Christmas Together (2020) Movie Script

That was a good walk, huh?
Its cold out there.
All right, time to relax.
Youre just so cute, I know!
Youre just the cutest.
I know I dog-sit all the time,
but you are gonna be hard to say goodbye to.
What should we do? Should we paint?
Any ideas?
Yeah, me neither.
Yeah, I got like a little red and white.
Maybe we can put some--
I think this is the last of them.
Scandal in the Christmas capital of the world.
"Lone house in Tinsel, USA, hangs its lights late."
Im sure the tourists wont complain.
Well, they wont be rolling in for another week or two,
so well be ready by then.
- Lets hope. - Thanks for those, Charles.
No problem, baby.
- You guys really go all out. - Yeah.
Glad to see Dad at least put up some lights this year.
I know he tries his best. From what he tells me,
decorating was really Moms department.
Its gonna be a nice Christmas.
A puppy would make it the best Christmas ever,
but I just dont think thats gonna happen.
I have a feeling your dads gonna come around.
I hope so. I really want a dog for Christmas.
I think your dad just needs to, you know, loosen up a little,
find himself a nice friend.
Ah, you mean like a wife and be like you and Charles.
Itd be nice to see your dad go out on a date for a change.
What do you think about that?
Id be okay with it, as long as I got a dog.
You used to run a business, right?
Yeah, why do you ask?
School project.
Im thinking about things that are profitable.
Profitable? Well, you need to study real estate
instead of restaurants.
The guy that I used to rent my space from in the city,
he had all kind of properties.
He had commercial, residential, vacation guest spots.
- Vacation guest spots? - Oh, yeah. He raked it in too.
He retired to Spain, and I retired here.
I wouldnt trade him though.
This is a nice place, isnt it?
I love it here. Christmas year-round.
Thats why the tourists come.
You know, Im surprised my landlord doesnt have
a rental property here.
Lots of tourists around this time of year, right?
Yeah. Lets grab those lights and finish up at the door, okay?
Whatever you say, boss.
All right. Thanks for helping us decorate.
- Cheers, bud. Yeah. - Cheers.
So how is that astronomy club going?
That was almost an astronomy joke, wasnt it?
That was horrible.
Please dont ever do that again.
Hows the teaching schedule this semester?
Its not too bad. Its manageable.
How are the two newlyweds doing, you and Monica McClain?
Sorry. You and Monica Frye
have a three-month anniversary coming up, dont you?
You know, its unbelievable, really.
I mean, weve been dating for how long?
And it feels like forever.
Ah, man, hey, Im sorry.
No, its okay, its okay.
Its been seven years, right?
Dont waste any chances to tell Monica that you love her.
You know, I wasnt gonna bring this up
cause I know how you usually answer.
Your lovely wife found someone at work
she wants to set me up with?
No, not even.
No? Then what is it?
My lovely wife met someone at yoga
that she wants to set you up with.
Thank you, man, but Im good.
Come on, man, she does yoga.
Look, Ben, between the astronomy club,
my book, Mia, teaching--
You said your schedule was manageable.
Look, I just dont have a lot of time to date right now, okay?
All right, I get it, okay? I do.
But youre not from here. I am.
And the single women here, they dont stay single for long.
I sold you your house, what, six years ago?
And I said to myself then, "This guy right here,
hes gonna get picked up in a hurry."
And since then, how many dates have you been on?
You just said that there arent a lot of single girls in town.
Yeah, all right, man. I dont wanna press you.
Oh, yeah. The last minute or so
mustve been a real struggle, huh?
- Okay.
I understand you havent been the same
since your wife died.
I know. Its been hard to bring that guy back.
Maybe I havent met the right person.
You know, youre a really good-looking guy.
Thank you.
All the bridesmaids at my wedding,
they acted like teenage girls at a K-Pop concert
when they saw you.
Yeah, but theyre not exactly my type,
and, man, you know how shy and introverted I get
when I meet a new girl.
I mean, youre a sweet guy, youre smart,
and youre a fricking doctor, for crying out loud.
I have a PhD in literature.
Youre still a doctor.
Okay, okay, Im a doctor.
All Im saying is, even though you dont look it,
youre not getting any younger.
Now that I think about it,
you didnt look this young six years ago.
You sure youre going to an astronomy club
or some top secret reverse-aging seminar?
Enough, all right?
All right, man.
I appreciate it.
And the beer is on me.
I gotta get going.
Im taking Mia to the kennel to go look at puppies.
Uh, slow down, tiger. Dont get too crazy.
Now youre buying her clothes?
I used to have one just like her when I was little.
I just love her.
I hate to break it to you,
but it turns out the boss decided
they want the dog with them in Gstaad after all.
Oh, we were getting so close.
I know. Well, their daughters flying over tomorrow,
and shes gonna take the dog and join them.
You ever think about a dog like this one,
two kids and a house in the suburbs?
Why are you asking this question?
Rich Wilson. Used to be lead accountant.
Yeah, I remember him.
You havent seen him in a while, right?
Yeah, not since he got promoted, got married, has two kids.
Babe, where are you going with this?
I mean, you know I love kids, but not right now.
- I know. Ava... - With your job and my art,
I cant imagine doing homework and school projects right now.
We talked about this in the future,
but you said we would take this slow.
And now youre talking about marriage and kids and--
Ava, were on the same page, believe me.
You sure?
Yeah. You have your...
art, okay?
And I have my job at the firm.
Planning a wedding right now and moving to the suburbs...
Yeah, it just doesnt sound like us.
And thats not what Im talking about.
Where are you going with all of this?
Mia, Dr. Miles, so good to see you.
So what do you think of this little guy?
Did you know that these dogs
first came to America in the 20s?
You learned all of this in history?
