Christmas Keepsake (2023) Movie Script

[Christmas music]
You okay, Grace?
Excited to finally see all this
I don't know about you,
but I am looking forward
to an authentic American
-Me, too. -[Tom chuckles]
I know it's a little scary
moving to a new place,
-but it's exciting too, right?
[Tom] We're gonna get a fresh
start here.
I just wish we didn't have to
before we could go to the
Christmas Fair.
I know, kiddo.
But once we get settled in,
I promise to make it up to you.
-You mean it? -[Tom] Yeah, of
Look, you and I, we're juggling
a lot.
Moving to a new country,
moving into a new house,
it all adds up.
But we're gonna have a great
Christmas here.
And I, for one, promise
to only focus on the fun stuff
from now on. [chuckles]
What kind of fun stuff?
What if we dress up as elves,
and then, go and meet all your
new classmates?
-How about let's not.
All right, real one.
I think we should decorate the
new place.
Sounds good, let's do it.
Let's get this stuff inside.
It is cold!
[exclaims] Ooh!
[door closes]
All right, that is the last two,
and I made sure the basics were
in here already.
What's up?
It just feels weird.
What does, sweetheart?
Being here without mom.
[sighs] Hey... you wanna know
I don't think we are.
I think she'll be with us
Let's settle in.
We've got a big day of unpacking
Come on.
[water splashing]
Thanks for the pancakes, Dad.
[Tom sighs]
Sorry, I could only find
buckwheat flour at the store.
Don't beat yourself up.
They were... unique.
At least, they're good for you.
So, what's the plan for today?
I don't know if you noticed all
these boxes over there,
but they need to be unpacked.
Think of it like opening
Christmas presents.
When you put it that way...
[chuckles] Hey.
Can't a dad be proud of his
daughter's accomplishments?
It's a participation ribbon.
Yeah, and I'm proud of you for
[Grace] It's so beautiful.
I've never seen real snow,
except for last night.
Go on.
You got 13 years of playing in
the snow to catch up on.
I can handle all of this.
Thanks, Dad.
Uh-uh. Have fun, but make sure
you put a--
A scarf. I know.
[chuckles softly]
[uplifting music]
[faint thud]
"How to have the best Christmas
"You're going to need your
"Start with a cup of hot
from the best place in town,
"Bake candy cane cookies."
"Say a prayer
at the nativity scene in town."
"Pick out the best Christmas
and craft your own ornament for
"Finish up by going
to the Christmas candlelight
to see the tree lighting."
"These are all the traditions
that make our family special."
"I love my family."
"Merry Christmas."
If I just pull...
How's the unpacking going?
I think I need a break,
What's up, kiddo?
Look what I just found.
What is this?
It's a tin with a bunch of fun
family traditions.
Wow! That's...
This looks like a time capsule.
-Where did you find it? -It was
buried in the backyard.
Huh. Interesting.
I wonder who it belongs to.
Do you think they're missing it?
Well, no. Usually, when someone
buries something like this,
it's in hopes of giving whoever
finds it
a glimpse into the owner's life
at the time.
So, it's not like it's lost,
they left it there on purpose
for someone to find.
Lucky you!
-[chuckles] -That makes sense.
Still, wouldn't it be fun to
find out who it belongs to?
Sure, yeah.
But we don't know if they still
live around here.
Well, if we do all the things on
the list,
and the person who made it
kept up their traditions over
the years,
we're bound to run into them at
some point.
I don't know, kiddo.
We... We still have a lot to do
Come on, didn't you just say you
wanted a break?
How about some hot cocoa?
[chuckles] That I did.
And you know I love hot cocoa.
All right, let's do it.
Oh, you sure you don't want
another buckwheat flour pancake
-[Grace] No, thank you. -[Tom
[Christmas instrumental music]
It smells like heaven in here.
It really does, doesn't it?
[Elizabeth chuckling] Good to
see you again.
Thank you so much
There you go.
And dollar change.
By the way, the cup came from
What's that, sweetheart?
-The cup from the time capsule.
-Oh, cool.
#Hi! On your count.
Thank you.
-Hi there! -Hi.
Place looks great.
It's like a Santa's workshop or
You think so?
I will give the compliment
to my mom.
Decorations are all her.
Yeah, please do.
So, um, what can I get you two?
We're gonna have two hot cocoas
to go, please.
Darn... Um...
We just sold out, I'm so sorry.
-Aw. -I know, I'm so sorry.
It's our best seller and he just
got the last one of the day.
Must be one heck of a hot cocoa
to sell out before noon.
It's my fault.
I didn't order enough cocoa for
the week.
It's no one's fault, Mom.
I'm gonna replenish the stock
later today,
so if you guys come back
I will have a cup with your name
on it.
Sounds good.
We'd definitely have to come
back tomorrow. Yeah?
-Yeah. -And what's your name?
-Grace. -I'm April.
You like Christmas, Grace?
It's only the best holiday.
-[both chuckle] -[Grace]
tasty food and best of all...
-Christmas break? -Time off
[all laughing]
in the spirit of Christmas,
here's a little something to
hold you off until tomorrow,
-on the house. -That's very kind
of you.
-Right, Grace? -Thank you.
You're most welcome.
I'd be in the back if you need
So, I know we're out of what you
came for,
but anything else
I can get you while you're here?
Uh... Yeah, sure, I'll just grab
a latte. Thanks.
-[Elizabeth] Got it. -[Tom]
Thank you.
So... You're not from around
here, are you?
-What gave it away, the accent?
-[both chuckle]
All that, and it's a small town.
I'd remember if I'd seen you
Oh, we just moved here,
[Elizabeth] Oh, then, welcome.
Let me guess, Australia.
Yeah, Sydney.
I've always wanted to go.
Oh, you should. You should.
Uh... It's really beautiful.
April and October, it's perfect
weather for me.
-Okay, spring and fall, noted.
It must be a huge change to go
from hot and sunny
to freezing cold, huh?
Yeah, it's definitely different,
but in a good way.
You know I never understood why
winter got such a bad rep...
especially at night
when there's just this beautiful
delicate snowfall.
