Christmas Matchmakers (2019) Movie Script

- Hi, Mom.
- Hi, sweetheart.
You getting ready for work?
Yeah, trying to.
Guess what Im doing right now.
Uh, talking to me?
I am looking at a little thrush
trying to get a sip of water
out of a frozen pool.
We had four inches of snow.
Its no resort like the house
youre sitting, honey,
but it is beautiful here.
Yeah, well, I went
on a jog yesterday,
and it was in the mid 80s, so...
Well, thats not Christmassy.
Well, we have Christmas
in LA too, Mom.
The other day there was
a Salvation Army Santa
outside the mall,
and I gave him money.
He had a beard and everything.
Have you talked to your boss
yet about Colorado?
I told you. I have to wait
for the right moment.
Shes a very busy lady,
especially this time of year.
Ive never heard of-- Dont
these people have families?
Mom, I dont have time to
talk to you about this, okay?
Ill call you after work.
Well, what do I tell your dad?
Tell him I love him,
and Im putting my degree
to good use.
Well, you could put it
to good use here too, you know.
- Okay, Mom, look, I gotta go.
- Bye, miss you.
- Okay, I love you. Bye.
- Bye.
Good morning.
Oh, God.
- Youre late.
- I know. Thank you, thank you!
- Ooh!
- Oh, my God!
Oh, my God!
Did I get you?
Nope. Disaster averted.
Oh, thank you.
- Cinnamon?
- Oh, nutmeg.
Oh, well, at least I had
the right holiday.
- Oh, you work here, right?
- Yeah, in the building.
Connolly Confections.
Im a copywriter.
A copywriter, right.
I shouldve guessed.
Technically, Im an executive
assistant to the CEO,
but I do a lot of writing
for him.
Very cool. Hey, listen,
Ive gotta go. Im so sorry.
Im running late.
My boss is gonna kill me--
So you work here too?
Yeah. Bright Star Advertising.
Im also an executive assistant.
But no writer, so...
Well, I guess
Ill see you around, huh?
Hey, you never
told me your name.
Jen. Im Jon.
Well, nice to meet you,
Nutmeg Jon.
Ill see you soon?
I hope so.
All right.
I have been waiting 15 minutes
for my latte.
Im so sorry, Kate.
There was just an incident.
And now its already
after nine.
Im sorry.
Jen, when I had your position,
do you know what Anita, my boss,
used to tell me?
Nine oclock means 8:30 and...
BOTH: On time means
youre late.
Hi, Boss.
Hey, you used my tagline.
Take a look at that.
You cant tell
whats wrong with that?
Looks good to me.
Thats why you will never
be an ad man.
Santa looks
a little too... trim.
We are not selling
meal replacement shakes.
Dont they know that?
People want to see
a plump Santa,
not some malnourished,
out-of-work actor
in a dime store beard.
So tell them.
Make them reshoot it.
I told them that
before they shot it.
And you know what
Felix said to me?
That we are taking
a killing in the press
by perpetuating the childhood
obesity epidemic.
That fat Santas
only reinforce the idea
that happiness is achieved by
eating sugar and saturated fat.
Dont forget, you have a 2:00
with the reps from Colsons.
While youre doing that,
I thought Id work on
your shareholder letter
for the annual report.
Hi, Mom.
Sweetheart, hi.
How are you?
Im fine. I just got home.
What, did you
go out to dinner?
- No, from work.
- Its almost 8:00.
I know, Mom. Weve had
this conversation before.
Nine to five days
are a thing of the past.
My goodness. You millennials
with your crazy hours.
All I ever hear about is work,
work, work, work, work, work.
You know, when I was your age--
Hey, Mom, whats up?
I have like a million things
to be doing.
You know, your dad
is very concerned
because you havent made your
flight arrangements yet, honey.
And the tickets, they just get
more expensive every day.
I told you,
Im doing the best I can.
its just that you have
never missed
a holiday ski vacation,
not even when
you were in college.
And were very, very excited
about meeting your new friend,
even though your dad
is not thrilled
about the sleeping
I promise youll like Peter.
Hes... Hes charming.
Uh-huh, well, honey, just make
your arrangements, all right?
Buy the tickets
because its just gonna get
too expensive otherwise.
Hey, Mom? I gotta go.
I love you.
Oh, okay, honey.
Bye. Bye-bye.
KATE: Okay, we can speak
with Octane
about their search engine
optimization next week.
I wanna give Jordyn enough time
to digest the research.
And, uh, the pea soup
accessories pitch,
well, lets move that
to Friday afternoon.
Oh, but that means that, uh,
Im gonna have to reschedule
Stone Fruit.
Hey, Kate,
can I ask you a question?
I know, I know,
if we reschedule Stone Fruit,
then the team
wont have enough time
to prepare the decks
for Anderson, right?
Oh, uh, no, actually.
I meant something personal.
Personal? Jen, we have
a lot going on right now.
I know, its just,
I was hoping
that maybe I could have
the week of Christmas off.
- The whole week?
- Yeah, its just,
my family does this holiday
ski trip to Colorado and--
- And?
- Since my brothers and sisters
live across the country,
and its the only time of year
I would get to see them...
Im sorry.
Its out of the question.
This is our busiest time
of the season.
Most of our clients have
holiday campaigns,
online deals, media buys.
Theres just no way.
But I have the days saved up.
Which Ill just bank
for next year.
Exactly. Now lets get back
to more important matters.
Tell Jordyn that research
is gonna land
on his desk top of the day.
I was about to make a joke,
but you dont exactly look like
youre in a joking mood.
Its that obvious, huh?
The latte was just
what I needed. Thank you.
- May I?
- Yeah, go ahead.
Come on. Theres nothing
that salty fried food cant fix.
So you gonna tell me
whats wrong
or should we play
Twenty Questions?
Just work.
Well, its not even
the work part.
The work parts fine.
Its just my boss, Kate Hopkins,
shes um, one of the executive
vice presidents, and...
Actually, do you mind?
Those are really good.
No, help yourself.
I mean, Im accessible to her
all the time.
Nights, weekends, you name it.
And I do understand
that its a great opportunity
for someone who wants to be
an advertising executive,
but that doesnt mean
that she can control
every aspect of my life,
does it?
No, youre right.
And believe me,
I can sympathize.
Owen is just as demanding,
probably even more.
After all, he took
his familys tiny candy store
and turned it into an
international conglomerate.
But its different for me.
I dont wanna work
in the industry forever.
Its just a means to an end
until I can finish my novel.
I mean, Im not being
unreasonable, right?
Its just a family tradition.
And everybody gets
Christmas off. Why cant I?
