Christmas Share (2013) Movie Script

Joy to the world,
the Lord has come,
let earth receive
her king.
Why'd you do it?
My rocket ship
needed to fly.
You put orange paint all over
your classroom wall, Caleb.
Dad says rocket's
we're non-boosters.
And flames shoot out
and lift it into the air.
Okay, listen sweetie,
when you're staying at daddy's
paint all the flames you want,
but anywhere else it's
considered vandalism.
You just don't
believe in flying.
You're right. I don't.
We don't live in the air,
we live on the ground and on
the ground we behave better.
Come on, Uncle Owen's
expecting us.
We're gonna bring him
some Christmas spirit.
(guitar playing)
I thought you guys were
coming over earlier.
Ugh, someone
threatened his status
on Santa's nice list
at school today.
Is that true little man?
Santa won't find out.
Uh, Santa knows
Yeah, you don't
believe me?
Go look it up.
on the shelf.
(sigh) You don't have
to decorate sis.
Yes I do,
because you won't.
It'll do you good to
be a little festive.
Oh wow.
You remember this?
Of course, this is
my robo-reindeer.
A robot reindeer with lunchboxes
and an animated special.
(robot voice) "What's
your name space cadet?"
"And what's you
major malfunction?"
Here, you could definitely
use a little of this.
Oh, pot kettle black.
I'm fine thank
you very much.
You got divorced,
not ordained.
Don't you think it's time
you get back out there?
Look, I'm good at a lot of
things, being a mom, a vet...
But love, love I'm
just not good at.
Well sometimes you
have to take risks.
Like you live life on the
edge Mr. Achy Breaky Heart.
Owen loves not like a song;
people don't just waltz into
your life and change
it for the better.
Well maybe you just need
to change the station.
Uncle Owen, will you go with me
to the father-son football game?
Your dad can't
make it buddy?
He's flying.
Holiday's are the busiest
time of year for pilots.
Of course little man.
I'm there.
Thank you.
Come on.
Let's help your
mom decorate.
You would pick
out the old lights,
those probably
don't even work.
You have to
take a chance.
How do you know
they won't work?
Unless you try.
Just need a little magic,
that's all.
More like a miracle.
Ho, ho!
See mommy,
you just have to try.
You just have to try.
It's that time of year when
everybody's dancin',
The snow is falling down, but
we're warm inside.
By the candlelight I see your
eyes are talking to me.
And you'll always be my
Christmas Valentine.
Great job with the
Christmas party, Mia.
Well our re-introduction of
robo-reindeer was the most
successful ad campaign in
the agencies history.
We deserve to celebrate.
Wait a second.
"What's your name,
Space Cadet?"
"Hi Sean. Will you come with
me to Santa's Space Base?"
I love that we put the
North Pole on the moon.
It's something
all right.
No, this is something.
You're proposing
to Kimber?
Open it up!
When are you
I have it all planned.
Why wait a couple of weeks?
You should do it tonight.
So we can all gush
and celebrate more.
Hey, sweetheart!
How was your day?
Same as always, another
fun-filled day on Wall Street.
Our robo-reindeer campaign
is a huge success.
You okay?
It's been a rough day.
You know, I was gonna
wait to do this but,
I want to talk to
you about us.
I know what you're
gonna say.
You do?
We should take a break.
Let's go talk
in my office.
What are you saying?
We've gone stale.
I act bored
because I am.
I guess that's why when Larry
Fitz Gilbert asked me out,
I couldn't say no.
Nothing happened, but
there's an attraction there
and it's thrilling.
I haven't felt that
way in so long.
Back up!
Larry Fitz Gilbert?
The bowtie guy?
He's engaged.
They're on a break.
You haven't noticed our
relationship has crumbled.
I envisioned a
future with you.
Oh no, Sean.
Is that?
Larry Fitz Gilbert
kinda changes things.
How did I not see this?
Because, Sean,
you're never present.
I'm standing right here.
Yes physically, but mentally
you're always looking
to the future and neglecting
what's happening now.
Including us.
We haven't been happy,
really happy in a while.
All you had to
do was tell me.
I've been trying, but
again you're too busy
planning the future.
You're like the human
version of tomorrow land.
I own an advertising
Coming up with
the next trend,
staying ahead of the game
is part of the job.
Yeah, well that doesn't
work in relationships.
Which is why we need
to take a break
so we can re-evaluate
this relationship.
Larry Fitz Gilbert.
He's spontaneous, exciting,
and we have a connection.
I'm sure you do.
Let's just take
some time off.
Well that doesn't
sound promising.
At least for now.
I really hope you have
a Merry Christmas.
Well, Christmas
is two weeks away.
We wouldn't wanna get
ahead of ourselves.
What's your major
malfunction, Sean?
Hey Chappy. Man, it feels
like the North Pole in here.
You guys sell toys?
That's funny.
Real funny.
I haven't heard
that one today.
Boiler's busted.
Courtney's been trying
to fix it all morning.
Why didn't
she call me?
I think she feels weird,
with your history and all.
You wanna melt this
iceberg, be my guest.
Looks like you could
use some help.
Hey, Owen.
God am I happy
to see you.
All right.
It must of busted
last night.
It was like a meat locker in
here when I opened this morning.
Killing my business.
You know you can call me for
things like this, right?
Yeah, I know,
I just uh...
I just didn't
wanna bother you.
I'm a repairman,
it's my job.
I know it's just, since
we broke up I thought...
It was eight months
ago Courtney,
I'm an adult.
Our break-up didn't stop me
from getting coffee here did it?
Well it's the best
coffee in town.
That's not the point.
All right.
There you go.
You're the best!
Thank you.
What do I owe you?
