
upon the tree yeah
Don't you worry
how I love you
You're the present
meant for me
Be my Christmas
wish come true
'Cause there's no
merry without you
Here beneath the snow
The fireplace aglow
No one else could ever do
No it's not
Christmas without you
Before the night is through
Open up my love for you
For you for you for you
For you
Christmas Christmas
without you
Be my Christmas
wish come true
All year long we've
waited for this
You're the one
of winter plans
Make this moment
last forever
You're my only
Christmas wish
Be my Christmas
wish come true
'Cause there's no
merry without you
Before the night is through
Open up my love for you
For you for you
- That was great, Devin.
I'm good with that
take if you guys are?
- I'm good.
- Okay good, we gotta make this
quick release before Christmas.
- Cutting it close
this time huh?
- Too close.
- What can I say?
Last minute inspiration.
What'd you think, Harm?
- Just one small thing.
- Actually, you know what?
You mind going and
getting me some tea?
- Tyler can grab that for you.
- No that's alright,
she doesn't mind.
And she knows exactly
how I like it.
Thank you babe!
Look I'm gonna try that
bridge one more time.
- They're doing another take,
said they'll open the door
when it's clear.
- Gotcha.
- I think there's some
chairs in the back.
- Thanks.
Snow is falling,
we don't notice
You're the warmth
of winter bliss
Make this moment
last forever
Be the greatest
Christmas gift
You're my Christmas
wish come true
Hope alive when I'm with you
Before the night is through
Open up my heart
I do
- Harmony!
What are you doing?
- I was just playing with
the lyrics a little bit.
- We already laid
down the chorus,
and I'm happy with
where it's at.
When I ask for a tea
I expect to get it
before the end of the session.
- You were in the
middle of a take.
- And it was terrible
because you were in here
instead of getting
me the cup of tea.
Thank you baby.
- Did you write that?
- What?
Oh yeah, I did.
- It's good, and you're quite
a beautiful performer too.
- Trust me I'm not.
That's all Devin, I just
occasionally write songs,
and Devin makes 'em sound good.
- Devin is Devin.
But it doesn't seem like you
need him to make it sound good.
I didn't realize that
we were recording a song
that you wrote today.
- Trust me Devin
is the star here.
- One that didn't apparently
get there by himself.
There's room for more
than one star in the sky.
Look I like what I just heard.
- You're very sweet, thank you.
That means a lot
coming from you.
Should we get back in there?
- You do too much
for him you know?
- I'm sorry?
- Yeah, I thought that
even before I knew
that you were the one
behind the music too.
I see it all the time, these
guys taste a little bit
of success, and completely
forget how they got there.
- Devin's not like
that, don't worry.
Truth is, he was
there for me at a time
that I didn't have anyone else.
So it's my turn to
be there for him.
- There's a difference
between being there for
someone and letting
someone use you.
Be careful, okay?
It seems like you're giving
more in this relationship
than you're getting back.
- Babe, earlier in the
studio when you went off
and started playing your
own version of the song,
you gotta run that
stuff by me first.
- I'm sorry what?
- You can't just go
off and play that stuff
where everyone can here you.
It's my song.
Besides I thought I made it
very clear that if there was
anything that you wanted
to change you would come
and talk to me?
- I tried to, you
wouldn't listen.
- When?
- Right before.
- That's what I'm talking
about Harmony, you can't
be interrupting me while I'm
in the middle of recording.
- It's my song.
- Really?
Well then why am I
the one in the studio?
Besides whatever you were
trying to play was totally off.
- I thought it could be better.
- It wasn't.
I appreciate you
trying to help, but.
- But what?
You don't want anyone to know
who's behind you're music?
- You know you're not
listening right now Harmony.
You wanna be on my team then
it's gotta be Devin first.
You know this.
I'm just trying to help you out.
- Are you?
Devin I don't know what
you're getting so upset about.
It was half a song and no
one even heard it but you.
I'm on your team 100%.
- Thank you.
Please don't put those
up babe, they ruin
the whole aesthetic
of the place.
- I like them!
They're festive.
- They're ugly!
But you,
you are beautiful.
Come here.
Sorry, just.
So sorry.
Yeah I got a minute.
- I'm telling you, Jules, he
was obsessing over nothing.
I felt like a kid in
the principal's office.
- You guys are probably
just distracted,
because with the
holidays coming up and
don't you leave for
the tour tomorrow too?
- Yep, at 11:00 a.m.,
I'm packing right now.
- I am so glad that I have
my Christmas decorating
to do to keep me
distracted from packing.
I can't believe that I
am gonna be freezing cold
in Milwaukee with my crazy
sister and sugar-fueled nephews.
While you are just living
it up in Los Angeles
with VIP the treatment.
- Living it up?
- Oh my God, what if
he proposes to you
while you're out there?
- What?
Where did you get that, I just
told you how off we've been.
- Okay, maybe that's why
he's been so distracted
because he's gonna surprise
you, oh for Christmas.
Oh it is so romantic.
My best friend engaged
to a superstar!
I hope you know that I want
to be you when I grow up.
- Jules you're ridiculous,
don't get ahead of yourself.
- I'm just saying
that it's possible.
- Sure.
- Well that sounded
convincing, what's up?
- Nothing.
- Also convincing.
- Seriously, I don't know
I just I feel like things
were different between
Devin and I before.
Like easier, closer.
- Obviously, that
was a long time ago.
He was just a broke kid,
and you were the only one
supporting his dreams.
You do know that you
practically made him right?
- I just, miss the
old Devin sometimes.
- Well the new Devin is
hot, and he is famous.
And every girl would
do practically anything
- Yeah I know, I'm very lucky.
Hey Jules my dad is calling.