-It's just so-- -[both] Magical.
-[both chuckle] -[Tom] Yeah.
-Exactly. -[both chuckle]
Well, if you have any questions
about anything
while you're settling in,
you know where to find us.
-I'll keep that in mind, thanks.
Oh, you made quick work of that
candy cane.
-I love Christmas. -[chuckles]
-Nice meeting you. -Elizabeth.
Tom. And my daughter, Grace.
And we will see you tomorrow
for take two of that hot cocoa.
-Sounds good. -Bye.
Bye! Next stop, cookie
[Christmas music]
[timer rings]
Yum! Those look t-a-s-t-y.
How long before we can dig in?
Uh, these are too hot,
but... boop, boop.
You can start digging around
these one now, they're good.
-[phone ringing] -Ooh.
I'll just be a minute.
[Natalie] Mr. Jones.
I'm glad I finally caught you.
I've been trying to reach you
for days.
Yeah, yeah. Sorry about that.
We had a long journey,
but we got in last night.
[Natalie] Good.
Great, great. Listen.
I wanted to get in touch with
about the plan you drafted.
Perfect. Yeah, yeah.
Well, it's my daughter's first
Christmas here in America,
with real snow,
and we're really excited to...
I have some bad news,
I don't think my team's gonna be
able to pull off
the backyard Christmas Fair
you wanted
in time for December 23rd.
How come?
[Natalie] Well, mainly because
most of the vendors you
are unfortunately already
Well, I would've reached out
but we didn't even know if we'd
be here by Christmas.
Which vendors aren't available?
Well, the food truck,
the Santa sleigh, the reindeer
petting zoo.
So, pretty much all of them,
[Natalie] There are some
jugglers available
if you want me to book them?
No, no, no. That's all right.
Oh, what about
the gingerbread bouncy castle?
Oh, the gingerbread bouncy
[keyboard clacking]
It's not gonna happen.
what am I supposed to do?
Look, I understand how
this must be to hear,
but this time of year is always
the busiest.
Look, Natalie, it's just...
I really need to make this the
best Christmas ever
for my daughter.
She's been through so much as
it is...
I have a lot on my plate,
so I shouldn't be committing to
but I'll have a look at some
alternative ideas for you.
Thank you. Thank you so much.
My honest opinion
is that we won't be able to
execute what you want
in the time frame that you need.
My advice would be to scale it
Way down!
Look, I really just want it to
be like home,
so if there's any way to make
that happen...
All right.
All right. But I'm gonna need
your help to narrow things down.
Are you free for the next few
Yeah, yeah. For this, I can be.
Let me call you back.
Alright, bye.
[phone beeps]
Looks like I have to go work on
something for a few hours.
-Aren't you on Christmas break?
-[Tom] I am.
But it's not really for work,
but it is a special project.
Sorry for the mystery.
It'll all make sense soon,
trust me.
But just know,
that I wouldn't do it
if it wasn't very, very
I can handle the decorating,
It's the best part.
Tell you what...
Tomorrow, let's continue our
mission to figure out
who this mysterious time capsule
owner is.
What's next on the list, anyway?
The nativity scene.
Let's go to that,
and then swing by the cafe
Sounds great, dad.
You know, I'm the luckiest dad
in the world
to have such an understanding
Love you. [exclaims]
[quirky mysterious music]
[joyful Christmas music]
[bell dinging]
[customer] Thank you.
Well, hello again.
These are for you and April.
I know you make cookies for a
but I hope you still like them.
Aw, that is so sweet, literally.
They're also from my dad.
Speaking of your dad, where is
He had to stay behind and work.
Oh, bummer.
So, what are you up to?
-Right now? -[Elizabeth] Mm-hmm.
Not much.
I don't really know anyone here
Well, unless you want to give me
a hand
in the kitchen with some scones?
-Really? -Mm-hmm.
If you like making cookies, then
this is just as fun.
Sounds way better than what I
was gonna do.
Which was what?
-Unpacking. -Ugh, no.
Come on, follow me.
[Tom] Hi all,
would any vendors be available
to work on December 23rd?
Grace, how are those cookies
[light suspenseful music]
[bell chimes]
Tom, hi.
Hi, hi. Is Grace here?
Yeah, she's just helping me with
some pastry prep.
Good. [chuckles]
Oh, I'm so sorry.
I thought you knew she was here.
I didn't until about ten minutes
But, thank you for keeping an
eye on her.
No problem at all.
[slow festive music]
Dad, I learned how to make
I left you a note.
That's not the same as talking
to me.
You can't just leave without
telling me where you're going,
especially, in an unfamiliar
place, okay?
I'm sorry.
I didn't want to interrupt you
while you were working,
so I thought a note would be
That's very thoughtful of you.
But next time, just come and
find me, okay?
We need to communicate before
you go off and do something,
because it doesn't matter what
I'm doing,
I'll always, always be there for
you, okay?
-Yep. -Come here.
Love you.
Now, get your jacket on, okay?
[Tom] Sorry about that.
I was, uh, just... a little
-I'm a dad, it's what I do.
Now, what was all this about the
We were making raspberry scones.
No way!
It's my absolute favorite.
Mine, too.
[both chuckle]
You two sure are eager for this
hot cocoa!
Ah, Grace came by earlier to
drop off some cookies for us.
Oh, how thoughtful.
You've raised such a sweet girl.
Thanks, she really is.
[sighs] That's why I need to
keep track of her.
All right, we, uh... We better
take off.
Thanks again for watching her, I
appreciate it.
-Come on.
-[Grace] Thanks, Elizabeth.
Come back any time.
Two visits in one day, huh...
Nothing. I just think it's nice
to see
some fresh faces around, that's
And I did notice he's not
wearing a ring.
-[Elizabeth] There it is.
Mom, I see what you're trying to
but you know I'm not really
looking to date, right?
That's what you always say.
I'm just focusing on me right
You know, try to get through the
holidays in one piece.
I know this time of year is
tough for you,
but all the more reason to share
it with someone.
Plus, everyone knows, the best
time to find someone
is when you least expect it.
