Christmas in the Air (2017) Movie Script

Play Berserk anime
Snow is glistening a beautiful sight
The world
Go away
I know right where did you get that I made it
Itrent Brothers toys
All of our fantastic flyer toys will be soaring in the stores next year
Alright Captain Christmas back to work
George this is work we've got to max range problem watch
Kids are going to be using this I got to make sure the land recovery goes smoothly smoothly
The conference call with Hennessy in 15
Wait that's today little brother
This year I'm getting you a day planner for Christmas so what you gave me last year but this year you're going to use it
I can't thank you enough for the I don't know what I would have done without you I'm glad I could help
Help your amazing ever since I started this new job I feel like I've been running in circles for one week
You showing me how to organize everything and then I can finally Catch My Breath Again
Getting your ducks in a row that's what I help people do I just in time for Christmas too well hopefully you can enjoy your Christmas
Oh don't worry I will thanks to you Merry Christmas k
Thanks for waiting gentleman
Here's mr. Hennessy
Good morning George Robert how you fellas doing
Just fine mr. Hennessy
Well it's always say you take care of business
Business will take care of you and Hennessy is off to a great start this Chris
Look forward to an even better holiday next year when your stocking Trent brother toys and all your stores or very excited
Next year
When will when you say JUMP I'll be flying out to see you on the 22nd
Wait December 22nd
Christmas Eve
I hope the short notice isn't going to be a problem
Know what
Absolutely not
December 22nd is perfect yeah it's too bad mr. Hennessy
Holidays that way you can come see the new line of toys and you and your wife can join us for Christmas dinner
Right I mean we are family business what could be better than a traditional family Christmas dinner
And you can meet my kids too
You going to love them
And Robert's house will be perfect Christmas dinner let you know that sounds like a fine idea fellas I mean we're all about family here at home
Sheila and I will be there with bells on
Yay see you fellas in 2 weeks
Can't wait
My house supposed to say
I placed until the construction site
Never going to be ready in time for Christmas
But we can take the Hennessey's to a nice restaurant are you kidding you
Hennessey's is all about family
I heard
Bobby I'm sorry
I just wasn't thinking
That's alright
I just
I'll be fine
Maybe a restaurants on a bad idea
George you're right Hennessy
Is expecting a family dinner and that's what we have to give him
Yeah but I can tell him something
We have a real opportunity here to impress Hennessy get our toys and over 300 of the stores let's make the most of it
Would be nice not to have to skate by for a check
I got to get Thomas to practice
Everything is going to be fine
I'm not going anywhere
It's all good don't worry about it
Why would I worry
Is that Lydia is
Love what you've done this is the best
Christmas present ever
I'm happy to do it for you I am so lucky that my best friend is the most brilliant professional organizer on the planet
Planet still don't know how you do it
Organizing every space is different
Learn to read the signs
Taking Eric for example
In a marriage
You have to make choices and I am here to help you get rid of the things you don't need and make room for the things
You want a place for
Things you love
For the things that he loves
And a special place for the things that you have together
Map of yours is amazing
So glad you're using it I don't just use the calendar reminders to remind me that I need to get to the store to help Eric open
The Christmas shopping Rush is in full swing when you come with me you can listen to me brag Derek about how long
Incredible You Are
Okay here we go I'm sorry I was
Translate guys work always gets a little yeah I got the toy business
Busiest time before but did you remember to pick up the stuff
How to make Christmas cookies for my class party
Cookies right
He said you were going to bake them for like mommy's to absolutely absolutely
We all set all right class fun
So how was school
Everyone's all excited about Christmas sure haven't you heard
Wonderful Time of the Year
I'll work on it so great hanging out with you guys during the break
Baking cookies decorating the tree not to mention I get to see a certain someone in the Christmas festival play
I told you let's Kaepernick assman Santa's head out
It's a big car
A lot of lines
I was thinking I would just let someone else do it
I kind of thought you liked being
