Christmas Lodge (2011) Movie Script

Great work on the Wharf project, Mary.
The mayor said the restorations
make the whole city proud.
Oh, well thank you Bob. Certainly
had the best team working with me.
That you do, but your leadership's
what's holding it all together.
I just want you to know I appreciate
all the hard work you're doing.
No one in this company deserves
a week off more than you.
Whoa! A week? You know I
can't stay away that long.
No, I'm just going to the
mountains for the long weekend
but I'll be back to work on Tuesday.
Well, call if you
decide to take more time.
We can't have your battery running
out when we're so close to completion.
Okay, I will. Have a good one!
- Hey!
- Hey!
Need help organizing the files?
- All finished.
- They're all yours.
Thanks. Will I be able to
reach you if anything comes up?
Uh... when I'm at the lodge,
yes. When I'm hiking, no.
So... do you think that
this is THE weekend'?
The weekend?
The weekend Kent pops the big question?
Oh, I... I don't know. I mean
we've only been dating for what,
a Year?
Well I can just picture it. Him at the
top of a mountain, down on one knee.
Wouldn't that be so romantic?
It would be romantic. But
honestly, proposal or not,
I am just looking forward to
getting to the great outdoors.
Party pooper.
You party your way, I'll party mine.
- Have fun with those!
- Will do.
- Good morning.
- Mary!
How good to see you darling.
I thought you and Kent
were in Silver Falls.
Oh, I'm just on my way to pick him up.
I'm amazed you can get that
boy outside the city limits.
Dad! He's a lot more
rugged than you think.
Where are the boys?
They're working their own jobs,
we see them every now and
then at the lumber yard.
You know, I still think they
should be working for you.
There's a reason it says
"and sons" on the truck.
I mean, you taught them
everything they know.
They have a right to try
to make it on their own.
Heck, we didn't see you and your sister
half as much before your grandpa's surgery.
Well' I mean, I have the Wharf project.
We all have something.
No, I just liked it when we
all spent more time together.
Times change, you'll get used to it.
I'm not sure I will.
How's grandpa?
He has his good days and his bad.
More bad than good lately. Listen Mary,
at some point we have to sit down
and make some hard decisions.
I don't want to talk
about it, all right?
Kathy's up there now with him, I'm sure
they'll both be very happy to see you.
All rig ht. Strong coffee!
We can't keep pretending he's improving.
She knows that in her head,
it's just taking her heart
a little longer to catch up.
Well, she'd better come around soon or
we'll have to make the decision without her.
Well we can make that decision now.
Oh, I see. It's taking your heart a
little time to catch up too. Isn't it?
He's my dad.
Grandpa, relax. His blood pressure
always spikes when he sees you.
Is that a bad thing?
He'd be worse off if he didn't see you.
We just all have to accept the fact
that you're the love of his life.
Oh... so Grandpa, how you doing today?
I'd be better if your sister
let me out of this room!
Now Grandpa, you know I'm not
the one keeping you in here.
Your doctor told you, you need to rest.
It takes a little bit longer to recover
from heart surgery when you're 80.
I'm as strong as an elk! Aren't I Mary?
Oh, you're stronger but you still have
to listen to your doctor and Cathy.
Are you headed to the mountains?
- Do me a favor?
- Of course! Anything for you.
Take me with you.
Listen, once you get better we will
hike all over our favorite trails.
Bring me back a couple
of pinecones, will you?
The really big ones.
Oh, you know I'm gonna have to try
to pick some up from the general store
from the general store
on the way out, because they don't
let you take them out of the park.
And rightly so.
Every generation should have the
privilege of experiencing the forest
exactly as the good Lord meant it to be.
Listen, when are you
gonna play for me again?
When I get outta this room.
Kathy! You're gonna be late for
your shift, I'll take over now.
- Call me if you need me.
- Okay.
Yeah I guess I should get going too.
Say hello to your grandmother for me.
Well you know what,
you keep listening to Cathy and
you can say hello to her yourself.
When will you be back?
Monday night. I'll swing by, okay?
I should really stay and help.
I appreciate the offer, but you
need to take care of yourself.
- Thanks Morn.
- Bye bye.
Have a good time.
Leave everything we
talked about back here.
Hey guys!
Didn't expect to see you turncoats here.
Me and Pete are workin' on the same
job, we needed to borrow some tools.
Well, if you worked with
Dad like you're supposed to,
you wouldn't have to borrow anything.
I don't see you sitting
with him in that truck.
I'm not a contractor anymore,
and if I were, you'd better
believe that I'd be with him.
I heard you and fancy pants
were going up the mountains.
Think he's gonna give you a ring?
Why is everyone trying to marry me off?
Can't have a spinster in the family.
Last time I checked you
weren't married Pete.
Hey Dad, what's the male
equivalent of a spinster?
Pete, I guess.
Oh! See you guys.
So, mega jazz festival in New York on
the fourth of July. We'll fly back there,
We'll fly back there, we can
book a couple luxury hotel rooms,
and then we'll hit the scene. You ever
been to Mama? Central Park, Little Italy,
ooh Chinatown... man, I know
restaurants there even locals
can't find with a GPS. We can... Mary?
Mary? Hello! Mary, you're like
in your own little world there.
Sorry Kent.
So what do you say? You up for
a jazz fest in NYC on the fourth?
Uh... I was actually hoping
we could get a couple tents
and come out here for the weekend.
You think you'll ever be able
to make time for the city?
I live in the city!
Yeah, but you don't like to go out.
Well... you know, it's been a busy
year. Coming out here is the only thing
between me and total exhaustion.
Well, I feel the same
way about the city.
Is it a rift?
No, no of course not.
Here's the key to your room. Are
you ready to hit the first trail?
Can't we just hang here
for the first day you know,
limber up by the pool?
Kent, we didn't come here to lounge.
We can hereto get some
sunshine and fresh air. Right?
Come on!
I was thinking that we could
go to San Diego for Christmas.
My cousin's got this
condo there that we could...
Hey! Whoa, hold up. Can
we, can we take a break?
Sorry Kent.
Look at you, you're like uh...
a mountain lion, you're
hardly breaking a sweat.
Well, I've been coming
out here my whole life.
- It just take me a little longer to feel it.
- I don't get it.
It's raining and you're loving it. What
is it about the mountains that grabs you?
I don't know, you know I come out here and
it's like, every trouble just slips away.
Every trouble just slips away. You
know. I never... I never feel more alive.
It's not just that though, is
it? This place touches your soul.
