Chronicles of Evil (2015) Movie Script

That's the murderer.
He killed twelve people.
Let's go!
I am...
the son of a killer.
President's Award
for Exemplary Officers
The award must be
a big deal.
Your photo's already online.
I'm back.
If your stars line up,
you'll be at HQ in no time.
- Thank you.
- Bullshit.
Sly fox, you made me
lobby for you.
All right.
You deserve it
after 15 years in homicide.
Evaluation's this month.
Until that's over,
don't get caught up in anything,
and lay low.
Vl/OON-HAK Yes, I understand.
Here comes the chief!
Choi Chang-sik!
Choi Chang-sik!
Choi Chang-sin!
It's a good day,
but there's work, sir.
Mr. Kim of Jangan-dong
has to be processed now.
As we discussed,
I left out the assault charge.
Good work.
He helped out
Det. Park last year,
3 quid pro quo.
- Proceed.
- At once.
A light sentence
will do him good.
- Sure.
- Hey.
What's this?
From our generous patron,
share them with the boys.
There're so many
gift certificates here.
It's your gift,
you should use them.
It was your case.
I'll take care of the brass,
so don't worry.
All right,
we'll put to good use.
Chief Choi Chang-silt
Send Dong-jae in.
Did you ask for me?
I got your case file,
you worked it yourself?
Yes, Det. Park said
it was a simple case.
But what a pity,
you flunked it.
It feels like you're
siding with the suspect.
The thing is...
the victim's
time of death is weird.
And no motive too.
It's not enough
for a first degree.
What's this case's keyword?
Well... it's...
'Incidental instinct'.
He was robbing
a corner store,
but got caught
and killed a part-timer.
Humans resort to instincts
in an extreme situation.
The place where we witness
the degree of our evil
pending circumstances
is right here.
If you get emotionally invested,
you can't survive here.
Remove your emotions,
and only consider the facts,
Yes, sir.
And why does my family
like you more than me?
I was supposed to
bike with Myung-ho...
Please tell him
we'll go for sure next week.
I got it.
Come have your birthday meal
this Saturday.
Isn't it your b-day?
I know you don't have time
to visit your folks.
Back to work.
Yes, sir.
Thank you, sir.
The hottest police chief
in the country!
- To our chief!
- To our chief!
- Congratulations!
- All the way!
There's a rumor that
you're heading for the HQ,
so you'll be
suiting up everyday.
We put our heads together
and decided on this small gift.
Put it on for him.
How is it?
Am I the shit?
- Major shit!
- The best!
Across the Pacific,
across the Atlantic,
even across the Indian Ocean
I will run to see you
I'll come no matter what
You're the man today.
The best!
You little cutie!
Chief, don't love him so much.
We're getting jealous!
Slap my ass too.
- Good night!
- Night, sir!
- Take care, boss!
- Salute!
Mok-dong district 7.
Hey, son.
It's dad.
Of course,
I'm the best cop in Korea.
Put mom on.
It just ended.
I'm doing this
to make you the queen.
A man must have
unquenchable ambition.
Okay, okay.
I'll see you soon.
Where are we?
I said Mok-dong.
Mister, go to Mok-dong 7.
Stop the car,
I'm a cop!
Stop the car!
What a pain in the ass
for a damn po-po.
Stop the car!
I said I'm a cop!
Be cooland drop the knife.
Drop it!
Who are you?
What's going on?
So damn yaPPV-
Should I tell you
why you must die?
You arrested Mr. Kim
in China.
You took bribes
and set him free.
Want another?
Yujin Construction's Park,
Jo Nam-oh,
bar owner Lee Myung-chun...
You kept Lee's money
all by yourself.
You're a scumbag.
Did Lee send you?
To threaten me?
I don't care how much money
or from whom you accepted.
But why dig up old cases
and cause headaches?
You have to die
for me to live.
You deserve everything,
You fucking cockroach!
Hey, get UP-
Wake up!
Wake up!
Superintendent Ju
Yes, sir.
Yo, Chang-sink!
Do you know who I'm with?
Remember Deputy Comm. Park?
Head of HR.
Yes, I do.
I'm lobbying him
to push your promotion.
I gave him a good push,
so stay out of trouble.
The world will change
so much for you.
Different work,
and different people too.
A whole new playing field.
