Churchill (2017) Movie Script

JUNE 1944
Where have you been?
The beaches bring it
always back again.
Almost 30 years have passed.
So many young men.
So great ... losses.
It's already late.
Come over.
I can not do that yet
- Great God.
- I have worked.
- You are too late.
A burden.
A burden.
Give me a Louis XIII, Smuts.
"For five years
we from our men,
"to endure the hardships of war."
No no no...
"The trials of war."
Yes. "For five years
we from our men,
"to endure the trials of war."
"The suffering of war."
Yes, "the suffering of war".
They would be ready.
With permission, darling,
I think you still need that.
- A knee-breeches.
- Should not you wear a uniform?
- The king will be there.
- And so are the Americans.
His Majesty takes precedence,
even against them.
That is how it is.
Americans respect military uniforms.
I have to choose between "examinations"
and "fatigue".
Save me more!
This will all go very well.
The Cabinet Office has you
a new secretary sent.
- Could you say hello?
- Why do I need a new secretary?
Because you've eaten the last.
- Helen Garrett.
- My love.
Oh, stay up, my love.
I do not belong to the royal house.
Excuse me I...
It is such an honor for me,
To meet you, Mr. Churchill, sir.
- My mother and I are great fans.
- Ah yes?
Oh yeah. Well, you are, sir.
The one who will bring us there.
They will not give us up.
My dear Miss Garrett,
so I fight every day.
And now I have to go and do exactly that.
- I'm trying to curb him.
- Yes, try it.
Miss Garrett.
"The suffering of war."
No no no. No.
"For five long years"
"endure our people
the suffering of war. "
"The soldiers have theirs
With pride. "
"The soldiers have their burden
with heroism. "
Heroism is better than pride.
"The soldiers have their burden
with heroism. "
"And with pride."
- Well then.
- Winston.
General Eisenhower.
Field Marshal Brooke.
General Montgomery.
- Mr. Churchill.
What an illusion!
Sorry, you
English summer.
- A meeting in London would be too risky.
- Just think,
if Hitler here
would be the whole
The leadership of our allies destroyed.
Hopefully we'll get through.
Thank you.
Good. Let's go, gentlemen.
Your Majesty, gentlemen.
This is our last discussion
for Operation Overlord -
the attack on the German
Occupying troops in the north of France.
We have only three days,
before the tides change
and thus hinder our ships from landing.
The risk is therefore high,
but when we get through,
we have great opportunities,
to win the war.
We are already very advanced,
but as usual I am for
any criticism of the plan open.
We must all work together,
to create it.
Mr. Prime Minister?
This will be the biggest ever
Militraktion of our allies.
Operation overlord
200,000 vehicles need,
a fleet of 7,000 ships,
Swarms of aircraft
and above all a quarter million men.
All this will be on
a place.
The German army
is attacked on the front.
- That's the way it is.
- No, gentlemen, no.
This plan may be for
admire his courage,
but as far as his risks are concerned,
he is foolish.
- Great God.
- According to our own estimates
will be up to 160,000
French civilians.
If overlord fails,
which can happen only too easily,
we will have a blow one
The bulk of the war material,
as well as tens of thousands
our own men.
Who will then defend England?
Let us do nothing while the Nazis
20 miles off our coast?
No! I want us to do more!
We must divide the advance,
to spread the risk.
- No.
- Do not you see it?
We could be Hitler's
Armed forces into the Aegean Sea,
his focus from the
Coast of France.
The plans for the D-Day
exist for over a month.
For five years
we from our men,
to endure the hardships of the war.
They have their burden
with heroism.
But I have such
Beach landings already experienced.
In the first war.
The danger of a disaster is too great.
We must not hurry.
We have to think
and we need this
unripe plan correct,
before it ends in a tragedy.
Well, that sounds more like
we over ... different
Sir, Overlord is completely finished.
I would like you the
detailed plan.
Do that. Thanks.
Excuse me,
Gentlemen, I must ...
another ship
from the stack.
Your Majesty.
They were never convinced.
Someone simply had to
the simple soldiers.
Brooke, are you going with me?
- Why?
- Do not look so shocked
I just saved the war.
Winston, please.
We must talk about it!
Exactly. We have to go immediately
prepare a changed plan.
- No, wait!
- There is no time for that.
You can not just do anything about it
the heads of our allies.
