Christmas Island (2023) Movie Script

L.A. tower, this is HM
Air 661 on visual two four left.
HM Air 661,
you're cleared to land.
Want to share a car
into town, Kate?
I'm sorry Mal, I can't,
I have a meeting.
Oh, this is the interview?
It is. It's very exciting.
If all goes well, by this time
next year, I'll be off the
regional route hamster wheel
and onto international flights.
-That's what you want.
Of course,
who doesn't want that?
Travel, expensive hotels,
a more relaxed schedule.
I've heard some of
those corporate
clients can be difficult.
Are you saying
I can't handle it?
Of course not.
I'm just saying
is that something
you want to be handling?
I definitely want to be
handling that in Zurich
and Venice. I'll see you.
Let me know what
you're getting into.
-Bye, Mal!
I'm so pleased you could find a
few minutes to meet
on my stopover. And I'm sure you
don't have a lot of time either.
Oh, no rush at all.
I want to make sure to answer
all of your questions.
Well, your background
check was a breeze.
Your flight record
speaks for itself.
You've flown the max
number of hours allowed
for the last four years.
Multiple certifications.
You're clearly a hard worker.
Well, without work,
nothing grows
but weeds,
as my dad used to say.
We're looking for unique
individuals whose lifestyles
are flexible and can keep up
with the demand.
That sounds like me
in every way.
Great. So what I
really need to know is,
how available are you?
I'm very, very available.
-Even during the holidays?
What about family, partner,
household pets?
Are they okay with this?
I'm kind of a one-woman band.
Perfect. Then I have
a flight for you.
I thought this was just
an exploratory interview.
It was. And now
that that's done,
how do you feel about flying
from L.A.
to the Swiss
Alps on December 20th?
Um, I uh, I feel very,
very good about it.
You'll stay there
with the Sharpe family
for the entire week
in case
they want to travel elsewhere,
then return them to L.A.
on the 27th.
They're a high-powered
so please
take the utmost care of them.
That sounds ideal.
I'll get the paperwork
started in that case.
-Do you have any questions?
Uh. Yes, just one.
Um, sorry. Who are the Sharpe's?
Yeah. Alright. And
double the order on the linen.
It's going to be major
next summer,
and I want a discount
on an order that size.
Yeah. Okay, thanks. Bye.
Is that my sweater, Cali?
Were you maybe going to ask me
if you could wear it?
Mom, may I please
wear your sweater?
It's from last year's line.
I did not think you would
Well, that's an interesting
strategy, kiddo.
Maybe we should put you
on the payroll.
-No, thank you.
It looks great on you.
So, it's all yours.
-Yeah. I just wish you wouldn't
wear those beat-up
boots with it.
Why? Because these are so, what,
Am I ever going to say anything
right to her?
She's 15, so I'm gonna say no.
I can't wait until I'm a
teenager and I can say
-whatever I want.
-Uh, no.
Great news, we've been invited
to the Alpine's
cocktail party on the 26th.
-Oh, great.
-What's Alpine's?
Alpine's, buddy. Alpine's.
It's a department store chain
headquartered in Zurich,
and we want them to carry
our new casualwear line.
Unfortunately, it means your
mom and I are going to have
to do some work in between
our time on the slopes.
Can we at least go ice skating
or something?
-Sure. Christina will take you.
Guys! I do not want to be
babysat by some nanny
who's barely older than me.
Why are we even doing this?
Can't we just
stay home for one Christmas?
You must be the Sharpe's.
Hi. I am Captain Kate Gabriel.
I'll be your pilot for the week.
Our copilot, Derrick Murray,
is conducting
a walk around now.
I trust you'll be able
to help me fly the plane?
Um, I don't think I'm qualified.
Thomas, thanks for filling in
last minute.
Our former pilot
retired suddenly,
so we're looking to fill
the position.
Well, I'm at your service.
All right, great.
Let's go, guys.
Vacation time.
Um, Mom, where is Riley?
-Your teddy bear?
-He's a rabbit.
Oh, of course, Bunny.
I am sure he is
snug as a bug
in your suitcase.
Our nanny did all the packing
and then flew up ahead
to set up the suites.
So we have rooms for you
at the hotel.
A full itinerary and a list
of our contact information.
Okay, so, this will be
the perfect Christmas.
Don't worry about anything.
I'll have you eating breakfast
in Switzerland in no time.
That's what I like to hear.
We're all set, Captain.
Ah, excellent.
And who takes care
of the luggage?
It's us, isn't it?
Let's see what we got
going on tonight.
So, charter for five years.
You must have some incredible
Which you're
saving for your memoirs?
you really want my advice?
Keep yourself to yourself.
Sorry, do you mean in general
or with our charters?
'Cause I'm kind of an
expert about them.
Three might Charlie,
this is centre. Ride report?
Oh, well,
life's a beach up here.
No reindeer sightings, yet.
I'm just about to serve
our passengers,
hot cocoa and eggnog,
if you care to join.
Ride report, please.
This isn't comedy hour.
Centre, everything's
smooth up here.
Thank you.
And that wasn't
a joke, by the way.
But if I think of one
I'll let you know.
-Why do I feel like
this is going to
be a long shift?
Can we see the North Pole
and the elves from up here?
Mh-hm, definitely,
right, Thomas?
What are we talking about?
Yeah, we can get some shelves
made for you, buddy.
Hey, Cali. Can you read my
letter to Santa?
Good evening.
We are about to begin
our Atlantic crossing.
But first,
who wants some hot chocolate?
Please say that's normal.
Oh, yeah.
Just minor turbulence.
I'll be right back.
Three might Charlie,
be advised there's a rapidly
deteriorating low-pressure
system on your route.
Definitely not in the forecast,
we're getting reports
of severe turbulence
at flight level 380.
You're not
kidding, centre.
Our weather radar has lit up
like a Christmas tree.
Can you give us a ride
around it?
Three might Charlie,
not in my sector.
This is a severe system.
The high pressure line starts
just north of Labrador
and extends all the way down
to New Jersey.
I don't think anybody's
going to be
getting through this
until it dissipates.
I suggest you find a place
to land
before you're
out over the ocean.
Is this your advice
for all aircraft?
We have plenty of fuel
for a longer route
and I've outrun worse.
Three might Charlie,
were advising all pilots
to land regardless
of their track record.
Yeah, this is not going to go
over well.
It's unavoidable.
I'm not sure my clients
would agree with you.
I promised to have
them in Europe by Christmas.
There are spots
available at JFK and Logan.
