Christmas Inheritance (2017) Movie Script

(jazzy music)
We wish you
a merry Christmas
We wish you
a Merry Christmas
We wish you
a Merry Christmas
And a happy New Year
Glad tidings we bring
To you and your kin
Glad tidings at Christmas
And a happy New Year
Oh we wish you
a swingin' Christmas
We wish you
a crazy Christmas
We wish you
a naughty Christmas
And a frantic New Year
(all): Cheers!
Mazel tov!
- Hello!
- Welcome.
Have you seen Miss Langford?
I'm looking for Miss Langford.
Have you seen her?
No. No. Sorry.
- (laughter)
- Hi! Uh, Miss Langford?
- No.
- Sorry.
Mr. Pittman!
Excuse me. Mr. Pittman?
- Yeah, just give me one second?
- Uh, uh...
I'm Mrs. Worthington.
Chair of the Toys for Tots
- Yeah, just... just... let me just finish this up here.
- Uh, uh...
Miss Langford is representing
the Home & Hearth Gifts company
at this event, is she not?
She certainly is.
Almost done here.
Well, she was supposed to do
her presentation 20 minutes ago!
I-I-I can't find her anywhere.
Now that's how we close it!
I'm sorry. Hi.
What was it you wanted?
Mr. Pittman,
where is your fiance?
(man): Ho-ho-ho-ho-ho!
(lively music)
Alright! Ten out of ten
from the Russian judge.
Thank you. Thank you.
Years of gymnastics.
Not easily forgotten.
Oh, thank you.
For my favourite charity. (shutters
clicking) (gasping softly)
Toys For Tots thanks you
for your generosity.
(bells jingling)
(shutter clicking)
I'll double it
if you can vault that.
- Oh, forget it.
- Chicken?
I'll quadruple it.
That's a lotta toys
for a lotta tots.
(girl): Come on, Ellen!
(man): She's gonna do it!
(all cheering)
Fine. But I want that check
I'll write it now.
- Miss Langford!
- Oh! Ah! Ah!!
- (murmurings)
- What...?
(shutters clicking)
(man sighing):
"Party Heiress..."
(phone ringing)
(phone ringing)
..."where socialite
Ellen Langford,
heiress to the Home & Hearth
Gifts retail fortune,
was up to the very same hijinks
that gained her the "Party
Heiress" nickname to begin with...
Alice, is my daughter in yet?
No, she's in the boardroom.
Sir, shall I get her...
No, I will get her.
Now, I have been thinking.
I think it's time
for a snappier tag line.
"The Home of Heartfelt Gifts"?
It's a little old-school.
Right now,
this is the only tag line
I'm interested in.
- Oh.
- Yeah.
Oh. I just spent an hour
on the phone
with Mrs. Worthington...
talking her off a ledge!
It was for charity.
Someone dared me.
Someone "dared" you?!
How old are you, 12?!
when you are out in public,
you are an ambassador
for this company.
And once you are CEO,
you will be the face
of this company.
you've made up your mind...
about retiring?
I thought that I had.
Now I'm not certain that I dare!
I need to leave this place
in the hands
of someone I can trust.
I'm sorry.
You can do better than this.
Please. For all of our sakes.
(horns honking)
(Jim): I don't know, Alice.
Maybe it's my fault.
You know, after Nora died, I...
let Ellie get away
with too much.
You know, to make up for it.
You think
I... spoiled her a bit?
No. Doesn't every kid
get a Ferrari for Christmas?
I almost forgot...
...the most important thing.
It's your turn
to write the Christmas letter.
Have you given any thought to what you're
going to write in your letter this year?
Hey, Dad.
Sorry, Alice. I was wondering
if you wanted to grab lunch.
Sweetie, I-I'm sorry, but I've got
a conference call at one o'clock.
I'll move that to 3:00.
He's all yours.
Really? Great!
(soft music playing)
Dad, I'm really sorry.
Look... Oh, thank you.
Ellie, it's not just you.
It-it's on me too.
I want to do more
than just apologize.
I want to... do something...
to... to make this right.
Honey, you don't have to.
I do, though. For you,
for the company... for Mom.
And for me.
I want to prove to you
that I'm not...
just a party girl,
that I can take charge.
Okay. Great.
- Cool.
- What did you have in mind?
Well, I'm...
I haven't really...
figured anything out yet,
uh... Oh! What if I did another
fundraiser for Toys for Tots?
Maybe, like, uh... uh...
I don't know.
Oh, Valentine's Day!
We could do a big, flashy party
and I could get the press
Ellie, sweetie... uh...
See, the thing is, you're
worrying about our public image.
- Yep.
- Which is great. You know, I mean I do too.
But... the thing that I think
you need to learn
a little something about is...
is the spirit of the company,
which is really all about
the people who buy our gifts.
- Right.
- Ordinary people who lead
very different lives
than you or I.
Mm-hmm. I hear you.
Most of our buyers,
they're small-town folks.
You know, they...
Oh, wait a second.
I think I just figured it out.
What you can do.
- Really? - Yeah.
- What?
I need you to take a trip
for me.
A business trip.
I need you to deliver the
Christmas letters to Uncle Zeke.
- (chuckling)
- You... you want me
- to go to Snow Falls?
- Mm-hmm.
It's my turn to deliver
the letters this year,
but... I think
you should go instead.
You know,
see where it all began.
Okay... When?
(Pittman): Tonight? Really?
- You're kidding.
- It's not a big deal, babe.
Yeah, but what about Maui? I mean,
those tickets are non-refundable.
We don't leave until Christmas Eve.
I'll be back in plenty of time.
And you gotta do this whole trip on
100 bucks and a roundtrip ticket?
I can do it. I've already got
somewhere to stay.
Uncle Zeke owns
this beautiful inn up there.
- It's really cool.
- Yeah, but why just 100 bucks?
Because that's all Uncle Zeke and
Dad had when they started out.
- Ugh.
- Come on.
I think this is a cute idea.
Okay, and if you do this,
uh... "challenge,"
you get to run the whole outfit?
Okay, don't make this sound
like a gangster movie.
But yes.
A hundred bucks
is not a lot of money.
You better bring
your credit cards.
I can't.
It's part of the rules.
That's insane.
Besides, all my cards
have my name on them.
- Yeah. So what?
- Oh...
That's another part of the deal.
See, people treat you
a little bit differently
when they know
that you're inheriting
a multimillion dollar company,
so I have to go incognito.
why are you doing this
to yourself?