Oh, I can!
Weakness does not impress Americans.
They respect strength,
There is a difference
between strength and arrogance.
When their Brits gave them the last
Times wanted to make regulations,
- you lost the colonies.
- You forget Smuts,
I am myself half an American.
My dear, deceased mother
was actually from Brooklyn,
New York!
Her mother does not care.
Good day.
We need to design new plans.
- Briggs, give me the navy.
- Yes, sir.
We need in the Aegean
a deflection maneuver.
Fanshawe, find out,
if General Alexander is already in Rome!
He must push the Nazis further back.
Miss Garrett,
I need the headquarters -
someone who is familiar with Norway.
We need our
This is our chance.
It is time,
to win this war.
Done with the insulting my mother?
- Why do they do that?
- D ...
D-Day will be a disaster, Smuts.
If you are all these men
to a place,
on a well protected coast,
where it is teeming with Nazis only so,
then they are slaughtered.
This is not warfare,
but a slaughter. That may
they do not harm our husbands.
- Winston-
- Ah, Brookie, nice to see you again.
We must have this
Plan for Bordeaux.
- Eisenhower would like to see you.
- Good Good...
I type less
formal clothes, right?
- I tried.
- We all have it.
It always comes the point at which itself
the greatest leaders do not come forward.
Present the gun!
Please follow me, gentlemen.
On Ike will you hear, or, Winston?
Yes, we will listen to each other.
An exchange of opinions.
- Winston.
- Ike.
I'm glad you did
I hope we can go beyond that of mine
scheduled landings in Bordeaux.
Sit down.
Your speech today was damn good,
Winston, damn good.
Some things had to be said.
- You should have told me.
They thought criticism was welcome.
So it is.
All considerations are welcome,
how to make the success
of Overlord,
reduce the losses,
the supply routes can be shortened.
But when you start,
the whole operation,
before the men,
which they have planned monthly,
before the King of England, then ...
is not necessarily ... helpful.
Not helpful?
Consider, Ike, we've been to
France fought against the Germans.
Even if you are in the
Normandy break through,
even with massive civilian
and military losses,
what will be ours
Guys in France?
Another west front? Passchendaele?
The Somme? A grave war!
Winston, we have a Luftwaffe.
We have self-propelled artillery,
Panzer divisions. Infantry
the front was pushing once.
Operation Overlord is not the
only way to win this war.
I should know it, I have
already seen many wars.
For sure.
Some of them in the last century.
- I beg your pardon?
The war you are talking about,
took place 30 years ago.
I believe they have not fully recognized,
which has changed since then.
- What's going on here, Brookie?
- Well, it's so, Winston.
We have no capacity,
to implement your other plans -
whether it be Bordeaux,
Italy or ... anything else.
I just want to win this war.
And I believe you want
to win the last war.
With the ideas and tactics of that time.
We have in the last
War our lesson learned!
I do not want that again
make the same mistake.
- Naturally.
- I will not let my mouth forbid!
Of course, you are the Prime Minister.
And that is precisely why it is not,
that you are trying to disturb us.
Yes, that's what I'm trying to do!
The invasion of France
is a deadly venture
and must be stopped!
No, sir, you must be stopped!
Listen, we're all tired.
You told me that, Winston.
They no longer bounce out of bed
early in the morning,
before noon you hardly get up.
Maybe you should use your energy
focus on the policy,
the morality of the nation and so on.
What? I'm supposed to give the clown
and entertain the masses while you
send young men to death?
Winston, we'll take care of it.
I have instructed the armed forces,
alternative plans.
You should be here tomorrow, and then ...
There will be no plans
from the armed forces.
You have revoked my orders?
A-and ...
You both think so?
You must let us do the job.
Well, if you excuse me,
I must go back to London now.
- I'll accompany them.
- No rather not.
I have documents,
I have to look through the car.
Thank you for listening to us.
They are a great one
Profit for this country,
for the war of the Allies.
We all know that.
It's all right.
Very well, sir.
Left, right, left, right, ...
Just look!
Left, right, left, right ...
... that is the Foreign Minister,
that is the answer.
The invitation already mentioned.
That would be all. Yes, thank you.
Oh, Winston.
I go to the meeting
the Russian foundation.
Margaret then invites her to dinner.
Ike talked to you, did not you?
I have this land and this
War more than two years,
before these Americans
at all.
my knowledge in the warfare
nothing to be worth.
