Christmas on Cherry Lane (2023) Movie Script

They're singing
Deck the Halls,
But it's not like Christmas
at all,
I remember when you
were here,
And all the fun
we had last year,
Pretty lights on the tree,
I'm watching them shine,
You should be here with me,
Baby, please come home
Well, now I was thinking
we would unpack the boxes.
Well, I'm thinking if we put up
enough lights
no one will notice
what a mess the house is.
Maybe we could just leave it
like this.
Ok, but where would we sit?
Ah, oh.
Uh... ok.
I am due in two weeks.
I can barely see the floor,
let alone sit on it.
I know, but Lizzie, sweetheart,
it's Christmas Eve.
We should not spend
Christmas Eve unpacking boxes,
we should spend Christmas Eve
celebrating the spirit
of the holiday.
And drinking hot cocoa
out of mugs
and flirting in our new house.
Well, I love the sounds
of that.
But the mugs are in a box
that hasn't been unpacked yet.
I didn't say it was
a perfect plan.
[Lizzie chuckles]
It was a plan. Okay, okay...
Come with me, husband.
Okay. Ahh!
There aren't enough Christmas
lights in the world.
Yes, but it is gonna look
so great...
I mean, when everything
is put away.
Yeah, but then you'll be able
to see how old everything is.
This kitchen belongs
in a museum.
Yes, the Cherry Lane Museum
of Outdated Junk.
We can charge admission
and pay your parents back
for the down payment.
Oh, promise me you won't
bring that up
at Christmas dinner tomorrow.
No, I would never.
But you know your father's
going to.
'Cause he's gonna say-
he's gonna say:
"Hey, John, how's
the gas station business
"going these days?"
But what he really means is,
my other daughter married
a rich lawyer.
Well, and then
my mom's gonna say:
"Are you ready for the baby?"
What she really means is:
"You're not ready for the baby".
You haven't even assembled
the crib...
Where is the box
with the crib in it?
[sighs] No clue.
Are we ready?
Probably not.
Can we make a deal?
Tonight it's just me and you.
In our very first, brand new,
very old, house.
And let's leave all of
the "are we ready" questions
for your family tomorrow, ok?
-That sounds perfect.
We still need to unpack.
I don't want to.
I wanna go get
a Christmas tree.
Well, you used all the
decorations on the boxes.
Oh, no. No, no, no.
Not all of them.
[box rattles]
Ok, that sounds breakable,
[John] I think it is.
[Daisy] Hello?
I'm in here.
Oh, Regina!
No, no, I got it.
-I could have done it.
And wound up
in the hospital.
That's not where you want to
spend Christmas Eve, trust me.
When were you in the hospital
on Christmas Eve?
Oh, I can't tell you
how many times I've slipped
on the icy sidewalks
around here.
I should have warned
the new people
who moved in down the street.
Cherry Lane is a dangerous
Oh, there you are.
Oh, that's what you were
looking for?
Mmhmm. I know, it is
a little much.
It's Conrad and
Winnie's favorite.
They pooled their allowance
to buy this for their dad
when they were little.
And he liked it?
Oh, no, he thought
it was awful.
[both laugh]
And he loved it, too.
Have you told them about...
Nelson will be here
in a little while.
We're gonna tell them today.
I'm hoping this softens it
a bit.
[vehicle approaches outside]
Conrad's car.
Uh, would you help me put this
on the tree?
-Of course.
["12 Days of Christmas"
Four calling birds,
three French hens,
two turtle doves,
and a partridge
in a pear tree.
On the thirteenth day
of Christmas
my true love gave to me...
Stop it.
I had to do something
to drown out
all the noises your car makes.
It's not making any noise now.
Look, Conrad, I understand
when you were
in high school and college
you didn't have any money,
you couldn't afford a new car.
But now you're making tons
at that new job of yours.
When are you gonna get rid of
this piece of junk?
Uncle Ham gave me that car
when dad died.
I fully intend to restore it.
It's a classic.
It's an embarrassment.
Look, if I'm going to become
a superstar singer
like I fully intend to do,
then I need to project a certain
image, and this...
this is not it.
[Conrad] Then get your own car.
I'm not making tons
at my job.
You don't have a job.
I sing almost every night
at clubs.
You do open mic nights
for tips.
On the thirteenth day
of Christmas
my true love gave to me...
There's something wrong
with you.
I've known it since the day
mom and dad
brought you back
from the hospital.
You love me and you
couldn't live without me.
-[Winnie laughs]
You remember the plan, right?
I wanna go to Ivy's party,
you wanna go hang out
with your friends.
So, we go in, small talk, eat,
exchange gifts,
and then we're out of there
by 5:00.
The only way mom is ever
letting us leave by 5:00
is if one of us fakes some sort
of medical emergency.
Rock, paper, scissors!
Boom, baby.
Oh, man!
[peaceful music]
Merry Christmas... Eve...
Where'd you get these?
I made them.
In my kitchen.
Mmm. [chuckles]
[slams door]
I can't bake Christmas cookies
in my kitchen, Quinn.
Can't bake cookies, can't make
stuffing, can't cook a turkey-
Do you use corn bread
for your stuffing?
Because I saw this recipe
that uses sourdough-
You promised me that the kitchen
would be done by Christmas Eve.
We have 12 people coming
over for dinner tonight.
Linda and Emily are in town
so I invited them.
You're trying to kill me, babe.
Do you want me dead
so you can collect the life
insurance money, is that it?
-Is that what's going on here?
Guys, relax.
I've been working on the rest
of your house
for the last six months.
I haven't missed a deadline,
have I?
I said your kitchen would be
done by Christmas Eve and...
It... it will be.
How? The dinner is at 8:00,
that's like 12 hours from now.
Ah, that's plenty of time.
We need to admit defeat
and move the party to Repair.
Oh, hey, I had lunch at
your restaurant last week.
It wasn't bad.
Not mine, I'm just the chef.
You should add sourdough
stuffing to the menu, right?
Babe, this is our first
Christmas in this house
and you know how important it is
to me that we do it here.
I know.
And you know that I would do
anything to make you happy.
But I can't cook
without a... kitchen!
Oh hey, that's the crew.
Guys, I made Christmas cookies!
No, no. No, me too.
Yeah. Let's get-
let's go outside.
Get our coats and let's go.
This way, yeah.
Silent night,
holy night...
I don't want to.
All is calm,
all is bright.
Come on.
[together] Round yon virgin,
mother and child,
holy infant so tender
and mild,
sleep in heavenly peace,
sleep in heavenly peace.
Why did I tell you that singing
Christmas carols calms me down?
It's come in handy
over the years.
What're we gonna do
about the kitchen?
The rest of the house
looks great.
Yeah, but it's a Christmas Eve
dinner party.
That implies dinner.
We'll just figure it out the way
we've always figured things out.
Yeah, if we could just move
the party to Repair though,
it would be so easy.
No, no. This is our home.
This is where we're gonna
raise a family.
If we ever get approved
to be foster parents.
When we get approved.
This is where we're gonna
have traditions and memories
and so much love.
We need to have
Christmas here.
Why do you put up
with me?
You're a chef
and I can't cook.
It's true.
Uh, hey guys.
Quick question.
Uh, how badly do you need
the stove today?
Oh, come all ye faithful,
joyful and triumphant,
oh come ye,
oh come ye to Bethlehem.
Merry Christmas!
Oh come all ye faithful...
