Cicha noc (2017) Movie Script

Hi, sweetie.
Do you know that face?
That's you!
You lookjust like your daddy,
don't you?
I don't know.
Maybe not.
Let's see...
Or maybe you look like someone here?
Everyone's asleep.
Maybe you look like him?
Just had a beer...
Quite the sight.
Hello? Hi, honey.
See the fancy crowd daddy travels with?
I'm not drinking!
Morale's kind of low
after traveling for twenty hours.
I'll stop pushing my luck.
I'll film some more later,
so you can see what it was like...
before you were born.
Wait a second, I wanna talk to...
I'm on the bus so I can't...
I wanna talk to your pussy.
Your pussy, for fuck's sake!
Whatever. We'll talk all night
when I get home. Later.
- Hey, buddy.
- What?
You want your ass beat?
Do you want your ass beat?
What's this?
A camera.
You like filming?
I'll film the shit out of you.
- I was checking the battery.
- Better check your pecker.
Give me that!
- Keep it down!
- Fuck off!
- Give it to me!
- Fuck off!
Want to get home for Christmas?
It's a gift for my daughter.
Piss break!
There's a toilet fee, so...
For your daughter?
You're lucky I gotta take a leak.
- Wake up!
- Jesus...
- Any luggage?
- Just my backpack.
- Merry Christmas.
- You too.
- Hi.
- Hello.
- Do you have a reservation?
- No.
I want that one.
- For how long?
- One day.
- A compact for a week costs the same.
- I want that one.
Credit card?
- I need a 2,000 zloty deposit.
- I have cash.
- In case of damages.
- There won't be any.
Then you'll get the deposit back.
Why don't we do this...
Here's the deposit and the rental fee.
What's this?
I don't have a card.
I can't accept this.
How about now?
It's Christmas.
We have to help each other out.
Driver's license?
What's this?
Premium cars get chains.
In case it snows.
Fucking hell.
We'll edit that out.
Sorry, Asia. I fell asleep.
I'll get there when I get there.
This weather is not my fault.
I'll come straight to you.
Hello? Are you there?
What's the problem?
Guess I'll just have to
buy you something nice.
All right.
What? All right, I'm coming!
The bus is leaving. I have to go.
I know, but I have a surprise for you.
All right. Bye!
Fucking hell!
A welcome committee.
What? You don't recognize me?
Hi, grandpa!
- Praise be. Merry Christmas!
- Merry Christmas!
- You're not coming in?
- The dog won't let me.
Come here.
- Grandpa, stop!
- He kills my doves.
Grandpa, Stop!
- Santa Clause is here!
- Hello.
- Merry Christmas!
- It's Adam!
Oh my God!
I'm going blind in my old age.
What happened?
Nothing. Can't I just come home
without a reason?
- Did they fire you?
- No, mom. It's Christmas.
Look at our grandson's fancy car.
Where's Asia?
- Just like Jurek's.
- The other one!
He can drive us to midnight mass.
I won't make it that long.
You got more hair.
- Your hair is longer.
- Stop it!
Aunt Basia can trim your sides.
No, he looks good!
- My hands are dirty.
- He's so tall!
He's not! Teresa's really small!
- Where's dad?
- In the garage with Jurek.
With "holy water".
No "holy water" this Christmas.
Hello, Kitty!
- No one calls me that anymore.
- Really?
But you can.
I want to show you something.
You have a mustache!
Didn't Asia tell you to shave it off?
She likes it.
- I got this for my birthday.
- Wow.
- Do you like it?
- Sure!
What do you do with it?
Throw a Christmas dinner for my dolls.
- The real one's not enough?
- Mine will be nicer.
I'm sure it will.
Am I invited?
Promise not to ruin the fun?
I'll try.
You're supposed to knock.
- Did you talk to Pawe?
- No.
- Not yet. Where is he?
- In the garage.
Did he say anything?
- About what?
- Why he came back.
He's not cut out for that kind of work.
Did I do something?
Was I too hard on him?
I just tried to help him.
I know.
It's not your fault.
I slept four hours a day
the last two months, because he bailed.
- I don't know.
- I do!
He hung out for two months and split.
Talk to him.
- He's not the same since his return.