Then we'll go all the way.
Yes, sir.
What is it?
- What is that?
- Oh my god!
Gangnam Police
If it's Dong-jae,
let me talk to him, mom.
You're not like yourself today.
Bed-ridden all of sudden.
It's Dong-jae,
he sounded urgent.
Yeah, Dong-jae.
Some sick fuck
hung a body on the crane.
It was in the open,
so we couldn't stop them.
- The body?
- This way.
- What's with the neck?
- It's a scratch.
Something wrong?
Someone you know?
Anything odd at the scene?
The case is already odd,
so everything's going to shit.
What a nutjob.
We need his fingerprints.
Sure, please hurry.
- All right, thank you.
- Thank you.
Hey. Dong-'gae!
Right away!
A cab at a construction site?
Check every inch,
and pop the trunk.
A body that was found hanging
at a construction site,
the case and the hunt
for the killer have captured
our nation's full attention.
Someone kills a man,
and hangs him
right in our doorstep,
so imagine my reputation.
It's an order from the top.
Our reputation is on the line!
Get everyone on it,
and catch him at all costs!
Chief Choi,
do you understand?
Yes, I understand.
A task force has
already been formed,
and our top officer
Chief Choi Chang-sik
is heading up the investigation.
In the name of our honor,
we'll arrest the killer.
Top Cop Heading
The Crane Murder Case
The victim was a contract driver
who borrowed others' cabs.
His name is Jung Ji-su,
42 and single.
He had assault
and drug charges.
He clocked in on the morning of 21st
and was killed that night,
and he was transported
in his trunk.
Any prints or DNA samples
off the cab?
The prints were
completely wiped off,
so there aren't any
concrete evidence.
Judging from Jung's records,
we could narrow down
the search fields.
We'll start with his associates,
and get a list of suspects,
then sort through nearby CCTVs
and track the cab's night route.
It's a solid target,
so it'll give us some leads.
Get to it.
Unit A, focus on the site's
entrance and vicinity.
Unit B, expand the search
to the entire Gangnam.
The plate is 31J5387,
find me its route
no matter what.
- Got it?
- Yes, sir!
Here's the CD.
It's the night of 21st.
Sir, it's the forensics,
they got a sample off the body.
Irrefutable evidence.
Skin cells obtained from
under the victim's nails!
He and the killer
had a physical confrontation.
The skin cells from a scratch
remained under the nails.
So a nail scratch?
Probably left a wound.
Send me DNA samples
of your suspects.
It's an indisputable evidence.
I know the commissioner is
all over this,
I believe we did all we can.
Go frame by frame.
- I found him!
- You got it?
Show me.
Zoom in.
At 0205 hours,
he entered Daechi district,
so narrow down the direction
and keep tracking.
- I got him.
- Yeah? Let's see.
It's 5387.
That's it.
It was heading this way.
I got him,
come check it out.
Isn't it 5387?
He's over here too!
- Where?
- Here.
Okay, where is that?
It's connected to here.
Where are we?
Det. Oh!
- Take a look!
- What is it?
What's this?
You're under arrest
for murder.
You have the right
to remain silent.
Sir, you need to see this.
We've tracked the cab
backwards from the site.
We found out that
it came from Mt. Woomyun.
As you see,
the driver is alone in the car.
This is Banpo district
at 0028 hours.
Here, the cab was heading
for Mt. Woomyun.
Now it gets interesting,
take a look.
Play it.
If you look closely,
there's a rider in the back.
It's a pity that the face
can't be enhanced,
but two went up the mountain,
and only one came down.
I think we got the answer.
The passenger must be
the killer.
When we track
the cab route backwards,
heading for the Mt. Woomyun,
I'm certain we can catch
the killer getting in the cab.
Any chance of uncovered areas
or mistaken identity?
It's a case by case,
but I'm sure
we can pull it off.
- Good night!
- Yup.
Night, sir!
- Take care, boss!
- Salute!
CCTV ID: Sinsa 1-78
Yes, Det. Oh.
Whatcha doing alone?
You looked out of it earlier too.
Something on your mind?
Not at all.
There's something.
Tell me,
fess up.
Too big a case?
Not at all.
There's something fishy
about this case.
How so?
Who knows, comes with
a decade of experience.
Heightened intuition.
Been working out?
