Christmas Hotel (2019) Movie Script

And we are going to
comp your last two nights.
I apologize
for any inconvenience.
Here at Wyndsor Hotels,
your comfort
is our priority.
Thank you.
Good morning.
I see the Samuels are smiling,
so that means you must have
handled their complaint?
Apparently, the maintenance
workers putting up the lights
made too much noise
too early in the morning.
Oh, my God. People will complain
about everything.
Yeah, but this time,
I actually see their point.
Not only is it too early
in the day to be setting up,
it is too early in general
to be putting up
all of this Christmas stuff.
It's almost December.
Yeah, but Thanksgiving
just happened.
If it were up to me,
I wouldn't put any of this up
until two weeks before
actual Christmas.
Mm, I forgot you're not
a Christmas fan.
You know, it's not that.
It's just
Ugh, it's the most stressful
time of year.
There are a million things to do
and not enough time to do it.
It always feels like a chore.
Well, then you're not
doing Christmas right.
Excuse me,
I grew up in Garland Grove,
a town so into Christmas,
it was actually named
Garland Grove.
I know how to do Christmas.
Garland Grove.
Sounds like a magical place.
Erin, can you sign off on this?
There are Christmas stores
open all year long.
Well, sometimes you just
need to buy a nutcracker
in the middle of July.
I get it.
You know...
I used to love Christmas
when I was younger.
But with a job like this,
it just means more work.
Speaking of work, I have to
check on the new linen delivery.
Yes, that's right.
Drinks later?
Yes, please.
Bianca, hello.
Erin, darling, how goes things
at my favorite hotel?
Great, great. We're hosting
a periodontist conference
in the grand ballroom
right now,
we're on track with upgrading
all of our linens,
and Christmas decorations
are going up.
I can always rely on you.
I'm calling
because I'll be in tomorrow.
Oh, I thought you were staying
at the Wyndsor Miami
for a few weeks.
I'm leaving early.
There's something I need
to discuss with you in person.
Oh, okay.
Don't sound so worried.
It's a good thing.
Trust me.
Great. I will make sure
your suite is prepared.
Thanks, dear. Talk soon.
"It's a good thing.
Trust me."
Those were her exact words.
That's so exciting.
I mean, that's gotta be
about Rome, right?
That's what I'm thinking.
I mean, the last time we talked,
I asked her to consider me
for the executive manager
position at the Roman Wyndsor,
and she did say
she'd get back to me.
You so deserve this.
Thank you.
I mean, Rome!
I know.
I would get to live in Rome
and be in charge
of my own hotel.
You see?
Christmas wishes do come true.
You know what?
This year, they just might.
Good morning, Miss Wyndsor.
Erin, you look good.
Tense, but when don't you?
How was your flight?
I had to fly commercial. Ugh!
Let's go talk
somewhere private, yes?
When my grandfather opened up
the first Wyndsor Hotel,
I wonder if he knew
a century later
it would be the most
popular luxury hotel chain
on two continents.
All thanks to me,
of course.
I'm sure he'd be impressed.
Erin, you have done
a wonderful job here,
but I think it's time you're
given moreresponsibility.
You know, I couldn't agree more.
That is why I want you
to head up the opening
of our newest hotel in...
Garland Grove.
Wait, what?
We are opening a hotel
in Garland Grove.
And since it's your hometown,
I thought you would be perfect
to head up the launch team.
Um, why Garland Grove?
Wyndsor Hotels, it's a brand
that exudes prestige.
Garland Grove is just
a small mountain town
that people pass by
on their way to go skiing.
There's nothing wrong with that.
It just doesn't seem
like Wyndsor territory.
Precisely. An untapped
tourist destination.
Yeah, I don't think I'm
the best person for this job.
I haven't been home in years,
and it's very busy here.
You are the perfect person
for this
because you are
a problem solver,
and we've been having
some problems with it.
The town doesn't seem
too thrilled that we're there,
so I need you to go there
and calm everyone down
and make them see that having
a Wyndsor Hotel in their town
is a good thing.
And we need them to do it
before the investors come
to look at the property.
When's that?
Three weeks.
I know it's a lot to ask,
but you'll be home longer
for Christmas.
Oh, well, you know,
my parents will be surprised.
As soon as the investors
are on board
and the opening is set,
I will find someone else
to run it,
and that leaves you open to take
our executive manager position
at our new hotel in Rome.
What can I say?
Garland Grove,
I'm comin' home!
So you have the schedules.
And the vendor
contact numbers?
Yes, yes, I've got it all.
Don't worry.
You just focus on
opening the best hotel
that your town
has ever seen, okay?
And getting yourself to Rome.
You know, it's funny
how in less than 24 hours,
my life got flipped
on its head.
And now I'm driving back
to a place
that actually has a store named
"One Horse Open Sleigh."
What do they sell?
Oh, well, that makes sense.
Look, this is gonna be
great, okay?
It's gonna be good for you.
Just go with the flow.
And for once, try to have
a good time, okay?
It's almost Christmas.
That's not exactly
my strong suit.
Well, maybe not yet.
All right.
Bye, girl.
Feel the love all around
See the smiles
across this town
'Cause the kids
are counting down
It's a Christmas
state of mind
You've reached
Alice and Carl's.
We can't come to the phone
right now.
Please leave a message
and Merry Almost Christmas!
Hi, Mom and Dad.
I am on my way.
I have to make a stop
at the hotel site,
but I will see you right after.
Love you!
Andr tutto bene.
Andr tutto bene.
Andr tutto bene.
Wherever you go
I wanna be there
Sharing these holidays
Now it feels like a hole
Is here in my heart
'Cause I'm watching you
walk away
- We don't want you here!
- Get out!
We don't want you here!
Ugh. Here we go.
Ooh! Oh, no!
Wait, I have something,
I'm so sorry.
No, I'm sorry. I wasn't even
looking where I was going.
I didn't see you.
Does it burn?
No, it's okay.
I'm a slow coffee drinker,
so it's pretty cool.
Well, that's lucky.
Erin Roberts?
I'm Connor, Penny's brother.
Oh, my goodness,
Connor, yeah.
How are you?
How's Penny?
She's good, she's good.
She's married, she has two kids.
That's wonderful.
What are you doing here?
I am headed
to the new Wyndsor Hotel.