Dogs are a big part of American history.
Did you know that 30 out of the 45 presidents had dogs?
Oh, my goodness, look at you! Youre perfect.
Im still a bit muddy on what this school assignments about,
but we should get you home and started on your homework,
and I have to get back to the university.
Great, so Im thinking if we take this dog home with us,
Ill really study him.
Its totally for school.
You just wanna borrow him for a little while.
Oh, no, no, no, no.
We cant just take Prancer home with us
and then bring him back here.
That wouldnt be very nice.
What exactly is this school assignment?
How wonderful would a dog make a sweet little girls childhood.
Is there even a school project?
You didnt seem too big on the dog idea when I mentioned it.
I tried to feel you out about it a few weeks ago,
and I didnt think I could get you to come here any other way.
It turns out that the CEO and Rich are very tight now,
and theres this exclusive executive retreat
that theyve invited me to because Im...
finally getting promoted.
What? Babe, thats awesome! Congratulations!
Wheres this retreat?
Las Vegas.
Sounds flashy.
Are you sure this is a business thing?
When is this trip happening?
During our before-Christmas trip?
Thats the other thing.
Theres another thing?
I messed up. Things have been so busy at the office.
I didnt even get a chance to book anything anyway.
To be honest,
I wasnt even looking forward to Hawaii anyways.
I really wanted to go someplace Christmassy.
Whats more Christmassy than New York at Christmastime?
Yeah, but weve done New York at Christmastime.
I guess.
I dont know. I just--
I cant figure it out.
It looks great.
Dean, no, its not even finished.
You know, I-- You know, I feel suffocated here.
I cant even think with all the sirens and the horns and...
Why dont you go away too?
Take a little retreat of your own.
Why dont you try to meet up with your parents and sister?
No, I am not going on another family Christmas cruise.
Well, Im sure theres someplace you can find
to decompress for a while.
Someplace off the beaten path.
Someplace Christmassy.
Someplace Christmassy.
Hey, howd it go at the kennel?
Brought him down from a "no" to a "well see,"
so Im taking that as a win.
You knew about this, Deb?
She mightve run it by me.
Now that this box is out,
you have effectively seized
complete control of the guesthouse.
Dad, why do we still call this a guesthouse?
The only guests that we have are Grandma and Grandpa,
and they stay in the guest room in the house when they visit.
I guess youre right. We should just call this
"Mias miscellaneous space"
until I get my act together and rent it out.
Till then, its all yours.
So I can do whatever I want with it.
Call it whatever you like.
Oh, yes, hi.
I was calling about the gallery space on 52nd.
This is Ava Berndon.
Oh, thank you. Youre very sweet.
Yeah, Im actually working on a few pieces right now.
Oh, its not available?
Okay. I understand.
Where are you going?
Rich and some guys are meeting up downtown, so...
Arent you gonna see these guys on the retreat?
I mean, I thought we were hanging out.
CEOs gonna be there, so...
Wasnt the CEO gonna be there too?
This is important.
Were not?
You know thats not what I mean.
I love you.
Hey, wait.
What do you think?
I think youre wonderful, and I think I should get going.
Dean, its a new painting.
I gotta go.
Okay, here we go.
"Christmas experience in Tinsel, USA."
Looks good. What else can I do?
Even better.
There we go.
Jingle bells, jingle bells.
Jingle all the way.
And I think we have a winner.
Oh, this is so cute.
I love your advertisement, Ms. Miles.
Ooh. "Ms. Miles." I like the sound of that.
Thank you.
Is it still available?
Ive looked all over and everything seems to be sold out.
Oh, yes. This is a very busy time of year.
It is still available, but I dont know for how long.
Where are you coming from?
New York.
A little time in Tinsel is just what you need.
So is the price here the full rate?
Mia, time for bed.
Just a few more...
Just a few more minutes, Dad.
How about a hundred more?
Its all yours if you want it.
See you Tuesday.
Thank you so much, Ms. Miles.
Tinsel, USA, here I come.
Whats the rush?
I just dont want you to be late getting to work.
Why are you in such a hurry, huh?
I, uh...
Did the street sweeper come today?
Better hurry. I dont want you to get a ticket.
That was yesterday, Mia. Ill be okay.
- Oh, that must be her. - Her who?
Oh, good. This is the right place.
My driver took me to the wrong address.
- Address? - Oh, Im sorry. Im Ava.
Ava Berndon, your guest.
My guest?
Yeah. I am renting out the guesthouse.
Im looking for a Ms. Miles.
Ms. Miles?
Yep, thats me.
- Come on, follow me. - Oh, thank you.
Mia, Ms. Berndon, I think theres been a mistake.
A mistake? What do you mean, Mr. Miles?
"Mason" is fine.
Oh, Mason. Its nice to meet you.
Could you excuse us for one second?
Sure. Shes adorable.
Thats one word for her.
Mia, this nice lady has some idea
about renting out our guesthouse?
Do you know anything about that?
Mia, were really in no shape to--
Shes very pretty.
Excuse me. You know, I feel really bad.
I think this is just a big mistake.
Maybe if you can just point me to the direction of a hotel.
- Preferably a cheaper one. - Cheap hotel?
I did get a really good deal on this guesthouse.
Look, Im so sorry,
but I think that its been misrepresented.
It looks awesome.
Mia, its really in no shape to be rented out.
Why wont you let her see and decide for herself?
Wow. Mia you did all of this?
Oh, my God, its so cute. I love it.
Well, I guess I better get going.
You said you know of a hotel nearby?
Since you came all this way from...
Uh, New York.
Okay, if you dont mind... us.
Oh, no, not at all.
Then youre welcome to stay
at the rate my grounded daughter quoted you at.
Are you sure?
