Christmas Love Letter (2019) Movie Script

(soft music)
(female vocalist)
Tell me
where you want to go
Are we ever coming back
Take it fast
or take it slow
You tell me,
I won't get mad
'Cause don't care much
about the fancy cars
and high heel shoes
Don't care for money
I'm just lucky
to be loved by you
I'm just lucky
to be loved by you
I'm just lucky
to be loved by you
Is this where
you want to go
Right here
to New Orleans
Far away from Tinseltown
All right,
it's fine by me
'Cause don't care much
about the fancy cars
and high heel shoes
Don't care for money
I'm just lucky
to be loved by you
Amalie, I still don't
have your column
and our Christmas edition
is only one week away!
Uh, you're gonna
have it tomorrow.
Why not now?
Because it hasn't
happened yet.
Here, I'll show you
what I've started.
Bruce asked you to marry him.
No, not yet.
But I know
it's gonna happen tonight.
I've been hinting for weeks
that Christmas is the most
romantic time to propose.
And he's cooking something
special tonight,
and he said there's something
he wants to talk to me about.
And this picture?
Oh, that's my "engaged" face.
I've been practicing
and trying different looks.
I started with
"Very Excited!"
That's a bit much.
So then, I tried
"Swooning with Passion."
Which led me to...
"Just Glow."
Much better.
Do you have a back up column? case?
Oh, I don't need
a back up column.
I've never been more sure of
anything in my life.
(soft romantic music)
(Bruce clears throat)
All right, here I come!
No peeking.
Can I open them yet?
No, no. Not yet.
How about now?
No, no. Not ready, not yet.
Just about there.
Oh, it's...beautiful.
It's eggplant.
With extra garlic.
Just the way
we both like it.
Is there anything else?
Yes, yes, of course.
Of course, yeah.
You know me all too well.
(music builds to crescendo)
Fresh out of the oven.
Please, please, don't wait
for me to get started.
How was your day?
It was good.
I thought I knew what
I was going to write about
for my Christmas column, but...
I guess not.
I'm sure
you'll figure something out.
Seems I'm gonna have to.
How was your day?
Oh, my day was great.
Had an allergy shot, uh,
and, uh, got the car washed.
And, uh...
I think
we should get married.
I said, I think
we should get married.
Did you just propose to me?
Sure. that?
Oh, my gosh.
No, uh...
Now, I have us confirmed
for the Weisman lecture
tomorrow night.
It should be fascinating.
We're talking
population pyramids
into population columns.
What do you think?
7:30, pick you up?
No, II mean I don't think
we should get married.
I know I said
that's what I wanted,
I do want that.
I just thought
This is just...wrong.
It's all wrong and I'm
I gotta go.
Woah, woah, Amalie,
what's going on here?
You're being irrational.
I'm sorry.
So sorry, Bruce.
I just can't do this.
(soft music)
(male vocalist)
It's too late
For tears
Honey, it's too late
Too late came back.
How'd it go?
You're not wearing a ring.
He didn't propose?
Well, technically,
he did, yes.
What happened?
No flowers,
no candles.
No getting down
on one knee,
no "I love you."
"I think we should get married."
And eggplant.
What's wrong with eggplant?
I hate eggplant!
Well, then why did you have it?
Because Bruce loves eggplant.
Well, that's not a reason
Karen, you're missing the point.
I was the perfect girlfriend.
I'm always
the perfect girlfriend.
I laughed at all his jokes.
I went to all his
boring conferences.
I did whatever
he wanted to do!
And I get, "I think
we should get married."
Nobody deserves
a proposal like that!
So, how did you two
leave things?
We broke up.
I'm so sorry.
Thank you.
I hate to bring this up now,
but, you know,
editor and your column.
Oh, my column! Right.
I think we should run
something else in your space.
I have a whole pile
of submissions
Oh, no, no, my readers
expect a Love Notes column
and I'm going
to give it to them.
I've never missed a publication
and I don't intend to.
But you just broke up with
your boyfriend at Christmas.
And, well, it's you.
You must be devastated.
I am devastated,
but I'm also a professional.
There's only three days.
No, I still have three days.
I'm going to write the most
romantic Love Notes column
you've ever seen.
I've got a whole file
of ideas right here.
What is it?
It's weird...
It's a letter
from my hometown,
but my friends usually send
my Christmas cards
to my apartment.
Oh, let me see that.
"Dear Amalie,
I always think of you
this time of year.
But this year I can't stop
wishing you were here,
wishing I could
hold your hand again,
wishing I could see
your beautiful face.
You'd light up my world
every time I saw you,
just by being you.
You made me realize
I wanted to be a better man
in the hopes that
maybe someday, some way,
I could be worthy of you.
Your inspiration has made me
the person I am today.
I know things
never worked out between us,
but this year I realized
I had to let you know,
that Christmas
we spent together,
that was the best Christmas
of my life."
That is some letter!
You okay?
Of course.
So, who's it from?
It's unsigned.
And there's no return address.
That's strange
and annoying.
No, that's romantic!
An unsigned
Christmas love letter.
A mystery exboyfriend.
This is what
I've been waiting for.
For your column!
For my life!
This is why things
never seemed quite right
with any
of my other boyfriends.
It's because my true love,
my real true love,
was out there waiting for me!
Hey, II still need a column.
Where are you going?
I need that column in three days
or you lose your space!
(female vocalist)
It's a brand new day
It's a brand new day
It's a brand new day
It's a brand new day
Can I use that real quick?
I wanna surprise Dad.
Christmas delivery!
I thought we planned for me
to come to Atlanta this year.
I hope you don't mind.
I decided to come home
for Christmas.
Absolutely not.
I'm thrilled you're here.
When is Bruce coming?
I'd rather not get into that.
I'm actually focusing on
writing a new column.
Hi, Mrs. Crabtree.
So nice seeing you again.
Mrs. Crabtree,
do you remember
my daughter Amalie?
(Mrs. Crabtree)
I liked your other girl better.
Where's Holly?
Mrs. Crabtree,
Dad doesn't have
any other children.
Holly was a dog.
Well, of course she was a dog.
I never said she wasn't, did I?
I want some more coffee.
I can get you some more.
Get away, go
just get away from me!
Okay. Mary, could you sit
with Mrs. Crabtree for a while?