I hear you.
You deserve to get away.
Then I think about the millions
of college graduates
whod kill for an opportunity
to work for Kate Hopkins.
I mean, as a female executive,
she was an inspiration to me.
I guess I shouldnt
make waves, huh?
- Can I ask you a question?
- Hm?
- Can I have a fry?
- [chuckles]
[phone ringing]
Hey, Chet, hows it going?
No, no, youre fine.
Well, at the very least you can
wait till the market opens.
No, I hear ya.
Just tell em to list
on the Nikkei then.
Hey, babe, do you have
to do it right now?
Hold on, hold on.
Yeah, no, I hear ya, I do.
Okay. I guess youre right,
but if he burns us on this one,
tell him hes gonna be calling
widows from the boiler room
for the rest
of his career, huh?
All right, no, no, no.
Yeah, Ill talk to you later.
All right, bye.
- Do you have to do that?
- Do what?
Make a business call
while were at dinner.
Money never sleeps, babe.
Thats even too cheesy
for the movies, Peter.
But its true.
If you wanna stay ahead,
you always gotta stay on.
You should know that
better than anyone else.
But I can take
a half-hour for dinner.
Good evening.
Can I start you two off
with a drink or a cocktail?
Yeah, well have
a bottle of the...
Gran Moraine Pinot Noir.
Very good.
Actually, Ill have a margarita.
Margarita? Hm.
Hey, um, listen,
actually I need to talk to you
about the ski trip.
Dont worry. I promise
Ill be on my best behavior.
I told you your mother will be
wrapped around my finger
by the end of the week.
Well, you dont have
to worry about that anymore.
- What do you mean?
- Kate squashed that idea.
She said she needs me at
the office now more than ever.
But I bought new bindings and
just sharpened my skis, so...
Im sorry. I mean, maybe you can
use them for next year?
Um... No, I can still
make this work.
I think Dylans
going up to Vale.
His parents have a place
up there, so...
Yeah, I think I might do that.
I thought we can actually still
have the holidays together.
Jen, you dont expect me
to stay here on vacation
while youre working, do you?
I dont work the entire time,
and we would have
Christmas together.
Listen, sweetheart,
Im so happy
that youre being so ambitious
at work, I really am.
But I had my heart
set on skiing.
I mean, you dont want me
to miss out on that, do you?
"Let us toast to animal
pleasures, to escapism,
to rain on the roof,
and instant coffee.
Meet me in the food court
at noon."
[intercom buzzing]
KATE: Jen, can you come in?
I need you.
All right.
All right, Im coming.
Hey, I see you got my note.
Im honestly impressed.
Quite the wordsmith.
And a fan of Hunter S. Thompson.
Oh, he wrote that.
Yeah. And trust me,
the second part of the quote,
which I left out,
is a lot more explicit.
So what do you wanna
talk to me about?
Okay. Do you wanna get
something to eat first?
Oh, no, I have stuff
in the kitchen.
I dont have any fries today.
Okay, so Ive been thinking.
What if there was a way
to get our bosses
to spend less time
at the office?
Youre not thinking...
Jen, Im serious.
It would mean less time
that we would have
to spend at the office.
I mean, thats great in theory,
but Ive literally seen Kate
come to the office
with a 104 fever and the flu.
Owen is the exact same way.
Thats why this could work.
What could work?
- Love?
- Yeah.
Or lust. Or passion.
Or really even companionship.
Whatever works.
I dont think Im following.
We set them up.
Owen and Kate.
We get them together.
We said it ourselves,
although not in so many words,
the two of them
have so much in common.
Yeah, Kates single,
but I dont think Ive ever
seen her go on a date.
Honestly, I dont think
she would even have the time.
Thats why its perfect.
Owen isnt
the dating type either.
Hes too focused on the company.
But if theres anyone who can
put up with a workaholic,
who can understand
what its like,
its another workaholic.
I dont know what to say.
- Say yes.
- No!
I mean, no, it would never work.
Its crazy.
Why not?
Well, for like
a million reasons.
Kate would never take my advice.
I mean, its not like
were girlfriends,
and we just sit around
and chitchat all day.
No, no, no. We do this
without them knowing.
Thats why it can work.
Well make it seem like
theyre getting together
completely by chance.
We pull the strings,
but they have no idea
were involved.
So you have some brilliant plan
on how to pull this off?
No, I havent
gotten that far yet.
- You havent?
- No.
I need your help for that.
I cant do everything myself.
Look, I really have
to get back to work, okay?
But youll think about it?
Its really not a bad idea, Jen.
Whats the worst that can
happen? Nothing.
The best-case scenario?
The two of them
fall madly in love,
and we get our freedom back.
Ill think about it.
We can talk about it later.
Just not here.
And no more latte express.
This has my cell
and my email on it.
I must be out of my mind.
[phone ringing]
Hey, Peter.
Hey, how are you?
Yeah, Im good.
Yeah, I just got home from work.
I was swamped,
so I brought a lot of work home,
so Im probably just gonna work
on that and then go to bed.
Yeah, tomorrow sounds great.
Okay. Ill see you then.
All right, bye.
["Hark! The Herald
Angels Sing"]
What about a dating site?
We could create
fake profiles for them,
using real information.
After all, we know everything
we need to know about em.
Yeah, I dont think
that would work.
I could never convince her
to sign up for a site like that.
So you tell her you did it
on her behalf.
Found her the perfect guy.
Trust me, shed never
give him a chance.
She would think that finding
someone on a dating site
was beneath her.
Yeah, I guess.
There is a sort of desperation
to those sites.
Oh, my God, Jen,
Im so sorry.
I really didnt-- You?
Yeah, I mean, its just kinda
hard to meet people nowadays.
Yeah, no, of course.
I just didnt think someone like
you would ever need to use one.
Well, thank you, thats sweet.
So, uh, you ever meet
anyone on those sites
that you actually liked?
Im actually still
kinda dating someone I met.
I didnt, uh--
Im sorry, I just didnt realize
you were seeing someone.
Yeah. Um, he works in finance.
So, uh, you guys
live together or something?
No. Um...
You know what?
What about a raffle?
- What do you mean?
- You know, a raffle,
where you put names in a hat
or buy tickets or whatever
and then you pick a winner.
I could tell Kate that she won
the Christmas
annual buildings raffle,
and then you tell Owen
that he won.
But how do we rig it
so that they both actually win?
- Theres not an actual raffle.
- Oh.
We just have
to get them to meet.
Thats a terrible idea.
Well, then do you have
a better one?
Unfortunately, no.
Okay, raffle it is.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
KATE: I never entered
any raffle.
