Christmas Unleashed (2019) Movie Script

Jingle all the way
Oh, what fun it is to ride
in a one-horse open sleigh
Jingle Bells, jingle bells,
Jingle all the way
Oh, what fun it is to ride
in a one-horse open sleigh
Dashing through the snow
in a one-horse open sleigh
Over the fields we go
laughing all the way
Bells on bobtails ring,
making spirits bright
Oh, what fun it is
to ride and sing
a sleighing song tonight
Mmm. A few more minutes, Henry.
A few more minutes.
Okay. Okay.
I'm up. I'm up.
Who needs an alarm clock
when I've got you?
I gotta get to court.
Opening statements
in an hour.
Are you ready?
Let's go.
Dashing through the snow
in a one-horse open sleigh,
Over the fields we go,
laughing all the way
Okay, Henry, just a second.
Bells on bobtails ring
making spirits bright
Oh, what fun it is
to ride and sing
a sleighing song tonight
Oh, jingle bells, jingle bells Jingle all the way
Oh, what fun it is to ride
in a one-horse open sleigh
Jingle bells, jingle bells
Jingle all the way
Oh, what fun it is to ride
in a one-horse open sleigh
The merger between
Teletech and Compuphone
will result in a 41 percent
share of the cell phone market
which clearly by definition
is not a monopoly
and thus should be approved,
your honour.
A little dry, huh?
Okay, so I have cleared my
calendar for the next five days,
Bergdorf holiday party declined,
Christmas Eve tomorrow
with the girls cancelled,
and the blind date's
just gonna have to wait.
Sweet guy.
Okay, now.
Which one are you feeling?
That one?
Oh, I like that one. Thank you.
A little holiday spirit to the
world of corporate litigation.
Oh, Henry.
Hey, listen.
I'm only gonna be a few hours,
then it's off to Gram's
for Christmas in Baynesville,
where I will no doubt run
into people
that I haven't seen in years.
Henry, do you think
it's too late to cancel?
I think we should cancel.
I just have too much work to
do with this cell phone merger.
I think that sounds like
a good idea.
How does she do that?
Hey, Gram.
Don't even think about trying
to back out.
Uh, I wasn't.
You have been using work as
an excuse to avoid coming home
for the holidays for
the last four years.
Nobody has that much work.
I actually do, but-
You and I are each other's
only family now.
I know.
And I don't know how many years
I've got left.
You win, Gram.
I usually do.
Where do you think
you got it from, kiddo?
Okay, when are you arriving?
Uh, well, we're probably
gonna leave after lunch
so not till later tonight.
No problem.
It's never too late to reconnect
with the ones you love.
Love you, Gram.
I love you too, Becca.
Henry wants to say hello.
Bye, Henry.
That means he wants a T-bone
under the Christmas tree.
All right, buddy.
You ready?
I think we're gonna be
in for a pretty wild ride.
The snow is floating down
so carefree and bright
It looks and feels a whole
lot like Christmas
The snow is floating down
so carefree and bright
I can tell today will be
a Merry Christmas
Oh, look at you!
Oh, let me look at that face.
Oh, and let me look
at that face!
Yes, that's a good boy.
Now, you didn't run into winter
storm Megan, did you?
No, not one snowflake.
Oh, thank goodness.
Good thing.
Wouldn't wanna ruin
those stunning shoes.
What are you doing here?
Well, I couldn't wait until
Christmas Day to see you.
And Henry.
Hi, buddy.
Hey, is Sophie with you?
No, it's past her bedtime
so she's with the sitter.
Charlie couldn't make it home
for Christmas, huh?
He's still out on the oil rigs
and couldn't get back.
I'm sorry.
Yeah, the distance is hard and
Soph and I miss him like crazy
but I'm doing my best
to be both mom and dad.
Well, I cannot wait to see her
and smother her with some love
and I may or may not have
brought a few too many gifts
back from New York.
Oh, hey.
You still have the briefcase?
Oh, yeah.
Still one of the nicest things
I've ever made.
Okay, I should get back because
Sophie has probably convinced
the babysitter to make
hot fudge sundaes
and stay up and watch movies.
Goodnight, hon.
Tess, thank you for
the warm welcome.
Oh, you.
I will see you soon.
See ya.
Let's get you inside.
Come on.
Come on, Henry!
Well, if you're not too tired
I've made Christmas martinis,
green olives and red pits.
How can I say no to that?
Come on, Henry!
Good boy.
Come on! Good boy.
Oh, make sure you shut
that door hard.
Sometimes that lock
doesn't catch.
Good boy.
You get the tree from
Mr. and Mrs. Davies?
Oh, you betcha.
Best Christmas tree
farm in the state.
They look so young.
Well, they were about your age.
It's hard to believe they've
been gone for ten years.
I will never get over losing
my son and your mom
in that accident, but...
you being here just means
the world to me, honey.
For me, too.
Oh, looks like Henry found
his Christmas present.
Oh, it's a good one.
Thanks, Gram.
Awe, atta boy.
So, fill me in on
the big city life.
I'm actually arguing an
anti-trust case for my law firm
which will give my client
41 percent share
of the cell phone market.
Now, I know that we can't get
along without cell phones
in this world anymore
but I gotta say I still
just prefer talking to people
face to face.
Well, that's almost possible
if you live in a town
of 500 people.
Anyway, it's a big deal for me
because I'm trying to make
partner and my only competition
is this guy named Darren Schmidt
but I am crushing him
in billable hours.
Oh, know you always
were like this.
Like what?
Even when you were a little
girl you had to be the best at,
oh, the spelling bees
and the soccer games
and you just always
had to win.
That's right.
Determination, grit,
and weirdly long legs
have gotten me pretty far.
Well, I'm proud of you,
And your mom and dad
would be, too.
