Christmas Wishes and Mistletoe Kisses (2019) Movie Script

On the first day of
Christmas my true love
gave to me
A partridge
in a pear tree
On the second day
of Christmas
My true love gave to me
Two turtle doves
And a partridge
in a pear tree
On the third day of
Christmas my true love
gave to me
Three French hens
Two turtle doves
And a partridge
in a pear tree
It's cute.
Hey, guys,
is this too much?
Oh, no.
Nothing's too much for
Mmm, I feel exactly
the same way, Hem.
Oh, Lord, I'm, hopeless.
Heh. No, you're not hopeless.
Ah, do you--
Do you mind...
-...if I just help
a little bit?
-Oh, please.
-Just a little bit. Okay.
Alright. Ahem.
So, what you do is you,
you put it deep down
inside the tree like that...
-...and then you loop it
-kinda like a bow.
It's gonna almost
look like a present
when you're done with it.
Oh, wow.
That's beautiful.
You're wasting your talent
working here.
You should be doing interior
decorating professionally.
Oh, I only do this
in my spare time, you know that.
Plus, I love Shady Grove.
As a board member,
I'm thrilled
that my director of programming
is so concerned.
But as your friend,
I really hate to see
you waste your talent.
Look, if a large-scale,
full time interior design job
became available,
would you be interested?
What, you mean with you?
Well, the Sinclair Family
My son Nick was really impressed
with the job you did
on my colonial and he wants
to talk to you
about doing the family estate.
What do you say?
Come on, it's a--
Take a meeting.
Come on...
I'll sleep on it.
Have your people
call my people.
Ooh! God!
Oh, God!
Are you--?
I'm so sorry. I didn't see you
there. Are you okay?
No, no harm, no foul,
no broken candy canes.
Well, that's good.
Oh, everything
is closed around here.
Do you know why?
It's a business day.
Not in Richmond.
This is
a Christmas tree ceremony.
The annual tradition of
shutting down the entire town
just to plug in a tree.
It's a little more
than that.
You should stay.
It's actually
pretty magical.
You know, I-I can't.
Uh, while Richmond
might shut down,
Hong Kong never sleeps.
I don't believe in magic.
Nice running
into you, yeah.
Hey, dad.
Hey, honey.
Hey, bub!
Who was that?
Oh. Uh, just somebody
in need of
a little Christmas cheer.
Well, you never know,
it could've been the Grinch!
Is it time yet?
Almost, almost.
But look, look past.
Holy night
Well, there he goes.
Meet you
at the tree, Max!
Heh, what?
I've been your dad
for over three decades,
and I know that "I got
a secret" twinkle in your eye
like the back of my hand.
What happened?
Well, Caroline asked me
to decorate
the Sinclair estate.
That's over in Windsor Hill.
Pretty fancy.
Job like that
could get you written up
in a design magazine
and you could restart
your career.
I know. I know, dad,
you should see this place.
Bones to die for,
original architecture,
marble floors.
But I have a career.
You know, I mean, I have
a career that affords me time
to go home and eat dinner
with my son
and go
to all the school activities.
I mean, why would I want
to give that up?
Do you want me to talk you
into this or out of this?
I don't know.
But I do know
that I want to be there
for all the important moments
in Max's life.
Like you and Mom
were there for me.
You know,
that meant a lot to me.
And who says
you can't do both?
No, but nothin'.
Take the meeting.
Look, Max has a young,
very cool grandpa
who loves spending time
with him.
And I'll make sure
you don't miss any
of the important things,
even I have to drag you away
from those fancy designs
of yours.
Anybody ever tell you
you're the best dad
in the world?
I think I got a coffee mug
or two that reminds me.
Fa-la-la-la-la la-la-la-la
Can I see it now?
Three, two, one!
Christmas is here!
All right, Ham, this little guy
is all I could find.
Hey, you guys are playin'
without me!
What's this I hear about
a job interview?
Caroline told you guys?
Well, you know what, guys,
I have not done
a job that scale
in a long time, so I'm probably
not even going to get the offer.
I wouldn't worry about it.
Don't you go there,
Abbey Fuller.
Go home
and do your homework.
Walk in there
with confidence.
Show 'em your passion.
Hey, they'd be lucky
to get you.
what a coincidence!
MIKE: You asked me
to meet you here at 2:30.
I did? Hmm.
You know I forget things.
Abbey, uh, this is
my grandson, Mike.
He still visits me
every week,
even though
he's a big time doctor now.
And he loves kids.
Well, it's,
it's a job requirement.
-I work
at the children's hospital...
...where, uh, fortunately,
we don't have
to put up with
this type of scheming
and manipulation.
Ha. Well, I don't know
about that.
I have been manipulated
by my fair share
of scheming children.
You should let him
take you to coffee.
She's off at five.
Well, unfortunately,
my evening
is spoken for
by a five-year-old
that is just dying
for me to get home
and help him
with a gingerbread house.
But, um, it was
very nice to meet you.
You as well.
Here's your tree, Hem.
Do you think this is goon enough
to win the gingerbread contest
at Grandpa's cafe?
As long as you do your best
and have fun,
you're the winner
where it counts,
right there.
I know, but the real winner
gets a chocolate reindeer.
Hey, bub, you know I have
that interview tomorrow, right?
Well, if I get it,
you might have to spend
a little bit more time
at your grandpa's house
after school.
You okay with that?
I like Grandpa's house.
I know you do.
But listen to me,
If there's ever anything
that's really important to you,
I'll be there, okay?
What about
the Christmas pageant?
I wouldn't miss it
for the world.
Nick, don't forget
you have an interview
in a few minutes.
NICK: I know, Mom.
That's why Kate is here.
She has impeccable taste.
I know nothing of couches
and art.
But whoever we hire
is going to be working
for the family foundation,
not Sinclair Enterprises.
I know. And I promise you,
you and I will make
the final decisions, okay?
But I would like
to have Kate's opinion.
I'll get that.
What are you doing here?
I-I'm Abbey Fuller,
the designer.
Oh. Well, of course.
Nick Sinclair.
Nice to meet you.
I'm so glad you're here.
Nick, why don't we meet you
in the ballroom
in about five minutes?
I'm gonna take Abbey
on a little tour
of the house.
Come on in.
Oh, wow.
Carol, I could fit
my entire apartment in here.
Oh... Ah, thank you.
The Sinclair estate belonged
to Nick's paternal grandparents.
Nick use to love
to come here
when he was a kid--
he called it,
"The Palace."
ABBEY: Oh, it's something. Heh.
So you can see why
we're desperate
for your help.
And does Nick
live here now?
Oh, he spent the last decade
working in New York,
but the business is expanding
to the Southeast,
so he came home.
And now...
the pice de rsistance,
the ballroom.
Thank you.
CAROLINE: You just be yourself.
He's gonna love you as much
as I do, thank you.
Abbey, this is
Senior Vice President
of Sinclair
Industries South,
Kate Newhall.
Hi. It's nice to meet you.
I'm excited to discuss
how we can bring
this house
up to its full potential.
I can take it
from here, mother.