How about having dinner
with me tonight.
For old times sake.
Owen we've been
over this.
We can't relive
the past.
Hey Chappy.
Hey Ryan, I'm
glad you're here.
I have those gift cards
for your bingo games.
Thank you.
We so appreciate
the donations.
Well it's for
a good cause.
Morning Ryan.
Hey Courtney.
Thanks for the
gift cards.
Oh yeah.
Ready to do some
Christmas shopping?
Is that an
engagement ring?
When did
this happen?
Uh, Randall asked
me the other night.
The guy from
You've been dating for
maybe three months
and it's already serious?
And yes.
Obviously, I'm moving
out there to be with him.
Chappy's taking
over for me.
We were dating
for seven years.
Every time I brought
up marriage you bocked.
You weren't interested
in traditions Courtney.
Well I'm allowed
to change my mind.
You're good at
that obviously.
Owen, we didn't end because
you weren't a nice guy.
Okay we're just, not
right for each other.
I was never
truly happy.
You could have
fooled me.
Maybe because you always
saw me as a teenaged girl.
I could never really
grow in that relationship.
Owen, I care
about you, okay?
This doesn't mean that
we can't be friends.
Oh that's very nice.
Merry Christmas
to you too.
Please don't
be upset.
As long as
you're happy.
I always thought you'd be a
beautiful bride Courtney.
Hey, stop right there.
Look, I know we had plans,
if you don't mind,
I'm just gonna go home.
I'm sorry,
I know you're hurt.
Yeah, we'll maybe I'll
get a good song out of it.
You know, maybe you
should get out of here.
Make a change.
And do what?
Go on an adventure.
During the holidays?
Why not? There's no
time like the present.
This living in the past is
what got you into this mess.
You have
dreams Owen.
I think it's time you
start chasing them.
What if I fail?
Well you never know
unless you try.
You familiar with
the concept?
Yeah, I think I
heard it somewhere.
Well maybe this holiday
season we both adapt to it.
That's fair.
One day you'll find a love,
that you never knew you wanted,
but you desperately
And that's the
best kind.
You know you
deserve the same.
Some day.
Christmas cards!
I've already signed,
just need your signature.
Are you okay?
I know it burns, but
you just have to trust
that everything
will be okay.
She said I wasn't present
in our relationship.
I'm too busy planning
for the future.
You agree with her?
Well, you are always
thinking ahead,
I mean, which can
be a good thing.
So I plan too much and I
have no real connection.
Huh, well, this breakup has
officially ruined my Christmas.
Get out of the city,
go to the country.
Experience nature.
You know, just quiet down
your life and relax.
Really connect
with yourself.
probably booked.
You ever think of
a house share?
What's that?
You basically just trade
places with someone.
It's the latest craze,
tons of blogs about it.
You saw this on
the internet?
I'm sure there's no
psycho's involved.
Don't be so judgmental.
It's safe and background
checks are required.
Believe me, it's legit.
You've checked this out?
You'd do it?
If I had an amazing Manhattan
loft like you, absolutely.
You can negotiate
a sweet swap.
Maybe I should.
I never get out of
the city anymore.
You know what? I need
to be more spontaneous.
We worked together for two
years and you have never
taken a vacation that
wasn't work related.
I'd say treat yourself
and go for it.
(guitar playing)
(email alert)
Dear Owner, I need to get away
from the city for the holidays.
Your house might be the perfect
solution to my situation.
Would you be interested
in swapping for a loft
in Manhattan?
New York City.
(phone ringing)
This is Sean.
Uh hi, this is
Owen Harrison
calling from Butters,
North Carolina.
Hi, yeah.
That was quick.
Yeah I just happened
to be online.
Don't worry I'm
not a psycho.
No, no no.
A friend of mine referred me
to the site I'm new to this.
Oh, me too.
I kinda posted on a whim not
more than a couple hours ago.
Honestly, I didn't expect
anyone to respond.
Especially during
the holidays.
Yeah, this is
very unlike me
but I really need a
change from the city.
Well Butters, North Carolina
is the exact opposite
of New York City.
I suspected that.
Let's see my place if nice,
lots of peace and quiet,
you could use my
truck to get around.
So you live in a loft?
Yup, it's a bachelor pad,
but it's larger than most
places in Manhattan.
What do you do?
I'm a cop.
NYPD detective.
If you're thinking
about taking anything.
I would never, and it's not like
you don't know where I live.
Good point.
So why do you wanna leave
New York City so bad?
Not to sound pathetic but,
a bad breakup.
I completely
understand that.
Single just in time
for Christmas.
Owen, you think you can
handle New York City?
I could be there
by Monday.
You know what?
Let's do it.
I'll email you
the details.
Thank you.
This is gonna be good,
for both of us.
Let's hope so.
New York City.
North Carolina.
Finish the
Christmas cards?
Found a house, made the
swap, booked the flight.
That was fast.
Well something just jumped out
at me. I took your advice.
I'm getting out
of the city.
Butters, North Carolina.
When I said country I meant
Connecticut or Vermont.
Like somewhere New Yorkers
go for holidays.
Are you sure?
You're not exactly
the outdoorsy type.
Maybe not, but I
wanna give it a try.
I need a change.
Yeah that it is.
How far are you exactly
from New York?
10 hours or so,
I guess.
Oh, so when you have
a total meltdown
I'll know how far I have
to drive to pick you up.
I'll be just fine.
In fact, I'll probably have
some real peace and quiet.
There's one more thing.
Would you mind checking
in on this guy, Owen.
Be a mini welcoming
You never know, could be a
real prince charming type.
You can finally dump that jerk
realtor boyfriend of yours.
That last part
was outloud.
