Christmas of Yes (2023) Movie Script

(upbeat music playing)
(Phil groans)
I will never understand people
who willingly wake up
at the crack of dawn. I mean,
masochist, all of them.
Good morning, Amy.
Case in point.
Heard that.
Still a little jet-lagged,
I see.
Well, you think
you'd be used to it by now
since we travel for a living,
but he just seems
to be getting grumpier.
But you're very cute
when you're grumpy.
Here. This might help.
Thank you. You are an angel.
A masochistic angel, apparently.
Ask her.
Oh, uh, Ames.
You know, you're
my favorite sister, right?
Spit it out.
Well, since Jacques and I
are basically nomads
with no home of our own,
we have nowhere to throw
our First-Annual
Ugly Christmas Sweater Soiree
as a married couple.
So we were thinking that,
uh, maybe we could host it here?
Sorry, guys, but no.
If this acquisition
goes through today,
work is going to be nuts.
And I just can't have
a bunch of random people
in my house right now.
Oh, maybe you can rent
the clubhouse instead.
- Oh.
- No.
So glad you guys decided to
spend Christmas in Charlotte.
It'll be nice to spend
the holidays together.
(smooches) Wish me luck.
- Good luck.
- Don't even need it.
I told you she'd say no.
(upbeat music playing)
(phone chimes)
Good morning, Amy.
(Amy) Hopefully
it is a good morning.
We should find out
the news soon.
I have a good feeling about it.
Last night, I had a dream
about the press release,
Digital Marketing Firm
acquired by
global media powerhouse."
Oh, I like the sound of that.
Cheers to you for keeping us
all so well-caffeinated.
Your coffee
is our secret weapon.
Wow. That tastes like
straight-up Christmas.
I'm obsessed.
Thank you.
It's actually a new blend.
I don't know how you have time
to do all the things you do.
- Good time management.
- Mmm-hmm.
- And lots of coffee.
- Ah.
I've actually been
meaning to ask you something.
- Oh, okay. Shoot.
- You know how
I've always admired
your work ethic
and how you've risen
through the company so quickly
and pretty much made
this worthy what it is today.
Oh, I don't know about that.
Truly, I dream of having a
career trajectory like yours,
which is why I'd love to
take you to lunch sometime
and pick your brain.
Get some advice
about moving up the ladder.
Thank you. I'm flattered.
Especially since your career
trajectory is just as impressive.
That means a lot
coming from you.
Well, it's true,
but it is crazy right now.
So maybe rain check the lunch
till after the New Year?
- That'd be great.
- (knock at door)
- Amy, do you have a minute?
- Of course.
Morning, Winnie.
Hi, Robin.
Shall we sit?
So does this mean
that we have some news?
It does.
Good news and bad news.
Okay. Hit me.
The good news is
the acquisition went through.
Bizworthy is now owned
by one of the fastest-growing
media companies in the world.
Yes. Yes. Yes.
Listen, I knew we could do it.
- Mmm-hmm.
- We did it.
We actually did it.
Oh, yes.
Uh, what's the bad news?
They're getting rid
of your position.
I fought as hard
as I could to keep you,
but Atomica Global
wants to streamline the system
and have a few of their own
absorb your responsibilities.
Hmm, that is bad news.
I told them there is no way
that three of their people
could do what my one chief
marketing officer does.
But sadly,
I have a very little sway
during this transition.
I understand.
Listen, if it was anyone else,
I would be worried.
But you, lady,
you are gonna be just fine.
Yup. I'll be fine.
Yes. I'll be fine.
(indistinct chatter)
Someone's hitting
happy hour pretty hard.
This is not a happy hour.
I helped build Bizworthy
from the ground up.
Somebody shouldn't work so hard.
I really thought that I was
gonna be the CEO one day,
but here I am, blindsided,
and just when the company
is about to take off.
I'm sorry, Amy.
That must be hard.
Yeah. But did you really
like that job though?
- I mean...
- (Amy) Of course I did.
I love work.
Only thing in your life
you have time to love.
- Phil.
- What?
- Be nice.
- (Amy) Okay. Sue me.
I enjoy working.
Work gives me a challenge.
And you know
I thrive off of a challenge.
But no one hires
at the end of the year.
So there's basically nothing for
me to do during the holidays.
Except, you know, enjoy them?
Oh, great.
I'm breaking out
into a stress rash
just thinking of the nothingness
that I'm going to do.
Look, Ames,
I love you, but seriously,
you gotta learn to chill.
I'm not like you guys,
and go-with-the-flow.
I'm not gonna
meet the love of my life
in the Dominican Republic
or get married under
a waterfall in Costa Rica
and start an adventure
travel company.
More exciting things happen
to you guys in a day
than me in a year.
Thank you.
Well, that's because we say yes.
To what?
(Jacques) Well, except
the sketchy stuff,
like free milkshakes
in Thailand.
- Yes.
- Trust.
But base jumping,
swimming with sharks,
and, uh,
marry the love of your life
after only knowing him
for a month,
we say yes.
- Oh, come on.
- What? You said you wanted a challenge,
and I have one for you.
Say yes to everything
this Christmas.
- Say what?
- Yes.
Yes to new experiences.
Yes to invitations.
Yes to a date, girl.
Yeah. I mean, she's right.
What was I thinking?
There's no way she'd be able
to stick to it anyway.
- (Jacques) No, never...
- (Phil) She couldn't do it.
Oh, okay.
I see what you're doing.
You're trying to reverse
psychology me now, huh?
Look, all I'm saying is, "no"
is, like, your favorite word.
- Hmm.
- No to parties,
no to dates, no to trips.
I mean, remember
when you said no to coming
to that gala with me
and I met Beyonc?
You, Ames,
you could have met Beyonc,
but you're a "no" girl.
You'd fail
this challenge so hard.
Hmm. I just have
to say yes till Christmas?
Just two weeks of yes.
That's it.
(Jacques) Besides, it could
be a good distraction.
Take your mind off
the job thing,
at least
until after the holidays.
This might be
the whiskey talking,
but okay.
I accept your challenge.
I will say
yes to everything
till Christmas.
- Cheers to that.
- Amazing.
Well, in my case,
there is a free improv
show tonight.
- Wanna come with us?
- (Amy) To an improv show?
No, absolutely not.
- There's no way I'm...
- Excuse me?
Saying no to that.
- She's gonna love it.
- Yes.
is there...
in my shoe?
I don't get it.
It's not funny.
Come on.
Oh. Uh...
Thank you, guys.
You are too kind.
That was really not great.
Okay. All right.
Yeah, whatever.
For our last scene,
we need one of you
to join us up here on stage.
So, can we get a volunteer?
- Right here.
- Right here.
- Right here. Yup.
- Right here. Yup.
Ooh, spotlight right on you.
- Yes. Yes.
- (man 1) She said yes.
(man 2) Woo-hoo!
Why did I agree
to say yes to everything?
So what's your name?
Uh, Amy Bell.
give a big hey for Amy Bell.
- (cheers and applause)
- Woo! Yeah!
