Christmas Rose (2013) Movie Script

As a defense counsel,
I used to help people clear their charges
As a prosecutor,
I can convict real criminals
Winston Zhou
Mr Winston Zhou,
at 18:45
on October 31, 2012,
in Rm 3610 on 36/F
of Chinese Liaison Building,
you were suspected of violating Section 122
of Chapter 200 of the Laws of Hong Kong
by indecently assaulting
a 25-year-old piano teacher Jane Li
How do you plead, guilty or not guilty?
Not guilty
The Reagan Chan
case is as you have expected
He played victim
while duping small shareholders
Many employees lost their jobs as a result
What about Fortune Bank?
I just investigated for you
They deliberately misled
those small customers
into purchasing structured
investment products,
causing great loss to everybody eventually
I'm not going to take the Reagan Chan case
And I won't settle out of court
with Fortune Bank
How come you never accept certain cases?
I won't accept cases I don't believe in
Did you forget
I'm the master of your chambers?
Aren't you supposed to be liable to me?
I'm only liable to my clients
I can't think of
any chambers you can fit in
If our destinations differ,
we go separate ways
You should understand that
Patient Liu Cheng-on
Please go to Chinese Medication Room
to collect your medicine
Dad, what is it about?
Just leave the stuff here
Every time I called you,
you never replied
You could leave a message
I gave you a tie at your graduation
I wonder if it's still there
If there's nothing else, I better get going
But you only just came
Stay a bit longer
If I don't need to be hospitalized regularly,
would you still come visit me?
Ray Hung, the property developer
suspected of sexual assault,
is in court today
Details of the case
will not be made public till after the trial
Why don't you discuss it with Ms Chan?
If this trial continues,
Ms Chan's personal life
will be exposed
If the charge is changed to molestation,
my client will plead guilty immediately
We lawyers should not make
decisions for our clients anyway
Property developer Ray Hung
was in sexual assault again
2 weeks after his release
The victim is the plaintiff
in the molestation case
You told me to reduce his sentence
Now he's not scared
Is there a deal between you lawyers?
Aren't you obligated to protect me?
An attorney merely proposes
what questions
the defense counsel will ask you
You're well aware of my situation
You know how it would ruin me
"Rape Plantiff Commits Suicide"
Don't bring me any fruits next time
I can't eat sweet things because of my illness
All right
Is your dad alright?
Where are you going?
To Beijing
Have you forgotten?
Haven't we agreed already?
I'm taking my students
to Beijing this weekend
We're going back to see my parents
Have I said that?
Tell me, have you forgotten?
Since I've forgotten anyway, just stay
This song, Christmas Rose, is very difficult
Ms Zhao needs to learn it within a short time?
My boyfriend loves the song
I want to give him a surprise at the wedding
Thank you
Ms Li will teach you from now on
Just call me Jane
I'll be much obliged
Thank you
Nurse Lin, sorry for being late today.
Never mind
Doctor Zhou
During my last period,
my tummy hurts
Don't worry. I'll give you a checkup later
The nurse will help you change
Looks like you
prefer this dress to the other one
Let's order this one then
But I've decided to lose weight
You're already very skinny
I just quit Hill's Chambers
But don't worry
Tim, I know your greatest dream
is to open your own chambers
We have savings anyway
Use the cash. We can delay the wedding
If it's not enough, I can borrow from my dad
Opening my chambers or not doesn't matter
I don't want you to worry about my work
Nothing will affect our wedding
I want you to be my happy wife
What happened to you?
Any prescriptions, Nurse Lin?
It's only a checkup today
Thank you
I have to go
Didn't you want to see Tina
at Dr Zhou's place?
I don't want to go
I'm not feeling well.
Let's go back to the shop
Dr Zhou
Ms Law
Didn't we say we would leave together?
It seems that Jane is not feeling well
She wants to go back and rest
Oh, I see
Never mind. I'll give you a lift
Thank you
You are welcome
I've decided to join you
and work for the government
Being a court prosecutor just like me?
I went to the Legal Department
to be a prosecutor
As a defense counsel,
I used to help people clear their charges
As a prosecutor, I can convict real criminals
It suits me better
You still have to take the test this year?
Of course
I'm only one step away from being a lawyer
Good luck! Cheers!
Let me...
Sorry, Dr Zhou
Let me help you
Stay away!
I'll help you
What's with you?
Stay away!