- Have you ever worried about me?
- Merry Christmas.
- The prodigal son returns!
- Hi, uncle.
- Hello, young buck.
Where did you learn to speak like that?
What's wrong?
- It won't start.
- Maybe that's a feature.
- Looking at it won't help.
- Step back. I got people for this.
How is it looking, son?
I checked the spark plug
and the fuel injection.
I dunno...
- Perfect timing!
- It's taking a holiday vacation.
You'll laugh when you drive
the ten of us to midnight mass.
- Fuel injection's fine?
- Yeah.
And the fuses?
Help yourself.
Can you hand me a fuse?
We'll find out what's wrong.
Did you save up anything?
A little. Look.
Start thinking about the family.
About the future.
- I am.
- And?
- That's why I wanted to talk.
- We are.
I wanted to talk alone.
Talk alone? For what?
Come on.
You're inheriting grandpa's house?
That shit hole?
You know Zielina?
He's selling his property
at half price, right now.
Spent his life working in Germany,
and now his old lady ran away.
Every hen house needs a strong cock.
I'll help fix it up.
You'll be close.
You'll pay it off in ten years.
Told you it was the fuses!
That's how you do it, Zbyszek.
Fuses always fail in the winter.
Pawe worked on it the whole day.
Maybe he had bad helpers.
Well, then...
- Merry Christmas.
- You too.
I have a gift for you.
How about a little toast?
- I'll go to Asia's later...
- Dad doesn't drink.
Really? Since when?
A few days short of two months.
Don't tempt me.
In that case... Congratulations.
- I can't before dinner.
- How about you?
- He chugs just like you.
- Look who's talking.
Gimme a smoke.
Is dad serious about the drinking?
We'll see.
How are you?
Why did you come?
I wanted to come sooner,
but I had to work off your contract.
I didn't know.
And if you did, would you have stayed?
Did I do something wrong?
I fucked up.
- I didn't know...
- All right.
You'll make it up to me.
Wipe your shoes!
It's for me?
Give it back. It's not a toy.
Can you film me?
You play the violin?
Dad takes me to lessons once a week.
Good for you.
Play something. I'll film it.
Dad said I should wait till the dinner.
He did?
- Does Jurek have any?
- No.
What about dad?
Christ, I don't know.
Probably not.
And Zbyszek?
He lasted two months.
If he starts again...
Let's hurry up the girls in the kitchen.
- What are you looking for?
- Keys.
What keys?
To grandpa's house.
Pawe took them.
He goes in there sometimes.
You didn't bring any alcohol?
Of course not. I'm driving.
You know about dad.
Where's Pawe?
Behind the house.
Is it yours?
It is.
I had a good year.
Get one for us, too.
A good year...
Better than my whole life.
You "liquidated" most of your money.
You got the keys?
- Maybe...
- Give them to me.
- I'm busy.
- Well, I'm not.
Don't be a dick. Give me the keys.
What for?
I want to take a look around.
Around grandpa's place?
Are those things inside yours?
The tools?
They're mine.
What for?
What's with all the questions?
I want to open a shop.
Really? What kind?
A barber shop.
A car garage?
Need any help?
Why? Are you here to stay?
- Good day!
- Like hell.
- Is that fancy ride yours?
- Yeah.
Glad to see you're doing well.
- I'm not sure if I am.
- Are you back for good?
No. I came to take my girl back.
To Holland.
Holland? My sons are there.
Maybe you saw them?
Holland is a big place.
What? Poland's a big country.
I'm going to grab a tree.
Go with God, Adam!
Watch out for the cunts
guarding their trees.
Wouldn't you?
Me? Never!
- Are you deaf?
- Quiet!
Get one of these.
What's that for?
I've been gone a long time.
It's a keepsake.
You got homesick?
For what? Our drunk grandpa?
Or our clogged toilet?
I missed you, little brother.
Christ! What the fuck?
- Fuck! I dropped my ax.
- I had the camera running.
Guess this year we won't have a tree.
We can't let mom down.
- It got my leg!
- Are you okay?
Go home!
- No, I'll help you.
- Go home!
Ania, don't film that.
I'm capturing memories.
Get out of here.
Give me the stool.