One time when I was a
little girl, my grandfather,
he brought me to this beautiful
overlook on the trail up to the falls,
and you could just like,
see for miles. And he said,
"Mary, listen to me very
carefully. If you're ever troubled
and you need to see God,
this is where you find him.
His handy-work is visible on every...
every peak, every valley, every stream,
every meadow, more than
anywhere else in the world."
He said every minute spent out here is
a reminder... what a miracle life is.
What a miracle life is.
He said that he could feel God
and my grandmother smiling
on him, every time we hiked.
Can you feel them now?
I've been talking to them
since we left the lodge.
Well that explains why
I've been talking to myself.
So, can they fix what's troubling you?
No... but they're working on it.
My legs are itching to get hiking,
you ready? Come on.
I guess. But can we like,
slow it down a little?
All right'
It's not a race!
Come on. Hup two!
I think I wore the wrong shoes.
You'll be fine.
What's a dog doing down there?
Help! Help me!
There's your answer.
Hi. What's your name?
Hey Charlene. Are, are you hurt?
Yes! It's my ankle, I twisted it.
Okay honey, just... just
sit tight, all right?
Are we' are we gonna go for help?
No, it's too late. There's you know,
there's bears and mountain lions out here.
I'm pretty sure that I
can get her out of here.
Pretty sure or certain?
No, I can do it.
Don't we need like
a... rope or something?
No. I can't hike down
here but I can scramble.
No, look... I'll, I'll go.
No, hey Kent you know what?
It's, it's not the right time
to learn how to scramble. Okay? Hey Charlene,
just hold on I'm coming down to get you!
And Natty?
Yeah! Of course.
Look, if anything goes
wrong, just go back the way
we came and grab help, okay?
I don't feel good about this, Mary.
Kent, I wouldn't do it if I thought
it was too dangerous. All right?
- Be careful.
- Okay.
Watch it.
Yeah, okay.
Hang on Charlene! Okay!
Got it.
Hi! I'm Mary. I'm Mary Tobin.
So how did you get down here?
Well, Natty chased a
rabbit and got stuck.
I came down to get him.
Ifs okay Natty I needed a bath anyways.
Where are your parents?
I live with my dad over the ridge.
He'd kill me if he knew
I was out here all alone.
Yeah' he must be, he must be
worried sick about you, huh?
He went into town to get some nails and
stuff, he's probably not even back yet.
He's probably not even back yet.
You're not gonna tell on me, right?
No, you know, that's uh...
that's up for you to tell him but,
you just remember that the truth is
always a good place to begin, okay?
- Okay.
- Here, let me have a look at your ankle.
Okay, okay. That's okay. All
right, you can't walk out of here.
Do you think you've got enough strength
to climb onto me and I'll bring you up?
And Natty's gonna follow us,
all right? One, two, three!
- There you go. You're doing awesome!
- Okay.
- You're doing so good.
- Okay.
I want you just to hang on to me.
Okay, now three, two, one,
and just jump on. There you go.
All right, Kent we're coming up!
- All right, you good?
- Yes.
Okay, here we go.
Natty come on!
Okay. You okay?
Yeah, how 'bout you?
Gettin' dirtier by the inch!
Okay, you're doing good.
Nice and slow there Mar.
Just hang on.
All right, we're almost
there. All right, there we go.
You okay?
All right' three, two, one.
There you go. Okay.
You're doing good. Okay, one
more here. There you go, one more.
Three, two!
There. One more time. Three, two...! So!
Give her to me, I got you, I got you!
Charlene, this is my boyfriend Kent.
We need to get her to a doctor.
No, I think that uh... I think
we should get her home. Yeah?
Well where's that?
Just up over the ridge. You... do you
feel up to giving her a piggy-back?
- Yeah, sure uh...
- Okay.
Okay. Okay, hang on a second.
Okay, climb up.
All right, you ready everybody?
There you go, there you go.
You good?
Yeah! You guys okay?
- Yeah.
- All right'
Hang on.
- You okay?
- Yeah.
Natty come here!
All right'
Hang on.
Watch your head here.
All right'
Let's duck down.
Oh wow, would you... would
you look at that?
That's Christmas Lodge.
What, that old wreck?
Hey! That's not an old
wreck, that's my house!
You live at Christmas Lodge?
Lucky you!
What do you know about it?
When I was little, this was
like our home away from home.
Wait a second, is your dad Jack Rand?
Well, yeah!
I haven't seen him since
I was half your age.
I can't wait to check out the lodge!
Is that your dad?
Yup. You promise you won't tell on me?
No, I promise to let you tell.
Charlene? You hurt?
My ankle, I twisted it.
Hi, who are you?
Sorry. Uh, this is my friend
Kent and I'm Mary Tobin.
We found Charlene and we thought
that we'd bring her back here.
I was getting the mail.
You were getting the mail?
So you twisted your ankle
somewhere between here and the road'?
You didn't go hiking alone
in the park again, did you?
We will talk later.
You said Mary Tobin?
That name sounds awfully familiar.
You're not Mike and Betty
Tobin's daughter, are you?
One and the same!
Good Lord! I haven't seen you
since, what, we were this high?
How's your family doing?
Oh, you know, they're
great! Mostly... yeah.
Please, come inside! I'll
make you something to eat.
We can, we can catch up.
Food, yes! Now we're talking.
Please, um... come inside.
Come on Natty!
I'm hungry.
Well, welcome back to Christmas Lodge.
It's probably not exactly
how you remember it, is it?
Not exactly, but I can
picture it the way it was
when I was a kid.
How was it?
Magical! This place...
Please, you guys just make yourselves
at home while I tend to Charlene.
- Daddy, it really hurts.
- I know, sweetheart.
I just gotta get it elevated
until I can get some ice on it.
Oww, Daddy.
This place has a rare charm.
It takes a special eye to see it.
Yeah, you can say that again.
Cut it out!
Just joking.
- Jackson F. Huntington, right?
- Yeah, how did you know that?
I'm a historic preservationist.
I mean, I work in the city but
lire read up on all his lodges.
The way that the
exposed beams are fixed,
it has Huntington written all over it.
What does that mean?
It's like the lodge is a living
thing, you know, the structures,
they use gravity to support itself.
I bet not a single nail up there, right?
I am impressed! Yup, Huntington
drew up the plans in uh...
my great grandfather
built it in the 1920's.
How long did you and your
uh, family come up here for?
Up until I was probably 5 or 6.
My grandpa and my grandma,
they used to bring the whole
family up here for Christmas.
And then after she died, well grandpa,
he couldn't bear to come up here
so we stayed at the lodge
in the national park.
