Christmas Reservations (2019) Movie Script

The Treeline Lodge Resort
is nestled in
the Adirondack Mountains.
It is one of a few
family-owned ski resorts
still running.
Legend has it Great-Grandpa
was bathing in a river,
much to the relief
of his family,
when he found
a rare gold nugget,
which he used to buy up
the land and the mountain.
He built the first part of
the lodge himself from timber.
In truth, Grandma did most
of the work.
He opened the ski lodge
in 1936.
Why? He missed skiing
and sledding.
He was Norwegian.
I know all of this,
because my family
owns the lodge.
It's been passed down
generation to generation,
each year getting
a little older.
Anyone who ever stays
at the Treeline Resort
will tell you
it's always been special.
All kinds of people
meet here.
It's where my mom and dad met.
It's where they got married.
I was actually born here.
Now I work as the events
coordinator with my dad.
I help him manage the lodge.
Welcome to the Treeline.
Do you have a reservation?
How may I help you?
And some people, like me,
have other reservations.
Reservations about love.
I checked out of that room
a long time ago
and somehow lost the key.
We made it!
Winners have arrived.
Oh, Tay-Tay,
look at those slopes.
Yeah, I'll be looking at them
from the lodge,
because as you know,
I don't ski.
Yeah, so you relax,
I'll ski,
we'll both have a great time.
You're standing
in the middle of the road.
If we're going
to get run over,
let the snowboarders
do it.
Enjoy your stay.
We're all booked up, sir.
I'm sorry.
I'm not sorry at all.
We are sold out.
And my new Room Reserve
software is doing great.
Told you it was worth it.
I'm so excited
that Duffy Johnson
is coming back.
I remember his silver run
at Calgary.
You know where
he learned to ski?
Right here on our mountain.
The prodigal son returning.
I can't wait till he gets here.
Oh, well he got here
He's probably out
on the mountain right now.
I mean, skiing is my life,
Going down the mountain,
that is the life
rushing at you.
Boom, boom, boom.
You can't be afraid
of the twists and turns
and the gnarly moguls.
You just got to power through.
You got to enjoy the ride.
You got to enjoy the ride.
Well, it's been great
talking to you.
I've always been
a good listener.
See you on the slopes.
Are you going to make
the trees tonight?
I'll check us in.
- Okay.
- Hello. Welcome.
- Hi.
How can I help you?
- I'm Kay Griffin, checking in.
- Okay. Okay, Kay?
- Yes.
Welcome to the Treeline.
I'm Tom, the hotel manager.
Oh, hi. I'm Tay.
Nice to meet you.
This tree is beautiful.
Is it a balsam fir?
It is, in fact,
a balsam.
Scientific name:
Abies balsamea.
It's one of my favorite
Curious fact: most conifers
are evergreens, but not...
Not all evergreens
are conifers.
Conifers. Exactly.
I won the package
on Winner Winner.
Oh, I love that game show...
oh, you were the one
that jumped in the ball pit
with the kids.
That was amazing.
- Yeah.
I don't mean to babble.
If there is anything
you need
while you're here,
let me know.
Maybe a little hot water.
Oh, we have it
in every room.
Replaced the water heater
last summer.
It set us back a little,
but that's to be expected.
I meant for tea.
Of course.
It's over there.
I'll show you.
- Oh, thanks.
These are our
signature teas.
We have sugar cookie
sleigh ride,
snow day,
a sugar plum spice,
candy cane lane,
and cranberry vanilla
I think I'm babbling again.
- Oh, no, I don't mind.
You have a very nice voice.
Oh, well...
Hey, let's move that bottom.
I got to hit the slopes.
I'm sorry.
It was so nice to meet you.
Hey, looks like
you met somebody.
We were just talking.
Yeah, well,
that's how it starts, sis.
Dadi, it's beautiful.
- Preena, it's freezing.
- I'm fine.
Looks just like the picture.
This is not a college.
They have a ski school here.
Preena, you told me we were
visiting another college.
No college is open, Dadi.
We are going to experience
a nice American Christmas.
We should have gone back
to India.
It'll be fun.
Do you really want
to fly back 17 hours to India,
then fly back
a week later?
Pass me
the heavy ones, son.
Oh, I got the bags.
Mom, why don't you and Dad
head inside and check in.
Thank you, Leo.
Stay here.
I'll get someone
to help with the luggage.
Can you help
with the luggage?
Do you go
to Dartmouth?
Yeah, I'm a freshman.
That's at the top
of my list.
I'm here because I'm touring
colleges with my grandmother.
I'd love to talk with you
about it.
You want to talk to me?
this boy goes to Dartmouth.
It's one of the colleges
on my list.
- Load the bags.
- Yes, ma'am.
Oh, hi.
Welcome to the Treeline.
How can I help you?
Well, you can help me
by telling my granddaughter
to stay home
and not come to America
for her education.
Maybe we can talk
later about Dartmouth.
Give me the inside scoop.
- Let's meet at Trivia.
- Trivia?
Christmas Trivia.
It's an online brochure.
Don't you know
about your own activities?
Oh, that Trivia. Sure.
Unless you have to work.
Yes, work.
More hip, less lip.
- I want a Lab.
- A poodle.
Hey, Dad?
Yes, Miles.
Since our birthdays
are coming up,
we thought we could have more
responsibilities with a dog.
Aviana, the problem is,
I'm going to be turning
the big 4-0, and I don't want
to be chasing a dog
all over the place,
so we are not getting a dog.