Yeah, Im sure.
Oh, my God, thank you so much.
I promise I wont even make a peep.
I just need somewhere to hang my hat
while I check out all the sights.
Your daughters listing really sold this town.
My daughters listing really sold it, huh? Good.
Well, I need to get back to work,
and I will talk to you tonight.
I meant her, my daughter.
But we can talk if you like.
Oh, no, no, Ive already caused too much trouble.
So nice to meet you. Enjoy your stay.
You can unpack, and Ill be back later
with a welcome packet
and complimentary robe and slippers.
If you need anything at all--
What did you plan on doing,
hiding her from me until Christmas?
Ill admit I didnt think it all the way through.
What exactly did you put in this listing that sold it?
I just wanna make sure youre not misrepresenting things
more than you already have
Just a Christmas experience shed never forget.
Oh, is that all?
We live in the Christmas capital of the world, Dad.
Go get your homework done.
- I love you. - Love you too, sweetheart.
Youre still in trouble,
if I wasnt already late getting back.
- Well talk more tonight. - Good luck.
You know, you did put your father in a bit of a spot.
You were the one who said he should loosen up.
Thats not what I was talking about.
What I meant was I just want your father to find somebody.
You know, a dog is a mans best friend.
To some men, yes.
So why dont you go take these to your new guest?
- Thats a great idea. - Mm-hmm.
Hey. Oh, hi, Mia. Come on in.
I just wanna drop this off.
That is so sweet of you. Thank you.
Uh, you moved the bed?
Oh, yeah. I hope you dont mind.
You know, I feel like I put your dad in a weird spot.
No, no, its okay. I think I did that.
But hes okay, I think.
I hope hes okay.
I know what youre thinking.
He comes across as this stuffy scientist guy,
but hes really just a mushy goofball.
Is that so?
I sure hope so, or else Ill get grounded
instead of a dog for Christmas.
Oh, a dog, huh?
Fingers crossed.
You know, a dog would definitely love this backyard.
I know I do.
The sound of silence is... amazing.
Fair warning. Some birds do chirp in the morning.
They dont all fly south for winter, you know.
Well, birds are definitely a welcome sound.
Definitely beats all the horns and sirens and steamrollers.
Youre an artist.
Oh. Yup.
You got brushes and paints, the whole schmear.
Did you just say "the whole schmear?"
Yeah, my best friends grandpa says it all the time.
Did I use it wrong?
No, no, you definitely used it correctly.
I just didnt expect it coming from a 10-year-old.
Well, I just turned 11, and Im an old soul.
Right. You know, I definitely shouldve picked up on that.
You must be jet-lagged. Is that really a thing?
Well, a nice dinner and a good nights rest
should catch you up.
Youre right. Lets see here.
Ooh. The Kringles Christmas Steak House on 4th.
It doesnt look like its too far from here.
Great choice.
These were a nice touch, by the way.
What can I say? We promise an experience.
And I loved every minute so far.
Thanks for the cookies too.
Yeah. Deb wanted me to tell you theyre from my dad.
Okay. Ill be sure to thank him.
Okay, well, if you need anything else,
Ill just be right next door at Debs.
Oh, whos Deb?
Shes our neighbor. She kinda keeps an eye on me
until my dad gets home from work.
Oh, okay.
Well, if you need anything else, Ill just--
Oh, no, no, no. I am low maintenance. Go ahead.
Good to know. Have a nice dinner.
You have to understand what you did was not acceptable.
I mean, what if she was some kind of--
I dont know. A crazy person.
She doesnt seem crazy at all. She seems very nice.
Mia, thats not the point.
You seem a little crazy.
You rented out my guesthouse.
This is our house.
Youre not paying the mortgage.
Well, thanks to me,
now you have a little extra change in your pockets
for the next few weeks.
Mia, we got very lucky,
and you also did a wonderful job cleaning up the guesthouse.
Thank you.
But doing something like this behind my back
is unacceptable.
And what on earth made you do such a thing?
Well, you said getting a dog was a big responsibility
and there were costs,
so I figured if I could show you
that I was responsible and industrious
by taking care of our guests,
bringing in a little extra money,
you might come around.
You have a one-track mind, you know that?
I know where you get that from.
- Sorry, Dad. - Its okay, sweetheart.
I just dont want you to be dishonest.
Misleading people is the same as a lie.
She seems very nice though, doesnt she?
Yeah, she seems that way, but just...
But Im gonna have to wait on my dog, arent I?
Hang this over there, would you?
Oh, my God.
Im a little freaked out because I have to give a speech.
- You have to? - I volunteered.
Now Im getting second thoughts, and Im really nervous.
Well, sometimes nervous
is just excitement you dont recognize.
What is that?
Whats your speech supposed to be about?
Whats Christmas all about.
And a visual presentation has to go with it.
But Id like it to be artistic.
Artistic, you say?
You kinda draw like a three-year-old, Dad.
Yeah, I kinda do.
Yeah. What is that?
Thats Santas sleigh with presents.
- Here, you draw something. - What is that?
That ones a reindeer,
and that ones a gingerbread man.
It looks like an alligator. What?
No, my heater.
Hello, Mia? Mia?
Oh, sorry to bother you. My heater went out.
Okay, yeah, Ill come check it out.
- Looks like a nice view. - It is.
Let me show you from the outside.
Nice telescope.
Yeah, astronomy is a hobby of mine, I guess.
Whats that?
Mia always wants to decorate back here.
Ive been so busy at work.
Im lucky to get a tree up this year.
She wanted to like hang up some lights and do something.
Its not really my strong suit.
I hope I havent been too much of a trouble.
No, I didnt mean it like that.
Whats wrong?
I forgot my pencil.
