Christmas With Holly (2012) Movie Script

Oh, it's ridiculous...
(people murmuring)
Where is he?
WOMAN: Is that him?
(all gasping expectantly)
(organist plays jubilant
That's not him.
(all groaning)
MAN 2: That's ridiculous!
- Sorry.
(organ music continues)
He's not coming.
What if he's stuck
in traffic?
No, Katie.
I guess it's time
to come up with a Plan B.
WOMAN (over P.A.):
As a reminder for all third graders
attending the field trip
to the Seattle Zoo tomorrow,
please bring your signed
permission slips with you.
Hey, don't worry.
I made many a trip to the
principal's office in my day.
I know how to handle these
(door opens)
We're ready for you.
I'm going in.
(school bell rings)
TEACHER: Holly's homework
assignments are
still coming
back incomplete.
I'm working on it.
We got most of it
done this week.
I'm afraid you completed
her assignments.
No, she colored the
Mr. Nagle... this is
what we expect to see.
And this... your niece's.
(groans) Come on,
this is first grade,
and her mother died
only three months ago.
Ms. Ames has taken Holly's
situation into consideration.
AMES: I have my teacher's aide
working exclusively with her,
but in all fairness
to my other 26 students...
What are you saying?
Mr. Nagle,
Holly still isn't speaking.
Well, the doctor said
that this isn't unusual.
She's always been a
shy and anxious kid,
and with the shock
of losing her mom...
(clears throat)
She is gonna speak again.
But she's
not talking now.
Now, we feel she would
be more comfortable if we...
put her back in kindergarten
for another year, hm?
Holly's a really smart kid.
Please, just cut her some
AMES: We all want
what's best for Holly.
PRINCIPAL: Perhaps you should
make another appointment
to see her pediatrician.
She's not sick.
Well, her
pediatrician might
suggest a prescription
for an antidepressant.
SSRIs have been used
for selected mutism.
SECRETARY: Peabody Elementary,
Principal Stewart's office.
Hi, uh, this is Mark Nagle.
Is there any chance I could
speak to Principal Stewart?
Please hold, sir.
Hi, Mark. How's Seattle?
How's your niece?
Well, that's why I'm
I need to get back
to Friday Harbor.
Would it be possible
for me to enroll Holly
at Peabody to start right
after Thanksgiving?
She's a really
hard worker and...
you won't even know
she's in the room.
Well, then
she must take after your
because I remember
the three of you Nagle boys.
(laughing): Well, she certainly
doesn't take after any of us.
I... I really need to get
Hey, don't worry.
Everything's gonna be okay.
You want me to save your
sandwich for later?
You didn't eat very much.
You should probably
eat a little bit more.
What about Duffy, hm?
You think he'll want it
(doorbell rings)
Shelby, hey.
How's the packing going?
I've got most of it done.
Just Holly's bed
to break down.
You know there are
other schools in Seattle.
Baby, I know
this was sudden.
Yeah, I'll say.
Like six hours.
It's been on my mind
for a while.
Wow, really?
I know this doesn't
seem fair to you,
but this could be a good thing
having my brothers around.
It might even free up
more time for you and me.
Great, except you'll be on
the island and I'll be here.
(sighs) You know, it...
it'll be...
We will make it work.
Hey, do you want to go up
and say hi to Holly?
No, I just wanted to stop by
and see you for a moment
before you left.
Oh, come on, at least
let me cook you some dinner.
I've had your cooking.
But I'll take a rain check.
Maybe I'll come see you
in a few days.
Time is ever on the road
The ride is what we make
I walked a year to hear
A howl in this give and
But hear it this way
Hear it this way
All right...
Hey. You excited?
But I'm ready.
Good, since you quit
that lame-o job.
And I helped you
pack up your whole life.
You better not tell me
I did that for nothing.
Oh, right.
'Cause the fallout from that
would be far worse
than complete and
abject business failure.
Hey, Olive,
isn't Maggie nice?
She's buying us
hot chocolate.
Do you want hot chocolate?
Let's go.
(groaning with effort,
Olive grunting)
You're gaining weight, I
Hey, wild bear
on the loose.
No bruises or anything.
Whoa, what do you know?
Cool sneakers.
Great minds think alike,
Thank you for saving Duffy.
So cute.
He is.
I was talking
about his daughter.
Oh, come on.
(Olive whimpering)
Two hot chocolates, please.
All right,
so I've chosen ecru
for the walls at the store.
Looks like white.
In this light...
yes, but, uh, it's ecru.
So... um, and then
for the walls
of the apartment...
French linen.
Here you are, ladies.
That'll be $2.50, please. Oh, thank you.
(Olive belches)
(Maggie sighs)
Olive'll eat anything.
I know.
What do you want me to do?
My roommate pawned her off
so she could move to Peru.
Until I find her a new home,
I'm stuck with her.
Oh, you'd like
living on this island,
wouldn't you, girlfriend?
Oh, no, no. Nope.
Mm-mm. No.
you see out there?
Your mom helped teach me
to swim right over there.
She bought me the biggest
goggles so I could see
all the way down
to the bottom.
Now, how about that?
And tonight I'm in love with
everybody on the city bus
I feel the push and pull
Keep saying that
it doesn't mean much
Oh, wait till you see
What do you see?
And everybody on the street
singing like it's Sunday
But we keep inside
and our looks stay at bay
Ahh... ahh-ah
Ahh... ahh-ah
And we don't know what
But we feel it's
coming back soon
There's my store.
Island's number-one coffee
house and distributor.
You remember how
good it tastes?
Don't tell anyone
I let you try it.
Where'd that sign come from?
Um, the other lady
told me to hang it.
Take it down, please.
Yes, ma'am.
Oh... Hey, you!
I saw the guys working
on the sign outside.
Don't you just love it?
I redesigned it
just a little.
The walls are wrong.
Well, I thought "rose
It's a little more inviting.
