Chronicle Mysteries: Helped to Death (2021) Movie Script

Kendall, hey.
What are you doing up here?
Where's Chuck?
He's already left for the
Matthews Brothers' rafting trip.
Oh, no.
That is on my to-do list
for Miles to find a temp.
I'm so sorry, do you mind
hanging out for a little bit?
- Of course.
- Thank you.
Harrington Chronicle.
You want space on page one
for a party?
It's the biggest fundraiser
of the year
besides the Founders' Ball.
There will be gowns.
I mean, she's making
a good point.
When you put it that way,
just promise me I don't have
to go to this thing.
You would only slow me down.
Hi, can I help you?
No. Well, kind of.
That's my job, I think.
You are?
Oh, Zach Warren.
My Uncle Chuck said you guys
needed help.
Chuck sent you?
Zach Warren.
Nice to meet you.
I'm Alex McPherson,
this is Kendall.
Of course.
Drew Godfrey.
I knew that.
You did?
Oh chief, Uncle Chuck talks
about you guys all the time.
Well, welcome.
Yeah. Thank you.
Oh, I printed off a resume
just in case
anyone needed it
on actual paper.
Oh. Well, there is the one guy.
Thank you.
I see you are getting
a graduate degree
in communications.
With a concentration in creating
brands in media.
Your podcast by the way?
I am a huge fan.
Thank you.
I mean, I've already broken down
all the episodes,
and there is so much potential
for even more cross-platforming
between the paper and a few
other elements.
I mean, we could really...
but I haven't finished writing
that yet, so I'll wait.
I want to learn everything, and
I am not afraid of hard work.
And that is three rings now.
Is it...
Oh, it's... yeah.
Harrington Chronicle.
I'll see if he's in.
Is Mr. Lewiston here?
He's out of town.
I will take a message.
Miles is with your Aunt Tess,
Every year.
Ever since Aunt Tess
moved to Maine.
They have an annual tradition.
You're hired.
Can you start right now?
Oh, I am so sorry.
See, I thought the start date
was Monday,
and I'm actually heading out
to this thing tonight,
and it's an incredible offer.
Maximizing my innate potential.
Oh, I'll show you.
Here, take a look.
Zach: The theme of this
weekend's retreat
is to enhance your
executive functioning.
Centering you.
There's going to be
this obstacle course
and I've already paid
so it'd be really hard to-
Listen, it's okay.
You could just start
on Monday how about?
It's just I... I don't want
you to think
that I really don't appreciate
this offer.
It's okay, Zach.
Monday is fine.
Okay then. I will see you
on Monday, boss and chief.
Eileen Bruce,
local commentary.
That's exactly what it is.
Thank you.
I cannot wait to talk content
distribution with you.
This looks like something motivational.
Yeah, I think the last thing
that kid needs
is more motivation.
That's probably true.
Billy Garrett, where do I know
that name from?
I don't know.
Where are you going?
I'm off to City Hall, and then
teach my journalism class.
What about you?
Well actually I'm going
to do some research.
But then I'm going to Sperling
University later
for a potential case
for the podcast.
Okay, bye.
Yeah, yeah, bye.
How are those two
not a thing yet?
So slow.
Five years ago, life
coach and author Billy Garrett
charged and convicted
of negligent homicide
in the death of Roy Larson
on an endurance hike.
Garrett refused to help
when Roy was begging for it,
telling him to tough it out
until it was too late.
Garrett served three years
in prison
and his multi-million dollar
self-help empire evaporated.
Billy was released earlier this
year and says he's learned a lot
since that weekend
and he's starting over.
Blue moth fungus.
- Hey!
- Hey!
Oh, it's raining.
Here, let me get you.
Thank you.
Um, did your class run late?
Oh... I had some
student conferences
and then some midterm
project stuff.
But yeah, how did
your meeting go?
It's not enough
for a podcast.
Hey look, I didn't get lunch.
Are you hungry?
We could go grab a bite.
We'll be the oldest
people there,
but the food's really good.
- This way.
- Sure.
And Billy Garrett
has a rap sheet.
Do you think Zach
knows that?
You found that out online,
Then he definitely found
that out online
because he's a millennial
and they look up everything.
I feel like all we talk about
are the kids these days.
I like this place.
It's nice being on a campus,
the energy, the enthusiasm,
and all the big ideas.
What were yours?
I wanted to organize the world,
help it run more smoothly.
I don't know.
I didn't really find my passion
until now.
The podcast.
- Yeah no, I knew what you meant.
- Yeah.
You just meet someone like Zach
and it's amazing the way he
wants to take over the world.
Well, once he maximizes
his potential.
Zach: So it's this one?
Man: Yup.
Zach: Thanks.
Hey roomie.
Zach, right?
Daniel Brandt.
First time?
Yeah, you?
I'm an old hand.
Anything you need,
any questions, just ask.
Thanks man.
I'm super excited
to get started.
I hope I haven't
missed anything.
Uh, they gave me this
when I checked in.
Immune boost?
No, don't.
The original's much better.
Only take these, okay?
You can keep em.
You're welcome.
Kendall, where's Zach?
I'm really excited to hear about
his weekend.
He didn't show up.
Zach left a message.
He's staying at the retreat.
He left a message?
Voicemail: Hey, it's Zach.
It's a group phone
so I gotta be quick.
Look, I will totally make it up
to you when I'm back.
I mean, double hours,
triple hours.
But I'm staying up here
for the next week.
It's an offer I just
couldn't refuse.
But totally my choice.
My empowerment.
Uh, yeah, okay, uh...
I gotta go.
See you guys soon.
You heard that and you thought
it was okay?
Not sure it's any
of our business.
He's a grown up.
He's 22. That is only
10 more than 12.
This Billy Garrett is trying
to rebuild his self-help empire.
He's got these
motivational seminars
and he mixes it with extreme
physical endurance.
Well, Zach did say
it was his choice.
But it sounded weird.
I agree.
I don't know, it just sounded
like jargon.
You know what those workshops
are like.
Wondered if you wanted to...
You're going to the retreat,
aren't you?
I promise that I will not
embarrass Zach, okay?
But I've started doing some
research on this Billy Garrett.
I'm telling you, this is
his big comeback.
What if he hasn't learned
his lesson?
And you're going to find
this out how?
I'm not going to just
show up there being nosy.
They know I'm a podcaster,
that I'm coming to do a story.
I get to ask all the questions.
They want the publicity.
They're going to be expecting
puffball questions.
Well, I'll find a way
to work it carefully.
Maybe it just turns out to be
a feel-good story
about redemption, right?
You'll hold down the fort
without me?
I'll try.
Just be low-key nosey,
all right?
Low key?
Of course. Always.
Here's a harvest salad
from Theo's.
Oh, thank you.
Tell me you added steak.
That's protein.
That's grain protein.
It's rice without the courage
of its convictions.
Is this all about the retreat
Zach's on?
Yeah, actually.
Alex did some preliminary
research on Billy Garrett.