Oh, well, I have one in the guesthouse.
Thatd be great. Thank you.
Come on.
Is a pen okay?
Yeah, thank you.
Here you go. Oh.
You did this?
Oh, yeah. I hope you dont mind.
Not at all. This is amazing.
Youre very talented.
Thank you.
So about that heater?
Excuse me.
The breaker is a little hidden.
Let me see.
Must have tripped it.
All the Christmas lights in here.
Im sorry about this.
Oh, no, dont be.
I just appreciate you letting me stay.
My pleasure.
Is this just a hobby?
Are you like a professional artist?
I just paint mainly.
Sometimes sculpt and sketch a little bit.
Oh, and, um...
Thank you for the cookies.
The cookies?
Mia brought them over when she was at Debs today.
- Deb.
Of course.
Good night.
Yeah, good night. Ill let you get that.
Sweet dreams.
Hey, babe.
Everything okay?
- Your tray. - Thank you.
Quite a surprise, huh?
- She seems very nice. - Yeah, she does.
Is she single?
- Well? - Well, what?
Is she single?
I didnt ask.
- But I dont think so. - How can you be sure?
Im sure she got a call from a boyfriend when I was in there.
Pretty sure isnt very sure. We need some more info.
What else do you know?
Deb, all I know is that shes an artist
and that shes from New York.
I was just fixing the breaker, okay?
You should be fixing some other things too.
- Good night, Deb. - Oh, come on!
Youre not just a little bit curious about it?
Good night. Thanks for the cookies.
Oh, another thing.
Have Mia come see me in the morning
before you take her to school.
I just might have something for her.
Good night.
Good night, Mason.
- Coming!
- Hey. - Hey.
My dad said you have something for me.
Wait here.
Mmm. Something smells good.
Good morning.
Oh, good morning.
Sorry to wake you up.
No, youre fine.
Oh, thats so sweet. Thank you.
You know, Deb was a big-time chef before she moved here.
Her quiche lorraine is world famous.
Well, it smells amazing.
Ill be sure to thank her when I return the tray.
This is awesome.
You know, these decorations are pretty good.
Did you and your dad do them?
Nope. Just me.
I think I may have gotten my knack for Christmas decorating
from my mom.
Im sorry. I was hoping to get it all done before you arrived,
but it just happened.
No. Youve been a great host, Ms. Mia.
Mia, youre gonna be late for school. What are you doing?
Good morning, Doctor, uh, Mason.
Good morning. Sorry to wake you.
No, Ive been up.
Debs quiche lorraine.
- Uh-huh. - You are in for a treat.
And feel free to use our kitchen in the mornings, if you like.
Oh, you know what? If you do need anything,
here is my cell
and the number at the office, if you do need anything.
Good thinking.
Lets go, Mia.
- Bye. - Bye.
See you later.
Okay, bye.
- Welcome! - Oh, hi.
This is such a cute shop.
Thank you. Im sorry, but you have such a lovely smile.
A way about you.
Forgive me, but are you just visiting?
Why do you ask?
Well, I know just about everyone in town,
so unless you just moved here, youre visiting.
We get a lot of visitors this time of year.
Well, I can understand why.
Well, make sure you get some cocoa from the Olsens cafe.
Its the best in the world.
The best in the world, huh?
Theres a place on the lower east side
I think that would challenge that.
Lower east side?
Im from New York. Or, well, I live in New York.
I am actually from a town about like this one.
Where are you staying? Christmas Inn?
Santa Motel?
No. Just a guesthouse.
Oh. What part of town?
Uh, Dasher Drive?
Mason Miles!
He finally rented that out.
Hes been talking about it forever.
You know, I am looking for some Christmas lights.
We might be able to track a few down.
Are you looking for anything else?
Yeah, a lattice.
For the Miles backyard.
Howd you know?
Mia pesters him every year to decorate back there.
She is the sweetest.
You know, those two are some of the nicest folks.
But go ahead. Take a look at the lights.
If you need anything else, well deliver it to you
if you want to continue to look around town, okay?
Oh, and excuse me, I know this is random,
but how long have you lived here?
Gosh, my family and I moved here from Chicago
about five years ago.
Its a great place to settle down.
The town really takes you in.
But you already know that.
How do you know?
Because you have the same look on your face
as I did a few years ago.
What is up with you?
Oh. Im just a little stressed, man.
Mia went behind my back and rented out the guesthouse.
Mia went behind my back and rented out the guesthouse?
What is this nice womans name?
What? What are you talking about?
You literally have a spring in your step,
and youre smiling from ear to ear,
and you havent done that since you discovered
the pulsing quasar whatever.
Pulsating quasar, okay?
Whatever. Mia rented out the guesthouse
to a wonderful woman,
and Im sure you two are gonna be very happy together.
Hang on, okay? I didnt say that.
You didnt have to.
I knew it.
My man!
Thats what Im talking about. Merry Christmas.
Im excited for you, buddy.
- What is it? - I dont know.
Im not sure. I mean, she might have a boyfriend.
Well, lets look at her solo stay
at the guesthouse as something positive,
all right, Professor?
Look at you, smiling from ear to ear.
Its a beautiful day, all right?
It reminds me of my hometown.
- Thats depressing. - No! Of how it used to be
when I was a kid.
Ah, ah.
But still...
Would you stop?
Look, theres all these cute shops, and everyones so nice.
You sound like you wanna move there.
What? No, no.
Why would you say that?
Im glad youre having fun in Tangle.
Its Tinsel.
Ava, I was thinking maybe we could, um...
take a break.
What? I mean, I thought thats what this trip was.
You wanna break up?
No, no.
Not exactly.
Not exactly? What, you just wanna party in Vegas
and have a free pass?
This isnt a breakup.