Yeah, I always thought the best
time to find someone
was when you actually wanted to.
[sighs] Well, sometimes, destiny
has other plans.
All right, all right, I won't
I appreciate that.
For now, anyway.
What was that?
Oh, nothing. Nothing, dear.
Where did you get that old
You made that when you were six.
[Grace] Oh.
-I mean, it's kind of nice.
-[Tom chuckles]
Here it is, mum's angel.
[emotional Christmas music]
You know, when I was your age,
we had a very sparkly star
right at the top of our
Christmas tree.
And, uh, I remember thinking
that it was so bright
that if the light hit you just
it would totally blind me.
[both chuckle]
Do you think we'll get some new
decorations for the house?
Well, I thought you wanted
to use the decorations from back
I do.
It's just, if we're getting a
fresh, new start,
why not get some fresh, new
stuff to go along with it?
Well, there's already a lot of
change happening, Gracie.
It's nice to keep some things
the same.
Like this?
Yeah, see?
Nostalgia's not so bad.
I like this guy.
[Christmas glockenspiel music]
[knock on door]
Any new clues?
Not unless I get a match on this
Can I have a look?
Hm... Pretty good penmanship.
Do you think it's a boy or a
Ah, it's tough to say.
I hate to interrupt the
investigative work,
but it's time for some sleep.
Do you think we can go to the
candlelight ceremony,
like it says in the time
Yeah, yeah. I think we can work
that out.
-When is it? -December 23rd.
-What? -[Tom] Well...
You know, that special project
I've been working on?
It is due on December 23rd.
But who knows,
maybe we'll have time for both.
But I don't want to
That's okay.
Still, I hope we find the time
capsule owner
before then, either way.
Oh, well, Gracie, we don't even
if they live in town any more.
I just think if it were mine,
I'd want it back, you know?
Even though I left it for
someone else to find...
It feels like something really
special got lost.
Well, if anyone can solve the
mystery, it's you.
'Cause I, for one, am glad
Detective Grace is on the case.
Where's that newspaper article?
How old does this boy look to
[Grace] It's kinda hard to tell.
Yeah, but maybe, he's about the
of someone who might make a time
capsule, don't you think?
Do you think he'll be at the
nativity scene tomorrow?
Well, we'll just have to wait
and see.
Ah! On that note,
let's get some shut eye,
shall we?
All right.
-Goodnight, Dad. -Goodnight,
-Sleep well, I love you. -Love
you, too.
[Tom] All right, there.
[bell chimes]
[festive guitar music]
Dad, look.
Do you recognize him?
Uh, no.
He was at the cafe yesterday.
He got the last cup of cocoa.
[chuckles] Don't worry, we'll
get ours right after this.
What I mean is, he got hot
now he's here.
Wait, you don't think that...
Hello everyone and welcome!
As some of you may know,
my family and I have been
this nativity scene since I was
a kid,
but this year,
I wanted to do something extra
[all applauding]
It's totally gotta be his time
capsule, right?
He clearly loves Christmas,
we'll have to talk to him.
[April] Yoo-hoo!
Oh, April! Hey! How are you?
I am well, dear.
Happy to see such a good turnout
[chuckles] yeah.
[gasps] Did you say a prayer
As soon as we got here.
[chuckling] Good.
Is Elizabeth with you?
No, I'm afraid not.
She hasn't been to this for a
very long time.
She also had to open the bakery.
Oh, we're gonna be headed there
pretty soon,
right after we talk to...
Where did he go?
Where did who go?
You don't happen to know the man
that was speaking at the podium
before, do you?
David? David Smith?
I guess, you do.
Everyone knows David.
In fact, he used to live in your
How do you know where we live?
-I have my ways. -Right!
Well, would you know how we can
get a hold of him?
Grace has a question she'd like
to ask.
Oh... Well, lucky for you I do.
He actually works at the
Christmas tree lot
just outside of town.
He's probably gonna be back
tomorrow afternoon.
Tomorrow? That's forever.
Well, anyway.
I'd better get back to the
See you guys later?
Yeah, yeah. We'll see you there
-OK, Bye. -Bye.
Oh, well,
what do you think, kiddo?
Until we can visit the tree lot,
we may as well just move on to
the next thing on the list.
And what's that?
Making our own tree ornaments.
Maybe we'll catch this David
person at the craft store?
Yeah, worth a shot.
Come on, oof!
-[Grace] But first, hot cocoa.
-[Tom] Hot cocoa, okay.
All I'm saying is you should
think about doing it this year.
I just don't think I'm ready
yet, Mom.
Sweetheart, don't take this the
wrong way,
but you're never going to be
ready unless you push yourself.
I don't know, Mom.
I know you think you have big
shoes to fill,
but your father would be so
proud of you just for trying.
[Tom] Morning.
Sorry. We didn't mean to
[chuckles] It's fine.
-Hi. -Hi.
So, we are here for those famous
hot cocoas, please.
Oh, right. Yes, of course.
I'd better finish up the
I could always use someone to
taste test the buttercream.
Go on.
-So-- -So, is everything--
[both laugh]
I was just gonna ask, is-is
everything okay?
Couldn't help but overhear a
little bit of that.
Yeah, um...
Well, not entirely. It's just,
my mom,
she, uh...
She wants me to say this speech
at the candlelight ceremony,
and I'm not particularly excited
about the idea.
Why is that? If you don't mind
me asking.
I mean, it's a long story,
but, you know,
this time of year is just a bit
bittersweet for me.
You don't like Christmas?
No, it's not that I don't like
-Um, it's just-- -[Tom] Hey.
I get it.
I don't have to know the details
to know that public speaking
a little scary.
But when it comes to satisfying
a sweet tooth
on the other hand, I know a
thing or two.
Not to brag.
As promised and on the house.
Oh! Thank you.
Okay. Now, I understand.
This is a delicious hot cocoa.
-Glad you came back? -[Tom] Yes,
You're not trying that without
me, are you?
Yours is right there.
-Yum! -You approve?
All right, kiddo. Let's go back
and do some crafts.
