Chronicles of the Ghostly Tribe (2015) Movie Script

Adapted from the novel
"Ghost Blows Out the Light - Jingjue City"
In August, 1934,
strange cases in Liao Ning
Tahun 1956, Chang Ping, Peking
Kung Sian opened palace basement
Tahun 1972, Chang Sa, Hunan
found the bodies of women who are already thousands of years
The skin and flesh still intact
In 1974, discovered fossils of animals unknown in Mount Kun Lun
1978, Lecturer Archeological Research Laboratory of Shanghai, Yang Cia Lin
Kun Lun Mountain enters his own and got a great discovery
In 1979, inaugurated the Post 749
Organizations have complete control over the implementation of the research
Found 2 strange ancient skull creature
In the year that I went to Mount Kun Lun
From there, I began to understand
Everyone who comes into the world bringing their destiny
In 1979, Mount Kunlun, China
If tired of work, just think of revolution
If work suffer, think 25,000 Red Army
We fought in the highlands, I sadly fear and anguish, for the sake of the country's success
For the sake of the country's success...
Red Cross workers!
Hu Pa Yi
Emergency / reaction plateau
You're lying here. Arise!
Lets take a break. Life could be floated later
I also have that reaction
The first time I met Yang Ping
But I felt it was long known
Looks like I've known him a long time
Friend, No Entry
Red Cross!
Caution / Move
I got nothing
Ready to move!
Afternoon, an incident in the cave
It is prohibited to divulge it
Can be done? / Can!
This time the explosion occurred at the end of the cave
Not marred by humans. Found a new path
Leading into the mountain
Top's ask us to form death squads
And check the cause of the explosion
Siao Yen Thang voluntarily accept missions
Out of line. / Yes!
Do not know why, I guess explosion this time
and the danger that will happen to me there is a strong link
Voluntarily accept missions! / Out line. / Yes / Liu Li received a mission Cian
Cang Sin Hao received mission!
Wang Hung Chai received mission
Cang Lei received mission
Report! Yang Ping thank the Red Cross mission
Out of line. / Yes
Hu Pa Yi received mission
Out of line. / Yeah!
Report! Cang Sun received mission
Exit row. / Yeah!
Well, everything is seen here
Facing left and right, move!
As if I see a path toward death
But we were young to be determined
Hu Pa
Look, look down
This place is haunted
It seems there is no light down there
There is a stone statue above
What we face is a knowledge which is not yet known.
This discovery will change our history
Watch out!
Lecturer, there is a path here
Everything carefully. Under very deep
Come on!
Do not run / Assemble!
Pa Hu Yi, see the way the bones were buried there at the mountain
This snow mountain, according to legend, is the gate of the ancient kingdom
He said that there was pent-secret government
I was never here. / What do you see?
Get a grip! Daydreaming again. Join forces / Yes
Lecturer, I'm his friend Hu Pa Yi
Look, do not listen to what he said
Hey... / Sun! Lecturer Yang! There is something here. Hurry here!
Hurry report later
The team of researchers, at noon today, at 9.15, stomach Kun Lun Mountains
78 degrees 06 minutes East
North 38 degrees 14 minutes, found traces of living beings unknown
We urge to continue pursuing the creature, Yang Ling Cia
Ask them to consider the safety / Yes, sir Han
Today, the iron door will be completed. We will post 20 anti-tank shells in the cave
Here it is guarded 24 hours, nonstop
If they receive a call in, will be directly connected here
The sky mountains
What is this creature? Many?
Yang Ping
Do not move!
Do not go there!
Do not move! Stop!
Hurry run!
Directions here
Hurry up. Run up!
Quick waste
Jump down! Pull yourself
Dad, why are you?
You have to stay alive
Lecturer Yang
The rope would break up
Hu Pa
I do not understand how I can live
When I came, I saw Yang Ping was looking at me
Hu Pa Yi
You're a...
I am squashed and crushed
Ping, you got anything? / Yeah, okay
You are okay? / It's okay / Lecturer
How are you? / Do not be reckless. Another?
Siao Lu! / Li Sen Ta!