I really think youre taking this the wrong way here.
- Then whats the right way? - Okay, look.
You know, this promotion is a big deal for me.
But I gotta be totally focused to get my head on straight.
No distractions.
Im just stressed and confused right now.
Yeah, well, that makes two of us.
Doesnt that look lovely.
Oh, thank you.
Just wanted to do something special for them,
especially since my arrival was a bit of a surprise.
Theyll love it. That was thoughtful of you.
I got inspired, walking around the town,
and I had a canvas, so...
Artistic impulse?
Mason told me you were an artist.
How long have you two been neighbors?
I believe they moved next door-- What was it?
About six years ago.
Mia mentioned about her mom always decorating.
I mean, I didnt wanna pry, but--
She passed away. I believe it was a big part of the reason
that they moved here, to start over.
Start over.
Would you like some tea?
Id love some.
Follow me.
Yeah, so Ive been lucky enough
to sell a few paintings every year,
It keeps me going.
Youre pretty talented.
Theres more to it than just luck.
- Well, thank you. - Youre welcome.
You know, I used to be excited about living in New York.
Dreamed about it ever since I was little.
Even bounced around a few times before landing there.
But I dont know.
Now that Ive been there and worked there,
it just kind of lost its luster,
if that even makes any sense.
It makes a lot of sense.
I used to live in New York once upon a time.
Mm-hmm. I had my restaurant there.
I was a pretty big deal for a short time.
But then I met Charles, and he brought me here,
and that was it.
Is that your husband, Charles?
Yes. Thats my love.
How did you know he was the one?
Well, I was madly in love for six years.
Had a spring in my step, smile on my face.
I just knew that the man I was with,
I would spend the rest of my life with.
And then...
I met Charles.
I know. It was just one of those things.
I was so lost and confused.
I had my first restaurant at the time, and...
there was just something about Charles
and this town.
I just love this town.
And weve been together ever since,
and its been 20 years.
Twenty years.
- Twenty years. - Wow.
Only been with Dean for three.
Well, I guess I dont even know who we are anymore.
Were on a break, or whatever that means.
I mean, hes cute, and hes charming
and a great cook.
Its just hes out of the apartment a lot.
But that does give me a lot of time to paint.
I just-- I dont know if I can imagine
being with him for another 20 years.
You strike me as a pretty creative person.
You do.
I think you just might not like what you see
when you imagine it.
So maybe you should use that imagination
for something else or somebody else.
- Ill make some more tea. - Okay.
And I was reading the other day
that you could spin dog hair into yarn.
And you can make pretty much anything.
Blankets, sweaters, socks.
Dogs are very useful,
not to mention loyal and lovable.
Noted. Im really looking forward
to the Christmas presentation.
Me too. I was just trying to zero in
on the true meaning of...
Dad, you finally decorated?
It wasnt me.
Is it okay?
I hope you guys dont mind.
You did all of this today?
Well, Im on vacation.
I didnt really have anything else to do.
- Wow. Its perfect. - Its the least I could do.
You guys have been so sweet to let me stay here.
Were going to the Winter Wonderland Scavenger Hunt
and then going to see the lights.
Would you wanna come with us?
Im sure that she already has plans, Mia.
Well, actually, I dont have any plans,
if you guys dont mind a third wheel.
Okay, whats next?
Uh, 15 gingerbread men that weve already found.
You know, what you did in the backyard was really cool.
Do you think you could help me
with a sort of miniature version?
A miniature version?
Im giving a little presentation for school,
and a smaller version of what you did would be perfect,
if you wouldnt mind.
I could pay you.
No! What? You dont have to pay me.
Id love to.
What is it?
Havent really done a school project
since I was in school.
Youll do great.
Hey, only three more to go,
and weve completed the scavenger hunt.
Good job.
Oh, thats my friend, Missy.
Im gonna go tell her youre helping with the school project.
- Got it. - Mia?
Im going to hang out with Missy for a little bit, okay?
- Okay. - Okay.
Here you go.
Oh, thank you.
Olsens world famous cocoa.
I hope it doesnt disappoint.
Thatd be a first, in Tinsel anyway.
Its really hot, but its very delicious.
Thank you.
Thanks for joining us.
Oh, of course. Shes, um, such a sweetie.
Yeah, she is.
Guess thats because of you.
You two seem like good friends.
Shes my daughter. I dont suppose you have any--
Oh, no, just nieces and nephews.
Just never really thought about it.
I mean, thats actually not true.
I never really thought about it...
until now.
What, until now?
Yeah, just seeing you guys like a family.
Its really sweet.
Sorry. I told you way too much.
I just have a lot in my mind right now.
Do you have...
A boyfriend?
Its complicated.
Im sorry. I dont mean to pry.
No, no, youre not.
Its just...
Were on a break.
He got busy with work, got a promotion,
while Im just...
just trying to figure things out.
Specifically where I wanna be.
Is that all?
Do you always keep a notebook and pencil?
Not always. Sometimes I type in my phone.
Ideas come into my head.
I wanna write them down and-- Huh.
I never realized that I do that.
Im just surprised anyone else did.
Well, as a matter of fact, I...
do the exact same thing.
No way.
I have an idea, I have to write it down.
Wow. This is amazing.
Did you just do this?
I did it in New York.
Looks just like Tinsel.
Well, thank you guys for a great night.
Yeah, we had a nice time.
- Well, good night. - Good night.
- Good night, Ava. - Good night.
Did you hang up a few more pictures of dogs in here?
Yeah, well, I could take a couple down
if we got a real one.
- Hmm. - You have to admit
things are going pretty well with Ava.
Is this your Christmas presentation?
Yeah. Its not quite right yet.
Still have to work on the speech.
Well, write from your heart.
