Christmas on the Alpaca Farm (2023) Movie Script

- Fantastic.
- Oh, good morning, Jess.
I'll take your things.
- Let the countdown
to Christmas begin!
- No, you know,
I think I'm okay,
but I appreciate it.
Thank you.
- Great sweater.
- Oh. Oh, thanks.
- Is that alpaca?
- Yeah, it is alpaca.
Good eye.
- It's kinda my thing.
- Oh.
- Uh, that's me.
- Oh, that's you, huh?
- Uh, not the model.
The sweater. I designed it.
- Oh.
Impressive. Looks cozy.
- It's Sutton's first line of
alpaca Christmas sweaters.
- Oh, okay.
- Anyway, uh,
we sourced the wool from
a wonderful place upstate,
Flannery Farm.
- Flannery Farm?
- You wouldn't have heard
of them. They're small-time.
But hopefully not for long.
- Well, that's very
admirable of you.
You know, putting a small-time
farm on the map like that.
- So, you have a great look.
A little more rugged than
a lot of the guys we see.
- Uh... what...
I'm, I'm sorry, what?
- You're a model, right?
You're here for the casting?
- A model?
No, no, no, no.
- Oh, I'm so sorry.
I just assumed because
you're so ha--
- Uh...
- Mr. Flannery.
- Yes.
- I'm ready for you.
- Thank you.
- Mr. Flannery?
- Andrew Flannery.
- Andrew Flannery of...
- Mm-hmm. Flannery Farm.
- Hmm.
- But hopefully not for long.
- Hmm.
- This is uh, very impressive.
Excuse me.
- Nice one, Jess.
- Ah, fierce outfit,
Christmas sweater queen.
- Thanks, Celeste.
I meant it, excellent job
on those decorations.
- Oh, thank you.
Now all that's missing
is the snow.
- No snow for me this year.
My Christmas will be
Piazza's decked in lights,
panettone, pasta.
- Oh.
- My whole family's going to
Rome for this Christmas reunion.
I wouldn't miss it
for the world.
- Oh, wow.
I wish I had your life.
- Celeste, what are those?
- I'm just the intern
taking flawed sweaters
to the recycling.
- What's the matter with them?
These aren't flawed.
: Flawed?
- Oh no.
- You can't see
what's wrong with it?
- It's a beautiful
Christmas sweater.
- And how does it feel, Jessica?
- Like luxury alpaca wool.
It feels like joy.
Like being surrounded by
your loved ones,
being full of eggnog
and turkey dinner.
It feels like Christmas.
I know the yarn size is wrong,
it's not the same as
the sample sweater
from the mode photoshoot.
- Clearly!
- I looked into it and
the mistake was on our end.
We ordered the thicker wool
from Flannery Farm.
But it's still
a beautiful sweater.
Why don't we just market it
as a different,
more cozy Christmas sweater?
- Jessica...
is this from our men's wear line
or our women's wear line?
- Women's wear, Gwen.
- Exactly.
A line that produces elegant,
feminine clothing
that the Sutton woman may wear
to her job as head curator
at that award-winning gallery
on Mulberry.
Perhaps upstate for Christmas
with the family.
Her sweaters, our sweaters,
are made of thinner yarn.
Maybe even lace weight.
They're light, they're draping.
- It may be a heavier yarn,
but it's still
a high-end sweater.
- It was a fun experiment, but
we're going back to cashmere.
- What?
- I just told Mr. Flannery
and obviously, he was not happy,
but his farm simply
cannot meet our demands.
I need a replacement
- There are hundreds of these.
That's a terrible waste.
- Welcome to the world
of high fashion.
Donatella, I'll have
to call you back.
Is the building on fire?
- Christmas sweaters
should be sustainable.
When people wear
my Christmas sweaters,
I want them to feel
the spirit of Christmas,
including the love and care
that went into every detail.
I wanna have a positive impact
on the world
through what I create.
That's why I chose Flannery Farm
to support local, sustainable,
and hardworking farmers.
- Hardworking farmers
that can't meet the demands
of a luxury brand.
- The world is changing, Gwen,
and I will be on the right side
of that change.
- What are you saying?
- I'm saying you need to keep up
with the times.
- Keep up with the times?
- There's a competition
for emerging designers,
it's called Runway to Christmas.
- I know of it.
- The winner gets a cash prize
to create their own line.
Their collection will be in
every Clemington's
department store worldwide.
- You are the top
Christmas sweater designer
at the hottest label
in New York City.
Are you willing to risk that?
This competition
is mere weeks away.
When will you even
find the time?
- You're right.
I quit.
- You quit your job?
Without consulting
your best friend first
and right before Christmas?
- So, I guess you're coming in.
- For this gossip?
Uh, yes, I'm coming in.
Babe, what are you gonna do
for money? This is New York.
It doesn't pay for itself.
You can come work with me.
Ooh! Oh, my gosh,
please come sell houses.
- I'm not gonna become
a realtor, Dina.
I have a career that I'm very
good at, thank you very much.
I just need--
- A job?
- An opportunity.
And I may have found it.
It's called Runway to Christmas.
It's a fashion competition
for new designers.
It'll put me in Clemington's.
- The Clemington's?
Basically, the chicest,
most luxury department store
in all of Manhattan?
- And Milan. And London.
And Paris.
- When do we start?
How long do we have?
that is the thing.
I have to create and design
a six-piece collection and write
a manifesto explaining why
the collection embodies
the spirit of Christmas because
the fashion show is
on December 24th.
- Of next year?
- Of this year.
- Ugh! Jessica!
That's in like,
less than six weeks!
- It'll be a challenge, yes,
but nothing's impossible, Dina.
You know how I am
with a deadline.
- But what about Christmas
with your family, in Italy?
- But this is my dream, Dina.
Ever since I was a little girl,
I've dreamed of creating Jessica
Hilliard Christmas the label.
- And you will.
If anyone can make this
absolutely impossible
thing happen,
it's my amazing, talented,
superstar best friend.
Now, what can I do to help?
Do you need a design studio?
I'll get you a design studio.
- Actually, I need
an alpaca farmer.
- Ooh, I don't rent those.
- I happen to know one whose
schedule just freed up.
He owns Flannery Farm,
that gorgeous wool I sourced
for that experimental alpaca
line that Gwen just kiboshed.
- Mm-hmm.
- If I wanna meet
this crazy deadline,
working with a farmer that does
everything on site
is literally my only option.
- But um, what's with
the suitcase?
- Uh, they're not answering
my calls but uh,
Flannery Farms is only like,
two hours away.
- That's my girl.
Oh, rats.
I gotta go. Sorry, babe.
Um, the Property Pals
are launching
their sparkling wine tonight.
- Ooh!
If this is your dream,
you do whatever it takes
to make it happen.
- Hey, this is Andrew Flannery
from Flannery Farms.
Please leave a message.
- Hi, um, Andrew.
This is Jess Hilliard calling...
You guys gonna help me
win the competition?
I'll take that as a yes.
: Give me that carrot.