He actually did some time
for negligent homicide.
Someone at one of
his retreats died.
Should I try
and contact Chuck?
No, no, no, no.
Alex is there.
She thinks that they're going
to open up to her,
you know, for the publicity
that the podcast will bring.
Maybe you should go up
there too, Dad.
Just in case she needs backup.
Ah, Miss McPherson.
Hi. Alex, please.
I'm Billy Garrett.
This is my lovely wife, Ivy.
Oh, so happy
to have you here.
Thank you.
You have incredible timing, Alex.
Week one went terrific,
and our weekend intensive
was an absolute success.
In fact, it went so well
we have multiple guests
extended into week two.
Billy: You are going to be
very impressed
with what you see here.
Um, so, we have you
all checked in.
All we need to do is...
Uh, everyone, could I have
your attention please?
This is Alex McPherson.
She is here to experience
our new retreat
and talk about it on
her podcast, "Recovered".
Which I'm sure you all know.
Now you're all invited
to do interviews,
to... to give your impressions, whatever.
Now it's obviously
not a prerequisite,
but is my invitation to,
to not hold back.
We really would love Alex
to see the big picture
of what we do here.
Oh, thank you.
Thank you so much.
Listen, just come find me
any time to talk.
Um, Alex.
I'm just going to greet
some of the new guests
and Ivy will give you the tour.
Thank you.
Alex, we are so happy to have
you for the relaunch.
Do you mind, I'm sorry.
Can I record our conversation?
Of course, not a problem.
Thank you so much.
So, this is the main hall.
All of the meals
are served here
and this is where we gather
if it rains.
And you saw the fire circle
on your way in.
We meet there every night, and...
Our spa tents.
They have massage, acupressure,
an array of treatments.
And our therapist is a licensed
nurse practitioner.
That's smart after...
what happened.
Mm-hmm, and we have horses to
help you commune with nature,
and an obstacle course
to test your physicality,
and our artistic imaging tent
is fully stocked
with everything you need
to create a physical embodiment
of your vision
Let's go this way.
And we have your tent down here
at the end
where it's more quiet.
We want to make sure that
our clients are comfortable
in their downtime.
You'll be stretching yourself
the rest of the time.
You're very excited,
aren't you, Ivy?
We've been planning this
for months.
Billy didn't want to step out
until he was absolutely sure
that he'd incorporated everything
that we'd learned from...
Last time.
Were you with him then?
Since I was 19.
Billy's probably the only reason
I'm still alive.
I was a mess when we met
and Billy could see the shape
of the person I could become,
and he didn't let go
until I believed it myself.
He was only 25 then.
He's always been gifted.
Oh. I have to finish checking
people in,
but I'll let you get settled
and I'll give you the rest of
the tour later or tomorrow?
Yeah. Whenever works best
for you.
Well, we are in service
to all of our clients here.
That's what we're all about.
So, just give me a shout
if you need anything.
Yeah, thanks.
You're welcome.
Yeah, there's a great path
up here I want to show you.
Right. I've been meaning
to catch that.
Yeah, it's great.
What are you...
You're firing me.
No. No, definitely not.
That's not why I'm here.
Then why... You're doing
the retreat!
Yeah, kind of.
I... I'm recording
for "Recovered".
No kidding.
That's so exciting.
Maybe we could...
This is my roommate, Daniel.
This is Alex.
You're the podcaster.
I'd love to talk to you
about your experience here.
Yeah, yeah I got a story.
We'll see if you're
the right venue for it.
Yeah. He's a little intense,
but, uh, he's a good guy.
Are you having a good time?
Oh, it's the best,
it's so...
Come on kid, let's go.
Well, we're going hiking.
I'll see you later?
Yeah. Have fun.
Alex McPherson.
Are you here for
the retreat as well?
How did you end up here?
Oh, one of my students
told me about it.
You teach at Sperling
That's right.
Drew Godfrey.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Ivy. Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you too.
Ivy: Drew, do you have
any electronics?
Drew: Yes, I have a cell phone
and a laptop.
You're going to have to bring
those over to Kurt
in the office.
No electronics?
We made an exception
for your recorder,
but, yes, everything else
you're going to have to bring
to the office.
It's the only locked place
in the camp
and it's perfectly safe.
That's great.
We are here to block
out distractions.
Drew: That's good.
I'm more of a pen and paper
man myself, so it's all good.
Ivy: Oh, lovely.
And here you are.
Oh, that looks like
it's near me.
I can show you the way.
Thanks Alex.
Of course.
The look on your face, twice.
Seeing you?
Yeah, and taking the screens.
Yeah. At least they're letting
me keep my recorder.
So, you're here.
You know, my instincts
and Kendall told me
that I should be here,
and I just decided to trust
my own advice.
And here you are.
Oh, number three, all right.
So have you...
have you seen Zach?
Uh, yeah. I feel a little silly.
He seems fine, but...
But they are taking
our electronics.
And any chance of communicating
with the outside world.
Kurt: Is there a problem?
- Um...
- No.
Look, the rules are here
for your benefit and growth,
and they are non-negotiable.
If either of you have a problem
with that,
you're welcome to leave now.
Um, I don't have an issue
with it,
I just hadn't read the fine
print, I'm sorry.
Kurt Hardy.
Alex McPherson.
Drew Godfrey.
Look, this is... it's just
a really big relaunch for us
and we want everyone to partake
in the full rich experience.
Yeah no, that's fine.
I'm actually happy to untie
myself from all technology.
Well, you know what?
You'll be surprised
what you get
when you can be... truly still.
Anyways, I will be up
in my office
when you guys are ready to check
in your things.
Both: Great.
Kurt: Enjoy your stay.
Wow, he seems fun.
It's like a motivational timeshare.
I guess they do
need investors.
They make so much money
with their online sessions,
but, I guess, they cost a lot
to produce, too.
Drew: "Hold the vision.
"If you can see it,
you can create it."
This is their blue moth fungus.
I read about it on the website.
Well, yeah, it's blue
moth fungus.
Right. I was thinking
the same thing.
No wonder they don't advertise
the price on the website.
He doesn't know that
he doesn't know you.
You go. I'll distract him.
Zach, right?
Right. I've seen you around
the Communications Department
at Sperling.
Drew Godfrey.
It's so good to see you here.
You got it?
Not really.
Right this way, actually.
Yeah. Follow me.
It's okay, I'll explain.
Shh. Don't look back.
Well, I think we have-
Hi. I'm Alex.
So we heard.
Marianne Carpenter.
Nice to meet you.
Jack Carpenter.
Is this your first retreat?
No. We're regulars.
Billy saved Jack's life.
Wow. That sounds like
quite a story.
Would you be comfortable
being on my podcast?
I have my recorder right here.
I was 50 pounds overweight,
heart condition,
high blood pressure, in
and out of the hospital.
Felt like a death sentence
at 45.
The doctors didn't have
much hope.
Jack wanted to give up.
