Christmas in Love (2018) Movie Script

Dashing through the snow
In a one-horse open sleigh
O'er the fields we go
Laughing all the way
Bells on bobtail ring
Making spirits bright
What fun it is to ride
And sing A sleighing song tonight
Jingle bells, jingle bells
Jingle all the way
Oh, what fun it is to ride
Jingle bells...
Not bad, Ellie.
Not bad at all!
Oh, what fun it is to ride
On a one-horse open sleigh
Ellie! Ohhh!
That is your best one yet.
You say that every single time.
Well, maybe that's
because you make so few.
If you made more,
I could sell them here.
Mom, it's a gift for your store, okay?
These things take time and care.
Yes, but every year people ask me
where they can buy them.
Maybe we could both turn a profit.
People have to get
them somewhere.
Yes, and I believe
it's called online.
He's running the festival now, you know?
Good for him. He always wanted to.
He helped his dad with it every year.
Did you talk to him?
-I, uh... I waved.
I just don't want to make
things harder on him.
I just... I can't tell
if he's still upset with me.
Oh, honey, it's been
almost a year. I am sure
by now he realizes that the two of you
were not right for each other.
Such a good guy!
It's just... not my guy.
I know, honey. And we can't find what
is right until we let go of what isn't.
One door closes,
another opens, and...
And speaking of doors, how about
you make just a few more wreaths?
Remember what I just said
about time... two seconds ago?
Yes, and it's a terrible thing to waste
doing something that you don't love.
What are you talking about?
I love my job, I love the bakery!
And anyway, I better go
if I want to keep that job.
Ohhh... thank you for my wreath.
Love you.
-I love you too.
Hey, Ellie.
-Hi, Bob!
Hi, Jason. Morning, Dad.
Good morning, El.
Oh, we got another suit
coming in from corporate
for a week or so.
He's starting tomorrow morning,
you're gonna have to train him.
Oh... lucky me. Do you want
to tell the team, or should I?
You have a much better way
with them than I do. -Okay.
Well, I'll just put my stuff away
and meet you on the floor. -Okay.
Hey, team!
I have an announcement to make.
If I could just get everyone's
attention for a moment.
So, tomorrow, we have an exec
coming in from corporate!
Seriously, Ellie?
Come on. We're used to strangers,
especially this time of year, right?
With the Festival and people wanting
to load up on Kringles.
Yeah, but we're already busy enough.
-No, look,
I get it, but we're all
on the same team, okay,
whether on the floor
or the home office,
and it's just temporary.
So let's give
this guy our usual hearty,
warm White Deer welcome, okay?
Kringle! -Kringle!
Good for you.
As if I don't enough on my plate,
I get to spend
our busiest time of year
training some Harvard
or Princetown brainiac
how to make a puff pastry?
Nobody does it better than you.
Right. -Right.
Why do I have to go, Dad?
Because every company executive
has to spend time on the bakery floor.
It's been that way since your
grandfather started the business.
You're taking over the company,
so it's your turn.
You're welcome.
Dad, if you're gonna retire
at the beginning of the year,
we need to prep now.
And I know exactly how
to take us to the next level.
I put together a proposal
for the bakery.
Automation is the key.
You haven't even visited the bakery,
and already you're restructuring.
You have to put in the time.
-In Deer's Head, Missouri.
In White Deer, Missouri.
-Is there a difference?
Guess you'll find out because
you're on a plane tonight.
I will not hand over this company
until I am confident that you're ready.
Well, while I'm gone,
take a look at my plans.
Our operations are archaic,
and I will not
let us go extinct.
-As long as we make Kringles,
we will never go extinct.
-I'm talking about efficiency.
Maximizing production,
minimizing overhead.
And I am talking
about these people.
Invest in them,
and they will invest in you.
Uh, look, I know you're
a superstar to these people,
they love it when you come to town,
but I don't think
I'm gonna tell 'em who I am.
If they know I'm gonna be their boss,
I'm not gonna get the full picture.
You're gonna love White Deer.
Especially at Christmas.
Sure, I am. Can't wait.
It's the same dilemma every year.
I can never decide which one
to put up over the hearth.
Oh, but I really do like this one that
you made in high school with Grandma.
Yeah, she always had
the best ideas.
Without her, I'm a slave to
Google searches and Pinterest.
Well, she used to say,
"Make what inspires you."
That's actually why we did
that one with the Eiffel Tower.
She always wanted to see Paris.
She never left Missouri,
but she celebrated the world
through her crafts.
I guess that's what I do too.
The difference is you could
see the world in living color.
And I will as soon
as the right opportunity
presents itself.
-Yes, honey, but opportunity
doesn't always knock.
Sometimes, you have to go out
and look for it. -I know.
I'm still a work
in progress, okay?
Okay, now just hurry up
and decide so I can choose one
for my front door.
-Okay, uh... this one.
And how's the Lodge?
It's not the Four Seasons, but
it's got heat, so there's that.
Just think of it as an adventure.
I know why he's making me do this.
Because everyone does it.-No, Mom.
He's making me do it because he wants me
to run the company exactly as he would.
Why not? Business is good.
So why settle for good
when it can be great?
Look, I know what I can do
with his legacy,
with Grandfather's, but he needs
to trust my judgment.
Honey, he wouldn't be handing
over the reins if he didn't.
Well, he hasn't
handed them over yet.
Night, sweetie.
-Good night.
Excuse me. Thanks.
Excuse me.
I am so sorry!
Are you okay? I...
I didn't see you there.
-Didn't expect to be here.
Um, here, let me help you up.
-I'm fine.
I really am so sorry.
Oh, maybe that wasn't
my car door.
I think you just... I think
you just need better shoes.
These are my favorite shoes.
These are Italian.
The ice really doesn't care.
You know, Doc Feeny is right around
the corner if you wanna go see him.
He takes walk-ins,
and he's a great guy.
You can totally send me the bill.
No, I don't need to see
Doc Feeny, just a bump. Thanks.
Okay. Well, there's
a sporting goods store
right across the street.
I'd suggest you get some boots.
I'm just visiting. -No...
Let me guess, you're here
for the Kringles. Get 'em hot
before they hit the grocery store aisles.
-Something like that.
Look, I get that you're just
passing through,
but we don't leave strangers
hurt in the street
without at least
offering them a Kringle...
or an icepack.
Well, I think we established
ice and I don't get along.
Okay, well, if you insist you're okay,
then I have no choice but to believe you.
But if you get blurred vision
or dizzy or something,
we do have 9-1-1 in White Deer.
Oh, uh... Yeah, I'm fine.
Okay. Sorry again.
I'm fine.
Hey. -Hi!
Fresh from the oven.
-Oh, I love them before they're packaged up.
Eat 'em fast because freshness
is not guaranteed past Friday.
These aren't gonna make it 'til Wednesday.
-The usual.
And the usual.
-Thank you, Violet.
I told her you were coming.
-So good.
Morning, ladies. -Hi.
Hi, Carl.
-The town square looks great!
Oh, thanks, thanks.
