Christmas in Notting Hill (2023) Movie Script

Warming up, guys.
You got it.
Follow me.
Good job, everybody.
AFC Newbourne, Paul.
They're lookin'
more organized here.
Oh, he takes it down the
boots with such ease.
It's lovely to watch.
He's got a bit of
trouble coming here.
Look at that footwork!
And it's no problem for Savoy.
Hey, to me, to me.
Over to your teacher!
Patty, you open?
That's a lovely ball.
An excellent first touch,
and it looks like...
Is he gonna go for it?
Guys, over to
you! Take your shot.
Oh, he's
created a real chance here!
And it's a goal!
Absolutely sensational!
Great game, everybody.
Let's go to the mat.
That was incredible.
Incredible soccer.
Hey, Ania, come sit with us.
Let's go.
Okay, everybody, can I let
you in on a little secret?
- Yes.
- Sure.
You have to promise to
listen very carefully.
I talked to Santa.
I know, I know it's a big deal,
and he told me that this
year he's so swamped
that he wants my help getting
some of his gifts to you.
Is that okay?
- Okay then.
- Yeah, cool.
Now, this next part
is very, very important.
You can't open these until
Christmas morning, okay?
Got it, Miss B.
Now, can anybody tell me
what you're most excited
about for Christmas?
Miss B, what about you?
Well, I'm
excited because this year
I'm going all the way
to London, England
to visit my little
sister for Christmas.
Harry Styles lives there.
Yes, he does.
Nice one, Piper.
Oh, everybody,
it's officially Christmas
break Brinker Bears.
Let's go!
- Let's go!
- Come on!
Savoy looks like
he's in a lot of pain there.
Team physio just taking
a look at that knee,
but when people go down like
that with that much pain,
it's rarely good news.
Next time I catch
you watching this,
I'm throwin' it in the Thames.
If I'd been a
split second quicker.
Yeah, they'd have missed you
and collided into
each other, I know.
Look, I promised you
I'd ask you this.
Will you please
consider goin' out
with a girl from our office?
It's too hard to
date when I'm playing.
Especially when I'm recovering.
Right, well, have you given
any more thought to next year?
As your manager I'll need
an answer after Christmas.
Endorsement deals depend on
it for contract renewals.
I don't know what to do, mate.
It's not just me.
What about the fans,
my family, the team?
I can't imagine not playing,
but I also know I
can't play forever.
Word of advice,
from your friend,
you're the only one who can
decide when you're done.
I do want to win the
Champions League with Newbourne,
and I can come back from this.
Well, you're not
25 anymore, mate.
It's not gonna be
as easy this time.
At some point all
this is gonna go away
and you need to be okay.
Your family needs to know
you're gonna be okay.
I get a call from Lynn every
other day asking for updates.
Told my mum to stop doing that.
Look, Jill
and I are taking the kids
to visit the folks
in Birmingham.
I suggest you do the same.
I don't think Jill
would appreciate that.
Enjoy Christmas with
your family for once
and really think about what
you're asking of yourself.
Then you can tell me
your decision, right?
Merry Christmas, mate.
Happy Christmas.
I can't believe
you're finally here!
I can't believe
you live in a flat
and take the tube and say
things like lorry and lift.
Your baby sister is
all grown up.
I can see that.
Is that all you brought?
Well, why over
pack when I can raid
your cool London closet.
Not happening.
It's absolutely happening.
You brought the
peanut butter, right?
Yes Ma'am, two jars.
Good, it tastes
different over here.
We need ours or Mom's
cookies won't be perfect.
What about Mom's stocking?
Dad's bringing it.
We should remind him.
You're reliable but
Dad on the other hand
I will text him right now.
Stocking's on the way.
Perfect. Thank you.
Oh, you'll never guess
what showed up as a memory
on my phone yesterday.
Our dance was incredible.
Yeah, because you forced me
to practice it until
it was perfect.
It was worth it.
I mean, we did win
Best Sibling Dance Duo
at the Christmas
talent show that year.
I'm pretty sure that's only
because mom volunteered
to head the Easter
Egg Hunt Committee
an hour before they
announced the winners.
Wait, is that true?
Yeah, sweetie.
- Hey.
- Hey.
It's good to see you.
On the house.
Happy Christmas.
It's good to see you, young man.
Thanks, Mary. You too.
Boys are no good without you.
- Mary!
- I'm coming.
I'm coming.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
So, uh, thanks for the call.
You've been a bit
elusive lately.
How are things?
How's the, uh, how's the knee?
It's great, actually.
We're starting against
Tottenham next week.
Oh, I wish you were.
Me too. Is your work good then?
You know, investment
banking has its perks.
I rarely get body slammed
and, uh, I can dine
without strangers
takin' my picture.
Must be nice.
Come on, you love your life.
You're literally
living the dream.
Look at you.
You have a job that doesn't
consume everything you do,
a woman you adore,
and if you have a bad
hair day, nobody cares.
Eh, I care.
You don't have to wonder
if people in your
life are genuine,
or if they want
something from you.
Women are only interested in me
because I'm the
captain of Newbourne.
They don't care who I really am.
Uh, I'm just having a day.
Enough of my pity party.
Tell me something
good about you.
Um, okay, but you have to
promise not to tell anybody.
I'm going to propose at,
- That's a big step.
- Yeah.
You ready for that?
Look, I know you're not
exactly around all that often,
but I'm telling you because
I've never been more sure
of anything in my entire life.
My little brother's
getting married.
I don't need your approval,
but I would like your support.
She's a great girl.
If you're confident
now is the right time,
that's all that matters,
and I'm here for you.
I'll get my best man
speech ready, shall I?
It's so cute in here.
It's a little messy but cute.
