Christmas Town (2008) Movie Script

They say buying
a home at Christmastime
is not a good idea.
I disagree.
Because a home the
right home is your home
for any time of the year.
But can't you just picture
it your little one
growing up here, waking
up on Christmas morning
with those bright,
joy-filled eyes,
just wondering what
Santa has brought?
This is a home for a
family a family like yours.
We'll take it.
When can we sign the contacts?
Come by my office
this afternoon,
and Alice and I will
have everything ready.
Thanks, Liz.
It's so homey.
But don't forget to bring the
check for the deposit money.
Will do.
That's your third
sale this month.
I thought Christmas was
supposed to be slow.
For amateurs, maybe.
You can sell anything
at Christmas if you
know the right buttons to push.
OK, bye.
Let's get this stuff packed up.
We've got to show the
Fairhome house in an hour,
and I want it to look
like a holiday wonderland
before the clients get there.
Are you and Mason doing
anything fun for Christmas?
Just getting through
it as fast as possible.
You don't have any Christmas
spirit at all, do ya?
It's an inconvenient holiday.
All the banks and escrow
companies are closed.
Mason is off school.
It just it throws me off.
Can you get this stuff piled up?
I'm going to check messages.
New message,
sent today at 10:21 AM.
Hey, it's Barry.
Just wanted you to know I got my
son to sign off on that credit.
We should be good to go.
Talk to you later.
New message sent
today at 10:25 AM.
Hi, Liz.
It's Catherine.
We moved in over
the weekend, and we
just couldn't be happier.
You're the best.
Thank you so much.
We'll talk to you later.
New message sent
today at 11:10 AM.
Hello, Elizabeth.
It's Dad.
Just thought I'd check
in and see if you'd given
any thought to coming up
and seeing Hollyville.
It's really an amazing place.
And it would be nice to see
you and Mason over the holiday.
Let me know.
Now, see?
That sounds like fun.
You and Mason should go spend
Christmas with your dad.
Nobody is working
after tomorrow anyway.
We were never really
big on Christmas.
Although I am worried about him.
I think he's going through
some kind of a life crisis.
Younger girlfriend?
I wish.
He's he's found this town
out in the middle of nowhere,
and I don't know.
He's just fallen
in love with it.
He's bought a cabin
and everything.
That sounds great.
So spontaneous.
My father is the least
spontaneous man I've ever met.
He's been working 50 hours
a week at the same bank
for over 20 years.
Sounds familiar.
I'm nothing like my father.
You're a total workaholic.
If you're in town, you
have to come with me
for this most amazing thing.
That doesn't sound good.
Holiday speed dating.
Kind of a last ditch effort
not to be miserably lonely
over Christmas and New Year's.
I was right.
That sounds tragic.
You've got to date sometime.
Dating just leads
to disappointment.
You have to be open
to possibilities, Liz.
Hey, I'm open to the possibility
of a good sale any day.
Hey, John.
It's Liz McCann.
I just wanted to
confirm you received
our counteroffer on Breyerwood.
Call me.
Oh, hey, Dad, it's me.
Look, I don't think we're going
to be able to make it up there.
I'm just swamped
with work right now,
so I think we're going to have
to uh take a rain check.
Oh, Mason, no.
What is going on here?
How cool is this?
I only used the one thing
of laundry detergent.
It makes a lot of bubbles.
Where is the babysitter?
Inside, I think.
Want to have a snowball fight?
I certainly do not
want to have a
Snowball fight!
Stop it!
Stop it!
Clean this up right now.
Where are you?
All of you guys are
in so much trouble.
Can you fax the inspection
report over to the Campbells?
Get them to sign off
on the contingency,
and then we'll get
it over to escrow.
I know escrow is closed.
Just fax it over there
and then go on home.
Sorry, tiger.
You said we were going
to get a tree this year.
A tree.
You said we'd at
least get a tree.
Well, I don't
know if we're going
to do anything after
that stunt that you
pulled on the front lawn.
You know, you're
almost 10 now, Mason.
I expect more from you.
We were just having fun.
I figured you wouldn't
even notice anyway.
What's that mean?
Look, I know I've been
working a lot lately.
All the time.
This looks great.
Oh, Mason.
I wish that there were more
of me, but there's just not.
Is it going to be just
us for Christmas again?
Well, yes, but that's
not such a bad thing.
Hey, I heard they've got an
ice skating rink downtown.
I thought we might
go try that out.
That sounds cool.
And what about a tree?
And sure, we can get a tree.
And I promise I'm
going to get better
at this whole Christmas thing.
Grandpa and I just never
really did very much.
Every year, he got
me one present.
And honestly, that was about it.
And not even a toy.
Toys were a waste of money as
far as grandpa was concerned.
Yeah, I know.
He always buys me a book.
And a savings bond.
Because it's never too early to
start saving for a rainy day.
