Christmas in the Rockies (2020) Movie Script

[grand majestic music]
[dog panting]
Oh, Bear.
Oh Bear, you've
come to say goodbye.
Yes, I'm going to miss you.
[Bear whines]
[Grandpa Sam]
Tick tock, time to rock!
Okay, it's time.
C'mon Bear!
I never imagined my
future would involve
wearing a
blazer to work.
[Grandpa Sam]
Superhero Katie!
Saving our environment
one day at a time.
I'm an advisor.
It's a dream job,
but it's in an office,
in a city made of concrete.
Well, I wish I could
find you a job here
in Homewood that was
suitable for your talents.
It's exciting. You're just
starting on your journey.
And I am an old man.
So what I say must be true.
Hmm. Must be.
[they both laugh]
What's important
is what you think.
I think I'm excited
to find out!
You have got strong roots.
Stand tall.
[Katie squeals]
I'm moving to New York City!
- Okay.
- Yeah.
Hey guys!
Just wanted to say good bye!
Bye Katie.
Do they really need you
right before Christmas?
[Katie] They do.
- You'll miss your dad
lighting the tree
at the Festival of Lights.
I know.
Next year, I promise!
Good work with the tree.
Happy holidays, guys. Bye!
Ray! How's Susan?
Chemo's all done.
She's stronger every day.
And I'm using the company
Christmas Bonus to surprise
her and the kids with
a trip to Disneyland.
- No way! That's great.
- Yeah. Yeah.
Go on all the roller
coaster rides for me, okay!
Oh, there she is.
Our new Sustainability Officer.
I have big shoes to fill,
but the eco practices you
put in place for
Jolly Lumber
will be up to
your standards.
Good. And rule of thumb -
give back more than you take.
Merry Christmas!
Ah! Studying for
the Annual Christmas
Lumberjack Competition.
Nah, I already know
everything I need
to crush the records.
Are we good?
I don't want to
leave with any kind
of weirdness between us.
I get it.
You're worried things are
going to look different here
after you leave.
Good luck with
the competition.
And if you really want
to see a good cut,
check out
Marie Brown's technique.
As if.
She has the cleanest cut that
competition has ever seen.
Just saying.
Anyway, I need to find dad.
Don't get too comfy.
It's time.
I need a hug.
Well, I'm working.
I would have happily picked
up an axe and worked for you.
But we both know you
wouldn't let that happen.
So you gave up trees for
skyscrapers because of me?
Is that it?
Please be happy for me.
Your mom and I were so young
when we got together.
You have your whole
life ahead of you.
You know, when you
were about four,
you cried for three
straight days
when you found out that I cut
down trees for a living.
You made me promise that I'd
replant every single one.
It's the right thing to do!
You changed the way I
do business forever.
You make things better
wherever you go, Katie.
That's why it's hard for me,
seeing my little
girl all grown up.
But it's the
right thing to do.
Come on.
[Katie] I'm going to video
call you every Sunday.
Oh good.
Somebody from IT will
be more than happy
to show me how to do that,
over and over again.
[Katie laughs]
Come on. You like the company.
Don't forget - Sundays.
Yeah, except the last
Sunday before Christmas.
'Cause that day I
will be winning
the Annual Christmas
Lumberjack Competition!
Dad I thought you
retired your chainsaw!
Not this year.
Someone from our family has
competed for fifty years.
My nephews are
away at college.
Your uncle's got
a broken arm.
So, it's my turn.
It's tradition!
Well be nice to Jake because
his big, plaid-wearing heart
is set on winning this year.
We'll see about that.
- Hey Gord.
- Sam.
Wanna come along
for the ride?
Grandpa made some cookies!
No, I gotta get that
machine working.
Can you check in on grandpa
for me when I'm gone?
Sam doesn't need me.
He could have a conversation
with the paint drying
on the wall.
Well I don't want you
to be lonely either.
I'll be all right.
I love you dad.
Go get 'em Katie.
Don't you dare
become a Yankees fan!
[Katie's phone buzzes]
Ms. Whitaker!
I'm so excited to
go to New York.
I can hear that.
You know, your enthusiasm is
what got you this job, Ms Jolly.
I will be at your
office at 9 am sharp.
Actually, that's the
reason for my call.
We're having a 7:30 breakfast
meeting to welcome you.
I hope that's okay?
I'm mean, you're going to be a
little jet lagged but...
Um, 7:30 it is!
Although the Rockies to
Manhattan that's two time zones.
I personally need at least
five to get jet lagged.
Actually, make it 7:10.
Human Resources is going
to need to see you first.
Yeah, of course.
Excellent. Well it looks
like we're all set.
Well thank you, Ms. Whitaker.
I'm looking forward to meeting
all your partners tomorrow.
And I am looking forward
to working with you.
You know, you are going to be
a breath of fresh air
around this office.
I'll see you soon.
Thank you.
[traveling music]
Ring the bell
I'm coming home
Gonna share that
Yuletide glow
The best part of the year
you know
Is Christmas Time
Want a cookie?
I'm saving them for later.
Just like your mother.
Can you check
in on dad for me?
Once in a while?
I don't think he'd appreciate
me checking in on him.
He's so stubborn.
People grieve in
different ways.
He doesn't realize that we
all lost Carol that day.
Not just him.
Katie, I'm here for
him whenever he wants.
But who knows if
that'll be anytime soon.
This road only leads
to one place.
The sawmill.
It's probably nothing.
[more sirens approaching]
That is a lot of emergency
vehicles for nothing.
Dad's not answering.
He's probably
trying to take care
of whatever
happened up there.
No, no, no.
We have to go back.
Everyone at Jolly
Lumber is family.
I need to know
everyone's okay.
[Grandpa Sam]
[Gordon's cries of pain]
[Harrison] Is that the
log that fell on him?
[Gordon's cries of pain]
Dad! Dad!
Ma'am! I need you to stay back.
That's my father!
Honey, honey.
If you want your father
to keep his leg,
you need to let
me do my job!
[Gordon's cries of pain]
All right.
Can you hear me sir?
He'll be okay.
You his daughter?
It's okay. I'm here Dad.
[breathing heavily]
What are you doing here?
Don't worry about
that right now.
All that matters is
that you're okay.
You're going to be okay.
Okay. We're almost there.
There you go.
Don't pull.
There you go.
- Ow!
- Sorry!