Thank you.
I know Mrs. Crabtree
has always been a bit,
well, crabby, but
It's just her anxieties
gets the better of her
these days.
But finding
a new service dog
with the right temperament
has been difficult.
And now Mrs. Crabtree
has developed
some pretty severe allergies.
How are you doing, Dad?
You seem tired.
I'm all right.
So...what about the column?
It's about love
and second chances.
I found this unsigned love
letter in a Christmas card
and I'm trying to figure out
who sent it.
What about Bruce?
It's just a column, Dad...
But I'm going
to go look through
some old stuff
at the house.
I'll see you later?
I just have to finish
a few things
and I'll see you there.
I am so happy to have you here
for Christmas.
Me too.
Will Rivers.
Joseph Harrington.
Sander Monk.
This must be the secret home
of the glitter squirrels.
They spend all their time
eating rainbow acorns
and starlight nuts...
And when they move their tails,
glitter goes everywhere!
Why, you're not
a glitter squirrel.
You don't even have a tail.
No, silly!
I'm Marty.
I'm Amalie.
Amalie Hess?
Yes, how did you know that?
Well, my dad reads
your column every week.
He never misses it!
Huh, I thought my only
dad reader was my own,
but I'm happy
to hear I'm wrong.
What brings you
to my thinking spot?
It's your thinking spot, too?
Ever since I was about your age.
But I don't really
live here anymore, so,
I'm happy that someone else
gets to use it.
So, what brings you
out here today?
I was making tree ornaments
for Christmas presents,
but the glitter
won't stick.
Can I see it?
Oh, I think
it needs more glue.
I can help you if it's okay
with your mom and dad.
Well, my mom is with
my grandma and grandpa.
You can ask my dad.
He's amazing.
Dad, you can't believe who I saw
in my thinking spot!
What, honey?
Ian McCallister!
Amelie Hess.
Wow. What?
So good to see you.
Yeah, you too.
I was just thinking about you.
What are you doing
back in Helen?
I thought your parents
moved to Tucson.
Yeah, they did, but we decided
to move back earlier this year.
Well, this is where
social media would be helpful
because then I would know this.
Yeah, I never really
got into that.
So, what are you back for?
Are you here for the holidays?
Yes, and I am
working on a new column.
I heard you're one
of my biggest dad fans.
I do like to keep up, yeah.
So, what'swhat's the new one
you're working on about?
It's sort of a secret project.
We have a secret project, too.
We do.
Can we tell her?
Oh, I don't want
to ruin the secret.
Well, it's not
that big of a secret.
I'm sure we could maybe
come by and show it to you?
It's easier to show
than to tell.
Yeah, sounds great!
All right.
Well, I'll run some errands
and we'll swing by.
me and my dad
have loved meeting you today
and my dad loves to read
your column every
Okay, that's our cue.
See you.
Yes, yes, that's correct.
Yes, I'm not asking
for an increase
in city funds, Mayor,
just a temporary loan
until we can make up the cash
flow difference in donations.
I see.
Okay, well, uh,
thank you anyway.
Hi, Mom.
I'm home.
Find what you were looking for?
I think so.
(cell phone rings)
It's Bruce.
I'm gonna take that upstairs.
Hello, Bruce.
Amalie, hi!
Just confirming
for the Weisman lecture
on population pyramids tonight.
Wait, What?
No, Bruce.
We broke up.
What? When?
Last night.
You proposedwell, sort of.
I said no.
And then I said goodbye.
Well, yeah, I just thought
that was goodbye.
Not, you know,
goodbye forever.
Well, I'm sorry,
but...itit was.
Wait, okay,
did I do something?
I mean, uh, didn't you
want me to propose?
All that talk about
Christmas proposals and
I did, but...
I don't know,
it just...wasn't right.
How so?
It just didn't feel right,
and it wasn't very romantic,
and I'm
You mean like the flowers
and like, you know,
taking a knee
and choreographed dance.
Well, yeah,
it would have been nice.
Wow, I just never took you
for the romantic type.
What? Bruce, have you read
any of my columns?
Not really.
(doorbell rings)
Listen, I gotta go.
Good luck and goodbye.
Um...wait, wait,
no, but, uh
Hi, Amalie!
Boy, it's colder than
a banker's heart out there!
Marty McCallister!
Where did you hear that?
We brought her!
Oh, you'll see, right?
Dad, you remember
Ian McCallister?
Yeah, of course! Hey, Ian,
good to see you again.
How you doing,
how you doing? Yeah.
I like what you've done
with the place.
Oh, thanks.
And this is his daughter Marty.
Hi, Mr. Hess!
We brought our secret project.
Would you all like to see her?
Let's go.
Right in there.
It'll just take a second.
So, Ian McCallister
is back in town.
I always liked that boy.
Of course.
It's Ian.
What's not to like?
Okay, we're all set.
Just like my Holly
when she was a puppy.
Well, what do you think of us
naming her after Holly?
She's...not a real dog?
That's right.
She's a companion dog,
a robot, a prototype.
Yeah, we've been working on her
for about a year now.
But she feels so real.
Dad, pet her!
She even moves
like a real dog.
She responds
to voice commands.
Like what?
Holly, speak!
Holly, speak!
You've been messing
with the voice box again,
haven't you?
(meowing continues)
See, now this is the problem
with having a daughter
with such a high IQ.
Truth is we've been working out
a few kinks.
We're having
some trouble finding
just the right sounds for her.
Oh, Dad, do you still have
those old, uh,
videos of Holly
when she was a puppy?
I think I do.
You think those would work?
There will definitely be
some puppy sounds on there.
That would be great. Yeah.
Can I go help?
Yeah, let's go look now.
You guys stay here
and talk about
the good old days.
She really does have
a mind of her own.
She's a great kid.
Speaking of the good old days,
I was thinking
of looking some people up,
but I don't know
who's around anymore.
Anyone in particular?
Um, I don't know.
Maybe Will Rivers
or Joseph Harrington,
Sander Monk.
All your old boyfriends?
Other people, too.
But seriously,
you don't know
if any of them
are still around, do you?
I don't, actually,
I've been really busy
with Marty and Holly.
Demi is the editor
of the Helen Herald.
She's gotta know.
She knows everybody in town.
Everything that's going on.