It's no big deal
No big deal we'll is to me
Are you kidding
Can't wait to see up their boss numbers that are all surrounded
How high but maybe I can come watch rehearsal on Monday and then after I can help you with your line
I'm such a busy dad
I'm never too busy for you and your brother okay
I need a hat for my costume for a woman tomorrow will go out with my dad that's just right for Santa's
Not too bossy head out
I have a great idea to help you and Eric stay organized after the holidays
I said a stacking bins label for all your Christmas decorations and love this time of year I need to
I'm going tomorrow I have to pick up something for another client I could get you those things while I'm there or you can stop
Rising for a second and take in this beautiful Christmas cheer I just have to put a new one more than honey you are a
Genius but even Einstein took time off now then
Pictures of all you've done that my whole life isn't good dividing your
Whole life insurance
Bunch of little squares for your information they aren't squares module
Nobody's just
The client
Dinner and a movie just want to go out with client okay can I have the phone back please
You went on a date on it like that come on the movie was good
Let me guess
He doesn't know that serious is the name of us
Start his idea of organizing is wearing socks that match
Yeah not to mention he called me Linda all night even after I reminded him my name is Lydia
Said I look like a Linda sorry that's okay something's in life you just can't organizing
That includes a promising relationship that doesn't mean I'm pretty sure I did exactly what that mean
Now one question is what kind of hat would
Santa's head elf where
Does a jingle
So everyone knows when she's arrived on the stage
Does it light up the room like the beautiful girl is burning
Meaning elephant dad
Okay I want the truth
Does this make my head look big
Dad don't forget we just got the stuff to make cookies
Cookies absolutely
Next on our list
And we are really busy we not only do we have Thomas's Christmas party we have your play and we have a very
Very important gas coming for early Christmas dinner
Big Boss himself of Hennessy fifth store
And we are going to cook you an awesome Christmas feast
Yeah why not
I mean sure we have too much to plan not enough time and it's going to be totally crazy but
It's pretty fun
Which is why I need to talk to one of the engineer for seconds you guys keep looking for hats give me a second
Hey what's
What's going on
A range extender would definitely give the slave more height
But what about the extra weight
Let me let me work that out here
Sorry get the little distracted when it comes to his toys
I hope
It's been a good boy this year
Kids try
That is 768 grams would still work with our thrust-to-weight factors right
Yeah I'll be there in a few hours
I'm sorry were you
Take me to buy that problem too much to do
The secret to every busy life
Is organization
Best way to get
And you are
Professional organizer
They really have professional organizers
Well I appreciate it but
I think I've everything under control
We need to go get the stuff for Thomas's cookies happy holidays
YouTube yes alright come on let's go
Rearranging room remember that the city of plant you got for Christmas
First direct sunlight don't let the leaves
That a boy
Haha take that
What you going to do now ladies and gentlemen
Hey George
What's up
No I just just a second
Nap that's all I got
Let's just make sure it works before we worry about the cost George
I'll talk to you tomorrow
It's your move
Wait wait a minute
How did this happen
Hey step away for one second
Alright I'm going to get you now
Love you Mom
Okay so you're going home with your buddy Doug after school bye love you have a good day
And I will see you after school for rehearsal
You're going to be great
It's a great idea George
We had these range extenders price goes up $20 a unit
Trust me
With these hit the shelves will more than make up for it and sales if we get them in some stores
Speaking of which why you working at the menu I found out Hennessey's wife is a vegetarian
She doesn't mind the traditional Christmas dinners
Make sure she doesn't go on longer
Set alarm
Beetroot and shallot tart
Ready for test drive
You can absolutely
Garrett you did it man
Every kid the country is going to want to send a story play under their tree hey you're the genius I'm just one of Santa's elves
No no no no no no I got to go
No no
So sorry honey
No it's not okay I promise you I'd be here and I just
Get busy again
Hey kiddo
Radar Online
It's okay Dad
Hey buddy
But you draw.