All right, Amy, with your help,
we're gonna play a
little game called Ding Dong.
So you're gonna give us
a few details about your day.
We're gonna play out that day.
When we get something right,
you say ding.
And when we get
something wrong, you say dong.
You got it?
I guess.
Okay. All right, Zari.
Take it away.
Can you tell us
three things about your day?
Uh, well, I brought coffee
to my coworkers,
I got fired, came here.
Oh, uh,
it's kind of hard making jokes
about somebody who got fired,
but hey,
we'll give it a go. Yeah.
(upbeat music playing)
Good morning, everybody.
Guess what?
I brought coffee
for the whole office.
(Amy) Dong.
I don't sound like that.
And I definitely
don't walk like that.
Oh, okay. Okay. Okay.
Reset. Reset. Reset.
Reset. That was...
That was a quick dong.
(upbeat music playing)
Morning, boss.
I made you some coffee.
I appreciate it.
You know I can't
refuse good coffee.
(mimics spitting)
This is disgusting.
Do we really pay you
to make this trash?
You don't pay me.
I'm an intern.
The coffee was amazing,
and I'm not an intern.
Okay. Okay. All right.
All right. Reset. Reset.
- Come on. Come on. Come on.
- Okay. Let's go.
Not a single ding
or even a tiny laugh,
- a little smile? I mean...
- It's not funny.
(crowd laughter)
Okay. Okay. Excuse me, boss.
- Do you have a minute?
- Probably not.
We'll get donged
long before then, bro.
- Dong.
- See?
Hey, Amy,
It's really inappropriate,
how much you say
dong in the workplace.
- Dong.
- All right. You know what?
You're fired, bro.
- Dong.
- You're fired, dude.
- Dong.
- You're all fired.
- That was humiliating.
- (Jacques) It wasn't that bad.
(Phil) I mean,
it was funny in, like,
watching a train wreck,
kind of, funny.
Well, I'm glad you enjoyed it,
'cause this
Christmas of Yes is over.
Wow. You seriously
can't last one whole day, huh?
It's a dumb challenge.
(Zari) Hurry up.
I will leave you.
(Phil) You can't fail
unless you quit.
Well, have you ever quit
anything in your entire life?
- (Amy) No.
- Do you wanna start now?
- Oh, hi, Amy.
- Hi.
Thank you
for being such a good sport.
Yeah. Thanks, Amy.
Even though you clearly
weren't in the mood to laugh,
but I get it.
It's a rough day.
Oh, I would've laughed
if what you did
was actually funny.
Oh, it's kind of
hard to be funny
when you can't go more
than five seconds
without someone cutting you off.
I was just playing by your rule.
No, no, no. It's all good.
Improv just isn't
for some people.
Like, people
without a sense of humor.
Oh, I have a sense of humor.
I just prefer things
like standup or sketch comedy.
Jokes are better when
they're planned ahead of time.
- Oh, really?
- Is this just me
- or is this kind of hot?
- I can't look away.
So you're saying that
you don't laugh at anything
unless it's been written
or practiced in advance?
- No.
- I've never seen Nico so annoyed.
Oh, well, she kind of has
that effect on people, so.
- I'm saying...
- I like it.
That I don't laugh
at things that aren't funny.
Amy, you free tomorrow?
- Why?
- Any chance you'd like
to come and wrap presents
for the theater's toy drive?
It's for the children's
hospital where we work
and we're a little shorthanded.
Sorry, I'm busy.
(clears throat)
But I can move
some things around.
What time?
9:00 a.m.
- (Phil) 9:00 a.m.
- Yes.
"But I can move
some things around."
- It's for the children.
- (Nico) Whatever, man.
- It's for the children.
- It's Christmas.
What if I make
an inappropriate joke
at the wrong time?
I mean, you know
how I'm nervous and...
- You just have to be yourself.
- You remember what I said
to your parents that one time?
Joke about that guy at the bar.
I mean, why would
I even say that?
That doesn't make any sense.
It's okay. It's okay.
Yeah. I need you
to do the thing.
Okay. Close your eyes.
Now look at me.
It's gonna be okay.
- Better?
- Better.
- I don't know why I'm anxious.
- Why do you guys look so nice?
Ah, I could say
the same thing about you.
Aren't you supposed
to be fun-employed?
I have to go wrap presents
for children, remember?
Oh, in pumps and a power suit.
Just because I'm fun-employed
doesn't mean
I have to look like it.
Even if I am wrapping presents
in a dingy theater.
Isn't it nice
how you're Christmas of Yes
is making you more
of an altruistic person?
Hey, I would've
said yes regardless.
I love giving back.
When I have the time.
Speaking of time,
have fun doing
whatever fancy thing
you guys are doing today.
(upbeat music playing)
I know.
I need you
to do the thing again.
Okay. Everybody,
just a reminder,
my shift starts at 3:00,
so we'll need
all of these
presents wrapped before then.
So get wrapping.
Amy, glad you could make it.
- Happy to help.
- What's up, Amy Bell?
I see that you're dressed
for the job that you want,
but not the job
that you actually have.
Mmm-hmm. At least
I got dressed this morning.
What did you do?
Roll out of bed?
Actually, yes, I did.
Hardly slept last night
because of how bad
our final scene went.
- I wonder why.
- Okay.
Okay. I'm sorry.
I ruined your skit. Okay?
I was having a bad day,
and obviously
improv is not my thing.
All right. Hey, hey,
don't worry about it.
You know what?
It was pretty cool
of you to volunteer anyway.
Okay, Amy. Here's your cart.
Just a reminder, wrap
all these things up nicely.
They're for the children
in the hospital.
- Of course.
- Luckily, you don't need
a sense of humor
to wrap presents.
Oh, so you might
actually be good at this.
I like you. I like her.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- (Zari) I like her.
- Okay.
- Just for the record,
I am very good
at wrapping presents.
- Oh, really?
- Mmm-hmm.
Maybe you should do less talking
and more wrapping then.
(laughs) Okay.
Challenge accepted.
Sounds like we have a good old
wrap battle on our hands.
Oh, it wouldn't be a battle.
I would destroy you.
(laughs) Oh, really?
Is that what you think?
- That's what I know.
- Okay. All right, bet.
Z, you be the judge.
I'll try not to let
this power go to my head.
(laughs) I hope
you're not a sore loser.
You know what?
Why don't we up
the stakes a little?
Loser buys coffee.
Strong grip.
On your mark.
Get set, wrap!
(upbeat music playing)
Do you know how to put a bow on?
(Nico) Yeah.
You think you would know
how to do that.
I do know how to do that.
(Zari) Time's up.
Judgment time.
Hmm. This is tough.
- (Nico) Mmm-hmm.
- Oh, they're so different.
Amy, yours are perfection.
Thank you.
- Yours are cute.
- Uh-huh.
You're totally
giving me artsy vibes.
Like they got a little bit
- more charm to them, right?
- Yeah.
It's kinda like
Santa's elves wrapped them
and not some corporate machine.