What's with the sad empty tree?
Oh, I was waiting for you.
Every year for my entire life
we've decorated
the tree together.
It's tradition.
Also, I don't have
any ornaments.
Are you sure
Henry's okay staying
at his parents while I'm here?
Oh, it was his idea.
He said he wanted us to have
our sister bonding time.
Look, my Christmas
Pinterest board.
Wow, you are
really goin' for it.
Yeah, I have to.
It's necessary
for my to-do list,
which I just sent to you
along with our itinerary.
We've been working so
much, I'm a little behind.
Well, a lot behind.
Well, good thing
I'm here to help.
Oh yes, thank you.
You are going to
love the Carters.
You'll meet them at brunch.
I just want everything to go
well and everyone to get along.
Oh, it will. We will.
"Wrapping paper, ribbon, tape."
Wait, what are
Christmas crackers?
Are those like crackers
with Santa's face on them?
I don't actually know, I
was just told to get them.
Henry's mom said there must have
for a traditional
English Christmas.
Then we must get them.
I figure in the
morning we'll head
to the market so you
can see all the shops.
Then we can tag in the list.
Sounds like a plan.
Missed you.
I missed you too.
So beautiful.
I know.
I have news.
Remember how I told
you that I applied
to the University of Indiana?
Well, I finally
heard back from them
and I got into their
Occupational Therapy Program
- with a scholarship.
- Oh, stop it. For real?
Oh, I bet Dad's buzzing.
I'm so proud of you.
Actually, I
haven't told him yet.
Why not?
I thought Indiana was
your first choice.
For my master's programs it is.
I just, I need to make sure
that that's still what I want,
and Dad would be crushed
if he knew that I got
in and I wasn't going.
Well, why wouldn't you go?
Well, a few weeks ago
my principal nominated me
for this other program
called SED Abroad,
and it's kind of a big deal.
She can only nominate
one person a year
and I'm waiting to
hear if I got accepted.
But what about your scholarship?
Well, if I got into SED Abroad,
I would literally be
paid to travel the world
and teach special education.
Isn't that what you do now?
Except for the
traveling the world part.
That does sound really cool,
but we both know you were
going to wind up in Indiana.
You always make the reliable
and responsible choice.
I haven't always
had the choice not to.
Graham Savoy fan, are we?
Yeah, he's like
my favorite player.
Mine, too.
Can you keep a secret?
He's my eldest.
No way.
Oh, way.
I'll tell you what,
you get that jumper
and I'll throw in a Newbourne
Santa hat as a gift.
Are you sure?
Oh yes, I'm sure, my dear.
My store, my rules.
That's awesome.
But wait a minute,
how do I know that you
are actually his mum?
Please don't do it. Please.
How's work going by the way?
You museum curator yet?
Not even close.
Well, everything takes time,
and look at what you
have accomplished.
You work at the
Museum of Britain.
It's what you moved to London
for in the first place.
Yeah, no, it's true.
I'm learning so much
and don't get me wrong,
my boss Marnie asks a lot
of me, but in a good way.
She wants me to succeed
and she trusts me too.
Well, don't let
this go to your head,
but I'm very proud of you.
Thanks, Sissy.
This would look better on you.
Oh my god, you're
like my actual hero.
Oh, that's so nice. Thank you.
Let's take a photo.
Here, gimme your phone.
Come on, I'll do it.
All right. Now, big smiles.
Oh, my dear.
Oh, you're going to love it.
Now don't forget,
tag Lynn's Christmas
Shop when you post.
Happy Christmas.
Thank you so, so much.
Merry Christmas.
This is like, the best
day of my life.
If we want any hope of
carrying out our tradition,
we have to get you
some ornaments.
It's my boss.
Hi, Marnie.
Okay, I'll, I'll be
there as soon as I can.
I have to head into work.
I'm sorry.
Aren't you supposed
to be off this week?
Marnie uses that
phrase liberally.
Well, is there anything
I can do to help?
Thank you, but no.
Why don't you go and explore
and I'll meet you back at
the flat in a few hours.
Of course. Go,
I'll see you soon.
It's lovely, isn't it?
It, it reminds me of one
that my mom used to have.
We lost it in a move years ago,
and I never thought I'd
see one like it again.
This artist had a
very unique style.
Only made a handful of them.
It's yours if you like.
Thank you.
I love it.
Sorry, love.
Good luck.
How's the knee?
Getting better every day.
Thanks, everyone. Go Newbourne!
Come and get your t-shirts here,
especially made for Christmas
and it's for his non-profit.
Watch where you're going.
You walked into me.
Oh no!
Forgive me. Let me
buy you another, please.
Unfortunately you can't.
It's just...
It, it was the last one.
Oh gosh, I'm a mess.
Can I at least help
you get cleaned up?
Offer you a towel or something?
I live nearby.
Well, my parents do.
How far away exactly?
Five minute walk.
I swear I don't bite,
and I'm genuinely very
sorry for the spill.
I'm Georgia, by the way.
It's usually this is the part
where you respond
with your name.
That's funny.
What's funny?
You're serious?
What do you, want me to guess?
I'm Graham.
Like the cracker.
Like the cracker.
So, what brings you
to Notting Hill?
Celebrating Christmas
with my little sister.
We haven't missed one
together since we were kids.
Here we are.
Uh, right this way.
So, what happened to your leg?
Um, my leg?
Well, I noticed you
limping back there.
I, uh, tore my ACL
playing football.
Or as you Americans incorrectly
like to say, soccer.
You play?
Not at the moment.
Well, I tore my ACL playing
soccer back in high school.
You play?
- No, not anymore.
- I miss it, though.
You know, I used to dream
about having a jersey
with my name on it.
Oh, well.