To keep grandpa from
getting upset we just,
we just stopped talking about it.
You know, I always wondered
what happened to Christmas Lodge.
Well I'm glad you found us again.
Why don't you guys just
make yourselves at home
and I'll uh, get us something to eat.
Jack, that meal was excellent.
So good! Who taught you how to cook?
Three generations of my family.
Heck a couple dozen guests
taught me a trick or two. See we uh,
I didn't know how to do
everything around here
just to keep this old girl up and
running. I have a little something
I think you're gonna
want to take a look at.
Oh, wow!
Who are all these people?
Those are our guests. See
my great grandparents started
this tradition of taking holiday photos
of every family whoever stayed here.
And uh, when Charlene and I finally
get this place up and running,
we're gonna start another album.
- Ahh! Oh wow.
- What?
That's... that's us.
What? Which one's you?
Are you kidding me? Right there!
Oh! Nice snorkel jacket.
Jack, these photos are priceless!
So when do you think that the
uh, renovation will be complete?
Oh, you know that is a
question I've been asking
for years now.
What uh, what's set you back'?
Well my mom and dad
they had an accident.
A logging truck hit a patch of black
ice and crossed over the centre line.
So Charlene and I, we uh,
rented a place in the city
near the hospitals, hoping
they would get better.
But uh, sometimes the
Lord has other plans.
Anyway, when we were gone,
nature kind of took over up here.
Well, we've been struggling
to catch up ever since.
Jack, I'm so sorry to hear that.
It's all right.
I mean, don't you have
somebody helping you?
No, supplies are kind of expensive and
I can't afford to hire any extra help.
To hire any extra help.
More hands is the only way we're
gonna get ahead of nature up here.
Well, have you thought
of applying for funding
to help cover the expenses?
Apply to who?
Your lodge with its long and
illustrious history, I mean.
I'm sure ifs eligible
for private grant money
you could use to hire contractors.
I don't know about that.
Are you willing to try?
Christmas Lodge is my life.
I'll do anything to save her.
Great! Well I'll... I'll
research some suitable programs
when I get back to the city
and I'll give you a call.
Thank you.
Well that was some meal but I am beat,
I guess it's time we
should be heading back.
Yeah' I'll give you a lift.
Count me in, my dogs are
howlin' from that hike!
- Your dogs?
- They say that.
- No they don't.
- It was along hike.
- Back in a little bit honey.
- Take care Charlene!
- Bye!
- Bye!
All right, hey! Nice, I've got a signal.
Well, thank you for everything Jack.
Oh please, it's the least I could
do after you helped Charlene.
You're not going to be
too hard on her are you?
No, no she's a good kid.
I know it can't be easy living up there
with just me and Natty to play with.
I'll be in touch with you next week!
Okay. Oh, wait, wait, wait
I've got something for you.
Oh! Oh, Jack! I can't take these,
these, they belong to Christmas
Lodge. This is a part of your heritage.
No that is a part of our heritage.
See, my great grandparents
always said that anyone
who stays at the lodge
is family for life.
Sounds creepy, but it's not.
You know what, I'm
gonna have copies made
and I'll bring you back the originals.
Okay. I will look forward
to seeing you again.
I'll look forward to seeing you
too and Charlene, and the lodge.
I hope I can help you
get it back on track.
Thank you.
Take care!
You all set?
So do you really think you can help him
bring that old heap back from the brink?
Well, I'm sure gonna try. You
know, my grandfather, he taught me
not to turn your back on your own
history. And Christmas Lodge is a valuable
part of my past, and I owe it to
my family to make sure it's around
for generations to come.
Well, it's a noble mission.
And a labor of love.
Because I've always wanted
to work on an old lodge.
Yeah. Oh, hey Dad!
How was your trip?
The best.
Kent propose?
Would you be happy if he did?
Yeah, that's what I thought.
I don't dislike the boy, Mary.
He's just a little too city for me.
Well, don't worry about it,
you won't have to live with him.
Here, look at this.
Christmas Lodge? I haven't
thought about this place in years.
Where'd you find this?
Well, Kent and I, we
rescued Jack Rand's daughter
and brought her back to
the lodge, and Jack...
he was, he was nice
enough to pass these along.
Jack Rand... you mean little Jackie?
Yeah, well little Jackie,
he's not so little anymore.
He's bigger than Pete.
He was a good kid, always helping
his parents around the place.
How are they?
They died because of a car
accident a few years ago.
Oh no-Oh, I'm sorry to hear
that. They were good people,
fine people. Jack doing a good business?
Actually, no... and
that's where you come in.
Yes, you. You see, the lodge it...
it went into disrepair when Jack
was in the city taking
care of his parents.
I mean, he's trying hard to
get it back on track but...
it's pretty obvious that
the elements are winning.
So, I told him I would see if
there's grant money available
to help him, but in the meantime,
I want you and the boys to
inspect the lodge top to bottom
and get an estimate of how
much it would cost to renovate.
I can tell you right
now, a lodge this size...
half a million dollars
wouldn't even cover the kitchen.
You coordinate restoration projects.
You know as well as I do, an old
building can easily become a money pit.
No, Dad I'm used to dealing
with old city structures
that are very complex.
I mean, I didn't think that
a lodge would cost that much!
Well, it might cost more, I'm sure
the roof, the windows, electrical,
plumbing systems are
due for an overhaul.
We're talking big money,
kiddo. Big, big money.
So what should I do?
Keep the memories and let the lodge go.
That's not what Grandpa would say.
No, and sentimental projects like that
one cost him a lot of time and money
and money and still didn't
make it to completion.
You're taking this awful personally.
You know, I just... I thought it'd
be nice to get the whole family,
even Grandpa, back up there for
another old-fashioned family Christmas.
I thought it would
bring us closer together.
Look at this photo we seemed so happy.
We were Mary, we were.
No denying it, just... time marches on.
- Where's Mom?
- Upstairs, tending Grandpa.
My body to be burned, and have not
charity. It profiteth me nothing.
Come in!
You said you'd come! Here you are.
How was Silver Falls?
Oh, it was wonderful.
And I brought you this!
It's like being there.
Did you go to all our favorite places?
Yup! And I have something to show you.
If you can get his glasses.
Christmas Lodge! I remember
it like it was yesterday.
I remember it like it was yesterday.
Look at your grandmother,
she's as pretty as
the day I married her.
I miss her.
Did you tell her I said hello?
Of course.
And what did she say?
Well, she said to give you
that photo as a reminder
of how much she loves you.
Where did you get that?
We were hiking, Kent and I, and
we just stumbled onto the lodge.
You didn't stumble on anything!
