Chunkzz (2017) Movie Script

It's terrible to be run out
when you're batting well.
It may happen because
of your own fault...
...or because of your partner's mistake.
Tobacco harms you when you smoke...
...or someone else smokes around you.
Be smart. Stay away from tobacco.
Don't be run out.
Which goddamn building is this!
Take off the cooling glass and look,
you dumbhead!
Oh, it's our college!!
If not submitted today..
Where are you girls going?
Got to submit assignment today.
Shall submit the assignment together.
Its this Riyaska words
As you say.
You got two challenging questions
from this Riyaska today.
Efforts gone in vain!
Do it later.
Dude, come here.
It's final year. At least now
try to learn some attitude!
Attitude won't work in such cases!
Got to have some glamour also.
Poor guys! I'm going, guys-
Hey, don't misunderstand me.
Let's go.
You deserve it for befriending CS rascal!
- Didn't bathe today?
- Drive the car.
Reached Cemetery!
- What is this?
- G0t Ji0's Wifi?
What is wrong with them?
Some are reading, some are fidgeting.
What to say about this Jolly Miss!?
- She wishes to see me every now and then!
- As if!!
Do I look so handsome?
It's not that.
Jolly miss calls you to check if I'm here!
You go and tell her I'm here.
Sure. Let me go and chat with her
for sometime and be back.
- What is going on there?
Very good.
See and learn.
- Last question.
- Miss!
Where is the bearing?
Gone awry!
- Where?
- Show.
Protect me O Lord!
- Is this the one , sir?
- Very good.
It's the right answer
- You can go now.
- Okay sir.
Miss, see you later, ok
Thus I become the pride of this college
Your head ache is gone?
No sir, it still pains badly
Let's have Viva tomorrow.
Hmm...drink tea.
Thank you sir
I only asked you to drink tea,
why did you take vada?
Oh sorry, sir. I didn't know
you like vada so much.
Get lost from here.
Why the hell I offered you tea?
You will never ever pass this exam!
Shall I take this? Why wasting it?
Anyway I am not going to pass in the exam
Go and eat
Can't you tell me if you like this
vada so much?
Won't I give mine?
Where is your house, miss?
- Really?
- H mm.
- What happened to Viva, dude?
- It's reduced to a vada!
Only this fool passed in our group!
- Then, you owe us a treat today!
- What?
Our parents send us here to study well
-and not to become wayward!
- Kill that bastard!
Don't thrash me. Ok, will give you treat.
Take the Car.
There are no girls
What a time is this, dear
No girls, no girls, no girls
I searched till my eyes ached
To see a beautiful girl
No way, no way, no way
She need not be like moon
She need not be very beautiful
For namesake,
at least I must have one, O God
"In every corner there are girls"
But not one for me
This work is tough O my God
Chunkzz, Chunkzz, Chunkzz, Chunkzz
Chunkzz, Chunkzz, Chunkzz, Chunkzz
Chunkzz, Chunkzz, Chunkzz, Chunkzz
Chunkzz, Chunkzz, Chunkzz, Chunkzz
There are no girls,
what a time is this, dear
No girls, no girls, no girls
I searched till my eyes ached
to see a beautiful girl
No way, no way, no way
Though there is no one to give company,
Chunkzz are always near me
Even if I get thrashes
or I burn with pain
Chunkzz will give their hearts at once
Even if that girl I got with ardent
prayers dumps me,
Always Chunkzz who give
their hearts are with me.
Chunkzz, Chunkzz, Chunkzz, Chunkzz
Chunkzz, Chunkzz, Chunkzz, Chunkzz
Chunkzz, Chunkzz, Chunkzz, Chunkzz
Chunkzz, Chunkzz, Chunkzz, Chunkzz
Chunkzz, Chunkzz, Chunkzz, Chunkzz
Chunkzz, Chunkzz, Chunkzz, Chunkzz
Chunkzz, Chunkzz, Chunkzz, Chunkzz
Chunkzz, Chunkzz, Chunkzz, Chunkzz
Mummy, tea.
We are waiting outside, buddy come..
Come inside, guys. Have breakfast and go.
- Calls to take breakfast!
- Give that to me.
O my dear friend! No need
You want your mother to scold us?
Here everything is fine
There are Pancakes and Egg roast
for breakfast. Please come.
- Hot pancakes, friend.
- Really?
Riyas, pancakes and Egg roast!
Tell him we are coming.
Here we are, dude!
Hi dad! Both are gorging well.
Vagabonds reached at the right time!
Don't you get food from home?
Wow, 699!
Your craving for egg still not stopped,
you idiot?
Dad, egg is good to let off the gas!
Yes, my grandpa's gas also went
after the egg got stuck in his throat!
Well dad,
I want some money for studying Viva!
Study what?
For Viva!
Oh...Education cost is too high!
Last week you took
money for buying assembly
I bought timetable for that.
Every day you are...
How much money do you want now?
-1 O..1 O
To get the best Viva,
it will cost that much.
Yes uncle,
I also got it for that cost only.
You can afford, your father is an NRI
But I'm a poor real estate broker
Do one thing. Go for second hand one,
for Rs.3000!
Poor man! Then go for second hand only.
- Mummy..Pancakes are over..
- Mummy..
- What is it? - Get it quickly.
Got too much of work.
Goddamn work! Don't provoke my anger
If you come here in a form like yesterday,
then you my son, will never step
into this home, mind you.
No mummy, I told them not to take drinks
But they forced me...especially him.
Hey, you will get from me!
Oh! So you guys are spoiling my child!
Yes we admit that!
But who spoils his father, tell me mummy?
Why coming to me now?
You don't say anything.
Let them go, I will take you to task
Like father, like son.
When everyone can abstain from drinks
attending divine retreat,
Why can't your dad alone do it?
That is the problem.
Shut up and go!
You shut up and stuff the egg!
Dude hurry up, it's miss Sonia's class!
Sit at the
- Good morning, miss.
- May I come in?
Thank you, miss.
All are present!
Have we come to a wrong class?
No wonder Sonia's miss class is houseful!
- Come
- Get your seat
Thank you.
Are you basking, you dog?
Get up, please. Sit at the back
But you guys are usually back benchers!
You go and sit.
Never let others to study
- You here?
- Sonia is my darling, Athma!
- Get away!
- Don't dare tell me.
Sit there if you wish to.
Present miss.
Here she comes!
O God!
Tender breeze keeps blowing!
Oh no!
- Can I sit at the corner?
- No
Hmm, all are present today
- Thank you very much! You can go.
- Ok sir.
Here comes the bloody Jose!
Showing yourself financing college
tricks to this Government Engineering
College passed out man
Excuse me, sir, why did Sonia miss leave?
Asking why? Not only you, I know
how to bring your dads also to my class.
Sit down.
It's fine even to prank with Sony miss
- Sir!
- Yes.
Can I take leave, sir?
You sit down there
No sir, I belong to CS
- Pardon!
- Computer Science!
Yes I know! Searching for a Chalk while
sitting in a chalk mountain..bloody fool!!
Sit down.
Bird watching in Mech despite
having pretty girls in CS!
- Stay there.
- You deserve it!
Hi students!
Today we are discussing about factors
influencing breaking effect!
Sure I'll break his neck today
What is cos(90 - ?)?
Oh no!
Cos(90 - ?)?
No ba ba ban.
Without knowing basic fundamentals
how you reached up to final year?
- I pity you!
- I forgotten
Sit down. Let me see if I can teach you!
Don't know fundamentals?
Come out, I will show you.
All positive
Sin positive
Tan Positive and Cos positive
Gain what studying all these!
You will get only cattle feed atlast!
Having studied this way,
nothing got into your heads I believe!
So, let's forget that method.
A for Anuradha..
S for Silk
T for Tamanna!
Close your mouth
And C for Catherine Teresa
- Fantastic!
- Yeah Yes sir.
- Lovely?
- Yes, sir.
They were the trends of some phase of time
Stick onto this order
it will never ever
go away from your memory
Sir, one minute.
- One doubt
- Yes
Can I change Silk to Shakeela?
I mean..if change to driving school..
Being a Mech student..
Will also be quite easy to study.
Thank God!
Atleast now you opened your mouth
Thanks! Sit down.
Change it whoever you like
- Silk, Shakeela
- Who else you said" ah, Sunny Leone!
- Really?
- Yes
- Thank you, sir.
- I'm offering you
- Thank you, sir.
Sir, Pappichan arrived
-inform that I will give a call.
- Ok sir.
Why do you wish to see me urgently?
Get in, I will tell you.
What is the problem?
What is the problem, buddy?
I'm really in a fix
Oh, is this the problem!
Since sometime, I was also wishing
to have drinks with you.
I'm in a big tension, you know.
What happened?
If possible, we should not send our
children to Bangalore for studies
It's true, boss.
But whom do you have in Bangalore?
Came to know from this week's magazine
about the Bangalore enjoyment
Shut up, you rascal!
Come to the point.
I'm not able to sleep
also because of this tension,
am in that much pressure.
- I've bigger tension than you
- What?
I struck a land deal
and unable to make the payment
Your goddamn land dealings!!