Everyone in the building
had to. Automatically.
They just took the information
from our key cards
and picked a winner.
Sounds like an invasion
of privacy to me.
- What is this?
- Its a raffle.
Everyone who works in the
building was entered. You won.
All you have to do is go
downstairs and claim the prize.
- Whats the prize?
- I dont know.
But its something big,
trust me.
This isnt some stuffed animal
at a carnival.
Probably like a widescreen TV
or something.
I have so many TVs
that I dont even watch.
Well, it might be
something even better.
Jon, look, I dont have time
for this nonsense.
Im too busy, Jen.
Come on. Itll just take
a few minutes.
Why are you being
so persistent about this?
Youll donate it
to charity then.
Its a good look
for the company.
People will be happy
to see you.
Let them know youre part
of the building community.
I am not a part
of the building community.
If its so important to you,
then you go pick it up.
Im not going anywhere. Now,
you can go pick it up for me,
if thats what makes you happy.
But I think
theyll be disappointed
when its me
and not you.
So we know we cant entice them
with free gifts,
but what about something
that benefits the company?
They cant
turn that down, right?
Probably not.
But what is that something?
You know anything
about podcasts?
Not really.
- But you know what they are.
- Of course.
My best friend in the entire
world is Molly Lester.
Does that name ring a bell?
Okay, well, she has
this really popular podcast
where she interviews
business leaders in the city.
I mean, Kate listens to it.
Im sure Owen does too.
Okay, so?
So? She owes me a favor.
Im sure she would love
to have them on her show.
We could do
some holiday special
on how the holidays impact
your business or something.
- Why would Owen go for this?
- Why wouldnt he?
I mean, its a great
marketing opportunity,
and he knows
the value of good press.
Plus, you could tailor the
questions to make it seem like
they have more in common
than they actually do.
And the best part is,
if it goes badly,
they cant trace it
back to us
because Mollys
the one that sets it up.
Plausible deniability.
I like it.
So what do you think?
Well, it aint a raffle,
but I think it might work.
I just love her show.
She seems so nice.
Kate Hopkins, such a pleasure.
Im Molly Lester.
Pleasures mine.
Im a big fan of your show.
Please. My very rare talent
is the unique ability
to find people
with actual talent.
Oh. This is my executive
assistant, Jen Russell.
Its nice to meet you,
Miss Lester.
Come on, Ill introduce you
to my other guest.
- Sure.
- Kate Hopkins,
Id like you
to meet Owen Connolly,
CEO of Connolly Confections.
Ah, Ive seen you
around the building.
I love your chocolates.
Im so sorry.
I didnt realize that...
Bright Star Advertising.
Im an executive
vice president there.
Well, now that I know that,
Ill be sure
to send over some samples.
Oh! Who can refuse
a man bearing chocolates?
Hi, Im Jon,
Owens assistant.
Im Jen Russell.
I am Kates.
- Nice to meet you.
- Very nice to meet you.
Okay, you two can watch
through the glass,
but Im gonna need you
outside the room.
I dont know how much radio
you two have done in the past,
but this isnt much different,
except one of the nice things
is it isnt live,
so if you make a mistake,
we have the luxury
of editing it out.
- Good.
- Great.
- Follow me.
- Okay.
So the holiday season must
provide a unique opportunity
for companies
looking to advertise.
Theres definitely an increase
in the number of clients
that wanna be affiliated
with the holidays.
Yeah, its always
a challenge to keep up
with the demands
of the holidays
and while staying fully
conscious not to be dismissive
- of the other 11 months.
- Agreed.
Has the decline of physical
stores been an impediment?
Listen, Connolly Confections
has always been at the forefront
of online shopping,
even though candy is considered
the ultimate impulse buy.
Yeah. It must be unbelievably
tough to convince people
that they want chocolate.
The right chocolate.
ENGINEER: Thats a cut.
Im not just saying this.
I have guests together
all the time.
I moderate panels.
Its like the two of you
rehearsed together.
You were fantastic.
Im serious!
You two should talk.
Do business together.
Its like youre on
the same wavelength.
Im not sure
if our little candy company
can afford the big guns
at Bright Star.
Actually, our prices are
Maybe we will.
Like I said,
theres gotta be tougher things
to sell than chocolate.
Well, again, thank you both
for doing this.
The episode will be uploaded
next Monday.
Ill send everyone emails
promoting it,
but I already know youre gonna
love how it turns out.
Thanks, Molly.
You made this easy.
JEN: You know, you guys
did have good rapport.
KATE: Molly was good. She knew
the right questions to ask.
No, not the host.
Owen Connolly.
What? Oh, he was fine. I guess.
Wouldnt mind
the business though.
He was joking,
but I do know
how much they spend
on digital each quarter.
Plus, you two do have
a lot in common,
besides the fact that you
work at the same building.
Not to mention hes
pretty easy on the eyes.
You dont think so?
Never crossed my mind at all.
All Im saying is you cant fake
that kind of a connection.
What connection? We were just
having a business conversation.
We were having
a productive conversation
about supply chains
and product placement.
Which she just happened
to find ridiculously funny?
She was just being polite.
She was giggling
at everything you said.
And I might be wrong, but I
dont think this is a woman
who has giggled
since grade school.
Jon, I really dont
have time for this.
If you dont ask her out,
then youre a complete idiot.
You really think
she was interested in me?
Im a writer.
I have a sense
about these things.
Get me her number.
JEN: Did you suggest
Village Green Cafe?
JON: Uh-uh.
He thought of it himself.
Oh, well,
he has pretty good taste.
All right,
then I suggested it.
God, I havent been there
in forever.
Anyways, Kate was kinda nervous
It was kinda cute,
but also kind of weird.
Ive just have never
seen her like that.
Usually when she presents
to the board of directors,
she makes them nervous.
No way shell back out,
will she?
Oh, no way. When Kate has
her mind set on something,
she does it.
Besides, I think she was kinda
looking forward to tonight.
I hope Owen can handle himself.
Since Ive worked for him,
Ive never seen him
go on a single date.
And sometimes he can be
kind of... boring,
always talking about work.
And you think Kate would rather
talk about something else?
Yeah, I guess.
Im just afraid that
a million things could go wrong.
Well, then they can
blame poor Molly.
Besides, a million things
could go wrong with the date,
but they already have a leg up.
Theyve already seen each other,
they have similar interests,
and they have the most important
thing on their side.
Whats that?
Listen, I gotta get going.
I promised myself
Id finish another chapter
before going to sleep.
Oh, of your great
American novel?
Well, its a novel.
And American.
Well, when are you gonna
tell me what its about?