Marianne brought me to retreat
and Billy really spoke to me.
Dusted myself off
and got to work.
Look at him now.
It's the best shape
of his life.
Looking forward.
And our investment business
is thriving again.
Thanks to our new partner.
We met Daniel Brandt
four years ago at a retreat,
and he came in to the business
as a partner.
Marianne: He's brought in
a lot of clients
in the socially responsible
investment field.
He's a brilliant analyst.
Well, I look forward to
interviewing him as well.
Well, he's very approachable.
Um, everybody.
For all of you
just joining us,
welcome to our retreat
for rebirth.
Billy: Now we're going
to be knocking down
all your internal blocks
and resistance
to achieving your goals.
We'll wake up every morning
to reflection, meditation,
sometimes I'll even talk.
And then you'll have
a physical challenge
where you birth
your new resolve.
You manifest it
in your body.
How do you manifest it in
your body if you're not healthy?
If you're pushing it
to even be here?
Well, I've learned a lot
from my past mistakes.
And you're ready
to make new ones?
Well, that's the secret.
We all make mistakes.
It's about what you do
with them.
You're my biggest fan,
I love you.
Thank you.
Just the one phone
and the laptop?
Yeah. Trust me,
we hate it too.
We usually keep it
locked up,
but we've had reports of bears
in the area.
So just a safety measure.
So are you a part of
this Billy Garrett Inc.?
Yes sir. CFO of
all the programs.
And I spearhead the drive
for the new permanent retreat
center we're creating.
You probably saw the model of it
in the hall.
Great opportunity
for early investors.
All right, everyone
warmed up?
All right.
Hike's about to start.
Billy: Okay, everyone.
Today's challenge is our hike.
I'm not going to lie, people.
It is a tough one.
So you're going to have
to set your own pace.
So you tell me the level
that you want to go to,
and I will do my best
to keep up.
What do you say?
Hey, is this yours?
Uh yeah, thanks.
Keys to the kingdom.
It's very unique.
I like recycled things.
- Multipurpose.
- Huh.
I'm going to see if Jack's ready
for the hike.
Um, these retreats have been
so great for both of you, huh?
What do you mean?
The Carpenters told me that you
joined their business?
Yeah, I did.
Saved it, really.
Would today be a good day
for us to talk?
You said yesterday that you have
more to the story.
That was, that was reckless.
I really want to get
the full picture.
Billy: Okay everyone,
let's move out.
Catch up with you later.
How you doing?
Oh, wish I was on a horse
right now.
That's a good idea.
Let's sign up for that one
next time.
This is great, isn't it?
- Yes.
- Yeah.
So exhilarating.
- Oh.
- Yeah.
I'll take some of that,
thank you.
All right. That's two
minutes people.
Billy: We've got five miles
left. Let's go.
Five miles.
Hey, has anyone
seen Daniel?
Uh... I saw him down
the path.
He sort of like, peeled off.
I think he just had to go.
Okay everyone.
It's okay if you need to stop,
you just need to let one of us
know first, okay?
Billy: Hey Daniel!
Alex: What was that?
Billy: No!
Sheriff: Tell me exactly
what you remember.
Well, he, uh... Daniel was,
was tired earlier.
I was concerned about him.
I told him to slow down,
to pace himself.
So we stopped
to take a break.
That's the last anyone saw him
before this.
- Ok?
- Yeah.
Billy: Can I go now?
I need to get my people
back to camp.
Sheriff: Sure. I will meet you
back there
and get a full statement
from everyone.
- You ok?
- Yeah.
We'll get everyone down.
Alright. Everyone needs
to leave here, please.
Go ahead. We'll meet you
back there.
Let's go everyone.
Thank you.
Kurt: Please watch your step.
Ivy: Right this way.
Billy: Thank you.
Thank you.
Yep. Thanks so much.
Rough fall.
I'm going to have to ask
the both of you
to clear out of here.
We have to protect the area.
Alex: When we got up here
we noticed that strange spiral
carving on the tree.
Sheriff: Yeah, it's probably
a trail marker.
Please back up.
Both of you, let's go.
Yeah, it's just I... I noticed
a fresh boot print here.
You might want to take a look
at the rest of this area.
It got pretty messy.
Go back to the camp. I'll take
your statements later.
Over by that rock.
Thank you.
Uh, everyone.
Billy: Can I have your
attention please?
Uh, we suffered a huge
loss today.
Daniel was a real striver.
He spent his life making
the world better,
and his passing will leave
a big space.
Now I know that some of you
have doubts about continuing on,
and frankly, we do too.
But it is starting to get dark
and I think it may be too late
for you guys to travel
back tonight.
So why don't we just
sleep on it
and see where we are
in the morning, okay?
I thank you all
for your patience.
Okay everyone, please follow me
back to the camp.
Right this way.
Kurt: Thanks guys.
It could have been an accident.
Do you really think so?
It's a stretch, but...
Hey. Here you go.
You know what I could-
I know exactly what
you could use.
I have it right here
and it's called paper.
You love this,
don't you?
Drew: I do love this.
Looks like you have a podcast
for real now.
Hey. Are you okay?
Uh... Yeah.
I just, uh, I never met someone
who died like two days later.
It's weird.
I mean, we kind of bonded.
He was doing good in the world,
you know?
He turned his whole business
into helping ethically,
socially conscious companies
get funded and stay afloat.
That's never easy.
No kidding.
Did Daniel say something
to you last night,
after that incident with Billy
at the fire circle?
He mumbled something about
getting too close to the flame,
but then he laughed.
I mean, he was super chill.
I think he went to meet someone
after I turned in,
but the ladies here were
all super into him.
Did you meet anyone here
who might've had it in for him?
Well, Melanie and Cecile
were definitely making moves,
but it didn't seem serious
to Daniel.
Jack and Marianne are
his business partners,
and they seemed fine.
And everyone else is new.
So no, I didn't see anyone
have a bad moment with him.
I'm going to use the phone.
We need to find out more about
that crime scene.
Everyone is super upset
about Daniel... Brandt.
Got it, okay.
Why didn't I recognize
this number?
Are you on a public phone?
We aren't using our
personal electronics.
It just helps us unplug.
Oh, for the love of...
They just are letting us use
the phones now
because of what happened,
so we can call home.
Well, how long are you going
to have access?
I don't know.
Well, the Clayton
Country Sheriff
is in charge of this case.
Do you know her?
I have a source in Clayton
who owes me for,
how should I put it,
helping her correct a narrative
on a very awkward story.
Can you find out
what they know?
So this wasn't an accident?
I don't think so.
But I don't have a way to get
back in touch with you.
We'll figure something out.
Thank you.
Ivy: Thanks Zach.
I just want to check out
where he was stay...
Uh, what's going on here?
Um, we're just taking Daniel's
stuff over to the sheriff.
So sorry to intrude on your
privacy at this time, Zach.
Can we help?
Uh, no, no thank you.
We've... we've got it.
I know we were supposed
to talk,
but with everything
and maybe, you know...