Can I give you a call you back?
- Wow, you're actually
gonna talk to him?
Or are you just trying
to get rid of me?
- I'll call you back,
Jules, start packing!
- Yeah, yeah, later.
You are coming with me tree.
- Hiya dad.
- Hey, you actually
answered your phone.
- I know I'm sorry, I've
been meaning to call you back
I've just been so busy.
- It's alright, it's good
to hear your voice now.
I'm just calling
to check and see
if you got the flights we sent.
I haven't, but I told
you, Devin and I leave
for tour tomorrow, so I'm
not gonna be able to make it.
- Oh I thought for Christmas
you'd get some time off?
- Nope, Devin has a show
in LA on Christmas Eve.
- And you have to be there?
- Dad.
- Okay, okay, we just
miss ya that's all.
- We?
- Debbie and I.
- Dad, I don't even know Debbie.
- Well maybe it'd
be nice if you did?
- I have to go, I have a
lot to do before tomorrow.
- Okay, okay, I won't
keep you any longer.
I love you.
- Love you too, talk soon, bye.
- Bye bye.
Here we go.
- Hey.
- They were out of sesame, so
I got you everything instead.
What what's wrong?
- We need to talk.
- What a jerk.
- How could he do this?
I don't know what to do.
- Did he give you any reason?
- He said that with
everything going on
that he doesn't have time
to commit to a relationship.
And he doesn't want to
keep stringing me along.
- Right.
- I mean I know
things weren't perfect
but I didn't expect this!
- Well maybe this
is a good thing.
I never really liked him anyway.
- What are you talking about?
You were the one who just
said how perfect he is!
And how he was gonna
propose on Christmas!
- Well that was yesterday,
and today, today
you can do much, much better.
- We've been planning this
holiday tour for months Jules.
What am I supposed to do?
- Well, I would invite you
to come to Milwaukee with me
but I don't wanna
make you feel worse.
- That's okay, I
appreciate the offer.
- What if you went home?
- No, I don't want
anything to do
with that apartment anymore.
- No, I mean home
home, to Miracle.
- That's not home, that hasn't
been home since mom died.
- Well, you're dad's still
there, and that house
that looks so beautiful
at Christmas time.
I mean it could be perfect
timing, you were just saying
how much you missed your dad.
- Yeah I do, but I don't
wanna go to Miracle.
No one ever leaves or does
anything with their life.
It's like the Twilight
Zone did an episode
on a Kincaid painting.
- Okay I love you
Harm, but you're being
just a little dramatic.
- It's true!
- No it's not, you left.
- I was lucky, the only
reason to visit before
was because of family,
and now that my mom's gone
I see no reason to subject
myself to that howdy doody.
- What?
I couldn't even,
what are you saying?
Okay, I think that
you should just go.
Because then you'll go and
you will feel so much better
and you will just see
how far you've come,
and you won't even
have to think about
stupid what's his face.
- I still have his stuff.
- Consider it taken care of.
Let's have some
more ice cream okay?
- Great, okay.
- Harmony?
- Wonderful!
I don't even know
what I'm looking at.
Nice one Harmony.
- You don't need to shave.
- Yes, I definitely do.
Look there's hair right here.
You're not looking.
- Nothing to see.
- Then you're just in
denial about my manhood.
- Not at all.
- Come on then look, you see it?
- No.
- It's right over
here, watch out!
Scrooge on a winter's night
The only catch is that
- I'm really sorry about that,
seems like you were already
having a bad day.
- It's okay.
I don't know what
I would've done
if you hadn't come along.
- Stayed dry.
- Weston.
- Maybe, but I
would've been stranded.
Thank you for the ride.
- His name's Luke.
- Luke, nice to meet you.
And you are Weston?
- Correct.
- Hi.
I'm Harmony.
- Nice to meet you.
- So what brings
you into town Harmony?
- Just visiting my dad.
- What happened to your car?
- I don't really know.
- There's a gal, Becky back
in town, she'll be able
to fix that for you.
- Yeah she has a tow truck too.
- Yes she does.
- Thanks.
- I don't think I've seen
you around here before.
Is this your first time
in Miracle for Christmas?
- No.
But it's been awhile
since I've been back,
and I'm not staying
for Christmas.
- You're not?
It's what like a week away?
I figured that's why
you came here to visit.
- Miracle's the best place
in the world for Christmas,
everybody comes to town for it.
- He's right, seems a waste
to visit so close to it
and miss the main event.
- We'll see, and at this
point I'm just wondering
where the next
minute will take me.
- That was Long
December by Let's Be Friends.
Now here's the new release by
Devin Cruise, Christmas Wish.
- So what's your dad's?
- Are you kidding me?
The gifts are open
Bags are packed
I'm headed home and
- Why are all of these the same?
Everybody's had a good time
- How do you turn this off?
- What are you do?
On my mind
You're the gift
that keeps on giving
- What was that about?
- Nothing, sorry, I just,
I hate music.
I hate music.
- You hate music?
- Yeah.
- Is that like a?
- Could we just not talk
about this right now?
I'm sorry that was rude.
It's just been a
really rough day.
Thank you.
I'm sorry about my
freakout, I'm a little
out of my element today.
But I really appreciate you
going out of your
way to help me.
- Oh you're very welcome.
It wasn't out of my way at all.
You need help with that?
- I got it, thanks, it was
really nice to meet you Luke.
- I'll send Becky
back for your car.
- That's very nice of you.
- It's no trouble at
all, I'm happy to help.
- Okay!
Thank you.
- Let me know if you need
someone to show you around town.
You grew up here, so
you don't need that.
- I appreciate the offer though.
Thank you again for the ride.
I'll see you around.