Ecru is what we discussed.
Well, trust me,
this is what you need.
And this carpet...
Oh, it's all indoor-outdoor.
Very cost-efficient.
Liz, I want to use
alternating carpet squares.
Maggie, we open
in less than a week.
We have a wonderful store
Let's not start trying
to change things now.
I went ahead and I ordered
a supply of toys from ToyCo.
Uh, six months
to five years old.
I was a little surprised
you missed that.
I was in toy marketing
for six years.
If I'd wanted these toys,
I would have ordered them.
I have other ideas
for my store.
Where's the book-reading
Oh, that area is far better served...
Liz, no.
It's not what I want.
Listen, I think
I understand.
This is your first foray
into owning a business.
But fortunately, you have me
to show you the ropes.
I've managed this store
for over ten years,
through three different
so believe me,
I know what I'm doing.
You can just
stand back, relax,
let me handle things.
Oh, come on!
We have our grand opening.
Let's put on our happy face.
We can smile
and still be serious.
Oh, I'm serious.
Bye, now.
(Olive grunts)
(door opens,
bell jingles)
Where's your
store manager going?
Probably to the bank
to cash her final check.
I fired her.
You're kidding, right?
I thought the plan was
to hit the ground running.
How are you going to
find someone now?
Please, just get me through
Black Friday weekend.
Maggie, I doubt Black Friday
has quite the same punch
here on the island.
And you're asking me to
give up Mom's Thanksgiving,
the only meal she
actually cooks.
Katie, I need you.
I love you and I need you.
I mean, look at
the benefits, okay?
Hanging out on the island,
which you love.
Spending time with your
favorite person-- me--
whom we know you love.
You can say that you're
research for your
marketing class.
You need that for
your master's, right?
That was last semester.
I'll feed you.
Which we know you love.
I'll take Olive.
You'll keep Olive?
(Olive whines)
"Keep" is a strong word.
Temporarily house, yes.
But you have to actively
search to find her a new home.
Go back to the coffee house
where you found these drinks,
and find me a couple
who want to work Black Friday weekend.
Get out of here, go.
Surprise, surprise.
Come on, Holly,
let's go say hi
to Uncle Scott.
Glad you're home.
Ah, people are thinking
about the holidays,
not putting additions
on their house.
Hey, Munchkin.
Remember our secret
handshake, huh?
(buzzing noise)
That doesn't look like
an overnighter.
How's the renovation
coming along?
Check it out.
Well, you got walls.
Insulated walls.
And there's Uncle Alex.
Hey, stranger.
How's it going?
It'd go a lot better if
you'd put on some clothes.
Hey, Holly.
Hey, we've got some cereal,
if you want.
Trust me, you don't.
It's high-fiber, healthy junk,
and it tastes like sand.
The benefits far outweigh the taste.
I'll be right back.
So... how long is he
here for this time?
I think he said a month,
until his next grant
comes through.
His latest obsession
is his dissertation
on some fish fungus.
At least he stopped talking
about the Ebola virus.
Sweet Pea...
I need to speak
with Uncle Mark.
We'll be right outside.
Look, I wouldn't be here
if I didn't need
a place for Holly.
Wait a sec--
I am not the one Vicky put in charge.
No! Hey!
I'm not asking that.
I just... I need two rooms.
Or we can share.
No. No sharing.
Been there, done that.
What happened?
I had to pull her
out of that school.
So she's still not talking.
But the doctor said that it
could happen at any time.
Yeah, you been saying
that for months.
I can pay you rent.
Just like Alex.
For the two of us.
How long?
Say, two months?
Or at least until
I can get the renters
out of my place.
Besides, you could use an
extra hand on the remodel.
Okay, fine.
But Holly better be
good with a hammer,
'cause, uh...
I've seen you with tools.
That's funny.
That's funny.
Give me a hand.
You know, I had a bear,
growing up.
His name was Frankie Bear.
He was the coolest bear.
But Scott poured chocolate
syrup on his head...
...and the cat ate him.
The cat was never
the same after that.
Say hello to
your new housemates.
Oh... Welcome.
Don't go in my room.
Looks good, right?
I told Uncle Scott
that you like to
take your bath at night,
and to keep the hall light
on for you.
Wow... That's a lot of pink.
So, I, uh... got the
air mattress for you,
put it down by
the exercise equipment.
Wow. Pink.
Kind of reminds me of
your room as a kid.
There's a bioenergetics lecture
at the library-- any takers?
How long did you say
he was here for, again?
How long you say
he was here for again?
Hey, guys...
Just till my grant
comes through.
Holly, stay away
from that one.
He'll get you
in trouble.
(Olive groans)
This paint is not working as
well as I thought it would.
KATE: The ecru is losing the battle to
"rose blush?"
(laughs) I told you you
should have primed.
Oh, we're well past priming.
Hey, what are you doing?
Telling Mom and Dad I'm staying
here over Thanksgiving.
Besides, I thought you hired
me for moral support.
Will you grab a roller,
Ugh, these walls just keep
getting bigger and bigger.
You know...
I'm really feeling
the rose blush.
Me, too.
See? This isn't so bad.
In fact, I think
that this is bigger
than your old room.
We can add a little
pink to the walls,
This will be a great place
to invite some friends
to come over.
so, where did we leave off
on our bedtime story?
Oh, yeah...
You and Duffy are riding on
Matilda the alligator's back
through the zoo's lagoon.
You hear the crickets?
(imitates cricket chirping)
Matilda's jaws flap open,
smacks down!
Drat! Missed another one.
Now she's getting pretty
and so far,
she's kept her promise
not to eat you.
"Preoccupy my hunger.
Make me laugh!
Otherwise, I will
have to eat you!"
(playful squeaking)
That is disgusting.
Those are my molds.
Can't you keep them in
your closet?
No. You can't arbitrarily
change their environment.