Billy: What a shame.
He knew the rules.
Alex, is it okay if we do
the interview tomorrow?
Sure. Of course.
Thank you.
Excuse us.
Billy: I can't believe Daniel
had all that stuff.
Ivy: So heartbreaking.
Did you know about
the computer?
I, I thought maybe.
But should I have
said something?
Ivy: Let's bring it back
to the house for now.
Billy: We can stash it
under the desk.
Anywhere, out of sight.
Zach: Daniel was some
kind of broker,
but mostly he just
climbed rocks.
That's all he talked about.
So how did he fall off a cliff?
How you doing?
I saw Billy and Ivy out there
with an orange duffle bag.
Yeah, it's Daniel's stuff.
They're taking it
to the sheriff.
They weren't going
to the sheriff.
They were going
to their house.
Zach, do you think maybe they
missed anything of Daniel's?
Anything private?
Oh, the supplements.
Daniel gave these to me and told
me to take these and only these.
It's the blue moth fungus stuff?
It's expensive.
Yeah. It was super nice of him.
He had a knife and a laptop
that he kept hidden here.
What does he need
that for?
He can't even connect
to the internet.
Maybe he was writing a journal
or something.
I can start taking notes and try
to remember everything he said.
We'll have to try to figure out
how to get that information
from Eileen and Kendall
when they come up with it.
Woman: I just, I can't believe
this is happening.
Man: What did you expect?
Woman: Well not this,
not... not some fight.
Man: At this point, anything
I did was self defense.
Man: Shh, people can hear you.
Alex: Here's what we know.
There has been another death
at a Billy Garrett retreat.
The man who supposedly fell off
a cliff was Daniel Brandt.
Daniel was in excellent shape,
and he was an experienced
hiker and climber.
If he was in trouble,
what would've taken him
to the edge of a cliff?
Daniel clearly knew better.
If he was dizzy or exhausted,
why would he have taken
the risk?
It's important to keep
an open mind,
to look at all the evidence.
But right now it seems likely
that Daniel Brandt
was helped over the edge.
Hi Drew.
Kurt, hey.
Hey, have you seen Alex?
You mean your colleague
at The Harrington Chronicle?
Yeah. Yeah, I mean,
I'm also a professor
at Sperling University.
Alex didn't know
I was coming up.
So why'd you try to hide?
I don't know, people can be kind
of weird around reporters.
You know. I'm off the clock,
just wanted a break.
What with juggling two jobs,
and I've got my daughter
living with me now.
Just wanted to breathe.
I get that.
There's a lot here for you, Drew.
And the experience.
And any story you'd want
to write
would be better served
with that context.
And would need to be cleared
by Billy Garrett Inc.
The terms of service you agreed
to when you signed up.
Yeah, of course.
Let's go grab some breakfast.
Hi Alex.
Class is cancelled this morning.
Yeah, I know.
I just wanted to...
- Process things.
- Exactly.
You know sometimes
the best way to deal
with our own shock and trauma
is to envision our way out.
See where you want to go.
Why don't you make yourself
a vision board?
Looks like you have the
beginnings of one right here.
You just need some images.
See what you can find
in this pile.
There you go.
Thank you, Ivy.
Hey. Just had a run-in
with Kurt.
All that touchy feely stuff
but with a real edge.
He's onto me.
- Really?
- Yeah.
Well, that means he must have
the internet in his office.
What is this, exactly?
Oh, it's my vision board.
Ivy walked in on me
getting supplies
and she suggested I do it.
Okay, let's see what you got.
You got a... a kitty cat
and a sailboat.
Do those go together?
Well, someone has to steer.
Right, of course.
Ah, yes. There's my girl.
Okay, seriously.
Okay, so let's see
what we got.
The boot...
Yeah, it's the only forensics
we have so far.
Can you think of anything else?
Drew: No, that's it.
Alex: And that's the symbol
on the tree?
I'll draw something
that's closer.
But what do you think
it means?
I mean, it's definitely not
a trail marker.
Zach: Alex, are you...
Oh, um...
Is that a murder board?
Drew: It is, yeah.
Oh, uh, here's everything
that I can remember
that Daniel said or I saw.
Oh, thanks.
Listen, why don't you join us?
Okay, so where do we start?
I don't know.
It's only been a day.
You know they're still out
at the crime scene.
Alex: We're not going
to be able to have access
to it this morning.
Shall we talk about suspects,
Alex: We all heard it
last night.
Daniel was basically
threatening Billy.
Okay, well who would be upset
about that?
Billy, Ivy, Kurt, any of his
longtime supporters.
I heard a couple fighting on my
way back last night in a tent.
And it sounded like
he said something about doing
it in self defense.
Okay, you know what burying
the lead means, right?
I know, but it was all
I could hear.
It was very muffled.
Okay, well do you know
which tent or who it was?
I went and checked the map,
and it's unassigned.
Would you recognize the voices?
And if it was Billy or Ivy
I feel I would have recognized
their voices.
But Billy, I mean,
he's the one
who would have a reason to go
after Daniel, right?
Just jump right in, Zach.
Okay, so there's all the stuff
about Billy's past.
Which no doubt puts a lot
of people off.
But if another guy dies
on his watch,
isn't it kind of game over
for him?
Why would he risk losing
his fresh start?
If he was threatened
with something worse?
Well, what is worse
than losing everything?
Billy: Camp meeting, everyone.
Please gather at
the fire circle.
We need to find out
who you heard last night.
Marianne's been crying.
Alex: They've been odd together
ever since...
I have Jack on tape.
Maybe they're the ones
who were fighting.
Um, okay everyone.
Before I say a few words, um,
Sheriff Williams would like
to address you all.
Thank you.
We're still processing the area
where the incident
occurred yesterday,
so please observe the yellow
tape until it's taken down.
I will need statements
from everyone who's here,
especially anyone
who was on the hike.
Don't leave until we've spoken
to you, please.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Uh, so I thought about it
last night,
and I am prepared
to keep going here.
I believe it would be good
for everyone.
But if you don't feel
that way,
we can certainly reschedule you
for another time.
And if... and if you want to go
after speaking with the sheriff,
then you have our blessing
and a full refund.
Billy: Anyone who is staying,
our next challenge will be
at noon. Thank you.
I am definitely staying.
Yeah, me too.
I'm in.
Wait, no you're not.
You're about to have a tough
call with your family.
You're so upset about Daniel
that you have to leave.
Really? That doesn't sound
like me at all.
No, that's actually
a really good idea.
You go back and pick up
whatever Kendall and Eileen
have found out
and then you bring it back here
to us.
Wait a second.
No, I don't know
if that'll work.
Because he can't just come back
through camp, right?
People will be suspicious.
Oh, there's a campground
five miles that way.
I could set up base there.
Would you be okay with that?
You guys need a courier.
I'm part of the podcast,
are you kidding?
Actually I meant the camping.
Oh. The Matthews family has a
wilderness challenge every year.