: Come on! Come!
: Oh, that looks
like a nice carrot.
I'll take it,
thank you very much.
: No, carrots
aren't for reindeers.
- This reindeer likes carrots
and if you don't give it to me,
I'm gonna throw snow instead.
- No!
- Hi there.
- Hi!
- Uh, I'm Jess.
What's your name?
- I'm Georgia.
- Hey, Georgia, honey, why don't
you go on and grab a snack?
I'll be in, in a second, okay?
- Can't I just stay here?
- Just go in and get a snack.
I'll be in, in a second.
- I don't think I ever
officially introduced myself.
I'm Jess Hilliard.
- I remember you.
- I left you a few voicemails.
I mentioned a competition.
- Yeah, it's a shame you came
all the way out here
before I had a chance
to call you back.
I'm not interested.
- Can I just have five minutes
of your time?
- Look, I think it's great
that you quit Sutton,
but I just don't think
this would be uh,
a good partnership.
- I'm sorry for what happened.
It... really,
it's... it's why I quit.
- They broke our entire contract
because we're not big enough
to replace the orders overnight.
We were counting
on that business.
I had to lay off all my staff
right before Christmas.
- I didn't know that.
- Now you know.
- What if I could help?
- What's this?
- A little gift. You should
really start decorating.
Christmas will be here
before you know it.
- Well, I love Christmas
as much as the next guy,
but I was a little bit busy
supplying fleece for
hundreds of sweaters
that are in the trash now.
- I'm going to create a line
of Christmas sweaters
that is sustainable
and high fashion,
and imbued with
the spirit of Christmas,
and I'd like to use your wool.
Wool comes from sheep.
- Oh, in fashion,
we just call it wool.
- Wouldn't be the first time
fashion got it wrong.
- Fine, fleece.
- Jessica--
- Jess.
- Jess, there have been many
before you who have come here
claiming to be different
than the others,
and before I know it,
they are blending our fleece
with synthetic and slapping
a big sustainable sticker
on the even bigger price tag.
Or breaking a contract whenever
it suits them,
with zero regard for what
that might mean
to small-time guys like us.
So, I'm sorry.
I'm not gonna compromise
my family's values
and honestly,
I just don't trust you.
- You can trust me.
Let me prove it to you.
- This is cedar.
The alpacas can't eat it.
It's toxic.
- Oh, I...
I didn't realize.
- I wish you the best
of luck, Jess.
Merry Christmas.
- Thank you.
Gorgeous, isn't it?
- It really is.
- I knit it myself.
- You did?
- Mm-hmm.
My family's been harvesting,
spinning, and dyeing the fleece
since 1955.
- Your family...?
- Christine Flannery.
- Jess Hilliard. So, that
would make Andrew your...
- He's m'little brother.
You know him?
- I just came from the farm.
We were gonna collaborate
on something,
but it looks like
that's not gonna happen.
- Yeah, it's a real shame.
That farm's our family legacy
and it just breaks my heart.
- What do you mean?
- Oh, he didn't tell you.
Andrew's put the farm up
for sale.
- Oh, no.
- Yep.
It means a lot to our community.
We've employed local craftsmen
for over 60 years.
But we're trying to look
on the bright side.
Change can be good.
- Of course.
- After our parents retired,
Andrew took it over
with his wife, Emily,
but unfortunately, she passed
away a couple of years ago.
- I'm so sorry.
- He's handling it.
He was doing the best he could
raising his sweet Georgia and...
keeping the farm afloat.
- I'll take it.
- Ah! Wonderful.
- Nanaimo.
Does that mean this yarn came
from this particular alpaca?
- That's right!
Nanaimo's fleece makes
the softest yarn.
- Ah, that's so cute.
Ah, I'll take this too.
- Fabulous.
- Christine, what if I told you
there's a chance I could help
save Flannery Farm?
- What do you mean?
- I'm entering a competition
that offers a huge cash prize.
If you could help me convince
Andrew to take a chance on me,
I promise I would split
the prize with him
and I can guarantee enough
orders to keep the farm going.
- That's a pretty big promise.
- The winner gets a contract
with Clemington's.
- I'm in.
Keeping the farm in the family
would mean the world to me.
What can I do to help?
- I work for a company
that broke Andrew's trust
and now that I'm on my own,
I really need to get it back.
- Ugh. Andrew's big on trust.
I mean, he can be
pretty set in his ways.
- I don't think he believes
I genuinely wanna help.
- Hmm. And he's not big
on accepting help from others.
I offered to stop by
with Christmas decorations just
yesterday, and he shut me down.
And he's out all day today!
I have half a mind to drive over
there and put them up myself.
- Yeah, I brought him
this gorgeous Christmas wreath
and he just gave it back to me.
- Oh!
Eh, he does the best he can.
For Georgia. But...
between you and me,
I don't think Christmas has felt
the same at the farm
since Emily passed.
- Did you say he's out all day?
- Hmm.
- Whoa!
- What?
- Aunt Christine,
it's beautiful!
Jess! You came back.
- I did.
- You did.
- I believe the words you're
looking for are "thank you"?
- Thank you.
But what is all this?
- It's Christmas.
And Christmas is about helping
one another out
when they're in need.
- Uh-huh.
: Hey, uh Georgia,
help your aunt out with
these decorations, will ya?
- Okay!
- Christine told me
you have to sell the farm.
- Uh-huh. She did.
Yeah, I actually just got
an offer on it. Good one too.
- Before you accept that,
can you please just hear me out?
- Okay.
- It's clear this place means
a lot to your community,
to the legacy of your family,
to you.
I'm asking you to give it
one last chance.
If we win this competition,
I promise I will split
the prize money with you
and I can guarantee enough
orders to keep the farm running.
- I can't make a decision--
- And...
you'll get to spend
this Christmas,
and many more Christmases here,
on your beloved farm.
You don't give up, do you?
- I really, really don't.
- Look, I can't even afford
to hire my farm hands back.
- That's where I step in.
- Excuse me?
- I know I don't exactly scream
Old MacDonald,
but I work hard.
I will learn. We only need
enough fleece for me to create
six pieces for the competition.
- Jess, I don't think
you understand.
This is very grueling
work to undertake.
I mean, there's things
I don't even have time
to show you how to do.
- Great.
While you do those,
I can focus on bringing
a little Christmas joy
to Flannery Farm.
- Christmas joy?
- What do you say,
Mr. Flannery?
- Please, Dad?
- What do you have to lose,
baby brother?
- Let me prove myself.
Just give me a tiny window
to do that
and I will bring my A-game.
- Okay, look, I have
until Friday
to accept the offer on the farm,
so you have that long to show me
that this could actually work.
100% sustainable.
Farm raised, local fleece,
no blends.
Can you promise me that?
- No blends. I promise.
- Deal.
- Yes!
- You won't regret this.
- Are you okay?
- Okay.
Does anyone know of
a hotel around here?
- Why doesn't she stay
in the guest house?
- Oh, that's okay.
- Nonsense.
Hey, uh, Georgia, why
don't you show Jess around?