I'm tired of people seeing me
as some dumb rich kid.
I want to prove
to my father...
and to myself... that...
that I can take care of things
on my own.
And not I'm not just
the "Party Heiress."
Uh... Oh, yeah, that's...
So... what's all this about,
- The Christmas Letters?
- Yeah.
Have a look at that greeting card.
On the back.
It's the original business plan
for Home & Hearth Gifts.
When my Uncle Zeke and Dad
came up with the idea,
they just grabbed the nearest
thing and wrote it down.
What about all these letters?
Well, every Christmas, they
write each other, like, a...
a sort of newsletter to say
what had happened that year,
good or bad.
- Wouldn't it be easier to just, you know, send an email?
- Look at the dates.
Some of those letters
go way back before email.
Oh. Anyway, the whole point
is that they're forced
to get together every Christmas.
It's like a company tradition.
Yeah, we should get going.
The traffic to the airport's
probably crazy right now.
Uh, did you take a look at the
ticket your father gave you?
No. Why?
Well... let's just say
we won't have to worry
about airport traffic.
(PA): The Port Authority Bus Terminal
welcomes you to New York City.
Please be aware of your...
(man): Ho-ho-ho!
Here you go. Okay?
And remember,
this only works if nobody knows
- who you are.
- Got it.
- Right? Good.
- Ahem.
- And say hi to Zeke for me.
- I will.
And don't worry about me, okay?
I can take care of myself
I can.
- Yeah.
- Ahem. Alright.
Oh, Ellie?
Your, uh, credit cards?
Oh, right.
- Thank you.
- Okay...
The platinum?
Nice try.
- Bye.
- Bon voyage.
(PA): Final boarding
for Kennebunkport,
Augusta, Waterville
and Snow Falls.
Hi there.
Is this baggage check?
- Sure.
- Great.
Uh, there are a couple
of delicate items in here.
If you could just make sure they
don't bounce around too much.
- Got it.
- Thank you!
I'm sorry. Ooh!
Oh, excuse me.
- Whoa!
- Careful there, hon.
Uh, I'm sorry. I'm just...
I'm trying to find my seat,
but I... I can't see
any seat numbers.
Well, that...
that's because there aren't any.
Well, how would you know
where to sit?
I don't know...
You just... sit.
- Well...
- Oh, here.
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
- Are you looking for something?
- The call button.
The what?
The call button?
You know, for the attendant?
I could really use
a glass of wine.
You don't ride the bus much,
do you?
Just between you and me,
it's my first time.
- No.
- Mm-hmm.
Well, I'm an old hand at it.
Kathy Garver.
I'm Ellen Lang...
Uh, never mind.
Nice to meet you, Ellen.
(soft guitar music)
(light music)
(indistinct chatter)
(carollers singing
Deck the Halls)
Fa la la la la la la la la
'Tis the season to be jolly
Fa la la la la la la la la
Don we now our gay apparel
Fa la la la la la la la
Troll the ancient
Yuletide carol
Fa la la la la la la la
Miss! See the blazing
yule before us
Fa la la la la la la la
I'm sorry.
Sorry. I'm still half-asleep.
Ahem. Uh... thank you very much.
You don't have change for 100.
It's alright.
Have a Merry Christmas.
I'm sorry.
Oh! Uh...
Merry Christmas to you too!
Hey, be careful!
No! Watch out! Ah!
Oh... God.
- What are you trying to do, lady, cause an accident?
- You hit my suitcase!
Yeah, what's your suitcase
doing in the road?
Well, the...
I just took my eyes off it
for one second
and some guy just came and...
- Some guy?
- Yes! Ugh.
Let's get you...
You need a cab?
Not from you, thank you.
I will wait.
Well, you might be waiting
a real long time.
- This is a one-taxi kinda town.
- Well, fine.
I'll just... I'll Uber.
Yeah... No.
You might as well be speaking
a foreign language here.
Besides, we're not so good
on cell reception either.
That's great.
Why don't you hop in?
It's on the house.
It's the least I can do.
Hey. Trust me.
I am your best option right now.
(background chatter)
So you're from New York?
Yeah. How'd you know?
Ah, you just got that look.
What look?
Uh, just...
You were on the second bus
of the day,
and the second bus of the day
is New York.
Have you ever been?
Yeah, I've been.
And what did you think?
Came back here, didn't I?
(distant chatter)
(jazzy Christmas music)
Oh, thanks for the ride.
- (sighing)
- No problem.
So, you got a reservation?
- You work here too?
- Yes. I am the manager.
Jake Collins.
Nice to meet you.
I just drive the taxi
when Herman's gout acts up.
Oh. Well, uh...
I am actually here
to see the owner.
- Zeke.
- Yes. Is he around?
You just missed him.
He left town this morning.
- What?!
- Kelly, he say when he's gonna be back?
You've met Zeke, right?
Yeah. Our boss
and his mysterious
"communing with the elements"
(deep voice): Mere mortals are
not welcome to that information.
That's his words, not mine.
- (stammering)
- Did he say how long he was going for?
- Kelly?
- All he said was, and I quote...
"I'll be back when I'm back."
Seems like he's gonna be back
when he's back.
Can you please call him
and just tell him that I'm here?
It's Ellen Lan... London.
Yeah... like I said,
reception here's a disaster.
And besides, Zeke's not really
a cellphone kind of guy.
Yeah, but... but my father...
I just... I just thought
that he knew that I was coming.
Well, he didn't say anything
to me. Sorry.
So, you still want that room
or not, Miss Lang-London?
No, it's actually just London.
Ellie London.
Ellie London.
There's a landline in the room,
but I'm gonna have to charge you
for it.
That's fine.
- Cookies are free though.
- Mm.
Really? He's not there?
(chuckling): You know,
that's just like him.
Ever since Zeke retired,
he's lost all track of time.
So what am I supposed
to do now?
Well, you're already
at the inn,
so why don't you just relax,
make yourself at home
and hopefully he'll show up
tomorrow morning.
But what if he doesn't?
Can I just leave
the Christmas Letters
at the front desk and...
and come back to New York?
No, honey. I'm sorry,
you must put it into his hand.
That's the tradition.
And that's our deal.
But Dad... It's nearly
three days until Christmas Eve.
Ah, crap! Hello?
(phone dinging)
Uh... I'm sorry, honey,
I can't hear you very well.
We've got a bad connection.
I said it's only three days
until Christmas Eve
and I promised Gray...
Hello? Hello?