Perhaps you and I
should play some time.
Football, that is.
I wish.
The itinerary my sister
gave me pretty much
has me booked
through the new year.
Also, your knee.
I forgot, I have an appointment.
And I should probably...
Just do it.
We have to leave for
brunch in two minutes!
I'm ready.
Hey, don't be nervous.
- Oh, hey babe.
- Hey.
Georgia, this is
my boyfriend, Henry.
So nice to finally meet you.
Georgia, this is everyone.
Everyone, this is Georgia.
- Hello, Georgia.
- Hi, Georgia.
This is my Mum and Dad,
Lynn and Archie Carter.
Pleased to meet you.
It's my Aunt Sarina
and baby cousin, Ella.
I'm 10!
My apologies.
Sit beside me, Lizzie.
And this is Howard,
the actor of the family.
I love your necklace.
Thank you.
Thank you all for having me.
It's so nice to
finally meet you.
It's our pleasure.
Now, Lizzie tells me this is
your first visit to London.
Well, Christmas is the
spectacular time to be here.
There's so much
to do and to see.
Do you like football?
I'll have to see if we
can get you to a game.
Although, our favorite team is
rather lacking at the moment.
Really missing our star striker.
Where is your brother?
Uh, he should be
here. I'll text him.
So Georgia, tell us
all about yourself.
Favorite hobbies,
favorite Christmas
traditions, food allergies?
What? What?
She's Lizzie's sister.
I want to get to know
her and so should you.
So, are you single?
Very, very.
And my hobbies are pretty
slim at the moment.
I could work on that,
but teaching's my life.
Yeah, clever girl.
A career woman is
a passionate one.
As usual, he's not coming.
Ha! Pay up.
Wait, you bet on my first born
not attending family brunch?
I make my money
when I can. Thank you.
Do you remember when I bet Henry.
And you bet me.
But it worked.
Thankfully, yes.
I embarrassed myself
so badly that day.
So did I.
I'm sure Lizzie's told you,
but I was the former
Egyptian antiquities curator
at the museum, and when
Lizzie was interning,
I thought it might be
fun to set these two up.
He bet both of us
to talk to the other,
but he left out the fact that
he knew who each of us were.
Archie also recommended
me for my current job,
so I basically have him
to thank for everything.
So, now I'm retired.
I live vicariously through
our Lizzie.
Henry's family
seems to love you.
I didn't realize
how close you were.
How come I don't
know more about them?
You know about them.
Well, not like
they know about you.
You will.
Trust me, you'll love them
by the end of the trip.
Hey, honey.
Hey look, I'm so sorry
I couldn't make it over
with your sister, but
work has been nuts.
- Hi, Dad.
- Oh, hey.
Good, you're both there.
I got a very important
question for you guys.
Just hold on.
I thought we said no
Hawaiian shirts this year.
Did we? I don't remember.
So, which should I choose?
Okay, I'll bring both,
and your mom's stocking, okay?
I love you.
Can't wait to see you girls.
Do you think Dad will like him?
Since when do you care
if dad likes one
of your boyfriends?
I've always cared.
I don't seem to recall
you caring when he highly
disapproved of Tristan,
or Jess, or Dean.
Uh, okay.
Point taken.
I don't know. This one,
he's, he's different.
I haven't seen you this
smitten since you were 15
and in love with Ryan Reynolds.
I swore I was gonna
marry him someday.
It's too bad that Blake
beat you to the punch.
You know how Dad describes
seeing Mom for the first time?
The Christmas tree
lighting ceremony
in Bloomington
their freshman year?
The canopy of Christmas
lights illuminated her
like a halo.
And he knew she was the one.
It feels like that with Henry.
I'd do anything to ask Mom
what that moment
was like for her.
You're lucky.
How do you figure?
You got more time with her.
Did you do that?
- No.
- Oh, we have to.
Oo, the David Archuleta version.
Okay, microphones.
Oh, my sock!
Where's Lizzie today?
Uh, shopping and
sightseeing with her sister.
Thanks for coming.
- You're welcome.
- How about this one?
Eh, it's all right.
So, how are you doing?
Did Mum ask you to
check on me? Excuse me?
She said you've been
in a bit of a mood.
For what it's worth,
I think you can be.
You've got some big
decisions to make.
We don't have to talk
about it, but it's me.
I don't know what I'm gonna do.
You'll know when
the timing's right.
Thank you. I hope you're right.
I usually am.
That's it.
That's the one.
Have you seen my badge?
I'm so sorry, but I have
to go into work again.
I saw it on the coat rack.
Aw, you're the best!
Also, I need a favor.
We're running outta time and
there's still a few things
to pick up from the to-do list.
Would you mind getting
the Christmas crackers
and whatever else is left?
Yeah, don't worry,
I'll take care of it.
Thank you. I won't too long.
Also, don't forget, we have
the pantomime this afternoon.
The what?
Thanks for this, Graham.
Do you mind keeping this safe?
- Oh, yeah.
- Appreciate it.
- Sure.
- Gotta go.
No worries.
All right, it's Spencer.
You're lucky it's Christmas
and people are cheerful.
I rearranged your "Guardian"
interview to 1:30.
Graham? I'm glad you're
spending time with family.
Excuse me? Georgia, right?
Yes. Graham like the cracker.
Are you busy right now?
I could, uh, buy you another
cup of hot chocolate.
You're still trying
to make up for that ornament?
You caught me.
Well, thank you so
much for the offer,
but I was just
about to head out.
Oh, no, not like that.
Please, please, take a seat.
I have firm instructions
to pick up these
special British crackers
with Santa's face on
them for my sister.
Christmas crackers.
I almost hate to
break it to you,
but Christmas crackers
are not crackers
with Santa's face on.
