Christmas Truce (2015) Movie Script

Christmas 1944.
World War II is at its climax
as the German army embarks
on a last chance offensive
in the Ardennes forest, Belgium.
This offensive will become known
as the Battle of the Bulge.
The allied armies were
pushed back nearly 40 miles.
For those of us who lived
within the bulge,
Germany ruled once again
I am so tired of this mud.
I blame the Germans.
Pauline told me the village
agrees with her about canceling
the Christmas Eve
celebrations again.
And the other half still thinks
we should celebrate.
When we were liberated,
it makes sense to celebrate
but now that the Germans
are back,
it's too much risk.
Christmas is God's day.
We should celebrate no
matter our conditions,
that's not what you said
last year.
Last year was different.
We've gone long enough without.
Alina, this war will end
and there will be many more
Christmases to come.
We should do as
we've always done.
Keep out of sight.
We live longer that way.
Oh, Peter.
Do you think he'll give us
a good price?
He always gives us a good price.
Gives you.
He's a widower,
and he's rich.
He likes you.
It's perfect.
I'm not willing to settle
on love for money.
I have to feel something,
and I don't.
Jensen, we're a no-go.
I'm almost done loading up.
Yeah, unload again.
The entire front just got socked
by a winter storm.
The guys are having a Christmas
party over at Mulligan's,
you should stop in.
They never let me in there.
I'll make sure no one messes
with you?
Don't want all the guys not to
care about the Sugar Ray fight.
Ok, yeah.
Captain Myers.
Get that plane loaded up
and ready to go.
We're grounded.
Not anymore.
Hey Jensen,
where are the pilots?
They're in the hangar.
Go find them.
We don't have time to delay.
Yes sir.
I um...
I was wondering if you
considered my transfer
to the front?
I have and it's still a no.
Come off it!
I want to see some action,
you know?
Really help someone.
I didn't become a medic
to handle supply drops.
You're an only child,
I want to see at least one
of my men go home alive.
Come on, hurry up.
Let's finish loading up
this plane, let's go.
Captain, please.
One week, even.
We can talk about it tomorrow.
You say that every time.
You never know,
tomorrow might be better.
Excuse me, madam,
would you like some wurst
for your little boy?
Ya, that's very kind of you.
If I had known about the attack
we would have stayed home.
We never miss a Christmas
The advance was unexpected.
It's getting like that
in Berlin.
More and more people
in the streets, hungry.
Excuse me?
Yes Madam?
I want a few more slices
of wurst, if you don't mind.
It's my pleasure.
It's that good?
It's not for him.
My father always says
"if you want to win the hearts
of people,
"then feed their bellies".
Kommstau Phillip.
Merry Christmas,
your steaks are on me.
Ah, Helena, Alina.
I have the pork belly here,
and I would like 50 marks
this time, please.
50 marks?
Fine, but I only do this because
it's the Christmas season.
Did you hear Pauline wants
to cancel our Christmas
I heard.
Alina, I made you head of
the Kerstavond
and I think it's about time
we celebrate.
I would, but the risk
is too great.
We'll postpone another year.
Perhaps we three could celebrate
together here.
I cook, we drink.
That's a very kind invitation,
but if not for the festival
I'd rather stay home.
Thank you.
sorry for the delay,
I know this is short notice
but it came down
the pipe this morning
so we had to move fast.
We're currently about five miles
behind enemy lines.
The Germans are using
two bridges
to cross the Orr River
here and here.
You guys are going to blow
the one located in Dasburg.
So we infiltrate the Germans
as refugees
and then once we get to Dasburg
we put on the German uniforms
to gain access to the bridge.
Now this mission is going to
take both of you to accomplish.
Timing the explosives
on each side of the bridge
is very important,
it's the only way to get
the bridge down.
You guys are the best team
of demolition experts
I can find that speak
fluent German.
What is all of that?
Are you writing a book?
It's one of them dirty stories
like in Esquire.
Bigger words, Jensen.
Bigger words.
Here we go.
Three minutes to drop...
May Day, May Day, going down!
Going down!!!
Mother, the record player
is too loud.
It comforts me.