Yeah, I was actually
planning on dropping by
her office tomorrow.
So, I'll ask her then.
No, sir, Ino, sir.
II can't write a column
about your missing bacon.
No, justI know
it's important.
Just maybe you should
speak to your wife,
maybe she's the one
that ate it.
Isn't that what
happened last time?
Yeyeah, sir.
I'll...I'll call you back.
You're gonna take down
your whole office over a bug.
You're right.
And how dare you
come into town
and not come
and see me before now?
Okay, so I see your network
of spies and informants
is still going strong.
Excuse me!
Concerned and observant
And how could
they not notice
when the big celebrity
comes back into town?
You could have come to see me.
Uh! I wish!
I have been slammed!
My coeditor
retired in November.
Rick is taking the kids
to his parents' house
for an early Christmas.
I won't even get to see them
until Christmas Eve.
That is cutting it short.
But enough about me.
Tell me about you.
How's the writing?
How is the love life?
So that's actually
why I'm here.
Your writing or you love life?
You know
my boyfriend Bruce?
We broke up.
Oh, I am so sorry.
Did he propose?
Okay, there's no way your spies
would have known that!
Oh, they didn't need to tell me.
Same old Amalie.
You make all the guys
fall in love with you,
and then the moment
they get serious,
you turn and, pshh,
run like the wind.
I don't do that!
How many exboyfriends
broke up with you first?
There's been a few!
Name names.
Okay, there was, um...
Okay, no, that was me.
There was, um...
Yeah, you know,
there's what's his name...
Okay, all right,
maybe that was me too.
I can't remember.
Aw, that's so cute,
is that
Don't even think
about changing the subject.
Yeah, well, I can't think
of anyone else,
but there's more.
Anyways, I think I might have
been wrong about one of them,
because I just got this
super romantic love letter
in a Christmas card.
But it was unsigned.
Double uhoh.
But it came from here,
so I know it had
to be someone from Helen.
I drew up a list of suspects.
And who is
your prime suspect?
Joseph Harrington.
I know it was like
eleventh grade
and he was really
skinny and weird,
but he was always
so super sweet.
Have you seen
Joseph Harrington lately?
No, why?
Do you know
where to find him?
What makes you say that?
Oh, come on,
I would never do that!
I would never do that.
There he is.
That's Joseph Harrington?
He's got arms!
And shoulders!
You should see his
You are a married woman.
I still have eyes!
Even though I am partial
to my own Rick's
Okay, calm down.
Tell me what you know
about him now.
Well, he ran track
and field in college,
which is where he got his...
And he volunteers here
as a practice opponent
for the high school chess club
most afternoons.
That's so sweet.
I think he could
definitely be the one.
The one who wrote the letter?
You don't mean "the one"
the one, right?
Wish me luck.
Okay, I'm just gonna go
back to work.
You go get 'im, girl!
Amalie, hey!
Ahh, I'm so glad to see you!
It's been such a long time!
Hey, um,
can you give us a second?
Have a seat.
You look...great.
Like, really great.
You look really nice, too.
So, are you back in town
for the holiday?
Well, that and, um,
a certain letter
brought me back.
What can I get you?
Uh, I'll have
hot cocoa, please.
How would you like that?
Oh, I forgot about
the 99 Loco Cocoa mixes.
She'll have peppermint
and allspice.
I'll have one, too, thanks.
I do remember we liked
our cocoa the same way.
You never forget your
high school sweetheart, right?
It's so romantic.
Yeah, I also remembered
you liked to play chess.
You can go first.
I've been thinking a lot
about the old days, too.
High school was a long time ago.
Joseph, I know it was you
who wrote that letter.
What letter?
Come on, the letter
in the Christmas card.
You know, the one about
how much you missed my face
and how I made you
a better man.
How you wanted to hold my hand.
Amalie, it's
it's nice to see you,
but I have no idea
what you're talking about.
Come on, the letter
in the ChrisI got it.
The love letter.
I don't know.
Oh, Dottie!
What is going on?
You're here!
Should I be?
Yes, of course
you should be here!
Amalie, this is
this is Dottie,
Dorothy O'Conner,
my fimy fiance.
Youryour fiance?
What about the letter
you wrote me?
Yes, Joe, what about
the letter you sent her?
Okay, um, Amalie,
it's great to see you,
but I didn't write you
any letter,
signed or unsigned.
Oh, wow, I am so sorry,
Dottie. I, um
Maybe you should get
your facts straight
before you try
holding hands
with someone else's fiance!
Great advice, yes.
You're right.
I am very about that.
I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry.
Excuse me.
Here you go, hun.
I'll just take the check
whenever you have a second.
(tense music)
Why didn't you tell me
Joseph was engaged?
I didn't know!
You literally just published
their wedding announcement!
I am...
I am so sorry, Amalie.
Things have been so crazy
since Pat retired last month.
I haven't even been able
to brush my teeth
the entire week.
Ew. Wait, you're trying
to do this all by yourself?
That's crazy.
You need a gal Friday.
And luckily I know
just the gal for the job.
(soft music)
What do you got for me, boss?
What about your own column?
The idea
is still percolating,
so until then,
I'm all yours, kid.
Come on, whaddya got fer me?
Breakin' open a big murder case?
Chasin' down fire trucks?
Corruption at City Hall?
Lay it on me. I can handle any
story you got, big or small.
Ooh, gingerbread
house competition
at the senior center.
Ooh, I'm all over it, boss!
Bless you, Amalie Hess!
Brush your teeth!
Ooh, smells like feet.
(female vocalist)
It's that time of year again
Presents by the tree
My heart full of glee
I can hear
the sleigh bells ring
Dad, this place looks amazing.
Doesn't it look great, huh?
Where's Mrs. Crabtree?
Well, she wasn't feeling
up to it today.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Is she sick?
No, no, she just didn't want
to be around people.
Oh, that's too bad.
Yeah, especially since
just plain human contact
would be so beneficial
for her.
What brings you here?
Demi asked me
to cover the contest.
Oh, that's great!
We could use
all the publicity we can get.
Are you here
for the competition?
Do you wanna
be on our team?
Aw, I would, but I'm reporting
for the Helen Herald.
The objectivity of the press
must be upheld
even in the face
of gingerbread.
Aw, too bad.