We also have a family signal.
Would you guys recognize
a wild turkey call?
I'm sure we would.
Yeah, I think so.
That's great.
That's a good one, yeah.
- No.
- Perfect.
Thanks, Zach.
Marianne: The doctors
didn't have much hope.
Jack wanted to give up.
Jack: Marianne brought me
to a retreat and Billy
really spoke to me.
Dusted myself off,
and got to work.
Marianne: Look at him now.
It's the best shape of his life.
Looking forward.
Alex: Wow.
I think that's the voice
I heard.
I mean, I couldn't swear to it
in court, but yeah.
I think I heard Jack and
Marianne fighting last night.
So we need to keep an eye
on Daniel's business partners.
Okay everybody. I want you
to picture a goal
and then the obstacles
that get in the way,
and then set your intention
to overcome them.
All right, is everyone ready?
You ready?
For our plan, yes.
The run, not so much.
Right. Okay.
Why did you wear those shoes?
You'll get no traction.
Forgot to pack the others.
No, I put them in
your bag myself.
Billy: Okay everyone.
We're going to line up
and remember you're competing
against yourselves, okay?
Remember that, Alex.
Yeah, I know. It's about
my own journey.
Billy: Okay, two laps around
the main house
and then right back here, okay?
The routes are marked.
Let's go!
Come on, everybody.
You can do this.
See the vision!
Hi. Uh, I was wondering
if you have, um,
a power bar or
a piece of fruit.
I didn't eat enough breakfast.
Sure. There's plenty of fruit
in the kitchen.
Billy: Only a couple miles left!
If you can see it,
you can achieve it!
Stay positive, here we go.
You are a hard lady
to keep up with.
So is, is everything okay?
No, uh, yeah. I mean
I think so.
I just had to drop out of the...
obstacle course.
What happened?
I just felt a little lightheaded.
Maybe low blood sugar.
Ah, well.
Let's get you something to eat.
Right, good idea.
Thank you.
Here is the sheriff's
file so far,
and the medical
examiner's prelim.
They don't have a lot,
but they still won't declare it
an accident.
What else do you need?
They wrote a list.
So if there's anything else
on Billy or Ivy,
but mostly Kurt Hardy.
They don't have anything
on him.
Okay, we'll do some digging.
I tried to pull some stuff
on Daniel's company
but it isn't public, so
it'll take me some time.
Okay. I'll let them know.
And are you guys able
to make calls yet?
I mean, this no electronics
thing is barbaric.
Maybe I can hike up to the road
and get some bars
or drive into the nearest town,
but I'll figure it out.
Okay, I'm off.
Zach! Wait.
Satellite phone.
GMS is always on,
it's fully charged.
I plugged it in when you called
earlier just in case.
You're welcome.
I got it when Ed and I went
on safari last year.
There is no way I was going
to leave and not be in touch.
We need a lunch strategy
session the second I'm back.
You're on.
Be careful.
Oh, we will.
But I don't think there's
anything to worry about.
Drew: Watch your step.
Alex: Where did you hide
this thing?
It's up here.
Right here.
Oh yeah, look at that.
Okay, great.
Okay. Send a prayer to
the battery life gods.
Fifteen percent.
Okay, not much time
to mess around.
That's weird.
Looks like it came straight
from the factory.
There's nothing on it?
What would be the point
of that exactly?
There is no point.
I mean, is this even...
Wait, what if he uploaded to...
Daniel. Hey, is this yours?
Yeah, thanks.
Keys to the kingdom.
It's a zip drive.
It's a what?
Daniel's necklace.
He, uh, he wore it
all the time.
It was sort of
a strange rock.
Huh, okay.
So whatever files
or information he had,
he kept that on the zip drive on
a necklace on him at all times.
We gotta find that drive.
Come on.
Oh, hey.
How's the sheriff?
Just taking statements.
No hint at what they're
looking at right now.
Do you think they found
the zip drive?
Or even if they know what
it means if they do find it.
Do you think they got anything
from the boot print?
If so, they're not saying.
Why do you have Kurt
up there?
For the creepy way he
New Age threatened you.
But also because I think
he's super invested
in Billy's enterprise.
He has a lot to lose.
So does Ivy.
Right. But Ivy was with Kurt
at the camp
while we were on the hike.
Although she could have got up
to the cliff
really fast in a Gator.
I don't know.
I guess we should keep her
on the board for now.
Yeah, okay. So Jack
and Marianne were there.
And this is a very specific
thing to say.
And Jack disappeared
while we were on the hike
for a bit, remember?
During the break.
Yeah. Yeah.
Ivy: Alex, the sheriff wants
to talk to you now.
Okay Ivy, I'll be right there.
Okay, well I'm going to go,
because I signed up for
the Forage Challenge.
Yeah, we're going to collect
some food
for the camp out
in the woods.
Oh maybe you'll learn
to love the forest.
I don't think so.
Daniel was ahead, but I could
still hear him and see him.
Did you see him
go off trail?
No. I missed that.
But I'm sure that
the boot print
and the brush pattern
will tell you the most.
Did you happen to find
his zip drive?
His what?
He had a zip drive.
Daniel would always wear it
around his neck.
You're the true crime podcaster.
Cold cases, mostly.
Because even though the tape
is down at the scene,
this investigation
is very much ongoing.
Got it.
Thank you for your time, Alex.
Thank you.
Hi Zach.
Okay. So I got the preliminary
and the ME's report.
Great. Fantastic.
I wonder if there's
a positions log,
because the sheriff wasn't
telling me anything.
No. No necklace,
no zip drive.
That thing he wore
all the time was a zip?
Yeah. I think it was one
of those retractable ones.
So it could've still worked.
I think it's really important.
Kendall's working on more.
Okay. Are you going to be able
to get back there?
Don't have to.
Full range most powerful
OS on the market.
Of course.
Okay. So I'll be back as soon
as there's more.
Did you get the signal okay?
Yes, I did. Thank you.
Oh Jack, these are good.
You look like an old hand
at this.
Ivy's a good teacher.
She's a licensed herbalist.
Drew: Oh, yeah?
Yeah, I like these challenges,
even that hike.
Of course, you know,
before the...
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
Actually, I'm glad they stopped
when they did.
Because I, I was actually
getting pretty tired there.
You can always stop.
Jack: Billy's changed.
Look. Those are
wild blackberries.
So are we eating
what you found, or?
No, this was a total camp
group effort, so dig in.
- Mmm.
- Mmm.
So, the sheriff said they're
done searching the cliff.
Would be legal-ish for us
to go check it out.
Nobody would notice us missing.
Everyone's eating,
the volunteers are working
in the kitchen.
Billy, Ivy, and Kurt
are up to something.
Meet you at the Gators.
Okay, see you later Drew.
Mm-hmm. I'll catch you around.
- Bye.
- Bye-bye.
If you wanted to meet someone
in this forest
without a turkey call,
you would need two landmarks.
The pink rocks out
at the trail...
And a landmark on a tree.