They're party poppers.
Party poppers?
It's a noisy,
explosive tube filled
with a tissue paper hat,
small toy and a bad joke.
It's a Christmas
staple in the UK.
Do you know where I can
get said party poppers?
I know just the place. Come on.
Oh, you don't have to do that.
I'm heading that way anyway.
Excuse me?
I believe it's yours.
Thank you.
I don't know what I would've
done if I had lost this.
Thank you, seriously.
Happy Christmas.
The way the girls look at you,
it's like you put them
in some sort of trance
and it was not just the barista.
Other people were staring too.
I just, uh, have
that effect on people.
So, who's the jewelry
for, your girlfriend?
It's actually for my brother
to give to his
soon to be fiance.
Plot twist.
Which I now realize I wasn't
supposed to tell anyone,
so maybe just keep
that to yourself.
Who am I gonna tell?
I don't know your brother
or his girlfriend.
Go Newbourne!
What does "Go Newbourne" mean?
Oh, it's a football chant.
The morale round here is
very community driven.
So, uh, what do
you do back home?
I'm a special education teacher.
What's that like?
Humbling, stimulating,
all consuming.
I love it, and I adore my kids.
My mom's also a teacher, so
I'm following in her footsteps,
carrying on the tradition.
Sounds fulfilling.
It is.
Can I ask you a question?
Is it a trick question?
No, I'm just curious
since you're more or
less a complete stranger.
Given the opportunity to do
something great but predictable,
or risky but potentially
life-changing, what would you do?
You sure this isn't
a trick question?
I don't know why I asked
you that, I'm sorry.
I'm kind of at a
crossroads in my life
and I'm trying to figure
out what to do next.
I've just always done
what's expected of me
and I don't know if that's
because it's what I
actually wanna do,
or if I'm just scared
to do anything else.
And that probably
makes no sense to you.
It actually makes
a lot of sense.
I'm at a bit of a
crossroads in my life, too.
Um, I think some random
dude is following us.
I'll take care of it.
You need to leave.
Yeah, no worries, mate.
He won't bother us again.
Thank you.
So, any other siblings?
Uh, just my younger brother.
Oh, so we're both the
older and wiser ones?
I don't know about that.
My brother seems to
have it all figured out,
whereas I don't.
Sounds like my sister and I.
So, what do you do for work?
Excuse me.
One second.
Hi. You okay?
I'm still stuck at work,
so Henry's going to pick
you up for the pantomime.
It's a British tradition,
you'll love it.
- Okay, sounds good.
- I'll see you then.
I love you, Graham Savoy!
Who are you?
Georgia, wait.
I don't get it.
Why did you lie to me?
Technically, I
didn't lie to you.
I just omitted my career.
I didn't tell you who I was
because everybody
always knows who I am.
You didn't seem to know
and I wanted to see
what that felt like.
I never get to be just Graham.
I always have to
be Graham Savoy.
It's exhausting having
to be on all the time,
especially now since
my knee hates me
and I'm dealing
with that pressure.
You have no idea what it's like
to have people wanting
things from you all the time.
Everyone has
pressure and issues.
Yours might be under
a bigger microscope,
but you're not the only person
who feels like they have
to put up a wall to
protect themselves.
I hadn't thought
about it like that.
Keep up the good work.
Can you sign my boots, please?
Sure thing.
What's your name, sweetheart?
Like Leah Williamson?
Captain of the Lionesses.
That's right.
Happy Christmas, Leah.
Mr. Savoy, thank you so much
and happy Christmas to you.
Happy Christmas.
I have to go.
Um, thank you for your help.
And it was nice meeting you.
Good luck with everything.
You too.
Goodbye, Graham.
Goodbye, Georgia.
So, this pantomime
we're going to
is a Carter family tradition?
It's this show that families
attend at Christmas,
but this year is a
bit more special.
My cousin Howard, you
met him at brunch,
he is making his
debut as the dame.
The dame? Hm.
Oh, right, it's...
Imagine if "The Rocky Horror
Picture Show" had a baby
with a Disney movie and half
the cast was dressed in drag.
- Yeah, it's brilliant.
- It's a total blast.
I can't wait.
So, did Lizzie tell you
we were picking Secret
Santa after the show?
She didn't.
My advice is get in and get out.
Mum takes it way too seriously
and redraw if you
pull on Sarina.
Just trust me.
Duly noted.
So, you and my sister
are pretty serious?
Well, yeah, I'd say so.
Why, did she say something?
Relax, Henry.
Nothing to worry about.
So, tell me, what's your
deepest, darkest secret?
You're joking?
Well, uh, for the record, I
am terrified of marshmallows.
They look too much
like the Michelin Man.
Oh, you're joking.
Hi, everyone!
- I'm so sorry I'm late.
- Oh, Lizzie.
Here they are.
Show them.
Okay, come on, let's go.
It's happening!
Ladies and
gentlemen, welcome to the show!
Oh, all right. Do you
wanna see some more?
One, two, three, four, five.
Encore, encore, encore!
You were
absolutely incredible, bravo.
So sorry, I just
need to borrow him.
Hey, Georgia, let me
introduce you to my brother.
Graham, this is Lizzie's
sister, Georgia.
Georgia, was it?
Yes, Georgia is my name, yep.
So glad you're finally meeting.
Great to see you, Graham.
You too, Lizzie.
Can you help me out?
I'm trying to flip the camera,
but it just won't work.
Oh, yeah, I'm happy to.
You both love soccer.
Take that up with her.
Come on.
Out of all the
professional soccer players
in this country you had
to be Henry's brother?
Technically, he's
my half brother.
Same mum, different dad.
I'm familiar with the concept.
Secret Santa, my dears.
Archie, what are you doing?