- Go to the clinic.
- It'll heal up fine.
Why the clinic?
- You could get rabies.
- Out!
And you'll turn ugly.
They'll give you a shot or something.
- I need to do something first.
- What?
You'll do it later.
Give it here, mom.
- Where's Pawe?
- In the forest.
Did you make peace?
More or less.
- The camera.
- I want to film.
Give it to me.
Darling, please...
- I was just looking for pants!
- Here.
- Thanks.
- They're your dad's.
Look at that! They're perfect.
Because you are alike.
- Adam.
- Yes?
- Which "Home Alone" is that?
- "Home Alone: Your Ass"!
- Dipshit!
- You're the dipshit.
Hush, it's "Home Alone"!
Do we have internet?
Sure. She has WiFi in her brain.
- Fuck you!
- Ania!
- I'll make a hotspot.
- Great! Thanks.
For 50 euros.
Just kidding.
What's your password?
- "Up yours, turd."
- That's really your password?
Do you need to have a talk with dad?
- Adam, can you help me?
- Sure, ma.
It's Christmas Eve.
We need help with dinner.
Adam, can you get
extra tables from the attic?
Jurek can't, his back hurts.
Sure, just a second.
"He gave his health
for the German wealth."
I wonder what you'll do with yours.
- Auntie!
- Mom!
"Home Alone" is on.
Is it more important than me?
Globally, yes.
Everyone to the kitchen!
I wish Jolka were here.
I'm jealous.
Because of Marcin?
He's ugly, but he's nice.
What are you doing?
Writing Santa Claus.
What's that?
It's proof I was a good boy.
Here. Film something nice.
Darling, this is your first Christmas.
They look good on you.
Keep them, they're too small for me.
What's on your mind?
- Nothing.
- I'm not blind.
- Don't be like your mom, start talking.
- It's about grandpa's house.
I said I'll help you.
I have a buyer, he's paying in euros.
What do you need euros for?
I want to start a business.
I don't want to work
for someone else my whole life.
You're a smart kid, son.
I'll help you any way I can.
I've hauled enough in my life,
but I can drive for you.
Pawe can help you for now.
Then you'll hire Jolka's Marcin.
They need help, too.
I want to do business over there.
I know clients and suppliers.
I learned a lot over the years.
Poland's not good enough?
That's not the point.
I know the market over there.
They pay well, there's less competition.
They only want quality work.
And you taught me well.
So what, you want to move there?
For good?
Yes. For good.
What about us?
When I start making money,
I'll pay you back.
What do I tell Jolka, Pawe, and Gosia?
I'm doing it for them.
They'll understand.
Will they?
When you take their money
and leave the country?
- It's a loan.
- Stop it!
I'm wasting my life
going back and forth.
- Then come back.
- No.
- Why did you work abroad?
- The times were different.
Times are always shitty
for people like us.
So you'll drop everything and run away?
I won't be like you.
I want to be there for my kids.
- So, now I raised you wrong?
- No.
You never got the chance.
Convince Pawe and Jolka,
and the house is yours.
Let's bring this table down
before mom gets pissed.
Watch the walls.
I saw that!
Mom! Tell her to stop filming!
- Who gave you permission to film me?
- Adam.
Who's going to watch it?
Everyone's home is the same.
Grab it from the bottom.
- Auntie?
- What?
- Wave at the camera.
- Stop it!
You took your time.
Dad, say something.
Hi, Zbyszek here.
Merry Christmas,
and all that good stuff.
- Who is this for?
- For Adam.
Can you help, Jurek?
I got it, Adam.
The bathroom's free, Gosia!
Help me with this, Adam.
Give me that towel.
Put it here.
- Jolka's not coming to help?
- No.
Why not?
She's spending Christmas with Marcin.
I have to do everything myself.
I told you to take the other one.
Pawe, you're going to make a mess!
Take the tree, Adam.
And you, bring a bucket of soil.
Why do we have such an ugly tree?
You brought the runt of the litter.
I'll do it.
Big one.
You all right?
- Give me that!
- I'm good.
Give it to me!
I still have one good leg.
The ground's frozen.
I'm leaving for good.
I heard.
- I want to start my own business.
- How?