Elves wrap perfectly.
- That's literally their job.
- But there's no character.
Okay. Okay.
I've made my decision.
There can be only
one winner of this battle,
and the winner
of this battle is clearly...
Let 'em know. Let 'em know.
- Amy.
- (laughs)
- Are you serious?
- Yes. That's what I'm talking about.
- Mmm-hmm.
- Z, I mean, look...
I mean, mine we're wrapped
with way more love
and creativity.
Look at the snowman.
- Whoa.
- Oh, my gosh.
You are a sore loser.
- (Nico laughs) Okay.
- I'm...
- Fine.
- (Zari) I'm just gonna go.
Fine. I can admit
that yours were...
yours were more
professionally wrapped.
Thank you.
And okay, fine.
I will admit that yours
have this certain...
rustic charm.
Thank you. Thank you.
All right. All right.
A deal's a deal.
Let me buy you that coffee.
(laughs) No.
Beating you is enough
of a prize for me.
Plus, I'm a little bit
of a coffee snob.
I don't drink
chain store coffee.
I roast my own.
Oh, excuse me.
(laughs) It's not poisoned.
I promise.
Hmm, still, I'mma
let you drink first.
Just coffee.
Just coffee.
(Amy clears throat)
Excuse me. Sorry.
(Nico laughs)
Oh, okay.
That was kind of funny.
Oh, my gosh. Thank goodness.
The decider of all things comedy
has deigned me as kind of funny.
Oh, you are welcome.
So you really roasted
these coffee beans yourself?
Mmm-hmm. Yeah.
It's a fresh batch, actually.
So the flavors should be
fully developed by now.
Hmm. This is pretty good.
- Really good, actually.
- Hmm.
I think this might be
the second best
cup of coffee I ever had.
Second? Okay.
What was your best
cup of coffee you ever had?
Just simple drip coffee
from this cafe
in Brooklyn a few years ago.
I mean, it was
so velvety and rich
with notes of butterscotch.
Oh. Ah.
I still think
about that coffee sometimes.
Hmm, second.
(Nico) Ah, you're not used
to coming in second, are you?
Should I have lied
and said that,
"It was the best cup
of coffee I ever had"?
Oh, no, no, no.
I like a challenge.
Okay. All right.
Hey, I'm sorry, by the way,
about your job.
And right before Christmas, too.
Thanks. Yeah. Sucks.
I'm gonna spend the rest
of the day scouring job sites
and rewriting
my whole career plan.
You have a career plan?
In writing. Well, PowerPoint.
That's intense.
If you fail to plan,
you plan to fail.
Yeah, sure. But I mean,
if you have
your whole life mapped out,
how will you know
when to take a detour?
- A detour?
- Yeah.
If you stay
on the same path forever,
you might miss out
on those moments in life
that make you
look back and think, "Wow,
my life
was one heck of a ride."
Hmm. See, I think
I'm gonna feel that way
once I accomplish
everything on my list.
Okay. - (Zari) Hey, guys.
Time to load up.
It was good. That was good.
So, uh, what's your thing?
You just do Improv?
Nah, that's just a fun hobby.
In real life, I am a teacher.
Oh, so not unemployed,
as the outfit implies.
- (Nico laughs)
- Just on Christmas break?
Uh-huh. Yeah.
No, don't get it twisted now.
I am a gainfully
employed adult with a pension
- and good credit.
- Oh, a pension, huh?
And good credit.
Okay. I must say,
my first impression of you
was a little off.
Let me guess, you teach English?
Dong. (laughs)
That felt good.
I, um...
I teach math and science
and, uh, I'd love to incorporate
some more computer skills,
'cause I'm a bit
of a tech nerd, but...
- Mmm-hmm.
- We only have one computer
- for the whole class.
- Seriously?
Under-resourced school.
One day, I, uh...
I wanna raise enough money
to buy computers
for the whole class.
What's stopping you?
From what?
Raising the money.
Uh, I don't know.
I guess I never thought about how
to tackle something like that.
Oh, it's easy.
You just have to break it down
into actionable steps, you know?
It's like a dance.
When you watch
a choreographed dance,
it seems like this big piece.
that's not how you learn it.
When you learn it,
you learn it step by step.
Ooh, the coffee just kicked in.
Hold on, hold on, hold on.
I'll bite.
What do you suggest?
Well, one easy way
to raise money
is to sell product, you know?
Something people can buy
as a gift, for instance.
Okay. I mean, hypothetically,
if I tried it,
what would I sell? Cookies?
(Amy laughs)
Calm down, Girl Scout.
A grown man selling cookies?
Uh-uh, you gotta find
something else.
Hmm. Okay.
What can we sell?
What can we sell?
What can we...
(thoughtful music playing)
We could sell your coffee.
Excuse me. We?
I mean, you clearly
have some free time
during this Christmas, right?
What if you roast your coffee
for my fundraiser?
Let me get this straight.
It's less than two weeks
till Christmas,
and you want me
to roast enough coffee
to fund computers
for your whole class?
Even if we could raise enough
for just a couple of computers,
that would be the best gift
that I could give my students.
Look, your coffee is great.
You know what?
It's actually incredible.
And I think
it would sell really well.
What do you say?
- I don't think...
- Will you help me
raise money for the kids?
It's for the kids.
- Yes.
- Yes!
- For the kids.
- Yes, for the kids.
This is great.
Thank you. Thank you.
Oh, it's a reindeer?
I see it now.
(Jacques) Oh,
we're missing the star.
(phone rings)
- It wasn't them.
- They said we may not
- hear back for a week or two.
- Okay. Be honest,
did I blow the interview?
Because I was so nervous.
Honey, you were great.
And if we weren't right,
then this one
wasn't the right one for us.
- Right?
- Yeah.
It'll happen
when the timing's right.
(Amy) I need your noses.
I bet you did the edge pieces
first, didn't you?
Ugh, it doesn't matter, sis.
All the pieces are gonna come
together in the end.
It's so chaotic.
And you still are missing
the final piece. (sighs)
This is gonna drive me insane.
You wanna know
what's actually insane?
The fact that there are
no Christmas decorations
up in here and it's...
Oh, December 16.
I've had a few other things
on my mind lately.
Here, what do they smell like?
Hmm, creamy like caramel.
Butterscotch, hopefully?
- (Jacques) Yes.
- Yes, certainly butterscotch.
Good. Because it has to be
the best
butterscotch coffee ever,
like way better than some coffee
at some hipster cafe
in Brooklyn.
- Specific.
- Okay?
- Why can't anyone...
- Hey, uh...
have you spoken Mom, yet?
I have not.
Ames, it's different
this time, I swear.
She just wants a chance
to talk. That's it.
Yeah, well,
I don't want to talk.
Um, yeah, excuse me.
I'm pretty sure
you're not allowed to say no.
If she reaches out again,
I will say yes.
(bell rings)
There she is. You see,
I like you as a yes girl.
It looks good on you.
Well, I'm glad
one of us likes it
because I feel like I have
no control over my life.