- (dial tone)
- Hello?!
(exasperated sigh)
(knocking at the door)
Just a minute!
- Hey.
- Hi.
- Here's your change.
- Oh.
Sorry that took so long.
I had to go down to the safe,
we don't get a lot of hundreds
around here.
Yeah, uh, have you heard
from Zeke yet?
Nothing, sorry.
So look, if you get hungry,
Debbie's Caf,
just around the corner.
Thanks, but I think
I'll just order room service.
Debbie's Caf is room service.
Come on, I'll walk you over.
I gotta get coffee there anyway.
It gets dark fast around here.
You're in the Deep North now,
Ho ho ho! Well, thank you
very much, young Jake!
A very Merry Christmas to you.
And you too, beautiful lady!
Forget your change upstairs?
No, I'm just on a bit
of a... budget.
Besides, my fianc says giving
money to the homeless
actually hurts them.
- (scoffing)
- That's ridiculous.
Well, I'm not sure
I agree with him,
but think about it,
giving charity makes us feel
good, but it's really selfish.
I mean, are we helping
the homeless
by giving them money
or should we be encouraging them
to earn their own?
That's a nice theory.
I think in practice, Baxter back there
probably appreciates every penny
that gets him closer
to a warm meal.
Come on.
(country music)
Wow, this place is
really packed.
I should have made
a reservation.
Luckily, I know the owner.
Hey, Jakey, you're just
in time for your favorite.
Thanks, Aunt Debbie,
but I'm just here to pick up
- the coffee for the morning.
- Don't be silly.
The chef saved you
some clam chowder
and you know
you don't wanna upset the chef!
I'm the chef.
- Oh!
- How about you?
Something to eat,
something to drink...
some warmer clothes?
She'll survive.
She's just here the night.
Well, thank you for choosing to bring
your date to our humble establishment.
- Oh! I'm not his date.
- No.
This is Ellie London,
she's a guest at the inn.
Guest. Hi.
Okay. Not-a-date.
And just one night?
Oh, that's too bad.
You're gonna miss
Dinner With Santa.
It's a Christmas Eve tradition
here. We set up a Santa House
in the church hall for the kids
and we raise money for charity.
Ms. London has a...
complicated relationship
with charity.
I do not!
I... don't.
We have dinner and dancing
and a silent auction.
It's fun! You should stay.
I can't. I have to go back
to New York.
I'm just here to see Zeke.
Zeke Daniels?
Well, you're in the right place.
He comes in here all the time.
You see that table right there?
That is where it all began.
Zeke Daniels and Jim Langford
came up with the idea
for Home & Hearth Gifts
right in that booth.
Who knows? If it wasn't
for my little diner,
their whole
multimillion-dollar company
might've never gotten off
the ground.
How do you know Zeke?
Oh, uh, I...
am a friend of the family.
Do you know Jim Langford too?
Know him?
I dated him all my senior year
of high school.
You dated m... Mr. Langford?
Yeah. Until he met Nora.
I so wanted to hate her,
but she was the sweetest thing.
And smart as a whip.
Lit up a room every time she walked in.
Everybody loved her.
And she and Jim made
a beautiful couple.
- Didn't they get married at the inn?
- That's right.
I heard Nora passed
about 10 years ago.
Poor Jim...
Anyway, forgive my reminiscing.
You check out the menu
and I will be right back!
You okay?
Yeah. I'm fine.
Uh... so... she's your aunt?
Yeah. I was born here,
so I've got a lot of family
in town.
Oh! She was a singer.
Yeah, nothing ever that big,
but... a lot of local bands.
She's got a great voice.
Silent night
So, you grew up here,
moved to New York and...
You know, what brought you back
to Snow Falls?
Oh, uh...
Pff... I just...
realized big-city life
wasn't for me after all.
Excuse me.
Are you okay?
Oh, I just...
I just can't stand this song.
Sleep in heavenly peace
Sleep in heavenly peace
(hitting the button repeatedly)
Come on!
Silent night
- She seems nice.
- Aunt Debbie.
I'm just saying, she seems
like a nice girl, that's all.
She's a guest at the inn.
That's all.
Besides, not interested.
Because you don't want
to be interested.
I just want a new song!
Jacob, you can't keep
yourself closed off.
- It's not healthy.
- I'm fine.
Sure you're fine.
That's why you're beating up
my jukebox.
With the dawn
of redeeming grace
Jesus Lord at thy...
(Indian-style music)
(door opening and closing)
(woman's voice): ...breathe in.
And breathe out...
And breathe in.
And breathe out.
Feel your cells expanding.
Feel them multiply
as you become...
We wish you
a Merry Christmas
And a happy New Year
Glad tidings we bring
to you and your kin
Glad tidings for Christmas
and a happy New Year
Now bring us a figgy pudding
Now bring us
a figgy pudding
Now bring us a figgy pudding
And a cup of good cheer
We won't go
until we get some
We won't go until
we get some
We won't go
until we get some
So bring some right here
Good tidings we bring
to you and your kin
Good tidings for Christmas
and a happy New Year
We wish you
a Merry Christmas
We wish you
a Merry Christmas
We wish you a
Merry Christmas
And a happy New Year
(clapping and applause)
What are you so happy about?
(fire crackling)
(disquieting noise)
Miss London?
Everything alright?
There is something
in my bed.
An animal.
Let's have a look.
- Is she alright?
- (Jake): Oh boy.
Yeah, you are lucky.
You were almost bitten by a...
hot water bottle.
- A what?
- A bottle full of hot water.
Everything alright in here?
Yes, everything's fine, folks.
You can go back to your rooms.
The... culprit was apprehended
and will be dealt with to
the fullest extent of the law.
Thank you.
What was it doing in there?
It was trying
to keep you warm.
It is a perk that we offer
our guests in the wintertime.
Most people enjoy it.
Especially those whose sleepwear is not
exactly conducive to the local climate.
Thank you. Thanks.
- Extra blanket?
- Good night!
(indistinct chatter)
Excuse me!
This is not clotted cream,
this is whipped cream!
I'm afraid Aunt Debbie didn't
send any over with breakfast
this morning, Captain Williams.
Did you think I wouldn't
know the difference?
Do you think me an idiot?
Of course not, sir.
I would be happy to arrange
for a credit on your account
for the price of one pot...
of clotted cream.
That's much better.
I'm impressed. You handled
that like a professional.
Who? Captain Williams?
Nah, he's just a sweet old guy.