Ke Hao! Wang Ke Hao! Peng Fei!
Siao Thang Yen?
Cian Li! Liu Cian Li!
My men are all gone
We must immediately find a way out
Hu Pa Yi, sini
Sacred Palace Kun Lun
This tower Demon 9 Levels, secret creatures demon sealed inside
A place that is always looking for, finally met
This tower continues to wait for the person who will..
open / He kept waiting / Waiting?
Yes. You enter with Yang Ping / Come / father
Hu Pa Yi
Sun Chian Fu! / You want to open the gate of devil?
This is crazy? Do not expect me to be a part!
Yang Ping, Hu Pa Yi, quickly out!
Hu Pa Yi
Come on
Hu Pa Yi. / You go first
You guys go. I will protect. / Let me be here
You do not understand? You have to stay alive. Go!
"Siao Chang Wa... I went... Up to the small village, all the way"
"I'm starving... So talk her, she faces"
"He was looking the other way... "
Hurry go
Friend... / Quick go
Move over you! Get out! Jump! Hide!
Ping Ping!
m a h su nm ax
We found some of the bodies of friends. But didnt find Lecturer Yang and her daughter
If understood, maybe you're the only one who is still alive
Hu Pa Yi?
Jiu Xian Qiao Zhan
Already sought
I Hua Sia library manager. Did you get an additional energy
Now I brought you to report
Actually they want to set an apprentice in library
But I never thought, you were told to come here
Tahun 1982, Beijing, China
The library is a great ill, but many valuable archaeological objects, and books
Food stamps, key boarding, placards work, all is set
Fireplace room is the right side
WC is under old trees
Lunch at 11:30, dinner at 5.30 pm
The place is a little dull. Although there is no money, can read the book of knowledge
Die life as an ordinary. All there is karma
Life you see, maybe not life
Destruction you see, maybe not destruction
Mealtime is over
Sir, let's buy something to eat
Good. Let us eat. There is a place I visit often
Hu Siao, this id western menu. We each eat as much as needed
I ordered my food, you order your food
Sir, what to eat?
Sir, you know the menu / It's the what?
Thursday. The most delicious beef
Fried beef, half-cooked / price is 20 RMB
To select an expensive or cheap? / Too expensive / cheap Abon beans. Want to?
Good. / Nothing on budget here
Siao Hu, let this be on me. / No, sir
Promised, on me
Menus are of several kinds
Red sauce
Already? / Enough. / Bakpao free. / Oh yes? Give some fruit
Okay, please wait
Fried beef... half-baked
Iga sapimu
Hey, wrong. I do not order it
Wang Gai Sian... Si Gendut Wang
My little friend. A long-lost brother. Did not expect to see here
Secretly felt, librarian brought me here, perhaps not coincidentally
BUREAU 749, Beijing Suburbs
Remove the outer clothes
Hello sir
Any word Pa Hu Yi? / Not available
Which school? / Se Cung
High school grade 3/ I am a teacher. / I am also a teacher
School of Music Cung Yang. / Department what? / Physical Education
Lecturer Yang?
This Demon Tower Level 9, in which the sealed secret demon creature
Finally met
The lecturer...
Since the beginning you have known Mount Kun Lun
Suddenly I understood, opening the Demon Tower Level 9...
The goal was to investigate the Kun Lun
And from the beginning he knew me, and the Ping could open the tower
Workers doing research on the ancient tomb of the Han Dynasty in Kuang Han, Se Chuan
When they opened the coffin of the latter,
There are inventions that make people shocked
Yang Ping
All normal body, but the loss of memory
From now call her Shirley. You deal the treatment / Yes
Since I found the "History of Demon creature",
I continued to receive written books of Lecturer Yang
His writing made me slowly understand the secret of the Humanoid Race from Demon's world.
Her ancestors came from Planet Saturn.
They successor of Demon and man, human demon
Demon Tower Level 9 is the legacy
Bats fire, may be relics of human demons
Because the Kun Lun Mountain area ever arises from the fire bats
They are like guards that keeping confidential Demon Tower
10 thousand years ago, a vicious race suddenly disappeared from the earth
The lecturer said, it is because human beings have broken the domination of Demon
Yang Ping unremittingly appeared before my eyes
Pa Yi Hu's your name? Name of the grotesque
I was born on the day of elections Cian Cin
Then your name should be, Cian Cin
I really miss her..