I started working out
since last week, feel it.
- Already some difference?
- Of course!
- Evening, sir.
- Salute.
- Have you had dinner?
- Evening, sir.
Sinsa 1-78
Sinsa 1-76
Nothing so far.
- Going well.
- Yes, sir.
- Here?
- Yeah.
There's nothing.
I found it!
It's a residential CCTV
towards the site.
It's the killer for sure!
- What? Really?
- Let's take a look.
Let's see.
Move aside.
- It's the cab?
- Yes. It's 5387.
- Zoom in.
- Yes, sir.
Is that a body in the trunk?
- Yeah.
- Looks like it.
It is a body.
Get the address
and deploy!
Yes, sir.
It's him!
- Hey!
- You there!
Lost him?
- Where did he go?
- We may have lost him.
- Find him.
- Yes, sir.
I'm at a cul-de-sac,
he's not here.
Then canvas east from there.
I didn't kill him!
I was told to go there,
and he was already dead!
I just followed his instructions.
I only moved the body
to the site and hung him up!
Who is he?
He might kill me...
I'm so fucked
because of that bastard!
!Who the hell is he?!
Drop the gun
and get the fuck away!
Why is everyone up my ass?
I didn't kill him!
Anyone have eyes on him?
Where the chief?
He's not up here.
Unit A reporting,
not here either.
Chief, do you copy?
Name, Lee Jung-hoe,
no next of kin.
According to his
phone records,
he had no contact
with the victim,
but there was
a common number
to a throwaway phone
created 3 years ago
with the ID of an agent
at Mirae Entertainment,
which is a dead end.
What happened?
Even if he was a threat,
how could you shoot to kill?
Whether he was
the killer or not,
a man died
in the line of duty.
Any use of deadly force
must be justified.
Any witnesses?
I'll take full responsib...
I was just behind him
and saw the whole thing.
It was dark,
and he wielded a knife,
so shooting him
was the only option.
I'll be the witness.
Yes, I saw too,
it was unavoidable.
- Me too.
- I saw it too.
Look at this.
Covering for their boss.
Make sure there's
no backlash,
and settle it quietly.
In all honesty,
I don't care if Lee's
dead or alive.
What's important is,
he has to be the killer.
Are you...
absolutely certain?
As you saw earlier,
from a drug arrest
and a history of mental illness,
both were presumed to be
under the influence.
Traces of metapon
were in his blood...
It's a drug that's extracted
from morphine,
according to the forensics,
the toxicity is so high that
the demand is all but gone.
It's very hard to obtain it.
So they killed over the drug?
What's more important
than a hit to addicts?
It's a solid motive.
CCTVs are enough to secure
his actions afterwards.
Lastly, if Lee's DNA samples
match the recovered skin cells,
then this case is
as good as closed.
The forensics report
will be out tomorrow.
It was all but certain that
Lee was the killer,
and he was shot
during his arrest,
because he couldn't be contained.
The investigators are
analyzing his DNA samples
to prove that he was the killer,
and we'll report the result
as soon as it's available.
That is all.
Can you confirm that
he was the killer?
When will you get the result?
Just give us a clay.
- Let's wrap it up.
- Sure.
Sang-won, go get the car.
Come quick.
We're going out for a drink,
would you like to come?
I'm fine.
Don't take it to heart.
- Come here.
- Yes, sir.
Things on your mind again?
Look how tight
your muscles are.
You need to drink more.
Det. Oh.
Don't you think the chief
is acting a bit strange?
- Kiddo.
- Sir?
When you look hard enough,
anything in life is odd.
Don't over think it.
You complicated bastard.
That's not it.
After along struggle,
he's finally going places,
not to mention high pressure
of this case,
and he accidentally
killed a suspect.
Imagine the stress.
Anyone in his situation
would be on the edge.
We have to support him.
You have to die
for me to live.
I just followed his instructions.
Traces of metapon
were in his blood...
Shitty luck alert.
Business doing well?
Don't fucking greet him.
I asked you a question.
What's going on?!
Don't hit me.
I don't fucking deal drugs!
I don't fucking deal!
Ideal! Ideal!
I fucking deal!
who deals it nowadays?
There're so many better stuff,
no one wants that shit.
I'm serious! Really!
It was trendy for a bit
last year,
but no one's doing it anymore
'cause it's so addictive.