You know...
ever since his wife died,
he comes back here every year
to celebrate Christmas with us.
Kind of a tradition.
(telephone ringing)
Excuse me.
Merry Christmas,
Snow Falls Guest House.
Yes, hold on a sec,
she's right here.
Uncle Zeke?
No, it's me. Have you been
getting any of my messages?
Oh, sorry, babe,
there's no reception up here.
Yeah, yeah. I've been trying to call
you all morning, it's really annoying.
Well, it's nice to hear
your voice.
So what time
are you getting back?
Yeah. I'm not sure.
Whoa. What does that mean?
Uncle Zeke isn't here yet.
Ellen, tonight is the night
for my office Christmas thing.
Oh! Yeah, right.
You gotta get back here for that. I
want us to make a bit of an entrance.
Well, okay, but uh...
I just, I can't go yet.
Can't you just drop
the letters off and come home?
I'm really sorry, babe,
but it doesn't work that way.
The tradition is that I have to
give him the letters in person.
Tradition? What is this,
Fiddler on the Roof?
- Okay, don't be like that!
- It's fine. Whatever.
Look, I'm sorry,
but I'm just gonna be stuck
here a little bit longer.
It's fine. Karen will be there,
I'll have someone to talk to.
You remember Karen
from accounting.
Karen from accounting.
How could I forget?
What was that?
I... nothing.
What did you say?
I can't hear you.
Hello? Gray? Gray!
(dial tone)
Can you do... it's not...
Yeah, I guess the lines
are down.
Happens a lot
when it gets this cold.
So, Gray is your fianc?
The charitable one?
Yes, and he would like me home
before the Fourth of July.
Did you get a hold of Zeke?
Sorry you didn't get
a hold of him
or sorry
that you didn't even try?
Look, I told you, he doesn't
have a phone up there.
Now the lines are down.
He will be here when he's here.
- I can't stay another night.
- Is it something I said?
Look, I spent most of my cash
at dinner last night and...
I can't afford it.
We take credit cards.
I don't have one.
Who travels
without a credit card?
Great. I'm gonna have
to call my father!
Nothing. You know what?
I'm gonna figure this out
by myself. Thank you anyway.
Miss London.
Look, we've all been there.
Money's a little tight,
you didn't expect all this.
Now... I know you're not the
biggest fan of charity, but...
- No. I-I...
- Just let me finish.
Mrs. Dawson, our housekeeper,
is on vacation.
Kelly called in sick
this morning, so...
What are you asking me to do?
Do you know
how to make a bed?
Oh, mama!
So... we've got no vacancies,
and eight rooms to clean
by 2:00.
I figure if we split the job,
we'll just make it.
Yeah, yeah.
That's good math.
Good luck.
(inhaling deeply):
You can do this.
(cheerful music)
(vacuum rattling)
This might take a little longer
than I thought.
I'm really sorry.
I'm just... I'm not used
to this kind of thing.
Yeah. Apparently.
what do you do for a living?
- Me?
- Yeah.
Uh... uh... I... I'm...
I'm a baker!
Oh! A baker.
Ellie the baker,
it's what they call me.
I just bake bake bake.
It's too bad
you don't have a kitchen
because that is where
I really shine.
But you don't,
you don't have a kitchen.
No kitchen, so, oh well.
Okay, we have to deliver the
tea service to the inn by 4:00.
So why don't you do
the divinity,
- while I whip up the shortbread?
- Okay!
But first do me a favour
and separate the eggs.
Separate the eggs.
Got it!
(door opening and closing)
Is everything all right, Ellie?
Yes. Yes.
I was just wondering...
you said that you wanted me
to separate the eggs,
but you didn't tell me whether
or not you wanted them
separated by size or by weight.
You're not a baker, are you?
Have you ever done
any cooking?
I watch the Cooking Channel...
sometimes. At the gym.
I should've realized
You look just like her.
- Excuse me?
- Your mom!
You are the spitting
image of Nora Langford.
I didn't think of that.
So why are you lying
about who you are?
I'm not lying. Really.
I'm doing this for my dad.
See, he wanted me to come here
without telling anyone who I am.
So that people wouldn't treat me
See, he wanted me
to learn something
- from the people of Snow Falls.
- Learn something?
Please don't tell anyone.
Well, if Jim Langford
thinks it's a good idea,
I'm willing to help out.
Thank you.
Did you know that Jake
was married once?
To a Wall Street broker,
believe it or not.
They met when he was in college
in New York.
Got married a year later
and a year after that,
she left him for one of her
clients. Some millionaire.
That's terrible.
It is. Broke my heart.
You see I...
I love my nephew
like he were my own son.
And... I don't want to see him
get hurt.
No. No, no, no.
I'm... I'm not here
to hurt anybody.
Really, I'm just here to learn.
there's only one thing
we can do then.
We have to teach you
how to bake.
(radio announcer): The weather
forecast is calling
for a major snowstorm tonight.
The mayor's office is warning everyone
to take cover as soon as possible.
High winds are forecast that will
send the windchill plummeting.
So everyone is advised
to stay inside, stay warm
and sit out what will be
a very cold night.
Looks like your Christmas
cookies are a big hit.
Thanks to you.
Oh, I just held your hand
a bit. You did the rest.
I'll have you making
Baked Alaska in no time.
Where's the manager?
I'm not sure, Captain Williams.
Can I help you with anything?
We're out of honey.
This morning, no clotted cream.
What is this place coming to?
Well, I...
- (door creaking)
- Come on inside, folks!
Everybody come on over
to the fire and warm up.
Aunt Debbie,
can you give me a hand?
Yes, please, come on in!
Come on in!
Let's just get you folks
nice and warm. Come on!
(baby crying)
(woman): Close the door!
Hey. What's going on?
The storm's knocked out the
power on the east side of town.
The temperature's
getting dangerous,
so we moved most everybody
to the shelters for the night.
But... we still needed a place for these
folks till the power comes back on.
Hey, sheriff, we've got
a 10-66 down
by Old Lakeshore Road.
- Copy that. I've got to go.
- Sure.
Are you going back out there?
Yeah. I need to get
more firewood.
But there's no vacancies. How are you
gonna fit all these people in here?
Well, we'll figure it out.
We have to.
Can't leave anyone out
in the cold.
(baby crying)
Out in the cold.
Ellie! Where are you going?
I'll be back soon.
- Oh, honey, it's freezing out there.
- I'll be fine.
(soft music)
(wind howling)
- Ellie's not with you?
- No, what do you mean?