Oh. Well, I'll just be
in the kitchen then.
Please sit.
So why don't you tell us
a little bit about yourself.
Um, ahem.
Well, I have a BFA
in interior design,
and, uh...
after school, I worked
for Tucker & Barber.
I grew up with Kit Tucker.
I assume she'll give you
a reference?
Yeah, she will.
Uh, uh...
heh, if she remembers me.
It's just been a while.
I actually took
a small hiatus
from design
when I had my son, yeah.
In fact, your mom's how--
um, Caroline's house
was my first job back, really.
Well, I did do the Haskin's
house, uh, about a month ago.
It was a small redecorating job.
But other than that,
my references are...
...a bit dated,
but they're solid.
As I'm sure you've heard,
Sinclair is expanding.
And until our offices
are finished downtown,
we're taking
our meetings here.
Which is why the first floor
is our top priority.
And I have taken the liberty,
and I've done some mock ups
of some potential designs
that I think
would work well
with the history of the home.
And I was actually
hoping that maybe
we could do
some seasonal decorating too,
if-if we had time.
Um, add a little
Christmas cheer, heh...
What is it with this town
and Christmas?
It's infectious.
Trust me,
it's gonna get to you too.
You'll need to coordinate
with the event planner
for the children's hospital
that we're having here
in the ballroom.
All the work on the first floor
has to be done before the party.
Not a problem.
And when is the event?
It's on the 24th?
Christmas Eve?
-That's four weeks away.
-I'm aware.
How big is your team?
Well, right now, it's just me,
but I do have an excellent
assistant on stand by.
Well, the first floor
needs cosmetic work.
Do you have
a go-to contractor?
-I like David Berry...
-In landscaping?
Oh, I think the yard guys
are pretty good.
I mean, they...
...just went out of business
last year,
so we won't be using them.
Um, I will
find you someone
that will live up
to your expectations.
No problem.
Thank you so much
for coming in.
If we have any follow up
questions, we'll reach out.
Uh, okay.
I never really had a shot
at this, did I?
I didn't say that.
Your mom wanted to hire me,
you didn't, so you thought
you'd give me
this pity interview,
but you were never actually
really gonna hire me, were you?
I'm sorry...
I took a lot of time
to prepare for this meeting,
time away from my kid.
You really want to know
what gets me
about this whole thing,
is that your grandfather,
who started this company,
he was a mail clerk,
working paycheck to paycheck,
and now 60 years later,
Sinclair Enterprises is this
multi-billion dollar company
all because of one thing:
because a banker took a chance
an some scrappy entrepreneur
who had a vision,
but no actual expertise.
And I would've done
a really good job for you guys.
[SIGHS] But you just
didn't give me a shot.
So have a good day.
Ms. Fuller?
Abbey, wait!
You're hired.
Uh, I'm what?
You're hired.
Look, Kate has
her doubts.
But that's why
she's my SVP.
I trust her to be tough.
I'm sorry, can you
just go back to the part
where I yelled at you
and stormed out
and then you hired me?
Look, you have a vision
and I admire that.
And I like your spunk.
Thank you.
I believe
you'll get the job done...
even if it takes
a Christmas miracle.
Well, how'd it go?
Got the job.
Oh! Well this calls
for a victory cookie.
You want a snowman
or a Christmas tree?
Well, I will have the tree.
I always feel guilty
about biting
the head off a snowman.
What're you doing, bub?
We're making ornaments
for the pageant.
Yeah, they asked for help,
and Max volunteered
his family.
We love making Christmas
decorations, right, Mommy?
Uh, this might be a job
for just you and me
this year, kiddo.
No, don't be silly.
I will always find time.
This is exactly
the kind of thing
that I promised myself
I wouldn't miss.
What's the big deal?
I mean, how many of
these do we gotta do?
Two hundred.
-Two hundred.
Give me a paintbrush.
Customers are comin' soon.
Rise and shine. Heh.
Ready for your first day
of school?
Mmm, yeah,
I'm all packed up.
I've got my mock ups,
paints [Indistinct],
swatches, and basically,
I'm Mary Poppins
with a measuring tape. Heh.
I am so proud of you, Abs.
How did I ever raise
such a great kid?
Solid parenting
with a healthy dose of luck.
Alright, I got
to brush my hair,
cull my teeth,
change my clothes.
Oh! Oh!
Yeah. I've got a mansion
to decorate.
And I get to get Max
to school.
Oh. Oh.
Ha! Thanks, sorry.
Thank you.
If that's your idea
of professional attire,
we're in trouble.
Oh, well,
you know what they say,
"Dress for the job you want."
Today the job I want
is movin' furniture.
The East Wing is
our most public space--
meeting spaces, offices
and an executive suite.
Oh, look at these built-ins.
Oh, I love these.
Yeah, we get
some vintage books,
make it look like a...
gentleman's study.
Or...we could do
something modern.
You know, uh,
both could work, I think.
Just let me know
whatever you decide.
You're welcome to use
any of the furniture
you find in the estate.
Oh, uh, do I get
a separate holiday budget?
Or do you want me
to include the decorations
in with my estimate?
Well, I just assumed
since you were hosting
the gala on Christmas Eve,
that you would want to make
the rest of the place
look a little bit
more festive
in case guests wander.
I don't see any harm
in going the extra mile.
I'll come up with the budget
and let the event planner know.
This is our office. Nick and I
are going to be working here
-Try not to disturb us.
-Of course not.
Uh, do you know when I'll be
able to set a meeting
with Mr. Sinclair to go over
designs I have?
Nick's working around the clock
to launch Sinclair South.
If you have any questions,
just come ask me.
Okay. Well, I understand
he's really busy,
but, I mean, my job is
gonna be almost impossible
if I can't talk to him.
You said you could handle it.
Make it work.
KATE: Alright, Nick,
I'll be back in an hour.
Abbey, come in.
Ah, sorry to interrupt.
I was just wondering
if I could schedule
some time
to sit down with you.
I've got three and a half
minutes until my next call.
Right, okay.
I'm all yours.
Well, heh, it would
just really help me
to know some of
your likes and dislikes.
Well, I like clean lines.
Nothing too fussy.
No knick-knacks.
And here I would've pegged you
a knick-knack aficionado.
That was a joke.
Um... Okay, uh,
like anything else?
Like your favorite color?
I like my furniture sturdy.
And none of
those old fashion chairs
that make me feel like
I'm going to break them
just by sitting down.
Right, so you have
and 30 seconds.
Look, the more you give me
to work with,
the better off I'll be able
to make this house
reflect who you are.
Abbey, my mother
believes in you
and she is a tough critic,
so...just do
what you do best.
You'll be fine.
Right. Okay.
Thank you.
MAX: Mommy!
[LAUGHS] Hey! Muah.
I missed you this morning.
What are you doin'?
We're painting
the big set pieces.
What are you doing here?
MIKE: Helping out
with my niece.
-And who do we have here?
This is-this is my son, Max.
Max, say hello
to Dr. Mike.
I just went to the doctor
and I got a candy cane.
You'd better have one.