Yeah, just trying to do
what my dad would have done,
honor his memory.
Yeah. I'm sure he'd be proud.
-Speaking of proud parents,
was your mother ever bragging
about you today. -Oh!
I'm very sorry you had to suffer
through that. -I was in her shop,
I saw your latest wreath.
-Oh, I'm having Ellie make one
for the firehouse this year.
-That'll be a great addition.
You know, Ellie,
here's a thought.
We had a cancellation
on one of the booths,
maybe you want to take it.
I won't even charge you.
Thank you, Carl, really,
but I don't have time this year.
Okay. Alright.
Someone else will take it.
See you back at the firehouse.
Ohhh, a free booth...
You think he's trying to win you back?
I... I don't know.
-Maybe he's not over you yet.
I hope he is.
I just want him to be happy,
you know. He deserves it.
-What about you?
I'm happy. Why wouldn't I be?
Because of San Francisco.
You were so excited. You bought
a new suit for the interview.
I know, and then
I didn't get the job.
Just, I don't know,
some things aren't meant to be.
I have a great life here.
I think I was being foolish
thinking the grass is so much greener
on the San Francisco side of the fence.
There's only one way to find out.
What's that? -You leap!
That's easy for you to say when
you get to stay on solid ground.
Look, Elle, I love this town.
It's beautiful,
and everybody's nice,
and, I mean, we don't lock
our doors at night.
I want to get married here
and raise my family,
but... that's my dream.
You know what's yours?
As soon as I figure that out,
I'll let you know.
Who's that?
Uh, just some guy
with terrible shoes.
Hey, everyone! Paychecks are in!
Those without direct deposit
are welcome to come by my office
any time today to pick 'em up.
So, uh, this is
kind of where it all happens.
Ellie, this is Nick Stanwell from
our main office in San Francisco.
Nick, this is Ellie. She's
our human resources manager,
and she will be guiding you
through your journey
across the bakery floor.
-It all makes sense now.
The suit, the tie...
those shoes.
You've met?
-We had a little run-in this morning.
Yeah, his head, my car door.
Sorry again about that.
Not your fault.
Wasn't paying attention
to where I was going.
Didn't sleep too well last night.
Ah, you're staying at the Lodge.
We don't have
a lot of options around here.
If it gets really bad,
you can stay in our guest room.
We take care of our own, Nick,
especially over the holidays.
We're all part
of the Carlingson family.
We are. Uh... and it's nice
of you to offer,
but I don't think
I'm gonna be here very long.
I'm sure your hospitality
is appreciated, Dad,
but, you know, we really
should get started.
Yeah, alright. I'll leave you
in Ellie's capable hands.
Welcome to White Deer, Nick.
Dad? -Nepotism might help
get the job, but it's on you
to keep it, right?
So they say.
-Okay, let's show you around.
And then during the Depression,
Charles Carlingson refused to shut down
even when he could barely
afford to pay everybody.
He was willing to lose
his own shirt rather than
have to lay people off.
-He was quite a guy.
He was. And that's why
people take such pride
in their work here.
You know, they never feel
like a line item
on a spreadsheet.
Although I'm sure
it's the same for you guys
at the home office.
-Yeah. It's pretty much the same.
And as the company grew bigger,
they outgrew the office space here,
so Mr. Carlingson
put in a few bids
for a new headquarters.
It was almost in Springfield, but...
He wanted to be on the water.
-I mean, yeah, can you blame him?
Just look out your window
and see that view every day?
Although you live there,
so, yeah, you're used to it.
I'm used to it, yes.
Sick of it, never.
So, you're ready to get
your hands into some dough?
Not really.
That's what I thought you'd say.
Oh! -What?
That outfit.
-I wasn't sure
what would be appropriate
so I dressed for the office.
Yeah, we're going
into the dough room.
And it has a dress code?
Hey, Hal!
-What can I do for you?
This here is Nick from corporate.
Would you mind
taking him into the men's
locker room and getting him
into something a little more...
dough friendly.
Sure thing, Ellie.
-"Dough friendly"?
Really? Am I being hazed?
No, not at all.
We just wouldn't want to ruin
that beautiful suit of yours.
I bet it's Italian too.
Let's go, Nick!
Go ahead, get your laughs
at my expense.
-I'm not laughing. Look at me.
Look at Hal. Look at
everybody else on this floor.
Now, you don't
stand out so much.
You think so?
-No, you still stand out.
But we'll keep working on it.
Okay, now let's get started
because you have a lot to learn.
I'm a pretty quick study.
That's what they all say day one.
Alright, get ready
to scrub in, Dr. Stanwell,
because the patient is Kringle.
I happen to be certified in CPR.
That is gonna help you here.
How do you know so much about baking
if you work in human resources.
I started here
when I was in high school,
and everyone has to spend time
on the bakery floor.
It'd be nice if there was
the reverse program, right?
Bakery employees spend
a week or two in San Francisco?
I'll take that up
with the home office.
So you, uh... lived
in White Deer your whole life?
I actually went
to college in St. Louis.
I came back here
and this place offered me
a career when I didn't know
what I wanted to do.
And you found your thing in management.
-Well, I don't know if it's my thing.
I mean it's great,
and I love this company, but...
you know, gotta earn a living.
You ask a lot of questions.
Are you trying to stall?
No. That's a question right there,
I could say the same about you.
No, I'm just, uh...
I'm curious.
I like to know about my...
the people I'm working with.
Well, that's what
you'd liketo know,
but here's what you needto know:
how to make Missouri's
famous Kringle! Let's go!
Each one is a snowflake.
No two Kringles
are alike, right? It's what
people have come to expect:
unique and made with love,
just in time for Christmas.
Yeah, you guys sure do like
Christmas around here.
What's not to like?
-Just seems like a lot
of effort for one day, and then just
like that, it's over, back to work.
It's not about the day.
It's about the moments.
Okay, here goes.
So, the dough comes out of here
on a sheet, and we cut up by hand.
Four layers of dough,
three layers of filling.
The secret is in the layering.
Skip a step
and it won't be flaky enough.
Too many
and the dough becomes heavy,
and you spoil the pattern.
And... and...
you cut all those by hand?
Well, not me personally, but yeah.
Well, it just seems like a lot
of men hours when there are machines
that could do the cutting for
you in a quarter of the time.
Yeah, a tire factory
in Youngstown automated,
and there were a lot of layoffs.
So you find another job.
-Well, it's not that easy.
Automation is the future.
You learn to code, possibilities
are endless. -You know, I love
how you corporate guys come in here
and you're like,
"Find another job. Learn to code",
like those opportunities
are around every corner.
I don't mean to sound heartless.
"It's not personal. it's business."
You might have heard that before.
Right. And I am in the business
of being personal.
Some of us care more about
people than the bottom line.
Mr. Carlingson sure did.
Now, I know it's not
fancy like coding,
but maybe give this a shot.
Like that?
It's not personal, Nick,
just business.
I don't know, Dad,
I don't trust him.
-Aw, you never trust 'em.
No, I never like them.