You know you have vertigo.
We're making a TikTok.
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
Your brother is my
sister's boyfriend,
which means he's gonna propose.
Sh, sh, sh.
We're all headed to the pub.
Are you good?
Okay, let's go, guys.
Yeah, I agree.
Well, this isn't awkward at all.
No, not at all.
So your brother and my sister?
Well, at least we
can bond over the fact
that our significantly
younger siblings
are gonna get
married before we do.
Not me and you.
You know, me as an individual
and you as an individual.
Right. Thanks for clarifying.
In all seriousness though,
I do like Lizzie for Henry.
They're really great together.
I've honestly never seen
two people more compatible.
It's hard to explain.
The more time you spend with
them, the more it makes sense.
You don't get one
now, you don't get one.
How come you didn't tell
me who Henry's brother is?
What do you mean, I did?
You said that he played
football professionally.
You didn't say he
was like, famous.
I don't know.
I guess I don't
see him that way.
To me he's always been
Henry's older brother
who comes around every so often
and is always really nice to me.
Did Henry happen mention
anything to you about proposing?
Oh, no.
I feel like he's going to
propose, but I don't know.
What do you think?
Darts? Loser buys next round?
Uh, are you sure
you're ready for that?
Well, it's a huge lifelong
decision and you're very young.
This is your first
serious relationship.
There's no reason to rush it.
I love him.
Why didn't you tell me how
serious you and Henry are?
I figured by inviting you
to spend Christmas with his
family you'd get the hint.
Why aren't you being supportive?
I'm being practical.
Go on, Graham.
I think you're better at
footy than you are darts.
How long have you been
dating, eight months?
I don't need your judgment.
I'm ready.
If you can't see that,
then maybe you don't know me
as well as I thought you did.
Maybe I don't.
I'll be right back.
Yeah. Yeah, me too.
Hey, you all right?
You all right?
Yeah, I just
needed some fresh air.
Tell you what, I need
some fresh air too.
Come sit with me.
It's true.
We really don't know each
other like we used to,
and it's entirely my fault.
Hey, how can you say that?
Because I'm the one who
moved halfway across the world.
Come here.
It's just
complicated between us.
After my mom passed away,
I helped my dad raise
her and I even went
to community college so
I could stay close by
and help her
through high school.
And I know I'm overprotective,
but it just feels like it's
my duty to take care of her.
We lost my dad when I was a boy.
It's life-changing.
Something's ingrained in us
to keep the memory
alive however we can,
to follow in their footsteps,
take care of their people.
I'm sorry about your mum.
I'm sorry about your dad.
How old were you?
It's a long time ago,
but it still hurts.
Yeah, I know how you feel.
I just didn't realize how
much I missed of her life,
and how much she missed of mine.
I get it.
You do?
I can't remember the last time
I spent longer than a couple
of hours at Christmas
with my family.
I'm usually
traveling or training
or prepping for a
match on Boxing Day.
The only reason I'm even able
to be here tonight is
because I am injured.
Even now, I still have to
be at rehab, do extra media.
Yeah, but you live
in the same city.
My point is just because we
don't see the people we love
as often as we like, doesn't
mean we love them any less.
I should, um,
probably go find Lizzie.
Yeah. It's, uh, probably best.
I didn't see anything.
That's inside out.
I know how to put
on a duvet cover.
Okay, but it's inside out.
Dad's landing in an hour.
Why don't I just go meet him
since you've not
had breakfast yet.
But whatever this is between us,
we should figure it out.
My mates and I just started
a nonprofit footy club
for underprivileged
kids in the area,
and since I'll be here,
I'll be able to be
a bit more hands on,
which I'm excited about.
We're really wanting
to provide now outlet
for kids who might not
otherwise have the access.
Ho, ho, ho.
- Merry Christmas!
- Dad?
Just put the presents
in the living room, Dad.
I think I might've overdone it.
Can you help?
Oh, Dad!
God, it is so good to see you!
Oh, hello, honey.
Welcome to my flat.
Let me show you to your room.
Oh, this is nice.
Oh, I'm so glad you're here.
I can't wait to
show you everything,
and for you to meet
Henry and the Carters.
Also, I thought
maybe I could swing
you by the museum
so you can see where I work.
I would love nothing
more, my little lizard.
I am so proud of you for
following your dreams.
Who would've thought
my kid working
in the Museum of Britain?
I know, it's crazy, right?
I brag about you all the time.
I wish your mom could
be here to see all this.
Yeah, me too.
Should we go and
put her stocking up?
Oh, both my girls together.
I miss this.
Well, you know, I
just have to lie down.
No, Dad, you have
to stay awake, it's too early.
I don't know what time
it is and I don't care.
Well, just in case you
don't reappear again today,
tomorrow morning,
Henry's mum, Lynn,
has invited us to a
traditional Christmas bake.
Okay, why don't you guys go
and then when you come back,
I will be rested and
ready for sightseeing?
Goodnight girls.
I'm sorry.
No, I'm sorry.
I just feel like I've
missed so much of your life
since you moved and it
took me by surprise.
We used to be so close.
We still are, aren't we?
Well, I had no idea how close
you were to Henry's family,
and when I heard
that you were ready
to get married, I panicked.
How can I not know
that my baby sister
is ready to get married?
Well, to be fair, I didn't
exactly give you a heads up.
I was worried what you'd think.
You're my favorite
person in the world.
You practically raised
me and I trust you
and value your opinions
more than anybody.
I was scared.
I thought you'd be more likely
to approve if you saw
us together first.
The only thing I care
about is that you're happy,
and that he treats you well,
and that he knows
that I'm your favorite
person in the world.
Well, I don't
even know if he's going
to propose this year anyway.