One day.
Okay, fine.
Good night, Jen.
Good night, Jon.
[phone ringing]
Miss me already?
- What?
- Mom?
I dont even wanna know
what that was about.
No, I just,
I just thought you were--
Oh, no, you thought
I was Peter. Its okay.
No! Oh, my God, no, I--
I didnt.
Jen, we really need
to talk about Colorado.
I know that you dont think
that your decision
affects anybody else,
but it does.
I have to decide about the menu,
I have to make the stockings,
I have to figure out how many
presents are under the tree.
Mom, I know, okay? I know.
Well, tell me youve at least
talked to your boss.
Yeah, I did.
And Im working on it, okay?
Jen, Im not trying
to make you feel guilty.
And you know I admire
your work ethic. You know I do.
Look at your father. He worked
harder than anybody else.
And do you ever remember him
missing anything?
A birthday or a recital
or a Christmas ski vacation?
No. I dont.
No, because he never did.
Because he had
his priorities straight.
Because family comes first
before anything else.
But, Mom, Im trying, okay? Its
not that I dont wanna be there.
Honey, I just dont want you
to wake up one morning
and think,
"Life has passed me by.
I shouldve embraced it when
I had the chance," you know?
Mom, Im gonna go to bed, okay?
I love you.
Sweet dreams, honey.
Hey, Jen.
How do I look?
- Wonderful.
- Dont patronize me.
- Never.
- [laughs]
I havent been on
an official date in forever.
Well, its just like
riding a bike.
Awkward and possibly
See? Let him see
that side of you tonight.
Okay. I can do this.
- Is he picking you up?
- Im gonna meet him there.
That way if its a disaster,
Ive got a way out.
Well, at least
youre optimistic.
Oh, I have my phone on me,
so if anything happens, call me.
Go. Enjoy.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Sorry. I just came
straight from work.
I didnt even
get a chance to change.
Oh, thats fine.
Neither did I.
You look great.
Thank you.
Have a seat.
- So its nice to see you again.
- Likewise.
I think we did a pretty good job
on that interview, huh?
Well, that was the general
consensus, but I dont know.
[phone buzzing]
So howve you been?
Get it.
Excuse me?
Your phone, get it.
Its totally fine.
- Its fine, its totally fine.
- Okay, okay, one second.
I swear, just one second.
Kate Hopkins.
Yes, next Thursday will be fine.
Yes, that will be fine.
Ill talk with my in-house
counsel tomorrow,
and Ill hit you back, okay?
I am so sorry.
That was rude.
So Ive been thinking
about this.
- This?
- Checking our phones.
Why do we feel guilty about
checking our phones?
We both have companies to run,
and we got people
that we have to answer to.
I know, right?
Yeah, people
making us out to like
we have some twisted
character flaw,
like were some kind of
serial killers or something.
Hm, they just dont understand.
You know, my father
founded this company.
He wasnt the kind of guy
to give advice,
but he led more by example.
But you know what my father
said? He said,
"Its never too soon
to do something
that you know is right."
"Its never too soon to do
that you know is right."
I like that.
So Ive been living my life
by that motto.
So why dont we do this date
our way?
Our way?
Ive been looking forward
to seeing you,
Ive been looking forward
to tonight,
Ive been looking forward to
getting to know more about you.
So you get a call, and I get
an email that I have to return,
does that change things?
It doesnt.
In fact, its a relief.
You know, so lets
get some drinks,
and lets talk about
all the slackers in the world.
Now that I can drink to.
- Here you go.
- Oh, thank you.
- So far, so good, huh?
- Yeah, from here.
At least theres been no drinks
thrown in anyones face.
You have a low bar
for success, huh?
Come on, theyve got it
from here.
Mm. I dont see the two things
being mutually exclusive.
Really, I dont.
There has to be a way to retain
the high-end market,
to make people see your
chocolate as an indulgence,
while still going after
the market leaders.
I know, but every time we talk
to the consultants, Im just--
No, no, no, no.
Dont listen to the consultants.
You pay them a ton of money
to understand a business
that youve been in
your entire life.
After a few months,
how do you expect them
to give you effective advice?
Wow. You know, youre right.
Of course, Im right.
- [laughing]
- Okay.
Where have you been,
you know?
This is a really nice
I like it too.
So maybe we should come back
here and do it again.
Id like that a lot, Owen.
Lets toast to that.
Jeez, you have
a lot of books here.
I do.
Have you read them all?
None. They just make me
look smart.
Whats this?
Hot chocolate with Chambord.
Its a raspberry liqueur.
- Oh.
- I know, I know.
It sounds weird.
But just try it.
Youll like it.
Hmm. Not too bad.
See? I told you.
God, I wish I had
more time to read.
You can always make more time
for reading.
Which ones your favorite?
Oh! The Great Gatsby.
I remember reading this
in high school.
Did you like it?
Honestly, I dont remember.
But it looks pretty valuable.
For a first edition of a
relatively modern novel, it is.
- Hmm.
- And the condition its in,
I could probably get
two grand for it, easy.
But I could never sell it.
Its sort of like a lucky charm.
It sounds silly, I know,
but whenever Im stuck
in my own novel
or need some inspiration,
I just take it down,
read a few paragraphs,
usually does the trick.
Its that good, huh?
Its not that its so good,
although I do like it.
Its that when Gatsby
was first published in 1925,
it wasnt a hit.
In fact, you could even say
it was a flop.
But now?
Its considered
one of the greatest novels
of American literature.
I dont know.
I find it inspiring.
[text alert]
Sorry. I didnt realize
what time it was.
- I really need to go.
- Yeah, no, of course.
So I guess you could consider
today a success, huh?
Yeah. Yeah, I think so,
for sure.
You think shell
call you tonight?
Oh, not a chance.
Ill practically have to drag it
out of her tomorrow.
Shes not really
the forthcoming type.
But dont worry.
Ill get her to spill.
Okay. So we talk tomorrow?
Yeah, well talk tomorrow.
I just, I dont understand.
I mean, you said
it was the perfect date.
Why wont you
go out with him again?
I didnt say I wouldnt.
Its just not the most important
thing on my mind right now.
Yeah, but it looked--
I mean, it sounded amazing.
If I was you, I would--
Jen, youre not me.
And I dont know how comfortable
I am with you all up in my life.
Now if I were you,
I would be more focused on
what we have going on here.
Look, Kate,
I know youre my boss.
Believe me, I am reminded
of that every single day.
But believe it or not,
I dont just admire you.
I actually like you.
So I thought it would be nice
to see you happy for a change.
[line ringing]
Owen Connollys office.
We need to step it up.