Just like Mom
Don't you worry we're going to make those cookies for your class
Just like Mom used to
Lydia Adams so hi this is Robert Trent call
We are we met yesterday at Hennessey's what will we actually didn't
Meet I was with my kids and I was a guy who
Commandeered your whiteboard
Too much to do and not enough time
That's that's me what I hope you're not calling to get your equation back because I erased
Oh yeah yeah no no I go actually I was looking at your website and
Well let's just say that too I might have been a bit optimistic about
Having everything under control optimistic extremely
It's more like a platter but anyway
Thinking that maybe you might have some time to help me get organized
Sometime how about some tomorrow morning say 9:30
Looks great
I could just text me your address and thank you love you
Thank you
Yeah I'll see you tomorrow
Lydia I am so sorry I I wanted to get back here and clean up before you got here but I couldn't find Thomas's
Gloves and needed help their lives and then I had to drop them off at school and my brother he thinks the per-unit cost in the range extenders
Take a deep breath
Do you like to come in sure okay
Keys in the car
So he's like I said it's just been a crazy morning but
So I
How bad is it
You're asking the wrong
You should be asking
Are we start
Are we start
Well first tell me about your goals
My goals
Well I'm a single dad and I
Just been so busy
At work that I really dropped the ball with my kids and lately it just keeps getting worse
Huge step in realizing that
So less work more time with your kids is a great goal
Anything else well I have a import potential client coming to dinner on December 23rd
12 days
You always write everything down
Lesson number one and organizing write it down should I write that down
That hurt so how long you been doing this
What were you like tired of all your disorganized friends being late all the time
Meticulous person
You want a little girl
Right well it's so this this client is
Visiting the office things coming here for a very special holiday dinner which is why it's important that it goes really well
What are you doing
Everytime I try make toys
What cat
Rudolph say hello to the nice lady
That's really cool thanks
Hey my brother and I own a small towing company
Turn Brothers toys
Oh I've seen that job downtown to Hennessey's that's the client is coming to dinner
I think you caught me just in time
First order of business
To every busy life is organization see I was listening
Is another is on the 23rd that's
12 days from now it's very manageable I'm glad you think so
Reese's system contain concentrate control control know I like the sound of that one
So when can you start we actually visits your life we are organizing with you but I'm the one who made them
About to learn how to unmake it right
Any question
We're starting here
So family games
Great will every family has one
I'm an awesome Checkers player by the way
Kids were wondering
And junk drawer also very normal
Every house has one
That's the drawer for the junk that doesn't fit in the junk drawer
We never open that drawer
I'm starting here and why don't you start out here you are and you're
Having holiday dinner we should focus on your Christmas cheer
Starts with a tree
We can have our own system for decorating the tree it's a lot of fun in the kids love it
I want to hear all about that
Want to try my way I know you'll be very happy with
Are you writing it down to
Just a quick note
I forgot about a meeting
And I'm never going to make it downtown in time Skype in from here
Of course yeah I can do that at all yeah that'll work
You know what I mean even when I try to get organized I just messed things up
Life is messy Robert
But she was busy as yours don't worry
We're going to do this one step at a time
You know what this is like I'm practically there
Just a bit bigger and more ominous
If you pay fine
No skipping out during the boring Parts like last time
Who me
Good thing you're my brother
And turn it over to Garrett
Hey Garrett
Take a little longer than expected but it was productive and
What did you do
It's my tried-and-true systemless
Cluster clutter and and I just want to give it one more Christmas thing
Should have asked me first
I don't
Yeah they just haven't been moved in a long time
Hey guys how was school
What happened here
This is weird
Amelia Thomas that you remember Lydia we met her at Hennessey's
Oh yeah you're the professional organizer
Olivia's help me organize and get ready for our big holiday dinner
Yeah I know it's
Full different but
We can put it back the way it was
No no I like it
Sort of like a snow globe Christmas Town
Well we made some
Same time tomorrow