But maybe you can offer me
some insight.
Miss McCallister,
what is your strategy
going into the competition?
Well, we'll be using
marshmallow snowdrifts
to reinforce
the gingerbread walls.
A good house always starts
with a strong foundation.
That's what my dad
always says.
Wow, I didn't know
your engineering skills
branched all the way
into construction.
Oh, yeah, back when
I was a little kid,
my dad made me
this amazing doll house
with eight rooms,
a big yard,
and lights
that really work!
That is impressive.
All right, everybody.
It's time to take your places!
Tiwhoop, there you go!
Ok, now when I say go,
you have exactly one hour
to build a gingerbread house
from only the materials
Are you ready?
(female vocalist)
Hurry home
and come 'round here
I really love
this time of year
Making plans
to get together
Memories that
will last forever
Sharing laughter
and sharing joy
Everyone is singing,
all the girls and boys
Some kind of magic
is in the air
To make a special moment
we can share
Snow is falling
deep outside
The day is almost done
Come inside
and don't be shy,
'cause now it's time
to have some fun
Please Christmas
(female vocalist)
And I want to share
this Christmas with you
Please Christmas
(female vocalist)
And I want to share
this moment with you
(rhythmic vocalizing)
Please Christmas
(female vocalist)
And I want
to share this moment
All right, all right, everybody.
It's time to get
your stuff together.
Let's go.
This is it.
Five, four, three, two, one.
Okay, stop,
drop everything.
There you go.
Hey, this has been the
best gingerbread house contest
we've had in a long time.
But the winners are...
Mr. Wellington
and Marty and Ian McCallister!
Way to go, Marty!
Good Job.
Good job, Marty.
Oh, good job.
Everybody say "gingerbread."
That's great.
Good Job.
Thank you.
Nice job.
I appreciate it.
Good job.
Thank you. Thank you.
All right, guys,
I'll be right back.
Get some good shots?
I did.
I was hoping
you guys would win.
The peppermint walkway
was inspired!
That was all Marty.
She's the visionary.
I'm just the contractor.
Are you looking
for Will Rivers still?
I went by the general store
and, apparently,
he took over the whole place,
so he should be there.
How did he look?
Like Will,
I don't know.
Maybe a little different.
(soft music)
That's, um,
that's not a bad thing!
Would you maybe
wanna come with me
to the general store
real quick?
I won't be long,
and I just have to finish
this writeup for Demi.
I guess so, yeah,
as long as your dad
doesn't mind
looking after Marty.
I'm sure he won't.
Hey, Dad, can I use
your office real quick?
Of course.
It'll only just be
like three minutes.
Is she going to call Bruce?
Who's Bruce?
Her fianc.
(lively music)
So I was just
coming back from the lake
with these three
big beautiful bass in my bucket
when the game warden
stops me.
You're talking about
Amazon Annie.
Oh, you know it.
(soft music)
Well, it's a problem,
because I left my fishing
license at home that day.
I thought you wanted
to catch up with him?
Yeah, I do, I just haven't
seen him in a while, and, um,
I wanna see something.
"No, ma'am," I said.
"I didn't catch those fish.
Those are my pet fish.
Every night I let them out
to swim around in the lake,
and in the morning
I whistle
and they come jumping
back in the bucket."
Is he married?
He wasn't wearing a ring.
You looked?
Yeah, 'cause you asked.
The game warden says to me,
"Sir, I don't believe you
for a moment."
I said,
"Here, let me show you."
So, I dumped the fish
back out in the lake.
And a few minutes later
the game warden says,
"Well, aren't you going
to whistle for your fish?"
Oh, I remember
that smile...
And I said, "What fish?"
(donkeylike laugh)
Amalie Hess?
Oh, I think I've got a bite.
Oh, no, we don't have
to do that
Oh, come on,
you always loved this!
Oh yeah, this is
gonna be a good one!
(Will grunts playfully)
Oh, she's a fighter!
Get on over here.
Hi, Will.
You remember
Ian McCallister...
Will, nice to see you.
You're looking good.
Oh, well, thank you.
You're looking nice, too.
Well, I'm gonna leave you two
to get acquainted.
I will see you later.
You're leaving?
Yeah, I gotta check on Marty.
I'll see you later at Dad's,
though, right?
Take your time.
Well, well, well,
if it's not the one
who got away.
How are things?
Ian tells me that
you're running this place now.
That's great!
Do you have a partner
or girlfriend?
Nope, no one's caught me
just yet.
Guess I'm still waiting
for the right bait.
You know,
I always knew
someday you'd come swimming
back into my life.
And here you are,
ready to jump
back into my boat!
Oh, I'm actually in town
for the holiday
and working on a column.
It's about
and second chances.
You don't believe
in second chances, do you?
I do when you're standing
right in front of me.
You know, I always said,
any fin is possible...
Just don't trout yourself.
(donkeylike laugh)
There's also this angle
about love letters.
Unsigned love letters.
You don't know anything
about those, do you?
Hey, if I'm gonna
drop you a line,
you're gonna know it,
get it?
Drop you a line
like a fishing line
or drop you a line
like a letter
(donkeylike laugh)
Hey, what are
you doing tonight?
Why don't you come over
for dinner?
I'll make you laugh,
like the old days,
and, uh,
show you my aquarium.
Okay, Will, I'm just going
to be straight up with you.
Did you write me a love letter
and put it in a Christmas card,
talking about how much
you missed my face
and how you wanna
hold my hand
and how that last Christmas
we spent together
was the best Christmas
you've ever had?
We spent a Christmas together?
Junior year of college.
Hey, if you say so,
but I'm sure
it was dolphinately
a Christmas tuna remember.
(donkeylike laugh)
Okay, well, great.
It was great seeing you again.
Um, have a very merry Christmas.
So that's a no
on the aquarium?
Bye, Will.
Wasn't that Amalie Hess?
That's the second time
she left me on the hook.
(donkeylike laugh)
(mysterious music)
(cell phone rings)
Amalie, it's Karen.
Remember me,
your editor?
Hi, yeah,
Merry Christmas...almost.
Oh, I'm glad you remember
it's almost Christmas.
Do you also remember
it's almost your deadline?
Two days, Amalie.
I don't want to run
another column,
but if you don't give me
a choice...