But this one's different.
He's shi...
He's shifty. -It's temporary,
and you can help me out here.
Train him, and then he's gone?
In the meantime, why don't you take him
on that run to the food bank.
Fine. I can be a team player.
That's great, Ellie.
That's really nice.
You don't have to try
so hard, Nick.
I'm not gonna abandon you
like I did this morning.
You know, you never really think about
where wreath comes from. It's just one
of those things that seem
to appear at Christmas time.
Yeah. This one's
for the firehouse.
They do so much for this town,
so I just want it to be perfect.
You make other things?
-Yeah, I make
all kinds of things.
But a wreath is...
the perfect symbol
for Christmas, don't you think?
How's that?
Well, it's, uh... it's a circle,
and the holidays are a time
when we get to reassess
before the cycle starts again.
I guess that's one way
to look at it.
You know sometimes you have to
look beneath the surface, Nick.
The bakery,
Christmas, White Deer...
There's more to it
than meets the eye.
Okay, break's over, we gotta go.
Get in your other clothes.
-Oh, where...
where do we go?
-Let's go.
Then I guess she'll tell me
when she's ready.
Not everything passes
quality control.
They may taste good, but there's
a certain visual standard
we have to uphold as well.
Another task
machines couldn't handle.
And these are the discards?
Perfectly edible,
just not pretty enough.
So, are we at least taking 'em
to a good home?
Somewhere they'll have
a happy life in the face
of all this rejection?
Yeah. A farm in the country
where they'll be free
to run all day.
That's a relief.
They're going to the food bank.
Okay, excuse me.
Hop in, I'm driving.
Hey! -Hi!
I made this for your daughter. -Aw!
You shouldn't have.
Ellie, it's beautiful!
But you've so much
on your plate.
Oh, I'm not changing lives
like you guys are,
so I wanted to do something
to say thank you.
You are too sweet and so talented.
Caroline is gonna
flip over this.
I see you brought
your own manpower today.
Donna, Michaela, this is Nick.
From corporate?
-What gave it away?
Everything about you.
Okay, these are the last of them.
No coffee cakes?
-No, none today.
Kringles, Kringles
and more Kringles.
I can't wait until January when we
get back to muffins and donuts.
Nick, when you get back
to San Francisco, you say
thank you to everybody there
for us. Bakery support
of the food bank is invaluable.
Uh, it's our pleasure.
You didn't know that we do this?
No. They don't exactly
advertise it at the office.
Well, it's not just
the discards.
We do a big Christmas Eve dinner
at the festival tree lighting.
Used to be just White Deer,
it's gotten so much bigger
since people in neighboring
towns fell in hard times.
We'll collect donations
again, Donna.
There will be enough.
Listen, it just as easily
could have been us
that got downsized
instead of the tire factory.
We show up for each other.
So what? You take up a collection
at work for Christmas?
Yeah, my dad usually handles it.
One guy even donated
his whole bonus check last year.
Your office doesn't do anything like that?
-Yeah, we do.
We do toy drive.
-Oh, let me guess,
you order something online
and have it sent right there.
Well, I know I have
a responsibility to give back.
Well, yeah, but it's seeing their faces
that's the most rewarding part.
Christmas Eve used to be
all about the tree lighting,
but it's become so much more.
-Well, I'll donate
if you're collecting again.
-I think that'd be very nice.
You're starting to understand
why you're here?
Why everyone spends time on the floor?
-Because we're more than just a bakery?
So much more.
Hey, Mom.
Oh, hi, honey.
Do you have any more
of that zigzag-y red ribbon,
like the e-e-e-e?
Oh, I think so.
What are you making?
A wreath for the firehouse.
It's turning out
so much better than I thought.
-Oh, uh, you know,
Carl mentioned that he had
another booth drop out.
Maybe you could reconsider.
Mom, how could I possibly make
enough stuff in time
to fill an entire booth?
The Festival starts in a week,
and between my job
and training this irritating guy
from corporate.
-I know that it is
a scary prospect, but step out
of your comfort zone
and try, Ellie.
Okay, well, what if
I make a bunch of stuff
and nobody buys it?
Ah, that won't happen.
-How do you know that?
How about this? You're
very good and you love it!
I also love sleep.
You can sleep
after the New Year.
Here you go.
Uh-oh! No, no, no,
it's on the house.
Thank you. -Love you.
I love you. Bye. -Bye.
You want something
for here or to go, Ellie?
I'm thinking to go.
He's cute.
And my big booth
all to himself, go join him.
Listen, if you don't go
sit with him, I will.
Hey. -Hi.
How did you sleep?
-Ah, horribly.
Yeah, it sounds about right
for the Lodge.
Want to join me? Come on.
Oh, thank you.
Thanks, Violet.
So, what's your story,
Nick Stanwell?
How did you come to climb
that corporate ladder
at Carlingson Bakery?
Uh... you know,
kid goes to college,
dreams of grandeur and success,
gets a job after graduation,
puts in long hours
and works his way up.
-Okay, now that you've told me
the short version,
what's the long version?
Long version?
Well, uh, I got
one of those dads.
He's charismatic,
very good at what he does...
and I guess he wanted to mold me
in his image, but, um...
I see things in a different way.
Is he proud of you?
I think so, I don't know.
Well, yours is, that's obvious.
Yeah, my dad worked
his whole life to put me
through college.
I studied English literature,
but that wasn't the path.
I, uh... ended up right
back where I started.
Oh, you regret that?
-No, no, not at all.
I just wish there was some way
I could repay him.
My parents always say that
"seeing you happy
is repayment enough."
Got off easy on that bill.
And you are happy?
Yeah! I mean...
Yeah, of course, I am.
Everyone keeps asking me that.
You paused.
I didn't pause.
-You totally paused.
Called breathing, survival.
-It's called stalling,
I just think maybe...
we don't always get
passion and success
and big dreams.
Maybe pretty good
is all we can ask for.
Pretty good?
Wow! Okay.
So I had this professor
in college, and he asked us,
"If money was no object, what
would you do with your life?"
So money's no object,
what do you do?
What I really love is creating
something out of nothing,
taking branches and twigs
and dried flowers,
things that on their own
aren't so esthetically pleasing,
but they meld
together perfectly.
Your wreaths.
-Well, not just my wreaths,
all crafts. I like to see
the beauty in things that
aren't inherently beautiful.
So, how do you take that
and turn it into your career?
Sometimes, it doesn't translate.
Sure, it does.
Of course, it translates.
You just gotta...
give it a shot.
Hey, hey! Morning, Ellie!
Good morning!
I've changed my mind,
I will take one of those booths
for the Festival.
Okay. You think
you'll have it done in time?
I'll make sure I get it done in time.
I need to do this.
Oh, this is Nick Stanwell from
corporate in San Francisco.
Hi. -Hey. Ellie's always loved
San Francisco. Almost moved
there a while back.
Yeah, there was a job in HR
in the home office.
I fell in love with the city,
but the job didn't
really work out.
What happened?
-Well, I didn't get it.
Big mistake on our part.