Im sorry, whos this?
Im serious!
If we leave it up to them,
theyre never going
to get back together.
Why? Owen said
he had a great time.
Yeah, but did he tell you when
theyre going to go out again?
Uh, no.
God, youre such a guy.
Its because they didnt
make a second date.
Look, the two of them seem
to clearly have a good time,
and they both like each other,
but theyre both more concerned
about how its going
to impact their work.
I see what you mean.
Okay, so what do we do?
Like I said,
we need to step it up.
She said they went on a walk
around the city.
Who goes for a walk
around the city?
Got her out of the office
and my hair, huh?
That it did.
JEN: I mean,
come on, be honest.
Youre not even
a little surprised?
No. It was my idea,
I mean, I know, I know,
but you honestly thought
itd be this successful?
Okay, I admit
I didnt anticipate
theyd be going on a getaway
together this soon.
But it made sense.
When the two of them decide
to do something, they go all in.
I know, but a whole weekend
I mean, so many things
can go wrong.
Or go right.
Have some faith, kid.
Ill tell you, maybe I should
give up this whole writing thing
and start a matchmaking service.
So far Im batting
a thousand.
Yeah, and I could be
your first client.
Things arent, uh,
going well with your guy?
No. I mean, yes.
Things are fine.
Sorry. I dont know
why I said that.
Look, I dont think its fair
that Kate and Owen
get to have all the fun.
What do you mean?
We deserve a little
celebration too.
How about we do something
while theyre gone?
- Do something.
- Yeah.
Go somewhere, do something.
- Oh, Jon, I dont--
- Yeah, I know, I know.
It was a stupid idea.
I just got excited.
I mean, its not a stupid idea.
Its just, I mean,
I already have plans.
Its kinda the reason were
doing this whole thing, right?
Its okay, I get it.
I need to get
some writing done anyway.
With all this planning
and conspiring weve doing,
Ive been slacking off.
You know, we should
do this more often.
- Whats that?
- This.
Takeout and then a movie.
Sometimes it beats going out.
Hey, Peter?
Whos your favorite author?
Just curious.
I dont know.
I dont really have one.
Oh, come on.
You have to have one.
Um, I dont know.
Daniel Lewis?
Hm. Im not familiar
with his work.
He wrote all the
How to Be a Millionaire series.
How to Be a Millionaire By 20.
How to Be a Millionaire By 30.
How to Be a Millionaire By 40.
- Hey, babe?
- Hmm?
If How to Be a Millionaire by 20
had such good advice,
then why do you have to buy
the books in the series?
Look, Jen, I was thinking.
Maybe we shouldnt get
each other Christmas gifts
for this season.
You know, its just that,
I mean, we discussed
that Im going skiing and--
No, we didnt discuss it.
You told me you were going.
I wanted us
to do Christmas here.
Yeah, well, either way,
Im going skiing,
so thats gonna be expensive,
so I just thought--
You thought you didnt have to
buy your girlfriend a gift?
Because you need to buy, what,
lift tickets and snow bunnies?
Okay, well, lets not
blow it up now
cause I dont wanna argue about
this, Jen, I really dont.
But the truth is
that most couples break up
during the holiday season.
Its true.
I mean, you can look it up.
I dont know if its
the pressure of the season,
the financial burden
or what, but...
The truth is--
What, the truth is
that youre breaking up with me?
Is this how youre telling me
that you dont wanna
be with me anymore?
Jen, were both
very busy people.
Okay, thats just something
you cant dispute.
Oh, my God.
Dont get me wrong. Ive loved
the times weve had together.
I mean, weve had
some great memories,
but I think we owe it
to ourselves to explore.
Look, if you cant be a man
and just give it to me straight,
then I will. Were done.
Okay, well, lets not
blow it out of proportion.
I mean, we can still see each
other on occasion, you know.
Oh, my God, I wasted a year.
I wasted a whole year on you!
What? You serious right now?
Go, Peter!
Please, just go.
[alarm beeping]
[door closes]
Oh, my God.
What are you doing here?
I got your voicemail.
You really think
I was gonna let that go?
- Well, you couldve called.
- I did.
Who doesnt take their phone
when they go running?
I dont.
My best friend
leaves me a message
telling me shes not coming
to my holiday party?
Molly, I cant, okay?
I just, I cant.
Of course you can.
If anyone needs to let loose
a little, its you.
Yeah, well, will he be there?
Come on, Jen.
Ive known Peter
longer than Ive known you.
I cant just tell him
not to come.
Yeah, well,
then Im not coming.
Its a party. You dont even
have to talk to each other.
Ill think about it. Okay?
You know, I didnt really wanna
have to bring this up,
but it seems to me that somebody
might owe me a favor.
Oh, my God, get out!
And next time,
wait to be invited.
Not too bad.
- [chimes]
- [sighs]
[chiming continues]
[phone buzzing]
[buzzing continues]
No distractions.
[phone buzzing]
Hey, Jon, its Jen.
Im sorry. I know this is
a little last minute,
but my friend Molly?
You remember Molly
from the podcast.
Yeah, shes having
this holiday party tonight,
and I was just gonna see
if you mightve want to
possibly go with me?
Um, yeah, so I know
its last minute,
but, um, Ill probably
head over there soon.
Um, yeah, so Ill text you
the details.
Okay. Bye.
[light chatter]
[phone chiming]
Hey, Jon, its Jen.
Um, sorry.
I know this is a little last
minute, but my friend Molly?
Shes having this
holiday party tonight,
and I was just gonna see
if you mightve wanted
to possibly go with me, um...
MOLLY: You came!
I did. Against my better
judgment, but...
We need to get you a drink.
Get this woman a drink.
- Ill take white wine, please.
- Absolutely.
I dont want you to freak out,
but Peter is here.
You warned me.
And he brought someone.
- What?
- A date.
Jeez, Molly, look,
I cant do this right now.
Look, I gotta make the rounds,
say my hellos.
I just wanted to let you know
before you run into him--
them-- yourself.
Look, just hang in there.
It wont be so bad, okay?
Well, hello, Jen.
Petey, I wanna start drinking.
Arent you gonna introduce me
to your friend, Petey?
Jillian, this is, uh,
my friend Jen.
Right, just your
long-lost friend.
Lets not do this now, okay?
Okay, come find me later?
Im gonna go get a drink.
Well, she looks nice.
I dont know what right you have
to be angry with me.
Youre the one
that broke us up.
And youre just so devastated
by it, arent ya?
What would you like me to do,
Jen? Want me to go home and cry?
Plus, Ive known Jillian
for quite some time now.
Well, Im not devastated either.