Jane, what happened?
What's going on here?
Nothing, we're fine here
Miss, are you all right?
Should we call an ambulance?
Hello? Speaking...
What's the matter?
I'm Freddy Xue. Just call me Freddy
Winston Zhou
Let's cut to the chase
They will take your statement in a moment
But I want you to remain silent
Let's wait till you're released on bail
We'll have a meeting outside
and we'll give it further thought
We'll then give the police
a full statement, OK?
I'm innocent
I understand
How pretty
Looks better on camera than in real life
there's no direct witness in this case
But since you're Jane Li's employer
and doctor
and your clinic was the alleged crime scene,
the Prosecution
can find lots of evidence of doubt
You're in breach of trust
This sort of cases is usually prejudicial
to men
Mrs Zhou, since your husband is a celebrity,
please be prepared psychologically
Before the court has passed its judgement,
public opinions will have convicted him
This is the social pressure of public opinion
There's one thing that favors you though
In criminal cases,
you are presumed innocent by the law
The burden of proof lies on the prosecution
However, besides the girl in this case,
there was no other eye witness
It's a matter of the court
trusting your testimony
or hers
It's a case of indecent assault.
Can you handle it?
Sure, no problem
It's not complicated
By the way,
the defense counsel
is from Hill's Chambers
Freddy Xue
Do you know
who is the prosecutor for your case?
It's Tim Chen
Freddy Xue
He has a meteoric rise in recent years
He won't take cases that don't make money
He has never lost a single case
His father is some entrepreneur
in the Mainland
So a rich brat like him can be capable too
It's weird you guys never met
Maybe because we wish
to protect different folks
Here's the main point
Besides Winston Zhou's information,
I found out that at the age of 6 of 7,
Jane Li was sent to an orphanage
by her mother
She later had an accident
that crippled her legs
Then she started giving kids piano lessons
And now, yet another atrocity
According to psychologists,
desertion and sexual assault
leave the worst scars
Mr Winston Zhou
at 18:45
on October 31, 2012,
in Rm 3610 on 36/F
of Chinese Liaison Building,
you were suspected of violating Section 122
of Chapter 200 of the Laws of Hong Kong
by indecently assaulting
a 25-year-old piano teacher Jane Li
How do you plead, guilty or not guilty?
Winston Zhou
How do you plead?
Not guilty
Join Tina's birthday party
at our place next week
William has swimming lessons on Sundays
Oh, I see
Shirley has painting lessons
Never mind. I've written the invites anyway
Thank you
I'll give them to you first
Thank you, so beautiful
Yes, it's so delicate and beautiful
The show starts now
OK! That's it for today's rehearsal
Let's do it again next week!
Say goodbye to your teacher
Mrs Zhou, there are reporters outside
Mrs Zhou,
do you believe Mr Zhou is innocent?
Mrs Zhou, do you believe...
Say a few words!
Little girl, has your dad and Ms Li
done anything irregular?
Hey! You're too much! Get out of our way!
Mrs Zhou...
Mrs Zhou, say a few words
Ms Li is here!
Make way please!
First Trial
Hi, Tim! I've heard so much about you
I'm Freddy
Nice to meet you
Nice to meet you
I've heard so much about you
I feel as if we've known each other for ages
Is that so?
I know your dad
was a famous prosecutor too
I've studied many of his cases
He was my idol at school
I'm so glad I can go
to trial against his son today
Pleased to meet you
Your Honor,
the Prosecution calls
as witness Sergeant John Li
Sergeant Li,
can you describe the event to us?
According to Ms Jane Li's statement,
at 18:20
on October 31, 2012,
she went to the defendant's clinic for checkup
When the defendant conducted the checkup,
he illegally touched her breasts
and lower body
On the floor and on the bed
in the crime scene,
we collected
both parties' DNA and finger prints
Both parties' statements
and the injury reports
indicate prima facie evidence
can be established
We therefore decided
to prosecute the defendant
Sergeant Li
during the entire alleged indecent assault,
were there any eye witnesses?
In most cases of indecent assault,
there are no...
Please just answer "yes" or "no"
In other words,
the police based their judgement entirely
on Ms Li's statement
and some circumstantial evidence.
Is that correct?
You can say so
In fact, the evidence you have mentioned,
only suggests that they had physical contacts
It doesn't imply
Dr Zhou has assaulted Ms Li
Can I say that?