Grandpa sent us a card.
Oh yeah?
This is where he moved.
It looks like such a cool place.
Hollyville America's
Christmas Town.
This is so not like him.
Not again.
Oh, hey, dad.
Is it grandpa?
We got the card and the message.
And you know, it's just not
such a good time right now.
Please, Mom, can we go?
Sorry, Mason, hang on a sec.
I'm sure that it's
a lovely place,
and I bet you'll have a
great holiday up there.
Come on.
It's Christmas town.
They probably have lots
of cool things to do.
Mason, I can't hear.
I'm sorry, Dad.
You what?
Well, why would
you quit your job?
You can't just pick up your
whole life and start over.
Because it's not practical.
Oh my gosh.
You're not sick, are you?
Is everything OK?
We should go check on him,
make sure he's not crazy
or something.
All right, Dad.
You know what?
Maybe we can come up for a
couple of days, but that's it.
We're going?
So where is this place, anyway?
Woo hoo!
We're going to Grandpa's!
Woo hoo!
We're going go Grandpa's!
Uh huh.
How far is that?
I love road trips.
We can sing Christmas
carols all the way.
Look, we're probably going
to hit holiday traffic.
It's over a day's
drive getting there,
and now is the worst
time to be on the roads.
You think they'll have snow?
Oh, Mason, don't
get too excited, OK?
Probably just some
kind of tourist trap.
And no work, right?
I'll try.
Come on.
Get in the car.
We want to get on the
road to beat the traffic.
Come on, Mom.
We're burning daylight.
Let's go.
All right.
I spy something red.
Mason, let's not.
You go first, then.
Maybe you could read.
I'll get car sick.
I spy something yellow.
Jingle bells, jingle bells,
jingle all the way.
Oh, what fun it is to ride
in a one horse open sleigh.
Jingle bells, jingle
bells, jingle all the way.
Oh, what fun it is to ride one
in a one horse open sleigh.
Mom, you've got to sing.
What's that, tiger?
Oh, yeah, right.
Jingle bells, jingle bells,
jingle all the way.
Oh what fun
Oh, sorry.
This could be important.
You promised.
Oh, what fun it
is to ride in a one horse
open sleigh.
Mom, I'm tired.
Don't worry, honey.
We'll stop at the next motel.
Mom, are we there yet?
Good question, Mase.
Motel owner said it
was in this direction,
but it's not marked on the map.
That's weird.
Must be even smaller
than I thought.
But the address that
your grandpa gave us
was on this road.
Didn't he tell you
how to get there?
He said we couldn't miss it.
- Mom, stop, stop!
- What?
What is it?
Did you see something?
Look up there.
It's a reindeer.
Isn't it?
I mean it.
Get back here.
It's totally a reindeer.
Well, don't go near it.
It's probably got
fleas or something.
Mason, did you hear me?
Don't go near it.
It's OK, Mom.
I think it's friendly.
Get back here right now.
Hey, wait.
I'm not going to hurt you.
There's a town down the hill.
We found it!
OK, come on.
Get back in the car.
Mason, now!
Mason, let's go.
Oh, come on.
Don't do this to me.
Mom, Hollyville, it's awesome!
Wait till you see it.
It looks just like the picture.
What's wrong?
The car won't start.
That's OK.
We can walk.
It's not that far.
This is so exciting.
We're actually walking
through the woods.
It's a real adventure.
Don't you think this is so cool?
I wonder what else
they have here.
I'm glad you're excited.
Hey, Mom, let's take a shortcut.
Oh, no, Mason.
That's the last time
I'm taking a shortcut.
I guess it's not all
quite as charming as they
make it look on the post card.
That's a lot of security
for a warehouse.
NP Enterprises.
I wonder what they do?
That's strange, out here
in the middle of nowhere.
Nice uniforms.
Take a picture.
It lasts longer.
We've got a kid.
Keep an eye on him.
I can't believe
Grandpa lives here.
You and me both.
He's a city guy.
Happy holidays,
and welcome to the Hollyville
top of the morning report.
Big news as Dasher and Dacner
welcomed Little Dancer Junior
into the world last night.
Mother Dasher is doing
well, and is expected
to be flying high in no time.
Well, they really push
the Christmas theme here,
don't they?
Weather at the North Pole
is a balmy 12 degrees
with clear skies
perfect sleigh-riding weather.
I'm hungry.
Can we eat?
If you're hungry,
you'll want to stop in at
Hollyville's own Eggnog Cafe.
Eggnog Cafe?
End of town on the right.
You can't miss it.
And that today's top
of the morning report,
brought to you by
America's Christmas town.
It's sales gimmick.
I use them all the time.
Come on, Rox.
You know you want some
more whipping cream.
I shouldn't.
No, yes, you should.
It's homemade.
It's white.
It's fluffy.
It's Christmas.