- Okay!
Follow me, Jess.
Thanks for decorating our house.
- Of course!
- Are you just gonna stand there
or are you gonna help me
with this planters?
- How did you get involved
with this?
- Uh, I always find a way.
- Yeah, you always find a way.
- You deserve a second chance.
And I know you don't wanna
leave the farm, Andrew.
I have a good feeling
about Jess.
She's... she's really...
- You mean stubborn.
- Hmm, it takes one to know one.
- Ha-ha-ha.
- Good morning!
- Hmm. Morning.
- Wow.
Georgia, did you make these?
- I did.
- That's a beautiful
Christmas tree.
Where are the rest
of the decorations?
- Sorry, Georgia, honey,
I told you I'd bring them
from the attic.
Must have forgotten.
- That's okay, Daddy.
We have lots of time
before Christmas.
- That's very true.
And in the meantime,
some candy canes for you.
- Daddy, can I?
- Honey, it's 7 a.m.
- Please, Dad.
It's Christmas.
Just one.
- Okay, just one because
it's Christmas.
- Thank you, Daddy!
And thank you, Jess.
- Yeah... thank you, Jess.
You want some porridge?
- Oh.
Yes, please.
- There ya go.
- Thank you.
- Welcome.
- Why aren't you with
your mom and dad?
- Uh, because I wanna be here
on the farm helping you guys.
It's okay, though.
There's always next year.
- You deserve a candy cane.
So, when does work start?
- Two hours ago.
- You're not gonna work
in that outfit, are you?
: Come on, you're good.
Much, much better.
- I'm not convinced.
- Well, you will be once
you're wrestling an alpaca.
- Pardon me?
- You know, the trick is...
you gotta outsmart
the little fellas.
I know they look cute,
but they can be feisty.
And sometimes, they kick.
Sometimes, they spit.
- Spit?
- Yeah.
Fortunately for us,
they like food.
- Don't you, girls?
Yeah, see that?
Pull that like that, okay?
There ya go.
Okay. They can be
really quite lovely.
Just gotta gain their trust.
Come on.
You're good, you're good,
you're good. Come on.
Come on. Take it more.
Come on. Come on, girl.
There ya go.
Good girl. Good girl.
- Okay. Oh.
- Good girl.
Yeah, that's good. Yeah.
- Okay.
- Yeah, just close it up.
You're good. Come on.
You're good.
- All right.
- Come on.
All right.
You wanna give it a try?
- Yeah.
- Okay.
Oh! Okay.
- Okay, okay, okay.
- Sorry.
- Um...
- There's something wrong
with that one.
- All right...
maybe we should just go
shear Buttons first, huh?
You just hold that for one sec.
I'm gonna lock up.
The best part of the fleece
is called the blanket
and it comes from the barrel,
the trunk of the animal.
Come on, old girl.
- So, how many of these guys
do we have to shear?
- Well, you want six sweaters?
Well, we already have
some fleece,
so we'll start with Buttons here
because she's got access
to the heated barn.
Normally, the shearing takes
place in the warmer months.
You're a good girl. Oh, here.
- Oh.
Thank you for your fleece,
- Now, very important because
this could be dangerous
for you and the alpaca.
You need to hold her steady.
I don't wanna hurt her
with the clippers, right?
So, here's what you do.
Take your hand.
Here, right here.
Right where the lead is.
Feel that?
Then, you wanna take
your other hand,
put it on the back of her head,
very, very gentle.
- Mm-hmm.
- And just don't let her move.
- Yeah, sure. Easy.
There you go, Buttons.
Shh, shh, shh.
Good girl.
- Oh!
- What happened? Are you okay?
- It spit at me!
Oh, it's gross.
- Right. Uh...
Look, you know, Jess,
I'm... I'm happy to do this.
I'm used to it.
And uh, those guys out there
really need some water
in their trough.
- Done.
We want water in the trough,
I'll show you water
in the trough.
Where's the hose?
- Well, the hose is out there.
- Excellent.
- But the hose is frozen, so
you gotta go to the other side
of the barn to get the water.
10 buckets will do it.
And that'll keep you busy
for a little while.
- 10?
- Or you know, I can do it.
It just means
you're not gonna get the fleece
as quickly as you want it.
- No, I can do it.
I came to help. I should
have an appreciation of
what goes into my product,
shouldn't I?
Bucket #10.
What are you doing?
You're dirtying all the water!
You're supposed to drink it,
not bathe in it.
Shoo, get outta here.
Oh, you spilled the water.
Now I have to start all over.
Nine buckets of water to go.
Bucket #10.
Ugh, I can't sketch,
I can barely move.
: No! Ugh!
: Georgia?
- Uh...
do you know if a rag
has eggs in it?
- I'm pretty sure it doesn't.
Hey, how about you get down
from there and I'll help you.
- I wanted to surprise
my dad with dinner.
- Where is your dad?
- He found a hole
in one of the fences.
- He's still working? It's late.
- He used to have help
for these sorts of things,
but now it's just us.
But it's okay.
I can help too, even if
he won't, like,
let me do the hard stuff.
- I tell you what.
Why don't you help me
make a shepherd's pie?
I make it every year
for Christmas.
It's the most cozy,
perfect dinner.
- You know how to cook?
- I love to cook.
But there is no chef
without her sous chef.
- That's me.
- Okay.
First step, sous chef Georgia,
is to grab me as many
potatoes as possible.
- Okay.
- Hey, Georgia.
- Hmm?
- What's the name of
that little white alpaca?
- Oh, that's Florence.
- Huh.
Well, Florence doesn't
like me very much.
- Then, maybe you should try
my super secret trick.
- You have a trick?
I will try anything.
- It's baby carrots.
Alpacas love carrots.
- Hmm.
- Well, what do we have here?
- Welcome to
Chez Jess and Georgia.
May I take your coat, sir?
- Yes.
- Ahem.
- Thank you,
matre d'.
- Sous chef Georgia.
- My apologies,
sous chef Georgia.
- Hands up.
Thank you.
- Fancy.
- Morning!
Alpacas are fed.
Water bowls are full.
Stalls are clean.
- That's... uh, wow.
Thank you.
- Of course.
Now, let's get to work.
You're, um, three minutes late.
- Okay, well uh,
maybe we should get a start
on dyeing the fleece.
- Perfect.
- Okay.
- The carrots are our little
secret. Right, guys?
- Okay, at Flannery, we've
always used a very special dye.
It's a mix of acid and fibre
reactive dyes,
which is perfect for alpaca
because it doesn't fade
even when it's washed
in extremely high heat.
- Look.
I may not be an expert
alpaca herder,
but this is my arena.
This is where I shine.
- Right, but have you
dyed fleece before?
- No, not fleece exactly,
but I've been around many
a mixing of colours
for my Christmas sweaters
at Sutton.
- Okay. The thing--
- As a matter of fact,
I dyed some fleece this morning.
- What time did you get up?
- Early.
Really early.
- Yeah, I bet.
- Wanted to make
a bit of a mauveine.