When my life sucks here,
you talking about your land dealings?
Then, tell me what is your problem!
Who else will I say if not you.
Dude, you know my daughter Riya..
...has got an affair.
Do something and get that ready.
Simple! Show me the person,
I will get it done.
- Really?
- Yes
Her intimate friend
...College mate!
Came home insisting strongly to marry her!
Where is the person now?
I somehow convinced
and made him stay in my flat
- In our flat?
- Yes
Matter is too simple!
Needn't worry at all.
Do one thing, give me 30 has
30 has'?
Not as a loan, as my fees.
Shall sort this out
and clean this away, deal!
Won't you resolve it?
This Varkey has only one word ..
Deal or no deal?
Now, next question
Have you heard (King)
RAJA drink milk, is it?
Which DOOT(Milk) does RAJ drink?
Don't know?
Now comes next question..a
bit challenging one!
Which PAL(milk) PRINCE drinks?
Don't know?
O my Rasiya!
Move away your scarf and think!
Shall I say? It's PRINCIPAL!
She doesn't know anything..Dumbhead!
You have good sense of humour I guess!
Not such. Occasionally.
Got it out of learning or by inheritance?
Will you just shut up? Hangs
around with pretty girls with ugly looks!
Enough of stuffing! Get away, don't stare
I also don't wish to talk to a
nasty creep like you.
- Hey..
- Leave me, Rasiya
- You..
- Thank you.
- I will debit your account
- In Riyas account!
Here is Riyas lkka.
- You here?
- Yes dude
- We were looking out for you.
- Tell me.
Like last time, won't you
be the goal keeper this time also?
Don't worry, We'll excel!
These pals want me for everything!
Riyas lkka is your best
player in your team, is it?
He's not in our team.
Plays for the opposite team.
We are Mechanical!
It will be easy for
us if he is the goalkeeper
Can tease him after hitting goals.
Is it enough? I will be here, see you.
They lost the last match after I scored eight
goals alone that is why they are jealous.
- Riyas lkka!
- Yes, tell me.
Got cricket match this evening.
Won't you come?
Can't start the game without you.
Definitely I will come.
Else who will pick the balls
for us other than lkka!
Picks up the ball in a jiffy!
Excellent picker!!
You are really a Judas!
Don't get me? He is our ball picked!
Might have hit 8 sixers in the
last match of his over,
that is why he is jealous, right?
I hit 6 sixers and your
dad hit the last 2 sixers!
Let's move, Rasiya, Come.
Needn't stay here for a minute also, come.
- Get off you!
- Get going home!
- Taken a Tarpaulin?
- What for?
Likely to rain!
We'll swim inside the car then
- Go by bus tomorrow.
- Stop..Stop
- What for?
- I need to recharge
- Come back soon
- Shall cool it?
- It is too hot. Put A.C
Isn't she the one who ditched you?
Isn't that a pharmacy?
- That blue dress!
- Yes, she is the one.
We must take her to task!
Of course!
Read that number
Looking gorgeous today
with green colour top!
Phone is ringing
- Hello
- Hello sis
- KPK Medicals?
- Yes, tell me
Sis, please take a pen and paper
Give me a paper and pen!
Paper and Pen! Here take.
Please tell
10 packets Condom
10 Packets Whisper
And also 10 packets Pampers!
10 Packets Snuggy, ok
- Big order I guess.
- Noted?
- I did - If so, stuff that paper
into your mouth and swallow, you bitch!
Now nappy!
Who is that?
Wrong number!
Now my turn!
- Hello
- Hello
- KPK Medicals?
- Yes
Take a pen and paper
No pen and paper, you dog!
Then pull out the paper you stuffed
earlier into your mouth and write.
- Again wrong number!
- Hmm
Can make out from your looks!
- Come..Come
- Hey Varkey..wait.
- What are you going to do?
- Simple...!
- Oh no! It's not something you think!
- Listen to me.
You don't involve. Stay here.
I will handle the rest.
- Let nobody know about your coming.
- Varkey, please listen to me.
I will give you a whack! Stay quiet
Watch this Varkey's operation, ok.
Who are you?
- Sorry, I've come to a wrong flat
- It's ok.
I'd been to a wrong flat.
- This's the flat.
- This ?
- If so, then you are saved
- How?
He has brought another woman home!
- Not him, dude
- Then, you?
- Not me also.
- Then?
- You saw a girl now, isn't it?
- Yes
- That girl is the boy.
- What?
Boy who insisted to marry my daughter, this girl
I will give you a tight slap,
tell me clearly, you swine!
This girl only insists
to marry my daughter!
Oh! So they are lebonese, ah!
- What?
- Lebonese!!
No..No..My daughter is not that sort!
I swear..believe me.
But this girl is of that sort,
that is the reason she
causes all these problems.
- Oh!
- Yes.
For the 1st time I'm
handling Lebonese case!
- I will operate it.
- Won't you?
- Definitely!
- Won't you deal this?
This Varkey has only one word!!
- Deal or deal!
Oh Jesus! Hope he doesn't kill that girl!
This evening at 7.30,
there is an Indigo flight to Bangalore
You must board in that, ok?
Get yourself boarded!
My dear lass! You are not aware
of this Varkeyachhan's true colour!
You must leave this evening!
You will, ok!
Come on, man..hmm..
Come on, smash her friend!
Smash kicking her abdomen
Excellent friend!
No deal!
Marry off your daughter to her!
What nonsense are you talking?
Good girl! Really good!
Won't lack in anything.
Will take good care of her.
- What the hell are you blabbering?
- Kick you bloody
That lebonese hit my
chest so hard and damaged
You only said.
I will surely pay you for this!
Turned up like a godman's case!
What did he do to her?
What is wrong with him?
Wait, buddy!
Mummy, here comes Sikandar
(character) of Punjabi House!
Get off you, rascal!
Don't provoke me say anything.
Oh my Goodness!
What happened?
What was the problem?
I involved in a boundary issue!
Must have simply got a hit on his head!
Hell with...!
What happened daddy?
What were you girls doing inside? Tell me.
Doing combine study
Combine study!!
No combining and doing new studies!
If you are able to do only combine-study!
Call few boys . I don't mind.
- Boys?
- You get going home.
- What are you talking?
- Please get away
Combine study!! My foot!
Mummy, what is wrong with dad?
Your dad...! Damnit!
What has happened to him?
When got a hit on his head,
he probably gone mad I guess!
Mummy, milk.
Getting, son.
Oh god! Why this lag, mummy?
Who told him he will turn fair
if he drinks milk?
- Get quickly
No saffron?
No son, waste of money!
Of late our comedy is not that good
Keep in mind.
This is more than enough for you!!
That is pretty good! 2 points!
How is your college doing?
After putting me up in a hopeless college,
asking how is it doing?
Total failure!
Really? Pappichayan's daughter is also
joining that college only
Shall I ask him to stop?
Oh God!
Mummy, I was joking
It is really a superb college.
Experienced teachers
for scoring good marks,
Job opportunities, ample playground
Enough! Don't make it a bit over.
Hell with his playground!
Not necessary, is it?
She is joining your college only.
Always keep an eye on her, ok.
Why only my eye, behind her,
there will be loads of eyes!!
- What?
- H mm
Fragrance in the breeze here!
What... A Stink.
Dear.. What is this?
- Unseen in the earth
- Oh it was that!
Father says our future is in our hands
But use it with care, ok..
Such a big one?
- Look at this pal!
- What is it , dude?
- This stone might have come out
while I was peeing!-Ugh!
It's a cockroach repellant you fool!
Is it?
So, it's confirmed
I have no kidney stones.
- What dude? Any obscene bits
- Get lost!
To keep watching full pieces
we are not your dad, scoundrel!
All my search on the
Facebook has been a failure.
She left for Dubai at a very young age.
Haven't met her since..
Now she must have grown into a chic!
No way! Good looking ones in childhood
lose all that when they grow up!
Shut up!
Let me see
Look at Rome!
Neither handsome then nor is he now'.!
Shut up, give back the photo
You guys are unaware of her background
Only if we have seen her,
can we say if she has a background or not.
Dude! She was born with a golden bum
in her mouth.
- Golden Bum?
- Golden SPOON!
That's it...Oh my..
You all sit here.
I'll meet her at the stairs..
Shall let all know..
Luckless guys!
Come, leis move.
Conscience less guy..
Why the hell did I chose MECH?
lam really fed up of this life
Dude! A lissome figure!
When you said, I never expected so.
- She is in the Canteen now.
- Canteen?
Pal! Gorgeous Chic!
Has moved to the C Block.
C Block
Hey, stop.
C block is left from here
- Which department classroom is this?
- It's the Library, you fool
Really? Fantastic!
Do we get magazines
like Fire and Muthuchippy?
No! Get away.
Those guys pulled fast on us!
She is nowhere here.
I can't run anymore.
Ask her to come and get acquainted me.
Let's move.
Don't leave me, I just joked.
Shall kill those guys
if get them on my hands!
Who the hell does he think to fool us?
Here comes Pinky.