I'm going to feed the animals.
Oh, and make sure the oven has
plenty of wood for the night.
I don't want the animals
to freeze.
I know, mother. I know.
Oh, come on!
I didn't think I'd make it.
I barely got out of
the airplane.
Hey, where are we?
I think we're uh-
That's Jensen!
Follow me. Stay tight.
Help! Help! Help!!!
Keep it down, Jensen!
Shut it!
My leg, I think it's busted!
You have
to quiet down!
Where's Lefeuvre?
He didn't make it.
But I've got his gun
and his pack.
Gimme that!
We need to get Jensen
to shelter,
find some medical supplies.
God, his leg is busted up
pretty bad.
No, it's ok,
it's gonna be fine.
Alright, we gotta move.
Can you guys get him?
Yeah, come on.
I got you, let's go.
Don't move!
There are no Germans here.
Not here.
Please, we-
we are peaceful.
You're English?
On my father's side.
My mother is Belgian.
My family has always
lived here,
but we take no allegiance
to the Germans.
Do you know where
the Germans are?
Not here.
I promise.
I've got a wounded man who
needs shelter or he'll die.
Will you help us?
The barn is warm.
We have a stove
for the animals.
If the Germans find out...
I will not turn away a wounded
man to die.
Not tonight.
Thank you.
Do you mind if I check
your home?
I mean no, please.
Come with me.
Ok, I have to set the bone,
close the wound,
stop the bleeding.
I need boiling water
and some bandages.
I'm Captain John Myers,
this is Lieutenant Berkowitz,
Private Jensen.
We have hot water and I can
make some bandages.
The cottage is clear.
Dubois, can you help her
get some hot water, please?
I didn't ask for help.
We don't have much,
but I'll do what I can.
I can't delay any longer.
I've studied the bridge,
I can complete
this mission alone.
No, no, no.
You know that's not true.
The timing on those charges
is too precise.
Yes, but all I have
to do is-
I brought some drinks.
Thank you for your help.
I would have done the same
for anyone.
Oh, this is very good.
Coffee with a little chocolate.
It was for our Kerstavonds.
Christmas Eve dinner.
A Belgian tradition.
It's been a long time
since we celebrated it.
And this year?
The risk is too great.
Captain, Jensen is stable.
I've set the bone,
but he needs rest.
But you can't stay here.
It's too dangerous for us.
She's right.
We wait out the day,
we move out tomorrow night.
Sir, if we move him too soon
he could die.
I understand the risk.
I'm not going to put this family
in any more danger
than we have to.
Please, you will stay here
as long as you need.
I'm sick of this war,
and it's Christmas
for God's sake.
It's time we start
acting like it.
I will be back with
some fire wood
for the stove and some food.
Thank you.
What about our mission?
I can't just sit here.
I will fill Lefeuvre's spot.
You and I will complete
the mission.
But not before Berk says
Jensen can move
and we'll make sure you guys
get across the lines safely.
You guys get caught
and interrogated
you could compromise
the mission,
and I won't have that.
Oui, d'accord.
But I don't like this waiting.
Get some rest.
I'll take first watch.
You know that's a one-way
ticket, right?
Going with him?
Get some rest.
Captain, more coffee?
Yes, please.
Thank you.
So you're from England.
My mother and I were
on holiday here
when the war broke out.
I volunteered for the army
after Pearl Harbour.
I thought it would be
good research.
Captain Travis Mills
in Liberties Fallen.
A novel?
War, mystery, a little romance.
Well please read me some.
It's still going
from here to here.
Your father?
He's a professor at the
University of Birmingham.
We share the same passion,
Literature, as in...
The classics.
Shakespeare, Dante,
Plato, Poe-
You know he's hardly considered
a classic.
What do you know about that?
1941, Texas, A&M,
Bachelor's in literature.
Why didn't you leave?
Evacuate when we
liberated you last month?
My mother was sick.
Have you heard anything
from your father?
Christmas two years ago.
How does that make you feel?
No man has ever asked me
how I feel.
Caught between two sides in a
war that's not yours to fight,
I wondered how it must feel.
You must have someone.
Most men are unavailable.
Love and war.
