Chronicles Of Riddick, The (2004) Movie Script

They are an army
unlike any other...
crusading across the stars
toward a place called UnderVerse...
their promised land.
A constellation of dark new worlds.
Necromongers they're called.
And if they cannot convert you,
they will kill you.
Leading them, the Lord Marshal.
He alone has made a pilgrimage
to the gates of the UnderVerse...
and returned a different being.
Stronger. Stranger.
Half alive and half...
something else.
If we are to survive,
a new balance must be found.
In normal times,
evil would be fought by good.
But in times like these...
well, it should be fought
by another kind of evil.
Lining him up for you.
Portside shot coming up.
Steady. Here we go.
Take it! Take a shot!
- Toombs, we're running out of rope!
- Shut up! I got it! Again!
I don't know, Toombs.
Looks kind of tight.
Not where I'm sitting.
This is the biggest payday ever.
So throw on a fresh pair of panties.
Let's get this right.
Three meters clearance portside.
One and a half meters starboard.
We got a chokepoint coming up.
What the shit was that?
Tags, you got eyes on Riddick?
He just ghosted two guys,
and I never even saw him.
What do you think?
Maybe we ought to just...
I think you're my new gunner.
Grab a Gat.
Stay on top of him this time.
You made three mistakes.
First, you took the job.
Second, you came light.
A four-man crew for me?
Fucking insulting.
But the worst mistake you made...
That's right. Empty gun rack.
- What's the bounty on my head?
- 1 mil.
What slam pays 1.5 for a convict?
Private party.
Guy! Easy! Anonymous.
That's what the sheet said.
What planet?
Helion Prime.
Whoa. Where you going?
Last question.
And you better get this one
right, merc.
Whose ship is this?
- Mine?
- Wrong answer.
Knew they'd come for me.
Took them five years, but I knew.
You don't expect these mercs
to have any honour, any code.
But this new bounty
from a holy man...
a guy whose neck I saved.
Well, lesson learned.
No such word as "friend".
Can only end bad
when you let someone get too close.
Bad for them.
So now it's back to civilisation.
All the brightness,
and everything I hate.
Just wanted to be left alone.
Helion Prime is on
alert condition four.
All unrecognised craft
will be escorted to the ground...
for security inspections.
Unrecognised craft, follow me...
to Spaceport 6
for security inspections.
Do you hear me?
Follow me to Spaceport 6 now!
Follow this.
Did you know
all your doors were locked?
Five years ago,
I took two people off that planet.
A kid, Jack, who everyone else
thought was a boy...
and a holy man
searching for New Mecca.
I told one man where I might go.
I showed trust to one man.
Did I make a mistake, lmam?
There is no simple answer...
Whatever was said
was meant to give us a chance.
A fighting chance.
Were it not
for the threat of invasion...
I never would have betrayed you.
I give you my word, Riddick.
And a daughter...
- No.
- Whose name would be...
If you have issue with me,
you let it be with me.
You need not know their names.
Ziza. My name is Ziza.
Cute kid.
Did you really kill monsters?
The ones that were gonna hurt
my father?
Such are our bedtime stories.
Go, Ziza. Go on.
So now who do I have to kill
to get this payday off my head?
It is said the comet
always precedes them.
These world-enders.
The Coalsack planets are gone.
Eight million settlers missing.
The entire Aquilan System
is gone, too.
My God, how do I save my family?
Have you heard anything I've said?
You said it's all circling
the drain. The whole universe.
- Right?
- That's right.
Had to end sometime.
The one you want is now here.
And whose throat is this?
If you cut my throat...
I'll not be able to rescind
the offer that brought you here.
Nor tell you
why it's so vital that you did come.
The blade comes off
when the bounty comes off.
This is Aereon.
An envoy from the Elemental race.
She means you no harm.
There are very few of us...
who have met a Necromonger
and lived to speak of it.
So when I choose to speak of it,
you should choose to listen.
It is the name that will convert
or kill...
every last human life.
Unless Furyan warriors are found.
They were the one race
that would not bow.
The only race
the Necromongers still fear.