Once you try that,
nothing else will get you high.
Did anyone
looked for it recently?
I said no one's looking for it.
Then telll me everything
you know about it!
Metopon, AKA methyl...
AKA 'the killer'
on the street.
It's refined in Busan,
sold at $200 a piece.
Clients are the usual suspects.
Remember the movie star
drug scandal last year?
- Movie star?
- Yes.
A buncha B-listers
who faded into obscurity.
Jo Sun-young, Kim Jin-kyu...
They were arrested for
doing metopon.
Phone bought with
Mirae agent ID
Kim Jin-kyu, actor
Morning, sir.
Chief, one sec.
Forensics report came out,
Lee's not a match.
I heard.
So he's not the killer.
Get your ass in there!
What the hell happened
You said he was the one.
We'll reinvestigate.
Reinvestigate what?
The entire country is watching this!
You killed the wrong suspect,
and misled the media!
Who's gonna
clean up this mess!
Choi Chang-sik.
This DNA report does not exist.
I'll handle the forensics head,
so get your men on board,
and fix this DNA report.
Case closed,
as of now.
Since both Lee and Jung
are dead,
circumstantial evidences
and CCTV footages
should be enough to
convince the public.
Case closed?
Kim Jin-kyu was...
in complete hiding
after the scandal,
but he called me
out of nowhere.
He wanted to quit.
That is all.
I don't know his
current whereabouts.
Did he have any
close associates?
Well, he was
such an introvert...
There was a rumor
that he was gay.
Is he in any trouble?
I need to check
something with him.
Could you help?
Yes, of course.
I'll look into it
and give you a call.
Did he...
sign a contract
by any chance?
His address would be on it.
I'm Det. Cha
from Gangnam Police.
There was a missing
CCTV feed,
could I get a copy of it?
Sure, please write down
location and date.
Last Wednesday...
One moment.
Sinsa 1-78
Yes, Dong-jae.
There's a superior
I respect immensely.
At a crime scene
I found his personal item.
I first thought
it was a coincidence.
But shortly afterwards,
I caught him stealing
a vital piece of evidence
to a murder case.
Then he shot and killed
a fleeing suspect,
who held the key
to solving this case.
I thought it was very peculiar.
So I got a copy of
the evidence he stole.
It contained sufficient
evidence to pin him
as the prime suspect
of this case.
What must I do
in this situation?
It's too hard, chief.
He must have a reason,
so I made a decision.
'Let's just tell him
everything I know.'
'And see how he fixes
this problem.'
I believe that he will
make a wise solution.
Sinsa 1-78
Have a good night, chief.
Hello, chief.
It's Ahn from
Mirae Entertainment.
I got in touch with
Kim Jin-kyu.
No, I didn't find him.
He actually called me,
I don't know how he found out.
Asked why I wanted him.
I told him about you,
and he knows you well.
He said he'll meet you soon.
I don't know if this will help,
but I came across it while
I was asking around.
He runs a bar called Mojo
in Sangam district.
Mt. Woomyun Park
Yes, chief.
Go ahead.
Could you look up
following areas for cases?
May 11, Anyang.
6th, Jinchun.
2nd, Gwangmyung.
Okay, one moment.
Sir, there're
open murder cases in all 3.
All of the victims
are former cops.
Jo Woon-gil for Anyang,
Ju Jin-suk for Jinchun,
Park Gwang-choon
for Gwangmyung.
I knew Park from before,
I even went to his funeral.
What's this about?
Park Gwang...
Jin-suk! Jin-suk!
Gwang-choon, Woon-g,
we got a huge case!
It's an emergency!
Let's move!
My 90...
The massacre took place
at an illegal casino,
all 12 victims were
killed with cyanide.
It's a special order!
Solve this case
by any means necessary.
It's him!
Wait, who are you?
Come out, asshole!
Let go!
Let go of me!
- Lee Jung-hoon!
- Grab him!
Untie me!
Did you know them?
I don't know any of them!
I've never met that woman!
Unsolved Casino Massacre
Police Incompetency?
Special Order by Metro Police
Is this your best?!
What's the problem?!
Bring me a suspect,
even if you have to make one!
Do you understand?!
Chief, it's ready.