Is hungry Willow snack
Level in the snow makes me feel so peaceful
Probably try something a little different today
When we got a little off track
Panda Express good step back
It's going to be good trust me
Yesterday I told you about my
3C system
Contain concentrate control
Now today we're going to work on your concentration
Believe me are you I spend almost every minute of every day concentrating
Stufful overwhelmed
Yeah save at least that's what is gaining control
Means you have to concentrate on one thing at a time
Straining on one thing at a time just leave everything else getting Messier
Way to try some
I want you to look at that Snowman's nose for 1 minute
Take your eyes off that carrot for 60 seconds no matter what
Put yourself in your focus box
You have a cute name for everything
I like to think it helps make organizing a little more fun
I'm in the focus box
If you stare in your focus boxing or not
Anyone ever tell you have way too many rules
4 seconds
Focus boxes electric dryer than it sounds
Phone couch
Cookies cow
Festival play count to Christmas dinner count
It's not the problem right
Everything counts
The snowglobes
Robert it's alright no
I'm really sorry the way I acted
Country music
The snow gloves
Blogging Molly
My wife
She always arrange them in the order that she got them it was it was like a running joke since we got married
That was the way she left them before she passed
I'm sorry
How could you know
Alright solo
Tell me what it is that
That stresses you out the most about this Chris
Other than the fact that the mac and cheese is a delicacy in our house
See that's the next step
Finding the right recipe
You know I could just pull a couple of recipes off the internet is the tradition in that
A cookbook Robert when you can keep for years and then everyone looks forward to the same recipes every holiday
Oh not to mention that the memories that come from every stained torn page before you know it you will be teaching
How to make dads special Christmas stuffing
Organizing your life and just
Decorating happy
This is the reason I started making noise when I was Thomas's age my dad he gave me
Give me a telescope for Christmas and and one night
We got all bundled up and went outside to look at the Winner's Circle it's also called the winter hexagon
It's an asterism A lot of people confuse it with a constellation but it's not the smaller cluster of stars
But anyway that night I saw the star in the winter Circle that was
So bright and my dad told me it's called serious
Dogstar yes you know what the doc it's the brightest star in the night sky
Right what will the dog star is like
51.6 trillion miles away from Earth and I was 7 years old so naturally I had to go there
So I figured the only way I could do that is if I build my own rocket ship so I started making model so that eventually I could make a real one
And then in the meantime my brother George who is like the ultimate salesman
He starts talking him up to all our friends and then the next thing you know every kid on the block has a Trent Brothers rocket ship
And here I am
Here you are
Atomas she's going to like this for Christmas
It looks sad
Go find that vegetarian Christmas cookbook
Brightest star
So I don't
Artist like he's listening I can't wait for this to be over progress
And you got a big Christmas dinner coming up for a client
I think you would just rather
Hockey practice in the Dodgers play
The rest of the world fend for itself
I need some really overwhelmed
Well he's lucky you came along
Did you know
Is that the winter circleware serious is located
Actually an asterism and not a constellation where did that come from
Knows where serious is
The client Pam
I hear you are in a greenhouse
Staring at the stars
Can You Hear Me Knocking in my focus box
Ifocus box
Professional organizer has a 3C system and one of the Seas is concentrate
Okay is there a seriously such a thing as a professional organizer
And her name is Lydia
Her name is Lydia
So how long has Lydia been professional organizing your life
Since you offered my house to Hennessy for Christmas dinner
She helping
Yesterday we bought a cookbook
And buying a cookbook makes you smile like that
Smile like what I'm just saying that she's help for him
She's coming over later to help me straighten up the kitchen any chance you can help you straighten up your office and see can't see it
Would you just relax everything's going to be fine
Justice mr kayani
Okay no thanks for letting me know I'm on my way
Liza play versus not feel like going to beginner
Call if you need anything
Well you don't have a fever which is good
How's your tummy feel
But when you went to play rehearsal it felt kind of weird