- You bet.
I better go.
Let me know if you need
- I will.
- Bye.
What is it?
- Nothing.
- Dad?
Dad are you home?
Guess not.
So we sing
Christmas dreams
Songs of love
Joy on high
Every year at Christmas
All our hopes
Like the stars
In the sky
Come alive
Every year at Christmas
Ooh, ooh
Ooh, ooh
Ooh, ooh
Come alive
Every year at Christmas
Ooh, ooh
Ooh, ooh
Ooh, ooh
Ooh, ooh
Ooh, ooh
Ooh ooh ooh ooh
- Welcome home.
I love that sound.
Haven't heard it since.
- Stayed in tune.
- I wouldn't know the
difference anyway.
Well let's get you
something to eat.
We got some catching up to do,
and maybe a little shopping.
You could use a new wardrobe.
- Harmony!
- Pam, oh my gosh, hi.
- I haven't seen you in forever.
I haven't seen you
since your mom's.
We were all really
worried about you after
the service you
just disappeared.
I tried calling but I figured
you had a lot going on.
- Congratulations,
when are you expecting?
- Thank you, February
9th, baby number two.
- Wow, two babies.
- I know.
- Oh my gosh.
- Yeah, you've missed a bit
while you've been out there
conquering the world.
How are things going with Devin?
- They're good,
yeah, they're great.
Listen I gotta run, but
it's great seeing you.
- How long are you in town for?
It would be great to get
the girls together
for a little reunion.
- I would love to, unfortunately
I'm leaving tomorrow.
Or the next day, whenever
my car gets fixed.
- Aren't you a tumbleweed?
Okay, well, how about
you let me know next time
you're planning on coming
back and I'll be sure
to set something
up ahead of time.
- For sure, yeah, it was
great seeing you Pam.
- You too.
- Good morning,
large coffee please.
- Paint me green and
call me a pickle.
Is that Harmony?
- Shirley.
- Girl you are all grown up!
- It's good to see
you how have you been?
- I was great until this
morning you remember Herman?
Of course you remember
Herman, he and your mother
always tickling those
ivories together.
Man, I miss those gatherings.
Well anyway, Herman decided
to inform me right in
the middle of my scrambled
eggs and toast no less
that he is moving to Bora
Bora in four days, four days!
So he can no longer direct
the Christmas Music Festival,
which is something he has
been doing for 17 years.
- Bora Bora, wow.
- Yeah supposedly it was
his wife Mary that talked
him into it, isn't that
the absolute worst
news you've ever heard?
- Sure, yeah, I'm so
sorry to hear that.
- Why he thinks he can
leave us high and dry
on the single most important
event of the year is
absolutely beyond me!
- Miss, that'll be $2.
- Oh, sorry.
Thank you.
- Have a great day.
- Not likely with
this Herman business!
So now I have to look for
a replacement for him.
I don't know how I'm
supposed to pull this off.
I'm mean I'm already busier
than a one-legged
cat in a sandbox.
But there's no one else
to do it except,
so well, please give
your father a hug for me.
And if you can if
you think of anybody
to save our Christmas show.
Harmony, Harmony's back in town.
- And now it's
snowing, of course.
I'm gonna get him back.
- You wanna do what?
- Yeah, no I think
it's gonna work Jules.
I'm gonna show up in LA,
surprise him at his concert,
and he's gonna realize this
was all just one big mistake.
- I don't know if that's
the best idea, Harm.
- I've been here less
than a day and I already
feel like I need to leave.
I don't fit in here.
- While that totally is
fair, that doesn't mean
that you need to go to Los
Angeles and try and win back
the jerk who basically
called you excess baggage.
- Maybe it does.
- What about that
guy who gave you
a ride the other day, Jake?
- Oh Luke?
- Yeah he sounded like a stud.
- I'm not interested,
plus I'm pretty sure
he's taken, he has a kid.
- He does?
You didn't say that before.
- It's Miracle, Jules,
everybody has kids.
They marry their high school
sweethearts and move into
little blue cottages and
have white picket fences.
- Thank goodness that you
escaped that nightmare huh?
- Yeah thank goodness.
- Listen, okay, I hear you
on the whole, not wanting
to live in your hometown,
but that does not mean
that you need to get Devin back.
- He was my whole life,
you take him away,
and there's nothing left.
- Is that what you really want?
- It's all I have, that's why
I am going to get him back
on Christmas, I just
need my car to get fixed
and then I'm out of here.
No more broken promises
No more empty hymns
For pilgrims
seeking sanctuary
Love's where it begins
For pilgrims
seeking sanctuary
Love is where it is
Love is found within
- Harmony.
- Sorry that was
beautiful, I didn't.
- No that was perfect I
like that a lot better.
- No, it was great before I.
- I thought you hated music?
- Yeah, that wasn't
entirely accurate.
- Yeah, I figured as much.
So what do you normally write?
- Who said I write?
- Well you just did
when you sang that line.
Come here.
- No I gotta get going.
- Humor me, besides,
technically you owe me.
- Do I?
You nearly ran me over.
- You were the one throwing
a tantrum in the
middle of the road.
- True.
- So?
- I really,
I don't sing anymore.
- Somehow I don't think that's
entirely accurate either.
Fallen angels find your way
Doubting friend
regain your strength
Empty glasses filled again
Come forth
Lonely mothers
love once more
Harden strangers
dark my door
Weary eyes regain color
Come forth
For my Cathedral heart
Filled with
faith and feeling
Stain all the windows gold
Painted glory ceilings
No more broken promises
No more empty hymns
For pilgrims
seeking sanctuary
Love is found within
- Well slap me with bread
and call me a sandwich.
You two are a
blessing from above.