If either of those are
suitable for your passengers?
Better check in with them,
Be right back, Centre.
Centre, this is three might
Charlie, requesting landing
clearance for JFK.
Please confirm.
- Denied.
The spots have been taken.
Same with Logan.
But that was literally
a minute ago.
Those spots are all in high
Okay, um. What else
is available?
Closest option is an airport
off the coast of Nova Scotia.
But you have
to act fast,
you're running out of options.
are deteriorating quickly.
Okay, uh,
what is our new clearance?
Three might Charlie,
altimeter 288 niner.
Yankee, Charlie, India,
descend and maintain 5000
cleared ILS approach.
Three three.
-Merry Christmas, Captain.
Attention, this is your
captain, Kate Gabriel.
Due to severe weather
conditions over the Atlantic,
we are making a temporary stop
in Nova Scotia.
So much for our easy
flight to Europe.
Please fasten your
seatbelts and prepare to land.
I know that this is not the
layover that you wanted
and is a far cry from JFK.
We didn't want any layover.
I know.
I completely understand.
Well, the weather is not her
fault, Thomas.
I know, Helen.
But we are now at an airport,
who knows where?
And we need to formulate
a plan.
Captain, don't you think I
should stay by the plane
in case of a change in weather
and we have to prep quickly?
Yeah, if you don't mind.
I can stay in the bunk room
and keep in touch
with the weather centre.
Thank you.
So, what are we going to do?
Well, I will call the charter
They can make us
a new flight plan.
They have a 24/7 help line.
- What about Santa?
- What about him, honey?
How is he going to find us
We will be there way
before Christmas, buddy.
How do you know?
You don't even know.
I am sure that the storm
won't last that long.
But if it does,
you don't
have to worry about it.
We got a really famous
postal code.
We'll get a message to Santa
if it comes to that.
You can do that?
Storm came in fast, huh?
You must be the people off that
private plane
that just touched down.
Yes, unexpected.
I'm Captain Kate Gabriel,
and these are my clients,
the Sharpe's.
Jim MacLeod.
-Pleased to meet you.
-Mr. McLeod,
You work here at the airport.
We would appreciate some on
the ground info.
No, I'm afraid not.
I'm employed by His Majesty's
Postal Service.
But here's a man
who might have a few answers.
How about a latest
weather report?
Yeah, hi.
it looks like the storm
is worsening,
sitting off the coast,
so, no planes are going to be
taking off across the Atlantic
tonight, that's for sure.
Sorry to be the
bearer of bad news. Again.
-It's you.
You're get the guy up there
and now we're down here.
And you're down here, too.
Only in a small town.
This is where I live.
You live at the airport?
No, silly.
Nobody lives at an airport.
No, no, not here.
There. Christmas Island.
Christmas what?
The nearest town
around these parts.
The only town
around these parts.
There's a place called
Christmas Island?
Yes, there is indeed.
This is all very cute, but
our kids need dinner
and we need accommodations.
And I'm not overnighting
in an airport lounge. I'm not.
There's a great B and B
on Forsyth Street.
Great. See?
What's the name?
-I'll make a booking.
-They're always
usually booked up
around this time of year.
Well, you're just the bearer
of bad news aren't you?
Uh, Mr. MacLeod?
You know the area around here.
So what would you suggest
we do for our very brief stay?
first start by calling me Jim.
You and your family are
more than welcome
to bunk at my place.
And I bet my daughter
Maggie has an extra room
for Captain Gabriel.
mayor of Christmas Island,
and she's all about people
coming together.
So, let me get my coat.
This way.
Let's follow Jim.
Dad, where
is he taking us?
I'm not
exactly sure, pal.
-I'm sure it'll be comfortable.
And awkward.
-It's a tad squeezy.
I could take a cab.
Not around here.
Walter's done for the night.
-I'll take you lot in,
Oliver, you take the captain.
Christmas Island, here
we come!
-Come on, let's go!
-For one night.
-Just one.
Have a fun singular night.
-See you, see you.
Your taxi awaits
Deck the halls
with boughs of holly
Sorry, it's a little finicky.
Oh, no, it's fine. Let's
just get into town.
Don we now our gay apparel
Fa-la-la, la-la-la, la-la-la
So why do they call this place
Christmas Island?
Oh it, it dates
back to the Mi'kmaq nation.
One of their elders was
said to have been called "Noel."
And when he passed away,
they named the town after him.
And what's with
all the mailbags,
that Jim was hauling?
All the kids love
getting their Christmas Island
postage stamp in the mail.
Follow me in merry measure
I mean, didn't
you love Christmas growing up?
While I tell of
Yule-tide treasure
Not really. Well.
What's that sound?
-I don't know. Huh.
Oh, this cannot be happening.
I cannot have another
related disaster today.
It's just a loose wire.
Let me try. That does not--
No, no, no, no, no.
Nobody touches this.
Oh, okay. Sure. Go ahead.
Be my guest.
You don't understand.
The Sharpe's
are my responsibility.
I can't leave them alone.
Flying private, it's like a,
like a curated experience.
Well, Jim will curate them
until we're back in town.
-Try it.
"Why don't you try it?"
-All right.
The bearing
and your alternator
needs replacing.
Let's go.
Listen, I just want to
say thanks for--
It's so beautiful.
Yeah, you know.
Most people
come here for the lighthouse,
but I think the street is
pretty special.
Wait, where are the Sharpe's?
Do you know why
we're here?
everyone in town is here.
And our friend
Jim is going to speak.
So until this is over,
we're stuck.
Okay, so now turning to
something that I know
you all want to talk about.
Tomorrow is our annual
candy making event.
Can I have candy for dinner?
Round that up to be us.
And as always,
our celebrations culminate
with our famous lobster
trap tree
lighting on Christmas Eve.
So bring out your best garb.
The Christmas
postcard initiative.
Everybody wants a message
from Santa, right?
And with our beautiful
and our unique postal code,
we can help Santa deliver.
And this year,
we received a record
number of cards and letters.
Please come and see me
at the post office.
I just realized
that we have some very,
very special guests
in the room tonight.
-Please, no.
-Surely they don't mean us.
- The Sharpe family.
They're here from Sharpe Chic,
the lifestyle brand in L.A..
Like Martha Stewart.
Oh, you're enjoying yourself.
Aren't you?
-And it looks like
nobody's leaving this island
for at least a couple of days.
Just be glad you're
not out over the ocean.
Okay, that's it.
Merry Christmas, everyone.
Uh, days?