Should we have gotten
a bigger one?
You didn't want them
to strap this one
to the roof of your car.
I didn't want them
scratching my baby.
Oh, I'm sorry kid,
but your dad is never gonna love
you as much as he loves his car.
Oh, ouch.
That is so not true.
Oh, yeah?
I am gonna love both of you
an equal amount.
Don't believe it.
I have something for you.
We said we weren't gonna
do presents
'til Christmas morning.
I know, but this one needs
to happen today.
To make Christmas a little
more special.
John, it's beautiful.
Thank you.
And not just for the ornament.
I think a quiet Christmas Eve
is just what we needed.
[Frank] Here we are!
Oh, it's freezing out there!
Mom... Dad--
Merry Christmas!
What are you-
What're you doing here?
Yeah, we figured you could use
some help with the house.
-New house, new baby.
And you know how you always
procrastinate things, Lizzie.
I figured John could use
some help
fixing things around the house.
Oh, well I am a mechanic, I
do fix things for a living.
You own a gas station.
And a body shop.
Well, it's a house, John.
It's not a Chevy.
Not a Chevy,
that's a good one, Frank!
Not a Chevy.
I'm, um, curious about
the luggage.
Since we were coming we figured
that we would stay
and have Christmas Eve
dinner together.
Wait, you're staying here?
[Evelyn] Yeah, yeah.
Yeah, and we told your brother
to come here
after they get here
from St. Louis.
Everyone's staying here?
No, not everyone.
Your sister's flight
was cancelled.
Yeah, so it's just me,
your father, Brett, Olivia,
and adorable little Peter.
Is that all?
Mom, we moved in... yesterday.
Well, you could use our help
then, obviously.
So, boys, get the suitcases.
So much for the uh, quiet
Christmas Eve.
What would you do
without me, hey?
[Evelyn] Where are
the coffee mugs?
I need a coffee
at this time.
I told you we should
have unpacked.
[cheerful music]
It was so good to see you two.
Merry Christmas, everybody.
[all] Merry Christmas, Daisy.
Ok, we have a lot to do so
Winnie, you're on stuffing duty,
Conrad, you're
chopping vegetables.
Awe, I wanna bake the pie.
I always bake the pie.
And that's exactly why you're
on chopping vegetable duty.
Oh, no, none of that.
We will be playing nicely
or there will be consequences.
Mom, has anyone ever told you
that you should be
a high school principal?
I am a high school principal.
That was my point.
[sighs] It's a good thing
Lisa's out of town or...
She would have to see me
giving you a spanking.
We're both grateful for that.
When are you gonna marry
that girl, give me grand-babies?
Oh, mom.
Well, Winnie's not even seeing
anyone so you're my best shot.
I am focusing on
my music career.
You did two songs
at Elwood's Chuckle Hut and All
You Can Eat Buffet last week.
How is that a music career?
Hush. Everyone has
to start somewhere.
Honey, I'm very proud of you.
Thank you, Mom.
Although, did you happen
to see the brochures
for the business classes
I sent you?
Everyone needs to have
a back-up.
Merry Christmas!
[chuckles] Look at you.
Merry Christmas, Santa.
Be nice.
I love your jacket.
Oh, it's pretty great, isn't it?
You know, 'tis the season.
Conrad, how're you doing?
I'm well, Nelson,
thank you.
Oh, come in here.
Good to see you.
You are early.
None of the food is ready yet.
I've got a busy night, Reg.
I deliver all those toys
to the good boys and girls,
which will be done in style
this year.
I woke up this morning and I
thought I need a new sleigh.
Did you get a new car?
Oh, it's beautiful.
I get the first ride.
Oh, sorry sweetie,
that privilege will go
to the future Mrs. Claus.
Sorry Reg.
It just slipped out.
I was going to tell you later,
but um...
Nelson and I are engaged.
Thank you, Winnie.
Uh, before we celebrate,
um... there's a little more.
What could be more?
What, did you get
a new sleigh, too?
I'm retiring early
and we're moving to Florida.
You're... wait, what?
You're selling the house?
That's why I wanted this
Christmas to be so special.
It's gonna be our last one
on Cherry Lane.
[Zian] They're on the hook.
I put the hook up already.
[Mike] It's measured.
No, I got it.
-I measured it.
-That's good.
Garland's crooked.
Shouldn't you be in
the kitchen making sure
that our cabinets
aren't crooked?
Oh, no, those guys have been
doing it for years.
But it's your first Christmas
in your new house,
you're the ones
who need supervision.
Plus, we never really get
a chance to chat.
So uh, how long have you
been together?
Five years.
Married for two.
And we'd like to have
our kitchen done sometime
by our silver anniversary, so...
Yeah, I got that.
Um, so are you from around here?
Mike is from Philadelphia,
I was born in the Philippines
but raised here.
Ah, cool.
Zian. Does that mean
It means inner peace
in Chinese.
My parents thought it was
a beautiful name.
Inner peace.
Something I could really use
right now
considering the turkey has to be
in the oven in five hours.
I gotta ask, that uh,
singer lady, um,
who's name I can
never remember...
so you work at the restaurant
that she owns
and you're her manager, right?
So which came first?
Does it matter?
I was her manager first
and introduced them.
They opened Repair together.
Ah. Is she gonna be
at the party tonight?
Yes, she is.
But the kitchen will be done
and you will be long gone
by the time she gets here,
Maybe she's early.
Do you want me to get that?
[in unison] No!
What we want you to do
is finish the kitchen.
[Zian] Come on.
I'm sorry to show
up unannounced,
on Christmas Eve no less.
That's ok.
I would have called first
but I was in the neighborhood
and there's a certain amount
of urgency.
What's going on?
We had a family lined up
to foster a young girl, Tina.
Six years old.
They were supposed
to take her in tonight
but when I got to their place
to do a final inspection
they told me they had to drop
out for personal reasons.
That means I need to find
someone to foster this child
and the two of you are next
on the list.
We've... we've been approved?
We've been approved.
Oh my god!
I know it's a big ask,
but she was so excited to be
spending Christmas with a family
and it would just
break her heart
if she had to stay
in the group home.
So we'll be taking her today?
Tonight, yes.
Do you think you could have
everything ready that quickly?
[crash sounds]
What was that?
Uh, nothing.
Just the housekeepers cleaning.
We're having friends over for
Christmas Eve dinner tonight.
But we could cancel that.
We wouldn't want
to overwhelm her.
Actually, she's very spirited
and loves being around people.
Well, these are
our best friends.
It would be the perfect way
to welcome a little girl
to our home.
So you'll do it?
We'd love to.
[laughs] Wonderful!
And you're sure you
can have everything ready
in your house in time?
A place for her to sleep
and no other issues?
[distant crash sounds]
-Everything will be perfect.
What're we gonna do?
Move again.
My parents and my brother and
my sister-in-law and their kid-
We're already packed,
we're gonna get in the car,
we're just gonna go.
No one's gonna even know
that we're gone.
Okay, okay, one of us has
to be the calm one.
Why does it have to be me?
John, I am the pregnant lady
carrying the baby.
Right. Okay.
They're getting married.
And she's selling the house.
We grew up in this house.
I love this house.
Dad loved this house.
Mom loves this house.
And we love Mom.
We have to stop this.
I don't want Mom to get hurt.
Not after all
she's been through.
After all we've been through.
Did that just happen?
We're going to be parents...
