CIA: Comrade In America (2017) Movie Script

2015 AD
"Sight of the world, hear as you see the world"
"The creator" Oh Godmsavior of the world"
Oh! What noise is thisl! Like a cinema halll!
Hey! Have you seen that Mary?
Mathai Sir's wife!
Ah no, I didn't see..
Hmm.. Her arrogance"!
will take care of her later
Dear, please move a little bit..
A little more...Ah, enough! Enough!
Eh...Is it true that Korah sir took bribe?
I don't know..
It was there in today's Deshabimani newspaper
We subscribe Deepika newspaper
Whatever it be, it is just theft!
Even after all these,
Mathew Sir is still with Korah Sir.
Has to be appreciated!
Hey, I saw a group of people carrying
swords, sticks and red flags,
getting ready to march towards the junction.
Whatever it be, today it would be great fun
Praise to you, alter of sanctification
Praise to you, the sepulcher of our Lord
May the Holy Mass that I have received from,
be for me
unto the forgiveness of my debts
and remission of my sins
I know not whether I shall come again to offer
another sacrifice
Long live the Revolution
Long live the Revolution
Long live the Revolution
Oh no... the crowd is too less...
How much is it.?
What can I say Comrade? It's a small distance
Ok then..Red Salute"
Finance Minister Korah must resign!
Did our guys from Ramapuram arrive?
Yeah..have called as many as possible..
Where is Aflipan and demon?
Jam oh was here somewhere,
but Krrpah has hat reached yet
Sh...Where did they disappear at this moment?
Long live the Revolution
Long live the Revolution
Long live the Revolution
Sir, we have received a call from Korah Sifs
Time for him to go to church.
You go and inform that bearded guy
Hey Hari...This is a pleasant Sunday
why don't you take your boys home?!
How is that possible Sir'?
If the Party has taken a decision, it won't
Long live the Revolution
Long live the Revolution
Long live the Revolution
Long live the Revolution
Knowing the consequences let me say...
Comrade, not only you, all your guys will be
beaten up
And you will have to see Korah Sir
going to church through this way..
The way he has presented the budget,
Korah Sir should have lying
in the church since yesterday
Korah Sir will definitely go through this way..
And no matter what you do it will happen
will see..
Will see..
Long live the Revolution
Long live the Revolution
Long live the Revolution
Long live the Revolution
Finance Minister Korah should resign !!
Finance Minister Korah should resign !!
- Altogether it's a disgraceful situation
- what's it?
Did you not see today's newspaper?
Hey, There are suspicions' regarding a woman.
What are you saying?
Hey, There are suspicions' about
some Cesar's wife
I have never seen any woman like her in our
George" that was just a metaphor quoted by
the court"
Yeah, right, As if the Court would point out
someone else's wife as a metaphor!
If Cesar comes to know, would he remain calm?
Ah.. Mathew Sir is here
Mathew Sir, what did the Bishop say?
Just asked to call if we need any sort of help...
Call whom?
Jesus Christ... who else...!
Where is Korah Sir?
He is taking a shower
Sir.. Sir...
Who is it? Is it Mathew?
Yes Sir..
Give me that shirt".
Did Bishop show his true nature?
Why would the Bishop care?
He got Engineering College,
hospital, Shopping Mall...
But still sir... At this moment?
How could he do this to us?
Leave it...Who is he to teach Korah!
Let's stop it here.
Troubles by the youth, people gossiping,
then the media and court...
fed up with all these...
Why all these?
Then you tell me what I should do...
I have written the marten... You just need to
sign it...
I'll hand it over to the Chief Minister
Resignation letter... Isn't it?
Give it to me... I will sign it.
I will give it to the CM right away"
- Hey Mathew...-What?
Do you know why I am specifically giving this
to you?
After I resign, only you will be with me
No Police, no gunman...
...and no car with flag.
What more to sayl... Even to get a cup of tea in
this house, I will have to wait a long"
Sometimes I may also have to beg...
If Korah dies after resigning,
just one column news
on the obituary page of Manorama newspaper
But if Minister Korah dies..
It would be an 8 column news on the front
"Minister Korah passes away"
So now tell me...
Should the news be on the obituary page
or on the front page?
Long live the Revolution
Finance Minister Korah should Resign
Finance Minister Korah should Resign
Long live the Revolution
Please move a side?
What is it Hariyetta? Sir , What is the problem?
Who are you?
What do you mean?
I am Father Jomon..
I am from the DYFY Bishop's house.
Came to give the holy
communion to Korah Sir..
Will Korah Sir come now?
Korah Sir.. will he be coming now?
Can't wait to give him the holy communion...
Long live the Revolution
Long Live DY FY
Long live the Revolution
Just don't bother, thrash every one with the
Long Live DY FY
Long live the Revolution
Long Live DY FY
Sir, catchmcatch it...
"Long live the Revolution"
"Long live the Revolution"
"On the battle field of protest where you stood"
with the armour that you put on"
"On the battle field of protest where you stood
with the armour that you put on"
"Here we have arrived on the soil of our land
Stood and earned the new red flag"
"Here we have arrived on the soil of our land
Stood and earned the new red flag"
"Oh the Martyrs' Crypts"
"For the people of Kerala
those who gave their lives
those thousand hearted courageous comrades"
"Step onto the streets as individuals"
"And collectively struggle protesting
"To destroy the new birth of our shares"
"Will not dare... Will not dare"
"Brutalities have bloodied and against that
see the red flag sway.."
"Oh the Martyrs' Crypts"
"Memories thundering battle memorials."
"This is a great revolution"
"Let the dictators bite the dust"
"We have come"
"Long live revolution"
"Come, let us start"
"We'll chase away the foes"
"We'll light the fire"
"We'll gather an army of youngsters"
"We'll free our motherland"
"And adorn garlands"
"Let us set on fire the evil"
"And create a new world"
"Go back"
"For the people of Kerala those who gave their
"Those thousand hearted courageous
"Step onto the streets as individuals"
"And collectively struggle protesting
"All the bloodied hands around"
"All the eyes lit up by fire flares"
"Devilish anger boiling in blood"
"The law dances on someone's chest"
"Thundering time beating at the hearts pace"
"The competing sky has a red teardrop hue"
" Tumultuous chest carries flames of sadness"
"Sharing emotions is the spy called law"
"Our revolts cannot be curtailed"
"We'll not stop our efforts"
"We don't desire for power"
"We don't put on false appearance"
"Oh the Martyrs' Crypts"
"We'll abolish untouchability"
"And eradicate dictatorship"
"With our red flag flying high,"
"We'll begin a new Veda"
"Long Live revolution"
"Victory is around us."