- Hi! I'm Yudas
- Oh, I'm Riya
I'm Atma..(Soul) Not AtmauAtmaram
Atma is enough
- Which Department, Riya?
- I'm Mech
Oh Mech!
Mech it seems!
Here is our Mech's queen!
O my goodness! Come let's rejoice!
Move away!
Welcome my dear..come in
Hey Pinky,
hasn't your Course got over yet?
If call me Monkey, Pinky,
I will shove out your balls.
- Just call me Riya
- I will call you Riya only
There we have.
Don't let anyone here know that
I'm older to you by 2 years, okay
Me... telling them...?
Isn't it between us...
Are you not on facebook? I searched a lot
I deactivated! Some louses are there
to send messagesl!
So are you on whaisapp?
Take off your hands!
No whaisapp number, get away
There is a Mech group in Whaisapp
It is just a boy's group! Pretty Nasty
Nothing useful!
I will drop her to the hostel,
you carry on .
- No, if goes alone she will lose her way
- No I wouldn't lose the way. You leave.
Dude my luggage is kept there.
- I will get them
- I will get them
Pinky, He is Riyas
Pinky he is the most well known
flirt of this college
Rascal who wouldn't even buy
a sack of grain for his own family..
Thank you so much dear.
Give me the bag. I will carry
Don't touch, I will kill you.
If I could carry them till here,
I can also carry them till the hostel.
See, Pinky?
Let me go with him
Which is this haystack vehicle?
- My Dream Queen!
- Which Queen!
Das, Who is this blockhead?
I don't know! Whoever she may be, I'm okay
Wow! What a surprise!
What is this surprise visit?
Just like that.
This is Sherin.
We were together in Bangalore.
What brings you here?
I had some work here.
Moreover it's her first day here.
I could as well as meet her then.
Will you return today itself to Bangalore?
- Would you return today itself?
- Why?
Simply asked. You can spend
a couple of days with us too
- Come, let's go.
- Yeah, let's go
Wear this glasses! Dust may fall
Don't use that. He bought it for mere 50rs
at a church festival
Wear this new Rayban glasses of mine.
- How is this?
- Nice.
Please keep my luggages in the hostel
- Let's go
- See you then
Give way.
- What's this, girl!
- Is it a flirt's state meeting here?
Pal, please carry this
Keep my bags in the hostel
Please carry it, dude
Thought of impressing her all alone,
is it? You do it yourself.
Let's move, pal
Get off you.
Dude, stop!
What are you doing with Guitar?
One of the strings is bit loose
Must get that done.
Of late all your strings are
causing too much problems
No, only when seeing you.
That isn't quite good character, okay
May be to impress her!
I will set you right, dude
Riya is the pride of our department
Yes! You are right
Not yours!
You belong to a different department
You noticed one thing, Riya!
How matching are our names!
If add a S to's Riyas!
If cut of the Ri, then he is just an Ass!
Needn't have to sing a song
It will create more trouble
if Jose sir sees this
- Take it.
- Wow! Thank you.
See this!
His usual trick!
- Hey Atmaram..
- What is it?
- Hi
- Hi
Riyas, come here for a minute.
- Both of you.
- What for?
Come here.
Riya, just a minute, I will be back now.
Will be back now, guys
What brings you here?
Both of us were giving Riya company
You giving company to Riya!!
We are here for that. Get away
I already warned him.
Where are you going, sir? You stay here.
When you didn't have money to
contribute funds yesterday,
How could you afford to buy her a
diary milk today?
That money was given by my mother
for buying medicines.
So you bought her a chocolate
with that money, ah!
A classic Malayalam
song especially for Riya!
When I chased one, another one comes!
I will surely kill all of you, watch!
Guitar strings are a bit loose!
Tuning also gone
If talk about tuning..
- You know to play?
- Yes, he also plays well.
- But not using Guitar.
- No, I beat drums excellently
As if!
Riya, come with me,
I got to say something.
- Do I?
- Hmm, come. Move your leg, dude
Now relieved!
Are you trying to impress her with this?
I will break this into pieces.
I will kill you, don't dare touch this.
Please don't come here without
wearing a overcoat!
All are very bad guys. That's why
Why does a Mech Queen need a overcoat?
Yes, you are right. Why an overcoat..
Why do you have tension now ?
Coming, sweetheart!
Shall we begin?
I'll take you to task
"O Moon, do you have a small casket
of mandhara flowers, rubies
Jolly miss is okay now
Jose Sir..
- What's it?
- Too much of disturbance in class!
- I'm not able to study
- When did you start studying?
- I thought of starting from today
- As if!
How can I study?
Yudas is staging a musical concert
in the classroom with Guitar!
- In Classroom? Musical concert?
- Yes, Yes sir
You carry on, sir. I will be back now.
- Indisciplined fools!
- You have to suspend them
Only you will be able to control them.
Get inside, sir..
When waves of ecstasy rise
in the heart, silence sings
a small casket
of mandhara flowers
I'm sorry sir.
We won't repeat this. Sorry sir.
Sir, sorry sir.
In the platter of vegetables,
one potato grandma said
This dumbhead is awesome!
Little one,
have food in the leaf bowl and swing.
In the platter of vegetables,
one potato grandma said
Little one,
have food in the leaf bowl and swing.
...have food in the leaf bowl and swing..
...have food in the
leaf bowl and swing..
- I will kill you today!
- Sorry sir..sorry
Okay enjoy, but discipline!
Carry on.
Mass...a deadly mass!
What have you done, sir?
Rather than lying on the road sloshed out
Try to learn such performing arts!
Okay? All the best
Playing Cards is injurious to health! Should
be displayed in the beginning of the films
What is the need?
People are losing plenty
of money because of that.
Even smoking does not cause
so much loss of money
As if you had given money!
Get lost you.
- What is gnawing you?
- Stop it, man!
Go and wear your brassieres and come.
What sort of a guy he is?
I guess Boney have
a relationship with a girl
Asking if he could meet her tomorrow
Who is that girl?
I will surely come..
Tell the truth, to which girl
are you chatting over the phone?
I called my mom
not allowing me in at home, you idiots.
What sort of guys you are?
So rFY
Always think this
- Pal, I'm leaving
- Where do you go?
I need to recharge my phone
Usual trick!
Escapes when asked for his share!
- Is it enough if I give my share!
- When will you give?
- Next month, okay?
- Get off you, beggar.
Who took away the lighter?
- It's with me
- What is this?
Light a cigarette.
I think numbers of
cards have been decreased
- Sherin is calling.
- Sherin?
- Yes, Sherin
- Please give me the phone
- Give me please
- No, I will attend.
- Hello Sherin
- Where are you?
- I'm in Heaven
- Heaven?
I meant my hostel
Come quickly to the entrance
of the Ladies hostel
Ladies...What for?
Please da
What she said?
Calling me to ladies hostel
- Ladies hostel?
- I'm leaving
Seeing her!
Not getting sleep at night!
I don't feel good without seeing her.
Me too!
- But I will sleep peacefully tonight..
- How?
I saw you
Don't you remember me?
I'm Riyas from cherupalassery
What am I supposed to do for that?
- Stand aside
What is your problem?
I want to see her.
- So you want to see her?
- Yes
- This Yudas will take you.
- Take off your hand
What nonsense! Don't you know visitors
are not allowed during night hours
It's just a cheap show of his!
- Then Scale the wall!
- What? At night hours?
That is asking for trouble!
Isn't it enough to meet her tomorrow?
Who is this Amul baby?
Get away
One of our distant friend.
Don't mind him, Come.
Come let's go
- Stay here and eat grass
- Come pals!
Don't leave me alone.
It's a ladies hostel.
May frighten me!
Come on, put your feet
on my shoulder and scale
Oh God! She weighs too heavy
- Hey, hold me.
- Was it you, dude?
You beggar!
Bend down dude!
Climb sister
Hold me please
Sherin, step on with
your right feet and climb
You dog, leave me.
Riyas leave her
Why did you grab me?
You asked to hold
If asked to hold, is it on the butt
you've your hands on, rascal?
That was the one I first saw,
what can I do?
Happy Birthday, dear.
No one should make noise. Go slowly
Why do you walk this way?
Bend down and move.
It is us who will get
into trouble, not you.
This is quite interesting!
Why don't we visit all the time?
Shut up you dog
Something there.
Sherin, you love to
scale down the wall, is it?
I'll show you dog
Shut up You rascal
Trouble...Run away.
What are you girl shouting?
Sherin, who is this?
Is that Atma on the top?
Hey, what are you doing here?
Why are you guys here?
Any marriage function here?
Is this your recharge shop?
I often come here to recharge
- No hot scenes here, get away
- You could've called us also
Oh Sherin! Please don't mistake me.
I came to clear my doubt.
When did you come? Are you fine?
I want to see Riya. Where is she?
She is here. Climb up
Sister, you climb first.
I will hold you.
Get away you
I hold you, climb
These idiots are a big nuisance now
Look there
What is it?
Jolly miss and Sony miss are in great form
Oh Lord , Look Rasiya there.
Anybody will fall upon seeing this.
Take the phone
Hey, If you capture, I will kill you
You filth, get away
- Hello
- Hello
- I'm in your hostel
- Where?