The Christmas Music
Festival is saved!
- What?
- You two must music
direct the festival.
- Shirley, I can't do that.
- Well that's why
Harmony will help you.
I can't believe I didn't
think of it before.
Of course you would follow
in your mom's footsteps.
I was coming here to beg Luke.
Herman told me that you were
babysitting the shop today.
But with the two of you
it would be perfect.
- No, really Shirley, I'm not
gonna be here for Christmas.
- Nonsense you have to stay,
Miracle is the best place
in the world at Christmas.
- No I have to go and.
- And?
- I have to be in LA
for Christmas eve.
- LA?
That's even worse than Herman
going off to Bora boring.
- Everything okay?
- I'm not sure.
- My you're quite the popular
one, but it's fine I'll wait.
- Sorry, let me just
figure out what's going on.
- Harmony, you know that
the Christmas Festival
is the most important part
of our holiday tradition
in Miracle, and if you.
- Shirley, I think
Harmony made it clear
that she won't be here.
- But.
- No buts!
- But.
- I changed my mind.
I think I'd like to stay.
- Wonderful.
- What?
- Yeah, I think I'd like
to stay here for Christmas.
- Oh that's perfect, oh I'll
be in touch with you later
about all the details.
Thank you for
saving the festival.
And now I gotta get
busy planning Herman's
If you knew what he put
me through, but I'm still
giving him the best bon
voyage party that Miracle,
no, ooh, the world
has ever seen!
- What just happened?
- I'm staying for Christmas
and we're directing
the Christmas Festival.
- Oh.
- Well there you are.
Sounds like an eventful
morning, from what I hear.
Understand you're
gonna be directing
the Miracle Christmas Festival.
- How on earth
did you hear that?
- Word travels fast in a small
town, made you an omelet.
- Thank you.
- Especially when you're talking
about the Christmas Festival.
- Mm mm mm, something
smells delicious.
Harmony, it's so
good to see you.
- You too Debbie.
- Oh thank you darling, so
you're doing the festival?
- With Luke.
- Apparently so, you know him?
- Yeah he's a bit of a town
star, if you know what I mean.
- Please don't say that, I've
had my fill of stars lately.
- Well not like that
honey, what Debbie means
is he's respected.
- A hero really, because
of Weston and all.
- Having a kid makes
you a town hero?
- Well in Luke's
case it kinda does.
- A little bit.
- Can we go ice skating
at the pond today?
- I thought you
hated ice skating?
- I kind of do.
But I have to do an assignment
for Mrs. Brown's class.
- Mrs. Brown told you you
need to go ice skating?
- No, not really, but I
don't know what else to do.
- Let me see that.
Christmas is about more than
just time off from school
and presents from Santa, but
what does it mean to you?
Make your own version of
the 12 Days of Christmas
with your own list of 12 things
that matter most to
you this Christmas.
Like ice skating?
- I don't know, that's what
Kyle said he was doing,
Sean too.
- Listen if you want
to go ice skating
we can we can go ice skating.
But I think your teacher
wants you to pick something
that's a little more meaningful.
And unless you have
some secret life
that I don't know about,
I'm sure we can find
at least a dozens of things
that would rate better
than that in your book.
- Yeah this is why
I hate homework.
- Yeah.
We'll figure out something good.
Hey you!
- Hi.
- Come on in.
Let me get that for ya.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome, I see
Becky finished your car.
- She did, and she was
every bit as brilliant
as you said she'd be.
- Yeah she something, after you.
- Wow, you have
a beautiful home.
- Thanks, and it's
a work in progress.
- I don't know what
you're talking about,
I think it's beautiful.
- You remember Weston.
- I do, hi Weston.
- Hi.
- Something wrong?
- Oh he's just moody
over a school project
that he has to do.
- I see, what's the project?
Wow, Mrs. Brown.
Wait I remember this, I had to
do this when I was your age.
I can't believe
she's still teaching.
- Yeah she's ancient.
- That's what I thought
at your age too.
I can help you if you want?
- Yeah, do you want
to give me yours?
- I don't know about that,
but I'd be happy to help you
make your own.
- I guess that's fine.
- Weston!
- What?
- Say thank you.
- For what?
We haven't done anything yet.
- Kid's got a point.
- I'm trying to set
a good example here.
- You are.
- Shall we get started?
- Yes.
Okay so Shirley assures me
that there are plenty of people
excited to perform, so
that makes me feel better.
- Yeah me too.
- No, you should definitely
be up there with your guitar.
- No, no, no, no, no,
I am happy to help out
in any way that I can,
but I have no desire to be
up on that stage.
Music for me is more, personal.
It's my therapy in a way,
and I don't feel right
being in the spotlight,
does any of that make sense?
- It makes all the
sense in the world.
- It's Shirley,
sorry one second.
- So, do you have any
ideas for the project?
- Not really, I asked Luke
about going ice skating
but he thinks we can do better.
Why do we have homework
over Christmas break?
It's entirely unfair.
- Well I agree.
But I bet we can figure
out something really good.
- That's exactly what Luke said.
- Alright, so, apparently
one of the pipes
in Shirley's house broke
and everything is flooding.
- Yikes, wait she
called you about that?
- He's the guy everyone calls,
he's basically
the town handyman.
- I hate to do this
but can we reschedule?
- Of course.
- Thank you.
Weston get your coat.
- No, I don't wanna go.
- Come on hurry up.
- Why can't I just stay here.
- You know I can't
leave you by yourself.
- I'm not by myself.
- Weston.
- I can stay with him.
- I can't ask you to do that.
- You didn't I offered,
it's really not a problem,
we can get a start on
Mrs. Brown's project.
- Alright if you don't mind.