"Praising the war with the mark of victory on
We'll conquer everything"
"Even shedding blood,"
"We'll get back our rights."
"And crush the inept."
"Go back"
"For the people of Kerala those who gave their
"Those thousand hearted courageous
"Step onto the streets as individuals"
"And collectively struggle protesting
"Oh the Martyrs' Crypts"
- Even othenlvise when Sir speaks,
there is a large crowd-Yeah
But however in every elections,
history shows that our party's vote share
is decreasing in all these areas.
Dear, don't sit here and
speak against Korah Sir...
- Mathew Sir, not like that.
There is a reason in what he says - What?
Today our area President
Tony Parakkadan garlanded...
...Korah Sir with currency notes on the stage"
That guy... a dumbhead...
But the whole of Pala stood up and started
those who booed were our own party members.
Now let them come here asking forfavours...
I'll take care of them then.
What is it? Don't you want lunch?
Come on guys... Let's have lunch.
No Sir.. on our way, we'll visit Simon
He is back from Germany.
If it's German ...Then you don't need lunch,
It is getting too late...still haven't seen him..
Oh.. Don't expect him today"
Tomorrow early morning he will be here along
with the Deshabimani newspaper.
You serve that rice...?
Isn't it Mathew Sir's son who
created the ruckus... Kurisupalli junction
asking for Korah's sir to resignation
Ah... Mathew Sir's son only
How did this boy become like this?
There was a practice to send children to their
mother's place during the summer break..
Mathew Sir left his son at his mother's house
during the vacation
What does that mean?
Mathew Sir has a Brother-in-Law" one Shandy".
He is a hardcore Communist.
Mathew Sir used to send his son
to his place to celebrate vacations.
Mathew sir thought he would be spending time
playing cricket
In fact was celebrating his
vacation by sticking posters...
...collecting donations for the communist party
Later one morning when Deshabhimani
newpaper (a leftist daily)...
...landed at the door steps
They realized the boy had become a
Speak of the devil and here he is!
Ajipan, early morning itself you have beggars.
In the way they are walking looks like
as if entire Pala constituency is under them
Jomon, be careful while you go
The route is filled with thieves and muggers..
Pity, !
Hey Jomonmjust hang on
The way you performed this morning,
we were sure by evening your party
would have got a martyr.
If someone dies protesting against a cheap
bribery case like this, it's not martyr
Our party calls it's a suicide
Got it?! Go..go...continue begging.
Don't we have fish?
Did he mention anything to you?
What to say?
No... Whether he was going somewhere or..
Let him go anywhere" what is troubling you?
Not that...The postman was
searching for him...
His passport or something has come...
- Really?
Oh Jesus...It looks like you have blessed him
with good thoughts"
He may be travelling to some Cuba or China...
Please stop it...
He may be travelling to the Gulf(Middle East)
Best...Our sonmgoing to the Gulf for work...!!!
AAhhh... There you go...He is coming...
Mom... give me something to eat.
Serve him...!
Will the Comrade eat Kerala Congress rice?
When did Korah Sir start paying you?
Then... what do you think?
Your father, my grandfather,
planted a few rubber trees in
which hepled you to earn by selling rubber
And so I eat from here
Furthermore for my expenses
I distribute newspapers every morning.
You don't have to talk too much
Even you too, Dad!
Give me fish fry.. Mom
Hey...The postman was searching for you...
Your passport or something is here...
Go somewhere and do
something good with your life
Do you know something?... Korah Sir
has never spoken anything rude to me
Today even that happened ..
Somebody told him that it was Mathew's son...
...who organized the protest march
against Korah Sir..
What is wrong with you??
Who are you trying to defeat?
To defeat those who
pretend as Gandhians wearing
tailor made linen shirts costing
Rs.4000 per meter!
Dear, who do you think Korah Sir is?
When he was the Minister for Electricity,
eight poles were erected just
to give us this power connection
The moment you mentioned about it,
there goes the power
"The Border"
Ajipan, postman was searching for you.
What, any court summons?
It's just the passport
Oh! passport? What is it for?
Are you leaving the country?
Stop Stop Stop...
Bro..l have decided to leave the country.
This land is filled with intolerance"
Come on! Ajipan..
All you comrades will keep saying something
or the other"
believe it or not
Even a petrol auto driver cannot tolerate a
diesel Auto Driver!
Ya ya..
Good bye..
Wow...Who is this?
Are you just coming now?
Comrade Stalin, are you leaving?
I'm fed up
What happened?
Ajipan, I can't deal with them
Ah! What kind of attitude is this?
Let those three rule the party
I have something to tell you all
Ajipan.. we'll talk later.
Not feeling right today..l am leaving"
What kind of person is he?
- Comrade... - No!
OH! Dear Marx! Where did everyone disappear?
Huh.. you all are sitting here?
You all teased poor guy and made him leave?
Whatever it be, there was no need to offend him
why don't you all call him back?
Now, where are you from?
There is something that I want to tell you all
I need to take leave,
from the party for few days.
It's time for a journey.
No, but if you leave, what would be the
situation here?
Ajipan, if someone like you is not here... won't be easy to cop up
with the Kerala Congress guys!
Dear Marx, whether it is in Pala or in Palestine,
Revolution has to take place at the deserving
What do you intend to say?
This is a travel that any communist would love
to go.
But now this travel is, as valuable as my life
What sort of madness are you taking?
Comrade, revolution is not meant to be
but practiced
This revolution is for her.. Sarah Mary Kurian
The right finger in my left hand.
Love towards your college campus
is as strong as your first love
Hey...Come here..
That's why even after I finish college,
I still roam around in the campus
for student politics
Hey... stand aside"
Hey .. come here...
Hey.. What is your name ?
Where is your house?
In US... here I am staying with my uncle.
Oh... so that's why...
What is all this??
Did anyone dare to harass you during time
you joined college?
What is this new practice?
How many papers did you miss out last year'?
Go study and write the supplementary exams.
- Come bro..- Go GO dude..
What a pose?!! Get down boys!
"Moments of staring eye to eye..."
"something comes filling up within"
"What is it...What is it..."
"Daily when I see you upfront"
"my inside brims up with"
"What is it .. What is it.. "
"The pathways I wandered with you topped
with flowers"
"The loving lines I forgot you lined with honey"
"Moments of staring eye to eye..."
"something comes filling up within"
"What is it...What is it..."
"Daily when I see you upfront"
"my inside brims up with"
"What is it .. What is it.. "
Your name?
He he!
"Love rises in the heart on its own"
"As hundred rainbows shine"
"To recall every moment today just one thing"
:To carry just one thing to be mine"
"Moments of staring eye to eye..."
"Something comes filling up within"
"What is it...What is it..."