I've loved with love
that was more than love.
But still, my heart hasn't found
what I'm looking for.
Poe didn't write it that way.
My way is true.
How about this?
Tomorrow is the greatest thing
in life.
It comes into us at midnight,
very clean.
It's perfect when it arrives,
and it puts itself
into our hands.
It hopes we've learned something
from yesterday.
Well, that's beautiful.
Is it from your book?
John Wayne.
And I've told myself those words
every night
since my first battle,
hoping that tomorrow
might be better.
I'll tell you tomorrow.
I should go.
What's your name?
Alina Anne Hamlin.
Alina Anne Hamlin,
thank you.
Good night.
Captain Myers.
Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas.
You don't have to do that.
Oh, I'm not one
to take advantage.
Where are you headed?
We need a Christmas tree.
How's Jensen?
He's still passed out.
Alright, I want you to keep
an eye on things.
Hey, wait up!
What if there was a patrol?
They never use this path.
When the war ends,
what's in store
for Captain Myers?
Finish my book.
Wife? Kids?
Not yet.
And you?
When the war ends-
I hope to be liberated.
For the second time.
Find my father,
attend college as planned,
then set up a primary school
here in Wereth.
I never had a brother or sister
and I love children.
I believe there would be
no wars
if children were taught
tolerance and peace.
A pacifist.
A realist.
War is not a solution.
It's perfect.
It's tiny.
Excuse me!
It's barely above my head.
Now look at this.
This is a Christmas tree.
It's huge.
I know.
No, no, no.
It won't fit in my house.
I can get it in.
I like the small one.
Nah, bigger is better.
I'm not so sure.
Trust me, I'm from Texas.
Do you have any decorations?
Any raisins?
Any nuts?
What do I do with that?
Chew it.
What are you doing?
It's kind of small.
Oh, come on.
It's alright.
We didn't get many gifts
in the orphanage
so we had to be creative.
You can put it on top
of the tree.
Look at that.
Hey, wait up!
So you were an orphan?
Yeah, I never new my parents.
They left me on the doorstep
of the orphanage.
You said the path was closed.
I said they don't use it.
No, please.
Let me speak with them.
Go Hide. Please.
Guten tag.
If they laid a hand on you
I would have stopped them.
We should get back.
You'll catch a cold.
I told you it was too big.
Are you always right?
Yes, and your enemies agreed
with me.
Nice of them to help out.
You might have been right.
Well, hmm...
Here you go.
A star.
The bath is ready.
Here we go.
Thank you.
Here, take this.
It was my father's.
To keep you warm
while these are drying.
Ah, so you're saying just...
in the other room?
Yes, right.
Over there.
Is he ok?
He fell in the stream.
It's a good thing, Alina,
what you're doing for them.
But don't forget
who they are.
And who are they?
Today they're here,
but tomorrow they're
wed or dead.
It's not what I want
for you.
I was you once.
I fell in love with
a French soldier,
before your father.
We spent two weeks together.
I never saw him again.
It's better you love a scholar
or a butcher.
So, Peter.
Yes, Peter.
Peter will keep you safe,
he will take care-
What if I don't want "safe"?
I want to dream that
all of this is over.
That we can take risks
and look beautiful
without fear of-
I want to know love.
Even if it's just for
one fleeting winter night.
Can't I have that?
The animals are fed,
Thank you, Alina.
My father's name is Henry.
Can I show you something?
They were banned,
so I had to hide them.
Karl Marx?
Only to understand
communist thought.
My father said it was important
to understand all ideas
so we can formulate our own.
Marx had good ideas
but the communist system
can be unjust to the poor,
or the rich become a hidden
ruling class,
claiming everything is equal
when clearly it's not.
Wine is the most civilized thing
in the world.
"That the things of the night
cannot be explained in the day,
"because they do not
then exist."
One of my favourites.
His words have such hope
when plagued by tragedy.
Happy endings
aren't really his style.
I hope to meet him someday.
Who? Hemingway?
Yes, of course.
Here, let me get that.
Thank you.
I've had the pleasure.
Of what?
I met Hemingway.
What was he like?
He's a big man.