Maybe you should pretend
like you're talking to...
someone educated
in the penal system.
In fact, don't pretend.
There is a story, Riddick,
of young male Furyans...
strangled at birth.
Strangled with their own cords.
When Aereon told this story
to the Helion leaders...
I told her of you.
What do you know
of your early years?
Do you remember your homeworld?
Where it was?
- Have you met any others?
- Others like yourself.
Sister, they don't know
what to do with just one of me.
Spoken like a true Furyan.
I don't care where I'm from,
I want the bounty off my head.
- Open up in there! Open up!
- Stand back!
They are searching houses.
They look for a man
who came here today.
- They think he might be a spy.
- A spy.
Did someone see him come here today?
Did they?
Lajjun, stop!
I will send them away.
But wait one minute, please.
Will you wait one minute
to save worlds?
Not my fight.
So you will leave us to our fate?
- Just like you did her.
- Break it down!
Get in!
Come, let us try to send them away.
- Just let me have her!
- Come on.
Leave us alone.
There is no one here.
You don't understand.
He can help us!
You're not afraid of the dark, are you?
The light hurts my eyes.
- Where is he?
- He went to this side!
Where is he?
In here.
You mentioned her.
She went looking for you.
People died. She went to prison.
I am not sure where.
It was a world so hot, you couldn't
set foot on the surface.
Young Jack. She thought of you
as her older brother.
- She worshipped you.
- You were supposed to watch her.
She never forgave you for leaving...
- just when she needed you most.
- She needed to stay away from me.
You all do.
Are you gonna stop
the new monsters now?
Furyans. Defiant to the end.
No, no. We go to the shelter.
We take only ourselves.
Turn back!
Go to the other shelter.
There is no room.
- They won't let us in!
- Get back.
Stay close.
We must cross the river.
Flight leaders, all squads off the ground now.
We have heavy inbound.
Follow me in!
They're coming back!
The next shelter. This way!
I'll see if it's safe.
- Stay back.
- Come, Ziza.
Don't they have real guns?
Take aim and fire!
Now they're going down!
Lajjun and Ziza!
When it's over.
- Let me go. I must go to my family.
- When it's over.
Let's get your family.
In here.
Get in.
- Imam.
- Don't follow me.
There will be an afterlife for me.
Will there be for you?
Let's go replenish the ranks.
Never fails to inspire, does it?
Each time a dynasty falls.
Remember your place, Dame Vaako.
My place is at your side,
dear husband.
From here till UnderVerse come.
In this 'verse,
humans have been fractured...
divided by all their many races,
creeds, and mistaken faiths.
Our purpose is to correct
that mistake.
Because there is another 'verse.
Another universe that he has found.
Where anyone can begin anew.
Where you can live free of pain.
A perfect new place
called UnderVerse.
Look around you.
Every Necromonger in this hall...
every one of the Legion Vast...
that just swept aside your defences
in one night...
was once like you.
Fought as feebly as you.
Because every Necromonger
that lives today is a convert.
There'll be no conversions!
We all began as something else!
It was hard for me to accept, too,
when I first heard these words.
But I changed.
I let them take away my pain.
- You betrayed your faith.
- And I changed.
Just as you will change...
when you realise that the UnderVerse
will be reached...
only by those who have embraced
the Necromonger faith.
For those of you who will
right now...
drop to your knees
and ask to be purified.
- We will not renounce our faith!
- No one here will do what you ask.
It is unthinkable!
This is a world of many peoples,
many religions!
And we simply cannot
and will not be converted.
Then I'll take your soul.
Join him...
or join me.
This is your one chance.
Take the Lord Marshal's offer
and bow.
I bow to no man.
He's not a man.
He's the holy Half-Dead
who has seen the UnderVerse...
and returned with powers
you can't imagine.
Look, I'm not with everyone here.
But I will take a piece of him.
A piece you will have.
Stop him!
Irgun. One of my best.
If you say so.
What do you think of this blade?
I think it's a half-gram heavy
on the back end.
In our faith,
you keep what you kill.
Take him back to my ship
for mind regression.