"Daily when I see you upfront"
"my inside brims up with"
"What is it .. What is it.. "
In America you people watch a lot of
"Yonder mountain ice are melting"
"I flow as river of rose water"
"I search for a silent ocean"
"For my lovely desires to lean into"
"What is it...What is it..."
"Daily when I see you upfront"
"my inside brims up with"
"What is it .. What is it.. "
From the left, give it to the left..
Kick the ball to the front..
Pass to AIL.
Mark him! Mark Ajipan!
Here take it..
Foul Foul..
You came forward all alone to shoot the goal
Then, do need call the entire vicinity?
You should follow FIFA rules while playing
What is this FIFA?
Tell me at least one rule of FIFA.
Why should I know!
What is FIFA?
Why should I know??
Jomon, better play properly!
Then you come here and stand as the goal
Everyone can't do goal keeping
That's why we only have one goal
keeper in a team. Do you know?
What do you think?
Goal keeping is a layman's job?
Here comes..
the red card to Ajipan...he has to go
Messi, walk fast...
Go, dude!
Get lost!
What's the issue with demon?
He always cheats while playing"
Go ahead .. score 5 goals..give them
a proper reply before Ajipan comes back
Jomon, What's up?
Ask him in Malayalam?
What's up, demon?
Nothing much Sarah" You carry on..
Come on boys.. come on.. come on..
Not here.. there there..
Where is the other guy?
That beard"
Hariyettan has gone to Kozhikode for the Party
So did Hariyettan join the Congress?
Don't give me that look, Aji...
Don't you read newspapers?
I go through Vanitha (women's magazine)
This party congress means"
I don't want to hear anything, Ajipan
To tell the truth I don't understand most
of the things you say...
What is this communism, really?
Communism means...
Do you bring lunch from home?
Suppose one of your classmates
could not bring lunch one day"
It could have been forgotten or the
circumstances did not allow it..
What would you do then?
I would share my lunch..
A communist means the same
You continue preaching Communism, play
football and spend your life here
Since the day I learnt to ride a bicycle,
I have a relationship with this ground"
My course is about to end and I will be
leaving to the US after.
How is that possible?
I am really bored over here, Aji.
If you were not around,
I would have left this place long back.
You are a well educated person.
If you come to the US you can easily get a job.
We can happily live there"
Then why here!
Because till 10th the education is free in this
Even after that, being good at studies,
I have got lot of concessions
In the form of fees, choice of courses..
That is because you are eligible for them..
Why are you sacrificing your life?
After acquiring all that,
running away from here to secure a life in a
multi national company won't be good for me
I rather prefer to teach in a school or college
Aji, we don't have a minimum financial stability
A strong wind or downpour is sufficient
to destabilize any country's financial stability.
Dear, I don't intend to transform the country..
Nevertheless a few people must be benefited
because of me.
Dear Saramma, I don't want to escape alone..
Ajipan.. Come come...
- Why...No need don't come Ajipan... - I'm
The nostalgia of NRI parents compels
them to send their children to Kerala.
To study the native culture"
Just driving them insane.
But, you have never shared it with us so far..
I don't think any comrade in Kerala
would share their love story with you
Why so?
Looking at this face who would dare to talk
about love?
Nobody has seen your photograph with a
smiling face
I have told you before this guy would always be
like this
See ..he is smiling...
Then why don't you keep smiling always
Ajipan, in this world, the best lovers are among
us, communist comrades!
Those who don't have anything to hide can
create revolutions and love deeply
This guy will make me emotional
You tell us about what happened after that?
That's when I realized love is just a silly cheesy
You can't say like that
All your romantic love letters published here in
Trying to threaten them
with your beard and moustache won't work
You continue
Now what I am about to say
should not be even seen in Politburo records.
Only then shall I continue further
You just let Rajeev know.
Ajietta! Those Chilanka bus people
caused trouble again
What is the matter?
At the bus stand,
we can only get in after the full ticket buyers
It sounds sensible!
Other people are ok. Only these guys have
What happened today?
When we boarded the bus this morning,
they threatened us
not to enter the bus with students concession
in the evening .
And when Sachu asked how would we go
before even the double bell rang
they flung Sachu out of the bus.
And the rest of you?
We were thrown out after the bus stopped!
You could have given a punch back
That becausem.
Hmm, Ajiyetta, We only got the looks.
At your age, we were used to thrash the bus
And you are coming here after getting
whacked. Hmmm!
You all are only good with fiddling your phones
and swearing on face book.
Not only that Ajiyetta, the bus conductor
in front door is always a nuisance.
We have no other bus to go home, Ajiyetta
We are scared.
What time does the bus leave from the stand?
5 '0 clock!
Oh Brother! Are you the one on the front door?
Please get down. Let me get in
Brother, in these days the least
affordable kid has a bike.
The ones who are even worse take bus
Our boss is in a pathetic situation right now
so need not carry cheap tickets, is what he said
Oh.. then brother, tell your boss
if it is that bad then abandon the service
Comrade, leave it alone, gouge...
What sort of dialogue are you saying,
comrade? Hmm?
This isn't any Cartier or anything
this old watch is gifted by my father!
Come.. let's go outside and talk.
Bro, take those slippers!
Comrade, your dosas are the real dosas!
Well, where is my Bolivian diary?
There it is! You write it, Son.
- Will settle the entire amount on Friday, ok! -
What happened, 'Achaaya'? Got late!
I slept off!
Ok, move then. - Ok Ajipan!
- Hey, come here! -What is it sir?
- Are you Aji Mathew? - Yes, sir.
You have to come to the Police Station. Get in..
Comrade! Take care of the papers!
- Just Inform Jomon. -Oh, ok.
People at home must be sleeping! Need not call
Ok Son...
What's up Sir?
Come, Get in...
Aji Panl! Good!! Nice name!
Thank you, sir.
People with money may have a Car or Bus!
Who the hell are you to teach them the right
And that girl..what is her name?
You better stop stalking her! Did you
Sir, I don't need your permission in both these
things you said about.
Manoj Sir was an old KSQ (a political student
group) member in Maharaja's College, right?
Don't ever think that thrashing by the
then SFI students were the last...
What are you up to?
How's it possible, sir?
Is it possible to simply stand there
when someone slaps your face?
Sir, look there.
Hello, sir! My name is Mathews
His father!
One should cane their kids when they grow up!
Otherwise they will die inside
the station, getting beaten up!
Sir, my name is Mathews, not Chacko master!
I'm here to take him out.
You are new to this Station, that is why..
When I was of his age, there was an
annoying S.l in this Station.
When one word led to another, I lifted him off
his legs and threw him over the Pala bridge,
...into the Meenachill river
Later it came in one of the movies.