Oh, and Amy,
your brother has
one more thing to ask you.
I do?
Well, since you're not
so busy with work,
we were hoping that
maybe we could throw
our Ugly Christmas
Sweater Soiree here.
- Pretty, pretty, please.
- Please.
Fine. Yes, you can.
Great, because we already
sent out the invites.
Oh, of course you did.
Just one condition,
I'm not gonna help
with any of the set-up.
- It's your party.
- Soiree.
It's your soiree,
and I'll be busy.
I'm roasting coffee
to help raise money
for that improv guy's students.
That, um, handsome improv guy?
You're roasting coffee for him?
No, no, no, not for him.
For his students.
Hmm, okay. Yeah, "students."
- Students.
- Yeah, students. Sure.
- For students.
- Stop it.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- (Amy) Stop. Okay?
Anyways, I'll be in the basement
all day if you need me, okay?
Okay. Well, at least try to do
something fun tonight.
Oh, I am.
I blocked out
for hours to update
my resume and reach out
to my top recruiters.
If I can set up some interviews
for the first of the year,
I'll actually enjoy Christmas
so much more. - (chimes)
Hmm, I just love how
different we are, Sis, truly.
- Someone's ears were burning.
- (Phil) Improv hottie?
(Amy sighs)
Looks like the job hunt will
have to wait till tomorrow.
We're going to dinner
to discuss the fundraiser.
Ooh! Like a date.
No. Not like a date.
A business dinner.
(quirky music playing)
Just a meeting with food.
Right. Well, that kinda sounds
like a date to me.
Does that sound like
a date to you?
No. No. Nope.
Trust me. This guy...
He's gonna show up
in joggers, Chucks,
and a Wu-Tang t-shirt.
- It's a date.
- It's totally a date.
So if we have 12-ounce bags
and we sell 'em for $20,
we can get a $10 profit
which we'd only have to sell
200 bags to be able
to afford five laptops.
Which I think is totally
possible if we set up a pop-up
for four, maybe five days
leading up to Christmas.
- Are you tracking?
- Yeah. Yeah.
Yeah, you know,
all that sounds great.
Okay. Good.
So what's your marketing plan?
I just... I haven't even
thought about all that yet.
Look, I gotta be honest.
All of this isn't really
my strong suit.
I'm really good
at coming up with big ideas,
but as far as following
through on them,
that's not really my thing.
I'm going to plan and market
your fundraiser.
Wait, really?
I have the time
and you clearly need the help.
(laughs) Wow! Thank you.
Seriously, thank you.
That's... (chuckles)
That's great.
You're welcome.
So what made you become
a teacher in the first place?
You know,
there was a period of time
where I was struggling
It was one of my teachers who
turned things around for me.
It's my guy,
Mr. Martinez, man.
I went to college
and now I have a career
that I love because of him.
- Hmm.
- If I can be that teacher
for even just one
of my students,
then I did my job.
I bet you're that cool teacher
all the students love, huh?
Yeah, I wouldn't say all that.
But my students
definitely would.
(both laugh)
Now, what about you?
I bet you were the best
student in class.
Hmm, not always.
I got straight Cs
in eighth grade.
No, you didn't.
(Amy scoffs)
My dad passed
when I was 13, so...
That's rough.
Yeah, it was extra rough
on my mom.
How'd she handle that?
Well, she couldn't cope with
losing the love of her life,
so she...
started drinking.
It felt like I lost both
my parents in one fell swoop.
- Yeah, I can't even imagine.
- Yeah, but then I got fed up
with the feeling like
I had no control over my life,
so I grab hold
of the reins myself.
After that,
I think I turned out
pretty okay.
Yeah, I'd say more
than pretty okay.
(both laugh)
Well, you clearly win the sad
middle-school competition,
so as your prize,
the rest of the wine.
(Amy) Oh, boy.
(Nico) There you go.
Thank you.
(both chuckle)
("Silent Night" playing)
You wanna know something
really sad?
Sadder than what
you just told me?
I think we're gonna need
some more wine.
I haven't had
a Christmas tree in years.
- Wait, what?
- Yeah.
I just haven't had the time
to pick one out,
haul it home, decorate it.
Actually, I don't have any
decorations up right now.
Finish the rest of your wine.
(Amy) Wait.
What are you doing?
I can't handle this much
tragedy in one night.
- Come on.
- Where are you going?
Oh, my God.
(Amy) What are we doing here?
Don't worry about it.
Just trust me, okay?
I barely know you.
Aww, this is such a good idea.
It's too bad they're closed.
Oh, wow.
Are you really gonna let
a little thing
like a closed sign stop you?
Is that a trick question?
(upbeat music playing)
- (grunts)
- I am not breaking in
and stealing a Christmas tree.
What about me says that
I'm down to commit crime, huh?
Don't worry. We're gonna leave
money for the tree, okay?
Come on, girl, live a little.
Stupid Christmas of yes,
is gonna cause me
to catch a case.
Oh, my gosh, okay.
Fine. Take my shoes.
(grunts) I got it.
- (Nico) You good?
- Yes.
- Okay.
- Oh, my gosh!
- Need to do it.
- (Nico) Uh-huh.
- Just need to do it.
- (Nico) Anytime now.
It's a little high, but...
Oh, my goodness.
(Nico) Okay.
I'm fine.
- Okay. Just hurry up.
- (Nico) Mmm-hmm.
Pick a tree. Leave some money.
And then get out of here
before we end up on the news.
- Come on.
- After you.
(jolly music playing)
Okay. This one right here.
It's tall, it's full.
I mean, very symmetrical,
and it's Douglas fir.
That's a classic.
- Not feeling it.
- I should've known
that finding you
the perfect tree
would be a tall order
but I believe in us.
I know that we can do this.
This is the one.
All right.
Yes, that...
Oh, you want this tree?
Yeah. She's adorable.
Yeah. Yeah. No.
I mean, you know, it's not
the most traditionally
desirable tree
that I've ever seen, but...
There's something very real
about her, and I like it.
She's got charm.
A little imperfect,
but lots of charm.
Yeah, you're right.
(chuckles) Hey,
Christmas tree selected.
Let's get her to her new home.
Cool. Here's the game plan.
You're gonna hop over back
on the other side.
I'mma lift it up and over
and then, uh, you think
you could catch it, right?
Um, no.
What do you mean no?
- Come on, it's a good plan.
- No, that's a terrible plan.
And a good plan
would be to come back tomorrow
during business hours
when they're actually open.
(Nico) Okay. Fine.
We'll come back tomorrow
during business hours
when they're actually open.
And, you know, maybe this tree
will still be here
or maybe somebody else
will find her charming
and take her home.
That's what I thought.
Oh, man.
All right.
All right.
Here we go.
Oh, my gosh. Okay.
I got it, okay?
- All right. Okay.
- Okay.
- Oh!
- Oh! Right here.
Whoa! Woo!
- (Nico) Ah!
- Ah! Yes!
Bell stuck the landing!
Okay. You can do this.
(Nico groans)
All right.
- You ready?
- No.