Good for you.
Was that your boyfriend?
No, ex-boy... friend.
You came.
I wouldve been here sooner,
but I didnt see your messages.
I sort of sequestered myself.
Its tough to do, but I put away
my phone for a few hours.
No outside contact.
I just forced myself
to write and write.
And howd it go?
I think Im having
a better time here.
Oh. Thank you.
Perfect. Perfect.
Hey, why dont we go
somewhere quiet,
where we can actually
hear ourselves think?
Yeah, sure. Do you wanna say bye
to Molly first?
No. She probably has some guys
tie wrapped around her head,
singing "Santa Baby" by now.
Lets go.
Id offer to hang your coat
in the front hall closet,
if I had a front hall closet.
Or even a front hall.
Ill just take it,
if thats okay.
Yeah, thats fine.
Oh, needed a little
inspiration, huh?
I think Im needing it
more and more nowadays.
Oh, writers block?
Not block.
Writers doubt.
Here, have a seat.
Speaking of Gatsby,
how bout a gin rickey?
Whats a gin rickey?
Its what Daisy
asked Tom Buchanan for.
Oh, whats in it?
Just gin, club soda,
and lime juice.
Ooh, that sounds delicious.
It is.
Even better, I actually have
all the ingredients.
Sometimes when Im writing,
its literally like I have
an out-of-body experience.
I cant wait for the world to
experience my novel.
And other times,
Im absolutely convinced
that its the worst thing
ever written.
And when Im being
truly honest with myself,
Im afraid that the truth
might be closer to the latter.
And Im not just
being modest either.
Sometimes I just dont know.
And then theres times
when I ask myself
why Im even doing it.
Nobody cares about the great
American novel anymore.
They care about movies,
about TV,
about video games.
Its almost as if
I deliberately--
MOLLY: Rough night?
Well, I spent it at Jons.
What? Thats incredible.
On the couch.
Less incredible.
We were just talking
and having a good time,
and the next thing you know,
I fall asleep, so...
So... nothing.
Hes a true gentleman.
A true gentleman.
Well, sometimes he can be
too much of a gentleman.
Yeah, but after Peter,
it is a refreshing change.
So what are you gonna do?
I dont know.
I mean, in some ways,
were so similar,
but in others,
its just like
hes nothing Ive ever
been with before.
I know I said
it was a good thing.
I mean, after Peter,
with all his faults,
he at least was stable.
I mean,
Jon wants to be a writer.
A novelist. Its not
the most practical of jobs.
But it is romantic.
God, I just keep
talking in circles.
I mean, some days we just talk
about Kate and Owen all day,
but I mean, even when he leaves,
I still just wanna see him.
[phone ringing]
Im good. How are you?
Yeah, Id love to.
Okay, Ill see you soon.
Okay, bye.
Need I ask?
He asked me to lunch.
From the way youre grinning
I assume youre going.
Well, a girls gotta eat.
Oh, my God, you did not.
I did, I swear.
There is no way that you
thought the lyrics were,
"The ants are my friends.
Theyre blowin in the wind."
Dont pretend you can understand
anything that Dylan says.
Oh, my God, look at those!
Okay, what am I looking at?
Nice, I guess.
Theyre gorgeous.
And theyre exactly
Kates style.
Okay, theyre exactly my style,
but I could never afford
anything like this.
You know what we should do?
You should totally buy these
for Owen to give to Kate.
I mean, she would
love them, huh?
Come on. Im afraid
if we stay here any longer,
youre gonna buy em
for yourself.
And considering the price,
youll probably be homeless.
What is it?
Its just a silly family story.
Come on, come on, tell me.
Those earrings remind me
of a pair of earrings
my dad bought my mom
when they were younger,
and he couldnt afford them,
so he actually sold his car
so he could make the payments.
And then my mom always wondered
why he showed up to dates
on a bicycle.
Well, he sounds like a man who
isnt afraid to take chances.
- I admire that.
- Speaking of chances,
did you know that Owen and Kate
are going out again?
To one of their favorite places.
I think its become an almost
every night occurrence.
You think theres any danger
in our plan working too well?
Sure. Its forcing me to have
to endure your company.
Its beautiful.
Yes, it is.
We shouldnt.
What do you mean?
Im not ready.
But was it nice?
Yeah, its too nice.
Thats the problem.
Then I guess
I dont understand.
Jon, I just got out
of a relationship.
It ended pretty badly,
if you dont recall.
Just, Im not ready
to jump right back in.
It wouldnt be fair to you.
I can handle it.
No, just...
It doesnt feel right.
It feels completely right.
It felt that way from
the very first time we met.
You cant tell me
you didnt feel it too.
Yeah, but my feelings
dont matter.
Look, its not responsible.
Then what about my feelings?
Youre no fool, Jen.
Youre one of the smartest women
Ive ever met.
You knew what you
were doing to me.
No. I thought
we were friends.
And what about the party?
Is that how friends
greet each other?
Come on, Jon. You know why
I did that. I explained--
I know, I know, it was just
to make your ex jealous.
But even then,
it was special.
We both felt it.
Im sorry.
Im not ready.
So where does this leave us?
As friends.
I mean, we make
a pretty good team.
I dont know if I can do that.
I dont know if I can
go back to what we were.
Well, you dont have a choice.
Yeah, I do.
- For you.
- For me?
- Yes!
- Okay, thanks.
Ah, The Complete Works
of John Keats.
Well, Im sure that youve
read them all, obviously,
but the bookstore owner said
that that was a unique edition.
Very cool. Thanks.
Well, to be honest with you,
I just assumed that youd be
a little bit more excited.
Well, I am excited.
Its a very nice gift.
I said thanks.
Yeah, but, all the notes that
you sent me, quoting his work,
I just assumed that was
your favorite poet.
Favorite poet?
I dont have a favorite poet.
You dont love poetry?
Love poetry? I think
the only poem that I can recite
is the all the dancing,
naked ladies in France,
and the boys looking through
the hole in the wall.
Oh, my God.
This is all the work
of my assistant.
I just dont understand, Jen.
Why? Why?
All that time and effort,
and for what reason?
Well, it started with
the Colorado trip.
When you didnt let me go,
I was angry.
I didnt think it was fair.
So we thought that if
the two of you found someone,
someone you liked,
youd start spending time
Giving you more
of your own free time.
I mean, we never thought this
would actually work so well.
You two would actually be
so perfect for each other.
So why keep it a secret, hmm?
For this very reason.
We thought that
if you found out,
you might think that
what you had wasnt real.
But it wasnt real, Jon.
Its what you thought
it should be like,
not what we did.