Maybe just a scooch.
Now we're talking.
Maybe a tiny scooch more.
I'm Kevin.
Merry Christmas.
We'd like to get a quick bite.
There's a table right here.
I was also wondering, is
there a mechanic in town?
Well, it's your lucky day.
Not only is there
a mechanic in town,
there's a mechanic in the room.
That's Roxy right there.
That's great.
Oh, no, no, I wouldn't
do that if I were you.
Why not?
Roxy gets a little
ornery when people
get between her
and her hot cocoa,
so I would just give
it a few minutes.
Well, then we'll
eat first, I guess.
That's a good idea.
Can I interest you guys in
the chocolate chip pancakes?
I mean, because our chef
makes the best chocolate
chip pancakes in the world.
And there he is right there.
He's only been with
us a few weeks.
Hey, Jack.
- Liz.
- Dad?
You're you're cooking?
Well, he's a short order chef.
Best one I've ever seen.
I hired him on the spot.
Look at how big you've got.
Can I lift you still?
I don't think so.
Oh, yes I can.
Boy oh boy.
You look different.
You look messy.
Messy, huh?
Well, let me tell you
a little secret, Mason.
I'm finding I like being messy.
You should try soap suds.
They're the best.
Oh, your mom doesn't
look too happy.
It's OK.
That's how she normally looks.
Oh, you know what?
I got a big cooler over
there full of ice cream.
You go pick a flavor and you can
have some after breakfast, OK?
Off you go.
So you found the town.
I told you you couldn't miss it.
Are you OK?
Oh, absolutely.
Everything's better than
it's been in a long time.
It's better?
You're a burger flipper in a
diner, and everything's better?
Actually he's a
short order chef.
This man does not
just flip burgers.
Oh, no.
No, no.
This man is an artist
in the kitchen.
Tell it, brother.
This man's meatloaf
is out of this word.
Yeah, I was head
cook back in the army.
Did I ever tell you that?
Not that I'd remember.
Barely remembered myself
till I stumbled in here.
Come on.
Hey, Jack.
Discover the magic.
Has everyone here
drunk the Kool-Aid?
Dad, can I talk to
you please alone?
Well, I am kind of busy.
I've got a lot of orders.
I'll be right back.
Mom, can I go look
around outside?
Not now.
You have nothing to worry about.
Holyville is the safest
place on the planet.
Come on.
But stay right in
front, all right?
You know, you should
give this place a chance.
I think you might like it here.
I don't think so.
Liz, it's a nice day outside.
Why don't we go
outside and talk, huh?
Oh, what a day.
Thank you.
Where did he go?
Oh, don't worry about him.
He'll be fine.
Dad, you're a cook.
I'm just trying to make
sense of this here.
Well, just made a few changes.
That's all.
A few changes?
You're a banker.
You know, suit, tie, big office.
And look at me now, huh?
So what?
You were just driving
through here
On my way to play a couple
rounds at.
And now you've just
decided stay here forever?
It does sound a little crazy
when you put it like that.
Is there any other
way to put it?
I can't explain it.
It just feels right.
Moving to Podunksville
and becoming a fry cook?
I'm happy here.
I don't know.
It's like you
know, I was filled up
with the spirit of Christmas.
The spirit of Christmas?
It's like I just walked into
a very special Christmas
episode of "The Twilight Zone."
You know, Elizabeth,
I don't appreciate
your tone of sarcasm.
And I certainly don't need you
telling me how to live my life.
Oh, well, you've certainly
had no trouble telling me
how to live mine.
I don't want to talk
about it anymore.
Of course you don't.
Why should now be different than
any other time in our lives?
Oh, Elizabeth.
Did you drive all this
way just to argue with me?
Although it wouldn't
be the first time
we've argued over the holidays.
Dad, I think we
need to get you some
help some professional help.
My head is working
just fine, thank you.
I'm seeing things in a way
I've never seen them before.
Oh, come on.
That's enough.
You're throwing off my rhythm.
We'll talk about this later.
You really haven't
changed a bit.
Order up.
Excuse me.
I know you're enjoying
your hot cocoa,
but I really need
to get my car fixed.
In a minute.
This part at the bottom
is the chocolatiest.
I'll be waiting outside.
So what do you say
we pile into my truck,
go take a look at your car?
I can't believe
you're Jack's daughter.
I tell you, that man
knows how to samba.
How to what?
Samba, cha-cha, you name it.
He's a natural.
He dances?
You may call it dancing.
I call it burning up the floor.
So where did you
say your car is at?
Oh, top of the hill,
about two miles from here.
We walked into town.
You're not going to
believe where I just was.
Mason, didn't I tell you to
stay right outside the door?
- I know, but
- No.
No buts.
When I tell you to do
something, you do it.
Remember that place
the place with the gates?
I was there, and I saw a truck.
And the truck was
carrying a slave.