Our nanny
is already in Switzerland.
We have the meeting
with Alpine's,
which could be huge for
our brand expansion in Europe.
I can't believe we're
going to miss that meeting.
This is worst case
scenario, clearly.
What about
a helicopter?
Maybe we can call around,
see what's available. How?
Helicopter to where exactly?
I don't know.
I'm sorry.
It's not possible.
The wind is still way
too strong.
I'm sure you've
all had a long day.
Yes, Jim, it's been very long.
Let's get you home.
Oh, thank you, Jim.
just give me an email
that I can transfer
funds to you with.
Yeah. Okay.
You ready?
-Yeah. Yeah. Fire away.
-It's I am not taking your
I am not, t-a-k-i-n-g
your money
at Jim dot com.
I can't let
you put us up for nothing.
Come on, kids.
Okay, look. I really need to get
my clients to Switzerland,
because even though I know
the storm isn't my fault and
they say that they know
it isn't my fault,
they don't, really.
And I can't lose my dream job.
Or even that shot,
you know, shot
for my dream job, for this.
-This is your dream job?
I know the optics are hard, but
look, isn't there
anything that you can do?
I'd say you get comfortable
at the mayor's house.
It's going to be a cold night.
Just checking to see
how everyone's settling in.
Thomas is upstairs
rescheduling everything.
Finn is worried about Santa
and Cali is who knows where?
Mrs. Sharpe, I hope you know
truly sorry I am
for all of this.
This has never happened to me.
Being stranded at Christmas?
No, being stranded anywhere,
I appreciate that. I do.
But I hope you understand
that we are two working
parents who are now stuck
in the middle of nowhere
without any help and really,
really spotty internet.
Well, I'm here to help.
Yes, but you're our pilot.
But I'm a pilot who can't fly
right now, so um,
I am happy to help
with anything
here on the ground.
Kids? Rescheduling?
Anything that you need.
And I will be checking
the weather updates
every few minutes
and I will be sure to keep--
What about Christmas?
What about it?
Well the nanny is in charge
of all
the children's
holiday activities.
So if
you could just take that over?
-I'm sorry, Christmas?
You know, just keep them
occupied until we can
get out of here.
Oh, you're serious?
Um, yeah.
-Yeah, for sure.
-Just drop an itinerary.
-Whenever you have time.
But the sooner the
better, of course.
Hey, hey!
I bet you're wondering
where you're sleeping tonight.
I'm so sorry.
With all the excitement today,
I completely forgot
to introduce myself.
I'm Maggie. I'm the mayor of
Christmas Island.
-Oh, hi.
-And this is my son, Shane.
-Hi. Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
should we head out?
It's not that far.
Oh, okay.
So we have some fresh towels.
Your bed is made,
and if you get cold, there's,
there's an extra blanket
in the cupboard.
Can you think of anything else
you might need?
Thank you. This is so kind.
You sure?
Yeah, I'm good.
You know, unless you know
someone who can whip up,
let's say,
the perfect Christmas
for two very important clients,
an impossible to please
teenager, adorable Santa
fan here on Christmas Island,
given the fact that I haven't
celebrated Christmas myself
in years.
Otherwise, I'm good.
I'm sorry, it's been a long day.
I wish I could help you.
Oh, no, I didn't actually
mean you. Uh.
I, I'll figure it out.
I mean,
I could try to help you.
I just, I don't think
I'd be very good at it.
My brother's the real
Christmas expert around here.
Shane thinks
this is too much,
but I think it's just
the right amount of cheer.
And here's
Kris Kringle himself.
You're the Christmas expert.
Yeah, he lives for it.
I wouldn't say expert,
but I have been called
You two know each other?
Okay, well.
I'm gonna go.
So you're
Maggie's brother.
The last time I checked.
And you call your dad, Jim?
It suits him.
So what's this about?
You needing my help?
-Not necessarily your help.
Just, you know, some tips
on how to make a perfect
Christmas while
-we're stuck here.
Because A, I don't have a clue
what to do in this town.
B, the Sharpe's
are my responsibility
until I get them
to their destination.
-And C--
-You're not a Christmas person?
I didn't say that.
It's not like a Scrooge thing.
It's more like a,
eating spinach thing.
You know how
everyone always says how great
Christmas is, how good it is
for you, but you never
really get the muscles
you think you're going to get.
Look, I know I'm
not making sense.
Could you maybe just, like,
text me some links or, um,
I don't know, ideas?
-Yeah, I can do that.
-Thank you.
Take this.
How are you going
to get everyone around?
What do you mean?
Are you also a bus driver?
Yeah. You're a funny guy
outside the tower, huh?
-We'll figure it out.
Well, maybe since I'm
apparently the cause
of your current predicament.
I didn't say that.
No, you more or less, you did.
Anyway, I will be attending
a lot of Christmas festivities
over the next few days.
So if you or the Sharpe's
you want to tag along,
you're all more than welcome.
Yeah, we don't need to do that.
Just be thankful you landed on
Christmas Island.
That's the way we roll.
-I'll keep in touch.
Can't wait.
Yes. I am aware
that this is terrible timing.
We will obviously
still pay for our tables
at your event,
even if for some reason
we can't make it in time.
But I am fully
confident we will be there.
Mh-hm. Yes, absolutely.
And thank
you for understanding.
-Okay. Bye.
Fully confident?
Have you looked
at the weather report lately?
Why don't you go outside
with your brother?
Mom, he's catching
snowflakes with his tongue.
Do you know how unhygienic
that is?
Look how happy he is.
Why don't you go?
Because I'm not a child
and that's
what children do.
Good morning.
Did you get my text?
They're expecting us
in 15 minutes.
Are you ready?
Uh, Dad, are you going to
come candy-making?
-Hm? Oh, uh, hey Kate.
- Hi.
I'd love to,
but your mom and I
are stuck closing out
the corporation's year end.
Honey, can I just get your
eye's on this for a second?
So it's true.
You are taking over Christmas.
What? Oh, no, no, no.
I'm just here helping out.
What do you normally like to do
around Christmas?
I don't know.
Get dragged to some fashion show
or glitzy party,
watch my parents network or
talk to their famous friends.
Oh, okay.
I don't think that there's
a big celebrity population
on Christmas Island, but
you know, we can do other
Christmas-y things like
sewing popcorn together
and chugging
eggnog by the fireplace.
You know,
like to do that, right?
You have no idea what you're
talking about, do you?
No, I don't.
So I found a holiday helper
who can, you know, tell us
all the cool things to do
around while we're stuck here.