Ike certainly has great
Experience in warfare.
Maybe you should listen to him.
Are all now
against everything I say?
The king took me to
Prime Minister of this country.
It is my duty,
to lead them through this war!
Do not keep yourself alone,
of decisions.
Is it now about the war ...
or around us both?
- Do you want to be cuddled, Winston?
- I would be somewhat respectful.
Then do not complain,
if someone tells you the truth.
Its getting late.
where is everyone?
I suppose, at breakfast, sir.
I am going to the coast today.
For that I need smuts.
Miss Garrett,
take a telegram.
It starts.
At Halifax, British Embassy,
Washington DC.
We celebrate the success
of the campaign in Italy.
The Nazis were pushed back.
The Americans are now deep in the
Achilles heels of Europe.
The amphibious landings,
which they plan in Normandy,
must not be distracted.
I hope you sharpen that
the President
Your next meeting.
It must be clear to him,
what a passionate enthusiasm we have
the American allies
have placed. The End.
The Klop.
Klop! Klop!
Wow wow.
- Wow wow.
- What are you doing here?
The one I used
Word was "passionate",
Miss Garrett, so "intense".
However, according to your design
shall be our ambassador
President Roosevelt
my perverted enthusiasm
for our American
I'm terribly sorry.
His day was yesterday
quite exhausting.
- And it is probably not yet finished.
- It's all right.
Good to hear.
Was that necessary?
I'm trying to find a country
and to lead a war.
I can not afford to make mistakes.
- The car is ready, sir.
- Thank you, Briggs.
- Why do you need your car?
- I'll inspect Monty's troops.
Did he invite you?
Clemmie, I have
maybe just one day,
until they start the show.
The least I can do,
are a few encouraging words
to address these young men,
taking them to the beaches
to leave.
Just remember to win that she
their commanders must respect.
- This is not your hunting party.
- I'll just make a speech.
That's what scares me.
So, it seems to me completely,
that Monty's figures are not right.
For all these vehicles
does he have only so many people?
- No, it's true.
- That's far too little infantry.
He knows what he is doing.
When you speak to his men,
make it short, yes?
Maybe you can do something
To say good-bye about him?
I was lucky, already from time to time
to have spoken publicly, Smuts.
I would think,
that I managed.
- Good day, gentlemen.
- Monty.
I thought I'd look around.
- What the hell is going on?
- He wants to inspect your troops.
- They do not need an inspection.
- Tell him that.
- Good.
- No, wait.
- He needs the feeling of belonging.
- Oh my god.
Most men are already gone.
Can you give him maybe
to show a few cards?
Then I get him out of here,
- You mean it, do not you?
- You're welcome.
Mr. Prime Minister, follow me.
I'll show you the plans.
Oh very good.
The 21st Army Group is divided
Landmarks along the beaches.
The seventh corps is here at Utah Beach,
the fifth at Omaha,
the 30th between gold and Juno,
the first between Juno and Sword.
How long is the whole route
this coastal line, from Utah to Sword?
About 50 miles.
We must attack on a broader front.
If you put them in such
They are cut off, slaughtered.
We have the surprise effect.
What if they have poison gas at
our men?
- Then we would take revenge.
- You could throw it off airplanes,
spread across villages.
We would bomb them
and they know that too.
- Are you sure?
- Sure,
that my men do not
times gas masks.
Is he serious?
We landed as planned, Churchill.
- The end of the discussion, I insist.
- And who are you that you do something like that?
- Good God, Winston.
- Gentlemen, please.
We have this chance!
Just one chance,
to push the Nazis back
and free Paris!
They become beaches full of corpses
British and American
young men have!
We all know,
that war has consequences!
Who cares when it comes to
so many people live?
If you have not considered the price,
if we do this?
And you do not get the price,
if we do not?
This is a plan for slaughter.
The Germans are in position.
You still have reserves.
There will be obstacles,
Minefields, unknown dangers.
- I agree.
- The men must be red.
They must be fully current
and unconditionally believe in the plan.
No one can undermine their trust,
not even you.
- What?
- I heard,
what you before the king and
our allies.
They do not speak to the men,
which go to these beaches.
I just want to give them courage!
And yet your last speech was coined
of doubt, hesitation, and betrayal.
- Did he say "betrayal"?