So am I.
Wait, are you with that group?
Oh, yes.
Been up here trying to talk
to somebody who's in charge,
but we haven't had any luck yet.
They're about to open, and
we're not too happy about it.
Is that why you're here,
to fight the good fight?
Um, not exactly.
You work for Wyndsor.
Yes. Yes, I do.
After you?
Keep Garland local!
Down with Wyndsor!
Good news, everybody.
I found the person in charge.
Hi, it's nice to meet you all.
Is there something
I can help you all with?
We've been out here
day after day,
trying to get some answers.
Well, here I am.
We don't want a Wyndsor Hotel
in our town.
So I've heard.
Garland Grove has always
been chainfree,
and we're proud of that.
I'm here to address all of
your concerns, I really am.
In fact, part of my job
is to start a dialogue
with community members
about how a Wyndsor property
can benefit the town.
Can you promise us
nothing will change?
Show her that flyer, Connor.
Oh, I already did.
I actually know her.
Yes. I am from Garland Grove.
I grew up with Connor,
so I do understand
your hesitance.
Okay, what about
my dad's grill?
What about it?
This hotel.
It's gonna have
a restaurant, right?
How can you be sure
it won't put my dad
out of business?
Because your dad's grill
and this hotel's
upscale restaurant
are two very different things,
covering all aspects
of the dining spectrum.
What about my B&B?
Look, I'm gonna be honest
with you all.
This hotel is here,
and it's going to open,
so I really hope we can
all get on the same page.
I'm working on it.
So if you'll excuse me,
it's very nice to meet you all.
Connor, it's good
to see you again.
Excuse me.
So she's a friend of yours?
It's a different Erin
from the one I used to know.
You must be Erin.
I'm Joe, the Wyndsor Hotel
Nice to meet you.
Yes, Bianca told me about you.
Are we on schedule?
Just finishing updating
a few of the east wing rooms
and the dining space.
Oh, and I'm restoring an old
carousel I found around back.
Quite the hidden gem.
Oh, okay.
Well, I would love to meet
the rest of the staff.
Marnie, this is Erin,
acting manager.
Hi. Erin Roberts.
It's nice to meet you.
Good to meet you.
I'm Marnie Hill.
I used to supervise the
front desk at Wyndsor Chicago.
And our friend Bianca
offered me a raise
if I'd transfer out here
with you,
so here I am.
Here we are.
Well, I would love to meet
the rest of the staff.
I think it's just you and me.
I'm sorry, what?
I have to get this place ready
for investors in three weeks.
It's just us?
Well, Bianca did hire a chef,
worldrenown culinary artist
Francois Klumier.
Oh, okay, wonderful.
Where is he?
Well, he had a runin
with the people outside.
You know, the ones
handing out the flyers.
And he decided that
he could not possibly work
in a place where he
was not appreciated,
and so he's gone.
Okay, um...
All right, it's... it's okay.
I will just hire
some local staff,
which shouldn't be a problem
because they all don't like us.
Well, every hotel has...
Minor hiccups.
Yes. Just give the people time
to warm up to us.
Trust and believe
everything's gonna work out.
It better.
My future depends on it.
Christmas is coming
I can't believe you're here!
Hey, Mom.
It's pretty crazy, huh?
Oh, it's so great to see you
right here on our front porch
versus, you know, having to
visit you in Chaos Central.
Most people just call it
New York City.
Oh, whatever. I'm just so glad
you got assigned here!
Come on in, baby.
Daddy is waiting for you.
God, you look so beautiful.
Erin! Oh, welcome home!
Oh, it's good to see you, Dad.
Oh, it's so good
to have you back.
I fixed up your room.
New mattress.
Oh, thank you.
Oh, and I cooked chicken parm
in our new Ninja Air Fry Oven.
You know how your daddy loves
a good kitchen appliance.
I do. It smells great.
Oh, and did I mention?
Chocolate chip cookies
for dessert.
This all looks amazing,
but I actually just wanted
to drop off my bags.
I gotta get back to the hotel
and do some work.
No, no, no, no.
That can wait till tomorrow.
It can't. I have to find a way
for this town to embrace us.
Baby, they do have a point.
Honey, I mean, really,
is having one of
your company's hotels here
really the best thing
for Garland Grove?
You know, I really think
it would help bring jobs
and more tourism to the town.
Yeah, but that's just
the bestcase scenario.
Well, I need it to work
because if it does,
I get the job I actually want.
Wyndsor in Rome.
Well, that's really far.
I know.
Oh, my gosh, wouldn't it
be amazing though?
Oh, yes.
Erin, you might not
be so welcome
when people find out
who you really work for.
Trust me,
I felt it this morning.
Penny's brother Connor
was outside of the hotel,
handing out antiWyndsor flyers.
Mmhmm, makes sense.
He is one of the leaders
of the movement.
Well, hopefully,
I can change his mind.
Wait a minute.
You used to have a huge crush
on him, didn't you?
Dad, I was like 13.
And as I remember,
he liked her too. Yep!
No, he didn't.
Oh, girl!
Uhuh. I was just
Penny's friend,
just another annoying
little sister.
Well, you're both adults now.
Leading very different lives.
Like two ships passing
in the wind.
It's "night," Dad.
You know what?
It doesn't matter
because what's important
is that you are here,
and we are all gonna sit down
and have dinner together,
just like old times.
Yeah! I'm gonna get your bags.
No, it's okay.
I'll go get 'em.
She still won't let people
help her.
That's your daughter.
But you know what?
Doesn't matter. She's here,
and that makes Mama happy.
Come here, Mama.
The chicken. Oh!
So in addition
to hiring a new chef,
I have to hire
a kitchen staff, a concierge,
the housekeeping manager,
and I need to make sure all the
furniture is delivered on time,
and just make sure everything
is up to the Wyndsor
standard of perfection.
Good grief. That seems like
a lot to put on you.
Well, Bianca trusts me,
and she knows I can do it.
Well, if you ever need any help,
just let me know.
Handyman here.
Thanks, Dad,
but we have a contractor
in charge of all that.
What's going on
with the hardware store?
I drove by it on my way in
and there weren't that many
cars in the parking lot.
Well, things have been
a little slow lately.
Little bit.
Oh, but it's Christmastime.