Maybe I'm getting a cold or something
You know if you get a cold yet
Might not be able to be in the play
I know
I'm no doctor but
What is it and what your sister has is a bad case of the jitters
Before I can be but
In this case I think I have the perfect remedy
Say this 5 times fast
Kris Kringle climbs countless Christmas chimneys
Dad trust me trust me with Mr Hennessy coming to Christmas dinner it's the only way to get over my jitters
What's a it together
Chris Pringle Klein Outlet Christmas chimney
Amelia has a really important role in the Christmas special play we're just helping her get over a slight case of the jitters
Well I do know that it's always better to be more prepared which is why I'm here to help you
Today is Operation kitchen clutter
We're going to make Christmas cookies for my party tomorrow
You know there is a cookie recipe in here
That I used to make every year with my mom for school and what better way to get over kitchen Jitters then
Cookies right
Can I kitchen
Family and
Proposed II captain
Thanks for all your help
The last time I laughed that much although we did for a little behind schedule
We'll start on those closet closet
That cookbook you brought that's what you were talking about at the bookstore part of your Christmas traditions
Why do my mother Garden
Women to men
When I was growing up and I learned a lot from her
Every torn page every
Spell and that cookbook
I just memories I treasure Christmas around your house must have been some kind of feast
90 more
I'm sorry it's none of my business my ex-boyfriend wasn't exactly
The holidays type
His loss
Cookies don't have to be perfect they just have to take
Did you lose a bet
Hey that was a gift for my sweet Andrew I happen to be her favorite nephew and should be very disappointed
If I gave that away well
Ruth Ono I bought that one for myself
Sweetie what's up
What do you help me clean out my closet
My mom used to help me pick out which clothes to give to charity
Mine too
July stuff like that
I like an amazing person
The cast for Young
That's why I'm here so he has more time for you and Thomas
When I saw the snow globe on a piano
I decided it was my favorite give it to my mom for Christmas
Good luck charm and I won't get nervous
And your dad will be at your plate too and I bet
Snow globe
She was working I know she feels bad about it
Please don't say anything
Don't worry he's going to be there
St. Thomas are more important than anything in the world am thankful
So it's just a prototype
But I loaded my app on your phone
And now it makes a great calendar but you can also use it to set up reminders for some of your job
When you are done with the job you check the box didn't move down and the next one was at his place when you think
Looks great
Rocket science
It'll help keep you organized really cool how looks like a checkerboard
That's why I call it check boards you just keep checking out the boxes
The whole purpose of this
Is to give you more time for that
Oh that I'm going to use it
Get Thomas to hockey practice
Let's go guys hockey practice
You tomorrow have fun at the range
Kids schedule for week
Olivia this is my brother George George professional organizer I told you about
Workers going to save our bacon
Oh I don't know about that
So what's going on everything okay
Well I got to take Thomas to practice well I promised these guys that we would skate to celebrate them again
And what a break this is kind of important
The rink I mean
Can you that's a great idea
We've been awhile since you got to hang out with these two anyway
Yeah sure
Okay I'll meet you there I see you there
Be there okay get the car
Come with us
Help keep me in that Focus box
I'll follow you
Okay so I work at a whole schedule we're going to meet at the plant but I think we should
Soon as he gets there after that we consume all the toys I need a list from you and use it in your Charming
And then
How many kilometer
Claudia Cardenas
Yeah I'm on board we'll have dinner with vegetarian don't forget
Hey nice work big guy
Thankful that we go skating now
Like I pass up a chance to show off my XXX
I'm in no I haven't dated in years
No no no more work I come on let's get you some skates
He'll be right there come on trust me it's fine it's fine
It works Christmas present like Elvis Christmas
Hey Kris kringle's Flying J
Christmas to me yes
A complete disaster
Oh well and absolutely wonderful
It must feel like Christmas every day and hear yeah kinda
Focus box
I don't know how you get anything done it's
I know where everything is
Robert okay maybe maybe he can't see it but I'm look like
I spent years trying to get everything exactly the way I like it
All due respect to your system