- He certainly did not mean that.
This bloated little piece of shit!
The men will not follow him.
- Step out of line, gather here!
- Gather together, folks!
- Gather together!
- As you can see,
today we have some important visitors,
who wish you all the best.
We'll leave soon.
Very soon.
You are all young.
Many of you were
never under attack.
And you do not know,
what awaits you.
Some of you are afraid.
This is natural.
So, let us ally ourselves.
Watch your warmates
and they will take care of you.
Let us all go,
precisely and these
Make mistletoe!
- Yes! -Yes!
- We'll do the job
- and then come back here.
- Let's do it, boys!
And I will,
that you remember one thing,
when you land on these beaches.
What is your most important possession?
- Your life.
- Yes! -Yes, sir!
- And I'll save it for you.
- Yes! -Yes!
- Oh yeah! What we gonna do?
- Get rid of the crap! Yes!
Together we will stand by!
Yes! Yes, sir!
Keep it short and polite.
Under no circumstances may
They insult someone.
I will not talk.
Oh no?
- He said everything that was to be said.
- Good luck.
Well, sir.
Thanks sir.
I think I'm going
times down to the beach.
Only takes one minute.
Winston, we're ready to go!
Is already really an old dog,
this Monty.
But I will help him.
He's ready for the fight.
He will help his men.
He will fight.
- Too few of our leaders do this.
- You did it in the last war.
The West Front.
After ... according to what
Campaign in Turkey.
But it is not right.
It is not right,
the whole war in one
Office in London
and thousands of soldiers
with a dangling of the filler
- to send to the artillery fire.
- That's the job
- a political leader.
- But Monty is right to lead!
I should be in these boats,
at the front with the men!
First, even before Monty.
- I want to tell a story.
- Does it have to be that way?
Yes. It is about the end
the Second Burial War,
in which we both fought.
- Come to the point.
- 1902. We had lost Boers.
And I wanted her
Lord Kitchener meet,
to make peace.
The other commanders were beside themselves.
For her, I was a coward.
But I knew,
that here for us or for me
no more fame was to be fetched.
- We would have hurt ourselves.
- Smuts ...
A great leader does not stand out
only by taking fame.
Sometimes you have to accept,
that you can not get anything from
of the front.
We both are like
two old turtle doves,
who already lose feathers,
but still can chop around.
- I'm not hacking around.
- Yes, you do.
Eisenhower will listen to me.
He is a sensible,
an integral man.
- A great man, as I think.
- Winston, please.
Do not be a problem for him.
Well, I want to talk to him.
Where is General Eisenhower?
- Winston.
- Ike.
I'm sorry this is so short term.
I wanted to tell you mine
Plans for the D-Day.
- Your plans?
- I got a bunk
- secured at the HMS Belfast.
- This ship is going to battle.
I know we're not here
all points of this operation,
but their meaning is
in any case undisputed.
The men must feel,
that the nation stands behind them.
- So I'll go with you.
- Is this a joke?
- Not at all.
- But you can not go with that.
- Why not?
- If you die on my ship,
- I bear the responsibility.
- The HMS Belfast is not your ship.
- She belongs to the king.
- No hairpins, please.
I have you as commander-in-chief
of the British armed forces
accepted for Overlord,
but in the Navy this is
Ratio of our men 4:1.
- God, Winston ...
- You as an American general
but not on the crew
British ships.
I want to be over your damn
Do not determine ships.
- You just should not go with it.
- I'm the Prime Minister
and defense minister
I go there,
where I consider it necessary,
to fulfill my duties!
You can not hold me!
- You hold on?
- I've seen this before,
in the first war. Big men,
who are fighting from safe seats.
This is not good. Commanders must
the battlefields themselves.
You're not a damn commander!
Is this about Montgomery?
Do you want to be in front of him at the beaches?
Of course not.
I did not even think of that.
- What if you are shot?
- I've been in other wars.
You are the Prime Minister.
We can not risk your life.
But you ask for one
Quarter million of young men.
This is her job. It's not yours!
If you want me to do this
unheard of dangerous plan,
you must at least stand by me,
to lead my men into the battle.
I will not go to London with
entangled paws
and listen to radio as they are from
German bullets.
I'll go with them.
I will share their fate.
Do not leave me
damn Laientheater!
There is war!
I will not let you do anything.
I will be as Prime Minister
the king to France,
aboard the royal ship.