You've been snooping
around NP headquarters, huh?
NP headquarters?
Roxy, we need you to
come take a look at this.
We got a problem.
Which unit is it?
It's the primary.
Better get it
over to the garage.
See, he totally
looks like an elf.
Mason, shh.
That's rude.
Listen, I'm afraid
your car is going
to have to wait until later.
Maybe tomorrow, even.
Hey, Kev.
You want to do me a favor?
Use my truck and trailer to
get her car into town, huh?
I'd be honored.
I'll stay here with Grandpa
and have some breakfast.
Maybe he can imbue you with
the spirit of Christmas.
Are you sure you don't mind?
Good thing about
being the boss is
taking off whenever you want.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
This is the place?
Well, it is Christmas Eve eve.
Christmas Eve eve?
The day before Christmas Eve.
So what is today
Christmas Eve eve eve?
Now you're getting it.
Hey, Mike.
The big guy would love
some more of that chili.
Is that OK?
Yeah, no problem.
I'll have Jack whip
up a special batch.
We'll pick it up.
Excuse me.
I'm just curious NP Enterpries,
what do you guys do, exactly?
She's from out of town.
International export.
Way out here?
There's no airplanes
or trains or anything.
It doesn't seem very practical.
Oh, really?
Well, maybe I should
just write up a memo
and take it upstairs
and tell the bosses
that you don't approve.
He's not very friendly, is he?
It's a busy time of year.
Well, I think that uniform
has gone to his head.
It's hanging up
on the hard turns.
Sounds like the
chassis needs a dusting.
All right.
Call as soon as you're
ready for the pickup.
Because you know what a tight
schedule we're on, right?
The quicker you
let me get to work,
the quicker I get it done.
You'll be able to get
it fixed in time, right?
Otis, when have I
let you down, huh?
When I'm done with this
kitten, she'll fly.
When we were out
here earlier, Mason
thought he saw a reindeer.
They bring them in a week
early, let them rest up so they
can be in peak condition.
Were you born here?
Most people sort of find
their way to Hollyville.
Or it finds them.
I've never really
been quite sure which.
So on the level,
what's the deal?
What deal?
The whole shiny, happy people,
guys dressed like elves,
reindeer thing.
Well, it's not like
that all the time.
Most of the year, it's just
like a normal small town.
It is a factory town,
and the business
happens to be
Christmas, so it gets
pretty hopping in December.
So it's a tourist thing, right?
We're sort of out of the
way, so we don't actually
get that many tourists.
Come on.
I know good brandy
when I see it.
Believe it or not,
we like to keep
Hollyville our little secret.
So I don't mean to be
nosy, but you and Mason,
you're on your own, yeah?
Yeah, since he
was six months old.
My ex-husband decided
just a tad late
that he had absolutely no
interest in being a family man.
Well, you're doing a great job.
I mean, he seems like
a really good kid.
He is.
He's a handful.
But he's got a lot of spunk.
Like his mom.
So do you have any kids?
I'm afraid not.
My fiance, she walked out the
door about a week before we
were supposed to be married.
So you got quite a lot
farther than I did.
I'm sorry.
Yeah, I was too.
For a long time.
Then I found myself here.
Hollyville is a bit like
the land of broken toys
most of the people who
find their way here,
they usually have something
that needs to be fixed.
Discover the magic.
Not buying it, huh?
It's PR.
Yeah, well, you certainly
found your way here, didn't you?
Would you mind pressing that
for me when I give the word?
I don't need to be fixed.
You seem perfect.
All right.
Let's see if we can get this
thing up without ripping up
the front end.
I'm just kidding.
I know exactly what I'm doing.
I think.
Fa la la la, la la la la.
Tis the season to be jolly, fa
la la la la la, la la la la.
Hey, Rox.
Just leave her there.
That will be fine.
So can I expect it
sometime tomorrow?
Oh, why?
Aren't you staying
for Christmas?
Well, I'd like to
keep my options open.
So that other car they
brought in for you,
it's a strange type.
Oh, nothing special.
Just a little tune-up.
Well, I'd love to
see your garage.
You know, why don't I
give you a call tomorrow
if I get your car ready?
Oh, it's definitely a
big change from the city.
But it's quiet out here.
I love it.
This is it.
It's like an old time cabin.
Kind of cozy, isn't it?
Well, I tell you what.
Why don't we leave the luggage
in the car and get it later.
Let's go in the house and light
a fire in the fireplace, huh?
Come on.
Well, what's wrong now?
It's charming.
I'm sorry, Elizabeth.
I've been so busy at the
diner, I just haven't
had a chance to clean up.
You got a tree!
Well, sure.
You can't have Christmas
without a tree, can ya?
Mom can.
Can I help decorate it?
I'll tell you what.
Why don't you take your
stuff to your room?
It's just down the hall there.