While we host a dinner party
for a dozen people.
Uh, 14.
Lisa and Emily.
And we have no kitchen
to prepare that dinner.
And a guest room
that is not at all right
for a six-year-old girl.
This is impossible.
Hey. Hey!
Anything is possible
at Christmas.
I agree.
You do?
I thought you liked Nelson.
I do, and I'd love to see
them get married,
but then they should live here
in our house.
Look, I don't dislike Nelson,
but he is so impulsive.
I mean, who wakes up
in the morning
and decides to buy a new car
on Christmas?
And now all of a sudden
they want to get married
and move to Florida.
She's only known him
a year.
So what do we do?
We find a way to keep it
from happening.
Are you in?
Ok. We can- we can do this.
We can, we can do this.
We can.
'Cause it's me and you, right?
As long as we stick together,
all three of us.
It's warm in here,
get in here.
[Zian] Oh, my gosh.
[Mike] It's happening.
[Zian] Oh my gosh.
[Evelyn] Lizzie, where
are your baking dishes?
I don't know, Mom.
Did you label the boxes?
I mean, you should always
label the boxes.
Of course.
Oh, we did.
Yep. Yep, we did.
See? Right here, "kitchen".
Right there.
Ah, well that's like getting
on a bus that says "Illinois".
You were going to Chicago
but you wound up in Peoria.
Mom, are you sure
this is a good idea?
How are we going to host
Christmas dinner
with the house like this?
Well, we have plenty of time
to clean up.
Where are we going
to put everybody?
Oh, we'll figure it out.
I brought a sleeping bag
for little Petey.
You know, Frank, Evelyn,
we were hoping to have
a nice, quiet holiday with
Lizzie so close to her due date.
Just trying to avoid stress.
Oh, Lizzie Bear, you won't have
to lift a finger.
I mean, John and I will do
all the hard work.
That is, if you're up
for some hard work.
I mean, harder than pumping gas.
Daddy, John works very hard.
Ah, I'm just kidding around.
You know, Frank, I think
having Christmas here-
-Is a wonderful idea.
-Yeah, wonderful.
I mean, if you think about it,
I mean, since we helped out,
this house is sort of like
a family investment.
What better place to have
a family Christmas?
Fifteen minutes,
that's a new record.
Ok. Alright, we're gonna
figure it all out.
It's gonna be a wonderful
don't worry about a thing.
[gasps] That must be Brett
and the family!
They're here! Yes!
Merry Christmas!
Oh my gosh look at you,
you're so big now!
-[Frank] Hey, there we go.
-[Evelyn] Cold, cold...
Hi Petey.
Hey, Dad.
You're so tall now. Let me get
these gloves off. [laughs]
[Lizzie] Hey, big guy!
[Frank] Peter, Peter, pumpkin
I don't eat pumpkins!
-Oh, come on!
-[Olivia] Sometimes you do.
-Hey, sis!
Oh, you are huge.
Maybe you should have bought
a bigger house.
[Evelyn] Brett!
-Look at all the lights!
[Olivia] Peter, be careful.
Be careful.
Sorry, love him.
He's a handful right now.
You're a handful.
Something to look forward to,
-We'll talk.
-Hey, John.
-Hey, Brett.
Groovy place you got here.
Isn't it? It's so cozy.
Maybe Santa's elves can help
you spruce it up a bit?
Well, it needs a little
help but I think we're
gonna be happy here.
Oh, I'm sure you will,
it's a good starter house.
The way business is
right now you're lucky
to get into a house
in this neighborhood.
That's true.
You know, I think
it is fantastic.
How can we help?
Uh, there is so much.
Ok, why don't you guys get
started on boxes and furniture.
Evelyn, if you can take Peter
into the kitchen,
help him rustle up some lunch?
Yeah, let's go! Here we go.
What should we eat?
Well, you heard the boss.
Let's get to work.
-She's the boss.
Here we go.
Good luck, boys.
Thank you, we need it.
Lizzie... how about you
and I finish decorating
this Christmas tree?
Thank you.
You're welcome.
[Evelyn] No, that doesn't go
there. No. Frank...
-[Peter] Cookies!
-[Evelyn] Peter! Peter!
[Peter] Cookies! Cookies!
[Evelyn] No Christmas cookies
before lunch,
you're gonna spoil
your appetite, honey.
I am so sorry about all of this.
I tried to talk Brett
into staying in a motel
but once he makes up his mind
it is almost impossible
to get him to change it.
You don't have to tell me,
I've known him my entire life.
And the house is great.
Just ignore his attempts
at jokes.
Oh, they don't bother me...
Honestly, it's John
I'm worried about.
He's under so much pressure.
Why? What's going on?
Well, it's... it's everything.
The business is... they're
calling it an "oil crisis".
One gallon of gas
is over 40 cents now.
40 cents.
Did you hear Nixon told people
not to hang Christmas lights
to save energy?
I know.
And people are
somehow blaming John.
But what they don't know
is that John is barely making
a profit on gas.
He refuses to gouge
his customers
like his competitors are.
So how is he staying afloat?
Car repairs, mostly.
But even that's dwindling.
And then there's
this house, which,
if we'd known all
that was gonna happen
we never would have bought.
So impending parenthood
isn't having a calming affect?
To say the least.
Can I ask you something?
When did you know you were
gonna be a good mom?
I'll let you know
when it happens.
[both laugh]
Most days I'm just happy we
didn't burn down the house so.
Every once in a while
there is this moment,
just this fleeting little moment
where you look at
your child's face
and you think
"ah, now I remember
why I did this".
You know what that feels like?
I'm back!
Whew! Ok.
Shopping on Christmas Eve
for a six-year-old girl
is like a gladiator movie,
only with unicorns and rainbows.
Did you get everything?
Sort of.
There weren't a whole lot
of options.
I hope she likes teddy bears
with Santa hats and princesses
that no one has ever heard of
and elves with Hawaiian shirts
for some reason,
because that's what I've got.
Not exactly what you call
a theme.
But, but, but, wait.
I'm tying it all together
with this.
It's a winter wonderland
with Santa and all his friends.
You're amazing.
I know.
Now, why is my amazing husband
the Christmas tree?
We did that weeks ago.
You cope with shopping,
I cope with decorating.
I choose to believe
that's why we work.
I mean, normally I cope
with cooking but, um--
Do I wanna know?
No. This is never gonna work.
Anne's gonna walk in here
with that little girl
and see our death trap
of a kitchen
and then we're gonna
be banned
from being foster parents
for the rest of our life.
I've said it before
and I meant it.
The rest of the house is great.
We'll just distract her
with the princess sheets
that don't match the reindeer
and the insane amount of toys
I bought, and it'll all be fine.
How can you be so calm?
I've just been to six different
stores on Christmas Eve.
I don't know that I'd describe
myself as "calm",
but it sort of feels like...
You know my story,
and it's like it was--
Meant to be.
We've been talking about
how much we wanted to be dads
since our first date.
We're going to make this work.
I want to believe you.
I really do.
But I just need one thing.
Whatever it is, you got it.
I need to cook something.
It doesn't have to be big.
I'll make soup at this point.
I'll even do it in a microwave.
Ok, alright.
Wow, you said the "M" word.
Ok, let's go check on Quinn,
see how he's doing.
-That's a good idea.
Yeah, um... yeah.
Oh, hey! Well, what
do you think?
Looks good, huh?