Oh, man. You know...
um, what in the... heck?
-Let me...
-ABBEY: What?!
Clean those ears!
-What do you say?
-Thank you.
You're welcome, bud.
That was good.
That was good.
I know my granddad
can be kind of--
-I was gonna say
overbearing and obvious.
So, if you ever wanted to,
I don't know, grab dinner,
-I eat.
-I'll keep that in mind.
-MIKE: Okay.
-All right.
-MIKE: All right, we'll see you.
hello there, Santa.
Well, this is a nice surprise.
Well, I had my lunch break,
so I figured I'd sneak out.
-In that case...
How did it go today?
Well, I've barely seen
my client,
and it seems
I keep getting in the way
of his highly efficient SVP,
Kate Newhall.
What's Nick Sinclair like?
He's... imperious.
Uh, he's hard to get a hold of.
I mean, he acts like I'm just
a big nuisance just because
I'm trying to do my job.
And, dad, I'm telling you,
I'm trying to like him
because he's Caroline's son,
-I really am.
-You don't have to like him
to get the job done.
I know that. I know that
there are difficult clients
that come with the job.
I get that, but, you know,
here's the thing, I was really
excited about this job.
You know, I see so much
potential in that place,
but I don't know what it is,
it's just like,
ever since I met Nick...
I can't get a feel
of what that place should be.
I can't imagine trying to turn
that giant, cold mansion
into a place you'd want
to spend Christmas in.
Where on earth
did you find this?
Oh, I asked your mom for
an old box of family ornaments.
I was nine when I made this.
-ABBEY: Yeah?
I was so proud of myself, too.
In my head, I thought
I was the next Picasso.
Mm, I can't believe
you knew who Picasso was.
The only artist I knew
was Lisa Frank.
I was determined
to hang my masterpiece
from the top of the tree,
but I was too little.
So my dad just lifted me up
like I weighed nothing,
and I just hung it
right beneath the star.
You know, you're different
when you talk about your family.
-You're softer.
Babies and puppy dogs
are soft. I am--
You are incredibly busy
and very important.
Right. Right.
Well, listen, Mr. Important,
if you want my best,
you're gonna have to
work with me a little bit.
You know what I want?
I want to not have to think
about any of this.
I know, but I just need you
when it comes to the bigger
purchases, you know?
Like, I don't wanna
buy a blue couch
if you don't like blue.
Well, I am ambivalent
about blue.
See? We can do this
as painless as possible.
I can email you some links
for your approval,
or, if you get tired
of sitting in front of
your computer screen all day,
we could go shopping
on one of your days off.
I don't take days off.
-[cellphone vibrates]
-You don't?
Excuse me.
Oops. I gotta take this.
Okay, perfect timing.
Abbey still has
a few questions.
Uh... what is this?
Oh, well, I actually think
that's a reindeer,
but you'd have to ask Nick.
When clients arrive
for the gala, they need to see
somebody formidable.
-Right, okay.
So, you would like something
a little bit more sleeker.
Yeah, I could do that.
No problem.
Abbey, I want this relationship
to work just as badly as you do,
but there's a big
learning curve.
And you said it yourself,
you've been out of the game
a long time.
So, there's no shame
in admitting you're
in a little over your head.
If you wanna step down now,
I'll make sure Nick
gives you a glowing referral.
No, that-that won't
be necessary.
[cellphone rings]
-Hey, dad.
-Hey, kiddo. Just checking in.
You gonna make it home
in time for dinner?
No, dad.
I'll just-- I'll grab
something on the way home.
It's okay.
Mm-hmm. Late night, huh?
How's it going up there?
Uh, well...
Is there a word that means
"terrible" but worse?
'Cause that's how
this afternoon went.
Oh, now, it can't be
as bad as all that.
Yeah, well,
you'd be surprised, dad.
I mean, my boss literally just
said I was in over my head
and, uh...
that I should step down.
-Nick said that?
-No, not-not Nick. Kate.
But... [STAMMERS] doesn't matter.
I'm just trying to do
the best I can but I don't know
how to give him what he wants
if he won't give me the time
to tell me what he likes.
I'm at a complete loss
over here,
and Kate has made it
incredibly clear that I just...
I keep making
all the wrong choices.
I don't know. Maybe bringing in
Desiree will help?
-Love you.
-Love you too.
-See you soon.
-All right. Bye.
Thank you so much.
Oh, Des, so glad you're here.
Once the movers are done
will you check on the painters?
-Mm-hmm. Copy that.
-Okay. Oh, hey, Nick.
Um, I would like for you
to meet Desiree.
Desiree actually
worked for me, what,
-you were my intern, like,
a million years ago.
-She'll be my right hand.
-Oh, wonderful. Nice to meet
you. Glad to have you.
-Glad to be here.
-MAN: Excuse me.
Uh... So, I spoke
to Caroline this morning,
and we've decided to put
all the furniture in storage,
if you're okay with that.
I am not attached to any of it.
If my mother wants to
get rid of it...
-get rid of it.
Or... we could
donate it to charity.
Make someone's Christmas
a little brighter.
-That's an excellent idea.
-I'll reach out
to Purple Hearts.
-Okay, great.
Then, I'm gonna
take off on a shopping trip
for furniture.
Keeping it simple,
nothing too fussy.
Great, I'll drive.
Where are we going?
Chester Market.
Right, Abbey?
Yeah. Chester Market.
I thought you don't
take days off?
Well, I'm making
a very rare exception today.
Because my 2:00 canceled,
and, apparently,
my interior designer
can't make any decisions
without my input. So...
you've got three hours.
[SCOFFS] Three hours?
You act like
that's a challenge. I'm a mom.
You should be
surprised what I can
get done in three hours.
-ABBEY: Come on.
Thank you.
Oh, yeah.
Oh. Okay...
So... Oh, right here.
First stop.
Hi. Can we have two, please?
-Oh, I'm okay.
I am not moving any further
until you've had this hot cocoa.
-Well, I've had hot cocoa
You haven't had
thishot cocoa.
-Thank you.
I promise you,
it's terrific.
Mmm? I told you.
I knew you'd love it.
Oh, I just love
when your stand pops up
because it means that Christmas
is finally here.
I bet you're one of those people
that start playing music
before Halloween.
Yeah, of course.
Come on. Leave our coats
so it's easier to shop.
Love this.
I used to have a nutcracker
just like this one.
My mom gave it to me.
She used to love Christmas.
[CHUCKLES] Kinda made
a big deal about it.
That explains so much.
[LAUGHS] Okay.
So, feel free to wander, okay,
because there are lots of
fantastic things in here.
Ooh, I'm not sure "fantastic"
is a word I would use.
[SIGHS] Okay, look.
I'm gonna give you
a little hint.
When antiquing,
you need to just reach
way down deep inside
and pull out what I like to call
your romantic spirit, okay?
Helps you look at things
a little... differently.
Like that.
It's, uh, missing pieces.
[GROANS] Well, if you
look at it like that it is.
if you use your
romantic spirit,
you will see that
this is not just a cup.
This cup has been at someone's
family Christmas dinner
for years and years.