I thought she went outside
to help you.
- She's outside?
- Yeah, she was in a real rush.
Come on.
It's much warmer in here.
We have a fire going.
It'll be great.
- Are you sure?
- Yeah.
Of course, yeah!
Come on in.
You're more than welcome here.
Come on.
- Hi, Jake.
- Hey, Baxter. Come on. Come on in.
I... I don't want to make
no trouble.
Come on in!
Come sit by the fire.
Yeah! Come on.
It's so cold out there.
- I'll get you some hot chocolate.
- Thank you.
Why did you go out there
by yourself?
You should've come
to get me or told the sheriff.
- Everyone was busy.
- That weather out there is no joke.
You are way underdressed.
You were worried about me.
No. No, I wasn't.
I was worried about your
clothes or lack thereof.
You were worried
about my lack of clothes?
Well, my clothes thank you.
That makes no sense
That was some fast thinking.
Thank you.
Well, you set a good example,
so, thank you.
Okay. Uh, I am going to...
...head over to the fire...
to go make the fire.
- Okay.
- Bigger. Make the fire bigger.
(wind howling)
(soft music)
So, you folks are gonna stay
in my room.
I'm gonna bunk down here
with Baxter.
- Thank you, sir.
- No problem.
Now, that just leaves you guys
and our mom
and her two snow princesses.
My wife and I have
the honeymoon suite.
We could give up the sofa
in the sitting room.
That is great. Thank you.
Jacob, I'd like to volunteer
to give up my room,
take the honeymooner's sofa.
My hearing's not that good
anymore anyway.
Thank you, Captain.
Very kind of you.
So, you folks will stay
in the Captain's room.
Now... Cara...
Ah, it's okay, Jake,
we'll just make ourselves
comfortable down here somewhere.
Uh, excuse me.
I have a couch in my room.
I'd be happy to share it too.
No, no. You don't have
to do that. It's okay.
I want to.
It's Christmas.
Say "thank you"
to the nice lady.
Thank you, nice lady.
- (laughter)
- Aw...
Here we go.
Come on in.
(baby crying)
I cannot tell you
how much we appreciate this.
Of course.
Mommy, what if Santa
can't find us?
Oh, I wouldn't worry, honey.
Santa's pretty smart.
Yeah. Besides, there's still
two days to Christmas.
This would be so much easier
if Dennis was here.
That's my husband.
He's stationed over in Germany
and we were hoping he would be
home in time for Christmas,
best laid plans and all that.
(baby crying)
Would you mind?
- Oh, no...
- Yeah, she's...
- Oh, okay.
- There you go.
(baby gurgling)
Hey, why don't you guys
take the bed?
I can camp out on the sofa.
Oh, we can't do that.
You've already been so generous.
No, it's fine. I mean, there's
three of you and one of me.
- Mommy, I can't find Douglas.
- Who's Douglas?
- My dog.
- Your dog?
Her stuffed dog.
Honey, are you sure?
He's not in here.
Mommy, you forgot him.
You know I can't sleep
without Douglas.
You know what?
This guy looks kind of lonely.
Do you think Douglas would mind
if you kept him company tonight?
Thank you. It's cute!
- Hey.
- Hey!
- Figured you'd need these.
- Thank you.
Sure. Looks like
you made a new friend.
Yeah. She likes me.
I'm not sure why.
Well, let me know
if you need anything else.
- Otherwise, good night.
- Good night.
He's such a nice guy.
He is, isn't he?
(soft music)
(door creaking)
Hey! Uh...
- So...
- You're an artist.
Oh, no, just a doodler.
- You're up late.
- Yeah, I was just cleaning up.
- Do you need anything?
- Oh, no, I'm good, thanks.
You should get some sleep
Uh, yeah, probably.
Are you opening a Dollar Store?
Uh, no.
No, I volunteered to help
with the Santa Dinner.
Those are items
for the silent auction.
Long-time tradition
around here.
We're trying to raise some money
for the local soup kitchen.
Kind of a rough year
for a lot of folks, so...
I mean, look, this alone
would raise...
a couple million easy.
Yeah, you can have that.
There is...
more where that came from.
- What?!
- Yeah.
Thank you.
I will treasure it forever.
I just haven't had
a lot of time
to bug local businesses
for donations.
Which is why I have...
beautiful items like this
for auction.
- And when is it?
- Day after tomorrow.
I know. Believe me. I know.
It's just been a little crazy
around here with the storm.
This could actually
fetch a price.
That's adorable.
Did you do this?
Yeah. That's just...
just a sketch.
You should do something
with these.
Okay, you're the artist,
but you should know
that you're very talented.
Thank you.
Well, I'm gonna go to bed,
Do you always do this much
to help people?
Yeah. Whenever I can.
You help people too...
Not like you.
Well, I think Baxter out there
would beg to differ.
- I'm really gonna go this time.
- Okay.
Hold on.
Uh... do you want to go
for a walk?
I want to show you something?
Uh... Okay.
Can I...
- Yes?
- ...borrow a warmer coat?
You're right, I do have a lack
of clothes problem.
I think you're really good
at what you do
and you're a talented artist.
I think if you just made a few
big, bold moves, you could...
do so much more.
Yeah, well, sometimes,
big, bold moves...
- don't work out so great.
- Right. New York.
What do you mean, New York?
Aunt Debbie.
We had to talk about something
while the cookies were baking.
I guess I'm an idiot.
I never suspected anything.
We were in different worlds;
she worked in finance,
I was a... struggling
art student.
But... true love, right?
I don't know. I really thought
she was the one.
So, we're having
this romantic dinner
and out of nowhere,
in the middle
of the seafood risotto,
she looks at me
and she just says:
"It's over."
Bam! Right then, they start
playing Silent Night.
So now, every time the song
comes on, you...
It's pretty stupid, right?
You'd think I'd be able
to get over it by now.
I don't know.
I think some things
you never actually get over.
You wanted to show me something?
Yeah. We're almost there.
It's right that way.
(soft music)
- You made these?
- I just designed them.
My buddy Martin teaches
sculpture at the college, so,
his students actually do
all the hard work.
- They're stunning.
- Thanks.
They're a big hit with the tourists
that come around Christmas.
Well, they're a big hit
with this tourist.
So is the artist.
Well... the tourist isn't
so bad herself.
When I was a teenager,
my mom died.
That's a thing I can't get over.
- I am so sorry.
- Thanks.
She came from
a beautiful little town,
just like this one.