- You mean mauve.
- No, a mauveine,
it's a bit of blue,
a splash of red,
a splash of white.
It should be ready now.
- Jess, these dyes
can be very finicky.
And it takes some
getting used to.
- Andrew, dyes are dyes.
Okay, well, it's...
- Well, if that's mauveine,
mauveine must be French
for pretty gross.
Look, why don't we just start
from the very beginning
of this process, okay?
- Mm-hmm.
- This way.
Now, there's a real art to this,
you know.
Uh, I learned it from my mom
and she learned it
from my grandmother.
Here's what you need to know
to start. This is the treadle.
Get your foot here.
This gets the wheel spinning.
- Mm-hmm.
- Watch.
See that?
- Mm-hmm.
- This is the bobbin.
This is the mother of all.
- Mother of all.
It's a funny name.
- Right. So, I've already got
a starter thread here for you,
so what you're gonna do is
take some of the roving,
which is the fleece
with your left hand.
You'll pin it right here,
and eventually, you're
gonna feed it through
with your right hand,
but you're gonna wanna fan it
back here, kinda make a Y shape.
It's all about the wheel
and getting the rhythm.
- Okay, so I use the treadle
to get the wheel going.
Right hand feeds the roving,
left hand draws back.
Got it.
- You wanna give it a try?
- Yeah.
- Okay.
Here you go.
- Okay.
- Yeah, you just...
just find the rhythm.
- Okay.
- Yeah, there you go.
- Ooh!
- There you go.
- Foot is on the treadle.
- You really wanna
find the rhythm.
- Yeah, no, I'm doing the pedal,
feeding the roving.
- Uh-huh.
- Huh, nothing to it.
- Just not so fast, Jess.
- Okay.
- Yeah, just, ju-- watch out!
- Oh, my gosh.
Please, tell me
this is an easy fix.
- Yeah, these parts are
not easy to replace.
I'll... I'll see if
I can fix this, okay?
- I'm so sorry.
What are you getting up to?
- Not much.
- I thought you were working
on your snowman.
- Snow woman.
All done.
- Does that mean you're free?
- I think I can make
some room in my schedule.
- Good.
I need your help with something.
- Okay.
- Let's go.
Nice shot.
- Thanks!
What do you think?
- It's the most beautiful
Christmas tree ever.
- What's your dad cooking
over there?
- Mm! What is that?
- Lasagna.
Just a thank-you dinner for two
of the hardest working ladies
I know.
Includes you, Jess.
- I'm so sorry I broke
your spinning wheel, Andrew.
- Don't even worry about it.
I'll get at it tomorrow, okay?
- So, what's all this for, then?
- For everything.
- Mm! This lasagna's delicious.
- It looks incredible.
- Georgia, honey, don't you have
your big Christmas pageant
coming up at school soon?
I didn't see a flyer in your bag
or anything like that.
- No.
- Want me to call the school?
Find out what's going on?
- No!
- What was that about?
Something's up.
She, uh...
she hasn't been the same
since Emily passed.
I thought maybe it was just
part of the process and...
things would get easier
for her with time.
This past month,
things have been different.
Little explosions like that.
I just, um...
I wanna get better at this,
you know? I just...
I just wanna be a good dad.
I don't know.
- Would you let me
speak with her?
I can tell Christmas
means a lot to you.
It means a lot to me, too.
Can I tell you something?
I miss my family so, so much,
and I wish we could
all be together for it.
- It's okay to miss your mom,
Your dad misses her too
very much
and I know he's doing
everything he can
to make this Christmas
extra special for you.
- He can't.
- Why is that?
- Every year, there's a special
Christmas pageant at school.
And every year, my mom
would make me a costume.
It was so fun.
But last year, my dad forgot
and I went with no costume.
- Oh.
Georgia, that must have been
really hard for you.
I'm an expert at all things
Christmas fashion.
What would you think about me
making your costume this year?
- Like, a special costume?
- The most special.
I think there's some
dinner waiting for you.
- I'm not very hungry.
I'm kind of sleepy, actually.
- It is late.
- I'd like my dad to read me
a bedtime story.
- I'm sure he'd love that.
- What do you got going on here?
- Oh, it's some sheep's wool
I bought from Christine's shop.
I'm making Christmas blankets
for the alpacas
in exchange for all
the wonderful fleece
they're giving us.
- Well, I think the alpacas
will appreciate that very much.
- Oh, I forgot to tell you.
Christine agreed to help me
knit my Christmas sweaters.
She is a lifesaver.
- Yeah, that Christine.
She's something else.
She's the best knitter
in Elora, you know,
so you're in good hands.
Tomorrow morning, we'll spin
enough yarn
to get you started
on your sweaters.
- Thanks, Andrew.
- No problem.
- Why do you wanna keep
the farm?
Aside from it being in
your family for decades.
- I love what I do, you know?
I love working with
my hands to...
create a product that... that is
such high quality, you know?
That it might bring satisfaction
or happiness to someone.
What about you?
What do you want?
- In work?
- Yeah.
- Um...
I started making
Christmas sweaters because
I love how the holidays
make people feel.
It's the most magical
time of the year.
But I now realize if I want
my sweaters to be authentic,
they have to embrace
the same qualities of Christmas:
celebrating community,
spreading joy.
I have to build a business that
gives instead of takes away.
I've... I've been living
my life with blinders on.
- Come on. You're
too hard on yourself.
- I should be!
I'm terrified I'll miss out on
this opportunity and...
I'll never make
a difference in the world.
- Well, I think you're already
making a difference with
what you're doing.
- Look at us, the picture
of holiday cheer.
- I'll tell you something else,
Something that's really been
keeping me going
the past few months is
thinking about the...
the sky over Flannery Farms
on Christmas morning.
- Oh, Jess, you gotta see it.
It is just the most
beautiful blue.
Deep, and endless, and clear.
And it's the thing
I'll miss the most if uh,
Georgia and I have
to leave here.
- Sounds magical.
- So, you, you told me all
about work, but...
...what do you, uh,
what do you want from life?
- I wanna fall in love.
- Oh.
- Eventually, I may want
a family of my own.
It's hard to imagine that when
everything I have
has to go into my career.
Do you hope to fall
in love again?
- Yeah, I do.
I should hit the hay.
Night, Jess.
Get back to your, uh...
- Thanks. Yeah, I...
I got work to do.
- Mm-hmm.
- I've been thinking
about this all wrong.
- Okay, and what do you mean?
- Well, this line is supposed
to encompass the joy
of Christmas, right?
- Mm-hmm.
- So, naturally,
my mind went to the stark white
of a fresh snowfall,
the joyful red on Santa's coat,
the deep green of
a Christmas tree.
But after hearing your story,
I want you to help me
recreate Flannery Blue,
the colour of the sky
on Christmas morning.
It just sounds so perfect.
- Okay, I'd love to.
- Take a seat.
Okay, um, close your eyes.
- I'm not closing my eyes.
- Just trust me.
It's Christmas morning.
You wake up cozy in your bed
and you feel the light
on your skin.