Think about all the meals
that that family shared.
And all of the memories that
this one little cup can hold.
Uh, I don't think Kate will like
to serve dinner on a set of
mis-matched china for the gala.
-Have you always
been so Grinch-y,
or are you just
trying to antagonize me?
You and all the Whos
in Whoville.
What? What's wrong?
Did... did you just
tell a joke?
Yeah, I think that was
an actual joke.
Serious Nick Sinclair,
he just made a joke!
It's a Christmas miracle.
Okay, come on.
Furniture's over here.
I found it.
I love it.
-I like this one.
-I like it, too.
-You like it?
-I do.
[GASPS] And you know what?
-It's on sale.
This is good.
We're making progress.
So, we know that
you like Scandinavian,
you do not like Tuscan,
and you feel pretty neutral
about the arts and crafts
I think the key
is to use it sparingly.
Because there's a fine line
between charmingly vintage
and 60's vacay in Palm Springs,
which is...
Which, of course, we could do
if you wanted to go
full mid-century modern.
I... trust your instincts.
Thank you.
Oh. Ooh.
-What? What'd you spot?
-Nothing, nothing.
It's just, uh, something
for another project.
-Uh-uh. I know that look.
-What look?
That's the look I get right
before I close a major deal.
What-what did you see?
Oh. Well, I--
This table.
It would make the perfect base
for the gingerbread house
display for the gala.
There's a gingerbread house
In my fantasy version
of the gala there is.
[GRUNTS] You don't like it?
No, no, I love it.
I think it's great.
You could host Christmas dinners
at this table for years to come.
I mean, for me, picking out
the pieces that fit
into your life, it's...
It's a real privilege for me
and I want you to know
I-I take it seriously.
-Let's get it.
-What? Really?
Yeah. I mean, I can't promise
that I'll host Christmas dinners
for years to come, but I...
I could see myself having
dinner there and that's...
good enough for me.
Hey, you're under the mistletoe.
-[QUIETLY]: Let's go.
Listen, I would love
for you to help us plan
our Children's Hospital gala.
What? Really?
Yeah. Well,
you clearly love the work.
You already have ideas
for a gingerbread house display.
And, uh, your unbridled passion
for Christmas is a perk.
As tempting as that may be,
I mean, it's gonna be a struggle
with what
I already have on my plate.
I'll double your budget
to work with the event planner
we've already hired, Walter.
He's British, total snob,
and you will love him.
[EXHALES] Well...
I mean, the week of the gala,
I would have to have at least
one more pair of hands.
I'll give you two.
You're used to people
saying "yes" to you, aren't you?
Only when I really,
really want them to.
Okay, uh...
Well, then...
yes, I will do it.
Joy to the world
The Lord is come
-I love carolers.
-Me too.
My dad rented a cottage
in Nantucket one year
when I was a kid,
and he announced
to the whole family
that we would be celebrating
all 12 days of Christmas.
-Yeah, and he went all out.
He got a real pear tree
and everything.
Well, I mean,
the partridge was fake.
-That sounds amazing.
-It was.
And for 11 pipers piping,
he took us to see
the Victorian carolers.
Even got me a top hat,
just like that guy.
-It was...
a long time ago.
I just wanted to say--
-You first.
I just was
gonna say thank you.
Not just for dropping me off,
but for giving me three hours
of your undivided attention.
NICK: Well, I had fun.
Mom, I'm hungry and Grandpa
won't let me eat.
-PHILIP: Uh, no.
I said you couldn't have
a sugar drop cookie
till you finished your dinner.
Oh, there's the truth.
-Bub, you know the deal.
I'm Abbey's dad.
You must be Nick Sinclair.
Nice to meet you, sir.
Oh, Phil, please.
I'm Max.
Max. Nice to meet you.
Max, this is Mr. Sinclair.
-You're really tall.
-NICK: This is true.
Here. Is that better?
Oh. Well...
Sorry, he gets shy around, um...
tall people, I guess.
I get it. I'm usually shy
around tall, new people, too.
-We got two jokes in one day.
Well, I guess
I should be going.
-Philip, nice to meet you.
-Nice meeting you.
-NICK: Max,
nice to meet you, too.
-MAX: Bye.
-Good night.
-Good night.
Where have you been?
You missed three calls
from Kirk Shipley.
My 2:00 canceled.
So I went furniture shopping
with Abbey.
Nick, we're launching
in three weeks. You can't
just go running off like that.
It was only
a couple of hours, Kate.
Besides, I recruited Abbey
to help us with the gala,
so it was productive.
We should've hired a real firm,
not some woman
who's obsessed
with Christmas that
your mother took a liking to.
I have Reimann and Champion
on standby.
-I'm gonna see if
they can take over from here.
I happen to like
the Christmas trees.
It's a nice touch.
Ow! Max...
-Ms. Abbey Fuller?
Sign, please.
Miss Caroline, you gotta
come look at my house!
Okay. [GASPS]
-Thanks for the invite.
See that?
Oh, it smells like
my childhood in here.
Hold on... Did you make that
out of gingerbread?
-ABBEY: Uh-huh.
-Well, that's my Abbey.
She never could resist
decorating a house.
Yeah, it's a bit
of a compulsion.
Oh, look.
They made it.
Um... Uh, excuse me,
just one minute.
-Hi. What are you doing here?
Hi. Uh...
This is Walter Fabian.
He is our
event coordinator for the gala.
-Nice to meet you.
-I know it's the weekend,
but since we're all here now,
and my weekdays
are full enough as it is,
Walter and I were hoping to
steal you away for a moment
-to discuss the gala plans.
-Oh, uh...
Um... sure.
Yeah, yes. Absolutely.
Just right this way.
Is that figgy pudding?
Of course,
it's Christmas Eve.
Our mains are: brined turkey,
roast goose, and a glazed ham.
Because Kate insists
that Americans consider
"pork" holiday fare.
-Well, Kate would be right.
-That's perfect.
-Well, I do rather
have good taste, don't I?
You do. Okay,
this is what I'm thinking:
we keep the table simple.
It's all about the food.
Gold platters,
sprig of holly or two,
no linens.
We could do those
sugar-glazed cranberries
in little crystal bowls.
Give us that winter sparkle.
We are going to be great
friends, you and I.
-Yes. Yes, we are.
-ABBEY: Um...
-Um, Abbey, my dear,
thank you for
your time and talent.
I'll get started
on these ideas right away,
and we can pick up it
on Monday.
-Thanks again, Walter.
-WALTER: Mm-hmm.
Thank you.
Come on.
ABBEY: Oh, wow!
-Ohh... that's amazing!
-Thanks, Mom.
-I think we know
where he gets it.
-MIKE: Oh, Abbey.
-I got a patient here in dire
need of your attention.
Okay. Ooh...
Hey, how you doing?
Mike Acosta.
Abbey's friend and sometimes
gingerbread cookie maimer.
Pleasure to meet you.
All right, all right.
So... here you go.
It was touch-and-go there
for a little while,
but I think he's gonna live.
You are a miracle worker.