You mean like an elf?
I'm a bit
big for an elf.
But I guess that's
an honorary designation.
This is my nephew, Shane.
The sleighs outside.
It's waiting.
We should suit up. Let's go.
I don't think we're all going
to fit in your pick up, and
I'm not riding in the back.
Don't you worry. That's
why I have Walter's cab.
-And luckily, he was on duty.
-Are you guys heading out?
-Oh, hi.
-This is my nephew, Shane.
Hey, uh,
make sure you got your jackets
and take your brother
a jacket as well.
And your water bottles.
Water bottles, stay hydrates.
And Hats. You need your hat.
-We got hats. Got hats.
- Oh, great.
-Those hats?
Are we going
Oh, yeah, we are.
Here you go, bud. Put this on.
He seems trustworthy, right?
- He's totally fine.
And here is your hat.
Oh, no, I'm good.
I only wear a hat when I'm
flying because I'm Captain.
You're the one who wanted
a Christmas Island Christmas.
Now, I'll take about any
Christmas I can get right now.
Yeah, you're gonna wear
the hat. It's obligatory.
I think we need some serious
Yoda-like guidance or something.
Oh, looking good
my young apprentice.
Don't hold me to it, but I have
a feeling I know
who the instructor is.
Hello, everybody.
I see you love that hat.
If you are new to this,
don't worry.
I'm an expert when it comes
to candy-making.
Of course.
Today we're doing
an old family recipe.
Barley toys and chicken bones,
it's over 100 years old.
That doesn't sound
very appetizing.
I thought that we were
making candy?
- We are.
- Hey.
We weren't properly introduced.
-I'm Shane.
-Oh. My name's Cali.
Sorry. My parents gave me a
weird name.
No, no. It's cool.
So, I heard you guys are kind
of stuck here.
Yeah, pretty much.
So, you're
going to turn on your burner.
Turn the burners there.
Add your water,
And, corn syrup.
Cali, can
you please help me?
Hey, why don't you ask
Captain Kate to help you?
She's the pilot, so she'll be
much better at this than I am.
Hey, buddy.
Okay, put this in here,
and I'll stir.
Good stuff.
I don't know.
By the end of this,
you and I might be such
a good team that we can fly
the plane together.
Yeah, maybe. I'm growing
up pretty fast.
You are.
All right, stir.
Yeah, that's great.
Once it's all mixed together,
you bring it to a boil.
You okay?
I'm okay.
You should put cold
compress on or it'll get worse.
I'm okay.
You don't
like asking for help, do you?
No, I don't like needing help.
There's a difference.
Everybody needs it
every once in a while.
I said I'm fine.
There's lots going on.
-Just, Christmas someone else.
keep the legs
on the gingerbread men.
Don't, don't. Don't eat it.
So, do you have the flight plan?
For Santa?
Okay, not funny.
Like I said yesterday,
it's going to be
-a couple days.
-So, tomorrow?
Kate, you know,
I can't promise that.
You know what I can promise,
though? I can promise
the second I hear anything,
I will let you know first, okay?
But in return,
you have to stop asking.
Glad you got your ride working.
Yeah, me too.
Had something to do with the
bearing and the alternator.
- Oh, Mom, you're here!
Yes, I was seeing double
staring at those spreadsheets,
and I wanted to see how
candy-making was.
Do you want to try some of the
candy I made? It's really good.
Oh, yeah.
Oh, looks
very Christmas-y.
Mm, wow.
Those are actually
pretty good.
-Ha ha ha.
- Nice.
Where's Dad?
He's just finishing up.
Hopefully he'll be here soon.
These are delicious.
I think the travel nerves
have made me a bit peckish.
Well, save room
because we're going to
Donna's Lobster Shack next.
Oh, I don't like lobster.
-Yeah, me neither.
-You don't like lobster?
We're going to change that.
But they have buttery noodles
and all kinds of other stuff,
just in case you.
-Thank you.
- Hi, Helen. Hi.
I'm sorry I'm
such a big fan of yours.
I would just be thrilled
if you would consider
being our honorary ambassador
for the Lobster
Trap tree lighting?
- That's a great idea.
Yeah, you should.
I don't know about that.
What's a Lobster
Trap tree lighting?
Well, in this town,
we have a lot of lobster
fishermen, and what we do
is we round up all the traps,
we stack them
on top of each other,
we make a tree, and then
we decorate it with buoys.
Each buoy is inscribed
with somebody
from our community
that was lost at sea.
It's a nice way to honour
their memory.
We've been doing that
five years for your dad, eh?
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
I know it's not fancy, but
it's a really important
tradition in our community.
Well, I don't need fancy.
What? I don't. I don't.
That sounds so special.
And I am very honoured
that you asked me, but I,
that's three days away,
I don't think we'll be here.
I mean, we're not still going
to be here, right?
I don't know.
Because I've been banned
from asking.
I will let you all know
when you're able to leave.
But until then, let's eat.
I've been drinking cocoa,
hanging mistletoe
Hear the snow, all the way
She'll be here anyday
But 'til then I'll keep on
calling the North Pole
To say, hurry up,
hurry up Christmas
I'm staying up 'cause
I can hardly wait
And not a minute without
putting the sugar cookies out
Shimmy down the chimney,
can't get here fast enough
Hurry up,
hurry up Christmas
Hurry up and
bring me all that love
Whoa, this is so cool.
It's pretty neat, huh?
Oh, my goodness.
I can't believe the others
went back and missed this.
Hey, can we point the light
wherever we want?
Oh, no, no. The,
the light only turns
when the centre picks up
a ship approaching.
All lighthouses
are automated now,
so a few of us
just come up here periodically
and check to see
if everything's working well.
But you know what?
I bet if you squint
real hard,
you might be able to see
reindeer practicing their flight
formations for Christmas Eve.
Right there.
Keep looking, okay?
Right up there.
This is probably my favourite
spot in town.
It's like your own Fortress
of Solitude.
I like to come here and unwind
after a stressful day.
Imagine you had to deal with
hot shots
who think they can
outrun nature.
I don't know. That
sounds like a dream come true.
I used to stare out the window
when I was a kid.
Watch the planes
go by in the distance.
And imagine the amazing places
they were going,
and dreamed I could go, too.
Then a true aviator was born.
I was raised by a single dad.
After my mom left.
He was a pilot.
He was gone a lot
and I spent a lot of time
with my grandparents. But,
he always made
flying seem so exotic.