I'll sell grandpa's house.
I spoke with dad.
I just need to convince you and Jolka.
When it gets off the ground,
I'll pay you back.
And if I say no?
Why would you?
Are you asking me?
What's your problem?
You know it all.
Even our answers.
Does Asia know?
- I'll tell her later.
- Sure.
Don't tell me
- how to talk to my girl.
- Wave at the camera!
Darling, get inside, it's cold.
- Go film grandpa!
- At your own risk!
So what's it gonna be?
- Do what you want.
- Will you come and help me?
Come on.
- I can't do this alone.
- You'll have to.
Are you coming?
We should talk in person.
No, you come here.
Come, we'll talk face to face.
Please, this is the last chance.
I'll be in Holland next Christmas.
That'll be the best gift.
- What are you doing here, grandpa?
- Nothing.
- Just sitting here.
- In the car?
I wanted to have
a nice Christmas for once.
Just don't drive off!
- Sorry!
- Christ, you scared me!
I want to talk about Pawe.
- Shoot.
- What's going on?
I don't know.
You're here, so you must talk.
He's not around much.
Let me show you something.
I'm a farmer, too.
Runs in the family.
- Are you fucking stupid?
- What's your problem?
- You want to end up in jail?
- Easy.
The farm uses a lot of power.
This won't draw any attention.
If anyone's going to jail, it's grandpa.
And he deserves it.
Want some?
You'd do well in Holland.
- Did you talk to Adam?
- I did.
- Did you make peace?
- We did.
Hold it.
Answer it.
Hello? Hi, honey.
I know, but I'm still on the road.
I'll be there soon.
How did you know?
I'll be right there.
He's so cold, but she's running hot.
Grandpa's wasted.
Did anyone call Asia?
- Your Asia?
- Of course.
Who called Asia?
It's crooked.
I called her.
To wish her Merry Christmas.
She's family now.
Why'd you tell her I'm here?
She didn't know it was a fucking secret.
Boys! Be nice.
Move, I can't see if it's level.
No surprise there,
your whole life wasn't level.
Kasia, I need your help!
- What do you think?
- Looks good.
- This camera is so small!
- Yeah, grandpa.
I can't see anything.
But the camera can.
Go help mom. Hurry!
- Wave at the camera.
- Get away from me, Henryk!
Your dad brought this from Germany.
And your uncle Jurek bought this.
Where'd you get this? Belgium?
Zbyszek bought that too, you old fool.
What kind of presents will you bring us?
- What?
- What will you bring back to Poland?
- Did you behave?
- I was the only who did!
Asia, hang on, I have to go outside.
Sorry, I had to take care of something.
I know, but I have a surprise for you.
Let me just...
Fucking hell!
- Sweetie, go film grandpa.
- Grandpa's drunk.
- Do you have a charger?
- Ania does.
Dad isn't in the photos.
Dad's a vampire.
They don't show up in pictures.
I'm joking. He was away, working.
All the time?
No, but he was gone
when we took photos.
So he was gone all the time.
Do a close up.
I meant me, not the Pope!
I wanted to see if you look alike.
The Pope looks like grandma.
Come, we're starting with the prayer!
Move, or Santa won't bring anything.
Did you know
the Pope looks like grandma?
- He looks like both of you.
- That's great!
No shit...
- Where's the hay?
- Here.
Put it out.
Sit next to grandpa.
Here. Let's wait for the others.
I'm done waiting.
- It's past six.
- It's past six?
It's five!
Grandpa didn't set his watch back.
What's the point
if I have to reset it later?
Every six months, dummy.
Ania, charge my phone.
- For 50 euros.
- In your dreams.
- Let's wait.
- Enough waiting!
Get up, everyone.
First the Bible, then Christmas wafers.
Let's do the wafers now,
since we're all standing.
- Henryk!
- What?
Okay, dad, we'll come to you.
Get off the couch!
- Pawe!
- I'm here.
- Read.
- Why are you two sitting so far apart?
Maybe we should have a drink?
- Jurek, can you shut up?
- What did I say?
Jesus liked his wine,
and it is his birthday.
Give it a rest, Jurek.
In the name of the Father,
the Son, and the Holy Spirit...