You can
Let me ask another question
Why is the police so certain
the evidence is enough for prosecution?
Is it because...
the plaintiff
is a young girl on a wheelchair?
Are you so eager
to protect the underprivileged
that you decide the accused
must have violated Ms Li?
Am I correct?
Your Honor,
objection. The question is leading
Your Honor,
no further questions
Ms Law, what happened
on the day of the incident?
That day our class was delayed
So I telephoned Dr Zhou that we'll be late
and I accompanied Jane to the clinic
After Jane Li entered Dr Zhou's room,
were you present at the scene?
No, I waited for her outside
Did you hear any sounds
from the room?
I seem to have heard someone cry
How did it sound like?
Did it sound like Ms Li crying for help?
I'm not sure
I watched that drama
you had been watching
During the exact time of the alleged incident,
the two leads were having a fierce argument
They shouted vehemently
Are you sure the sounds came from the room?
When Ms Li exited the clinic,
did she mention to you
that Dr Zhou had molested her?
But her eyes were red, as if she had cried
Could Ms Li have red eyes because
she had worked hard and was tired?
No more questions, Your Honor
Ms Lin, were you present throughout
Ms Li's checkup?
I was there at the beginning
Then a patient who just left
the clinic called,
saying he had left his meds
The meds were for his asthma
and he's an elderly
I thought I ought to give him the meds asap
When you returned to the clinic,
was Dr Zhou still examining Ms Li?
When I returned to the clinic,
I found Ms Li having fallen on the ground
I immediately helped her get up
What happened?
If you are a patient now,
and a male doctor is examining your body,
and there are just the two of you in the room,
if you feel something wrong,
would you terminate the checkup?
I would
What if the doctor would not stop?
I would get up
and leave immediately
If, unfortunately,
your feet cannot move?
What would you do?
You would struggle desperately,
using your upper body to push him off
and flee
But too bad your feet cannot move
Eventually, you fall down from the bed
Your Honor,
when a doctor examines a patient,
he is not legally required
to have a nurse present
I have 38 letters from patients
who have been seeing Dr Zhou
over the years,
testifying to his professional
and moral integrity
Your Honor, according to Exhibit P7 supplied
by the Prosecution,
namely Ms Li's medical report,
the sex organs in Ms Li's lower body
could be as sensitive
as those of ordinary people.
Ms Jane Li
When Dr Zhou's hand approached your breasts,
did you protest?
Yes, I did
When he continued the checkup,
did you feel the defandant place his finger
inside your sex organ?
Did you indicate resistance?
Did he stop in accordance
with your indication?
The more I struggled,
the harder he grabbed me
Then the phone rang
And he stopped
Do you know who called him?
What else did he say?
Yes, we just finished the checkup
Wife, I'll be back for dinner very soon.
Wait for me
OK, bye
And then,
I wanted to take the opportunity to escape
but fell down from the bed
The nurse entered the room
She saw me and helped me get up
All right
I want to ask you another question
Did Dr Zhou employ you?
Or did Mrs Zhou?
They employed me together
Can you elaborate?
Eve introduced us
This couple
wanted me to give
their kid piano lessons at home
Mr Zhou said he could arrange transportation
I already explained the problem
with the pedal
They think it's all right for a beginner
You mean to say that...
Dr Zhou took the initiative to employ you
and even offered you transportation
Is that correct?
Your Honor,
I have no further questions
Ms Li
After the nurse left,
did Dr Zhou continue the checkup?
He said, "Let's continue"
How did he continue the checkup?
He started pressing different parts of my body
before putting his hand on my breasts
When you said breasts,
did you mean here?
No, a bit lower
So you were referring to the lower chest,
No, yes...
Have you had physical checkup before?
So what criteria did you use to judge...
Dr Zhou's checkup?
I could feel being molested
I felt uncomfortable
I knew he was molesting me
What had Dr Zhou done
to make you uncomfortable?
He took my panties...
Because your lower body is paralyzed,
you cannot take your panties off yourself
Can I say that?
I cannot when I'm lying down
I understand. Please continue
And then,
I saw...
him put his finger...
into my lower body
Ms Li
You were lying in bed
and you were wearing a robe
You couldn't have seen that
You mean
you felt it, right?
Yes, I felt it.
Since you said you had felt it,
can you indicate on this picture
which part of your body had that feeling?
So what you meant by lower body
is actually
the sex organ?
So what did you feel at the time?