Have to work at getting
through doorways.
Who taught you how to drive?
Oh right. It was me.
Welcome home dad!
Grandpa and I brought the
Christmas boxes out of storage.
- Yeah...
- Oh, come on.
I'll make some hot cocoa,
we can blast the carols...
Not this year.
You're going to have
to let us help you.
[Katie's phone buzzes]
[Katie] I'm afraid
so, Ms. Whitaker.
I apologize, but is there
any way you could give me
a bit more time to
help my father settle?
I am really sorry about your
personal situation
but we need you here,
like yesterday.
I can be there
in a few weeks.
I can work straight through
Christmas to make up for it!
You know, you are our
first choice. By far.
But I can assure you there are
hundreds of eager applicants,
just waiting to take your place.
Please. I have worked my
entire life for this.
Your work on the
preservation of green spaces,
I will do everything in my power
to help those policies pass.
You don't have
to convince me.
The job is already yours
and it starts tomorrow.
I understand.
Thank you.
Isn't there anything I can do?
Push my start date?
The one thing I can't do.
I'm sorry.
Yeah. Me too.
[Katie] Now I know that
this is no fun,
but you really have to stop
being so hard on yourself.
I bet you could get out of
that chair by Christmas.
To light the tree at
the Festival of Lights!
Yeah. Good bye to the Christmas
Lumberjack Competition.
Is that what you're
worried about right now?
A lumberjack competition?
Those skills have been
passed on through our family
for generations.
A Jolly man has competed
in that contest for...
For fifty years, I know.
And now I'm the one who's
letting everybody down.
[country music playing
on record player]
[knocking at door]
It's good to see you
back on your feet.
Well, not really your feet,
but, you know what I mean.
- Katie.
- Jake.
Look Jake, I'm sorry all
this company stuff has
fallen on your shoulders.
These shoulders can
handle the day to day.
Unfortunately, you've got
bigger problems to worry about.
I was going through the
accounting books today...
Ah ah. This isn't the right
time to talk about that.
So you knew?
You have to
seriously reconsider
the Big Mountain
Forest Products offer.
What offer?
I don't want to sell
right now. All right.
We can talk about
this early next year.
We might be past what you
'want' at this point.
Okay! What's going
on right now?
[Jake] Jolly Lumber
is burning money.
Look, we had a few tough
months, all right.
Some old equipment,
some terrible luck.
Without a serious
cash injection
we'll barely make
it into next year.
What about a bank loan?
We've already got
a few of those.
As far as I can see,
we should cancel the
Christmas Festival of Lights.
[Jake] We need that
sponsorship money back.
That would be like canceling
Homewood's Christmas.
No. I won't do it!
And no staff
Christmas bonuses.
My workers rely
on those bonuses!
[Jake] Your workers
rely on their jobs!
We have never not given
Christmas Bonuses.
Ray needs that money.
He's planned a trip
for his family.
Hey, I'm not Scrooge.
I'm trying to keep us alive.
Tell me what to do.
I can help Jake manage.
I don't need you.
Jake's been down there
with me at the company
for fifteen years.
He knows it as well as I do.
You need to get yourself
to New York City!
I'm not going to New York.
I've already
made up my mind.
They've replaced me.
It's done.
There will be other jobs.
You're the only dad I have.
We'll figure this
out together.
So you're staying?
That's enough for today.
Dad needs to focus on
healing right now.
I'm only trying to help.
I know you are.
What would Marie Brown do?
She'd grab an axe and chop
all her problems to pieces.
Too bad my life's
already fallen apart.
Your toss.
Katie, I know things may
seem bad right now...
My father almost died!
The family
business is broke.
And without the staff Bonuses
and the Festival of Lights,
Christmas may as
well be canceled!
And I lost a
prestigious job,
and I'm crashing in
my childhood bedroom.
You're bedroom
is really cute.
Not to mention, that my
father trusts my ex-boyfriend
with the family
business more than me.
Don't even get me
started on Jake.
I can't believe
I ever dated him.
Anything else I missed?
Just the dartboard.
[video call ringing]
Ah, give me a
minute fellows.
[ringing continues]
[Gordon] Marie Brown?
This is a surprise.
How long has it been?
Too many years, Gordie.
Since before we
had wrinkles.
You still don't.
You're as beautiful as ever.
And you're as generous as
ever with your compliments.
More handsome, though.
I heard you were back.
I was hoping to run
into you in town.
Yeah, I moved in with my
sister a few weeks ago.
But I'll tell you what
I heard in town today.
Something not so
great about your leg.
How're you doing?
Fine. I'm just stuck in
a cast for a few weeks.
But I'll be as good
as new in no time.
I doubt it's as
easy as that.
Oh, sure it is.
I get as much couch time
as a man could ask for.
And if I need anything,
I just snap my fingers.
And I'm sure your 'people'
just love it when you snap.
Listen. I'm just glad
that you're okay.
I guess this means
you're out of
the Christmas Lumberjack
Competition, huh?
Yeah. So much for our
family tradition.
Yeah. I hung up my axe
a few years ago, too.
So, uh, what
brought you back?
You know how the mountains
are. They just...
They just called me.
I missed my sister.
I missed her family.
I missed a lot of things
about this place.
Well, I'm...
glad you're here.
Me too.
Good night, Gordie.
Good night.
I haven't seen her in forever.
My dad doesn't want my help!
I just wish mom was here.
Both Gordon and Sam
must be really missing
her right now too.
Your mom... She found the
silver lining in everything.
She wouldn't want you to
be sadly sipping beers
when there are good
fries to be had.
The trick is, if you eat two
at a time, it counts as one.
[Katie chuckles]
It might take some time,
but I think your dad's
going to be just fine.
Hi. Could I have a
menu and ginger ale.
Sure, coming right up.
It's not polite to stare
at handsome strangers.
That's the rude paramedic
from dad's accident.
Wait. What were you saying?
Silver lining.
I think I found it!
Can I see that for a second?
- Oh, sure.
- Ah no.
The brochure for the Christmas
Lumberjack Competition.
Actually, I was just
reading right now.
Well, great! I will too.
- Okay...
- Flip the page! Come on.
How's your father, ma'am?
Still not ma'am.
Just being polite.
Fifty thousand dollars!
That's the cash
prize this year?
My dad's about to be
a whole lot better.