-MIKE: Amazing.
Well, uh...
I'm gonna head out.
-I'll see you Monday.
MIKE: It's amazing.
I'm gonna actually
put it on my mantle.
NICK:How was
your weekend, Kate?
It was good. Did you have
a productive weekend?
I met with Abbey...
[CHUCKLES] and Walter.
to discuss the gala details.
Have you ever made
a gingerbread house, Kate?
No. Why?
No reason.
NICK: Hi. Jesus, what in the--
are you okay?
What are you doing up here?
-No. I'm--I...
-Oh, goodness.
Thank you.
I'm fine, I'm fine.
Oh, your mom told me
there was more
Christmas decorations up here
so I made the horrible mistake
of standing on that chair
to try to reach a very
promisingly labeled box
called "December essentials"
which apparently
was code for office supplies.
Guessing my grandparents
moved most of that stuff
to the boathouse.
-I'll check that later.
-You're sure you're okay?
-ABBEY: Yeah. I'm fine.
thank you for the nutcracker.
-It's really nice.
-It was nothing.
-No, it wasn't nothing.
It was kind and considerate.
Hey, I've got a few minutes.
I could take you
to the boathouse if you like.
All right.
NICK: Oh, the sky,
big storm's coming in.
Yeah, it's freezing.
I hope it snows.
You're gonna get your wish.
Oh. Come on.
Right here.
Snow days are only fun
if you're a kid,
and they call
any school off.
If you're an adult,
that means canceled flights
and driveways
that need to be shoveled.
No. No. No.
I disagree.
I think snow is fun no matter
how inconvenient it is.
Of course you would say that.
Well, it's the truth.
You know, the Christmas
before my mom passed,
there was this massive
snowstorm, it was so amazing,
me and my whole family
we went outside in the yard
and we were building snowmen
and we had a snowball fight,
it was so much fun.
And well that happened
to be the last Christmas
that we had with her but,
you know what made
that Christmas so special?
It was the snow.
Yeah, it was like magic.
And, you know, it has not snowed
on Christmas Eve since,
and I ask it to every year
and it doesn't.
-Well, for your sake,
I hope it snows.
For the gala's sake,
I hope it doesn't.
Here we go.
-All right.
-Oh, that's cute.
This is...
What? What is this,
is this your dad's?
No. Unfortunately my father
never did Christmas again
after Nantucket.
He just got too busy working.
This would be my mother.
I could totally see her
in that.
Great Santa's helper.
Oh, yeah, you have no idea.
Every Christmas Eve
she went all out.
I mean, she left carrots
for the reindeer,
cookies for Santa.
In the morning they'd be gone
and there'd be
these soot footprints
leading from the fireplace
to the tree.
Oh, you know.
Yeah, it's Kate.
I need to take this.
Yeah. Yeah. Sure,
I've got a few boxes
to go through.
Yeah. Okay.
I should be going.
I'm sorry.
No, that's fine, thank you.
You--are you gonna be okay
down here?
Yeah, totally. Totally.
All right.
You know,
you're gonna get cold.
-Take my jacket.
-No. No. No.
I'm fine, I'm not even cold.
NICK: No. No.
I don't believe you Here,
please take it.
Thank you.
SINGER: For the first Noel
The angel did say
Was to certain
poor shepherds
I'm pretty good
with the scissors.
I did say so myself.
Show off.
So how's work going?
ABBEY: Good.
Your worry wrinkles
is giving you away.
Oh, there might have been
a moment.
What kind of moment?
It's like a lingering
eye-contact-y kind of moment.
Nick and I are looking
for Christmas ornaments
and the next we're hiding away
from the snowstorm
in his boathouse
enjoying each other's company.
Well, that sounds nice.
No. It's confusing.
I mean, on Monday,
he's a distant workaholic
and then on Tuesday, he's nice,
and thoughtful, and warm,
I mean, I don't know
which version of Nick
I'm decorating for.
PHILIP: Well, I'd wager
there are two sides
of the same person.
Of course.
He's just being
a people person.
PHILIP: On the other hand,
it's what was it?
Lingering eye-contact-y
kind of moment,
but they're always
worth exploring
and I would never advise you
to get involved
with someone
you work for but...
Well, I mean, technically
I don't work for Nick,
you know,
I work for the foundation.
But that's not the point.
The point
is he's not even my type.
Well, your mom would say
it's important to find someone
who makes you laugh,
and who can take care of you,
and who will let you
take care of them.
Yeah. Well, mom had it easy
because she found you early on.
PHILIP: Abs, you have so much
left in your heart to share.
Maybe it's time
you get back out there.
I think you're right, dad.
I'll be right back.
Dr. Mike? Sorry.
-MIKE: Hey.
Listen, do you still eat?
I do, yes.
Thursday night?
It's a date, yes.
-All right. Good.
-I'll see you then.
-I will--
-I will see you then, yes.
Looking forward to it.
ABBEY: Okay, let's see, well,
these windows aren't standard
so they'll need custom panels.
I'll go give them a head's up,
let them know
we need a rush order.
Okay. Thanks.
Oh, can you bring me
those vintage books?
I wanna start dressing
the shelves in here.
NICK: Sure,
just tell me where they are.
I thought you were Des.
NICK: Yeah,
it looks good in here.
You made a lot of progress.
ABBEY: It still needs
a lot of work,
but I feel like
I'm breathing life back into it.
DESIREE: Are you sure?
Okay. Okay.
I'll let them know, thanks.
-Bad news.
The painters are coming
from Norfolk
where the snow's already started
coming down
and they're not
gonna make it today.
Are you serious?
Okay, well, we've got to get
the garland hung up
in the ballroom.
That's not gonna work.
If that's not done
by tomorrow afternoon,
Walter will be behind.
-ell then I guess
we're hanging garlands tonight.
-I'm so sorry, thank you.
NICK: I know crisis management
when I see it. Good luck.
-ABBEY: Thank you.
Okay. Listen, Max's Christmas
pageant dress rehearsal
is tonight and I promised him
I would be there.
-I have to be there.
-Oh, we'll get this done
in time.
-I'll go get the ladder.
-Okay. Thanks, Des.
ABBEY: This place is gonna
look like a winter wonderland
if it sticks around
long enough for Christmas.
You know what, though,
I think that maybe
you should get on the road.
I don't want you
to get stuck here.
I can't just abandon you here.
There's still so much to do.
Oh, yeah, you're fine,
you know,
you go home safely, all right?
Of course. Thanks, boss.
All right in here?
Hey. Yeah, well, you know,
I hate to admit it
but I think you were right
about the snow
bringing more headaches
now that we're adults.
What's wrong?
Max has this Christmas
pageant rehearsal tonight
and, what, in about an hour
and a half and, well,
-clearly I'm not gonna make it.
-Why don't you go home?
I have a schedule and a job
to do so I'm gonna do it.
What are you doing?
I'm helping.
I've never seen you
out of a suit jacket.
ABBEY: And the final touch,
the mistletoe.
Got it.
NICK: It actually feels good
having contributed
to my own home.
Thank you so much
for helping me.