It was completely selfish.
It was selfish at first,
I admit it,
but then when I saw
you two together,
I just wanted to make it work.
We both did.
You have to believe me, Kate.
Look, I know youre my boss,
a tough boss,
but I consider you a friend,
a mentor,
and I just wanted
to see you happy.
Now, what do you think Yeats
would say would say about this?
Keats. Yeats was
a different poet,
born almost 50 years
after Keats death.
He would probably
want to infuse
a little confidence
of human nature into your heart.
What does that mean?
I guess it means you need
to have the courage
not to squander a good thing.
[phone ringing]
Hi, Mom.
Hi, sweetheart. How are you?
Im fine.
Well, you dont sound fine.
Yeah, Im probably just gonna go
for a walk or something later.
I dont know.
Well, honey, I just was
double-double checking
that you cant make it
to Colorado.
You know, we really
would love to have you.
Mom, I want to go.
Im trying, okay?
Look, Im sorry, Im sorry.
Actually, guess what.
I saw some earrings
the other day in this store
that looked like the ones
that Dad got you.
You know, the ones
that he sold his car for?
You always did love that story.
I havent thought about those
in a long time.
What do you mean?
Where are they?
I think I misplaced them a while
ago, when you were little.
But what about the memories?
Well, Ill always
have the memories.
I mean, I cant lose
the memories.
And best of all,
I have your dad.
I get to be with him every day,
and I never needed anything
to remind me
how wonderful that is.
Hey, Mom, look,
I gotta go, okay?
Okay, honey.
Well, think about Colorado.
[phone ringing]
JEN: Hey.
Oh, Im just fantastic.
Yeah, my familys having
a wonderful time
on their holiday ski trip
without me.
Um, my boyfriend was
so shattered by our breakup
that he took all of about
30 seconds to grieve
before he found someone else.
My boss thinks Im a liar.
And, oh, yeah,
the guy that I thought I could
actually see myself with
wants nothing to do with me,
so yeah, how are you?
Look, I appreciate it, Molly,
but Im just not
feeling up to it.
Yeah, tomorrow sounds great.
Okay, Ill talk to you later.
- [knocking]
- OWEN: Come in.
What, coming to tell me
that youve stolen my identity
and bought some expensive
property off the coast?
I need to talk to you.
I quit.
Look, Jon, I know I wasnt happy
with what you did,
even if your heart was
in the right place--
Thats not what this is about.
Then what is it?
I just cant do this anymore.
Its not what I wanna do,
and Im getting too comfortable.
If I wanna be a writer,
if I really wanna see
if Im good enough,
I cant be treating it
as an afterthought.
Jon, the holidays.
You know what these
next few weeks mean to us.
- Our bottom line.
- I know.
And thats why
Ill stay through January.
Youve always been good to me,
Owen, I appreciate that.
Jon, youre
a really good assistant.
Actually, much more than
an assistant, really.
You know, is there anything
I can say to change your mind?
You know, more responsibilities,
more compensation?
I appreciate it, but no.
Ive been thinking
about it a lot.
My minds made up.
Till January, huh?
Get back to work.
So we finally got
Stone Fruit to--
Dont blame your receptionist.
I just walked right in
and pretended I was
supposed to be here.
I was afraid you wouldnt
wanna see me anymore.
You remember
my executive assistant Jen
from the podcast.
Ah, yes, the puppet mistress.
- Mm-hmm.
- Do you think
you can talk some sense into
your partner in crime?
Id hate to lose
the best assistant I ever had.
What do you mean?
- He quit.
- He quit?
Yeah, he just walked
into my office
and said he couldnt
do this anymore.
Said he had to focus
on his writing.
I just figured it was
another cockamamie scheme
the two of you cooked up.
Im sorry. I need to go.
- So?
- So?
So you selling chocolates
door-to-door now?
God, I missed you.
I missed you too.
I was thinking about something
you said to me the other night
about how none of this was real.
You know, you were right.
The chocolates and the gifts
and the poetry.
It was--
What was the word you used?
Right, contrived.
But the way I felt about you,
the way I felt
when we were together,
there was nothing contrived
about that.
Im gonna need some time, Owen.
Some time
to think things through.
Well, you take the time
you need,
but if you ever need anybody
to take you to dinner
or take you out to lunch,
read you some
incomprehensible poetry
from 100 years ago,
you know who to call.
Thank you.
Uh, you know,
Keats died broke, right?
Excuse me?
Never mind.
Its that time
of the year again
We get around all our family
and our friends
We give thanks
and good tidings and cheer
Its that time
of the year again
And all I want
for Christmas
Is for you
To be here
Well, this is a surprise.
Your boss came by
the office today. You quit?
I told him Id stay
through the holidays.
I dont want to leave him
in the lurch.
- Then what?
- I dont really know.
But what I do know is
if I dont devote myself 100%
to the novel right now,
Ill always be wondering.
if I couldve done it.
And whats all this?
Once Im done, I figured...
I figured I could use
a change of scenery.
And what about us?
You made it perfectly clear
what you thought about us.
Jon, thats not fair.
I just needed time.
I had just ended things
with Peter.
I just needed a little time
to sort things out.
What we had,
what I thought we had,
you shouldnt have needed time
to see that.
I didnt.
Im so glad things
are just so easy for you, Jon.
But things arent always
just as black and white to me.
I just had my world
turned upside-down.
And now?
I dont know.
Okay, I dont.
I just, I know that when
I heard you quit, I was worried.
I was worried
I would never see you again,
and I thought maybe we should
just give it another try.
So I can get hurt again?
Jon, I didnt mean
to hurt you.
Nobody ever means to.
But I put my heart out there.
I told you how I felt,
and you...
you didnt feel the same way.
Well, its not that simple.
Look, Im sorry youre hurting
right now, I really am.
But Im not gonna
let myself be hurt again.
So what, this is your answer?
Running away?
A new start
isnt running away.
Its... starting over.
Jon, look,
I came here to apologize
for the way I treated you.
But the truth is,
I think youre just scared.
Yeah, scared.
You always talk about taking
risks with your writing,
starting over like
its something brave.
I think youre
just frightened to see
whats right in front
of your face.
I knew what was
right in front of my face,
and it broke my heart.
"A lot of you out there tonight,
guests, new friends,
might think all we do
is make chocolate.
A mixture of cocoa beans,
sugar, and milk.
Well, I never believed that.
I always believed
that we were doing
something much more than that.
We were making memories."
Thats laying on a little thick,
dont you think?
I mean, its a holiday party,
Its not
a shareholders meeting.
I thought you said you wanted
something heartfelt this year.