I'm waiting in the sunshade of the
room where you and your friends are now.
Come immediately.
Just a minute.
- Hi Riya
- Why you here?
I can't stay without seeing you.
- You came alone?
- Those guys are also there.
Is it over?
- Take that glass
- Shut up please
- Escape!
- Go go... Get away
Let me climb down first
- That is the real girl
- Wh0?
What a boldness!
- Must love such a kind of a girl!
- For what?
Can get rid of your friendship, is it?
She is a best match for him
Never bathes at all, isn't it?
Good morning boys
Hi my dear.
We boys are really pathetic!
What a celebration
in your hostel yesterday
Was it a Church fest!
You are not aware of girls!
- We always have a good bash!
- I knew it earlier
If dare come there..
When did Sherin leave yesterday?
She left early morning itself
Why did you bring her to the hostel?
Actually it was not us. She took us there.
Would we do such a thing?
Come, I got something to tell you.
What's it?
Although she is my best friend,
Of late I feel there is some
change in her behavior.
No more friendship with her, ok?
I take leave?
Pal, look there
Did you notice the girl at the centre
She keeps staring at me.
As if she got no other jobs
to do other than minding you!
You watch, she will glance at me
while passing this way, bet?
Let's see
What a stink, Riyas?
Can't you go to the toilet?
You have to consult a doctor
Riyas! Give up eating potatoesH
Go to the toilet and come.
If give a whack..
What happened, Riyas lkka?
Your father died, idiot
Wow! Very good.
What a tough question paper is this!
Hello Riya, what happened
Why don't we go for a trip?
I'm terribly bored here
All are going home here
- Going for a trip?
- Yes
Why don't we go to Goa then?
Full of familiar people are there
- Fully on!
- But I hardly have any money
If parents come to know,
it will cause trouble
Money? Don't worry, I will take
- Let's go-Call them also then
This won't work out if we call them
They don't have money with them.
Then the trip will be cancelled
Okay, what is your plan then?
Nothing will work as planned
Let's leave immediately
Ok. So we shall leave, is it?
Of course! Shall we leave?
Okay da
Hey Dudes
Riya and I are travelling to Goa
To Goa?
Pal! He is going to Goa along with her
- What
- Tell him we are also joining
- Dudes it is not the kind of trip
you are thinking about - What else?
Both of us are going on a honeymoon
What...Going on a Honeymoon..
So don't keep calling in between
and disturbing us, bloody fools!
What did he say?
He is going on a honeymoon.
- Honey moon, is it? You needn't worry then
- Why?
Must have taken him as her driver,
else what?
To Goa as if!!! With him
they may be travelling local!
Exactly! He and Goal!
"O bird, my heart is stolen
if my heart is stolen, O God
"O bird, my time has come
"if my time comes, O God"
Is this a dream or real?
"It is real, but is it a dream?"
Whoever hears this will not believe it
"Oh Goa
"Oh Goa
"Oh Goa
"Oh Goa
"O bird, my heart is stolen
"if my heart is stolen, O God"
When we laugh, play, take bath and
stand drenched
Life Jingalala, life jingalala
The time when we rub our wings
with desire and throbbing heart
Life jingalala, life jingalala
We flew high like colourful kites,
as we wished
"Oh Goa
"Oh Goa
"Oh Goa
"Oh Goa
"Oh Goa
"Oh Goa
"Oh Goa
"Oh Goa
Would Premaettan have slept!
Eh.. so you know him?
Know him!
Just watch!
- I will set the room and be back
- Okay!
Stay here.
Slept off?
Brother Prem..Brother Prem.. Brother Prem
I swear, I was not me who peeped this time
O my Premettan! It's me Remo!
Oh it is you! Why so late?
Got late! ls the room set?
Yes! I've set an excellent
honey moon suite especially for you
A bit costly! For a couple of days Ok!
Cost doesn't matter in such moments
Get the room keys ready,
I will be back now.
- Shall bring her and come.
Hand over the room key
- Who is this?
- Aunt's son!
Aunt sent him over to build himself up.
So it will take some time..
Riya! Come on man
Keys please
See you, good night.
Stay here. You go, dear
We have an unhindered relationship
I can show you the room
You go dear. Just walk straight
Don't shut the door, I will come soon.
Last time when you came nothing worked
so you have come in with all set up,
naughty boy!
She is my girl friend.
We understand everything
Still how did you managed to get her?
Haven't I told you brother
Prem it is not in the looks...
Eh.. It is in the work!
Yeah. Teach him that!
It's late night. Let me sleep.
- Work well then.
- Ok!
Thank you.
Spoilt others sleep!
Hmm..His fortune!
That even I have?
Must be bathing!
Let her bathe
What if I peep?
That will make me a typical Malayalee
What if some money is spent..
the mood has been created!
Eh.. Leis look
No gaps...
Here there is..
At least if I could see something
Hi.-I "was doing sit ups
- Yes..Yes
Sit upsl!
Sitting in the car for long time
has caused a severe back pain.
Having back pain at this young age,
that means your condition is bad
True...Oh no. When I did pushups
and sit ups, it is completely cured
Nice room, isn't it? You liked it?
Easy boy..
Oh god! What attire is this, girl!
Needlessly tempting one to lose control!
Did you lose your control?
As if.. I will not
lose my control so easily.
Then that needs to be tested.
This is an intoxication pervaded by
fresh arrows of flowers
A special butterfly in the river of lust
Slowly, come dressed up and fuddle me
You enjoy the honeymoon
This is an intoxication pervaded by
fresh arrows of flowers
A special butterfly in the river of lust
Slowly, come dressed up and fuddle me
You enjoy the honeymoon
It is not to lie with you that I like..
But sleep hugging you tight that I love to
Get off..
Duluqar talks like this only
Get lost you.
As per motor vehicle act,
mistake lies on my part
- You lie down my dear.
- It was needless!
Where is this guy gone?
Flip it.
You were asked to serve Masala Dosa
to that Englishman
And you are happily stuffing
in Omelette here! You swine!
The egg had broken !
I know that Omelette can't be made
without breaking an egg.
Why are you getting on me?
Only if he roasts, can I serve
Couldn't you have roasted a Dosa?
I am just a supplier?
- My foot! Supplier!
- Where is the Dosa?
Pan needs to get hot.. Look here.
- If I give a knock on your head..
- What?
Pan isn't hot yet it seems!
What is there to eat now?
Appam and..
- Then?
- Onion curry is there.
Stuff some onion curry inside Appam and
serve it as Masala Dosa to the Englishman.
What Cheating?!
English man wouldn't understand.
Go and serve
Oh Shit..Pan is hot.
Is it? But you said Pan is not hot.
Almost getting heated up.
Bloody rascals!
Oh that rascal!
- Hello
- Hello pal..hello dude...
- What is it dude?
- What was it like last night?
Did anything take place?
Took place!?
Will put it on the speaker
What is he saying?
Dudes, it was like medicine..
like medicine
Have you developed sugar?
Like medicine?
One three times a day
My my! I am having a roaring time here.
Don't have to lie
You dog! Glamour isn't sufficient.
To entice girls, you need skills. Got it?
Did you hear?
Do one thing.
Send us her photo from your phone.
We'll believe you then
I will send the photo
Not your ugly photo, ok!
Send us the photo of
you being together, got it?
Did you hear? I will surely send it.
If that will satiate your desire,
so be it!
These guys won't know anything.
I will show it now. Don't wake up
To make it a little more realistic,
I have an idea
I will show you pals!
Hello, madam, good morning.
What are you doing with my brassiere?
Oh! Is this a brassiere?
No..Panties! Put that back and get lost
Fill it up with sponge and shout at me..
I don't need this
Oh god! In fact I was looking
for a medicine for my head ache
Poor guy! Looks tired.
All seemed to be out of focus.
Take off your glasses and see
Too many photos!
We must rather hang ourselves to death!
Such a louse has got a pretty girl!
That too like Sunny Wayne!
Not Sunny Wayne, its Sunny Leone!
No matter whether its Wayne or Leone!
He is lucky!
Okay da, I will come now.
You changed so quick!
What is the programme for the day?
Shall we have a bash?
No pal, I need to go out..
Hey.. Out .. Wait ...Just a minute.
Hey stop!
Where are you going alone?
To meet my friend.
Hello...which friend?
Or shall I also come along?
Needn't! It's been long since I saw him
Got some personal matters to talk.
See you then.
Hey.. Riya .. How long has it been!
Dude! This is Arjun
We were together in Bangalore
and this is Rome'.!
- Hi!
Is he the Romo you mentioned about?
To tell you the truth..when you suggested
Goa, meeting him was what had me join you
- Let's go
- Sure
So we will take leave.
You sit happily boozing! Okay
Let it fry well
it is like that for me too,
whenever some pain comes in,
the next thing is to hit the bottle.
Anyways seeing your state I recall
the title of the skit I enacted in school
Which skit was that?
No luck girl, roll up the mat!
Nice title!
Fill one more!
What was it last night!
Erotic song dance etc
And at the Climax, in the pole position,
She kicked him to the floor from the cot.