I will think about it.
Are you done
thinking about it?
No, not yet.
- Well, hurry up.
- Hey.
Come on, Dad.
Think faster.
I'm trying, I'm trying.
Here comes the valet. Hold on.
What about the dog?
Hold on a second.
I'm thinking about
something else.
Hey, how much snow
do you get here a year?
Uh, I don't know.
Sure do get a lot
of sunlight.
What's the average
Fill it up.
For you.
Come on, kids.
Thank you.
Hey, Dad, did you remember
to confirm the Santa Claus
to ski down the mountain
on Christmas Eve?
How could I forget
a thing like that?
Oh, no. No.
Room Reserve
is crashing.
Don't worry...
The screen is frozen.
I have a backup.
Unlimited hard drive,
infinite memory.
No password required.
Okay, well, you continue to
check the guests in old-school,
I'm going to go to the office
and see if I can reboot it.
Hello, and welcome...
Paper. Do you have
any paper?
Do you mind?
Well, be my guest,
which you are.
- Does that look right to you?
- I'm not sure what that is.
It's thermoelectric.
Snow power's go power.
I'm into renewable energy.
Kevin Portillo checking in.
You have my register book.
Yes, well, you're Room 345.
Just my kids, which...?
- Come on. Give it to me.
- Let me see.
- Oh, great. Thank you.
- Room 345.
And you have my...
Kids. Hey.
You wrote on the back
of next December.
Daddy, are you okay?
I'm okay.
I think.
We'll just put...
You don't need
to help him.
That is his job.
So I'll see you later?
Yeah, sure.
Thank you.
It's not enough?
Leo, your father
wants to go skiing.
Right there, Mom.
You don't work here?
Uh, no, I just wanted
to help.
Why are you smiling?
He's cute.
And he goes to Dartmouth.
We're going to meet him
at trivia.
Oh, this was a mistake.
Come on, wake up.
Come on.
Holly, you okay?
I'm okay, I think.
Who just checked in?
I'll have to check
my database.
Kevin Portillo is here.
Who's Kevin Portillo?
Daddy, look at all the
Christmas things we get to do.
That's great.
I got one for you too. Here.
Thank you.
Okay, I'm going
to put it on.
It looks great on you.
Thank you.
We're going to have
so much fun.
Are you sure you don't want
to hit the slopes?
You can take a lesson.
Nah. I'm good.
I think I'm just going
to take a shower
and go sit down
by the fireplace and read.
Enjoy your skiing.
Oh, I will.
Hi. This is Tay Griffin
for Dr. Fulichen.
Oh. Oh, she's not in. Okay.
All right, yeah,
I'll call back later.
Seven days of Christmas.
This is so exciting.
They do everything here.
Dadi, look,
there's a snowman contest,
Build a gingerbread house.
Santa skis down the mountain
on Christmas Eve.
I know you didn't want
to come here,
but look how much fun
it's going to be.
What is this?
That's my bathing suit.
Did you leave
the rest of it in India?
We're not in India.
We shouldn't even be here.
I told your father
I had reservations
about bringing you here.
I'm going to college here.
That is what I want.
Let's embrace
American traditions.
Oh, this was a mistake.
You two are very quiet.
We didn't want to disturb you
when you were thinking.
You know, about the...
Oh, yes, yes, yes.
Hmm, I have given that
some thought.
So you both know how to speak
Spanish with your abuela.
You both know how
to speak English, obviously.
So I think that it's important
that you both know
how to speak dog
before we can get a dog.
For example,
what does this mean?
You're hungry.
You want to play ball.
No. Sorry.
That meant I needed to go
for a walk.
But you two keep working
on those language skills, okay?
Hold on.
I heard that.
You're angry.
See? We can speak dog.
Have a great day, guys.
I saw you shredding
on Eagle's Nest.
You really look like
you own that run.
Duffy Johnson.
I recognize you.
Wow. How are you, silver boy?
That's right.
That's right, silver,
'88, Calgary.
I'm not saying I set
the world record
or anything, but...
Yeah, 'cause then
you would have won the gold.
Besides, I was just
talking about your beard.
Not by choice.
After my husband passed,
I just couldn't find a guy
who could keep up with me.
I was talking about
the ski lift line,
but that's good to know.
Hey, what's your name?
See you on the slopes!
That's a funny name.
Hey, Dad. I got here early
and started setting up.
I'll do the trivia
and you do the s'mores, Dad.
You still burn
the marshmallows?
Hello, Holly.
Hello, Kevin.
How are you?
I'm good. You?
Doing okay.
I never thought
I'd see you again.
Neither did I.
I mean, last I heard
you were working at
the Marriott on Marco Island.
I had no idea
you were working here.
Well, I came up here
to help my dad run the place
when my mom died.
It's been eight years.
Never left.
So sorry.
I didn't know.
Yeah, well, we haven't really
spoken much since college.
I tried to find you online.
You have zero social media
Yeah, well, the Wi-Fi here
is really bad
I've got to finish
setting up, so...
Well, here,
let me help you.
No, no, no.
I can't let you do that.
You're a guest,
you know?
You know, what if
I accidentally
drop a table
on your head?
Now that's the Holly
I remember.
I think I'll take my chances
with her. Come on.
Did you hear that?
Something's over there.
Did you see that reindeer?
That wasn't a reindeer.
It was a dog.
With a stick.
Our dog.
Santa must have
brought it early.
So, last time
we saw each other...?