When you get a lot more done if we just straightened up a little bit
Why does everything always have to be so organized with you that's what I do maybe everything
Snap to fit into those little squares ears
Let's say I straighten things up around here
That I would need to
Keep everything neat right
I need and it's going to take a lot of time which would mean that I would have less time to get things done
20 factors
I've already organize my office
We don't need to change anything
You like it like this yes
I love it when I'm in here I get all kinds of ideas coming at me and and I feel like I can do it anytime
Medicaid to possibly imagine
And it doesn't matter if it's neat or not what matters most
Look on your face Christmas morning
Just like the look on your face when you walked in there right now
Like like check this out
Santa sleigh no
Santa soaring sleigh
You made that
Okay you're amazing
So are you
Image of difference now with organizing the house and everything
Look at this
All I need you to do is just clap
Play or something
Every Christmas
Take me to see The Nutcracker and
My favorite part was Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy
Either she always said that was because the ballerina that I was
Adidas kid anyone ever saw
I always wanted everything
Just like
The ballet organized
You know
Maybe sometimes
Is exactly what you mean
Do you think
Roasted garlic green beans or snow peas
Yeah buddy
All Aboard let's go
Christmas Eve is almost here
But there's one big problem
Santa's list of
Boys and girls is missing
What's without that live how was the door to deliver the toys
Santa doesn't deliver
And if
Santa doesn't deliver the toys
And if
Looks the same
I thought you were going to organize him
It can organize creativity George Jones
Doesn't come out and eat
Troll it's jumbled and exciting
This is what
What she said
Can you do anything about him okay what does that supposed to mean
I think he means that we should dumb
This is my business attire
How's that feel
In a straitjacket you look nice
For a guy wearing a straitjacket
Why don't we take a look at some tires
Hohoho how about
Shuttle schedule
Okay so I can
Glaze the ham and then soak the cranberries and I before right
Right now there is a market on 16th that has organic parsnips from is Hennessy
Battle of my hands be sweating like this
You know I need I need a test run
Like I do with my toys just to work out all the bugs
A test run dinner you know what we should do it tomorrow night see what the kids like their food
Well actually it's Pizza movie night with their Uncle George so they won't be there
Kind of a tradition It's a Wonderful Life
Well we could have
Dinner just the two of us
But yeah I test run dinner
Beautiful for Hennessy and then store
Alright so we're all set okay so
So why you so worried about what you're wearing
Worried I just
Spending the evening with him I just want to look nice but it sounds like a
It's not
Farm Credit business and I am lousy a date so this is definitely not a date
I just know that as an organized person I may not exactly mesh with someone
Who's less organized
Someone like
Robert Maybe
It's not a date
The Great
While you clean up pretty good yourself
I got you the centerpiece for
Free real dinner
We should
That smell
Tennessee Craigslist
More than just because he's going to want the recipes
It's okay
Let's take a walk
Work off some of this great meal
Sorry I just give me a minute I'm going to take it easy
These will be here when we get back
Baby sister this pic before I change my mind
What you can save a lot of time if you put the ham in the oven first but just make sure you turn it down before that
Who was it that told me when you're at work be at work and when you're not
I just I want this dinner to go so well for you I know I know you do
So what's on the agenda for tomorrow
Oh well the house looks pretty good
Dinner was great
Yeah I actually have a meeting with a new potential
Client in the morning
That's good I mean I mean that's great
You know you should call me anytime like
Whatever you need
Okay thanks
Oh hey tree
Can I get to show you how we do
You're right by your right
So I guess you have to come tomorrow
Stop snowing
You believe in signs
Omens portents of the future especially everyday there
It's gotta mean something
Alright so the secret to decorating a tree
Tree is getting the order right it's light Garland
Pencil and then order what we were hoping to show you our system for decorating a tree
What is that for
The first
Okay so I kind of sounds more like a game system
I need to
And I really great kids
Very lucky
Now like has nothing to do with it you're an amazing dad
Some days are better than others