And I'll make some
hot apple cider,
and then we'll
decorate the tree.
This is the best.
Well, when you said Christmas
spirit, you weren't kidding,
were you?
It's a lot, isn't it?
I have to admit, it's
pretty overwhelming.
I didn't know where to start.
So why did you
buy all this stuff?
Oh, I didn't buy this.
This is ours.
I found them in the basement
back at the house when I moved.
That that's mom's.
I'd almost forgotten how much
your mother loved the holidays.
Now, every year, I used
to put my foot down,
say not one more Christmas
ornament, I'd say.
And she'd come through that
door with another something
or other she couldn't
live without.
I thought you threw
all of this out.
Well, I I always planned to,
but well, I just couldn't.
So I just hid them
away and pretended
they didn't exist, which was
a pretty stupid thing to do,
as it turns out it.
Wasn't good for me, and it
certainly wasn't good for you.
You were only seven years
old when your mother died.
I thought that the only
way that we could survive
was by being strong and
moving on, not looking back.
Elizabeth, I can't tell
you how wrong I was.
How could we ever forget?
Can I put on the ornaments?
Sure, sure.
Come on.
Mom, aren't you going to help?
You know what?
I think I have a
bit of a headache.
I'm just going to lie down.
I'm sure you and grandpa
will do a great job.
Oh, come on, tiger,
let's get to it.
The tree is not going
to decorate itself,
and we're going to make
this the best one ever.
All right?
Here we go.
Just grab and end.
I've got this end.
Take it all the way around.
Can we hit the lights, too?
As many lights as you want.
I just hate that
you're having to handle
everything on your own.
Are you sure you don't
need me to come back?
Because I can if you need me to.
Really, Liz, there's
nothing going on.
Everybody's closed.
So we never got conformation
on the O'Connor loan?
Just relax and
enjoy your Christmas.
Everything's under control here.
All right.
How are things
going with your dad?
He and Mason seem to
be getting along well.
That's great.
That's what Christmas
is all about.
And you?
Are you having fun?
You should see this place.
It's like the cult of Christmas.
It's kind of creepy.
I, for one, love Christmas.
You sound awfully chipper.
just say holiday speed dating
was a huge success this year.
But no more bah humbug.
Have fun and quit worrying.
No, Allison.
I'd say good morning,
but it doesn't
look like that's the case.
I'm not a Scrooge.
Well, that's good to know.
I just I look at the
world realistically.
Well, they they say you
find what you're looking for.
Well, it's better
than being naive.
Is it?
Because children are
naive, and they're
a lot happier than most adults.
Ergo, being naive
wins out over cynical.
Philosophy major.
A lot of good it did me.
And I'm not cynical, either.
You sure do fake it pretty well.
I'm going to get you
some more coffee.
Happy holidays,
and welcome to the Hollyville
top of the morning report.
Please be on the lookout
for a runaway snowman
described by authorities
as having a button nose
and two eyes made out of coal.
Will you just take
a quick look for me?
The papers are on the desk.
No, under those.
No, under those papers.
Mom, did you see that?
Just a sec.
Yeah, on the top right
of those documents.
It's that number there.
- Hey, mom.
- What?
Mason, I can't do
this right now.
I finally tracked down
my escrow officer.
Yeah, that's the number.
That's it.
Is there a fax?
OK, just give me that.
Tell him I Mason!
I'll call you back.
I'm not telling you again.
What are you doing?
Did you see him?
He went in the building.
The Santa guy.
I think he works here.
Tiger, come on.
Enough with the games.
But I saw him.
And there's all these packages.
And the guy who looks like
an elf, and the sleigh I
even heard them say it can fly.
Mason, please.
I'm telling you, I saw it all.
I'll prove it to you.
Come on.
You don't need
to prove anything.
Well, you're acting like
I'm crazy or something.
Look, I believe that
maybe you saw a sleigh.
It's probably a
prop or something.
Then why was that
mechanic fixing it?
I don't know.
We can ask her when
we pick up the car.
And what about the elf
guy and all those gifts?
Everyone knows elves
have pointy ears, right?
He just dresses funny,
like everyone in this town.
Tiger, I love that you
have an active imagination.
But you're not suggesting
that that man was Santa Claus,
are you?
I don't know.
Well, he's not.
How do you know?
It's possible.
I'm just saying it's possible.
Why do you always
have to be like this?
No loitering.
I'm not.
Never mind.
Are those presents?
You'll have to
move along, ma'am.
Just move along.
You guys really go for the
details here, don't you?
That is not a very cheery face.
Can I ask you something?
Fire away.
I thought no.
It's stupid.
There's no stupid
questions, Mason.
I thought maybe
I saw Santa Claus.
But mom, she didn't believe me.
She didn't believe
it was possible.
Believing is not
always easy for adults.
Now, Hollyville Hollyville
is a town of believers.