May 12, 2002.
Seen anyone
from school?
Not really. You?
Went to a few reunions.
Oh, I went to the tenth.
I missed that one.
That was when
my wife died.
Oh, I'm so sorry.
I had no idea.
It was six months
after our son was born.
The only mother
they know is me.
I don't make them
clean their rooms.
They have no set bedtimes.
And they have to eat
what I like, which is great,
because I make the best
huevos rancheros.
So you live nearby?
Yeah, down the hall.
Room 111.
With your husband?
So tell me more
about your kids.
Oh, my kids.
Where did they go?
I told them not
to go outside.
How old are they?
11 and 12.
They're outside.
Come on.
Aviana? Miles?
Aviana? Miles?
Don't tell Dad
about the dog.
We stick to the plan.
- Business as usual.
You know, I can't believe
you lost your kids.
I didn't lose them.
They're probably
hiding somewhere.
This is like that time
we went camping
and you lost the keys,
and then we got stuck
out there.
Okay, I can admit this now.
The keys weren't really lost.
I was just trying to spend
more time with you.
What? You made us walk
five miles to the nearest
service station.
That was so sweet.
I'm really happy
to see you.
Oh, no.
Quick, now.
Oh, you...
Hey, I could use
a little help here.
Yeah, no,
I'm on their side.
Oh, you did not.
Okay, okay, okay.
Aviana, Miles, come here.
This is my friend, Holly.
We went to college together.
Nice to meet you guys.
I'm starting to get
these weather advisories.
Winter Storm Megan
is on its way.
Oh, that's nice.
Not if three feet of snow
close our roads.
Sorry, Dad.
I have a lot on my mind.
I can be a pretty good
listener if you want to dish.
Don't say "dish", Dad.
I'm all yours.
You know that guest
that came in with his kids?
Kevin Portillo?
- Mm.
Well, he and I used to know
each other in college.
So you guys were buddies?
We were a bit more
than buddies.
You must be happy
to see him.
No! I mean, yes.
I don't know.
What happened between
you two?
And that is the ultimate
trivia question.
Oh, which I have
to get ready for.
My granddaughter would
like to talk to you
about your Dartmouth shirt.
Give me your phone number
so we can meet up...
to talk about college.
You can text me
for the meet-up.
- Yeah... yes, right.
- Right?
Because I've already
read a whole book.
Duffy Johnson.
Tom Anderson.
Welcome back to the Treeline.
You might not know this,
but my grandfather gave you
your first lesson.
We were in ski school together.
You dropped out
and went to the Olympics
and, well, I didn't.
Yeah, good for you.
I got it.
Hey, Tim...
- Tom.
Tom, Tom, Tommy.
Listen, you see
that woman over there?
- Which one?
- The hot one.
- Oh, yeah? Tom.
- Tommy, you know, the manager.
Tommy, I need you
to be my wingman.
I want to go over there
and sit with her,
but she's with
her sister.
That's where you
come in.
I met her sister earlier.
I'll be your wingman
if you play Santa Claus
on Christmas Eve
and ski down
the mountain
with a bag full of presents.
The guests would love it.
I forgot
to hire a Santa.
Whatever. Deal.
Let's do it.
All right.
Thank you.
Hello, nice to...
nice to see you again, Tay.
I love your matching sweaters.
Oh, thank you.
My sister Kay
got these for us.
Pleasure, Kay.
your name...
is Kay.
It's so nice
to see you again.
I hope you don't mind
our joining you.
Oh, no.
Of course not.
More, the merrier.
Oh, great.
Right, Kay?
I just love
how you've decorated.
I think I counted
25 nutcrackers in this room.
Uh-uh, 26.
Kay, Kay, Kay, Kay
I didn't even
put up a tree this year.
It doesn't feel right
not being at home.
Well, I live here,
so I guess you're spending
Christmas at my home.
I usually go all out
at Christmas.
My niece and nephews
love it.
Let me guess:
real tree,
no lights,
handcrafted ornaments,
and... an angel on top.
You know me so well.
And we just met.
You know all those
"make this the best
Christmas ever" magazines
they sell by the checkout
at the supermarket?
I love those.
We need a 12-step program.
Hey, guys, are you
ready for trivia?
Our dad's really
good at it.
Oh, she knows. I used to beat
her all the time
in Trivial Pursuit.
Got some Christmas
trivia questions?
Bring them on.
Oh, I'm bringing them.
That's good.
She's going to lose.
You guys can sit
right there.
Welcome, ladies and gentlemen,
to Christmas Trivia.
Are you ready to rumble?
all: Whoo!
Okay, all right, so each
question is worth ten points.
The first person
to get ten right wins.
So just make sure you ring
your little
Christmas bell, okay?
All right, here we go.
When was the first
Christmas card sent,
and who designed it?
The first Christmas card
was sent in 1843,
and was designed
by John Horsley.
How do you say
"Merry Christmas" in Spanish?
Feliz Navidad.
Who invented
Christmas lights?
Thomas Edison, 1880.
In the song
"Frosty the Snowman,"
what made Frosty
come to life?
An old silk hat.
- In the New York Sun...
- Charles Dickens.
- In 1858...
- Dancer, Dasher, Prancer,
Vixen, Comet, Cupid,
Donner, Blitzen.
He hasn't missed one yet.
- She's setting him up.
- Mm-hmm.
What country began
the tradition
of kissing under the mistletoe?
England, and mistletoe
is actually a parasitic plant.
