Cicada Song (2019) Movie Script

- Mm, no, no.
- I love you.
- Forad Farms.
Hey John.
Oh, yeah, no, you
know I don't think
we're gonna order
any more fertilizer.
Yeah, you know, it's just not-
it's just not working for us.
- Pop, I need the money.
There's $200 in the drawer...
- Okay.
- and, there's the key.
- Thank you.
I see you there
- Hi, Annabelle.
- Hi, Tom.
- Pop needs to
fill up the truck.
- Tom, you know we don't take
anything bigger than a 20.
- Oh, shit.
- Excuse me?
- I mean shoot.
I'll be right back.
... In the leafless trees
'Cause you were out of sight
Do your part
And melt my heart
- Thank you.
- Yep.
- Did I get you in trouble?
- Nah, he's been in
a good mood lately.
- Hmm.
Wondering and whiskey
- And you're good to go.
- Cool.
You've got me in a bind
- Look, we're not interested
in your damn fertilizer,
find someone else to scam.
- Let me grab those right now.
- Kurt and I need to
head to the Ozarks.
- We have a potential buyer
for the lake property.
- Oh, that's incredible,
I'm so happy for you guys.
- Do you mind locking
up before you go home?
- Go, get that money.
What's this?
- $5,000.
- A bonus.
- Oh, this is generous.
Too generous, I
can't justify a bonus
when the hands are
barely making ends meet.
- You've been very
patient with us.
You've done wonders
with our farm,
and we just want to
show our gratitude.
- I don't know what to say.
- Take the money, Karen.
We know you could use it.
- I'm very grateful,
for everything you
guys have done for me.
- Hey, now don't send
it all in one place.
Thin man standin' on
the side of the road
Says rain gonna fall
- Tom, you're staring again.
- Sorry.
I been living on roots
I been sleepin' in a field
- I think Pop knows that guy.
A man'll break your
heart for one square meal
- Look Tom, it's okay.
It's just that women
get a little nervous
when you stare at them.
- I'll take that to heart.
- Okay.
- Thanks.
- You're welcome.
- Pop is looking to by a
combine, one of the big ones.
- Tom.
- Yeah, Pop?
- Come on, we're leavin',
we got more errands to do.
They were bringin' me
down like a hard-luck...
- $15.50.
- Grab those bags
for me, will ya?
Come on, we ain't got all day!
So polish your shoes,
straighten up your tie
- Pendejo.
- Seorita.
- Hello!
- Mi amor, what did I tell you?
Only talk to me in American.
I love you.
- So, Tom told me Bob is
going to by a new combine.
- He needs to pay Judith
and Kurt back first.
- Mi amor?
- Karen.
What is going on with you?
- Mariposa's been
missing for two days.
- Ay Dios,
- Um... did Javier
go to the police?
- Yeah, I took him.
He sat there sweating
for two hours,
afraid he was gonna be deported
while I translated for him.
You know she's not his
daughter, she's his niece.
- Hmm, this is bad.
- She was living with
him for about a year.
Apparently, his sister thought
she would have a better life.
- Can't imagine the
guilt he must feel.
- Can we help in any way?
- Um...
- Is Javier here today?
- No, I gave him the
rest of the week.
I'll cover his wages.
- No, we'll cover them,
it's the least we can do.
- Thanks.
- Hi, Annabelle.
- Hi, Tom.
- Pop bought the combine.
Don't tell me what to do.
Until you think...
- I need to ask you something.
Can you keep a secret?
Promise me.
- I promise.
- Do you know anything
about a little girl
that went missing
a few days ago?
- I do not.
You will always be my home
But we had one go missing
from one of our Mexicans
about a year ago.
- How old were they?
Do you remember who it was?
- A little boy, don't
know how old he was.
- How old was who?
- Congratulations
on your combine.
Tom was just
telling me about it.
- Thanks.
- Must be a big buy?
You're the law
That you break
- Let's go.
- Your change.
- Give it to charity.
- Hey.
- Hey,
Bob Wilkes bough
his combine today.
- That son-of-a-bitch!
- Karen?
What the hell?
- Yeah, what the hell, Bob?
You owe Judith and Kurt $20,000,
and you spend the
money on a new combine?
Where'd you get the money?
- I don't have to answer to you.
- You're right.
You have to answer
to Judith and Kurt
who were generous
enough to lend you
this money in the first place!
- I came into some money.
- Save it, Bob!
- Fuckhead.
- I'm gonna head on over to
the bank before they close.
You gonna be all right?
Okay, don't forget
the back door.
- I won't.
- Hi Bea.
- Are you okay?
You look angry.
- That bastard
owes the Forads money
and he goes and
buys a new combine.