Looks fresh.
There were splinters
on Daniel's knife.
What is that symbol?
I don't know.
But if Daniel carved this,
that means that it was
his meeting.
He was the one calling
the shots.
Right. Then he got ambushed.
Look at this.
Definitely got a good plaster
cast here.
It's a good footprint.
Okay. So if someone were
to meet Daniel,
this is the spot.
Yep. Or waiting here...
Look at that,
all the brush,
it looks different
from that day.
Hey, can we play it out?
Yeah, yeah. How about
we just play it out.
I'll be the crash test dummy.
So you throw me over
the cliff...
- Perfect.
- Okay great.
So if you're looking out...
Then I can just push you
from behind, right?
Yeah. Although
I'd probably be...
Facing me, waiting for me.
Yeah. I'd be waiting.
So if I'm facing you...
I'm above you, right?
With this, I had the momentum
of just pushing you forward.
I'd probably defend myself
and grab you, pull you.
Okay, well maybe the killer
snuck up behind him
and hit him over the head.
And then he collapsed,
and then the killer was able
to just push him over the cliff.
Maybe that explains
why all the brush was
so matted down that day.
Because if he was standing
and got pushed,
only a couple feet of it
would get matted down.
All right. Well, someone
brought a weapon.
They wouldn't need one.
I mean, there's plenty of stuff
here to use, right?
They could've found a rock,
hit him over the back
of the head,
and then once you pushed
the body over
you could throw the rock
after him.
Then the killer takes
the zip drive.
But maybe not.
What if the killer didn't know
about the zip drive?
I mean, it looked like
a necklace.
Maybe it's here.
Maybe it fell somewhere
down there.
Alex: We have to find a way
down there.
Do you think there's a trail?
I think what we should do...
is go off trail.
Oh, like you've ever been
off trail.
I've had lots of experience
going off trail.
What's the stick for?
In case, you know, there are
snakes around here.
Yeah, bears.
Big ones.
What are you going to do with
that stick if there's this bear?
I'll do what I need to do
with it.
All right, this looks like
the spot.
Okay, so...
The zip drive was dark green,
dark blue,
maybe with white paint on it,
and um, the gold wire.
And it had that brown
leather tie.
All right.
I don't see anything.
You want to go this way?
- Drew, hey Drew.
- Yeah.
- Are you all right?
- Oh!
That just hit me
like a ton of bricks.
You are burning up.
I have aspirin.
Maybe for the fever?
And um... Antacids?
Yeah, I'll take all of it.
You could pull a coat rack
out of there.
I packed.
Too bad Zach's camp's
in the other direction.
Okay. I'm good. Let's...
Let's head back.
What? No.
Yeah, I'm good.
Just relax for a minute, okay?
All right.
It's going to be dark soon.
I think this is it for tonight.
Stay here? Okay.
You got matches in there?
Of course.
It feels better?
Would you rather?
Yeah, unless you've got
a deck of cards
or some chess
in that bag.
Okay, would you rather
explore space or the ocean?
The ocean.
Because then at least I might
make it home in time for dinner.
Would you rather...
sing in front of your closest
friends or complete strangers?
You sing?
At gunpoint.
Would you rather have nosy
neighbors or noisy ones.
Nosy. I can respect that.
All right.
Would you rather
lose all of your money
or lose every photo
you've ever taken?
Pfft. Take my money.
There are lots of images
I would never want to lose.
Would you rather have
a rewind button
or a pause button?
Because I like this moment
right now.
Hey, you know
those questionnaires,
where do you see yourself
in five years?
Was this camping trip
on your list?
But it should've been.
Were you two out here
all night?
Uh, Drew wasn't feeling well
and it was starting to get late,
so we decided to stay here.
You okay?
Yeah, yeah, I'm good.
Thank you.
Nobody knew
where you were.
I just saw the Gator
by the trail
or I never would've
found you.
Uh, Kurt, can you come
help us here? We'll...
Alex: Yeah, yeah.
You guys must be starved.
Yes, we are.
You know, the nurse said
that it wasn't a bug.
And she said no one else
got sick from that lunch.
You think it was deliberate?
You think we should go?
How many power bars
do you have left?
Also, the nurse gave me
those pills there
with some instructions.
Actually, can you hand them
to me?
I think I should take them.
Drew, she gave these to you
for free?
You know they cost as much as
a plane ticket.
Yeah, well.
And I can't imagine you having
eaten something more vile
than blue moth fungus.
That is not a coincidence.
Daniel told Zach to only take
the supplement that he gave him.
The packaging was different
on that bottle, remember?
It was plain.
It was a prototype.
I wonder if Zach took it
with him.
Let's go tent to tent,
work a grid into the woods.
We're looking for a men's
Erickson boot, size 11.
Okay? - Okay.
Sheriff: Start looking please.
Billy: My employees...
Sheriff: They can help me?
Billy: Absolutely.
Great. Because we're going
to go tent to tent here.
This is what we're looking for.
Billy: Uh, excuse me.
Of course.
All right, let's start
over here.
Actually, let's start with 13.
Well, it looks like
we're going to have
to postpone today's challenge
for a while.
How about that interview?
Sure, yeah.
If you think now's
a good time.
I think now is the...
the best time we'll get,
and I'd love to be
on record.
Drew, I think the sheriff would
like to see you in your tent
to take a look
at your foot gear.
No problem.
I'll go get my recorder.
Thank you so much for taking
the time to talk to me.
Absolutely my pleasure.
So, I guess it's safe to say
that the retreat is not going
quite the way you expected.
Well, if I believed in the word
safe or in expectations,
then yes, it's been a surprising
week so far.
So far. So you do plan
to keep going?
We had a horrible loss.
A terrible accident, but...
The sheriff is here searching
for boots.
I don't think she thinks
it's an accident.
Well, the sheriff has
to be cautious.
Especially because it's me,
and I don't blame her.
You know, I expected
scrutiny anyway
when I decided it was time
to get back to the work.
And why did you come back
to this, Billy?
Well, I had a lot of time
to think in prison.
The event that put me there
was the worst thing
that ever happened to me,
so I had to ask myself why?
You know, what was the lesson?
And now that it's happening
to me all over again,
I have to ask, what did I miss
the first time?
Right, uh...
So the deaths of Roy Larson and
Daniel Brandt happened to you?
Kurt: Billy?
The sheriff would like
to speak with you.
Thank you, Kurt. Yeah.
Um, Alex, I'm sorry.
We're going to have to continue
this another time.
Of course.
No problem.
Mr. Godfrey, if you think
of anything else,
please contact me.
Yeah, you bet. Of course.
Yikes. Must be mating season.
Mating season?
Mating season. Yeah.
Okay, thanks.
It's very intense.
It's not good.
I didn't say that.
It's therapeutic.
I've heard.
This has been a really
difficult week for you.
Losing Daniel.
He's not mine to lose.
It's a... a loss for the company
for both Jack and I.
Of course.
But it's different for Jack
than for you.