Right? Thank you.
-Everything happens for a reason.
You sure would have been
missed around here though.
I'll send you the festival schedule
when I get back to the firehouse.
Nick. -Carl.
My ex-boyfriend.
Seems like maybe
there's still some stuff there.
It didn't exactly end
on mutual terms.
We were talking
about our future,
and mine and his
looked pretty different.
At that point, I just knew
that we would never be
on the same page.
And yet you're still here
in White Deer.
Well, it wasn't the right time.
It was one job interview,
Ellie. You can't let
rejection knock you down,
you gotta let it fuel you.
It's a sweeping motion.
Five sweeps, even spacing.
Ooh, look at that.
Ah, nailed it!
Take that, machines!
Custom, right?
It's what our customers
have come to expect,
not some pastry assembly line
that's ridiculously consistent.
Yes, but a machine could do the job in
half the time with twice the accuracy.
What is with you and automation?
Just not who we are here.
You know Jack Carlingson, the CEO?
Of course you do.
You work with him in the head office.
You know, he comes out from
time to time. And he once even spent
a month here,
and he did everything.
Insisted on sitting with the crew,
worked nightshifts, stayed at the Lodge
the whole time.
-He's very dedicated.
Yes, he is. And if the CEO can do it,
you can do it.
So quit being a wimp
and frost these Kringles.
I don't think you should
trust me with that.
I think you'll be okay, it's not a ray gun.
-Yeah. You know,
we're gonna have a lot of wasted
product, waste means money.
Well then, you're just gonna
have to up your game.
Did you meet him? Carlingson?
Yeah, he, uh...
he takes the time, you know.
He goes to the employees'
houses for dinner,
and he really engages.
And it makes all the difference.
Okay, seriously,
can you frost?
Okay, give me that thing.
Alright, show me what you got.
Like this?
-Yep, you got it.
It's gonna be perfect.
Let's see this.
Okay. Are you ready for this?
-Okay. Yeah!
Oooh! -Oh yeah.
That was terrible. Sorry.
Oh yeah, food bank's gonna get
a big delivery today.
That's okay, we'll just take it
out of your check.
Yeah, yeah, they're all really nice
just like you said.
You know that every Kringle is cut,
layered and iced by hand?
Yes, I know.
You know how long it takes
to make one Kringle?
Being here, I got a lot of ideas.
More than in the report.
Nick, is the company hurting?
No, but...
-You got the financial reports,
are the sales down this year?
-No, they're not, but...
Good. So you just worry
about getting to know
our corporate culture
a little better.
I started as an intern when I was 15.
I worked in practically
every department we have.
In corporate.
But the bakery
is where it all began.
Can't truly understand
it unless you experience it.
It means something.
We can get to number one,
that's what my plan does.
You're not ready.
Nick? -I gotta go.
Hey, shift's done, you can go.
Thanks. I was just
about to head out.
Well, why don't you...
come over tonight for dinner, Nick?
I did promise you a home-cooked meal.
Dad, I'm sure Nick just wants
to get back to the Lodge and relax.
One thing about me, Nick,
I don't take no for an answer.
Yes, sir.
You okay? -Oh yeah, yeah.
I was just on the phone
with my boss.
We're not exactly on the same
page with this one project.
What was it that you told me?
It's one rejection.
Don't let it break you,
let it fuel you.
Still another hour until
the roast is ready.
Thanks, Mrs. Hartman.
So, you bake all day,
and then you come
to your parents' house,
and you bake at night?
Oh no, I don't bake all day
unless I have to train someone.
And this is a different
kind of baking.
This is tradition.
What? You don't have anything
like this in your family?
Oh. I mean, sure, yeah.
But we're all so busy
with life and work...
Right. Well, maybe you should
take some time
and create some new traditions
in your family
instead of spending the holiday
working in White Deer.
I'm sure Mr. Carlingson
would understand.
Hmm! This is where
I'm meant to be right now.
Well then, you'll join us,
Nick. We don't mind sharing.
No, not at all.
Alright! These are
for the Festival,
and you need to put
your baking skills to the test.
And I am gonna be over here
finishing up this wreath,
so if you need me,
you know where to find me.
Okay, that's why you
invited me over: free labor.
Oh, I didn't invite you.
Grace, can you help me find
that box of Ellie's ornaments?
She makes those too, you know.
-She's a woman of many talents.
They're not in the basement.
-Oh, they're in the basement.
They're notin the basement.
They're in the basement...
You all seem so close.
Yeah, family's everything.
It's the one thing
you can always count on,
especially around the holidays.
Hey, not bad! Those only look
like they're half dead.
Okay, I haven't decorated
a cookie since I was a kid.
Well, it's just like riding a
bike except for it's delicious.
Christmas was always
pretty made to order for us.
We'd celebrate,
order some food from somewhere.
Then, back to the routine.
Never occurred to us to go
full White Deer for Christmas.
Yeah, we don't mess around over here.
-I noticed.
Found the ornaments.
Guess where they were.
In the basement?
In. The. Basement.
Come on, let's go trim a tree.
They were in the basement.
Okay, just, uh, hold it...
A little bit to the right.
Just, yeah... Just when...
Just... okay, bring it a little back.
A little more to the right. Just a skitch.
Don't listen to him, Nick, There's no
right and wrong in Christmas decorations.
That's not true. I mean...
Wrong placement, it throws off
the whole balance.
This is a very precise science.
Come on, you never decorated
a tree before?
Well, I decorated a tree or two
when I was little,
but as my sister and I got older,
our parents hired decorators.
Ellie, wanna take over?
Aw, is your arm getting tired?
-Oh yeah, my arm is so much tired.
I guess.
Okay, let it down.
Come on, help me with the food.
Now food, I can do.
Oh, here come on.
He seems nice.
Yeah, he's fine, I guess.
You know how
those corporate guys are,
since you always invite them
over for dinner.
Well, they always seem like they need
a little bit of hometown hospitality.
I guess you have to put in a lot
of time to climb the ladder
at Carlingson.
-Yeah, and this guy definitely
does that.
He's all, bah, productivity,
bah, bah, time management
and automation.
Honey, cut him some slack.
Being away from home,
working over the holidays,
what he needs
is a big dose of White Deer
Christmas spirit.
Hmm, and you're gonna be the one to give
it to him. Is that what you're saying?
No. We're gonna be the ones
to give it to him.
Oh, great.
You didn't have
to walk me all the way back.
I could have found my way.
-It's on my way home anyway.
And I love walking downtown at night,
especially when the
Christmas tree lights are up.
I feel the same way
about the city.
What's it like living
in San Francisco?
It's foggy.
Parking is a nightmare.
It's got this energy.
You can really feel the history.
You're like walking through it.
The bridges, the cable cars,
the Wharf...
So much has happened there,
but yeah, you feel
like there's so much more to come.
You really love it?
-I do.
Yeah, I think I would too.
As long as I can remember,
there's been this mystique about it.
You know, the pictures
on the bakery walls.
And everyone who comes in
from corporate just seems
so happy,
like they're on the verge
of living their best life,
you know?