I can't bring my mom back,
or make my dad walk,
but I can swing an axe.
I can honor fifty years
of family tradition
and if I win the
grand prize then
Homewood's Christmas
is back on!
That competition is a few
days before Christmas.
That's three weeks away!
It's not like I'm learning
the skill from scratch.
Remember, I was
a Junior Champ!
You haven't picked up
an axe in fifteen years.
Muscle memory!
It's in me.
I always thought I had
one too many fingers.
Very funny.
A competition like this,
it takes serious skills.
I mean, you could get
seriously injured.
I'll have safety equipment.
Look, all I need
is a good coach.
Your father's just never
going to go for this.
Exactly why we
don't tell him.
You can train me.
Come on, you can
squeeze me in
and Grandpa Sam can coach
me in the mornings.
It'll be our little secret!
For your sake, I
hope Sam agrees.
Fine, fine.
I can help you with
strength, power and agility.
But I am no lumberjack.
He's going to love this.
Yeah. Yeah.
Sure he is.
[Katie] We'll get started
bright and early.
[very loud alarm clock rings]
All of the events are based on
traditional forestry practices.
I love watching these guys.
Standing Block Chop,
Underhand Chop,
Axe Throwing, Cross Cut Saw,
Obstacle Pole.
I was never good
at the Obstacle Pole.
It's easy. It's just a
question of speed and balance.
And not falling
on a chainsaw.
I can - not fall.
Well, you better run
through each one.
So we know what to work on.
Besides Obstacle Pole.
All right!
This is your target here.
Go for it.
Big swing, okay?
Uh huh.
[upbeat music starts]
I thought I had
it figured out
I thought I had it all but
That was when
you ran around
Oh I can really feel it now
Yeah we got
a-ways to go but
But at least
we're not alone
Baby you can lay
your hair down
If you wanna leave
we'll go right now
[Grandpa Sam]
Come on Katie!
Good! Good!
I kinda like we
get along oh baby
Go on Katie!
I'll be ready if
the world goes crazy
Just tell me what you need
I'll never let you down
No oh oh oh oh oooh
Hey oh oh oh oh oooh
Ah! Blisters already!
It's like coming home again.
You really are in
your element, Katie.
We both know you
can win this.
[breathing hard] Oh boy.
I'm exhausted.
I love it though.
Well that's a good start.
I know you want to cancel
the Festival of Lights,
and the staff bonuses,
but please,
for the love of all
things Jolly - don't.
Look, I know how to get
the money to cover it.
You're winning the lottery?
I wish.
But you can't tell my Dad.
What if your idea
doesn't pan out?
It has to. It will!
Why are you so sweaty?
It's hot in here.
Aren't you hot?
Dad? You want some breakfast?
I'm getting hangry.
You got to be a little more
careful next time. Right?
What's wrong?
Nothing new.
He's the Paramedic.
Well some people
call me Harrison.
Well, Harrison, um...
There's no emergency
here, so...
I'm off the clock.
I just came here to
check in on your father.
And while I'm here, could
I have my brochure back?
What brochure?
Nothing, it's just, ah...
Actually, your father
here has agreed for me
to help him out with his
physical therapy.
When he's ready.
Wait. What?
You told me I should
let people help me.
Maybe I can be the one to
light the Christmas tree at
the Festival of Lights.
Especially if
it's the last one.
Dad! That's great.
You know, Harrison
here is new in town.
Yeah. I can tell.
So maybe you could
show him around?
- Oh, no.
- What?
I've some stuff I need to...
You know he practically saved
your old man's life right?
Sure. I guess it's
the least I can do.
I will make you
some pancakes.
Hey, and, ah, whip up a few for
Harrison here too. Will you?
I love pancakes, actually.
Who doesn't.
Well this is probably not
what you wanted to be
doing this afternoon.
Oh no. I love being set
up on dates by my dad.
You're showing the
new guy around town.
This is a very un-date.
Well, ah, this is Main Street.
It's mainly where
everything is.
Oh? Not named after
Samuel P. Main? [laughs]
There's the... Ow!
- You all right?
- Mmm. Sorry.
I, ah, I hurt my
shoulder playing...
Playing darts last night.
Well, we didn't cover dart
related injuries in school,so...
So, there's the Diner, the
General Store for all of your...
General needs.
Wow. It's so... simple.
Life is not simple here.
Well it's a lot less complicated
than New York so ah...
Never heard of it.
What? New York, New York.
So nice they named it twice.
I love New York.
If New York is so great,
why are you here?
My dad brought
me here as a kid.
So you moved to the Rockies
because you visited once?
Are you sure you're not
running from the police?
[Harrison] So, you
ever been to New York?
[Katie] Um, yeah. I was supposed
to move there for work.
An Advisor at an
Environmental Law firm.
Oh wow. I don't peg you
for working with lawyers.
Me neither.
I love nature.
I like getting
my hands dirty.
I have a PhD in
agriculture and forestry.
Whoah! Impressive. Doctor.
Okay. Calm down.
Yeah, after I graduated
I wanted to work at
preserving the environment.
But you love the outdoors.
You live in the Rockies.
It just seems so...
Backwards to me.
Enough talking about me.
I'm sorry.
Hey do you know a place
called Falconer's Point?
It was my father's
favorite place.
- Yeah. Falconer's Point.
- Yeah.
Yeah, it's a beautiful
mountain view lookout.
Named after
Samuel P. Falconer.
[Harrison laughs]
Of course.
Could we... uh... go?
It's a little late
for that hike.
Besides, I don't think you'd
get very far with those shoes.
Oh no?
What shoes do you
suggest I wear?
I don't know... hiking boots.
- Hiking boots?
Yeah, things are really
simple here in Homewood.
[Harrison chuckles]
Wow! Look at that tree.
It's almost as big as the
one at the Rockefeller.
Yeah, we decorate it during
the Festival of Lights.
And then my dad lights it.
It's a really special night.
Unfortunately, this
will be the last year.
But if you want to
experience Christmas
in the Rocky Mountains,
that is the weekend to do it.
I'm not feeling too
Christmassy this year.
Is it still on the 25th?
Yup yup.
Just like in New York.
Ah yeah. Right right.
Speaking of the
Lumberjack Competition...
Why didn't you want your dad to
know about the brochure?
He just seemed a little down
about not being able to compete.
So. I didn't want to rub
it in his face, you know.