Ah-ah! Plus, this is the
perfect spot for them.
You sound like my ex-girlfriend.
(wry laugh)
And you wonder why
she dumped you?
Okay, we need to come up
with some ground rules.
First of all,
clothes need to be worn
in common areas
at all times,
and second, knock before
entering each other's rooms.
Cursing, burping, scratching,
no longer a sport.
We don't do that.
Look, can I count
on you or not?
Yeah, sure.
Great. And when
she's with you...
Whoa. What do you mean,
when she's with me?
If I have to leave
her with you,
your attention has to be
on her at all times, okay?
Anything you're unsure of,
just call me.
Fine. Okay!
I've got to finish
Holly's school registration
and get caught up at work,
so I was wondering
if one you guys could
watch her.
Just for the morning.
Three hours?
I just need
a little backup today.
I'm kinda busy.
Yeah, can't
do it today.
Can you at least
pick up some groceries
while you're out?
Okay, I guess Holly
and I'll do it.
Come on, Holly,
we don't want to be late.
Watch your step.
Cara, look who's here!
Oh, hey, Holly.
You remember my
friend Cara, right?
Of course she does.
Oh, one of us needs to check
out that new Ethiopian blend.
Do you want to do it?
I really don't have the
Oh, shoot, I forgot my bag.
It's in the truck.
Uh, can you make sure
she gets a bite to eat?
All they have at the house
is fiber.
Holly, I'll be right back.
Sure thing.
Uh, Kay, can we get
a breakfast sandwich
for our friend Holly?
Sure thing. Comin' right up.
I know-- strawberry
jelly on toast.
The ferry, right?
Right. Yesterday.
Yeah, you saved
Duffy the bear.
(phone ringing)
Oh... ah...
Hey, you.
I'm just walking into
the coffee shop.
Oh, you don't have
to do that.
Six sounds right.
So, what's her name?
Oh... (laughs)
"Olive." That's cute.
She's my sister's dog.
I'm just fostering her
for a while-- huh.
Ah, and that's how it
What begins?
How you find yourself
with an Olive.
Oh, no, no, no, no.
It's just until we find
a better home for her.
I mean, I like animals,
pets are good but...
right now I'm in
a pet-free zone.
Yeah, taking not-your-dog
for a walk.
Next thing you know,
she's gonna be crawling
into your bed at night.
And I'm guessing
she's already made it there.
(phone ringing)
Hey, Mrs. Stewart,
thank you for calling me back.
Yeah, I was hoping that I
could come down to the school
in a bit
and sign that paperwork.
Wow, looks like
somebody was hungry.
I told her
to slow down.
You have been feeding her,
Kids kind of need to eat,
I'll keep that in mind.
So, how is it at Scott's?
You know my brother.
I do.
Just like old times
with you guys?
Not yet.
Holly's there to buffer.
Well, if you need any girl time,
you find me, okay?
MARK (chuckles):
She might just take you
up on that offer.
So what are you gonna do
with everything in Seattle?
Well, right now,
I'm gonna leave everything as it is
until we get settled.
Well, I'm gonna head
to the roasting facility.
Can you manage?
Talk to you later.
And Holly, you have a great
Thanksgiving, okay?
You, too.
(keypad beeping)
(phone ringing)
MARK: Hey,
can we do Thanksgiving dinner for Holly?
What do you think?
Uh, I'm not opposed to it.
Who's gonna organize?
Alex-- he's good like that.
Great. Can you call him?
Yeah, whatever.
(squawking ringtone plays)
"What?" Is that how you
What do you want?
Be nice.
You're living in my house.
I'm sorry-- how may I be
of service, O Mighty One?
We're doing Thanksgiving.
Because that's what families
Not ours, but we're
doing it for Holly.
I bet I could figure out
how to make a turkey.
Good. Study up.
But perhaps
we should have a backup
Scott? Hello?
(phone beeps off, Alex
(sighs heavily)
Oh, what a difference.
That Astroturf
was nutty.
It's looking perfect.
Oh, you're welcome.
Yes, it's all thanks to you.
Well, I expect to be
Part ownership should do
just fine.
Help me with
the house,
and we'll talk.
What kind of weird
hermit doll lives here?
It's not a dollhouse.
It's a fairy house.
Oh, if you say so.
It's weird.
I could have been
in Colorado right now.
Yeah, with Tim and
your new in-laws?
Yeah, but at least
his parents are nice.
Mm. Too bad
you couldn't marry them.
(wry laugh)
Don't give her those.
Oh, look, she's happy.
That's not happy,
that's gassy.
(Olive grunts,
(hammer banging)
Hey, rise and shine,
sleeping beauty.
Where's Holly?
At breakfast
with Alex.
MALE ANNOUNCER: ...that is
one of the biggest turkeys
you're gonna see today.
It's just a beautiful,
beautiful float.
Now look at these kids--
they're probably having
the time of the their life,
aren't they?
That's right, Brian.
(Mark yawning)
(TV broadcast continues,
Please tell me the bread
Holly's eating
came from my cabinet
and not yours.
You're finishing
the stuffing.
Scott will do the sweet
with marshmallow
and green beans,
and I will deep-fry the...
Where's the turkey?
You put the fresh
turkey in the freezer?
350 degrees.
Yeah, yeah, I heard you
the first five times.
Whoa, cold...
Easy. Steady.
Steady, steady.
I got it!
All right, come around.
Whoa! Hey, whoa!
Temperature check.
350, 350.
Let's wait till 400.
It's gonna make the skin
nice and golden brown.
Five minutes.
Five minutes.
Come on.
You look ridiculous.
MALE ANNOUNCER: ...please,
Kathy, it just puts you
in the Christmas spirit,
It really does, yes.
It is a beautiful day
here in New York City,
We got lucky with the weather!
Didn't we, though!
Two years in a row.