You.. So you were peeping into my room?
Is it termed peeping in your land?
What a cheapness!
Just because he peeped in,
he is able to join in your pain.
Exactly! Advise him like that.
Don't burn your guts like this!
What kind of binge is this!
These two were like the small dark lamp
kept beside the big shiny lamp
That is not how it is to be said
it is Ghee rice and meat!
Yes, meat would be correct
Hmm. That is the correct
Hey that was a joke! Laugh man?
Laugh my DOV!
To tell about him...Needlessly
pining for a girl..
So sitting alone and admiring Sunset!
Dude.. I am asking you.
What happened to you, dear?
Why do you want to know all that?
Because we came together
Is that why you walked out with another
guy this morning?
Isn't he my friend?
Listen if I had come with you and walked
out with a girl, how would you feel?
For that matter
which girl would come with you?
True. Who will hang around with me?
I am not handsome, isn't it?
Who said you are not handsome?
I know.
How do you know?
Get lost!
Now has your anger disappeared!
Pal, truly he is my friend.
May be if you give me one more,
it could go fully
Try your luck, flirt!
"Oh Goa
"Oh Goa
"Oh Goa
"Oh Goa
"Oh Goa
"Oh Goa
"Oh Goa
"Oh Goa
Excuse me, this card is not working
Swipe it again, man
Last morning, didn't we go to Anjuna..
I think this card is blocked.
Can you get me a bottle of water please?
- Sure
- Oh thank you.
I'm afraid card is blocked.
Got any money on you?
What? I have no money, I already told you.
What shall we do now?
For a change, shall we run away?
Can we try the sizzlers?
And get ourselves bashed up
What else.. how do we eat the noodles?
You do something. I will walk out easily.
O boss! Why talking like this?
Let me call Premettan!
Fantastic! His phone is not reachable.
Do one thing. Go and get money
from Premettan and come.
Just because I am gone doesn't mean
you buy this shop
Here is the phone.
Have it man! Enjoy life happily like this!
Of course!
Appear to be generous malayalees!
Who is that beggar?
Do you know him?
Yesterday itself how much
money did you throw on that girl!
- Hi
- Good morning
- Good morning
Could you do a small favour?
- Give him a bottle of beer
- No..Not that help
- Then?
- My ATM card isn't working.
Oh! So what do we do?
It is not that...l came
along with my girl friend.
Would it be possible
to pay this restaurant's bill?
I will return you immediately
when I go to my room.
- Otherwise I need to leave her alone here.
- What a pity!
Having good bash with girl friend,
you naughty!
Yes, I did but now feel bored
Please settle the bill, bro.
- Doesn't he carry a shady look?
- May be there..
- Yes, you do!
- Certainly!
Let's do one thing. We shall meet
his girl friend first
Then let's decide whether to swipe
the ATM Card or not
What do you say?
Doesn't matter. Let's meet her.
I swear, She is waiting at the top
Let's take a look!
You guys wait here! Will inform if found
She is truly your girl friend, is it?
Girl friend means, we are not engaged.
Just hanging around!
Dude, is she like you?
Yes! She is fun!
As I oil my little son, sing this...
- Hey Boss, is your driver in?
- Yes sir
- Boss is in full tension
- Okay boss
Come to cheat him..
- Hey Paapi...
- I am here..
Ah You are there...
Pretty early to start
drinking your breakfast...
I have not drunk my breakfast..
Why is it you wanted to see me!
Completely problematic..
Ah.. Tell me the matter...
This place called Goa...
Isn't it full of problems?
Isn't it the best place!
Where in two pieces
you can see chics around..
Why not go? I am free for two days..
Over.. All is over..
What is over..Thousands are there without
a stitch on them..
Leis go..
The whole of last week do you know
where my daughter, Riya, was?
Is that to be asked to me, bull head..
Call her in and find out
The whole of last week she has been
roaming around in Goa..
- In Goa...?
- Yeah..
To get off everything I had her shift
here from Bangalore..
Now, from here she has gone to Goa..
Did she go with the other
one...Lebanese (Lesbi...)
Hey ha ha ha... This time she
has gone with some other son of...
- Wow...You are a fortunate guy..
- Why so..
Now you needn't worry..
Hasn't she gone with a guy?
Get her married off..
The guy has a fraud look, says Freddie..
Do you have any details about the guy?
Details should be with Freddie..
Freddie.. Son..
- Yes...
- Come here
Since he spotted the
two in Goa we got to know it..
What is it Dad?
Show the other photograph..
The one you took in Goa..
Looks like someone dipped in Varnish"
By the way.. why did you go to Goa..
I went in for a business meet.
In Goa..
No... in Mumbai..
Yes don't we go via Goa to Mumbai..
Paapi...have a close eye on your son
Is he from CBI?
Here it is..
Hasn't he got a look of a fraud?
Do you know him, Uncle?
- Of course..
- Who is he?.
He is related to me as a son..
Doesn't seem so..
- Your son..
- Yes..He is my son, Romario...
Oh no.. if I had known he was your son,
I would not have bashed him up..
Doesn't matter..He really
had it coming... Good job..
Yes.. Dude. Whats up..
Had that ATM card not got blocked..
could have hit the streets in Goa..
Yes for sure...There has been no
other trip in my life I enjoyed the most..
I had something to tell you..
What is it, Dude?
Whatever it be.. say it..
Wouldn't you be coming to the college
for submission of assignment?
- If so, I shall tell it tomorrow..
- Ok... My Sweetie..
In such critical moments, as a friend,
I believe, it is my duty to support you..
The marriage between my son Romario and
your daughter Riya is acceptable to me..
Aren't you happy?
Isn't a casual word..This is friendship..
Hey dear..Your grandfather
has hit a jackpot..
I can't even think of
that guy as a brother-in-law..
If this disaster happens, I will hang myself
and write the name of this bearded guy..
What is this conversation you are having?
Haven't you seen my daughter?
That white, chubby, bright girl...
Getting married to the dark,
burnt, boy of yours.. how would it be..
Tomorrow when they have a child..
how would that look like?
Haven't they grown
a liking for each other?
Who said the liking is there? Did she?
If not would they travel to Goa together?
If so, leis find out from her..
Dear.. Riya..
- Yes..What is it Dad?
- Come here..
I wanted to ask you something
What is the relationship
between you and his son?
He is my best friend.
Is that all..
That is it..
You can go dear.. go dear..
But then...
So you heard...He is her best friend..
That is all...
Chapter closed..
- What about this deal...
- No deal...
Got it'?
Varkey leave...
- Then...she wanted to have
a water scooty ride.. -Is it..
Then I jumped on to the water scooty...
like you see in Hindi movies"
Caught her like this ..Oh my friend
Don't let too much lies
Today you are getting it..
When a girl called him has gone as her
body guard to Goa..
Are you intending to make me insolvent?
Sorry Dad..
I am in complete love with her..
Dad you must bless me..
What is use of you liking her..
She said it's just friendship
between two of you...
- She said that...
- No.. no...
Take a look at these pictures in the phone
Very sexy one
This idiot spoilt everything
Let his dad know his prowess..
Son's nude pictures
being enjoyed by father..
That is the India
this Atmaram dreamt of ..
After all this if she still sees
you as a friend then you are a failure..
Take and eat it
Leave it..
Don't worry..We will
buy some dates and badam
Buy some cashew nuts too..
A father's anguish..
Do you have the money to buy cashew nuts"
Get lost you dog..
Is the hair OK?
Don't get tensed..
- Have this..Have some..
- Might have reduced the tension, right?
Pal.. Why hasn't she come?
Its been some time...
Why are you getting tensed unnecessarily?
Ain't I the one proposing?
Pal..if it doesn't set for you then
I could look at it for myself.
What.. ls looking for
second hands your job?
I want to let you know one thing..
You all must start looking
at her as your sister..
Hell... for that let her acknowledge
first that she loves you..
Then we will decide whether she should
be a mother or sister"
You can make her as your daughter..
The Ages match..
You beggar...It is me
who actually meets her age..
Whatever it be..
she went on a trip with you..
- It will get set...
- Will it?
For that matter,
if she didn't like you, then?
Then just consider the dosage
of the medicine he gave was less.
Hey dear son Judas I get clearly why you
are siding with him..
If his is set up then in that gap you can
have a set up with Sherin, isn't it?
For that this Atmaram must die..
There... she is coming..
All leave...Leave.. Leave...
Hey buddy.. come...
I have to see live she
expressing her love to him...
We will show you the first night in live.
Come along..
Atmaram, I told you
not to tease me like this
All the best..
Good morning , Bro..
What was it you said wanted to be told?
Are Dad and Mom fine?
Is that what you wanted to tell me?
What.. What about your
elder sister and kids?
It is been quiet a long
time since I met them..
Stop beating about the bush..
be straight..
That trip has caused a lot of turmoil..
What happened? Anything at home about it?
- Not at all...
- Then?
- I am unable to sleep at night..
- Eh?
Without you around,
I just cannot sleep at night..
What are you considering?
Want to marry you , Riya.
Come on, dude..
Are you mad?
No, I am serious..
Riya, you are someone I love a lot..