One second I have no
doubt that he's going to,
and then the next, I
feel like there's no way.
I don't know, maybe
he's not ready.
Maybe I'm not.
Don't overthink it. Come here.
I am sorry for being distant.
Literally and metaphorically.
There's no need to apologize
for living your best life.
I'm happy for you.
We're just gonna have
to work a little harder
on staying in touch, that's all.
Especially if you're going
to be traveling the globe.
That's TBD.
I think you should do it.
I added something
to your pros list.
I saw it on the chair.
Once in a lifetime experience.
Indiana will always
be there for you.
And if there's
anybody who deserves
a once in a lifetime
opportunity, it's you.
So, if I get in
and that's a big if,
you think I should do it?
How are we doing today, Graham?
I'd be a lot better if I was
out playing with the team.
You're definitely healing
slower than last time,
which is to be expected.
I would've liked to see
you a little further on
in your recovery by now.
When do you think
I can be back? Ow!
When that stops bothering you.
Give it to me straight.
At least eight more months.
No, that's already the
start of next season.
I can't clear you
unless it's safe for
you to play, Graham.
Look, I'm not saying
it won't be earlier,
it's just what my
gut is telling me.
Going for the festive tape?
Well, if not now when?
Look, take a beat and
enjoy your holiday.
Perhaps it'll give
you some clarity.
Thank you, Dr. Parker.
Now go ahead and
crack those eggs.
Oh, no, just the yolks, dear.
That's what makes the
custard so nice and thick.
And Georgia, why don't you
go and melt us some butter?
I have baked before I swear.
Let me help you.
Now, the trick is you want
to start with cold eggs.
It helps with the separation,
and then crack it carefully
and just filter out
the egg whites like so.
So clever.
And then pop the
yolk into a bowl.
Oh, fetch me an
empty bowl, please.
Thank you.
Voila. Now, why
don't you have a go?
Oo, good.
- Yes.
- Like that?
And there you have it.
Traditional Christmas
trifle and minced meat pies.
Oh, I almost forgot.
A silver coin?
It's said that whoever
finds the silver coin
in their piece of
Christmas pudding
will have good luck and wealth
for the forthcoming year.
I like that tradition.
Apparently it dates
back to the 13th century.
How's your father adjusting
to the time difference?
Well, he's still sleeping.
Oh, well, good.
A proper sleep is
just what he needs.
Oh, this is so much fun.
Now, don't tell the boys,
but I've always wanted girls.
I got into SED Abroad.
I guess I have a
decision to make.
- Oh, awesome!
- Well done.
Early Christmas present, girls.
Oh Dad, you didn't leave
any for the other tourists.
Well, you snooze, you lose.
Hello, London!
I've always wanted to do this.
Come on, girls, keep up.
Now, make sure you
get my good side.
What is that?
It's Billy's Circus, look.
The Ritz!
We could have afternoon tea.
Merry Christmas.
Cheers, governor.
Thank you, London!
- Hi, I'm here.
- What's the emergency?
Well, you
told me to get him here.
Your mother just wants a word.
How was your appointment
with Dr. Parker this morning?
How did you...
You must stop calling him.
But you haven't
been communicative.
What did she say?
Nothing new.
Have you given any more thought
to what you're going to do?
I'm worried about you.
Your career has been
truly exceptional
and we're so proud of you.
You know that.
But your personal
life has struggled.
I mean, you've given
up so much life
to be the footballer you are.
Maybe it's not such a bad idea
to figure out what your
next chapter looks like.
We just want you to be happy.
Your father would, too.
I feel him when I play.
It's like he's there
with me in the stands,
cheering me on on the field.
I'm worried that
when I stop playing,
I will lose my
connection to him.
Football and
Newbourne specifically
is the one thing
we've always had,
even after he was gone.
On the field or off,
he'll always be with you.
Do you remember this?
I believe it was Christmas Eve.
It was absolutely freezing
and I couldn't get you
or your father to come inside.
"Five more minutes,
five more minutes."
It was never five minutes.
It was not.
I would do anything to have
five more minutes with him.
I know, sweetheart.
Oh, me too.
Time for happiness is now.
Don't wait.
Oh, come on and give
your old mother a hug.
Are you sure you
don't wanna come with?
No, you guys go. Bond.
Enjoy your first date with
Henry and your father.
Don't be too hard on him.
No promises.
Okay, well,
enjoy your first date
with the spiciest
chicken in all of London.
I deserve a medal for that.
Oh, hi, Georgia.
It's Graham.
Henry gave me your number.
Any chance that you're
available for a mini adventure?
I'd like to show you something.
This is my favorite
place in the world.
No peeking.
No way!
I, I can't believe
you play here.
Sometimes I can't either.
You must have worked
so hard for all of this.
You have no idea.
Tell me more.
Turned pro at 16.
But it's not always as
glamorous as it seems.
I know I'm closer to
the end of my career
than the beginning,
but I don't know if
I'm ready for that yet.
And the pressure to come
back is excruciating,
for myself, fans,
my dad.
It was his dream for me to win
the Champions League
with Newbourne.
When he died, his
dream became mine.
What do you want?
I don't want to retire.
I do wanna go out on my terms.
It'd be a shame.
I've never even seen you play.
I don't even know
if you're good.
I'm good.
You can't be afraid
of who you'll be if
you don't come back.
But you also can't be afraid
of who you'll be if you do.
So, you gonna
show me your moves?
For real?
For real.
Have you got a ball?
- You ready?
- Ready.
Georgia, Georgia, Georgia!
Good game.
Hi, Dad.
Hey, nice night?
Mm-hm. Did you more or less
behave yourself at dinner?
With great strength comes
great reward, my firstborn.
She seems happy.
Hey, we should find
you a nice boy.