I felt...
his finger...
What kind of feeling was that?
It could be pain or pleasure
Mr Xue, please pay attention to your question
Excuse me, Your Honor
Ms Li
You said you never
had a lower body checkup?
Could you have confused lower body checkup
with molestation?
I did not confuse
I was really molested
I really felt his finger
twitching in my lower body
Are you a virgin?
Your Honor,
whether Ms Li is a virgin
or not is irrelevant
Your Honor,
whether Ms Li is a virgin or not
as well as her sexual experience
are critical to this case
Her accusation could cause serious damage to
the defendant's d reputation
Please let me ask the question
Objection overruled.
Please proceed cautiously
Ms Li, please answer my question
Have you ever had a boyfriend
or tried any sexual activities?
Nothing, right?
So I think you must have been mistaken
Dr Zhou's checkup
is just regular checkup
I did feel his finger twitching
in my lower body
How long did the lower body checkup last?
I don't remember
You remember the nurse left for 5 minutes...
but not how long the checkup lasted?
About one minute then
I'm actually quite curious
If Dr Zhou really molested you,
why hadn't you told the nurse
or Ms Law at once?
I was scared. I didn't dare to say anything
You didn't know how a lower body checkup
should feel like
You couldn't tell body checkup
from molestation
Your Honor, Ms Li said she could feel it,
but she actually didn't know
Dr Zhou was only using a cotton swab
He was using his finger!
to extract secretions for laboratory tests
It wasn't his finger as she has claimed
This is the cotton swab used by the defendant
to extract secretions from her
Your Honor,
I have no further questions
Ms Li...
Don't push...
Many people are supporting him now.
How do you feel?
Everybody, please calm down...
Please get out of my way...
Ms Li
Please step aside...
How's the situation outside?
The cars of the TV reporters
are still out there
Where's Jane Li?
She seems to be shocked by the reporters
Have a word with her
It's Tim
Be prepared during this period
Those reporters will come out of nowhere
I fear that might affect
the kids taking lessons
Don't think too much
You have behaved very bravely
I don't want to press charges anymore
Don't worry
I will claim justice for you
So sorry for troubling you
Don't think like that
We shouldn't condone people like that
What's so scary?
Treat the reporters as your students
Everyone is striving to ask you questions
But sorry,
the teacher only teaches nice kids
Ms Li, I need to talk to Yan. Thank you
Is she feeling better?
She's fine. Let's see
Ming Jun
I need to pick Tina up at school
This is it
Come in
How pretty
Whenever I'm tired,
I'll pick a postcard
Then I'll close my eyes
and imagine I'm on a trip for a few seconds
I wish I had the chance
to visit every single place
Every single place?
Isn't it too greedy?
Please take a seat
It's good to dream
What's your dream?
To see my son grow up healthily
Tim was there too
My wife had a premature labor
I was at court at that time
So he drove them to the hospital
Ms Li gave you this
Good morning
See you at court
Good luck!
Second Trial
The Defense calls Dr Mandy Wu,
Senior Lecture of Gynecology
A female full body checkup
normally includes the lower body,
unless individual subjects refuse
When examining the lower body,
a doctor will
extract secretions
from the sex organ for lab tests,
in order to check if there are abnormalities
or granular objects on the sex organ
which could be benign or malignant tumors
This is very important
So during the checkup as described,
the subject could have twitching
sensations in her lower body?
Some women,
especially if it's their first checkup,
or if they have no sexual experience,
might be oversensitive,
uncomfortable or resistant
So would the subject misunderstand that
the doctor is trying to violate her?
That's the worst nightmare
of most male doctors
Such misunderstanding
can ruin their reputation
Who would dare to see them again?
Mrs Zhou,
what's your opinion of Mr Zhou?
He's a good man
A 100% good man
He is very conscientious at work
and he takes good care of the family
He loves me and our daughter
On the day of the incident, at 18:38,
did you telephone Mr Zhou?
I did
What did he say?
He said he had just finished the checkup
He asked me to wait for him for dinner
During your telephone conversation,
did you hear
or feel anything exceptional?
Like the sobbing sounds of a female
No! Exactly the same as usual
The defendant never lies to you, right?
He says frankness is paramount in a marriage
During the ten years
from your first date till now,
has the defendant
had affairs with other women?
Certainly not
Do you believe he's secretly
dated other women?