Dude, that will not work..
See I am older to you by 2 years..
Don't we know the cases of
Sachin Tendulkar and Abhishek Bachan?
See.. take a look..
Look at the colours..
Do you see any match?
Tell me.. Any match?
Do not let this damage
our existing friendship.
Please..Did you get that..
Hey Dude..what happened..
Shit .. wasn't necessary"
- What happened?
- Tell us the matter..
I thought she loved me..
But ain't I dark?
If I had been fairer may
be things could have worked out.
Dude.. do not bother..
I had known this earlier
that it will not set for him..
So haven't I got scope?
Oh.. playing one up on
one of ours broken heart..Swine..
Hell with your scope!
You be at peace..
Sorry dude..
I never considered
him to be that serious..
- Come here.. -Your overacting
sometimes becomes unbearable..
Use a bit of common sense"
Do you think only these kinds of people
like Dulquer Salman need to love...
Don't guys like us also
need to fall in love...
Come on.. Leis for a bash"
O girl, my sweetheart,
You are the moon in my heart
Aren't you the pupil shining in my eye
O girl, my sweetheart,
You are the moon in my heart
Aren't you the pupil shining in my eye
lam not like Dulquer,
lam not like Nivin,
I am not Fahadh in handsomeness
Even then am I not in your heart?
O girl, my sweetheart,
You are the moon in my heart Sweet
Aren't you the pupil shining in my eye
O girl, my sweetheart,
you are the moon in my heart
Aren't you the pupil shining in my eye
words in your red lips
Your eyes like sky
Aren't you my lover forever?
Your laughter is sweet milk
You are the girl I first saw
Am I not there with you always
O beauty, O flower
You are my soul in this world
lam not like Dulquer,
lam not like Nivin,
I am not Fahadh in handsomeness
Even then am I not in your heart?
We can't wait longer, Varkeyacha..
Before the contract ends, arrange the
money to complete on the registration"
The contract had already
expired 4 months back..
Can't wait any more, Varkeyacha...
What we had to say, we have told..
An avoidable deal we landed into..
This extension of 1month was got after
a lot of cajoling..
Speak to them and find out if an extension
of 2-3 months could be obtained
I don't think further
extension would be possible.
Consider the advance given is gone..
Varkeyacha, do whatever you feel like..
I have told you all.
Oh God.. it is Pappi..
Hey Varkey..
What kind of person are you..
You never turned up after that..
I was working on arranging the money and
then come over to meet you...
Are you talking about
the money that you owe me?
- Yes..
- Let that be there..
I came now to talk about something else..
Come.. Leis move in..
What could it be?
Dude.. is the thing available?
Oh Last night I had the
remaining and finished it..
- What kind of Christian are you?
- Tell me what brought you here.
I came to talk about my daughter..
Please" do not talk about that..
I got involved once and the pain
hasn't left fully yet..
- Anything other than that, lets talk..
- It is not that..
Came to tell you about getting my daughter
married to your son..
Best.. That is best..100% best...
That is a great decision..
Not because he is my son..
I have never seen a best
person like him in my life..
He can have one drink more than
I can and still stand erect...
That is the kind of person he is..
Awesome decision"
Mary,, get that Scotch bottle..
Wow.. You are the original Christian
- That I when had half..
- Understood..
By the way there is another thing..
This marriage cannot be dragged for long..
Needs to be done immediately and
has to be done next Sunday...
What are you saying.. Next Sunday.?
How can that be possible?
Aren't there several aspects
on which decisions need to be taken?
What is there between us to think about?
Aren't there business related issues?
All that can be dealt
with even after the wedding..
Marriage has to be conducted next Sunday.
Why are you in such a hurry?
Come here... shaa hava pega..
What that say"
- Hey she is pregnant!
- Pregnant!!
While roaming together
who thought they will end up doing this..
Oh Oh" HO HO.-.
So that is the reason..
- That.. That will not be OK..
- Why so!
As I am thinking,
I do not see it work out..
- Why dude..
- Nothing.. but
- The other day you said...that was correct..
- What did I say?
My son is black..
And your daughter is white..
Between them the colours do not
Sh... what is there in colour..
Isn't it all about the closeness and
love between them that is critical..
Without our knowledge she
has become pregnant.. look at that..
- Oh Gods.. There is another problem..
- What is that..
As you came in did you
see three people leaving?
Yes..l did . I did..
Holy shit.. I gave my word..
- What word have you given?
- Oh No.. Oh No..
- I spoilt it
- Tell me the matter..
Lis Elizabeth Fernandez..
Lis Elizabeth Fernandez..She
is a millionaire's daughter..
A marriage alliance with this guy..
She is adamant about my son..
And I was in need of some money..
Unfortunately I gave my word..
What do I do?
The mistake I committed is that
I have taken an advance too..
Dude return the advance to them..
My money... is lying at different places ..
In the bank, advance given for land etc..
- These decisions at such times...
- So what...
I will give you the amount,
that needs to be returned..
Wouldn't it be a bother for you?
What are you saying?
Aren't all our earnings for our children?
That is true. For our children.
I will give it to you. Tell me the
amount taken as advance..
The eh.. eh.. taken is..
- Rupees One... Crore..
- One Crore Rupees!
Oh! That is all..
I will give it to you right away..
For the time being that is enough
Later I can ask you step by step.
It is there with you..
All that is later..
Now return the advance to them..
I am giving you a cheque
for Rupees One Crore..
- Then no problem..
- Deal...Shake hands"
You call for the Scotch..
Be quiet.. all that we can have later..
at your place..
Come.. get up..get up..
stand up.. stand up..
Did Brother Pappi leave?
For the first time in my life
your son has been of use to me..
- Have you gone mad..
-Insane is your father..
Pappi was here to confirm his daughter's
marriage with our son..
- Really?
- See this..advance..
Who are you now? Wife of a millionaire!
Hey what is this game
the two of you are playing..
You are my son.. my very dear son..
Dad did you hit a jackpot?
I did.. Before that let
me take a hit from this bottle..
I will also join you..
- What is this all about?
- I shall tell you.. come here..
Call your friends"
- Why? Then you scold them..
- Not for scolding.. there is a surprise"
Boney, you fool catch the ball.
You are not playing in a stadium"
- What you want, idiot?-Get lost you dog
This is me, mummy here
Sorry Mummy.. Tell me Mummy..
- There is a happy news"
- What is it mummy?
Buy a bottle and come down..
- Bottle?
- Today's celebrations on me..
Rome's and Riya's wedding has been fixed.-.
- Marriage. When..
- I will pay for all that...
- What?! !!
- Come fast
OK Mummy..
Pappi Uncle's conversation details,
I am informed ..
You are really smart".
- Really fast.. Drink.. Drink..-Thank you..
BY the way..
my people need to be called first..
All that we will do..
Before that we need to book the hall..
We got just a week's time..
- One week!!
- One week!
- Why is it like that..
- It is like that..
Next Sunday it is..
Any delay will cause problems..Won't it?
Come on Dad..
What would be the problem?
Lets hear that..
She is pregnant..
Kids of today, what do we say"
What ..
What. .Pregnant..
Mom.. Mom..
That..l swear I don't know anything
Dad.. Dad.. I have not even touched her..
Really you haven't touched her..
What is all that hugging and cuddling stories
that I heard you sharing with friends"
Is it so son"?
Mom.. Dad..
I just said that to impress Dad..
- I just tried to impress you, dad
- If I give you one..
Is this the way to impress your Dad?
I do not know anything..
I am not the one who impregnated her
- If it is not his...
- What if it is not his..
It is a girl's life..
My Pappi's daughter's life..
Have you kept that cheque ?
I swear I didn't do that dad
Even if you have not done anything..
That pregnancy is yours..
You are marrying her..
Thus your that work has been saved"
All the best..
Belief that is everything..
Mom.. Tell something..
- Hello...
- Helloo..
Hey your dad had come over..
He had come to fix our marriage..
Now aren't you happy'?
Let us wait for the marriage...
first tell me who is
responsible for your pregnancy..
Who else, but you..
Stop playing--
Did you forget all that we did in Goa..
You walked out with some beggars and
how could you put that on me..
Do that with anyone else, not me.
I would have walked out with any beggar..
But the responsibility
for this pregnancy is on you..
You will go to jail for harassment.
Who me...
Mummy, here we're!
Shut up and get out all of you!
What happened, mummy?
Rascals spoiling my son! Get out!
If anyone dare step in,
I will break their knees, mind it
She is quite angry now
Wait guys! I'm also coming.
Didn't I already say it was some hoodwink
when she asked us to buy a bottle!
- Just a minute, dude!
- Come back quickly
Your father got to be appreciated!
- What?
- Can I ask you something?
The cost of the bottle..was
contributed by me.
Get out, you dog!
Thousand and one bars closed!
Please trust my words, guys!
Nothing actually has happened.
However, you are a real Tiger!
I've never even touched
my girl friend, you know?
That's your incompetency!
- Did I ask you to bring tea?
- No.
Go and get the touching!
Go and get the touching.
Fed up of him!
What all you boasted! Like a medicinel!