Doesn't the whole town
get its lights from you?
They used to.
Now everybody
orders them online.
Leave it to this town
to embrace Internet shopping,
but get heated
over a luxury hotel chain.
Well, you know how we are.
Well, you know, I'm gonna need
a few lights for the hotel,
it being December and all.
You need it, we got it.
Excuse me, a few lights?
Girl, this is Christmas
in Garland Grove.
You gonna have to do
a little more than that.
As acting manager,
I am going for a subtle decor.
One less thing
for me to worry about.
Child, sometimes I wonder
if you were really
born and raised here.
Mm! This is good, baby.
You did good.
So this is where
we should hang
the chandelier that's
coming in from New York.
And the couches will be here
in a day or two,
so, yeah, all of these floors
have to be polished by then.
Roger that.
Marnie, how's it going
with the list of applicants?
Well, no one's submitted
a resume as of yet,
so I hung some flyers
up downtown.
And then they got torn down.
Keep at it. I'm sure someone
in this town wants to work here.
I wish they would just wait,
give this place a chance.
Well, I'm sure they will.
We just have to
give them some time.
That's the one thing
I don't have a lot of.
Do you see that guy
out in front?
Oh, yeah, the one
that's easy on the eye?
I see him.
Well, I was best friends
with his younger sister.
Penny and I were inseparable
growing up,
so by default,
I saw a lot of him.
Maybe I can ask her
to sway his opinion.
Sooner the better.
Looks like someone from
the press is interviewing them.
Erin, hey!
Hi, Mr. Stevens!
I heard you were in town.
How is it that you look
exactly the same?
Oh, you're being too kind.
But you can see
the hair missing, right?
I was hoping to see Penny.
I wanted to say hi.
You know, it's been so long.
She would love that.
She usually stops by
in the afternoon,
after she drops the kids off
at choir.
Shouldn't be too long.
Do you mind if I wait?
Of course not.
Can I get you anything?
Peppermint hot chocolate.
Oh, that sounds
absolutely perfect.
Coming right up.
Taking a break from
talking to reporters?
For the time being.
You still work here?
Why say it like that?
Like that's a bad thing.
I didn't mean any
I just thought
Thought what, that I'd be doing
something else by now?
Connor here is
the best chef I know.
And that's saying a lot,
considering I taught him
all that he knows.
Thanks, Dad, but I think
what Erin is trying to say
is that compared to her
superimportant job
of ruining our town,
that what I'm doing
is not that impressive.
Well, I wasn't
saying that at all.
You see? That's not at all
what she was saying.
I'm just surprised
that you still work here.
When we were younger,
you said you wanted to travel
and see the world.
Well, actually
No, Dad.
It's okay.
Erin's already
made up her mind about me.
Haven't you made your mind up
about me?
That I work for some
evil corporation
trying to destroy this town?
I never said evil.
You know what?
I've got to go.
I have lots of work to do.
Mr. Stevens,
it was so nice seeing you.
Tell Penny
I'll call on her again.
Oh, Penny!
Oh, wow! It's been so long!
I can't believe
you're back here.
Well, you know why I'm
really in town, right?
Yes, Connor filled me in.
Yeah, I'm the one
who's singlehandedly
destroying this place.
He didn't put it
in such nice terms.
Well, I think
I just made it worse.
I said I was surprised that he
still works at your dad's grill.
Well, it's not really still.
More like again.
What do you mean?
Yeah, he's been traveling
all over the place
for like 10 years.
Studying the culinary arts.
He is an amazing chef.
He's just working
for my dad now
to save up enough money
so that he can open up
his own highend restaurant
here in town.
Wow, I feel like an idiot.
That's why
he's against the hotel.
It would mean
a competing restaurant.
Yeah, among other things.
I mean, he kinda likes that
everything here's one of a kind,
and a Wyndsor Hotel
wouldn't be.
Wow, so he's a chef.
You know what?
I have to get back to work.
I have so much to do,
and there's so little time.
Can I just say how impressed
I am at your amazing career
and you following your dreams
of living in the city?
Thank you.
I just miss
pursuing my painting.
Oh, I missed you.
I missed you too.
Well, I checked,
and we are fully stocked.
Honey, you can have any kinda
Christmas light you want.
Thanks, Mom.
I'm sorry this place
isn't that busy.
Yeah, me too.
But you never know.
Like you said.
Maybe your new hotel
will turn this thing around.
What's this?
That's our Christmas collage.
Just memories of different
Christmases past.
Look at what I'm wearing.
You picked it.
Look at Penny and Connor.
Oh, you know,
that was the Christmas
the three of you thought if you
didn't ask for any presents...
We'd get bonus points
with Santa,
and he'd give us one big,
huge present the next year.
Oh, honey, you used
to love Christmas.
I know.
So what happened?
You know, I just
I was eager to move to the city
and start my career and...
I don't know,
our town and Christmas itself
just got put to the back burner.
Well, I think it's fun
that an entire town
loves something so much
that they wanna celebrate
together for more than one day.
Let's face it. We are
the yearlong Christmas oasis
for people who can't
get enough of that holiday.
Maybe you should put us back
on the front burner.
You're right.
I am?
This town does love anything
having to do with Christmas.
Maybe that's the key.
Yeah, that chair
goes right over there.
No problem.
Oh, this table, put it in
the center of the rug, please.
Thank you.
Deliveries are right on schedule
with a bed in every room,
which is a must.
Joe and his crew are
installing the appliances
in the kitchen right now,
so all in all,
I'd say we're ahead of schedule.
Yes! Great.
Oh, well, I hope that's Bianca
calling to congratulate us.
Oh, well, all right.
Bianca, hey!
Erin, what is going on
over there?
What do you mean?
We're ahead of schedule,
and the place is almost
completely furnished.
Some reporter caught wind
of the town's objections to us.
Oh, no.
I'm sending you the links now.
There's been a drop
in reservations.
Okay, let me look.
You know, it's a work
in progress with the community.
Wyndsor Hotels cannot afford
this type of bad publicity.
I know.
I put you in charge
because I thought
you knew how to handle
the people from your town.
Well, I do have this one idea.
I don't care how you do it.
Just make that town
excited that we're there.
Of course.
If the investors catch wind of this,
that's a huge hit against us.
Not to mention I'll need you
back at your New York post
because Rome
will not happen then.