No, no, I, um,
I'm working on it now,
How's it going?
It's almost done.
Just ironing out
some kinks.
Um, I'll email you
when it's done! Okay?
Tell the kids
I said Merry Christmas!
What was I thinking!
Hey, your dad said
you'd be out here.
He wanted me to come get you.
Oh, I completely lost track
of time.
What was I thinking
dating someone like Will?
I don't even like fish!
Or eggplant.
Or eggplant!
How did you remember that?
I know a lot about you.
I remember you don't like
eggplant, fish, spiders,
grapefruit juice,
scary movies.
Should I keep going?
Well, I remember that
you don't like bananas,
water chestnuts,
or lamb chops!
And I also remember you don't
like it when I do this!
Wait a minute!
Yeah, because you can't
start a snowball fight
without having
established the rules first.
Um, I should, uh...writing.
Right, of course, yeah.
I left my column
to the last minute, uh...
It's due in like two days,
so I should probably
go work on that.
Good luck.
So, any update on the Center?
What do you mean?
Dad, I saw the bills
when I went into your office.
If we don't get
our funding,
I'm gonna have to start
laying people off
and cutting services.
I thought you had more
than enough between
the city and all
the fundraising events.
Usually, yes.
But all the rest of it
comes hat in hand
and we just haven't had
any donations this year.
So, what are you going to do?
Well, there's talk about
raising membership fees.
Hey now, don't worry, I
I know how little
our seniors have
for spending on extras.
How is your
column coming?
It's not!
And I have only two days to turn
something in to my editor
before I lose my spot
in the Christmas edition!
Eh, you'll be fine.
You'll come up with something.
So, um...
looks like Ian McCallister has
turned into a pretty good dad.
It's no big surprise.
He was always looking after
the younger kids in school.
Helping them or making sure
they didn't get bullied.
How come you two never dated?
Date Ian?
Dad, we were best friends!
Friends date.
Not unless they want to ruin
their friendship.
Or sweeten it up.
Okay, well, maybe,
but he never asked.
And it's too late now.
What do you mean
it's too late now?
Because he's married.
His wife died a year ago.
You didn't know that?
Marty said her mom was...
with her grandparents.
Poor kid.
Poor Ian.
That's for you.
That's weird.
It's not stamped.
Well, they must have just
slipped it into the mailbox.
(Amalie gasps)
"Dear Amalie,
I see you're back in town.
Please come
to the hay ride tomorrow
and let's celebrate
this Christmas together."
Who's it from?
No signature again.
What are you going to do?
I'm gonna go.
(country music)
There's Amalie! Amalie!
Oh, we'll be right back.
Hi Amalie!
Are you here
for the hay ride, too?
That's right.
Will you ride with us?
Actually, I'm meeting someone.
Oh, nice. Who?
I don't know.
What do you mean?
Okay, so I'm here
because I got this card,
this unsigned Christmas Card,
I know it sounds crazy,
but the writer
said he wished
I was here
and that he wishes
he could hold my hand again
and that the Christmas
we spent together was
Was the best Christmas
of my life.
Sander Monk?
Hello, Amalie.
Thank you for coming.
Thank you for inviting me.
And for finally
revealing yourself.
Yeah, I figured
it was about time.
Uh, they probably want
to get started.
I actually reserved
this one just for us.
But, Amalie, what about
Marty, come on, let's go.
But Dad!
You all right?
But Dad!
Hey, you and I,
we need to have
a little talk.
All right?
And...I got us a blanket.
You really thought
of everything.
So, are you warm enough?
Oh, yes.
I was hoping
you would say no.
So I could do this.
It's just...
you were never
this romantic
when we were dating
in college.
Maybe I read
a newspaper column or two
that made me realize some women
like a little romance.
Sounds like a very
informative column.
Yeah, and by
a very pretty writer.
(Amalie giggles)
I didn't think you wanted
all this mushy stuff
back when we were dating.
You never said
anything about it,
but, you know,
people can change.
I guess they can.
You want some cocoa?
Yes. Please.
All right.
Made especially for you.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
(Amalie coughs)
That is some
adult cocoa.
Yeah, I remembered we liked it
the exact same way.
With a kick.
Drink up,
there's lots more.
So are you still into hockey?
Yeah, sure.
What'd you think
of Friday night's game?
Uh, you know,
I'm still processing the game.
Whawhat did you think of it?
Defense on both sides was
pretty lame, if you ask me.
I mean,
six to eight final score?
There's just no excuse.
Plus the coach
used a power play,
just downright embarrassing.
Not to mention
the shorthanded play.
I mean it
just seemed ridiculous
that they just kept scoring
back and forth and just...
I don't know, it's just
I, you know, I don't know.
Okay, let's see
if that works.
I didn't know mom was on here.
Holly loved Lucy.
She would have been
so proud of you.
Thanks, Dad.
How did you know
she was the one?
Being with your mom was,
well, like being home.
It was as easy
as breathing
and as natural
as smiling.
Honey, have you
talked to Bruce?
(Amalie)'s past my bedtime.
I should get going.
Good night, babe.
Good night.
Sleep tight.
You too.
Had to be hay.
(clears throat)
Yes, sir,
I am happy
that you found
your missing bacon.
Yes, yes, yes, yes.
Please tell your wife
that I said hi
and to enjoy her bacon.
Ooh, you know what,
such a great job covering
the gingerbread contest,
it's going on the front page.
Thank you!
I forgot how much fun
regular reporting can be.
I'll be your gal Friday
any day of the week.
What about your column?
Well, by this time tomorrow
that's all going
to be squared away.
Ooh, something tells me
that smile on your face
is not just from the joys
of journalism.
Wait, where did that rose
come from?
Did you figure out
who your mystery writer is?
It's Sander Monk.
Sander Monk?
You mean
Sander NotAMonk,
the biggest liar
in White County?
He's not like that anymore.
Do you not remember
why you broke up with him?
Would the old Sander write
that beautiful love letter
or plan that
romantic carriage ride?
That was the most romantic thing
that's ever happened to me.
I think it's a sign.
If you're happy...
I am.
Then I'm happy too.
Thank you.
Oh, can you cover
the Christmas party
at the senior center for me?
I'll be there anyway.
Oh, I gotta go.
I told Sander I was
going home to change
before the hockey game.