What else he said.
Water bike,
bull shit..etc..what all you bragged
To show off before you guys, I bragged
Truly nothing happened.
- Really?
- No.
Now I'm relieved
- Stop it bloody.
- Needlessly got tensed.
When I'm going insane here..
that is when his irritating language!
After spoiling our darling Riya,
are you creating a scene here?
We won't trust your words. It is yours!
Stop it. Even otherwise
after 2 pegs you lose control.
In case if it had happened
without your knowledge..
That is for sure.
May be under the influence of alcohol..
- My dear Dasappa..
- Yes friend.
Get lost you dogs!
- Take
- Cheers
- One glass for me too
- Take it and gulp
Too dry!
- - Why the hell bringing tea now?
Take it and go
- Tea..for relieving tension
- I will drink, you go.
Give me also then
No tea for you
Get lost
If give her a tight slap,
won't she speak the truth?
Only pregnancy case is on you now.
If you do that,
harassment case will also be added to it.
Cool down, Romo.
What all you bragged!
Don't flog a dead horse!
You beggar!
Come here rascal!
- O my hair!!
- Sherin, stop..
- Get away you dog.
- Dear..
Leave him.
Get away rascal!
Don't keep watching! Pull her away
- Listen to this Yudas
- Got it? Move.
You bloody!
- Madhavan Kutty!
- Madhavan Kutty?!
Had she raised her voice a little,
or cried a little,
he would've come back to his senses!
- True!
- If I give one kick".
You didn't find any other girl, is it?
Shut up you bloody! I'm not
responsible for this pregnancy!
Trust my words, please.
Is this any mega serial?
Are you speaking the truth?
Please..l swear.
Then it must be the
tricks of those rascals!
Pappi's and your dad's!
Call her and say you wanted to meet her.
She is not attending my calls.
Oh Does she smoke also?
- Hello
- Hello
- Where are you?
- At home.
Come out, I wish to see you.
Nobody is at home here.
Then stay there. I will come
Sherin.. Sherin..One fag, please.
She is at home. Let's go there.
Come let's go.
Come dude
- You come by car, I will go with her.
- Dog!
He has gone to sit behind her
Shall we go?
Move away
- Here he comes!
- I'm also coming, buddy...please.
You have not grown enough to take
ownership for this pregnancy! Got it?
Leis move, buddy
- Go and stuff in anything.
- Get away you filth!
Is there no disc brake in this?
- Get down!
- Zeena, can we have a juice dear.
Look.. a woman riding
a Bullet..coming this way..
All are coming here only.
Come pal
Drink your juice
Give me 2 pregnancy tester
of good quality, quick
- How much?
- Rs.80
2 Moods, please!
Is there no moods? Condoms!!
- Condoms?!
- H mm!
Come here.
Why you need Condoms?
Let her know that we are available!
Then, buy 3 more also.
- Got chocolates?
- Yes
Sherin, you want chocolate?
- No need, come fast
- No need of chocolates!
No need? What if buy strawberry?
- Strawberry!
- Strawberry is there
- Strawberry will be good, is it?
- Certainly!
Get strawberry!
- One big packet, okay!
- Hmm okay
4 guys!!!
Get them quickly,
bro..running out of time.
How much, bro?
- RS.1OO
- RS.100, is it?
Kept it here.
Give it to him.
Doesn't matter! Keep the balance.
Let's go dude
Four of you don't fight!
Why have you worn crumpled shirt?
If give to her,
she will press it smooth and flat!
An excellent lroner!!(LITERAL
MEANING DITCH) am I right?
See you dear
Do you know him?
Her bloody pregnancy! I will not leave
the place until it is resolved.
Get down.
Use condoms for your protection is stuck
in all the hospitals.
Would he have got into
trouble if he had read it?
Pant became a bit tight!
Got to get the final word ..
Move away
is what I heard true?
That I'm pregnant?
- That's true
Who is responsible for it?
Who else could it be other than you?
Then, it is true!
Where are you going? Stand here.
I'm not any Al Qaida to take
responsibility of any pregnancy!
Al Qaida?
How is that related to this?
You shut up!
Get some urine of yours.
I have got a Pregnancy tester.
That's not necessary
See..she dissents!
That means it is not my pregnancy!
You fool! It'll not show the name of
the person responsible for the pregnancy!
If she is pregnant,
two pink lines will be visible!
- I will not believe!
- Why?
- Because colour of the Urine is
Yellow, is it? -He is right.
Go and bring your urine.
Yes, get it. Something would have got
Missed while you tested.
Yes, it could be that.
Then, let's test it soon.
You! Where the hell are you going?
To collect the urine
She will bring, you stay here.
Needn't, is it?
- You have good knowledge in this!
- Give you a whack!
Let her get
I will show you like
the first sight on Vishu
Take off your hands!
Dude! You won a cash award
of Rs.6000 from Government
Now you believe?
Bloody cheat!
It happened in a weak moment!
I lost my control
Ain't I there, Sherin?
Had she raised a voice a little or cried
aloud, you would've come back to senses!
At last entire blame is upon men!
My dear friend!
I neither did nor know anything.
Riya was the apple of my eye!
If you cheat her
anymore..You rascal I'll..
- O my Sherin
- O my Papa is coming. All of you go.
Come dude!
Dude, when is your treat?
Get lost!
No need! You needn't owe me treat!
There will be stuff in her dad's room,
I'll get it and come that way.
Take 2 or3 bottles!
For her pregnancy, where else other than
her house will I pick the bottles from?
Needn't trust me!
When I prove my innocence,
you guys will surely cry! Watch!
O my black brother-in-law is here!
Your in laws!
- Why has he come here?
- Who knows?
What will people say
if walks in prior marriage?
What more to say?
When did you reach?
A Little while ago.
Whose bike is this?
That is Sherin's
- Whose?
- Sherin's!
Riya's friend.
Has Sherin come home?
Yes, she is inside.
Oh my God!
I'm also there, Papa
Sherin, aren't you going with them?
I will be leaving only after marriage.
We still got many days for marriage.
Let her stay here, Papa!
It's a marriage occasion, isn't it?
Now she will go and then come for marriage
No Papa, don't we need a person
to help us in shopping here?
You guys are here for that, is it?
Is she like us? Taste and everything
will be different from us!
Come dear!
Come with me..
From where the hell you found this bitch?
- Can you give me a ride...
- What?
I mean your bike.
Papa, look, he is going after Sherin
Don't you know his character?
Don't have any tension about him
Just take care of yourself
Leis change the house's
- Dude! An idea!
- What?
Suppose I say I got another link
She may get away, is it?
You are yet to resolve the problems
caused by your one link
And now comes with another!! Bloody ass!
I got stuff with me
to change your mood now.
- What's it? Drinks!!
- No.
- Drugs I guess!
- No.
- Powder?
- No.
Without giving tension, tell us what it's!
Pain Balml!
It's her Urine, dude!
I took it without her knowledge
In case if needed in future..
I'll whack you rascal!
When my life sucks here..he
is talking about urine.
Leave it if you don't need.
You come, pal!
Needlessly giving tension!
I'm also there, dude
Come on, give.
Get away Boney!
We need to play.
Get away from here!
This is Pregnancy heat!
Friends! Atleast you
guys try to understand me.
I swear I didn't do anything to her.
Is there any way to prove
its someone else's child?
What else is the way?
- One Antony, who is pursuing Nursing..
- Yes
Why don't we contact him?
Yes, he is the best in such a case.
- Contact him immediately then.
- Okay
- Will he be okay?
- He is okay.
- Hello!
- It's me, buddy.
Tell me buddy.
- I called to clear my doubt.
- Tell me.
Any ways to find out the person
responsible for pregnancy?
For whom, dude?
Not for me,
dude..It's for one of my friend.
DNA test might work!
- How is that done?
- Need Urine for testing.
Okay buddy. Thanks.
If collect her urine,
DNA test can be done.
Urine.. how...?
Atma.. Atma...
My darling!
No..Don't throw.
I threw away.
What you threw now was my life,
you swine!!
Is this Urine your life?
I will kill you to death, Swine!!
What foolishness..
He was wrong.
DNA test is not possible with Urine!
Kill me.
Kill me, rascal!
Don't make it too over!!
He told it can be tested with Urine.
Don't I have the worth of urine also?
- What nonsense you said!
- What will I do?
- You said it was possible
- What am I to do?
- Get lost
- O Buddy
Nice comedy!
What is this?
- Not like this?
- No.
Sit straight..Keep your hand straight
Here.. Concentrate
Shucks! What the hell she is up to?
- Keep your hand straight.
- Papa!
What is this?
Have you swallowed an amplifier?
Papa, these are not our items.
There are special items for us it seems.
Are you haPPY?
Get lost! Get off from here!
- Why is he losing temper now?
- Get away I say.
If he is lazy to do exercise,
can't he say that?
Nothing surprising that his father started
plantain farming after he was born! know disco"?
Is it? I don't know.
Hi Sherin!
Ancy aren't you coming to sleep?
- I'm sleeping with Sherin today
- Is it? Okay enjoy.
Everyone will wish for a change!