And besides, the
King accompany me.
- What?
- His Majesty and I
are absolutely agreed.
We must be there,
to lead the men.
And neither you nor Monty
can do something about it.
I need to 10 to speak.
We're running out of time.
I've been looking for you everywhere.
A man needs one
Moment of silent devotion,
before he enters the battle.
You have to come.
You have a visitor.
Good evening, Winston.
Your Majesty.
I was told,
that I could find you here.
I had to
come here.
It's about ... the plan.
On this
- this ship to go.
- Oh.
We can not.
- Aha.
- I know I have said it when ...
when you called me. That was...
That was premature ... from me.
A new monarch
would be at this time
a serious thing for the Empire.
And Lilibet is ...
is only 18.
A really ... purposeful girl,
but still so young.
No, I ... I can
so do not go.
And I do not need to tell you,
making it the objectives of the Allies
would mean if by chance
a bomb you ... from the
Sir, it ... it's all arranged.
There is also only
an insignificant risk.
Our presence would be embarrassing,
Against those who are responsible
for the fight.
Whether we wanted it or not.
The correct behavior is,
what normally
the people at the top
on such occasions.
They stay at home
and wait.
I have served in the last war,
just like you.
I am sailing on a ship,
had flown an airplane.
Boy, that was really exciting.
I know what irritates you.
This is really crazy.
Everyone thinks they are the ...
most powerful man in the world.
But you can actually ...
to do nothing.
My job ... is not to fight,
not to die.
I have to ... exist
and be kind.
Bring hope.
This is my task.
And also yours.
My task.
Make it Ike and
Monty not so hard.
You do not need them in
war, Winston.
And you do not need
to go to France.
Sir, you are my king
and I have to do what you command.
The fear
before the coming days would be
for me to significantly increase when
in addition to everything else
even the smallest risk,
To lose them.
Yes. I have to go now.
Otherwise, there is really theater.
Good night, Winston.
Britain will give you
for that, Winston.
I think everyone will do that.
Your Majesty.
- Did Ike send him?
- Ike asked me.
I called in the palace.
Why, Clemmie? Why?
Why did not you tell me?
When did you last last?
really listened to someone?
When did you last
Talk with me?
Oh I am sorry. I was well
distracted by the secondary,
- wanting to win a war.
General Eisenhower sends his wife
every weekend long letters,
although he is thousands of miles away.
Why are you getting married?
then not General Eisenhower?
An attractive,
younger man in the best years,
each one for a real one
War hero.
In contrast to a stemmed,
moth-eaten old lions,
whose teeth were pulled,
not to scare the ladies.
Try your luck
Hero, Winston.
Then people will be
again believe that you are one.
Why do not you just kill me?
4 AM
Please sit down.
Gentlemen, we are here too
this unusual hour,
to make the greatest decision
of our lives.
The Overlord Armada has been stabbed in the sea.
This is the last moment,
the last, critical moment,
in which we must decide whether this
Operation as planned.
Of course we must
such as wind, rain, the tides.
So let's hear the report.
Colonel Stagg, the weather.
Gentlemen, the fears
my colleagues and me
on the weather of the next three
or four days have been confirmed.
The sea will be rough.
Winds up to thickness six.
Many deep clouds.
We have a message
from the West Irish station,
that the barometer falls there quickly.
Another low reaches us.
E-I'm sorry, sir.
This does not look good.
General Montgomery,
what is your recommendation?
We hardly have time.
I think we have to start now.
- General?
- I'm afraid I must contradict.
These are catastrophic
Conditions for air support.
I do not know what
this weather is possible.
Much but under no circumstances.
Admiral, what do you think?
It's miserable. We must
I believe,
whether it is at all possible,
Ships in a storm.
Damn, Ike. My men
have already been stabbed in the sea.
Admiral, how long have we,
until the ships are too far away,
to recall them?
Maybe 30 minutes.
It could be one tomorrow
to give a new chance. Stagg?
Sir, the storms might be tomorrow
to make a short break.
For the next 24 hours is a
But prediction is very difficult.
What risk do you prefer?
Call them back.
We `ll meet tomorrow
at the same time again.
Pray until then for good weather.
Ike. You have recalled them.
We plan this without alternatives.
We are planning a victory,
and there will be.