I hope so.
Are you happy?
I mean, I've got
an amazing job,
a fabulous apartment people
would die for,
a terrific group of girlfriends,
and my best friend is Henry.
Any other men worshipping
at your feet?
I have a date with somebody
who seems kinda interesting
but honestly I'm pretty happy
right now in my life.
Well, Henry's a life partner.
He's the best boyfriend
I ever had.
He's a good listener,
he gets my jokes,
and he loves my cooking.
You mean he loves
New York style pizza.
Thin crust with the right amount
of cheese.
What's not to love?
Well, if Henry were a human
he'd be the perfect mate.
Don't tell him that.
So are we really not gonna
talk about it?
About what?
That Max is the reason you've
been avoiding Baynesville?
Well, you were together
for four years.
Four Christmases,
that's nothing to sneeze at.
Yeah, and we were broken up
for the same amount of time.
I'm over it.
You're over it?
Good. 'Cause he got married
and moved away.
He's single.
He's here.
He's the town veterinarian.
And a one-man animal
services department.
I for sure thought he'd get rid
of animal services
once he was a vet.
Oh, no, he likes making
the calls.
Last week he rescued
Mrs. Beall's Yorkie
from a whole pack of coyotes.
He snapped off a branch
and made a splint
for that little pup's broken leg
right out there in the woods.
Yeah, he's a bit of a hometown
hero in these parts.
Still as handsome as ever,
too, I must say.
All right, Gram.
I think it's time for me
and Henry to go to bed.
All right, sweetie.
Sweet dreams.
I'm really glad you're here.
It's gonna be a magical
Come on, Henry.
Goodnight, Henry.
Good boy. Good boy.
Yeah, you're happy
to be home, huh?
Good boy.
Did you miss it?
I missed it, too.
What is it?
Gram, Henry's gone.
Are you sure?
Can you call the neighbours?
I'm gonna go drive around
the neighbourhood.
Okay. Good luck.
Henry, where are you?
Yeah, he went missing
last night.
Well, just call me if
you see him, okay?
I think he's really gone.
Like, gone gone.
How did the door blow open?
Well, the lock on that doorknob
is wobbly.
Did you hear me say that
sometimes it doesn't catch?
No, I didn't.
This is my fault.
This is all my fault.
No, no. It's nobody's fault.
He's probably just exploring.
Remember when he was a pup
he used to run off
and he always came back?
But I don't know if he remembers
how to come back.
He doesn't know how to fend
for himself in the wild.
He's a city dog now.
He's always on a leash.
He rides the subway.
I don't know what to do.
I always know what to do.
What do I do, Gram?
We call Max.
Right. Max.
Maybe we can just, like,
canvas the area one more
time and just...
Yeah, but Max has resources
that we don't have.
And if somebody finds Henry
they're gonna take him to
the shelter where Max is.
You're right. I know.
And I know your plan was
to avoid him altogether
and slink back to New York
in a few days,
but finding Henry supersedes
any nerves
you might have about facing
your ex-boyfriend.
You're right.
Okay, I'll call him.
I've checked him over
and he's sound.
Just make sure you keep an eye
on him for me, okay?
Animal services,
Doctor Hutton speaking.
Hey. It's Becca Delano.
Hey, Becca.
Uh, yeah, I know,
it's weird I'm calling,
um, I can't believe I'm calling
myself but um...
it's urgent so I'm just gonna
cut to the chase.
I'm in Baynesville visiting
for the holidays
and Henry's gone missing.
So I need your help.
I'm on my way.
What's taking him so long?
I'm sure he's getting here
as fast as he can.
Can... can you get that?
You are a soon-to-be partner
in a fancy law firm.
Will you just get the door,
Hi, Max.
Hey, Jean.
Oh, thanks for coming.
Of course.
It's Henry.
So what happened?
Well, he um- well, I'll just let
Becca fill you in.
You look... like you.
So do you.
Look like you.
So how did Henry get out?
The lock on the door was loose
and it just blew open.
I've been meaning to fix that
for ya.
He's always been a bit of
an escape artist.
Remember the fence
at my old apartment?
He tried to go over it,
under it,
then through it.
And he got stuck when one
of the slats was missing.
And you went to saw him out.
That's when we started calling
him Chunks McGee.
Well, thanks for helping me
find him.
No need to thank me,
it's what I do.
We were together the first half
of his life
so I love him almost as much
as I love you.
Loved you.
Like, I loved- loved him,
Well, that concludes the grammar
lesson for today.
Why don't I just make us
some coffee?
First, I'll need a recent photo
of Henry to put on
the city's website and social
media accounts.
I'm on it.
I think have, like a couple
hundred here.
He still loves socks.
He does.
Especially if they're dirty.
He can sniff them out of
the hamper like a truffle pig.
And rolling on his back.
He only does that now
if he really likes you.
You put him in onesie pyjamas?
He likes them.
Never would have happened
on my watch.
The first picture shows
his distinguishing features.
Can you email that to me at
Henry is seven years old?
And you got him...
On Christmas Eve.
You know that.
And he answers to Henry,
Hank, and Chunks McGee.
Actually, I don't call him
Chunks anymore.
That was his best nickname.
How does Henry like New York?
Well, he adores people,
so he's in heaven.
We have an apartment
on the Upper West Side
and every Saturday we go down
to the local pizzeria
and we get a slice.
And on Sundays we go
to Central Park.
I'm sure he loves that.
Maybe not as much as our Sunday
walks at Chancellor Park, but...
I mean, Central Park is one
of the best parks in the world.
And yet pooping on the grass is
pretty much the same everywhere.
How are things with you?
The practice is doing well.
Max is going to have a float in
this year's Christmas parade.
Oh, that's cool.
Actually, Gram told me
that you saved Mrs. Beall's
Yorkie last week?