Maybe you'll need a boy at
IU during your OT program.
Or maybe not.
You sworn off dating?
I just meant I may not
be at Indiana next year.
Did you not get in?
I can make a call.
No, I did, which is
fantastic, obviously.
But I also got into
another program.
It's called SED Abroad
and I would be a traveling
special education teacher.
I'd get to work with kids
from all over the world.
Dad, you're not saying anything.
That sounds phenomenal.
You're not disappointed?
No, honey.
I want you to be happy and if
this SED Abroad opportunity
is gonna make ya happy,
then you have to go.
"The world is your
oyster," as they say.
Now, I don't know who
they are, but it's true.
Dad, not yet.
Ow, hot, hot!
She warned you.
You know, baking peanut
butter Christmas cookies
on the morning of Christmas Eve
was always your mom's favorite.
We'd beg for a breakfast cookie.
She'd say no in front of you
and give us one when
you left the room.
I wish she was here.
She would be so
proud of both of you.
I know I am.
Oh, Dad.
Okay, I need to go
and run these to
Henry's parents' house.
Dad, why don't you go and change
before we head to the pub?
I don't need to change.
I thought we said no
Hawaiian shirt this year.
Did we?
I don't remember.
I thought you said, "Don't
forget your Hawaiian shirt."
Oh, holy mackerel.
This is amazing.
Happy Christmas Eve.
So nice to finally
meet you, Mr. Bright.
Michael, please.
This is my husband, Archie.
- How do you do?
- Nice to meet you.
Let me take your coat.
Oh, thank you.
Wow. Dashing.
Thank you.
I love it. Where can I get one?
Ah. What would
you like to drink?
I'll come with you.
Care to join, Henry?
Oh, I'm all right.
Oh, come on, Henry.
If you sou say so,
Sir, Mr. Bright.
We'll hold down the fort.
So, uh, where's Graham today?
Oh, he said he'd
meet up with us later.
Cool, cool, cool, cool.
Oh, Georgia, your necklace
is trying to escape.
Oh, thank you so much.
I can't lose this,
but it's so old,
the clasp sometimes
has mind of its own.
- Let me help you.
- Well, thank you.
Right, now have you ever been
to a winter carnival?
Look at the reindeer!
Oh, it's magical.
Are you excited to see Santa?
See the.
- There?
- Yes.
Good luck.
All right.
- You're right.
- It's so cute in here.
Nice to see everyone.
I have a very special crown
for a very special girl.
- Aw.
- Aw, that's so sweet.
And a few more for the
other very special ladies.
Oh, actually.
What about me and your mum?
Dad, uh, this is
Henry's brother, Graham.
Oh, the Roy Kent of Newbourne.
Dad spent the whole
flight watching "Ted Lasso."
Yeah, I just wanted to
make sure I was prepared.
Well, that's
exactly what it's like
to play professional football.
Your coach is an
American football coach
turned soccer coach?
Soccer coach with
no prior experience?
Who bakes biscuits and
makes motivational signs,
is heavy on the folksy charm
and still doesn't
know what offside is?
Precisely, minus the mustache.
Michael, I'm
feeling quite peckish.
Can you join me for a bite?
Oh, I could eat. I'm starving.
We're going to the
carnival games there.
Graham, Georgia, wanna join us?
Yeah. Georgia?
Everyone, let's meet
right back here in an hour.
- Perfect.
- Enjoy.
So, SED Abroad?
Did you decide?
I just have to send the email.
Do it, now.
It's official!
Oh, I'm so proud of you.
So I asked Lizzie's
dad for permission
to marry her.
Well, he, um, he shook my hand,
pat me on the back and,
uh, just walked away.
So, you tell me.
Sounds like a yes to me.
I just have to figure
out how to do it.
Well, you could put
it in her stocking
or Christmas cracker.
That's a bit meh.
Well, too bad you didn't
get her for Secret Santa.
That's genius.
Who did you get?
Aunt Sarina.
Oh, come on, no one's
gonna swap with me.
Hold that thought.
I need your help with something.
I can get you Aunt Sarina.
No can do.
What about my dad?
I love that man. Sure.
I have Georgia.
I'm happy to trade, but
I don't know Howard.
Hear me out.
I'll trade you for Georgia,
but I give you the
gift to give to Howard.
I have Graham.
I can't get you Archie,
but I can get you Henry.
Aunt Sarina has Lizzie.
I told her I could
get her Henry.
No, I just traded you
for Henry to Howard.
You traded me?
How 'bout Lynn instead of Henry?
And next year I'll make
sure you get first pick.
And the year after?
I think we did it.
Those kids owe us.
Thank you for helping
getting everything switched.
Oh, you're welcome.
Don't worry. She
loves you a lot.
So, what are the bright
Christmas Eve traditions
that are upon us?
Uh, we have Christmas
peanut butter cookies,
Christmas carols
around the fire.
Is there a go to song?
"Deck the Halls."
It's a classic.
It was our mom's favorite.
It's been a tradition
since before I was born.
- Thank you so much.
- Of course.
Here you go.
I hear he's been wandering
around the festival tonight
with his new gal.
Football star, Graham Savoy.
If you're lucky you might
be able to get an autograph.
Has anyone seen the two boys?
Look what we won?
No, that is not
coming home with us.
No, it is for you.
Oh, well, thank you, Michael.
- You're welcome.
- I shall treasure it forever.
Right then, should we go home?
Somebody has to get
a good night's sleep
before Santa's visit.
Ho, ho, ho.
- Happy Christmas.
- Merry Christmas.
- Not happy.
- Merry Christmas.
- It's happy!
- It's Merry Christmas.
You okay?
Mm-hm, yeah.
See you tomorrow, Graham.