But most of us didn't start
out that way at least
not when we first got here.
Look, believing is something
that comes naturally
to you when you're young.
Don't ever lose that, Mason.
Because when you get older,
it takes a lot more work.
So do you believe or not?
I do.
I'm a definite believer.
So I might have really seen him?
Anything and
everything is possible.
That's what I think, too.
There you are.
Is everything OK?
We were just having
a conversation.
Turns out we have
a lot in common.
Isn't that right?
So please tell me you're
coming to the festival tonight.
It's the beginning
of Christmas Eve.
It's just a couple hours away.
Well, you've got the day wrong.
Tomorrow is Christmas Eve.
No, no, not here
in New Zealand.
New Zealand is a complete
24 hours ahead of us.
That's where
Christmas Eve starts.
Of course.
Wouldn't want to miss that.
No, you shouldn't.
Well, we better go
check on the car.
He's amazing.
He knows so much
about Christmas.
Does he?
You should talk to him.
He could teach you.
Well, I'll have to do that.
I'm really sorry.
This is taking a lot
longer than I figured.
That special project
you were working
on for North Pole Enterprises.
It's a doozy, let me tell you.
Those reindeer aren't easy
on a sophisticated machine
like that.
Are you working on a sleigh?
Not a sleigh, the sleigh.
And I've only got a
couple hours to finish
up, so if you'll excuse me
He's still working
on the sleigh?
All the lights are off.
I thought Grandpa came home.
Well, that's what
they said at the cafe.
It doesn't look like he's here.
Maybe he went for
a walk or something.
I can't see a thing out here.
All right.
Just stay still until
I find the light.
Mom, there's somebody in here.
I finished.
Merry Christmas.
It's too much, isn't it?
Is it too much?
I've never really
done this before, so
Grandpa, it's awesome!
It's nice, Dad.
Grandpa, that's
a lot of presents.
You know, it should've
always been like this.
What should have?
Your childhood full
of magic, full of wonder,
full of possibilities.
Your mother truly was
the spirit of Christmas.
And you know what?
I think I've found
her again right here.
These are just books.
Well, of course not.
What fun would that be, huh?
We've got to get ourselves ready
and head down to the festival.
Wouldn't want to miss the
cookie decorating contest.
Who are you and what have
you done with my father?
Come on, Liz.
The cookies await.
Just this one call.
Super fast, I promise.
Just like the last one?
Hi, John.
Did you get my message?
Oh, wait.
I know it's the holidays.
I'm sorry.
But if you could check on
that, that would be OK.
Let me know.
Thank you.
You said no working.
Just a couple more calls.
Mom, you're talking
on your cell phone
at a Christmas party.
Can't we just have fun?
Yes, we will.
I promise.
If you miss Santa and his
sleigh, don't blame us.
I thought we talked
about this already.
I don't want you to get your
hopes up about this whole Santa
Claus thing.
He's coming.
Grandpa and Kevin told me.
They're loading up Santa's
sack with the toys right now.
Why did you tell him that?
Because he asked.
And they're in a
hurry, because Santa's
takeoff is in two hours.
Oh, really?
But it's not even Christmas Eve,
or did everybody forget that?
It's not Christmas Eve here.
But in New Zealand,
it's already tomorrow.
Exactly right.
Good one.
I forgot.
Well, that's fine.
But as long as you know you're
not actually going to see it,
It's just a pretend thing.
You know, why don't you
just go ahead and work?
At least that way, you won't
keep trying to ruin everything.
Leave me alone.
I just don't want him
to be disappointed.
It's my fault.
Yes, it is.
Why are you filling his head
with all that nonsense anyway?
It's my fault because
I raised you the way
that my father raised
me no nonsense,
nose to the grindstone.
I can't imagine how disappointed
you were with me then.
And for that, I am
truly sorry, Elizabeth.
I really am.
Look, I'll go talk
to him, all right?
Fantastic trip.
I love this town.
He's going to be all right.
I just don't want him to grow
up always being disappointed,
always thinking that things
are going to be great when
the truth is they're just not.
Sure sounds like you've
had some hard times.
I'm sure we all have.
But I learned to
take care of myself.
And how did you
manage to do that?
Stop hoping?
I started being realistic,
started seeing the world
as it really is.
A hard, cold place?
You think I'm a horrible person.
No, I don't.
I think you're a
really good person
doing the best that you can.
Life is full of disappointments.
But when I look at Mason, I see
the light shining in his eyes.
When he looks at
a Christmas tree
or he talks about the
elves, I can't help
but think that that's kind
of magic burning inside him.
And a little magic and a little
hope that's what we have.
That's what we have
to arm ourselves
against the grand
disappointments of this world.
Hope, huh?
It's never been one
of my strong suits.
Never too late to learn.
Well, it might just lead
to another disappointment.
Or it could lead to
something pretty amazing.