What was its name?
- Spadikam! -Yeah, Spadikam!
You might have seen it , Sir
Advocate, give sir those papers
Leaving, sir!
Will go and come back, sir
I got to know everything. Why all these
Private bus..Fights and pelting...
All Started from school days.
But what I don't understand
is why your name popped up in between?
Chilanka Bus owner Baby Chayan is my uncle.
I'm staying at his house.
Babychayan is my local guardian.
Hahah, so I got what I had to get.
Babychayan has told something
about you to my parents.
And they called me.
Cutthroat I said, I am not going anywhere
leaving Aji
I may not be able to fulfill any of your wishes,
But I will never go against any of your dreams.
For the relationship between a man and a
I believe that nobody's conduct certificate
is needed in this World.
I have a loving dad and mom..
A friend who always clings like your cloth
and a bike that hasn't betrayed on the way
Oh Jesus! Which new party is he bringing
My poor Son..
...had to face such a plight! Oh! My God!
The girl is a bad omen!
Ever since the relationship with your family,
my son is facing misfortunes.
- It was your family that hoisted..
- Switch off the T.V
allegations on my innocent son,
had him arrested and sent to jail..
The main farming here is Rubber.
Not because there are no other better farming
Here certain people like to do only less
profitable farming
That is why I'm in Kerala Congress and he
became a Communist
So for that matter in this house no one
is against anyone's wishes
It's an old house.
So are we
And the oldest of all is him.
Since you like him, you will surely like us too
Have the tea, dear
Aji, it's getting late after finishing the tea,
drop her back home
Such a nice girl!
Must be R.C (Roman Catholic) I guess!
Won't you have kids, if its not RC?
Oh no!! Babychayan!
- Oh..You are screwed!..
- Shut up! Just go from here!
Sir, please don't hesitate to come just
because you are invited on the way
I have fixed it.
Before you fix it, Don't you have to
inform the local SI, comrade?
I'll give you the engagement snacks,
parippuvada and tea!
Not now. Later.
What sort of speech did that Father deliver?
Just to irritate people
Achaya, isn't he that Mundakkal boy?
Whoever it is, why are you so concerned?
Someone must have died.
Don't stand watching, keep walking
Such an auspicious day of Church festival,
they are digging at the Sinners Grave!
Hariyetta! What's up?
When it is an emergency call, never pick up
your phone
Who died?
A person from the neighborhood
He died yesterday
Not a party man
But he was a Comrade!
The Priest and Parish people
say his soul will neither reach heaven,
nor can sit on the lap of Saint Abraham!
You come here.
What is the matter, Hariyettaa?
Did Sarah tell you anything?
About what?
I got news that she left for America yesterday.
I enquired. It's true.
I will not leave it half way.
It is his father who died
He has nobody, Comrade...
However burial needs to be done somewhere!
Haven't you heard anything?
Stop standing and watching! Remove the soil
You don't worry. Even othenNise, it's bad time
for all our party people
Why blame the party? Blame her!
Hariyettaa?.. Would you just keep quiet...
I had already told him before,
not to go after her.
His Damn love!
We are not aware of the real situation, right?
You come here
My dear comrade demon'.!
She has not gone for Bharanghanam church
to attend the mass
She flew to America!
That too without informing him!
Ajipan...Don't you know!
That BabyChayan is a bourgeois scoundrel!
He built a mansion
The very sight of it is scary!
- So what? - Tha...
He only has money. He is just an idiot
Let's drop this!
Let him be anything, so what?
Oh no, it's 10 ' 0 clock
I'm leaving. Jomon take the vehicle.
Come on let's move.
Come lets go.
Come I say.
I'll go later.
Lets start right away...Jomon
Why in a hurry ?
The role of 10 o clock in a comrade's family
routine is,
something you will not understand, you are still
Haven't you attended my study class?
Party and family structures!
My dear Comrade! Please don't bother me this
Go fast demon...
Tell me the truth, Comrade, where are you
Come on, hum] up, demon.
And it's chilling
I'm Sarah!
Sarahi! Where are you?
What happened to you?
Aji, my mom called me and said she is sick,
that's why I left for US with my aunty
I could not contact you either.
Come to the point.
My parents fixed my wedding.
...on the 26th of this month.
I don't know when
I will be able to contact you again.
Just tell me what I should do.
I don't know, Aji.
You must come and talk to my parents.
Convince them. Please.
Please save me, Aji.
Your call has been forwarded to
automated voice messaging system".
Your call has been forwarded
to automated voice messaging system.
Good bye!
Ah, is it, Ajipan?
- What is it Ajipan, at this time?
- Where is Hariyettan?
I asked him to sleep outside if
he reaches after 10 '0' clock
Must be there somewhere
Hariyetta! Hariyetta!
Oh Oh.. Don't beat me up! I am not a party guy!
Oh it was you...
My dress...dress
Why are you standing like this?
Go get some tea.
Tea...l will make you drink.
Hariyettaa, do you sleep here?
Are you here at this point of time to enquire
about this?
- Hariyetta, she had called!"
- Who...??
And what did she say?
She is in a trap there.
What trap?
I will tell you later.
Marietta come, we need to go somewhere.
- Where?!?
To her uncle's house.
- Eh??-Babyachan's house.
Need to discuss about Sarah.
I am not coming...
Even otherwise he hates me...
Harietta, don't say that.
I always consider you as
my elder brother, right?
Oh! Dear, Now don't walk into my house
so early in the morning,
and start your emotional blackm ailing!
If I say I am not coming, I will not.
If anything happens to me you must take over
the post of the local secretary...
And a statue at the town square"
In any case, don't allow that Saji Koratty
to get into the local committee..
Not just the Area Committee,
My dear Hariyettaa, don't start your
factionalism so early in the morning"
Not that
A feeling that something is
going to happen to me...
Nothing would happen"
Can't they sleep in the wee hours?
If it is a big house, there will be dogs!
Ajipan, if there is a dog , I'll definitely run.
Then later don't blame,
that I did not stand with you.
It seems like nobody is home..
Everybody seems to be in deep sleep..
Can we come later?
Ring the bell again.
What is it? Are you here to chop the heads
of bourgeois, this early morning?
No... No..We just wanted to meet Babyachanm!
Come in..
Sit... Sit...
See. Gun...??
Lets start with a drink in the morning.
Need not"
We came to discuss about another matter.
The alliance between our Sarah and this Ajipan!
Best time to discuss about an alliance!
So, shall we check out for the right time and
come then!
It will not work..
No.. rather than being cut and dry...we can"
Have a drink and disperse this meeting
Other than discussing about it...
there is no way that will happen..
As they like each other" so...