MALE ANNOUNCER: This tradition,
of course, folks, is--
MALE ANNOUNCER: ...this year,
they're going to
make their way down to 34th
Street and Herald Square.
The bleachers have been
set up and--
(crackling, flame whooshes)
Turkey time.
400. Very slowly.
Hey, guys!
Oh, no...
Yeah, I got her!
I got her!
Just like old times, huh?
I just wanted Thanksgiving.
Hey, don't look at me.
I'm not the one who pushed
the self-cleaning button
on the oven.
Hey, the entire meal
was a failure.
Success is born out of
Spoken like
a loser.
I will cook again,
and it will be the...
Probably give us
all food poisoning.
At least I'm trying.
I'm not just standing around
acting like a jerk.
Hey, hey, hey, guys...
Not in front of Holly.
Don't tell me what
to do in my own house.
Wow. Really?
Yes, really,
little brother.
Oh, shut up.
You shut up.
You should both shut up.
You shut up.
We gotta help, Scott.
SCOTT: I'll do what I can.
He's in over his head.
ALEX: Just give him
a chance, all right?
SCOTT: He has no idea how
to raise a little girl,
let alone deal with
her psychological issues,
and he's deluding himself
if he thinks he does.
ALEX: Oh, and who's
gonna do it, you?
SCOTT: No, I'm not
saying that.
Holly has not spoken
a word since Vicky died.
I don't think any of us are
equipped for this problem.
Oh, now you're just making
the rest of us look lazy.
No judgment on
my part, I promise.
You burning off
your Thanksgiving dinner?
More like working through
I'm the, I'm the one opening
the toy store in town.
Wow, this is a pretty spot.
Yeah, it's nice.
I guess.
Meal that bad?
You have no idea.
Ah, too much of my brothers
can be hazardous to my health.
Thanksgiving hasn't been
much of a celebration
in my family since I was 15,
and my dad didn't make it
back from a business trip.
Mom said that was it.
Since then,
Thanksgiving has
just been another Thursday
until today.
Sorry, I'm dumping
all my baggage on you.
I once told my
whole life story
to a complete stranger on a
four-hour plane ride, so...
Oh, well, guess we better stop,
'cause we'll probably
keep running into
each other.
Yeah, especially since
you have a little girl
and I have a toy store.
Except she's really not
that into toys.
Yeah, okay.
All right.
See you.
MAGGIE: Ever since I was a little girl,
I had this dream
to own not just a toy store,
but to own a place
where the toys live
and the children come to visit
and they never want to leave.
Around every corner or nook,
there is... there's
another surprising toy
or a place to read books.
I designed the whole shop
so it feels like
we're all getting
sprinkled with fairy dust.
It's-it's a place where
children can come to dream.
Uh, Maggie?
They're toys.
Right, of course.
Um, be friendly,
make suggestions
but don't push, okay?
All right, positions,
(doorbell jangles)
It is Black Friday
weekend, right?
(door opening)
Hi. Welcome, hi.
I'm Maggie.
Welcome to my store.
What can I help you find
Do you have a restroom?
Yeah, yes, of course we do.
Of course, it's just
through the blush door.
That looks so good, Holly.
I just wish I hadn't
already eaten on the ferry.
Here you go.
Oh, you're a godsend.
Just wait till you see some of
the things I've picked out.
Some of the cutest outfits.
MARK: I, for one,
am thrilled that Shelby
took the time to buy
you some new clothes.
We got a real pro here.
It could've been pretty ugly if
you were just relying on me.
Yeah, but I would've paid
to see that.
Holly, you're in good hands.
How about... this?
Look at how well the top
goes with the leggings.
It's adorable.
Maybe we should let Holly pick
out some of her own stuff.
No, don't be silly.
She's gonna be gorgeous.
But maybe you're right.
I think we're getting
a little tired.
Well, all the outfits
are really nice,
right, Holly?
She's gonna make
so many friends.
Is it time for her
nap or something?
Maybe you could get
someone to watch her
so that you and I can
do a little shopping?
I really liked meeting
your brothers today.
Now I've got
the whole picture.
I hope I was okay.
Are you kidding me?
You were
a total trouper all day.
Maybe next time,
we'll have time to check it out.
(door bell jangles)
(quiet grunt)
MAGGIE: Don't forget
the fairy wings, okay?
Yuck. No licking.
Sorry, sweetie.
Oh, she's fine.
I'm Shelby.
I don't even know your name.
Oh, um, Maggie.
We met on the ferry.
Um, I'm gonna take
a look around.
Let me know if you
have any questions.
(Olive whines)
Olive must think that
you taste pretty sweet.
Wow, look at that, huh?
Holly likes her.
Well, Holly can come in
and visit Olive
whenever she wants.
Well, now that sounds
like an offer, right?
She's not speaking much
right now.
It's okay.
She doesn't have to talk.
He's cute, huh?
I'm for sure gonna come back
and find some things
for my friends' kids
when I have more time.
Please do.
Uh, sweetie,
we should go if we're
gonna get a bite to eat
before I have to get
on the ferry.
Okay, um, we will come
Well, we'll be here.
Maybe next time, you'll
get them to buy something
instead of just
gawking at him.
I wasn't gawking.
He's married.
You were so gawking.
And that's not his wife,
unless they're both in the
habit of not wearing rings.
Fun day.
Thank you so much
for helping us out today.
My pleasure.
MAN (over P.A.): Now boarding--
the 5:00 ferry to Bellingham.
Now boarding-- the 5:00
ferry to Bellingham.
We're becoming a
textbook case, you know?
We just completed step
What are you
talking about?
Step three towards
a committed relationship.
Number three already?
Did we skip
over one and two?
SHELBY (chuckling):
We fulfilled those
our first month.
So what's number three?
Meeting your family.
Oh, then what's next?
Is this like a
12-Step thing?
There's only five,
and I'm not telling you
what they are
'cause you might not do them.