I'll have that
Christmas party write up
for you on your desk
day after tomorrow.
But, Amalie,
you don't even like hoc
I can't help that girl.
Oh, somebody remembered
that they actually
hate hockey.
Hi, II'm sorry,
I thought you were Amalie.
Well, that's who I came
to talk to you about.
You got a sec?
For you, two seconds.
Amalie told you about
the anonymous letter
she got, right?
Yeah, well, uh...
I know who sent it.
Sander Monk.
No, he's lying.
How do you know that?
You sent Amalie the anonymous
Christmas love letter?
II wrote it,
but I didn't send it.
My daughter Marty looked up
Amalie's publisher's address
and sent it
without me even knowing.
Oh, oh, wow.
turns out
there are downsides
to having a daughter
who's practically a genius.
But not in this case!
Demi, she's got a fianc!
No, she doesn't.
He messed up
the proposal
and so she broke up
with him.
This is your chance.
Ian, you have been in love
with Amalie since high school,
but you never said anything.
She always had a boyfriend.
She never looked at me
like that.
See, these are
the same lame excuses
that you used
in high school.
When are you ever
going to speak up?
I'm just not ready.
You better get ready!
Christmas is a time
for second chances.
You know what?
You're right.
You're right, thank you!
Queen Demi does it again.
All right.
Pliers, Mr. Hess.
Thank you.
Try it now.
Eh, that's not right.
No? Okay, how about now?
Okay, Holly,
be a good doggie robot.
That's it!
That's exactly right!
That's a noise that'll crack
open anybody's heart.
I could do this
all night long.
Me too.
We're in here!
Aw, I missed a Holly day!
Oh, Sander,
you gotta meet this dog.
She is a robotic companion dog.
She looks, acts, and feels
just like a real dog.
She's amazing.
My God.
Go and pet her.
All right.
Still working out the bugs.
You're okay.
It's not a bug.
It's a feature.
Yeah, we're planning
on introducing her
to the public
at the senior center's
Christmas party tomorrow.
I know a lot of seniors
who would love
to see a dog at Christmas.
That's a great idea.
Demi wanted me to cover
the party for the paper.
Oh, no, uh,
I've got tickets
to the Metal Shredders
at the Stumble Inn tomorrow.
I thought we'd go.
Oh, but I promised Demi.
I mean I thought
we'd drive around after,
look at the Christmas lights?
It's pretty romantic, right?
It's very romantic.
Um, okay,
I can talk to Demi
and maybe she'll cover
the senior center
and I'll cover the concert.
Aw, you're not coming
to the party?
Not even for Holly?
(whimpers like a puppy)
That's too bad, but I'm sure
it'll all work out.
Yeah, well, it's getting late.
I guess we should get home
for dinner, Marty, huh?
Great job, Ian.
Thank you for your help.
They'll love you
at the party tomorrow.
Good night, Sander.
Night, Amalie.
Uh, just give me a minute.
I'll be right back.
Ian, there's more than enough
food for you and Marty.
You guys can stay for dinner.
No, yeah, thank you.
We appreciate it,
but we should get going.
Oh, you, uh...
You guys left your cocoa.
It's not mine.
Well, it is
but it's how Sander likes it.
It's adult cocoa.
How do you like your cocoa?
I don't know.
Isn't that funny?
Not really.
Why are you rushing off?
Something wrong?
Honestly, I just don't
want to stand here
and watch you
do this again.
Do what?
Twist yourself
into somebody else
so that you can become some
guy's "perfect girlfriend."
I'm not doing that,
much less doing it "again."
Come on, the "adult" cocoa?
Hockey jersey?
The Metal Shredders?
Couples take part in
each other's interests, Ian.
Yeah, yeah,
of course they do.
I mean, I went yard saleing
with my wife on Saturdays
because she loved it
and I was happy to do it.
But she would go hiking
with me on Sundays.
You know,
it's gotta go both ways.
I mean, do you even know
what your interests are?
What you want to pursue?
You don't even know
how you like your cocoa.
You got everything?
Gloves, jacket, hat, scarf?
Gloves, jacket, hat, scarf!
All right!
Say bye.
Bye, Amalie!
Bye, Marty.
Good night, Ian.
So you and Sebastian, huh?
Sander, Dad.
What about Bruce?
Bruce and I...
We broke up.
Well, you could have told me.
I know,
I guess I just felt stupid
because of how sure
I thought I was about him.
Well, I thought you were
sure about him too,
but, hey,
there's no reason to rush.
Oh, but I love the rush!
I love getting to know
someone new.
I love wanting to know
everything about them.
I love lying awake, wondering if
they're thinking about me, too.
I just love the
I guess I do.
Hey, Dad, do you think
that I change myself?
For my boyfriends, I mean?
Ian said that
I twist myself around
to become
the "perfect girlfriend."
Is that true?
Well, you've always been
extremely open to new ideas.
Oh! So, I'm a pretzel!
I'm just a pretzel who
twists herself into knots
to make some guy love me!
That's not what I said all!
No one needs more reasons
to love you.
You are the most lovable person
I know.
Thanks, Dad.
But I will say this...
I know how you like the time
you spend with your boyfriends,
but you've always seemed
the happiest
when you're just hanging out
with Ian and Demi.
Seemed like you never
felt the pressure
to be anyone else
when you were with them.
All right, I got
another question for you.
What's that?
Do you remember how I used
to like my hot cocoa?
I have no idea.
That's what I was afraid of.
Excuse me.
Marty! Sit down.
Hello, Amalie.
What did you call me for today?
I really need your help with
a special science project.
Hm, a science project
in the cafe? Why?
I need to figure out
how I really like my cocoa.
Oh, my goodness,
you don't know?
I've gotten a bit confused,
so I'm gonna try them all.
But there are
99 different kinds!
I've drawn up a list
and I've crossed off the ones
that I know I don't like.
We only have 76 left.
Can you help?
Of course, I can.
Bring on the cocoa!
For science!
What would you like?
Um, we'll try 76 flavors.
All of them?