You did?
Word travels fast.
It does in this town.
We got a hit.
Mr. and Mrs. Davies think
they saw him
at the Christmas tree farm.
Oh, thank goodness.
Let's go bring Henry home.
You okay?
Not too many people
still looking
to buy a tree
on Christmas Eve,
but it's never too late to make
the holidays come alive
with a majestic Douglas fir.
Looking good, Mrs. Davies.
You made it home just
in time.
Look at you.
Had to bring my A game on the
most special day of the year.
I mean, I couldn't miss this.
Jean says you're doing well
in New York.
Yeah, I'm uh, I'm hoping
to make partner soon
and Henry and I just got
a new apartment.
Oh, you look so grown up.
It happens.
So you think you saw
Henry here this morning?
Doug saw him running
through the trees a while ago.
How did he get out?
It was the lock on Jean's
front door, wasn't it?
I have been nagging Doug to go
over there and fix that for her.
There's no need to shout, woman.
These two are here for Henry.
Oh yeah.
These lovebirds used to play
kissy face all the time.
Not anymore.
We broke up.
Yeah, well your canine wrecking
ball tore through here earlier,
chewing my branches,
wreaking havoc on my trees.
Sorry about that,
Mr. Davies.
That's okay.
That is how I recognized him.
Hasn't changed a bit
since he was a puppy.
He might have come here
because he remembers this place.
It holds a special place
in my heart, too.
This is where Henry
and I first met.
Not too many people
still looking for a tree
on Christmas Eve,
but it's never too late to make
the holidays come alive.
Gram is gonna kill me.
She's letting me stay with her
while I'm in law school
and the one thing
she asked me to do
was get the Christmas tree.
I think it's lovely that
you're following
in your father's footsteps.
Your parents were such a big
part of the fabric of this town.
I'm sorry for your loss.
Thank you.
That's the one.
Oh, my goodness, a puppy!
Where is that troublemaker?
There he is.
Come on.
Hey, it's you.
It's me.
Didn't we have class together
for a few years?
Yeah, weren't we lab partners
in tenth grade biology?
Yes, and you must have
been listening
because I heard that you went
to Duke.
Biology major.
Well, makes sense, actually,
because you were always
kind of a-
Nerd? It's okay, you can say it.
Well, what brings you back home?
I'm going to veterinary school.
That's awesome.
Yeah, I'm also helping out
at the animal shelter.
You know, until they find
someone permanent.
Well, welcome home.
I mean, Duke was great but
I've always had a special place
in my heart for Baynesville.
Shoo. Shoo.
Did you just kick a puppy?
What, me?
No, he bit me.
You're blaming him?
The adorable little puppy?
Okay, I'm gonna let you
get back to work.
Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas.
Ow. See?
He likes you. You should
pick him up?
I don't know how
to hold a dog.
It's easy.
Well, you are a human being,
He likes you.
I think he's just laying
the charm on thick.
Is it working?
A family brought him
for adoption, but this guy
managed to escape.
Any chance you wanna
take him home?
Oh, I can't.
You could be his
Christmas miracle.
That's so not fair.
Otherwise I'll have to take him
to the shelter.
You're the worst.
I will not try to talk you
into taking home
maybe the cutest puppy
I've ever seen.
Looks like you're gonna miss out
on a great guy.
I can't take care of a dog.
I can barely take care
of myself.
You'll have to learn
on the fly.
I've seen that look.
You're a goner.
You've already been
swept off your feet,
you just don't know it yet.
Where's the last place
you saw him?
Here. Follow me.
Yeah, see?
Looks like he headed
that way.
Towards the stables.
We hope you find him.
Yeah, I suppose the little guy
was cute enough in his own way.
He's the only thing I want
for Christmas.
Well, let's go get him.
Thank you.
Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas.
I never thought we'd be
back here again.
At least not together.
Tess has really built up
her business.
I mean, this is beautiful.
Oh, hey!
What're you doing here?
With Max?
Hi, Tess.
You realize people are gonna
gossip when they hear
that you two
were here together
in Baynesville's
most romantic spot?
Okay, well those people
need a hobby.
Mm-hm. I know this, but uh,
Marianne might not.
Oh, great.
Oh, great, what?
Who's Marianne?
She and I broke up recently.
Oh, that's fine.
I mean why would that
be weird?
Why would I care?
Marianne Davine
from our high school?
With the perfect French braid?
You know, I actually used
to face off against her
in debate club.
She was a tough competitor
but I think I beat her
in the county championships,
68-35 in the final round.
Her whole argument was based
on a false dichotomy, but...
I don't remember.
Anyway, we're actually here
because of Henry.
What happened to Henry?
Well, after I saw you last night
he went missing.
Mr. and Mrs. Davies spotted him
and we followed his tracks here.
Aunt Becca!
Oh my goodness,
you've gotten so big!
Tell my mom.
She doesn't seem to notice.
Oh, really?
This is Henry's.
I found it behind the stables.
Where is Henry?
Well, I don't know at the moment
but this means
that he's close by.
Henry used to love
being around horses.
Maybe he followed one of
the carriage rides.
Well, the next one leaves
in a few minutes.
You two should be on it.
Oh, no, no, no.
That's a bad idea.
Can you uh, stay on
your own side, please?
What side?
There are no sides.
There's always sides.
Prosecution and defence,
left and right,
right and wrong.
And you're always right?
I make arguments
for a living, so...
Well, at least we can agree
on one thing.
Can you pull over
by the old hickory?
It's our first anniversary
and our first Christmas Eve
as a couple so I wanted
to bring my A game.
Merry Christmas.
You go first.
I love it.
We look like... family.
Max, this is... Max this is
so beautiful.
There's an inscription.
"You got this.
"Love, M & H."