The house is quiet,
everyone else is asleep,
so you sneak downstairs.
You put on your winter boots,
your coat, and your hat,
and you step outside.
The cold hits you.
It's fresh and it wakes you up.
Your heart is full of love
and you're at peace.
You look up at the big
open sky above you.
What do you see?
- It's, um...
it's bright blue,
but deep at the same time.
It's like...
it's like every shade of blue
exists within it.
And um, there's other
colours too.
It's gold, pink.
- I don't know, it's...
it's just beautiful.
I'm probably not doing
a very good job describing it.
- Open your eyes.
Am I close?
- Yeah, you nailed it.
And you know what?
So much better than mauveine.
All right.
Oh, hey!
- Gingerbread cookies?
- Did you make these?
Where did you find the time?
- I needed a mental break
and I had a craving.
- Hmm.
- Who, uh, are these fellas?
- Well, I was hoping
you'd help me light 'em up.
- Sure.
- You just gotta start
by untangling these.
- Wow.
- Oh, I'm sorry,
is this too much work for you?
I'll just put 'em away.
- Take the cookies.
- Okay.
Mm, these are good.
- Do you wanna trade?
- No.
It's tangled there too.
- Okay!
Still not enough lights.
- Well, you didn't get 'em
all untangled.
Something I have to tell you.
I know I said I was
gonna wait till Friday,
but I made my decision.
- You have?
- Yeah.
I'm declining the offer
on the farm.
- Hmm.
- You're a hard worker, Jess,
and it's great having you here.
I believe in you.
Even though you broke
my spinning wheel.
- I believe in you, too.
- Maybe we should go inside
and I'll start dinner.
- Sure.
- Okay.
After you.
- What's this?
- It's a mannequin thingy.
Christine let me take
one from the shop.
I thought it would help in
your putting your sweaters
- It will. Thank you.
- I like that.
- Ooh, while I have you here,
can I get your opinion
on some of my designs?
- You want my opinion
on your designs?
- Of course, I do.
I... only have two weeks
to get all this done.
I could use all the
help I can get.
- Okay.
- So...
this first one here
is cute and simple.
It's... it's giving
"the week before Christmas
and the girls have snuck off
for a holiday weekend away."
We're talking aprs-ski,
winter wonderland,
cozy walks vibes sweater.
- All right.
- What?
- It's just very specific.
- Just wait.
- Oh, I like it.
- Thank you.
This is the "I'm off
to see the tree lighting
at Rockefeller Centre
and I just know my ex will be
there with his new girlfriend,
so I have to look both
cute and effortless, and like
I'm absolutely thriving,
which I am" sweater.
- I have been there.
- So, I'll save you one
in your size?
- Yes, please.
What else you got?
- Right.
Ooh, I love this one.
This is the "it's my office
Christmas party,
but after making
enough small chat,
I sneak off because my boyfriend
got us impossible dinner
reservations at Chez Bartrand,
and I've been dying to try
their escargot" sweater.
- And it's, um,
a hypothetical boyfriend?
- It is.
- Oh.
these are amazing, Jess.
You're really good
at what you do.
What else you got?
- Are you sure?
We could be here all day.
- Fine by me.
Snowflakes falling,
angels in the snow
Yuletide calling through
the white winter glow
You don't know
how happy I would be
If you would just spend
this Christmas with me
Together we could
build a happy home
Without you
I feel all alone
Everything would be
happiness and glee
If you would just spend
this Christmas with me
Ooh, ooh, oh
- I've just finished
my fourth sweater!
: Oh, no, babe,
you only have like
four days left.
- Thank you, Dina.
I'm keeping track, believe me.
Four out of six is good.
Like, really good.
Especially now that Christine
is helping with
all the knitting.
- That's fantastic.
- Of course,
I couldn't have done it
without Andrew
and little Georgia
cheering us on
these past few weeks.
- I'm so happy it's working
out for you, babe.
- I'm actually getting kinda sad
I'm gonna be leaving soon.
- I bet.
Sounds like you're getting
pretty cozy up there.
- Dina, it's a professional
relationship. That's all.
- I'm just saying, stay open.
You never know where
love will pop up.
Remember Zoltan?
I met him at a gas station
and that lasted several months.
- There's nothing
to stay open to.
I leave in a week.
Besides, falling for someone
who lives on a farm
is not part of the plan.
- So, what is the plan exactly?
- The plan is to become
a world-renowned, sustainable,
luxury fashion designer.
Work first, love... when I can.
- How romantic.
- I gotta go. Love you.
- Your well-watered plants
and I miss you.
Stay open!
- Ugh...
: Georgia!
I'm gonna get you!
- Bring it on!
- You're gonna regret that!
- Yeah? Oh, got ya!
I'll get ya again!
- Can we look now?
: Go for it.
- Wow!
These are beautiful!
- What do you think,
Mr. Flannery?
- Well, I think you have truly
outdone yourself, Miss Hilliard.
- Well, I couldn't have done it
without the best alpaca farmer
in the country.
- Right.
- And what do you think
of the blue?
Just like Christmas morning?
- Yeah. I'd say so.
- So glad.
So, the only thing left to do
for the competition is
to take photos of
the collection.
I was thinking
I could model them,
but I was hoping you could play
photographer for the day?
- You trust an alpaca farmer
to be your photographer?
- I do.
- Well, I'd love to, then.
- And I just have one tiny
other favour to ask of you.
- Okay.
- Nothing, I...
I told you,
you'd make a good model.
- I feel ridiculous.
- You don't look it.
- It's pretty comfortable.
- Oh, really?
- Yeah.
- You'll be shocked
to learn it's made with
100% sustainable alpaca fleece.
- Huh.
Alpaca, huh?
You know, I could've sworn
it was cashmere.
- Alpaca is the new cashmere.
And guess what? It's local, too.
- Hmm.
- Some farmer has
this incredible farm.
You gotta see it.
Thanks for doing this.
- You owe me.
- I do.
- Mm-hmm.
- Now, let's win ourselves
a competition.
- Okay.
- I'll go first.
I will show you how it's done.
- Yeah, good idea.
- So, we have a chance
at winning.
- Okay.
- Uh, how does it look?
- It's good. Maybe...
a little forced.
- Oh, he's a director now.
- Just maybe, I don't know,
look in the distance
like you see Santa.
Yeah. Okay.
- Yeah, I'll try that.
- I'll try that, for sure.
- Um, maybe Santa's
not that far.
Maybe you're just really
happy to see Santa.
Yeah, that's good.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
- Let me see.
Oh. Andrew, I actually
really like that.
- Uh-huh.
- Now, let's see if
your modelling skills
are just as good.
Okay, we're gonna need
to loosen up.
- Why are we even here?
What do you mean?
- You're too stiff.
You have to shake like this.
- You want me to do that?
- I do.
- Can you show me one more time?
- Yeah, no problem.
Can you do it?
- No way I'm doing that.
- Why not?
- Because it's silly.
- Is Rudolph the Red-Nosed
Reindeer afraid of being silly?