Well, you let
me know if we do,
because I would hate
to miss anything.
Okay, so you've got
your pencils,
you got your markers.
Alex made you a sandwich
and then some apple
slices for lunch, okay?
Oh, you see,
everything's gonna be okay.
Just try to keep
the chatter down.
All right, here we go.
I'm gonna stay out here
and watch out for punks.
What, like you were,
when you were six?
You need me to come in and
No, you can go home.
this is our new classmate,
Holly Nagle.
Hi, Holly.
Holly just moved
here from Seattle.
I know you'll all make her
feel very, very welcome.
These are words
with the hard "I" sound.
TEACHER & KIDS (reciting):
Are you sure you
don't want me
to drop out of college
and mooch off
you full-time?
Let me think about it.
But I've grown to
love this island.
Well, then you can come visit
us here whenever you want.
You're gonna be so happy
here, aren't you, Olive?
I think she's found her
Kate, no, we had a deal.
Oh, but look at her.
She wants to set
down some doggy roots.
A deal's a deal.
All right.
Olive, hug?
All right,
I feel your love.
I'm gonna miss you so much.
Oh, you're gonna
be good.
You're gonna be great.
You're in charge!
Excuse me, sir. Sir!
Oh, I'm just bringing
my niece her lunch.
You need a pass.
You'll have to come with me.
It's official.
I swear.
Make it quick.
Hey, there.
Thought I'd join you
for lunch.
I'm Holly's Uncle Mark.
So what are your names?
And what's your major?
You're weird.
(phone ringing)
I've got numbers, 21, 16,
17, 19 and 20.
I called in 21.
Hey, again.
Hey. I told you
we'd keep meeting.
You know, I still don't know
your name.
Oh. Mark.
WOMAN: I'm sorry,
I ordered a turkey...
- So what'd you get?
- Tuna on seven-grain.
- You don't have mine, do you?
- Hey, Don, I didn't order egg salad.
- Did you say egg salad?
- Yes, I did.
Okay, who kidnapped
the tuna on seven-grain?
You match the ticket
with the order.
I can't make it any easier
for you, Nathan.
So, you hear anything
about Holly?
She's fine. Why?
She's the new kid.
Yeah, so?
So she's concentrating.
You don't get it, do you?
Ah, no, but of course, you,
always Mr. Popular,
you and Mark.
Me? I wasn't.
I was the new kid every day
of every week, all year long.
So I had to concentrate
on my schoolwork
so I wasn't thinking about the
other kids making fun of me.
You think
she's being made fun of?
Mark texted saying she was
What does he know?
So how was she?
Oh, Holly had
a decent first day.
She's a lovely girl.
She is.
There may be a bit of
an adjustment period
for her, though.
So you let me know
if you'd like me
to put together a list of
local doctors, therapists
who can help her
get through this.
MARK: Yeah, we just got back
from school.
She had a great day.
And the clothes were a big
I'm glad.
Yeah, she's fitting in
really well here.
I think that, uh,
it was the right choice coming here.
I'm happy for you guys.
So Ally and Bill have asked
if we can do dinner
with them next weekend,
before they go out of town
for the holidays.
Do you think you can swing
I can check
what's happening here
and see if I can make it
I'd love it if you could.
We are talking about
an adult night out.
Well, a girl can dare to
dream, can't she?
CARA: It's a new blend;
I think you'll enjoy it.
Holly...? Holly!
What's going on?
- Have you seen Holly?
- No.
Shelby, I gotta go.
Well, no-- hey, wait a
- I'll check the bathroom?
- Yeah.
Did you guys see a little
girl walk out of here?
- Uh, no.
- Mm-mm.
Mark, she's not in there.
Have you seen a little
Hey, you seen a little
(car tires screech)
There you are.
I was wondering
about you.
Honey, you can't
ever, ever do
that to me.
I'm sorry.
I didn't know
where she was.
Kids can wander off.
You could have been hurt.
Anything could have
happened to you.
Right, but it didn't, right?
Here, let me show you
something-- come here.
This is a very special
little house.
Did you know that?
'Cause there's a fairy
that lives inside of it.
Now, I've only seen
a glimpse of her wings.
I don't know her name yet,
but I do know that she's
watching over my shop
when I put my store
to bed at night.
And sometimes,
if I sit very quietly,
I can feel
that she's here.
She's very special to me.
But I might be persuaded
to share her with you,
you know, if you'd like.
What do you think?
What an offer.
I think Holly
would love that.
Let me show you
something else.
Come here.
Do you see that?
Wow... I never thought I'd see
this wall color in my house.
Kind of reminds me
of Vicky.
Remember that pink
room of hers?
Hey, I-I really appreciate
you letting us crash here.
We could put cubbies
right here, for her stuff.
Look at us-- we should be
out having a good time.
Oh, that-that reminds me.
Uh, Shelby wants me
to come see her
next weekend in Seattle.
Great. Go.
You sure?
Yeah. Alex and I are here.
What are we talking,
20 hours max?
Nine of them
she'll be asleep?
That makes me feel real
Come on.
What are you gonna do,
be a monk until she's 18?
Give me a break.
You ever think that maybe this
arrangement isn't good for you
- or Holly?
- Scott, just stop.
No, I'm just saying
that maybe you should
reconsider, for her sake.
And give her to who?
I mean, let's face it,
you're still a kid.
Why you want to take on
this burden is beyond me.
You know, maybe that's why
Vicky chose me.
What do you mean?
'Cause I don't see
Holly as a burden.
Oh, come on,
that is not what I meant.
What'd you mean, Scott?!
(computer beeping)
I'm fine.
It's only been a few days.
I know.
I'm just checking in, that's all.
Who put you up to it-- Mom?
Well, yes.
And Dad.
But they mean well.
What do they want to know?
I'm eating, I'm sleeping,
I'm doing fine.
The customers are
coming in.
Yeah. Have you met
any new people? Friends?