Oh, no, I'm Rome or bust,
so I promise you
I will fix this.
Do that.
Everything okay?
Uh, yeah, there's
a change in plans.
This town is about one thing,
and that's Christmas.
It's time I jump back
on the tidings train.
Okay, everything is all set
for tomorrow morning.
Now, are you sure you wanna
go through with this?
It is my job to create the
perfect hotel for Garland Grove,
and that's what I'm gonna do.
All right, well, Joe says
he can have everything set up
so that you can have your own
version of a press conference.
Thank you so much, Marnie.
You're welcome.
Just so you know,
nothing that Wyndsor Court
announces today
is gonna change our minds.
We'll see.
Hi, babe.
Good morning, Garland Grove.
Good morning!
Thank you all so much
for being here.
We at Wyndsor Hotels
aim to please.
Then leave.
I have a better idea.
I will be rebranding
the building you see behind me
into Garland Grove's
Christmas hotel.
Oh, my gosh!
That's so sweet!
That's my baby.
Christmas Hotel will host
Christmas activities
all year long.
It will be decorated
for Christmas all year long,
and it will be an oasis
for all those who love Christmas
and want to be immersed
in the holiday all year long.
We'll be hiring lots of you to
help spread that Christmas joy.
Garland Grove
is the home of Christmas,
and this hotel will be
the heart of Christmas.
Community of Garland Grove,
I present to you
your Christmas Hotel!
Well, I got all the basics
like holly, tinsel, and lights,
but it doesn't feel like enough
for a Christmas hotel.
Well, why don't you
try theme rooms?
You know, like a Rudolph Room
or a Santa Suite.
Oh. How am I going to
do all this in time?
Oh, honey, come on,
you're a hard worker,
and we have nothing
but faith in you.
Yeah, but I'm rusty when it
comes to all things Christmas.
Well, here's a thought:
Ask for help.
Marnie is out there
looking for staff.
How 'bout Connor?
Wait a minute.
That's a good idea.
He is the chairman of
the town Christmas committee.
And he's responsible
for all the decorations
on Main Street.
We didn't exactly
start off on the best foot.
Well, but now that you've
changed it to a Christmas hotel,
I bet he'd be
a lot more willing.
All right, I guess I could try.
Oh, while you're at it,
why don't you bring him
one of these?
He's always in here buying them.
He loves them.
Uh, feel free to look around.
Um, uh...
Well, your dad said
that you would be back here,
so I just, um...
Candy bar?
Oh, thanks.
I actually like these.
What's all this?
It's just some ideas I have
for when I have enough money
to open my own restaurant
here in Garland Grove.
My dad has all
the casual fare covered,
but I think the place
needs something
that's a little bit,
you know, more upscale.
Something you might find in,
say, a nice hotel?
That's why you're against it
because the hotel will compete
with your dream place.
It's one of many reasons.
Hmm. Christmas Cafe.
Well, you know,
as I'm sure you've discovered,
Christmasifying a business
around here
is the best way to go.
Well, it stopped you guys
from passing out flyers.
True, for the time being,
until we see how
this Christmas Hotel works out.
Actually, that's why
I wanted to talk to you.
I was hoping I could
get your help.
See, I'm a bit in over my head
with turning something
into a Christmas anything,
and since you're
Joe Christmas...
I thought maybe you could
share some ideas.
You know, some tips.
So let me make sure
I have this right.
You, who works for a hotel that
came into this town uninvited,
are asking me, the leader of
the said antihotel movement,
for help?
Yeah, because I actually
wanna open a good hotel.
Look at it as another way
for you to spread
some Christmas cheer.
You know, I got a lot going on.
When do you plan on
opening up Christmas Cafe?
Year or two, three tops.
What if you could open it
this month?
I can't promise you anything,
but the Christmas Hotel
needs a chef for its restaurant.
The kitchen is built,
the dining room is built,
the chef Wyndsor hired quit
because of you and your friends.
So what if we hired you
and made the Christmas Cafe
a part of the Christmas Hotel?
Are you serious?
Yeah. I mean, I'd have to run it
up the chain of command,
and I'm sure there'd be
a tasting audition of some sort,
but I don't see why
it couldn't happen.
You'd do that for me?
Yeah. I mean, in return,
you could help me
make the Christmas Hotel
an actual Christmas hotel.
Yeah, you got a deal.
So the main tree
should be right there,
and each room should
have its own tree,
including the guest rooms.
They should all be decorated
a little bit differently.
My dad suggested themes.
Exactly. I love it.
And more builtin shelves
right here
for nutcrackers.
I like it.
And what you want is a variety
of different Christmas lights
all along here.
And since it's a yearlong
Christmas hotel,
all the decorations
should be permanent.
Most of it should actually
be built into the wall,
so it doesn't seem seasonal.
You got that, Joe?
Copy that.
What he said.
And every fireplace
needs stockings.
And they need to be
personalized stockings
for the entire staff,
so that people can
get to know them better.
Yeah, that's great.
All right, well,
I'll just add learning to sew
to my list of things to do.
No, just go to
It's the best place to get
personalized decorations
that you can't
find anywhere else.
It's really special.
So what about
all the Christmas
Ah, I have an idea for that.
A gingerbread baking class.
It's something
I've always wanted to teach.
I mean, anybody can make
a gingerbread house,
but the dough,
that's what's key.
Oh, and one more thing.
This is something the
community's been asking about,
and we haven't even
organized it yet,
but they're thinking about
a Santa costume contest.
Oh, Joe, you oughta
enter that.
But I don't look like Santa.
You're in much better shape
than Santa.
I better get going
on all these changes.
Connor, bring it in.
Oh, good to have you
on our team.
It's good to be here.
Yes, well, gotta go.
They're cute.
And see?
You were trying to
put them out of a job.
Oh, give me a break.
But honestly, those were
some really great ideas.
It's like your brain thinks
in Christmas terms.
Well, you could do it too.
I do seem to remember that
you used to like Christmas
when we were young.
You know, I was looking at
the old pictures my mom has up,
and I forgot how exciting
Christmas used to be.
How as a kid,
it just feels bigger
than anything else
in the whole world.
Well, it can be fun
and exciting for adults too.
I think as I got older,
I saw the holiday as a task.