Perhaps the breeder would do it...
if somebody just asked him.
It is a rare offer.
A visit inside Necropolis.
It's been a long time
since I smelled beautiful.
Let me show you the way.
Beautiful eyes. Come.
The last six Lord Marshals
have called this home.
Magnificent, isn't it?
- I might have gone a different way.
- True of us all.
Converts receiving the mark
of the Necromonger.
They learn how one pain
can lessen another.
There now.
That is just perfect.
The more you resist them...
the greater the damage will be.
A new one.
You've brought us a new one.
Interesting breeder.
Making entry.
This won't take long.
We've entered his neocortex.
- The Riddick!
- Regress.
Scanning fresh memories.
Thoughts of someone called Jack.
She went to prison.
Now we find thoughts
of an Elemental.
The one race that would slow
the spread of Necromongers.
Where does he come from?
Who are his people?
These are the things I need to know.
We find energy.
We find Furyan energy.
He's Furyan!
A Furyan survivor! Kill the Furyan!
Kill the Riddick!
Kill Riddick.
Find him. Whatever it takes.
Find him.
Let me guess.
A five-man crew this time.
Couple of things
you could have done better.
First, trash the locater beacon
inside my ship, the one you jacked.
And second, and this is really
the more important part...
you should have wasted me
when you had the chance.
- Any questions?
- Yeah.
What took you so long?
Decoy launched.
In and out.
Unsuspected and undetected.
Damn, I love a good smash-and-grab!
- Bounty's as good as ours.
- Preparing to engage ion drive.
So where do we drop
your merc-killing ass?
Who's gonna pay
the most for you now? Butcher Bay?
Butcher Bay.
Ten minutes every other day
on the dog-run.
Protein waffles aren't bad.
How about Ursa Luna?
Nice little double-max prison.
They keep a cell open for me,
just in case I drop in.
You know the problem
with these joints now?
Health clubs
for waffle-eating pussies.
Maybe we should think about
upping our game here a little bit.
Think about someplace
truly diabolical.
What the hell is he thinking now?
He's thinking a triple-max prison.
A no-daylight slam.
Only three of them
left in this system...
two of them out of range...
for a shitty little undercutter
like this one with no legs.
Leaving just one.
That is what you had in mind,
right, Toombs?
How does he know
where we're going, and we don't?
- Dope it out.
- I hate this run.
Just do it!
Don't know about
this new crew of yours.
They seem a bit skittish.
Probably shouldn't tell them
what happened to the last crew.
You know, you were supposed to be
some slick-shit killer.
Now look at you.
All back-of-the-bus and shit.
I say we attack Helion Two next.
Take it straight into their teeth.
It'll cost you 20,000 heads,
- Nothing more, I swear it.
- While I do prize brute force...
this approach is,
perhaps, more artful.
Start at the end.
Go straight to Helion Five...
the last planet in the system.
We approach from the night side.
Remove these cannon first...
then attack the larger placements
at speed.
We'll catch them
on their rear flank.
And in 10 days" time...
the rest of those worlds
will tumble before us.
You see, as with most...
their blind spot
is right behind them.
I've located an ion trail
which leads off-world.
Then you should be off-world, Vaako.
I've deployed a tracker team.
One of the best.
Wherever Riddick has gone...
you lens him out
and cleanse him. You.
You want me to take a frigate
for one breeder?
Don't question it, Vaako!
Take it on faith.
He's always been unsettled
around you.
The Lord Marshal. Unsteady.
Perhaps because he knows
he's half the warrior you are.
Some say he's too artistic
for the job.
I wouldn't be surprised
if someone promoted him soon...
to full dead.
- Take care what you say.
- Should I say it softly?
So it sounds more like conspiracy?
Why is it that when anyone breathes
about the demise...
of him on the throne
everyone assumes a conspiracy?
Why isn't that
just prudent planning?
When he is ready,
he will name a successor.
Toal? Scales?
The Purifier?
None of them...
with the strength, the dignity...
of Lord Vaako.
You can keep what you kill.
That is the Necromonger way.
Mercenaries. Elementals. Necromongers.