Come on, Katie, I have a lot
riding on this business.
You still need to meet people.
It's time.
Beyond time, actually.
'Cause I've got some bad
I saw Tim.
He's engaged.
But it's fine,
You've got a business to
You know, it's been six
I don't care.
Good for him.
And I know the next guy's
gonna be different.
I can't think about guys
right now.
Well, guy or no guy,
you need to get out.
And stop eating frozen
(gentle melody playing)
Where you been hiding?
I've been working
on the house.
He's sounding good.
CARA: He'll be glad
you came to see him.
Yeah. I wouldn't miss it.
Hey. Could I order
some food, please?
Sure. Here's a menu.
You're pretty much
out of luck
if you want anything not
fried or in a bun.
Chef's salad?
Carl. Burger.
You got it.
Hold your special sauce.
You're Maggie, right?
Island living.
Gossip here has nowhere
to go but in circles.
I'm Cara. Hi.
This is Scott,
my business partner's
Mark and Cara own
T.A.N. Coffeehouse.
Does he have a daughter
named Holly?
Holly's our niece.
Mark's her guardian.
He's more than that.
Well, she seems very sweet.
Doesn't talk much, though,
No, she doesn't talk at all.
She's been through a lot.
CARA: Well,
I think Mark bringing her here
is a good thing.
We'll see.
You want to join us?
The-the guy on the guitar
is my step-brother.
I'm here for moral support.
Sure. Thanks.
You should come on in.
It's a great spot.
I think I see a crawfish.
You should come on
in and look.
It looks like a little
No. Good idea. You stay
Wouldn't want you to lose
one of your toes, right?
You know, I'm gonna be
moving to Maine soon,
to study American lobsters'
symbiotic relationship
with gram negative bacteria.
Look at you.
Come here...
Good boy.
Hold out your hand.
Oh, wouldn't you
like to hold...
Stanley the Starfish?
He's super spongy.
Hold out your hand.
Here he comes.
Here he comes...
It's smooth,
with notes of chocolate.
I like it.
I like the tamarind aroma.
Yeah, we're really excited
about this Ethiopian blend.
I brought you
a couple pounds.
Let me know what
the response is
from your customers.
Will do.
Thanks, Mark.
Thank you, Don.
No Olive?
Being babysat by
one of my employees.
Where's Holly?
Being babysat by my
Hey, we're free.
(anxious laugh)
Uh... I called in
an order under "Maggie":
six glazed, four sugars,
and two cream.
They're not all for me.
They're for my staff.
They're teenagers.
Mm-hmm. Sure.
You can have one, though, if you want.
No! Never touch 'em.
Not since my brothers
bet me ten bucks
that I couldn't eat a dozen.
Oof. Got totally sick.
That was two days ago.
I'm kidding.
It was when I was 12.
Oh. Thanks.
I had the same thing
happen with caramel corn.
it wasn't with donuts...
those are my favorite.
Here you go.
Keep the change.
Are you sure those
aren't all for you?
You know, it's only right
that you come by my store.
And I will.
Except I don't like coffee.
What?! I gave it up.
It's not good for you.
It's practically
a health tonic.
It's loaded with antioxidants
and phytochemicals...
That's not true, is it?
Well, most people drink it
for the caffeine,
but "it's healthy" sounds better.
Tell you what.
Let me make you a cup of
my best before you judge.
Maybe. Sometime.
But, you know, it's...
it's just not my thing.
Okay, then.
What's your "thing"?
I don't have a thing.
Oh, come on.
Everybody has a thing.
A thing?
A thing... okay,
I, uh, I own a toy store.
I make a mean risotto.
I can Irish step-dance.
First place, Pacific Northwest
Dance Championships, 1996.
Wait, you... are you saying
like... River Dancing?
Yeah. I smoked those
other 12-year-olds.
Get out of here!
Nobody River Dances,
except maybe in Ireland.
(lively Irish
folk music playing)
Oh! Ow.
(groans, laughs)
You okay?
Yeah, it's been a few years.
Are you okay?
Yeah, I gotta go now. Thanks.
You may want to
put some ice on that.
(squawking ringtone plays)
Hey. Dr. Peterson.
But th-that...
that's the subject
of the entire dissertation,
I-I don't know how...
I-I will, um...
Okay. Uh, bye.
Smells good. Burgers?
Holly! Dinner!
We're having
eggplant parmesan.
What do I look like,
a short-order cook?
The, uh, little one's
on her way down.
Did I hear we're having
We're having eggplant
I lost a grant.
Eat it.
I'm sorry.
It's years of thesis work...
What does... what does
that mean, though?
You're not giving up, are
I don't know what I'm gonna
Maybe I can... expand my
or shift my focus, and...
apply somewhere else.
Well, you're too smart to let
something like that stop you.
Wow, that is fantastic.
No, really,
that is really good.
You guys want anything to drink?
Hey, guys.
You gotta see this.
"Chocolate milk."
"Mac and cheese."
And... carrots.
Does this count
as verbal communication?
I'd say so.
SHELBY (laughing): Okay,
so we're racing down the mountain,
and I wasn't about to
let her win.
I mean, you know me.
I swear, I practically
rode my snowmobile
right off the mountain.
(cell phone ringing)
(Shelby laughing)
I'm so sorry.
Please excuse me one second.
Hey, Alex, what's up?
Is everything okay?
No, no, no, no.
Don't apologize.
You did the right
thing calling.
Uh, look, can I
call you right back?
What's wrong?
Holly got sick.
She's got a fever.
Oh... she'll be fine.
Don't worry.
This is good.
This gives her an opportunity to
get to know her uncles better,
and it gives them
some experience.
ALLISON: It's always hardest
with the first one.
You're scared every time
they get a fever.
Kids are resilient.
Like you would know.
Well, I think it's sweet
that he's so concerned
about her.
Isn't he gonna be
a good father some day?