- That's not fair
and you know it.
That was for Georgia.
It was different.
- And this is for the farm.
Bigger, please.
: Bigger! There ya go.
- That's all you're getting.
- Oh. Now you're nice and loose.
Give me a smile.
Hubba, hubba. Model alert.
- I'm leaving.
- I'm serious.
Look at this.
- I look good.
- Okay, don't let it
get to your head.
We're just getting started.
- Okay, what are we
doing now exactly?
- Just a his and hers.
The two of us together.
It's the look how cute you
and your boyfriend can look
on Christmas morning shot.
Not that... we're...
- Yeah. I got it.
- You know what I mean.
- Can I help?
- You can have a seat, please.
- Okay.
Perfect. And now I'll set
the timer and come join you.
- Okay.
- When does it start?
I... but I wasn't even ready.
It's okay.
Just pose for the next one.
Pass me that present
and pretend to give it to me.
- Okay.
Um, what now?
- Um...
- Oh, maybe, um,
I could put my arm
around your shoulder
like I'm keeping you warm
next to the fire?
- That's a great idea
and I'll put my head
on your shoulder.
- Okay. Yeah, that works.
- Yep.
- Um... now what?
- I don't know.
- Okay, that was not 10 seconds.
- Just... just keep
switching it up.
- Switch it up?
I am switching it up.
- What are you doing?
- I'm switching it up.
I'm switching it up.
- You're not switching it up.
- Okay, uh, here.
You give me the present.
- You're afraid of it.
- I'm afraid of it. Look, it's--
- Well, let's see
what this does.
- Thank you. It's empty.
- Oh, nice. Nice one.
- Very generous.
- Very photogenic.
- Don't need any of these.
These are pretty good.
- Mm-hmm.
- Well, it's because you have
a professional model here.
- Okay, I told you
exactly what to do.
- Right.
- It took a lot of work,
but yes, you look good.
- Wasn't that much.
- Okay, moving on.
- That's my favourite.
- Well, I look good
in all of these.
It's uh, something.
- Ah.
- Well?
- Submission complete.
Andrew, we did it.
- You did it, Jess.
Shall we celebrate
with some cake?
- The only way I like
to celebrate.
I can't believe I'm sending
this off to New York tomorrow.
- I can.
- Mm.
- Mm.
You know, I gotta say,
and this is not just
because I made it,
this is really bad.
- So bad.
- I'm so sorry.
- It's very dry.
- Do you have any of those
gingerbread cookies left?
- I think so.
- Hey, these new pictures
we got on the labels.
See? Aren't they cute?
- So cute.
- Right? Yeah.
Oh, hey! Hey, how did it go?
- The package will be
in New York City
by tomorrow afternoon.
Just in time for the deadline.
- Yay!
- Get in here, Dad.
- Okay.
Way to go, Jess.
Really, you must be so proud.
- Well, I couldn't have done it
without my two
favourite helpers.
- But... does this mean
you have to go home now?
- Well, sweetie,
you know, Jess--
- I don't want you to go!
- Actually, I still have one
more job to do,
the... the most important,
most special job.
That's why I wanted
to meet you here.
- What?
- You don't think I forgot
all about your Christmas
pageant, do you?
And so,
if it's okay with your dad,
I thought
I could hang back
a little longer
while I make the costume.
Besides, I don't have
anywhere else to be
until the jury makes
their decision.
- Daddy?
- Um... I think we'd be
very lucky
to have Jess stay
a little longer.
- Thank you, Jess!
- Oh, you're so welcome.
Hey, Georgia.
See those beautiful pieces
of fabric over there?
- Mm-hmm.
- Choose your favourite one.
- Okay!
- Hey, Jess!
- Christine!
- Hi!
- Thank you so much
for all your help.
- It was my pleasure.
What brings you in here?
- I'm gonna be making Georgia
her Christmas pageant costume
this year.
- How sweet.
- Jess, can you help me
decide? There's so many.
- Of course, I can.
- News in town is you took
the farm off the market.
- Yeah, sorry,
I meant to tell you.
We've just been really busy,
you know.
- I bet, yeah.
- What about the green?
- I like it.
- You two seem to...
work well together.
- Christine.
- I'm just saying.
You deserve to find love again,
And any woman would be lucky
to have my baby brother.
Warts and all.
- What's happening here?
Are you going soft on me?
- Hmm.
Take it or leave it,
but that woman...
: Yeah.
- ...she's one in a million.
- Dad, come help us choose.
- Okay, hun.
- Which one?
- We're thinking this one.
- Where is she?
- Are we a little impatient
this morning, Mr. Flannery?
- We are excited and yeah,
we're maybe a little bit
late for school.
- Can't rush fashion.
- That's not what you said
when you first got here.
- Touch.
- Uh-huh.
- Ladies and gentlemen--
- What is happening? Wha...
who are you talking to?
- Just go with it.
- Okay.
- Ladies and gentlemen,
may I introduce you to the one,
the only, Georgia Flannery!
- Wow! Amazing. I love it!
Honey, you look so good!
- Thank you.
I'm Santa's magical alpaca.
- Yeah, you are.
I love it. It's amazing.
- I do, too. Thank you, Jess.
- Thank you for letting me
do it. I had so much fun.
You truly are
the most special girl.
- We gotta get to school, kiddo.
Truck's warmed up for you.
Go on out there
and I'll be there in a sec.
- Okay.
- All right.
Jess, I don't know what to say.
- So don't say anything.
- It means more than you know.
Um... I'm just not very good
at expressing myself.
- You're better than you think.
She would be so proud
of you two.
Andrew, truly,
you really are the most
incredible father
and I know how hard this is
doing this all on your own,
but you're doing it.
You're giving her
an incredible life
and no matter what happens
with the competition,
no matter where you end up,
you'll continue
to surround her with love.
That's all that matters.
- Um, I gotta get her to school.
Um... maybe when I get back
I don't know, maybe you'd like
to go for a walk with me?
- I'd love that.
- Okay, good.
- Go. I'll be here.
- I gotta go.
All right, I'll see you
when I get back.
- Sounds like a plan.
- All right.
- Hello, Jess speaking.
- Uh, Jessica Hilliard.
- Yes?
- This is Beverly Clemington
How are you?
- I'm well, thank you.
How are you?
- Fabulous!
I wanted to be the first
to congratulate you
on being the winner
of this year's
Runway to Christmas competition.
- I what?
- You want me to repeat that?
- I won? I really won?
- Yes! You really won!
You're an incredible designer
with a very special vision.
- Thank you.
Mr. Clemington, this... you,
I mean, I'm...
I'm sorry, I'm speechless.
- Well, then,
allow me to do the talking.
Your runway show is
in just 10 days,
so you get yourself ready
to introduce your line
to some of the most influential
people in New York City.
And we'll be sending you
your cash prize in the mail
so you can be expecting that
any day now.
Get ready, Miss Hilliard,
your life is about to change.
- Thank you.
Thank you. You have no idea
how much this means to me.