Mavis wanted you to go there.
She's strong willed you know.
She sent you there for a reason.
What reason Grandpa?
Time will tell.
Could you get that box
from out of that basket?
Oh, this is beautiful.
I made it myself.
The timber comes from a
beam I replaced at the lodge.
Can I open it?
Wow. Grandpa these photos are priceless,
how come you haven't shown them to me before?
Who's that right there?
That's me and your grandmother!
You knew Grandma when you were kids?
I met her and her family at the lodge.
Our families became fast friends.
I knew she was gonna be my girl
the first time I laid eyes on her.
She's so beautiful.
That's an understatement.
Beauty's only half the story.
No one could sled, or
skate or make a snowman
like your grandmother.
And in the summer, she could climb the
steepest rock-face like a mountain goat.
And she stared down all manner
of mountain lions and bears
until they ran off
crying like little babies.
You remind me of her, always have.
Nothing stops either of you.
What is this one right here?
The Rands let me and
Mavis run the kitchen,
- Really?
- And we had a fine time of it.
At Christmas time, we
made the biggest feast
this side of Kansas City.
Oh, Mavis knew exactly what to do.
I was her apprentice.
We worked like clockwork together and...
That time you and Grandma
took Cathy and I to the picnic,
I was such a brat!
- Betty? When did you leave?
- 1963.
Mary, it's getting late.
Yeah. Okay Grandpa.
Thank you for reminding
me how joyous life can be.
The life that you have led
at Christmas Lodge, I...
What I wouldn't give for
another Christmas up there.
I'll be here any time
you want to open this box
and go back with me.
- Promise?
- Promise.
Love you Grandpa.
Love you too kid.
Hey! You look like a woman on a mission.
I am. Listen, what are
you doing this weekend?
Oh, the usual glamour stuff, cleaning
gutters and mulching trees. Why?
What do you say about
a trip to the mountains?
Oh, no, no-I thought we settled
this Christmas Lodge issue.
Okay, we did. But Grandpa,
he just set me straight.
I'm not just gonna sit
around and watch it collapse.
There's too much of us in it,
and Jack... he deserves to
continue his family's legacy.
What about the cost?
Don't worry about the cost,
I will take care of the cost.
You just tell the boys
that we are going on a trip.
Oh, and if they don't wanna go?
Well then you remind them that you're
their father, and their boss. Okay?
Good night.
I do not know how you
manage all those people.
The carpenters, the plumbers, the
electricians, the drywall crew,
the city inspectors. The phone
rang' and rang, and rang, and rang!
Good morning! But you
kept it all in order?
Well, of course. But I didn't like it.
It gets easier with practice.
So, where is it?
Oh, no... Kent did not propose.
You mean I did all that
filling in for you for nothing?
No! The trip, it was
fulfilling in an unexpected way.
Oh, Bob! Hi.
Yolanda! You did a great
job covering for Mary.
Everyone down at the Wharf
said you gave them everything
they needed to get their job done.
All I heard was grumbling.
That means they like you!
Keep up the good work.
Will do. I'll talk lo you later.
Did you recharge your batteries?
Oh, the mountains, they
always deliver. Listen Bob,
what do you know about grants
for renovating old lodges?
All my work's been in the
city but I would imagine
the basics are the same. Why?
Dad, can you get the phone?
I got it! It's been so long
since we got a call I thought
the phone was broken.
Hello! Christmas Lodge.
Jack! Hi, it's Mary. Mary Tobin.
Hello Mary Tobin.
Hey! Uh... listen, how's Charlene?
Uh... she's a trooper, she's um,
helping me fix a window as we speak.
Wow! She'll be a master
contractor one day.
Listen, I'm calling with good news.
Good news.
Wow' I haven't heard those two
words strung together in a long time.
Well, get ready. I told
my boss about the lodge,
and he is gonna ask the board
for a grant to reopen it.
And that's not all, my...
my father and my brothers,
they're licensed contractors
and they'd love to come by and take a
look at the lodge, and get an estimate
for the cost of your grant
application. So what do you think?
I... I don't know what to think.
Oh, you know... um, I didn't
mean to create a problem for you.
No, it's not a problem it's just that... well,
it's just that um, me and my family have always
looked after the lodge ourselves.
It's uh, it's a pretty big step for me.
Of course, I completely understand
and I want you to know that
we're here to advise you,
not to take over.
Nothing will be done
without your permission.
Thank you Mary.
Great! Um... I'll see you, Saturday?
Saturday it is.
Take care.
What did Mary say?
Uh, she said that she's
gonna come up with her family
and help fix up the lodge.
Really? You know, Grandma always said
that the Lord was looking out for
Christmas Lodge. You think she sent them?
Maybe. Maybe Charlene.
So um, how did, how did
Jack respond to your plan?
Well, mountain men,
they're pretty stubborn
but they are practical to
a fault, so he said yes!
So' when do you go back up there?
First thing tomorrow morning. You
know what, why don't you come along?
Look Mary, you remember when I told you
it wasn't a rift? You like
the mountains and I like city?
I think I was wrong. I
can't go on pretending
I'm not cut out for that lifestyle.
I like to be in the middle of things
and you're happier as far
away from here as you can get.
And I don't think either one
of us should go on pretending.
Are you breaking up with me?
Oh, wow. I'm afraid so. Look,
I'd still like to be friends,
when you come back to the city.
You know what, okay... I'll um, I'll
try to spend some more time here and...
You'd, you'd be miserable and... I just
don't think that's good for either of us.
I should go.
Isn't there any way
we could work this out?
We're just... we're on
different trails, Mary.
Different trails that don't
go to the same destination.
I'm, I'm sorry.
Because you're a smart, intelligent,
beautiful, adventurous woman
and you won't settle
for less in a partner.
Mom, Kent... he was, he was
smart, and he was handsome...
But he wasn't adventurous.
It took a lot of strength for
him to recognize the truth,
that you were holding each other back
from the life you were meant to lead.
But, Mom... I would... I
would've changed for him.
You know that pretending
to be something you're not
wouldn't be good for either of you.
So what do I do now?
Be truthful. Be truthful to
yourself and to the world,
and you'll find the
man who's right for you.
Okay' what if he doesn't show up?
Mom, cuz I'm really
tired of living alone.
Have faith! Have faith Mary,
and the Lord will provide.
Hey' is that Mary?
Go see for yourself.
And she brought the army.
Whoa, this takes me back.
You still remember coming here?
I can already see the lodge
is gonna need a lot of work
to bring it back to the way
I remember it. A lot of work.
Well, that's why we're here.