(Nico) Timber!
- Oh, oh!
- (Amy) Oh!
Oh, Bell!
Oh, Bell. Are you good?
Oh, my...
No, I'm not good!
That was a terrible plan!
I mean, at least
the tree's okay.
Yeah, because I broke its fall.
Oh, shoot.
We didn't leave money.
- Oh, don't worry about it.
- (Amy) No, no, no.
I am not stealing
a Christmas tree.
Oh, I mean, don't worry
about it because...
this is my uncle's
Christmas tree lot.
I texted him already.
He already said
pick out any tree we want,
it's on the house.
- Right.
- (Nico) Yeah.
You didn't wanna tell me that
before we hopped the fence?
I mean, I was just having
too much fun
watching you get all worked up.
"What about me says I'm down
to commit crimes?"
- (laughs)
- Unbelievable. Unbelievable.
I'm glad you're laughing.
- (Nico laughs)
- Oh, shoot. My shoes.
I left my shoes.
Oh, I got it. I got it.
(quirky music playing)
Wow. You had a key?
(Nico) Yeah.
All right.
Here you go.
All right.
You comin'?
(Nico humming)
I don't know
if you should be doing that.
You're not juggling, if that's
what you're trying to do.
- I am juggling.
- No, you're not.
Oh! Oh, oh!
- Okay. Okay, okay, okay.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- My bad.
- I should take that.
I don't wanna break that.
The icing on the cake
right here.
What is that?
- How about right...
- Wait, wait. What is that?
Just getting
to the Christmas spirit.
No. No, no, no, no, no.
- Don't put that on my tree.
- What do you...
- No.
- Why?
It doesn't match the tree.
Don't you see?
It doesn't match the decor.
- Come on.
- I ain't messing with your tree.
- Let's do it right here.
- That's perfect.
Oh, the lights.
Oh, wow.
I love it.
I had a lot of fun tonight.
- (laughs) Hold up.
- Stop.
You had fun?
- Yes.
- (laughs)
Okay, fine.
Thank you for forcing me
to break into your uncle's lot
and steal a tree. (laughs)
And thank your Uncle Everett.
Oh, Uncle Everett's gonna
thank us
for taking this tree
off his hands.
(Amy) She's adorable.
She is.
Uh, does it feel like, uh,
you know,
a little something's missing?
What? No.
- The top?
- (gasps) The star. Duh.
Yeah. Yeah.
(Amy) There we go.
- All right.
- Thank you.
- Yeah. Yeah.
- Okay.
How does it look?
Yeah, it's a little crooked,
- No, it's not!
- (laughs) I'm just playin'.
It's good, it's good, it's good.
I had a stress rash but now,
it's almost completely gone.
Oh, yeah?
(Phil and Jacques singing)
Jingle all the way
(Phil) Oh, what fun
Oh, what fun it is to...
- Hi!
- Hey!
- Uh, you guys sounded incredible.
- Thank you.
- (Amy) Yeah.
- (Nico) Yeah.
Oh, look at that.
We got a Christmas tree.
Uh, you know what,
I should probably go now.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- It's late.
- It's late.
(Phil) I mean, come back
any time, you know, like,
literally any time.
- (Nico) Sure.
- (mouthing)
Um, I'll, uh...
I'll talk to you later?
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- Thank you. Oh.
- Yeah.
(dramatic music playing)
(phone chimes)
Hi, Mom.
Yeah, I'm sorry. I've been...
No, I'm good.
Well, maybe you can come
by the house today
and we can talk.
(dramatic music playing)
(knock on door)
Good to see you, baby.
- Thanks, honey.
- Yeah.
Hmm. You're still roasting
your own beans?
(Amy chuckles) I am.
You always loved that.
(Amy) Well...
Coffee was the only thing
that would sober you up.
I will be one year sober
this January.
Got a sponsor and everything.
That's good.
It's real this time.
I promise.
I hope that's true.
It is.
Phil sees it.
I hope you'll see it too,
Phil wasn't the one
who had to take care of you
when you were too wasted
to make it to your bed.
Or drop you off to rehab twice.
He and I have different
memories of you.
Mmm-hmm, mmm-hmm.
I only wish I could have you
look into my heart
and see how sorry I am.
I didn't have the tools
I needed back then.
Therapy has helped, and time.
That's good to hear, Mom.
You weren't the only one
who lost Dad, you know.
I wish I had been.
I wish you and your brother
never had to go through that.
That makes two of us.
I'm not sure
how we get back there,
but I want us
to be a family again.
I want us to be together
for birthdays and...
Sunday dinners,
and for Christmas.
(Amy) I'm glad you're doing
well, Mom, really.
And I hope it sticks
this time, but...
I was the one who picked up
all the pieces,
time after time after time.
I know.
I can't do that again.
I know.
All I'm asking is for you to
give me a chance to do better.
(dramatic music playing)
Well, I should go. (chuckles)
Um, thank you
for the coffee, honey.
Uh, I am in the area Tuesdays
and Thursdays.
My AA meetings
are at St. Gregory's.
I could stop by some time,
bring you lunch?
Well, I'm busy working on this
fundraiser right now, so...
I'll let you know.
One more time
One more time
Bye, baby.
(dramatic music playing)
(quirky music playing)
No. You gotta be smooth.
Gotta be smooth.
That's better.
That's good.
(quirky music playing)
Come on, Nico.
(knocks on door)
- Hey.
- Hey.
I'll take your jacket.
Looks like someone finally
found their Christmas mojo.
It turns out when you're not
working 12-hour days,
it frees up a lot of your time.
And now the tree
doesn't look so lonely.
It's all about balance,
you know?
- Right. Balance.
- (Amy) This way.
Welcome to my lair.
This looks like
a mad scientist lab.
- (chuckles)
- But like a super-organized
mad scientist who loves coffee.
So here's the first one
I want you to try.
Dip your spoon
in the water first.
- Like that?
- Yeah.
- Okay.
- Grab a sample.
- (slurps)
- Sip.
That was pretty aggressive.
So... (slurps)
Oh. Mm.
Yeah. We definitely need
to sell that.
Wait, am I tasting cherries?
Close. Raspberries.
How long have you been
doing this for?
Since I was 15.
I thought coffee tasted
like battery acid
when I was 15.
Yeah. Well, I love the smell
of coffee in the morning.
My parents would roast a fresh
pot every morning,
drink it together,
go over their goals for the day,
and then cheers and say,
"Carpe diem."
(Nico) Is that them?
(Amy) Yeah.
After my dad passed away
and my mom got sick,
- there was no more coffee.
- Hmm.
And I missed the smell
in the house.
So, that's how this all started.
- Wow.
- Okay.
This is the second one
I want you to try.
- Okay.
- Are you ready?
Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.
- (slurps)
- (chuckles softly)
This is crazy.
You know what, I'm usually not
a light roast kind of guy,
- but this is pretty good.
- Right?
- Yeah.
- I think it'll be a real crowd-pleaser.
Better be.
Those were the only blends
I needed you to try today.
- That's it?