Of course, then I ended
up on a regional circuits,
wasn't exactly
living the dream.
Did your dad pass away?
Yeah, when I was a teenager,
actually, on the day
before Christmas, which
kind of coloured my holiday
He was so inspiring, though.
I still wear his
flight pin for luck.
Although, I don't think
it really served me on
this flight.
Might have helped
you more than you think.
So, what about you?
What's on your bucket list?
I don't really leave Christmas
Island that often, or ever.
I don't like flying.
In fact, I've only taken
an airplane once in my life.
-Are you serious?
-Yeah. Okay.
You've devoted your entire
professional career
to directing flights.
You see the irony in that,
It has not gone lost on me.
We still haven't told Santa
we're on Christmas Island.
What if he can't find me?
You know, I met Santa once,
and he said that
he always knows how to find
the nice boys and girls
because he has so
many elves working for him.
Well, I'm going to go look
for small reindeer.
Okay, you do that.
Tell me if you find any.
You're good with kids.
I've had a lot of practice
with my nephew.
Especially after we lost
He was the lobster
fisherman, right?
Yeah. It should have been a
routine trip.
Captain didn't pay attention
to the weather warnings.
I'm sorry.
That's why you took the storm
so seriously.
I couldn't live with myself if
something like that happened
on my watch. Which is also
probably why I'm
a little nervous to fly.
Just one second.
What are you doing?
Just taking
care of one of my pilots.
You're just, sweet.
than I actually thought.
Maybe you could revise
my title.
Oh, yeah.
This bearer of bad news.
It's just.
What would I call you?
I think I'll leave
that to you.
I think I see them!
I think I see the reindeer!
Really? Where?
Right, there.
No offense, but your internet
is super weak, Mr. MacLeod.
Maybe you can include that
in your online review,
if you like.
I must admit,
I was a little worried
about how it would turn out.
But, look at this.
-It's like magic.
-Looks great.
Jim MacLeod here.
Hi, Jim.
Good morning.
It's Helen upstairs.
Would you be able to send up
some coffee?
I'll take care of that right
away, Helen.
Thank you.
My mom just ordered
room service, right?
Are there any lobster
rolls left?
I've been staring
at the screen for so long,
I'm starting to get dizzy.
In the kitchen.
Fill your boots.
Fill my what?
I also figured
a fair rate for your stay.
Oh, great.
Just tell me the amount and
I'll have my accountant wire--
I can't accept
your money, Tom.
Well, I won't accept
any more generosity
without something
in return, Jim.
-What I can accept is your help.
It'll be of use for my putting
up the lobster trap tree.
Oh, right. Yeah,
Helen told me about that.
It sounds like a big job.
Well, you look like you come
from sturdy stuff.
And you young miss,
can help out
at the post office
on all those bags
of postcards.
No way. I'm on winter break,
I can't take some part-time job.
- I'm recovering from the
exhaustion of my school year.
Don't get sulky about it.
You get my drift?
Come on, it'll be
good for you, Cali.
Help you build a strong work
Like you?
Then I can just stay
on my phone, call it a day.
Oh, well,
I had a part-time job
at a coffee shop
when I was your age.
It gave me independence.
I think it'd be good
for all of us
to get out of the house.
Sin Bud, what do you say, huh?
Are you going to help me
with the lobster traps
or the letters
to Santa with your sister?
I want to work on the letters
so I can be sure that
Santa gets my list.
Ah. Whoa.
Look at that.
He's going to love that.
Tomorrow is going to be busy.
That is, of
course, if we're still here.
Hey, everybody.
It is cold out here for you
California kids.
You've got your coat.
Bundle up. Hats, gloves?
What are you doing today, Mom?
Oh, I have a few things up
my sleeve.
Okay. Have fun.
Oh, so you're tree
delivery, too, huh?
Well, Maggie's at work today,
and Shane's at a holiday party,
so, today I am.
How about you guys?
Are you excited or what?
Excited to go to work?
And then we can come back here
and help decorate this guy.
Oh, that's very kind of you,
but I don't want to interrupt
-with your family time.
- Oh, no, no, no.
They'll love it. Trust me.
We'll bring the tree
over there afterwards, okay?
And we've never done it before.
- Decorate?
- That's not true.
It's not true.
We used to decorate
when you were little.
We loved decorating a tree.
I don't remember.
-Yeah, well you were--
- Neither do I.
Well, you know,
when you,
when you get started, it'll
probably all come back to you.
Yeah. Okay. Come on. Let's
go, get in the truck.
Come on, Finn.
How about you?
Oh, yeah. No, I'm going to do
some yoga, breathing training.
Get rid of all this stress.
Um, speaking
of which, I know
we're not supposed
to talk about this, but
Derrick texted me from
the airport, said
it looks pretty grim.
Yeah, yeah.
My supervisor called
and he said
the weather's really bad
over the Atlantic, so
you guys might be stuck here
through till Christmas.
What? Um, no.
No, I refuse to accept that.
Do you want me to tell
the Sharpe's the weather report?
So they can mentally prepare?
No, not yet.
I don't want to upset them
for potentially no reason.
So yeah,
I'd rather inundate them with
holiday merriment for now.
Then I should probably go.
-Yeah. Yeah. Okay.
Is that what they say?
Well. That's our latest batch.
Are you ready to dig in?
Oh, I think so.
You get this much mail
all year long?
Heavens, no.
I manage by myself
11 months of the year.
But December is a whole other
kettle of fish.
Look, our postmark
was designed by a local artist.
And every Christmas it makes
a lot of kids very happy.
Where's your brother?
Oh, he's eating
candy in the office.
Here's the scoop.
We both know Santa can't
do all the work by himself.
So, parents
send us their kids'
letters to Santa
with a pre-written response
We send them back,
stamped with our postmark,
and presto,
the kids have a card or a
letter from Christmas Island.
Here's one.
"Dear Santa,
I've been good at school
all year long.
Please bring me a bike.
Thank you. Danny Shaw,
in state."
And this is Santa's response.
"Dear Danny,
congrats on your straight A's.
Now you're on my nice list.
Merry Christmas from Santa."
That's actually pretty cool.
What's even cooler is
we get them
from all over the world.
Would you like to stamp it?
-Just right there?
- Perfect.
Do you think you'll get
everything out in time?
Oh, well, in order to get them
delivered by Christmas,
we need to get them out
by December 23rd.
-That's tomorrow.
We better get going.
-Come on, Finn.
That's great of your
dad to lend me some clothes.