Are you recording this?
No, no. Nothing you say will be
on the podcast
if you don't want it to be.
I'm fine.
Are you?
I know how opposite
Jack and I look.
But nothing that happened
was because of...
I love Jack completely.
I'm sure he knows that.
This is done.
Excuse me.
Yeah. Of course.
Great, thank you.
Hey, do you still have
that bottle of Earth Force
that Daniel gave you?
Oh yeah.
Can I borrow that?
Yeah, all yours.
- Okay.
- Thank you.
It's Kendall.
Dad, it turns out Kurt Hardy
was formerly known
as Kevin Holloway.
Born in North Philly.
He's done time for grand larceny
and embezzlement.
Huh. That's good to know.
Between him and Billy,
you're surrounded by felons.
Don't worry,
we'll be safe.
Hey, can you... can you
do me a favor
and get Zach a print off of
a men's Erickson size 11 boot?
It could be useful.
Sure thing.
I don't want to use up
your battery.
Stay in touch.
All right, kiddo.
I got it. Thanks, Zach.
Okay. This is all really good.
If I need to get ahold of you or
if you need to get ahold of me,
I guess you just do
that turkey call.
That way I can get...
Thanks, Zach.
Drew: Alex, it's me.
So Kendall got through on
the satellite phone and...
Yeah. Marianne all
but admitted it.
That's what was going on
between her and Daniel.
It wasn't about business.
And the tension between
Marianne and Jack?
You're going with
crime of passion?
Most of the time it is.
Unless... money.
Daniel Brandt's client list
and financials right here.
Earth Force was one
of his clients,
so maybe Billy was cooking
the books or Kurt?
I mean, this company was owned
by Jack and Marianne.
It could have been them too.
If he saved their company
he could destroy it.
I'm going to go through
all of this, carefully.
Also, Zach had these.
I just don't understand
why Daniel
was so determined for Zach
to just to take those.
Is that Daniel's?
It's the right color,
it's the right length.
And look at the ends,
you can tell that it's been tied
in a knot.
But, I mean, I don't know.
Could be anyone's.
Where'd you find it?
In the office.
So maybe Kurt is hiding the zip
in the office?
Or Billy. Or Ivy.
Or it could've been a
volunteer's necklace.
It could be anyone's necklace.
Well, how many volunteers
have an alias for a rap sheet?
Oh, yeah.
Kurt Hardy, formerly known
as Kevin Holloway.
Wait, wait, wait.
Slow down.
Kevin Holloway.
Embezzlement, grand larceny.
I got all that info
from Kendall.
So, I guess I'm talking you
out of crime of passion.
Maybe. If the boots fit.
All right.
Well, I saw the sheriff walking
away empty-handed.
I got Kendall to send us
an image
so we can also do a search
on the boots.
Well, the boot prints are
the only solid evidence
that the police have, right?
Doesn't matter
what the motive is.
Alex: Those boots belong
to the killer.
Well, that was the craziest game
of Cinderella ever.
Well, the sheriff has her job
to do, and...
and we respect that.
I think that they're done
with this accident
now that there was no,
uh, mystery killer found.
But that doesn't give you back
time lost.
We've decided that this retreat
will end tomorrow.
I know, we're... we're very
disappointed as well.
But I will be giving
one-on-one sessions
for each and every one of you
to talk about your experiences
and where you go forward
from here.
And we'll also be giving you
a refund or a discount
for a future retreat.
Which will be happening
very soon.
So please, I ask each and every
one of you to hold the vision.
Thank you.
Do you buy that the sheriff
is just not pursuing the case
because she didn't find
boots in camp?
They don't have
any other forensics.
Right. I wish we had
something solid.
Then we could find out whose
side the sheriff is really on.
Unless we could find
that zip drive.
Wish we could just search
that office.
It's not like Kurt's going to
just let us in to look around.
You know what?
I have an idea.
You distract Billy and Ivy,
Oh, Alex. I was wondering,
what exactly are you going
to be putting in your podcast?
Oh. I'm sorry,
that's not how it works.
Well, obviously, I...
I couldn't have anticipated
what happened.
Um, I'm wondering if maybe
we can postpone this story.
I would have to think
about that, um...
Sarah's first on the list
for tonight.
Oh. Okay, that... that's great.
Thank you.
I was wondering.
I'd like to include all of
the innovative things
you're doing to be eco-friendly.
Would you mind if I just
looked around the kitchen?
Oh, well, let me show you.
Here you go, sweetie.
Ivy: We do walk our talk.
Hey Kurt.
I just saw the time, and I want
to catch my daughter
before she gets stuck in class
and I don't really want to jump
to the front of the line
on the phone here.
Just wondered if I could maybe
just quickly go to the office
and use the phone.
Great, thank you.
I'll walk you over.
So the camp is powered
by generators
which are solar powered.
How are you holding up, Ivy?
If you don't mind my asking.
I mean, Daniel's death,
the investigation.
How is it to see Billy
like this?
Billy didn't do anything.
The sheriff knows that now.
It was a horrible accident,
and I don't know how or if we'll
ever understand why it happened.
But we go on.
What's next?
Well, we'll take this organic
waste to the processing plant
and it'll be mulch
in a few weeks.
The generators are right
this way.
Hey honey.
I'm glad I caught you
before you left.
But... we just talked on
the satellite phone.
That's right.
Wait, is somebody listening
to you right now?
They are.
How's it going there?
Well now I'm worried
about you.
Is this like, some
creepy cult
that'll lock you up
or something?
No, no, no, no.
Don't worry.
You're going to ace
the exam.
I can't tell if that was
a yes or a no.
We're not good at this.
Okay, well I will be
home tomorrow,
probably in the afternoon.
Okay, well do we send up
helicopters if you're not home?
No, I'll be there.
Okay, no problem.
Did this call do whatever
it was supposed to do?
I think so, yeah.
All right, I love you kiddo.
Love you too.
Kendall: Be careful.
All wrapped up?
Yes, thank you.
Appreciate it.
Not a problem.
The closet door locks
from the inside.
I'll keep watch out here.
- Kurt, hey.
- Hey.
Drew: Thought I was
the only one still up.
Kurt: I'm a night owl too.
Drew: Oh, really?
Listen, I've been thinking.
I would love to hear
the full pitch for the Garrett
Vision Centre.
Kurt: Sure.
I just have to drop this off and
I'll grab you some projections.
Just in the office here?
Kurt: Yeah.
Drew: Thanks.
Drew: Yeah, I was just thinking.
You know, it's kind of close
enough to my home.
Might make sense
as an investment.
It would.
Here you go.
I have all the financials
on page three.
Well, that's, uh, that's,
that's perfect.
Do you mind if we just maybe
go take a look at the model?
It would just help me
visualize it.
Not a problem.
Wow. They are not
kidding around
at the Garrett Vision
Centre presentation.
You find anything?
I waited for you.
You know, save battery life.
Yeah, no. Of course.