I know.
Fine, I'll meet
the guy.
You know you're gonna be
alone out there, right?
No I'm not.
I am gonna have
my little buddy with me.
You're in charge
while I'm gone.
Use the office,
happy holidays.
Happy Holidays.
Why do you
have to go?
You're gonna
miss everything.
We make a good
team, right?
I won't let you down,
I'll be back for Christmas.
Hey, I'll be back for
Christmas, I promise.
I need you to look
after robo for me.
It's just a dumb
old Christmas toy.
Ah he may look like that,
but he's much more than that.
You know when I was your age,
whenever I was alone,
or scared, or just
not feeling good.
I'd close my eyes and
he'd fly me to wherever,
to whatever I wanted.
You close yours he'll
do the same for you.
You believe in magic,
don't you?
'Cause you really have to
believe for him to do it.
So look after him for me.
I will.
Go wash up for dinner.
Awe, you always
had the imagination.
I don't think I ever
believed in magic.
Well who knows, maybe a little
will fall both our ways.
Hey, Merry --
Merry Christmas.
Can I help you sir?
Yeah, I'm here to
pick up an envelope.
My name's Owen Harrison.
Mr. Tucker's guest.
You're staying with
us for the holidays.
We've been
expecting you.
Hi, I'm Mia.
I have an envelope
for you from Sean.
Thanks Mia.
I thought there
would be a key.
It's a keyless lock.
Those are the
I can help you get
settled in if you want?
You don't mind?
Not at all.
This is amazing.
I know, right?
You get one of the best views
of the city all around here.
Make yourself at home.
That looks just like Eric
Clapton's Gibson Les Paul.
That is Eric Clapton's
Gibson Les Paul.
Not the Eric Clapton.
Yup, the Eric Clapton.
We did a pro-bono ad
campaign for a charity
he was involved in.
(strumming guitar)
Does Sean play?
No, he said he was gonna
take lessons some day
when he had time.
Wait, Sean said
he was a cop.
No, no last time I checked Sean
owned an advertising agency.
Well, maybe he
was selling me.
Yeah well, he is pretty
good at what he does.
Well um, if you need anything
you can call Dennis downstairs.
Or you could
call me.
Here is my, um,
my card.
There you go.
Thanks, I probably will.
Well have a good night.
You too.
All right, bye.
(strumming guitar)
Oh yeah,
this is heaven.
(strumming guitar)
It's not so bad.
We can handle this.
It's like an igloo in here.
(playing guitar)
Hey Sean,
you made it in.
How's the country
treatin' ya?
Well not the warmest
welcome so far,
I don't think your
heater works.
Ah, it works; it's
just a bit finicky.
Man, I'm sorry; I've been
meaning to get it fixed.
Grab those pliers and
the matches there
and we'll work on
gettin' the pilot lit.
Okay, I'm ready,
talk to me.
Okay reach in behind and give
the J-valve a quarter turn
to the left, while you push
in the pilot light button.
Oh and give it about a minute
to clear the residual gas--
Residual gas? How do I
know it's cleared away?
I don't wanna blow myself up,
I just got here.
Hang on, I think I
heard a car pull up.
Oh that should be Ryan
coming by to check on you.
So tell me about
Mia, is she single?
No, but judging from the guys
she's with, she should be.
All right.
Well listen, uh, Ryan's gonna
take care of everything.
Thanks a lot.
I'll talk to you later.
Hi, I'm Ryan.
You're Ryan?
Oh, I was expecting...
A guy.
Sorry to disappoint.
No, no, uh, not at all.
Hi, I'm Sean.
Owen wanted me
to check on you
and make sure that you
were settled in okay.
You New Yorkers
sure like it cold.
It's freezing in here.
Yeah very funny.
The matches and the
pliers still over there?
You'd never know that
Owen repairs these
and almost everything
else for a living.
Yeah, he fixes everybody's
problems but his own.
Oh careful there
may be residual gas.
I think I'll be all right.
(clunk, clunk)
(gas running)
(text tone)
You're a miracle worker.
I have to go,
but tell you what.
I'll stop by in the morning and
fix that valve for you properly.
You will?
That would be great.
See you tomorrow.
Did you do that?
Have a good
night miss.
You sent it
to my email?
Okay, I'll check
right now.
Loving the
city so far?
You have no idea.
I see you've
met Halo.
Like an angel?
You're in the city.
That women.
Definite multi-hyphenate.
Good to know.
What can I
help you with?
Where's a good
place to eat?
Best sushi in New York
just around the corner.
Euhnn, somethin' more hearty.
Yeah well then
don't go there.
Go to BeBe's two blocks up,
get yourself a burger.
It's very popular
with our tenants.
Thanks Dennis, you're
like my New York guru.
It's my job sir.
All right.
Do you remember when the
trains were all late,
That day when you
lost your cap.
The leaves were blowin'
down the alley.
We meet again.
Yeah, we do.
Um, this is my
favorite hang out.
Dennis must of told you
about it. Have a seat.
Oh yeah,
Dennis my guru.
Any recommendations?
Oh yeah.
Burgers are the best.
I'll have a cheeseburger
with fries.
Thank you.
So, what made you
wanna house share?
Just wanted to
try something new.
Relationship fall apart
like it did for Sean?
No, not at all.
You're a terrible liar.
Okay, I just found
out my ex got engaged.
We broke up 8 months ago
after 7 years together.
I was hoping to
get back together,
but I should've known
that would not happen.
Girls never
want nice guys.
Okay. Who took you
aside as a little boy
and filled your head
with that garbage.
Nobody, but it's true.
I did everything for
her and what happens,
I get dumped.