Mary! Mary!
Whoa, you are a fast healer!
Yeah, nothing that a little
Epsom salt couldn't fix.
That's what Dad always said.
He'd use it on a cracked skull.
It's true! Uh, Jack Rand, you
remember my dad Mike Tobin.
And this is Charlene.
Hi. Little Jackie.
Oh, I haven't been
called that in years sir.
It's a compliment! I remember
you as a kid, lugging suitcases
twice your size up those steps
without breaking a sweat. Big
Jackie used to say there wasn't a man
in these mountains that
couldn't out-haul your dad.
I think he just said
that to keep me moving.
- Jack this is my brother Matthew.
- Hi.
And Charlene, Matthew. And
this is my other brother Pete.
Thanks for coming up
here. Well, here she is.
I was gonna fix her up myself but
uh, last couple of years the blizzards
have been pretty hard on her,
not even close to catching up.
Can't be all that
bad, let's take a look.
Okay, well we have good news
Matthew, the gutters are okay.
- Okay.
- How do the windows look?
Uh... this one's gotta go too.
Oh my goodness. This
place is a time machine.
I can still see the family
sitting at this table,
with Grandpa here at the
head, Grandma at the other end
and you kids, as little as
chipmunks sitting in the middle.
Biggest chipmunk.
And Jack, man could your family cook.
And Jack is continuing on the tradition!
Uh, yeah... I'll never be quite as
good as my grandmother was but uh,
I will put my best in the dinner.
Oh, no don't go to any bother, son.
Mother packed provisions in the cooler.
Well I appreciate that sir, but
you've gotta let me make one meal,
that's the least I could do.
Do you know how to make
those sourdough biscuits
that your grandmother used to make?
You know, I might just
happen to have a batch ready
to go in the oven as we speak.
Well then, I think we might
have time for a bite or two!
I still remember these biscuits.
They tasted like... Christmas.
What does that mean?
Pete my boy, there are some
things that can't be explained.
You just have to taste
them for yourself.
Who's that?
That's my grandpa.
So, is that your grandma?
She's in heaven, right?
Yeah, she is.
Can you bring your
grandpa next time you come?
You wanna see him?
Well, ifs just that-.-
I miss my grandpa.
I'll tell you what,
I'll see what I can do.
- Mary.
- Yeah'?
- Can I speak to you?
- Sure. I'll be back.
What's up?
You know, ifs not fair to
that little girl to promise
her something that
isn't going to happen.
Dad, how do you know it isn't?
My father is a very sick man.
Grandpa, he's the strongest
man alive. He'll rally.
That's about as likely as
this lodge fixing itself.
Time takes it's toll Mary,
we have to learn to accept it.
You know, Grandpa,
he taught me to fight,
and I'm not giving up on him.
I'm not giving up either,
I'm just trying to get you
to accept the inevitable.
No, Dad. I don't wanna talk about it.
That's okay. Just promise me
you won't get that
little girl's hopes up.
I promise.
- Dinner is served.
- Wow, here... can I help you?
Before we begin sir, I'd be honored
if you would lead us in Grace.
Dear Lord, we thank you for the
blessing of your divine love,
and the love of family and friends.
And we thank you for the blessing
of this visit to Christmas Lodge.
May it be a place that always
feels like home to all of us. Amen.
Now, pass the biscuits boy
and take one for yourself.
Don't be shy, dig in!
Thanks Dad.
Am I right?
Yeah, like Christmas!
What's your secret ingredient?
To be honest, we've
never been quite sure.
It's either the um... pure
mountain water or the uh,
very well seasoned stove that's been baking
them just right for a very, very long time.
Take that old stove off
the replacement list!
I don't know, I don't think it
has anything to do with the water,
or the stove, I... I think that Christmas
Lodge has a heart of ifs own heart
and it just wants people to be happy.
I like that.
Me too.
Thank you.
I still can't believe
you're doing all this for us.
Well, my grandparents
and my parents taught us
that you don't turn your
back on people that need help.
And I'm sure that your
folks taught you the same.
Oh, they did. But still, it couldn't have
been easy mobilizing your whole family.
They love the challenge.
Plus, they've never
worked on a historic lodge.
I mean, you saw how excited they were
when they checked under the hood.
I think they found more wrong
than I ever could've guessed.
You know, we had an old saying
in historic preservation.
What is it?
Find the problem is the
first step in fixing it.
I like that saying.
So um, what did Kent think
about you coming up here?
Uh, Kent and I, we're
not dating anymore.
Oh, I'm sorry to hear that.
So what about you? Does
Mrs. Rand work in the city?
Uh, no. Mrs. Rand passed away
shortly after Charlene was born.
I'm sorry to hear that.
No, it's all right. I firmly
believe she's with the Lord.
You know to be honest, I'm
not sure she liked it up here.
This place can be
really hard on city folk.
You gotta really love the
outdoors to live here year round.
Oh, I know.
You still come up here in the winter?
Especially the winter! I
mean, it's so beautiful...
the snow, the quiet. You
know, I savor the quiet.
Sometimes I snowshoe into
the middle of the park
just to have a legal reason
not to hear a cell phone.
Well we're so remote you don't
even get a cell phone signal.
Even the landline is spotty.
Bliss! I'll have to tell my
dad not to fix that either.
I uh... got the details worked out.
I'm not gonna like this, am I?
Just remember, the
report is the first step.
And we'll help you with the rest.
Thank you.
So, what's, what's the damage?
Well, the good news is the major
structure is largely intact.
They knew what they were
doing when they used cedar
to build this place, it's stronger
than concrete in these conditions.
Now, with a little
patching, the uh, roof
and the walls can be brought up to
code. The trusses and the support
beams are in good shape too,
and the foundation is flawless.
Okay. So, we're all set then!
Uh, not quite! The uh,
electrical, plumbing
and healing systems are
old and beginning to fail.
Your kitchen is worn to
the point of posing hazard.
Now, an awful lot of your windows
are cracked from the storms,
your gutters and some of the
decorative features have dry rot
and some of your floorboards
will have lo be replaced.
Is that all?
Uh... once your repairs are
completed, you're gonna have to
repaint the exterior and refinish
the interior, and that has to be done
in a way that preserves the
historical character of the lodge.
So what's the bottom line?
In drawing up the
estimate, we try to find
the most cost effective solutions.
$1.8 to $2 million.
Ha!!!!!! Wow. I don't
have that kinda money.
Don't worry cuz that's,
that's where I come in.
Now all these documents are necessary
to apply to my company's
board for funding.