You know, I think I have to
Um, Ally, Bill,
would you excuse us?
Listen, I'm not
trying to frame this
as a "choose between me
or Holly" thing,
but she'll be fine
without you.
And I won't.
There's nothing
you can do for her
that your brothers
can't manage.
I know, but...
I want to be the one
doing it for her.
And there's no way
I could have a good time
tonight, knowing that
my kid is home sick.
But Holly's not even
your own kid.
I didn't mean it
to sound like that.
Shelby... she is mine.
And she's my responsibility.
So I'm not gonna be number
Not ever.
That's what you're saying.
I'm sorry.
I think you're right.
And you deserve
to be number one.
I just can't do it.
You should go.
I guess I should.
Guys, I'm here!
I was helping her
with her homework,
and she suddenly got sick.
Hey, darlin'.
SCOTT: You didn't have
to come back, you know.
I had it under control.
I know.
But I wanted to be here.
Her fever was down,
and then it spiked
about a half hour ago.
Here, let's sit
you up a bit.
There you go.
Could you grab
a cold, wet washcloth?
Is your tummy upset?
Could you grab a bucket?
gonna be okay.
I'm here now.
You're my girl.
He saw her standing
through the window pane
She looked like yesterday
He saw her leaving him
She's the one who got away
She's the one
who got away...
I just ordered some food.
Oh, great. I hope it's
something terrible for us.
What do you think of
the guitar player?
He's cute.
I don't know if you're seeing anyone,
'cause he's available.
No pressure.
Oh, that's okay.
So... what's your story?
I grew up on this island.
What's your excuse?
I spent my summers here
as a kid.
Always loved it.
I grew up, worked in the
But secretly, my dream was
always to open a store here.
I came really close
to giving that dream up.
But, uh, thankfully,
here I am.
It's a great town.
Great people.
Yeah, everyone seems
really nice.
I'm glad you feel that way,
'cause you're gonna
keep running into them.
It's already happened.
I run into your business partner Mark,
all the time.
I totally embarrassed myself
in front of him the other day.
Yeah, I did a slip jig
off the curb
in front of my store.
Irish Dance?
River Dance?
Michael Flatley?
No, awful.
No, amazing, I've always wanted
to learn how to do that.
You've got to show me.
Oh, no, I don't think so.
Oh, come on!
You will. You will!
(music ends, applause)
Hey Jimmy,
play something Irish.
(applause, lively Irish
folk melody begins)
Come on, Maggie,
let's dance!
Five minutes, okay?
You've got homework to do,
and I've got coffee work.
Hurry up.
Giving a fairy a home,
it's just the first step.
If you name her,
she'll fall in
love with you,
and she'll watch
over you forever.
So, I was thinking,
maybe you can help me
come up with a name for her,
'cause I don't
want her to leave.
And... with a name,
I know she'll stay.
is my wish.
It's yours.
Thank you, Maggie.
Holly, we have to go.
I've got to get to the shop.
(door opens, bell jangles)
You want to call her that?
That's perfect.
The fairy will love that.
Great, I will send you the
as soon as I crunch
the numbers tonight.
All right, go put
your stuff away
and get washed up for
I appreciate you
considering me for the job.
I'm cooking!
Get in here.
Holly's speaking.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, don't
make a big deal of it.
Just relax. Keep calm.
- Hey...!
- Come on!
- Hey, hey, hey!
- Out of my way!
So, big news like talking
and you don't talk about it?
You can talk to me.
Guys, give her a break.
Come on, Holly,
tell us who your
favorite uncle is.
- What? No.
- No, no. It's all right.
You can say it.
They can take it.
Uncle Alex.
- Yes!
- What?
(yelling, whooping)
(TV playing indistinctly)
(turns off TV)
I love you.
(bell jangles)
For you.
For you getting Holly to
And because I'm worried
about your health.
She was ready to speak.
It really is great coffee.
Modesty not included.
Thank you.
I know a local spot that keeps
its kitchen open really late.
I could swing by tomorrow,
after we both close,
and pick you up.
(quiet laugh)
(clears throat)
Tomorrow, then.
My sister was cool.
She moved away from here
as soon as she could.
Seattle was
so much better for her.
The music, the arts.
That was really her thing.
She dated a few guys.
Then, one day,
I get this phone call.
She says, "I'm pregnant."
Where was the dad?
I'm not sure
she ever told him.
When I asked,
she said that, you know,
it was better
if he wasn't involved.
That was brave.
But she insisted
she could do it alone.
Looks like she did a good
She was awesome.
And after Holly was born,
she asked me
if she could list me
as Holly's guardian.
I didn't know anything
about raising a kid.
She said you just start
by loving her,
and the rest will follow.
So I agreed.
It wasn't like
anything was gonna happen.
Victoria wasn't ever going to
need me for anything like that.
Until she did.
Like Holly's fairy?
I'm so sorry.
I didn't mean
to bring the mood down.
You're better than
what I have at home.
I mean, Olive isn't exactly
a fine conversationalist.
Well, in that case,
maybe it's you.
Yeah. (laughs)
Maybe I need to get out more.
Oh, that shouldn't be a problem.
It's not like you're starting
a business from scratch,
or anything that takes up
all of your time.
you've got the commitment
and the passion.
That's what it takes.
Thank you.
I mean, when I resigned,
my coworkers thought that
I'd gone off the deep end,
going into retail alone,
this is where I'm meant to
Dancing down Spring Street.
Um, dessert.
I whipped up something
especially for you.
Your usual order.
Thanks for dinner.
That was...
You make me laugh.
And cry
and dance...
Yeah, there was that.
Uh, Mark...
I like you,
but what's going on here?
Um, well...
I don't know.
I guess I was hoping that...
I really like you, too.
I'm sorry.
I'm just not into stealing
other girl's guys.
I don't think
Holly would mind.
Shelby might.
Shelby? That's-that's over.