Oh okay, so just because
you help someone out,
or compliment them, or are
nice to them then they're
obligated to give you what
you want or be who you want?
What's nice
about that?
Well nothing when you
put it like that.
I guess we had different
ideas about the relationship.
Well when you project your
fantasy onto someone
you only set yourself
up for disappointment.
And you prove that
you're selfish.
Again, it's not so nice.
You New Yorkers are not
afraid to speak your mind.
I'm sorry to be blunt, I
always hear the song and dance
and I think it's unfair to
women, that's all.
Well, you're right.
I never realized I lived
in a fantasy world.
But I am a nice guy,
that is real.
There is a sweetness
about you.
My sister says a good breakup
will allow me to sing from
real pain and help my career
as a singer. So who knows,
maybe fate had a hand in
leading me here to New York.
You sing? You know I can
see that you have a nice
little twang
in your voice.
Why thank you.
You know what, I know
this great open mic bar.
We should head down
there tomorrow night
and you can show
off your chops.
Oh wait a minute, tomorrow
night is all Christmas songs.
I love Christmas.
I love Christmas songs.
You gonna sing too?
Oh... (laughs)
No, I-- I sing with
a lot of passion,
just not a lot
of talent,
so it's probably better
I just cheer you on.
So um, how's your
singing career going?
I made a demo and perform
every now and then.
I'll have you know that I am
very famous in my hometown
and loyal to my fan base.
I can't wait to hear you
sing and you never know,
this is a city when dreams come
true and careers are made.
So I've heard.
Thank you.
Thank you for being my
first friend in the city.
I appreciate your insight
and you kindness.
Well, you're welcome and don't
worry because my insight
and kindness don't come with
any obligation on your part.
Good to know.
Mmm mmhmm.
Oh yeah.
Some people here would
already call it afternoon.
Almost done, just a
couple more minutes.
Take your time.
Hey. How are you doin'?
Oh, thank you.
Hey Ryan,
who's your friend?
Hey Chappy, this is Sean, he's
visiting from New York City.
Oh yeah,
staying at Owen's.
What can I get you
all started with Ryan?
Uh coffee for me.
You don't have a soy
latte by any chance?
Sorry soy latte's were knocked
out by sweet teas at the Mason
Dixon Line, our coffee
menu's regular or decaf.
I'll be right back.
How does he know I'm
staying at Owen's?
It's big news when
Owen swaps his house
with a New Yorker
for the holidays.
Well not much longer,
I'm leaving tonight.
I told you you'll have heat
by the time we get back.
It's not that, it's just I had
this fantasy about getting away
from the city and I think I'm
a little out of my element.
Or mind.
Owen said
you're a cop.
I may have lied
about that.
You mean not all cops dress in
designer clothes in New York.
I own an
advertising agency.
That's more believable.
So what can I get
you all for breakfast.
Oh um, I'll have the
eggs and the sausage.
Uh, do you have anything
besides sausage?
Bacon or ham?
Just bring him some
grits and toast.
Grits? What if I hate it?
Well then we'll
get you pancakes,
but you won't because
you'll trust that whatever
comes out of that kitchen
is gonna be amazing.
What do you do that
makes you so positive?
Um, I'm a veterinarian.
A vet?
Cats and dogs,
I delivered a
colt last night.
It was a difficult birth.
Bringing new life into
the world does actually
give me a positive
attitude I guess.
I get that.
So you've always
loved animals?
I have.
But it wasn't until my marriage
fell apart that I became a vet.
Well that's pretty brave,
starting a whole new career.
When everything
crashed and burned,
I went for a walk.
I saw this horse just
basking in the sun,
not caring about the
past or the future,
just fully present in
enjoying the moment.
And I thought,
that's what I want.
That's where I wanna be.
I wanna be in the present.
It's not always good,
but I'm willing to go
wherever it takes me.
I find life's more
exciting that way.
So you got from a horse,
what most people pay thousands
of dollars for in therapy.
I'm better at giving
advice then taking it.
But you can learn
a lot from nature.
I applied to vet
school the next day.
Here ya go.
Thank you.
Best breakfast right
there in front of you.
That's not bad.
Enjoying the moment?
This moment, yes.
Good afternoon miss.
Warm and toasty.
My work here is done.
I have some patients
waiting for me.
Ed McGowan's.
I'll walk you
to your car.
Thanks for buying
It's the least I could do;
You introduced me to grits,
my new favorite
breakfast food.
And you saved me
from freezing.
I have to admit I
am very impressed.
Well now that your heat's
working are you still leaving?
I did book a flight--
If you happen
to miss it--
You're gonna ask me
out for a drink?
No, I can't do that.
Of course not.
It's a dry county.
Those really exist?
You're in one.
Well then I have
to leave, I mean...
What do you do for fun?
All kinds of things.
I'm running the bingo game
tonight at town hall,
if you happen to stay
you should come by.
There's prizes,
Christmas fruitcake,
stuffed stoking's.
I'm more of a black
jack kinda guy,
You see that's
your problem.
You're trapped in all this,
which is your comfort zone.
But over here...
This is where
magic happens.
I like the way
magic looks.
Are you flirting
with me?
No, of course not.
I'm way better at
flirting then that.
Good to know.
(phone ringing)
Hey Sean.
How's it going?
Good, Mia just showed
me some of the sights.
What's up?
This my sound strange
to ask but uh...
what do you do to impress
the local girls around here?
In Butters?
Take her to bingo.
Enh bingo's covered.
What else you got?
Well there's this
Christmas hay ride,
it could be romantic.
Like in a ride in
a hay wagon?
Yeah, it's even horse drawn,
got all these lights set up
with Christmas music.
It's a lot of fun actually.
Owen you're a genius,
thank you.