I lost sight of the joy.
Well, my hope for you
is that you can
find it again.
The joy.
'Cause it's really great.
That's what I keep hearing.
Well, first things first.
Yeah, what's that?
Yeah, trees.
Yeah, the most
important part
of opening your Christmas hotel
is making sure you always
have excellent trees.
Which could be a problem
because we need trees
all year long.
That's why we're here.
If anyone can help us find trees
for all year long,
it's Mr. Baker.
Mr. Baker?
Wait, our first grade teacher
that made us do
an entire production
of A Christmas Carol
at seven years old?
Yeah, yeah.
That Mr. Baker?
The one and only.
Yeah, there he is.
Yo, Mr. Baker!
Connor! Here for more trees?
I thought you already had one
for your place and the grill.
Well, actually, I'm here
for the Christmas Hotel.
You remember Erin Roberts?
Yes, of course.
Erin, wow!
Oh, hi.
Oh, look at you.
Oh, it's been so long.
You know, you were
the best reader in my class.
Thank you. It's because
you're a great teacher.
Oh, flattery will get you far
at this Christmas tree farm.
Well, then I love
your sweater.
Oh, I made it myself.
It's a passion project of mine.
Oh, that's perfect.
I don't know if you've heard,
but I'm opening up
a Christmas hotel.
Oh, no, of course, yes!
I think it's a wonderful idea.
Oh, well, we have investors
coming and then a grand opening.
We are gonna need
a lot of trees.
Right, and we were hoping
to have a tree
in every single room.
Well, the thing is,
it's a yearround
Christmas hotel.
Could you be our supplier
all year long?
Christmas trees year round,
you say?
Mmhmm, yeah.
I think there's a way
we could do it,
provided you don't mind
that your trees
are a little bigger
than normal.
All right.
Hmm, okay.
So I will make
all of the calculations.
I'll let you know
what it will take,
but I think
it's a marvelous idea.
That's great.
In the meantime,
we'll take a dozen or so now.
Oh, fantastic!
Look at that!
The hotel's already
helping local business.
That, it is.
Yeah, I see you giving me that
Itoldyouso look. I see it.
I'll get your trees prepped.
Thanks, Mr. Baker!
You know, that's something
else the hotel can do.
Feature products
from local businesses.
I like that.
Oh, look.
The line is not that long
for the reindeer ring toss.
How old are you again?
I take my niece and nephew there
all the time. It's fun.
That's because
they're small children.
You don't have to be
a child to enjoy it.
Look, I have a lot
of work to do,
so let's get the trees and go.
Weren't you the one that said
you wanted to rediscover
the joys of Christmas?
No, I didn't say
those words exactly.
Yeah, you did.
Come on, let's go.
Okay, fine.
You look ridiculous.
That's the point.
Just stand still
and stop laughing,
so I can put this thing on,
all right?
Chin up, chin up, chin up.
Okay, okay.
All right, there we go.
You got it?
Now, these are for you.
These are mine.
Now take a few steps back.
All right,
throw it at me, come on.
I'm sorry!
That's why they're
inflatable, okay?
Now watch me. I'm gonna show you
how it's done, all right?
Oh! Ho ho!
The crowd goes wild!
Can you hit a moving target?
That's not the rules.
You gotta stay still.
What, what?
Try to catch me!
Stay still so I can
put it on, all right?
Stay still?
Stay still!
Well, that would be easy.
It's a good thing
we didn't keep score.
It's good for you 'cause
otherwise you'd know that I won.
Uh, excuse me,
I pretty much dominated.
How'd you get so good at this?
What, the reindeer antler toss?
No, at Christmas.
I guess because our mother
loved it so much.
I was sorry to hear
about her passing.
Thanks. It's been rough,
but I figured that one of
the best ways to remember her
is to do something
that she loved,
and she loved Christmas.
It's one of the reasons
I came back.
Yeah, Penny said you were
traveling for like 10 years.
Yeah, but you know,
one thing I realized
after being
in dozens of places
is that my mom and dad
had it right.
Garland Grove,
home of Christmas,
is just plain home.
Were you ever in New York?
Few times.
I would've called,
but you're horrible at
keeping in touch, so I didn't
I know. I'm gonna
be better at that.
Good, 'cause I don't wanna
wait another 10 years
to hang out with you again.
Yeah. Garland Grove is
a pretty special place.
It's the people
that make it special.
Okay, okay, okay,
I got one.
Remember the Christmas
where Connor had his mind set
on trapping Rudolph?
Wait, I don't remember that.
Look, "trap" has
a very negative connotation.
I just wanted
to meet Rudolph
and have him be
my personal pet reindeer.
Anyway, parents went to sleep,
he woke me up
and went upstairs to the attic,
opened the window,
let in all the cold air
and dangled carrots,
using his fishing pole.
Oh, because obviously Rudolph
couldn't resist your carrots.
What about you, Erin?
You have any Christmas memories?
When I got my kitten,
You guys were there, right?
You called
with sheer excitement
when you opened that box.
We played with Bundles all day.
Yes, Bundles was the best.
Wait, do you remember
that little tuxedo
we made him in home ec?
With the little fake boots?
They were so cute!
Poor cat.
Oh, stop, it was cute.
I liked it.
Christmas memories
are so special,
and for some reason,
I just locked all of mine up
in a cabinet for no reason.
Hey, that's a good idea.
What's that?
For the hotel.
We invite the town,
and they put all their
Christmas memories
on decorations
for the new trees.
That's such a good idea.
You are getting
the hang of this.
Don't be so surprised.
Oh! It's snowing.
It's a bit windy.
Look at that.
That's beautiful.
Yep, it's that time of year.
And here's some more.
Thanks, Dad.
I can't believe
how many people showed up.
Oh, I can.
You know, decorating trees
and sharing memories
is a highlight of Christmas.
This was great planning.
Well, it wouldn't be the same
without these wooden
ornaments you made.
I had some lumber,
and I'm always happy to help.
I'm happy to have your help.
Oh, that's my baby.
You know, people keep asking me
where I got these.
I told them they can only be
purchased at the Garland Store.
Well, look at you.
Now, that's cross promotion.
Hey, I better make some more.
Oh, my kids love the nutcrackers
on the shelves.
Oh, yeah,
that's all Connor's doing.