But now that Ava is helping me with the official part,
at least that should be okay.
- You lucked out. - Yeah, well,
I wouldnt say Im the only one.
What are you talking about?
Dont you like her?
Shes very nice, yeah.
Oh, come on. You know what I mean.
Im not sure if I do.
Dont you like her?
Like her, like her?
I saw the way you looked at her tonight.
Dad, its okay.
I miss Mom very much.
And I know you do too, but...
I dont think shed want you to be alone.
Im not alone, sweetheart. I got you, dont I?
Its not the same thing.
Plus, I dont plan on sticking around here forever.
- Huh? - Im going to college.
Im taking a gap year, probably in Vienna.
Oh, youre are, are you?
Dad, Avas great.
Dont stay up too late, okay?
- Love you. - I love you too, sweetheart.
Whats Christmas about?
Do you like New York?
Why do you ask?
Ive never been. I hear mixed things.
Oh, you do now, do you?
Is it nice?
Oh, I wouldnt say its nice.
You definitely have more room to spread your wings here.
Sometimes I feel like Im living in something about that size.
Those are beautiful.
Yeah, but without the beautiful.
But youre right. They are beautiful.
Such artistry, huh?
Mr. McMurphy makes all his toys by hand.
People think he spends time in the North Pole and here.
Yeah, I wouldnt doubt that Santa sets up shop here too.
It is a nice place to set up a shop, dont you think?
Yeah, its perfect. Little art gallery?
Is that what you want for Christmas?
Thatd be nice.
But sometimes Im just a little nervous
to make a big leap like that.
My dad says sometimes nervous
is just excitement you dont recognize.
Your dad said that?
Hes a neat guy, isnt he?
What do you want for Christmas, Mia?
- You okay? - Hes gone.
- Whos gone? - I had my heart set
on the most beautiful little dog, Prancer.
Dad said to give him more time, and now hes gone.
Well, you dont know that. Maybe hes just--
Theres always Santa Claus, right?
Youre a really nice lady, Ava.
Well, thank you.
Do you ever think about sticking around?
Here, you mean?
Well, between me and you,
Ive been thinking about it a lot lately.
- Id like that. - You would?
Not as much as a puppy, but...
Ill talk to your dad about a dog, okay?
Youd do that?
Well, I cant make any promises, but Ill try.
Hi. Hey.
Thank you so much for coming today, Ava.
Of course. Sorry. I feel a little awkward,
since Im not a parent or guardian, but--
Oh, thats nonsense. Nonsense!
When I saw this display,
I just had to meet you and thank you
for such a beautiful piece and for helping Mia.
Of course. Youre very sweet.
Im so glad you could come today,
parents and special friends.
Before we dismiss for Christmas break,
our student of the month, Mia Miles,
is going to give us a very special presentation.
That is very cool.
Whats Christmas all about?
Some people say its about Santa
and presents and puppies.
Other people say its about family
and friends and helping other people
and a little baby in the manger.
To me, its all those things.
But when I think about how it all started
with a tiny, little star in the sky...
But it only looked tiny. It was huge.
But it was far away.
As far away as it was,
it was still bigger and brighter
than any other star in the sky.
And people from all over followed it.
They wanted to know what it was.
Angels, shepherds,
poor people, wise men,
all just looking for something
that was missing in their lives.
And they were hoping that that light
would lead them to something better and something good.
And when they found it, they were all so happy.
All these different people from all over
following something bright,
something that looks small,
but ended up to change their world forever
when they spent that first Christmas together.
And ever since then,
even when we are miles apart or...
even departed,
that Christmas spirit lives in us all,
all year long.
Thats what we celebrate,
being together on Christmas.
She is an amazing little girl, you know.
I know.
You know she wants a puppy.
I know that too.
Its hard to say no to that.
You must have some resolve.
That was wonderful, Mia. Thank you.
- That was so good. - Good job!
Great job.
Okay, so a little bit of red.
There you go.
Do you think my dad realizes how wonderful she is?
Oh, I dont see how he can miss it.
Though that boyfriend of hers is a bit of a wrinkle.
You know, back in the day when I was a chef,
there was a rumor going around that once you tried my recipes,
youd fall in love.
I dont like to think Im that out of practice.
Shes right, you know.
I walked into her restaurant with some clients,
and I walked out of that restaurant
having to know who created this wonderful dish.
I cant believe I was able to lasso her.
Hearts around the world broke when I married this fine woman.
- And bellies wept. - Thats right.
You know, I have been dying to try out
this Christmas tenderloin recipe.
Mm, that sounds good.
Let me know if you need anybody for a taste test.
This time, I think I wanna try out some different taste buds.
But you can help me out with another diversion.
- You know where to find me. - I sure do.
Give me some sugar. Come here.
Well, what do you say, Mia?
Im all for it. What do you need from me?
I think "jerk" might be the best word for how I act.
Do you think you can forgive me?
I dont know.
To be fair, it sounds like this break has done you good.
I mean, I cant believe you went on a scavenger hunt.
I didnt know you even liked that kind of thing.
Well, neither did I.
You know, I went on a scavenger hunt once in camp.
What was the name of that place?
Ava, you still there?
Yeah, yeah, Im still here.
I thought I lost you.
I didnt lose you, did I?
Of course not. Thats crazy talk.
Hey, when we get back to New York,
maybe we can both go on a little scavenger hunt of our own
around the city.
I dont know, okay?
I thought you said you liked it.
I just dont know if I wanna live in New York anymore.
I mean, I thought getting out of the city,
it would recharge me and make me excited to go back.
But the longer Im gone, the more I dont wanna be there.
What are you saying?
I dont wanna live there anymore.
What, you wanna move to Christmasburg?
Its Tinsel.