- I really don't.
- Thank you.
There's lasagna and a
half a roast chicken here
in the fridge, along with
there's plenty of roast veggies
that you can just heat up.
Mi casa es Su casa
- Awesome.
- Great.
Oh first aid kit, right
here in the cabinet.
Let me take it out, just
so you know where it is.
- We're fine, go.
Is he always like this?
- Always.
- Let me give you my phone
number just so you have it.
- I have it, you gave me
your address remember?
- Right, right, let
me give you the number
to the town sheriff.
- Seriously, go, help Shirley,
her house is
flooding as we speak.
- Good point.
Okay, thank you.
- Wow I cannot
believe that worked.
- What do you mean?
- Luke's uptight, he
doesn't really trust anyone.
This means he trusts you.
- Do you always call him Luke?
- What else would I call him?
- Dad?
- Oh, Luke's not my dad.
- He's not?
- He's my uncle, my
dad died awhile ago.
- I'm so sorry.
- It's cool, he's a good
uncle, but he's definitely
in denial about my manhood.
- What?
- You heard me, he thinks
of me as this little kid
he has to take
care of constantly.
You saw it just now, but
honestly, I'm the one
taking care of him.
True story.
- I see, well he's
very lucky to have you.
- We're lucky to
have each other.
- Alright, what do you say we
start tackling this project?
- Sure.
- Hello?
What's this?
- What do you think?
Just working on some
stuff for the project.
- Where's Harmony?
- She's here, she's getting
some construction paper.
I told her where it was.
- Aha!
- What are you doing?
- Oh hey you're back.
- What are you doing with this?
- Oh I was just trying
to get some paper.
- Oh, yeah there's
no paper in here.
- No I know it was underneath.
- Listen thank you so
much for watching Weston
but I got it from here,
I'll walk you out.
- Okay.
- Goodnight.
- And that's when I told him
we had better do whatever
it takes to find that
doll before Christmas.
- That just made me very
afraid of when Emily
starts asking for
specific dolls.
- As you should be!
Treasure these early
years while you can.
- Are you bringing her to
Herman's big send-off on Friday?
- Oh yes, We found
her the cutest
Christmas sweater
and everything.
- Leave it to Shirley to
make a Bora Bora sendoff
party Christmas sweater themed.
- I can't believe
Herman is leaving.
I've missed so much.
- Well you know, that's life.
You had your own dreams,
but we are thrilled
you're here now, we haven't
had a proper girls' night in
I can't even tell you how long.
- You know what though?
I'm realizing, I don't think
that they were my dreams.
I mean I gave so much of
myself to Devin, and for what?
- Forget him, if he doesn't
know how special you are
he doesn't deserve you.
- Seriously.
- And on that note,
I hear you've been
spending a little time
with the town stud.
- Okay, I have heard
town star, town hero,
and now the town stud?
- Luke is all of those things.
- Well great, I've upset the
town star, hero, stud then.
- Upset him what?
- Yeah I don't even
really know what happened?
- Well?
- Well what?
- Well what did you do?
- I was helping Weston
with a project while Luke
was out I don't
know helping Shir.
- What do you mean out?
- He left you alone with Weston?
- Yeah, is that a big deal?
- Go on tell us the rest.
- Okay.
So I went upstairs to find
some paper and then Luke
got home and saw me holding
this box by the hall closet
and got all weird, and
he kinda kicked me out.
- Wait that's it?
He saw you holding
some box by the closet?
- That's it.
- Oh!
Okay, I think I know
what's going on here.
Get your coats let's go.
- Harmony.
- Hi.
- Hey.
- Shh.
- What are you doing here?
- I don't actually really know.
- What is she doing?
- Shh, shh.
- I'm sorry about earlier.
You didn't do anything
wrong, I just.
- Ooh!
- Oh, hey guys, how are you?
- Hi!
Hello it's so good to see you.
Harmony, I didn't
know you'd be here.
We were just out for a
little stroll in the area.
All together, by the way,
really like what you've done
with those hedges.
- It's beautiful.
- Oh look, here's
where I left my car.
- Wait, guys.
- Stay warm, bye bye.
- Guys!
- What was that about?
- I think we all
just turned 13 again.
Must be something in the air.
- Yeah I don't follow.
- It's a girl thing.
I think I should get going too.
- Didn't your ride
just leave you?
- Yes, yes she did.
- I can give you a ride.
- No, no, you know what,
I think I'll just walk.
It's nice out.
- I'll walk you home then.
- No, you have Weston, please.
- What I can't walk a
beautiful woman home?
- I didn't mean that.
- Actually Weston is with
his friend Kyle tonight.
Let me get my coat.
- Okay.
- After you.
When did you move away?
- Gosh, 10 years ago,
it's been awhile.
I used to visit pretty often,
but then my mom passed away.
It's just been kinda
hard to come back.
It doesn't feel like
home without her.
- I'm sorry.
- You know I realized though,
that it hasn't been
fair to my dad.
I know I've neglected him.
He started dating Debbie
and I couldn't handle it.
Not that there's anything
wrong with Debbie,
she's actually really
lovely I just, miss my mom.
When did you move to Miracle?
Tell me about you, yeah.
- Me, God about
five years ago now.
- That's right when
I stopped visiting.
- Really?
- Yeah.
- Shame.
- What brought you here?
- Well I think you
already know part of this.
And that is that
Weston isn't my son.
I mean, he's legally mine,
but I'm not his real dad.
- Yeah, Weston did mention that.
- Yeah, yeah, he was
my brother's kid.
And when he was born, his
mom, well she took off.
Ad my brother when he passed,
I became his legal guardian,
per David's wishes.
And mine of course.
And hopefully Weston's.