We go down there,
we will do everything,
What we have,
and it will lead to success.
if we do not win,
I do not know what a
World will remain for us.
I would also see that.
- Thank you.
- Thanks sir.
We'll start tomorrow, Churchill.
They can not stop it.
But maybe the weather.
Brooke would like to inform you,
what happened on the coast.
The troops of General Alexander,
the yesterday the Nazis
are now the largest
Battle of war.
The Italian Army
she could win.
The Allied Command focusses
his hope and attention now
- on Operation Overlord.
- I can do very little.
I must concentrate on it,
the rest of this war.
I feel like I'm at the
Chariot of a madman.
We must only reach,
that he feels belonging.
The politicians are making themselves
also because of him worries.
When the war ends this year,
they think he is a risk as a leader.
I know you like him, Smuts.
And I like him too,
whether you believe it or not,
- but he really puts it on it.
- He's not the one he once was.
- When you enter quieter waters,
it is easy to forget the captain,
who has struck one through the storm.
I did not forget,
how great he was at lightning.
- But that's four years ago.
- He's still a big man.
The End. Damn fool.
Here are just fucking fools.
This is simple line spacing!
Why simple line spacing?
I'm sorry. Someone has the
Well, it must be double line spacing.
Why waste my time?
You silly girl!
- Sorry, I did not know.
- Do you realize what I need to do?
I must look after the troops,
give them security!
Food, accommodation, equipment.
Everything has to be organized!
If I were the caregiver
leaving himself,
they probably send it
Dentist chairs instead of bayonets!
I need to concentrate.
You need to concentrate!
Would you please come to me?
A big man.
I can not work if I do
surrounded by so much incompetence.
I'll show Brooke and Monty,
which makes a real general.
I will show you,
how great men win their wars.
Stop it! Just stop!
Brooke and Eisenhower and
Monty lead this war
and you'll always get in the way.
- I am the Prime Minister of this country!
- I agree.
- And defense!
- Do not be authoritarian,
that makes you seem small.
And you've had enough of it.
Do you stop now,
to make regulations to me?
I beg your pardon?
Maybe I should
me some time to rest.
I would also say that.
Dear God.
Oh ever
Please, please, please,
let it rain tomorrow
Let it pour.
Let the sky open
and a flood,
like the English Channel
has never seen.
Let loose flashes,
let thunder crack
and roll and roar.
Winds winds the beaches
and the sand to storms.
Leave the waves and waves
- flood the valleys and tidal waves.
Call spirits from great depth.
You're welcome
let them blow it off
and spare the lives of all the good
young men on these ships.
You're welcome
do not let it happen again.
Thank you for coming again.
Please sit down.
The weather, please.
Yesterday we predicted the storms
will be taking a break this morning.
Stand 0400 still applies.
The cloud cover
2,000 feet is 30 percent,
the wind force
between three and four.
You get a great celebration,
if this prediction is true.
These conditions could be the
Germans even disadvantage.
They will be their reconnaissance aircraft
not at all.
Can the navy gunners
with this viewpoint?
- Yes.
- Monty?
The army is ready.
It's damn risky.
But the best possible opportunity.
The question is how long do you get so
something in the balance?
Okay, let's go.
Colonel Stagg.
A photo, if you please.
Thank you.
You said this war
would not be like the last war.
But this operation
it is definitely.
Tomorrow men will die.
Do not leave one
of them die for nothing.
Good Trip!
You go.
- Holy shit!
- Winston!
- I just can not stand it.
- For heaven's sake.
It's not working.
- I will not tolerate that of you.
- I can not answer that!
- That's murder!
- Sit down.
I can not do the rest of mine
To have life on the conscience.
You have no choice.
Do you hear me? I can
so no longer live.
Is this a threat?
When we wake up tomorrow,
20,000 young men could be dead.
You're drunk.
This is the only thing,
which brings me peace.
Well, it does not work.
You should be ashamed of yourself.
Can you please do that
Send service maid?
There has been an accident.
No, everyone is doing well.
Only one plate was broken.
Yes thank you.
And please tell Feldmarschall Smuts,
that I want to see Him. Thank you.
How is he?
Sharing the ships
in the English Channel.
They set sail at 1700 hours.
I thought I can help you,
Preparing your future speeches.
He gets really depressed
and then simply solidifies.
Everything you say, it seems
just make things worse.
just a few weeks into the country.