I I have to look for Mason.
Mason, can I ask you
to do me a favor?
Try not to be so
hard on your mom.
She didn't have an easy
time growing up with me.
I think you're great.
Yeah, well, I'm getting better.
But it took a long time.
Now, don't you worry.
She'll come around.
I wish there was some
way for her to understand.
She doesn't believe in anything.
She's just doing what she
thinks is best for you.
You are the most important
thing in her life right now.
You know?
Hey, I got an idea.
You want some hot chocolate?
Guaranteed to make
you feel better.
I guess.
That's my boy.
You sit tight.
I'll be right back.
Another one?
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
It's crowded.
I'm sorry.
Hi ho the mistletoe.
Let's see a little
smoochie smooch.
Oh no, we're not together.
Hi ho the mistletoe.
Kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss.
It's not funny.
Can I borrow your cellphone?
What for?
I want to take a
picture with it.
Are you going to kiss Kevin?
Look, here.
But be careful with it, OK?
I know, I know.
Kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss.
Kiss, kiss, kiss,
kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss.
I get it.
It's just a plant, all right?
It doesn't mean anything.
And it definitely
doesn't mean I'm
going to kiss a total stranger.
Somebody is not in a very
festive mood, now are they?
Well, I mean, it's not
like I'm a total stranger.
Have you seen Mason around?
He went to go take a
picture of something.
Maybe he went to go
see the Christmas tree.
Well, I'm sure we'll
find him somewhere.
We gotta move, move, move, OK?
We still got to get
the sack loaded on
and the harness attached.
I had to put in
a new exhaust system.
This long?
I would have thought
you put a Maserati in.
Don't be acting
like this is my fault.
This is a delicate
piece of machinery.
I'm just saying we could
have used a little more time.
And I could have used more than
three hours sleep, m but you
don't hear me complaining.
Let's just get it loaded up.
Yeah, yeah.
The truck is not going
to move on its own.
Let's go.
He's not at the candy store.
I'm going to have to
put a leash on that boy.
Hold it, hold it, hold it.
No sign of him.
Dad, do you have your
cell phone on you?
Oh, good idea.
You want me to call your phone?
- That's OK.
Let me.
There, you happy now?
Just a sec.
Hey, the boss is wondering
if the sled has arrived yet.
It's running late.
Move it, move it!
Let's go!
Come on.
They're on their way right now.
Mason, where are you?
Oh, hey, Mom.
Mason, tell me where
you are right now.
I'm going to take pictures.
Then you'll believe me about
the sleigh and everything.
I want you to come back here.
Soon as I take the picture.
I got to go.
See you in a little while.
Mason, don't hang up.
Where is he?
I think he must have
gone back to the garage.
Can you stay here and
keep an eye out for him?
I'm sure he's fine.
We're on our way.
Open the gate.
Back it in.
Let's go, let's go.
Back up.
Back up.
Open the doors.
Let's get it in there.
Come on, move it.
Move it.
Back it in.
Straighten it up.
All right, here we go.
Let's start rounding the
team up and make sure we're
ready for immediate loading.
Yes, sir.
We're hooves up in 45 minutes.
Let's move it.
What are you waiting
for, Christmas?
Roxy, Mason, anyone?
I told you that Roxy
is at the festival.
He said there was
a sleigh in there.
Oh, that sleigh is loaded
and ready to go by now.
She was really
repairing a sleigh?
That's Roxy's job.
She did the conversion.
She does the repairs.
He said he was taking
pictures, so he's
got to be at NP Enterprises.
I hate to be a grinch, people,
but we do have
rules here, and we
really need your cooperation.
And nobody is allowed to
try on the big guy's suit.
You know who you
are, and so do we.
Can somebody please get more
jingle bells to the loading bay
We've got a reindeer poop alert.
Clean up through to the
holding area right away.
Come on, fellas.
We got a lot of poop to clean.
And bring a fan a big one.
All right.
Time to start loading up.
All gifts should be on
board and ready for travel
in five minutes.
Jingle bells should be
unloaded in Loading Bay
7, mistletoe in Loading Bay 8.
Just wanted you to know,
whoever is eating the heads
off the gingerbread men,
we will find you, and we will
put coal in your stocking.
No unauthorized visitors are
permitted on this premises.
Listen, you nutcracker
my son is inside.
Nobody gets past me.
Oh, really?
Are you certain of that?
I would like you to open these
gates so I can come in there
and look for him.
Maybe there's somebody
you could talk to.
We really need to find the kid.
We're awfully busy in here.
It's like half
hour till takeoff.
Mike, I wouldn't be asking
you unless it was important.
Just a sec.
Sometimes, being
nice to people works
better than chewing people out.
Not usually.
Well, sometimes.
Does anyone speak Swahili?
If so, please report
immediately to Wish
List Translation Services.