It was not a problem.
I'm gonna make it.
-Ah. I'm gonna make it.
Before you do,
you've got
a pine needle in your hair.
-Yeah. Here.
There you go.
Oh, thank you.
-I should...
-Yeah. Get going, yeah,
make sure my help
wasn't all for naught.
Yeah. Thank you again.
Oh, no. Do you have a snow
scraper, shovel, maybe a magic
NICK: I have a car,
four-wheel drive in the garage.
Come on, I'll give you a lift.
Coming to my rescue yet again.
Thank you.
MAN: Places in five minutes.
MAX: Mom, you made it.
Hey, bub, you look perfect.
Hey, Max.
ABBEY: You remember
Mr. Sinclair?
He got me here just in time
for your rehearsal.
Is that for me?
Thank you.
I--I'm gonna takeoff.
What? No. You don't wanna stay
for the rehearsal?
No, I really should get going,
you know,
-before Kate puts out
an APB on me.
-Enjoy the show.
-All right, bye.
Just get to be into...
Okay. Christmas lights,
I wanna light
the entire pathway, if possible.
What color preference?
Definitely white.
-Keep it classy.
-Okay, wonderful.
Just like your hair today.
-Abbey has a date tonight.
And you're wearing that?
What's wrong
with what I'm wearing?
Absolutely nothing.
I'm sure it's very comfortable.
Well, thank goodness,
I was prepared for tonight
-and brought backups.
I know it's been awhile
since your last date.
-WALTER: Gorgeous.
You don't think it's too much
for a first date?
WALTER: Uh, where are you going?
-Aurora Borealis.
-You're perfect.
Have you seen Abbey?
I wanted to compliment her
on her deck chairs.
You just missed her.
[CHUCKLES] She was running late
for her date.
-It's when two people
who are mutually interested
sit down over a plate of food.
Yes, I know what a date is.
That doctor of hers
is taking her
to Aurora Borealis.
NICK: Never heard of it.
Oh, it's a seasonal
pop-up eatery
that raises money
for the food bank in Christmas.
Well, I'll have to
-check that out sometime.
-It's beautiful in here.
-Yeah, it is.
-I used to volunteer
with decorating.
Before I had Max.
Thank you.
Oh, I love the violins.
KATE: We look forward
to getting that email.
Thank you, Aaron.
McManus wants to move forward
with the merger.
Ah! I knew they would.
Great job, Kate.
Hey, you know what we should do?
We should go celebrate
over dinner.
There's a new restaurant
that I just heard all about.
NICK: Get your coat.
-Let's go.
-Okay, okay.
Come on, we've earned a break.
Thank you.
I've always wanted
to try this place,
but December
is just such a busy month.
Oh, I'm not surprised.
You never take a night off.
Table for two.
Oh, is that Abbey?
Is it?
Oh, let's go say hi.
-Oh, thank you.
I thought you guys were working.
NICK: We are.
It's a working dinner.
Oh, uh, sorry.
Mike, you remember
Nick Sinclair.
-I do.
-ABBEY: Mike is a doctor
at the Children's Hospital,
and this is Kate Newhall,
his SVP.
-How do you do?
They're actually hosting
the Children's Hospital Gala
- at the Sinclair Estate
this year.
-That's right, yes.
Well, we appreciate
your support,
it makes a big difference.
Are you--are you guys
waiting for a table?
You're more than welcome
to join us.
-Oh, no.
-No, I'll...
-I don't think it's necessary.
You know what, I think it...
We'd love to.
-MIKE: Great.
Yeah, grab a chair.
-Two chairs, please.
Thank you.
Dr. Mike.
I would love to hear all about
where the gala money is going.
Yes, of course.
Always happy to chat up
our big donors.
That is why I'll never hire
another nurse
-named "Patience."
Occupational hazards.
Because it's a good thing
Desiree's name
-isn't "Holly."
-Or "Winter?"
-Or "Carol ."
Speaking of Christmas,
you should come to the gala.
After all, you are heading up
one of the trials we're funding.
Yeah, I'd love that.
I've been dying to see
Abbey's latest project.
You should see
how she transformed
the community room
at Shady Grove.
NICK: Oh, I'm sure
it's remarkable.
Yeah, Abbey is an artist.
Well, I'm sure
it takes talent.
You know, Abbey
isn't just picking curtains.
She's reading people,
learning who they are
so she can transform
their house into a home.
It's a real gift.
Thank you.
Well, that's nice.
I happen to think Abbey's pretty
special too.
How come you have to work
on a Saturday?
I know working on a Saturday
is no fun, is it?
And look how big this house is.
I've only got 10 days
to decorate it.
All right, so,
this table is here
and now we can finally start
decorating this room.
I got a small tree
for the corner,
lights for the windows.
DESIREE: I'll find them, I think
they're in the guest suite.
-Okay, awesome.
you and I [INDISTINCT]
You wanna see what I drew?
I absolutely would love
to see it.
Oh, my God!
What is this?
-Is this my house?
-MAX: Yup!
And it's got a lot
of Christmas trees for Santa.
-And I added a hockey rink
so we could skate.
[LAUGHS] That's a great idea.
Oh. [CHUCKLES] Okay.
Show and tell is over.
-I am so sorry.
-No, that's okay.
We don't mind, do we, Kate?
-Ms. Caroline!
Ooh, there's my favorite friend
that I knew would be here today.
Abbey, I'm absconding
with your son.
Oh, no, I--
you don't have to do that.
Come on, it's my pleasure.
I'm sorry to interrupt, Nick,
but can we go?
The first band is here.
A band?
Walter insisted
that we have live music.
I suggested a DJ
but then he looked at me
like I just personally fired
the little drummer boy.
Uh, Kate, I know my timing
is bad, but the hospital
just called
and they need some
time-sensitive information
about the gala
and I'm just not very good
with those kind of details.
Oh, I'm happy
to take care of it.
Nick, as long as you're okay
evaluating the music?
Oh, well, Nick can't possibly
hire the band all by himself.
Why don't you
jump in there, Abbey?
Oh, well, I mean, Max...
Don't you worry about Max.
Max and I have a very special,
very secret Christmas
mission plan, don't we?
-All right.
Here we go.
SINGER: Jingle bells,
jingle bells
Jingle all the way
Thank you.
We'll be in touch.
Well, that was, uh...
That was great.
NICK: If we hire them,
I'll get sued
for ruining the Christmas gala.
Uh, do you guys
have any requests?
What's your favorite
Christmas song?
Uh, oh, well, that's easy.
Um, can you play,
"I'll be home for Christmas?"
Good one.
Oh, I love this one.
This is actually
my mom's favorite song.
Every time it would come on,
my dad would just grab her up
in his arms,
dance with her,
it was a bit like this.
[CHUCKLES] But it was romantic.
Oh, you wanna dance?
So, what's your favorite
Christmas song?
I'd have to go with
"The 12 Days of Christmas."
Because of the carolers
of Nantucket?
SINGER: Christmas Eve...
Good memory.
Well, how could I forget?