- Yup.
Oh, okay.
That was very efficient.
You know what, since I'm here,
how about a, uh, demonstration?
I mean, I would love to see
the mad barista at work.
- Really?
- Yeah.
Okay. Sure.
- (coffee machine whirring)
- (upbeat music playing)
(Nico) So it all starts
with the beans.
Yeah. If you have a bad bean,
it doesn't matter
how well you roast it.
Smell this.
Yeah. See that? That doesn't
smell like coffee.
No. It's the roasting process
that brings out the natural
fibers of the beans.
- Huh.
- There's three roasting phases.
Drying, browning,
and developing.
All you really need
is a little patience
and the perfect amount of heat.
And voil.
Now these guys
are ready to brew.
Well, sort of.
I usually like to wait
a few days
until the flavors
are fully developed,
and sometimes
I like to add flavors.
Say it's a Christmas blend.
I like to stay out of the way
and reveal the natural flavors
of the bean.
- What?
- Nothing.
I just love seeing
when people are passionate
about things.
You know, this might be
a crazy pitch,
but have you ever thought about
starting your own coffee company?
(laughs) No.
It's just for fun.
No, I have never had
that thought, actually.
(Nico) Okay.
Humor me.
What would you name your
coffee company, if you had one?
I have no idea.
All right.
Let's play a little word
association game.
Who knows? Maybe some
inspiration will strike.
So I'll say a word
and then you say the first
thing that comes to mind.
- More improv, huh?
- Sorta.
Are you ready?
(dramatic music playing)
Carpe Coffee.
That's a pretty cool name
for a coffee company.
Yeah. Kinda is.
So, why not do it?
- Start my own coffee company?
- Yes.
I mean,
you've got the equipment.
You could start out small
and then when you need
to scale it,
you rent out a commercial space
and I can help you
set up a website.
- Really?
- Yeah.
I mean, I'm good with
computer-y stuff. Remember?
Yeah. Right. You're good.
- So?
- Yes.
(Nico) Yes?
It'll be a side hustle
until I find another job.
That's what I'm talking about.
Watch out, world.
Carpe Coffee is about to change
the whole coffee game.
- Wow.
- (laughs)
- Like my little dance?
- I don't know if I like it.
Just a little to the right.
Yeah, yeah, yup. Right.
Almost right there.
Perfect. Perfect.
I must say I'm already
making lists in my head.
- That's really good.
- That's great.
(Amy) Oh, shoot.
The ugly Christmas
sweater party.
- Soiree.
- Soiree.
I forgot that that was tonight.
Well, are you gonna be rude
to your guest
or are you gonna invite him?
Do you have plans tonight?
Uh, no,
but I also don't have
an ugly Christmas sweater.
Well, neither do I.
I'm not having any luck.
- What about you?
- Hmm.
Well, they're all so gorgeous.
- How can a girl pick?
- Oh.
Hey, what about this?
Well, you know what?
It looks very good on you.
- (laughs)
- Look at this one.
(Nico) Uh-uh.
That might be the one though.
Here's a wild idea.
How about...
we pick each other's sweaters
and you have to go along
with it no matter what.
Hmm. Okay.
Well, let's not get
ridiculous with this.
- Deal.
- Hmm.
(quirky music playing)
You know, I can't believe
that you actually
- made me wear this.
- (chuckles)
Dude, look at me. Okay.
I look like a frumpy
old cat lady.
Well, at least you can breathe.
I'm about to Hulk out
any minute.
Nico smash.
I'm gonna get us some drinks.
(chuckles) Too much?
be honest.
Your house has never looked
more fun, right?
It's a good...
(clears throat) ...soiree.
- Oh, babe. Wrong spot.
- Oh.
- Huh? Mary and Bright.
- And Bright.
(Amy laughs)
That's either the cutest thing
or most annoying thing ever.
Aren't you glad you
said yes to it?
Saying yes isn't that terrible.
I knew it.
Love being a yes queen.
It's like you're finally
flowing with life.
I mean, if she keeps this up,
she's gonna make an amazing auntie.
Wait, what?
Did I say that out loud?
Did you say "auntie"?
Am I gonna be an auntie?
We weren't gonna say anything
until we were sure, but, um...
We're trying to adopt
a baby girl.
Oh, my. This is amazing.
Oh, my gosh.
I'm so happy for you guys.
It's not a done deal yet.
We still have to be selected,
but, uh, fingers-crossed.
They are so crossed.
I'm gonna go top up some drinks.
- Hmm.
- Yeah.
My baby brother.
You're gonna be a dad.
He would be very proud of you.
(sniffles) I know.
Ah, yeah.
This might be the last Christmas
we have without a little
one running around.
Better enjoy the debauchery
while you can.
Oh, I will be.
So, uh, you and improv hottie,
anything you wanna share?
What? No, it's not like that.
End of story.
I don't know.
I'm sensing a vibe.
Okay. Maybe
there's a little vibe
but, you know, look at him.
And he's funny and he's kind.
So, but people vibe all the time
and they're not meant
to be a couple.
Okay. Give me one good reason
why you and that tall,
handsome, Christmas tree
shouldn't be together.
Nico is the opposite
type of my type.
Why? Because his goal isn't
to make it on Forbes 100?
In a nutshell.
Oh, Ames, since when
has any of those guys
ever worked out for you?
I rest my case.
(singer) I get to spend it
With my baby, yeah
Christmas is my favorite
Time of the year
I get to spend it
With my baby...
(coffee machine whirring)
(phone chimes)
Hey, what's up, y'all?
Merry Christmas.
Come by the theater this week
to buy some
locally-roasted coffee
and help me
to raise money to buy
computers for my classroom.
Broad Wood Middle, baby.
Nice utilization
of those socials.
Thank you. Thank you.
I was just following your
very-detailed instructions.
See, it's not that hard.
So, are you ready
for the big day tomorrow?
Can't wait
tocarpe diem with you.
(soft music playing)
(Nico) Hello?
- You there?
- (Amy) Yeah.
I'm here.
(birds chirping)
See you next week.
I was on a walk around
the neighborhood,
thought I'd see if I catch you.
I'm glad.
You hungry?
There's a cafe
just down the street.
Oh, no. I can't stay.
The fundraiser starts tomorrow,
so there's still a lot
to get done before then.
That's exciting.
I decided to start
my own coffee business.
(chuckles) That's wonderful.
Consider me your first customer.
I was gonna
call it Carpe Coffee.
I was inspired by
how you and dad would always
cheers your morning coffee
and say, "Carpe diem."
Your father would've loved it.
Yeah, I think so.
Okay. Well, I gotta go.
- Lots to do. (laughs)
- Yeah.
(soft dramatic music playing)
We're making Christmas
cookies on Thursday.
You should come by,
if you're not busy.
I would love that.
I'll bring the cookie cutters.
Better than you know yourself.
(Nico) So, why don't you
take credit for what you do?
- (Zuri) Listen...
- (Amy) Morning.
(Nico) Hey, good morning.
- The goods have arrived.
- Yes.