Prancer and Dixon have
requested a second meal of hay.
Please respond immediately.
Does anyone speak Gaelic?
If so, please report
immediately to Wishlist
Translation Services.
We are getting forecasts
of blizzard conditions
in Bucharest.
Repeat, we are getting
forecasts of blizzard conditions
in Bucharest.
So let's be sure to pack
the electric toe warmers.
What do they do here, anyway?
I saw them unloading presents.
Yeah, you told me.
But there's no trucks,
no train depot.
Excuse me.
What's going on here?
Do you have any idea what sort
of deadline we're on right now?
My son is inside your facility.
And unless you want me to
call the police immediately,
you'll let me in
to look for him.
Pretty cute when
she's angry, isn't she?
Listen, Otis, we
can probably get
this taken care
of pretty quickly
and get out of your way.
This could not have
happened at a worse time.
Open up the gates.
Michael, I want you to stay
here and make sure no one else
Come on.
Let's see if we can find
ourselves a stray running
around somewhere.
Attention, everybody.
Code red.
We have a possible
kid in the building.
Now where did they
put my clothes?
Who do we have here?
Reindeer got your tongue?
Well, I think this is definitely
going on your naughty list.
Well, he must be
inside, because he
phoned and said he was
taking a picture of a sleigh.
We've already
unloaded the sleigh.
Hey, Otis, we found the boy.
Is he OK?
Where is he?
Santa Claus had
one of the workers
take him back into town.
He's at the Eggnog.
He's just fine.
You happy now?
Can we please get back to work?
- Thank you.
- All right.
We've got less than
five minutes, people.
Let's get this show rolling.
I told you that
they're not bad people.
What do they do?
They do Christmas.
Come on.
Let's not keep Mason waiting.
You're telling me
that you saw Santa?
It was so awesome.
I saw.
It was the coolest thing.
I saw him the guy Santa Claus!
It was really him.
At first, I thought he
was totally mad at me.
But actually, he wasn't so much.
It's the coolest place.
There are all these presents.
This is where they do the
loading up of all the toys.
I've got pictures.
You want to see?
Here, let me see.
It was real.
I swear.
The toys were getting
shipped off everywhere.
And Santa looked just like he
does in the all the pictures.
You believe me, don't you?
I do, Mason.
Santa is about to
make his big entrance
and everybody's waiting.
So, Santa is actually
coming to town, huh?
Just like he does every
year on Christmas Eve
eve, courtesy of North
Pole Enterprises.
So they're behind all of this?
Yeah, it's their business.
They create Christmas
decorations and props.
Yeah the gingerbread
houses for the mall Santas,
the elf costumes,
giant Christmas trees.
International export.
So that's the big secret.
Well, we try to keep it
quiet, because we wouldn't
want to turn Hollyville
into some big tourist trap,
now, would we?
We wouldn't want that.
Hey, Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas.
Well, I'm just
wondering if maybe
you're becoming a believer.
Maybe a little.
And it feels good, doesn't it?
Because Christmas might
not last for long,
but it feels good for a
little while just to let
go and believe, like there's
a whole world of possibilities
out there, just waiting.
I haven't really opened
the door to possibility.
Not for a long time.
And it sounds like
you're overdue.
See, because we have this thing
called discovering the magic.
Oh, yeah.
I think I might have
heard it once or twice.
But what the real magic
is, is being thankful
for what you have and hoping
that something even better
is coming.
Sounds like a lot
of wishful thinking.
Well, that's the best kind.
Because you never
know what's waiting
right around the corner.
The sleigh.
Roxy's crowning achievement.
Here comes Santa Claus.
Ho ho ho!
On Dasher!
So Mason did see it
Santa, the reindeer,
and the big red sleigh.
And if we don't hurry,
we're going to miss
him handing out the presents.
Well, what are we waiting for?
I got a present.
You did?
What is it?
I don't know.
Can I open it?
Go for it.
I'm so glad you came, Mom.
Me too.
Ready to have some fun?
I thought I was.
Well, I think you need
a little something to get
into the Christmas spirit.
Come on, Jackie boy.
I'm not done with you yet.
Ahh, help!
Looks like somebody found a
little bit of holiday spirit.
You know what?
I got an idea.
Excuse me.
Can you hold that?
May I interest you in
a little holiday samba?
Oh, I'm not a very good dancer.
No, no, no, I'm a
horrible dancer, too.
But we can make fools out
of ourselves together, OK?
I'd like that.
Hey ho the mistletoe.
Oh, it's you.
Come back here with that.
Merry Christmas to me.
That boy.
I'll be right back.
Thank you.
You might want to look up.
It's a beautiful moon.
Better than a picture any day.
Everything OK?
Everything's perfect.
It's the best Christmas ever.
The best Christmas ever.
Come on, Mason.
Let's go get a cup
of hot chocolate.
Would you care to dance?