Didn't exactly plan on hauling
lobster traps when I packed
on this vacation.
I don't take you for somebody
to shy away
from physical labour.
Seems all the labour
I do recently is punching
numbers into a computer.
Back when Helen
and I started the company,
I built the first few shops,
the design, electrical,
even some of the plumbing.
I miss it.
But this.
This is different.
It's part of our heritage.
Hey, how long has Kate
been flying for you?
It's her first trip
with us. Why?
-Just curious.
We should probably
get back to it.
Got a big tree to build
Hot cocoa anyone?
- Sure.
- Here she is! Make way!
Shane, give me a hand.
Sure thing Uncle Oliver.
Yeah, here.
Who wants to spruce
the spruce?
Isn't it a fir?
Making a fir fancy just
doesn't sound as catchy.
Cali and Finn,
you're our guest.
Why don't you put the first
ornaments on the tree?
Okay. Although, like I said,
we usually have people
for this, but, yeah.
I'm cool with whatever
the tree looks like.
As long as the new
gaming system is under it.
No spoilers
until Christmas morning.
All right?
Santa and
Mom's know best, right Helen?
Yeah, whatever.
Whatever Maggie says.
Do you happen to know if
your mom had a rotary cutter?
Maybe in her old sewing kit?
I don't know,
other than that I'm sorry.
- What was that for?
Oh, nothing.
I'm just working on
a little thing to help
repay the nice people
for taking us in.
Thomas, you're back.
I just dropped in at Jim's,
but I thought I'd try to get an
internet signal here.
-I'm kidding.
Trust me,
the only energy I have left
is for tree decorating.
Then why
don't you go next?
If you insist.
Hey, Mom. We'll take turns.
Oh, um.
Sweetheart, I am right
in the middle of something.
Okay, yeah. For sure.
Which one
did you put on? That one?
See, Mom? Relaxtion.
I knew you could do it.
So funny.
They look happy.
-They do.
-Come on, kids, help us out.
-Come here.
- Finn, Cali?
Looks like your mission
of bringing them
Christmas is succeeding.
You should probably lead
by example.
Okay, all right. Yeah.
It's beautiful.
How about right there?
How about that one?
- Way to go, guys!
I love this.
Isn't it
just beautiful?
We for sure needed the help.
If we would have
gotten this done,
but it was just really special
to share this with everyone.
Maybe we should have
one for ourselves next year?
-What do you think?
-Oh, that would be cool.
All right, guys,
Christmas is about to begin.
-And it's Christmas.
The star is on the tree.
Oh, it's gorgeous.
Don't be shy.
Oh, I love this.
-You okay?
- Yeah.
I just didn't
want to be a downer.
Tree lighting reminds me of
my dad, so.
Kind of ruined it for me.
You know,
while the storm is out there
and the planes are
all grounded, I uh.
I have nothing to do.
As the boys say around here,
"I'm at my leisure."
-You are, are you?
-I am.
Wow, well.
What are you going to do
with all this
free time you have on
your hands?
You could work
on your automotive skills.
It's just a suggestion.
It's tempting.
That's tempting.
But why would I do that
when I already
found a great mechanic?
I am going
to work on another project
called "Getting Christmas Back."
For who?
'Cause it's certainly
not for you.
It's not for me. No, no.
It's for you.
Oliver, that's
really sweet, but--
No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
Don't do that.
You are a guest here, okay?
You have no choice
but to accept.
Those are just
the rules of Christmas Island.
I didn't make them.
If it's the rules.
Okay, so you two are going help
Jim at the post office again
Yes, and it is crunch time.
If we don't get those cards and
letters done by today, there's
no chance they'll make it
overnight for Christmas.
So what are you going
to be doing, Mom?
Oh, I have a project
to occupy my time.
What kind of project?
You'll see.
Oh, don't look at me.
I have no idea
what's going on.
What about you, Kate?
Well, I'll probably spend
the day refreshing
the weather app on my phone,
and then maybe--
- Children of the house?
Come forth!
What is happening right now?
I'm Belsnickel.
Here to judge
the kids placed on
Santa's list.
Belsnickel! Of course.
-Of course.
-I work for Santa.
And if you can't correctly
identify your visitor,
then you go
straight on the naughty list.
But I've been good all year!
Yes, you have sweetheart.
This is just a bit of fun,
I think.
Oliver, we know it's you.
Who's Oliver?
Okay. Okay. Congratulations.
As your reward,
- Oh? For breakfast.
- Slow down, buddy.
German settlers
brought the tradition.
It's pretty good, eh?
Yeah, .
Though, it's just
a little creepy.
Okay, I have to get a pic
with you for my socials.
Oh, okay.
this is just a family portrait?
Come on, Kate. You got to
be in the picture!
-Yeah, come on, Kate.
Let's all say, "Stranded
on Christmas Island."
Stranded on
Christmas Island!
Great. Now we'll always
remember this.
All right. Come on, guys.
Mitts and hats time.
Jim will be here any minute.
It's a, it's good.
Well, that was
quite the performance.
Does Belsnickel ave any other
houses to terrify tonight?
Nope. No. I just visited Shane.
-Left him quaking in his boots.
But, you know, this doesn't
mean the Christmas Island
Christmas tour is over yet.
Oh, well, I actually think
the Sharpe's are busy tonight.
I don't wanna take up
any more of your day.
Trust me,
this item is just for you.
Just for me?
Oh, yeah.
It's a Captain special.
I want to take you somewhere
as a surprise.
Right. Yeah.
I think I've been sufficiently
surprised for today.
That's fair.
So are you going to tell
me what we're doing?
I would have thought you,
of all people,
would like spontaneity,
whereas I like
knowing things
ahead of time, I'm
just playing to my audience.
Next stop on the Christmas
Christmas tour.
Are you crazy?
This is for kids.
Look at this line.
Everyone's going to
think I'm weird.
Oh, look. It's your turn.
Ho, ho, ho!
next to sit on Santa's lap?
Tell Santa I say, "Hi."
Okay. I'm going to sit here.
Big smiles.
- What's your name?
So, Kate,
have you been a good
adult this year?
Yeah, you know, I try.
Do you want to tell Santa
your Christmas wish?
We're seriously doing that?
You know what?
Yeah, I do.
Okay, come on.
You can tell me.
What my wish was?
No, no, no.
I think that's
against the rules.
And I'm pretty sure
my wish is between Santa and I.
Just whisper it to me.
I'm not going to tell anybody.
Okay, who's the rule
breaker now?