You did not think of calling me when
you indulged in it? And now lamenting?
However, please deal this case.
Is it for this rubbish
you called me from that far?
Firstly, he is unfit to impregnate someone
Lack of stamina!
You thought this is
as easy as making pappads!
Even I've been trying this long since!
It could be gas trouble!
Give some garlic and ginger paste!
Pregnancy will go like gas
No, she is really pregnant.
We checked it with Pregnancy test!
- It was double line.
- Really?
Shucks! Could've rather offered
fireworks worship in the temple!
I would've been gotten
four children by now.
- Must also know to work it
- Stop
Let me take a fag
Here comes Pulsar Suni!
Pulsar is the omen for you..
Probably your problem will also resolve!
Give some idea please
Come on say.
Children of this generation seem
to be good players I guess!
Watch! Full of goals only.
Find some solution to my problem first.
- Is she sure that it's her child
and not yours? - Eh!
Answer to my question first.
I don't get your question.
You did not have anything
to understand at that moment?
Dude! Asking if she is sure
that it's her child and not yours!
Now who is pregnant here?
Pregnant is your dad! Swine!
Can you however deal this please?
- I could that. How about
the things around her? -That's..
Not sure if she got any marks around
Somewhere around here there is..
Dude...please understand my situation
May not be sensitive !
Put on a dog lock..
Were you born in any bricks factory?
Full of muck!!
She is well off
Shall I tell the truth now?
I'm sole responsible for her pregnancy
- You rascal!
- Oh god!
This pregnancy makes his life sucks,
you know?
It's not mine!
Hold this a minute!
Just now you admitted you are responsible
Thank you.
No wonder to get pregnant here
You guys are good hitters isn't it?
You guys keep cracking comedy!
But it's me who won a trophy!
- Sorry da
- Not a comedy, come here.
First stay away from these rogues!
Or you will suffer more than this.
- For your rescue,
there are only 2 ideas left -What?
Get away from here
and survive doing any jobs!
I hardly know any jobs
What is the second idea?
Do one thing. Marry her then
Wow! What a best ideal!
Get off with your idea!
- Marry her and take away her maximum gold
and wealth - Then?
Flee away!
And return after 2 or 3 years!
By then dust will get settled here!
How is my idea?
I will do all arrangements to flee!
- So I can live happily for 2 years
without doing any work, is it? - Of course!
How is it?
- Lovely! - Go ahead and make all
arrangements for marriage.
- I will take care of the rest.
- Like your name, you are really lovely!
Needn't say! All knows!
- Okay, done.
- Give hand.
God bless you
Let's go dude!
Today's celebration is for him.
Say Cheers!
- We must have a good bash tomorrow!
- Definitely!
Look at his sheer luck! That is luck..
- Because of Riya's money, is it?
- Else how?
That is not the reason, buddy.
I appreciate you in one thing.
He effortlessly fathered a child!
Doesn't matter if have no children.
When take one, you get one free, is it?
What have you thought of me?
- That I will marry her
and accept her child!! - Then?
Romario Varghese must be a fool then!!
What the hell are you up to then?
I will marry her,
take her money and flee to Dubai.
Premettan has already
made arrangements for that.
You guys keep loitering around, dogs!
Would you dump her and go?
What happened?
When did you come?
You will marry me and
abscond with cash, is it?
I can't hold responsibility
of someone else's child.
Won't I become preghnant if use me
3 times like a medicine?
Excuse me, it's PREGNANT and not Preghnant
Whatever it may be!
But who told you all this?
It's me!
What the hell did you take you to be?
You could go on a trip with him..
...Share bed with him..
Using him 3 times a day medicinel!
But couldn't marry him.
Did he tell you all this?
Apart from telling,
also sent us the photos" Have a look..
We are nothing
You at last spoiled
and dumped an innocent boy!
Stop it! If man and woman travel together,
does it means only sex?
- Whatever he said, all are white lies!
- Is it?
Whom do we trust now?
Trust her or him?
It is true that I like him.
But Papa will not agree.
- Moreover his bloody lies!
- True
Yes, he does.
Can you guys stand by
me to make him speak the truth?
- H mm.
Stop it all of you.
How about the double
line in the pregnancy test?
Look at his doubts!
Tell me guys
Story unfolds..
- Hello
- Hello Riya
- Our plan misfired!
- What happened?
- Sherin is coming home with
Pregnancy test - Oh no.
What shall I do now?
You google and see
- Definitely find a solution.
Abbas was of some use to us!
Abbas? Which Abbas?
The one who comes in
the toilet cleaning ad!
Got it'?
Tomorrow we will have good
bash at their wedding! Okay.
Is it ok for all of you?
Of course!
Playing tricks with my dad!!!
Of late you are boozing heavily
Business is totally dull.
My hopes are in you now!
Hopes!!! I already have 10 - 20 backlogs
Unlike earlier,
Engineering has no demand now
What is your plan then?
- Why don't I get married?
- What?
- I will marry a rich girl
- Wh0?
Your friend,
Pappi Uncle's daughter Pinky..
I've an eye on her since childhood
If marry her,
I will get abundance of wealth
My life will also be settled, dad.
That's..But Pappi was saying
she is living a wayward life in Bangalore.
I will deal that.
Will you stand by me, dad?
She is one of our Chunkzzs!
Idea is good but it's quite risky
- If matter gets leaked, we're dead!
- Bull shit!
Oh God!
Hello Sherin Darling! Where are you?
Tell me dude! What's it?
- Isn't Riya with you?
- Yes, why?
A small plan!
It will benefit you as well.
In that case I'm okay
However try and bring Riya here.
I and my dad shall deal the rest.
Okay, deal!
I will give you a whack!
Tell me what the problem is.
This girl is the one who wants to marry
my daughter is causing all the troubles.
Here.. the price you demanded
Only 50,000?
Romario agreed to pay me 5 has!
Let it work.
Then I will pay the balance amount.
Why do I need to bother
if it works or not?
If I'm not paid what I demanded,
then you will see my true colours.
My dear lass!
You don't know this Varkeyacchan's nature!
Don't let her study in Bangalore any more.
Let her study here
I too wish that,
but she is doing her final year now.
At this last moment, how will she get
admission in college here?
- I could get her admitted in
Rome's college - Really?
But it will cost a little
Doesn't matter!
Cost not matters! Get her admission
Shall we go for a trip?
- Trip?
- Yeah
Let's go to Goa then
Goa is fine.. but don't be too lavish
Come on, dad. I know.
We shouldn't be stingy in such things
Only if you throw some
money can we get returns
Sherin dear!
Pappiachhayan has given
his consent to this marriage.
Fantasticl! Don't forget my cash!
If this marriage gels over,
I and dad will have a great bash!
Let me take the support of my leg..
Take it.
- I am sure no old habit of
manipulation, is it? -Manipulation?!
Along with the price demanded,
I also added Service tax!
Then it will be better for you
We are now Multimillionaires!
Dad! What are you up to?
I thought it was her.
Looks these fools are dancing
without knowing the facts!
Pappi's nephews in Uniform, those fools"
shall make them also naught and rock!
That's simple, dad! Deal!
We are the real Chunku, dad!
I'll give you a whack! Chunkzz!!
Yeah Chunkzz!!
O my dear!
What happened, dad?
- Screwed!! We're screwed
- O God!
Let's run away, dad
Was it all preplanned by both of you?
I never expected you will do this to me.
- That's..
- Don't talk a word either.
Dad and son thought of gulping a
full bottle all alone, is it?
Pour a glass for me also
Pour it dude!
Do it, son.
A marriage where the groom and the bride,
with great tension unite
with all their hearts
A marriage where all the chunkzz who give
their hearts join together with acclamations
Beating of drums...Oh!
"Auspicious things...Oh!"
Call them, bro
The marriage of our boy is colourful
The marriage of our boy is superb
The marriage of our girl is rocking
The marriage of our girl is mass
A marriage where the groom and the bride,
with great tension unite
with all their hearts
"It is not cheating, it is smashing"
Tiger is like a toy for him,
he is like Murugan
She is a jasmine, a new rainbow
This girl is a painted glass
Chunkzz are also there
He and she, those people and these people
Here and there scattered,
like a sea of laughter
Hey you! Sing our song
Song got changed!
The marriage of our boy
...The marriage of our boy..
The marriage of our boy is colourful
The marriage of our boy is superb
The marriage of our girl is rocking
The marriage of our girl is mass
Hello Premettan! What is up?
Put her to sleep and try to flee away
with gold and cash!
I made all set up for you to fly to Dubai
- O my dear Premetta! Her illegitimate
Pregnancy.. -illegitimate Pregnancy..
I've taken responsibility
of her illegitimate pregnancy!
How is this?
We shall meet when visit Goa
for honey moon next time. Ok, bye man!
Oh God! How will I convince Omar Bhai
who arranged his Visa to fly to Dubai?
- Hello!
- Hey Hi!
- Are you happy now?
- Yes, definitely
Shall we move then
What about the payment?
Will pay you once the film gels hit
Come, I will tell you.
The marriage of our boy is superb
The marriage of our girl is rocking
The marriage of our girl is mass