It grows as a parasite
on the branches of trees,
and its berries
are poisonous.
Ten points
for the correct answer,
loss of 20 points
for the "parasitic plant" part.
- What?
- This Christmas villain
lived in the mountains
above Whoville.
- Did he say Bigfoot?
- Grinch.
You know, you're not
going to stump me.
Give me something hard.
In what country
did "Silent Night" originate?
The French word noel
is often used
around Christmas,
but what is its original
meaning in Latin?
Who is the most famous
reindeer of all?
- Rudolph.
- Who sang the original song,
"Rudolph the Red-Nosed
- Gene Autry.
- In what year?
- 1949.
- Why did we ever break up?
That's not
a Christmas question.
Um, and that...
that concludes
our Christmas trivia.
Holly, what was that
Christmas trivia about?
I don't know.
You know, I thought I was
over him.
Who is he?
He's the one
who got away.
Wow, that was some
trivia contest.
Are you okay?
I thought I was over her.
Who was she?
The one who got away.
My map and the leftovers
will lead the dog right to us.
Maybe we should have made
the path more direct.
Then we can sneak
the dog in.
Sounds like a plan.
I knew it would work!
Come on, boy.
Come on.
Come on, boy.
What is this puzzle?
Oh, it's for the guests.
Sit down, make some new friends
and try to figure out
the puzzle together.
It's supposed to be fun.
I'll let you know
if it's fun.
You stumped that man.
Good for you.
Hard man to stump.
Smart man, like you.
We went to college together.
Where did you go to college?
Not on our list.
I wanted to see
if we might get a coffee.
Both my kids
are in ski school.
I'd like to talk
about last night.
I can't right now.
I'm waiting to talk
to technical support.
I'm actually pretty good
at that kind of stuff.
Mind if I give it a shot?
Well, be my guest.
Technically, I am.
Let's see.
- Oh.
What are you doing?
You asked me to help.
- Sorry.
Guess who's been
in the office for 30 minutes.
That smiley lady
who runs the place,
and that smart, handsome,
absentminded professor.
They're a puzzle to me,
but I'll figure it out.
I'm sure you will.
It's very cold here.
This was a mistake to come.
My sister says
if you sit in the Jacuzzi
for seven minutes,
it'll warm your blood
and you'll be warm
for the rest of the time.
Oh. Okay.
I'll try that.
Do it.
I love him.
Dad said we can't
have a dog.
We could get
in trouble.
He never said we can't have
one of Santa's reindeers.
And you're all up
and running.
It all looks good.
So... about last night.
I'm so sorry
I said that.
I forgot my microphone
was on.
It's okay.
We should be able
to talk about it.
I thought about this.
I think we broke up
with each other.
It's not like you
broke up with me,
or I broke up with you,
or whatever.
Yeah, it's just all so sudden
seeing you again.
You know,
it's bringing up memories,
things I haven't thought about
in a long time.
I feel the same way...
Oh, our yearbook.
You have been looking
at my senior class photo.
Well, no. I mean, how do you
know I wasn't looking at...
David Poe?
Okay, you got me.
I wanted to see
if you had changed.
And have I?
- Yes.
- Hmm.
But you still look good.
Well, so do you.
Hey, do you still
take pictures?
No, no, not in years.
I just... I don't have the time.
That's too bad.
You had a really good eye.
Hmm. Thanks.
You know, I always
thought it was weird
that people would sign
yearbooks in high school,
but they wouldn't
do it in college.
You know I got a C
in Spanish.
Oh, I know.
Say cheese.
All right, you guys.
Why don't you come help us?
And I think I know
the perfect scarf.
Whoa, I like that.
- Let's go, orange.
- Let's go, orange.
Let's go, orange.
Did you date Holly in college?
Just for one week.
When did you realize
you liked her?
Well, I always liked her.
But you know who really
liked her?
Your abuelita.
I mean, after our graduation,
she couldn't stop
talking about her.
Well, maybe you should have
listened to your mother.
Is that why we came
to the Treeline?
So you can visit
your old friend Holly?
You know what, Miles?
That is a very good question.
Why did you come
to the Treeline?
I never expected
you'd be here.
But I'm glad you are.
May I have your attention,
I have never before seen
such an impressive display
of snowmen.
And snow-women.
I have to declare you all
So check in your snowman's hat
for your prize.
Merry Christmas.
A gift certificate
to the souvenir shop.
That's great.
A ski lesson
with a pro!
A romantic Dickens
Christmas dinner for two
by the fireplace?
Don't worry, I'll make sure
it's for all three of you.
No, no, no.
You can join us.
Oh, no,
I can't do that.
I work here.
I'm not a guest.
you are a guest.
You stay in one
of the hotel rooms.
You two go.
Merry Christmas.
It's our present.
You are in
the hospitality business.
Forcing your guest
to eat alone
would be very
It's a date.
You got to admit,
Duffy Johnson was something
special back in 1988.
Now he's just a local hero,
hanging around.
Acts like he's this big thing,
and he only won the bronze.
I won the silver.
The silver.
Like my beard.
Maybe your girlfriend
would like a sweatshirt.
What size is she?
He doesn't have
a girlfriend.
- Well...
- It's okay
that you don't
have a girlfriend.
Not in college.
You need to study.
Dadi, look.
You shake it
and the snow falls.
The snow is nice
if it stays here.
I want to try out
the Jacuzzi.
I've never been
in one before.
Give me your phone.
Yeah, here.
I'll text you.