Good? You call this good?
It's almost noon and it looks
the same as it did this morning.
What? No! Are you-
are you kidding?
The lights are in, mostly.
The cabinets over there
are done, mostly.
Oh, and wait, wait,
saved the best for last.
Does it work?
You better believe it.
All ready for a Christmas
That's fantastic!
Isn't that fantastic, Mike?
Just, I don't have
any countertops
so I can't prep anything.
Well, the tiles are in, we could
clear some space on the floor.
I'm kidding.
The counters will be in,
in an hour... or two.
Can I please just go cook
at the restaurant?
I'll cook everything there,
I'll bring it back here...
It's not the same.
I want the house to smell like
Christmas dinner.
It's gonna smell like sawdust
if we don't start cooking soon.
[door opens]
Anybody home?
[Zian] Daisy...
[laughs] Oh, there's my two
favorite boys.
Oh, Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas.
I just popped by to see if there
was anything you need me
to bring for the party tonight.
Like a kitchen.
Don't even get me started.
Well, you can use mine,
all the appliances are old
and out of date, but so am I
and I still work.
Zi wants us to cook dinner
here tonight.
Oh, you want the smells.
See? She gets it.
What's all this?
Oh, well, uh... we have
some big news.
We're going to be fostering
a little girl.
No. You're kidding!
Oh, so all of this is
for her room?
Oh, well we have a lot
of work to do.
You go see what kind of smells
you can generate in that kitchen
and Zian and I will go work on
making a room fit
for a little princess.
Oh, wait, wait, wait,
come here.
You're gonna be dads.
Ok, enough.
Go, go, go!
Oh my gosh.
I'll get this. Ok.
Thanks for the casserole dish.
I'll return it tomorrow.
Oh, keep it.
It'll give you something
to remember me by in Florida.
I'm gonna miss you, Daisy.
Oh, I'm gonna miss you, too.
If you need anything,
just holler.
Now, with Elena home
from college and Danny
taking a week off
my house is a lot louder
than I'm used to.
I'm not sure it's gonna
be much quieter around here
when Conrad and Winnie
get back from their walk.
Oh, they'll get over it.
I don't know.
They worshipped their father
and they loved this house.
It's gonna be hard getting
over that for all of us.
There are times
when I can still see him
coming through that front door.
You don't have to get rid of
any of those memories.
None of them.
I am so happy you're starting
a new life with Nelson.
Thank you.
I am, too.
You know, your kids are two of
the most well-adjusted people
I have ever met.
I'm sure they'll just need
a minute
to uh, process everything.
And when they get back
they'll be totally on board.
Mom, we need to talk.
Well, maybe not totally.
You know we love you,
right mom?
Of course I do, sweetheart.
Hand me the paprika.
And we want what's best
for you.
Well, I appreciate that. Winnie,
grab the butter.
We just want to make sure that
you've thought this through.
Oh, I have.
Where's the baster?
Mom, can you put a hold
on the turkey for a minute?
This is important.
So is the turkey, Conrad.
It's kinda the most important
thing going on here tonight.
I'd argue that getting married
and quitting your job-
I'm not quitting.
I'm retiring.
Ok, retiring and moving
to Florida.
And selling the house.
Yes. That all those things
are maybe
a tiny bit more important
than a turkey.
Mom, dad loved this house.
Do you remember what it was like
when he was here on Christmas?
He made this the most
magical place in the world.
Of course I remember, honey.
I love this house, too.
We had some beautiful
memories here.
And we can take those memories
with us wherever we go.
Even Florida.
Mom, I'm sorry but we just
don't think this is a good idea.
What part?
All of it.
Well, no. I'm okay with
the getting married part.
Conrad, Winnie, I love you
both very much
but this is not your decision.
It's mine.
So I'm going to go outside
for some fresh air
and you two take over.
I want the turkey in the oven
in five minutes.
That went well.
Are you hiding?
I was, um, just checking to see
if it's started snowing yet.
Can you blame me?
Not even a little bit.
How's it going in there?
There's a reason
why I'm out here.
I have to ask.
Are you sure about all this?
The last thing I want is to come
between you and the kids.
You're not coming
between anything.
It's my decision to retire.
I spent 25 years in schools
and I'm ready.
And Florida?
Florida was our idea.
We didn't wanna shovel
snow anymore.
Ok, well at least give me credit
for the marriage part.
Oh, did you think
that was your idea?
You underestimate me.
This house.
Cherry Lane.
I hear how you
all talk about it.
Yeah, we've been here
almost 20 years.
Conrad was seven.
Winnie had just learned to walk.
This was definitely more
than just a house.
It was our home.
How do you let all that go?
Because I love you.
And I can't wait to make
a new home with you.
In Florida, where it's currently
82 degrees and sunny.
You won't miss a
white Christmas?
We can always come here
for a weekend.
Well, this is going to be a fun
Christmas Eve dinner.
Yeah, I think my plan to get
out of here by 5:00
is going to need a little bit
of adjustment.
I don't know. It really seems
like she's made up her mind.
I just don't know what staying
here and talking it to death
is going to accomplish.
Maybe instead of talking to her
we can show her.
I mean, you said it.
How dad used to make
Christmas here so special.
Remember he'd make up
all those games
and we'd do scavenger hunts
and build snowmen families
in the front yard?
Yeah, so?
When dad died mom had
to keep it going.
And she did.
But then we got older and moved
out and Christmas here-
Became her two kids trying
to get in and out by 5:00.
So what we need to do
is bring back
a little bit of that Christmas
magic into this house.
There we go.
Oh, is Peter all settled in?
Oh yeah, upstairs coloring away,
happy as a clam.
So sweet.
Lizzie, you- you have
to mix that much better.
Just put your back into it.
Mom, I've made stuffing before.
I made it last Christmas,
Mmhmm, I remember.
Ok. Well, why don't I finish
the potatoes?
No. The potatoes...
um, well you know how your
father doesn't like lumps.
Just let me do it.
Why don't you let me take
a look at that?
Oh, that's ok, Frank.
I think I got it.
If you got it, it would be
done by now.
Do we really need to put
the crib together today?
The baby could be here
any minute.
She's not due for two weeks.
It's her first one,
sometimes they come early.
So if you let us help...
Gentlemen, I can assemble
a 350 V8 blindfolded.
I think I can handle a crib.
There's been a lot of reading
of the assembly manual
and not much actual assembly.
Hey, Brett, what do you say
we go upstairs
and give old John here
a head start on it.
I don't think that's necessary.
It's not a problem, John.
We got this, ok?
You just hang out here and make
sure that dinner's on track.
-[Frank laughs]
Thanks, Brett.
[arguing inside the house]
[door closes]
It's fancy meeting you here.
You think if I start screaming
the neighbors will call
the police?
Oh, do it, please.
And then if we get lucky
the police will come
and they'll arrest us and we can
spend tonight in jail.
Oh, this is not how I imagined
our first Christmas
in our new house.
I know. Let's look at it
this way.
This is the Christmas we get
to look back on and laugh.
Right. Ok.
So we're getting the bad one
out of the way
and it's just uphill from here.
Exactly, yes.
In fact, you know
what we should be doing?
We should be thinking about
all those future Christmases
in this house.
Yes, Christmas morning
with our son, or daughter.
Or both.
Let's have lots of them.
And there'll be music.
Oh, yes. Lots.
Christmas carols,
all the classics...