Wow. This looks great.
Doesn't it?
Took Nico three hours
to put together the stand,
but he finally got there.
The instructions
were confusing. All right?
- I didn't see you helping.
- (mouthing)
Oh. Um,
your social media posts,
by the way,
are getting lots of traction.
- Not bad, right? Not bad.
- (Zuri) Yeah.
Just hope it means we're gonna
get some good traffic today.
Oh, yeah, I think we will.
And I can't wait
for you to see how crazy
people are gonna go
for your coffee.
Uh, speaking of,
I have something
I want you to try.
- Oh, yeah?
- Mmm-hmm.
- (Nico) Okay.
- (Amy) Yeah.
- Tell me what you think.
- All right.
Is that butterscotch?
Did you make this for me?
Was it inspired by you?
Wait, wait, wait, wait,
you totally made
a special blend
of coffee just for me?
Well, I'm... I'm touched.
Oh, don't let it
get to your head.
(Nico chuckles)
It's too late for that.
(chuckles) Well, are you gonna
tell me if you like it or not?
Yeah, yeah, gimme a second.
(clears throat)
So this is, um,
you know, this is...
the best cup
of coffee I've ever had.
- Oh, the best?
- Yes. The best.
So, uh, no longer second place?
No more second place.
(Amy laughs)
That's what I'd like to hear.
And it just so happens
that I made something for you.
Just a little early
Christmas present.
Oh, you got me
a Christmas present?
Don't let it go to your head.
Oh, it's way too late for that.
(phone chimes ring)
Oh, um, it's my old boss.
- Give me a second.
- Yeah, do your thing.
(Zuri) Yeah. (laughs)
Hello, Winnie.
Amy, hi.
Please tell me you haven't
found another job yet.
Um, no, I have not.
Oh, thank goodness.
We need you back.
The company
is imploding without you.
Wait, what?
(Winnie) When I tell you
how unorganized
this acquisition has been,
it'll make your skin crawl.
I need you to come back
and help me sort this out.
But I thought my position
didn't exist anymore?
(Winnie) Listen, I just got
the okay to rehire you
with a nice promotion attached.
Here we go.
And I've got the papers
ready for you to sign
so you can start immediately.
So will you come back?
Uh, yes, of course.
I'll be there in half an hour.
Yeah, I get that.
Smooth, it's all good.
(Nico) All right. Thank you.
Hey, is everything good?
Yeah, I, uh,
just got my job back.
Wow, that's...
That... That's great.
- (Amy) Thanks.
- (Nico) Yeah.
Um, but I actually have
to head to the office.
They need me.
They need you right now?
Uh, I mean,
so what does that mean,
exactly, for the fundraiser?
Things are in bad
shape at the office.
I don't know if I'm gonna have
time to roast any more coffee.
So then this is the first
and last day
of the fundraiser then?
I'm sorry, Nico.
No, it's... it's all good, Bell.
I get it.
I do.
Maybe we'll still be
able to raise enough money
for at least one computer.
I hope so.
Um, oh, yeah, my phone.
Uh, where's my phone?
Oh. Yeah, yeah.
Hey, are you sure
you're gonna be okay?
Yeah. Yeah. This is good news.
- (Nico) Is it really?
- Yeah.
'Cause you
don't look like it is.
I'm just taking it in.
I'm really happy about it,
Uh, I have to go, so...
You know what?
Bell, I gotta be honest.
I saw how lit up
you were in your lab,
and you don't even look
like that right now.
That's not fair.
Come on, Nico.
I told you I wasn't gonna make
Carpe Coffee a full-time thing.
I plan to be a CEO,
and if I can be a CEO
at a company
that I helped build from
the ground up, even better.
This is what I wanted.
Right. I forgot that you have
to have every detail
of your life planned out.
Hmm. Well, at least
I plan things in my life.
And what's that
supposed to mean?
It means I'm gonna
accomplish my goals
because I follow through.
I'm sorry.
Did you not notice
that I followed through
- on all of this?
- Yeah, because I helped you.
Oh. Thank you.
Thank you for taking
pity on me, Bell.
(Amy) Don't thank me.
Thank my brother
and his stupid challenge.
Stupid challenge? What...
Yeah, my brother
dared me to say yes
to everything till Christmas
when I normally
would've said no.
To what exactly?
To going to your improv show,
to stealing a Christmas tree,
to planning a whole fundraiser?
So, you would've said no to me.
That's what you're saying.
No. No, no.
That's not what I meant.
(Nico) No, no, no.
I think that's exactly
what you meant, Bell.
None of this was even real.
Wait. Actually,
some of it was real.
(Nico) No. You know what?
How about we both
practice saying no,
as in no more seeing each other?
How about that?
Wait, Nico.
(instrumental music playing)
Amy. (laughs)
We're all so glad you're back.
Things have been
nonstop since you left.
(Amy) That's what Winnie said.
Uh, could you download me
on everything at some point?
Absolutely. Just let me know
when you're all settled in.
Don't suppose there's any chance
you brought some of your coffee?
Uh, afraid not.
Ah, well. Just having
you back will boost morale.
(telephone ringing)
Well, actually...
So there's that one.
So if you see...
Okay. So, which campaign
are you talking about?
Um, I apologize, Gwen.
That is not how it
should've been handled.
- Yeah. That was that, and she went...
- Okay...
So I have to make sure
that we make up for that.
Well, I should...
(upbeat music playing)
(both sigh)
(dramatic music playing)
So the local
vendor is confirmed.
We have donations or cupcakes,
cider, and popcorn.
Those sales plus ticket sales
should give us enough
to get at least two computers.
We'll hit that for sure.
Tickets are almost sold out.
I know. It's wild.
(phone buzzing)
Sure you don't wanna take that?
Remember when I lost
my first patient?
Little girl
who died in a car crash?
That was a dark time for me.
And what did you do?
Dragged my butt
to an improv class
'cause you knew I needed
a place to escape
where I could be silly
and laugh with my friends.
And now I can't imagine
my life without it.
We've been friends for so long.
Sometimes you know what's
better for me than I do,
but right now, I think I know
what's better for you than you do.
And what's that?
You always give up when things
seem too complicated, Nico.
But I think this thing
is worth seeing through.
There is no thing, Z.
I mean, she only said yes
to me because of some
stupid challenge, not because
she actually wanted to.
Listen, I gotta finish
with this, all right?
(soft dramatic music playing)
(phone chimes)
(Grace) You're not doing
anything on the outside at all?
No, I'm not trying to be inside.
Because you can't sprinkle
until there's icing.
- Amy.
- I was trying.
Hi, honey.
Oh. And the prodigal
sister has returned.
What is this?
Oh. We're making cookies,
No. Yeah, it's tonight.
Well, I made a batch
just how you like them.
Soft in the middle,
a little extra frosting.
Yeah. That's perfect.
What's wrong?
Um, you can talk to me, baby.
What's going on?
I don't know.
I shouldn't be crying.
I know you've had
to be so strong for...
So long,
and a lot of that is my fault.