When that interview came up,
it just felt so meant to be,
and somehow...
it wasn't.
You can give another shot.
And do what?
-Whatever you want.
Learn to code?
-If that's what interests you.
No! So technical.
Well, a lot of people make money
from their art every day.
-Well, art is risky.
So is everything.
You want guarantees,
but that's not reality.
-What if reality
doesn't measure up to fantasy?
I guess there's only
one way to find out.
Is this one of yours?
-Yeah, I make one
for these guys every year.
You know, you could sell these.
And your ornaments too.
And not just at the Festival.
This isn't all there is, Ellie.
There's this whole business world out
there that's accessible to you online.
Risk can be measured.
Okay, you know what?
I'm just gonna start with a booth,
and I'll see how that goes.
Okay. -Okay.
So we'll just celebrate
Christmas together
when your sister
gets back in town.
I don't know
when I'm gonna be back.
He doesn't want me
to go home yet.
Well, I think he wants you
to see the full picture, Nick.
And I do. The company's great,
the people are great.
I even decorated cookies
and a Christmas tree tonight.
I get it.
-Cookies and Christmas tree.
Well, I'm glad to hear it's not all work,
work for a change.
Yeah, I went over
to the bakery manager's house
for dinner. Uh, didn't want
to be rude, so I helped out.
I told you,
I'm embracing things here.
You had dinner with
Richard and Grace?
You know them?
-Yeah, sure,
your dad spent a lot of time
with them, hon.
Yeah, everyone loves him here. I honestly
don't know how they're gonna take it
when they find out he's retiring
and I'm taking over.
Honey, you two are
a lot more alike than you think.
You both define yourself
by your success
and your work. But ultimately,
you have the same goal,
you just have
different approaches.
Then why is he fighting me
on everything?
Why are you fighting him?
Hey, you're already here.
Yeah. Well, I'm a perfectionist
and I am determined to master this.
I will not let Kringles win.
Wow! You did all of this?
I am almost impressed.
One more tray like that,
and I'll fully commit to it.
Hey, y'all, I'm taking up
a collection again for anyone
who wants to donate
to the food bank
Christmas Eve dinner.
Thanks very much. Thank you.
No pressure.
If you can't swing it this year,
it all comes out in the...
Thank you.
It all comes out in the wash.
-I'd like to donate, Richard.
Thanks, Nick.
That's mighty generous of you.
Happy to help.
Aaah... Light day today, I see.
Yeah, this one's learning
the ropes pretty well.
Not bad for a Harvard suit.
Here, it's for the Christmas Eve dinner.
A lot of people pitched in,
so it should help some.
It's so great of you
to do this again.
And we actually just got
a huge donation this morning.
-$ 5000. Can you believe it?
Five thousand bucks?!
From who?
An anonymous donor.
It was a cashier's check
with no name on it.
-It's Carlingson, it has to be.
It does sound like
something he would do.
Yeah, definitely.
-So we're gonna be able to feed
everybody and send them all home with
the week's leftovers. -That's amazing!
So, can we count on your help again
this Christmas Eve, Ellie?
I mean, I know
it's the busy time of year.
Donna, of course,
you can count on our help.
"Our help"?
Yeah, Nick and I will serve
Christmas Eve.
We want to see the look
on their faces.
Yeah. Yeah, sure,
if I'm still in town.
I'm sorry, Nick.
It wasn't my place
to volunteer you back there.
I wasn't trying to shame you
or anything, I just thought
since you donated that...
No. I wanna see how we can
make a difference firsthand.
It's just... you know, sometimes,
the lines get blurred for me.
It's not my job to volunteer
at the food bank,
but I feel like it's my responsibility.
For what?
Because I know how lucky I am
to be in a job
where I'm valued, paid well.
That's why you're afraid to leave.
It's perfectly fine here.
Good job, great family.
It's so safe
you've convinced yourself
into believing that's happiness.
Ellie, I'm sorry
if I'm overstepping here,
but it's okay to want more.
Well, this is me.
You can take the truck
back to the Lodge,
and I'll walk to work in the morning.
I can come get you.
Well, it's not on your way.
It's okay to go out of my way.
You seem to do it
for everyone else,
maybe you're rubbing off on me.
Is that even possible?
Did we actually break down
those walls that you seem
so comfortable behind?
Well, I may not be Mr. Carlingson,
but I'm not that bad.
No, you're that bad.
Okay, well, I should get going.
Uh, I have so much
work to do on my booth,
so I'll see you in the morning.
-Uh, I can help you.
Really? -Yeah.
I mean, I might need some coaching,
but maybe it's time
someone went out
of their way for you.
So you've got your wire,
and you have to measure it
carefully because that's how big
your wreath is gonna be.
We're finishing three
of these tonight, okay?
-The festival starts in two days.
How big do we make the next one?
Bigger than a pizza,
smaller than an airplane tire.
It's quite a range.
But it all starts with a plan.
Okay? You have to have a plan
and then you execute it
carefully step by step.
Spoken like a true businesswoman.
And what's the theme
for this one?
San Francisco. I don't know
if anyone would buy it,
but we make what inspires us.
San Francisco,
I'm your target audience.
You can get that.
No, it's okay,
I'll call him back.
Okay. Seems like maybe
he still likes you.
Uhh, I don't know.
I think maybe he's just trying
to combat the awkwardness
between us.
What about you? Is there someone
in the city awaiting your return?
So I guess you could say
I'm something of a workaholic.
Always have been.
I guess it's hard to maintain
a healthy relationship
when you're not present.
Yeah, but I feel like when it's right,
you make yourself present.
Well, there's that too.
-Yeah, you can't force it.
I wasn't right for Carl either.
We both would have been settling.
I just can't do that.
So why do you do it
with your work?
I mean, you so obviously love this,
and you're good at it.
You know, we gotta go after
what we want...
Show everyone that we're more than they
think we are. -What do they think you are?
Oh, I'm talking about you.
-No, you weren't.
Well, I got some pretty big shoes to
fill at the moment, and because of that,
I needed to come to the table
with big ideas.
Game changers.
As long as it's not pastries,
I think you're gonna be okay.
Oh, thank you.
Ready for the firehouse!
-It's perfect!
-Oh, they're gonna love it!
Oh, good!
-I'll just put it over here.
I can't believe you had time
to finish it with everything
you have to make for your booth.
How's that all coming along?
-A good amount done.
I only need about 20 more
for tomorrow.
Did you want some help?
-Well, Nick was helping me last night.
Oh, was he now?
-Wipe that smile off your face,
it's nothing.
-He's cute.
Well, I don't know.
What does it matter though?
He lives in San Francisco.
Yeah, if he lived in Uzbekistan,
I'd say we had a problem, but...
San Francisco's like
your favorite place.
And besides you haven't even
looked at another guy since you
and Carl broke up.
-Who says I'm looking at Nick?
Carl, hi. Um...
I'm so sorry I haven't called you back yet.
I meant to do that this morning.
Oh. No, no, that's no problem.