Is this what's next
on the Christmas Island tour?
You bet.
You ever heard of that?
Hi, I've got seats for
you right here.
All right. Thanks, Donna.
How you doing, Donna?
- Good. How are you?
-This is my friend, Kate.
- Oh, hi.
-Kate, nice to meet you.
-Nice to meet you.
Want to share a pizza?
If I haven't
lost all your trust yet,
I'd like to order us
something special.
Donna, you know what to do.
Oh, I sure do.
So, do you want to tell
me about this fear of flying?
Well, there's not really
much to tell.
I just don't,
I don't love the idea
of not having any control.
You don't like not
having control?
-Oh, that's funny.
Very, very funny. I.
I know.
I went to university
in Halifax,
and my mom got sick
in senior year,
so I came back home
to take care of her, and
I needed a job,
which is how I ended up
at the airport.
Maybe you're right.
Maybe I got a job
where I have some control
because there was none of it
in the rest of my life.
Or maybe you just made
a career of helping people
because you saw
how much you helped your mom.
I think it's sweet
and honorable.
flying or leaving it all
just didn't seem
to be in the cards anymore.
I guess it became a little
Can't imagine
sticking around in one place
for very long.
Because you get itchy feet
or you don't like it?
Just, after my dad died,
I couldn't
wait to get to flight school.
And then I think I've just
been in perpetual motion
ever since.
Well, Captain Kate Gabriel,
I think you can pretty much
go anywhere
and do anything you want.
You have so many options.
You just have to choose
what makes you happiest.
Okay, who is ready
for some festive
See, I design them
like little Santa's.
You're the best, Donna.
Wow, these are, these are
Santa flapjacks.
Little Santas.
Little, little Santas.
So I'm not going to have to
eat two meals.
No, I'm going to crush these.
-Oh, yeah? Okay.
All right, let's try this.
- Right.
- These are really good.
And how about the maple syrup?
Yeah, this is the real stuff.
Real Canadian maple syrup.
-That's right.
Do I have
something on my face?
No, you're perfect.
This was
a really good idea.
I don't get it.
If the planes are
still grounded,
none of this mail
is getting out.
It's stuck like us.
So what's the point
of finishing?
The point of any of this
is to spread joy.
Pains me to think any child
will have his letter unanswered.
What about the storm?
It can open up at any minute.
You never know.
-All right, kiddo.
Right now,
I choose to believe
in a Christmas miracle.
And if you could join me
in that for just another hour
and keep working, well,
that would be swell.
-I can do that.
-Thank you.
This one's from Finn.
Did you help him with this?
"Dear Santa, my name is Finn
Sharpe, and I'm seven.
This is my second letter.
I hope that's okay.
I heard you would
answer this time.
For Christmas, please make--
please make my big
sister like me better."
Of course I like him.
I love him.
He's my little brother.
-I guess sometimes, I--
-Ignore him?
I'm sure it's not intentional.
No, it's even worse than that.
Then I would tell my mom off
for doing exactly
the same thing.
Don't be too hard on yourself.
It happens to the
best of us, kiddo
We get wrapped up in life.
It's never too late
to make things right,
especially at Christmas time.
Oh, no.
-It's from Oliver.
"Dad, I know you still have
hundreds of postcards to get out
but planes are still grounded.
I'm sorry,
but none of it will be
sent out on time.
What are we going to do now?
I don't know.
I am going to play some funny
Christmas videos
to cheer you up.
We should just stay off
those websites.
I'm 15. Social media is our
way of life.
that's it!
-That's what?
-Your Christmas miracle!
I hope my dad's okay.
He takes this time of year
very seriously.
Like father, like son.
I think it's sweet,
how much he cares about them.
Holidays, kids,
how much it means to them
getting a card from Santa.
You care, too.
What? You do.
Just think about what you're
doing for the Sharpe's.
And don't say
it's just to secure your job.
Initially it was, but now I just
want them to have
a good Christmas.
I thik they are.
I know I am.
In all seriousness, though,
this has, um,
meant a lot to me.
I really feel like I've gotten
to see Christmas Island.
You see
that right there?
A smile,
that makes me happy.
- Hey, you two!
There you are.
We've been looking for
you guys for hours.
-Get in!
-Tell 'em, Cali!
I know what to do
with the Santa letters.
Come on!
I mean,
if the physical postcards
can't get there in time--
Then the online ones could.
Exactly! After all, why be a
master of the socials
if you can't use your powers
to do good.
Solid point.
But I'll need someone
to help me with the search.
I can.
Yeah, so can I.
-We could all help.
-[ I could help.
I can help, too!
I am a master finder.
-Okay, perfect.
We do not have much time,
so let's get started.
Let's spread some joy!
It's the sleigh bells ringing
It's the choir singing,
"These Three Kings"
Everybody's feeling happy
It's Santa's jolly,
"Ho! Ho! Ho!"
When the streets are
filling up with snow
This is Christmas to me
- I think we did good.
- I think we did great.
I think Cali's
going to be able
to get everything out
by Christmas Eve.
I guess Christmas wishes do
come true.
I wished Oliver knew how
happy he made me this Christmas.
That was, that was my
wish to Santa.
That was your wish?
Turns out, I didn't even have
to tell Santa my wish.
It came true.
Goodnight, Oliver.
Make sure
your eyes are closed.
Why exactly are
we closing our eyes?
I have no idea.
Mom told me to get you guys
over here,
and I think she's losing it.
I'm right here.
Don't! Keep them closed.
Keep your eyes closed.
No peeking.
I heard that.
Hey, Mom, if you don't let me
open my eyes soon
you're going to hear snoring.
I don't mind, I love surprises.
One more second.
No peeking! Please don't peek.
Oh, okay.
Open your eyes.
You didn't! Is this one?
I did.
They're for the Christmas
Eve party tonight.
Did you design and make
three dresses in three days?
Actually, four. I, uh.
I made one for myself as well.
- Do you like them?
- Yes.
They're beautiful.
Look at this!
- I want to try mine on.
- Me too.
What about you, Cali?
Do you like it?
Thank you, Mom.
What's going
on in here?
Hey, where'd this come from?
Is this the secret project?
Yep. It's just a one off.
I am not going back
to designing.
It was, uh.
It was just for fun.
But maybe you should.
Look, I want you to be happy
at work, at home.
And if it means that we need
to talk about restructuring
so that you can
do more of this, then
I'm open to that conversation.
You know, we've worked so
hard to build our brand and
I don't want to let you down.
Let me down? Helen.