- Weston told me that he
feels very lucky to have you.
- No, I'm the lucky one.
He's a good kid.
And David, David
was a great dad.
David was a great guy,
and I know I fall
short of that everyday.
- I can assure you
that is not true.
I see what you do for
Weston and for this town
and I can't even begin to
explain how in awe of you I am.
- Hey where'd you go?
Everything okay?
- Yeah, yeah.
So I've been so upset about
this guy that I knew was
I guess I thought was the one.
But I don't know, I
look at you and the way
that you love Weston,
and my dad and Debbie.
And the girls and
how happy they are.
And I realize I never had that.
I thought that I had to
get away from this town
to be happy, and to
figure things out.
And I've done neither
of those things
by being away from Miracle.
In fact all I've really done
is neglect the
people that I love.
Wow I'm sorry, that was a lot.
- I know I don't know you
that well, but I'd say
you've got the really
important parts,
very much figured out.
Weston doesn't just
take to anybody the way
that he takes to you.
And he's a very good
judge of character.
- Weston seems like an
extraordinary young man.
- You see it too don't you?
- Yeah, who wouldn't?
- My ex-fiance and I
were together for about
six years before my
brother got sick.
And in the being she was great.
She was patient
and understanding.
I mean I had uprooted
our lives to come here
and take care of him
until he got better.
And then he passed away.
And she changed.
I mean she couldn't understand
why I would wanna be
Weston's guardian, she
just saw him as this kid
that was getting in the
way of her life plans.
And ultimately she gave me a
choice, and I chose Weston.
And she chose this prat banker.
And fell in love with
his jet, or at least
I tell myself she fell
in love with his jet.
- Luke I am so sorry.
- It's okay, we wanted two
different things in life.
And we would have
never discovered that
if none of this happened.
It doesn't mean I
wasn't very much
in love with her at one time.
- Well that whole
town hero thing
makes a lot more sense now.
- Town hero?
- Yeah it's just
something I heard.
You're a good man, Luke.
And everyone can see it.
Is this where we're
gonna be tomorrow?
- I believe so.
- Wow, quite the setup.
Are you ready for
this adventure, Luke?
- Not in the slightest.
- Well then should
we try a test run
before we have to teach
everyone tomorrow?
- Sure.
- Actually this is something
that I was writing earlier,
when I was thinking, you'll see.
Let's see if we can
do anything with them.
- These are beautiful.
- They're a work
in progress, but.
- Let's try it.
- Okay.
Hello again snow
Has it been so long
Swept back to old homes
Awake until dawn
Sweet winter reverie
Still in my thoughts
Bright tree-lit
memories all mine
Sing timeless angels
Echo in snow
Hearts know it's
never goodbye
Though time doesn't wait
The world spinning on
In winter, you wake
What's lost is not gone
Sweet winter reverie
Still in my thoughts
Bright tree-lit
memories all mine
Sing timeless angels
Echo in snow
Hearts know it's
never goodbye
- Henry!
- Hey Herman.
- Debbie.
- How ya doing big guy?
- Oh wonderful now.
Thank you guys for coming out.
- We wouldn't of missed
it for the world.
- And Harmony!
You may look like the spitting
image of your mother now
but I'll never forget that
sweet little girl with pigtails
who always made
our music better.
- Thanks Uncle Herman.
- This place looks spectacular.
- It's all Shirley.
- Has she forgiven
you yet for leaving?
- Not in the slightest.
- You gonna be performing
for us tonight Herman?
- No, not tonight Henry,
I am relaxing tonight.
You guys grab some drink,
grab some good, and
enjoy yourselves.
I'm gonna go do the rounds.
- Bora Bora, but he's
a Miracle institution.
- People do crazy
things for love.
- Ah,
I'll be right back.
- Crazy things indeed.
- Hey.
- Hey guys.
- Looking good.
- Thank you very much,
how's the project coming?
- Almost finished.
- Excellent.
- Oh there's Kyle,
I'm gonna go say hi.
- Go ahead.
- You're sweater is
quite lovely as well,
are those sideways
Christmas trees?
It's great.
- Luke, Harmony, I am
so glad I found you.
We have a catastrophic
- What's wrong?
- Herman's band hasn't shown up.
I've called but there's
no answer, and they were
supposed to be here
over an hour ago.
- I'm sure they'll turn up.
- Oh, I'm not so sure.
- Everyone's having
a great time.
- Yeah I wouldn't
worry about it.
- You kids are gonna
have to replace them.
- I'm sorry, what?
- We cannot have a proper
going away party with no music.
We're all set up for it.
I know you guys can do
it, so if Herman's band
doesn't get here in
the next 30 minutes,
I am gonna introduce you.
So why don't you go tune up
or whatever it is you do.
- No, Shirley we can't do that.
I can play for the festival
singers if you want?
I just saw Kristen.
- Nonsense, I hear you
two rehearsing every day,
and we have to save the festival
performance for the festival.
Oh no could you hold on a
minute, I see a wayward elf
about to serve the
cheese quiche to Daniel,
and we all know he's
lactose intolerant.
Daniel put down the quiche.
- How does this keep happening?
- It'll be fine.
I'm sure the band will show up.
I can't believe the
band didn't show up.
- Are we really
about to do this?
- Friends, please welcome to
the stage Harmony and Luke!
- Thank you, Shirley.
And thank you everyone for
being here to celebrate
an incredible man
and woman who have
done so much for this town.
This is a little song that
we wrote about the chaos
of getting ready
for the holidays.
And we're gonna ask
you to help us out.
There's a story
you should know
Couple Christmases ago
When whatever could go
wrong, it surely did
All the family was here
Gathered for December cheer
And that's when Season's
Greetings surely went to
- What?