And a little bit introverted.
How so?
Well, when he spoke,
everyone listened
because he never said anything
that didn't need saying.
I can only imagine.
I'm putting on a record.
One of my favourites.
It's American.
You must miss home.
I've never had a home.
What about Texas?
I've never seen "home"
as a place.
Home is a refuge from plight.
Two souls sewn together
in love.
It can't be created,
it has to be discovered.
And then held onto forever.
I like that.
Today is better.
You better come see this.
It's good to see you
pull through.
Yes, sir.
I'll be fine.
We can move out in the morning.
The daylight is too risky.
The night is too cold
with his leg in a splint.
We won't get far.
I'll do whatever it takes.
I talked to Helena.
She told me if we move North
about three kilometers from here
we should find the American
seventh armoured.
They held their position.
And if they get pushed back?
Jensen and I keep going alone.
And if you guys get captured?
You could compromise
the mission.
We won't allow that
to happen.
Ok, we move at first light.
I wouldn't put her off.
A soldier's life is expedient,
my friend.
And opportunity is
in short supply.
I don't want to hurt her.
Captain, if I may?
Tomorrow we could be
dead or alive,
but today, today is
what we live for.
For your travels.
Just some small items.
And here.
No, I couldn't.
It will keep you warm
and safe.
Thank you.
Oh, and if you follow this map
you will...
avoid the German patrols and
it takes you to the front line.
We've become quite good
at moving around undetected.
Thank you.
Thank you again
for taking me in.
I don't think I would have
made it if it wasn't for you.
Get home safe.
Merry Christmas.
Safe travels to you all.
I'll see you around, Alina.
Thank you, ma'am.
You gave him your father's coat?
He liked that coat.
Well, he's not here.
Where are you going?
I'm getting ready
for the Kerstavonds.
But I thought you cancelled it?
I've changed my mind.
I'm done hiding.
And this is going to be the best
Kerstavonds we've had in years.
I'm going to find Peter,
we have things to do.
Oh, thank God.
Alina's map said the road
would be clear,
but I see three troop
three patrols and
at least 50 men.
So much for being
always right.
They're going to be caught.
Come on.
Oh no!
A Farewell To Arms?
Is this a joke?
Is this a joke?
No, sir.
Not a joke.
Who gave this to you?
Who gave you this map?
Get him up.
We are going to Wereth to
discover who drew this map.
We need to shut down that bridge
before they figure out
their plan.
We head back to Wereth.
That bridge should be
in the river right now!
I'm not going to leave
my men behind to die.
We go back.
Here comes trouble.
Pauline, how are you?
Are you crazy?
A party now?
The war is only a kilo
from here.
Let them have their war.
I'm having cake.
But you agreed
to postpone this.
And now it's back on.
Ah, Pauline.
It's so good to see you.
You too?
But... but why?
Because I like to drink.
But we could die.
We could die sitting
in our homes.
I'm done hiding.
It's time we take some risks.
And we are going to celebrate
What is going on here?
They are having a Christmas
We are only here for the-
Shut up!
Do you remember me?
Do you know these men?
Does anyone know these men?
One of you drew a map
that takes these men back
to the Americans!
Someone is lying to me.
If you will not cooperate...
No, no, no!
Someone start talking
or this man is dead!
Please, stop!
I drew the map.
You're English.
Leave him alone and I
will tell you everything.
Our laws are clear.
Anyone who consorts
with the Americana
will be considered an enemy
to Germany.
Watch out!!!!!
Myers! Incoming!
Berk, come and get the woman.
Dubois, keep them covered.
She's unconscious!
I'm going to pass her to you.
I'm going to grab her legs.
Ah, ah, ah...
Got her?
Get out of the car, Myers!
Hey, kid.
Come here.
Myers, get out of there!
There's a kid in here!
Myers, the car is going
to explode!
Come on!
Kid don't do that!
You want?
Myers, the car is going
to explode!
Let's go get it!
It is St. Nicholas, papa.
Ja, Philip.
Let him go!
Tell your men to drop
their weapons.
Let him go, now or I shoot!
You pull that trigger,
you're next.
No shooting!
Myers, we got a problem!