He's really good
at this Christmas stuff.
That, he is.
Spending a lot of time
together, hmm?
You and my brother.
Well, yeah,
he's been a great help.
Oh, come on, I
It's not like that.
God, he's your older brother.
I literally didn't say anything.
I know your faces.
Can I show you something?
You wanted to show me a wall?
A blank wall.
I was hoping you'd do a mural.
Something Garland Groveesque.
I mean, we'd pay you for it.
I have never been commissioned
to do anything before.
So what do you say?
I would love to!
Okay, the only hard part is
we have to have it done
by the time the investors come.
I can do that.
Brad can take care of the kids.
Thank you, Erin.
You are such a talented artist,
and people need to see it,
so it's my pleasure.
What's going on here?
Erin has just commissioned me
to paint a Garland Grove mural
on this wall.
Love it.
Come on, now!
We need a little
Christmas music!
Hey, hey, Santa
It's time to soar
across the sky
Look at my dad!
Wanna give it a go?
When in Garland Grove...
Cheer everywhere,
it's all right
Mm, yeah
People get ready
Christmas is about
to take flight
Come on, everybody!
Ho ho ho
Let it snow
Ho ho ho
Santa, it's about that time
Fly, Santa, fly
We received so many resumes
after the open house.
Oh, that's great.
Any standouts?
Oh, quite a few.
I think we're gonna
have a great staff.
What's this?
Audition menu.
I was hoping to make you
dinner tonight.
To give you my ideas
for the Christmas Cafe.
Oh, yeah, I'd love that.
8:00 good?
Will do.
All right.
Well, this looks delicious.
And that looks like a date.
That looks like
a chef's audition.
Enjoy your date.
Welcome to the Christmas Cafe.
May I show you to your table?
Yes, thank you.
This is very nice.
I try.
An appetizer for you to try.
This is amazing.
I know.
I mean thank you.
Christmas is coming
It's the time of year
For getting together
to share some cheer
I'm sending Santa
and his eight reindeer
'Cause all I want
for Christmas
Is to have you here
All I want for Christmas
is to have you here
All I want for Christmas is
to have you here
Is there a word
for being so full,
but wanting more
because it's so good?
So you liked it?
Liked it?
Connor, you're really talented.
I'm sorry.
I guess I thought that
You thought I was
a burger flipper.
No, I never used those words.
It was implied.
I'm sorry I misjudged you.
I guess I did
the same thing to you
when I saw you get out of that
car with that Wyndsor Hotel bag.
Well, we both
jumped to conclusions.
You know, I, uh...
I had a crush on you
back in the day.
Um, why didn't you
ever say anything?
I don't know.
I was just...
I was your best friend's
dorky older brother,
and I just figured you'd always
see me that way. I don't know.
I had a crush on you too.
And why didn't you
say anything?
For the same reasons.
I was your
little sister's friend.
You know, I was scared.
I guess everything turned out
the way it was supposed to.
Well, with cooking skills
like this,
I'm surprised
you're still single.
Oh, and with hotel management
skills like that,
I mean, same goes for you.
Yeah, well, when you work
as hard as I do,
it's hard to find time to date.
Is it worth it?
Working so hard for Wyndsor.
It will be when I get to Rome.
Depending on
how all this goes,
I'll have my dream job.
Which is?
Wyndsor in Rome.
Well, I guess
it's time for dessert.
Oh, no, no, no,
there's no room left.
It's a cookie dough trifle.
Okay, I'll see what I can do.
All right.
I'll be right back.
There you are.
Go ahead.
There you go.
Welcome to the Wyndsor.
Thank you.
Hey, there.
How about you take
a little break?
Bianca and the investors
are gonna be here in a few days,
and I still feel like
I have so much more to do.
And you'll do it,
but there is always time
for you to have a cup of tea
with your mama.
You're right.
You know, Daddy is so happy
you asked him
to make those wooden ornaments
for the Christmas memories.
I was thinking about
doing more of that.
Featuring things that hotel
guests can buy around town.
Dad should make more
of those to sell.
People love them.
Connor says we should
probably add more trees
because there's
so many more memories.
Uh, what's that smile for?
Oh, nothing.
Your face just lights up
when you mention Connor.
He's been a really big help.
Is that all?
Childhood crushes,
they fade, Mom.
Yeah, well,
what about adult crushes?
What happens to them?
Life usually gets in the way.
Only if you let it,
baby girl.
It is with great pleasure
that I officially unveil
the newest addition
to our Christmas hotel,
a mural painted by
a very talented artist
and my close personal friend,
Penny Stevens.
Oh, Penny!
Penny, it's wonderful.
You like it?
I love it.
You perfectly captured the town.
Hey, look,
there's our Garland Grill.
Thank you so much.
Thank you.
My first commissioned painting.
Ooh, it feels so good to say.
And there's more to come.
I'm sure guests are
gonna want more of this,
so maybe we can feature
some of your other artwork
in our gift shop.
Yeah, so get to work!
So looks like everything
came together.
Not quite. We still
have to make sure
the investors are satisfied,
so they continue to invest
in Wyndsor Hotels.
Well, I have some ideas
I'd like to run by you
before the investors arrive.
I don't think any other hotel
has ever had a welcome
like this.
Go big or go home.
I can't thank you enough.
Not just for all of this,
but for the last few weeks.
I couldn't have done this
without you.
It was worth it.
Yeah. You helped me
fulfill my dream
of opening my own
Christmas Cafe.
Helping each other out.
That's what friends are for.
Friends, yeah.
Oh, look, there they are.
All right.
Fa la la la la
La la la la
Okay, good luck.
Thank you.
Hello. Nice to meet you.
Erin Roberts.
Erin Roberts.
Pleasure, pleasure.
Nice to meet you.
Erin Roberts.
Wow, Erin.
This is quite a welcome.
You certainly got
the community on board.
We cannot wait to see what else
you have in store for us.
I cannot wait to show you.
Please, come on in.
What we wanted to do
with the Christmas Hotel
is create a place
where people could experience
the magic of Christmas
every day of the year.
As you may know,
this town has a unique history
with Christmas.
This town was founded
by Thomas Garland,
a man so in love with Christmas
that he wanted to create
a place that embodied
the spirit of the holiday
all year round.