Now, my boss and I, we're
gonna have to push hard
to get them to take on a
project outside of the city,
but I really feel like
they will come around
when they realize the
history that's gonna be saved
in renovating Christmas Lodge.
That's a lot of paper.
It is, but don't worry, I'll go through
it with you tomorrow page by page,
while Dad and they boys
work to stabilize the lodge.
So what do you say?
Now, if we do this, is there a chance
that we could be open by Christmas?
Well, where there's a
will there's a way, right?
- Let's do it.
- Great!
Well, I don't know about you kids,
but these old bones need
a rest. Good night, Jack.
- Good night Dad.
- Good night Jack.
Good night Mary.
Good night everyone.
So, what's the plan for today?
Well, I looked over the list of
repairs and circled the problem areas
that are posing an immediate threat
or any damage to the exterior
that's letting the weather in.
I'll make some temporary
fixes to stabilize the lodge
so it won't get any worse
by the time the contractors
you hired get up here.
I appreciate it.
- Morning!
- How'd you sleep?
She kept you up talking, didn't she?
Uh, that's kind of the whole point
of a slumber party, right Charlene?
Well, we'd better get started on the
paperwork, it's gonna take a couple hours.
Yup. Been warming up all morning.
Well we should get at it.
Last one!
My hand is less sore from
swinging an axe all day.
Not bad for $2 million.
No, it's not bad at all.
I can't tell you how great
it was having you all up here.
When you think you're gonna
make it back this way again?
Oh, you know what? I come up
camping all the time in the summer.
I'll be sure to swing by next time.
Oh, can you take me with you?
Of course. If it's okay with your dad.
Oh yeah, it's okay with her dad. With all this
work around here I don't get out on the trail
as much as I'd like to. Yeah,
Charlene probably deserves a break.
Well' all right then. I'll call you.
You don't need to, family
can drop by any time.
Oh, thank you. All
right, you two take care.
You like Mary, don't you?
What? Where do you
come up with this stuff?
Come on! She's likes you too.
What did she tell you?
No, but I can tell. I like
Mary, Dad. I like her a lot.
Bob, hi! So, what did the board say?
They're willing to give us half
the funding, but that's all.
We'll have to find the
other half somewhere else.
I am grateful but it's gonna take
too long to find outside funding.
Too long for what?
For Christmas Lodge, for my grandfather.
Look, time is not on their side.
Can I talk to the chairman?
I'm sorry Mary, but he's
ready to call it a night.
Bob, please.
Thank you.
Excuse me, Thomas.
What is it?
Mary Tobin would like to say a few words
in favor of the Christmas Lodge project.
We just spent a whole day on it-.
Please, I'm sure that Bob did a
superb job on presenting the facts
but I would like to let you know
about the faces behind those facts.
You see, Christmas Lodge is
not just a restoration project,
it's a labor of love. My family...
Mary, we all understand your family
has a long history with the lodge,
and we took it into consideration
when we granted you partial funding.
If we give you any more
funding we'll break the budget.
But half is as good as none.
I mean, Christmas
Lodge is disintegrating,
and it might hit the point of no return
if the roof gives in this winter.
I'm sorry Mary.
you did your best.
Yeah, try telling that
to Jack and Charlene...
and my grandfather.
Thanks Bob.
I talked to the chairman,
and after all that work,
all the work you and the boys
did, all that paperwork...
Grandpa! Hey.
How's the lodge coming?
Well it's... not as good as I had hoped.
What's wrong?
Oh, Grandpa I don't want to trouble you.
You're not troubling me! I...
I may be stuck in this bed, but
I'm still part of this world.
Well, you know, we have
enough funding for the supplies
but we're still praying
for money for a crew.
Didn't I give a construction
company to a crew
who could get the job
done right and on time?
The boys and I are
booked through New Years.
With what?
- Odds and ends.
- Well cancel them!
We can't! We have a
responsibility to our customers.
There are plenty of crews
looking for work around here,
there are very few contractors
up in the mountains.
You give the odds and ends
to the city contractors
and go and help Jack Rand!
Now Dad, I wish it was that
easy. We all have bills to pay,
who's gonna write us a check
to go work on the lodge?
You tell me what you need to get the
job done and I'll write the check.
I don't know, Dad. None
of this seems right.
Letting Christmas Lodge
turn to dust doesn't either.
Our family took a lot from
the lodge over the years,
it's time to give back. I...
I want this to be my legacy,
and your inheritance. What do you say?
I'm sorry, but no.
Let me describe it another way.
I remember a tale of a carpenter
that would not turn down this job
regardless of money or convenience.
He was a man from Galilee, who
saw service to those in need
as his highest calling.
Now, when you consider
helping Jack who has the
greatest need right now
with no help in sight, or
your other responsibilities,
you might well ask yourself,
what would Jesus do?
With his guidance, I really believe
you'll make the right decision.
You know I can't argue with scripture.
Then don't! Do the
right thing, help Jack.
You always get me, don't you?
It's not me.
It's the Lord's lessons I live
by that put us on the right path.
You tell me what you want from me
and the boys, and we'll be there.
Thank you Dad.
- Oh, thank you, thank you.
- You're welcome.
And thank you, Grandpa.
You never let me down.
That's because you
never let me down, kid.
You know, if they keep up this
pace we might be done by Christmas.
Really, you think so?
It'll go even faster if we help them.
Come on, follow Pete.
All right, so you take the sand block,
watch your fingers, and you wanna
work with the grain of the wood.
- Okay? Look.
- How?
This way... and here.
Think you can do it?
All right'
Hey, look at you go! And what
do you think you're doing?
Well, I can't let the
boys have all the fun Dad.
You haven't been on site in 10 years.
Feels good to be back.
You sure you're up for this?
I didn't spend my entire
life behind a desk.
You know, my Grandpa had me on his crew
when I was a little
bit older than Charlene.
I could sink a nail faster and
cleaner than any of his men.
Prove it.
Hey, I thought I heard
the human nail gun.
That's my girl. After all these years
you still haven't lost your touch.
I haven't been this tired in...
since as long as I can remember.
Yeah me either. Feels good though,
can't figure out why, but it does.
There's something about this place.
My great grandparents used to say that
uh, they didn't build Christmas Lodge
to have a place to live,
they built it to live.
And I think they would be
very, very happy to know
that the people who share a past
are here to look after
her in her old age.
That's sweet.
By the time we're through,
she'll look 50 years younger.
I wish we could do the same for Grandpa.
We all do. He's climbing the ladder
we'll all climb one day.
He's just happy knowing
we're all together and giving
an important part of history
a new lease on life?