I know where you are.
Ava, are you okay?
I dont know. Look, I just--
I know I dont wanna live in New York anymore.
Look, Ive got one more day here,
and then Im going back to the city.
I know youre really enjoying yourself,
but Id really love to see you.
When you get back to New York with me,
I think youre gonna feel differently.
You take your time,
but lets talk when you get back and figure this out.
I love you.
- Morning. - Morning.
- Excuse me. - Yeah.
- Is this your shop? - Its my building.
Im hoping to rent it soon.
Id love to see an antique shop
or craft store or art gallery.
- Art gallery? - Something like that.
I was thinking the exact same thing.
Oh, are you interested in taking a closer look?
Yeah, but Im curious. The rent?
Well, Id initially need a thousand dollars.
Its only a thousand dollars a month?
Oh, no, thats just the security deposit,
credit check, the first months rent.
Monthly rent is just 405.
I might be able to work with you if thats too much.
Would you like to take a closer look?
- Yeah. - Come on.
- Whats up? - Im doing good.
Just reminiscing about the good ol days.
And Ava?
Ava, yeah. Kelly...
You know, I didnt get to meet your wife,
but from what you tell me about her,
I think shed be happy for you.
Man, I think she is happy for you.
You guys were high school sweethearts, right?
Sophomores, yeah.
Most people were partying in college.
You were starting a family.
You know youre allowed to have fun, right?
So be happy.
I mean, you of all people know that theres bad things in life,
but theres a lot of good things too.
Whyd you get into astronomy anyway?
Why do you ask?
I just wanna know.
It was you.
When I got the job at the college
and came out here looking at houses,
you went on and on and on about the observatory.
Christmas year-round, observatory,
great place to raise a kid.
I always thought the sky looked beautiful at night.
And after Kelly,
I really liked the idea of different worlds,
different dimensions.
You know, far away.
I dont know. The stars made me feel safe.
I know things have been rough for you, buddy,
but lately it seems like your head is staying in the stars,
and youre missing a lot thats going on down here.
You could use some help.
I mean, as much as Debbie pitches in,
Mia needs more, you know?
And Im not talking about a replacement,
and Im not just talking about helping Mia.
Im talking about someone to help you too.
And Im sorry, buddy,
but Im married now, and I cant do it anymore.
Ava does have a boyfriend.
How much does that change how you feel?
Not much, no.
Well, keep working on the friendship then
- because thats what lasts. - Yeah.
If something more comes from it, itll work itself out.
But this right here is a good thing, Mason.
So dont let a good thing pass you by down here,
while your head is a billion miles away.
- Hi. Good morning. - Good morning, Ava.
- Would you like some coffee? - No, Im fine.
Oh, okay, well, have a seat.
Ooh, looks like youre having an inspiring morning.
Any plans for dinner tonight?
I was planning on trying out the Holiday Hideaway.
Oh, dont wanna do that.
I dont?
Such a dive.
Oh, well, the flyer said its Tinsels best nightspot.
Cant believe everything you read.
I was wondering...
do you wanna do dinner with us tonight?
Oh, you and Charles?
And Dr. Miles.
Dr. Miles.
I have this wonderful little Christmas recipe
Ive been dying to try out.
A new dish from the legendary New York chef?
Is that a yes?
Absolutely. Id be honored.
Great. 7:00?
- Sure. - Good.
Oh, and feel free to stop by early for cocktails.
- Ill be there. - Bye.
Whats this?
Its a tie, Dad. You look nice in a tie.
Thank you, Mia,
but its just dinner, not a banquet.
Debs trying out her new Christmas tenderloin recipe.
I know. Thats why I jumped at the chance to try it out.
Sorry I cant come.
Missys been wanting me to come over for so long.
I feel like I owe it to her.
Im sure Deb will understand that a busy woman like you
has other social engagements.
Oh, Im sure she will too.
I dont see why a tie is necessary.
It streamlines you.
Are you up to something?
Theres not gonna be a puppy waiting for me
over there, is there?
No, I can promise
there wont be a dog waiting for you.
All right.
- Dont you look spiffy. - Thank you.
Come on, come on.
Dr. Miles.
Charles, are you okay?
Oh, yeah. I twisted my knee a little. Thats all.
Dinners almost ready. Wont you all have a seat?
After you.
Oh, Im so sorry.
I have to take this.
Hello, Bill. Everything all right?
Dont they look wonderful together?
Oh, yes.
Okay, so lets go.
Oh, no, but I havent eaten yet.
- Charles! - I mean, its dinner.
Bill, are you sure this cant wait a little longer?
Ive already got our plates ready to go to the office.
Come on. Stick to the plan.
Okay, okay, Ill be down.
Is everything okay?
Oh, its Bill.
Bill from the office.
Just a little end-of-the-season business.
I just need to get back down there.
- What, now? - Right now.
Mmm! Smells delicious.
For you and you.
I need to get back down to the office.
Oh, honey, is everything okay?
Everythings great. I just-- You know, my knee,
I need to get back down there. I really need a ride.
I can give you a ride, if you want.
Oh, nonsense.
No, I am already up. You two are our guests.
- Enjoy. Ill take him. - Thanks, babe.
Now, dessert is in the fridge.
Bon apptit.
Must be nice to have
a world-class chef right next door.
I am very fortunate.
Shes a good neighbor.
She says the same about you.
You two have gotten close
while youve been here, havent you?
Shes a neat lady.
Youre a neat lady.
What I mean is you seem like
youve got a pretty interesting life.
- I do? - A New York artist?
Dont people dream of having a life like that?
I guess youre right.
Sometimes the things you dream about
dont always add up to the way life really is though.
- Yeah? - The way you want it.
Not that its bad. Its just... I dont know.