Well something tells me that those days are pretty hard to beat
I think Amelia is nervous about
Play because
Cuz I missed it last year
Running in 10 different directions
Messed up big-time
Their mom she's never missed a performance
She told me
She say
Martian want to hurt your feelings but
She said that her mom was always there with a special spell Club
For good luck
Bought it for her when
When I was born
I was
Why she took it in there
Reminder of everything it means to her
Do you
We can't tell you how excited we are to have you here with us mr. Hennessy
Well I'm real interested in seeing your operation
Can you tell alot about a person by
How they run the show
This is Workshop
We are all tooled-up to use wood metal
3D CAD and printing
A laser cutter CNC rotocast Indiana
I've seen all this
I'm not as interested in production
As I am in concept
And product
The fall me sir
Well this is the
The brain center of the company Robert's office
I like it these are some of the
What is this week all that
Sugar Plum Fairy
This is very special to me
My wife
Loves the ballet and ballerinas
It's very clever
Remind me
Tell Sheila
Oh I will
And what is this
Is Santa soaring slay
And we're sure this will be your best seller next Christmas
The remote control will be your mobile device
This is the Prototype
And with the added range extender the sleigh can go higher it can travel further and it can do a lot more
Maybe Mr Hennessy like to try
Usher absolutely looks a little complicated my favorite toys were always the ones that I can move my
It was a lot of fun
And remote control drones are very hot right now
When you been in the business as long as I have you learn that popped and turned cold
Real quick
What else
That's the big surprise we were saving it to show you at dinner tomorrow night
Yes sir
And when you see what Roberts got up his sleeve
You're not going to believe it
I hope so
I'm looking forward to it
Why would you tell him that I'm all out of Tricks Georgia got nothing left up my sleeve but there must be something you can do here before tomorrow night
Yeah I can cook Christmas dinner and hope he changes his mind over full stomach them to
You see the look on his face when he saw the ballerina dancing
See if she has any more brilliant
What what was it that Hennessy said he like most about his favorite toys
The ones he could move himself
And he's a family man
You're smiling why are you smiling
That good
Lydia High
I'm sorry to just stop by like this but I wanted to see how your meeting went
But I think the Christmas dinners computer big test
Well thanks but come on at 4 second
I wanted to give you this
For Christmas
And to say thank you
For the job you have to open it up before your big dinner
My little brother we still got a lot of work to do I'll be right there
You're working
It looks like we're going to be out at all night to
Come on in for psychology what we're doing
I have to get back to work it's obviously important
What's wrong
I just thought that
After everything you did to find the right
Balance between home and work I thought that you would
At least for the holidays it now or wait a second I know it's okay really I
And down this road before
Give me the road
It wasn't a client but it turned out the same he was always talking about
Leaving work at the office you know how
Is Cambridge job
It's always about the work
24/7 right you don't understand
With Lydia
Hold on
I'm looking for
Amazon stereo sings Thunder
Christmas snow is dancing
Hey Google who it is
Hello hello and welcome Merry Christmas Christmas
Robert George this is my wife Sheila honey these are the fellas I was telling you about
So nice to meet you both and it's a pleasure this is my daughter that's my son Thomas
Hi nice to meet you
When is your house is just lovely and so Christmassy
All I'm going to
Beautiful poinsettia centerpiece our friend Lydia gave it to us
Stressing myself that makes it a very special gift
Yes sir does please come in once I could see
For helping out the only chance I've had draft Eric said he wasn't around Usher
Robert like the type
At the store
You didn't hang around to find out
He was busy this afternoon
Work at home
He was working at the house the day before his birthday dinner
Should we get moving on this cuz there's going to be home any minute I'm surprised Robert
To the dinner
Way to hit it off he's a client Pam I was hired to help him spend more time with his kids and
Get ready for a big business dinner tonight
What he does with that help with up to him at the job is over and check it out move on exactly
Feelings about it one way or the other because he's smart funny definitely easy on the eyes and
The question is do you know what you're doing