Hey so, let me ask
you the same question,
how do you get these
city ladies to notice you?
In New York,
that's easy.
You just dress
real stylish
and act like you're
worth a million bucks.
You're a decent looking guy; you
should have no problem at all.
Yeah I think my problem is
I'm more casual then stylish.
Ah, you're welcome to
anything in my closet.
Eh, thanks Sean, I
really appreciate it.
Me too.
Good luck.
Haven't you got a
plane to catch?
I've got time,
and you left
your toolbox.
And you tracked me
down to return it.
Well, an independent lady
like you needs her toolbox,
I mean, what if some other poor
soul needed you to save them.
It happens all the time.
I'm just impressed
that you have a toolbox.
Don't you?
What do you do
for home repairs?
I call Dennis,
my doorman.
You city boys
sure are spoiled.
We are, it's sad.
I'd be the first to
die in an apocalypse.
You born and raised
in the city?
What got you into
My dad was in it; I just
stayed with what I knew.
The path of least
Something like that,
but I do enjoy it.
I bet you're good at it;
you look like a good salesman.
My last campaign was a
flying robotic reindeer.
Oh, my brother loved
that when he was a kid.
Well I'm the guy that
revived his career
taking him into space.
You're the guy that did that?
You are a good salesman.
Well I don't think of it
as selling as much as
creating an illusion.
In some ways I think that
concept has managed
to bleed into my
personal life.
How so?
Well, sometimes I think I
have managed to fool myself
into thinking I'm
happier than I am.
You're not happy?
I thought I was, but then I
experienced moments like this
morning, and
right now,
and I think that's what
real happiness is.
You know, for some people, the
best decision they ever made
is letting go of a plan and
allowing fate to carry them.
Is that so?
Is that what you do?
I try to.
But sometimes it's easier
to say no rather then yes.
Maybe it's out of fear.
I told you I'm bad at
taking my own advice.
It's hard to believe.
Well you're not the
only one that's good
at creating an illusion.
Whoa, look at you.
You like?
I raided Sean's closet.
He said it was okay.
You look very dapper, the ladies
are gonna love you at open mic.
Oh stop, you're
making me blush.
They're gonna
love that too.
Come on, let's go.
Do you have a big family
celebration for Christmas?
Not really my parents moved to
Florida and I can't usually
take any time off.
Well you got a
boyfriend at least.
Yeah but he'll probably work
straight through the holiday's,
he's a realtor and
he's always busy.
Um, thank you.
Sometimes I feel like
I have to go to one
of his open houses
just to see him.
Call me old fashioned but
I feel like if someone really
wants to see you,
they'll make an effort.
Hey, I'm sorry, I wasn't
judging, it's not my--
No, you're right, I mean,
you're not the first person
to tell me that.
We have problems;
I guess I'm just,
uh, stupid for
letting it happen.
No, no, you just
want to be loved.
We all do.
It sounds so pathetic,
but it's true.
Some things take
more effort.
It's worth it
in the end.
Can you tell
him that?
(phone ringing)
(phone ringing)
His ears must be
burning, this is him.
Do you need to go?
I'm gonna let
him sweat.
I want to hear
you sing.
Well, someone's gotta
get this crowd going.
No one wants to
be the first up,
so how about you
kick things off?
No problem.
Joy to the world,
the Lord has come,
let earth receive
her king.
Let every heart
prepare him room.
And heaven and nature sing.
And heaven and nature sing.
And heaven, heaven
and nature sing.
Joy to the world
The Savior reigns.
Let men their
songs employ.
While fields and
floods, rocks, hills,
and plains repeat
the sounding joy.
Repeat the
sounding joy.
Repeat, repeat
the sounding joy.
Joy to the world.
Joy to the world.
Joy to the world.
He rules the world.
With truth and grace.
And makes the
nations prove.
The glories of
His righteousness.
And wonders of His love.
And wonders of His love.
And wonders,
wonders of His love.
Wonders, wonders
of His...
Joy to the world.
Joy to the world.
Joy to the world.
Joy to the world.
Woo! (laughs)
and cheering)
Thank you.
and cheering)
Hey, thanks a lot.
Appreciate it.
That was amazing!
No one's gonna wanna
get up there after you.
I mean you are really good,
this is a tough crowd
and you had them in
the palm of your hand.
I got friends in radio, I
can hook you up. Seriously.
Thank you.
No, for taking me out and
giving me the chance to sing.
I'm having a
really good time.
Me too.
And you're welcome.
Everyone deserves a
chance at their dreams.
That realtor better
start treating you better.
You're awesome Mia.
Fate did bring
you to New York.
It just may have.
Fate did bring
you to New York.
You missed
your flight.
There will be
other flights.
So, uh, where do I
get my game cards?
You know how
to play?
Are you kidding?
I killed at bingo in
the fifth grade.
I am taking home
that fruitcake.
Okay, we'll see, these people
are serious about their bingo.
Oh I got this.
Welcome everyone, Season's
Greetings to our regulars
and I see a few new faces,
thanks for joining us.
We have some very
special holiday prizes
so let's just
get started.
Under I, 16.
I, 16.
This may be my
lucky night.
(clears throat)
champion tonight.
You defended your
fifth grade title well.
That was a very
impressive victory dance
you did in front
of everyone.
Well you were right, I mean,
bingo can be very thrilling.
So, um, I thought maybe,
since I am a champion,
you might like to go
on a little adventure?
Unless you have to
be somewhere else.
No, nothing like that.
What do you
have in mind?
Mmm it's a surprise.
I promise I won't
keep you too late.
Why not?
I just have to make
a phone call first.
This is my first hayride.
New York isn't known
for its hayrides?