Suspect Kim Bong-su...
has physical as well as
mental disabilities,
and barely made
minimum wage
by working at the casino,
but was constantly assaulted
by the victims.
He confessed that his grudge
led him to mix cyanide
into their drinks.
Thereby killing
all 12 people at once.
In addition to his confession,
2 witnesses came forward,
who were present at the scene.
Kim Jin-kyu
Can I help you?
I would like to confess.
Confess to what?
I recently killed someone
and hung him on a crane.
I'm the one,
who hung a body
on the crane.
Chief, please come!
A man named Kim Jin-kyu
came to confess.
He hasn't said much yet.
Kim Jin-kyu, 28,
was a movie actor.
He too has a few
drug arrests.
He says he'll
only talk to chief Choi.
Before we begin,
could you turn it off?
You know,
outgoing mike.
Do it.
Now, let's begin.
Interrogate me.
Did you really
kill Jung Ji-su?
Of course not.
How could I?
I saw you killing him
with my eyes.
What's he saying?
I never wanted to
cause such ruckus.
I wasgoing meet you
privately outside.
But I noticed that
you were going to
cover up this case.
So I came in person like this.
Kim Jin-kyu.
Is this because of your dad?
Anyang, Jinchun,
Gwangmyung, you did it.
You sent Jung after me,
you hung him to the crane,
you're behind it all.
I'm impressed.
Stop it,
it's all in the past.
Had you died as I intended
that night,
this wouldn't have happened.
You'd all die one by one
and that'd be that.
But you messed up my plan
by killing my man.
That son of a...
But thanks to you,
everything's gotten
a lot interesting.
I'm enthralled to see you
as a cornered rat.
Humans are quite foolish.
Jung and Lee...
they committed one crime
after another,
trying to cover up
their original crime,
and they did anything
to get high.
You're not all that
different from them.
Since you managed to kill
my minions,
you'll have to
take their place.
Not a chance.
I got a video of you
killing him on my cellphone.
Matter of seconds
before it's online.
If you know
why I'm doing this,
then you know
what you must do.
You'll have to
kill someone for me.
You know who.
You already killed 2,
what's one more to you?
Deadline is 9PM tonight,
you got 2 hours.
The choice is yours,
either comply,
or pay for your crimes.
I will not be
dragged in the mud.
Make no mistake.
If you do not stop here,
I will kill you.
I must be off now.
Clear me of all suspicion.
Is he the one?
His statement lacks credibility.
He got creative with
what was reported on TV.
But we should keep him
and look into him further.
Lt. Kang, give him a go.
Yes, sir.
He's a weird one.
Like Choi said,
he's not making any sense.
This won't do,
let's start from the top.
Kang will take over
the case.
Stay full alert.
You left out the most
important aspect!
Kim Jin-kyu...
What a fucking idiot...
Verify his ID
and let him loose.
We can keep him for 48 hours,
why not observe him...
What the hell for?
Nutjobs like him only
muddle our investigation.
The media is watching us,
what if we're barking up
the wrong tree?
How you manage'?
Kick him out.
Yes, sir.
You'll have to
kill someone for me.
You know who.
President's Award
ls the superintendent in?
He's gone for the day.
About 30 minutes ago.
He has a district meeting
at the Olympic Park.
Where's Kim Jin-kyu?
We had to let him loose, chief.
Kang's order.
But I put a tail on him,
something wrong?
Check his current location.
Where the hell
did this bastard go?
Kiddo, you should've
ignored the red light.
I'm sorry.
Yes, sir.
It's me,
where is he now?
Do your damn job properly!
Find him ASAP!
Sons of bitches...
He slipped away
near Olympic Park...
Find him,
and bring him in!
Criminal Record
Superintendent Ju
Chief Choi Chang-silt
Chief, it's Jin-kyu.
Time's almost up,
have you decided?
Let's stop this.
Made up your mind yet?
Just stop it!
I knew it'd be like this.
If you won't,
you leave me no choice.
I'll have to do it myself.
You're just in time.
No, the other way.
Do you see?
The superintendent.
I left something on his car
not too long ago.
I wonder it'll be spectacular
like in the movies.
Get out!
Get out!
Now there's just you.
Aren't you curious?
Why did I drag a dead man
along this far?
There's an important task
you must complete.
My father's case.
Please find
the real killer.
Kim Jin-kyu.