Its not the way I thought it would be.
Whatd you think itd be?
Something like this.
I grew up in a small town really similar and...
I dont know. Its just not there anymore.
Its just that I grew up in a town like this one.
Its not really there anymore.
- The business shut down and... - Everyone moved away?
Yeah. I mean, I cant blame them.
I did it too.
I know exactly what you mean.
Guess thats why I like this place so much.
Its why I do.
Well, not the only reason.
Were back.
Oh! Thank you so much.
- Did you enjoy dinner? - Yes. Dinner was amazing.
Couldnt agree more.
I mean, um...
What isnt absolutely amazing?
Well, you two must be starving.
Actually, Im pretty full.
- Time for bed. - Yeah.
Your knee seems to be better.
Comes and goes.
- I should get going. - Okay.
Yeah, me too. It was lovely. Thank you.
Youre welcome, darlings.
Thanks again!
Something tells me that Charles knee is fine,
and you didnt have any business at the office.
I just thought you two needed some time alone.
Howd it go?
Good night, Deb.
And, Deb?
Thank you.
Youre welcome.
Dinner was so great.
Well, good night.
Good night.
Wow. Its a really starry night.
I wonder.
Whats that?
That one is Cassiopeia and Cepheus.
Let me show you.
So Cassiopeia was very beautiful,
but also extremely vain.
And one day she insisted that she was more beautiful
than the Zeus wife, Hera,
which led to Hera tying her up
and sending her off into the stars.
When King Cepheus, Cassiopeias husband,
found out about this, he was heartbroken.
So rather than be without her,
he begged Zeus to be sent off into the stars,
so that he could be with his wife.
And that bright light that you see?
Thats the two of them clinging together...
Wow. Its beautiful.
Its also a little sad.
Yeah, I guess it is.
Dad, theres someone here to see you.
Can I help you?
Yeah, I was looking for--
- Dean? - Ava?
Dean, what are you doing?
Thats my suitcase.
How did you get here so fast?
Hey, its good to see you too.
No, thats not what I meant. I just--
I thought you were going to New York.
Change of plans.
After I got off the phone with you,
the CEO met with me.
This apparently wasnt just a retreat.
It was an interview.
And it wasnt just a promotion.
They want me to run the entire Denver office.
They tripled my salary.
- Denver. - Yeah!
Theyre transferring me out of the city.
Out of the city?
Dont you see?
We both get what we want.
I get my dream job, and you get out of the city.
Well, what do you say?
I figured why not swing by, pick you up,
and well spend Christmas in our new home together
and check it out.
This is happening way too fast.
Merry Christmas.
- Where are you going? - I need to go for a walk.
What am I gonna do with you?
Dont worry yourself too much.
But I do worry about you, Mason.
I saw the way she looks at you.
More importantly, I saw the way you looked at her.
I have no idea what youre talking about.
Oh, for the first time in years,
you got a little twinkle in your eye,
a little pep in your step.
Did you notice that her boyfriend surprised her
from out of town?
Kinda figured thats who that fellow was.
You know, if I didnt like you so much,
Id be concerned about all the spying you do on me.
Have you kissed her?
- What? - Simple question.
Well, I was about to,
and then her boyfriend barged in.
You do care about her though, right?
We just met.
Thats not what I asked you, Mason.
Taking chances is like the best part of being alive.
And if you dont show her how you really feel,
youre gonna spend the rest of your life
wondering, "What if?"
Why is this so important to you?
Because youre my friend, and youre a wonderful father.
And I wanna see you happy.
But you have to have the courage to want it too.
I also think you look more handsome when youre happy too.
Good night, Mason.
Good night.
Hey, what is wrong?
I figured youd be thrilled.
Youre right, okay?
I do need a change from the city.
Well, then lets go to Denver.
You didnt even ask.
What are you talking about?
Of course youre invited.
You cant just make executive decisions about my life.
- Ava... - No.
Dean, I know that we both want different things now.
If your boss asked you to move to Timbuktu, you would,
which is something that I love about you.
But I need to know that you have the same love for me,
and you dont.
I love you, but...
Im just not in love with you anymore.
This is a break-up.
Where did I put my notebook?
Where did I... Where did I put the notebook?
- Ava? - Where did I--
Mason, hey.
Yeah, I lost my notebook.
Have you seen it?
No, but I can help you look.
Oh, okay, thanks.
Wheres Dean? He seemed pretty excited.
Yeah, um...
He had some big news.
- Oh, yeah? - Yeah.
Hes getting transferred to Denver.
Oh. Found it.
He wants me to go with him.
So youre moving to Denver.
I was hoping to move somewhere a little closer to here.
It just so happens I know of this place
thatd be very happy to have you.
What took you so long?
I was trying to find the right moment.
Everything okay, sweetheart?
I went to the pound with Ava, and Prancer was gone.
Was kinda hoping to find him here on Christmas morning.
Sweetheart, Im sorry,
but I couldnt very well keep him quiet
under the tree all night, now, could I?
Merry Christmas!
Say hi.
Thank you for keeping him for the night.
- Of course. Hes an angel.
See there? I told you your dad was the best.
Took him long enough.
Ill say.
How did you keep him a secret?
After you and I went to the kennel,
I spoke with them and told them I wanted the puppy
and to just hold him until Christmas
when I pick him up. Simple.
You made me sweat this whole time.
We should straighten up.
Your grandparents will be here soon.
I cant wait to introduce them to Prancer.
Ava, youre gonna love them.
Mom and Dad usually stay in the guest room,
but I was thinking this year theyd stay in the guesthouse.
Then where will I stay?
Im sure we can figure something out.
Im sure we can.
Merry Christmas.
Let's go!
Whoo! Come on!