Let me tell ya, New
York is missing out.
I can't believe you
brought me here.
How did you even find
out about this place?
I did my research.
I even arranged for them to stay
open after closing just for us.
My dad used to bring us
here when we were kids.
So you save animals and
guys from New York City,
and you're handy
with home repairs,
who was the idiot
that let you go?
He was...
is a good guy actually.
What does he do?
A pilot.
He was always gone;
I could never compete
with that love of flying.
Ambition is a
double-edged sword.
Only if you let it be.
Depends on the person.
Maybe, maybe not.
People get comfortable,
and they stop caring.
You don't really
believe that.
Sometimes it's just easier
believing something.
Do you believe in
this, here?
I believe in what
I can feel.
Who would of ever
thought Christmas lights
could be so beautiful.
Why did you
come here Sean?
I felt lost,
disconnected from life.
You know 90% of our body mass
is made up of stardust.
In fact, all the elements
except hydrogen and helium
are found in the stars.
So what does
that mean?
That we're all
tied together.
So the next time you feel
disconnected just look up.
Because you are the
universe expressing itself.
It's impossible to
be separate from it.
Life sounds so
much more exciting
when you put
it like that.
It's the truth,
especially this time of year.
Christmas brings us into
a collective heartbeat.
If you sit still, you
can feel it all around.
so I decided to do
my own little mix--
I know, and you just like,
you just took the house down.
That was amazing.
I'm glad you liked it.
Well, thanks for
walking me home.
I'm just making sure
you get home safely.
How kind of you.
Well it's hard work
looking after you,
but I have to admit
I had a great time.
Me too.
I hope your boyfriend
doesn't mind it.
Mmm no.
I'm sure we'll fight
about it later.
You guys fight often?
About stupid things, like last
night I just wanted to listen
to silent night in the car but
he had to take a phone call.
Silent night?
Yeah, it's my favorite
Christmas carol,
my dad used to sing it to me
when I was little as a lullaby
and just, I just had the
best dreams when he did.
What are your
dreams Mia?
Well, I'm good
with my job so,
I guess it's time to take a
look at my personal life.
You know the holidays,
the New Year,
they're just always a time I
like to re-evaluate my life,
and look at where I am
now and where I'm going.
And where are
you going?
To a life filled with more
passion and less drama.
I like that.
(text tone)
The realtor?
Yeah, I gotta go.
Have a good night.
You too.
This was so nice,
thank you.
Yeah it was
really great.
I didn't honestly know how
it was gonna turn out.
We should get a
Oh yeah. Here.
Here, sit.
There you go.
How is it?
Definitely Facebook
Oh tag me in that.
Does this mean we'll
be Facebook friends;
you ready to take
it to that level?
I think I'm ready.
You know a friend of mine said
I should be more spontaneous.
What are your
thoughts on that?
Spontaneity exquisite
freedom of the unexpected.
I'm a big fan.
(phone ringing)
I need to answer.
(phone ringing)
I'll be there soon.
We should go.
Hot date?
No, nothing like that.
Uh, yeah, sure,
let's go.
Good morning.
Grits again?
I am hooked,
and Chappy discovered
a way to make,
well, fake
low-fat latte's.
You have left your
mark on Butters.
I am honored.
I wanted to thank you again for
last night; I had a lot of fun.
Until Cinderella
took a phone call,
on her way home.
Yeah, well, I had to.
So it wasn't the kiss?
You started it.
Once you held my hand I
couldn't help myself.
I'm glad you did,
I enjoyed it.
Me too.
Which leads me to
my next question,
not to sound presumptuous but,
I feel like we have a real
attraction here, dare
I say real connection.
How do we keep that going
when I go back to New York?
Maybe we just let
it unfold naturally.
I don't think I
can do that.
I really can't help but think of
the future when it comes to you.
Sean there are things
you don't know,
my life is here.
And I believe I can
add to that life, Ryan,
if you'll let me.
(phone ringing)
Excuse me a second.
If there's
someone else--
Nothing like that.
That's what you
said last night.
Look, I'll be back tonight
for the tree lighting
at the town hall, it's a
Christmas tradition.
Meet me there and
we'll continue
this conversation
there, okay?
Yes, trust me.
I can do that.
Besides I'm a sucker
for Christmas trees.
I'm just leaving Butters now,
I'll see you soon, okay?
I don't care; I just
want us to have dinner.
Well we talked about
this last night,
we said that if we wanted
our relationship to work
we had to make
more of an effort.
Yeah I get it.
Okay, talk to you later.
Bad time for lunch?
I'm fine.
You sure?
I'll live.
Sometimes I just feel like
I'm trying to fit a square
into a circle.
I mean it's not supposed to
be this difficult, right?
It's so easy
when I'm with--
never mind.
Come on, I'll treat you to
a sushi lunch and a hug.
Thank you,
I needed that.
But forget sushi, let's go
to BeBe's they have just
what the doctor ordered.
Ooo, yeah they do.
So this is your
happy meal?
Hot dogs and
hot chocolate.
Mmhmm, strange combo I
know but cheers me up.
I love it.
Proof strange combo's
can be the best matches.
It's surprising but true.
Surprises are good.
You should come visit
North Carolina some time.
I'd like to.
All of New York will be
listening at the open mic
tonight, including A&R reps,
I can get you on the line-up.
Thanks Mia.
You're talented,
you should be heard.
No promises, but
it's an opportunity.
Wow, I really
appreciate it.
No problem.
Well what can
I do for you?
My kindness comes
with no obligations.
Ah, that's right. I
remember that speech.
Well then, how about
some more hot chocolate?
Mm mmhmm.
(text tone)
Ah, someone might be
coming to his senses.