Henry came up
with the message.
Well, Henry and I love you.
I love you.
And I know we've only been
together for a year
but I can see our future.
You know, in a year from now,
five years, ten...
Me running my dad's firm
in town.
And I'll have my vet practice.
We could take a couple weeks
every year and just travel.
In the French and
Italian countryside.
I also have my eyes
on a property to buy
at the top of Maggie Mountain.
I'm saving up for it,
and it needs work,
but it has a great house with
beamed ceilings and an old barn.
Can we have an outdoor
I think we could swing it.
There's also enough land
to build a dog rescue
and a sanctuary.
I love that idea.
Henry, do you mind sharing house
with a few brothers and sisters?
What do you think, buddy?
It'll only be 20 or 30.
20 or 30?
Is that negotiable?
Never mind.
I'm so happy right now I don't
even feel like arguing.
That's a first.
You, me, and Henry.
Do you still have the briefcase
I got you that first Christmas?
Oh, the case.
Um, yeah.
It's in the back of my closet
I mean, it'd be weird if I was
still carrying it, wouldn't it?
But I do.
You do what?
Carry it. Still.
It's a beautiful bag.
And a nice memory of one of
the best Christmases I ever had.
The thing is,
we were so young.
We thought we knew what
we wanted but we didn't.
I did.
You guys find Henry?
Uh, nope.
No signs of him.
Oh, there was.
The riders from
the last trip saw him.
He jumped into their carriage.
What? Someone found him?
Where is he?
Uh, no, sorry.
He rode about halfway around and
then when they made the turn
to come back to the stables
he jumped off.
Why would he jump
off at that spot?
'Cause he would see town
from there.
And he'd recognize Main Street.
And he loved our Sunday walks.
Listen, you've already gone
above and beyond
and it's Christmas Eve
so I'm sure you have plans.
I totally understand if
you don't wanna keep looking.
I'm not giving up on Henry.
Well, if you're gonna be walking
around town
you will need more
practical shoes.
Okay, spill it.
What is going on
between you two?
What do you mean?
It feels more like the fourth of
July out there than Christmas.
I don't know, it's like
the carriage ride
just brought up
all these feelings.
Like what?
Like, like old feelings?
Old, new, good, bad,
all jumbled into one.
I just- I can't explain it.
It's like... I feel like an
emotional everything bagel.
I will say it's nice to be
around him again.
And I'm happy he's here
to help me find Henry.
Stop it.
I don't see him anywhere.
I think we should split up.
I'll go to my office and
make flyers,
you keep looking.
That's a good idea.
But I have a better one.
Of course you do.
We should go there
and make flyers.
Won't it be weird to walk
into your dad's old law firm
and ask to use
the office equipment?
I mean, yes, I did turn it over
to Patrick and Benny
after I inherited it,
but they're still two of
my closest friends.
Are they?
Okay, I might have lost touch
with them since law school,
but it's because I've been busy.
It'll be fine.
It'll be fine.
And you know what?
They're gonna want
to help us find Henry.
Are you coming?
This looks so much smaller
than I remember.
Mr. Davies made these chairs
for my dad as a thank you
when he helped him set up
his business,
and Tess did these leather seats
to thank Dad
for being the officiant
at her wedding to Charlie.
I love this chair.
Oh, Lily Chen.
She was an incredible artist.
My dad helped her family
with her adoption from China.
She's at the Rhode Island
School of Design now.
Wow, that's incredible.
I mean, I wonder how my dad
made any money.
I don't think that was
the point.
You know, my mom told me once
that my dad applied to a bunch
of big law firms
in New York and LA.
It just made me wonder,
did he ever want more?
Want more?
How is it when you look around
this place,
that's what you see?
What I see is the joy of new
businesses and marriages,
the miracle of a baby girl
being united with the parents
who were destined for her.
I see community, family,
hope, and love.
What more could you want?
You're right.
I didn't mean-
It's okay. It's okay.
I don't know what's wrong
with me.
Hey, it's all right.
Shut the front door!
The prodigal daughter returns.
Oh my goodness, hey Patrick.
Benjamin, get in here this
second or I'm divorcing you!
Who else do you think
would put up with you?
Are my eyes lying to me?
No, they are not.
Hi, Max.
Oh yeah, hi, Max.
I've missed you guys
so much-
oh, congratulations,
Mr. and Mr. Benfield.
I'm so sorry I missed
your wedding last year.
I was in the middle of a case,
I just-
there's no way I could
have gotten away.
We understand.
You were with us in spirit.
And we know why you've
been avoiding town.
Because Max broke your heart.
It was the other way around.
No, it wasn't.
We love you, Max, but
if you make us choose,
we are team Becca.
Why are you here?
People are gonna talk,
you know.
We're here because Henry
came home with me
but now he's gone missing.
Oh no, honey.
Poor Chunks.
Can we use your printer
to make some flyers?
Of course.
Our printer is your printer.
Thank you.
Max thought it would be
presumptuous of me to ask.
Presumptuous? Please.
We don't know how to work
the darn thing,
but Marianne can help you.
Hi, Becca.
Hi, Marianne.
You work here?
I started as Patrick and Benny's
paralegal a few months ago.
Great. Great.
I've heard all about how well
you're doing in New York.
It's really amazing.
Thank you.
Why don't Marianne and I
go make the flyers?
And you can catch up
with these guys.
Bye, Max.
So, how long they date?
About six months.
Six months?
So, are you seeing anyone
in the city?
In my mind you're dating
Lin-Manuel Miranda.
Otherwise, what's the point
of living in New York?
I think he's married.
But, like, between them it was
never really serious, right?
Oh dear.
Are you still hung up on Max?
No. No.
You know what?
I'm gonna go back
to New York
and get on that Lin-Manuel
Miranda thing.