I don't believe
Do you believe he's secretly dated Jane Li?
Certainly not
This is the defendant's SMS record
The items with the stars
are the SMS texts
the defendant sent to Jane Li
I'm going to read aloud the content
"It's your birthday next week.
Can I take you out for dinner?"
You haven't said a word since the court
What's going on?
What's on your mind?
Something is obviously on your mind
Do you doubt me?
Then why are you upset?
If you were me, you'd be upset too
Are you bored with me?
So leisurely?
The court will start in 30 minutes
You better think of a way to beat me
Beating you or not doesn't matter
I only want Winston Zhou to get his dues
Your judgement is a bit premature
You know there are lots of holes
in the evidence
If this drags on,
Jane Li will only suffer more
Don't hold me responsible then
You should tell your client
It's only because he wouldn't plead guilty
that Jane Li is suffering so much
Everyone has the right to make his own choice
See you at court
I, Winston Zhou,
honestly swear and affirm
that the evidence I give shall be the truth,
the whole truth, and nothing but the truth
Third Trial
Dr Zhou,
during Ms Li's body checkup,
did you feel
any exceptional moves on her part?
After I finished her body checkup,
she suddenly grabbed my hand
The laboratory report will be ready in 2 days
Grabbed your hand? What was your reaction?
It was too sudden
So I did not react
Meaning her behavior
was totally unexpected
On Ms Li's birthday,
did you send her an SMS asking
to take her out?
Why did you do that?
She told me she had no company
on her birthday
It just happened that I was free that day
I pitied her spending her birthday alone,
so I asked her out
But you did not mention this to anyone?
Including your wife?
Because it didn't work out in the end
I would have asked my wife
and daughter to join
I understand
That's why you asked her out
It's only out of goodwill
And also your compassion for her
You can say that
Mr Zhou
Besides at home
and when giving her rides home,
have you met Ms Li
in other occasions?
My clinic is closed to her piano store
I had lunch with her several times
Did you take the initiative?
She's lonely and sad.
I felt like taking care of her
So did you have affection for Ms Li?
Then why did you have dates with her alone?
You didn't even tell your wife
You have dates with someone
you're not fond of?
Objection, Your Honor!
The adjective "fond"
is too general
Please allow the defendant to explain
Objection sustained
The defendant please explain
Because she's an excellent piano teacher
and she loved my girl,
so I took care of her
I absolutely had no affection for her
Do you think she had affection for you?
I mean the amorous kind
I had suspected that, but I wasn't sure
because she would give me little gifts
What little gifts?
Little handicrafts: origami roses
She also gave Tina similar gifts
If you said Tina also had these origami gifts,
why do you think Ms Li had affection for you?
Could it be...
a subjective projection of your own?
If as you've said,
Ms Li was truly fond of you
Did you ever feel tempted?
The question calls for speculation
Objection overruled
The defendant must answer the question
Absolutely no
Mr Zhou,
I really don't understand your mentality
You said Ms Li had affection for you
and you also knew she trusted you very much
You are a doctor,
but in the absence of any nursing staff,
you gave her a body checkup
and touched her private parts
during the process
Even if you did not break the law, I believe
you've violated
a doctor's professional conduct
Did you intentionally take advantage of her?
I did not.
I did not have ulterior motives for her
Do you like Jane Li?
I have never liked Jane Li
Your Honor,
the prosecutor is imposing
his views on the witness
If he keeps answering his own questions,
the witness will be rendered superfluous
please mind your questioning style
Did you ask Ms Li
to have a checkup at your clinic?
Mr Winston Zhou,
please answer my question
She said she did not feel well,
so I asked her to
have a body checkup at my clinic
I was just being kind...
That's OK, I was only asking
I'm a doctor
if you took the initiative
This is my profession
Perhaps you did not intend to
It's my work
molest Jane Li
I did not
But you did all these things
only to create
an opportunity to get close to her
Absolutely not true
Finally you made it
I did not. I had no desire for her
A last question
If you are innocent,
why should Ms Li ruin your reputation?
Oftentimes, we have intuitions
But this time...
What's the problem?
By going through this trial,
the victim has
to constantly revisit the incident,
with much of her private life exposed
To the victim,
it's almost a mental torture
Many people would have quitted
Why do you think Jane Li
can persevere?
I noticed she had a moment of hesitation
When you asked Winston Zhou
why Jane Li would ruin his reputation.