See you tomorrow.
Don't forget, Rudolph
likes the baby carrots.
Comment likes the big ones.
Oh, my necklace.
My necklace is gone.
Are you sure you wore it today?
I can help you look.
No, I'm fine.
Want me to come with you?
No, no, I don't wanna
make everyone else late
for Christmas Eve.
I'll be fine.
Just go ahead to
Lynn and Archie's.
Get out the Christmas cookies.
Yeah, I'll be right behind you.
I'm gonna stay
and help her look.
Thank you.
I said I don't need your help.
I don't understand,
did I do something wrong?
No way! You're Graham Savoy.
Oh, what would you like?
- It's on the house.
- I'm good, thanks.
Could you sign
this for me, please?
It's not exactly a good time.
- It's for my nephew.
- He's a huge fan.
Do you mind if I take this?
Oh sure.
Hey, happy Christmas Mr. Savoy.
Georgia! You know I can't run.
Is this why you're upset?
It's not a big deal.
I'm upset because I lost my
great-grandmother's necklace
that my mother passed down to me
the Christmas before she died.
And because I foolishly fell
for a famous soccer star.
Who, oh, by the way,
has a brother who's about
to get engaged to my sister.
This, you and me,
was never gonna work.
It was selfish and dumb,
and it was a huge mistake.
Oh my gosh.
It's at the pub. I
had it at the pub.
Can I at least take you?
Go back to your mom's. I'm fine.
Can I get a quick shot,
Graham? Cheers, mate.
- You look awful.
- What's wrong, doll?
Has anybody turned
in a necklace?
Looks like this.
Well, let's have a look.
Oh, sorry, hun, I don't think...
Oh, how about a
compass necklace?
Tell old Mary
what's on your mind.
I don't know what
I'm doing with my life,
and I just made a
really massive decision
with, without really
thinking it through.
Oh. You need a drink.
I think you have a visitor.
Cut him some slack.
Deep down he's a
really good one.
Can we talk?
This isn't real.
I know, I know.
But it has a point.
It's a tabloid.
It doesn't have feelings.
What are we doing?
You can't this stuff seriously.
It doesn't mean anything.
This happens to me all the time.
Exactly. Exactly,
that's my point.
We are two completely
different people
with completely different lives.
I live in America.
You live in London.
You're a famous football
player and I'm a teacher.
It just doesn't matter how
much I like you or you like me.
I'm not great at
this, so bear with me.
I care about you, Georgia.
You're funny, smart,
and brave.
I don't know what
the future holds,
but I do know you're the
first girl who's treated me
like a person in a
really long time.
You get me.
I've always been
so scared to retire
because I never saw
a life past football.
You made me realize
that there could be.
What about Henry and Lizzie?
What about them?
They're getting
engaged in the morning.
What if we try
dating or something,
and it doesn't work out?
It's not like we can just
never see each other again.
What if it does?
You can't be afraid of what
could happen if it doesn't,
but you also can't be afraid
of what could happen if it does,
or something like that.
Did you just quote me to me?
Try not to let the
fame go to your head.
How 'bout we start by
finding your necklace?
No, it's not here.
I already asked Mary,
so let's just go.
You think this is how
I win championships?
Give me two minutes.
Hi, everyone.
What are you doing?
Hope you're enjoying
your Christmas Eve.
Sorry to interrupt.
My lovely friend here
has lost a necklace
that is very important to her,
and we think it's
somewhere in this pub.
Can you please help us look?
You know it's Christmas Eve?
Have a little Christmas spirit.
Drinks on the house for the rest
of the night for
whoever finds it.
You're all doing great.
Keep it up.
If I found it, I'd tell you.
- Good effort, mate.
- Thank you.
It's not here.
I told you it would turn up.
Thank you.
Ladies and gentlemen, can I
have your attention, please?
Thank you all for helping
us find the necklace!
Happy Christmas, everyone.
Happy Christmas!
Everyone's drinks are on me!
It's so great to
be together on Christmas Day.
Here we go. This is for you.
Thank you, Michael.
That's awfully kind.
Dad, stop.
Well, who, who got me this?
Something for you.
Oh, for me?
This is incredible, thank you.
You're welcome.
Okay, everyone, Lizzie's next.
I'm, uh, I'm your Secret Santa.
Okay. Thank you.
Oh my gosh.
Oh my gosh, it's
happening, okay, um.
Elizabeth Michelle Bright,
you light up my world,
you're my best friend
and I love you.
Will you marry me?
Yes, yes!
Oh, it's so beautiful!
I can't believe it.
- Did you know?
- I'm shocked!
- Did you know?
- I did.
Of course you did.
No, but this is perfect.
This is.
Oh, is this a cracker?
I got a ruler.
And what's that?
That is a joke.
Happy Christmas.
Happy Christmas.
Let me.
Have you ever
seen a turkey that big?
- I made that.
- You made that?
- What do you think?
- Can we talk to you both?
Is, uh, there something
going on between you two?
- No.
- Yes.
- No?
- Yes.
We already know.
The whole family does.
They've elected
us to talk to you.
I'm sorry I didn't tell you.
It's been a little
bit of a journey.
Are you mad?
It's amazing!
It is?
Our two favorite
people hitting it off?
Just don't break her heart.
And, uh, you don't break his.
Well, as long as
you don't break hers.
And you don't break his.
Come on.
And the referee
is taking another
look at their watch!
And they applaud.
AFC Newbourne have won it.
Come on, Graham!
And the
exceptional Boxing Day crowd
can celebrate tonight
with this win lifting Newbourne
to the top of the
Premier League.
And if they can keep
up this winning streak,
we may finally see them qualify
for the champions league.
The future if certainly
bright for Newbourne!