Crafts? What are you two making?
Christmas ornaments.
Wait, you make your own?
Well, this year, we do, yeah.
Wow, that's... that's really
Race you to the car?
Yeah, let's go.
Oh, oh! Thanks very much for the
delicious drink...
[whimsical music playing]
You almost done up there?
Thanks for being patient,
I think I'm gonna make one for
to give back to him when we
return his time capsule.
Ah, that's very nice of you,
but we still don't know it's
[Grace] Dad, come on.
-He drank the hot cocoa. -[Tom]
He planned the nativity scene.
He works at the tree lot,
and we're living in his old
The evidence all lines up.
Nancy Drew herself would be
But would Nancy Drew have run
out of glue
halfway through the project?
What? You already finished the
Hey, it takes a lot of glue to
that many things together.
But now I don't have any left
for the rest of the ornaments.
[snaps fingers] Well, come here.
I do have to keep working on
this, but...
Yeah, I think I can take 20
minutes to go to the store
and pick up some more.
-Thanks, Dad. -You're welcome.
Hi, neighbour!
So that's how you knew where we
What a coincidence.
[April] No such thing as a
in a small town.
That's something I'm becoming
quickly aware of.
How are you liking the place?
Oh, it's been great so far.
Still got a little bit...
Well, lots of unpacking to do,
but, uh, yeah.
It's slowly
starting to feel like a home.
I'm glad to hear it.
Well, if you ever need a cup of
you know where to find me.
Thanks, April. I'm happy to have
a familiar face nearby.
Oh, Tom, dear...
I was wondering, are you and
around for dinner tomorrow
Ah, it's very kind of you, but
we wouldn't want to impose.
Don't be silly. I'll be
slow-cooking a ham all day.
I usually go with turkey at
but this is my excuse to make
In that case, that sounds
Can we bring anything?
No, just yourselves.
Well, my mum always taught me
never to arrive empty-handed.
Well, on second thought,
you could bring a dessert?
-Maybe a holiday trifle
with cranberries and pecans?
That's... specific.
But if it's too much trouble,
No! I've just... I've never made
it before.
Well if you swing by and see
I'm sure she can point you in
the right direction.
Thanks for the tip.
Of course. Well, I won't keep
See you tomorrow.
Yes, we will.
What's that?
Oh, nothing, dear! I'm just
talking to myself.
[festive orchestral music]
Barely moved in and you're
already decking the halls.
-Thanks. -Where's Grace?
Oh, she's just inside, finishing
some crafts.
What brings you around so early?
Well, my mom's opening up the
bakery today,
so she asked me to swing by her
to turn on the slow cooker.
But now that that's done, you
need a hand?
Sure. Yeah, thanks.
["We Wish You A Merry Christmas"
[Elizabeth] Not bad.
Yeah, I think we make a pretty
good team.
Thank you so much for your help.
Oh, I... I just remembered.
Do you know how to make a
I sure do, why?
Well, I ran into your mom
and she invited me and Grace to
dinner tonight,
and she asked me to bring a
-with cranberries and-- -Pecans?
How'd you know?
That dessert is my specialty.
Well... Really?
I'm just wondering if April is
trying to play matchmaker.
Does she do that a lot?
No, no, not really.
But she told me to wear
something nice to dinner
-And now I know why. -[both
But, no, I'd be happy to share
my recipe,
if you want it.
Yeah, that would be great,
because I am useless in the
Why don't you stop by the bakery
just before I close up?
That sounds great.
Well, I'd better finish up out
Um, I'll go see if Grace needs
any help with craft clean-up.
-Yeah, she'd love to see you.
-[both chuckle]
[exhales sharply]
[Grace giggling]
One, two!
[Grace and Elizabeth exclaiming]
[Elizabeth] It's on you!
On the chest!
[Grace and Elizabeth chuckling]
I need a break.
Hey, which one? Blue or green?
I like the green one.
Dark green it is, thanks.
Are you getting ready for your
Date! It's not a date!
Thank you very much.
No, Elizabeth is just helping
with the recipe for dessert,
so you and I can bring something
to dinner tonight.
-That's awfully kind of her.
[Tom] And when I get back, let's
go see David
and ask him about that Christmas
time capsule.
[bell chimes]
-Hey, Tom! -Hi.
I hope I'm not too early?
I can't believe
it is already time to close up.
The day has just flown by.
[Tom] Tell me about it.
The older I get, the more hours
feel like minutes.
You know, you add in an
international move,
the holidays, Christmas,
I feel like I can barely keep
I thought I'd stop by here first
to see what I need to pick up at
the store for the dessert.
I went earlier.
Oh, you didn't have to do that.
Oh, no. Don't sweat it.
I had go get ingredients for the
bakery, anyways.
Oh... and your recipe.
-Right, thank you. -Mm-hmm.
Is my chicken scratch that bad?
No, no, it's not that.
It's just... How does one make
cranberry sauce?
You've never made it before.
It's a classic Christmas side.
Not in Australia, really.
I mean, we're more of a prawns
and oysters type people.
But if I want cranberry sauce,
I usually just buy it in a can.
You can't be serious.
Yeah... What?
Yeah, I like it in a can.
-Agree to disagree. -[both
-Since I'm-- -Look if you have
-You go.
-Since I'm already here...
um... and you're the expert,
maybe, you can teach me how to
make this
'cause I am no Gordon Ramsay.
I was just about to say the same
I mean, if you have time, of
Yeah, yeah.
Come with me.
Okay, so, it is a fairly simple
The secret is orange zest in the
-Orange zest? -Mm-hmm.
So, what we're gonna do is,
we're gonna take a cup of water
and we're gonna add some orange
-Yes. -[Elizabeth] Yes.
And then, sugar.
-Sugar? -Mm-hmm.
We're gonna let it boil.
Then once it boils, we're gonna
add some orange zest
and cranberries,
and give it about ten minutes or
-wait for them to burst...
-[Tom] Uh-huh.
Voila! Cranberry sauce.
Sounds pretty simple.
And trust me, you will never
reach for another can.
of cranberry sauce ever again.