Oh okay. Right.
So then why did you
take my brochure?
Just trying to figure
out a little bit.
Yeah. It's going to take a
little more than a brochure.
Well, the General Store has
a fine variety of maps
that can tell you everything
you want to know
about the
Rocky Mountains.
No dad-forced un-date
tour necessary.
Oh great!
I'll go check it out.
- Ah, yeah, cool.
- All right.
Oh boy.
Which way was it again?
- It's over there.
- Right.
Better go ice that shoulder.
And take it easy
on those darts!
- Yup. Thank you.
- You're welcome.
[alarm clock rings]
[phone buzzes]
Morning, sunshine!
Tick tock, time to rock!
Sam says you love that.
You know you're not
the coach in 'Rocky'!
You're a bum, kid.
I tell ya, you're a bum!
Up. Get up.
Get up. Get up up up.
I'm outside.
He's a tourist, here for a
taste of the 'simple' life.
I thought he moved here.
He did.
It's not nothing to just pick up
and move across the country.
He must be here
for something.
He doesn't even
know what that is.
And I've already used the whole
'running from the police'
And that came up negative?
Hey, tight core.
So I'm guessing there
won't be a second un-date?
I mean he's cute,
but he's too moody.
A big city know-it-all.
Yeah. At 5 am, you're
pretty moody too.
Hey! Twenty-five crunches
and I want core tight!
No no! I can't,
I'm too tired.
This is when the real
work begins. Okay?
Come on, tick tock,
time to...
Stop! I'm sweating in places
I have never sweat before.
[scoffs] This is only
half your workout girl.
Come on!
I'm doing all the
actual work here.
Promise me that you'll...
Yes! Yes I promise.
Yes! Sprints this afternoon to
make up for whatever this is.
I don't like it.
Okay, now I want you to
visualize yourself walking
up to that podium, wishing
everyone a Merry Christmas,
and then lighting
up that tree.
- Got it?
- Yeah.
All right. There you go.
I want you also to remember
to put weight on your hands,
not under your arms.
- Okay.
- How's that?
It's good. It's good.
Let's go. Keep going.
On the arms.
[Katie] Marie wins again.
[crashing noises]
[Harrison] Whoa!
I'm okay. I'm okay.
Be careful out
there on the ladder!
I don't want to have
to call the Paramedics.
Yeah, I heard they can
be real jerks. Ma'am.
[Katie chuckles]
Gord asked me to hang
the outdoor lights.
And I didn't realize
how unskilled I am at
wrapping yards of lights
around big fat trees.
Well I appreciate
you helping,
but you really don't
need to do any of this.
No, honestly, I like to
help out another dad.
My father passed, and, um,
this will be my first
Christmas without him.
I'm sorry.
It really helps
if the lights
aren't in a tangled
mess when you start.
Oh no. They weren't.
This is all my doing.
[they both laugh]
- Here.
- Thanks.
You got hiking boots!
Oh yeah. I got a hot tip.
Apparently hiking boots
are good for hiking.
Are you going to
Falconer's Point today?
Nah. I'm still trying to
find my mountain legs.
You're going to have to
jump in at some point.
Ah, spoiler alert.
I'm not really a natural
at this outdoorsy stuff.
- No way!
- Way.
My dad loved
fishing and hiking
and I love video
games and baseball.
I almost went pro.
For baseball.
I guess I, I came out here
to reconnect with him.
That's really lovely.
I still have a few thousand
steps I need to get in today,
and I know a great workout.
No need to go to the gym.
And it's free!
- Are you interested?
- Sure.
I'll go grab my stuff.
- Good luck with these.
- Thank you.
[Harrison] Just curious.
How concerned do I have to be
about being attacked by a
grizzly bear right now?
Those are the last words you
say before a grizzly attack.
No, I'm serious.
I need to know.
- For a friend.
- Oh, I see.
Well we have black
bears but no grizzlies.
Oh. Just black bears.
Just black bears.
That's just great.
Okay. Perfect.
[they both laugh]
Just straight ahead.
It's the mountain lions
you have to look out for.
They actually track
you from the trees.
And they love a
New York steak.
Like mountain lions?
Wait wait wait.
Why are there lions
in the mountain?
They're the King
of the Jungle!
What more could
they possibly want?
Not to worry. You've got your
pepper spray, you'll be fine.
Pepper spray! I didn't
pack my pepper spray.
I didn't know I
needed pepper spray
for lions in
the mountains!
All right.
Would tears of a grown
man help scare them off?
Oh good. I could easily
save us both then.
Don't worry. I got you.
Had it packed for New York.
Of course.
[Katie] It's nice to
see you warming up.
What, I was cold before?
You were practically a
snowman in the ambulance.
The least you could've done
is tell me my dad was
going to be okay.
I didn't know your dad
was going to be okay.
I didn't want to lie to you.
Well. Your bedside
manner needs work.
As a Paramedic,
I see people at their most
vulnerable every day.
I do what I'm trained to do.
I just won't give
people false hope.
Not anymore.
What do you mean?
Before my dad died,
he called me and told
me his chest was tight.
I was concerned, given
his history and all.
But I told him not to worry
about it and he'd be okay.
I told him to
meet me at the ER.
He never made it
to the hospital.
I'm sure your
father was grateful
that he got to talk
to you that day.
When I was 17, I was so
angry with my mother
because she wouldn't let
me go to this park party.
And to get back at her,
I left for school
without saying goodbye.
She died a few hours later.
Freak accident
at Jolly Lumber.
I never got to say goodbye.
But I sometimes feel like
she's still with me, you know?
Do you notice that, too?
Magic moments that tell you that
the people you love are near.
You weren't kidding.
- That was a good workout!
- Told you!
This view, what we're
seeing right now,
will never be
the same again.
It's alive.
Changing, moving, growing.
Every changing.
[inhales and exhales deeply]
[sounds of nature]
[sounds of nature]
My dad would love this.
This is Falconer's Point.
- It is?
- Uh huh.
I climbed all the way
to Falconer's Point?
[Katie chuckles]
Dad was right.
I've spent my whole life
outdoors watching trees grow,
be cut down, replanted
and grow tall again.
Areas of the forest that
have been affected by fire
will grow more
lush than before.
Did you know all
those mountains
were at the bottom
of the ocean once?
Ah. You're going to have
to explain that one to me.