Enough about Max, guys.
I've missed you.
Us, too.
This town lost something
when you left.
I think I lost something, too.
I know, I don't know what's
wrong with me, I'm sorry.
I never cry. This is like the
second time in ten minutes.
I'm gonna go get the flyers.
Maybe this isn't my place since
we're not together anymore,
but I hope you'll be careful
when it comes to Becca.
I saw you two in
the waiting room.
Oh, that's not
what it looked like.
But she's back home now
and it's Christmas.
I'm sure you're
feeling nostalgic.
I mean, I'm just worried
because when she left
she turned her back on this town
and everybody in it.
She's not like you and me,
we're Baynesville people.
But she's a New Yorker now and
she's headed back to the city
in a few days.
And when that happens
where does that leave you?
I know where Becca and I stand.
I know she's never coming back.
His name's Henry.
You know, living in New York
doesn't make me the enemy.
Uh, I know.
The city really is pretty great.
That's fine.
It's better than fine.
I mean, we have sports teams,
we have Michelin star
You have the Mets, and I take
the biscuits at Gus's Diner
over Le Bernidan any day.
Those biscuits are awesome.
We have art, theatre...
you can't beat a Broadway show.
You've obviously never seen Tess
in "Our Town".
We have the Museum
of Modern Art.
Mountain Mary's Hand-carved
Oh, I do love those brooms.
I just wish you could see
New York at Christmas.
It's pretty magical.
All the window fronts
on Fifth Avenue,
the tree at Rockefeller
The view from the top of
Maggie Mountain
after a fresh snowfall.
I guess we both got the lives
we wanted.
Everything worked out the way
it was supposed to.
Are you gonna get that?
It could be about Henry.
I can't talk.
Where are you?
Our party?
I know.
It started.
I know.
Everyone wants
to see you, honey.
I said I can't talk right now,
Have you
seen Becca?
Yes, she's with me.
Is there anyone in town
who doesn't know?
You should
bring her to the party.
No, we can't come by right now,
we're putting up flyers.
For how long?
We have to keep going
until we cover the whole town.
You should take
a break?
Yes, but...
You could
hang some here.
We'll see.
and bring Becca.
I said we'll see, Ma.
Okay, love you,
So what'd Beverly want?
Ha, ha!
It's their annual
Christmas luncheon.
Christmas Eve
with Bev and Steve?
She wants us to drop by.
Well, we can walk
to your parents' house
and maybe paper the streets
on the way there?
You want to go?
Am I still your mom's
favourite girlfriend?
I'd love to say hi
to your parents.
...We'll put it on
the front door.
Last chance.
You sure you wanna go in?
Come on, you big baby.
It'll be fine.
What's wrong?
It's just I haven't been to one
of their Christmas Eve luncheons
since I made my
big announcement.
You ready?
I think so.
I know so.
Excuse me, everyone.
Gram, Bev and Steve.
I have some news to share.
I didn't say anything before
because I didn't know
if I had a chance at getting in
but I got an internship
at Nelson, Owens
and Brown in New York.
Awesome, kiddo.
We're so proud!
We're gonna have a lawyer
in the family.
Thanks, Bev.
We're not engaged yet, Ma.
Yeah, but soon though, right?
And you're going to go
to New York with her?
No, Ma.
Well, we talked about it,
I can't just leave
for three months.
I'm going to school still and
I've got my own internship
with Dr. Cole.
My life's here.
We know it's going to be
hard being away,
but I have Henry
to keep me company
and we'll talk every day.
We'll be back
before you know it.
Everything will go back
to normal.
Well, unless Max changes his
mind and ends up coming with me.
There she is.
Hi, Bev.
Look at you!
Hey, Dad.
What is this?
Whole 30.
You can tell me
your secret later.
I'm telling you, I could get rid
of a quick 200 pounds
if I ever got rid of this guy.
Hi, Mr. Hutton.
Max, are you looking at her?
She looks fantastic.
I see her, Ma.
I told him he would never find
a woman better than you.
And I was right.
Okay, Ma.
I told him that he should go
to New York
with you for that internship.
That changed everything,
didn't it?
I don't know.
I do. Biggest mistake
of his life.
Yep, but you can't
tell him anything.
He's so stubborn.
That I do know.
It's his way or the highway,
Uh-huh. Exactly.
Which is why he's never found
a girlfriend
who's lasted longer
than a couple months.
Well, you think he's stubborn,
Becca's a human hard hat.
What're you doing here?
Well, I was driving around
looking for Henry
when I realized it was time
for Christmas Eve
with Bev and Steve, so...
So she still comes
every year.
Just because you guys broke
up doesn't mean we have to.
Why don't you have a seat?
We've been talking
about you guys.
Well, Becca will fight to
the death to prove a point,
which makes her a great lawyer
but for relationships...
Oh, Max, once he digs his heels
in about something
he is done for.
He won't budge.
Well, compromise is neither one
of their fortes.
Okay, this has been fun,
Yeah. We have to get back
to searching for Henry, so...
Oh, I understand.
We'll join the search
after lunch, okay kids?
But just let me give my toast,
would you first,
before you go?
Of course.
Everyone, I would just like
to say, firstly,
thank you all for coming.
Um, Steve, did you want
to say something?
My husband is a man of very few
words which works out very well
for both of us.
Um, the holidays are a time
of reflection.
To be grateful for the people
in our lives who love us
and support us and forgive
us on a daily basis.
And for those who are far away,
or who are estranged.
But Christmas is a magical time.
It's a time when anything
is possible.
It's a time to remember
that it's never too late
to open our hearts and mend
broken bonds
or reconnect with someone
you love.
So Merry Christmas, everyone.
Merry Christmas.
Excuse me.
My mother and your grandmother
should never be allowed
in the same room ever again.