I'm sure as you were driving in,
you saw that most of the
businesses here in Garland Grove
are Christmas oriented,
yet there's never been
a central hub
with this many
Christmas activities
until now.
Tell me about these ornaments.
Oh, well, these are
favorite Christmas memories
from residents of Garland Grove.
And when guests stay here,
they can add their memories
to the tree.
What a fun idea.
And this mural,
tell us about that.
Yes, this mural is by a local
artist named Penny Stevens.
Many of her prints can be
found in our gift shop.
In fact,
a lot of the decorations
and merchandise
here in the lobby
can be purchased right here
in Garland Grove.
Now, if you will follow me,
I would love to show you
our Christmas Cafe.
Let me introduce you to our
executive chef, Connor Stevens.
Welcome to the Christmas Cafe.
Please sample
one of our desserts,
the butterscotch eggnog cookie.
They smell delicious.
This place looks great.
The ambiance here
immediately fills me with joy.
Oh, I'm glad, and you haven't
even seen the rooms.
Each one has
its own Christmas theme.
That's fun.
Aside from the yearround
decorations and the ornaments,
what is it that makes
Christmas Hotel
a Christmas hotel?
Hmm, well, we have surprises
and activities planned for you
that will answer that question.
That sounds wonderful.
In fact, after you've
settled into your rooms,
we'll invite you back down
for a gingerbreadmaking class
in our kitchen.
Oh, marvelous.
You're welcome.
There you are.
You're welcome.
They're all so polite.
And there you go.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
No, no, no.
I'm just going to watch.
Come on, Erin,
join in on the fun.
If I, who have never cooked
a day in my life, am doing this,
so should you.
Oh, thank you.
Now, the key to making the
perfect gingerbread dough is?
The correct ratio between
cinnamon and ginger cloves.
Now if you have the wrong recipe
or if you make a few missteps,
your dough could end up
hard or bland.
But here at the Christmas Hotel
cooking class,
we ain't gonna let that happen.
What? I'm...
I followed the directions.
You have flour on your face.
I'm sorry. Is my dough
supposed to be this sticky?
Yes, it's supposed to be
super sticky.
That's perfect.
You're doing great.
Oh, thank you.
Look at this place.
I wonder if Connor's
still in the kitchen.
I would assume so.
I kinda wanna wish him luck.
I see the way
you look at him.
You would tell me
if there's something going on.
I don't know. We've been
spending so much time together
and getting to know each other
again after all these years.
I... Maybe.
I totally could possibly be
starting to care for him.
Oh, I knew it!
Did you tell him?
No, I can't.
Why not?
Because if tonight goes well,
I'm going to go to Rome
very soon.
I don't wanna start something
I can't finish.
Maybe you're right.
I just get lost
in the fantasy of it all,
my brother and my best friend.
I'm still your best friend?
Of course you are.
It doesn't matter,
the time between visits.
You are my best friend
for life.
I better start dinner soon.
Just go ahead and take a seat.
Oh, thanks.
Good evening, everyone.
As you all know,
this is Christmas Cafe's
very first service,
and we are so happy
to have you all with us.
Bon appetit!
There you are.
What are you doing out here?
It's freezing.
I just needed some fresh air.
Just pacing the kitchen,
wondering if they're
enjoying my food.
It's nervewracking.
What are you talking about?
Everybody's loving dinner.
Yeah. You're a hit.
You look absolutely
beautiful tonight.
Thank you.
You look beautiful every night.
And day.
And whatever happens next,
what you're doing here's
really special.
What we're doing here
is really special.
Oh, oh, I'm so sorry. I...
I really didn't mean
to interrupt,
but, uh, they're ready
for the next course.
So, uh, you two just...
Carry on.
Well, I, uh...
guess I'd better serve dessert.
Yeah, you don't wanna
keep them waiting.
Santa Claus, I see you
walking down the road
Tell me where did those
rascally reindeer up and go
You should be flying
in that old sleigh
But you're here hoofing it,
my friend
Those boots ain't made
for walking through the snow
where did the reindeer go
Aren't those magical mounted
caribou on the clock
where did the reindeer go
If you can't fly that
magical Christmas sleigh
Get out and walk
Ho ho ho!
Get out and walk
Welcome, everyone,
to what I hope will become
an annual tradition,
Christmas Hotel's
Santa Claus costume contest!
Now, everyone
who is participating,
please form a line,
and when the music starts,
strut your stuff
in front of the judges' table.
Give us your best Santa sleigh!
Is this a couples costume?
It's joy to my world
We just think
we'd have a better shot
if we go in as a duo.
Uhhuh, what he said.
Well, good luck.
Thank you.
You ready to strut, Santa?
Come on.
What's up? You don't want
to enter the contest?
No. You know, I just figured
I'm so good at Christmas now,
it wouldn't be fair
to all the other participants.
Sure, right.
That's a good point.
It's so nice of you
to let others shine.
So, uh...
About last night.
Yeah. You were a hit.
I'm not talking
about the dinner.
I know.
So do you wanna
get together later and
Let me just stop you
right there. I
I don't plan on staying.
I mean, no matter what happens
with the hotel or Rome,
I'm gonna be leaving.
I know, but it doesn't mean
that we can't
I just, you know, I don't think
we should go down that road.
Oh, okay.
You know, we just got
caught up in the moment
and the festivities,
and it's just better
if we leave it at that.
Maybe you're right,
you know?
I guess there's a reason
we never got together
when we were younger.
It's just not in the cards.
Looks like the judges
made their pick.
Oh! I'd better get to it.
What do you have?
Here you are.
Our runnerup...
the dynamic duo,
Mr. And Mrs. Claus!
Oh! Yes!
Here's your ribbon.
Thank you.
Hold it right there.
Thank you.
We should've won.
Well done.
Thank you, thank you.
The winner of our contest is...
Classy Santa!
Hold it up.
I'm judging by
the smile on your face.
Is this good news?
They said they have
nothing but good feelings
about Christmas Hotel
and Wyndsor Hotels in general.
They are going to invest in
the Rome hotel and three others.
Oh, that's great!
This is all you.
You did this.
I had some help.
I knew picking you for
this project would work out.
And you know what?
I'm really happy you did.
So I wanna officially offer you
the executive manager position
of our new Wyndsor Hotel
in Rome.