No matter what happens,
the natural world will
always keep changing.
Growing. Like us.
[crunch of snow, twigs]
Mountain lion!
Is that a...?
It's a doe.
A doe?
A female deer.
See? Magic moments.
Thanks for this, Katie.
Yeah, I should probably
get back for my shift.
I don't want to be late.
Yeah yeah! Absolutely.
Do you know any more
hikes like this?
I'd like to find more
moments, like this.
Yeah. Sure.
I need to get my steps in.
Let's go.
[alarm rings loudly]
[upbeat music begins]
I remember Christmas
as a child
Waking up to all those
smells and sounds
Racin' downstairs to see
What might be under
the Christmas tree
Oh can I please
please have that back?
[crunch of snow, twigs]
[music continues]
That Christmas joy
I once had as a boy
That Christmas peace
When heart and soul
were both at ease
That Christmas love
I need more of
I remember making
all the gifts
Cuttin' out birds of paper
and seein they would lift
Ready, ready, ready.
2, 3...
Wrap them up with
ties and bows
Whatever's in
there no one knows
Oh can I please
please have that back?
[song ends]
What are you doing
here so early?
Funny. I was just about to
ask you the same thing.
Gentlemen, yes,
right in here.
Please, take a look around.
I'll be right with you.
[quietly] What do you
think you're doing?
You heard my dad.
He's not ready to sell.
We got to keep
our options open.
Which reminds me.
The staff's been asking
about their bonuses.
What would you like
me to tell them?
I don't have time for this.
sorry about that.
Where were we?
Kind of like this?
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
It's just so the oxygen
can move through
and keep the
fire going.
Who taught you all
this about fires?
Grandpa Sam.
Ah. That's too bad that
Sam and Gord can't spend
Christmas together.
My mother brought
them together.
They haven't agreed on
anything since she died.
Well, they do
agree on one thing.
They love you very much.
Oh! Problem solved!
I'm sorry. It's just...
- It's complicated.
- Okay.
I just figured out why dad loved
the great outdoors so much.
Hiking, the fresh air.
Spending time with you is
exactly what I needed.
Yeah. Me too.
You know, I was thinking...
What if I started
a camp for kids?
To help them put down
their screens down
and get their
hands dirty.
Hiking, camping, tree
planting, astronomy,
building fires.
That kind of stuff.
You want to start
an outdoors camp?
Yeah, I mean, kids these days
are missing out on so much
and they don't
even know it!
It's just, you didn't
even know that the words
'hiking' and 'boots'
went together.
We could work together!
We'd make a great team. Right?
The hiking's been fun, but
there are a lot of other things
I really need to
focus on right now.
Yeah okay. I just...
It was just an idea.
Believe me, you have been
the one good, honest thing
to come out of this mess.
[phone buzzes]
Sorry. I got to get that.
Uh huh.
Hey, ah, do you maybe want
to grab dinner tonight?
Together. We can
talk about the camp.
I'm sorry. I got to work.
But another night?
I have to admit,
this is nice.
Well dad, we had to get
you out of the house!
But what could be
better than dinner
with my two
favorite men?
- Men?
- Uh huh.
Well thanks for the invite,
but I'm not that hungry.
Oh, come on you
two, be nice.
This animosity has
gone on too long.
Come on. Sit.
I got you pizza!
- Are those anchovies?
- Your favorite!
[Katie] Nobody else's
favorite, just yours.
This is evil.
You're baiting me
with a bait fish.
I am reinstating
weekly family dinners.
Katie, we haven't
done those for years.
Not since mom died.
All three of us loved her.
And all three
of us miss her.
And all three of us need
to eat dinner. So...
Why not do it together?
Family was the most
important thing to mom,
and it is to me too.
So you two will see a
lot more of each other,
whether you like it or not.
Ideally, you'll
start liking it.
You raised one
stubborn daughter.
Yeah. Just like your daughter.
Is that Harrison?
[Gordon] Yeah. Why don't you
invite him to join us?
[Grandpa Sam] Yeah. We'll
finally have some decent
Why are you hiding?
Harrison told me he
was working tonight.
Well he could still
be on the clock.
He's not wearing
his uniform.
Maybe it's casual Friday?
I guess he just didn't want
to have dinner with me.
Have a slice of pizza.
It's been three days.
Just ask him what happened!
It's probably nothing!
No, it's not nothing.
Harrison wouldn't lie to me
about dad's health
in the ambulance.
Why would he lie to
me about his work?
You like him.
That's beside the point!
If I'm going to win this
competition, I need to focus.
Really, it's for the best.
It's for the best.
So if you say
it three times,
does a genie come out of the
chainsaw and make it come true?
Harrison was a distraction...
Are you okay?
I'm calling 9-1-1.
No, don't overreact.
I'm fine.
All right then,
I'm calling Harrison!
No! No! Stop!
It's ringing.
Really, it was just a
little bonk on the head.
No it was a medium bonk.
What were you
doing today anyway?
I was distracted.
Just clumsy.
Well you just got to
take it easy today,
get lots of rest and
drink lots of water.
You'll be fine.
Any particular reason why you
haven't returned my calls?
I mean, if you didn't
like the camp idea
you should have just told me.
Are you okay?
Thanks for your help.
I can take it from here.
I'm fine.
All right. Make sure she takes
it easy today, okay Jake?
Katie, I've got a pretty
busy week this week, so...
Maybe I'll see you at
the Festival of Lights?
Yeah, Katie and
I will be there.
You should come!
Yeah, sure.
Call if you need anything.
Stop that! Stop.
Tell me, why are you sneaking
onto private property?
This is my dad's company!
For now.
I'm doing all I can to keep it
afloat and you're sneaking off
on predawn playdates
with the new guy?
I'm training for the Christmas
Lumberjack Competition.
The cash prize will cover
the Festival of Lights
and the Christmas Bonuses.
Cute, Katie!
So this is the big secret
you didn't want your
dad to know about?
You know he
wouldn't approve.
Rightly so.
You're already getting hurt!
I'm not going to
get hurt again.
You're not going to
train here again.
Tell your father.
Or I will.
[Katie] Not only am I going to
compete, I'm going to win.
Dad I've been
training for weeks.
Grandpa and Amanda
have been coaching me.
Ah, I should have known
you were involved in this!
No, no, no, no.
This was my idea.
For Pete's sake, Gord,
she's doing it for you!