She's not gonna make it
much longer!
I promise you will be
treated fairly.
85 prisoners of war
shot in the back!
You call that fair?
We shoot each other,
then what?
Your men die.
My wife, my son.
He was not to be here.
Myers, she doesn't have
much time!
There's fragments in her chest!
Get my wife!
No, no, no!
Nobody move!
Listen, you don't have time!
If I don't help her now,
she will die!
If my wife dies,
you die next!
Can you help her?
I will not have him touch
my wife!
Is there a doctor
in the village?
He was shot last week!
You have no option.
This is the only man
who can help your wife.
Look, let's make a deal, ok?
A deal.
We call a Christmas truce.
No fighting.
No one leaves town
until your wife is stable.
When she is, we leave.
No questions asked.
A Christmas truce.
How do I know I can trust you?
All soldiers in the town of
Wereth will not let allegiance
to country dictate
their actions.
I agree to this truce.
This Christmas truce.
It will end when that clock
strikes noon tomorrow.
At that time I expect you
and your men to be gone.
Please help my wife.
Berk, that's an order.
Ok, I need plasma
and a med kit.
Help us.
Quickly, hurry.
Ok, let's go.
Into the house.
This way.
I don't trust them.
Well, we'll stay on our toes.
Myers, go see if the Germans
have any more plasma.
She's gonna need it.
Yes, we have.
Ask Mahler.
This is the last fragment.
I've almost got it.
Yes, yes, yes!
I got it.
Merry Christmas.
My name is Obest Josef Braun.
And I thank you?
Captain John Myers.
You're welcome.
I saw American rations,
beer, and French wine
in the house.
My brother liked to drink.
Most of that is verboten.
Except today.
It's Christmas.
Yes, yes.
She's resting for now.
Thank you.
Wine for everyone!
What if his wife died?
What then?
You took a risk
on my mother's life,
the village, my life.
How could you?
They were gonna shoot you.
I had to do something.
Do you know how we survived
this war?
By not taking risks!
We blend in and
they ignored us.
We were safe.
Then you came along...
there was something
in my heart,
I couldn't-
turn you away,
but I should have.
You gave me hope.
There is no hope for us.
Not here.
After today, we will always
fear tomorrow.
Because they don't forget.
They will return from Berlin
carrying orders to kill us.
And then what?
Who will save us then?
No, don't.
I'll save you.
What is it?
I don't know.
Everything alright?
Hey, Hans Mahler?
From FC Schalke?
Schalke versus Admira Wien,
you made like five goals
that game.
You were there?
I was scouting for AS Monaco.
Pierre Dubois!
Mais oui, c'est moi.
Ohh, ah!
Not now, mother.
How about some music?
Oh, splendid. Yeah.
I think I need to get some
more beer from the house.
They're drinking it like water.
I'll help.
Ah good.
Peter, right?
I think Obers Braun
would like a drink.
I have a lovely bottle
of French wine inside.
No, beer. German.
I'll help Alina.
Yeah, right.
Why are you following me?
Let me help you.
You've already done that.
And just like your invasion,
I don't see you winning.
Are you always like this?
Like what?
I've been called
many things before
but "firm" is not one of them.
I will have you know that just
because you're some
American hot shot
doesn't mean you can
just waltz in here
and sweep me off my feet.
I am on to you.
All is fair in love and war,
Now you are playing
both games and losing.
Look, you stop it!
What are you smiling about?
I have it.
I said, I have it.
Fine, you have it.
Thank you.
I'm getting the beer.
Here I go.
You know, in the orphanage,
Sister Love-
Sister Love?
Oh, now I know you're lying.
Is that part of your
Martha Love, actually.
It was her God-given name.
Sister Love would say to us
"a wheel rolls two ways,
forwards and back.
But no matter which way
it rolls,
y'alls gonna end up somewhere.
Best try to make it some place
you want to be."
Where is it you want to be,
But you don't have one.
I'm not your home, Captain.
I promise-
Promise what?
To keep you safe.
Don't make promises
you can't keep.
I never do.
Talk is cheap.
Just roll the keg.
You gonna let this guy
steal your girl?