(energetic holiday music)
(female vocalists)
Happy, happy holidays
I wish it was
Christmas every day
Snowflakes fall
on the windowpane
Trouble seems
so far away
Love and laughter
fill the air
Joy and people everywhere
Happy, happy holidays
I wish it was
Christmas every day
It's Christmas time
and the party's started
Having a good time,
having a good time
We're having a good time,
we're so excited
Having a good time,
having a good time
There's lots of things
for us to do
Lots of things
for us to do
And all our dreams
can come true
Okay, Amalie.
It's down to these three.
What shall it be?
I'm pretty sure
it's not this one.
It's this one
or it's this one.
(tense music)
Is that a yum, yum, yum?
It's pretty good.
Okay, this is the one!
This is my favorite way
to have cocoa...absolutely.
What is it?
It's classic cocoa
with three marshmallows.
(applause, cheering)
Good job for bringing
all of them.
Thank you for all your help.
You're welcome.
Over here!
These are for you.
Thank you!
So thoughtful.
So, you're the one
who wrote her that letter?
That love letter?
That's right.
But if you hadn't seen her
in a very long time,
how did you know
where she lived?
Well, so, there's this big thing
called the internet
I know about the internet.
I'm not two years old, Mister.
Okay, yeah.
Um, well,
so I looked up Amalie
and I found the address
to her apartment.
Her apartment's address?
That's very smart,
right, Amalie?
Marty, what are you?
Oh, my Dad's here.
I have to go.
See you later, Amalie.
See ya.
You have fun with Amalie?
That's a weird kid, huh.
Ah, so, what did you mean
when you said
you looked up my apartment
address online?
My home address
is unlisted.
It's got to be
on there somewhere,
since I got it
to send the letter, right?
You just need one of those
privacy firms to do their thing.
Except the letter
didn't go to my apartment.
It went to my office,
at the paper.
You didn't send the letter
at all, did you?
Why did you tell me
you wrote it when you didn't?
I overheard you
telling Will about it
in the store
the other day.
And I was like, man,
I wish I had done that,
'cause I've really
missed you, Amalie.
You lied to me. Again!
Yeah, but that was
the only thing, I swear.
Look, look.
And you've not been that
completely honest, either.
I have so!
I can tell
you don't actually know
a goal crease
from a penalty box.
But you just kept
nodding and acting like
you knew what
I was talking about!
Okay, fine,
I guess we're both liars.
You have to be the one
to walk away.
This is my table.
Well, we've got the candles
and the outdoor
Bluetooth speakers,
that's not a problem.
But I gotta ask...
What do you need
15 bales of hay for?
I need them to get
my girlfriend back.
(female vocalists)
Christmas time
is here again
We're full
of winter cheer
All the people
gather 'round
as Christmas Day
draws near
Snow, lights
(donkeylike laughter)
Rockin' on Christmas Day
Like you've never
seen it done this way
Right, dingdong,
I want to dance
with Father Christmas
I want to dance
with Father Christmas
Merry Christmas,
Mrs. Crabtree.
What are you doing
way over here?
Let's get you closer
to the festivities
(Mrs. Crabtree)
Don't touch my chair!
I don't want to be any closer!
This is a terrible party!
It looks like
a nice party to me.
(Mrs. Crabtree)
There used to be better parties
when your father's
other girl would come.
Mrs. Crabtree, my father
doesn't have another daughter.
Holly was his dog.
Don't you remember?
I remember!
I never said she was
a daughter, did I?
Nobody listens.
Nobody cares.
I care.
My dad cares.
Can I get you anything?
Justjust go on with you now!
Just get away from me!
(soft music)
What are you doing here?
Aren't you supposed to be
at a Shredded Wheat concert
or something.
Mmm, was Sander Monk
NotAMonk, again?
No, but he's not
my mystery writer either.
Mm, sorry.
Not sorry.
You were right, as usual.
Yep, so, what are you
gonna do for your column?
I got nothing.
No great love story.
No big reveal
of my mystery writer.
No column about the power
of second chances
during Christmas.
I'm gonna have
to call my editor
and have her get someone else
to fill my space.
My readers are going
to be so disappointed.
Mm, sweetheart, I'm sorry.
Hi Santa!
What's this?
It's a surprise!
Hey, hey, hey, everybody!
It's pretty brilliant.
Thank you
so very much
for coming to our
annual Christmas party.
First, I'd like to thank
all of the volunteers.
You guys are amazing.
This is terrific!
I'd also like
to take this time
to introduce someone new
to the center.
We've been searching for
a new canine friend,
but there have been
a lot of challenges.
Luckily, with the help of Ian
McCallister and his daughter,
Marty, I think we've found
the perfect solution.
Marty, would you
like to do the honors?
Yes, I will.
Everybody, we'd like you
to meet Holly.
Holly is a robot
companion puppy.
She looks and acts
just like a real dog.
And best of all,
she never bites,
has to go outside,
or makes anybody sneeze.
(donkeylike laugh)
Well, come on up
and meet Holly!
Did you know that
Ian could pull off
something this amazing?
I did!
I absolutely did!
This is going to make a great
story for the paper, won't it?
It will, I have never seen
anything make an entire room
of people smile
all at once like Holly.
Everyone is smiling,
aren't they?
Well, almost everyone.
Well, I guess Holly
can't do everything.
Just wait.
Do you wanna go show
Mrs. Crabtree?
Yeah, yeah.
Hi, Mrs. Crabtree.
Would you like to meet
my friend Holly?
(Mrs. Crabtree)
No. What? No!
Justjust get her
away from here.
You're trying to sneeze me
into a heart attack?
It's okay, Mrs. Crabtree.
Holly's not like other dogs.
I know, I know!
I heard your father.
No one is allergic to her,
I promise.
Well, maybe she could
come a little closer.
But one sneeze
or one tickle,
you take her right back now,
you hear?
Would you like to pet her?
(Mrs. Crabtree)
Oh, aren't you a good girl.
Deck the halls
with boughs of holly
Fa la la la la,
la la la la
'Tis the season
to be jolly
Fa la la la la,
la la la la
Don we now our gay apparel
Fa la la, la la la,
la la la
(Mrs. Crabtree)
Troll the ancient
Yuletide carol
Fa la la la la,
la la la la
(cheering, applause)
Karen, it's me.
Don't yell just yet.
Okay, you have
exactly one minute
and then I start yelling.
Amalie, where is your column?
Okay, so there was a problem.
The mystery writer?