"Caesar Augustus decreed a census
of the entire Roman world.
It was the first census taken
when Quirinius was governor of Syria.
"Everyone went
to their own town to register.
Joseph from Nazareth in Galilee
went to Bethlehem, the town of David..."
Don't rush it, Gosia.
"...He went to register with Mary,
who was pledged to marry him
and was with child..."
- Turn it off.
- It's not mine.
Turn off your phones!
"The time came for the baby to be born.
She gave birth to a son
and put him in a manger..."
- Amen!
- But there's still...
I'm going to play a carol.
That's great! What a surprise!
- Can you get up, please?
- Sure thing.
Mom, don't get up.
Auntie, move over a little.
- Where the hell is it?
- Dad!
Take that son of a bitch out!
- Will you shut up, dad?
- Calm down.
Come here!
Let's just have a nice time!
Go, run!
Hey there, brother.
Come here, darling!
Get the juice from the trunk!
- And the cook books for gifts.
- That's it?
- Watch the tone.
- I'll help you!
- He'll make two trips.
- Two trips are for fags.
- How's everything?
- Grandpa's drunk like a skunk.
So the usual.
- And dad?
- He looks good.
That's good.
He's two months sober.
What didn't you want
to say over the phone?
Let's go inside.
We'll eat, drink, and talk.
- Just protect me from dad.
- I'm ready to spill blood.
Let's spill something else.
- Praised be Jesus Christ!
- Jolka is here!
We brought presents!
That's how you dress on Christmas?
- Hi, mom.
- Finally! Why so late?
Need any help?
Take the wafers.
Gather round, everyone!
We're sharing wafers!
- Where's my godson going?
- To you.
All the best, Adam.
- All the best, Auntie.
- Merry Christmas.
Get over here!
Time for the wishes.
I wish you...
- What do want in life?
- What do you want?
I'd like a drink.
May you have your drink
and be in good health.
That's the same thing.
Come to my room in a bit.
Daddy, may you be happy,
healthy, and prosperous.
I wish you good marks in school,
and may we always love each other.
- I wanted to share my wafer with you.
- Christ, it's you.
I'll be right with you.
Just need to save Christmas.
Grandpa's had enough.
I want a normal Christmas.
May you be healthy, above all.
And may you hold your own
in this mad house.
I don't know what else you want.
That you and Pawe
act like brothers again.
We made peace.
Anyway, it doesn't concern you.
Who does it concern, then?
Who worries about you more than me?
All I ever had in life were my kids.
I know it wasn't ideal.
Your father was always gone.
But I tried.
Being apart ruined our lives.
It'll ruin yours, too.
I'm not like you two.
- Meaning?
- I'm leaving.
- What?
- I'm leaving for good.
Where to?
Holland. I'm taking Asia with me.
I want a life there.
The dinner's waiting.
Barbara! It's amazing!
It's really good.
I'm so glad, thank you. Eat up!
You're not eating, Adam?
I've eaten already enough for a month.
He's skinny, like Jacek.
Really! They both are!
And your stomach keeps growing.
I need a solid roof over my best tool!
What does that mean?
It means your uncle is very...
Less talking, more eating!
- Exactly. You need to try every dish.
- Is salt also a dish?
- Why?
- If so, I've tried twenty dishes.
- Bread, salt...
- Stop that chatter.
Without your mother,
that's all we'd have.
Bread is also a Lent dish!
You're smart enough
to run for president.
Kasia! What are you doing?
I even have a good slogan.
"Family first!"
- I'd vote for you.
- Thanks.
Then I'd be the First Lady!
- Why didn't you bring Asia over?
- She felt ill.
On Christmas Eve?
Does everyone
have to feel good on Christmas?
- And she's just home alone?
- Yeah.
Who knows, maybe she isn't.
You're here, uncle,
so I have nothing to worry about.
Who made this dish?
Teresa and I.
Where are you going?
Zbyszek, take that camera.
Eat, Kasia!
Jurek better not say anything!
I'll just say, I like too much pepper!
How's everything?
I'm the one asking.
I was first.
The glamorous life of a cashier.
Wouldn't you like to quit?
And do what?
My options are waitress,
baby sitter, or selling clothes.