I mean, it's the first time
I mentioned Christmas
and you didn't get
all Grinchie on me.
NICK: Oh, I wasn't that bad.
ABBEY: You were so intimidating
when I went in
for that interview.
If I remember correctly,
it was you...
that yelled at me.
[CHUCKLES] Oh, yeah, sorry.
-Hmm, sorry about that.
-But you still hired me.
Are you sure
you made the right call?
[LAUGHS] You might be right,
this might be
a terrible mistake,
call the whole thing off.
[LAUGHS] Not a chance.
You're stuck with me.
Great. [LAUGHS]
Oh, I have to go finish the den.
Thanks, guys.
You're hired.
ABBEY: Oh, my keys.
Mr. Sinclair,
wanna come see Santa with us?
Whoa, you're going all the way
to the North Pole?
All the way to Market Square.
I can't believe
you guys are gonna go
see Santa without me.
KATE: You're kidding, right?
We have a call with Bob McManus
-at 6:00.
-Yeah, hey, bub,
Mr. Sinclair is busy.
He's got to work, all right?
I haven't seen Santa in years
and he and I have a lot
of catching up to do.
I'll tell you what,
I'm gonna join you.
I'll meet you out at the car.
Alright. Okay.
What am I supposed
to tell the McManus'?
The call is just a formality.
The deal is as good as done.
You know that, Kate.
You can handle it solo.
This is your opportunity
to shine.
And I'll just follow up later
and iron out all the minutiae.
It'll be fine.
And what does Abbey Fuller
want for Christmas?
Well, I would, uh.. for Max
to be happy and safe.
I would love for this..
...gala to go off
without a hitch.
I would like a crystal ball
to tell me whether
this whole decorating thing
is something
I should be doing or..
...I'm just wasting my time.
And while I'm wishing for
really impossible things,
I would like for it to snow
on Christmas Eve.
Like the, uh,
last Christmas you spent
with you mom.
How about you?
What does a man
that has everything,
what does he want for Christmas?
Just my two front teeth.
And a hippopotamus.
No, I'm serious.
What do you..
What do you want for Christmas?
-So sorry.
-No, it's fine.
Hi, Kate.
You're kidding me.
Okay, yeah.
I-I can be there in..
...18 minutes.
Just buy me some time. Yeah.
Okay. Bye.
What's wrong?
The McManus'.
They're calling
an emergency meeting.
So I have to go.
No, that-that's okay.
You okay?
-Yeah. Yeah.
- Bye.
- Yeah.
The McManus' have been
chasing me for months
and now they're
just gonna walk away.
I might be the SVP, but..
...I'm not a Sinclair.
They didn't like
being passed off.
I wasn't passing them off!
I was just..
You're right.
I should've been on that call.
We still have a horse
in this race.
We'll turn it around together.
It won't happen again.
I promise.
Hi. I just..
I left some of my
fabric swatches here, so..
Thought I'd just come in
and see how you are.
I'm fine.
-Ah, Nick--
-Not now.
I'm sorry.
...I'm sorry.
I'm not upset with you.
I'm upset with me.
A deal I'd been working on for.. months is..
...crumbling in my hands
because I've allowed myself
to get distracted.
If this merger falls apart,
I'll be forced to do lay-offs
a week before Christmas.
I can't allow myself
to be selfish.
Not if people's livelihoods
on the line.
So, I'm..
I'm sorry.
I just can't allow..
...anymore distractions.
Okay, I get it.
I'm almost done
with all the decorating,
so I'll just..
...make sure I stay
out of your way.
You're an angel, Jess. Thanks.
You know how Bob McManus
is a huge Caps fan?
Well, I pulled some strings
and got him
box seats to the next home game
in exchange that he will
come to the gala so that
you can show him that you're..
...more than
just your father's name.
And that you actually
care about this merger.
And I know,
I know it's midnight..
There is cause for celebration.
Why don't you look happy?
Do you have joy in your life,
Every time I close on
a high-stakes corporate merger.
You sound like my dad.
I'll take that as a compliment.
The gazebo's still waiting
on Christmas lights, right?
Yes. Groundskeepers promise
they'd be up by the end
of the day.
-Okay. Good.
-And I finished staging
the bathrooms..
When you smell
the chestnut soaps I ordered,
you're gonna give me
a fat Christmas bonus.
You know, I wonder
when those two will realise
they're perfect
for each other.
They're both
complete workaholics
with no sense of humor.
Nicks...has a sense of humor.
Um, but you're right,
they're perfect together.
Uh, okay, so we should
get started on the study.
- Okay.
- Yeah.
You have to listen
to what I have to say! Okay.
This is bigger than
we could have ever even dreamed.
With Carter stepping down,
we can acquire PHP
as early as next spring.
Maybe even February.
You really do love this stuff,
don't you?
Of course. Don't you?
Yeah, of course.
My great great Grandpa ??
came to America in 1896.
He was English
and they invented mistletoe,
which you use during
Christmas time for kissing.
Which is gross.
Good job. Good job.
[GASPS] Hem!
I missed you.
My grandson tells me
that you're doing
a really great job at
the Sinclair place.
And we're all real proud..
...of our Abbey girl.
Aww. Thanks, Hem.
Alright, come on, gramps.
Let's, uh, let Abbey and Philip
have a little family time.
And we'll see you tomorrow
for the gala.
- Yeah.
- Alright.
- Abbey.
- Bye, Hem.
Worry wrinkle.
What's up?
Nothing. It's just..
I mean..
...Mike's perfect.
You know? He-he he's
got the perfect career.
He's got the perfect family.
- He likes kids.
- Yeah.
We get along.
...where's the spark?
Maybe you left that spark..
...up at the Sinclair Estate.
Nick made it very clear
that he doesn't have time
for sparks.
That our relationship is
strictly professional, so..
Anyway, after
the gala tomorrow..
...we won't have
a relationship at all.
The Christmas gala's tomorrow.
I'm aware. Thanks.
And it's Abbey's last day.
Something bothering you, mother?
I just don't get it, Nick.
You and she were
getting along so well,
and then all of a sudden..
Pfft. Nothing.
Our friendship
was taking up time
I didn't have to give.
I need to keep
my priorities straight.
Well, maybe your priorities
are all wrong.
You know, you always pretend
as though
your father wanted you
to follow in his footsteps.
And what do you want?
I want for you to be happy.
I want for you
to think about yourself
for a change.
Think about
what makes you happy.
I need to get going.
I have to do the final
I can't believe it's
the same room.
It all looks so great.
Thank you.
I wanted to restore it
to it's original glory.
You know, when..
...when you were a kid..
...when you used
to call it the palace.
Yeah, bring it back
to being a home.
Not just a house.
Kind of like..
...I believe your grandfather
would have wanted it.
Oh, wow.
I mean, you really
thought of everything.
Well, I tried.
There is still one more room.
This way.
[SIGHS] And, finally...
we have your office. [LAUGHS]
Oh, wow!
Is that what I think it is?
You remembered.
[LAUGHING] Incredible. What--
Where did you find
all of this stuff?
Well, I actually asked your mom
if she remembered
the name of the carolers
from your Christmas
on Nantucket.