Have you ever doubted
if Zhou could be innocent?
This time you're not like your usual style
Your intuition is totally
biased towards Jane Li
Don't you want to help her also?
Don't you want to find out who's guilty?
I don't want you to win a case
at your own cost
I'm very clear what I'm doing
I'm back
Barrister Chen? Let's have dinner together
Why are you back?
Why are they here?
Didn't you say
you're not coming back tonight?
That's why I invited them over for dinner
What's wrong?
Ms Li,
we should minimize
our contact during the trial
It's not your problem
But as the prosecutor, I need to avoid this
You want me to pack a doggy bag for you?
I'll give you a lift
Never mind
Thank you
We can go back ourselves
It's pouring outside
Let Megan drive you back
Let me help you
I'll start the car first
Wait here a little bit
Come down in ten minutes
I'll go first
I'm sorry to disappoint you...
I just want what's best for you
Oh, the car keys!
I'll give them to her
Please have a word with her
She's under a lot of pressure. Please
This is for you
The one last time...
Is it still here?
It's in my briefcase
Put the two together
They will give you blessings
Do you know?
Your perseverance
is very important in this case
If we win the case,
what will happen to me?
The criminal will be punished by law
How about me? What will happen?
Of course, you can live the life you want
But in fact,
my original life...
is not what I want either
I don't want to be stuck
in the room in the shop
I wish I could be like you guys
and could see the real world outside
Sergeant Li found me Jane's hospital records
when she broke her legs in an accident
I also investigated the orphanage
where she stayed
I suspect she changed her name
but I'm not sure
What does it have to do with this case?
Jane Li never talks about her past
I'm afraid Xue might challenge her integrity
I'll take a look
There's another thing I want to say
Go ahead
I think Jane Li has somehow indicated
to Zhou
that she totally trusted him
That's why he suggested the checkup
Zhou was like you right now,
always protecting Jane Li's interests
Thank you for your intuition
But that's all speculation on your part
Closing Submissions
"Are you the light that shines into darkness,
offering rebirth through pain?"
"Will you be my guardian angel?"
Your Honor,
in this case,
Mr Zhou
was Ms Li's employer and doctor
And yet he still indecently assaulted her
He had obviously abused her trust in him
During the course of this trial,
it's beyond doubt
Mr Zhou had affection for Ms Li
Being alone together
under these circumstances,
and with the physical
contacts during the checkup,
it's quite likely
the defendant had violated Ms Li
As a result of this trial,
Ms Li had to undergo huge media pressure
And yet she persisted in her charges
not in search of compensation
or profit,
but for the sole intention
to uphold the integrity
of a disabled woman
I hereby
request Your Honor
to find the defendant guilty as charged
Thank you
Your Honor,
this case is simply
a case of misunderstanding
Ms Jane Li is socially inexperienced
and physically impaired
She was unfamiliar with the normal
procedure of a body checkup
and mistook the defendant's goodwill...
for indecent assault
In fact,
the defendant is a professional doctor
He was only doing his job
However, this case
has ruined the defendant's reputation,
having brought tremendous blow to his family
I believe Your Honor is crystal clear
that throughout the course of this trial,
neither police findings
nor witnesses' testimonies
can attest to the fact
that the defendant
did in fact indecently assault Ms Li
The defendant
must have the benefit of the doubt
I request Your Honor
to find the defendant not guilty
Will the defendant please rise?
Upon consideration of the evidence submitted
and the closing arguments of both sides
the Court is convinced
the defendant's hand
did touch the plaintiff's sensitive area
The question boils down to who was active
and who was passive
The Court agrees that
the evidence provided by the Prosecution
proves the defendant
indecently assaulted Ms Li
He being her employer and doctor
still conducted such a vile act
was clearly a breach of her trust
The Court finds
the defendant guilty as charged
He shall be remanded in prison immediately
pending a psychiatric assessment
before sentencing
Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you,
Tina, happy birthday! Make a wish
I wish daddy will come back soon
He will be back soon
The report on Jane Li's name change
I read it today
You read it after the trial?
Have I made a mistake?
I don't know
The goal of the law
is to protect people, right?
To protect people
Not only to determine who is right
and who is wrong
Also to protect people from being hurt
You mean if Jane Li had lost,
she would have been deeply hurt
Dr Zhou might also be seriously hurt
Have you thought about it?
Did you make all these origami roses?
Is that your handwriting?