I mean, look at what you did
with this place.
I can't wait to see
what you'll do in Rome.
Well, what about
the Christmas Hotel?
Who's gonna run it?
You don't need
to worry about that.
You are going to Rome.
I'm going to Rome.
Wonderful news.
Chef Bram is available.
He is this incredible chef
from the Netherlands.
Oh, for the Rome hotel?
No, Christmas Hotel.
But the Christmas Hotel
already has a chef Connor.
You said you loved his food.
Don't get me wrong.
His food was good,
and he got our investors
on board.
But it's easier to market
our restaurant here
if we have a worldrenown chef.
He's my friend.
You know better than anyone
this isn't personal.
It's just business.
Oh, I have to take this.
But you did it.
You got Rome.
Whoa, there, son.
That's enough dressing
in that salad.
I'm sorry.
There something on your mind?
Christmas Hotel.
And the girl running it.
I'm that transparent, am I?
I'd say so.
She's leaving soon.
So give her a reason to stay.
What do you mean?
Tell her how you feel about her.
She's not gonna stay for me.
Then there's nothing to lose.
She's leaving.
At least this way
you won't have to wonder
what would have happened
if you said something.
I wish every day I could
still tell your mother
how much I love her.
Take advantage of
the moments that you have.
Could you do a skinny soy
caramel macchiato to go?
I think I can make that happen.
Thank you. And I hope
there's no hard feelings
about the Christmas Cafe.
You know how it is.
Our board wanted a known chef.
Oh. I figured Erin
would've told you by now.
You two seem close.
We're going with another chef
for the restaurant.
Oh, Connor, I was just
headed to the grill.
Look, we need to talk.
Yeah, I'd say so.
You used me.
Bianca just told me
she's going with another chef.
I only found out
a few hours ago, okay?
I had no idea
she would do that.
Did you get Rome?
So I helped you get everything
that you wanted, and...
I'm just a fool
with no restaurant,
chasing a boyhood crush.
Connor, I'm so sorry!
Me too.
He hates me, Marnie.
You should've seen his face.
Trust me, he doesn't hate you.
He's just upset.
I can't imagine this hotel
opening without him.
Well, is there any way
you can get Bianca
to change her mind?
No, I don't think so.
It's her company.
It's her choice.
Yeah, but you're the one
that came up with the idea
of the Christmas Hotel,
not her.
Erin, there you are.
Where else would I be?
We need to head out right now.
What's wrong?
With the investment secured,
we have to get to Rome
for a meeting about
the new hotel location.
If we don't leave ASAP,
we could lose the property.
Right now?
I've booked our flights
for tonight.
What about Christmas Hotel?
The grand opening is tomorrow.
Marnie and her staff
can handle everything.
The hard work here is done.
We've got the money,
and the opening is just fluff.
The most important thing
is securing the Rome hotel.
You of all people
should know that.
Be ready to leave in an hour.
How you doing?
You don't look so good.
Um... I just found out
I'm leaving.
Yeah. I'm going to Rome.
But I really need
to speak to Connor.
Oh, he's not around.
Do you know where he is?
He said he was running some
errands like in Montpelier.
Okay, well,
when will he be back?
I don't know.
I can't believe I have to go
after the way we left things.
Just, um,
tell him I said sorry,
and that, uh,
you know, I'll...
I'll try and call.
I will.
Thank you...
for everything, okay?
Hey, you know where I'll be.
Don't be a stranger.
Yeah, I won't.
Maybe once I get settled in,
you guys can come and visit.
I'd like that.
I do like pizza.
You know, Italy.
I'm sorry
this is all so sudden.
Oh, baby.
I'm gonna miss you.
It's okay, it's okay.
Take care.
Oh, and, honey...
just remember this will
always be your home.
I love you.
Love you too.
I love you too.
Aw, it's okay.
This isn't good.
Apparently, winter storm Megan
is blowing in,
and it's grounding
all the flights.
Well, maybe we can stay.
You know, we can still
make the opening.
Don't be silly.
I'll see if I can't get us
a charter flight.
I'm not going.
I don't wanna go to Rome.
You're the executive manager.
You have to.
I can't accept the job.
I wanna be in Garland Grove,
and I wanna be the executive
manager of the Christmas Hotel.
You are joking.
I grew up in Garland Grove,
and it wasn't until I came back
that I truly learned
to appreciate its magic.
It's a part of who I am,
and I'm proud of that.
You can never have too much
Christmas in your life
because it's about
more than just one day.
It's about sharing love with
your friends and your family
every day.
I don't know what to say.
You could say that
even though I'm turning down
the Rome position,
you'll still make me manager
of the Christmas Hotel.
Okay, yes.
All right, um...
As the manager
of the Christmas Hotel,
I'd like to hire Connor to be
chef of the Christmas Cafe.
He is the best person
for the job.
I stake my reputation on that.
Bianca, I promise you...
I will make this the best
Christmas Hotel there ever was.
I'm sorry, we're closed.
Everybody's at the...
I thought you left.
I came back.
Because I'm now the executive
manager of the Christmas Hotel.
And as manager,
my first order of business
is rehiring you as head chef
of the Christmas Cafe.
What about Bianca?
I told her the truth.
That I wanna stay
in Garland Grove.
She was surprised,
but she got on board.
you in?
I'm in.
So this means
you're technically my boss.
You okay with that?
As long as I can still do this.
Yes, you can.
Well, I guess that we have
a hotel opening to get to.
Um, can I have everyone's
attention, please?
I, uh...
I had to leave
this place twice
to realize how much I never
want to leave it again.
The reason Garland Grove
is special
is not because
it's so good at Christmas.
It's because of all of you.
You all embody
what Christmas means
each and every day,
and you helped me rediscover
my Christmas joy.
So, um, I'm proud to say...
that I am staying.
And I will be manager
here at the Christmas Hotel.
Oh, my...
So it is my pleasure
to announce
that our Christmas Hotel
is officially open for business!
Oh, my God.
Can you believe this?
Oh, baby!
Is this real?
You're staying?
Yes. Now, I'll probably be
getting my own place.
Well, yeah.
But I'm here to stay.
This is the best present ever!
Well, I'm happy that you
finally came to your senses.
Me too.
What are you thinking about?
I was thinking about
my favorite Christmas memory.
What's that?