Oh, yes, and laughter.
So much laughter.
You know what I know
those future Christmases
are gonna have the most of?
[horn honking]
No- yes...
-Is that--
Yep, that's my sister.
Hey, hey!
-Oh my god, hi!
[John] Wow! Welcome!
Merry Christmas!
I thought your flight
was cancelled.
I pulled a few strings.
Steve did some legal work
for the airline
and they got us on
a different flight.
Isn't that great?
Of course he did.
-That is wonderful!
Oh my gosh,
it's so cold.
Get inside.
You guys just go...
-We will--
-See you in there.
See you in there.
Make yourselves at home.
[laughing incredulously]
[mocking] Ha ha ha.
Ha ha ha.
Those future Christmases?
They better be really,
really amazing.
Oh yeah. Yeah.
-Ok. Here we go.
[Zian] Is that too much
[Daisy] Oh, there's
no such thing.
I'm gonna redo my bedroom
just like this.
I just want it to be perfect.
You're gonna be raising a kid.
There's no such thing
as "perfect".
Mmm, my first Christmas
with a foster family
was pretty perfect.
Oh, I didn't know you were
a foster child.
My parents immigrated
from the Philippines
when I was a baby but they
passed away when I was four.
Oh, Zian, I'm so sorry.
Oh, it's ok.
We didn't have
any relatives here
so I went into the foster
care system.
The family that adopted me
wanted to do it before Christmas
but they had to travel so
they found another family
to take me in...
On Christmas Eve,
believe it or not.
Yeah. It was a young couple.
I don't even remember
their names.
It was only for a couple days
but they went all out.
They decorated their house
and they just turned it
into this winter wonderland, and
there was people and presents
and smells from
the kitchen and...
it was magic.
And now you get to do that
for another child.
Isn't it like a miracle when
everything comes full circle?
The way all the moments and
the people in our lives connect?
Stop it. You're gonna
make me cry.
We still have too much
work to do.
You know, I think
we're gonna make it.
The bedroom's almost done,
the kitchen is progressing.
Mike is cooking.
I think it's all going to be-
-[distant yelling]
Oh, god.
Is everybody ok?
Yeah, we're fine.
Well, most of us are.
We can fix this, I promise.
It's a turkey!
You can't fix a turkey!
It's ruined.
I'm sorry-
It's- it's alright.
It's alright. Ok?
We can handle this.
There's still time.
I can just go get more food.
You have to be getting
the bedroom ready.
No, I'll take care of that
and this too.
If you both go you can get it
done faster.
You're our guest
on Christmas Eve.
You can't do all the work.
I didn't have time to get
you a present so this is it.
Go, go, go, go, go.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
Oh, alright everyone, gather
around, gather around please.
I've got something to say.
Now, I know that this Christmas
is not typical
but we are Sawyers
and we endure even when
the house is a great big mess.
Never mind. Go on.
Christmas is all
about tradition.
And what's our favorite one?
-Like singing?
Are you sure you're up for this?
Exercise is important for
pregnant women, right, Lizzie?
I walk two miles every day,
rain or shine.
Oh, so do I.
Mostly back and forth
to the bathroom, but...
Well, that's the spirit.
Ok, are we ready? Let's go.
Come on, here we go.
[Olivia] Evelyn, what's our
first song?
[Evelyn] "Silent Night".
[all singing] Silent night,
holy night...
Is Santa Claus gonna
be able to find me here?
Oh, I'm sure he knows
exactly where you are.
Uh... his list. His list.
He updates it
all the time.
The elves, they watch you
and he tells-
they tell him where you are.
[Peter] How?
Have you set up a college
fund yet?
It's never too soon to think
about things like that.
And what about diapers?
You're gonna need
a lot of diapers.
[Olivia] Ok, everyone,
let's get ready to sing!
[Lizzie] I'll go knock
on the door.
Here we go.
Everybody ready?
[all singing] We wish you
a merry Christmas,
we wish you a
merry Christmas,
we wish you a
merry Christmas
and a happy new year.
Good tidings we bring
to you and your kin,
we wish you a
merry Christmas
and a happy new year.
Oh, that was so good.
Thank you.
I'm Daisy.
Oh, uh, John Hamilton.
This is my wife Lizzie
and her entire family.
We just moved in down
the street.
Oh, welcome to Cherry Lane.
You're gonna love it here.
Thank you.
Do you live here by yourself?
No, this is my parent's house.
I grew up here but I'm just
home from college for Christmas.
Oh, are they home?
They had to go out of town
so I stayed behind
to take care of the house
and feed the cat.
[everyone chuckles]
You mean you're all alone
for Christmas?
Yeah, but it's ok.
No, it is not ok.
You're going to join us
for Christmas Eve dinner
at our house- I mean,
their house.
Lizzie's house.
I'm Evelyn, her mother.
That is very kind of you
to offer
but I don't want to impose.
Just stop right there.
What's one more, right John?
Of course.
Please join us.
Thank you.
They go jingle bells,
jingle bells...
[Conrad] Mom, we have
a surprise for you.
Conrad, I have to get rolls
in the- what is all this?
[together] Blindfold present
Blindfold what?
It's this great game we used
to play every Christmas
when we were kids.
Remember, mom?
Whenever it would be too cold
or snowing like it is now
and we couldn't go outside
then we'd huddle up here
and do some fun
Christmas activities.
Kids, I- I just-
I don't have time.
Come on, Mom.
If this really is
our last Christmas here
shouldn't we celebrate it?
Relive some fond memories.
I think it sounds like fun.
I mean, if you're up for it.
Ok, Nelson,
here's how this works.
We pair off into teams.
One person from each team
puts the blindfold on,
the other person tells them how
to put the ornaments in a box,
wrap it, and put ribbons
and bows on it.
Whoever finishes first wins.
Who's on who's team?
Well, in the past it was
always Conrad and dad
against me and mom, so-
That was when you two
were little.
Now that you're grown up I
think it should be me and Nelson
against you two.
That sounds like a plan.
Let's do it!
-[Regina] Alright.
-We're gonna get this.
-Are we ready?
-Uh-huh. Good.
Three, two, one, go!
-Keep going straight.
-Winnie, pick up the thing-
-What thing?
There! To your left.
[Conrad] ...Your other left.
[Conrad] Get the wrapping paper.
Close it up and just wrap
that up.
Fold the paper.
Crease it.
There you go.
[Conrad] Use your other hand,
too. You've got two hands.
Ok, come on, come
on, come on, come on.
Three inches forward.
Three inches forward.
[Nelson] There. Boom.
Happy Christmas,
Wishing you a
happy Christmas
I am tying it!
...Stick it on, stick it on,
stick it on.
We're done!
Woo! [laughs]
Way to go, honey.
[Conrad] We almost had it.
I couldn't have done it
without you.
Thanks, guys.
That was really fun.
Best two out of three?
Tie it. Tie it.
It doesn't matter who won.
It does matter who won.
What's important is that
she played the game.
And she had fun,
so that's a start.
Do you really think
this is gonna work?
Do you have any better ideas?
But look at their present.
It's perfect.
They obviously make a good team
and Nelson is a really good guy.
Ok, then we give them our
blessing, they move to Florida,
and this really is our last
Christmas in this house.
I mean, if she's happy.
What if it doesn't make
her happy?
What if she regrets it
and it's too late?
We have to do what's best
for mom.
Do we really need
a 20-pound turkey?