No, really.
You said you had something you wanted
to talk about? -Yeah. Yeah, but, um...
not here, not now.
Okay. Later then. -Okay.
I don't get it.
Any number of girls in this town
would love to date him.
He's smart, he's funny,
saves lives on a daily and...
-You like him.
What? No! No, no,
I would never do that to you.
Haley, it's okay if you do.
Really. I mean it.
Okay, it's only been
since August,
since we started
working together.
He trained me, and...
I mean what's not to like.
But... he doesn't see me
that way. I mean,
you can't really...
you can't really help
who you like, right?
You're already here?!
-Yeah. He's at it again, Ellie.
I've been working all night,
the 12 to 12 shift,
and he's been here
nearly as long as me.
Worked at every station.
Finished six racks of Kringles.
-You did all of those?!
I guess I had a good teacher.
Thanks, Hal.
He taught me everything I know.
-You're welcome, young Jedi.
And with that, my shift is over.
Alright. Well, since Hal
taught you so well,
I'm gonna head to lunch.
Uh, Eddie's?
-Yeah, where else?
You know, I'll come with you.
Okay, I'll meet you outside.
Are you hearing any talk of them
wanting to automate the bakery?
Oh! You know how it goes, that rumor
goes around every few months.
But any mention of it
from your corporate guy?
Nick? No, he does not
have that kind of pull.
And anyway, it comes down
to Mr. Carlingson,
and he just would never do that to us.
Yeah. I hope you're right.
Yeah. Don't worry
about this, Hal, okay?
Just please go get some sleep.
Alright. -Okay.
So I finished one more wreath
and two more tree toppers
after you left.
I was up until 2 a. m.,
but I think I may be able
to fill half a booth.
You finished San Francisco?
-Uh, no, that one's taking
a little more time.
It's special.
Ellie, Nick! How are you?
-Hi, Dave.
You think he works at my hotel?
-It's a lodge,
and yes, he does. Seems like
people are getting used to you
around here.
-Everyone except you?
Well, you are good
for a little free labor.
Free labor?!
Okay, I'm the worst.
What is this?
Statistics on sales
of seasonal decorations.
Did you know Americans alone
spend $6 billion per year
on Christmas decorations?
On average, sales climb
8.1% year over year.
Fascinating facts by Nick.
There's a market
for your crafts, Ellie.
A very lucrative one.
As of last year,
57% of all seasonal sales
were online.
So you're saying
I should make a website?
You should make a website. -OK, but what
about shipping and handling and all that?
Well, isn't there a post office
in White Deer?
Well, yeah.
It's Missouri, not the Moon.
Then enough with the excuses.
-They're not excuses,
it's just practicality.
Look, change can be uncomfortable.
That's what I keep telling my...
Mr. Carlingson,
but we gotta embrace it even though
it may kick up a little dust.
So what? I quit my good, steady job
and open an online crafts' store?
Just because a graph says
that Christmas decorations
make money doesn't mean
I can actually earn a living at this.
You never know until you try.
I never try until I know.
Well, thank you! Ho-ho-ho!
Merry Christmas!
Very generous!
Thank you, young man!
Merry Christmas!
And what would you like
for Christmas this year,
young man and young lady?
Guys, it's me. Hal.
-Yeah, we got that, Hal.
What are you doing? You just worked
all night, you should be sleeping right now.
What, and let those kids down?
Did you see the look on their faces?
Hal also does this on Christmas Eve at
the Festival dinner and tree lighting.
And I love every minute of it.
Oh, I'll sleep, eventually.
Hi, Santa. -Ho-ho-ho!
Merry Christmas, children!
-Merry Christmas!
Now, as I tell the kids,
"Be good, be kind,
always tell the truth."
Don't want to see your name on
the naughty list. -Right! You hear that?
"Be good, be kind, and always
tell the truth", young man.
Actually, Ellie...
there's something I want to tell you.
-What's that?
I'm gonna build you a sample
website, for your crafts.
Let's go find your booth.
Okay, Festival opens tomorrow!
So let's worry about the booths
and then we can start
setting up the dinner.
I gotta head back to work,
but my cell is on if anyone needs me.
That's pretty good real estate, Ellie.
I'm gonna make sure you get
a lot of foot traffic. -Thanks, Carl.
So, uh... how is inventory?
It's, um... It's in process.
Okay. Well, hope it's a lot. There's
been some buzz about your crafts and
we've been getting a lot of compliments
on the one made for the firehouse
Well, I'll make sure
that there's plenty of options.
Okay. Listen, I still wanna talk to you
in private, but I gotta get back to work.
Right. Uh, tomorrow maybe?
-Yeah. Okay, right.
Once I finish tonight,
I have maybe
ten wreaths to sell, a few ornaments,
some tree toppers, that's it.
It's not nearly enough.
Well, it's time to do what we
management do at crunch time.
What's that?
-Put in overtime,
hire extra seasonal staff.
And I just happen
to be available.
What have we done to you, Nick?
I have no idea.
Okay, Mom, you're gonna glue on
all of these branches
in a criss-cross pattern.
Just make sure you cover
the entire circle, okay?
-Got it.
Thank you. And Nick,
you're my stockings' guy,
so just follow the designs
in these drawings.
Have you ever used a hot-glue gun?
No, but remember what I said
about being a quick study?
Excellent! Just don't glue
your hands together.
Okay. Dad, you are on tree toppers.
Ah, my favorite part!
-Yeah, I noticed that about you.
Hello! Hi, everybody!
I brought reinforcements.
Very good! -Thank you!
Oh, we are gonna use
all of these.
Okay. I am here to serve.
Chain of work.
Hi. -Hi, Nick.
The soul of Christmas time
Shake it
Like a sparkling wine
Yeah, you know
That it's true...
Open up! Whoops!
Thank you, Nick,
for everything.
I really couldn't have
done this without you.
It's my pleasure.
I don't know what it is.
There's something special
about this town.
It makes you want
to do things for others.
'Tis the season of giving.
The holidays will have that effect.
Hmm. Thanks.
Seeing you
and your parents together...
You're lucky,
you know that, right?
I do, yeah.
But so are you.
I mean, you get to wake up
to salt water
in the air every day,
take a cable car to work
if you want, do what you love.
but I can see why it'd be hard
to leave here too...
when you look beneath
the surface. It's special.
Good night, Ellie.
Good night, Nick.
Hey, Carl. -Hey.
We need to talk.
It's about Ellie.
Hmm... Figured as much.
Nick, she's one of the very
best people you will ever meet.
I would not argue with that.
And it seems that...
you two are spending
a lot of time together.
Well, only because
she was assigned to help me.
And reluctantly at that.
I wasn't born yesterday, Nick.
I can see how you two
look at each other.
Look, Carl...
-And I've also seen
corporate guys come into town,
all charming.
But that's not...
-You get to leave here
and go back to your
wonderful life in San Francisco.
Just be straight with her
and don't play with her heart, alright?
I wouldn't do that.
It's his job to protect the town,
he doesn't mean anything by it.