- Did you know they had a
little boy go missing last year?
- Who?
- Wilkes.
- What?
- Mm-hmm.
- Ah shit, Richard.
- Forget him.
- So, what do you think?
- I don't know.
He claims he came
into some money.
Bullshit, he just doesn't
want to pay them back.
- I was talking
about the little boy.
- Oh... I'll
mention it to Javier,
see if he knows anything.
Way back up in the pines
- Dykes.
Where I can be what I am
- Hey, douche bag.
- What?
That's what I thought.
- I'm with you now.
- I know.
- Vamos
- I miss the sea.
Oh, let's go somewhere.
Somewhere warm.
Let's go back to California.
- Maybe after harvest, hmm?
- No.
Not for a vacation.
- What about the farm?
- There are farms in California.
And avocados.
I miss avocados.
- Think this has
something to do with Mariposa?
- Yeah, maybe.
Did you hear Bob Wilkes
bought a new combine?
- Oh yeah?
- Yeah, he claims he
came into some money.
You and I both know
he is not making
enough profit to cover
that, even with the subsidy.
And that money should
have come to you guys.
- I'll talk to him.
- Uh, I kind of already did.
- You didn't.
- I was a little angry...
and um...
that made him angry.
- Shit.
That's gonna make things
a little difficult.
I'll let him cool down a bit.
Next time, please let me
know before you go rogue.
- I'm sorry.
- Thanks.
Looking out for us and all.
- Yeah.
Um, I'll see Javier, see if I
can get the workers back here.
- Seorita?
- Por favor.
- Hola.
- Hola.
- Cmo est?
- Bien.
- Gracias.
- De nada.
- No.
- Excuse me.
- Is there?
- Is there what?
- Is there an excuse for you?
- You're blocking my beer.
- I'll be done in a minute.
- Why you gotta be like that?
- Like what?
- A bitch.
- Because I am.
Yeah but after
- Come on
It don't hurt
- Do you like this?
Picking on dykes?
You used to be nice.
What happened?
- You.
- Your precious beer awaits.
- Bob, I'm sorry.
- You go to hell.
- Excuse me?
- Tell that little
Mexican girl of yours
to mind her own business!
What I spend my money
on, ain't none of hers.
- First of all, what you
owe the farm is my business.
Secondly, she's
Cuban not Mexican.
They're just Mexicans
that live on an island.
- Oh, You are a fucking asshole.
- Somebody oughta teach
you about respect!
- Okay!
- It's all right
Karen, it's taken care of.
- He's gonna make
installments to us
in addition to making
payments on his new rig.
- Hola, this is Annabelle.
Please leave a message
after the tone.
- Hey, where are you?
You just call me when you can?
- Hey, aren't
you coming in today?
- No, Annabelle didn't
come home last night.
I'm such an idiot, I
fell asleep, I should
have called her.
- Do you need me to come over?
- No, I just can't come in,
not till I hear
from her, all right?
- I'm sure she's okay,
just call me if
you need anything.
- Yeah, I will.
- Hello?
- Hey, Dad?
Bea, have you seen Annabelle?
- No, she never showed
up for work today.
I been calling her all morning.
- Do you mind if I take a
look around for her phone?
Brown eyes, brown hair.
- How long have
you been with Annabelle?
- About a year and a half.
- Do you know where
she was last seen?
- At work, Cowboy's Market.
- What was she wearing?
- Jeans, green t-shirt,
gray hoodie, brown shoes.
- Is there anyone
she might have contacted?
Any family she might
have went to visit?
- I don't think so.
It's not like her to
just take off like this.
- Okay, just so you understand,
a missing adult is not a crime.
- Um, her ex, Richard Butler...
- Okay.
- Very hostile.
He was very aggressive
toward both of us.
And Bob Wilkes,
he threatened me,
he told me to learn respect
and he told Annabelle
that she needed to
mind her own business.
- And that was a threat?
- It felt like a threat.
- Okay, I'll talk to him.
In the meantime, if
she contacts you,
if you hear anything, let
me now as soon as you can.
- Thanks, Dan.
Do you know anything
about a missing boy
who disappeared about
a year ago, Miguel?
- Do you have a last name?
- Um, I don't know it.
- Was he reported missing?
- No, they were afraid
they would be deported.
- I'll look around,
see what I can find.
- Thank you, sir.
What was I saying
Oh yeah
- Eat shit, you fucking dyke.
- Fuck you!
A strange reality
Plays with sharks
- Dinero no cae del cielo.
- How do you say
that in American?
- Money doesn't grow on trees.
Te amo.
- Say it in American.
- I love you.
- I love you too.
After all the love we shared
Can you just leave just
like you never cared
Does giving up...
- Have you seen Annabelle?