Let's die...
What's going on?
I'll follow him!
Chief, what happened?
Where's Kim?
Dong-jae's following him.
What them?
Video of The Real Crane Killer,
Chief Choi
Isn't this our chief?
Looks like it,
that's chief Choi.
What is it,
move aside.
What is this?
The superintendent is dead!
In an explosion.
What did you say?!
Investigators: Jo Woon-gil...
Anyang: Jo Woon-gil...
Lead investigator:
Ju Won-i]!
What the hell's going on?
Yes, chief?
Where is he now?
He's heading towards Sangam.
As you know,
I accidentally killed a man.
It's a long story, but...
I will make the wise solution.
Before then,
I need to meet him-
He's dangerous,
so be careful.
Stay on him
until I get there.
I understand, chief.
Triangulate chief's cellphone,
and send a tact team
to his location!
On the double!
Yes, sir.
Fax me the files,
but can you give me
his name and ID first?
Are you absolutely sure?
Dong-jae, where you at?
There's an urgent matter,
I need your help.
Okay, I'll be right there,
wait for me.
Yes, sir.
Hey, Jin-Wu-.
Is it over now?
You're here, finally.
How was my performance?
What are you saying?
I'm just an actor.
And an obedient friend.
someone I love.
Who the hell is he?!
What took you so long?
I'm told you taught him.
"Incidental instinct."
Fight... Dong-Re.
His name was also Jin-kyu.
We still call each other that.
Dong-jae, stop this.
Your real name is Kim Jin-kyu.
'Dong-jae' is your adopted name.
I know all about it.
Son of a...
This is not right,
you can't do this.
Stop this.
Don't move, asshole!
Think you can arrest me?
Don't move!
Get up.
Cha Dong-jag!
Snap out of it!
You fuck!
It's all over.
Put a stop to this, Dong-jae.
I still have a job to do.
You bastard...
I'm sorry, detective.
Could you do me a favor?
When you meet him,
please don't kill him.
To me...
he's more important
than life itself.
- Dad.
- Yes, son.
When are you coming?
Dong-jae's here,
he said you're coming.
Put him on! Now!
Yes, chief.
Dong-jae, listen.
Let my family out of this.
I'll clear your father's name.
I'll find the real killer
and kill him in front of you.
Will you keep your promise?
I'll keep my promise
no matter what.
Don't touch my family!
Dong-jae! Please!
Don't worry, I'm at the park
with Myung-ho.
Come right away.
Our usual spot.
You have to die
for me to live.
I just followed his instructions.
I'm just an actor.
Who the hell is he?
Get out!
Where's my son?!
I was probably his age.
My dad and I
only had each other.
He did all he can
to raise me,
even enduring their
endless contempt.
Thank you.
Then one clay,
he didn't come home.
So I went to the place
where he worked.
The despicable men were...
There was not a single
decent human being.
Please have a drink.
It was you?
I confessed to everyone
that I was the one,
but you took my dad away.
You made up witnesses,
and created pieces of
evidence too.
Then one day,
I heard that he received
the death penalty.
From that day on,
I became 'Cha Dong-jae',
and began formulating
my plan.
what will you do?
Will you keep your promise
and kill me?
Get to your positions,
and wait for my order!
Yes, sir!
Chief Choi!
It's Lt. Kang!
Drop your gun
and surrender!
- Dad!
- I'm warning you!
Drop your gun
and surrender!
- You can't go there.
- Dad! Dad!
So in the end,
just like my father,
you'll be called a killer
in front of your son.
Choi Chang-sin!
Drop your gun and surrender,
or we will fire!
I'm warning you!
Drop your gun and surrender,
or we will fire!
This is the end of my plan,
and if you do not
keep your promise,
how will I go on living?
Is it okay for me...
to continue living?
could you please
keep your promise?
Where did it all go wrong?
Arrest him!
I did it,
please take me.
Jin-kyu, I know.
You and your dad...
aren't bad people.
Come on, Cho
Let's get out oi here.
Be strong
and live well, okay?
1 year ago
Class of what?
2013, sir.
Class of 2013...
How's prof. Lee?
He's still alive and kicking.
He actually told me
a lot about you.
Like what?
That you were
a righteous cadet.
And that you're a good man.
Once upon a time.
I heard you wanted to
join my unit.