My Brother-in-law Kuriachan
will not agree at all..
- If she loves me, I will definitely marry her..
- Aji, would you remain quiet?
No.. No... Let him speak"
You go... Go to America...
And my BIL will realise your love
and get her married to you.
But one thing don't reveal that you are a
Why would we talk about all
this in a marriage proposal?
Even if I do not, my BIL would talk
Do you remember the matchstick factory
on the banks of Meenachil River..
- Ya...The one with a picture of a goat's head
- Yes.. Yes.. that is the one..
That factory belonged to my BIL..
That is Sarah's father's.
Your party people protested in front of it
and shut it down..
Do you know, after sinking into severe debts
he moved out of this country.
What is wrong with you guys?
Even hearing your names will drive him crazy.
Come Hariyettaa"
One more thing...
Over this issue, please do not
throw stones at my bus.
Babyach an ..
May be Sarah and her father will understand
me better than you do.
That is good... one more thing...
I am also interested to go for
the wedding on 26th.
BIL also promised me the air tickets.
But the embassy rejected the Visa.
Even my background, a capitalist to you,
is unsatisfactory for them.
So imagine yours - a jobless, Vagabond!
Didn't I say he is a scoundrel
If there is any chance then you should only
marry her.
For bourgeois like them that is the only fitting
Red Salute..Comrade, would you like
to have some gruel?
No Thanks, I had.
How is your mother now?
There is a great change.
The other day she identified me as dad.
In a way it is good. She hasn't known
about dad's death.
Mom, we are leaving.
Sister, just take care of mother, I am going out.
- Ok Son.-Mom, I will be back soon.
We go to all holy destinations.
Eh.. Is Pattaya in Jerusalem?
- Wh ich ?-Pattaya?
Is it in Jerusalem?
It is not in Jerusalem. It is nearby, at Poonjar.
Brother, now go home. When you get the visa,
the church will inform you.
Come here only then.
Early morning itself he has come with weird
Ah.. Come Sit...Sit..
Which holy land are you looking to visit?
Not a holy land... America!
Economy or Business Class?
- Sleeper is enoughl-Economy is enough.
Isn't that cheaper'?
Brother, I actually need to take a visa. It is
So. You don't have a Visa!
No.. That is it
Want to go to America and don't have a Visa!
Anybody to sponsor you there?
This America is an easy place to get a Visa.
I have heard"
So what is to be done?
Brother, I have to reach there by the 26th of this
- By 26th?-What needs to be done?
- Today is 5th...1,2,3,4,5..-21 days"
21 days"
No way...
Even if you have a sponsor for a visiting visa,
within this time frame you cannot reach there.
If you have any doubts, please enquire
with any travel agency.
- Lets go..-Okthen
By the way, is the passport valid?
Don't have Passport... any problem?
Oh! You don't have Passport... no problem..
Do you have a ration card at least?
Is Ration card required ?
Ajipan, is ration card needed?
Eh...Do you need a ration card to travel to
Just can: understand what to do, Jam on'.!
- Shall I tell you something? What is it?
Your cousin Brother Cyril in America.
How about calling him?
Oh.. no use..
Even without a passport, where can I go?
Passport, we can get it done somehow!
We can get a passport" we can
You heard what the agent said"
Everything he said is correct...
Might be..
Anyway, Brother Cyril is over there.
If he can find a way out, that would be great
Call him
Hello, Brother Cyril... This is me Ajipan
Ah.. What is it ?at this point of time?
Brother, I need your help
Ok. Tell me
I was in love with a girl here.
- Do you remember the Chilanka BusTravels
its owner Babychayan's Brother In Law
is her father, some Kuriakose
They are somewhere near to your place
Dallas or Texas.
They took her from here.
This 26th is her wedding
I am unable to rest my bum in peace over here.
Hey, I can sponsor but still
you cannot reach here within that time frame
What if I go there and speak to them?
Oh. Talking with them would be a waste
You will only be insulted there..
I am even ready to travel without a ticket
Tell me if there is any way out...
- One idea is there...-What is it?
But then leave it... You don't take that.
If there is such a way, then I will take it
You tell me..
It is not like what you think..It's not at all safe
and it's illegal
Most of people take that path and
won't return alive either...
Without an American Visa,
just on the strength of an Indian Passport...
travelling to America
Comrades. History is being repeated...
We have a comrade who was born in Argentina,
led the revolution in Cuba,
finally in Bolivia killed by America's CIA
Bolivia, Nicaragua...has visa on arrival for
Indian Citizen
That means Visa is not needed..
With a passport and ticket we can
reach these two countries
Then what?
A good question Mr. Lenin!
Then, from there to Mexico via Honduras and
From Mexico a small jump over the wall, to
What rubbish are you saying?
Daily hundreds of people try to reach America
this way..
What for?
For better food, for better life
Some in search of their long lost loved ones
But Comrades,
I am going to America not dreaming
of earning a single penny
You will be one of the best lovers in this world
History will praise your name"
As someone who crossed the seven seas ,
the mountains, rivers and forests to reach his
the generations will adore you..
Red Salute, Comrade. Viva Revolution.
- Viva Revolution -Viva Revolution
Viva Revolution
Red Salute
"Love and Capital"
Of course, you have reached at the
age to take your own decisions
I have given permission for that too..
But why are you going, now?
I have things to take care, Dad.
Ok, Where to?
To America!
To America??!!!
Our Cyril has helped.
He has arranged for a visiting visa
Now don't tell this to anybody.
Especially to Mom
Then what should I tell Mom?
Tell her that I've gone to
Delhi or Gulf (Middle East)
Sh.. Gulf!!!
I need some money ..
My bike.. I struck a good deal with Naushad..
Don't have to sell the bike..
Dad that is not the case...
When that bike is here,
I'm sure that you would come back
even if you take some time.
Money... I could give you what you need,
Hey, come on dear...
don't be so low... have a drink..
You are the one who spoils him by
making him drink, aren't you?
What kind of gulp is that?
Neither will you lead a decent life nor would
you let others!
Dad had always been like this.
Only because he forced ..
The bearer of this letter is one of our
What is it, Harietta?
A very important thing for
the growth of our party"
What is it? Hariyettan is going to resign?
I'm writing a letter for him
Why does he need a letter?
Wherever our party sympathizer
or member goes somewhere,
writing a letter introducing him is the local
secretary's responsibility and duty.
Where are you going?
- I am going..-Where?
To America.
My brother Cyril he is a hero..
he found a way out"
Even othenivise, it is not difficult to get a visa"
Why so?
Look at our Prime Minister.
How quickly is he visiting countries?
If I give you one...
Correct, isn't it?