- You have an MA.
- So do you.
You know the one about a woman
looking for work for her son?
They ask her what's his profession,
she says he's in construction.
They're looking for a foreman
for 5,000 a month.
The woman says it's too much,
her son will drink it all away.
They tell her that they need
an assistant foreman for 3,000.
The woman says her son should earn
just enough for food and rent.
So they tell her:
"To earn that little,
you need a college degree."
I knew that one.
I'll find you something.
Stop the bullshit and cut to the chase.
I want to sell grandpa's house.
- It's not my house.
- It is.
I'll pay you back, once things pick up.
It'd be like a loan.
What's the interest on this "loan"?
What is it?
Don't leave me alone with the crazies.
- I'm coming.
- Yes, you're coming with me.
I'm joking. The house is yours.
- Thanks.
- What house?
- None of your business.
- What?
I'm selling grandpa's house.
I'll take the money and pay Jolka back.
- Says who?
- What?
And if I don't agree?
This is family business.
Does this ring a bell?
give the husband and wife
a moment to talk.
Who has the remote?
Turn it off!
Jolka and Pawe agreed.
- Congratulations.
- Thank you.
I'll pay you back.
I'll bring the buyer next week.
I gotta go.
Just remember, it's all we have.
Kasia! Eat your food!
I won't let you down. You'll see.
Everyone! I have to get going.
- Already?
- Asia's home alone.
Merry Christmas.
- Grandma, kids.
- See you!
Give me a kiss!
Don't get up, grandpa.
Everyone, Merry Christmas!
- Give her our best!
- Drive safely!
I'd wait on that house.
Jolka and I are still thinking.
Merry Christmas!
Santa Claus handed me a present
for the head of the household.
- What's the occasion?
- Christmas!
At last, someone with class!
Pour some, girls!
No drinking on Christmas Eve!
Bring some kompot or tea!
Grandpa's so hardcore.
Everyone, I'd like to make
an announcement.
Asia and I are having a baby.
Cheers! One hundred happy years!
That's the best present ever, Adam!
Thank you all very much.
All right. Just one.
There you are!
Let's do a shot.
- You don't want a drink?
- No.
What the fuck is your problem?
Ma asked me to make peace with you.
You're drunk.
I'm doing this for us.
If I don't take a chance,
we'll all rot here.
I wanted to help you, asshole!
Did I ask for your help?
You're not better than me.
- Have I ever said that?
- No!
But you think that.
- Come here.
- Fuck you!
Fuck yourself!
Boys, come! We're taking a picture!
- We're not coming!
- Go back in the house!
Next year, the family will be smaller.
I'm moving on...
I wanted you as her godfather.
What's with the photo, grandpa?
- Cheers!
- I'm so happy!
Where's Jolka?
Marcin will take it, he's not family.
Dad! How could you?
Where's Jolka?
Next year we'll have one more member.
- Are we all in the shot?
- Get closer!
Close to the tree.
I want mom and dad in the middle!
Let's have a Merry Christmas!
Dad, smile a little!
Ready? Three...
On three, say "Heniek"!
One, two, three!
Jolka agreed.
And then she changed her mind.
- What are you talking about?
- I'm her husband.
I'm just telling you we spoke,
and she hasn't decided yet.
It's none of your business.
Unlike you, I'm looking out for her.
Boys, are you making out or something?
I'm coming, grandpa.
Is it a boy or girl?
- You can't tell yet.
- What's that?
The fetal bubble.
- How do they do that?
- They use ultrasound.
- What?
- Ultrasound!
Through the stomach?
Not through the butt!
- How old was the baby?
- Four months.
- Any newer pictures?
- Didn't get any.
Maybe she wanted you
to see it in real life.
The kid's not even born yet,
stop fucking pestering him!
- Stop cursing!
- We should all be happy.
- Our legacy will live on.
- Exactly, grandpa.
What legacy?
I don't know...
Poor child.
- Adam!
- What?
- Don't be like your dad.
- What?
Every time he came home,
a stork would follow.
He wasn't home often
but he was effective, right?
Dad doesn't drink.
- What do you mean?
- Just that.
- Why?
- He drank more than his share.
But it's a special occasion!