But you're allowed to cry
whenever you feel like crying.
No. I'm not.
I got a promotion,
more responsibility,
a clear path to be a CEO.
I shouldn't feel like this.
Something that's taken me
way too long to learn
is that if you're unhappy, you've
got to step off the path you're on
and try a different one.
Maybe it's time
for you to take a detour.
(soft dramatic music playing)
You'll know what
to do when it's time.
(Amy) Are you sure
you don't wanna take a few
- of these home with you?
- (Grace scoffs)
I never cared for sugar cookies.
I only made them every year 'cause
you kids loved them so much.
Really? I never knew that.
I was a good mom once.
You're a great mom.
I wanna be a great mom again,
more than anything.
I know it's gonna take
some time.
(soft dramatic music playing)
Well, maybe we can start with
you coming over for Christmas?
I would love that.
Me too.
(dramatic music playing)
This is a big account.
We need to prove we have
the manpower to handle it.
(Winnie) Ladies,
can you stay late tonight?
I know. I know. It's not ideal
being that it's Christmas Eve,
but we have a lot of accounts
to sort through before taking
the whole day off tomorrow.
Not a problem, Winnie.
I'll cancel my plans.
I'm sorry, Winnie.
I don't think I'm supposed
to work here anymore.
I thought that this job
is what I wanted.
I really did.
I thought that
this was my path, but...
I think I'm supposed
to take a detour.
Wait, you're quitting?
I am.
Robin should take my place.
She's one of the sharpest
people I've ever worked with,
and I think she can handle
the responsibility.
And I can stay on to consult her
until she's totally up to speed.
I don't understand.
What are you gonna do?
I'm gonna be a CEO
of my own company.
Well, I'm sorry
to see you go, Amy.
I always thought that you would
take over for me one day.
But I have no doubt
that you will succeed
at whatever you do.
Thanks Winnie, for everything.
Also, um,
Robin has a solid plan
to save the Skyfair
Media account.
I say go for it.
(upbeat music playing)
I wish I could stay longer,
but there's a show
I gotta go to.
A show?
Merry Christmas.
(upbeat music playing)
Is there any way
that you can let me in?
It's sold out.
I know. But, see,
this is very important.
In the spirit of Christmas?
I mean, I'll pay...
I'll pay double.
Sorry, ma'am.
I don't wanna get in trouble.
(playful music playing)
(knocking on door)
Hi, Zuri.
I really need to talk to Nico.
Um, okay.
Give me a second.
- Coffee girl's outside.
- What?
She said she wants to talk.
Well, I mean, we're about
to go on. Tell her...
tell her I'm busy.
Look out there.
You did this.
Before you met her, no chance
you would've been able
to pull off something like this.
- At least hear her out.
- Zuri, I am busy.
All right? Please, just...
I can't right now.
Fine. But we're gonna hash
this out after the show.
(dramatic music playing)
Hey, so this isn't a good time.
He doesn't wanna speak to me,
does he?
Sorry, Amy.
We're about to go on.
I have to go.
(playful music playing)
Oh, wow.
Someone dropped a $20 bill.
Okay. Yeah.
That was good, right?
Okay, okay, okay.
Okay. All right.
For our next scene,
we'd like to bring
one of you guys up
here on stage with us.
So, can we get a volunteer?
I see...
- I'll do it. I'll do it.
- (crowd) Oh!
Amy Bell, everyone.
Amy, you're familiar with
the game Ding Dong, right?
I am.
Tell us about your day.
Well, I quit my job.
Good for you.
Any reason in particular?
Someone I care about inspired me
to go after my passion
and start my own company.
Love it.
Anything else
interesting happened today?
Oh yeah. I snuck into an
improv show without a ticket
to tell the guy
that I like, I'm sorry.
(Zuri) Ooh.
That is good.
Don't you think so, Nico?
Wait. Hold up.
You really quit?
And you snuck
in here without a ticket.
And you like me?
Ding, ding.
I don't wanna plan
my whole life anymore.
I mean, I still wanna
plan it a bit.
I'm still me, but I wanna
leave room for a detour.
Because maybe a detour
will lead me somewhere better.
Somewhere with you.
Nico, saying yes
to you was the best thing
that I've ever done,
and if you keep
asking me to go on
Christmas tree heists...
And go after my passions,
I will say yes,
over and over again.
Wait, wait, wait.
Just remember the golden
rule of improv
is to always say yes.
Well, are you going
to say something?
Bell, I gotta say,
I didn't see this coming.
You know, every time I thought that I
couldn't follow through with this fundraiser,
I would ask myself,
what would Amy do?
Well, I would've
planned two shows,
- a matinee and...
- Okay, okay, okay. Please.
Please don't ruin
this moment right now.
(whispers) My bad.
My point is,
because of you,
for the first time in my life,
I had everything
perfectly planned.
(Amy) And because of you...
for the first time in my life,
I didn't.
Well, you know what, Amy Bell?
I say yes.
And, can I please,
please kiss you now?
Oh, yeah.
I... I don't get it.
- (woman laughs)
- That was not funny.
(upbeat music playing)
(man) Phil,
look at what Nico got us.
- Get closer.
- This is my directorial debut.
- (man) Oh.
- (Nico) Come on.
(Amy) Merry Christmas.
(Grace) Take a picture
of you guys together.
Oh, yeah, after this.
Oh, my.
(family chattering)
I love it, baby. Thank you.
You're welcome, Mom.
I'm gonna drink so much
Carpe Coffee out of this.
(Amy) As you should.
- This is for you.
- Ooh, now for me?
Well, you
got me a gift after all.
Why are you always
trying to one-up me?
Wait a minute. This...
This is a donation
for your classroom.
Bell, this is a lot of money.
Well, with that website
that you made for me,
I officially got my first
standing monthly order
from my old company.
It's a big order.
Between what we raised
from the show
and the coffee stand,
and now this,
we've officially
reached our goal, baby.
- Thank you.
- Stop. Oh, my gosh.
Hmm. Right, right, right.
We got one more,
one more, one more.
Oh. For me?
- For moi?
- That's a real fancy bag.
(gasps) You got selected?
We're having a girl.
- I'm gonna be a grandma?
- Yes.
This Christmas
can't get any better.
Come on. I gotta get a hug.
- (Nico) Congrats.
- (Grace) My baby.
- (Amy) Oh, my God.
- (Nico) Oh, congrats.
I'm so proud of you.
- Okay. What about a hug? Group hug.
- Oh, of course.
We don't wanna
leave you guys out.
Oh, coffee.
In my new mug, please.
- (Nico) I gotcha, I gotcha.
- Who says yes to more coffee?
(all) Yes.
- (all) Ooh.
- Yeah. okay.
(all) Ooh!
Y'all better stop.
(all) Merry Christmas.
What are you
gonna name the baby?
- Hmm.
- Anastasia.
- No.
- Because...
(singer) Wonderful things
On my list
Yeah, I've been naughty
But I'm really nice
And I hope
You're returning tonight
Christmas Eve
Christmas Day...