And I could never bring myself
to go back.
Just... scared.
Once she was gone, I just...
I started living life
as if nothing else mattered
because... at the time,
the way I felt, nothing did.
But these past few days,
You've taught me that
some things really do matter.
Is this the part
where we're supposed to kiss?
I think so.
I can't!
I... I'm sorry.
Yeah, no, no. I am so sorry.
I'm so sorry.
Oh, you were talking about
your mom and I didn't...
- I don't...
- You're such a nice guy.
Not that nice...
I dragged you up here to look
at a bunch of nothing.
No! No. Not nothing.
Not nothing.
It's lovely
and so is your company...
I should go.
Good night, Jake.
- Going the wrong way.
- Yep, yep. Got it.
What are you doing?
Good morning, Ellie.
Are you ready
for today's lesson?
Actually, I need a favour.
(cheerful Christmas music)
- Whoa! That's good!
- Okay.
Don't forget about Mr. Martin at the
art gallery and tell him I sent you.
I will.
Thank you.
- Keys.
- Oh, yes! - Good luck!
(cheerful Christmas music)
(no audible dialogue)
- A silent auction?
- Uh-huh. For the Santa Dinner.
- I already donate online.
- But it's for local charity.
Every dollar from the auction
goes to help your friends
and neighbours,
right here, in Snow Falls.
I already pay my taxes.
And plenty of 'em.
Come on! It's Christmas.
Sorry, Miss, that just doesn't
cut it with me.
Please? You get cookies!
You're gonna have
to do better than that.
It's the right thing to do.
(cheerful Christmas music)
Okay then!
Well, they'll have the power
back up for those folks
by tomorrow morning.
- Thanks for all your help, Jake.
- My pleasure.
Hi. What is all this?
This is your Dinner with Santa
silent auction.
Every item was donated
by local merchants
right here, in Snow Falls.
Oh! You're kidding!
- You did all this?
- Uh-huh.
Well, you don't spend
this long in the gift...
baking business without
picking up a trick or two.
Gift-baking business?
Jake, you ever heard
the expression:
"Don't look a gift-horse
in the mouth"?
I don't know what to say!
Seems like "thank you"
wouldn't be out of place.
Thank you.
Man, this really is
a friendly little town.
G-Gray! What are you doing here?
Well, uh...
I heard about the storm,
so I figured I'd come up here
and rescue you.
Although it looks like you're
doing just fine without me.
I thought the roads
were closed.
I guess they're open now.
Yeah, they're open now.
Gray, this is Jake Collins.
He manages the inn
and Jake,
this is Gray Pittman,
my fianc.
- Good to meet you.
- Yeah. Same to you.
Paul Greenleaf. I'm the
sheriff here in Snow Falls.
You need anything,
don't hesitate to call.
Well, thank you, Paul,
but I'm pretty good at taking
care of things on my own.
Uh... come on, honey, do you want
to see the inn? It's beautiful.
- Yeah, I'd love to.
- Okay.
Nice to meet y'all.
Seems like a nice fella.
You didn't have
to be so rude out there.
Oh, well, excuse me,
I'll try to be more polite
next time some guy
is all over my fiance.
He was thanking me.
I bailed him out, helped with
a charity auction, that's all.
Look, I thought you came here to
deliver these Christmas letters
and now, you're what,
Mother Teresa of Snow Falls?
Come on, let's get you packed
and get you out of here.
I can't leave yet.
Uncle Zeke still
hasn't shown up.
Uncle Zeke. Is this that
tradition thing again?
What about us?
What about our new traditions?
We've got a flight in 24 hours.
Okay, look,
if Zeke doesn't show up by
tomorrow morning,
we'll go, alright?
I'll leave the letters
at the front desk and...
figure out a way to explain it
to my father later.
Okay, great.
What do I do until then?
Well, you've been on the road
all day, you must be exhausted.
So, why don't you go in there,
take a nap,
and I'll be back after I help
Debbie with the Christmas tea.
Oh! And remember,
I'm not Ellen Langford here.
I'm just plain old Ellie London.
- Ellie London?
- Ellie London.
- Okay.
- Great. Bye.
You got it.
Wait, Christmas tea?
(uptempo Christmas music)
(baby crying)
Can I help you?
(soft music)
(bells tolling)
- Hey.
- Hey!
Uh, Debbie asked me to...
pick up the car so I can...
Christmas tea. Yes.
- Thank you.
- Sure.
I'm sorry about Gray.
He doesn't mean to be rude, it's
just kind of the way that he is.
Yeah, hey,
don't worry about it.
I probably would've acted
the same way, so...
I don't think you would've.
Look, uh...
About last night,
um, I wanted to apologize.
I knew you were engaged
and I never should've
let that happen.
Well, there were two of us
out there.
Yeah, but you've been up front
with me from the start
and I should've respected that.
- The... the thing is...
- Jake.
Just hear me out on this.
The thing is it's been a long time since
I've felt like I could trust anyone.
And... I don't know,
you're different. You're honest.
And it was just nice to feel
that way again,
but I let my feelings get
the best of me and I'm sorry.
So... friends?
Let's high-five.
Okay, let's be friends.
Hey, I... I've got
to tell you something.
Oh, I will be right back.
What's going on?
- (woman): I've got it.
- Okay. Alright.
I thought elves were union.
Trying to get worker's comp
out of this or what?
Trying to make a little money
off the church? (laughter)
I take my eyes off you
for two seconds!
I'm kidding, I'm kidding!
Alright, you okay?
You alright? Okay.
(children laughing)
I come from a family
of pastry chefs
and can I just say,
these are truly the most
delicious Christmas cookies
- I've ever tasted.
- Really?! Thank you.
- Bon apptit.
- Thank you.
- Hi!
- Are we in the Stone Age?
I can't get a signal
to save my life.
Well, do you want a cookie
to cheer you up?
You know I don't do sugar.
I made them myself.
You made these? Seriously?
Is that so hard to believe?
Well... it's a long way
from the Party Heiress
to Suzy Homemaker.
Can you please cut it out
with the party heiress stuff?
- Nobody knows who I am here.
- What's with the waitress bit?
Well, I ran out of money,
so I've been helping out
around here to earn my keep.
Why didn't you just call me
or call your father?
Because I said that I was
gonna do this on my own
and I meant it.
No one knows who I am,
they treat me like a regular
person. And I like that.
You're starting to scare me.
(woman): Thank you!
What do you think?
I think...