Further, other than you two comrades,
neither a third comrade nor a fourth
Kerala Congress guy must not know this.
Give me a new letter pad"
Now not in Malayalam, but write a letter in
- English is needed?-You know Spanish?
Then start writing in English.
- Come on write.. - English
Jomon, I do not know why..
These days I have lost touch with my English
So you say--
D..E.. If I give you one..
This comrade is our comrade...
Isn't it?
Trust you will provide all necessary help
- Please do then-Please do the ..
Please do ..
Please do the needful..
- Please do the... -needful..
I know..
Ok.. right.
How is it?
Not bad"
- Will pass?-Except this signature,
everything else will pass.
He is going to America. Is it true?
Looking at it this moment,
it appears to be true..
Hope Korah Sir is fine, isn't it Mathew Sir?
Yeah h.
Resigning would have been graceful!
Don't you sit here and talk about his
Is this bag enough?
A short trip, isn't it, Mom ! This is enough.
Why do you look so gloomy? Cheer up...
Wouldn't I be sad?
How much time will it take to the airport?
- One hour!-Ah..
-2.. 2 hours..-isn't it maximum 3 hours?
I am leaving Mummy..
- Do call...-Will call..
OK Then
- Dad..-Eh..Don't say good bye..
Not like its for many days...
For a few days I will need to
read Deshabimani (a leftist daily).
Need to be updated"
go and come back soon...
Till I return the two of you must not fight...
Go dude..
- Haven't you taken your passport and ticket?
- Yes..
And if you any need anything,
after reaching there, just call me..
I definitely will, Hariyettaa"
Ok.. Go..
What is it demon?
Did anyone that you know died?
Have you seen me crying even after my dad's
burial at the cemetery, comrade?
Get a chance, you'll start your cheap drama
Ajipan, show me that ticket..
Tell me the truth, where are you going ?
Dudemwhat is there for me to hide from you?
I am travelling to America only.
At home if my parents need anything,
take care of them...
Does that need to be told ?
But till I return you are needed..
- I'm leaving"
- Ok..everything as we discussed..
- Take care..-Go...
Average of 442 families and
unaccompanied children...
mcaught crossing
the Mexican border every day.
Half of them deported by the U.S. Border
Patrol Force and half of them never come back.
Oh my Saramma! If I were
able to see you in the blink of an eye..
O my dear Comrades! This is just ridiculous!
Who are you?
Nim N Mathew iram Karma.
What are you doing here, man?
One minute.
Where did it go?
Comrade! This Comrade is our Comrade!
Please do the needful.
Are you an Indian Communist?
Yes, Comrade.
People leave home
for absolutely stupid reasons !
Damlit they have any ether M: er what?!?
-I\fl'm an Ex- Communist. \/ Oh Oh!
Me, my wife and kids are staying right here.
So, what do you want?
I want to go to Mexico.
Mexico? Where?
- Reynosa!
- Yes, Comrade.
Give me a sec.
Is it the Police, Comrade?
Will one Comrade betray another Comrade?
This man wants to go to Reynosa.
- Reynosa! Where are you from?-lndia!
-India?-Yes sir!
- South?-Kerala!
Kerala?! Better head back
Otherwise you are dead.
That is the only way for those,
who can't lead a life.
Since there is no other way, I had to select this.
For everything, there is a price.
I also have a price.
Whatever the price is, I will pay Sir.
Go on. Get inside the vehicle!
Thank you, Comrade!
- Good bye friend! - Good bye!
Hey babyLcome come come
Come here. O Sherly!
Hello! Get down.
Come girl!
Sit , sit
Well, why are you going to the US?
My name...
...Arul Jebbaraj Peter!
Sir, Where in Tamil Nadu ?
Elanka? Srilanka!
Are you an LTTEtiger?
These explosions will be heard till you cross
the border!
World class!
Is there no checking here?
What for?
When both the countries have poverty beyond
limits, who will check whom?
So, no checking and no fighting?
Why can't you also come with me to America?
Why StTUQQIe here?
Even I had tried 2-3 times.
- Then?-But failed !
Now I'm 45!
Now to go, I don't have
the time and also the age.
This is how it will be!
And I'm also not that bad a person
to leave you midway!
Even if I do,
your love will get you there.
Please pass the ball, Uncle!
Please pass.
What kind of people travel through this way?
6 months ago, from your place,
...from man
named, Jacob"
I dropped him at the Mexico border.
He promised to call me after reaching America.
But he didn't.
I guess he hasn't reached there!
How many people?
Two..only two people.
Only two? Pay 2000 dollars!
Asking for 2000 US dollars!
I'm also thinking of taking KUDAASHA! (RITES)
Which Kudashal!
Everyone here are like you.
Anxiously waiting to reach America!
None of them are certain about their return.
That's why!
But why do you wish to take?
I'm also thinking of coming with you.
I don't think another person like you
will come this way.
Mr.Aji Mathew!
Don't you wish to take the final rites?
I'm a Communist! You go ahead!
Somehow we must find a guide by tomorrow.
Only he can find us the way to our destination.
Can't we go alone?
Won't be possible for US!
There is a connect between
the Guide and Drug cartel!
Without paying them,we cannot reach US
Nor stay here.
I don't know whether we can reach
America with the money we have.
Oh ! That is enough, sir!
Hey, AW.!
Ajipan ! Evil spirits might be wandering there.
Communists are not afraid of Evil spirits!
Completely Kerala Congress people!
Even othenlvise where do party members have
a family tomb?
Suppose I happen to die here,
There won't be anyone here to even
dig a sinner's grave! My Saramma!
Hello! Hello! Hello
Could you also give me those condoms?
No, the bigger one.
Thank you.
Are you from India?
Didn't you find any job there?
Why come till here and do such business?
Get lost! Don't you have any other business?
Showing up in the morning
to give free advice! Idiot!
- What...? - Nothing sir!
From starving people to Kerala Congress
people live here.
For some, it's Gulf!
Many people come here
from Nicaragua and Bolivia to work.
But for me,
this is just one night shelter before seeing the
American Dream.
This guy and me!
He doesn't appear to be trust worthy!
Believe me! It's on me!
3000 dollars! Up front too.
Make sure you bring the Cash
Sir, you going to sell the car?
It's not just a Car!
That's my green parrot!
With this vehicle we can't go to America
- Nor can we get back to Nicaragua!
- Then what for?
Come quietly! Don't make eye contact!
I knew that you come through!
Thank you!
Listen up everybody.
We would be travelling 3 - 4 days throughout
the Desert and the Forest.
Food, clothes...
...water important.
And of course girls,
What is that for?
Do you how many girls are
being raped on the way?
- Rape? - Hmm!