Thanks, Violet.
Wow! They're just beautiful, Ellie.
You should have been doing this
a long time ago. -Thanks, Donna.
Did you get all the shopping done for
Christmas Eve? -Ugh, and then some.
That mystery donation
went a long way.
Do you think I should
send Mr. Carlingson
a thank you card?
-You know, I think if he wanted
us to know it was him,
it wouldn't be anonymous.
That's true.
Oh, hey, just let me know
what time you need
me and Nick on Christmas Eve,
and my dad can watch the booth
while I set up.
-Aw! Thanks, Ellie.
I mean, three o'clock
should be good
probably to start bringing
the food over from the kitchen.
That way, we'll be done in time
for the tree lighting.
Alright, sounds like a plan.
My favorite night of the year!
Ah, mine too. Bye. -Bye.
Ellie. -Hi.
Hey. How's, uh,
how's business?
Oh, wow, it's better than
I ever could have imagined.
I'm gonna be up all night making more.
Can't believe it.
I can.
So listen, um...
I know things have been
awkward between us
since... you know, and, uh...
this is kind of hard for me
to say given our history.
Carl, listen...
-Just let me finish, okay?
I was wondering if you'd mind
if I asked...
Haley to be
my date on Christmas Eve.
Oh! Okay, sorry.
-No, no, no, Ellie, I get it.
I thought you were gonna...
-No, Ellie, I get it. You and I
weren't right for each other, and she's
your best friend. I want to honor that.
I do. Always. So, if this is too weird.
-No, Carl, not at all.
Not at all, okay?
You are my friend,
and more than anything,
I just want you to be happy.
And I absolutely think Haley
is gonna say yes. -You do?
I do.
Okay. Okay, I'm gonna...
I'm gonna do it then.
Thanks, Ellie.
Hey, Carl, why did you
give me this booth?
I want what's best for you.
And this is what
you're supposed to be doing.
Come one, everyone knows that.
Except you.
You sold out!
Every last item!
I gotta get home and make
more inventory. This is crazy!
I wish I could help, but I'm
working an overnight tonight.
Oh, it's okay, I've got it.
You would tell me if you weren't
completely okay with this, right?
Haley, I think it's great.
I am so happy for both of you.
Well, let's not get
carried away, it's one date.
We'll start there
and we'll see how it goes.
Yeah, just take your time,
he's not going anywhere.
Not like Nick, you mean.
I didn't say that.
-No, you didn't,
but you like him.
He's different from the rest
of those corporate guys, El.
He spent the night helping you.
He's a good and honest guy.
Yeah, who lives in San Francisco.
Again, I don't see that
as an obstacle.
Throw caution into the wind. Don't do
the boring thing, do the exciting thing.
Ellie! It's freezing out here.
Come in, come in.
-Sorry, hope I didn't wake you.
No, no, no. I was just up
doing some work.
I'm, uh... glad
that you came over actually.
I want to talk to you
about something.
Okay, but first I just need
to tell you
that I sold out today.
Every single item.
They actually want these.
-Thank you.
Oh! And now you want me
to help you make more, right?
I, uh... would love your help
for something else.
Name it.
Will you help me write
a business plan?
Of course.
I thought you'd never ask.
I also want to tell you
that I've only ever taken
one risk in my life:
putting myself up for that job,
which I didn't get.
And, uh... I've always...
I've always played it
pretty safe...
and this week
I've realized something.
What's that?
Safe is so boring.
Wow, that was, uh...
Wow... -I know. I'm sorry.
No, no, don't be.
That was unexpected,
but I liked it.
Yeah? -Yeah.
So you said there's something
you want to talk to me about.
That kiss pretty much said it all.
See? This is why
we have the dinner
the night before Christmas Eve
'cause we're at the Festival
and I don't want
to miss this tradition.
We toast and then
everyone gets a chance
to say what they're thankful for.
Ellie, why don't you start?
Well, this year, I'm most
thankful for my family
and for my friends, who always
have my back and who help me
see what's important
and what's real.
-That's beautiful,
Nick, would you like to go next?
I'm grateful for your family...
for making me feel like I'm part
of something special,
and for teaching me more than
I could have imagined this week.
That kid can finally make a Kringle.
I think we've all
learned some new things
since Nick arrived.
He helped me make
a business plan last night.
And I'm making a website.
That's fantastic news!
So you'd be okay if I didn't
go back to work at the bakery?
Ellie, the bakery's always
just been a "for now" thing.
I mean, your mom knew that.
I knew that.
But what if I can't make this work?
Well, then you come back.
The bakery's doing great,
it's not going anywhere. Right, Nick?
I mean, yeah, sure.
As long as people
keep buying Kringles,
Carlingson will be in business.
Alright. Let's dig in.
Keep your head warm.
Christmas crafts made
with love by my Ellie.
One-of-a-kind wreaths,
you won't find these in any store.
I'll take over here.
Why don't you go and help with dinner.
And... I think...
He might need his coach.
He makes you smile,
and that makes me smile.
-Thanks, Dad.
Okay, get 'em while the getting's good.
These won't last long.
Hi! -Hi!
Follow me in merry measure
Fa-la-la-la fa-la-la-la la-la-la
While I tell of Yuletide treasure
Falalalala, lalalala...
-Good? Is it good?
Fast away the old year passes...
Yes to you too.
- Falalalala lalalala
Hail the new year
Lads and lasses...
Falalalala lalalala...
-Thank you.
Sing we joyous, all together
Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la
Heedless of the wind and weather
Fa-la-la-la-la la-la-la-la
Good evening, everyone,
and welcome.
This is a very special night
in White Deer,
and we welcome all of our neighbors
to join in on the festivities.
Now, before we get
to the tree lighting,
there are a couple of volunteers
that I'd like to thank:
Donna Perkins from the food bank
for coordinating the dinner,
Haley Fagen,
Ellie Hartman and...
White Deer's newest
honorary resident,
Carlingson corporate's own,
Nick Stanwell.
Now, that's what
I like to hear.
One of my own stepping up.
Mr. Carlingson?! What a surprise!
Welcome, sir.
-Thank you, Carl.
Hey, Mr. Carlingson,
since we're fortunate enough
to have you here,
we would love it
if you did the tree
lighting for us.
Carl, it would be
my absolute pleasure.
Excellent! Let's get
a countdown, shall we?
Five, four,
three, two, one!
Merry Christmas, White Deer!
Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas, Nick.
-Merry Christmas.
You okay? -Yeah, it's just...
a little strange having
my boss show up.
What?! Everything sold out again?!
Well, I'm glad I saved
a few for tomorrow.
You're gonna be
pretty busy from now on.
Special orders.
A Valentine's day wreath
for Dave Smith's wife.
Betty Crag wants one
for her grandson's high school graduation,
and that lady from the bank,
she wants one with cash all over it.
She'll provide the bills.
You got something special,
Ellie, something unique, and you
should share it with the world.
I never even thought
this was a possibility.
Well, he helped you see it.
-Mr. Carlingson!
How many times must I tell you
to call me Jack?