Oh, Chancellor Park.
We used to have the best
doggy play dates here.
Oh, yeah, that was the best.
Remember when Henry
would just lay there
and let that French bulldog
climb on his back?
Yes, I do.
He shoulda charged
a dollar a ride.
He would have made
a lot of money.
Yes, he would.
Do you remember when
Henry fell in this pond?
Yep, except he jumped in.
No, he didn't.
He did jump in.
And you jumped in after him.
I didn't know if he could swim.
And I thought he was taking you
down with him.
So you jumped in after me.
By the way, all labs can swim.
You still run?
Henry and I run together
in Central Park.
Now and again.
What're you doing?
What're you doing?
First one to the swing.
I won!
You won.
Here. There you go.
Thank you.
Are you seeing what I'm seeing?
You know I let you win, right?
No, you didn't.
I always let you win.
No, you lost because
you're clumsy.
Not that clumsy.
Why would you pretend
to lose?
Well, I should thank you
for protecting my ego.
You're welcome.
Two kids looking pretty cozy.
Ah, yeah.
Maybe we should just mind our
own business and be on our way.
Or we could follow them.
From a safe distance.
Spy on them?
If it's your family
it's called "love".
No. I'm putting
my foot down.
What is he doing?
I don't know.
We're leaving the kids alone.
Now let's go, ladies.
Oh, Steve.
I know I can be competitive
and intense,
but you seem to know how
to round off my rough edges.
It was never about winning
or losing.
We always made
a good team.
You gotta see this.
It's Henry!
Wait, I don't understand.
This is a live feed
from the security cameras
around my property.
They've picked him up
in front of my garage.
If I didn't know any better,
I'd say he's smiling.
We're here.
Henry! Henry!
Come on, boy!
Come here, buddy!
Again, he's gone.
Can you check the cameras
on your phone?
Looks like he walked out of
range about eight minutes ago.
But he couldn't have gone far.
We'll do a lap around the house.
I'll go right, you go left.
You found some new friends.
This dog rescue.
This is even more beautiful
than I could have imagined.
I was trying to think of
a name for it, Henry's House.
It just seemed right.
It's perfect.
This is Charlie, Aggie,
Savannah, and Bailey,
and over here we have Travis,
Albert, Reggie and Lupe.
How do you remember
all their names?
Each one of them's
I designed a new kind of
doggy wheelchair
that is so lightweight
and aerodynamic
it makes Lupe feel totally free.
I also patented it.
Paid for the house remodel and
also helps pay for the rescue.
Henry would have loved this.
I'm sorry.
Just... this makes me
miss him more.
Hey, we're not giving up
on him.
Let's put some food
out on the porch.
We can try to lure him back
to the house.
Okay. That's a good idea.
Do you have any
free-range chicken?
That's his favourite.
I have chicken chicken.
Right. Sorry.
We'll do laps around
the property every hour
to search for him.
Sounds good.
I don't know how long
this stakeout's gonna take
so do you mind if I stick around
for a while?
You can stay as long as
you want.
If Henry's within a ten-mile
radius of this place
he's gonna come
running for this.
Chunks is still a chowhound,
He's not chunky.
He's just big-boned.
Hey, what if other animals
come for this food?
Then I'll just send you out
to negotiate with them.
If Henry comes home tonight
he's gonna have quite
the Christmas feast.
Yeah. I think I'm getting
kinda hungry myself.
Are you?
But we're not in New York.
No restaurant's gonna deliver
this late on Christmas Eve.
Well, I can make us a little
Christmas Eve dinner.
Why do you look
so surprised?
I've just never seen
you cook before.
Make yourself at home.
I didn't wanna cook
in my cream sweater,
and besides, you know this has
always been my favourite shirt.
Don't take this
the wrong way but...
who are you and what
have you done with Becca?
All right, I still like to order
take-out and you can't take me
away from New York pizza
but I have been taking
some cooking classes.
Every couple months I like
to teach myself a new cuisine.
Like what?
I just learned how to make
a tikka masala
and, oh, I can do an amazing
Szechuan chilli chicken.
You don't have those
ingredients here
so I can do a lot
with a little.
We have flour, water, tomatoes,
ground beef.
I'm gonna make you a killer
Bolognese pasta.
Sounds delicious.
It is delicious.
You can be my little helper elf.
That's doctor helper elf,
to you.
Alright, well then you are
on garlic duty.
Okay, your dough
is a little thick,
you just gotta put a little bit
of elbow grease into it.
I've got this.
Just some constructive
Yours is actually too thin.
Oh, so now you know how
to make homemade pasta?
I learned this summer in a small
town outside of Florence.
Go on.
I stayed in a B&B for a week
and Mama Rosa taught me.
Wow, so you went travelling.
Just like we always said
we would do together.
All through Italy and France.
Wow. I'm impressed.
And jealous.
I don't think I can get enough
time off work
to do stuff like that.
You would have hated
the way I travelled.
No schedules,
no reservations,
just a backpack
and a Eurail pass.
I'd wake up and see where
the day would take me.
That sounds pretty incredible.
It does?
When I say "wake up" I mean
whenever I felt like it.
No 5:00 am alarm.
Okay, I don't wake up
at 5:00 am anymore.
I sleep in a little bit.
Like 7:30
Oh, slacker.
I'm just-
I'm saying I'm not as regimented
as I used to be.
You know, I think that
when my parents died
I needed to have an air-tight
schedule and a list of goals
just to make order
of all the chaos.
Without it I think I just...
I'd be lost.
I wish you would have talked
to me about that.
I didn't know about it then.
Time gives you perspective,
I guess.
Can I show you a little trick
that I learned from Mama Rosa?
Please do.
Lean your forearms on the pin.
This is how I figured out
why 90 pound nonnas
were kicking my butt
at rolling pasta.