Twelve guests.
Linda and Emily!
Fourteen guests.
Plus you and me,
plus our foster child.
Our foster child.
I love it when you say that.
Yeah. Me too.
What I don't love is them being
out of fresh cranberry sauce.
They had cans of
cranberry sauce.
Not gonna happen.
Mike, you're going to have
to make substitutions.
You're a chef.
That's literally your job.
No, it's not.
I plan my menus very carefully
and make sure all the
ingredients are available
and that I have plenty of time
to cook everything
exactly the way I want
so it turns out perfectly.
What I don't do is rush around
and just make do
with whatever's available
and just hope for the best
when there's so much
at stake.
Are you still talking
about cranberry sauce?
The First Noel--
Stop. It.
We can't even keep
a turkey safe.
Are we really ready for a kid?
Like, can we do this?
I don't know.
But I know that I wanna try.
And I don't wanna do it
without you.
I'm sorry.
But just know that if you
ever make me serve
canned cranberry sauce
I want a divorce.
That's totally fair.
Well, how'd you do?
I think we can work
with what we got.
How are things here?
Good. The bedroom
is almost finished.
-Thank you, Daisy.
-How's the kitchen?
Quinn says they're about
an hour away from being done.
Like... done, done?
Done, done.
-That's incredible!
-[both laughing]
We're gonna make it!
-[electricity buzzing]
-[Quinn] Whoa, whoa, whoa...
Wait... what was--
What was that?
The power went out.
I don't know.
No, seriously, why?
I don't know.
Uh, how would you feel about
Christmas Eve dinner
by candlelight?
-[Evelyn] Olivia, keep stirring!
-[Frank] Where is your hammer?
[Evelyn] Keep stirring.
You got it.
It is so much quieter out here.
It's so much quieter anywhere.
I'm sorry for all of this.
What're you sorry for?
That's my family in there.
Sweetheart, my folks passed
a long time ago
and I don't have brothers
and sisters
so that group of crazy people
in there,
they are my family, too.
And I love 'em.
I do.
They are just-
A lot.
A lot of a lot.
All the little comments
and digs,
I don't know how much more
I can handle.
Does your dad even like me?
I like you.
Oh, it's a no.
Well, it's... he likes
your car.
Yeah. Everybody likes
my car.
You know what your dad
said to me, though?
He said "John, I think
you should get out of
the gas station business
while the gettin' is good".
And your mom's up there
picking out paint samples
for her grandchild's room.
I think you should talk to 'em.
We just need to get through
this Christmas and then after--
But sweetie, we shouldn't be
"getting through" Christmas.
We should be celebrating it.
I know.
I know.
John, there you are.
There's a call for you,
it's the police.
Ok. Um, thank you.
I will be right there.
Bye bye.
What happened?
There was a break-in
at the station.
Oh no, that's terrible.
Was anything taken?
Uh, I don't know.
I gotta go find out.
-Right now?
John, it's Christmas Eve.
I know. Apparently there's
a window smashed in.
I can't leave it like that.
Steve and I will go with you.
We'll help you board it up.
No. thank you,
but please stay here
and I'll be back
as soon as I can.
The roads are starting to get
icy, John. Be careful.
I will. Thank you.
Thank you all.
Be careful.
I will.
-I love you.
-I love you, too.
Honey, it's gonna be fine.
Don't worry. Don't worry.
You're gonna be fine.
Oh, this is a great one!
Snowman building contest!
We should do that.
It's freezing outside.
Well, it needs to be cold
a snowman, so...
Food's gonna be ready soon.
Ok. Well... oh, how about
this one?
Does anybody remember
Mystery Christmas Carol?
What was that?
We'd sit around the fireplace
in the living room
and then we'd get
our cocoas out
and we would each sing
a Christmas carol,
except you couldn't sing
the words
you could only sing
"doo bee doo".
You were so bad
at that.
I was not.
Ok, let's try it.
Conrad, I need to concentrate
or the food's gonna be ruined.
Come on, mom.
This was one of Dad's favorites.
Look, I'll go first.
Doo bee doo bee-
Doo bee doo bee-
I love you.
I love you both.
I loved your dad, I loved
living in this house.
Birthdays, skinned knees, first
loves, first heartbreaks...
Laughter. So much laughter
and so much love.
Especially Christmas.
I remember it all.
And this little trip
down memory lane
is not gonna make me
change my mind.
I need you to get on board.
I don't think I can.
Mom, this is all happening
so fast.
I'm sorry, but I think
you're making a mistake.
I don't think so.
But if you can't accept that...
Maybe I should just go.
No, Conrad.
No, I think I've said enough.
Merry Christmas.
[door slams]
-[door slams]
No, Winnie, go back inside.
Come back inside with me.
No. I just need-
It's Christmas Eve.
You can't leave.
I have to.
I already said things
I shouldn't have said
and if I say I'm only gonna
make it worse.
Look, I know this is
a big change.
I know that you're not good
with change.
Why do you say that?
Exhibit A.
Uncle Ham
was dad's best friend.
He loved this car.
And he loved us.
That means something to me.
So does this house.
I can't.
Well, drive safe.
Merry Christmas, sis.
So do we need to call
the power company?
No, it's just a thing
with the fuse box.
What kind of thing?
Well, the kind that blew up
when we plugged stuff in.
Can you fix it?
Of course, there's an
electrician on the way here
right now with everything
that we need.
It's just gonna take him
a few hours to get here
and repair it all.
It'll be done by 5:00?
Cross my heart.
What time is the foster
agency coming?
Anne said they'd be here
by 8:00.
That's it. I'm going
to the restaurant,
I'm gonna cook everything,
I'll be back by 7:00,
7:30, hopefully.
You'll need an extra pair
of hands. I'll go with you.
Daisy, you don't have to.
Oh. Elena and the grandkids
aren't going to be here
until tomorrow
and this is a lot more exciting
than sitting alone
in that big old house
over there.
Oh, hey, are you looking to have
some renovations done?
What? Ok.
Look, I know you wanted
the Christmas smells
but I don't see any other way
that this can get done.
I'll open up a can
of cranberry sauce
and wave it around
the house.
Don't you dare.
I feel like this is the part
where I should say
"we'll figure it out".
I love you.
I love you, too.
Let's go.
Thanks again, Daisy!
Do you want to check
this stuffing?
Uh, yeah.
It needs more chicken stock.
How can you tell?
See how the corn bread
is still a little crumbly?
We want it soft and soaked
but not mushy.
That's very specific.
The boss's recipe.
We gotta get it right.
I can't wait to see
her tonight.
I think the last time I saw her
was here, waiting tables.
Yeah, the look on
people's faces
when she walked up
to take their order...
I love how she's still
so down to earth.
You don't get that with someone
so famous.
She's got a big heart.
I can't wait to see
how much
she's gonna spoil
that little girl.
Oh, she's gonna have
to get in line.
We need all the help
we can get.
Are you nervous?
Nervous doesn't come close to
describing my level of anxiety.
You're gonna be a great dad.
Am I?
I don't know the first thing
about parenting.
I didn't either when
I had Elena.
But you know what I learned?
Every day is like
Christmas morning.
You never know what
you're gonna wake up to.
Sometimes you don't always
get what you were hoping for
but a lot of times
you get what you needed.
Thanks for coming out, Officer.
Well, nothing's missing and I
emptied the registers last night
when I closed up, and the safe
hasn't been touched so...