Shit, l've never been so popular.
I should probably slip these chains
and open up a few arteries.
But why drive
when you can get driven?
Free ticket to Crematoria.
Thanks, Toombs.
Got me some business there
named Jack.
And once we settle up,
I walk away forever.
So l'II just wait...
all back-of-the-bus for now.
How unexpected...
An Elemental. Here?
One of the captives.
And why, after 30 years,
should it be you?
He doesn't regard her
as a captive, though.
Elementals. They talk of neutrality,
but they're all witches and spies.
Why else would they come
and go like the wind?
But where has he gone?
Where is the Furyan hiding now?
You be the good warrior.
Go after this Riddick.
I'll find out why the Lord Marshal
is so threatened by him.
Destination reached.
Unlocking manual controls.
All right, I make 700 degrees
on the day side.
Let's not get caught in the sun.
If I owned this place and hell,
I'd rent this place out...
and live in hell.
- Slue angle: Good.
- Stand by.
- And...
- Plotted course...
- Good.
- Hit it!
Angle of approach: Not good.
Look, Ma, no hands!
Party poppers!
I think I shit myself.
Skittish, Toombs. Very skittish.
When the ride's over,
your goggles are mine.
Four-way split!
So this is Riddick.
What in the bowels of Christ
are you talking about? 700,000?
Don't take this one, boss.
See, Anatoli here
has a nose for trouble.
- And this one, this Riddick guy...
- Big, big trouble.
So 700,000 is good money.
I'd take the money, Toombs.
These are dangerous days,
if you believe the talk.
- Talk?
- About dead planets.
About some ghost army.
About them.
I'll run the numbers again.
It takes a couple of days probably.
So you can stay as my guest.
At least here we are all safe. Yes?
Yes, boss.
I'll give it a day.
There are inmates,
and there are convicts.
A convict has a certain code.
And he knows to show
a certain respect.
An inmate, on the other hand...
pulls the pin on his fellow man.
Does the guards' work for them.
Brings shame...
To the game.
So which are you gonna be?
I'm just passing through.
Welcome to Crematoria.
- How do I get eyes like that?
- You got to kill a few people.
Did that. Did a lot of that.
And then you got to
get sent to a slam.
Where you're told
you won't see daylight again?
There wasn't a doctor
who could shine my eyes...
not even for 20 menthol Kools.
Was anything you said true?
What are you gonna do?
Go for the sweet spot?
Remember who
you're talking to, Jack.
Jack's dead.
She was weak.
She couldn't cut it.
The name's Kyra now.
And I'm a new animal.
I'm so glad I could steal you
away for a moment.
Doesn't it strike you odd?
Here we have the current Lord Marshal...
destroying entire societies...
and yet he can't bring himself
to kill one stranded Elemental.
Why is that?
You don't pray to our God.
You pray to no God, I hear.
Elementals, we calculate.
Don't we all.
But now let's have
first things first.
What of Riddick?
In truth, I don't know
where he went.
In truth, I'm more interested in
where he came from.
Watch your step.
I've always wondered,
does an air Elemental fly?
Now do me a favour.
Calculate the odds of you
getting off this planet alive...
and now cut them in half.
No, we can't fly.
But we glide very well.
Save your threats, Necromonger.
I would have told you about Riddick
for the asking.
It concerns a foretelling...
a prediction
now more than 30 years old.
A young warrior once consulted
a seer of sorts...
and was told that he would die
at the hands of a Furyan.
So he waged a private war
on the planet Furya...
killing all he could find.
This was before he became
Lord Marshal, of course.
That massacre should have ended
the matter.
But now it seems
one Furyan had a knack...
for escape.
Feeding time!
Move! Let's go! Come on.
Here they come!
To the cages!
Come on!
A herd! A goddamn herd!
Is that all we are to you?
Let me in!
It's an animal thing.
Check her for me.
She's always got a blade somewhere.
I don't think she likes being touched.
I'd take my wounded and go
while you still can.
Is there a name for
this private little world of yours?
What happens there
when we don't just run away?
You'll kill us with a soup cup?