We'll meet there.
Great seeing you out here.
Let's see what you got.
Oh, no, I'm waiting
for the instructor.
I won a private
with a pro.
Well, you're looking at him.
I found out you won,
so I made a little deal
with the resort.
Who knows?
Might be my second career.
Let's see what you got first.
Oh, you ready for this?
This is a long way
from the dining hall.
Reminds me
of your Kappa formal.
You went with that Chris guy
from the yearbook committee.
No, I went with Derek.
And you went with Liz,
my roommate.
Why did we always go out
with each other's friends
but never each other?
We did go on that one date.
- We did?
- Yeah. We went river rafting.
We sat in the same boat?
That wasn't a date.
But you had your arms
around me.
I was petrified of drowning.
You forgot your prize.
No, Kay won a lesson
with a pro,
but I didn't win anything.
Oh, yes, you did.
What is it?
Now you can decorate
like at home.
Oh, only if you help.
It's beautiful.
Oh, my late wife
made those.
We used to run
the lodge together.
Well, truth is,
she mostly ran the lodge,
and I did whatever she said.
She was a force of nature.
More than any other holiday,
she loved Christmas.
It was her favorite
time of year.
She would start decorating
in mid-November.
Our daughter Holly
was almost a Christmas baby,
but she came two weeks...
two weeks early.
I'm babbling again.
No, I like your babbling.
It's nice to have
someone here.
I usually decorate alone.
Always alone?
Yeah, well, it never really
worked out for me.
I wanted to have children,
but I never did.
But I am a great aunt.
And I've taught a lot of kids
how to play the piano.
Okay... angel? Star?
Definitely an angel.
Got it.
Let's see if I can...
No, I got it, I got it.
- Sorry.
- Got it.
Thank you. Thank you.
where do you stand
on stringing popcorn?
Favorite college memory?
Oh, that's easy. Senior week.
Why did we wait so long?
I mean, we flirted
with each other for years.
That was a pretty great week.
Kind of like this week.
I love this show.
I never expected
to feel like this again.
I'm feeling oddly warm
and fuzzy around you too.
Do you...?
Oh, no. I'm late.
Where do you stand
on Charles Dickens?
Mm. Figgy pudding is awful.
You can have mine.
No. Have mine.
So, why don't you come to this
every year?
"Marley was dead
to begin with."
Is that your dad?
Every year he dresses
as Charles Dickens
and reads "A Christmas Carol."
That's fantastic.
"The undertaker
and the chief mourner.
Scrooge signed it."
Well, Miles and Aviana
are very sweet.
You ever think about
leaving the Treeline?
Every year
I apply for jobs.
I get them,
and then I turn them down.
I just... I can't
leave my dad.
You know, I just worry
about him being alone.
Hmm. Family first.
When my wife died,
I got this great
work opportunity.
But it was out of town,
so I couldn't take it.
I needed the kids to be close
to their grandparents.
So I started my own company,
and now I am stuck
with a business partner
who keeps trying
to buy me out.
Family first.
Family first.
We still have
a lot in common.
Hey, since Miles and
Aviana will be in ski school,
what do you say
we hit the slopes
and I finally teach you
how to ski?
So it's a date.
Well, a planned event
we'll be at together.
A date.
You were really good.
No, you were.
You really were.
I love "A Christmas Carol."
Always touches me.
What is that line
about laughter?
"There's nothing in the world
so irresistibly contagious
as laughter and good humor."
That's it, yeah.
Wish I had a little
more of that.
I've always had such
reservations about my life.
I can help you with that.
I do work at a hotel,
and I am very good
at canceling reservations.
Well, I'd like that.
I'll see you
in the morning.
I look forward to that.
I brought something.
- Oh.
- Told my Dadi
I was going to look at classes
could take at Dartmouth.
In the Jacuzzi?
I never told her
where I was looking.
- Right.
- What's your major?
Dad wants me to go
for engineering.
My dad wants me
to be a lawyer.
My mom's a lawyer.
Smart family.
I want to be a scientist.
Are you good at chemistry?
Ooh, it's...
it's a little
hot in here.
It's Dadi.
If she catches me
in here with you,
she's gonna tell my dad
and then he's never let me
go to college in America.
Get out!
- It's freezing!
- Go!
Hi, Dadi.
What are you doing here?
The tea lady said
if I put my feet
in the water,
I will feel warmer
for a week.
This was a mistake.
Are your hands cold?
Here, boy!
What is that?
It's a reindeer.
No more Jacuzzi for you.
Oh, I like this class.
Dadi, can't we just
enjoy Christmas?
Oh, please.
American holidays
are always overblown.
Santa Claus, Rudolph and his...
Preena, look.
It's a reindeer.
Front desk.
No, sir, there is no reindeer
in the hotel.
Yeah, mm-hmm.
Hot chocolate.
Yes, right this way.
Follow me.
It's beginning to look
a lot like Christmas.
I am so glad we came here.
I love the snow!
I know.
It's going to be perfect!
You're making dog bones?
No, they're for
Santa's reindeer.
Santa's reindeer?
I saw Santa's reindeer.
He was outside,
by the Jacuzzi.
put the icing under
the foundation walls.
Use the candy canes
as support beams.
Leo, I need gummy bears
for insulation.
Okay. Yeah. Here.
Do you like the windows here?
Good idea.
And over here,
we have the triple-car garage
and your electric
charging station.
I like that.
Yeah, and here is your
photography studio.
- You built that for me?