Did you write on the roses
you gave Zhou?
What did you write?
Don't touch!
"Dr Zhou,
I've been missing your smiles"
Look at me...
You look at me!
As a matter of fact,
you're in love with Winston Zhou, right?
Frankly speaking,
did Winston Zhou molest you?
You must believe me
You have to believe me
We didn't expect he would depart so suddenly
But it was a peaceful departure
These are his relicts
I really hated your guts
Since I was little,
you'd told me...
a good lawyer...
should uphold justice
I've believed you
and have taken you as my role model
But did you accomplish that?
You didn't!
Because of you,
I've been trying all along...
to find the answer for justice,
to prove to you that
the woman who died because of you
in that case you had taken...
was your fault!
But at this moment,
I hate myself even more
I can give other people
a chance to explain,
I never gave you even a single chance
Did you have any predicaments?
Because now I realize
I'm just how you had been.
can you tell me?
How's Tina?
Not bad
I'm looking for a new school for her
You think she will know?
From the get-go till now,
she's never asked a single question
Are you really appealing?
Will you support me?
I will
We will support you
can the case really be overturned?
I'm really innocent
Tina and I are innocent too
You support me
because of this family
or you really believe me?
"Jaywalking Girl
Knocked down by Mini Bus"
Upon consideration
of the new evidence submitted,
the Court agrees
to reopen the case
for the interest of justice
What happened?
Your car broke down?
Let me have a look
You haven't tuned your car for a while?
You car is dead
Better call a tow truck
Are you in a hurry? I can give you a lift
I'm good
By the way,
do you believe Winston Zhou?
What? You think that matters?
You don't have a conscience?
Why are you so nave?
You were once a defense counsel too
You had to believe it every time
you sought justice for your clients?
I just want to know the truth
Do you really know the rules of the game, huh?
Who do you think you are?
You think you can save the world
by assuming moral high ground?
Let me tell you
You won last time not because you were good
You were simply aided by social bias
You know what?
Your biggest error
is not your moral high ground
but the fact that you're in the wrong field
You want the truth?
During the course of the trial, you were seen
maintaining regular private
contacts with Jane Li
On the night before the closing arguments,
you even visited her in the piano shop
A prosecutor cannot contact
the victim privately
I don't know how intimate
you are with Jane Li
But it was around midnigh,
I don't think you went to the piano shop
to take piano lessons!
Take care
Your Honor,
over the past year, Ms Li
has been giving origami roses
to the accused, Dr Zhou.
She even wrote messages
on the folded paper
Please examine Exhibit D16.
It is clearly written on the paper
"You smiled at me 5 times today"
Now Exhibit D17
She wrote on another folder paper
"Have you used the same water cup
I used at your place?"
Ms Li, please confirm
whether it's your handwriting or not
So were you in love with Dr Zhou?
So who did
you take Dr Zhou for?
A student's father
Would you write such sweet
nothings to a student's father?
Would you sent flowers with innuendos
to a student's father?
Whether you admit it or not,
these roses betrayed
your affection for Dr Zhou
But that doesn't mean
the affection was reciprocal
In fact, on the day of the body checkup,
Dr Zhou rejected your manifestation of love
You were so embarrassed that
you turned around and accused the defendant!
Am I correct?
Objection! The question is leading
Objection overruled
No further questions
Ms Li
to like someone
doesn't mean he can molest you, right?
What is the chance of our appeal?
Depends on how much you could sacrifice
What do you mean?
The truth about you and Jane Li
Dr Zhou,
How did you deal with
Ms Li's affection for you?
Why didn't you tell your wife?
I didn't take it seriously
I couldn't stop her
from liking me
I didn't tell my wife
as I did not think
it would affect our relationship
Mr Zhou,
does a woman without sexual experience
need to have lower body checkup
so soon?
Many young women have similar checkup
There's nothing wrong
Your Honor,
there are many kinds of gynecological checkup
Mr Zhou invited Ms Li
to his clinic for body checkup...
There's no specific timing regarding
when a woman should take a body checkup
The Prosecution's question
is argumentative
Objection sustained
Please proceed
Your Honor,
the Defense calls Qian Liu as its 4th witness
The one subpoenaed, right?
I, Qian Liu, honestly
swear and affirm
that the evidence I give shall be the truth,
the whole truth,
and nothing but the truth
Ms Liu
Are you Jane Liu's biological mother?