Tea, actually.
What's that?
I'll kill you with my tea cup.
You know the rule.
They aren't dead
if they're still on the books.
Come on.
Death by tea cup.
Damn. Why didn't I think of that?
I didn't come here
to play "Who's The Better Killer?"
But it's my favourite game.
Haven't you heard?
I heard you came looking for me.
Is that all?
Then you missed the good part.
Hooked up with some mercs
out of Lupus Five.
Said they'd take me on, teach me
the trade, give me a good cut.
They slaved me out, Riddick.
Do you know what that could do
to you when you're that age?
- When you're 12 years old?
- I told you to stay in New Mecca.
Did you not listen?
I had mercs on my neck.
I'll always have mercs on my neck.
I spent five years on a frozen heap
just to keep them away from you.
And you go and sign up
with the same fake badges...
that wanted to cut you up
and use you for bait.
What are you pitching, Riddick?
That you cutting out
was a good thing?
That you had my ass covered
from halfway across the universe?
You signed with mercs.
There was nobody else around.
Let's pop the cork.
Get some fresh air.
So they do go topside...
to swap out air.
Who the hell are you?
When it happens, it'll happen fast.
Stay on my leg when I cut fence,
or die here.
Nobody outs this place. Nobody.
He ain't nobody.
Seven hundred degrees.
That's some sunrise.
They can be quite a test.
These deep runs.
Test of our inner selves.
Don't you find that true?
Some men do.
Just being so far
from the armada...
the mind can start to fill
with strange thoughts.
Don't you ever have doubts, Vaako?
- Doubts?
- About the campaign.
About Lord Marshal.
First and always,
I am a Necromonger commander.
So if you're here
to test my loyalty...
you succeed
only in testing my patience.
No, that's not why I'm here at all.
Good news first.
Talked things over
with my amigos here.
We'll cut you in for 775,000.
All right. What's the bad news?
They close the local whorehouse?
No. The bad news is worse than that.
Much worse.
Our pilot, he saw this.
It crossed a shipping lane.
Any idea what this might be?
Never saw nothing like it.
This ship charts back
to Helion Prime.
You know, Anatoli's got
a nose for trouble...
and he thinks
trouble follows you here.
Look, we dusted our tracks
and got the hell out of there.
There is no way we didn't lose them.
This is my prisoner.
Mine. Nobody else's.
And I want my money now.
You stole a prisoner from them?
- Riddick, no!
Should've taken the money, Toombs.
Some guards here,
but this can't be all of them.
Check their slots in the back.
And be careful.
Don't bother. Guards ain't there.
They figured out
the Necros are coming for me.
Plan was to clean the bank,
ghost the mercs...
break wide through the tunnel.
Then somebody got a lucky shot off
with this rocket launcher here...
and took out the sled.
Guards took off on foot...
but rigged the door
so no one could follow.
They'll take the one ship
in the hangar...
and leave everyone else here to die.
How come you know all this shit?
You weren't even here.
'Cause it was my plan.
I know that look.
I don't even have to see your face,
and I know that look.
You want to run the surface
while they run the tunnel below.
It's moving in the right direction.
We could make it.
Stay behind the night...
ahead of the sun.
There's gonna be one speed.
If you can't keep up, don't step up.
You'll just die.
I should've taken the money.
Up there.
- Take a look.
- Because Anatoli says so?
Because his nose says so.
Go! Come on, go!
Climb here!
Climb! Go!
They're heading
for the volcano fields.
Going for our ship!
No chance do they
get to the hangar first. No chance!
Next one! Next hole!
We'll catch them there!
No more running for you.
Where did the big guy go?
Close it!
What was that?
You don't care if you live or die?
If I kill them first, not really.
Maybe I do.
Keep moving!
- Kyra!
- What?
Get that ass moving!
Remember what I said
about not caring if I lived or died?
You knew I was kidding, right?
One speed.
Your rope.
It's too late.
We're never gonna make it.
Your rope! Give me your rope!
And your water. All of it!
Stay in the shadow
of the mountain.
Don't wait for me. Run!