And when you roll it back
wrap it around the pin.
Yep, now just smooth it out
with your hands.
Yeah, just like that.
Oh, my gosh,
I'm sorry.
Whew, that was loud.
I miss your laugh.
Well, it's time
for another lap.
Don't trip on a tree root.
I see them.
I just figured it's been a while
since you've been in the woods.
I did grow up here, you know.
Fun fact, I was capture the
flag champion of Baynesville
two years in a row.
Yes, you were.
That's not fair.
I haven't been out in the woods
like this in a long time.
I miss the smells.
The quiet.
You can't see the stars in the
city because of all the lights.
We should...
Thank you.
I can't say I ever envisioned my
Christmas Eve being like this.
With you.
That makes two of us.
I like the outdoor fireplace.
You remember Mr. Urkulone?
Yes. How could I forget?
I always loved how you said
his name.
Mr. Urkulone.
He gave me this as
a thank you
for taking care of
his Golden Retriever.
What do you think?
It's nice.
Everything is so nice.
What's wrong?
I don't know.
It's Christmas Eve,
we're eating pasta,
drinking wine, all while Henry's
out there stranded and alone.
I just feel like
the worst dog mama.
You're a great dog mama.
You love Henry more than
anything and he knows it.
He means so much to me.
After you and I,
it was just him and me,
I know it sounds corny but I
count on him to always be there.
If I have a bad day he is
the one that comforts me,
and if I'm sick he will lay
next to me in bed
and never leave my side.
Now he needs me and I just
feel like I'm letting him down.
We're gonna find him.
And this'll just be
a little blip
on your long journey together.
I know you probably missed him
when we left.
I did.
But I'm glad he was
with you.
This is amazing.
I mean, not only do you save
animals during the day
but you also rescue
pups who have no one
and give them a home.
It means a lot to me
to be able to do it.
It means a lot to them.
What you do is...
it's like a calling.
Sometimes I feel like
I just have a job.
I make rich corporations richer.
It can feel kinda empty.
If I'm being honest I thought
by now this house
might be filled with a human
family as well as my canine one.
You have a family.
Your parents, aunts, uncles,
all of your friends,
this whole town loves you.
That's why you didn't
wanna leave.
I'm gonna bring these in,
check in on Gram.
Hi, honey.
Hey, Ma.
Just wanted to tell you we've
had a Henry sighting at my house
so Becca and I are here hoping
he'll come back.
Wow. I've got my fingers
crossed, hun.
Hey, it's me.
I am at Max's 'cause we saw
Henry on the security camera
at his property.
I'm gonna stick around and
see if I can lure him back.
Oh, well I figured you two
had some kind of a lead.
That big guy is certainly taking
you and Max on quite the ride,
isn't he?
It's been an interesting
We've been talking
through some things.
He and I have been talking
a lot about us,
what happened...
Well, here's what I would say.
Uh, you can't change the past,
you can't predict the future,
so just try and be
in the moment.
Well, just keep talking.
I mean, you two aren't
the same people that you were
four years ago.
You've grown and you've matured
so keep the conversation going.
For the rest of your lives,
just like your father and I.
Thanks, Ma.
Are you kidding?
I live for moments like this.
And don't overthink it.
Who, me?
I love you, kiddo.
I love you, Gram.
Left a few of my law textbooks
here, huh?
I didn't feel right throwing
them out, so...
"Only 50 pages to go!
You can do it."
The note you left me
that first year of finals.
I was pretty smooth.
You had your moments.
And you kept our
first picture?
In the back of my closet.
When I saw you that day it's
like I had known you forever.
I thought to myself wherever
she's going is where I wanna be.
And I thought I am not leaving
here without that guy.
You didn't.
I didn't.
I guess I'm pretty smooth,
Well, let's not get crazy.
You did everything we talked
about that first Christmas Eve.
The beamed ceilings,
the outdoor fireplace,
Henry's House.
But there's one thing I regret.
That last Christmas Eve,
when I brought you up here.
I know.
Come on.
What are we doing here?
What do you think, Henry,
you like it?
Boy, he's excited.
You know that Patrick and Benny
are not gonna be happy
if we're late to their
Christmas Eve party.
I know.
But I have a surprise
for you first.
I have a surprise, too.
Oh, okay.
You wanna go first?
I got a job offer at Owens,
Nelson and Brown.
You did?
And you're gonna take it?
I mean, how am I supposed
to pass up
an opportunity like this?
What happened to taking over
your dad's firm?
I'm not sure.
It's... like, being in New York
working on these big cases
during my internship, I realized
my dad's firm's... kinda small.
Good boy.
And he wanted to work
at this firm.
Yeah, when I was 16 I found
a list of all the firms
he applied at and Owens,
Nelson and Brown was on it.
It's like I'm given an
opportunity he didn't have.
I feel like I owe it to him
to take it.
I don't know what to say.
You won't even entertain
the idea
of coming to New York
with me?
I still have another year
of vet school
and I wanna open a practice
in Baynesville
where my friends
and family are.
Where everything
I care about is.
You may feel like your life
is taking you to New York
but mine's led me here.
Everything I want's
right in front of me.
What if we live in New York
and then we buy this place
as a vacation home?
I already bought it.
That night you told me
you bought this property,
I wish I handled it differently.
I was being stubborn.
I should have tried harder
to see things
from your point of view.
I just wish we had kept talking.
Maybe we can talk now.
Something about you
makes me feel alive,
Nothing I won't do just
to make you smile,
You bring the snowfall,
I'll bring the mistletoe,
Long as I have you
I'll never be alone,
Oooh, Outside
is freezing cold,
But I've got you
here to hold,
So oh, it's already
that time of year,
And we're both surrounded
by cheer,
All I want for the holidays,
Is me and you
by the fireplace,
Every December I only
want the same
Hey, Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas.