I'm not sure she's mine.
His wife is stable.
She'll pull through.
Good job, Doc.
Maybe it's time we start
thinking about
getting out of here.
We made a truce.
No one leaves until tomorrow.
And what makes you think they're
going to live up to that?
Where's Braun?
He's in the church.
I'm going to pay him a visit.
Hey, Captain?
We were lucky today.
Yeah, we were.
No, it's ok-
Please, I insist.
I never took you
for a religious man.
Yeah, well I grew up
in east Texas.
Bible belt.
Went to Sunday school
every week.
You have Cowboys
and Indians there?
Something like that.
You know John Wayne?
The same John Wayne who was
in the Pacific?
Yeah. I loved American cinema.
John Wayne was
one of my favourites.
Tough guy.
I hear when he's done in
the Pacific he's coming here
to clean up.
I spent some time living
in Brooklyn
with my grandmother.
I always desired to travel
out west,
but never found the way.
It's just like any other place,
I guess.
I want to own a ranch
and raise long horns
and wear a six-shooter,
ride horses.
But before the war started
I was forced to return home.
My father was a patriot,
never cared much for the Nazis.
But Germany is our homeland.
We have our duties.
Well, there are some things-
that men
just can't run away from.
John Wayne,
you're very good.
You're not bad yourself.
I never had a chance to thank
you for saving my family.
No, we are enemies.
Duty should have dictated
that we behave differently.
Why didn't we?
In France, I had an assistant.
He was a young man
they called Mufig.
And he loved the smell of
old lady's perfume.
He would douse himself
in the stuff.
Then one night,
after a night out,
this old lady comes up to Mufig
and compliments him
on his smell.
Mufig proceeds to ask
the old lady out.
She accepts and they go
on a date.
Mufig comes back
from the date
and he can't stop
proclaiming his love.
"I love her, I love her".
We all think he's lost
his mind.
I've come to find out that
this old lady had a daughter
the same age as Mufig.
Four days later
they were married.
When I asked him why he would do
such a thing,
he told me he wanted to know
what it was like
to experience true love
before he died.
Weeks later Mufig put himself
between me and a grenade.
Saved my life.
I've never known true love.
Was he right?
Myers, my wife is the most
important thing
in the world to me.
I would do anything for her,
even betray my country.
So yes,
to die and to not know true love
is a tragedy.
I think one day I will have
that ranch in Texas.
Keep in mind my army
is closer to Berlin
than yours is to Dallas.
Three aces.
Oh, come on!
Excuse me.
It's Peter, right?
May I?
Of course, my Captain.
I'm sorry, Alina,
he outranks me.
Thank you.
I'm sorry.
May I have this dance?
Very beautiful.
You think charm and a smile
wins me back over?
No, ma'am, I was counting on
more than that.
You know, I haven't danced
since before the war.
I would have never guessed.
And I guess you frequented
the dance halls.
No. I'm looking for more.
Than what?
A pretty face.
Captain Myers.
How can there be a tomorrow?
Time must stand still and give
us this moment a little longer.
Thank you, Monsieur Dubois,
for walking me back.
You can call me Pierre.
It was my pleasure.
Thank you.
Oh, I didn't think you
would be here.
The wine, I was tired
so I came back alone.
Yeah, the French wine
always goes to my head.
Where is Captain Myers?
I didn't see him when I left.
What am I, his keeper?
I'm very happy that you met
someone that you like.
Who would that be?
I wish you would find someone
more stable.
Mother, the animals,
they still need feeding.
When the sun rises.
Daylight allows you
to see things better.
And you have either love
or regret.
Oh, Peter's borscht.
Push me.
One, two, three!
Ok, I'm better.
I'll be back.
Are you alright?
I should have worn my helmet.
My mother will be back quickly.
I'll sneak out.
You better come quick.
Goodnight, Captain.
Carpe diem!
Go get some rest.
It's my watch.
I'm trying, I'm trying!
I'm sorry,
my mother was up all night.
I couldn't get away.
We don't have time,
the sun is coming up.
Time must wait.
It has to.
What does she want?
What is it?
Hey, what's going on?
They're coming!