I don't know.
What about your stock,
Mr. Hamilton?
Oil, tires?
Yeah, well I'll check it
against inventory but I don't
think so.
You know, why would someone
break in and not steal anything?
Uh, maybe they got
scared off?
Or maybe people
just aren't very happy
with gas prices these days.
You think this is
just vandalism?
It's possible.
Yeah, well, everyone thinks
I'm getting rich
off this oil crisis.
Oh, not everyone thinks that.
In fact, I'd guess that most
people would be as angry as I am
that someone did something
like this.
On Christmas Eve, no less.
I appreciate that.
Um, I'm gonna get cleaned up
in here.
Thanks for coming out.
Hey, it's the end of
my shift anyway,
why don't I give you
a hand.
Come on. Don't you want to get
home to your family?
I can't wait to see
my wife, yes,
but we're having Christmas Eve
dinner with her family
so I'm ok with putting that off
for a little while longer.
Ah, ha-ha.
That's what's going on.
Well, listen, I can top that.
Because back at my place
I've got a house full of in-laws
who are all staying with us.
Oh man.
You know, I think this clean
up's gonna take a lot longer
than expected, Mr. Hamilton.
I think you might be right.
Hey. But you know what?
Don't call me Mr. Hamilton.
I'm John.
Let's get to work.
Alright. I'll show you around.
And you just moved in yesterday?
Yeah. We hadn't even
unpacked yet.
And they just showed up
at the front door
and said "we're here"?
Oh man. I would have
grabbed my wife
and I would have hid in the
closet until they went away.
Well, I should have thought
of that one but...
I mean, don't get me wrong,
they're great people,
they are. I love 'em.
But I just thought this was
gonna be our last Christmas
together that was
just the two of us.
You're having a baby?
Two weeks out.
Small world.
My wife's due in March.
What? Congratulations!
Is this your first?
It is, yeah. You?
Are you freaked out
about it as much as I am?
Yes! Don't get me started.
I spend all my time thinking
about tomorrow.
How am I gonna keep my kid
safe, how am I gonna provide.
Am I gonna be a good father,
you know.
Like, what does it even mean
to be a good father?
I hear that.
But you know what helps
get me through?
Whenever I get messed up about
tomorrow I take a step back
and look at all the blessings
I have today.
I have a home, I have
a good job.
I have a beautiful,
funny, patient as a saint wife
who puts up with
a lot from me.
I have a baby on the way.
It's Christmas Eve.
If this is what today looks like
I'm pretty sure I can handle
whatever tomorrow brings.
I think that means we should
probably finish up here
and get back to our families.
That's a great idea.
Looks like Santa Claus
isn't gonna be able
to miss this house.
Ivy, what?
You should see the inside.
We may have gone
a little overboard.
A little?
Well, we figured if the lights
were really gonna go out
because of that whole Y2K thing
we should enjoy it
while we can, right?
Hey, I thought you were
spending Christmas Eve
with your mom?
Yeah, it's a long story.
Come inside and tell me.
You're getting things ready, I-
What's wrong?
What makes you think
something's wrong?
Mmm, we've known each other
our entire lives.
We went to school together,
and college,
and you were a groomsman
at my wedding
so I think I know you,
Conrad so...
Mom's getting married
to Nelson.
And she's selling the house
and moving to Florida.
Wow. Ok, um...
well, come inside.
Hector just made up a new batch
of hot cocoa.
I don't wanna get in the way.
I'll come back tonight
when the party starts.
Conrad, at least let's sit
on the front porch.
We can, you know,
have some cocoa
and watch my electricity
bill going up, okay?
I can't believe you still have
that car.
I love that car.
So do I.
Let's go.
[phone rings]
Hamilton Gas and Repair.
John, you gotta get
back here right away.
[John] What's wrong?
Lizzie's gone into labor.
What? She's not due
for two weeks.
Yeah, well the baby
has other plans.
Uh, ok. Did um- did you call
the ambulance?
They don't think
they can get here in time
because of the icy roads.
Right. Um, ok.
I am on my way.
How are you gonna get here
through a blizzard
if an ambulance can't?
[John] I'll figure it out.
I promise.
Frank, take care of her
until I get there?
I will. And John,
be careful.
Thank you, Frank.
[hangs up]
Is your wife in labor?
Yeah, I gotta get home
but this snow is...
I got snow chains and a siren.
Let's go.
[upbeat music]
[sirens wail]
Yeah, we can do that.
Wha- you got the power
back on!
I did! Wow!
Do you want a job?
Because I'm good
but I could never make a room
look this incredible.
Ok. You're not inspiring
a great deal of confidence
right now, Quinn.
It is one lucky kid
that's gonna get to live here.
I hope she'll like it.
She will, but I meant
you and Mike.
Thank you.
We're uh, we're
a little nervous.
Look at what you've accomplished
in the last few hours.
If you can do this,
you can handle anything
that parenthood
has to throw at you.
I can't believe I've never
asked you this but um...
do you have kids?
No. But I was lucky enough
growing up
to know what good parents
look like.
They do whatever it takes.
They're loving and supportive,
and most of all they're patient.
And that is you and Mike.
You think so?
You put up with me
for the last six months.
That's true.
We have less than an hour
before she gets here.
I think we're gonna need
a miracle.
How about a Christmas miracle?
Follow me.
How did you do all of this?
I told you I never miss
a deadline.
Thank you.
Ok, now all we need is food.
And my husband.
Third cup of the night!
Here you go.
How's your dad?
Uh, not great.
Hector and I were going to
spend Christmas in Michigan
with him and mom but then
we got that call.
You immediately decided to buy
every Christmas decoration
in the entire city?
Yes, pretty much.
He's only here for
a couple of days,
we want to make it special,
you know?
As Christmas should be.
Conrad, Christmas can still
be special
even if you don't have it
on Cherry Lane.
It's not the same.
You remember when um,
my dad got that job
and we all had to move
to Michigan?
I was like, what,
eight years old?
It didn't make any sense to me,
like how do you leave home?
But then two days ago
we got this call
and they were saying that--
Yeah, you told me this.
Shh-shh-shh, I'm telling it
to you again.
There's this little boy in
foster care, his name is Sam,
he's going to be adopted
but his parents can't take him
until after Christmas
so they wanted to know
if he could spend it with us.
And you freaked out.
For a minute, yeah.
But then I...
I pictured this little boy
spending Christmas here with us.
With every Christmas light
in existence.
I want it to be special.
Because I know that this isn't
the home he'll be in next year
or the year after that,
but I intend to make sure
he will remember this Christmas
for the rest of his life.
Because home is
about more than a house.
Family is more than the sum
of its parts.
And Christmas is about more
than where you celebrate it.
It's about who you celebrate
it with.
[mugs clink]
[Lizzie breathing heavily]
Shhh. Yeah, I know.
We should boil some water.
Aren't you supposed
to boil water?
She's having a baby,
not cooking spaghetti!
No, he's right.
I've seen then do that
in the movies.
I know, I know, I know.
Guys, out, out.
All of you, get out.
Come on, come.
Scoot, Scoot.
Go, go, go, go, go.
Get out, get out, get out.
Thank you.
Oh, it hurts.
I know. Trust me, I know.
Ooh, where's John?
He's on his way.
He'll be here any second.
He's on his way,
I promise.
We're not ready.
The house... the baby's room
isn't set up...