Uh, she didn't know
how to adjust to my life
the way it is right now.
I'm a dad.
Yeah, I can see how that
might put a damper on things.
Because it always
has to be about Holly.
Oh, um...
I enjoyed spending time with
you tonight, regardless.
Thanks for having
dinner with me.
Of course.
The First Noel...
(imitates airplane engine)
The angels did say...
I've got the perfect spot for that.
How about up there? Oh!
How's the air up there, huh?
Good, Uncle Scott.
Are we going to my
home for Christmas?
Ooh, that's a question
for Uncle Mark.
Well, we're gonna stay
here for Christmas
so we can spend it
with your uncles.
But my decorations
are at my home.
Well, I can certainly
make sure that they
find their way here.
Besides, wherever
you and I are together...
that's home.
But what if my mommy comes?
That was so deep
Noel, Noel...
Noel, Noel...
Your mom... she can't be
the way you and I are here.
she's inside of you.
And me.
And Uncle Scott...
Uncle Alex?
And whenever
we think about her...
...she's thinking about us.
She must think
about me all the time.
I know she does.
Noel, Noel...
(phone rings)
Hey, big sis!
I know I'm not supposed to
be harassing you, but, um,
what's going on?
Will you take...
thank you. (laughs)
After my last pep talk,
that's the best you could do?
I had a date.
Who was it?
Mark, the dad.
I told you he wasn't
(laughs) Right.
Oh, no.
He was interested...
but I basically shut him
Go ahead.
Say it.
You shut him down?
Pretty much-- I said
that I think he misinterpreted, but...
you know what?
I think it might be
for the best.
Maybe it's for the best?
Maggie, are you kidding me?
You know, maybe
I'm not ready yet.
Maggie, listen to me.
is ready.
He's moved on.
You can't just
close up shop forever.
Don't let Tim win,
especially if you've got
Hot Dad hot for you.
(gulls keening in distance)
Ooh, it's really hard
coming back to Vicky's
How's that
sand castle looking, Holly?
(text alert ooh-gahs)
I just got a new grant.
I just got
a new grant!
sort of like a job.
Look, right here in Puget Sound,
that's really close by.
Are you going to be able
to stay in your room?
Well, do you think
you could put in a good word
with Uncle Scott for me?
Then, yeah.
I got a grant!
Oh, yeah!
Wow, I do not
recall that.
Why don't I remember that
picture being taken?
I don't know.
You remember the day she told
us she was gonna move here?
Yeah, I was 11.
Yeah, well,
she was what-- 19?
She was a kid.
And Dad-- total meltdown, right?
(laughing): Yeah.
(sighs happily)
She loved Seattle.
I think the only reason
she stayed on the island
as long as she did
was for you.
She adored you.
I begged her not to go.
She promised she'd
always come back for me.
She'd always...
be there for me.
She lit up around you.
You were the baby,
the favorite.
Yeah, well...
she wouldn't be too happy
with me right now.
Are you serious?
I've taken Holly away
from everything she knows.
Away from her life here,
Vicky would not be happy about that.
Vicky knew you would never
move away from the island.
Your business is there,
your friends, your home.
I'm sure Vicky knew
that if anything...
ever happened to her...
you would take Holly
to Friday Harbor.
I just don't want
to mess this up.
You're doing a great job.
Vicky made the right
choice in picking you.
(pats Mark's back)
we'll pick the rest
of this stuff up
after the holidays, okay?
(people cheering,
lilting holiday music playing)
I believe that there's a toy
for every little girl and boy
I believe it, I believe it
And when Christmas
comes around
All of the children
jump for joy
All because of
Mr. Santa Claus
Hello, Santa,
Hello, Santa...
(ship's horn blows)
(cheering, whooping)
When you're hanging up
your stocking
Make a wish
and say a prayer
It will happen,
It will happen...
Can you put me
on your shoulders?
When you wake up
Christmas morning
All your wishes
will be there
All because of...
Come here.
...Mr. Santa Claus!
So it's true--
Alex is your favorite.
He's my favorite uncle.
So is Uncle Scott.
do you think
you could be my dad?
Of course I can,
I'll be right back.
We just can't seem to stop
bumping into each other, can we?
This time I was
looking for you.
Well, you found me.
I think maybe you misunderstood
me the other night.
No, I think I got it.
You're a dad.
And yes, there are some
who aren't ready
for that, but...
Yeah, I got that.
No, there are some...
well, there's one...
who wouldn't mind that at
Especially if the kid is
I just...
I'm really hoping that,
maybe sometime,
you might want to have
some doughnuts with me.
Yeah, I-I would like that.
Do you think we could make
it doughnuts and coffee?
Yeah... (laughs)
Holly, check this out.
That's your mom
and the three of us
together when we were kids.
See how much
you look like her?
You still look
the same.
You act the same.
And I need to
work on that.
I've got an announcement.
As you know,
my grant was rejected,
so I won't be going
to Maine.
But I've just received word
that my revised proposal
was accepted right here
in Washington.
I was wondering if
I might be able to continue
to rent a room from you.
You, long-term,
with those molds?
(groans quietly)
I couldn't turn
you down before.
However, I have one rule.
As long as you can put up
with me, you've got a home.
Now you...
(giggles) can stay
here forever.
Well, it won't be
as long as Alex.
For however long
you need to hang.
(door opens)
Ho, ho, ho.
Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas.
Olive dressed up for
Yes, she did.
And we have a surprise outside for you,
Your jacket!
Put on a jacket.
Hey, come back here,
young lady.
(Olive barks)
MAGGIE: Come on... come on!
Do you think she's here?
Oh, I know she is.
If we look really close we
might see her inside, right?
That's right.
Can I keep her?
She's yours.
Uncle Scott! Uncle Alex!
I get to keep her!
That's great.
(Olive groans)
(Maggie and Mark laugh)
(Holly laughs)