Well we're gonna have to see
about that.
You're on.
How'd you get so confident in
the kitchen?
Uh, I think I get it from my
He taught me everything I need
to know about baking.
In fact, this trifle recipe was
originally his.
Well, this must be one special
dish, then.
You sure you're okay letting me
in on your family secrets?
-Yeah, I think so. -[both
Oh, I was meaning to ask you,
what made you move here to
Ashbury Grove?
We did a bit of a U.S. road trip
when Grace was a baby,
and I always had fond memories
of this place.
Yeah, there's just something
about this place, isn't there?
Sure is.
[both] Oh, oh!
[Elizabeth chuckling] Sorry.
I'll go get something to clean
it up.
You've ran this place a long
Yeah, very long time.
I bet you got some good stories.
Yeah! Some not so good.
When my...
-Never mind. [chuckles] -[Tom]
No, no, what is it?
Uh... I don't really think
I should...
[chuckles nervously]
Come on, we're friends, aren't
Right... Friends.
Yeah, so, let me be your friend.
I'm a great listener, and I
might just understand.
[Elizabeth] So, my dad, he...
he built this place when I was
Even named it after our dog.
I grew up in that kitchen.
And then, when he... he got sick
right before Christmas,
he would come in everyday and
still bake with me,
even when he should have been
But there was no telling him
what to do.
Sometimes, when I'm working
during this time of the year,
it just brings it back, you
like, the good and the bad.
Oh, I'm so sorry.
I didn't mean to dredge that up
for you.
[Elizabeth] No, no, it's all
Actually, feels nice to talk
about him.
[Tom sighs]
I can relate, you know.
Grace's mum...
My late wife...
Yeah, she got sick a few years
and passed away soon after.
And it was really hard to know
what to do.
'Cause I wanted to be a good dad
to Grace.
Protect her, keep her happy.
But... I needed time to grieve
as well.
Tom, I'm so sorry, that's so
Yeah, well it was tough.
leaving the home we all shared
But we needed a fresh start,
and that is why we moved away.
My point is...
that kind of loss...
It isn't something that ever
gets better.
You know, it's just something...
[both] You have to live with.
Yeah, exactly.
[phone ringing]
Oh, oh, slow down.
Yeah, um...
Okay, okay.
Leaving right now, see you soon.
Bye bye.
-Is everything okay? -[Tom]
Yeah, yeah, it's fine.
I just promised her we'd go to
the tree lot today,
and apparently, it closes in
half an hour.
You, you want me to finish the
trifle for you?
No, no. You've already done so
Um, I can do it.
Yeah, pretty sure...
No, I can't do it.
If you wouldn't mind.
Consider it done.
Thank you.
All right.
So, we'll see you for dinner.
Can't wait.
I'm gonna get my jacket.
[Christmas bells music]
So, what did you end up making
with Elizabeth?
Well, she taught me how to make
cranberry sauce.
You mean, we're not having it
from a can this time?
I thought you liked that?
I do.
But I like trying new things,
Well, guess what we're having at
April's for dinner tonight.
-What? -Your favourite.
Oh, unless your taste-buds have
evolved too much.
No way.
[singing] We're having
ham tonight
- We're having ham tonight
- We're having ham tonight -
We're having ham tonight
Yeah. [chuckles]
[Christmas orchestral music]
[Tom] You think we missed him?
[Grace] I hope not.
Wait! There.
-Sir, are you David Smith?
-I am.
I'm Grace and this is my dad.
We have something we think
belongs to you.
What... is this?
Um... you don't recognize it?
It's a time capsule...
with Christmas traditions.
We know this might sound a
little weird,
but we just moved into your
childhood home.
-Over on Walnut? -[Tom] Yeah.
Actually, Grace found this
buried in the backyard
and we thought it might be
Wow, I have a lot of great
in that backyard...
but this isn't one of 'em.
You sure?
This definitely isn't my
I can tell because you can read
Uh, you don't have any siblings?
-No. -[Tom sighs]
Well, if it isn't yours, then
whose is it?
I wish I could help you out,
but I honestly have no idea.
Merry Christmas.
Thanks for stopping by.
I hope you find whoever it is
you're looking for!
Have a great day!
Merry Christmas.
-Back to the drawing board.
Yeah, looks that way, kiddo.
We didn't even get to pick out a
Yeah, I know, we'll have to come
back tomorrow.
Hey, let's map out our next
steps for this
time capsule mystery.
[Christmas jazz piano]
Hi! Grace, don't you look
[Grace] Thank you.
-Hi. -[Tom] Hi.
-Ta-da. -Ooh, wow!
Like, I said, it's my specialty.
[April] Hi.
Thank you, Tom.
It looks delightful!
Almost as good as Elizabeth's.
-[Elizabeth and Tom chuckle]
Well, let's just say I had a
little bit of help.
-Oh! Come on in. -Thanks.
I thought we could share some of
the cookies you made, Grace.
Maybe, even sneak a bite before
-[Grace] Yes, please. -[Tom]
Your tree looks amazing, Mrs.
[April] Thank you! Call me
Your tree looks amazing, April.
Much better.
Where did you get this?
Elizabeth made it when she was
about your age.
Maybe, a little younger.
Dad, you're not gonna believe
[Tom] What is it?
Look familiar?
Actually, it does.
Wait, how did you make these?
Um, it's a funny story,
Elizabeth, why are you asking
about these cookies?
These... these cookies taste
like the ones I used to make
with my dad when I was little.
We used to put, like, every type
of candy in it.
-Even toffee bits and-- -Gold
Yeah, that too.
Wait, how did you know that?
-[chuckles] -We found the
What? Where?
Grace was playing in the yard,
she dug up an old time capsule
buried back there.
The recipe was inside.
What else is inside?
I'll go get it.
[Elizabeth] My dad and I made
this when he first got sick.
I've always wondered if someone
had found it.
Why would you bury it next door,
I think it was the day that you
took dad to the hospital.
You left me with The Smiths for
the afternoon.
I don't really remember
[chuckles softly]
"These are all the traditions
that make our family special."