I was hired to organize his life not get involved in it are you involved
And I promised two weeks
I've seen him everyday
Australia time getting to know each other and
Last night all I could think was
I don't want it to end because the job is over
Can I get me a stall at confusion of Chaos
Maybe even enjoying it a little bit
Is Messi office
Decorating the tree with a blindfold
Walking together in the snow
That sounds pretty good to me
How many was working
Like nothing had changed
Trust me
Whatever that was
Everything's changed
For both of you
That was delicious
Robert you are a man of many talents
Thank you sir I'm happy you enjoyed it
I did have a lot of help from these two
And bring Lydia and from Lydia
You know when we invited you to share part of your holiday with us it was because we wanted you to see for yourselves
Exactly how important family is to us
Well we couldn't agree with you more
Roberts kids are the most important part of his life
And he's taking that love and he's put it at the heart of Trent Brothers toys
Young man
You have my undivided attention
Thank you George
What's your fantasy as you've seen for yourself many of our toys have
All the bells and whistles you could possibly imagine
They fly they talk
They dance
But sometimes all that just gets in the way of what really matters
And sometimes I really want is a game that you can play with family and friends
When you move around yourself
Which is what the newest toy from
The Trent family is all about
We call it
The family game drawer
Everybody's favorites conveniently in one place
Well an impressive use of Technology but we have family game board boxes
Isn't that clever
Well I'll be
It suck come back
And it holds 11 different board games
We do love board games
How do we
Mr Hennessy I started making toys because
Transpired my imagination
And I've kept making toys because well
There is nothing better than watching someone's face light up
That's what special toys to
People shop
At my store is because
They know I'll see to it that they find what they want and what they need
A big part of that it's being in business
With the right people
Far as I can see Trent Brothers toys
Mighty fine combination of
And innovation
I would be proud to go to business. I fell asleep
Thank you sir thank you thank you so much
What I was telling you about my click deliverable
Alright my little bookworm
I'm going to bed you have a big day tomorrow
Hey listen
By the way
Thank you so much for your help today was a huge success
You okay
Yeah I guess
I miss Mom too honey
A swisher be here to my play
Yeah me too
And I know it's hard for you without her being there
And I also know you're worried because I missed last year but I promise you I'm going to be there
I think even if we can't see her
I think so too
It was just one problem though
I can't find the snow globe that mommy's to bring whether you know the one I'm talking about the Christmas one with the little girl in the Box inside
I know where it is
And now I'll bring it but
There it is you kept it safe didn't you
Dad I love you too sweetheart
Hi I know you're busy
Gingerbread my favorites how do I write
Just my way of saying thank you for being such a great friend by the way my kitchen is a disaster
That's good yes it is I got to go
Merry Christmas
Okay come on I'm your audience awaits
Do I look okay
Real where's Amelia
What does self get in our house
Alright hey I just need to make one quick stop on the way
Be right back
Okay let's go
I got to go backstage
Hi there I was just getting to Melia special
Hey I just texted you yeah I just really wanted to see you
I didn't my phone really well it said that we close the Hennessy deal
Christmas Eve is almost here we have a big problem
Santa's Christmas list of good boys and girls is missing
Without that list
How was I to know where to deliver the toys
Distance doesn't deliver the toys on Christmas
Stanton's liver the toys on Christmas there'll be alive
Sad children
I definitely say this in a Christmas to remember
It's thanks to you and your three system you know
And I also have to say that
I think there's a voice thing. Yeah safe for change
Change my wife Lydia
Call basis
Not nearly enough time to spend with you
I have a feeling we'll be starting a whole new calendar
Now that was a beautiful movie
Thank you for watching Hallmark movies and Mysteries 12 most wonderful movies of Christmas
Meet us back here next time for another all-new original premiere as 12 most wonderful movies of Christmas continue
He nervous of the nervous system
Beethoven and Kevin McGarry star and a song for Christmas next Saturday night at 9 on Hallmark movies and miss
Happy holidays