Still a mystery and I guess
it's going to stay that way
because he sure seems like
he never wants to be found.
I was afraid of that.
I'm sorry, but I do have
another piece all lined up.
No, but I have
a story to write.
It's got a robot.
A robot?
Here, I'll send you the picture.
Easier to explain that way.
Amalie, there are two things
our readers expect from
a Christmas Love Notes column
and that's Christmas and love.
I don't see how
Please just look.
It's just a different
kind of love.
I'll need it
within the hour.
Whether it comes in the form
of a bark or a tail wag,
in the end,
Christmas is about love.
Any kind.
All kinds.
deep and strong
that bind us
and remind us
of the true meaning
of the season.
The end.
Amalie, there you are.
We were wondering
where you went.
Had to step away
for a few minutes
to write my column.
Nice. And?
I think it's pretty good,
only not what
I expected it to be.
My mystery love letter
wasn't from Sander Monk.
Mm...yeah, I know.
Did Marty tell you?
Mmm...something like that.
(laughs nervously)
(clears throat)
So the party...
Holly was a huge success.
Yeah, you know,
I finally realized
I'd been holding back
on showing her
to people.
I mean, I get that her bark
needed a little work,
but, I mean, from the beginning
she was amazing.
I think I just wanted to know
how someone would react before
I showed them something
that was such a big part
of myself, you know.
How could you doubt that
people would love her?
I don't know.
(soft music)
I guess I just thought
that some people
might not recognize
a thing they love,
even when it's been there
the whole time.
(door opens)
Only an idiot would do that.
Who are you?
I'm Amalie's fianc.
I mean, I'd like to be.
If you could just give me
a second chance.
Because it's Christmas.
Where are we going?
You'll see.
Uh, you...
You didn't tell her, did you?
I tried, but, no, I didn't.
It doesn't matter anyway.
Her fianc is back.
What did you do?
Oh, just a little
nothing, nothing.
(plays recording
of classical music)
The first time I ever saw you
I had this thought.
It just popped
into my head,
and I have no idea
where it came from.
But it was, there she is.
The rest of my life,
our life,
it just flashed
before my eyes.
I saw us together.
I saw us dating
and getting married.
I saw us buying a house
and having children.
I saw us growing old
and retiring together.
I knew that my life would
never be complete without you.
That was so beautiful
and amazing
(Bruce sneezes)
Oh, god.
(Bruce sneezing)
It's the hay, isn't it?
Why would you do this
if you're allergic to hay?
I mean, why hay at all?
Yeah, I saw it
on your Instagram feed.
Oh, that's where you saw
the champagne and the music.
Did you get that speech
from one of my columns?
Well, II didn't mean
to steal it.
I just did it
to give you what you wanted.
It's very sweet,
but it's just not very
(Bruce sneezes)
Excuse me.
I'm sorry, what were you saying?
It's not really you.
I guess I'm pretty boring.
Well, I'm boring
sometimes too.
And you should know
that I'm not going to be
the perfect wife.
I'm not even
the perfect girlfriend.
I actually don't like
going to lectures
about population pyramids.
Or eggplant.
I really,
really don't like eggplant.
But I really like hot cocoa
with just three marshmallows,
and working with Demi
and writing for
The Helen's newspaper
and hanging out
with girl geniuses.
And robotic dogs.
Uh, eggplant parmesan
with the garlic?
That was...
Yeah, that really
wasn't my thing.
I feel like
I don't even know you.
I don't think you do.
But it's not your fault.
I pretended to be
someone else for you
so that everything
would be perfect.
I didn't think that there could
be romance without perfection,
so in order to have that
I had to pretend.
You're a wonderful guy.
Is that a knee pad?
Oh yeah.
Bruce, you're a wonderful guy,
and I know you're going to find
someone imperfectly perfect.
But that someone,
she's not me.
I hope you find
what you're looking for.
Just...I mean, if you know...
Do you?
I want romance.
Grand gestures
and small kindnesses.
Yeah, that's not me.
And I want to be myself too.
I don't know
if that's asking too much,
but there you have it.
(Bruce sneezes)
You should really
get out of here.
But, uh, please enjoy the
I'll deal with this.
Yeah, don't...worry.
I'll grab a Benadryl.
Yeah, that's a good idea.
(clearing throat repeatedly)
Dad, I'm home!
Great news!
Ian just called.
An investor saw your post.
He wants to invest
in the Holly dogs.
Ian's thrilled, and he wants
to make a donation
to the senior center.
I think we'll be able
to keep it open.
It's saved!
That's great news.
Oh, here.
This came for you.
"Dear Amalie,
I'm the one who wrote you
the Christmas love letter,
who misses
your face every day
and wants to hold your hand.
You still light up my world
every time I see you
and make me want
to be a better man.
If you come home
and read this
and still want to give me
a second chance,
come and find me...
You'll know where
if you just take a moment
and think it over."
Who's it from?
Doesn't say.
Think it over.
Think it over.
I gotta go.
"Dear Amalie...
I am always thinking of you
this time of year,
but this year I could not
stop wishing I could see you,
wishing you were here,
wishing I could
see your face...
Wishing I could
hold your hands.
You always light up my life
every time that I see you,
just by being you."
And I hope that you think
that I'mI'm worthy.
I know it's been a really long
time since that last Christmas
that we spent together.
Yeah, it was the Christmas
before I moved away.
I was sad
because I was single.
I remember now.
You remember.
Look, I know that
we haven't explored
anything past friendship,
but it is way past time
for me to tell you
how I really feel about you.
(Amalie laughs)
I can't believe it was you
who wrote that beautiful,
romantic letter.
I should have known.
I should have known
it was you...
It was always you!
Oh, we have snow?
Come here, you,
get over here.
It's a glitter squirrel!
(energetic holiday music)
(female vocalist)
Hurry home,
and come 'round here
I really love
this time of year
Making plans
to get together
Memories that
will last forever
Sharing laughter
and sharing joy
Everyone is singing,
all the girls and boys
Some kind of magic
is in the air
To make a special moment
we can share
Snow is falling
deep outside
The day is almost done
Come inside
and don't be shy,
'cause now it's time
to have some fun
Please Christmas
(female vocalist)
And I want to share
this Christmas with you
Please Christmas
(female vocalist)
And I want to share
this moment with you