I hope you're right.
We'll see.
You deserve it.
I'll get us some
more refills.
(text tone)
Excuse me, Denis gave me
your apartment number.
I want you to know it
cost me a very large tip.
I'm Owen.
I'm Halo.
Like an angel?
Yes... I seen you with your
girlfriend, I thought I would
come by and introduce myself
since we're neighbors.
Oh no, she's, uh,
she's not my girlfriend.
Just a friend.
That's nice.
Can I, um...
Offer you something,
you wanna come in?
I just came to say hi.
I'm free tonight though.
Oh, uh, sure, okay.
Pick me up at 7,
apartment 606.
(robot noises)
Kalup sweetie, I want to
talk to you about tonight.
What are you doing?
Robo and I are going to
space in my rocket ship.
I want you to
meet someone.
A friend.
Well he's not really a friend,
he's someone that...
Forget it.
This was a bad idea.
Because he's a guy.
So am I.
Mommy, do you want to go
to space with me and robo?
I'd like to baby but I
think there's only room
for you and robo.
Robo says you can
go to space too.
You just gotta believe.
I've thought a
lot about this
and if we can't even be
together at Christmas
then there's no point in
us being together at all.
Yeah, I guess this
is goodbye forever.
I was just thinking
about you.
I have something
to tell you.
Me too. Is it cool if I
bring a date tonight?
A date?
Yeah, her name is Halo, she's
a fashion model or something,
lives in the building.
I guess she realized
we were neighbors
'cause she came
knocking on my door.
Well, she came knocking
on Sean's door.
It's weird 'cause she's ignored
me every day until now.
That's because she's
attracted to money
and she thinks you
have lots of it.
Come on that's a
little judgmental.
No, it's the truth.
How do you
not see that?
She doesn't really care
about who you really are.
Well how do
you know that?
You're right;
it's your life.
Enjoy your date
with Halo.
I need to get
back to work.
I guess I'll just go.
I came to spend
Christmas with you.
Hah, you've been
roughing it, huh?
How'd you find me?
I have to admit I
thought it was a joke,
and then I got here
and it's not.
What are you some
social media sluth?
You didn't exactly
hide your location.
It's a friendly town,
everyone loves the boy
from New York City.
I thought we were
taking some time off.
We did, for a re-evaluation,
and I realize I was a fool.
My answer is yes.
Yes to what?
The last time we saw
each other you had a ring.
Yeah, but what about
Larry Fitz Gilbert?
A flash in the pan,
totally over.
Larry made me realize
how much I love you.
How's that?
Because when we were apart
and I was with him,
it made me realize
how much I missed you.
Sean, you know we
belong together.
I was wrong before but you
made me realize how important
the future is.
And Sean, I want my
future to be with you.
Are you going
Uh, just some boring townsfolk
getting together to light
the Christmas tree at
town hall, no big deal,
just something to do.
You wouldn't
be interested.
Sounds like a party.
Just let me freshin' up.
I gotta do something,
take your car,
I'll meet you there.
Everything okay?
Yeah, uh,
everything's great.
I'm really glad
to see you,
I thought a lot about
what you said earlier.
Right I need
to tell you--
Me first please.
There is someone
else in my life.
Is it the guy that keeps
calling you call the time?
Hey mom.
Hey little buddy.
I want you to meet a friend
of mommy's. This is Sean.
Nice to meet you,
You too.
Mom and I went to
the moon today.
You don't say.
With robo.
I love robo.
I know him
very well.
I wanna show
Chappy robo.
Okay, don't wonder off.
You're a mom.
I am.
I like to keep my private
life private until I know
I can trust someone.
That's why there's no
Kalup on your Facebook.
In case you haven't guessed
Kalup is the someone
else in my life.
In fact he is my life, which is
why I needed you to meet him.
I didn't tell you
about him sooner
because I didn't know
what to expect.
I do want this to work.
Ryan I need to--
I know it's a risk,
and there's location problems
but I'm willing to try.
So are you free for
Christmas dinner?
I would like
to be but I--
Honey, I've been
looking for you.
I'm Kimber,
Sean's fianc.
No, I can explain.
No need to.
I clearly made
a huge mistake.
You both have a
Merry Christmas.
Ryan, wait!
(clapping and
We're leaving?
It's not over.
Yeah it is, I'll meet
you back at the house.
Hello there.
I thought I was coming
over to your place?
I couldn't wait.
Do you mind?
No, not at all.
So, what are
you hungry for?
I'm not really
a big eater.
Calories are kind
of a job hazard.
I'm a model.
I eat what I need to.
Tough job.
What do you do?
I'm a repairman.
Do you own
the business?
I do.
We should get going; I'm up
for suggestions as to where.
I usually leave the
'where' up to the guy.
I'm new to New York,
my friend took me to this
great open mic club.
The girl you were
with in the lobby?
Yeah, Mia.
Figures she would take you
to an open mic club.
She's obviously
low rent.
Careful, she's
a good friend.
We should get going.
You forget something?
Yeah, I really did.
What are
you doing?
Do you know
who I am?
You're the wrong
girl for me.
Merry Christmas Owen.
Hey, you too Denis.
You okay?
Not really.
Denis since you're
my New York guru,
what should I do if I think
I'm in love with a girl?
Well do you think
you really love her?
I mean you've only been
in New York a short time.
I know that's what's
so incredible.
My previous relationship
lasted seven years
but I've never felt like this.
I don't know if she feels
the same but I gotta
tell her how I feel.
Say what you
have to say.
I mean it's scary, but once
it's done the high hands rest.
And if it is who I think it is,
there will be a happy outcome.
You're a wise
man, Denis.