- Said you always wanted one.
Oh, good morning.
- I brought you some tea.
- Oh. Thanks.
I've got to grab something
from the office.
Holly's not here
this morning.
Cover for me?
Okay, so french fries
to go forward,
pizza to stop.
French fries going forward,
pizza to stop.
You're making me
very hungry.
You could always
make me laugh.
Could I?
All right, let's do this.
Follow me and do what I do.
- Okay.
French fries?
No, no. French fries,
then pizza.
- Hi, Dad.
- Looking good.
Ha! Yeah, you too.
Hello, Treeline.
May I help you?
Do you have
a reservation?
And your name?
- That was fun.
- Yeah?
You look good out there.
Oh, yeah.
So, what are your plans
after Christmas?
Well, I'm going to take down
the Christmas decorations.
No, seriously.
Your plans?
You know, I'm going to stay
at the lodge and help Dad.
I can see why you never
want to leave here.
It's pretty beautiful.
- Whoa.
- Just relax.
It's going to be okay.
- You sure?
Yeah, chairlifts do this
all the time.
If you had a wind turbine
powering these lifts,
you would save a fortune
on your energy costs.
And you'd be helping
the environment.
- Renewable energy.
- Mm-hmm.
So how's the company going?
I'm thinking
about taking a buyout
and starting over.
Starting over
is a good thing.
- Oh, hold on.
- Okay.
You know dogs aren't allowed
at the lodge, right?
He's not mine.
The kids found him
and have been hiding him
in their room.
They didn't want me to know.
Well, they're very cute
and very creative.
So are you going
to turn us in?
Lodge policy
is no dogs or cats.
Nothing about reindeer.
So, where did they
get the reindeer?
I tracked down
the owners.
Older couple.
They didn't even realize
he'd gotten out.
They couldn't take care
of him anymore.
They were going
to put him in a kennel.
Are you going to bring him
back to the kennel?
I don't know.
I don't know what's going
to happen to him.
Or to us.
Being with you again
feels like no time has passed.
Yeah, it's like
we're back in college.
We did it again.
Just like senior week.
- Hanging out.
- Dinners.
Staying up all night.
Watching the sunrise.
We're really good
at falling in love, aren't we?
We're kind of great at it.
So, what do we do now?
We're never going
to finish this thing.
Maybe we'll
surprise ourselves.
That's the house.
- Hey.
- Hey, Santa.
You want me to carry that?
I'm an elf.
I'm supposed to help Santa.
Well, that's very sweet.
but this Santa
doesn't need your help.
He'll carry the sack.
Duffy, what happened?
He was showing off.
No, I was not
showing off... ow!
Okay, okay, maybe I was
just a little.
Could you get Santa
a hot cocoa?
All I want for Christmas is
for Dadi to be okay
when I go away to college.
That's an honorable wish.
You got it.
Dadi, what did you
ask for?
That is my
Christmas secret.
If I tell you,
it won't happen.
All I wish for Christmas
is Preena.
Dude, you got
to quit wishing.
Santa didn't get Mrs. Claus
by wishing.
Put the hammer down.
All I want for Christmas
is to get some good news.
Really soon.
A dog that I can keep.
I already got
my Christmas wish.
I wanted Santa to help my dad
fall in love again,
and find someone
who will make him happy.
And he did.
That's great,
honey, that's great.
Dadi's working
on the puzzle.
She's made it her mission
to finish it.
I'm glad you got
my message.
How could I turn down a date
with a cute American boy?
Let me show you
how to make a s'more.
Just get it into the...
no, okay, you got to be careful
not to burn the marshmallow.
Get it to a nice
golden brown.
Like this?
That's perfect.
I'm going
to make a call.
Be right back.
Hi, this is Tay Griffin
returning Dr. Fulichen's call.
I'm sorry, but Dr. Fulichen
has gone home for the day.
Okay. I'll call her back.
Are you okay?
I'm not.
I can't do this.
I have to be honest.
I might not be well.
I-I can't get involved.
I can't do that to you.
You've been through this
once already.
Why did you keep
a secret from me?
I had such reservations
about telling you
because I didn't want
to spoil your vacation.
I'm so scared.
I'm here for you.
I know. Thank you.
Melancholy song, yeah.
Hmm, that is not dancing.
In Bollywood,
we know dancing.
What are we thinking?
I don't know.
This is dancing.
No thinking.
- Good idea.
- Okay.
Don't leave me.
Not even for an hour.
Because then the little
drops of anguish
will all run together.
Your Spanish
has really improved.
Well, I love Pablo Neruda.
Me too.
You know, I never thought
I'd find the one who got away.
Oh, well...
But now,
the day after Christmas,
the one who got away
is going away again.
We can make this work.
We both know we can't.
And I can't
leave my dad.
And you are a great father.
You know you can't
uproot your kids.
is this really over?
Miles, grab him.
Look out.
Whoa! Oh! Ha-ha!
Hey! Hey, what's going on?
- Here, boy.
- Come on.
Hey! No dogs allowed.
Come on, kids.
Come on.
No dogs allowed.
Easy, Prancer.
You guys.
Where were you?
I was with Leo,
making s'mores.
I called you.
The reindeer got loose.
I left my phone in the room.
I was so worried.
I was only gone an hour.
Coming to America,
wanting to go to school here...
oh, this is a mistake.
Dadi, it's okay.
I'm going to be fine here.
I'll miss you too.
I will miss you more.
You can visit me
as often as you like.