When people migrate one place to
another due to hunger and atrocities,
there are plenty of savages who kill them,
on their way
- You can stay over there!-Ok!
As I was saying, Guys...
During the day in the desert,
it is going to be very very warm.
- And at nights, it is going to be very cold.
- Sorry. -Hmm! It's ok.
So make sure that we will
be sheltered and stick together.
Trust me, guys!
This is no joke!
This is a very very hard journey!
Do you understand that?
- Have you bought it? - What?
- Condoms!-You, a Malayali?
Better buy it!
Suppose if someone falls in love with you..
Would they rape us also?
- Hmm! -What?
...Let's go. Lets go!
"Come, we're just tired of travelling,
"(We're)freeze, hungry and wishing to arrive,
"Come, walking too much and wanting to rest"
Put some phrases to warm-he
"So much travelling I forget to rest'
"So much walking and finally towards
"So much travelling I forget to rest"
"So much walking and finally towards(our)
"The sky is boiling, the earth is spreading"
"This is the time when the world is without
"Distances shorten, flapping of wings become
"Directions change in the hurry-hurry"
"Now I yell to my country
so beautiful in front of us"
"Long live my tequilla that has me to
"Bring my "Morachos" the drink it
too and my skin"
"Put a live at your feet and not to your soul"
What happened, Sir?-l don't know
Did we reach the US?
Did we reach the USA?
Is anything wrong?
The road ends here
we have to walk from here
Come on guys, lets go..lets go.
Ok, then
"The sky is boiling, the earth is spreading"
"This is the time when the world is without
"Distances shorten, flapping of wings become
"Directions change in the hurry-hurry"
"Rabba My Rabba... Rabba My Rabba... this is
my life.."
"Rabba My Rabba... Rabba My Rabba... this is
my life.."
"This is... my life...This is how my prayers
"This is... my life...This is how my prayers
"Rabba My Rabba..Rabba My Rabba
...This is our paradise"
"There is moonlight for the petal paths"
"In the sea, there is a whirlpool of dreams"
"The path of embers has the shine of sand"
"The roar of rain fills the forest"
"On the red flag of dusk,"
"O Eagle, come and sit always"
"Fly seeing this beautiful world"
"There is no end, no burden"
"The sky is boiling, the earth is spreading"
"This is the time when the world is without
"Distances shorten, flapping of wings become
"Directions change in the hurry-hurry"
"O Travelling grasshopper, don't fly away"
"Today the earth is a gooseberry for us to play"
"Let us come around close together,
the grove of the red sky"
"Will reach my nest, the golden nest."
Why did you leave Great China?
What is your name?
I'm Aka!
- Akai! - Yes, Akai!
I had a TV at my home earlier. It was also Akai!
No...Nothing. A lightning destroyed it!
That's all!
Why are you going?
What is your name?
Pal lavi .
I'm Aji Mathew! My name.
Romantic hero who crossed mountains
and jungles for his love!
Bro, what is your name?
You happy?
My dear bro! I'm Srilankan!
No Indian. Always happy!
What is your story, Laden?
My name is lmitazAli khan from Pakistan.
My wife left me and went to US with my
And US denied my Visa!
I'm eager to see my daughter" any cost!
From there looks we can figure out..
"Their story
Panjam means?
You might not have seen such poverty in your
Nothing will be available!
Why are you going to America?
Listen up, guys! Getting late.
Finish eating quickly and go to sleep.
Let all our dreams come true!
Hereafter there are only drug cartels and dry
And furthermore, there are deadly rattle snakes!
After all that, there is the
incomplete US Mexican border wall!
Surveillance balloon with a range of 10 miles
radius that can take out our complete details
And the Border patrol vehicles
moving around day and night!
Only now I realized,
the helicopter that sprayed...
...pesticides on the rubber
plantation is so dangerous.
Ajipan, wake up.
Wake up I say.
Wake up.
No! No.
He stole everything.
What happened?
What happened?
We lost everything
- Fled away" -That bloody guide is missing.
All gone.
That sinner robbed everything and escaped
They sold everything what
they had for this journey
Poor fellow!
It was so evident that he was a thief!
Now also it's not too late.
We only have lost the money,
"Still have our lives!
But without his help, we can't go further.
Shall we go back?
Go back?! After travelling so long all the way?
What will you do after going back?
You have even sold your car...
He betrayed us. We lost everything.
He escaped with whatever I had
Now I'm left with nothing.
Hey, follow me.
Shortest way to US.
Shortest way to US.
What is he saying?
I have GPS! Made in China!
This works!
Hurry up! Let's run away from here!
Come on! Quick!
Hurry up...
What are you all doing around here?
This is our area.
Your water"
Stay back!
Don't move.
- No! - Papa, no.
Don't worry. Sir, Nothing"
now it will stop bleeding
Arul Sir, shall we leave now?
Guys, 18 hrs walking distance to US!
You guys carry on! I'm not coming.
I can't move one step with this injured leg.
Definitely not.
What nonsense!
We won't get a car or bus from here to send
you back.
We will somehow move.
This is nothing new to me.
Only reaching US is difficult from here.
Going back is quite easy.
You know that I've done this thrice in my life
You leave!
You must reach there before her marriage.
Take these kids and Women along with you
This place is too dangerous!
I can go
If you wish to see me again,
contact Nicaragua Party office.
Hey, I have something for you.
Take it!
At one point in time, I always used to argue
with my dad saying that,
He left us because he never liked us.
Poor dad! He was struggling
somewhere else for us.
Then, why did he not take you to America?
Neither he had a visa nor a green card...
My dad was just an illegal immigrant.
10-15yrs back, my dad also opted this way
to travel to America.
Why didn't you try for a proper visa?
Why take such an unnecessary risk?
I tried for a visiting visa
But white guy in the Embassy said,
that I would not return.
He asked me exit with my passport!
When dad died,
we couldn't even bring his body back home
He must have been buried in some public
I need to find that.
My dad's work place and residence...
I wish to visit those places.
What would you if Sara's parents won't agree,
even after reaching there?
At least I would get a chance
to see her once again.
Definitely her parents can't say a No!
It's enough you reach there
Thank you.
What happened?
- Do you have watefl-Yes I have
Sit down.
What happened?
- We can't go this way I-Why?
Border Patrol, Surveillance balloon, Camera!
We can't go this way.
Border patrol, Surveillance balloons, cameras
Not very safe.
- There are different routesl-How much time?
Few hours - Different routes!
Whaaat! Hours...we don't have hours
Look at my family
No food.
- No water.- | have water.
- We can't even walk a bit-It's a trap, Hulio
If you go this way, they will find you.
- They will arrest you.-No, this is my family.
These all I have
I'm sorry.