Um, where were you?
Out looking for Henry.
Did you-
You want some coffee?
I- I don't...
I don't know.
I'll make us some.
I can't believe you let me
fall asleep like that.
You were exhausted.
Yeah, but I should have been
out there searching with you.
Two sets of eyes
are better than one.
I felt like I had it covered.
But Henry's my responsibility.
Did someone eat the chicken
on the porch?
Nah. It's still there.
I gotta go.
What? Why?
If Henry didn't go after that
chicken then he is long gone.
It does me no good staying
around here.
Hold on.
Let's regroup.
Make a plan.
It's Christmas Day.
Don't you have a party to be at?
Yeah, but I can-
Okay, well you can pass out
flyers there,
I'm gonna check on Gram
and we're gonna drive
around town again.
Hey. It's gonna be okay.
Please stop saying that.
Nothing's okay.
I'll drive you home.
The thing is-
I thought that-
You go ahead.
I thought that maybe we'd
turned a corner last night.
Did we, though?
You're not gonna move
to the city with me.
I have a life there now.
Friends, a job, I'm trying
to make partner.
All that doesn't change
because of last night.
I know.
Bottom line?
We're in the same place
we were before.
We've talked about this.
My new job starts next week
so I have to go now.
I wish you were coming
with me.
Come on, Henry.
Good boy.
All right. Go on.
In the car. Good boy.
Lay down. Good boy.
Lay down.
I love you.
I love you, too.
It broke my heart
what happened to us.
Mine, too.
I don't think either
of us can handle
being hurt like that again.
-Merry Christmas?
-Merry Christmas.
I was hoping to see you come
through the door with Henry.
Or Max.
Oh, I'm sorry, kiddo.
Oh, sorry.
Thanks, Gram.
What happened?
Living in the moment's harder
than I thought.
I had the best Christmas Eve
with Max.
Like we were in our
own little bubble.
And then reality
came crashing in.
On Christmas morning
of all mornings.
His life is still here
and mine's in New York.
I just made partner
at the firm!
Well, I... Do I look different?
Well, not really.
Yeah, I don't feel different.
This is all I ever wanted,
was to be a partner at a law
firm that dad wanted to go to.
Why am I so numb?
I wish dad was here.
He'd know what to say to me.
Okay, there's something
you need to know.
What are these?
Those are acceptance letters
from every white shoe law firm
on both coasts.
I always assumed he applied
and got rejected.
If he was accepted to all these
firms why wouldn't he go?
Because ultimately he decided
that he loved life
in Baynesville.
He could see how much his work
meant to all the people
in the town and he revelled
in being part of their lives.
And he loved being
your soccer coach.
And the dad of the house
where all the neighbourhood
kids gathered.
He tried to give you everything
he had to give
just so you could be
who you wanna be.
And now you just have
to figure out who that is.
Well, I thought that was to be
a partner at a big law firm
and now that I got it... meh.
Being in Baynesville makes me
realize how much I miss it.
All I want is to be
with the people I love.
I'll be yours
If you ask me to
I'd do everything you
ever wanted love to do
What happens when
you wear that grin
and sparkle in your eye
How can I survive
without you near
I'll be yours each
and every day
I'd spend every day
where I belong,
right next to you
With every beat
inside my heart
I'd know one thing
for sure
My life's here.
With Max and Henry.
Yes, it is!
Let's go get 'em.
Hey, if you see him please
call the number on the flyer,
or just find me.
I'll be on that float
for the next two hours.
His name's Henry.
He's a Golden Lab,
he's eight years old, um...
he's got a big heart.
He'll definitely come
running to you.
He loves kids.
Merry Christmas.
Hey guys, you look great.
You haven't found Henry yet?
No. We've been chasing him
all over town
but I haven't caught up
to him yet.
There's still time for
a Christmas miracle.
Hi, honey.
You look handsome.
Thanks, Ma.
No sign of Henry yet?
Would you mind handing out
some of these flyers?
Yeah, of course.
Where's Becca?
She went back to Gram's.
We're gonna continue searching,
just separately.
Oh. I'm sorry.
Hey, I'm sure you did everything
that you could.
Did I? I'm not so sure.
Hey, Max.
We heard Henry's
still on the loose.
Is there anything we can do?
Damn right, there is.
That dog is Becca's family
and so are we.
She needs us now.
So what're we doing
having a parade?
We need to turn this entire
town into one big search party.
Are we late for the party?
Not at all.
How about me?
Hey, kid!
Merry Christmas.
Guys! There he is!
There who is, honey?
Henry, come here, boy!
Good job!
Ah, we've been so worried.
Okay, we need to get him
back to Becca.
He's going to be
the best gift ever!
Oh, sweetie,
that is so nice.
That's a good boy, huh.
Good boy!
Oh, no!
Get a fix on him!
Not again.
So, do you know what
you're going to say to Max?
I'm just going to be
in the moment.
Oh, my gosh!
Who's a good boy?
You found him!
You found Henry!
He found me.
And he brought you here.
You said that's all you wanted
for Christmas.
If you want to stay in New York
I'll buy a Mets cap
and learn how to use your
espresso machine.
Maybe you guys can use
another partner?
At least part-time?
I'm sure we can make room.
Wherever you are
is where my home is.
We could split the time.
Go back and forth between
North Carolina and New York.
And spend a month in
the Italian countryside?
What do you think, Henry?
He's in.
Oh, I miss caffeine.
Hey, buddy.
Henry, are you ready
for your present?
Merry Christmas, Henry.
Oh, Henry.
Hi, guys.
Oh my goodness.
Oh, I love them.
And I love you too.
Merry Christmas, Henry.
-Merry Christmas.
-Merry Christmas.