You can play all lovey-dovey
with the locals all you want,
but trust me,
you're never gonna be
one of them.
I gotta find a signal.
(soft music)
(Jim): "December, 1981.
Well, Zeke, we did it.
For a couple of guys who weren't
much good at showing their feelings,
we've started a company that lets
other people express their own.
Here's to a great first year
and the friendship
that made it happen. Jim."
(Zeke): "December, 1982.
Jim, you were right about starting our
first retail store in Middlebury,
but you got to admit,
I was the one who picked Bill
Parcells to be head coach.
Go Giants!"
(Jim): December, 1993.
The company's growing
and so is our little Ellie.
She's so serious about
gymnastics, so focused.
I can already see the strong
young woman
she's going to become."
(Zeke): "December, 1996.
Another record year for us,
You know, maybe it's time we started
looking into this Internet sales thing.
It might really take off.
Sorry to hear about
Nora's illness,
but she's a strong lady and
with you and Ellie by her side,
I'm sure she's gonna be able
to pull through."
(Jim): "Nora's been gone
a while now,
but I still find myself calling
her name when I come home.
Don't know how I'd get through
this if it wasn't for Ellie,
and for you, my good friend.
Merry Christmas."
- (knocking)
- Come in!
My mommy said to tell you
we're all out of hot chocolate.
Okay, I'll be down
in a minute.
Are you crying?
A little bit.
He helped me.
Thank you.
Thank you.
(soft pop Christmas music)
Jack, on the rocks.
You know what?
Forget the rocks.
It's the innkeeper.
- It's the fianc.
- Uh-huh.
- Enjoying our little town?
- Oh yes.
I'm especially looking forward
to spending the night
on a cot in the hallway.
So how come you're not back there
enjoying the Christmas hoo-ha?
Sometimes you just need
a break, even from Christmas.
Tell me about it.
My family wasn't much
for tradition.
More of the... buy the next
shiny new thing crowd.
I gotta hand it to you.
Never in a million years did
I think I'd see Ellen Langford
making Christmas cookies.
I thought she was a baker.
A baker!
Yeah... you're kidding, right?
Wait, Ellen Langford?
As in Jim Langford.
As in Jim Langford
of Home & Hearth Gifts?
Do me a favour,
forget I said anything, alright?
Yeah, yeah.
Yeah, sure.
Merry Christmas.
(soft Christmas music)
Ellen Langford.
Fooled again.
(indistinct conversation)
Well, I guess this is goodbye.
I'm sad you're leaving.
I don't even know how to start to
thank you for everything you've done.
You already did.
You guys kept me company
through a scary storm.
Now, there is someone
who wants to come home with you.
What do you say, Livvy?
Thank you. Now,
I'm sorry, but we have to go.
Santa comes tonight
and we cannot be late.
Oh, of course!
Merry Christmas.
- Thank you.
- Bye.
Get the door, Livvy.
I'm gonna go take this out
to the car
if my back
doesn't give out first.
Hopefully, there'll be better
bellboys in Maui, huh, babe?
- On your way?
- I guess so.
Did you hear from Zeke?
Phone call? Anything?
Sorry, nothing.
Okay. Uh, well...
If you could just give him this
when you see him.
Yeah, I can't, sorry.
What? Why?
It's like the sign says:
"Management will not be
responsible for valuables."
And to the people in this town,
these Christmas letters
are pretty damn valuable.
Here's your bill.
Now, is your fianc gonna pay
for this
or should I just send an invoice
directly to Home & Hearth Gifts?
- You know.
- Yeah.
We may not have cell service here,
but we do have the Internet.
Looked like that tree
put up quite a fight.
Hey, you know, let's just
forget this whole thing, huh?
We ought to be honoured that
New York City's Party Heiress
decided to stay
at our little inn.
Jake, I never wanted
to lie to you.
I just couldn't tell anyone.
Please, you have to understand.
Oh, yeah, no, I understand.
You know, this is why I left
New York.
Because of people like you.
Merry Christmas,
Ms. Langford.
Ellie! Leaving already?
But it's Christmas Eve!
I know, but we have
to get back to the city.
That's too bad.
I was hoping you'd come
to the Santa Dinner.
I know that...
Jake was really looking forward
to having you there too.
Yeah, well... thank you
for everything.
Oh! I got you something.
- You didn't have to do that.
- Your very own oven mitts.
Thank you. I... I love them.
Merry Christmas, sweetheart.
- Don't be a stranger.
- Merry Christmas.
Oh and, um... tell your dad
I said "hello" too.
I will. Thank you
for keeping my secret.
I told you I would.
Just remember...
some secrets are too big
a burden to keep.
Okay. Gotta go.
Hello? Jake?
(Silent Night playing softly)
Want to talk about it?
We're cutting it
kind of close,
but we should have just enough
time to throw some things
- in a bag and race to the airport.
- It's not here.
The letter. I have all the letters
dating back to 1981, but...
but I don't have the one
from this year!
- Maybe he didn't write one.
- He must have.
That was the whole point of me
going to Snow Falls, so that...
so that I would
hand deliver the letter. I...
And now, I was planning to courier
it to him from the airport. I...
I must've left it at the inn.
We have to go back.
Are you kidding?
We'll miss the flight!
- Gray, I have to get that letter.
- You know what,
I've been pretty patient this
whole time, but enough's enough.
They're just a bunch
of stupid letters. Who cares?
You don't mean that.
Yeah! As a matter of fact,
I do.
I'm sick and tired of your
father's neurotic cutesy
family business traditions.
Now, can we please just drop it
and enjoy our vacation, please!
Great, we need gas.
Voice command.
Speak a command.
Find gas station.
(GPS): Finding gas station.
(soft music)
Look, if your boyfriend back there
finds your letter at the hotel,
he'll just send it
to your office, right?
He knows how important it is to
you, to your father, the company.
That whole village is built around
the Home & Hearth Gifts legacy.
What makes you think
he'd know who my father is?
- How did he know who I am?
- Maybe I let it slip out last night.
- Why would you do that?
- It was a mistake.
He was gonna find out sooner
or later. What's the big deal?
Who cares
what those people think?
I care!
That's the whole reason
I went to Snow Falls,
it was to learn from them!
Oh, please... what are you gonna
learn from a bunch of hicks?
Look, baby...
You don't belong there
and you know it.
Maybe I don't.
But I know
I don't belong with you.
Don't be ridiculous.
Where are you going?
Back to Snow Falls.
And how do you plan
on getting there?
I think I'll take the bus.