Just stay out of
this all right.
I'm not going to
listen to you.
If you'd only stop trying to
control every little thing,
we might not have been in this
situation in the first place.
Oh, I got us into this mess?
If you hadn't
encouraged Carol...
I raised my daughter
to follow her heart.
And look what it got me.
Grandpa it wasn't
anyone's fault.
Mom died in an accident
doing what she loved,
surrounded by the
people she loved.
We should all be so lucky.
I'm going to win that
fifty thousand dollars
for the company.
And don't tell me
you don't need it!
She's good, Gord.
She has a real chance.
Dad, please let me
do this for you.
She's a Jolly heir.
She can carry on your
family tradition.
I didn't get these
calluses for nothing!
Those are pretty good.
I know I'm not in
New York right now.
But I am in the best
shape of my life.
And I feel like I have a real
purpose for the first time.
And, ah, I don't know,
maybe falling in love
for the first time.
Well, I sure hope Harrison
is the one because
I'm don't think I can survive
having another tree fall on me.
[Katie and Grandpa Sam chuckle]
Listen. If you're
going to this...
There's somebody
you should see.
[Katie] You... Marie Brown...
Are going to train me?
I can't wait to see
you in action, Katie.
Might as well learn
from the best.
You two were really high
school sweethearts?
Were we sweethearts, Gordy?
Is that what you told her?
We don't need to waste
any of your time talking....
I mean, you were
pretty sweet.
Listen, when they asked me
to host the Competition
I was so honored, you know
working with new people
and seeing old friends.
I don't want any favoritism.
Oh no no. You are not
going to get any. Okay.
It is just you and your
axe against the clock.
- Okay.
- Okay. You got that?
Well, I suppose you'll
be wanting to come
to Christmas dinner now.
Oh yeah, sweetheart.
The table's full.
There's no room.
No room!
I'll make room.
[Katie] Keeping my balance
isn't the problem,
it's keeping the
chainsaw balanced.
Okay. Let's slow it down.
Get a good grip of the saw.
Plant your feet,
bend your knees.
Sink down a little bit
lower. There you go.
Back up a bit.
Start your saw.
[Katie yells]
[chainsaw starts]
That was better.
That was good!
Yes, and we'll just do it
again and again and again
until your body's like
"I got this". Boom! Saw drop!
But don't drop the saw.
It's dangerous.
And you'll be disqualified.
Okay. Here we go!
Look at these!
[knock at door]
[Grandpa Sam]
Hang on.
[door opens and closes]
- Oh hi.
- Hi!
- [Gordon] Marie!
- Hi!
You look beautiful.
You always look beautiful.
Thank you. You're
charming as ever, Gord.
Sam, you didn't tell
me Marie was coming.
Well I told you I was
inviting some guests.
Wow, you still take
decorating more seriously
than anyone I know!
It looks great.
[knock at door]
[Grandpa Sam]
Oh, excuse me.
- Marie!
- Hey.
- It's so nice to see you.
- You too.
- Come in.
- Thank you so much.
So, are you all
ready for tomorrow?
Absolutely. Thanks to you.
That's why I'm here.
- And this is my other guest.
- Hi.
That's a surprise, Grandpa.
[Gordon] Harrison!
This is Marie.
- Hi.
- Hi Marie. How are you?
- Good thanks. How are you?
- Great.
[Harrison] Is there anything
I can do to help?
No. I'm almost done.
Wow. This looks incredible.
I didn't think I
was going to get
a Christmas dinner this year.
Thank you.
For everything.
- You can grab the salad.
- Okay.
[indistinct chattering,
Did I see some dessert
out there in the kitchen?
Already? Wouldn't you like
to wait a little bit?
No, I'm switching
it up this year.
- Okay.
- I'll give you a hand.
Nice one, Sam.
Wish I'd thought of that.
Marie, I wonder.
Can you do me a favor?
Um, the tree still
needs some decoration,
what with Gord's
leg and all.
He can show you where
the ornaments are.
Oh yeah, no sure.
I'd love to.
I noticed there were
some empty spots.
Gord usually
goes for perfect.
So yes, let's go do that.
I'll send in some dessert.
Yeah, you'd better.
Come on, Sam. I'm too old
to be chasing after girls.
You just add a
couple of decades,
and then you can say
you're really old.
And you're never
too old for that.
My leg was
practically crushed.
Oh, come on Gord.
It's not that chair
that's holding you back.
Go for it.
How are you so
annoyingly positive?
It's a knack.
It's a knack. Lucky us.
Mind the table.
It's an antique.
- Oww!
- An antique!
Antique! You're an antique.
You look stunning tonight.
[laughs] You clean up
nice yourself.
I barely recognized you
without your hiking boots on.
- Is that lemon meringue?
- Uh huh. My mom's recipe.
Can I have a...
- Get the plates.
- Okay.
I'm really glad
you came tonight.
Are you feeling
the holiday spirit?
Yeah, I'm starting to.
How's your head?
Still attached.
Rattles a bit
when you shake it?
Uhhh. No more than usual.
Hey hey hey!
Get out of there.
That looks nice, right?
Oh my goodness.
This is adorable.
That's new this year.
It's fitting, isn't it.
What else we got in here?
Okay, this one.
This is something that Katie
made in kindergarten?
Sadly I think that might
be from the sixth grade.
Sixth grade? Okay.
She's better with an axe
than a glue gun, I guess.
Okay. That's looking good.
You know. I think it's
looks just about perfect.
I think so too.
Katie. I was going to ask...
You and Jake, um...
Oh. No no.
No we're not together.
Definitely not.
We, um, we used to date,
but it was not a good fit.
Oh. Because your
heart-rate spiked
when he came in the
other day. So...
Well, he's not exactly one of my
favorite people these days.
What about you? Are you,
uh, seeing anyone?
No. No.
There's this girl I
really like but, ah,
she stopped returning
my calls. So...
The other night when you
said 'no' to dinner because
you had work, I saw
you on Main Street.
And you weren't working.
Oh. No no no.
I was going to my
personal trainer.
It's part of my work.
I'm sorry. I...
I got to keep in
shape as a Paramedic.
Yeah... I may have over
reacted a queency bit.
Not a word.
- That's a word.
- No.
Yes it is. Look it up.
It's a word.
It's not a word.
I guess I just thought
that you didn't want to
have dinner with me.