- He must speak to the nation tomorrow.
- I know.
Either the profit
of the war
or that we are just thousands
People have killed meaninglessly.
Oh, ever.
Oh oh oh
- Are you all right?
- Yes of course.
It must also be hard for you.
I wish he'd know.
Well, we must
simply give our best.
Let me talk to him.
I thought, when we get together,
we can help you all,
to write the speech for tomorrow.
This is a very important speech, Winston.
If you focus on it,
you may be the
Apply energy to it.
How shall we begin, Miss Garrett?
Uh ... ah!
"Here is the Prime Minister."
"Overnight the united
Armed Forces of the Allies "
"to air, sea and land
a comprehensive attack "
"to the German positions
the north coast of France. "
"This is the beginning of the
largest operation of the war. "
"She will push back the Nazis
and free France. "
"Thousands of brave young men
are landed with a ship's fleet. "
"They have secured the beaches and
the German lines pushed back. "
- You do not know.
- What?
That's all for me
too familiar, Smuts.
I've seen it before.
Gallipoli ... 1915th
An enormous amphibious landing.
A frontal attack on one
effectively entrenched army.
We had a great plan,
Kitchener and I.
- This is not 1915!
But the operation was truncated,
through the petty
Circumcision of the commanders.
"Here a dozen ships less.
Do not send any additional divisions. "
"You do not need so much explosives."
I tried to stop it.
Oh, I've really tried.
It should...
It should be ...
not a big deal.
We would also have these men naked
to these beaches.
Warfare has developed.
You have learned from your experiences.
A quarter of a million men were
was massacred at Gallipoli.
The Empire blamed me.
I had the responsibility.
But no one accused
me more than I myself.
If it had been successful,
you would have been celebrated as a hero.
But it was a bust!
I sent men to death!
Hundreds, thousands!
My hands are soaked in their blood.
The men do theirs
Duty and we do ours.
- We have to live with guilt.
- But we live,
and the commanders have
still learned nothing.
They do not want to learn anything at all.
They remain the battlefields
away and do not see the price.
From sniper rifles
outstretched eyes.
Muddled legs,
Blood on the sea spray.
The men,
they have it!
Half of the men on these ships
will be rotten corpses tomorrow.
That's enough now!
My fiance is on
one of these ships.
I think so at least.
He could not tell me exactly.
What is the degree of service?
He is an upper rostrum.
On a destroyer.
Arthur. Arthur Clayton.
W-How did you get to know each other?
We are together in
Portsmouth grew up.
He said he cares
to me and my mother.
My father was in the first war.
That still goes after him.
He can hardly be used for work.
Arthur says we're looking for his
Return a cottage by the sea.
We fill it with children ...
and let the door roses grow.
I want to believe I do not end like this
like my mother and her sisters.
All their men are dead
or damaged or paralyzed.
I want to believe,
that nothing happens to him.
That nothing happens to him.
I do not want to hear,
that the man I love,
in a few hours could be dead.
And I do not want to hear it from you.
I thought you were
most courageous man in England.
You have every right.
Come. You sit down.
Thank you.
I have to dress.
I need your help.
What are you talking about?
My duty.
G-Are you going?
I can not, right?
I know I got you
neglected -
for some time already.
This war requires everything
and it is not exactly easy,
to be a leader.
It is also not easy,
to be married to one.
I should be behind you and
support you as needed -
with good humor and
endless friendliness.
Sometimes I wish,
I could live my own life.
Would you do that?
I had to learn,
with your edges.
I have often asked myself,
whether there is another man.
- Would that bother you?
- And how.
I do not have you
happy, right?
At times you really have that.
But now...
Win, I do not know,
how I should help you,
if ... if you do not understand,
what you have to do.
The women's helper corps.
We should not let them wait.
No. No, I ... I'll go.
- Briggs.
- sir.
Do you already have one
Feedback from the Navy?
Yes, sir. Oberfhnrich Clayton is
on one of the ships to Juno beach.
They are on the first move.
There will be strong bombardment by the
Germans expected, sir. I'm sorry.
- Thank you, Briggs.
- sir.
They are already half way.
So many young men.
This is like the last war.
They are almost still children.
They grew up with the war.
They are brave.
Too young to know fear.
What will you say tomorrow?
No idea.
That depends on the messages.
No it does not.
No matter what happens tonight,
you must give them hope.