Who's coming?
The Germans!
Outside of the village about
200 troops and a dozen tanks.
They lied!
What's all the excitement about?
We've been double-crossed.
We grab our gear,
we move now.
Reinforcements are moving in.
Once they arrive
there's nothing I can do.
Now move!
Wait! I have some gifts for you.
Come on.
I will help.
Perhaps we'll meet again.
In better times
when we can be friends
rather than enemies.
I'd like that.
The American artillery.
Why are they shooting at us?
It's not us they're
trying to hit.
I've got something for you,
as well.
I finished it last night.
War, mystery,
a little romance...
We have to go!
We have to go!
When will I see you again?
Christmas Eve,
after the war ends,
no matter who wins,
if you're willing and able meet
me in the church at midnight!
It's the best time!
Alina! Down!!
Alina! Alina!!
Alina, come!
Let's go!
We have to go, let's go!
How are we supposed to get
across that?
I think we lost them.
Is he ok?
No, he's not ok.
His wound opened up.
It's fine. It's ok.
Captain Myers.
I never thought love would
find me,
nor did I expect it to be
dressed in a uniform.
But I can't deny love
has discovered my heart
and there you are.
Please, fight for me, John,
and come to your home
in my arms.
Merry Christmas, with love,
Hey Captain, how are you
holding up?
You ok?
I saw her fall.
I made a promise to keep
her safe but she fell.
Myers, let me go with Dubois.
You take Jensen back,
give them a report.
I can't.
Look, blowing that bridge is
suicidal, you know that.
You're putting on
a German uniform,
they'll shoot you if-
I have to go back!
What do you mean, go back?
I have a commitment!
Yes, to complete this mission!
And we will.
You meet me in Dasburg in
the park near the bridge.
I'm going back in Wereth
as a German,
they'll never know.
Oh yeah?
Then what?
I find Alina and make sure
she's ok.
You can't go back!
I made her a promise!
You obey your orders!
You don't make this call!
They killed my family.
The bomb fell,
my family, I never
saw them again.
This is my chance.
This is my chance
to get them back.
To make a difference.
I will not let you
screw this up.
Remember your duty.
What if you had a chance
to save your family?
Would you give that up
in the name of duty?
I promise we will finish
this mission,
but after I find Alina
and make sure she's safe.
The park near the bridge.
Hey, Captain?
Next time I see you,
you'll sign that transfer
report, right?
Next time I see you
we'll talk about it.
Alina? Alina?
I have served Germany
and will continue to do so
until the day I die.
Berlin received word
of your truce.
Hitler should be worried
about the allied
counter-attack, not me.
Your words are grounds
for a court marshall.
I will see you hanged.
Do as you will.
I will only abandon my men
when I am dead.
Herr Oberst.
A message.
I should shoot you now.
I have a war to fight.
If you're done,
get out.
This is not over,
Herr Oberst.
Hail Hitler!
Verify this.
I have.
Reports have been taken
by the Americana.
Verify it again!
I want to know
the exact location
and which American
unit took them!
You fool! What did you do
with that...?
What did you do with Alina?
Where did you take her?
I came for Alina! Please!
Is that the American?
Yes, I think so.
Come, we must hurry.
You took her!
Shut up!
Is she safe?
Do not touch to me!
Shut up!
I told you coming back here
would only mean death!
Truce, please!
I love her!
I ordered the evacuation
of the village.
I sent Alina north along
with my family.
I just received a report
that Americans attacked the unit
they were with,
and took them.
For me,
I ask that you find Lilly
and give her this letter.
for your life,
promise me that
you will do this.
I promise.
Don't come back.
There's only death here.
Now go, quickly!
Halt! Halt!
Would you like us to check
for a body?
That spy is our gift
to the wolves.
We have orders to go back
to the front lines.
Gather the men.
She worth it?
Promise me something.
Let's blow this bridge
and then go home.
Yeah, I like the sound of that.
I want this over here, please.
And I want the beer
over there.
Ah, schnukifrutz.
After the war I searched for
John Myers in France
but instead I found
Lieutenant Berkowitz
who joined me on
his Christmas leave
in hopes that he too
would see Myers again.