I do, but it sounds like
your heart, not mine.
Fine. How about...
Connolly Confections is
a lot more than a candy company.
Wherever you are,
its a taste of home.
A taste of home.
I like that.
Do you still wanna mention
what great gifts they make?
Of course.
Its a holiday party.
Every holiday party
is a PR event.
Gotta remind em.
Speaking of gifts,
you know that jewelry store
right down the street?
Schaeffers, I think?
Yeah, I think so.
Well, in the display window,
almost right in the middle,
is this pair
of diamond earrings.
- They look like teardrops.
- Okay.
Well, Jen once mentioned to me
that Kate would love them.
She loved them, too,
but they were a little
out of her price range.
Im not really sure where
Kate and I stand right now.
Well, Im just saying,
if you wanna make
an impression on her...
Yeah, well, Ill take that
under consideration.
Now lets get back to writing
this speech! Work, work!
All right.
So Owen invited me to their big
Christmas party as his date.
- Oh, really?
- You were right.
Not about what you did.
You were still stupid
about that,
but about what you said.
It really doesnt matter
how we got together.
What matters is how I feel
when Im with him.
And it feels right.
Well, Im glad, and I really am
glad youre going to the party.
Jen, I want you
to come with me.
Oh, no, I-I dont think
Im ready.
Look, I may have made a mistake
about not letting you
go to Colorado.
I dont wanna completely
ruin your Christmas.
I dont know. What if--
What if Jon is there and--
Then Im making it mandatory.
Well, I guess
I dont have a choice.
God, I cant believe
she talked me into going.
Youll have a great time.
What if I see him there?
Of course
youll see him there.
You told me hes going.
Okay, well, what do I say?
Hello, for starters.
How do I look?
- What, not good?
- No, no.
You look great, but...
You dont think
thats too much?
When you do run into Jon,
this is what you
wanna be wearing.
Ah, ooh
- Oh!
- Champagne?
- Thank you.
- Youre very welcome.
Now arent you glad
that I forced you to come?
Do you see Jon?
Come on, Jen.
Forget about him.
Have some fun.
You deserve it.
Good evening. Can I get
everyones attention?
Wanna thank you all for coming.
And just in case we couldnt
entice you with our chocolate,
- we have an open bar all night.
- [laughter]
I know many of you may think
of Connolly Confections
as just a chocolate company,
but we are so much more
than that.
Wherever you go
I wanna be there
Sharing these holidays
Now it feels like a hole
Is here in my heart
Cause Im watching you
walk away
Though carolers are singing
And the snows falling down
It doesnt feel like
Without you here
It doesnt feel like
Cause youre so far away
[door chime rings]
Hey, man, sorry, were closed.
Try coming back at 10 a.m.
Please, just give me
a couple minutes.
Wow. This is in
extraordinary condition.
Thank you. I made sure
to take good care of it.
500 bucks.
Come on, mister.
We both know
how much this is worth.
$1,500, not a penny more.
Two grand,
or I walk away right now.
And you dont know when
another first edition like this
is gonna come through your door.
What the heck?
Its Christmas.
Good afternoon.
May I help you?
Right there. There used to be
a pair of earrings.
They looked like teardrops.
They were there for weeks.
Ah, yes.
Beautiful, werent they?
Where are they now?
Sold, Im afraid.
This morning, actually.
I should go over there and be
with him. You gonna be okay?
Yes, go. Ill be fine.
So how was my speech?
It was wonderful.
Well, it wasnt Keats.
It was better than Keats.
It was yours.
Jon wrote most of it,
but, um, it was my sentiments.
- I was wrong, Owen.
- About what?
About saying that
this wasnt real.
This has been more real
than anything that Ive
ever had in my life.
I was a fool.
A fool to think that it mattered
how we got together.
And to be honest,
no one has ever made me
feel like this before.
Whats this?
My heart.
One second.
- Oh, my gosh, oh, my gosh!
- Are you okay?
I am better than okay.
You wont believe it.
What? Tell me, what is it?
Owen asked me to marry him.
I said yes.
Oh, my God.
Im so excited for you.
He said it was too soon,
and I know that its too soon.
But he said that hes never
felt like this before.
He knows that Im the one.
Its crazy, but--
This is the smartest decision
youve ever made.
Its all because of you.
You know that, right?
I gotta tell somebody.
I gotta tell some people!
Go! Go!
Im engaged! Oh!
What happened?
I thought you werent coming.
Yeah, well, I had
a change of heart.
I was hoping you would.
I got something for you.
Howd the speech go?
Perfect. It was a hit.
What is this?
Lets just call it
your severance.
I-I dont understand.
Give them to her.
She deserves them.
You deserve them.
What about Kate?
Trust me.
I think Kate will be just fine.
What can I get you, miss?
Im actually good.
Thank you.
Happy holidays.
Ive been a fool.
Jon, you dont have to explain--
No, please, let me finish.
You were right.
I was scared.
Everything I wanted
was right in front of me.
But I was afraid.
I was afraid you wouldnt
feel the same way.
So I made excuses.
Excuses about how I wanted
to do other things,
focus on my writing.
But then I realized
if I wanna take a risk,
I want it to be on the one thing
thats most important to me.
And thats you.
So youre staying?
Im staying.
And if I have my way,
Im not leaving you
ever again.
I have something for you.
Oh, my God.
Its the earrings.
From the first time
we saw them,
I knew you were
meant to have them.
Jon, theyre beautiful.
They dont have a thing on you.
You know people are gonna say
were crazy, right?
I mean, we really just met.
Thats true,
but a smart man once said to me
that its never too soon
to do what you know is right.
Oh, he mustve been
a really smart man.
This feels so right.
Yeah, it does.
So... doesnt this feel better
than Colorado?
Oh. I decided
Im going to Colorado.
- Oh!
- Were going.
Right. Were going.
Well, its not like
I have any say anymore.
Uh, yeah, about that.
What would you think if I
told you I wanted to come back?
How could I say no to the best
assistant Ive ever had?
Because Id be coming back
as a writer.
Speeches, PR releases,
catalog copy.
Whatever needs writing.
But thatll be
my full-time job.
Well, after all the two of you
have done for us,
its the least I can do.
We owe you both.
Dont think
we dont know that.
Oh, dont worry. Well remind
you frequently.
Plus, something even better
came out of your relationship.
Whats that?
- Ours too.
- Yes.

- Thank you so much.
- Thank you.
Who should I
make it out to, maam?
I have something for you.
I dont understand.
Open it, or youre gonna
have some impatient fans.
It broke my heart
that you had to get rid of it,
so I wanted you
to have it forever.
Just like you.