Why just me and Yang Ping could open the tower?
What made Lecturer to open the tower currently?
Are there no secrets in the tower?
But there is one question that is getting bigger
Who sents these book to me?
Why did he awaken again bat flames, demon race, Tower Demon who was forgotten?
According to Prof. That is, he was unconscious after falling into water
when sober, appeared in a tomb in Si Yi Lin
he says were lucky to find a cave then get out
from the mountains to the Kun Lun Si Yi Lin.. This is more than two thousand miles
Shirley found in Han Guan, right? / Found in February 1982
Let me out!
I'm going out / It can not be controlled
I'm out! / Prof. Yang! finally you're back
1985, Oil City, West China
Prof. Yang!
The next event is the show
Ballet dance elementary school Hong Chi
major problems occur! bad! everything fast run!
Quick! let the children go first!
You must believe me!
You do not want to run...! I ran...! Quickly run away... fast! Quick!
What you?
You, what?
An attack by aliens
many were seriously injured. Most buildings have been destroyed
The second day after the incident, pkl 15:13
This image successfully obtained
pkl. 17: 55, disappeared from earth Oil City
I've heard the incident in the Oil City
I felt the incident was related to the Demon Tower
I was worried when we accidentally opened..
the space and time, the creatures got away
I have to solve this mystery
Prof. Yang, let me think about it
Here too sick. Slowly
How long has your injury was? /4-5 years
Your name Hu Pa Yi, right?
It has been found
See, bones were changed / You want to tell Prof. Yang?
To do this with aplomb?
What is this?
Chairman Wang. What did you do to me? What is this place?
You've been attacked by a creature of Fire
then the blood was contaminated by demonic force..
The demonic force gives you a magic power
but its power can drag you to hell
How do you know Creature of Fire?
Who are you? What is it actually here?
I am of Sou Lin nation. Here is the home Sou Lin.
Do not move! You see life, not life
destruction that you see, is not a disintegration
What place is this? / Here is the tomb of a prince
Who are they?
They are protectors of this tomb. protect Yi Wang Ce
and their victims are the people of Sou Lin
he is also the nation Sou.. Lin / Why do want to protect me?
Because the people you're looking for the demon race / demon?
10 thousand years ago, the earth suddenly appeared a new species
They are the heirs of the real stealth tower 9. They...
have more advanced technology, and quick to rule the earth
While humanity was laid to ruin
Your predecessor, Yi Wang Ce, lead mankind to fight them
Yi Wang Ce using his own body shut tower
ultimately humans win
After the battle, demons fled from earth
Other nations of demons were also destroyed by humans, and the other nations..
which survived, spread across the world
some secretly married to human, and got a humanoid form
they call themselves the demon earth race
Why do they want to find me?
Demon nation has a secret.
Simply by opening..
back of the tower, their leader was able to return to earth
This could open up new curse in themselves.
Every demons of the nation, at the age of 40-50 years
they will die and reach to the tower
Wang Yi only descendant who can open
then... they just had to find you.
It is past time to eat. Eat
This sleep makes my waist hurts
Why? What is wrong?
June 17, 13:00 pkl, find disappeared Yang Jia Lin. Left a note
Me go eastwards in search of water. Yang Jia Lin
20 people can not keep one person!
Disappears again!
We have 749 people, how many people have gone?
749/ chairman Han Is there?
Why? / Shirley is awake
Wait a minute, I'll call him
Shirley is awake.
Shirley has recovered memory, she wanted to go in search of his father
she says she wants to bring Hu Pa Yi
Today closed
Chairman Han
Prof. Survived
Yes. / I want to see him
Not long ago, I sent him to undergo an assignment,
Eventually he disappeared again / I can not believe
I also do not believe. but he has recently entered the desert have disappeared
So what you're looking for me? / I want to ask you, find Prof. Yang.
Based on what I should believe you? all those who believe I have died!