And even though
we'll be far apart,
you'll always be in here.
Yeah. Oh.
You are such a good girl.
And you'll always call me?
Every Sunday.
Do you feel better?
A little bit.
What's a s'more?
Mm, it's very good.
Do you want to watch
a Christmas movie?
Not tonight.
We need to go to bed.
Santa Claus is coming.
I'll tell you...
I came back here...
because this is where
it all began.
This is where the silver
was forged.
This is where
I learned to ski.
It's like my fountain of youth.
I'm going to tell you
But you have to promise
never to tell another soul.
Right now...
I don't even care
about skiing.
I never thought
I could love anyone...
but me.
She never reveals herself.
I don't even know
if she likes me.
What do you think?
You might be right.
You might be right.
What are you doing?
Just eating my dreams.
I got us some peppermint candy
Christmas ice cream.
Oh, you are
the best dad ever.
After you.
- Hmm?
- Mm-hmm.
Holly...'s been a long time.
since your mom's gone.
I'd forgotten
what love feels like.
But I see Tay,
I remember.
I remember how much
I love love.
I love love too.
But Kevin is going
back to Buffalo.
The heat is out.
Oh, thank you.
I should have
told you.
I'm sorry.
I am always going
to be here for you,
no matter what.
You're my sister.
You're my best friend.
We'll get through
this together.
Yeah. Okay.
I'll get that.
I wanted to make sure
you-you two were warm.
We're working on
getting the heat fixed.
Oh, thank you. Thank you.
Are you feeling okay?
Yeah. Yeah, I'm fine.
I feel okay.
I'm feeling much warmer now.
Thank you for taking care
of us.
Hey. Are the kids okay?
But it's freezing
in the room.
Yeah, it's freezing
The furnace is broken.
Maybe I can fix it.
Yeah, well,
my dad's in the basement.
"Did you make
your decision yet?"
Well, the igniter
seems to be rusted.
Might be able
to clean it off.
Oh, let's see.
Yeah, here you go.
So hard to keep
this place running.
Furnace. Ski lifts.
Want to buy a ski resort?
Treeline's packed.
You must be doing well.
Oh, it makes enough each year
to stay open, with repairs.
I've had offers.
Never wanted
to give it up.
This might be the last year
to try to keep things going.
I love it here.
Treeline is a special place.
- How's it going?
- I'll get it clean.
But it might be time
to replace this thing.
My great-grandfather
found a golden nugget
to start this place.
I need a gold nugget
to keep it going.
Ah, it'll work out.
How do you know?
My wife always
used to tell me
you shouldn't
overthink things.
You can't go through life
with all these reservations.
You have to cancel them.
I have reservations about
being a good dad right now.
Hmm! We all do.
They say you're only as happy
as your most unhappy child.
Life isn't happy
all the time.
Everyone needs to know that.
Especially dads.
My kids are about
to become teenagers.
Good kids.
I hope.
I'm worried about holding on
to a business
I'm not sure I even want.
All right,
let's give it a try.
If you can fix that,
you can probably fix anything.
Not sure about that.
But when you do
replace this thing...
maybe try solar.
I don't think
I get enough sun.
But I do know I get
enough snow.
Wish the furnace
could run on that.
- Thanks again.
- Merry Christmas.
Stay here.
I want to give you something.
Don't think you're getting
away that easily.
We fixed the furnace.
Thank you.
The old lodge
is showing signs of age.
Hmm. I don't see any.
I think it's lovely as is.
Oh, you...
you left your phone here.
You got a text
from someone named Maggie.
- Oh.
- Hey, Merry Christmas, friend.
Here you are,
your very own reindeer.
- Merry Christmas.
- Merry Christmas.
Come on.
Kids are going to love you.
I had a nice chat with Kevin.
Apart from being
an excellent repairman,
he seems a very thoughtful guy,
good dad...
and I can see
you two together.
Dad, please don't get
involved in my love life.
Oh, no.
The band we hired
for Christmas can't make it.
Their flight was canceled
because of Winter Storm Megan.
Oh, boy.
You're up late.
Couldn't sleep.
Me neither.
The s'mores.
Come on.
There's a piece missing.
We can't finish it.
Look under the table.
It's not there.
It's not anywhere. It's lost.
Just because
something is missing,
it doesn't mean
it's lost.
One day, you might find it.
And then everything will fit
the way it should.
Merry Christmas,
Merry Christmas, Dadi.
Just in case
things work out.
You and Leo could
have matching outfits.
Dadi. I'm not going
to pick a college
just because of a boy I met.
But it is a good school,
and Leo is nice.
I like Ivy League boys.
But next time he's running away
from the Jacuzzi,
tell him to put a robe on.
You saw?
Oh, Dadi. Thank you.
I have something for you too.
- Oh.
I'll never forget our week
here at the Treeline.
You made this all happen.
This is what
I asked Santa for.
That man delivers.
Leo. Merry Christmas.
Dadi likes you.
That's so great.
Those marshmallows
are so stale.
Give me one.
Thank you.
Thank you.
And I have
something for you.
- Daddy!
- Daddy!
Merry Christmas.
Oh, and he told me he doesn't
want to be a reindeer anymore.
He wants to be a dog.
And he likes the name Teddy.
That's a great name!
I know. And you get
to keep him.
I got to take this.
Can we please, please,
please open gifts now?
Okay, you first.
A memento for this Christmas,
so that we always remember it.
Thank you.
Okay, my turn.
I don't think
you have that one.