-Quite a few more, I think.
You remember my wife, Grace?
-Merry Christmas, Grace.
Merry Christmas.
And our daughter Ellie.
-So great to see you again.
Merry Christmas.
-Merry Christmas, Ellie.
I want to thank you
for looking after my people.
I know that they're not
always that easy.
Oh, it's the least we can do
after all you do for us. I know
the food bank really appreciated
your extra $ 5000 donation
towards the dinner this year.
I didn't... make
an extra donation this year.
Though I should have
thought of it.
So count on me next year
and every year
after that. I'm gonna
take this one over to Eddie's
and have a little taste
of Violet's coffee.
Good night. I'll call you later.
Hey. Sorry.
"Nick Carlingson"?
Oh, you keep it coming, Violet.
I don't care if I don't
sleep a wink tonight.
I gotta get my fill before I head
out of town. -You got it, Jack.
So... you seem
to fit right in here.
I told you you'd love
White Deer at Christmas.
Well, spending time
with people like the Hartmans,
I guess it rubs off on you.
they took a little while
to warm up to me and vice versa.
But they always do.
That's the magic of this place.
Yeah. Yeah, I guess it is.
Did you give that donation
to the food bank?
That's all I wanted
from this week.
What do you mean?
I wanted you to see the people.
Really see them.
Oh, you think I'm that heartless.
No, I think that I am.
My father worked 90-hour weeks.
Barely saw him.
Work was the only way
that I could feel close to him.
And then I did
the exact same thing to you.
Because you want to see
the company succeed.
I feel exactly the same way.
I wasn't gonna let it
go down on my watch.
But I could have been
more present...
giving you more of a voice.
What brought all this on?
Why did you come here, Dad?
I spoke with Richard.
I like to check up on the progress
of my employees.
He doesn't know who you are,
but he was incredibly frank with me.
You still think
that automation is the way?
"Invest in the people,
and they invest in you", right?
Maybe there are other ways
to get to the top.
Just gotta dig deeper.
I promise I will not let this company
go down on my watch either, Dad.
You're ready, son.
Ah, no.
Everything he told us was a lie.
His father is Jack Carlingson.
This time, all the rumors about
the bakery are actually true.
I mean, if they automate,
we could lose a third of our staff.
What if they want to bring in
a manager with tech experience?
Dad, this is a game changer,
just like Nick said
they needed to do.
We let him into our home,
into our lives...
Into our hearts.
And I actually thought
he was sincere.
I can't believe I fell for this.
I know better than this.
Ellie, for you,
this isn't a total loss.
He gave you that business plan,
and this doesn't change any of that.
Right, and now I can see why.
Because he figured
I'd be laid off soon.
Guilt must have been eating him alive.
But, honey, this is your future,
and it's still looking bright.
Even if it may not seem
that way right now.
Yeah. I'll just focus on that.
Because if I'm gonna be
starting a business,
I don't need any distractions anyway.
If that's Nick, I'm not here.
She's not here, Nick.
-All due respect, sir, her car is outside.
She doesn't want to talk to you.
Look, if I could just explain...
-Out of respect for your dad,
I'm not gonna say something that
I'll regret, but I will say this.
Honesty and integrity
are things that we take
pretty seriously around here.
-I know that.
And when you show yourself to be someone
who doesn't live by those rules,
minds are a difficult thing to change.
But I do live by that.
At least I do now.
Talk is cheap.
Actions speak volumes, Nick.
Look, Richard, if I...
-I think, probably,
the best thing right now...
would be for you to go.
He's gone.
Ho-ho-ho! Merry Christmas!
Thank you.
Garrett! I didn't give you
that skateboard
so you could ride without a helmet!
Thanks for helping today, Mom.
We always spend Christmas
together no matter what.
And I want to enjoy it
with my family.
-Is Dad okay?
Oh, he's cooking,
keeping his mind occupied.
Can we talk?
I don't think there's
anything to say, Nick.
Can you please let me explain?
Why should I believe
anything you say?
Well, I know I wasn't
completely honest with you,
but, Ellie, you know me.
No, I don't know you,
Nick "Stanwell."
That's the only thing I didn't
share with you, my last name.
And the fact that
you're gonna be our boss
and the fact that you saw
our employees as expendable.
That was not what...
-Nick, we opened our home
and our lives to you,
and you lied to us.
So I think I know everything
I need to know about you.
I'm sorry.
Merry Christmas! That's great!
This one right here?
You like this one?
I like this one.
My daughter made these.
Here you go.
She likes birds.
There you go.
That's it! I'm closed for business!
-For now.
I'll be back up and running as soon
as I can replenish my inventory.
A little bit sooner rather than later.
Everyone's worried about the bakery.
Carlingson's retiring.
It's all the buzz around here today.
People are scared. It's kinda
putting a damper on Christmas.
Yeah, I know.
So, uh...
Hi, folks. If I could have your attention,
I'd like to say something.
I'd like to formally
introduce myself.
My name is Nick Carlingson.
Not Nick Stanwell as so many
of you have come to know me.
Uh, and I'm gonna be the new CEO
of Carlingson Bakery
as of January first.
My dad, Jack Carlingson,
you all know him, he'll be
retiring at the beginning
of next year,
and I'll be taking over,
which is why I'm here
getting the lay of the land.
Well, there's this quote...
"Someone's sitting in the shade today because
someone else planted a tree long ago."
I want to thank you, the people
of White Deer, for that shade.
And yet you're replacing
us with machines!
No, Hal, I'm not.
I'll admit I, uh...
I considered it.
You know,
it's challenging following
in the footsteps of not one
but two incredible men.
I have always seen this business
from a standpoint
of dollars and cents.
But then I met someone,
and she reminded me
that sometimes
you gotta look
beneath the surface.
So with that in mind,
I'd like to tell you
about some changes we're gonna
be making at the bakery.
I've run the numbers...
and we're gonna be hiring
more full-time staff
because Kringles aren't just
for Christmas anymore.
Projections show
that Kringles will be
profitable year 'round.
We're talking heart-shaped
for Valentine's Day,
four-leaf clovers,
American flags.
You get the idea!
This is how you evolve:
you don't replace
your workforce, you grow it!
We're investing in you
because you are the heart
of this company,
and we're nothing without you.
Merry Christmas, everyone.
Free Kringles for everyone.
Good for you.
Thank you.
-You done the town proud.
I'll continue to do so, sir.
You have my word.
It was quite a mouthful.
That's the truth.
So, there is one thing
I still need
to talk to you about.
-What's that?
My notice. I mean,
technically, you're my boss
and I am going
into business for myself.
We hate to lose you.
You're not losing me.
I love my wreath by the way.
So big, I'm probably gonna have to buy it
its own seat on the plane.
-You know, we ship.
We do have
a post office in White Deer.
Better yet,
what about hand delivery?
Oh, we don't offer
that service yet.
You ever had New Year's
in San Francisco?
I've always wanted to.
So, it's a date then?
That's a date.
Merry Christmas, Ellie.
-Merry Christmas, Nick.