You guys carry on. Please go Aji
This way.
- Akai... This way.
Do you know him?
Look carefully
Put your hands up!
Put your hands up!
Put your hands up!
Drop your bag, drop your bag
Good bye!
I think we reached US
- I think we are in US-Really?
Yeah yes. I told you... My brain is my
"Open gangnam style"
"Open gangnam style"
"Open gangnam style"
Hello, Okji
I go through that way. Come, sit
How did you reach here?
Just like how you reached
- Thank you so much, sir - You are welcome.
- Thank you, -God bless you.
my Ajipan!
- What is all this?-It got healed.
Why are you crying? Haven't I reached?
I got scared
I only have my passport. Lost everything else
Am I not here?
If my calculations is right,
tomorrow is her wedding
Get inside the Car, first.
Bro, why don't we go there?
I know her address
It only takes 2 hrs drive from here.
Tomorrow is the wedding.
If its impossible for you, then say that
If I could travel this far then I can find her too!
Find whom?
What If she doesn't want you..
What are you saying? Why do you say that?
The moment I came to
know that you had left home,
I went to meet her.
We never match a match for each other
ForAji, there is other world than home
All my people are here!
There, other than Aji, I have nobody.
And I have nothing else do there
Then she told me one more thing.
She doesn't believe that you will come here
for her even for a day.
Then, why did she ask me to come?
Perhaps she changed her mind
as she thought over it!
Or probably she never
expected you to come here.
After receiving your call, I in fact contacted
Mathewachayan and conveyed everything.
Now he knows everything.
Come on, have a drink
No ! need to be happy in order to have a drink!
Can't bear seeing you sitting like this"
Even I sat like this..
In 1997 when rubber prices crashed to Rs.24.
3-4 cars parked in my front yard were seized by
the Bankers!
The girl whom I loved got
married to someone else.
Now she is living somewhere around
Yet did I fail?
Am I not leading a great life alone over here?
It's Mathewachhayan!
It's me,Aji!
You son of a scoundrel!
What the hell did you do!
I haven't slept since, do you know?
I can't even mention anything to your Mom?
I made a mistake, dad.
What are you doing there right now?
Singing and walking on the beach?!
I must take the next flight.
Things are pretty dull here!
Korah sir has resigned!
Because of that I don't even go out frequently
I'm taking care of your bike
I will come, Dad.
One more thing, you have to
come back as my old Aji, ok!
Give up all your mental and physical traumas
over there, did you hear?
One more thing, It is one of our Kerala
Congress style.
I'm not sure if you comrades would like that.
As you made it till there, you should
attend the wedding and come back
What do you say?
I'm hanging the phone.
Ok dad.
Will reach now! Just called, isn't it?
MW W did you come?
You asked me to come!
For all those who can never unite,
it is always separate.
But Sarah, I will never forget you.
There are quite a lot of young people over there,
pelting stones at buses and sticking posters,
without a penny in hand.
But they never ditch,
nor leave in mid way!
If they wish, nothing is impossible!
Sarah! You don't know the youth of Kerala
The experience given by
the journey of last few days
I don't know how much will you be able
to understand if I tell you.
But that journey is as valuable as my life now.
A thanks to you, for that.
Aji, I didn't intend to hurt you.
Only one thing that hurts me,
You believed that I will never for you!
Sarah Mary Kurian! All the Best!
Dear friends, Korah Sir resignation is the
right answer for all those who have been saying
our ideology have got the taste of rust
How is it?
Is this the speech you are going to deliver
at Kurishupally junction?
- Hmm!-Good?
- Yes! Greatl-Thank you
But I won't be coming!
Just to annoy the people!
Who is that Hariyetta?
Looks like bourgeois number!
Hello! Local Secretary Hari Pala.
- Hey, you bearded liar?!-Hey, dearAjipan!
- Dude! What is the news?-You tell me!
I have met Mathew sir.
First let me learn some bad words
and then I shall use it on you.
If I knew, then I would have
also come for a support!
Who is giving you the passport?
Book a bench in Asad Hotel
I have lots to say. I'm hanging up, ok Ajipan
Did he cut the call? What did he say?
Book a bench in Asad Hotel.
Shall I rehearse my speech once again?
Do it alone.
- Wait Jomon. Listen to my speech.
- No..l will not.
Do you really wish to go back?
- Is this passport and ticket enough to go back?
- Yes, it's enough
But, Airline authorities might give
your name to US government.
You came to America without any visa or
Your name may be listed in the blacklist!
And you can never see America! That's all!
There is nothing much to see in America!
I will see you for Pala Jubilee.
- Shall I tell you something? - Tell me.
Our first love should never ever become
If it does, then our life will end there.
Hereafter whenever I drink at night
and if there are no snacks or sparkling water,
I'll remember Sara Mary Kurian in my mind
and take a gulp!
You have won it, bro!
And, if there is any possibility, don't let the
Trump win!
Thank you sir!
This way, please.
Thank you
Ahh! How come you are here?
A Total flop!
- Police arrested me and Chinese guy!
- Where is Akai then?
They deported him in AirChina!
Just like his dreams about life,
political dreams also never come true.
Korah sir won the election, and Trump in US.
And the Trump has vowed that...
...the wall on the Mexico-American
Border would be raised...
and all the refugees would be kicked out
" to the Refugees of this World"
"The sky is boiling, the earth is spreading"
"This is the time when the world is without
"Distances shorten, flapping of wings become
"Directions change in the hurry-hurry"
"Now I yell to my country
so beautiful in front of us"
"Long live my tequilla that has me to
"Bring my "Morachos" the drink it too and my
"Put a live at your feet and not to your soul"
"The sky is boiling, the earth is spreading"
"This is the time when the world is without
"Distances shorten, flapping of wings become
"Directions change in the hurry-hurry"
"Rabba My Rabba... Rabba My Rabba...
this is... my life..."
"Rabba My Rabba... Rabba My Rabba...
this is... my life..."
"..this is my life...this is how my prayers died"
"..this is my life...this is how my prayers died
"Rabba My Rabba...This is our paradise"
"There is moonlight for the petal paths"
"In the sea, there is a whirlpool of dreams"
"The path of embers has the shine of sand"
"The roar of rain fills the forest"
"On the red flag of dusk,"
"O Eagle, come and sit always"
"Fly seeing this beautiful world"
"There is no end, no burden"
"The sky is boiling, the earth is spreading"
"This is the time when the world is without
"Distances shorten, flapping of wings become
"Directions change in the hurry-hurry"
"O Travelling grasshopper, don't fly away"
"Today the earth is a gooseberry for us to play"
"Let us come around close together; the grove
of the red sky"
"Will reach my nest, the golden nest."