We're not ready
to be parents!
Honey, no one's ever ready
to be a parent.
You weren't?
Are you kidding?
Listen, when Brett came home
from the hospital
he slept in a dresser drawer
with blankets in it
because your father tried
to build a crib, right?
And he couldn't finish it
in time.
Dad tried to build a crib?
Tried, but we ended up buying
one at a yard sale.
I've always loved your father's
confidence but you know what?
Between you and me sometimes
it exceeds his abilities.
Don't make me laugh.
-I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
-[Lizzie laughing]
The point is we had no idea
what we were doing.
Well, neither do we.
Oooh, you have made
that abundantly clear.
No, honey, sweetheart, you are
going to be a great mom
and John is going to be
an amazing dad.
No, what about the house,
John's gas station...
you both make it sound like
they are not good enough.
And I don't even know how to
make potatoes without lumps.
Ok, you listen to me.
Listen to me, ok?
Your father and I figured out
how to be parents
with a lot of help from
our family and our friends
and our neighbors,
and we're just trying to help
you figure it out too, ok?
Because Lizzie, listen.
You're so strong and capable
and independent
and I am just worried
that you're not gonna
need us anymore.
Oh, mom, I'm always
gonna need you.
No you're not. No you're not.
No you're not.
Because listen.
You and John, honey, the two
of you, you can do anything, ok?
Oh, he's here!
He's here!
John, John!
Hi, sweetheart. Hi.
Are you ok?
No! I'm having a baby
in our living room!
Hey, can we use your car
to get her to the hospital?
Contractions are too close
together, there's no time.
You're a police officer,
have you ever delivered
a baby before?
There's a first time
for everything.
Okay. See it's going
to be okay.
We're going to need blankets
and towels.
We should probably move her
to the floor.
We should boil some water.
[Steve] I told you!
Steve, that is not helpful!
-Not helpful.
Still no luck getting
the car started.
No, we can't wait that long.
I know it's Christmas Eve but...
They hung up.
Roadside assistance
hung up on you?
Are they coming?
They said it could be hours.
What about a cab?
Or a ride share?
No, I checked.
It's Christmas Eve
and it's snowing.
I mean, we'd have better luck
walking home.
You have any idea
why the car won't start?
I know where the gas goes
and how to turn it on.
After that I'm out.
I have no idea how to fix a car.
How's that for irony?
[Zian] Well, what's wrong
with it?
[Mike] It won't start.
Is it the battery?
How would I know?
Ok, ok. I can't leave.
I know. I can't believe
I'm asking this but can um...
Quinn come and pick us up?
Quinn just left.
I could call Linda and Emily.
Maybe they could swing by
on their way to the party.
They live all the way
on the other side of town.
Everybody does.
Ok, let's just face it, this
is never gonna happen, ok?
We're gonna have this little kid
show up for Christmas Eve dinner
and there's gonna be
no dinner!
It's like Tiny Tim
all over again!
It's not that bad.
Yes it is!
This is our first major test
at parenthood
and we've failed!
O holy night,
the stars are brightly
It's not gonna work.
It is the night of our
dear savior's birth.
The thrill of hope,
the weary world rejoices,
for yonder breaks,
a new and glorious morn.
Fall on your knees,
oh hear the angel voices.
Babe, Winnie's here,
I'll call you back.
What're you-
what're you doing here?
Well, I was on my way to your
house when we saw your car
out front with the hood up
and all the lights on in here.
Oh, Winnie.
You look fantastic.
Every time I see you I can't
believe you're the same
little girl that moved in
across the street from me
when you were
three years old.
I'm still the same little girl,
just with a lot more years
thrown at her.
Oh, it looks like
you ducked them.
Oh, I have to tell you.
I love your Christmas album.
I've been paying it non-stop.
Thank you, we worked
very hard on it.
Ok, this is cute but can
we catch up later?
I'm in a bit of a crisis here.
Yes. Why are you here?
Long story, but we have an
entire Christmas Eve dinner
and no way to get it home.
Well, what are we doing
standing here talking about it?
Let's get this food and go!
Conrad is in the car.
Remember how to get
to the house?
Mike, I grew up there.
I was the one who
told you guys to buy it
a year ago when it went
on the market.
Oh, how are the renovations
Joyful all the
nations rise...
[exciting music]
[peaceful music]
[Winnie singing]
O holy night,
the stars are
brightly shining,
it is the night of our dear
savior's birth,
long lay the world
in sin and error pining
til he appeared and
the soul felt its worth...
What can I help with?
You can take the mac
and cheese to the table.
Just be careful,
it's hot.
You came back.
I wasn't gonna miss
our last Christmas here.
What made you change
your mind?
I got a little advice
from an expert.
I talked to Ivy.
If anyone knows how important
this house is, it's her.
What makes it important
is our memories together.
Memories with you, Mom.
When Dad would work
late at the police station.
That's why I've always loved
Christmas here.
Because it was a Christmas
with you.
Well, wherever I am we'll
always be together at Christmas.
And any house we have will
always be home for you two.
Thank you, Nelson.
And thank you for making
my mom so happy.
It's gonna be a great wedding.
See? This is what Christmas
in this house is all about.
It is.
Now, let's get to work
and get some food out there.
-I'm hungry.
[chattering in the background]
Hey little baby.
You are so beautiful.
You did good, mama.
We did good.
Didn't we?
Didn't we?
I'm proud of you, son.
You did what you had to
to be here for my daughter.
You're a good man.
You're gonna be a great dad.
Thank you, Frank.
And thank you, Greg.
Couldn't have done this
without you.
Such a beautiful family, and
this is such a beautiful home.
I hope I can have one just
like it someday for my family.
Well, I'll tell you what.
If we ever decide to move
we'll sell it to you.
Well, after what he did
we should give it to him.
Seriously, though.
Thank you.
I mean, we are- we
are a little crazy.
And we don't always know
what we're doing,
but you're family now.
So we expect you here
every Christmas.
Yes, that's right.
You are officially Uncle Greg.
That's quite the honor.
And when my kid's born in a few
months you can be Uncle John.
I'd be honored.
Wait, Regina, she already
has a brother named John.
You can call him
what I call him, Uncle Ham.
'Cause his name
is John Hamilton.
I think that's perfect.
Uncle Ham it is.
Since we are talking
about names...
Well, everyone, I'd like
to introduce you
to our beautiful daughter, Ivy.
Oh, Ivy.
Hi, baby girl.
Hi there. Hi.
Um, my name is Ivy
and this is Hector.
Merry Christmas.
You must be Sam.
Hi Sam.
I have something for you, right?
Thank you.
Um, my folks gave this to me
to help make Christmas
a little more special.
Thank you.
Hi. You must be Tina.
Um, I'm Mike
and this is Zian.
That's not an easy name
to say, is it?
People had a hard time
pronouncing it when I was little
so I just went by a nickname.
You can call me Sam.
Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas.
-Come in.
-Come on.
What do you think of Susan?
Do you love her?
[Christmas music plays]
The snow's coming down,
I'm watching it fall,
lots of people around,
baby please come home,
the church bells in town,
are ringing in song,
what a happy sound,
baby please come home,
they're singing
Deck the Halls,
but it's not like
Christmas at all,
'Cause I remember when
you were here,
and all the fun
we had last year,
pretty lights on the tree,
I'm watching them shine,
you should be here with me,
baby please come home...
They're singing Deck
the Halls