I'm not leaving / right
I respect your decision
2 days ago, in a small town a woman appears.
She called herself the daughter of Prof.
She asked me to find you / She wants to be with you to go looking for Prof. / That is Yang Ping
You should remain in the library. do not let them find you
Chief! / I saw the creature that ate Yang Ping,
but now she appears again, what should I do?
At that time you enter the Kun Lun mountains, was entered to
trap tower. The demons have been rebuilding it
they have started attacking humans
forward... forward everything!
3 years have passed, how they can find this place?
Why The Ping could come back to life?
Just find her new form to know the truth. Let me go.
It's the only chance. I meet Yang Ping
You go. Do not use the power of the devil inside you! / We go together!
This place is against the demons. This place has an obligation to protect us!
Keep here, waiting for the prince to come to life again,
to lead us against them!
Pa Hu Yi! Do not forget, you are part of this job itself!
I have to go away, keep you well / I also want to come
What happened to your hair?
Ye Ye escaped with Siau Song. I was so sad. Let me go
Brave fat!
1985, Kaqikuke City, Northeast China
Tn. An
Arrived already
The Ping / Pa Hu Yi. the name of the grotesque
My father disappeared, I want to look
Yang Ping, you know why? you've forgotten me? I Hu Yi Pa. I was born in Chien Cin Cie
My name is Shirley
Did you not know Yang Ping?
I told you I was Shirley
How are you? I Chen Tung
Prof. pupil. So I lead the mission this time
So before you go anywhere? Why I never..
heard that Yang Ping had a sister?
I just need a driver, why you came in 2? / He is my brother
I always follow my brother / Let him participate
You rest first
You Hu Pa Yi? take this.
Where is mine?
For several years, where were you?
How did you survive? Why not contact me?
Why are you impersonating Shirley Yang?
Did you already forget me?
I do not need to forget
Be careful with these people!
Brother, I have fallen in love
This time really fall in love
We are already very close to the distance where the professor disappears / Why..
only prof. can be saved, How did he disappear?
Look at this
"I went looking for water. I wait resettled. Yang Jia Lin"
With Prof. experience in the field, where he is hard to probably know.
Standing in the back is safest
Then he could go anywhere? I feel since he..
was back, he was very closeted, very strange. do you think?
True said Wei Wei. drink / Prof. It certainly was not..
go looking for water. / So I thought, what is the purpose Prof. Yang?
I think this time he entered the desert, must have a special mission. Right?
Since seeing the box, I know they are not just volunteers
Yang Ping Why so foreign? His eyes were cold, off I
The weather was about to change
Quick! kak, where are you? Get out of here! Bring items each!
How about you? / You.. go, go ahead... go!
Count them...
We have arrived. Here it is
We are less than 2 people / Who? / Chu Chien Lee and Siau
It seems like the two of them do not follow us
I'm also not one person. Also less than 8 camels
Pang Ce! Did you see Pang Ce?
I'll look for
Hu Pa Yi, stop!
Hu Pa Yi!
Calm down. they may not be able to find this small town
but if they ride camels, ontaku can certainly..
find a way, take them out
Wait... if you go there, we will die
Camel gone mad... / Do not be pursued!
Do not be pursued! We have arrived... Do not be pursued!
This is the real reason prof. Entering the desert, right?
Aliens invade this small town. everyone evacuated
Aliens what? / I also want to know
Close to Wei Wei? / Yes / She will like Pang Ce
He does not like fat, she likes thin, like Prof. Yang, Pa Hu Yi
Brother-in the desert, no matter
Do not look...!
You fool wait? Take me
Where have you been? / There alien creature!
Siau Lee.. eat
Alien! / The aliens do?
Great job! They ate 2!
Do not cry, slow down
Not wanting to play again, back to Beijing alone!
You see how many demon? / Two / Only two demons
Only two demons? You want how many devils? Hugh!
We get out of here!
No! I have to figure out what the creature?
Once you find out, we all have been killed!
We are here looking Prof. Which, not ushered lives!
My duty... not just looking Prof. That
It should also be looking creature was
I have entered the Kun Lun mountain. Nothing is..
better understand me, how dangerous they are!