I hope you're right.
Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas Owen.
What are you doing
here Kimber?
You're my fianc.
I wanna spend
Christmas with you.
You wanted to
take time off
and you were pretty
clear about that.
You were bored with me,
our relationship went stale.
I changed my mind.
I'm very happy with you.
You saw that picture of
me and Ryan of Facebook.
Was it your heart or ego
that made that decision?
you know that we
belong together.
I used to think so, I got so
caught up in having a future
and following that blueprint
that I totally missed what
was right there
in front of me.
I'm glad you
really see me, us.
I do.
You came here because
you can't stand the idea
that I may have moved
on with someone else.
Yes, I uh, I saw
the picture,
but it just made me
realize that I love you.
And Larry Fit Gilbert
went back to his fianc.
You're not the
only social menace.
I'm sorry Kimber
but I can't do this.
You bought me a ring.
I bought a ring but
it's not for you.
Not anymore.
I bought a ring but
it's not for you.
Excuse me.
Hey, do you mind
doing me a favor
and turning these
lights down?
Thank you.
Silent night!
Holy night!
All is calm
all is bright.
Round yon virgin
mother and child.
Holy infant so
tender and mild.
Sleep in
heavenly peace!
Sleep in heavenly peace!
I didn't like how we ended
things earlier today.
It's in the past, no
need to dwell on it.
So where's your date?
It never happened.
I realized something.
What's that?
My heart's already
been taken, by you.
Look, I know you
have a boyfriend--
Not anymore.
I broke up with him.
You did?
Right before I
saw you today.
I realized that everything
that was wrong with him,
was right with you.
And you still
believe that?
I was beginning
to doubt it but,
you sang silent night.
My sister told me that if I
stay open I may find a love
I never knew I wanted but,
desperately needed.
I thought it was a bunch of
nonsense but when I met you,
I realized how
true it really is.
I had to come all the way to
New York City to find it but
somewhere along the way
I fell for you Mia.
I don't know maybe I fell for
you the first moment I saw you
but was just too stupid or
too scared to admit it.
But now with every moment I
fall deeper and deeper in love.
It's like magic.
It just keeps
getting better.
You have no idea how wonderful
it is to hear you say that.
I'm in love with you too but I
just thought I was being silly.
Would you by chance
want to spend Christmas
back home with me?
I guess that's a yes.
(laughs) Yes!
Best Christmas
present ever.
(cheering and
It's late Sean, what
are you doing here?
I need to talk to you.
You don't have to explain,
everything makes sense.
It's fine.
You'll go back to New York
and I'll wish you all the best.
You're blowing me off.
No, I'm being honest,
which is something you
should try some time.
Okay, I should of
told you about Kimber,
I'm sorry.
I asked you why
you came here.
You never said anything
about a girlfriend,
and definitely
not a fianc.
That's because at
the time she wasn't.
Yes I bought a ring and
yes I was going to propose.
had all these ideas about
how the future would be
and you know what, life
just laughed in my face.
I'm sure it did,
but Kimber made it very clear
that you're still together.
Why else would
she come here?
Kimber came here
on her own.
No invitation from me.
I don't know, maybe this
just all happened so
we don't make
a big mistake.
Or maybe Kimber did
me the biggest favor.
If she hadn't made me realize
how I was living my life
I would never
of come here.
And I never would of
realized I was missing
a real connection
in my life.
I never would
of found you.
You woke me up Ryan.
You made me realize that if I'm
always planning for the future
I won't be present for
it when it comes.
You showed me how to be present,
how to absorb the moment.
And you made me be
willing to experience it.
It's not just my
heart that's at risk.
Maybe this is all an
illusion you're gonna
forget when you go
back to New York.
No, it's not.
What's real to me is that
every moment I'm with you,
is the best moment
of my life.
I'm in this for
the long hall.
Starting now.
Whatever it takes.
All I need is to
here you say this.
You'll get on
the plane--
No. I've come to far; no
way I am turning back.
I have a son.
I think Kalup
is wonderful.
You didn't really think
that would scare me off?
Is that why you
kept it a secret?
I'm not looking
for a dad for Kalup.
What scares me, Sean, is
that he seems to like you.
That boy has dealt with
a lot of disappointment
and I don't want to feel one
ounce of what I felt today.
I'm sorry about that.
It was never my
intention to hurt you.
But you did and I know
you won't do it again.
I promise you I won't.
Do you believe in fate?
'Cause I do.
You know why?
Because I was just supposed
to be coming her to regroup.
That's what's so astounding
about all of this.
Somehow fate brought me
something greater than
I could ever imagine.
It brought me you.
You truly believe ours
is a real connection?
Written in the stars.
Merry Christmas!
Hey, little brother,
just in time.
How are you?
Ryan, I want you
to meet Mia.
Thanks for having me.
Owen has told me
so much about you.
Very nice to meet you.
Where is Kalup?
He's playing.
He's coming.
Mia, what are
you doing here?
I came with Owen.
Sean this is my
brother, Owen.
Sean Tucker?
Owen Harrison,
you're Ryan's brother.
What are you
doing here?
Ryan invited me.
You asked me about how to
impress the local girls here.
Well, it was just, you know,
the one local girl.
I hope you're
cool with that?
You should of told
me it was Ryan,
I would of told
you all her secrets.
So you and Mia?
Kalup the man.
Hey, a toast to the best house
swap ever in the history of
house swaps.
To start dust.
And to silent night.
Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas,
little buddy.
All right, sis,
let's eat.
...Let every heart
prepare him room.
And heaven and nature sing.
And heaven and nature sing.
And heaven, heaven
and nature sing.
Joy to the world
The Savior reigns.
Let men their
songs employ...