Granny slipped and
spilled the nog
Drenching all
the dry yule logs
Scared the dog who barrelled
right into the tree
As the tree took
out the lights
We heard Grandpa
screaming fire
Flaming pies came out
the oven one, two, three
We count our
blessings one by one
No lights, no trees,
but we'll have fun
'Cause oh oh oh
We still got the mistletoe
Things are looking
up this Christmas Eve
And oh oh oh
We've got lots
of love to show
All the roads are
closed, we're snowed in
Power's out, the
goose ain't cookin'
We don't need the
lights for livin'
Been so grateful
since Thanksgivin'
So to heck with
all this singin'
Less time talking,
more time kissin'
'Cause everything's
gone missin
But that mistletoe
Everything's gone
missin' but the mistletoe
- That was for you Herman
and Mary, that was for you.
- Okay that was kinda fun.
- Yeah it was.
- Look up.
- Everything's missing
but the mistletoe, ha ha.
- Not everything.
- Good morning.
- Good morning,
did you sleep well?
- Very.
- Excellent, that was quite
a show you put on last night.
- It was fun.
- And if I'm not mistaken I
think maybe you're just a little
- A little what?
- Smitten.
- Maybe I am, he's a
really good guy isn't he?
- Very.
- Good morning.
- Morning.
- So I heard something really
interesting this morning.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
I heard that apparently some
kid called Herman's band
last night to tell them
that the party was canceled.
- You wouldn't happen to
know anything about that,
would you?
- I don't know that
anything can happen.
I don't live here for one.
- Ooh smitten indeed.
I don't think you have to worry
about that part right now,
just enjoy it.
- Yeah.
- And If last night
was any preview
for the Christmas Festival,
huh, I can't wait!
- No, no, we're not
going to perform.
But we are going to
accompany over a dozen
of Miracle's finest talents.
- Well maybe you could
make a small appearance.
I don't think I've ever
seen your dad as happy
as he was last night
watching you sing.
You know he keeps that
piano over there tuned up
regularly for you, just in case.
- He does?
- Mm hmm.
- I'll get it.
Devin, what are you doing here?
- I messed up Harmony.
Look I never should
have left you.
- You can't just show up.
- I just need five minutes,
look I got you some flowers.
So this is where
you grew up huh?
It's rustic.
I missed you Harmony.
I need you.
I was just so stressed about
the record, and the label,
and everything getting
so crazy I didn't realize
how much I needed you.
But I've been thinking a lot
about us and there's something
that I should've
done a long time ago.
So, what do ya say?
Marry me.
- Well the first batch
seems perfect if you want.
- Somebody say
cookies are ready?
- Mr. Collins so good to
finally meet you, I'm Devin.
- Harmony.
- This a bad time?
- Hey, I'm Harmony's fiance.
- Fiance?
- Yeah.
- Right.
I'm gonna go.
- Luke, Luke, wait Luke.
- What?
- Just give me a minute.
- You're engaged?
- No, I don't know.
- You don't know?
- He just showed up
and surprised me,
I'm still trying to
process everything.
- Well by all means don't let
me interrupt your process.
- Luke!
- You have any allergies?
- Devin!
- Who was that guy?
- Harmony are you alright?
- I'm gonna make some tea.
- Tea, that would
be a great idea.
- Harmony, what's going on?
- Honey why don't you follow me?
- But I wanna know
what's going on.
- Devin, you and me, we're
gonna have a talk, right now.
- Okay, this way?
- Why did you think it
was okay to come here?
- Because I wanted to
surprise you, and I wanted
to tell you that
I made a mistake.
Look Harm, we both
know that you can be
a little bit stubborn but,
I'm willing to look past that.
Now you and me, we make
sense, this not so much.
But we look good together,
we've got history.
Now I know I wasn't at
my best, I admit that,
but what I realized
was, I was about to make
the biggest mistake of my
entire life by leaving you.
I need you Harm.
- Devin you can't just
say things like that.
- Well why not?
I still know that we are
meant to be together.
Don't throw away
all of these years.
Harmony I need you on my team.
You're my number one girl.
- Oh my God!
Harmony are you going to
introduce us to the reason
why you haven't had
time for any of us?
- Hi I'm Pamela.
- Hi.
- And my daughter Kayla
she's your biggest fan,
- We all are.
- Do you mind?
- Not at all, do you have a pen?
- Pen, pen, pen.
- I'll be right back.
- Oh I just loved
your last music video.
- Oh thank you.
- It was really, really good.
- Now who do you won't
me to make this out for?
- April, Emily, Pamela, Trisha.
- Weston wait up, hold on.
- So it's true.
Luke told me but I
didn't believe him,
but I guess it's true.
- What's true?
- That you're marrying that guy.
- No, I don't know, I'm
trying to figure it.
- Don't do it.
- What?
- Don't.
- I was hoping
I'd find you here.
- Here I am.
- Can we talk?
- You marrying Devin?
- I don't know.
- What does that even mean?
- Look this isn't
easy for me, okay?
This isn't what I
wanted to happen.
- Really, from the
looks of it I'd say
it's exactly what
you wanted to happen.
Why are you even here?
Shouldn't you be
with your fiance.
- No I wanted to talk to
you, I thought that maybe.
- That maybe I would
what give you permission?
- No!
- Then what?
- I don't know.
- Yeah you do, but I'm
not gonna decide your life
the way he did.
- Tell me there's
nothing between us,
tell me that I am the
only one who can't stop
thinking about that kiss.
- What kiss?
That was just the mistletoe.