Believe me, go. Otherwise it would be too late
Wei Wei,follow me!
Chubby what are you waiting?
Chu Chien! follow me!
Come with me
I will not go anywhere
You wait died
Chu Chien!
You are people of bureau 749
I have to stay here
You go
Chu Chien
I will not go / You will not go?
I'm not going anywhere / I'm still here
I also kept here
I also kept here
Hu Pa Yi!
You feel you have no connection with the people who were killed in this city?
You feel creature that appears in this city and..
you enter Kun Lun mountain, has nothing to do?
You feel guilty for their sacrifice?
It is here...! Help! Quick!
Be careful!
Give me a weapon
Wei Wei
Take this gun
There you protect me, that was enough. you take it
How dare disturb me! / The image of Hong Hwa
Creatures that came out of the grave
Where are you going?
Hu Pa Yi, should not be pursued!
Prof. Chen!
Why? / It is not there
Quickly find a safe place!
Silver / Made Special
Hu Pa Yi
Tomb of prince
Wait for me to come back.
Life you see, is not a life.
The destruction that you see, is not a disintegration
Chief... help me out
Sarcophagus, keep a secret
When the ilbis rebuild, Yi Wang will wake up here
and ye shall live again
Wei Wei! Cou Wei Wei! Cepat...!
Pa Hu Yi. Welcome you into space and time, come to the demon world
I heir tower
Whoever you are, please return Yang Ping to me
Yang Ping is a member ibiis. I need you and her to open this tower
What's in this tower is actually?
There is a deadly curse... only by opening the curse
can only save thousands devil on earth
in the Kun Lun mountain, we would not have opened the tower?
If Sun Lien is not prevented, it would have already opened. I want..
You and Shirley into her, and return Yang Ping to you
Dont talk again!
Open tower demon, could pave the way in the..
demon to earth. People will unite again
749 group people told you. They know..
too much. Shirley will kill them all
If Shirley kill my men
I will not approve you
He is not listening to anyone
Take me back, I could persuade him
I remind you, if you want to kill Shirley, Yang Ping will not come back forever!
I just wanted to save my men, I'll meet him
Good! I will take you back!
Phang Ce!
Do not be afraid. you will be fine.
I will come back
You look a lot like her
I Wei Wei! love you!
Chu Chien!
Only you...
...can, only kill me
Hu Pa Yi
Why are you crying?
Yang Ping
You came to help me
Very cold
Do not go
Too bad..
just met, had to split up again
No, your Ping.
No, Yang Ping!
The chairman said to me
The stone coffin has the power to turn back
He would not lie to me
You'll come around, right?
Hu Pa Yi
You can hear it?
I recall..
mother every day just doing one thing
endlessly knitting
Dad says
artificial coat mother enough for him to wear it to death.
Enough for him to wear it until I get married
One day, I suddenly realized
I can make a creature to die, come back to life
But after the mother know, be very afraid
Since that..
I just know, my mother and I are descendants of the demons
Blood tainted demon nations have policies that shut down
We could at some point in life turns into fire
Since then, the father decided to open a curse in me
In the end, he found you
I do not know why he wants us open tower
I just know he wanted to save me
Mom says, our demonic spirits have supernatural powers
And I have more lives than humans
Supposed to yourself
In the cave, I use all the luck
I do not regret
For you kindly
The Good people
The Funny
You are the person I love most
Please help me find my father.
He is still alive.
When the days are cold
And the cards all fold
And the saints we see
Are all made of gold
When your dreams all fail
And the ones we hail
Are the worst of all
And the blood's run stale
I want to hide the truth
I want to shelter you
But with the beast inside
There's nowhere we can hide
No matter what we breed
We still are made of greed
This is my kingdom come
When you feel my heat
Look into my eyes
It's where my demons hide
Don't get too close
It's dark inside
It's where my demons hide
When the curtain's call
Is the last of all
When the lights fade out
All the sinners crawl
So they dug your grave
And the masquerade
Will come calling out
At the mess you made
Don't want to let you down
But I am hell bound
Though this is all for you
Don't want to hide the truth