Ah. Okay.
We have to fix that
because that is the last thing
I ever want you to think.
Thanks for dinner.
You're welcome.
I should. I should probably
get going soon. So...
Uh huh.
Are you going to the
Competition tomorrow?
I'm planning on it. Yeah.
Cool. I'm going too.
- Cool.
- Yeah.
Um... Don't worry
about the dishes.
I'll finish that later.
All right.
I'll see you.
[Garth V.O.]
Welcome to the 50th Annual
Lumber Competition.
There are a lot of great
competitors this year
and well be bringing
you all the action live.
With Garth Scott and former
Homewood Lumber Champion
Marie Brown.
Have you seen Harrison?
He was supposed to be here.
No I don't see him.
But I want to thank for taking
care of your head injury.
There was no head injury!
Hey he still
took care of you.
Oh! I'm going to be sick.
[Grandpa Sam]
You're going to be okay.
Deep breaths.
Remember your training.
You got this.
You got this!
Yeah yeah. I got this.
Good luck.
From the core, Katie.
Always from the core.
- Marie!
- Hey you.
Are you ready to show these
guys what you're made of?
- Yup!
- All right. Listen.
Don't you dare hold back.
Every swing counts.
- Okay.
- You've got this.
- Gordon.
- Hello Marie.
- How are you?
- Better for seeing you.
Oh. Thank you. See you.
Got this.
Not a word from you.
[Katie chuckles]
[Gordon] Katie. This
axe is for you.
Every Jolly has
competed with it.
For luck. It's yours.
You're going to make us
all very proud today.
- [Marie] Good morning Homewood!
- [Katie] Thanks Dad.
[Marie] And good
luck to all our
Lumberjacks and Jills
competing today.
Sit tight just a couple
more minutes as I ask
my competitors to make
their way to the stage.
Just a reminder, athletes.
We'll be holding the heats
for only three events today.
The top competitors
will advance to
the final two
events tomorrow.
You'll need to finish
fast for the win guys.
What are you...?
- Are you competing?
- Yeah!
Yeah. It was one of my
goals in moving here.
Urgh! You and your goals!
My dad loved these
You know it's a new
physical challenge.
I can't believe
this is happening.
Wait! Is that why
your arms were sore?
And the brochure!
Why didn't you tell me?
I didn't tell anyone!
Well, until
everyone found out.
What's your Dad
think of this?
Is he okay with it?
Yeah. Yeah he is.
Jolly Lumber could really
use the cash prize right now.
Besides, I'm
really good at it.
Okay guys. We're
live in 30 seconds.
Jake Pritchard you're on
stand one. Ted Kanoe stand two.
Katie, I really like you.
And I don't want to
jeopardize that.
So if you want me to compete
next year, it's totally cool.
No no no.
I want you to compete.
I like you too. I just
want to be with someone
who can challenge
me to be my best.
Let's see what you've got.
Let's see what you've got!
[Marie] Our first event today
- Standing Block Chop.
Those babies are twelve
inch diameter pine blocks.
Get ready for some
hard hits today
because those axes
are razor sharp.
Strength plus accuracy.
Let's see what you've
got, Jacks and Jills.
In three, two, one... Go!
The axe is sinking deep.
That is some great
chopping by Harrison.
Oh, it looks like Katie's got
a firm block of wood there.
Wood chips are just
flying, it's a close race.
It is down on stand one.
Jake Pritchard
takes the heat.
[Gordon] That's a good time.
Good time.
She'll be all right.
Way to go Katie!
After Standing Block,
Jake Pritchard tops
the leaderboard
followed by Harrison Brock.
Stick around folks.
We got a whole lot more
action coming your way.
It is the Underhand Chop.
Standing on a block of wood,
chop halfway through
the front side, turn around
and chop out the backside.
You got to watch
those toes though!
May the best man win.
You got it pal.
In three, two, one... Go!
[Garth] Jake is first to the
back side of his block!
[Garth] And that's down
on stand one.
Jake is on top.
Eight in the front
and ten in the back.
Ha ha ha.
[Garth] Here we go in three,
two, one... Go!
[Garth] Katie's first
hits are looking great.
That axe is
sinking deep.
[cheering from crowd]
[Garth] On stand two, powering
through the front side,
putting in drivers
and making the turn.
Beautiful chopping
by both of them.
A beautiful cut
by Katie Jolly!
Axe Throwing equals focus.
Can our Jacks and Jills tune
out all the distractions?
Great toss!
[Garth] And it just
cuts the line,
It's close but
that throw counts!
Oh, threw that one away.
[cheering, clapping]
[cheering, clapping]
And that's a bulls eye!
Harrison with a
perfect throw.
Katie's going to need a
bulls eye to win this one.
[Garth] And... Katie Jolly
wins axe throwing.
Come back tomorrow,
help us carve the winner's
name into history.
You did yourself
proud today, Katie.
And you also did a
number on your shoulder.
Let me take a look at it, huh?
It just not good enough.
I want to be higher
up on the leaderboard.
You're in fourth place!
You're just a
couple points back.
- Here.
- Ah!
A little chilly.
You did awesome out there.
Hold that there.
Blood sugar... and water.
[Katie's phone buzzes]
Do you mind?
No. Not at all.
Katie! Thanks for getting
back to me so soon.
Yes of course. Well,
thank you for calling!
You know how much I respect
Smythe Environmental.
I really miss your passion
for the environment.
Listen, I have some
good news for you.
Great. It's my lucky day.
Mine, too. Your replacement
didn't quite work out.
And our green space
preservation hearing
has been moved to February.
And I remember you saying that
you'd be willing to
work over Christmas.
We'd love to still have you.
We just need you to
start immediately.
Wow! Uh...
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
I love anchovies.
Do you want some?
Hey. I know it
was a tough day.
But are you okay?
The plan was always
for me to leave.
You and me?
Not part of the plan.
I thought we were having
a great time together.
The New York
law firm called.
They offered me
the job back.
That's amazing!
I mean, you always wanted
to move to New York, right?
Yeah, but I...
But what?
My dad needs me.
Your dad is
improving every day.
And Marie is happy to
spend time with him.
But what about the camp?
My camp was just a
little idea I had.
I have no idea if
it's going to work.
With the law firm, you
could really help make
a difference in
environmental practices.
That's what you want, right?
So you don't
want me to stay?