I don't think
I do either!
- Merry Christmas.
- Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas, everyone.
Merry Christmas.
So unfortunately,
Winter Storm Megan
has kept away the band
that we hired,
so we are going to have
to fend for ourselves.
But we can find
something fun to do.
What can we do? We have
to come up with something.
I got to take this.
Hello? Dr. Fulichen?
Yes, this is she.
Is that good?
That's good, right?
Oh, God. Thank you.
Yes, and Merry Christmas
to you too.
Such good news!
I'm fine!
all: Deck the halls
With boughs of holly
'Tis the season
To be jolly
Don we now
Our gay apparel
Fa-la-la, la-la-la
Troll the ancient
Yuletide carol
I'm so happy for you.
- Oh!
- Uh-oh.
- The lights went out.
- What happened?
Somebody didn't pay
the electric bill.
Merry Christmas, everybody.
Let's dance.
Come on, Leo.
Here, here, take this.
Hey, hey!
Well, that was a very nice
Christmas, Dad.
Did you get
everything you wanted?
Not quite.
Oh, thanks for
the Bollywood dance.
It was fantastic.
- Yeah.
You really saved Christmas.
- You're welcome.
But I have a complaint.
- Happy to help.
- After the dance,
why did you not kiss
that nice young man?
That's your complaint?
I thought maybe the heat
wasn't working again.
Oh, there's heat between
the two of you.
But I don't think
you're feeling it.
We live in two
different worlds, you know?
We live too far apart.
Oh, like Preena and Leo
live in two different worlds?
I wish it was that simple.
What is stopping you
leaving here?
I just... I can't leave my dad.
Your dad is fine.
He's going to end up
with the music teacher.
He stopped being lonely
the moment he met her.
Now it's your turn
to stop being lonely.
I can't just uproot
my whole life.
Don't make excuses
when there aren't any.
Tomorrow, we return
to our lives.
Where will you go?
I'm going to take another one
of these chewy candies.
I very much enjoyed
my stay here.
I rated it on the Internet.
Oh, thank you.
just grab your pink leopard bag
and roll away?
Duffy, thanks for
a great week.
I had a blast.
I thought we had something.
We did! We had fun!
I'd like to come
visit you.
My daughter and my grandkids
live with me.
You're a grandma?
Don't look so surprised.
I came to the Tree...
you're really a grandma?
Look, I came to the Treeline
to say good-bye to my old life.
Try to discover
something new.
And I thought I found that
with you.
I made a pact with myself
to enjoy my life
this past week.
And you were a big part
of that, so thank you.
That's it? A hug?
Wow. Really?
If this is going to work,
hot shot,
you got to keep
your sense of humor.
Get your luggage,
hop on in.
Hi-ho, Silver.
By the way,
that's not funny.
We're going to miss
our flight.
You'll see each other
in the fall.
What if I don't
get into Dartmouth?
Oh, please.
Everything always works out.
Give him a hug good-bye
and let's get going.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
We are checking out.
Good-bye, Aviana.
Bye, Miles.
Maybe we can
come back next year.
I'll be right here.
Go on. Go on.
- Bye.
- Bye.
I forgot to give you this
What is this?
You're firing me?
I'm liberating you.
You can't run this place
by yourself.
He won't be by himself.
He'll have me.
Tay and I talked
about this last night.
She's going to be taking over
as events coordinator.
I want you to live
your life, Holly.
Not mine.
Are you going to be okay?
He'll be fine.
Oh, uh...
- Oh, yeah.
- I found this on the floor.
Don't let the one
who got away once
get away twice.
Tell him how you feel.
When people check out,
sometimes they forget things.
Leave things behind.
My job, my old job,
was to make sure
what they leave behind
finds its way back to them.
- Seat belts?
- Check.
He said yes.
Miles, you learned
how to speak dog?
"Contract signed.
Money transferred.
Great doing business with you,
- What?
- Wait right here.
I forgot something.
- Holly!
Dadi, look, he's going back
for her.
That is a man in love.
Let's go.
Come on, Miles,
let's go get her.
We're coming, Holly.
Hey, wait,
just a second.
There is no way
I'm missing this.
Duffy, come on.
Oh, I wonder
what she'll say.
This is so exciting!
All right, this way.
Let's go.
They're so right
for each other.
Wait a minute!
She went this way.
Come on, come on, come on.
- Let's go, let's go.
Hey. What did you forget?
I came back for you.
I sold my company.
That's who Maggie is.
I just got fired.
You don't work here anymore?
What are you saying?
What are you saying?
Come to Buffalo with me.
I want to come with you.
I want my photo studio
in a solar-powered
gingerbread house in Buffalo,
so I can take pictures
of your two beautiful children,
and always, always
stump you at trivia.
- Oh, yeah?
- Yeah.
All right.
I got a trivia question
for you.
Why did the couple get hitched
on Christmas Eve?
So they could have
a "married" Christmas.
Well, that is the best
trivia question ever.
I know.
And my answer is yes.
As promised,
next December,
back to you.
"Snow power is go power"?
Yeah, I wrote that
when I first got here.
I was thinking about investing
in the Treeline.
I'd like to make a diverse,
sustainable ski lodge.
Solar panels,
snow-driven turbines,
wind power for the ski lifts.
If that's okay with you.
Oh, my.
That's a great idea.
You got everything?
I do now.
Well, I think I'm going
to like my newest employee.
I know.
Oh, hello.
Welcome to the Treeline.