"I love my family!"
"Merry Christmas!"
Oh, this is... this is so
Um, thanks you, guys. I...
I don't know what to say.
Sorry, I'm not usually a crier.
Hey, you don't ever have to
apologize for that.
[chuckles softly]
We're just glad it got back to
it's rightful owner.
And we... I hope you don't mind,
but Grace and I have taken some
inspiration from it.
What do you mean?
Well, we've been
following some of the traditions
you wrote in that letter.
Oh, that's wonderful!
Isn't it, Elizabeth?
Yeah, that's great.
I mean, someone should, anyway.
So you've done everything
mentioned in Elizabeth's letter?
No, we haven't got a real tree
Or gone to the candlelight
-[Tom] Right. -Oh, well then...
You know, what we should do?
We should all go together.
Maybe, Elizabeth might come and
say a few words this year.
Well, we really want to,
-but-- -No buts.
The whole town comes together to
take part.
I know you two haven't been here
but you're basically part of the
community now.
Well, we would love to, but--
Well then, it's a deal.
-That sounds like a lot of fun,
but Dad's got a big project
that's due the same day.
I can't guarantee we'll make it.
Oh, that's too bad.
Well, in the meantime, if you
still need a tree,
you'd better go tomorrow.
I was thinking about getting
another myself.
Wait, another Christmas tree?
Small one for the foyer.
Oh, but I'm swamped tomorrow.
Elizabeth, would you mind going
for me?
You two could go together,
maybe grab some lunch?
What about the bakery?
I can close in the afternoon,
don't worry.
Grace can even come,
give me a hand.
I could always use a few extra
hands to knead the bread.
Yeah, that sounds awesome.
Hey! I thought you wanted to go
tree shopping.
It's okay. I've always wanted to
learn how to bake bread.
You two go together.
All right then, I'm game if you
[Tom] Alright.
Now who's gonna say Grace?
Me, obviously.
Would you like another helping,
[Tom] Oh, April...
That was delicious. [chuckles]
Yeah, Mom.
You seriously outdid yourself.
Please, the slow-cooker did all
the work.
If you ask me, dessert was the
best part.
[April] Well done, Tom.
Well, I can't take all the
Elizabeth did most of the...
She did all the work!
-It was all her. -[both chuckle]
So, what's the verdict?
You still a die-hard fan of
canned cranberry?
Okay, I have to admit it.
You might have converted me.
And I will say,
the orange, yes, it does add
I don't wanna say, "I told you
so," but...
[Tom chuckles]
-Hey, Elizabeth? -Mm-hmm.
Will you come help me with this
for a second?
Duty calls, excuse me.
So, about earlier...
The holidays are a really tough
time for Elizabeth.
Christmas used to be her
favourite holiday,
but since her dad passed away,
well, so did all their
Still, I know how special that
time capsule is,
and how much it means to her to
go through it all again.
Even though the memories are...
Well, I can only imagine
how hard this time of year is
for her.
For both of you.
Still, I...
I have noticed though
that her spirits have certainly
been lifted
since you've come to town.
I don't know what it is that
you're doing,
but whatever it is, keep doing
because my daughter's happiness
means everything to me.
Well, I can relate to that.
I haven't seen Grace this happy
in a long time.
Look at her.
[April] It certainly
is a wonderful feeling, isn't
As a parent to see your child
[Tom] It's been pretty rare
lately, to be honest.
Sorry... [chuckles] I don't mean
to overshare.
Tom, you're talking to a woman
who's seen it all.
This is a judgment-free zone,
trust me.
you know, moving to a new city
is one thing,
but moving to an entirely new
that is a whole other can of
It is... It's been a lot for her
at once.
Well, big life changes can be
hard for kids her age.
That special project she
due on December 23rd...
It's for her.
I can't tell her about it
because I want it to be a
Oh, well,
whatever it is, I'm sure she'll
be thrilled.
Well, the problem is...
not sure if it's gonna happen
the way I hoped.
I can't seem to find anyone
to set it up in such short
Well, that's too bad.
The truth is, I just wanna give
my daughter
a great American Christmas.
She deserves it.
You're an incredibly thoughtful
But can I share something with
you that I learned
a long time ago?
I'm all ears.
I used to be such a planner.
I would always have a plan B and
a plan C
just in case plan A didn't work
But I was always so busy
thinking of every scenario that
could happen,
that I didn't allow myself
to actually
enjoy what was happening in the
After Elizabeth's father passed,
well, it certainly gave me a new
to soak up every part of life,
even the curveballs.
[April] So...
if things don't go the way you
hope with your plan,
just remember that
life has a funny way of working
things out.
And sometimes, where you wind up
is better than anything you
could have planned for.
Hey, Dad.
Can we put this on our tree
Absolutely, as long as I get to
make some too.
Thanks, April.
-[phone ringing] -Oh.
Gotta take this.
I'll... I'll be right over,
Natalie, hey, everything all
Well, depends on your definition
of the word.
I just spoke to the last few
Let me guess, they're already
Actually, the opposite.
They're all in for your mini
Christmas Fair.
That is... That's amazing.
There is one teeny, tiny caveat,
I won't be available to oversee
everything on the day of.
Which means...
you're going to have a ship
without a captain.
- Unless... -Unless what?
Well, you take it on.
It will mean a lot of work for
over the next couple of days,
but I don't know anyone else
who's available this close to
[Tom] What would I have to do?
Well, most of the prep work has
been done.
You'll have to finalize
the menu, contracts,
schedule, pay checks.
Oh! And make sure everyone knows
where to go on the day.
Well, uh, look...
If it means making this
perfect for my daughter, I'll do
Great., I'll send over the files
now. Talk soon.
Great, bye.
[phone notification rings]
[continues ringing]
Looks like it's gonna be a long
You're still awake, Gracie?
I think a congratulations are in
For solving the mystery of the
Christmas time capsule.
It felt really, really good to
watch someone
reunite with a treasure from
their childhood.
-It was pretty cool, wasn't it?
Especially, since it was
[Tom] Yeah, it was pretty
I think she was... she was very
Did you see the look on her
I know you did.