Has your family always been this close?
Well, we've wandered
some here and there,
but we've always found
time to meet in the kitchen.
Well, I just hope that when
we're through, I can restore
some of that sense of home.
Speaking of kitchens, I
think I have one to clean up.
Here, let me help you out.
Mary, I was uh...
What Jack?
Wow, I am not very good at this.
What is it?
Um... We spent a lot of time together
over the last few months and uh, I guess
you could say I've
taken a liking to you.
I hope that doesn't
make you uncomfortable.
No! I mean of course not, I'm honored.
Well uh, I was wondering
if maybe we could be more than friends.
If maybe we could go out together sometime.
Oh, Jack I don't know.
I really don't have a great
track record with men and it...
it wouldn't just be us, it
would be us and Charlene,
and I don't want her to get hurt
if it didn't work out.
You were the one that said
anything's possible, right?
I did.
That means something
good is possible too.
I just haven't noticed
any bad points between us,
- have you?
- No... no.
Then take a chance on
me, Mary. Let's just start
by maybe going to dinner,
dancing, a movie...
Something normal grown ups do
when they're going out as friends.
And if it doesn't work out,
Charlene doesn't have to know
that we were courting
and we could still be
friends. What do you think?
Did I misread you? Is
it that hard to decide?
No, no Jack... my
reluctance has absolutely
nothing to do with you whatsoever,
it's just... there's so much at stake,
I really um, I don't wanna mess it up.
Okay. So the answer's no.
No it's a yes. I am willing
to take that chance with you
because I feel the same way
and I'm so tired of fighting it.
Wow, you guys are really
moving right along!
Have to, the weather's not going
to stay like this much longer.
When winter hits up here, it hits hard.
Won't be able to see
the roof or the walls
under 15 feet of snow.
Bye you guys!
I feel so bad leaving you. You know
that I wouldn't, I would stay and help
if I wasn't in the final
days of the Wharf project.
Your hands are itchin' to
pick up a hammer aren't they?
That's my girl.
Check in on your mother
and your grandfather for me,
tell them I'll get down for a couple
of days when we get the place sealed up.
I will, thanks Daddy. I love you.
Mary! Wait up a sec?
I better get back to work.
Listen uh, I was just wondering, and I
know this is short notice and all but uh,
I was wondering if it would be possible for
your family to come and stay here this Christmas.
Really? Of course. I've
just, I've always hoped
to get my family back out
here for one more Christmas,
especially my grandpa.
Maybe we should keep
this between us for now
because there's so much work to be done
and I don't want to disappoint
them if the lodge isn't ready.
I understand.
But, thank you.
Drive safe.
I'll talk to you soon.
I was right. Wasn't I?
While you were gone,
I met with the board
and I explained the situation
to them, and they agreed
to go to our donors to
seek funding to expand out
to the rural areas.
We already have the funding
for a project or two.
So, would you be interested in
opening a branch office out there
to coordinate our efforts?
- Yo, do you have a minute?
- Yeah.
What's up?
Bob just asked me to open
an office in the mountains.
He what?
Yeah, he wants to help small
towns save historic buildings.
Wow. Four hours, that's along commute.
No, no I mean, I wouldn't be
driving there, I would move there.
Hmm, let me guess... to Christmas Lodge?
All right Mary, fess up.
It's no coincidence that you
broke up with one perfect man
to now agree to work
near another perfect man.
- Have you been seeing Jack Rand?
- Is it that obvious?
I knew it! You've been so happy lately.
Well maybe you'll get
that ring after all.
Okay, let's not be ridiculous.
I have work to do.
Oh my gosh, that's
fantastic. Wait a second.
You're leaving the city
to go work in the country,
who's taking your position here?
Uh, you!
No, no, no, no. This is one
Christmas gift I don't want.
You know, I said that 10 years
ago and look where it got me.
Yeah, you dropped it on me.
Well, for one thing I
think that you can do it,
and for another thing you have
been doing it, and quite well.
So... Merry Christmas.
Hang on a sec.
Okay. So the answer's no.
Uh, no... I'll... I'll meet you there.
I have to go to the hospital,
my grandfather just had a stroke.
Mom, hey. How is he? Hi Daddy.
They're still evaluating him.
- Can we see him?
- Not yet honey.
Hey you guys. Is uh, is
Kathy in there with him?
Yeah, and a group of doctors.
Listen, he's in good hands.
So I guess this means that he's going
to have to go to a home now right?
Your mother and Cathy
did the best they could.
Of course. Mom, I know that you
and Cathy did everything you could.
Hey, hi. How is he?
Stable and resting.
Will they need to operate?
No, it was a fairly mild stroke.
The doctors think he's
lost some motor skills.
Can we see him?
The doctors need to
conduct additional tests,
when they're done you can see him.
Thanks Kathy, thanks for everything.
- I love that photo.
- I do too.
Yes. You know Mom, I
had a dream that Grandpa
and I would walk
together in the mountains,
and he would point out every leaf,
every bird, every tree, every ridge
and not just tell me what it
was, but what it meant to him.
He breathed so much
life into this world,
I try to get it back on my own
but it's just... it's not the same.
Your grandfather is a very special man.
You were the only one who truly
listened to what he had to say,
and he rewarded you with a
richer appreciation of the world.
Can I tell you something even sillier?
Of course.
Grandpa said that the Lord and
Grandma spoke to him every time
he went hiking. He found
such strength and peace,
and I actually thought
that they were speaking
to me the day that they put Charlene
and Christmas Lodge in my path.
And they were telling me
to repay Grandpa somehow
for everything he's given me.
Maybe they were, maybe they still are.
I spent many hours with
Grandpa after he got sick,
and he told me many times that
his illness was for a reason,
that God was trying to tell him
something. When I asked what, he told me
that he didn't know for sure, but that
throughout his life from the Great Depression
to fighting World War II, to working
on his dangerous construction sites
and most challenging of all,
the passing of your grandmother,
that God let him know
that he was there for him. He said many
times that he didn't tell him what to do,
but that his scriptures let him
lead the good life that he was
intended to lead, even
when he felt like giving up.
So you're saying that I should trust
in the Lord to give me strength,
even if it means putting
Grandpa in a home.
Your grandfather isn't
happy about this decision,
but he did tell your
father that he knows
it's best for him and the family.
Thanks Mom.
- That helps. Here, let me help you.
- Thank you.
This is where you rescued
me and Natty, remember?
Of course I remember. You know, that
was the most important day of my life?
God and my grandmother
talked to me that day.
Really? What did they say?
They said that I need to
spend more time here with them.