- Oh, and uh, one other thing,
We have to make a small
adjustment to your line
before we start carrying it
at Clemington's.
- An adjustment?
- All right, hun, have
a great day at school,
and I'll see you this afternoon
for your pageant.
- See you!
- See ya.
- Uh, Daddy?
- Yeah.
- There's something really
special about Jess.
- You think so, huh?
- Yeah.
- What do you find
so special about her?
- A lot of things.
How much she loves Christmas
and how nice she is.
- Well, I would say, I agree
with all those things.
- But...
the thing I like most...
- Mm-hmm?
- how when she's around,
you're happier.
- Georgia, honey, I am sorry
if I have been...
Things have just--
- That's okay.
It just makes me happy.
Like you used to be
when I was smaller.
When you were happy because
Mom was still here.
I love you, Daddy.
- I love you more.
- I think you should tell Jess
that she makes you happy.
She's been so busy.
She may not have even noticed.
- When did you become
such a little adult?
- I'm still a kid,
just a smart one.
- Yeah, you sure are.
All right, go on.
- Okay, see you later.
- Oh!
- Hi!
- Hey.
I wanna tell you something.
- We won.
- What?
- We won. We did it. I...
I just got off the phone with
Beverly Clemington himself.
Andrew, we saved your farm.
- Oh, my God.
- I can't believe it.
We really did it.
There's just, um...
there's just one small thing.
- What is it?
- Please don't be mad. Just...
um, just let me get it all out.
I have a plan.
- Okay.
- So, in order for them to carry
my line in Clemington's
because of the size
of the order, and it's big,
like really big, like you can
hire your staff back and more,
even you can--
- Jess...
just say it.
- They're gonna need to blend
your fleece with something else.
Something more cost efficient,
more readily available.
And they'll be dyeing
and spinning the fleece
at one of their factories.
- You've gotta be kidding me.
- It's just way too big
of an order.
We don't have the means
of doing this ourselves.
- We'll hire people.
- We're talking big time here,
Thousands of sweaters.
- So, tell them to make
an exclusive line.
Less pieces, better quality.
Local, sustainable
alpaca fleece.
Jess, we had a deal.
- I know.
- So, you lied.
- I didn't lie, Andrew.
- Yeah, you did. You lied.
- This isn't ideal
for me either.
I think I was nave. I thought
I could change the world
of fashion overnight,
but it doesn't work like that.
Look, I'm sorry.
- You're sorry.
- I just need to get in.
Once I'm in, I can start making
real change from the inside.
I will. I promise you.
- Yeah, you made me
a promise before.
Look where we ended up.
See, Jess, the thing is
I thought you were different.
- I am.
- No. You're not.
You're not.
- Why are you so upset?
I'll be getting that cheque
any day now.
You'll have plenty of money
to hire your staff back
and keep this farm alive.
I'll still need you.
I still only wanna make this
with Flannery fleece.
- Yeah, but you can't because
you're gonna blend it
with who knows what.
I don't want your money, Jess.
It was never about that.
- It isn't about saving
the farm?
About employing your community?
Allowing Georgia to stay in
the home she loves so much?
- I do what I do
because it matters.
I want my work to matter.
Do you understand?
And I don't want my daughter to
think money can buy happiness.
- So, you just want me
to give up on my dreams?
On this opportunity.
- I don't want you to do
anything you don't wanna do.
But I gotta sleep at night.
You can keep the money, Jess.
I'm selling this place.
I'll have a lonely Christmas
without you
Red and green
but I'm just feeling blue
Baby, without you here
I just don't feel
that Christmas cheer
My friends say
I didn't need you anyway
- Hey. There you go.
No more kissin' on mistletoe
I just don't feel
very ho, ho, ho
All alone in
this big, cold bed
No sugarplums dancin'
in my head
No Yuletide carol,
no deck the halls
I'd have a merry Christmas
If you'd answer my calls
- So, we'll have
the videos projected
as soon as the music starts.
Come in.
And then again, at the end
when I come out
to say a few words.
We'll chat soon. Okay.
Bye, Joseph.
- Who's Joseph?
- My lighting designer
for the fashion show.
You know, the one in three days?
- I'm just asking.
Joseph's a handsome name,
that's all.
Oh, babe.
You got this.
The fashion show's gonna
blow everyone away.
- It's not that.
- Oh, is it the hat?
- Why are you wearing that hat?
- I lost a bet. Don't ask.
My clients actually like it.
You know, I might keep it.
Who knows? Could be my thing.
Okay, come on.
Tell Santa what ails you.
Uh-oh, you've got it bad, huh?
it's only been a week.
And if it helps, all that
country air makes you look like
you've had like
a thousand facials.
- It just caught me by surprise.
I've always planned to work as
hard as I can now on my career,
on my dreams, thinking
you'll have time for love,
for family later.
- And you will.
- What if it's messier
than that?
What if love doesn't follow
some perfect life schedule?
How do you know when
it's the kind of love
you walk away from because
it's not right,
or the once-in-a-lifetime love
you drop everything you're doing
and run towards because
it could be more spectacular
than anything
you've ever planned for?
- You'll love other men, Jess.
You weren't ready to let
someone in before,
but now that you clearly are,
watch out, Manhattan.
Maybe this guy just
wasn't the one.
- He hates me.
- He doesn't hate you.
You just didn't see eye to eye.
There are so many wonderful men
out there
just ready to sweep a woman
like you right off your feet.
You just say the magic word
and Zia Dina will light
your phone up
with eligible bachelors.
With no kids.
- That's the thing.
I really liked spending
time with his daughter.
It felt right. I...
I really miss her, Dina.
- Because you're not a troll.
You have feelings. Think of
that experience as a gift.
It showed you that
you really do wanna be a mom.
- You're right.
She was a gift.
And Andrew was a gift.
I just wish it hadn't
ended so badly.
I, I think...
I think I betrayed them both
and what about my big, grandiose
statement about wanting
to make a difference? Doesn't
accepting this prize money
make me no better than
the Gwen Suttons of the world?
- Oh, oh, nah, nah, nah.
You're spiralling.
We are not going to sit here
and beat you up
when we have something so huge
to celebrate
and something so exciting
to look forward to.
In three days, Jessica Hilliard
is going to premiere
to the entire world.
And Jess Hilliard is going
to change the world
from the inside out.
That's it.
I've had enough.
Take this boring old outfit off
and put on something gorgeous.
I'm taking you out.
- Ugh!
- Come on.
- It's not boring.
: Andrew!
Are you watching
that French toast?
- Here you go.
- Is Georgia not joining us?
- Nah, she's still mad at me.
- So am I, actually.
It's December 24th.
Isn't Jess's fashion show today?
- Christine, I am not gonna
compromise our family's legacy.
I won't do it.
- I understand.
- Okay.
- But...
this is bigger than the farm.
This is about love.
I keep thinking how she's all
alone for the holidays.
It's not right.
- Yeah, I know.
- Mom and Dad always said that
Christmas was about giving
and being with family.