[Tom] Uh... What?
-I think you like her. -[Tom]
And I think she likes you, too.
What makes you say that?
You can just tell.
Or at least, I can.
Time for bed.
Hey, Dad.
It's okay with me if you do.
Like Elizabeth, I mean.
I know Mom would want you to be
Sleep tight, Angel.
[engine accelerating]
You get much sleep last night?
Not really, no.
I was up all night working on a
special project.
It's for Grace, actually.
We used to go to this big
Christmas Fair back home.
And my plan is to surprise her
with a mini version of it in our
I might not have slept much,
but managed to sort through
It's amazing, Tom.
You know, Grace is lucky to have
a dad
that cares so much about making
Christmas special for her.
I can't believe it's only a few
days away.
Yeah, you know what they say,
"Time flies when you're--"
"Struggling to balance
Well, at least you're chipper.
-[Tom] You're not? -No, no, I
Okay, you got me. But I am
trying, genuinely.
I gotta say, I know I have a
long ways to go,
but seeing that time capsule
made me remember how special my
holiday traditions were,
and it might not be so bad
to dabble in some light
Christmas spirit.
Baby steps, you know? But...
Well I, for one, am very glad
you're here.
Because I know nothing about
real Christmas trees.
[Christmas piano music]
So, what do you usually look
Uh, I honestly haven't really
thought about it.
I mean, like I said,
my tree knowledge is
significantly limited.
Hm, all right, let's do a quick
overview of Christmas tree 101.
-All right? -Mm-hmm.
There are five main types.
What, wait!
There are five main types?
Oh, yeah. Spruce, pine, fir,
cypress and cedar.
Are they really all that
Tom, Tom, Tom.
First the canned cranberry sauce
and now this.
-Come on!
-No, a tree is a tree, right?
Look, all I'll say is that...
I'll know what I like when I see
What about this one?
Oh, it's too short.
It'd be perfect for my mom's
We should earmark it.
Oh, what about that one?
It's too tall. I wouldn't even
fit it through the front door.
That's the one. Yeah, this is
-Yeah. -Good choice.
Wow, look at that tree topper.
[Elizabeth] Oh.
[Tom] It looks just like the one
my family had when I was young.
I feel like I'm back in my old
living room.
You should totally get it.
It's so sparkly and dazzling.
Okay, "dazzling" is admittedly a
bit much.
But seriously, you should get
Yeah, I think I will.
Or not.
Oh, well, we brought another one
from back home.
[Elizabeth chuckles]
You know, Grace, her mum and I,
we always had synthetic trees.
But I have to admit,
there is something really
about the smell of fresh pine.
It takes me right back to my
Isn't it wild how some things
can just throw you back
to such a specific memory?
What's that look?
It's just, uh...
"It's just..."
I feel like ever since I've
gotten here,
it's just been one coincidence
after the other.
And I'm starting to wonder...
What if moving here
next door to your mum,
finding the time capsule,
you and I meeting,
what if it was all...
Meant to be?
[Tom] Yeah. [chuckles nervously]
Yeah, meant to be.
I mean, how many things like
this have to happen
before we realize that
they aren't just coincidences?
-[church bells ring] -Ah...
Um... what time is it?
Uh, I think it's about three
We should probably get the trees
'cause I have to close up the
bakery after.
Yep. No, that sounds good.
[exclaims] It's perfect.
I knew you'd get a great one.
[Tom] So...
You ready to decorate this guy
or what?
[Joy to the World playing on
[Grace] Now I'm ready.
[Joy to the World continues
playing on radio]
Angelic voices singing
Joy to the world
Joy to the Earth The Savior
Ah, good work.
So, are you gonna tell me what
this special project is?
Not just now.
But tomorrow, I will. I promise.
So, how is it going with you and
Well, things ended
a little weirdly today,
Did you tell her how you feel
about her?
No, not exactly.
All right, all right, I will
-I love you, Gracie. -I know.
[Christmas violin music]
Is now a bad time?
No. No, no, no. I've got a few
Wow, you're really going all out
on your DIY Christmas Fair.
Yeah, yeah, just...
You know,
I want it to be perfect.
-So, I just-- -So, about
-You first. -Um...
I'm headed to the tree lighting
with my mom,
but I felt a bit off yesterday,
and I just wanted to explain...
-[phone ringing] -I...
Oh, I'm sorry.
I was expec-- um...
Yeah, please, just hold that
Yeah, make yourself at home.
Hello. Hi, Natalie.
Um... no. I haven't checked yet,
What do you mean,
Uh, they're out?
They're out, too.
Wait, what do you mean? They're
all out?
Um. Thank you for letting me
What was that all about?
Did you hear about this huge
snowstorm heading our way?
Oh, yeah, it's supposed to hit
the next town over,
so it should miss us.
Still, all the roads leading to
town are now closed.
-Oh, no, does that impact--
Yeah, no one can make it.
I'm so sorry.
Yeah, I don't know what I'm
gonna do.
Can I help in some way?
No, no. Thanks for offering.
I'll make it work?
Now, what were you saying
About yesterday?
Oh, no, that can wait.
But you're here now, so...
Um, I just, I don't know
if now is the right time.
I'll start then.
I thought we had something good
going on between us.
And I thought the feeling was
No, there was...
There is.
But it felt a little bit awkward
at the tree lot.
Um, okay, it's just, well...
The stuff you were saying
about everything happening for a
it's a lot for me.
You know, it's just... it's the
and the family traditions...
it's hard for me to get through
every year.
Not to mention, you and Grace,
the bond you two share,
it reminds me so much
of my relationship with my dad.
And it makes me miss him
so much.
And getting to know you has been
so great...
I'm scared.
Of what?
[Elizabeth] I'm sorry, Tom.
No. maybe you're right,
maybe this...
isn't the right time for this.
Look, isn't it beautiful?
Um, if it's okay with you,
I'm gonna skip the ceremony this
I just need to take care of some
things at the bakery.
-Is everything okay? -Yeah.
Yeah, it will be. I just... I
need to be alone right now.