That's not what I'm saying.
But everything you're
saying is about me going.
Not even a little bit
about wanting me to stay.
What about us?
Katie you can't stay
here just for me.
I need some air.
Katie! I... Katie!
You know it's a bad idea
to pack a suitcase
while you're crying.
[sobs] I just unpacked,
and now...
If I stay...
I don't even know if I
can win the competition.
And if I go...
I don't know if I want to sit
in an office day in day out.
I love it here.
I have my family.
The mountains.
[sobs] Harrison wants me to go.
[sobs] I thought
we had something...
Really great, you know.
You did, honey.
That's why it hurts so much.
Look. You don't have to
worry about winning.
I made a deal to
merge Jolly Lumber
with Big Mountain
Forest Products.
All of our employees are
going to have secure,
well paying jobs
in January.
It will be okay without
a Christmas bonus.
Dad, no.
They're big but
Marie helped me see
that they got the
same family values.
It's a good offer.
Marie and I are going to
sponsor the Festival of Lights,
Big Mountain is going to
take on my whole crew
and they're going to
make Jake the manager.
Are you sure that's
what you want?
I've been working
my whole life.
Since I was a kid.
I'm ready to retire.
I'm ready to try
to be happy again.
Marie has a camper van.
And she thinks I might
be a good navigator.
I'm so happy
for you, dad.
I can't decide for you.
But I can't wait to
see what you do next.
Thank you.
That's what I'm here for.
Morning boys.
Heard Katie left ya.
She's a wild woman,
can't be tamed.
What do you mean,
"Katie left"?
I heard Sam drove
her to the airport.
Don't worry bro.
I've been there before.
She didn't even say goodbye...
Santa Claus has come to town so
get your jingle bells ready
for some Christmas Cheer.
First event of the day
is the Cross Cut Saw.
[Garth] And it's not for
the faint of heart.
First pair: Ted Kanoe
and Harrison Brock.
You okay?
You're up!
Right, right, right.
No no no no.
Don't look at me
[Garth] And in three, two, one.
[Garth] And that is a great time
for Harrison and Ted,
but will it hold up?
You came back?
I brought you snacks.
What about New
York and your job?
Your camp's going to work!
We can teach kids how to
fall in love with nature
so they can grow up to
want to protect it.
I want to build
something special.
With you.
Come here.
[Garth] Oh that is the
sweetest, you two.
[Katie whispers]
Are we on TV right now?
Wave to the camera.
We need to crown
a winner today!
Jake and Katie are up next.
[cheering, clapping]
So, you came back. Again.
Sorry to tell you,
but you're too late.
I'm going to win
this competition.
Hey, I heard about
your promotion.
What promotion?
You're manager at the
Jolly Lumber division
of Big Mountain Forest Products.
I don't want to cry
right now, Katie.
I want to win.
For your dad!
Let's do it.
In three, two, one... Go!
[Garth] They are ripping
through that wood.
A great cut!
Like a hot knife
through butter.
Katie Jolly and Jake
Pritchard earn top points
for the cross cut saw!
[Garth] Topping
our leaderboard:
Jake Pritchard, Katie Jolly
and Harrison Brock.
Over to you, Marie.
Don't you fret.
We've the best one yet.
The Obstacle Pole is next!
Let's see that speed
and balance, athletes.
Chainsaws in hand,
they will race up the inclined
log, start their saws,
make their cuts and race back
down to the winner's circle.
I thought I had
it figured out
I thought I had it all but
that was when you ran around
Oh I can really feel it now
[Marie] In three, two, one...
And they're off!
Harrison is on first.
Oh and Katie is light on
her feet. Here they go.
Who's going to get
to the top first?
[Marie] Oh! And Harrison
goes down.
That's a tough break!
I kinda like we
get along oh baby
You can let your hair down
Ride around a small town
I'll be ready if
the world goes crazy
Just tell me what you need
[Marie] Jake has
finished his cut.
And so has Katie.
Oh it's close.
A foot race to the finish!
They're neck in neck.
And Katie Jolly has
won the Obstacle Pole!
She's won the Christmas
Lumberjack Competition.
I'll be ready if
the world goes crazy
Just tell me what you need
I'll never let you down
[Katie] Ray you're
going on a vacation!
Thank you for
joining us at the
Homewood Christmas
Festival of Lights.
And Happy Winter
Solstice, everyone!
[clapping, cheering]
Winter Solstice?
Yeah. It's the shortest
day of the year.
Our days only get
brighter from here.
We watched as Katie
raced her way to the top
of the winner's podium today.
Oh yeah!
Now, are we ready to
light up the night?
[Crowd] Yes! Yes!
It is my pleasure to
introduce our sponsor,
lumber entrepreneur and
all around great guy,
Gordon Jolly!
[cheering, clapping]
[Man in crowd]
You can do it!
[cheering, clapping]
All right. Thanks.
That's enough. Thanks.
I just want to say
how happy I am to be here
with all of you tonight.
And I want to
thank my family,
and my employees
at Jolly Lumber.
And a few new friends.
Now, on behalf of my family,
I would like to wish everybody
a Very Jolly Christmas!
[cheering, clapping]
You can do it with me.
You ready?
[gasps from the
crowd, cheering]
- It's beautiful.
- It really is.
The days only get
brighter from here huh.
Come over here.
[Katie] I've never hiked
up this direction.
Are you sure you know
where you're going?
Of course.
That's what maps are for!
We're here.
[Katie gasps]
Harry it's beautiful!
You decorated it for me?
[Harrison clears his throat]
Katie Jolly,
I want to grow deep roots
here in Homewood, with you.
And I want to spend
the rest of our lives
adventuring together.
I love you.
Will you marry me?
I love you.
I love you too.
Merry Christmas Katie.
Merry Christmas.
Let's hike.
- Okay.
- Yeah?
But I promised Sam we'd be
back for his turkey dinner.
Oh. This is the best Christmas
I could have
ever dreamed of.
Ring the bell
I'm coming home
Gonna share that
Yuletide glow
The best part of
the year you know
Is Christmas Time
Put those presents
by the tree
Spend some time with family
Colored lights
for all to see
It's Christmas Time
Ohhh ohhh ohhh
Can you feel it the air
All the love
we're gonna share
Ohh ohh ohh
We've been waiting
the whole year
Now it's Christmas
time again
It's Christmas time again