We're a team, okay?
We all need to be happy.
You, me, the kids.
Or none of this works.
I love you.
I love you, too.
Your dad and I
are so proud of you
for taking charge
and rescuing Christmas
for all those kids.
Thanks, guys. And I love it.
I'm going to go try it on.
See? You do say the right
things to her.
A lot.
You made it, Captain.
You look...
Helen Sharpe
made dresses for all of us.
I thought it might
be too much.
You look stunning, Kate.
In that case,
you should probably institute
formal wear
for all your festive events.
That's brilliant.
Maybe I bring that up at the
next town hall meeting, I could
unseat Maggie as mayor
using that as my key platform.
it is what the voters want.
Just don't tell
Maggie I said that.
You clean up very well, too.
It's no Belsnickel outfit.
Well, I didn't want to
overwhelm you twice.
-Thank you.
-You're welcome.
I think the lighting's
about to happen.
Whoa, that is awesome.
Dad, did you really
build that tree?
He sure did.
I couldn't do it without him.
You know,
we should have one
just like that,
next Christmas in our house.
Oh, well,
we'll see about that,
But I am happy
to have contributed.
Hey, Finn.
I have a message for you.
Since you're already on
Christmas Island,
Santa didn't need to send you
a digital postcard.
So I have his reply
to your letter right here.
What does it say?
What does it say?
"Dear Finn,
I wanted you to know
that I heard from your sister.
Cali said I should tell you
that you're her best friend
and that she loves
you very much.
Merry Christmas. From Santa."
Okay, everyone,
gather around please.
The ceremony
is about to start.
Thank you.
Every year we place buoys
with the names of our fallen
sailors, on this tree
to honour their memories
and to allow them to be part
of this Christmas celebration.
And we do this
because there is nothing
more important than family
and community
during the holidays.
I'd like to invite Donna
to put up the first buoy.
Merry Christmas,
Uncle Cy.
Go ahead, kiddo.
Miss you, Dad.
Anyone else is
welcome to come up.
Now for the lighting
of the tree.
Dad, you want to do
the honours?
Countdown, in
three, two, one!
Never gets old.
Maybe we could
have a dance
or two after dessert.
If I remember how.
Maybe you could take a
lesson or two from
copilot over there.
got some moves.
That's what you call them.
Oh, one second.
This is Glen from the airport.
Sorry. One second.
Hello, Glen.
Yeah, I'll relay the
All right, thanks.
Something wrong?
Not exactly.
The weather is clear enough
that a handful of planes
can take off tonight.
If you act fast,
you can take one of the spots.
Wow. Um.
Okay, the Sharpe's
are going to be thrilled.
-Come here.
We just got a call
from the airport,
and we've been cleared to fly.
I think I can get you
to Switzerland by Christmas Day.
You can have your vacation
as planned.
Oh, I see, that's, um.
That's great.
We can make the Alpine pitch
after all.
Yeah. I just need to get
some paperwork
filed and talk to Derrick.
Okay. Well, I guess we should
hustle along and,
and pack
and meet you at Jim's in hour?
That's great.
I didn't expect this
to happen.
Neither did I.
I'm sorry about our date.
Take a rain check.
I should go.
I want to say goodbye
to your sister and Shane.
Thank you.
I won't forget any of this.
Me neither.
Merry Christmas, Kate.
Merry Christmas, Oliver.
It's safe to say
that you officially saved
And don't worry,
Shane will get the rest
of the postcards out.
Maybe you can adopt
the digital postcard version
going forward.
Only as an extra option, I mean.
I'm going to miss you
and your brother.
No, you won't.
I created a social media
account for you,
so you have no excuse
but to stay in touch.
Okay. Fair deal.
I'll ask Shane for a lesson.
Oh, that's that.
And that's--
Stop Tom, I told you
I won't take your money.
No, I know.
It's a donation
to the memorial fund, Jim.
That's very generous
of you, Thomas.
I appreciate it.
-Where's your mom?
She's a great girl.
Yeah, she is.
Merry Christmas Eve,
Mrs. Sharpe.
I thought you might like
a coffee to go.
Caffeine delivery is outside
your job description, Kate.
You have gone above
and beyond,
and I don't know how
I'm ever going to thank you.
Oh, I have really enjoyed
spending time with your family
this Christmas. It's
probably me
who should be thanking you.
This trip has
given more to my family
than we even knew we needed.
So you're saying
I should strand my passengers
in remote
coastal towns more often?
No, that's not what I'm saying.
Thomas and I
have talked about it,
and we would like to offer you
the pilot position
And I insist you call me Helen.
-Yes. Yes, Helen.
Thank you. I accept.
-Wonderful. Thank you.
-Thank you.
For everything.
Thought I'd find you here.
Everyone get off all right?
Yeah, They just left
for the airport.
But how are you doing?
I'm fine.
I'm not happy they left.
That she left.
Not going to lie about it.
Okay. So,
why are you here
and not at the airport?
Because maybe that's
where you should be?
Yeah. Yeah, I should
be at the airport.
Why are you always right?
Well, it's because
I'm the smart one.
I am the mayor, after all.
Well, next stop,
Cool mountain air will be
so crisp this time of year.
And our skis have been
on the plane waiting for us.
What is it?
Oh, it's just.
I'm really going to miss it
I know, honey
but maybe you can video chat
with everyone here
from Switzerland
Besides, what's most important
is that we are
all together, right?
That's right. And hey, guys,
we can have just as much
fun in Switzerland
as we did here.
Yeah. If you say so.
Mom, I don't want to go.
I know, honey.
Neither do I,
but we're about to take off.
It's too late.
You all right, Captain?
Fine. Controls and radios?
Checked and set.
Control centre,
this is three might Charlie
holding the runway one, over.
Three might Charlie
you are cleared to taxi.
Roger that, control centre.
Three might Charlie,
this is controller,
do you read me?
Oliver, is that you?
Couldn't let you leave
without telling you
how I feel.
I'm very serious.
Tell control centre we have to
hold our flight plan.
someone I have to see.
If you don't mind, I need to
talk to Oliver
for a few seconds.
Am I crazy to ask this?
But should we stay on
Christmas Island
through the New Year?
Yes. Yes.
Okay, well, then it's settled.
I guess we're staying.
- And Kate?
Go get your Oliver.
I'm glad I caught you.
I'm here.
But I don't know how
any of this is going to work.
Me neither.
But I think I'm finally ready
to get over my fear of flying.
Do you think you can help me
with that?
I'll save you a seat.