You sure?
[Christmas piano music]
I know you said you wanted to be
but I think we both know I could
never do that.
I just wanted to see if you
needed a hand in here?
Maybe, someone to measure out
No, I got it covered.
Uh, you should go to the
I also wanted to see how you
were doing?
I've been better.
I take it things took a turn
with Tom?
What happened?
You know I don't like being
When I feel exposed, I pull
He told me he had feelings for
And I wanted nothing more than
to say, "I felt the same,"
but I just... I froze.
I guess I'm scared.
To lose him?
Oh, Elizabeth,
I know it's not easy for you to
let people in.
I'm sure losing your father
at such a young age didn't help.
But being vulnerable is a part
of life, sweetheart.
You're never gonna get close to
unless you let down your guard a
You know, you just have to ask
if the other person is worth it.
And even if it doesn't work out,
well, better to have loved and
than never to have loved at all,
You know, I've seen you grow
in the last week
than I have in the last year.
If you just push yourself
a little bit more,
I know you won't regret it.
Thank you, Mom.
I know how much you like to work
-your feelings with pastries...
But why don't you join me at the
candlelight ceremony?
It'll make your mom a whole lot
happier if we go together.
-I'll think about it. -[both
[uplifting music]
Was this the project you've been
working on?
Ah, kiddo, I'm sorry.
It's not at all like I'd hoped
it'd be.
I wanted to give you a great big
Christmas Fair
like we had back home, but,
-Weather took a turn and-- -Dad,
it's amazing.
I can't believe you did all this
by yourself.
You're not disappointed?
This has been the best Christmas
Even though it's different from
back home?
Different doesn't mean bad.
I don't care what we do,
as long as it's together
'cause that's what really
Come here.
Besides, we got to try so many
new traditions.
We're basically Americans now.
[Tom chuckles]
It has been an adventure, hasn't
Hey, speaking of new
You wouldn't wanna go
to the candlelight ceremony,
would you?
I'll get my scarf.
All right, and mittens.
[crowd chattering]
[upbeat Christmas music]
Cheer up, buttercup.
It's the eve of Christmas eve.
Hm, On second thought,
let's not force it.
Look, have you thought any more
about saying a few words
for your father?
After all, he started this
Sweetheart, I know your heart is
But you're a tough cookie,
you'll get through this.
I mean, it's not like I have
anything prepared.
[April] It doesn't matter.
Just speak from the heart.
[breathes deeply] Take a deep
You've got this.
[Christmas music]
Do you think we'll make it?
I honestly don't know, kiddo.
Well, we have to try.
Come on, I'll race you.
[Tom] Alrighty.
Hi, everyone.
I hope you're all having a great
holiday so far.
I just wanted to say a few words
before we continue on with the
You know, I'm not much of public
That was my dad's thing.
I've always had a hard time
saying things
when they really matter most.
But, um, here goes.
I was recently reminded
of how important it is to
maintain family traditions
with and for our loved ones.
In fact, it's those very
that make this time of year so
I'd like to dedicate this year's
annual Christmas tree lighting
to my father.
He was a great man,
a family man.
And I miss him every day.
But I realized recently
that a part of him continues to
live in me
when I uphold our family
So, with that,
I'd like to thank you all
from the bottom of my heart
for making this one so
memorable, year after year.
Merry Christmas.
[all applauding]
Well, that was, uh... some
It was beautiful.
Some might even say, vulnerable.
Well, it was a long time coming.
I just wasn't ready until now.
Grace, let's go look at this
magnificent tree, shall we?
-What? Oh, yeah. -Come on.
Uh, listen.
I need to come clean about
Ever since my dad passed away,
I've been scared of losing the
people that I care about.
I thought if I didn't admit my
feelings for you,
it'd be like nothing ever
just go back to normal life.
But I don't think that's
possible anymore.
What are you saying?
I really like you.
And I think your daughter is
And I'd love to see where this
if you're still open to it.
Most definitely.
-[chuckling] Really?
-[chuckling] Yeah.
[both chuckle]
I knew you liked her.
-[all chuckling] -It's okay.
-I like her, too. -[all
You're not so bad yourself,
Five, four, three, two, one...
" Joy to the world"
Joy to the world
- Joy to the world -[all
Joy to the world
[phone ringing]
Oh, I'm sorry, I have to take
I will be right back.
Natalie, hi, I'm just out with
the family.
[Natalie] So that storm gave us
a bit of a scare.
But one of the roads opened
back up.
I can send the food truck,
reindeer and Santa on your way
You know what?
That won't be necessary,
Let's let them go home
and spend time with their
I'm actually creating a new
tradition as we speak.
And make sure they keep that
Merry Christmas.
Joy to the world
Joy to the world
Everything okay?
Couldn't be better.
Joy to the world
The Savior reigns
Let all their songs employ
While fields and floods
Rocks, hills and plains
Repeat the sounding joy
Repeat the sounding joy
Repeat the sounding joy
[Christmas music]
You sure you want to put that
back in there?
This thing brought us together.
Imagine what it'll do for the
next people who find it.
Plus, I, uh, made a copy.
[all chuckling]
To memories.
Both the ones we've already
And the ones we haven't yet
Hear, hear.
[Christmas music continues]
Can we go inside and bake
cookies now?
Last one inside is a rotten
Not going to be me!
We're right behind you guys.
There's just one thing
I need to talk to Tom about
I just want to thank you
for everything you've done for
my mom and me.
I could say the same thing to
You've just been amazing with
Merry Christmas, Tom.
I mean, I know you already have
a tree topper,
but I thought you'd appreciate
-This is the sweetest thing.
-[Elizabeth chuckles]
You know what?
I'm gonna put up both of them.
A little bit of my old home
with my new home.
Sounds perfect.
How did you even get this?
I thought it wasn't for sale.
Well, I told David your story,
and he was so inspired,
he let me have it.
I don't know what to say.
It's just so... dazzling.
[both laugh]
Hey, thank you.
[Elizabeth chuckles]
[enchanting music]
Woah, is this yours? Yours? No!
It's under here.
[all chuckling]