Okay. I um, I did check them all
out and I think it's this one.
It has paint on it,
so I figured, you know,
maybe it was left over
from the necklace.
All right, well let's see.
Okay, ready?
Uh, woah.
All that science stuff
is way beyond me.
Yeah. Oh wait, there's
a conclusion here.
Tests show that
the one percent
original formulation
Immune Boost
was only marginally helpful,
but not dangerous.
The new 10 percent blue moth
fungus content
gives patients more energy,
however a large clinical trial
found that 10 percent
concentration of the blue moth
fungus currently in production
resulted in dangerous arrhythmias,
elevated pulse
in blood pressure,
a one percent fatality
rate in the control group
over six months-
I knew it!
suggest the liability issues
would be catastrophic.
So they boosted the blue moth
content to dangerous levels?
They're basically okay
with killing some people?
This is not the stuff
that Daniel gave Zach.
So here's a date of when
they changed the formula.
They boosted the blue
moth content
and then sales
were blowing up.
Now that it has
the extra zip.
And this supplement
is definitely how Billy
is making most of his
money right now.
And that's a secret worth
killing for.
Keys to the kingdom.
You sleep well?
Do you think we have enough
to take to the sheriff,
force her to do something?
To prove that we got in the
middle of their investigation?
To prove that we got murder?
Not so much.
What we need to do is hand them
a whole case, you know.
Like what we found,
and then also boot prints
or boots that match...
How hungry are you?
And can it wait?
I feel like the only answer here
is "not so much" and "yes."
Okay. Come on.
Hey, did you-
Ivy, I think I lost my ring.
We were just looking for...
No, no, no.
Please don't do that.
You'll disturb the biomass.
Wait. Oh, is it...
Billy: What's going on?
Alex: We need to call
the sheriff.
Good morning.
Does anyone recognize this boot?
Uh, no.
It's not a common brand
or style.
I forgot to pack my pair.
I haven't had those here at all.
Well, your other footwear
is a size 11.
Sir, you're going to have to
come in for questioning with us.
Get a lawyer.
- Please follow me.
- I'll follow you, Jack.
This way, sir.
Uh, everyone, I'm sorry.
We're going to have
to shut down for now,
but we'll be with...
Kurt, please.
Take over.
If everyone could check
out with me,
you can pick up
your electronics.
Kurt: We'll set up coaching
and we'll do the paperwork
for your refunds.
Thank you.
Do you think Jack knew about
the Immune Boost
and tried to hide it?
Or knew about the affair?
Yeah. It just feels wrong.
Did you notice something weird
about the boots, too?
How the soles were loose?
Okay, well do you think Jack
separated the soles
from the boots so that
they weren't identifiable?
Well, that would be
a really smart way
to throw off the sheriff,
wouldn't it?
But then you would just throw
them away separately,
wouldn't you?
I mean, why would you glue
them back together?
I don't know.
Eileen: So you'll be back soon?
I guess.
That didn't sound
very convincing.
What's wrong?
It just doesn't feel right.
I don't think Jack did it.
Really, why?
The boots.
It just feels wrong.
Boots are always wrong.
Let me tell you.
Boots are actually sensible
shoes in disguise.
So much so that boots are
always worn inappropriately...
In disguise. That's it.
Thank you, Eileen, I...
I have to go.
Um, I have one thing
I want to check.
Uh, I'll meet you
in the main hall.
Billy. Hey, thank you so much.
We really appreciate all your...
your help here.
Hey Kurt. So what
happens now?
We regroup and keep at it.
It's a bump in the road,
not the end.
We do not let obstacles
stop us.
We need to pack up
the supplies now.
Right, yeah.
Um... I have to do
that too.
I just was in here
looking for...
My favorite pen.
I, um, I found it.
You know.
Well good thing you guys do so
well with the supplement sales.
I guess that'll keep
you afloat.
Yeah, well, that was a great
stroke of luck.
Thank you.
I found a report on Earth Force.
That Immune Boost is dangerous.
That was a bogus study.
People love that product.
I'm sure they do.
You, Billy, and Kurt
had a lot to lose.
Billy doesn't care about
the money.
He's a dreamer.
He needs to help people to build
his vision, that's all.
It's hard to do that without
the sales from the supplement.
Yeah, well, Ivy hadn't been back
to Peru in 14 years.
But she reconnected
with the shamans so quickly,
and that was our in.
They trusted her,
worked with her
on the formula,
this whole thing was Ivy's baby, really.
That was a warning shot.
I won't miss.
Over here.
We're going this way.
Move it!
Hurry up.
So you hit me on the head,
and you're just planning to push
me off this cliff, huh?
Because that's how you killed
Daniel, right?
You disguised your shoes
with those boot soles.
But why did you do it?
Was he going to go public?
Was he blackmailing you?
He wanted the formula
changed back.
I couldn't do it.
I... I can't.
It's not going to work.
Nobody's going to believe
a second accident.
Sure they will.
You were still investigating.
You got careless.
Everyone knows what you
and Drew have been doing here.
You nearly got yourself killed
in the woods once.
You poisoned his food.
That's when you should've gone.
That's all I wanted.
Just leave!
You've been smart,
no doubt.
But this isn't.
This isn't smart.
No one's going to believe
the story with a bullet in me.
Then it'll look like hunters.
Are you serious?
Is it so much money
that it's worth killing
two people, Ivy?
It's not about the money.
It's about what I did
to get the money.
The look on Billy's face.
He can't find out what I did!
Okay, wait. I'll make
it look like hunters.
All I have to do is have
a vision.
See it clearly.
Manifest it.
It works.
You all right?
Yeah, I'm good.
Please don't make me tell Billy.
In the end, that was
Ivy's biggest fear.
Not prison, not heaven
or hell.
But disappointing the man
that she believed saved her.
The man she lived for.
Jack Carpenter was released,
no charges filed.
Self defense was a reference
to saving his marriage,
not hurting anyone.
Jack and Marianne are going home
to rebuild their life together.
Kurt Hardy, AKA Kevin Holloway,
has been charged with fraud
and evidence tampering.
Ivy gave him that zip drive
to hide and he did.
The prosecutors feel that
is enough to convict him
as a co-conspirator.
Ivy did get her one request.
By the time Billy saw her,
he knew what she had done.
But he is standing by her
while she awaits sentencing.
Perhaps this will help him see
a way to change.
To envision a different life
going forward.
Hot off the presses.
It's my first case.
- Great work!
- Congratulations!
Thank you.
Did they run the extra copies?
Yes, chief. And the trucks
got the extra stops.
All right. 10,000 more copies
of each issue.
Clayton County wants
to read us now.
Oh, that's fantastic.
Listen, I have five episodes
of the podcast ready to go
if you want to talk about
when to roll them out.
Let's talk about it after.
Pick you up at 6:00.
Spurs optional.
Meanwhile, I'm listening
to my instincts
and learning to appreciate the
right shoes for the right job.
I'm Alex McPherson,
and this is... Recovered.