She been by here?
- Not since.
Fill your heart with sorrow
It might be easy
- Two whiskeys, please.
To forget
Am I that easy to forget
Has your heart...
- You're a fucking
bitch, you know that?
Me yet
I realize you're leavin'
Are you leavin'
with no regret
- What choice did you give me?
- They asked me if I
know where Annabelle is.
Why would they ask me that?
- Because she's missing.
Why else would
they ask you that?
- Fucking idiot.
- You think I had
something to do with it?
- Did you?
- Fuck you.
- Do you know where she is?
We laughed and played
- I do not.
Just like we were kids
But you still
packed your things
- Despite what you
think, I don't hate you.
- I don't care what
you think I think.
- Richard, please.
- You know what...
Take your fucking hands off me!
Am I that easy
To forget
- I need to take a piss.
Has your heart
got over me yet
I realize you're leavin'
- Thank you.
- Mm-mm.
- I got it...
I'm fine.
- Okay.
Shit, sorry.
- I'm fine.
- No.
- You gonna be okay if I go?
- Yeah, I'm fine.
- Get the fuck outta here.
- I'm just kidding, it's a joke.
It was just a, stay,
it's a fucking joke.
- Just a...
It's all a fucking joke.
- All right, I gotta go.
- Did you know that
I had a crush on you
in the seventh grade?
- I did.
- How did you know?
- Sarah Mewborn told me.
- Why didn't you say anything?
- 'Cause I liked Sarah.
- Shut up.
Me too.
- Why do you have to be a lesbo?
- Oh...
- That is not a
question I can answer.
- Well, why does Annabelle
have to be a lesbo?
- Richard.
- Dick!
It's more appropriate.
- Mmm, lesbo is a
derogatory term.
- Well, what's the right term?
- Friend.
You need water.
- Beer.
There's water in beer.
There's beer in
the refrigerator.
- You remember when Pete
Rafferty drank that whole beer
and then puked all over you?
- Why would you bring that up?
- And then you
puked all over him?
- Hot dogs and cheese.
- Mm-hmm.
Then we all started puking
all over each other.
God, it smelled so bad.
- I'm sorry.
- Hey.
That's new.
- This is my fault.
- No, come on.
Yeah, a little.
A lot.
- I never intended
for this to happen.
- Rich, I get it, you were hurt.
- I can fix it.
- Fix what?
- I can, I can fix it.
- What is this?
- It's a promise I made
to the wrong people.
I need you to understand
it that I didn't know.
- Know what?
- They promised me money
to help me get out of debt.
- Who?
Who promised you money?
- If I tell you, you can't
tell anybody that I told you.
You need...
you need to promise me.
- I promise.
- You said they.
Who else?
- Rafferty.
There were more,
I don't know who.
- Why?
- Job Brennan, they
run him off his land.
They just took it.
- I don't understand.
- There's so much
money out there,
it just depends how much
you're willing to do to get it.
- Oh my God.
- No, no.
No, no...
I didn't take Annabelle.
You know I would never hurt her.
- Do you know who did?
You tell me!
- I don't know, they cut me out.
- Did you take Mariposa?
- I never thought
it was gonna get this bad.
- You!
Richard, we have to
go to the police.
You have to tell them.
- No!
If I go to the police,
I'm a dead man.
I'm already a dead man.
- None of this had to happen!
Why would you wait until
now to say something!
- Nobody I cared
about disappeared.
- Oh shit.
- Karen?
- Hey Tom, Annabelle told
me she spoke with you.
- I don't think you
should be here right now.
Pop is mad as shit.
- She said there was a
little boy that went missing
from one of your migrant
workers last year?
- I don't want any trouble Bob,
I just have a few questions.
- Go inside.
You need to get off my land.
- I know about Farmsure and
what you did to Job Brennan.
- You don't know nothin'.
Now, out a respect
for your old man,
I'm gonna give you
to the count a 10.
- Two.
- Hello.
- Hey, I need
you to come to the house.
- Yeah, I'm in the middle
of something, can it wait?
- I'm afraid not.
- I'll be there shortly.
- Don't you look nice.
- Thanks.
- What's the occasion?
- We got another
meeting in the Ozarks today,
hopefully this ones for real.
If we don't get going,
we are going to be late.
- You still haven't
heard from Annabelle?
- No...
- I feel like I'm
barely holding it together.
- I got a call from Bob Wilkes.
Seems you went by his house?
Karen, I thought
we settled this.
- We settled his
payment to the farm.
- Why are you pushing him?
- Do you know anything about
a company called Farmsure?
- No, why?
- They bought Job
Brennan's land.
- What does
this have to do with Bob?
- Bob is a member.