Never thought I'd be back here.
It's rather surreal.
Alina! Is it you?
How are you?
And you!
Hello there.
So surprised to see you!
Alina found me in France.
Did you two marry?
Our anniversary is next week.
Have you seen
Captain John Myers?
I thought maybe...
I'm sorry, Alina,
but I saw Myers after you left.
We believe Braun killed him.
That can't be.
That's impossible.
No, he was reported missing
after the bridge
in Dasburg fell.
I know what I saw.
We heard the gunshots.
Alina Anne!
I thought I'd never
see you again!
I prayed every night
that I would hold you again.
What a wonderful Christmas gift!
We were so happy
to get your message.
You look marvelous.
Oh, my goodness.
And they have appointed
Peter mayor for now.
That's wonderful news!
Isn't it, Alina?
I was to meet someone tonight.
Ah, the American.
Yes, your mother told me
about him.
I don't suppose
he's come round yet?
The army believes he destroyed
the bridge in Dasburg,
but maybe they were wrong.
Well then, the boy's a hero.
Darling, no matter
the outcome,
you have been touched by love.
That reminds me of the time
I met your mother
after the great war...
Excuse me.
Yes, of course.
What are you doing
in his coat?
Why do you have it?
You killed him!
Killed who?
John Myers!
No, Alina.
He came back to save you.
He was dressed as
a German soldier.
It was my duty to kill him,
but I spared his life.
The coat, it
was my father's,
I gave it to Myers!
And he gave it to my son.
It has kept me warm
for the last year.
How is it you're here?
I was captured by the British
near Malmedy.
They put me in a camp
run by the Russians.
It was a horrible place.
Last week they dragged me
and three other men
out through the front gates.
I had seen it all before.
The shallow graves.
They shot the man to my left
and then they shot
the man to my right.
But my bullet never came.
They said to leave and I ran
and I never looked back.
I made her the same promise
that you made to Myers.
That we would return here
after the war on Christmas Eve
to be reunited again.
I know.
We were taken to France
by the Americans.
Lilly gave me this.
I never thought I'd deliver it.
Philip is in an orphanage
in Mount St. Claire.
Lilly has an infection.
She's dying.
She's probably already gone.
God, look after those
whom we've lost.
And thank you for bringing back
my father.
Thank you for the peace.
The peace.
Your letter.
Death has spared me.
Thank god!
My son.
I never did thank you properly.
Another time, then.
No, I must.
My family is together again
because of your bravery.
I will forever be in your debt.
But it wasn't me.
Your love to Captain Myers
saved us all.
Too many good men have died
so that others may live.
Will you join us?
Yes. In a moment.
Oh, Peter.
Not now.
I loved with a love
that was more than love
and I found what was lost.
Never will I lose you again.
Poe didn't write it like that.
My way is true.
Jonathan Myers.
They said you were dead.
I was busy, first with
the Germans,
then with the Russians.
Captain Myers.
You know, it takes a lot
of whiskey and cigarettes
for the Russians to release
a German POW.
That was you?
You freed me?
But why? Why me?
Because I made a promise.
I thought you should give Lilly
the letter yourself.
Danke ma bruder.
This is my father.
I've heard a lot about you, sir.
Oh, don't mind about me, boy.
Men like you make a difference.
I was just doing my part.
A toast to Captain Myers.
No, no, no.
To my family!
Say now, isn't that my coat?
I have a gift for you.
Open it.
But it was burned.
Only the title page so it's
identity could be kept secret.
Your words I kept very close
to my heart.
Thank you.
I've been practicing these words
for a very long time.
I've been without a home.
I never found refuge
or what it meant to love.
I once thought that my journey
was going to be a futile search
to heal my broken heart.
I was wrong.
That journey ended in a little
town called Wereth.
I found my home in your arms.
No matter where life
may lead us,
as long as I can stand
by your side
and have the honour
to call you my wife,
I promise to always protect you.
Please, give me this honour.
Will you marry me,
Alina Anne Hamlin?
I don't ever want to lose
you again.
Why are they ringing!
They toll for you!
Merci, Dubois.
Carpe Diem!