And you and I are both
old enough to know that
family's the most important
thing in the world.
Hey, it's worth fighting for.
What are you still doing here?
- Georgia!
Georgia, honey!
Come on, get your coat.
We can still make it.
: Woo-hoo! Come on!
Hurry up, let's go!
- Half an hour, everyone.
- Rachel, I'll just fix
your crown.
- Ooh! Jess!
This is actually happening.
I'm so excited for you!
- Oh, it's happening all right.
Thank you so much, Dina.
- Okay, everyone, we need to
see those accessories on, stat!
: Miss
Jessica Hilliard.
Beverly Clemington.
A pleasure to meet you.
- Mr. Clemington.
- Ah, ah. Beverly, please.
- Pardon me.
Thank you, Melinda.
You're ready for
your accessories.
It's an honour to meet you, sir.
And thank you so much
for selecting me.
You can't know just how much
this means to me.
- Well, it was an easy decision.
Your sweaters are
absolutely stunning.
The entire team was
just blown away.
- So was I.
It was a magical experience.
- So, my dear, how does it feel
to know your very own designs
are about to be sold in London,
Paris, and Milan?
- About that. Would you mind if
we talked a little business?
- Of course, darling.
- Hurry, Dad, hurry!
We're gonna miss it!
- Who are you?
- Um, we're here to see Jess.
- Okay, and who are you?
- We're her family. Duh!
- Andrew Flannery.
- Uh... ah, right at the top.
- Has it started yet?
- Um, I think you just made it,
- Oh!
- Uh, $5 each.
I'll take them all.
- Okay.
: Sorry. Thanks.
: Oh.
Oh baby, please come home
I got the fire warm
Sitting here waiting up
I got something just for you
- Dad, look! That's your farm.
That's just Santa Claus
We're singing deck the halls
But it don't feel right, no
It's not Christmas
without you
All the presents nearly
wrapped under the tree
All I'm missing is
You here next to me
They say it's Christmas
They say it's Christmas
But it's not Christmas
without you
They say it's Christmas
- It's the Flannery Blue!
They say it's Christmas
But it's not Christmas
without you
- Woo!
- Woo!
: Thank you.
Thank you.
This collection was
a true labour of love.
Not only was it designed
to embody Christmas,
a season of hope and joy,
but its production forced me out
of my comfort zone
and gave me the gift of seeing
fashion in a new light.
For several weeks, I had
the privilege of working on
a family-run farm who sees
the product
literally from head to tail.
I saw firsthand just how much
time, energy, and love
goes into crafting a garment.
What a fitting experience for
a celebration of Christmas,
to see something in a new light,
as if for the first time.
Like a child
on Christmas morning.
Like falling in love.
So, it is with immense pride
and utter joy
that I make this announcement.
Clemington's has just
graciously agreed
to launch their first
experimental small run
of 100% sustainably sourced,
pure alpaca fleece.
Making Jessica Hilliard
the first of what I hope
is a continued Clemington's
tradition of small batch
luxury fashion.
Thank you.
- Ooh!
Thank you so much, guys.
Excellent job, everyone.
I truly could not have
done it without you.
Well done.
- Jessica.
- Pardon me?
- Exquisite work.
I may be the ice queen,
but I do know how to pick 'em.
I knew you had it in you
from the very start.
- Thank you, Gwen,
that means a lot.
You taught me everything I know.
- Well, not everything.
It was your instinct
to go sustainable.
I clearly couldn't see it.
Maybe I'm aging out of the game.
- Oh, no, of course not.
You will always have
your finger on the pulse.
- That's why I'm committing
Sutton to being
completely sustainable
in one year's time.
- That's fantastic, Gwen.
- Well, I guess I'm...
how did you say it,
"keeping up with the times"?
I don't suppose I could
tempt you back into the fold?
- Thank you, Gwen, but
I love working for myself.
And a smaller brand makes it
easier to make decisions
with my heart.
- Worth a shot.
I'll see you around,
Jessica Hilliard.
- What did that woman
say to you? Do you want me
to go after her?
- She said she loved
my collection.
She says I've inspired her
to go sustainable.
- That was Gwen Sutton, correct?
- I know. How amazing.
- Well, if it's all so amazing,
why do you look so sad, sweetie?
- I don't know.
I thought this was
all I ever wanted.
But... something is not right.
Something's missing.
- Let's go out and celebrate.
- I don't think
I feel like going.
- Oh, Jess, come on!
It's Christmas Eve.
You love Christmas.
- But this year's different,
I'm sorry, I'm just not
in the mood to celebrate.
- Jess!
- Georgia, you made it?
- That was amazing!
Like, totally, totally amazing!
Wow, Jess, I'm so proud of you.
- Thank you, Georgia.
- Uh...
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Oh.
These uh, are for you.
- Thank you.
: Why don't you
come with me and we'll try on
one of those big princess
skirts from the show.
- And the crowns too?
- Yeah!
- Oh, yes, please.
Daddy, can I?
- Yeah, of course.
- I'll take that.
- Thanks.
- Do you wanna follow me?
- Okay.
- You don't have to take
the contract if you don't want.
But it's yours if you do.
And I really want you to.
Flannery Farm deserves
a second chance.
The community deserves it.
You deserve it.
So, I hope you can put aside
whatever feelings you have
about me and just...
just don't be so darn stubborn
and take the contract,
won't you?
Is that a yes?
I'm sorry I let you down.
- No, you didn't.
- Are you still mad at me?
I'm not mad at you.
I'm mad at myself.
For not letting you in sooner.
For not trusting you.
I was, uh... afraid of change.
I was a little bit
afraid of you.
You are talented,
and intelligent, and driven...
and you are completely
And I can't lie
to myself anymore.
Jess, I wanna be with you.
And I know that being
a partner with you will need
trust, and compromise, and...
and it means opening
myself up again.
But I also know...
that I wanna be by your side
through it all.
So, will you come back?
Because it doesn't feel
like home without you there.
- Home?
- Yeah.
It's become home
for you too, hasn't it?
- I don't know where my home is.
- It's very clear in my mind.
Home for me is wherever you are.
- Okay, Georgia.
Open this one first.
: Whoa!
- Your first sewing machine.
I had the same one
when I was your age.
- It's perfect.
- Aw.
I'm so glad you like it.
- Maybe one day, I'll be
a famous designer like you.
- If that's what you wanna be.
Something tells me you're gonna
do amazing things, Georgia.
Whatever you put
your mind and heart to.
- Okay, my turn.
- What is it?
- I'm gonna build a new barn.
Double decker.
So, upstairs we can have
your office,
where you work
and take your meetings.
Then, downstairs,
we'll have a showroom.
Then, when folks come
and visit the farm,
they'll feel the love that
we put into what we do.
And then, they'll leave with
a Jessica Hilliard original.
I know it's not the fancy shop
on 5th Avenue or--
- It's... better.
- All right, everyone,
time for a family picture.
- Get in here, come on.
- All right, we got 10 seconds.
- That wasn't 10 seconds!
- I know, it was so fast.
- Just, just...