He approached Richard,
did he approach you?
- No, he didn't.
- You swear?
- Come on, Karen.
How long have you known him?
Your entire life.
For Christ sakes, he was
best friends with your daddy.
Richard, on the other hand,
that boy's got problems.
Why is Bob so
important in all this?
- A little boy went missing
from one of his farm
workers about a year ago.
- That's terrible.
Who told you that?
- Tom Wilkes told Annabelle.
Richard confirmed it.
I think Bob knows what
happened to Annabelle,
but I can't get him to tell me.
- Karen.
- He pulled a shotgun on me.
And there are others,
Jones, Rafferty,
Hudson, some guy
named Hugh Neibaum.
We have to do something!
- Calm down.
We're not involved.
- Involved, with what?
- I'll tell you on the way.
- Great, we gotta go.
- I'm waitin' on you.
Give me a second.
I'll be out in a second.
Let's talk about
this when I get back.
I'll call you later, okay?
- Hello?
Help me.
- Welcome.
- William?
- Ah, please, call me Bill.
- I was referred
to you by a friend.
- Ah, always nice to hear.
Ah, and you are?
- Joanne Larson.
- Ah, and how can I
be of service to you?
- Well, you sold some land,
Job Brennan's old place,
to a Doug and Wendy Schultz.
- Ah, I don't
recollect the name.
We sell hundreds of
properties each year.
- Have you ever
heard of Farmsure?
- Doesn't ring a bell.
- How about the name Bob Wilkes?
- I'm a busy man, Ms. Larson.
Now, if you don't
mind, could you kindly?
- My apologies, I'm sorry
to have bothered you.
- Neibaum, Neibaum and Feenie,
how may I direct your call?
- Hugh Neibaum, please.
- Who may I say is calling?
- Joanne Larson.
Are you a client?
- No, I was referred to
Mr. Neibaum by a friend.
- Please hold.
- This is Hugh Neibaum.
- Hi, Mr. Neibaum, I am looking
to get into one of your LLCs.
- LLCs?
And what might those LLCs be?
- Farmsure or maybe
Future Bright?
- Who recommended you?
- A friend.
- Can you give me a name?
- Bill Samson.
- What did you
say your name was?
- Joanne Larson.
- Karen, I suggest
you leave this alone
and get on with your life.
- Whatever it
is you're looking for,
I assure you, you
will find nothing.
So, I'll ask you kindly
to cease and desist.
Have a nice day.
- Dad, please.
- What do you want?
- I need your help.
- Why?
- Can I come in?
- Fine.
- If I
could only call the folks.
They're going to be
so worried about us.
- Everything will be all right.
As soon as we get to
Willard, we'll call them.
They might even be there.
- I know.
- Tom?
- Dad.
- Don't you call me that.
Make it quick.
- Annabelle.
- Who?
- Annabelle...
my friend.
She's missing.
I talked to the sheriff.
- So, what do you need me for?
- I think
Bob Wilkes
is kidnapping
children for money.
- And?
- Dad, I just wanted to know
if you might know something
about, did he come to
you about a business
that might help
subsidize the farm?
- No.
He never cam to
me about anything.
- Did anyone come to you?
Jones, Rafferty, Hudson.
- No.
Is that all?
- Did a lawyer come to you?
Please, I have no
one else to turn to.
- You should have
thought of that before.
- Before what?
- Before you
betrayed your mother.
- Okay, I'm sorry
I betrayed you.
- It wasn't Wilkes.
- Who was it?
- Richard?
Have you seen Richard?
- Not since you left
with him last night.
I bet it wasn't as good as
you thought it would be.
Never is.
- Seorita?
- Oh, you liar.
- Rafferty.
- Wilkes.
- Jones.
- Hudson.
- Forad.
- Gracias.
- Oh...
- Where are they?
- I don't know.
We just supply them.
- They're children.
- They don't belong here.
- I know why.
- Oh-
- What are you doing?
- Shut up.
- Kurt.
- Do you have any idea what
position you put us in?
- Where's Annabelle?
- She's around here somewhere.
Your little Spic shoulda
kept her mouth shut.
For Christ's sakes, is she dead?
- Yeah.
- Then let's go.
Oh, they say that
the war's nearly won
And declare there's
a change in the wind
And my feet stumble on
And a year's come and gone
And they say that
the war's nearly won
Another day shall arise
Another red morning sun
My seasons are counted
and marching away
A lone soldier and
far from my home
Sweet peace when
will you come again
You turn like a
far star alone
Will I ever be blessed
with your innocent rest
And be free and be
safe and be home
And they say that
the war's nearly won
And declare there's
a change in the wind
And my feet stumble on
And a thousand years gone
And they say that
the war's nearly won