In the bleak midwinter
Frosty winds may blow
Earth's at heart as I am
Water like a stone
Snow had fallen snow on snow
Snow on snow
In the bleak
midwinter long ago
What can I give him
For as I am
If I were a shepherd
I would bring the lamb
If I were a wise man
Would I do my part
And what I can I give him
Give my heart
What I can I give him
Give my heart
For you for you for you
- Guys that's wrong.
Be my Christmas wish
- Hey sorry about that,
we can hear you now.
What's up?
- I wanna do that part again.
- Of course we're gonna just
finish this listen through
and then we'll get set up
for another take, cool.
- Yeah it's cool.
- You're sounding great,
looking great too.
- What are you doing,
stop, Harmony can see you.
- So what?
- So we're engaged now,
we talked about this.
- Does that mean that
we're not on for tonight?
- Yes, we are still
on for tonight.
You're my number one
girl, but you can't pull
this stuff while
she's around okay?
- What do you see
in her anyways?
- I don't, she's just the
best songwriter I know,
now get out of here.
- Devin, your songwriter
just heard all that.
- Harmony, hold up
I didn't mean to.
- To what?
To have that conversation
while the mics were on?
- Baby it's not what you think.
- Even if it is, I don't care.
I don't know what I was thinking
coming back here with you,
clearly I wasn't thinking.
You know, you and I stopped
being right a long time ago.
- Baby don't say that,
let's just please go inside.
- No, Devin we're done,
we've been done, I just
didn't want to admit it before.
It took me really
falling in love
with someone else
to realize that.
- Excuse me.
- I love him.
- Baby what are
you talking about?
- I love him.
Oh Dev.
It's been interesting, thank
you for helping me realize
that this isn't
what I want at all.
- Hey you've reached
Julie's phone you know
what to do, beep, just kidding.
- Jules, Jules, turns
out I can't get you
those VIP tickets after all,
but you should tell your
friend that she doesn't
want to see that lying,
cheating, conniving snail trail
of a man anyway.
The best part is
I don't even care!
I think I've found someone
actually worth fighting for.
Merry Christmas!
So - Harmony! Ry!
- Pam have you seen Luke?
- By the stage on the left.
- Okay thank you.
- Thanks for always showing
up to the Christmas Festival.
Okay now please welcome
Clementine and Tyson.
- Luke!
- I'm kinda in the middle
of something right now.
- I know, I know
and I am so sorry.
- Shouldn't you be
at a concert in LA?
- No I left.
Look I know what I want.
- Congratulations.
- Luke, Harmony's back!
- I saw.
- Well?
- Well what?
- What are you
gonna do about it?
- I'm gonna keep on working.
- Don't be stupid.
- Hey dad.
- Harmony!
What are you doing here?
- I realized this is
where I wanted to be.
- Are you okay?
- Yeah.
Listen dad, I'm really sorry
for not being here with you
over the past few years,
I've been a little lost.
- Oh no, you've got
nothing to be sorry about.
- Let me finish.
Ever since mom died,
I've been running away
and I haven't looked back.
I think my heart was so broken
that I wanted to pretend
like it didn't exist.
And I was so mad at
you for moving on
when I couldn't even begin.
- Hold on sweetheart
I never moved on.
I never stopped
loving your mother,
I still love your mother.
- I shoulda been here,
and I want to be here now.
- You are here now.
I couldn't be happier.
- Oh and dad about Debbie.
- Okay, no, no I'm
not gonna force ya
to have a relationship.
- No I was wrong she's
really wonderful,
I would love to have a
relationship with her.
And if you love her the
way that I think you do,
I think you should marry her.
- You do?
- Yes.
Life is short dad, we
learned that the hard way.
It just took me a little
longer to catch up.
- What about you?
- What about me?
- You're not wearing the ring.
- Oh yeah, you noticed that huh?
Well I know I don't need
to tell you but Devin and I
weren't really a great fit.
- You out grew him.
- Yeah, I think I did.
And in the end we wanted
very different things.
But it's okay, I'm home now.
- You know
there's a very good man that
also calls this town home?
- Yeah, dad, I know where
you're going with this
and unfortunately this isn't
a Hallmark Christmas fairytale
I thought he had feelings
for me but he doesn't.
- He told you that?
- More or less.
- What are you
gonna do about that?
- What can I do?
- How about something crazy?
- Which brings to mind,
no Miracle Christmas Fes.
Come here Harmony.
- Hi, I'm Harmony.
And I am so happy
to be back here
in my hometown with all of you.
Miracle really is the
best place for Christmas,
and not just because
of all of this.
But because of all of the
wonderful people here.
Whether it's your
first time visiting,
whether you've been
here forever, or whether
you're returning after
you've lost your way,
the people of Miracle
make this place home.
I wrote this song with
someone truly exceptional.
Someone who reminded
me what it is to love,
who taught me to
open my heart again,
and who showed me the
real beauty of Christmas.
Fallen angels find your way
Doubting friend
gain your strength
Empty glasses filled again
Come forth
Lonely mothers
love once more
Harden strangers
dark my door
Weary eyes regain color
Come forth
For my cathedral heart
Filled with
faith and feeling
Stain all the windows gold
Painted glory ceilings
No more broken promises
No more empty hymns
For pilgrims
seeking sanctuary
Love is found within
Love can be everywhere
As long as there's
a song to share
Shepherds let
it fill the air
Come forth
For my cathedral heart
Filled with
faith and feeling
Stain all the windows gold
Painted glory ceilings
No more broken promises
No more empty hymns
For pilgrims
seeking sanctuary
Love is found within
Ooh ooh
- Hey guys, can we do
this one more time?
- I thought it was perfect.
- Couldn't be more perfect.
- Guys focus, we're not
talking about you here.
- I agree.
Once again from the top.
For my cathedral heart