And... she had
all of that stuff.
So... [SIGHS]
Do you like it?
I love it.
Thank you.
KATE: We should go, Nick.
We have drinks
with the Phelps in 20.
-This looks great, Abbey.
-Thank you.
-Good work.
It's wonderful.
I'm happy.
O Christmas Tree!
O Christmas Tree!
Your leaves
Are so unchanging!
MIKE: It's magical.
O Christmas Tree!
O Christmas Tree!
Your leaves
Are so unchanging!
Not only green
When summer's here
But also
When it's cold and clear
O Christmas Tree!
O Christmas Tree!
Nick was right.
-You are an artist.
Thank you.
-Abbey, you won't believe it.
I've already ran out
of your business cards
and I ordered six boxes.
Everyone's dying to know
who the Sinclair's decorator is.
-You're a hit.
-[LAUGHS] Are you serious?
- I'll go get us some champagne.
- Okay!
Really? Really, really?
You did it, Abbey.
Oh, no. No, no, no, no, no.
We did it. And you know
what I've been thinking?
I think it's time
I turned this...
decorating job
back into a career, and I'm...
I need some help.
Would you come and work for me,
full time?
I've been waiting
for you to ask!
I really hate
to toot my own horn,
but I was absolutely right...
-you're a genius.
Oh, Caroline,
how will I ever thank you
for letting me do this?
There's nothing to thank me for,
you did it all.
Hm, you know what, I guess, I...
I just need to trust my gut.
It's been so long since I've
seen my son look that happy.
And I don't think
it's the Christmas spirit
that's giving him that glow.
I think you're reading this
all wrong.
- Am I?
- Yes.
Yes. I am hopefully
getting ready
to be swamped with work,
and he's...
he's got his own business.
I mean, it's's not...
It's illogical.
-Well, love rarely is, you know.
-[LAUGHING] I am not..
NICK: Whoa,
I know that look, mother.
What are you gloating about?
I was just complimenting Abbey
on her beautiful work, and..
...I was hoping
this event might...
clear up some things
once and for all.
Like, you need to listen to me.
Well, you were right, mother.
As always.
I'll leave you two alone
to say fabulous things about me
behind my back.
Oh, well...
She was right.
You did a beautiful job.
-You look beautiful too.
-You look beautiful too.
I mean, what..
No, you look handsome. You..
Thank you. Thank you.
-Would you like to--
Sinclair! There you are.
I've been thinking about
our branding strategy.
Do you have a moment?
See you later.
Hm... Sure, sure.
This is great.
BOB: What if we were..
Bob, thanks for
giving us the chance.
I have a feeling
this is the beginning
of a great partnership.
I'm looking forward
to the merger.
But right now,
I'm looking forward to
trying some of that
figgy pudding.
- [LAUGHS] Yeah.
- Excuse me.
[SINGING] Ooh, we did it!
Great work, boss.
Hey, you okay? You seem like
you've been on another planet
all night.
Sorry, I'm just distracted.
It's okay. I understand.
Tonight was a big night
for both of us.
We've both had a lot
on our minds.
Oh... Oh, hey, there,
little man.
Your house is cool.
But it still needs
a hockey rink.
[LAUGHS] That's true.
But I like it so much better now
that your mom made it so nice.
My mom is nice.
She is, isn't she?
They're at
the Christmas village!
Holy night
All is calm
All is bright
Well...don't look,
but he's watching.
I think it's time to admit..
...I never really had a chance.
Mike, I'm...I'm sorry. I..
No, no. It''s..
It's okay.
Honestly, I get it.
But, I do believe it's time
to make him jealous.
I do have my pride,
you know.
- Follow me.
Band is keeping the dance floor
quite busy,
and the atmosphere,
thanks to Abbey's decor,
is festive.
I can't wait to do
the final tallies and see
how much money we've raised
for the children's hospital.
Uh. Kate, you are
so marvelously competent.
Mm. I hope
Nick feels the same way.
I have a proposal
for him tonight
that might just change his life.
I've never been a woman
to wait around
for something I wanted.
-Oh, Abbey?
I'm so glad to run into you. I..
I'm first to admit I was wrong.
You have done
a wonderful job with this place.
Oh. Well, thank you, Kate.
Do you happen to know
where Nick is?
Uh...Yeah. He..
I think he went to his office.
Perfect. Excuse me.
If she doesn't hire me
to plan the wedding,
I'll be furious.
-I'm sorry?
-Kate's proposing
to Nick tonight.
-Are you sure?
-She's not a woman
who waits around
for the things she wants.
Her words.
-We have some things to toast
to. -Yes, we do.
A lot of that has to do
with your hard work, Kate.
I wanted to talk to you
about our partnership.
I love the work.
Do you?
Yeah. Of course I do.
It's my father's legacy.
You're working
to live up to something
but do you love the journey?
Do you enjoy chasing new deals
and new clients?
Or is there something else?
Someone else
that you'd rather be chasing?
What are you getting at?
I have a proposal for you.
Make me CFO.
Cut back on your hours
at the office,
and let me do
some of the heavy lifting.
We can do so much more than just
live up to your father's legacy,
I want to build upon it.
You want a different life.
-A life with Abbey.
-Is it that obvious?
-Well, at first I was
a little frustrated by it
because she kept
pulling you from our work
but then I felt empowered
to make decisions on my own.
Once more..
I have worked really hard
for this company,
I deserve a promotion.
That was a lot easier
than I anticipated.
Yeah, well, it was easy
because you're right.
My father taught me
that real leadership
meant hiring smart people
that we trust.
And I couldn't ask
for a better partner in this.
Just wait, Nick.
I'm gonna take us international
by next Christmas.
I...I have so many ideas.
Thanks, Kate.
- Mike.
- Hey, Kate.
Couldn't help overhearing.
Sounds like you have
a lot to celebrate.
- Would you like to dance?
- As a matter of fact, I would.
Mr. Fuller?
Have you seen Abbey?
- She's gone.
- What?
Where can I find her?
She took Max home.
- Okay.
- Uh..
A little fatherly advice..
You're gonna need
a grand gesture.
Is Santa here yet?
Hm. Almost, bub.
Did you hear that?
Hear what?
Mr. Sinclair!
Where's Kate?
Probably, celebrating
her promotion, I imagine.
What is this?
This is...a grand gesture.
I tried to hire a snow machine,
but you'd be surprised
how difficult it is to get one
to come out on a Christmas Eve.
Why are you here?
I'm here, Abbey, because...
I can't imagine
spending Christmas without you.
I don't know what to say.
Nick, uh...
you've helped me to understand
what I want out of life
and I am really grateful
for that.
I wanna be a great mom.
and I, I wanna be
a great designer..
...but I also want to be
a great partner... somebody who
is gonna be there
for me and Max.
I am that someone.
And I realize that, uh...
I had this all wrong.
and that there is so much
more to life
than just being lost
in work.
You asked me what I wanted
for Christmas.
It's you.
I wanna be with you, Abbey.
I got everything I asked for for
Christmas this year.