And that you were their messenger,
that you were their special gift.
I was?
You were, and still are.
Do you still think they're gonna
be done in time for Christmas?
Oh, you know only time will tell.
Is your grandpa gonna be there?
I don't think so Charlene.
Why not?
Well, he's you know,
he's trying to bounce back
from the stroke but it's
been really hard on him.
But you promised.
Well, I didn't really promise.
I just want a grandpa again.
Honey I know, I understand.
Believe me, I understand.
You know what, now we just, we just
have to pray for the best, right?
I have cookies! Grandpa, whoa!
Hey, how you doing?
Better than yesterday. It's almost
time for my physical therapy.
Whoa, physical therapy?
It's not as fun as it sounds.
Grandpa, I'm so proud of you.
You'd think I had won the Olympics.
Well, can I come with you?
Of course, of course
kid. The more the merrier.
I can't imagine a better coach.
Oh, you might regret saying that.
Comin' through!
You guys, it smells delicious!
It will be!
Oh, he's here!
Who's the movie star?
That's Jack.
Your new flame?
What is it with you two?
We go to dinner as friends,
can't a woman have a man as a friend?
Charlene, hi.
This is my mom and
this is my sister Cathy.
Glad to meet you again Jack, Charlene!
Mary and the boys have
told us so much about you,
you're already a part
of the family! Come in.
Thank you for welcoming
us into your home.
Come in, come in.
Where's your grandpa?
Oh, Charlene he couldn't make it.
Why not?
He's still not feeling
well, but he's working on it.
Can we go see him?
Oh, Charlene. Not today.
What about Christmas?
Let's talk about it later, okay?
We must watch the costs!
- Jack, glad you could make it.
- Good to be here.
- Any trouble getting here?
- No, it was a nice ride.
Okay, everybody. Turkey's on,
come to the table!
Thank you for your help.
Smells good, mother.
Father, would you say Grace?
Heavenly father, thank you for the many
blessings you have given our family.
We are all eternally grateful for your
love, and the love of those who are here
and those who live with you in
heaven. I pray that you accept
our thanks and prayers as
we strive to live every day
in the way that celebrates the
many gifts you have given us.
We also pray that you help my father,
Mike Sr., who's long sewed as a beacon
of spiritual and moral
leadership to us all,
get better so that he
can once again join our
family table. Amen.
And now, if you will pass me one of your
Christmas Lodge biscuits...
Well this is the best
Thanksgiving we've had in years.
I'm so glad.
Does your family always take
in strays so effortlessly?
Well, they do if they like them.
Take a seat.
So, I have great news.
Your grandpa can make it for Christmas?
No, that would be excellent
news, this is just great news.
Okay, what is it?
I found a new location for the office.
Is it uh... a little bit
close to the lodge maybe?
It's...10 miles away.
That's great, Charlene
is gonna be thrilled.
Now what about places to stay,
you found a place to stay yet?
No, still looking.
You know, if um...
if we were married, you could
probably stay up at the lodge
Jack, don't toy with me.
What if I'm not toying with you?
Look uh, I don't think that we
should be having this conversation,
maybe I'm just not ready.
I don't mean to upset you.
No, you're not upsetting me. I just...
I don't think that the timing is right.
I don't think that the
timing is right. Okay?
It's okay.
Care to do the honors?
This is your lodge son,
your past, your future.
Well none of this would've been
possible without your family's help.
Our family.
Without our family's help.
I wouldn't say that, you're
the one who kept things going.
Uh, Dad... Jack, I appreciate the
mutual fan club for each other,
but there are a lot
of people waiting so...
- Jack, please.
- I'd better go get the door.
No, no. Not until you
light this house up.
Okay, hands. Hands!
Three, two, one!
Lamb sake's alive, would
you look at this place!
Grandpa you made it! You made it.
You're here!
Who is this little angel?
That is my daughter Charlene.
- Who are you?
- Jack Rand.
Little Jackie?
My goodness, you are the
spitting image of your father
and your grandfather. I know
for a fact that they'd be proud
of what you and my boys
have done. Christmas Lodge.
Why, she looks like she did the
first Christmas that me and my Mavis
spent up here.
Well without your generosity none
of that would've been possible, Sir.
It's a drop in the bucket.
Oh, come on Grandpa,
we know that's not true.
Well excuse me, I have to
go check on the turkey so
Charlene... Excuse me, sorry.
He's here! He's here!
Hey you guys! How you doing? You
wanna put the presents over there?
Good to see you. How did you get here?
Well, Dad, Morn and the rest
of us pooled our money together
and bought a special van as a
Christmas gift for the whole family.
And you just... you didn't tell me?
We wanted to make it a
surprise. Well, it is.
It's really um... the
best kind of surprise.
Grandpa, I knew you'd make it!
Not now, Charlene.
Um, I'd like to propose a toast.
To my great grandparents who uh,
who built Christmas Lodge with love
and an appreciation of the mountains
God gave this blessed Earth.
I'd like to propose a toast
to my grandparents and parents
who kept the lodge running through
a depression, and uh, wars and uh,
biblical storms.
And I'd also like to thank all of
you. Uh... especially Grandpa Tobin,
Mike, Matt, Pete... the labor and uh, for
providing us with the funds, the materials,
the love we needed to uh,
give her the second chance
she so richly deserves. Myself and
uh, Charlene and all of the Rands
who came before us are eternally
indebted to you. Cheers!
Cheers! Cheers!
If you bear with me, I have
one more thing I'd like to say.
Oh, Jack...
Mary, your uh, father and mother
have already given their blessing
and now I'd like to ask you.
Will you take my hand in marriage?
Will you be my wife
and Charlene's mother?
Please Mary?
Of course. Of course.
All right.
Oh, Grandpa!
I promised I'd play for
you, when I got out again.
And so when our very first
Christmas together as a family
at the historic Christmas Lodge,
more families joined us that Christmas
than I ever thought we could handle.
But we did. Jack knew what to do.
And my family filled into
make sure that the guests
had the same unforgettable Christmas
that we had there decades before.
And through it all, I felt the
presence of God, my grandmother,
and the members of Jack's family
who were no longer with us.
It was comforting to have
them looking out for us.
Every day I realize that
the past never leaves us,
it's as present and important as it ever
was. We just have to make an effort
with love, strength, and commitment,
to bring it back again.
The spirit of Christmas Lodge is
our heritage and it is our future.
They shut down the national park road,
we can't get to the lodge and it's
too late to go back to the city.
We were wondering if you
have any rooms available?
We say yes. Please come inside
and join our Christmas party!
Thank you.