When did you send her
to the orphanage?
When she was ten
Why when she was ten?
Did something happen?
I used to rely on my mother
to take care of her
Then my mother died
I tried to take care of her myself
but I simply could not do it
How about Jane Li's father?
You don't know where he was?
Or you don't know who he was?
When I was pregnant with her, I was but 18
I was too young, too nave
I was reckless, so I wasn't sure
Do you know she had an accident
after you sent her to the orphanage?
I do
Please describe the accident
The orphanage said she was assaulted
Her legs were hurt during her escape
You mean sexually assaulted?
Did Jane Li tell you who raped her?
The dean told me
It was a male nurse
Did anyone call the police?
As far as I know, they didn't.
Supposedly the male nurse had left
After this incident,
did you find Jane Li to be any different?
I heard from the orphanage that
she was scared of men
Your Honor,
I have a psychiatric report of Jane Li
conducted after her incident
The report clearly stated that
the assault brought fear
and insecurity to Ms Li
It'd create difficulty
when she interacts with the opposite sex
During intimate contact,
it could trigger her earlier trauma
and evoke a feeling of sexual assault
This report also mentioned that
Jane Li had a low self-esteem
She lacked confidence
She yearned and feared of intimacy
at the same time
Therefore, the men she has met
did not actually assault her
But what once happened to her
would create faux feelings for her
She is unable to determine what is real
and what is not
Ms Liu...
I'd like to ask you
After your daughter had been assaulted,
did she receive any checkup
that would alleviate her fear?
There's none that I know of.
Did she still live
in the orphanage afterwards?
When she's 18,
she left the orphanage
I've never heard from her again
He did not violate me at all
He did not violate me at all
The Prosecution
has no questions for the witness
The Prosecution wishes to call Ms Jane Li
for supplementary testimony
The Prosecution has rested already
The prosecutor
should be experienced enough
to know his request is contrary
to normal legal proceedings
I understand
But the testimony provided by Ms Liu
about Ms Li's experience in the orphanage
and her mental state are all hearsay
Isn't it better to ask Ms Li directly?
I thus request Your Honor
to use your discretion
to let the Prosecution call Ms Jane Li
to shed light on the truth of the events
Your Honor...
All right, I agree for now
Ms Liu, you can step down
Ms Li,
based on Ms Liu's descriptions just now,
I would like to ask
if you were sexually assaulted
by a male nurse at the orphanage
I'll ask you one more time
Is it true a male nurse sexually
assaulted you
at the orphanage?
Given enough time, doesn't a lie...
become the truth?
But in reality, is it true
or not?
Nurse Yip did not assault me at all
It's her man who raped me.
You are referring to?
That night...
her man
entered my room
He whispered in my ears
that he loved me very much
and began to kiss me
I thought he loved me
Then he began to touch my breasts
I kept crying
I said no to him
and then I felt an intense pain
I told him it hurt, it hurt...
It hurt so!
I saw my mother standing at the door...
looking at me
Why didn't you help me?
Why didn't you help me?
Why could the man stay
after this vile act?
Why should I be punished?
Mom didn't want this happen too
To protect you,
I sent you to the orphanage
No more excuses!
It's true!
Don't say you were protecting me!
You simply didn't want me!
I had to face it myself
while you and that man lived
as if nothing had happened
why can't I accuse anyone of sexually assault?
Because you said
I could not feel it!
I really couldn't feel anything
I want to feel it too!
I want to feel it like you all!
I also want to walk!
Why can't I do that?
Why can you live a normal life?
Why can't I?
Why can you all lie and find excuses?
Why can't I?
Why can you find love but not I?
I'm always alone!
Why am I deprived of love?
This is Ms Li's medical report that year
After the accident,
she's hospitalized for a year
She was first diagnozed
with general paralysis
But after continuous efforts,
she finally managed to move her upper body
Then she continued to exercise her legs
But one day
the doctor told her to give up hope
Who could truly understand
the psychological trauma
she had gone through?
Abandoned by her family, Jane Li
did not only lose a pair of legs
but her hope for the future
She has persevered till today
I am very much convinced,
as long as everybody,
including herself
who can give herself a chance,
she will definitely see her future
Mr Xue, any further questions?
"Private and Confidential"
Your Honor,
I have no further questions
I'm sorry
It's not common for attorneys to shake hands,
but I'm glad to have met you in this case
So am I
"Live life without regrets"