Where the hell is that hangar?
There it is.
Let me guess. Necros.
One commander.
Five captains.
And a whole lot of Necro firepower.
Shit! I hate not being the bad guys.
I figure we got three minutes...
before the sun hits us again,
burns out this whole valley.
We gonna do this or not?
Just wait.
Remember that
favourite game of yours?
"Who's The Better Killer?"
Let's play.
Come on!
On the right!
I was supposed to
deliver a message to you...
if Vaako failed to kill you.
A message from
the Lord Marshal himself.
He tells you
to stay away from Helion.
Stay away from him.
And in return,
you'll be hunted no more.
But Vaako will most likely
report you as dead.
So this is your chance.
Your chance to do
what no man has ever done.
The girl.
Where will they take her?
To the Lord Marshal, of course.
I've done unbelievable things...
in the name of a faith
that was never my own.
And he'll do to her
what he did to me.
The Necromonger in me
warns you not to go back.
But the Furyan in me...
hopes you won't listen.
We all began as something else.
I have lost a Purifier...
but I have gained
a First among commanders.
It is overdue, isn't it...
that we acknowledge
your many accomplishments...
your steady faith...
and above all...
your unflinching loyalty?
Obedience without question.
Loyalty till UnderVerse come.
Well done, Vaako.
This is a day of days.
Now, tell me if it's true.
Tell me the Furyan is gone...
and I can close this campaign
without hearing his bootsteps.
If he is dead...
I sense I'm not far
from the same fate...
being of no further use here.
Shouldn't I tell you
that Riddick is still alive?
Don't try me, Aereon.
I could plough you under
with the rest of Helion Prime.
No one really knows the future.
Then tell me the odds.
That Vaako met with success.
That I will now be the one
who can finish it all.
Conquering or converting
all the remaining worlds of man.
Tell me it's true, Aereon.
And maybe
I'll save your home world...
for last.
The odds are good...
that Riddick is still alive.
Ascension protocol!
We still have numbers out there,
Lord Marshal.
Sweep teams, recon ships.
They would be hard-pressed
to make it back...
Get my armada off the ground.
- You mean on Helion?
- I mean here on this very ship.
Could you be wrong?
Mind fabricates fear.
Could you be wrong?
Not so wrong as you
when you left him alive!
It's twice a mistake.
Not only your failure,
but now the report of success.
How do we salvage this? How?
Lord Marshal's got to be warned.
You will never see the UnderVerse!
He will kill us both
before our due time.
I say give Riddick his chance.
If he is half of what you think...
he can at least wound
the Lord Marshal.
And that is when you must act.
Just to take his place?
Just to keep what I kill?
That is the Necromonger way.
- It is not enough!
- Then you do it for the faith!
If he has fear, he has weakness.
If he has weakness, Vaako...
He is unworthy of Lordship.
We do it for all Necromongers.
Protect the faith.
This can still be a day of days.
But the timing must...
be flawless.
Final protocol. Execute on my order.
We're done with this world.
Go inside.
Ziza, go inside.
We found this Lensor dead.
Show me his last sight.
Commander Toal.
He won't escape twice.
Stay your weapons.
He came for me.
Consider this.
If you fall here now...
you'll never rise.
But if you choose another way...
the Necromonger way...
Go to him.
It hurts...
at first.
But after a while, the pain
goes away, just as they promise.
Are you with me, Kyra?
There's a moment when you can almost
see the UnderVerse through his eyes.
He makes it sound perfect.
A place where anyone can start over.
Are you with me, Kyra?
Convert now...
or fall forever.
You killed everything I know.
Not yet.
Been a long time
since I've seen my own blood.
These are his last moments.
Give me your soul, Furyan.
You are not the one
to bring me down.
Now! Kill the beast
while he's wounded!
Help me, Vaako.
Kill him.
Forgive me.
I thought you were dead.
Are you with me, Kyra?
I was always with you.
I was.
You keep what you kill.
Now, what would be the odds of that?
This dark army
at the feet of a Ione outlaw.
And the fate
of the rest of the universe?
Not even I dare to calculate that.