Even if 20,000 men die,
you can get their wives and mothers
and let children not believe,
her death would have been in vain.
You must stand by them,
their victims.
Let them believe that with God,
they will win this war.
And I'll do it with them.
For that is my duty.
Not true?
Could you be without me
speak with the women 's assistant?
I must write this speech.
I have always fought.
That is what makes me.
If I do that,
when I take this speech,
I will not fight any more.
No, you will not.
Who will I be,
when all this is over?
If we win or it
to a disaster?
What will I be,
if we do not fight anymore?
You will always be the man,
who has carried us there.
- Wow wow.
- Wow wow.
Miss Garrett!
Very good, Miss Garrett. Thank you.
Winston, just came news.
- The landings?
- No, London.
The Luftwaffe is probably the
new V-missiles.
We should
Prepare the air protection bin.
We have the aircraft,
to shoot them?
We try it,
but these missiles have no pilots.
They are incredibly fast.
If Hitler thinks,
he can so discourage us,
then it is wrong. Miss Garrett,
I need this speech
Oh, apropos ...
Thanks, Smuts.
I have this message about the
Supervisor Arthur Clayton.
He landed with the first wave.
They were under heavy shelling,
but he fought with great
Courage and stood it through.
He is healthy and safe.
Oh my God...
Oh, and if you allow ...
He greets her heartily.
Have many, thank you,
Mr. Churchill.
Thank you, Miss Garrett.
This is where the Prime Minister speaks.
First the news from the
major operation in France.
This glorious, airborne,
Land and sea.
has as a common effort
the Allied forces pushed the Nazis back
and liberation
Of France.
The crossing over the sea
cost substantially less losses
as feared.
The outstanding bombardment
our ships and aircraft
the German fire quickly reduced.
General Eisenhower's courage is all that,
what needs to be done.
Everything is ready,
as it was never ready,
and we are watchful
up into the fingertips.
A good sentence.
Last night the danger seemed very big.
This morning we have overcome them.
This great war against
the rule of the Nazis
is denied by simple people,
the soldiers, sailors
and flyers in the field,
and also those who are at home.
We defy Hitler with our perseverance
and our character
and our refusal,
Tyranny, oppression, and the
the darkest of the
History small.
This is not a war for fame,
this is a war for freedom.
The Germans will strike back.
We do not know,
where they will strike.
Your new flying
Bombs have no pilots.
through a soulless machine.
This is a weapon of cowards,
and cowards can not win.
We must meet her heroically,
as our soldiers do.
Just like these brave men
fighting on the beaches,
we must also at the
Homefront fight.
And when they return,
covered with fame,
we can participate in their honor.
Hitler tried again,
to threaten us with fire.
Four years ago he thought he can
force us to the knees with lightning.
He was wrong.
And now he is wrong.
Because we do not melt in the fire.
We are hardened by fire,
such as steel,
and come forth, strengthened,
ready for the fight.
Hitler has laid a fire,
whose flames cast him out
Our troops will continue to fight
and the Allies will continue to fight
and I will continue,
until we are free.
We will never give up.
And I will never give up.
Oh, it would only be Scotch.
Oh well.
- Did you listen to the broadcast?
- Naturally.
You were wonderful.
I got me yesterday
Worried about you.
You got something ... really
Wonderful done,
when you have risen,
back on his feet.
- I do not know exactly whether that is so.
- At least it made the impression.
It never goes away completely.
Sometimes the color runs out of the
Picture and everything is gray and desolate.
And I can not force,
that it will be transformed again.
How does it look now?
But I have to live with that.
You know, I think I'm driving this
Weekend to Chartwell
and spend some time in the country.
Perhaps I paint something.
- That is a very good idea.
It has something like the sun
in the afternoon in the lake,
among the pastures.
This could be a harmonious sight.
- In color?
- Its possible...
- And what about the war?
- Oh, I think,
Eisenhower and Monty have this
already quite well under control.
I would understand it,
if you leave me.
I would leave,
if I could.
I do not want,
that you live with my edges.
Maybe we should
easy to open for each other.
- But you must not fight any more.
- I gave that up.
Are you serious?
The most important thing in a war,
if you think about it,
is that the people
really feel united.
Inspired, full of hope.
Maybe I'll write another speech.
I think I'm running a bit.
Are you getting along?
I'll manage.
I wish you success.