Maybe I should, given the circumstances.
Being gone all these years.
Maybe now that I'm here...
Zbyszek, you promised me.
You've also had enough, dad!
- There's glass everywhere.
- Leave it, ma.
- I'll drink to my grandson!
- Great-grandson!
Keep an eye on him.
I'll be right out.
What's going on?
I just need a moment.
- What's that?
- I fell.
Show me!
It was dark and I fell.
- He hit you?
- No.
Because of the house?
- He didn't mean to.
- All right.
Playing lively for the baby on a Lyre
Glory in great heights
And peace on Earth!
Glory in great heights
And peace on Earth!
To you they bowed
With humble hearts, Oh Lord!
Glory in great heights
And peace on Earth!
Come, let's figure this out.
We're family, right?
Call Asia and wish her
a Merry Christmas.
I'll call her in a minute.
- Let's go for a walk.
- Sure. We're family.
- Will you call her?
- Yes, grandma.
- I gotta take a leak.
- Me too.
Do what you want.
What the fuck are you doing?
This dickhead hit our sister!
It was an accident!
So is this!
Let him go!
Leave him alone!
Don't you care?
- It's their business.
- It's ours, too!
Help me, get some vodka.
Go, see how strong Marcin is.
- Repeat after me.
- What?
Be nice.
Repeat after me.
I will never...
or be violent...
to my wife again.
This can be used in court.
One more word about the house,
and I'll fucking kill you.
That's from Jolka.
Give me the vodka.
Grab his arms.
We'll say he got drunk and tripped.
Swallow it.
Jolka won't forgive me
if you choke to death.
One more time!
Marcin had an accident!
Oh my God!
He'll be fine.
What happened?
He's drunk, otherwise he could've died.
Get hydrogen peroxide.
Lay him on the bed.
I'll be going.
- Where's my phone?
- In grandpa's room. I'll get it.
Adam, dad went missing.
God damn it!
Your phone!
- I have to tell you something.
- What?
You said enough for one day,
little brother.
I didn't want to say it
in front of the family.
Just don't be mad.
A car dealership.
You'll bring cars from Holland,
I'll sell them here.
Will you help?
Sure, I'll help.
- It'll be a good business.
- I'll help you. I'll help everyone.
Mom's looking for you.
I have to go.
Be safe out there.
- Any advice?
- About what?
About having a kid. A family.
Not my strong suit.
Are you mad at me?
Mad? I'm proud of you.
I was afraid for so long.
I can't be much dumber than you.
Or maybe I am.
I didn't have the balls or the know-how.
I preferred to live like this.
Going back and forth.
And what do I have to show for it?
A lot.
What, exactly?
Was I there to raise you?
I barely saw your mother
all these years.
All did was lose my fucking health.
Let's go home.
Wait a second.
You know why
I was afraid of going abroad?
Because when I went...
I thought I could...
be a human being over there,
and not some...
Only years later I realized...
that's exactly...
what I was.
And only in Poland
I can be a human being.
That's what this country is for.
So that we can feel human.
Let's go home.
I love you, dad.
I love you too.
I don't think I can stand up.
About what?
What can't you tell me about?
The baby.
She was going to tell you.
That was the deal.
Why didn't you go see her?
I'm sorry.
The house is yours to sell!
That's why you came.
Leave, Adam. Just go!
I couldn't make it, but you boys can.
- What happened?
- Nothing.
That's nothing?
You're right, it might be something.
- Is everyone okay?
- Yes.
Leave that bastard.
And do what?
You deserve better.
- What happened?
- Nothing.
- We got into a fight.
- Over what?
We just did.
Did he do something?
Yeah, a bad thing.
- You don't like each other.
- I don't know if we ever did.
You don't like your family,
you just have it.
I like you.
- The concert.
- What concert?
You promised.
- Where is everyone?
- At midnight mass, with mom.
- What about you?
- The car was too small.
Come, I'll take you.
Are you sure you want to go?
I want to be with everyone.
Merry Christmas.
I filmed everything, like you asked.
Merry Christmas.
I wish you health, luck, and joy.
May all your dream come true.
I hope you'll you have nice clothes
and come from Holland to visit us.
I wish you prosperity, and so on.