What about Maui?
You should go by yourself,
I'm sure you'll enjoy
the company.
(bus beeping)
Jingle bells jingle bells
jingle all the way
Oh what fun it is to ride
in a one horse open sleigh
Dashing through the snow
in a one horse open sleigh
Over the fields we go
Laughing all the way
Bells on bobtails ring
Making spirits bright
What fun it is to ride and
sing a sleighing song tonight
Oh jingle bells jingle bells
jingle all the way
Oh what fun it is to ride
in a one horse open sleigh
Merry Christmas, everybody!
(cheering and applause)
Okay, so, we're actually going
to take a little bit of a break
to let you all enjoy some food
and fun.
And a visit with Santa.
(cheering and applause)
But then, right after that,
we will be back
with a very special guest, okay?
Thank you.
Oh, wait! Hey, look,
it's the big man himself!
Ho! Ho! Ho!
Merry Christmas everyone!
Look, I know that you have
no reason to help me,
but I lost one of the Christmas
letters at the inn.
Have you seen it?
- Sorry, no.
- Are you sure?
Where's your fianc?
Out in the car?
Not wanting to mingle
with the common folk?
He's probably
back in the city by now.
I don't know
and I don't really care.
I really don't.
That's a pretty bold move.
Well, sometimes,
bold moves are worth making.
Worth the risk.
I don't...
I don't know
what you want me to say.
You framed them.
Good idea.
Look, I didn't want
to come here at first.
Like, I really didn't.
I wanted to...
shut down the part of me
that missed my mom.
But then, I met everyone here.
And I met you.
And it made me think that...
even though there are some
things that you can't get over,
maybe it's easier...
if you're not alone.
If you're with someone
that you...
...that you trust.
You know, you can't...
Lady, we're trying to run
an auction here,
so, if you're not interested
in bidding on something,
maybe you should...
(clearing throat)
hit the road.
What's this worth?
A gift expert once told me
at least a million dollars.
Gift expert, huh?
Please gather round,
Santa has a very special message
to share with all of us.
Thank you, Debbie.
Thank you everyone
for being here tonight
and thanks to all of you who've
donated to the charity auction
for making this Christmas
in Snow Falls
so special for so many people.
(man): Hear, hear!
(applause and cheering)
Now, before we continue
with our festivities,
I received
a very special letter.
It's... uh...
from an old friend of our town.
He wanted me to make sure
that I read it here tonight.
It's dated December of this year
and it goes like this:
"Dear Zeke..."
(under her breath):
Uncle Zeke!
"Well, the time has come,
old friend,
for me to step down
as Chief Executive
of Home & Hearth Gifts.
And with your blessing,
I want to present someone
who I think would be the perfect
candidate to take my place.
My daughter, Ellen."
(woman): That's Ellen Langford!
"I'm sending her up
to visit Snow Falls incognito
so she doesn't get
any special treatment,
but instead, gets
some first-hand experience
with our hometown
and the wonderful people in it.
I'd love for her to learn
about the important things
that started us off
on the right track:
Tradition. Friendship.
And love.
Because those are
the most important things
that we could ever
give each other.
Merry Christmas."
- (crowd): Ah!
- Congratulations, Ellie.
It couldn't happen
to a finer young lady.
So, that's why
you stayed away?
To let me get to know everyone?
And to let them get
to know you.
The real you,
without big ol' me and your pops
getting in the way.
But I left.
How did you know I'd come back?
We didn't know.
We had faith you would.
And I'm sure glad you did.
Let me tell you,
nobody's gladder than me!
- (woman): Look who it is!
- Otherwise, I'd have made the trip for nothing.
Come here!
I'm sorry I didn't deliver
the Christmas letter myself.
Oh, honey, you have nothing
to apologize for.
First of all, you couldn't
have delivered it
even if you'd tried.
I pulled a bit of a fast one
and... sent it on ahead
to Zeke myself.
Just so he'd know
what was going on, you know.
Why don't you guys
just call each other?
Because we've recorded
every single important step
in our lives
in those Christmas letters
and this is one
very important step.
Besides, delivering the letter
wasn't the real test.
The real test, for you, was...
winning over
all these wonderful folks.
And win them over you did.
Anyone who can get me
to donate a free product...
is a pro.
Hey, Dad, I want to show you
the auction.
- Yeah, yeah.
- They're all from local shops.
They're one of a kind gifts.
Really beautiful stuff.
Wow. You did this?
I did.
I was thinking next year,
maybe we could do some sort of
special collection of
one-of-a-kind gifts
from the town
where it all began.
Maybe call it:
With Love, From Snow Falls.
An excellent idea,
Ms. Chief Executive Officer.
But let's talk about work
tomorrow morning, huh?
It's Christmas Eve.
I think someone wants
to see you.
Excuse me.
(indistinct greetings)
Hey, folks!
So I promised you all
a very special guest
and here she is to sing
a very special song,
our very own Debbie Collins.
Thank you all so much.
You're all so sweet.
(cheering and applause)
I haven't done this in a few
years, but it is Christmas,
so here we go.
(soft piano)
Silent night
Holy night
All is calm
All is bright
Round yon Virgin
mother and child
Excuse me.
Now, I know you're the famous
or should I say infamous
Party Heiress,
but would you perhaps
do a local boy
the honour
of a Christmas dance?
The honour's all mine.
Sleep in heavenly peace
Silent night
Holy night
Shepherds pray
At the sight
Glories stream
from heaven afar
Heavenly hosts
Sing Alleluia
Is this where we're supposed
to kiss?
I think so.
(Silent Night music continues)
Deck the halls
with boughs of holly
Fa la la la la la la la la
Tis the season to be jolly
Fa la la la la la la la la
Don we now our gay apparel
Fa la la la la la la la la
Troll the ancient
Yuletide carol
Fa la la la la la la la la
See the blazing Yule
before us
Fa la la la la la la la la
Strike the harp
and join the chorus
Fa la la la la la la la la
Follow me in merry measure
Fa la la la la la la la la
While I tell
of Yuletide treasure
Fa la la la la la la la la
(music continues)
Fa la la la la la la la la
(music continues)
Fa la la la la la la la la
(music continues)
Fast away the old year
Fa la la la la la la la la
Come on and hail the new
ye lads and lasses
Fa la la la la la la la la
Sing we joyous all together
Fa la la la la la la la la
Heedless of the wind
and weather
Fa la la la la la la la la
Fa la la la la la la la la
Fa la la la la
la la la la